Memories of abdl - Chaper 1

I live in spain, and I’m 35 y.o. These writings are a set of events that have happened to me during my youthhood, they could be the beginning of how I became an abdl. The events are real i’ve only changed the name of characters.


My mother started babysitting my cousin during the school year, but our schedules never matched. During the summer at the age of 12 my mother had a job for me. I had to give her the diaper bag and throw the dirty diaper in the trash.

Every time my mom was changing my cousin, I thought about messing my pants but I didn’t dare. Without doing anything special my mother noticed I was jealous to my cousin and she started giving me some warnings:

  • Joe don’t poop your pants, you are old enough for that, if you need to go to the bathroom, please go. If you go in your pants, I will get angry and I will give you a little spanking in your ass.

  • Ok mom, no poo-poos.

One morning when I was carrying the diaper bag to my mom I did it in my pants. I was very nervous but I was trying to act like nothing had happened. I threw the dirty diaper in the trash and I went to play on the computer in my room.

After 2 minutes my mother came into my room with a sponge in her hand. It was the spare sponge. With childish Voice she asked me:

  • Joe, do you have a stinky butt, honey?
  • Sorry mom, I did it in my pants like my cousin, Mike… I wanted to be a baby.

• You have been very naughty; Joe, you are a filthy boy! Michael is still a baby, and you are older… We’ve talked about it many times… You know it well… You must go to the toilet. Come to the bathroom I will clean you.

• This sponge will only be used to wash your but, I will clean you in the next few days, so let me know when you need to go.

• I paid attention to my mom and I warned her every time I need to go to the bathroom for 4 days, then she checked my undies, but the idea of messing again gained strength in my head.

I had a plan to mess my undies avoiding a spanking in my but, (The plan could go wrong or so I believed) It consisted on asking mom when she took off my diapers.

Mom loved the question and she told me everything.

You learned to do wee-wee in the potty so fast, but with ppopoo was very diferent… It took you a long-time learning no to mess yourself. you always asked me so late… You were a filthy baby!

Mommy, I did it in my diaper. Can you change me, please? (I wore underpants)

  • Really? How is that? How come you didn’t ask for it?
  • I though i wore diapers.
  • You no longer wear them, diapers are for babies, you are big enough. OK Come on to the bathroom! I’m going to clean you.
    • What should we do now? Do you want me to give a spanking in your butt like a toddler? I’m going to spank you.
    • Filthy boy! You have had a lot of accidents, Next time I will put you in diapers…
    • Next week we will go on camping. What are we going to do if you poop you pants there? The caravan and your tent are very small. I’ll have to clean you in the women’s toilet… All moms will laugh at you. They will say: Joe still poops in his pants like a baby.

During the summer I didn’t do it anymore. But in my life, it has been more accidents and diapers. But they will appear in the 2nd chapter.

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Since this is your first post here, welcome.

Now forgive me as this may sound a little harsh. I would like to understand your story, honestly I would. Judging by the structure, I would say it is likely that English is not your first language.

Regardless of that, I think you should spend some time reading English literature just to gain familiarity with the language. Whether or not English is your first language, I recommend you spend a bit of time with it. What you have here is hard to read like a story. Parts of it are like a list when I think it should be dialog.

I can give more detailed explanation if you are interested in improving.

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