Melody Bright

[i]I tell myself stories when I am going to sleep, and act out the principal character in my head. This story is one that progressed from just a few scenes to a whole story, so I took the time to write it out. Some parts are based on childhood occurrences, some parts are based on childhood fantasies. The original story had a few sex scenes, but I edited these out or reduced them greatly in case they are out of place on this forum.

I am English, so my spelling and choice of words may differ, although I have used the common terms of diaper instead of nappy and pacifier instead of dummy etc.

No story is ever everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope some people will enjoy it. Criticism is welcomed, I often miss typos and have no-one to proof read.

The story is complete, but at 97,000 words it will take me some time to copy and paste it, and there may well be sections I still wish to edit.

Melody Bright


Melody Bright gave a happy little wriggle of contentment as she sat in her small hard plastic school chair, elbows resting on the table in front of her and chin cupped in her hands. She could feel her diaper, soft and comforting, under her school uniform. Mrs. Davies, the class teacher, was calling out the register on this, the first day of the new summer term. She reached Melody’s name on the list, and as she read it out she looked expectantly at the little girl who was gazing at her with big brown eyes.

“Melody Bright.”

Melody stood up, as each child was expected to do when his or her name was called at morning register. “Present, Mrs. Davies,” Melody replied, in a quiet but happy voice. She smiled shyly at Mrs. Davies, who had taught her the previous term, when she had started school part way through the school year, and Mrs. Davies gave her a quick smile back before moving on through the register.

Mrs. Davies thought back to the beginning of the previous term, which had been the start of the spring term. The other children in the class had started school together, moving up from Reception at the same time and all being part of the same class from Year One and the again for Year Two. On that day Melody had sat with tears in her eyes, not speaking a word to anyone. Her name was early on in the alphabet, so it wasn’t long before she was expected to stand up and answer. When she hadn’t moved from her chair the classroom assistant had come over to Melody and quietly told her that she needed to stand up when her name was called for the register each morning, even if she didn’t feel brave enough yet to answer.

Melody had slowly stood up, head hanging down, and large wet patch on the back of her skirt and on her chair, and a puddle under her chair. The other children in the class had giggled and pointed and whispered to each other “Urgh, she’s wet herself!”

Melody Bright, seven years old and starting school for the very first time, had wet herself.

At a nod from Mrs. Davies the classroom assistant, Miss James, took Melody by the hand and led her to the nurse’s office. The lower part of her uniform was soaked. Melody wouldn’t stop crying even when she had been washed and put into the clean, dry clothes that mummy had left with the nurse. In the end her mummy had been called to the school to take her home, with the hope that she could have a fresh start the next day.

Mrs. Davies had given the other children a gentle lecture on being kind to other people, and how scary some children found the first day in a new school. They had all come back to the same school, having done Reception, Years One and part of Year Two there already, but Melody was new to the school. “I hope you’ll all be kind to Melody,” she had said to them. “Imagine how you would feel if that had happened to you at your first day in a new school. I don’t want anybody teasing Melody about it, or even mentioning it. And I hope she will find some friends among you very quickly, as I know what a lovely class you are.” She smiled at them and said no more about the subject. Tomorrow would be a new day, and she was sure that Melody would soon settle in and have no more problems.

Melody, as she lay in her bed that night, congratulated herself on avoiding the first day of school. She had been home educated for the first two school years, and had wanted to carry on with that. Her mummy had thought it would be better for her to start going to school to mix with other children. She had taken part in other activities, like dance class and Rainbows, but she was a quiet child, and not fond of talking to any adults apart from her mummy and Joy, so mummy had decided that she needed to be finally taken out of her comfort zone and enrolled her in the local primary school ready for the start of the new school term.

“School won’t be so bad”, thought Melody, “when I can wear my diapers. I don’t want to only wear them sometimes at evenings or weekends, I want to be able to wear them lots and lots, like I always have done”.

Chapter One

Melody Bright didn’t need diapers. She had perfect control of her bladder and bowels, and she didn’t wet the bed. She just liked wetting herself, whether it be in panties or diapers. Personally she had liked wetting her panties better, but mummy preferred her to use diapers when she wanted to play her Wetting Game as it was less messy and easier for mummy to clean. Melody didn’t mind. Diapers were fun too. Besides, mummy had made her special fabric ones that could be washed and re-used. Mummy said that was ‘environmentally friendly’, and that with the amount of diapers Melody got through it wasn’t right to use disposables and keep adding to the landfill. Melody didn’t really understand all of what that meant, but she did know that the diapers mummy had made for her were really soft and comfortable, and despite being fabric they didn’t leak as they had a special lining. They also didn’t make a crinkly noise like disposable diapers, so she could wear them under her skirts and dresses without anybody knowing they were there.

She didn’t wear them out of the house very often, only when mummy had given special permission, and mummy expected there to be no ‘accidents’ when she was out of the house in her regular panties. Those were the rules of her ‘Wetting Game’, as she called it. But she and mummy were happy staying in a lot of the time. They would pop out for shopping or to go to the library, or for Melody to go to one of her clubs, but they had a snug little house with a large private garden that no-one could look into, and most of the time they were happy to stay at home and be by themselves.

Melody knew that liking to wet herself wasn’t ‘normal’, and by instinct she never mentioned it to any of the other children at the clubs she went to. She also knew that she and mummy weren’t quite the same as everyone else who lived in the village. She looked a lot like mummy. They both had curly light brown hair and darker brown eyes. Both of them were slim, and quite tall. She didn’t know if she looked anything like daddy, because she had never met him. Mummy said he liked travelling, and had set off to explore the world before he knew mummy was expecting a baby. Mummy hadn’t heard from him since he left, but she was sure that he would be back one day, and would be delighted to know he had a daughter. Melody wasn’t so sure. She was seven, and that seemed to her like a very long time for someone to be travelling around the world. But mummy said that daddy was a lovely person, and mummy was always right about things like that.

Melody also liked the same type of clothes and colours as her mummy, Mara.

Mara Bright was what the locals called ‘a bit of a hippy’, which was true. She looked much too young to have a seven year old daughter, with her brightly coloured, flowing clothes. She didn’t wear make-up, but in the summer would wear fresh flowers in her hair. Melody liked the same bright, fresh colours, and preferred sun dresses and gypsy style skirts to jeans or leggings.

Mara hadn’t expected to be bringing up a child single handed, but she had fallen pregnant at twenty. It was a couple of weeks after she had said goodbye to her friend and occasional lover, Joe, that she had realised she was carrying his child. She had never thought of not keeping the baby, but was worried about whether she would be a good parent. She wasn’t into drugs, or festivals, much preferring walking through the woods or paddling in a river, communing with nature. Being a parent meant being much more in a routine, but she was already in love with her unborn child, and if that meant being more conventional in her habits, then that was how it would have to be.

Mara had rented the small house with the big private garden in a village well away from her roots. She had no family ties, her parents having emigrated to Australia when she was eighteen. She had been invited to go with them, but was happy staying in England. They hadn’t been a particularly close family, as Mara was so different from her parents, who were both semi-retired professionals who had come to parenthood late in life, but they stayed in touch via Skype and emails a few times a year. There were no other close relations, so Mara and Melody meant the world to each other.

Melody had been a sweet baby, walking and talking at the average times, smiling happily whenever she saw her mummy, turning shyly away from strangers and burying her face in mummy’s clothes, crying as much as any baby needed to cry. Mara did start to worry when at three years old Melody wasn’t properly potty trained. She could sleep through the night without wetting, but would then sit in her cot and play with the padding of her diaper, chuckling happily as she wet herself before mummy had had a chance to sit her on the potty. Mara tried putting her in ‘big girl panties’ during the day, in the hope that feeling wet panties would encourage her to ask for the potty when she needed to pee, but Melody would just squat down, knees apart and shout “Wee wee” Wee wee!" as she watched her panties grow wet and the pee trickle down to form a puddle on the floor. She never pooped herself, though, always going and fetching the potty when she needed to use it. Mara was worried that this wasn’t normal, and sought the advice of her GP. Melody was examined, and the GP chatted to her to asses her communication skills, and the conclusion was that it was ‘just a phase, and she’ll grow out of it’. Mara wasn’t so sure, but when Melody was still wetting herself at four years old Mara decided against going back to the GP. It seemed that it was just something that Melody enjoyed, and if Mara told her she wasn’t to pee in her panties when they went out anywhere, then Melody would obey. She also told Melody that there were only certain rooms that she was allowed to wet herself in, as they were easier to keep clean, and again Melody would obey. So Mara knew that there wasn’t a physical problem, it was just one of Melody’s ‘quirks’, along with refusing to give up breast feeding.

Mara had breastfed her daughter from day one, and loved the feeling. She didn’t experience the pain or discomfort that some mothers felt, it was purely a pleasurable experience, and so Melody was still being breastfed at two years old. Mara thought she might grow out of it as she grew more independent, but often through the day Melody would break of from her playing and toddle up to Mara to sit on her lap and suckle. Mara was worried that she was making it too easy for Melody to do this, as her own ‘quirk’ was for being naked as much as possible. She had never enjoyed wearing clothes, and could remember many a struggle with her own mum as a young child when she wanted to take off her clothes at times her mum thought it best that she should be dressed. Since having her own place she had spent as much of her time without clothes on as possible, for which reason she had found a house with such an enclosed garden.

Whilst Melody was so young she carried on being naked as much as possible, deciding that if her daughter started to get embarrassed by her nakedness then she would cover herself up. Melody, however, had never had any sort of self-consciousness about either herself or her mummy not wearing clothes. She knew they would put on clothes if they went out of the house or had visitors at the house, but she enjoyed being clothes free just as much as mummy, except for the fact she always wanted her panties on so that she could pee in them.

Mara worried that having her breasts available so easily might be hindering Melody from giving up the breast feeding. She started wearing a kimono style robe around the house, thinking that if Melody couldn’t see her breasts she would carry on with what she was doing rather than coming to suckle, but Melody would come over anyway and pull the robe open saying “Silly mummy, clothes boring!” then promptly sit on Mara’s lap to feed. How could Mara object and push her daughter away? Melody was a calm and happy child, and Mara was sure that this was down to the close bond they had. If Melody fell and grazed her knee, or bumped her head, her tears were soon stopped if she could have her ‘booby’. And she slept through the night each and every night, after her ‘night night feed’. If Melody wasn’t ready to give up, then Mara wouldn’t force her. At three years old Melody was still breast feeding every morning and bedtime, with ‘comfort’ suckles during the day. At four she still had the same routine. Mara’s milk had started to dry up, but Melody still wanted the comfort of the routine. She was old enough to have a basic conversation with now, so Mara sat Melody on her lap and tried to discuss some of the issues with her in a way she would understand.

“Melody, sweetheart, do you think you need to suckle mummy’s boobies now that you’re a big girl?”

“Yes. I like it.”

“But mummy doesn’t have milk in her boobies anymore. Would you like me to get you a special cup to drink your milk from instead?”

“No. Want your boobies, not a silly cup”.

“But big girls have to stop feeding from their mummies boobies at some time.”

“Me not big, me still wet panties.”

“I know, darling, but those aren’t accidents, are they?”

“No, but I like wetting my panties”.

“But you know that you are only allowed to do that as a game. You can only wet your panties when mummy says you can, and in certain places.”

“I know. I like it.”

“If you keep wetting your panties you might have to start wearing a diaper again.”

“I like panties. I like wetting my panties.”

“But you’re a big girl, sweetie, and you need to stop wetting your panties, and think about giving up mummy’s boobies. Mummy has lots of washing and cleaning to do, and you make a lot more when you wet yourself so much.”

Melody snuggled in closer and smiled sweetly up at her mummy.

“Ok, me wear a diaper then.”

“That’s not what I meant, sweetie. Diapers are for babies, the same as boobies are for babies.”

Melody just snuggled further down and latched on to Mara’s breast, sucking contentedly. Mara sighed. Perhaps Melody just wasn’t old enough to understand yet. Or perhaps she just enjoyed acting like a baby. She didn’t act like a baby in any other ways – her language skills were getting better every day, she played with age appropriate toys, she could understand the rules that Mara had set for her ‘Wetting Game’. Besides, Melody was her only child, she might not have the chance to have another baby, and what harm would it do to let her breast feed a little while longer?

Chapter 2

As her fifth birthday approached Melody was still insistent on her breast feeding routine. The daytime suckling was much less frequent, maybe once every two or three days now, but she still had her morning and evening ‘feeds’ despite there being no actual milk. Mara had tried to see if she would settle with a pacifier instead, but Melody was having none of it. Mara was secretly relieved. She didn’t like seeing older children with pacifiers, and it would be too easy a habit for Melody to slip into. Melody never asked for the breast in front of anyone else. She might have done had she not been so shy, but she avoided other adults as much as possible. Mara had decided to home educate her for a while, as she thought school might be too much for Melody’s shyness to cope with. She hoped to get her more used to other people in this time, so that she could start school the next year.

Melody didn’t realise she was due to have started school, but Mara explained to her how other children her age were starting to go to school, and said that she could go if she wanted to. Just the suggestion sent Melody into a meltdown. Mara had to spend a long time comforting her and reassuring her that she didn’t have to go if she didn’t feel ready. Her nearly five year old daughter was finally calmed down, but the only way to get her thoroughly calmed was to let her suckle at her mummy’s breast. Her nearly five year old daughter was also wearing a diaper. Melody had carried on playing her ‘Wetting Game’, but Mara had insisted on her wearing diapers for it now. She stuck to the same rules as to where and when she could play the game. Melody had hoped that she could wear the diapers all of the time, rather than just as set ‘play’ times, but Mara had put her foot down. Melody was allowed to play her ‘Wetting Game’, but she was still only allowed the play it when mummy said it was ok. The rest of the time she had to wear her panties and make sure there were no accidents.

Mara kept Melody at home when the other four year olds in the village started the Reception class at the local village school that September. She had told the authorities that she would be home schooling her daughter. Lessons were simple, with no set routine, but Melody was a child who was interested in learning, was quickly learning to read and write and add up. She asked many questions, and Mara would take her to library to get books on many interesting topics.

The next year, Year One, Mara kept Melody away from school again. She wasn’t ready for school yet, still wanting her mummy’s breast, even if there was no milk to be had. She was still wetting herself when possible, and still happily wearing diapers some of the time at home. She gave no sign of being fed up of being diapered, and wet herself several times a day when in panties, still revelling in it.

She was getting older, though, and led quite a solitary life. Mara made the decision as the next school year approached that she would put Melody into a strict routine for lessons, and take her out to get her used to meeting people. She cried and wet herself when Mara made her talk to most other adults. She needed to be able to deal with meeting teachers and other adults before she could start school. Hard work in the autumn term would enable her to start school, joining the current Year two, in the New Year.

That September Mara sat six year old Melody on her lap again to discuss how she would be educated at home.

“Melody, sweetheart, we need to set some rules for how you have school lessons at home.”

“Okay. Can I wear my diapers for them?”

“No, darling. You wouldn’t be able to wear your diapers if you went out to school, so you can’t wear them during lessons at home.”

“But no-one would know I was wearing them.”

“I’d know, sweetie. And lesson time isn’t play time, and you wearing diapers is a game, so you’re not allowed to wear them when you are having your lessons.”

Melody pouted.

“You know the rules, sweetie. It’s an unusual game you play, and if it makes you happy then I’ll let you play if for as long as you want, but you have to stick to the rules.”

Her daughter snuggled closer to her mummy and sighed.

“Okay, mummy. But I’d rather be playing than doing lessons.”

“I know, sweetheart. I was the same at your age. But we need to get into a routine. You know what a routine is, don’t you.”

“Yes. It’s doing things at a certain time on a certain day, like dance class.”

“That’s right. Well, you know I’m allowed to teach you at home rather than make you go to school, but the law says you have to have a certain amount of lessons a day. That’s the rules, the same as you have rules for your game. Do you understand?”


“We need more of a routine now, like they do at school. So I was thinking that we would have lessons in the mornings, and that will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays. We won’t have lessons at the weekends.”

“What about Wednesdays?”

“Clever girl, to have noticed I missed a day out,” Mara smiled gently down at her daughter. She knew Melody wouldn’t like what she had planned for Wednesdays. “On Wednesdays we go out and meet new people.”

Melody stiffened, Mara could feel her tenseness. Melody was still averse to meeting new people.

“It will be alright, sweetie. But you have to get used to talking to new people, especially grown-ups. You talk to your ballet teacher, and your Rainbows leaders, and I know it took you a long time to get used to them, but now we need to work hard at meeting other new people too. So we’ll go to lots of different new places, and if you try really hard and manage to talk some the people I ask you to talk to, then you’ll get a special reward.”

“What reward?” asked Melody. It would have to be something pretty special to make her talk to other people, she thought to herself. She didn’t have lots of toys, as she played more with her paints and crayons than dolls or cars. She liked books very much, but mummy was always buying her new books, so they wouldn’t be a special reward. Melody looked at mummy with enquiring eyes, and Mara was pleased to see that she had sparked her interest.

“The special reward will be that if you interact with, that means talk to, new people on a Wednesday, then you will be allowed pantie time for your wetting game for two afternoons a week, and for those two afternoons you can wet as much as you like and not get told off.”

Melody gasped with delight. That would be worth working for. She loved peeing in her diapers, but mummy kept telling her off when she wet in her panties. She loved the hot feeling as the pee came out and spread around the fabric. It still felt nice and warm in her diaper too, but the wetness soaked away too quickly for her liking. She also liked watching the pee come out, seeing it trickle down her legs, or stream into a puddle, depending on how she was sitting or standing. It was so exciting to think she would be able to play like that without being told off, she wriggled with delight and hugged her mummy.

Mara was pleased at the reaction.

“There’s my good girl. I can see you earning your reward every week,” she said, smiling at her little daughter, who sat in her lap looking like an angelic child, with her curls cascading down to her shoulders, and her sparkling eyes. “On two afternoons a week we’ll do creative lessons, painting and music, things like that. On the other afternoons you can, if you have earned your reward, spend the whole time from after lunch until just before dinner, playing your game. Would that be good?”

“Oh yes!” Melody bounced up and down happily. “Will you wash me down and change me into clean panties, like you did when I was a little girl, mummy?”

“I will, darling. What I thought was this. Mummy will spend the first hour of your play time in her own room, as sometimes mummies like to be on their own to play games too. You can have lots of fun in that time, and when mummy comes downstairs she’ll take the wet panties off her baby girl and wash her clean, and dry her off and put clean panties on. I’ll have a big pile of special panties ready for those afternoons. Would you be happy with that, if mummy had an hour to play her own games on those afternoons too?”

“Yes, yes, I’d really, really, really like that,” smiled Melody. Oh, the thought of being washed clean and changed into dry panties after having had the fun of wetting herself – she couldn’t wait for lessons to start! And she would still be allowed diaper time in the evenings and weekends, and maybe at other times too. Life couldn’t be any better for her just then.

The lessons started the next week. Mara got Melody to help her to draw up a weekly timetable, so that Melody could keep track of her ‘reward’ days. If she was good at interacting with people on a Wednesday, she would be allowed to play her game on the following Thursday and Monday afternoons. On the first Monday afternoon, before Melody had had a chance to earn her reward, mummy set the work table with lots of paints, glitter, sequins and glue and all sorts of other lovely craft items so that Melody could decorate around the edges of her timetable. It was a fun thing to do, and she spent lots of time arranging and re-arranging things around the edges before gluing them into place. Mummy was also working in the same room, at another table. She had set her sewing machine up, and had a big pile of soft white fabric and some rolls of lace edging. Mara often made clothes for herself and Melody, so Melody was used to seeing her mummy sitting and sewing, and didn’t take much notice of what she was working on. The afternoon passed quickly, and both were satisfied with their handiwork by the time it was time to clear up for dinner.

The morning lessons were fun for Melody. Mara knew how to introduce Maths and English and other subjects into everyday life, so a lot of the time Melody didn’t realise she was being taught a specific lesson and thought she was just having fun.

Mara had said that panties must be worn for lessons, and kept dry. Melody just thought of her two reward afternoons a week – she could keep dry in her panties during lessons when she knew she would be having lots of time to play her game on those afternoons.

Chapter 3

On the first Wednesday Mara decided to make the meeting of new people an easier task to start with. Melody had been quiet when she got up, and had spent longer than usual at her mother’s breast. Mara knew she was worried about the day, and didn’t want to upset her too much. Melody, on the other hand, wasn’t too worried. She had been quiet because she was thinking how important today was. If she did well she would get her ‘reward’. She mustn’t fail! She was naturally a shy little girl, but not to the extent that her mummy thought. She didn’t like meeting other adults much, and had found when she was little that if she turned away and buried her head in mummy’s clothes then mummy would hug her tight, and reassure her that she was safe. She would be calmed with suckling at her mother’s breast, and if she peed herself mummy put it down to fright, not her game.

As she had grown older she would still turn away and bury her face in mummy’s clothes, but she was too old now to be allowed her ‘booby’ in public, that had stopped when she was still quite young. She could, however, still get away with occasionally wetting her panties just a little bit, and saying it was a genuine accident because she had been scared. She knew it was naughty to lie like that, but she liked her game so much, and it didn’t hurt anyone, and mummy was always so kind to her afterwards, that she couldn’t possibly give it up.

Melody was so well behaved in other ways, and Mara had never caught her telling a lie. In fact, she was amazed at how honest her little daughter was if she broke something by accident or did something that she thought afterwards might have been naughty. She would go up to Mara, and with a trembling lip and tears in her eyes she would say that she had been a bad girl, and tell of what she had done. So when she acted terrified if a strange adult stopped to say hello to her and mummy, why would Mara not believe that she was genuinely scared? And that if she peed a bit in her panties that it was not really an accident?

Melody was learning the art of manipulation from a young age, but to her it was worth it to be able to play her game. She didn’t know that what she was doing was manipulative, just that she was able to arrange things to get her own way. These Wednesdays were a new challenge. She had to pretend that she was more scared of grown-ups than she really was, but at the same time pretend that she was being brave by talking to them when asked to do so. It was quite a task for a six year old, so naturally she was quieter than usual, as she was having to think very hard.

She was snuggled up next to mummy in mummy’s big bed. She wasn’t usually allowed to be at her mummy’s breast in her bed. Normally mummy insisted that they sat in her nursing chair. The chair wasn’t so comfortable for Melody now, and Mara had been hoping that as her position was more awkward as she grew bigger, that she would decide not to bother with her morning and evening suckling. Being allowed to suck at mummy’s booby in her big bed and in such a comfortable position was a rare treat, but Mara had felt sorry for her little daughter that morning. Melody was so comfortable that she had suckled for far longer than usual.

“Come on, sweetie, time to stop now, or you’ll make mummy’s nipple sore.” Mara gently eased Melody away from her.

“Can I go on the other booby please mummy?” asked Melody. She knew the answer would be ‘no’, but it was worth a try. Melody was allowed one booby in the morning, and the other at bedtime.

“No, sweetie. Save the other one for bedtime.” Came the reply. “Now, as it’s your first Wednesday, how about I let you wear your diaper when we go out? It won’t show under your dress, and I still expect you to let me know when you need to use the toilet, so that I can take it off for you. But I know you might get scared when we talk to people, so I think the diaper might be a good idea until you are used to talking to people more. Mind, now, I don’t want you weeing in it on purpose while we’re out. I’m not taking any spares, or any panties, and this isn’t part of your game. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mummy. Thank you mummy. I promise to use the toilet when I need to wee wee.” Melody hugged her mummy tight.

“Good girl. Now go and get dressed. I’ve popped your pretty yellow sundress out for you, and your yellow socks and best sandals. Don’t put any panties on, I’ll come and put your diaper on when I’ve finished getting dressed myself.”

Mara hugged her daughter back, and then gently pushed her to the edge of the bed to encourage her to go and dress herself. She felt guilty that she was making her child do things that scared her so much, but it was better to try and overcome this shyness now than to leave it any longer. She sighed, and started to sort her own clothes out. Wednesdays would be a nuisance for her, too. They would be out for most of every Wednesday, and that meant hours of wearing stifling clothes.

Melody, meanwhile, was trying not to skip with happiness as she went back to her own room to dress. Mummy would be extra gentle and kind to her today, she was getting to spend the whole day in a diaper, and although she could only do a little bit of wee in it, she could do it and not get into trouble. She slipped on her sundress, enjoying the feeling of not yet having any underclothes on under it, and pulled on her socks and sandals. She skipped around her room a bit, making the skirt of her sundress swirl out. It was fun not wearing anything under it. She wondered what it would be like to go out with just the dress on and no panties or diaper. She could understand why mummy liked not wearing clothes, it was a nice feeling, and she enjoyed it. But she liked her panties even better, when she was allowed to play her game in them.

Mara entered the room, and Melody skipped over to her.

“I like this dress, mummy. It makes me happy because it’s like wearing sunshine.”

Mara smiled down at her, then patted the bed to let Melody know it was time for her diaper.

“Come on, hop up.”

Melody climbed onto the bed and lay down. She knew it was a special day because mummy was putting her diaper on. Now that she was older mummy expected her to put her diaper on by herself when she was playing her game. She also had to take the wet ones off by herself, and wash herself down with the cloths and water that mummy left ready for her. She would then dry herself on her special soft towel, and put her next diaper on. Doing it herself wasn’t too hard, but sometimes she didn’t manage to make it fit snugly enough, and as it got heavier with the weight of her pee the diaper would slip down her hips, and sag between her legs. Melody quite enjoyed it when it was like that, and would run around the garden with it sliding lower and lower down. Then she’d stop, hitch the diaper up to her waist again, and start running around until it slipped down again. It was an odd game, but Melody was an odd child in many ways.

Today, though, the diaper needed to stay securely in place, so mummy was taking charge. It was a special treat for Melody to have mummy diaper her, although she tried not to show how happy she was. Mummy told her to lift her bottom whilst she slid the fresh diaper under her. She lowered herself down onto the blissfully cosy lining. Then mummy put some baby powder between her legs and rubbed it into where it was needed to stop her from getting sore. Next she pulled the front of the diaper up between Melody’s legs and made sure it was fitting snugly around the tops of her legs. She joined the strong Velcro fastenings, making sure the diaper was fitted closely around Melody’s waist, but not too tight. Mara’s diaper design was cleverly done with elastic through the front and back waist sections. The Velcro fastenings would hold securely, and if Melody needed the toilet the diapers could be pulled down, rather than having to be undone. It was cosy and comfortable, and Melody would have liked to pee into it right there and then, but knew that she would be risking her reward if she did that.

“Thank you, mummy,” she said, as Mara helped her up from the bed.

“There’s my good big girl,” said Mara. “Time for breakfast, then a quick trip to the toilet, and we can be on our way.”

It was hard to eat breakfast when Melody was so excited about going out in a diaper, and the reward that would follow if she did well. Mummy thought that her slow eating was because she was nervous, so didn’t force her to eat what she didn’t want. She made sure that Melody drank her glass of milk, though, and said that she had packed some snacks for if she got hungry later on.

Breakfast over, Mara told Melody to go to the toilet whilst she cleared the dishes away.

“Mummy, can I use the potty down here please?” Asked Melody. This was another thing that was a rare treat for her. Mummy liked her to use the toilet like a big girl, but Melody still enjoyed using a baby potty. She was hopeful that as this was a special day that mummy would let her get the potty out, and she was right. Mara still felt guilty that she would be stressing her little girl out a lot during the day, so she fetched the potty from the cupboard in the hall, and asked “Where would you like it, sweetie?”

“Can I sit on it in the kitchen, please, so that I can be with you while you wash up?” Melody would pee in front of mummy quite happily, she had no self-consciousness about her bodily functions. Mara would have preferred that she was a little more discrete, but she could hardly complain about Melody’s ‘exhibitionism’ when she would happily never wear clothes again herself if at all possible.

She placed the potty close to where she was working, and Melody came over and stood in front of it, bunching her dress up around her waist. Mara slipped a couple of fingers into the diaper through one of the elasticated leg openings and felt between Melody’s legs. “Just checking you have been a good girl and held it all in”, she explained to Melody. The diaper was still all dry, and Melody was relieved that she had resisted letting out an odd dribble out whilst she was eating.

“I’m going to be checking you like that at different times when we’re out on Wednesdays,” Mara explained. “I won’t let anyone see me doing it, but I want to make sure we keep on track so that you can get your rewards. But I want you to promise me, Melody, that you won’t let anyone else ever put their fingers in your panties or diapers like that. Do you promise?”

“Yes, mummy, I promise.”

Mara hugged her, and gave her a quick pat on her padded bottom.

“Good girl. Now, let’s get this diaper down so that you can have a good long pee, and I can finish the washing up, and then we’ll be all ready to set out.”

She pulled the diaper down all the way to Melody’s ankles, then steadied her as she squatted down over the potty, making sure she was well balanced before she let go. The potty was too small, but Melody refused to part with it. As she turned back to the pile of washing up she heard a tinkling sound from under Melody, and a happy sigh from her daughter.

“Mummy, I do wish I could use the potty all of the time instead of the toilet. It’s much more fun.”

“I know, sweetie, but potty time has to be a treat, because big girls use the toilet.”

Melody carried on peeing, relishing the sound and sensation. She loved being crouched over the potty, it was so much more fun that sitting upright on the toilet. Sometimes when she was allowed to use the potty as a treat, which didn’t happen so often now, she would kneel with her legs apart and the potty between her knees, rather than squatting. It made it feel different, and a bit naughty, a bit like kneeling on the floor with your legs apart and peeing, which was something else Melody liked to do when she had the chance. Today wasn’t a day to be doing that kind of playing, though. Today she had to concentrate on being shy Melody who was scared of strangers, not the Melody who like playing the Wetting Game. As she squeezed out the last little drips she sat and thought. Babies and very little girls seemed to have so much more fun that bigger girls did. But she knew that she was very lucky that mummy understood her so well and let her play her game. She didn’t think she would ever be allowed to use a potty to pee in if she had to go to school, so she would make sure she could enjoy it for as long as possible.

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 4

Mara picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. It was a big, brightly coloured fabric bag, which she had made herself. Melody loved to sit and feel the texture of the different fabrics. Some were soft and velvety, others were woolly, some were satiny; she loved stroking them all and finding her favourites. Mara didn’t like fashionable handbags, and this one was useful because it was handy to fit extra panties in and other useful bits, just in case Melody did have an accident. She had told Melody that she wasn’t carrying any spares today, but they were still tucked down at the bottom of the bag, just in case.

“One quick check, sweetie, to make sure we’re setting off all dry,” and before she realised what was happening Mara had stood behind Melody, put both arms around her, and with one hand had whipped up the front of the skirt of Melody’s sundress and with the other was feeling inside her diaper again. “Good girl, all still dry,” and Mara removed her fingers, straightened Melody’s skirt back down and gave her another pat on the bottom. Melody wasn’t sure that she liked having mummy feel inside her diaper like that. How was she going to sneak any extra pee out if mummy kept putting her fingers in there to feel if she was dry or not? But she reminded herself of the reward. If mummy wanted to have her hand inside Melody’s diapers all day it would be worth it for the sake of the reward. Melody giggled as she pictured in her head how it would look if she was walking around with a hand inside her diaper all day. It was funny because she pictured it as a hand, just by itself, nestled inside her diaper between her legs, keeping check on how dry she was, and mummy was walking beside her, with her arm neatly ending at her wrist, because her hand was separate and inside Melody’s diaper. She could see herself in her imagination, having to waddle as she walked because the hand was there. It made her giggle again.

“What’s so funny, sweetie?”

Melody smiled up at her mummy. “Nothing, I was just having silly thoughts in my head.” Melody knew that some of the things she thought of her mummy would find odd. Like when she had put a cardboard toilet roll tube in her panties to pretend she had a willy like a boy. She had spent a while walking around the garden in just her panties, with the cardboard tube positioned between her wee hole and her panties, so that her panties were pushed out down between her legs and just poking forward a bit. Then she had tried to wee down the tube, so that she could wee like a boy did, but the cardboard had got all soggy and collapsed. Mummy had spotted her and said she was being very silly. Melody didn’t think it was silly to try and feel what it was like to be a boy peeing out of a willy, but mummy had said she was not to put things between her legs or in her panties like that again, which was a shame, as it had been a fun game. Melody thought that if she told mummy how she had pictured having a hand between her legs inside her diaper all day then mummy would think that was silly too.

“Come on then, let’s get a wriggle on or we’ll miss the bus.” Mara grabbed her keys, put her bag back over her shoulder, and opened the door ready to take Melody on her first Wednesday Challenge.

Mara and Melody were sat in the bus shelter waiting for the bus to town. Mara didn’t own a car, but the bus service to the village was fairly frequent, so they used that a lot. It was a five minute walk up the quiet country road to the bus stop. It was a nice bus stop, Melody thought, because as well as the sign that said which buses stopped there, there was also a shelter, made of brick, with benches inside. It was quite tatty looking, but mummy said it had been there for many, many years. Melody didn’t care how tatty looking it was. It was just nice to have somewhere to sit if they were early for the bus, or if the bus was running late. It was also good shelter from the sun on hot days, and even better shelter from the rain on the frequently wet days. They rarely saw anyone else from the village at this stop. The other villagers mostly had cars, and those that caught the bus tended to get on at the next stop along which was in the centre of the village. Mara’s house was on the village outskirts, and this was a more convenient bus stop for them to use.

They had arrived early at the bus stop, so had at least ten minutes to wait. Melody realised that she already needed another pee. She had drunk a lot that morning, and was also excited. Being excited always made her need to pee more often. She tugged at Mara’s hand.

“Mummy. I need a wee wee.”

“Oh darling, but you had one just half an hour ago.”

“I know, but I need another one now.”

“You haven’t done any in your diaper yet have you?”

Before Melody had the chance to reply Mara had put her hand under Melody’s skirt and was feeling inside her diaper.

“Good girl. You’ve not wet yourself. I can feel a little drip of dampness on you, but you haven’t peed in your diaper. Well done.”

Melody was pleased that the bus shelter gave them privacy. She didn’t want people to see her mummy checking her diaper if they happened to be driving past just then. Luckily it was a very quiet road anyway, but it still made Melody nervous in case anyone else might be walking up to the bus shelter.

“Mummy, I really need to wee wee!” Having been touched in her diaper area had made the need to pee more urgent.

“Hold on, sweetie. Let me just get something out of my bag.”

Melody wriggled and her mummy searched for what she wanted inside her bag.

“There!” she announced as she pulled out an odd shaped plastic funnel. “We can try this out.”

“What is it?” Melody carried on squirming as she was getting more and more desperate.

“It’s a special funnel for girls to pee through. I saw them on the internet, and thought one might come in useful. I remember how you wanted to play once at weeing like a boy, and I thought it would also be handy for when were are at places like this, where there aren’t any toilets. I know you would be happy to squat down and pee anywhere, but you’re getting a big girl now, and I think this would be more appropriate.” Mara looked pleased with herself at her efficiency, but Melody just looked confused and increasingly desperate.

“Mum-mee! I need to wee weeeee!”

"Alright, sweetie. Come round the back of the bus shelter with me. Mara took her by the hand and led her to the back of the bus shelter, which gave them privacy from the road.

“Why couldn’t I just wee wee in there, mummy?”

“Because that’s not nice. Other people have to use that shelter, and it would stink of pee. You’re old enough now to know that you have to consider other people too. Now come her and hold up your skirt.”

Melody stood in front of her mummy and bunched her skirt around her waist and exposed her diaper for the second time that day. Mara stood behind her again, and this time with her left hand she pulled Melody’s diaper sideways away from her crotch, and with the right hand she deftly put the ‘SheWee’ into place before Melody had had a chance to spurt anywhere. As soon as the funnel was in place Melody let go of her self-control. The pee flooded down the plastic funnel, and streamed out in front of her. Her mood immediately changed from one of distress at her discomfort, to glee at the thought that she was finally peeing like a boy! She giggled, and tried to give her usual happy wriggle, but mummy’s arms held her firmly in place.

“Don’t fidget, sweetie, or you’ll leak.”

Melody stood still, gazing happily at the stream of pee as it gradually petered out.

“Oh, mummy, that was fun! Can I do it again?”

“You can, but not now, as I think you’re all empty.” Mara took the funnel away, and put it in a plastic bag that she had hooked over her left arm. Melody hadn’t noticed the bag before as she had been too desperate. Mara’s left hand kept holding the diaper away from Melody’s wet crotch. Mara had carefully made her batch of special Wednesday diapers so that they were extra stretchy at the legs, especially so that the funnel could be used if needed. Her right hand went into her cardigan pocket and pulled out a clean tissue, which she used to dab her daughter dry. The tissue followed the funnel into the plastic bag on her left arm. Melody watched the proceedings with interest. One quick feel around by Mara’s right hand to make sure she was fully dry, and then the left hand let go of the diaper and the right hand eased it gently back into position. The whole finishing off and cleaning up act had taken less than half a minute. As Mara stood back Melody dropped her dress down again, and turned round to give her mum a big hug.

“Thank you, mummy. That was so much fun!”

“I thought you’d like it,” replied Mara. “I’ve made the leg holes in these diapers extra stretchy, and I think you will be able to use this by yourself if you have some practice.”

Melody beamed up at her. Mummy was so kind, and she had remembered how Melody had wanted to try and pee like a boy, and she had found a way for her to do it.

“Come on, help me clean it up in case we need it again.” Mara’s voice interrupted her train of thought. “I’ve got a bottle of water here to rinse it off with, and a clean tissue to dry it. That’s right. Now, throw this bag with the dirty tissues into the bin at the side of the shelter, that’s my good girl. And we’re all done, clean and ready to use again.”

They sat back on one of the benches to wait for the bus. Melody snuggled up close to Mara. She was feeling very contented.

I have another surprise for you when we’re on the bus," Mara said. “And as I can see it coming down the road you won’t have too long to wait.”

Chapter 5

Mara and Melody were sat near the back of the top deck of the bus. No-one else was up there, and they knew that at the next few stops the regular passengers would all be downstairs people.

Mara rummaged around in her bag again.

“Here, I made this especially for you,” she said, handing Melody a smaller version of her own bag.

“Oh, mummy! My own going out bag! Thank you!”

Melody was delighted. She loved stroking the different textures on her mummy’s bag, and now she had one of her very own.

“I’m going to give you some things to put in it that you can carry round on our Wednesday trips. I think it will be good for you to have the responsibility for some of these things. First, you should always make sure you have a packet of tissues in your bag. I’ll ask you every time we come out if you need a new packet, and it’s up to you to check for yourself and see if you need any or not. Here’s a packet to start with. That’s right, pop them in your bag straight away. I’m not going to give you a purse, but here’s a card with my phone number on. If ever we should get separated, just find someone safe to call that number for you. I don’t anticipate either of us getting lost, but it’s better safe than sorry. Here’s a spare pair of panties. For emergency use only. They are not for playing your game with. Understand? Good. And finally, your own wee wee funnel. Again, I don’t expect you to use it unless I’m there with you, but I think you should have one to practice with, as I might not always have a free hand to help you use it.”

“Oh, mummy, thank you! Can I practice with it now?”

“You don’t need another wee already do you?”

Melody giggled. “No, but it’s probably better if I practice how to hold it when I don’t need a wee wee, isn’t it?”

“That makes sense. Okay, well you’re by the window seat, so if anyone did happen to come upstairs I can make sure they don’t see you until you’ve put it safely away. It’s about fifteen or twenty minutes until we reach the houses in town, so you can play with it until then, unless anyone else comes upstairs first.”

Melody quickly hitched her dress from under her bottom and bunched it up around her waist. She wanted to make sure she could use her hands freely. Cautiously she put her left hand onto the right hand leg of her diaper, and gently pulled it gently to the side like mummy had. She needed to spread her legs quite wide to be able to fit the funnel in as well as have the bulk of her diaper at one side. When she had been standing up her feet had already been apart and her knees had automatically bent to spread her legs outwards when mummy had been putting the funnel into place. She looked enquiringly at mummy, to make sure she was doing it right. Mummy nodded encouragement, so Melody continued. She pulled the diaper right back until she could see her girly bits, then, funnel held in her right hand, she put it where she thought it ought to be. Mummy moved her hand and the funnel a bit lower.

“That’s right, sweetie. You need it low enough so that the pee doesn’t dribble out underneath.”

Melody took the funnel out and put the diaper back in place.

“I’ll get it right this time”, she said, smiling happily up at her mummy.

She adjusted her skirt to make sure she had a clear view of what she was doing, pulled the diaper sideways off her crotch with more speed this time, and carefully put the funnel into place.

“Well done, that should work fine,” said mummy. “Make sure you remember how low it needs to go.”

“I will. I’m going to keep practicing until you tell me it’s time to stop.”

This time she took the funnel away, straightened her diaper and lifted her bottom off the seat to put her dress back down all of the way.

“I need to practice with my dress where it should be too,” she explained.

She used her left hand to go under the skirt and moved her diaper to the side without exposing herself, and quickly put the funnel into position.

“Can you check that’s right, mummy?”

Mara lifted her daughter’s skirt and check what she had done.

“That’s brilliant,” she exclaimed. You got the hang of that very quickly, well done."

She put the skirt back into place, and Melody smiled up at her as she took the funnel out and re-adjusted her diaper again.

“I’m going to keep practicing as we talk, mummy.”

Her left hand went under her skirt again, and she went through the routine over and over as she chattered to mummy.

“How often can I use it, mummy?”

“Not very often, sweetie, as you can only use it when there’s no-one else around and no toilets either.”

“Like at the bus shelter?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“Where else?”

“Well, you can use it at home if you want to play at peeing like a boy. You don’t need to use it with your diaper at home, unless you want to. You can use it with your panties on, if you want, and without them on too.”

“Okay. That sounds fun. What about here on the bus?”

“No, because remember what I said about not weeing where other people will have to sit? It’s not very nice, so no using it on the bus.”

“But what if the funnel went into a bottle to catch the wee wee?”

“Well, yes, that would work. But would you have enough hands to hold a bottle too?”

“I think I could do it. Look, I can move the diaper to the side with that hand, and when this hand has put the funnel in place I can hold it with the first hand, and then the free hand could hold a bottle. See?”

“Good thinking. You’d also have to make sure there was no-one else around, so it would have to be a real emergency to use it on the bus.”

“Okay. Have you got a plastic bottle I can practice with?”

“No, sweetie, I’ve only got the one bottle of water on me, and I want to keep that in case we need it. We’ll buy some more bottles of water to drink whilst we’re out, and we can save those for you to practice with.”

“Okay. Where else could I use it?”

“Well, sometimes we go for a walk in the woods. And when you need a wee wee we either have to rush home, or you have to find a bush to squat behind. You could use it then, and wee into the bushes instead.”

“Or up a tree, like a dog!”

Mara laughed.

“Yes, if you really want to. But remember, not when anyone else is around. When you are out of the house peeing becomes a private thing. Okay?”


Melody carried on practising with the funnel.

“I like this a lot. Thank you mummy.”

“Time to pop it away now, sweetie. We’re almost in town.”

Melody groaned and put the funnel in her bag. She didn’t want to in the crowded town. She made sure her diaper was comfortable and straightened her skirt.

“And now we have the nasty bit of the day,” she sighed. This was quickly followed by a second sigh as Mara took the opportunity to poke her hand inside Melody’s diaper again to check she hadn’t leaked.

“Good girl, still all dry. Come on, it’s time to get to work.”

Chapter 6

Melody took a deep breath ready for her first challenge. She and mummy were in a café, with lots of private booths along the walls. Mummy had seated her in one of the booths, next to the wall, and then slid into the seat next to her. Melody had known why mummy had sat her there, and sure enough, within seconds Mara’s hand had subtly found its way up under Melody’s skirt and in at the leg of her diaper. By now Melody was automatically spreading her legs to make it easier for mummy to do her checks. It also made it quicker, and Melody wanted it done quickly in case anyone should spot it happening. But mummy was being very careful. Their booth was tucked right in the corner of the café, it was a quiet-ish time of day, and as Melody was sat on her left hand side she had simply leant forward a little towards the table in front of them, put her left hand under the table, along to Melody’s right leg, and reached up into the diaper via the elasticated leg. She checked the diaper for dampness with the back of her fingers, and then felt upwards checked to check that Melody wasn’t damp on her skin. A small amount of wee might soak deep enough into the diaper not to be felt easily, but she would be able to feel if Melody had recently let any wee out. All good. She withdrew her hand, and before Melody had managed to object to having a check in a public café Mara was already wiping her fingers with a baby wipe from her capacious bag.

“That’s my good clean girl”, Mara praised her.

“Mummy, why do you have to do that here?” Melody whispered, almost hissing.

“Sweetie, don’t make a big deal of it. No-one will notice unless you fuss. It only takes a few seconds, and I want to be sure you have earned your reward”.

Melody was beginning to wonder whether having two afternoons of pantie time for her Wetting Game was worth it. She didn’t really mind mummy checking her, but she got very embarrassed at having it done where someone might see them. Suddenly, being checked at the bus shelter seemed like it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

“I’ll be checking you after we’ve had our snack and drink, so set your mind to accept that it will happen, ok?”

“Yes mummy,” Melody sighed. She’d almost rather mummy would lay her on the café table and do a diaper change! No, no take that thought back. She flushed red in case mummy could read her mind and decide that was a good option. Sometimes having a vivid imagination was so not a good thing.

“One coffee, one strawberry milkshake and two chocolate muffins.” The waitress smiled at Melody as she placed their order in front of them. This was Melody’s first challenge, to say ‘thank you’ to this unknown waitress. Melody took a deep breath ready for her first challenge, then, after a quick glance for approval at mummy, she managed to say “Thank you” as she exhaled. She was breathing quickly. Mummy thought it was because she had been scared, but Melody was just worried that all her private practising of being acting scared wouldn’t work. The waitress gave them a kindly smile as Mara also thanked her, and moved off to another table. Melody glanced at mummy again. How had she done?

“Oh, sweetheart, you did very well! I’m so proud of you.”

Melody relaxed, and as she did so, she rewarded herself with a little dribble of pee into her diaper.

She smiled at mummy, and then cast down her eyes and made herself look sad and sorry.

“What’s the matter, sweetie? It wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“N-no, mummy. But…but – I didn’t do it on purpose! When I finished I was so happy it was done, and then I did a little bit of wee in my diaper because I stopped being scared.” Melody had decided that she needed to do this to convince mummy that she was still scared of talking to people.

“Oh, darling, don’t worry. This is why I let you wear the diaper today. I thought that might happen. Let me check how much damage there is.”

Again, Mara leaned forward a little to hide the fact her hand had again gone under the table and into Melody’s diaper.

“Oh mummy, don’t push so hard,” Melody whimpered. “I’m full of wee and trying really hard to keep it in.”

Mara wasn’t deliberately pushing, but it was an awkward angle to get her hand in for a check, and as she turned her hand to get it out her hand twisted sideways and pressed against Melody, who was now truly bursting to pee. A little spurt came out over Mara’s hand.

“Now Melody, that was naughty,” scolded Mara as she withdrew her damp hand.

“Mummy, I did say not to push there,” whimpered Melody. “I’m really, really full of wee again.”

Mara sighed and used another baby wipe to clean her hand off.

“Well, you’ll just have to wait until we’ve had our drink and snack, and then we’ll go find some toilets.”

“I don’t think I can wait”. A couple of tears ran down Melody’s cheeks. She really wanted her reward, and here she was failing at the first hurdle, and mummy was angry with her too. She sniffed sadly as some more tears followed.

Mara immediately felt guilty. She had known how Melody’s bladder would react to the stress she was putting her under, and she had snapped at her poor child, who was trying so hard to please her.

She turned to her, and brushed away the tears. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I shouldn’t have been angry with you. I know that was an accident. Do you think you can hold it until we’ve finished here?”

Melody sadly shook her head.

“Well, I wouldn’t normally let you do this, but get your wee wee funnel out from you bag without drawing attention to yourself, but don’t put it in your diaper yet. Here,” Mara had taken the half empty bottle of water out of her own bag and subtly emptied into the posy of flowers in the centre of their table. “Take this and make sure you don’t drip!”

Keeping her hands well below the table Melody sat closer to the edge of her seat and moved her skirt up her legs a bit. Mara had shifted forward in seat to block anyone’s view of what her daughter was doing, and Melody was able to spread her legs open, get the funnel in place, and hold the bottle under the end of it before the floodgates opened. She managed to stifle the sigh of relief as her bladder emptied. There was music playing in the café, and various other background noises from the coffee machines, and people talking, so the noise from her strong flow of pee wasn’t heard. She barely moved her upper arms, all the action was happening below the table and out of sight. Mara hadn’t realised she had finished until Melody whispered “Mummy, I need a bag for the funnel, and the cap for the bottle.”

Mara took a carrier bag out of her big bag and held it under the table for Melody to drop the funnel in, then passed the bottle cap to Melody’s free hand. Melody screwed the cap on the bottle, again, barley making any movement with her upper body, and passed the bottle under the table to her Mara, who stashed both items back in her bag. Mara was impressed, Melody had handled it like a pro!

Melody glanced up at her, to see if she was in trouble for peeing in a café, but Mara smiled proudly at her and said “Well done, sweetheart. I couldn’t tell what you were doing under there at all, so nobody else would have spotted anything. You’re such a clever girl.”

Melody smiled weakly at her, relieved that she wasn’t in trouble any more, and relieved that she had been able to relieve herself. This was going to a very tiring day at this rate, and there would be another diaper check before they left the café too.

After the café Mara announced that they would be going clothes shopping for Melody.

“But you make all my clothes, mummy. I like the ones you make for me.”

“We need to get you some school uniform, sweetie.”

“But you said you were teaching me at home!”

“I am, darling, but I think it will get you more used to school if you wear uniform for your lessons. Come on, we’ll start in here.” Mara led Melody into a large department store.

“Now, I want you to remember to reply if one of the shop assistants talks to you, and say ‘thank you’ if they help you in any way, okay?”

Melody nodded and clutched Mara’s had tighter.

They worked their way around to the children’s clothing section, and Mara picked out various items of uniform for Melody to try on. She then led Melody to the changing rooms.

“May I help you?” the changing room assistant asked as they approached the entrance.

Mara nudged Melody, who whispered “May I try these on please?”

“Of course you can,” the assistant smiled at her. “Let’s count how many items you have. I make it eight. Here’s your number, and you can use any of these cubicles, it’s a quiet time and they’re all free at the moment.”

Mara nudged Melody again.

“Thank you,” she whispered, and Mara followed up with a smile and thank you to the assistant too, before leading Melody through to one of the larger sized changing cubicles.

“Right, hand me all of those clothes and we’ll hang them up on these hooks until we’re ready for them,” said Mara. “That’s it, they’ll stay nice and clean there. Now, time for a quick diaper check. Did you wet yourself at all after speaking to the assistant?”

“No, I’m just the same as I was when you last checked me mummy.”

“I’ll find that out for myself, thank you. Let’s get this dress off first. We might as well have a proper look as how soggy you are before we get started.” With that Mara lifted Melody’s dress over her head, leaving her standing in the middle of the curtained cubicle wearing nothing but her diaper, socks and sandals. Melody didn’t mind that. There was no-one to see her being checked. The curtain was drawn, and came right down to the floor.

There was a bench seat along the back of the cubicle.

“Lie on the seat, sweetie, so that I can check your diaper.”

The seat wasn’t long enough to lie down unless Melody bent her knees up, but she did as her mummy said. It was a bit uncomfortable, but at least no-one could see. She put one thumb in her mouth and rested the other hand on her tummy. She didn’t usually suck her thumb, and Mara would normally tell her to stop it if she did put it in her mouth, but today was a stressful day for Melody, so she let it go.

She undid the Velcro fastenings and opened the diaper up. It wasn’t too wet at all. The accident at the café hadn’t been as bad as it felt.

“Good girl. I know it’s a bit soggy in there, but I did warn you that you would have to stay in the same diaper for the whole day, so you need to make sure you don’t have any more accidental leaks, sweetie, or you’ll get very uncomfortable. Now, let’s get you fastened up again, and try on some of these clothes.”

Melody stayed still as Mara fastened the Velcro fastening up snugly again. She hoped it would be lunchtime soon, as that would mean they would stop somewhere to eat that had toilets. She wasn’t really interested in trying on the uniform, it reminded her too much that she would have to go to school one day, but mummy wanted her to have a uniform for her lessons at home, so she let herself have different summer school dresses and blouses and pinafores tried on her.

“What do you think, sweetie?” Mara turned Melody to face the long mirror in the cubicle. Melody was quite tall for her age, and very slender. The summer dress she had on fitted her so far as the width around her body went, but was very short on her in length.

“Mummy, you can see where my diaper hangs down!”

“Yes, but when you’re wearing these clothes you won’t be wearing a diaper, will you. But having them nice and short means I can check easily to make sure that you aren’t playing your Wetting Game when you should be doing lessons.”

“If I went to school I wouldn’t have to wear a dress this short would I?”

“No, sweetie. This is just for our school at home. Now, do you like this blue gingham, or do you prefer the yellow or green?”

“I don’t mind, mummy. You choose.”

Melody knew she would hate the dresses whatever colour she had. She had never worn short dresses, preferring ones that reached her knees or below. And as much as she liked walking round in her panties, that wasn’t the same as having her panties showing when she was wearing clothes. A sudden thought struck her.

“I won’t have to wear these out on our Wednesdays, will I?”

Mara laughed. “Goodness, no. By the time you’ve finished leaking every time someone speaks to you your diaper will be sagging down between your knees. These dresses are just for our school at home, and just so that I can check you easily to make sure you are being a good girl.”

Melody breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now”, said Mara. “Time to go and pay. Don’t forget you have to say please and thank you at the checkout.”

Melody breathed a sigh of despair, and felt another little trickle of wee soak into her diaper.

Chapter 7

Mara was also finding the day tiring. The main reason for the Wednesdays was to try and help Melody get over her shyness with people, but Mara was also trying to make Melody tire of her Wetting Game. She hoped that all the diaper checking and intrusion of Melody’s privacy would make Melody fed up enough to stop working for the rewards. She was hoping that the little girl would give in and just wet herself fully in her diaper so that they could both go home early, and Melody wouldn’t get her pantie time, but it seemed the desire to earn her play time was so strong that Melody would put up with all sorts of indignities.

This wasn’t a phase that Melody was going to grow out of any time soon.

At least the funnel for weeing through was a success. She had deliberated over getting that, knowing that Melody would love it, but it did save Mara from having to pull Melody’s diaper down if she needed to pee at places like the bus shelter. It was more discrete, and if she could teach her little daughter discretion about her game for when she was in public that had to be a good thing.

Mara was feeling very confused. She understood Melody’s unconventionalities, but knew they needed curbing. But she also remembered her own childhood, and the constant battles about having to wear clothes. She would have liked it her own parents had been a little more understanding. It was so hard deciding what the right thing was to do for her child. But she had made a deal with Melody, and if she got through the day and managed to speak to people and not completely soak her diaper, then she would get her reward.

Lunchtime passed uneventfully. Melody asked to use the restroom before they sat down to eat, and Mara took her into one of the larger parent and child cubicles. She pulled down Melody’s diaper to her ankles, and let her sit on the toilet to pee. Melody made no objection when Mara wiped her dry, instead of letting her do it herself, and waited patiently whilst her diaper was pulled up again.

The restaurant was a fast food one, a special treat. It was extremely busy, so the diaper check at the end of the meal was skipped, much to Melody’s relief. She was making sure that she didn’t let the slightest drip out, she wasn’t taking any more chances.

The town was busy with the lunchtime rush, so Mara suggested sitting in the park for a while to get some air and rest. They found a vacant bench to sit on. Mara leant back with relief. She hated crowded shops, although she wouldn’t confess that to Melody. Melody climbed onto the bench next to her and snuggled up close.

“Tired, sweetie?”

“Yes, mummy. How much longer do we have to stay in town?”

“I need to go to the book shop to pick up some books I ordered. You can choose yourself a new book while we’re there. And then I think we’ll finish early. Does that sound good to you?”

Melody yawned and snuggled closer to her mummy. “Yes, I’d like to be home soon. I wish it was bedtime. I want some booby to make me feel better.”

“I wish I could let you have some booby comfort here, sweetie, but it’s way too busy. Come and sit on my lap and have a cuddle and a doze for a bit.”

Melody climbed gratefully onto Mara’s lap. She was feeling chilly as she was so tired, so Mara, who was wearing a long, lightweight cardigan, wrapped her arms and the fronts of the cardigan around Melody to keep her warm. Melody snuggled in close. She couldn’t suckle on mummy’s booby, but as she drifted into a light sleep her front hand, hidden under the wrapped over cardigan, slipped in at the low cut neck of mummy’s top and rested on her booby. Melody slept and dreamt of being small again, back when mummy still had milk in her boobies and she could feed as much as she wanted. Mara cuddled Melody close, and left the small trusting hand where it was, resting on the curve of her breast, just above the nipple. She knew what Melody needed right now, and that was comfort from her mummy. She couldn’t let her suckle, here in public, but she could cuddle her and let her dream her baby dreams.

Half an hour later Mara gently shook Melody awake.

“Come on, sweetie,” she took Melody’s hand from inside her top and unwrapped her from the folds of the cardigan. Melody yawned herself awake and rubbed her eyes.

“I need a wee wee, mummy.”

“I’m not surprised after that big drink at lunch time. Are you still pretty dry in there?”

“Yes, I promise.”

“That’s good. It’s a bit public for checking you here, but I think I can manage. Stand in front of me between my legs and face me, that’s right. I’ve draped your skirt over my knee, no-one will see me put my fingers in your diaper to check you under your skirt, and I’ll do it really quickly.”

Melody fiddled with her hair with nervousness as she didn’t want anyone seeing her diaper or her having a diaper check. Mara was quick, though. A speedy feel of the diaper fabric and Mara withdrew her hand, satisfied that the diaper was still only a bit damp. She gave her daughter a quick reassuring hug, and wiped her hand on a tissue from her pocket.

“Good girl. Come on, let’s see if we can find toilets on the way to the book shop.”

Hand in hand they strolled through the busy park, heading towards the book sellers. There were no public toilets in sight.

“Do you think you can hold a bit longer, sweetie?”

“Mmm, I guess so. How long will we be in the book shop?”

“My books are paid for and I just need to pick them up, but I wanted you to be able to choose a new book too.”

“I’d rather go for a wee wee than look at books, please,” said Melody, fidgeting from foot to foot, which was a sure sign that she would need to pee fairly soon.

“Okay, well we’re nearly at the shop. I’ll get my books and then we’ll see where we can find some toilets.”

After collecting her order Mara asked the shop assistant where the nearest public toilets could be found. It turned out that the closest ones were at the bus station.

As they left the shop Mara said to Melody, “How about we have an early finish? The toilets are at the bus station, and it seems silly to walk there and then back to the shops again. You can have a wee wee, and then we’ll sit and have a drink in the café until the bus comes. Does that sound like a good plan?”

Melody agreed enthusiastically. However, as they were headed towards the toilets the bus they could catch to go home was just pulling in at the station. The next one wouldn’t be due for an hour.

Mara made a snap decision.

“Melody, sweetie, if we can catch that bus we’ll be home in half an hour. If we don’t get that one we have to wait another hour, and then spend another half an hour travelling.”

“But mummy, I can’t hold it for much longer,” wailed Melody.

“Darling, if we get on that bus we’ll sit on the top deck away from anyone else, and I promise that after I have made my last check to see how dry you are you can pee in your diaper without losing your reward. Deal?”

Melody grabbed her mummy’s hand and practically dragged her to the bus. She was desperate to pee, but here she was being offered the chance to let go in her diaper, and she would still get her reward! And she still had booby time to look forward to when she got home.

Mother and daughter sat happily together on the almost empty top deck. Mara had put her hand into Melody’s diaper and announced that it was no damper than it had been at the last check, she was such a clever girl. Melody smiled happily. As soon as mummy’s hand was clear she edged her bottom to the front of the seat, spread her legs wider and put her hands up her skirt and felt the front of her diaper. Then she peed for all she was worth, blissfully happy at feeling how heavy the diaper was getting in her hands, and loving the warmth of her wee wee as it left her body. When she had finished peeing she carried on feeling how full and heavy the diaper was, it was a good job mummy had fastened it onto her so that it wouldn’t slip down her hips when they got off the bus. Hands still fondling the heavy diaper she leant back in her seat, turned her face to her mummy and grinned. Mara was reminded of when Melody was a toddler and would wet her diaper in her cot in the mornings after being dry all night, before she could be put on the potty. It was that same gleeful smile of contentment, and Mara felt a glow inside her that she could make her daughter feel so happy.

That night at bedtime Melody snuggled up to mummy on the big comfy sofa for her ‘night night’ booby. Mummy had bathed her when they got home from town, popped her into clean panties, and they had had an early dinner. They’d watched a movie after dinner, and Mara had let Melody have the baby potty in the living room with them for when she needed to pee.

Melody took her panties completely off and sat kneeling down with the potty between her legs to watch the film. It didn’t look very comfortable to Mara, who was curled up on the comfortable sofa, but Melody was happy.

Part way through the film Melody needed to poop. She would have liked to do that in the potty too, but didn’t want to push her luck, so she got up and told mummy she was going to the toilet to do her poo poo. Mara emptied the pee from the potty and washed it out while Melody was upstairs in the bathroom. She popped it back on the floor, but when Melody came back into the room she went and snuggled up to mummy.

She curled her little body up against Mara, who was naked after having cast off her clothes almost the minute they got through the front door. Mara adjusted her position so that Melody could latch on to her booby easily, and they watched the end of the film together, Mara stroking Melody’s hair, as Melody suckled contentedly. She was half asleep by the end of the film, so Mara carried her up to her bedroom, lay her on her bed and dressed her in her pyjamas. Melody was so tired that she just lay there, almost asleep, letting Mara dress her like a baby. When the pyjamas were on Mara got Melody to lift her bottom so that she could pull the duvet down from under her, and then tuck it in over her. Melody yawned and curled up on her side, almost fully asleep now. Mara bent down and kissed her little daughter’s curly head. “Sweet dreams, sweetheart”, she whispered, as she left the room.

Melody was soon fully asleep, dreaming her dreams of wet panties, potties and diapers. Of peeing into a funnel, and wetting herself on the bus. Of seeing herself in too short dresses with her diaper sagging down, and imagining walking around with a random hand in her diaper all day. It had been a long day, but on the whole Melody had quite enjoyed it.

Chapter 8

The next day was a Thursday, which meant it was a reward day. Mara had set out one of the new gingham school dresses for her to wear for her morning lessons. She had picked yellow ones, knowing that Melody loved that colour. Melody still hated the dresses, though, because they were representative of school. She rummaged through her drawers for her yellow panties to go with it. It was too warm for shoes and socks, so she just put her white sandals on. She stood in front of her mirror and looked at her reflection. She was quite tall anyway, but the over short dress on her slender body make her look like Pippi Longstocking. She stretched her arms up over her head to make her dress ride up. Now she could clearly see her yellow panties. She would like to have a little wee in them, and make them change to a deeper shade of yellow, but this wasn’t play time, so she headed to the bathroom instead.

Locking the door behind her, Melody approached the toilet, and lifted the lid. How was she going to do her wee wee today? Sometimes she sat properly on the toilet, like she had to do when mummy was supervising her. Sometimes she faced the cistern and straddled the bowl, legs stretched widely. She couldn’t get very far over the bowl, but it was enough to be able to be able to get her pee into the bowl, and it was fun peeing that way. Sometimes she was really naughty and would climb into the bath and wee down the plug hole, or sit in the shower cubicle without any clothes on and wee in there. She always cleaned up thoroughly, but she had to be careful to only do that kind of game when mummy was busy doing something where she wouldn’t hear the water running.

Today Melody decided she would kneel on the toilet to do her wee wee. She wet a bit of toilet tissue under the tap and wiped it over the seat. Mummy was very good at cleaning, but Melody liked to know she was kneeling on a seat that hadn’t been weed on. Then she slipped off her yellow panties, and facing the cistern she climbed up onto the toilet seat, hands balancing her by holding onto the cistern, and one knee at each side of the seat. Her dress was so short that she didn’t need to tuck it up to avoid getting pee on it, but she let go of the cistern with one hand so that she could lift the dress and watch the stream of pee.

When the last drips were done she climbed down again, wiped herself clean, and flushed the toilet. She pulled her yellow panties back on, washed her hands and headed back downstairs, ready to face her lessons.

Mara had no idea quite how many pee games Melody played. She thought her little girl only played when mummy let her, and was proud of Melody’s self-control.

Lessons that morning passed quickly. Mara knew how to keep them short and interesting, and was aware of the undercurrent of excitement that Melody was trying to control.

At midday they stopped for lunch. Melody was still in her uniform dress, but was ready to throw it off as soon as mummy said it was ok to do so.

“Mummy, what game are you going to play this afternoon?” she enquired.

“A game that is just for grown-ups, sweetie.”

Melody knew when she got a reply like that that she would get no more information.

“Is anyone else playing it with you?”

“No, I play by myself.”

“Where will you play it?”

“In my bedroom, so that I don’t disturb your play. If there is a real emergency you can come and knock on my door, but I don’t expect any other interruptions. Okay?”


Melody knew she would be too busy playing her own game to interrupt mummy. She had another big drink, and then wriggled in her chair. She hoped she would be able to go and play soon.

Mara watched her with a smile on her face. She had seen Melody drinking twice as much as usual, and knew she would be filling her bladder so that could do lots of peeing.

“Come on, sweetie. Time to play”. She took Melody by the hand and led her to the dining room. They rarely used this large room, preferring to eat in the kitchen, and Mara had secretly re-arranged it so that it could be Melody’s special Wetting Games room. The floor was already covered in lino, so she didn’t have to worry about any carpets being ruined. She had moved the table and chairs back against one wall out of the way. There was a comfortable armchair in one corner, which had always been there. Mara had made new covers for it with waterproof linings. There was a blanket chest against another wall, which Mara had made a padded waterproof top for. Placed around the room were Melody’s diaper pail, to put her used diapers or panties into, a new extra-large potty, her bowl of water for washing herself, plus the wipes and fluffy towel that she usually used, and on the table were various baby bottles, filled with different drinks. There were a couple of cuddly toys, and two baby dolls; one was a large soft bodied doll, with rubbery plastic head, hands and feet, and the other was a realistic newborn doll, covered in wrinkles, made completely of rubbery plastic. Melody rarely played with dolls, but Mara had made a selection of panties and diapers for these dollies, thinking that Melody might enjoy playing with them and changing them.

Melody was delighted with everything.

“Mummy, can I drink from those bottles?”

“Yes, sweetie, they’re all for you.”

“Am I allowed to sit in the chair if I have wet panties on?”

“Yes, I’ve made it so that it has a waterproof cover, and I can take the top cover off easily and wash it.”

“Are those dollies and teddies for me to play with?”

“Yes, sweetie. I’ve made panties and diapers to fit them all too.”

“Is that a changing table, mummy?” Pointing to the blanket chest.

“Yes, you’re too big for a baby changing table, but this will fit you nicely for now. Come and see what’s inside.”

Mara led Melody over to the chest and lifted the lid. Inside were bottles of baby power, packets of wet wipes, and piles and piles of fluffy white diapers and panties. Melody picked out some of the panties and diapers to look at them. The panties were all soft white jersey cotton, and had rows and rows of frills and ruffles on that back – Melody could wait to try them on and have a frilly bottom. The panties were in assorted sizes – some came up high so that they would be right up to her waist, some were lower and would go to the top of her hips. Some were baggier, with more elastic at the legs and waist, and some were close fitting. Melody was in pantie heaven. Then she looked at the diapers. They were mummy’s special home-made ones, again all in white with ruffles on the back. Some were only a thin layer of padding, a bit like thicker panties rather than a diaper, some were the regular amount of padding, and some were so thickly padded that Melody knew she wouldn’t be able to close her legs when she was wearing those. She was as excited about the diapers as she was about the panties.

“Oh mummy, they’re all so perfect, thank you!”

“Now, I know there are a lot there, and you will want to try them all, but I’m going to limit you to having a maximum of six of these to wear in any one afternoon. So you can have just panties, or just diapers, or a mixture of both, but never more than six. Understand?”

“Yes, mummy.”

“I know that sounds mean, but it makes a lot of extra washing for mummy, and I think you are going to earn lots and lots of rewards, so it’s good to not try all of them in one go.”

Melody hugged mummy tight, she was so happy with all of her new baby stuff.

“Can I play now, mummy?”

“You can. Enjoy yourself, sweetie. I’ll be down later to change you, although you can change yourself if you want to at any time. Don’t forget, only interrupt me in a genuine emergency. Okay?”


Mara left the room, to go and have her own special time, whilst Melody pulled her hated school dress off over her head and knelt down to choose what to wear first. Her bladder was nicely full, and she had lots of things she could drink to keep it that way, so she decided to move her new potty over to the chest, grabbed a bottle of juice from the table, and, pulling her yellow panties down to her ankles, she sat down to Christen her new potty, sucking eagerly at her bottle of juice, and browsing through the various panties and diapers until she had decided which to wear first. The potty was a bit higher to sit on, more like a low chair, and had a comfortable rim that was bigger than on her old potty. It seemed to have been made just the right size for her, and she hoped she wouldn’t grow too quickly as it was so nice to use. It was deep too, so her wee wee made a satisfying splash and tinkle. She carried on drinking from her bottle until it was drained, and then stood it to one side so that she could concentrate on her selection from the pantie and diaper pile.

After much deliberation she decided that she would use one of the extra thick diapers first, and see how much wee wee she could make it hold until mummy came down to change her. She wondered how heavy it would be and how far down between her legs it would hang when it was full of wee.

She lay on the changing mat on the blanket chest and fitted it on to herself. It was deliciously thick between her legs, and hardly weighed anything at the moment. She stood up. She wanted to see what it looked like on. There was a mirror on the wall opposite the chest, so she climbed up onto the chest and was happy to see that she could see all of her body except for her feet.

She thought she looked cute in the oversized diaper. It came halfway down her inner thighs already, and would hang lower when it was full of wee. She wished she hadn’t done so much wee in the potty now. She had a little bit of pee left, which she let out, enjoying the warmth as it left her body. She felt the front and crotch of the diaper. She couldn’t even tell that there was any wee wee in there, it was so thick. She knew she would need a big wee again soon, but she was feeling impatient.

She climbed back down off the chest, and headed to the table for another bottle of juice, which she started drinking straight away.

Then she spotted the jug of water and plastic tumbler that mummy had also left for her. Putting her half empty bottle back down on the table she then picked up the jug of water and the tumbler and carried them over to the chest. She sat on the chest and carefully poured water into the tumbler, and then put the jug and the tumbler on the floor.

Next she lay herself back down on the chest, and undid her diapers, fastening them up again more loosely. She sat up again, legs dangling over the edge of the chest. She leant down and reached for the tumbler of water.

Carefully she pulled the elasticated waistband of the diaper forward with one hand, and with the other she tipped a little of the water down into the diaper. It soaked quickly in, but hadn’t touched her flesh. This time Melody poured a larger amount of water into her diaper, but she angled the tumbler so that the water ran down her tummy and down to her crotch. It was cool and ticklish, and felt quite different to the hot wee that came out of her, but she decided she quite like the feeling. She leant back a bit and aimed the rest of the tumbler of water straight down onto her crotch. It flowed over her girly bits and into the split of her crotch. She giggled, it felt so good. It also made her need to wee a bit more, so she put the tumbler down and pulled her diaper further out so that she could watch the wee wee come out of her and go into the diaper. This was so much fun!

She stood up and felt the diaper from the outside again. It was noticeably heavier, but there was still lots of space in it.

Melody picked up the jug and put it carefully on the chest and then sat down again next to it. She leant fully back against the wall behind her, used one hand to pull her diaper forward again, and this time she picked up the whole jug of water and steadily poured it down onto her crotch. She made it a slow trickle of water, as that felt the best. She also let out more little spurts of hot wee wee that mixed in with the cold water from the jug.

She took her time emptying the jug, wanting to make the sensation last as long as possible.

When it was empty she put the jug down again and used both hands to caress the diaper between her legs. It was feeling really full and heavy now.

She climbed up onto the chest again and looked across to the mirror. The heavy diaper, which she had loosened, was already slipping down her hips with the combined weight of the water and wee wee. It sagged almost to her knees. Melody hoped she would be ready to do some more wee wee soon. She climbed down off the chest again and waddled around the room. The diaper was thick between her legs, and dangled heavily as she walked. Every so often she would hitch it further up her hips. Then she knelt down, knees apart, and squished the diaper down against the floor by sitting on it. She let out a bit more wee wee, and gave a happy little wriggle, then got up again to get the half-finished bottle of juice from the table. She drank it greedily, and when she had finished she decided it was time to crawl around on her hands and knees like a baby.

She wished she had a pacifier, but she knew mummy wouldn’t let her have one of those. She also wished she could have some booby time, but she doubted she would be allowed that as an extra either. Still, she was having lots of fun. Round and round she crawled, stopping every so often to have another drink, or hug a teddy.

The diaper slipped steadily lower, and when Mara came into the room later on, her kimono wrapped around her, Melody was knelt, legs wide apart, bottom on the floor, facing away from her, a teddy tucked under one arm, and sucking from the last of her juice bottles. The diaper was sagging heavily and had slipped so far down her hips that the crack of her bottom was showing. Mara laughed quietly at the image, and wished she could have taken a photo of it, Melody looked so cute.

“Sweetie, how wet is that diaper?”

Melody turned around and grinned at mummy. “Me go wee wee. Me wet diaper,” she said in a baby voice, dropping the teddy and bottle and holding her arms up to her mummy.

Mara went to her and picked her up, one arm supporting the weight of Melody and the diaper, the other supporting her back. She went and sat in the arm chair, and sat Melody comfortably on her lap.

“Do diaper check, mummy”, Melody commanded.

Mara laughed. “I don’t need to, sweetie. I can see you’re soaked”. She had spotted the empty jug and guess how the diaper had filled so quickly.

“Mummy, do diaper check!” repeated Melody.

Mara obligingly slipped her hand in at the leg of the diaper and felt around. Melody squirmed with delight. “Oh my,” she said. “You are a soggy little baby. We’d better get you changed straight away.”

“Not yet,” said Melody. “Booby first”. She had spotted Mara’s erect nipples under her robe, and had pulled the front of the robe apart to play with the nipples. Mara gently pushed her hands away.

“No, sweetie. Mummy’s nipples are tender at the moment, and you are too old to have my boobies in the day now.”

Melody looked at mummy’s glowing cheeks and sparking eyes. She looked happy and relaxed, and Melody though that she must have been having a good game too. She wriggled round to face her mummy and gently put a hand back over each breast. “I like your boobies, mummy”.

“I know you do, sweetie, but remember what I said about being too old to do some things now. Babies can touch boobies, because they don’t know any better.” She gently removed Melody’s hands and held them so that they couldn’t stray to her nipples again. “You may have your morning and evening booby for a little while longer, but no more day time booby. And no touching mummy’s boobies without permission either. Understand.”

“Yes, mummy. Mummy, when I’m bigger will I have boobies?”

“You will, sweetie.”

“When I have my own boobies I can touch them as much as I want, can’t I?”

Mara laughed. “Yes, sweetie, people are allowed to touch their own body as much as they like, just not other people’s bodies. Now come on, I’m going to carry my baby girl over to the changing table and get her all cleaned up.”

The rest of the afternoon passed too quickly from Melody’s point of view. She wet two pairs of her regular panties, one with a high waist and rows upon rows of ruffles on the bottom, and one pair with a lower waist that revealed her hip bones, peed some more into her potty, and then tried on a regular sized diaper. Mara was busy in the kitchen, so Melody had changed herself. She stood up and felt the frills covering her bottom. She did that with every pair of special panties or diaper that she put on. She wished she could have frilly panties to wear every day.

She decided to keep this diaper dry for a while, and enlisted the larger of the two dolls to help her. She dressed the doll in a matching diaper and then put her fingers in at the leg hole, like mummy did. “Good dolly, all dry.” Then she knelt down and took the dolls rubber hand and put it in through the leg hole of her own diaper. Mummy was busy in the kitchen, so dolly would have to check that she was dry. This was a good game.

When Mara peeped through the door a little later on to check that Melody was still playing happily she saw her at her new game. Melody was at the changing table, and was pouring some water down inside the doll’s diaper, like she had done to herself earlier. Then she put the doll’s face to her chest to pretend to feed her for a few minutes. Next she laid the dolly on the chest and felt inside her diaper again. “Naught dolly, you’ve done a wee wee, But it’s not much so I won’t change you yet. Now it’s your turn to check my diaper.”

Melody now sat at the edge of the chest and spread her legs wide, like she did when mummy checked her. She took the doll’s hand again, and put it inside her diaper. “That’s right, dolly. Have a good feel around. I’m all nice and dry so you won’t find anything in there.”

She put the doll to her breast again for another feed. Mara moved quietly away, she didn’t want to disturb the game, it was so rare for Melody to play with dolls.

She peeped in again twenty minutes later. The big doll had been discarded, and now Melody was lying on her back on the chest, knees bent up and legs apart, with the smaller dolly pushed down the front of the diaper. Its head was between Melody’s legs, and its feet were sticking out the top of the diaper. She was lifting her bottom up and down, as if she was doing pelvic thrusts. Her arms were holding the dolly’s legs, gently pulling at them.

This time Mara interrupted the game, it wasn’t looking so innocent.

“Melody, sweetie, what are you doing?”

“Hello mummy. I’m having a baby. I’m pushing it out at the moment.”

Mara laughed with relief. “Well, sweetie, you can’t wear diapers if you’re having a baby, or panties. The baby would get squished like poor dolly there when it came out.”

“Which hole does a baby come out of, mummy? Your wee wee hole, or your hole in your bottom where the poo comes from?”

Mara hadn’t been expecting to discuss this kind of subject yet, and was momentarily taken aback, but she remembered her own childhood, and that all her scanty knowledge had come from friends in the playground as her parent’s didn’t believe in discussing ‘that kind of thing’.

“Come and sit next to me and I’ll try to explain.”

Melody sat on the edge of the blanket chest, the small doll still wedged in the front of her diaper. Mara picked up the larger doll and sat next to her.

“I think your baby would like a feed now. How about we both feed our babies while I try and explain how babies are born?”

Melody pulled the doll out of her diaper by one leg. “Mummy, do me a diaper check please.”

“You don’t need a diaper check when you are playing, sweetie.”

“Please, mummy.”

Mara popped her hand into Melody’s diaper, felt around and pronounce her nice and dry. She hoped that it would distract from the birth topic, but now that she had been checked Melody wanted to know more.

“Which hole is it, mummy, that babies come out of?”

Mara put the larger doll up to her breast and indicated that Melody should do the same with her dolly. When both dollies were settled she started her explanation.

“Well, sweetie, women have their wee wee hole at the front, and their bottom hole at the back, but in between that they have another very special hole. That’s where the babies come out.”

“Show me yours.”

“No, sweetie. It’s not the kind of thing to show, you’re too young.”

“Have I got a hole like that too?”

Yes, all little girls have them, but they don’t need them until they’re older. Its proper name is a vagina"

“Can I see my vagina?”

“Not easily. It’s very hard to look between your own legs.”

“Can I touch it?”

“You can, but it’s a private thing. It’s like peeing, or pressing your ‘happy button’. You don’t do it when you’re out of the house, or in front of other people.” Her ‘happy button’ was what Melody had called her clitoris when she had found out at a very young age that rubbing it felt nice. Mara had taught her that it was only to be done in her bedroom, knowing that many young children masturbate just because it feels nice. Her own mother would have freaked if she had known that Mara touched herself like that at Melody’s age, but she had kept it hidden, knowing that her mother would disapprove.

“But I wee wee in front of you.”

“That’s just for your game, though.”

“I need to know where my doll is going to be born from, mummy”.

“Okay, I’ll try and show you how a baby is born, but you will need to feel around for your vagina yourself, okay?”


“Right, lie down on the chest, and let me take your diaper off.”

Melody lay down, and Mara put the larger doll to one side and removed Melody’s diaper. She popped a cushion from the armchair under Melody’s head so that she could see what mummy was demonstrating.

“Now, first of all the baby grows near to your tummy, in a special place called your womb.” She put the small doll onto Melody’s lower body. “When the baby is fully grown, it turns around until it’s facing the right direction, like this.” Mara turned the doll until its head was pointing down towards Melody’s vagina. “Then it travels from the womb down through the vagina, which stretches to let it through, and the baby comes out between your legs, head first.” She moved the doll down and between Melody’s legs.

Melody reached down and picked up the doll and laid it at her breast. “And then I feed her to make her grow.”

“That’s right, sweetie.”

“But where’s my vagina?”

"It’s hidden right behind your ‘happy button’.

Melody poked around a bit. She had never known there was a hidden hole down there! She pressed in different places, and suddenly her fingers went a little bit inside herself. “I found it, mummy, I found it!”

“Good girl. That’s your vagina, and no-one else is to touch you there without your permission. It’s your special place. If you want to explore it yourself, that’s ok, but do it in private. It doesn’t matter if you don’t touch it again for years and years, but you know where it is now.”

Melody carried on exploring inside herself with her fingers. “How does a baby get out of there?”

“You will be a lot bigger before you have a baby, sweetie, and your vagina stretches a very long way. Now, I need to get back to the kitchen. You carry on playing your games, and I’ll pop back and check on you later.” Mara bent down and kissed her daughter’s head. This was a bizarre afternoon. One minute her child was acting like a toddler, the next she was discussing giving birth! Mara hoped other reward afternoons would be a little less stressful.

As she left the room she looked back. Melody was still lying on her back, knees bent up and hands between her legs feeling herself. Mara knew that she was as innocent as they came, but it still looked so wrong. Tomorrow they would visit the local library and see what children’s books were available that discussed the body and reproduction in a simple way.

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 9

The following morning at breakfast Mara told Melody that they would be having a trip out to the library that morning to find some books about how babies are born and how bodies work. Melody thought that sounded interesting.

“But I have my short school dress on, mummy. I can’t go out in that.”

“You can get changed into your ordinary clothes before we go, sweetie.”

Melody was relieved. If she reached up or bent down in her school dress everyone would be able to see her panties.

She carried on eating her cereal, and thought about what she had learned the previous afternoon. Her free hand slipped down under the table. She was busy thinking about her various holes in her body, and without realising what she was doing her hand had slid down inside the front of her panties. Soon she was feeling her vagina, rubbing around it and poking a finger in and out. It felt wet and yukky in there. She wondered if babies minded coming out of somewhere wet and yukky?

Mara suddenly noticed what her daughter was doing.

“Melody Bright! Get your hand out of your panties this minute!”

Melody quickly pulled her hand out and put it on top of her lap.

“Do you remember what I told you yesterday about touching yourself being a private thing?”

“Yes mummy. But this is private, there’s no-one else here, and we’re not outside the house.”

Mara couldn’t fault her daughter’s logic. Feeling her anger lessen she took a wet wipe and cleaned Melody’s fingers.

“Sweetie, this is something that you don’t do even in front of mummy. It’s like your ‘happy button’. If you want to touch yourself and explore your body that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it, but you do it in the privacy of your bedroom, or when you have your reward time and are playing by yourself in your Games room. Okay?”

“Okay. I understand. I still don’t think a baby could fit through there, though,” she sighed.

After breakfast Mara washed up and sent Melody to change into her ordinary clothes. Melody chose a lime green T-shirt and green and pink floral print gypsy skirt. She changed her panties to match, discarding the yellow ones she had put on that morning and choosing a bright pink pair instead. Then she added bright pink socks and her trainers.

She had changed quickly, so she lay down on her bed and put both hands under her skirt and down into her panties again. She rubbed her ‘happy button’ for a bit. Bodies were very interesting, she thought to herself, especially hidden bits that she hadn’t known she had before. She let out a bit of wee, enjoying feeling it go onto her hands.

Mara called to her from downstairs, telling her to hurry up.

Melody quickly took her hands out of her panties, getting some of the pee from her hands onto the front of them as she did so, and jumped up off the bed. A bit more pee dribbled out of her and made a soggy patch in the crotch of her panties. Bother! Mummy would tell her off if she knew she had done that. She hurried down the stairs and hoped the damp patch would dry quickly as it was a warm day.

Mara was waiting for her by the front door.

“Come on, slow coach. You don’t need your bag today, I’ve got everything we might need in mine. Ready?”

Melody nodded and put out her hand to hold mummy’s.

“Hang on, I nearly forgot.”

Mara stepped behind Melody and lifted her skirt, like she’d done for the diaper checks on Wednesday. Melody kept her legs tightly together.

“Mummy! I’m not wearing a diaper, you don’t need to check me, it’s not Wednesday.”

Mara wrapped her arms around the little girl to stop her wriggling away.

“Melody, put your feet apart now. I know it’s not Wednesday, and I know you’re not wearing a diaper, but this is a still a school day, and you know I do regular pantie checks on a school day. Now spread your legs.”

Melody went rigid. She had forgotten that this was still a school day with regular pantie checks. Why hadn’t she changed her panties when she knew they were wet? It would have been so quick and easy to do.

Mara felt her body stiffen and guessed the reason. “Melody, either you let me check your panties now, which I can guess are wet from the way you are acting, or I will put you over my knee and spank you!”

Melody knew full well that mummy had never spanked her before, and was unlikely to do so now, so she kept her body rigid and her legs clamped together.


“Melody. This is your last chance.”

“No! I won’t!” Melody kicked back with one foot, which connected with Mara’s shin.

Mara winced with pain. She was shocked at the defiance. She had been worried for a while that she was spoiling her little girl by treating her too softly and letting have her own way too much with her games. She took a deep breath and made herself calm down. She didn’t want to spank her daughter in anger, as she would be too rough with her. Mara had a gentle temper, but would occasionally see red when really provoked. She counted to ten and then spoke calmly to Melody.

“Melody, I know your panties are wet from how you are behaving. Either you let me feel for myself, or I will take you into your Games room, sit on the big armchair, with you over my knee, and then I will spank your bottom three times. The choice is yours.”

“Noooo!” Melody was crying and struggling to break free from Mara’s grasp, but still resolutely kept her legs clamped together.

Mara wrapped her arms more tightly around Melody, keeping her daughter’s arms pinned to her body so that she couldn’t hit out, lifted her, and carried her into the Games room. She sat down in the big arm chair, and manipulated Melody around so that she was lying over her knees. She would give her one last chance. Melody still kept her legs together.

“Melody, are you going to let me feel your panties?”

“No! No! No!” Melody was too worked up to think rationally.

Mara held the front of her daughter’s body down over her legs with her left hand, and lifted her skirt up over her bottom. She could see from here the small wet patch that was causing so much strife. She wedged the skirt under her left arm so that it wouldn’t fall down and get in the way, then started prising Melody’s panties off over her hips.

Melody was shocked. She hadn’t expected mummy to really spank her. She had threatened it a very few times when Melody had been really naughty and self-willed, but the threat had always been enough to make Melody behave before. Now mummy had pinned her down over her knees and was peeling her panties off ready to spank her. She tried to keep her legs closed so that the panties couldn’t go all the way down her legs, but Mara had managed to expose her bottom anyway. When Melody felt the cool air on her bottom she gave up any resistance, and let the stiffness go out of her legs. Mara was able to slide the panties down past her knees and over her ankles and feet. She held the panties in her free hand in front of Melody’s face.

“You peed in your panties. Your first spank is for that. You refused to let me check to make sure you were dry, the second spank is for that. You answered back and caused a scene. The third spank is for that.”

Melody knew that she really deserved more spanks as she had been so naughty, and she had kicked mummy. She hung her head and wept, remorseful that she had been so badly behaved to her mummy, and scared of the coming pain.

Mara paused. She didn’t want to hit too hard, that would be cruel, but she needed to make sure Melody realised that this was a punishment to be avoided, so if she was too soft it would be ineffective. She raised her hand and brought it down sharply onto Melody’s buttocks. Melody cried out, shocked that her mummy was actually carrying out the punishment. A drop of pee escaped from her. A second slap across the bottom, and the skin was starting to sting. More pee dribbled out. The third slap hurt sharply, coming after the first two. Melody sobbed loudly and wet herself, unable to control what was happening.

Mummy stood her up and handed her the wet panties.

“We can’t go to the library now. You don’t deserve it, and I’m covered in your pee. You are to go and put those wet panties in the laundry basket, take a shower to clean yourself up, and then put your pyjamas back on. You can spend the morning in bed, thinking about how badly behaved you’ve been, and we’ll get you up at lunchtime to see if you can start the afternoon in a better frame of mind. You are not to wet yourself, and you can only leave your bed go to the bathroom. You are not allowed a potty up there, or to have a diaper or panties on, just your pyjamas. Now go.”

Mara has spoken in a firm but quiet voice. That was scarier to Melody than if mummy had shouted and acted angrily towards her. Still sobbing, with the pee that had been dripping down her legs now soaking into her socks, Melody headed upstairs. She had learnt how far she could push mummy today. She wouldn’t be doing that again.

Mara watched her go, feeling anguished inside. She had hated punishing her little girl, but she was getting to be a handful. If things went her way she was sweetness personified, but Mara had been noticing little acts of defiance and rebellion. There was no father figure around, so Mara had to be both mummy and daddy. That meant setting boundaries. It was hard for someone like Mara to be strict, but if she wanted to avoid having a spoilt child then she would have to show Melody that she was still a child and mummy was in charge. She sighed and pulled off her skirt, which Melody had peed on whilst she was being spanked. Oh well, at least she could take all of these wretched clothes off again.

Mara went upstairs to Melody’s bedroom just before noon.

“You can get up now,” she said to the sorrowful looking little girl who was still lying obediently in bed. Her red-rimmed eyes were testament to how much of the time she had spent crying. If she had been able to look her mummy in the eye she would have seen that Mara’s eyes showed traces of tears too.

“Put your school dress back on, you’ll be doing lessons this afternoon to make up for what you missed this morning. Plain white panties will do. You don’t deserve you pretty coloured ones today. You’ve got ten minutes before lunch is ready. Don’t be late down.”

With that Mara went back downstairs.

Melody was in despair. Mummy might never forgive her. She sounded so distant and uncaring.

The truth was that Mara was so distressed herself at Melody’s behaviour and the fact that she had resorted to spanking her child, that she didn’t know how to speak normally to Melody now. She didn’t want to be caressing, in her normal manner, as that would undo the work of the punishment, and she didn’t want to sound like she was still really angry. The result was her speaking to her daughter in the distant tone that was so distressing to Melody. She wanted to just forget the whole morning, but she had a feeling that Melody would start crying hysterically when she came downstairs. Normal naughtiness was followed by a telling off, followed by Melody being remorseful, starting to cry and then getting hysterical. Mara would soften, and end up petting and cuddling her little girl, often letting her have a booby for comfort. This usually comforted Mara as well, which is why she had let it continue for so long. But today was different. Melody had overstepped the mark by kicking her, and hysterics wouldn’t make the huge bruise that was appearing on Mara’s shin disappear.

Melody dressed herself, and went to the toilet to make sure she had no more accidents.

She walked slowly downstairs, dreading going into the kitchen, and knowing she would be unable to eat anything.

She stopped at the kitchen doorway. Mara turned to face and told her to go and sit at the breakfast bar if she was ready for lunch.

Melody couldn’t face lunch. Not until she had apologised properly to mummy. She gulped back her tears, took a deep breath, and made herself talk.

“Mummy. I’m really sorry I was so naughty. I was really horrible, and I should never have kicked you. I know I shouldn’t ever kick or hit anyone, however angry I am. I’ll go to school if you want me to, and I won’t play my Wetting Game anymore if you don’t want me to, and I’ll work really hard to not be shy around other people, and… and…well, I’m just really, really sorry.”

Melody turned sadly away and climbed up onto her stool at the breakfast bar.

Mara was astonished. She had expected the usual tears and drama, but this quietly spoken apology seemed far more genuine and heartfelt than when her daughter was dramatically sorry. It felt like a weight had lifted from her, and she gave her daughter a small smile.

“Thank you for the apology, Melody. I accept your apology, and we’ll start the day afresh and put this morning to the back of our minds. I’m not going to say we’ll forget about it, because we need to remember what happens when naughtiness gets out of hand. And I won’t apologise for spanking you, because you deserved it.”

She walked over to where her daughter was sat. Melody hoped she might get a hug and be called ‘sweetie’ again.

“Open your legs and let me check your panties.”

Melody quickly spread her legs widely, and Mara touched her crotch to check for dampness.

“Good, all dry. I’ve made peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Would you like milk or squash with yours?”

“Milk please,” whispered Melody. Maybe she would get a hug later.

Mara brought the plates of sandwiches and drinks over to the breakfast bar and sat opposite her little girl. Both of them just picked at their lunches, not really being very hungry, but Melody felt a little better when mummy said she could leave her crusts if she couldn’t manage them.

Melody was tired out, and would have liked a nap after lunch, but Mara took her to the conservatory where she had her lessons whilst it was still mild weather and showed her a list of words that she had to learn to spell, some sums that she had to work out, some reading that she would quiz her about later, and other various small lessons. There was a drink and snack for if she should get hungry, and then Mara said that she would be back in an hour and a half to see how she had got on, and left the room.

Mara had never left Melody to work at lessons by herself before. It wasn’t nearly as much fun doing the work on her own, but she settled down to each task to do it as well as she could. She was only half way through when her eyelids were drooping so much that she could hardly keep them open. Five minutes more and she was slumped forward over the little table she sat at to do her work, head resting on her arms, fast asleep.

Mara too, was sleeping. Her head ached, so she had taken a couple of painkillers and curled up on her bed with the curtains drawn.

As dusk fell, Mara and Melody both woke up, confused at why they had been sleeping, until they remembered the day’s events, refreshed from their sleep, and more relaxed that they had been earlier. Simultaneously they got up and set off in search of each other, meeting in the hallway. There was no pause, they each walked steadily into the arms of the other and hugged tightly. They didn’t need to speak, each knew that all was well again. Melody nestled her cheek against the bare flesh of mummy’s tummy, and resolved to think less about her Game and more about making her mummy happy, and Mara hugged her daughter, resolving to do her best to allow her child to keep her unconventionalities but still be able to function in the everyday world.

“Hot chocolate, toast and a movie, how does that sound, sweetie?”

“Perfect mummy. Mummy, I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.”

Chapter 10

The next day was Saturday, and Mara was up bright and early. She popped her head around the door of Melody’s room.

“Wakey wakey, it’s Saturday! No school today, we’ll have some fun instead. Do you fancy going to the park?”

“What about ballet class?” Melody’s weekly dance class was on Saturday mornings.

“How about you skip it this week?”

“Yay! I like the park better. What do you want me to wear today? Panties or diaper?”

This made a change usually Melody would ask to wear what she wanted to wear, and hope to persuade Mara to agree with her.

“Just pop a dress on and some shoes and socks. We’ll decide what you need to wear underneath over breakfast. When you’re dressed come to my room for your morning booby. I’m just going to have a quick shower.”

Melody was glad that mummy was bright and happy again. She didn’t mind missing her dance class. It was quite fun, but some weeks they just did the same old thing over and over again. And her bottom was still feeling a little bit tender from yesterday’s spanking.

Mara was also thinking about the spanking. She hadn’t been hitting Melody very hard, but three slaps in the same place were bound to leave a bruise on her young body. It would probably still be sore, and it must be uncomfortable to do ballet exercises with a bruised bottom. She was also worried that someone might spot the bruising when Melody was getting changed into her dance clothes in the changing room. It looked like it was going to be a lovely warm September day again, though, so it was a good chance to enjoy some fresh air at the park.

Mara showered quickly and towelled herself dry. She found Melody dressed and waiting for her in her bedroom, and sat herself down in the nursing chair, she took Melody’s hand and pulled her to stand in front of her.

“Turn around, sweetie, and lift your dress up so that I have a look at your bottom”. Melody obediently turned around facing away from Mara and hitched the skirt of her dress up over her bottom. Mara stroked her bottom cheeks gently, glad to see there were only faint marks there.

“Is it sore, sweetie?”

“Not much now, mummy. It hurt more yesterday.”

Mara kissed each buttock gently.

“There’s my good girl. Now come and get comfy on my lap and pick a booby.”

Melody snuggled into Mara and took the point of Mara’s breast and nipple into her mouth. She sucked happily for a few minutes, and then pulled away.

“Thank you mummy.”

“Is that all you want this morning, sweetie?”

“Yes, thank you. I don’t want to make you sore. And if I have to stop having your booby sometime soon then I’d rather cut down a bit now to make it easier when I have to stop altogether.”

“You wise child.” Mara was impressed at her forward thinking. “It will be easier for me if you have a shorter time at my breast each day, thank you. But on special occasions you can still have a longer feed. Now, hop down to the kitchen, I’ll be down to sort breakfast when I’ve found myself some clothes to wear.”

Five minutes later Mara joined Melody in the kitchen, wearing a long, flowing batik print skirt, a loose flowing top and an embroidered waist jacket. Melody wondered if mummy ever wore panties. She knew she never wore a bra. Melody found it weird to be sat on her stool at the breakfast bar with no panties under her dress. She’d picked one of her longest dresses, which came down to mid-calf, so that everything would be covered, but it still felt funny.

Mara got the cereal and drinks ready.

“Eat up, sweetie, and then we can get ready to go out. I was thinking maybe it would be best to wear a diaper out today, as a bit of extra padding for your sore bottom.”

“Okay, that would feel nice.”

“Do you want an ordinary every day diaper, or one of your super thick play diapers?”

“Ooh,” Melody was torn. “Can I really choose?”

“Of course you can, sweetie. Which would you prefer?”

“Could I really wear one of the really thick ones out to the park?”

“I don’t see why not. It wouldn’t show under that long dress, and would be nice and comfy. Can you walk in one easily when it’s dry?”

“Yes. It’s wide between my legs, but squishes up a bit when I walk. It only made me walk funny when it was all wet because I tipped the water from the jug into it.” Melody giggled at the memory.

“Well, I’ll make sure the fastenings are nice and snug. You can keep dry by letting me know when you need the toilet whilst we’re at the park, and we’ll pop to the library afterwards to change our books, and then on the way home you can wee wee in the diaper if you want to. And no fuss when I do a diaper check, okay?”

“Yes mummy,” Melody replied smiling. She was imagining sliding down the big slide with her super thick fabric diaper under her bottom. She bet she would go really fast.

Breakfast over, Mara quickly rinsed the dishes and cups, and told Melody to make sure she had her library book in her new bag, and then go to the Games room and pick one of the extra-large diapers out of the blanket chest. By the time Melody had found the book that she needed to return and packed it in her bag and then made her way to the room she was only just picking her diaper out when Mara entered.

“Come on, hitch up your dress and pop yourself onto the changing mat.”

Melody was just lifting up her skirt when she realised she hadn’t had her usual after breakfast wee wee yet. Should she hold it for a bit longer? No, better safe than sorry, she didn’t want to make mummy mad with any little leaks.

“Mummy, I need to do a wee wee before I get diapered. Shall I go up to the toilet?”

Again Melody was asking what she should do, not saying what she wanted to do. Mara hoped it would continue.

“No, use your potty in here, sweetie. Maybe you should slip your dress off, it’s quite a long one and we don’t want any wee wee dripping onto it.”

Melody pulled her dress off over her head and laid it on a chair, remembering that mummy didn’t like clothes to be thrown on the floor. She squatted down over her potty, opening her legs wide so that she would watch the stream of pee flooding down into the potty. It splashed down nice and loudly, petering off to a little trickle and then a few last drips. Then she felt a familiar sensation. They were up earlier than usual, and this was just about the time she normally did her morning poo. She needed to get to the upstairs toilet, she wasn’t allowed to poo in her panties, her diapers or her potty. She started to stand up.

“Wipe first, sweetie,” Mara reminded her, passing her some tissue.

“Mummy, I need to poo. I need to get up to the toilet, I can’t hold it for long.”

There was a look of real anxiety on Melody’s face. She was trying so hard to please mummy, she couldn’t mess it up now.

Mara thought quickly. She knew that when Melody needed to poo she couldn’t hold for very long, but luckily she was mostly regular with a morning and evening poo, which was when they were at home. She could let Melody run upstairs, but she might not make it. That would destroy her confidence, and make a nasty mess too. She could carry Melody upstairs to the toilet, but that would be even slower. She could let her poo into the potty, or quickly get a diaper onto her. She didn’t like the thought of Melody pooping in the potty, she might decide she liked it, and Mara didn’t want that happening, but it would be even worse if Melody decided that it was fun pooping into a diaper.


“Okay, sweetie, sit down and do your poo poo in your potty. This is only because it’s an emergency, but it’s better than having an accident on the way upstairs.”

Melody sat back down, relieved that she needn’t try and hold her poo in until she could reach the toilet upstairs, and a little bit excited because she had wanted to poo in her new potty and hadn’t had the chance yet. She had pooped lots in her old small potty when she had been potty training, but that was a long time ago, and she often had a little yearning to see how it would feel to poo in this bigger potty. The potty was deeper, and as she relaxed her body and squeezed gently to let the poo slide out she listened to hear if it made a ‘plop’ sound as it landed in the wee wee that was already there. It did, but a very soft plop, not as loud as she had thought it would be.

“All done?”

“All done.”

“Stand up and let me wipe you.” Melody stood up, feet astride the potty, and stood patiently as she felt Mara dab her wee hole dry and then clean around her poo hole. Mummy hadn’t needed to wipe her bottom for a long time. It felt odd, but also nice to have someone looking after her so nicely.

“Shall I empty it down the toilet, mummy?”

“Yes please. I’ll carry the potty upstairs and you can empty it for me. We’ll give it a quick rinse through and then I’ll wash it properly when we get back later on.”

Mara carried the potty up the stairs, followed by Melody, who was still only wearing her shoes and socks. Melody emptied the potty into the toilet when they reached the bathroom, and flushed the toilet clean whilst Mara rinsed the potty out.

“Come on,” Mara took her by the hand. “Let’s finish getting you diapered and dressed so that we can get to the park.”

Melody lay back down on the changing mat and lifted her bottom so that mummy could slide the big diaper underneath. She lowered herself down, and bent her legs out to the sides so that Mara could rub baby powder where it was needed, then pull the nappy up snugly between her legs and fasten it securely around her waist. When she was all secure she sat up, legs dangling over the edge of the chest, feeling the softness and the bulk, and how far the diaper came down between her thighs. She gave one of her happy wriggles. She could hardly feel the bruises on her bottom now.

She held her arms up as Mara slipped her dress over her head, and then stood up to the let the dress fall down over the diaper.

“Is this dress too long for diaper checks?” She asked.

“No, we’ll manage, sweetie. Now pick up your bag, and I’ll get mine, and we can get ready to go.”

They reached the front door, and as Mara was about to put the key in the lock to let them out Melody hitched her dress up around her waist, stood with her feet apart, and looked expectantly at her.

“Well remembered, sweetie, Hang on.”

Mara put her bag down, and left the key in the lock, then moved to behind Melody, and with one arm over Melody’s arms, to help keep the long dress out of the way, she used her other hand to feel inside Melody’s diaper.

“All dry, good girl. Come on, let’s go and play on the swings.”

The nice thing about the village park was that it was never busy early in the morning. It took fifteen minutes to walk there, and when they arrived Melody and Mara were the only people there.

The park was surrounded by bushes and trees, and set back from the road. The only buildings that backed onto it were bungalows, and the bushes made a good screen between their windows and the park. Mara often thought she could run around there naked and no-one would see her, although she never dared to try it.

The seclusion was useful for being able to diaper check Melody. They put their bags onto a nearby bench, where they could easily keep their eye on them, and then Mara stood behind Melody and hitched up her dress, and felt inside her diaper, without worrying about finding somewhere out of the way to do it. Later on other people would have come there with their children to play, and they would have to be more discrete, but for now it was fun seeing Melody’s large diaper on show in the middle of the park. She was still nice and dry, so Mara set her free to play where she wanted.

Melody headed straight for the big slide. She wanted to test her theory about how quick her diaper would help her to slide down. Mara sat on the bench by the bags to watch her. There was a slight waddle to Melody’s gait, due to the bulk of the diaper, but it showed more when she was running. The slide was facing the bench, and Melody could wave to Mara when she reached the top of the steps. She sat at the top of the slide, and pulled her dress out from under her bottom. No-one else was around yet, so she didn’t care how much the big diaper showed, and she held the dress of her skirt up around her waist out of the way. She carefully got herself ready and then pushed off. She laughed with delight as she sped down the slide and ground to a halt at the bottom.

“Did you see how fast I went, mummy?”

“I did, sweetie. Well done! Keep going, you might as well use it as much as you can before anyone else gets here and you have to cover your diaper up.”

Melody went down the slide five more times, and the trotted up to Mara.

“I need another wee wee, mummy.”

“The toilets don’t open until ten sweetie. You’ll have to use your wee wee funnel.”

“Will it work with this big a diaper?”

“I’m sure it will, I’ll help you. Let’s go behind those big trees to use it.”

“I wish I could use it out here in the open. There’s no-one here.”

“But this is where people sit or play. Remember what I told you about not weeing where other people would be?”

“Oh yes. Sorry mummy”.

Melody held Mara’s hand and they carried their bags with them over to a group of large, wide old trees.

Melody got her funnel out of her bag, and Mara got a plastic bag and tissue and put them in the pocket of her waistcoat.

“I’ll stand behind you and help you, sweetie, since the diaper is so bulky.”

Mara positioned herself behind Melody and lifted her dress up to her waist, exposing the whole of the large white diaper. She laughed as she saw the state of the ruffled behind. Several goes down the slide had made them grey and rumpled rather than white and fluffy, but she’d soon get them cleaned again.

“I’ll hold the diaper out of the way, and you put the funnel into place. Where do you want to aim? Up a tree or in the grass?”

“Into the grass, I think”. Melody shuffled around to face the way she wanted, and Mara moved around with her.

Mara pulled as much of the bulky crotch of the diaper to one side as possible. It was hard to hold it all, and she doubted Melody’s little fingers could have managed it. Melody put the funnel up against her body, and watched as her wee wee splattered on to the grass and dry soil.

“All done,” she said and pulled the funnel away from her. It was harder getting it out with mummy’s hand and the bulks of the diaper in the way, and some of the pee from the mouth of the funnel soaked into her diaper. “Mummy, I had a little drip into my diaper.” Melody though it best to be completely honest.

“Let me feel.” Mara knelt in front of Melody and felt inside the diaper. There was only a little dampness.

“It’s only a tiny bit, sweetie. Nothing to worry about. Now, let’s get your dress down over your diaper again, I’ll pop the used bits into a carrier until we get home, and you can go and play. What would you like to do next? Swings or roundabout?”

“Can I have just one more go on the slide?”

“You can have as many goes as you want, sweetie.”

“I’d like just one more go. It’d be fun to take my dress off to do it, though. The skirt gets awfully in the way when I’m climbing up the steps.”

“We’ll see if the park is still empty. If it is you can have one slide down without your dress on.”

Melody was thrilled. They reached the play area, and there was still no-one else around. Mara quickly pulled Melody’s dress up over her head. Her daughter looked adorable standing there in her shoes and socks and huge white frilly diaper, her light brown curls bouncing as she did little jumps of happiness. Mara watched her from behind as she climbed up the steps. The back of the diaper swayed from side to side and she climbed up, and the crotch hung low between her legs. Melody had to climb the steps with her legs apart to accommodate the bulk of the fabric, and her gait made her look like a toddler again.

As Melody sat herself at the top of the slide Mara moved around to watch her from the front. Melody pushed herself off, and rapidly slid down the long slide. She held her arms up in the air now that she didn’t have to keep her dress out of the way, and squealed with delight. Her legs were slightly bent as she needed to keep her knees a bit apart because of the diaper. She slowed down at the flat section at the end of the slide and put her feet down to either side to make herself stop fully, her diaper bulging out in front of her between her legs and also out behind her bottom as it was so large. She grinned up at mummy, and held her arms up whilst Mara slipped the dress back over her head. Mara helped her stand up, and smoothed the dress down over her diaper and legs. Melody gave a wriggle to get the diaper to hang down properly again.

“There, you look fully respectable again now, sweetie. But you looked so cute wearing just your diaper and coming down that slide. It almost made me want to do it myself! Let’s go and sit down and have a drink, and then you can play some more.”

Mara led Melody to the bench and took a carton of juice out of her bag for each of them. Melody accepted hers gladly, and stuck the straw in the hole to take a big drink. Mara talking about going down the slide in a diaper herself had made Melody think of the underwear question again.

“Mummy, do you wear any panties under your clothes when we come out?”

“What makes you ask that?”

“Well, you don’t like clothes, and you never wear panties in the house. You wear long skirts if you do have to get dressed, so it wouldn’t show if you didn’t wear any panties.”

Mara laughed. “Well worked out.”

“Does that mean you don’t wear any?”

“Feel and see.” She undid the side button zip at the waist of her skirt, and put Melody’s hand on her tummy. “Go on, what can you feel down there?”

Melody gently mover her hand down towards mummy’s pantie area. She found the top of the coarse curly hair that mummy had down there, and wound her fingers through the short curls. Then she went a bit lower down, until her fingers touched mummy’s split. She poked one finger inside the beginning of the split towards mummy’s wee hole, wondering if it felt the same as hers.

Mara gently took her hand our again. “That’s far enough.” She did her skirt back up and straightened her top. “Well, did you find any panties?”

“No mummy,” Melody giggled. “Mummy, why don’t I have curly hair down there?”

“Because you are too young. You’ll have it when you’re older.”


“It’ll start growing when your boobies start growing.”

“Why does it grow when boobies grow?”

“Because that’s when you start growing up and changing from a little girl into a woman. Lots of things change with your body then. We’ll find some books about it at the library today.”

A slight pause.



“Do boys have vaginas?”

“No, they don’t have babies so they don’t need them.”

“Is that why they get to have a willy, to make up for not having a vagina?”

“Yes, the proper name for a willy is a penis.”

“Pee-nis. Is that 'cos the pee comes out from there?”

“No, sweetie. Pee, or wee wee, is really called urine.”

“Oh. I like willy better than pee-nis, and wee wee better than urine. But I like vagina, that’s a nice word.”

“You can use whichever words you are more comfortable with, sweetie. Have you finished your drink? Good.” Mara put the empty cartons into the waste bin next to the bench. “She we play on the swings now? Let’s see who can go higher!”

They grabbed their bags and raced over to the swings.

“There are other people coming into the park now, sweetie, so keep your legs as close together as you can when you swing, and your make sure your dress in properly under your bottom, so that they don’t see your diaper.”

“Ok, I will. And mummy, you need to keep your legs together too, or they might see you have no panties on and be able to see your vagina.”

Mara laughed. It was sensible thinking, from her little girl, but thankfully she was already well practiced in sitting with her legs together in a ladylike manner when she was out and about with no panties on.

They played on the swings for a while, and then on some of the other playground equipment. More people were bringing their children into the park now. Mara wondered if Melody would venture up to any of the other children to play with them, but Melody preferred her mummy’s company. After another half hour of play Melody needed another wee wee.

“Mummy, is it past ten o’clock yet?”

“Why, sweetie?”

“I need a wee wee. Will the toilets be open yet?”

“Let’s go and take a look. It’s just gone ten, so they should be open by now.”

They shouldered their bags and walk hand in hand over to the toilet block at the far side of the park. The doors were closed, with notices pinned to them.

“These toilets are closed for refurbishment. Nearest public toilets at the Community Centre,” Mara read out loud. “Bother. The Community Centre doesn’t open until eleven on Saturdays.”

Melody spotted a little boy nearby, who had obviously also needed a wee wee. His mummy was stood behind him, and had pulled his shorts down and was helping him to hold his willy and direct it into a bush.

“Boys are so lucky,” she sighed.

“Well, we can’t use your wee wee funnel as it’s too busy now, and I’d let you squat behind a bush but that would mean taking your diaper off, and it’s so big and bulky that it’s hard to get it on and off quickly and discretely, it’s not like just pulling your panties or a pull up down, we’d have to take it right off. It’s nearly an hour until the Community Centre opens, and I wouldn’t expect you to wait that long. It would be a shame to go all the way home just to use the toilet, so I think you’re just going to have to use your diaper, sweetie.”


“Yes. Come behind the building so that I can a quick check that you’re still dry and fastened up tightly enough.”

Mara led her daughter to the back of the toilet block.

“Lift your dress up around your waist, sweetie. No-one can see us here. If they did see us come in they would only think I was letting you squat down for a pee in privacy.”

Melody bunched her dress up around her waist and stood with her feet apart. Mara knelt in front of her and felt around inside her diaper through the leg hole. “You are a good girl. Only that little patch of wet from before. I’m very proud of you.” She removed her fingers and made sure the Velcro fastening were secure. “You can pee now, sweetie.”

Melody let the pee flow steadily from her. She wanted to relish the feeling of standing and weeing into a diaper in the public park, and make it last. She still held her skirt up around her waist, and stood with her feet apart. One hand went down to the front of the diaper to see if she could feel the wee wee in there. Mara was still knelt in front of her. “Can you feel it through all that thickness?” she asked.

“Not much,” replied Melody. “Feel.”

Mara put her hand to the crotch of the diaper and squeezed around. “It’s soaked right down, that’s good. Plenty of room for lots more pee in there. Let me feel inside.” Again she inserted her fingers in via the leg hole.

“Mummy, I’m still weeing!”

Mara had thought she had finished, so her fingers got a good soaking with hot pee. “Sorry, sweetie. That was my fault.” She withdrew her hand. “I was too keen to check how well the diaper was working. You finish your wee wee while I wash my hand.” She took a bottle of water from her bag and poured some over her hand and wiped it dry with a tissue.

Melody finished her wee wee and glanced at the bottle. She really, really wanted to pour some down into her diaper like she at when she was playing, but she would be good and resist asking mummy. She was so intent on the thought that she didn’t let her dress down and was still clutching it around her waist.

Mara spotted the glance, and worked out what her daughter was thinking about. She finished drying her hand and asked, “What did it feel like when you poured the water down into your diaper the other day?”

“Nice. It was all cold, and it ran down and into the bit by my wee hole and spread into my diaper between my legs. It felt different to my wee wee. My wee wee is hot when it comes out and then it gets colder than it, but the water is cold when it goes into my diaper but then it gets warmer than it was. Why is that?”

“Your wee wee is hot because your body is warm inside, warmer than the air is outside, so when the wee wee leaves your body it cools down. The water is cold, but the warmth from your diaper and between your legs make it warm up a bit. We should study things warming up and cooling down in your lessons. I think you’d enjoy doing some science. Now, we don’t need the rest of this bottle of water, and it’s heavy to keep carrying it. I can buy us some more drinks when we pass the shop on the way to the library. Shall I pour the water into your diaper?” Mara was enjoying the game almost as much as Melody. She was getting carried away at seeing her daughter looking like she did when she was a toddler with diapers that sagged down between her legs, making her waddle as she toddled around. She wanted to see this diaper hanging heavily like the one that Melody had worn at her play time the other day, and was forgetting that they were out of the house and still had places to go before walking home."

“Oh, mummy! Yes, please!” Melody was also forgetting that they weren’t playing safely in their Games room. “Can you trickle it slowly, so that it’s all nice and tickl-ish please?”

Mara pulled the waistband of her daughter’s diaper forward, and trickled the water steadily down onto Melody’s crotch. Melody squirmed with delight, bending her knees a little to spread herself wider. The water continued to trickle down onto her crotch. She used one hand on mummy’s shoulder to balance herself as she bent her knees a little further and tilted her pelvis forward to maximise the area that the water was trickling onto. She wished she still had some hot wee wee left to be able to let some out at the same time, but she was all empty for the moment. She could feel the weight of the diaper now, though.

Mara poured the last drops of water into the diaper, and let the waistband go back to her daughter’s slim waist. She put the empty bottle in her bag for recycling later, and then put her arms around Melody’s hips and felt around the back of the diaper to see if the pee and water combination had spread far back. She could feel the weight of the liquids, and the diaper had started to hang down nicely. She moved her hands back to the front and felt around the leg holes, Good, no leaks. Then with one hand she cupped the crotch of the diaper to feel the weight. Still plenty of room in there, for more wee wees, she thought. She hitched the diaper a bit further up to Melody’s waist, and made sure the fastenings were nice and snug, then stood up and gave her daughter a pat on her padded bottom before telling her she could lower her dress down again.

Melody was transfixed. Mummy had never take such a close interest in her game before. She lowered her dress and smiled shyly at mummy. She felt like she was a really little girl again, and she put her thumb in her mouth with one hand, and clutched at the front of her diaper through her dress with the other, like she had when she was a toddler. Even the way she was standing, with her feet still apart, toes now turned in and a slightly arched back and tummy sticking out made her look younger. Again, Mara wished she could take a photograph of her adorable little baby girl.

“Come on, sweetie. Let go of your diaper and take my hand. We’ll go and play on the field for a bit.” Mara put Melody’s bag inside her own, slung it over her shoulder, and taking her baby by the hand she led her out from behind the toilet block across to the playing field. Anyone watching might have thought that perhaps Melody had had a little accident, and had damp panties from the way she was walking with her legs further apart than normal. The thumb in her mouth made it look as if she was comforting herself for her accident. Everyone else was busy with their own concerns, though, and Mara and Melody walked over to the playing field unnoticed.

“Do you want to play, or have a little rest first?”

“West pwease.”

“Thumb out of your mouth so that you can speak clearly, sweetie.”

Melody remover her thumb and wiped it dry on her skirt.

“Rest please,” she repeated.

They sat at the edge of the field where the grass was long. It came well over Mara’s waist when she was sat down in it. Melody leant against Mara, and snuggled up to her, cross legged. Her hand strayed to her diaper again, and she clutched it through the fabric of her dress as she had when she was little.

The playing field was still empty. Older children would come to play football after lunch, and the younger children tended to stay in the lay park with their parents.

“Come and sit in front of me, sweetie.” Melody moved from sitting to a kneeling position and then crawled round in front of Mara. Mara had bent her knees up and moved her feet wide apart, with her flowing skirt drooped down between them and spread on the ground. She had used to make a nice place like this to sit for Melody when she was a toddler. Instinctively Melody did as she had always done when she was little. She crawled up to Mara, and knelt in front of her between her legs, and leant forward for a hug. They held close together for a while, and then Mara helped Melody to sit comfortably, cross legged, right in front of Mara, sideways on to her. Mara then wrapped her arms around her little girl for another hug, and wrapped her legs protectively around her daughter, so that Melody felt like she was sitting in a nest made of Mara’s skirt.

Melody relaxed her body against mummy’s. She remembered this routine well. The next step when she was a very little girl had been for mummy to then take a lightweight shawl from her bag, and wrap it around both herself and Melody. Melody had then been allowed to snuggle further down, and mummy would put a hand inside the shawl and take one of her boobies out for her baby to latch on to for a feed. Melody wasn’t expecting this to happen today, but mummy did reach into her bag to get a shawl out and wrap it around them both. Melody felt safe and secure in her skirt and shawl cocoon. She automatically snuggled further down until she was almost out of sight and closed her eyes in contentment. She gave a little start as she realised mummy’s hand was now inside the shawl and freeing a booby from her top. Was she really going to be allowed to have a booby out here, in public, like she had when she was very little? She glanced enquiringly up at mummy, who smiled and nodded at her. They didn’t need to speak to understand each other. Melody turned her head and sought out mummy’s nipple. She wriggled round a bit to get her body facing the right way, and then she took the nipple and part of mummy’s breast into her mouth and suckled, feeling that she truly was a baby. Mara looked down at her daughter. She didn’t see a five year old, she saw her baby again. She hugged her gently and let her suckle in the fresh air and sunlight.

Chapter 11

Melody must have dozed off. When she woke again mummy’s booby was back in her top and the shawl had disappeared. Had she dreamed what had just happened?

Mara saw that her baby was awake.

“Hello, sleepy head. Mummy’s baby went to sleep while she was feeding. I didn’t get chance to burp you.” She put a hand behind Melody’s back and gently pushed her forward and supported her front with her other arm. The hand on Melody’s back then rubbed and patted her. “That’s my good baby girl. We must get the wind up or baby will get gripey.” Melody didn’t need a burp, and wondered what she should do, but Mara then sat her back up and gave her a hug.

“Good baby girl. That’s all the wind out of the way. Let me check your diaper.” Her had squeezed under Melody’s diaper and then felt inside. “A bit soggy, but I don’t need to change you just yet.”

Melody could feel that the diaper was soaked and even heavier than before. She must have peed whilst she was asleep, which was very unusual for her. She hadn’t done that since she was a baby. She was torn between feeling worried that maybe mummy was playing the game a bit too much, and joy that she was being treated like a real baby for a while. She lay back in mummy’s arms and smiled at her.

“Now, sweetie. Do you want to run around for a bit, and stretch your legs?”

Melody would rather have stayed snuggled in mummy’s arms, but she got herself clumsily to her feet. The diaper made it hard to balance, and her legs had gone to sleep from being curled up so long.

“If you need a wee wee just go in your diaper, ok?”

Melody nodded, and smiled at mummy. Being a baby meant she didn’t have to talk so much. She was naturally acting as she had done when she was two or three.

She did need another wee wee, so she squatted down, knees apart, hands on her knees, and dress pulled up over her thighs. It wasn’t a huge wee wee as she had already done some in her sleep, but she stayed squatted for a while as if she was doing a big wee wee, just because she was enjoying feeling the soggy diaper pressed up against her.

Eventually she got up and started running around like mummy had told her too. It was hard running with the bulk between her legs as well as the heavy weight. It was a staggering run, and she would lean forward to keep her balance and then get her foot caught in the hem of her long sundress and fall on to her hands and knees.

Mara was now totally immersed in the game. Watching Melody today was just like watching her when she had brought her to the field when she was just starting to learn how to run. She had been a brave baby, not crying when she fell over unless she really grazed her hands or knees, just picking herself up and trying again. She really felt she was watching her baby again, and not her six year old daughter.

Melody kept practising her running. She would trip every few metres, fall onto her hands and knees, and have to scramble up again. Despite mummy securing it well the diaper was slipping down over her slim hips. She was too young to go in at the waist, so she had no hips curve to help keep the diaper up. There was enough pee and water in there to fill maybe a drinking bottle of water, and she knew her bag felt heavy to carry if she had to carry a bottle in it. Here she was with the equivalent of a full bottle of water being carried in her diaper and between her legs. It was kind of fun, but very tiring too. Her knees were feeling less strong, and it was taking her longer to be able to get up again each time she fell over. Her knees were getting sore, as were the palms of her hands. She decided to go back to mummy for a rest. She squatted down first for another quick wee wee. It would be so nice if she could always just squat down and wee wee when she needed to. It was much easier than going to the toilet, and much more fun.

She pushed herself up again, hands on the ground in front of her, bottom up in the air as her legs straightened, then wobblingly she straightened up. She braced herself ready to run back to mummy. This time she would run really fast and make mummy proud of how well she could run.

Mara watched as Melody squatted down, guessing she was peeing again, and then saw her get herself up clumsily as she had down when she was learning to walk. Then she was running towards mummy. One minute she was laughing happily, the next she had fallen down again, Mara heard a loud wail, and quickly ran to her daughter’s aid. Melody had fallen more heavily this time, and had put her hands down as usual to brace her fall. Her right hand had taken more of the weight, and she felt a pain shoot up through her forearm. She lay on her side, clutching her arm and cried loudly. It hurt more than anything she had ever felt before. Her knees were grazed and bleeding with the heavy landing, and her dress was torn.

Mara rushed over to her and gently touched her shoulder to let her know she was there.

“Alright, sweetie. Mummy’s here. Where does it hurt?”

Melody couldn’t stop crying enough to speak, but Mara could see she was holding her right arm against her body with her left arm. She was worried that it might be broken with the way Melody had landed on it.

“Okay, sweetie. We need to get you to hospital to have your arm looked at. Do you think you can walk?”

Melody struggled to speak through her tears. “No hospital. Wet diaper.”

Damn! Mara had forgotten about the big soggy mess of a diaper. She felt an immediate guilt that she had been so wrapped up in the game that she had forgotten any caution. How could she let her daughter wear such a big diaper out of the house, and then let her pee in it all morning? She couldn’t take her to the hospital like this, and she had no spare panties or diaper in her bag as they were meant to just be going to the library after the park and the home. Even a clean diaper would be preferable to this oversized wet one. She could just take the diaper off, but how could she explain taking her daughter to the hospital with no panties on? She was starting to panic, and couldn’t plan what she should do properly.

“Mummy, it hurts.”

Melody was starting to cry less now. She was laid on her back cradling her arm on her chest. Her dress had ridden up exposing her diaper as she had rolled over onto her back. Her legs were spread apart, bent out at the knees, in the way she used to lie as a baby when her diaper was soggy.


Mara’s brain snapped into action. She needed to get Melody cleaned up and out of that diaper before they could go to the hospital. It was too far to carry her home, and she didn’t think she would be up to walking, between the shock, bleeding knees and painful arm. Mara would have to carry her. There was just one person in the village that Mara could trust to help her out with this situation.

“Sweetie, we need to get this diaper off you and get you cleaned up a bit before we go to the hospital.”

“I don’t want them to see me in my diaper. It’s my secret game.”

“I know, sweetie, and also the people at the hospital would think I was a very bad mummy for letting you wee wee in a diaper at your age.”

“You’re a lovely mummy. You let me play my game.”

“You and I know it’s just a game, sweetie, but other people don’t understand this kind of game, you know that.”

Melody, still laid on her back, nodded. She didn’t want people to see her in her soggy game diaper. And she didn’t want anyone saying bad things about mummy.

“I have a friend in the village, sweetie. I’m going to take you to her house to clean you up. It’s nearer than home.”

“Noo! Don’t want anyone to see my diaper!” Melody was getting distressed again.

Mara stroked her forehead.

“You know Joy, the lady that works at the library. The lady with the long black shiny hair who wears the same kind of clothes that we like to wear. You like her, don’t you?”

Melody nodded. Joy had started working at the library earlier in the year. Melody had been shy with her at first, but she reminded her a lot of mummy, and she was one of the few adults that Melody would talk to.

“Well, Joy and I are good friends. When you are at Rainbows or dance class mummy goes to her house and has a cup of coffee and a chat with her. I know Joy will be at home this morning, because you are usually going to dance class round about now, and that’s one of the times when mummy goes to see her friend. You won’t mind Joy helping us, will you?”

“Mummy, she’ll see my diaper!”

“Sweetie, Joy won’t be shocked, I promise. Do you trust me?”

Melody had always trusted mummy. Mummy had always looked after her and protected her. Slowly she nodded her head.

“Good girl. Right, first let’s sit you up. That’s right. Now, mummy’s going to carry you on her hip like she did before you got to be such a big heavy girl.”

“Will you be able to lift me now, mummy?”

“I think so, it’s only a couple of minutes walk to Joy’s house.”

“My diaper’s very heavy too. That’s why it was hard to run.”

“I know, sweetie, and I’m sorry you fell over. Don’t worry, I can manage the weight of the diaper too.”

Mara lifted Melody up onto her right hip, making sure that Melody’s right arm wasn’t pressed into her.

“That’s my brave girl. You support your poorly arm with your good one, and I’ll make sure I hold you tight. Let me just get my bag, that’s it, now hold on, I’ll try not to jolt you and we’ll soon be there.”

Joy Black opened her door quickly when the bell rang. Mara usually called on her at this time on a Saturday when she had dropped Melody off at the village hall for her dancing class, and she looked forward to her visits.

Today she was shocked to see a worried looking Mara carrying a tearful Melody with a torn dress and bloody knees at the door. She could also see part of a diaper hanging down below Melody’s dress. Mara hadn’t stopped to think of covering the diaper before she picked her daughter up. Mara had confided in her about Melody’s unusual games, but Joy didn’t realise that Mara let her wear a diaper out of the house.

“Come in,” she said, stepping back from the doorway. “It looks like someone’s had a bit of an accident. Hello Melody. You’ve been in the wars, haven’t you?”

Melody buried her head against mummy. She liked Joy very much, but now Joy would find out that she was wearing a diaper. She was too embarrassed to look at her.

Joy could see that Mara was stressed and shocked.

“Come on. Let’s get you into the kitchen. You need a strong coffee, Mara, and I’ll sort Melody’s poorly knees out.”

Mara followed her into the kitchen. Joy pulled out a chair for her to sit Melody on, but Mara wouldn’t put her down.

“I think she’s broken her arm,” she said, her eyes filling with tears. “It’s all my fault.”

“Nonsense,” she smiled reassuringly at Mara. "Children break bones very easily. I’m the eldest of eight, and the amount of time we spent between us at the hospital having bones set – sometimes our parents would joke that we ought to live there. Come on Melody. Let mummy put you on this chair and we’ll get you cleaned up a bit and then take you to hospital to have your arm sorted out. We’ll clean your knees up and then get you out of that soggy diaper, while mummy has a cup of coffee, and then I’ll drive us all to the hospital, okay?

Melody didn’t know what to feel. Joy knew she was wearing a diaper, but she didn’t seem surprised by it, or shocked that it was wet.

“Mummy, did you tell Joy my secret game?”

“Yes, sweetie. Joy knows all about your game, but she’s the only other person in the world that does. She helped me to find your big potty, as I was having trouble finding one, and she suggested those lovely ruffles for on your panties and diapers. That’s why I knew it was safe for us to come her and let her help us. You will let her help us, won’t you?”

Melody thought for a moment and then nodded. It was no use making a fuss. Mummy had already told Joy about the game, and Joy had still liked her and talked to her when she went to the library. Also Joy didn’t seem shocked by the fact that Melody was wearing a diaper today and that it was soaking wet.

Melody looked thoughtfully at Joy, and then whispered, “Thank you for finding the big potty for me.”

“You’re very welcome, poppet. Now, shall we get you cleaned up a bit?”

Melody nodded again and Mara lowered her gently down on the chair, knowing that Melody had accepted Joy being in on her secret.

“Mara, the kettle’s just boiled. Make yourself a coffee and go and sit in the living room. You need to relax a bit, you’re all tensed up. We’ll be alright together, won’t we Melody?”

Melody nodded and smiled at mummy to let her know it was okay, so Mara quickly made her drink and then went to sit down and try to compose herself.

Joy fetched her first aid box and put it on the table next to Melody. “First we’ll pop a sling on that arm to keep it comfortable, and then we’ll clean your knees up.”

Joy worked quickly and efficiently. She soon had a sling on to support Melody’s painful arm, then she knelt in front of her to clean the dirt and blood from her knees. Melody’s legs dangled as they couldn’t quite reach the floor. She had to sit with her knees apart because of the big diaper, and her dress had caught up at the back when she was placed in the chair and she could see a big chunk of it poking out between her thighs. Joy appeared to not notice the diaper at all. It made Melody feel more relaxed. Her knees stung as they were cleaned, but Joy showed her that the grazes weren’t too big once all of the blood and dirt had been carefully cleaned off.

“Would you like a plaster on each knee?” Asked Joy.

“Yes please.” Melody liked having plasters on her knees, it was fun peeling the edges up and peeking underneath to see if a scab had formed yet.


“Yes, my poppet?”

“I need a wee wee. May I use your bathroom?” Melody knew she had to ask politely to use the bathroom at other people’s houses.

“Darling, why don’t you just wee wee in your diaper. It will hurt your arm to walk up the stairs and try and get your panties down, and I’ll be taking that soggy diaper of shortly anyway, so you might as well do your wee wee in there.” She smiled kindly at Melody.

Melody smiled shyly back. “You’re almost as nice as mummy.”

“Thank you. That’s a big compliment, because I think your mummy is a wonderful person. Now, would you like me to leave the room while you do your wee wee?”

“Yes please. I’m a bit shy about weeing in front of you. And Joy.”


“Mummy said no-one else was allowed to touch me under my diaper or in my panties. Can you ask her for our secret password so that I know she’s okay with you touching me down there?”

“You are a sensible girl. Of course I’ll ask her for the password. I’ll be back in five minutes, take your time.”

Joy closed the first aid box and took it out of the room with her, and went to have a chat with Mara in the living room.

Melody wriggled her bottom to get comfortable on the chair, opened her legs a little wider, and let her wee wee trickle warmly out of her.

Mara, meanwhile, was crying in Joy’s arms, trying to explain what had happened.

“I was so bad to her yesterday, Joy. She was really naughty, and kicked me as well as some other stuff. Look, I have a huge bruise on my shin. I ended up spanking her. Now she has a bruised bottom. It’s only a little bit red, because I deliberately didn’t hit her very hard, but I thought it might be sore today, so I suggested she miss dancing class and we did something fun instead. I asked if she’d like to play in the park, and suggested she wear a diaper to make her bottom more comfortable for on the slide and swings, and I suggested using the really big diaper, knowing she would say yes to that, and I did that because you should have seen her wearing one on Thursday for her game time – she’d filled it full of water, and it looked so cute on her, hanging down between her legs, like when she was little again, only I said she had to stay dry today until we were on the way home, and then she could pee in it, but the toilets are closed at the park, and it was too awkward to take the diaper off for her to squat and pee behind the bushes as it’s so big, and we tried to use the SheWee but it was too hard with the bulk of the diaper, and then by the time she’d peed in it a couple of times, because that was the only thing to do, it looked so cute as it got heavier and heavier, and she was having such fun, and then I let her have some water poured into it too to make it even wetter, forgetting that we were at the park. I was just too involved in the game and could only see her as she was when she was a toddler, and the more I treated her like that the more naturally she acted that age. It was so realistic. And then we went to the field and sat in the long grass for a rest, and then…then… I can’t believe I did this! I snuggled her up like I did when she was a baby, and I let her latch onto my breast, right there on the playing field! I can’t believe I did that when I have always told her about having to be discrete with her game. I’m so ashamed. Then she dozed off for a while, and when she woke up I burped her like a baby. She didn’t burp, of course, but she played along. It was so like having a baby in my arms again. Then I told her to run around and stretch her legs, and I was enjoying watching her struggle to run, the diaper was so big and bulky and heavy. She kept tumbling down, but she got again, and kept trying. She looked so cute, I could see flashes of her diaper as she ran and her dress flew up a bit. I wished she could run around with just the diaper on so that I could see it. And then she fell heavily and hurt herself. It’s all my fault! She’s the one who was hurt, and I’m the one to blame. It was going to be such a fun morning, and then I was going to bring her here to meet you, because I thought it was time to tell her about our friendship, and now it’s all spoiled.”

Joy let Mara finish her frantic explanation and then hugged her tight.

“There there, honey, it’s not the end of the world, you just both got a bit carried away. I’m going to go and clean Melody up. She needed a pee so I said she could do it in her diaper, and I left her in peace to do it as she was a bit shy about peeing in front of me. You finish your coffee, and calm yourself down a bit. Not a word of this is to be mentioned at the hospital. Melody was just running in the park and tripped over and landed on her arm so far as they’re concerned. If you get flustered just keep quiet and let Aunty Joy do the talking.”

Mara hugged Joy back. She was so lucky to have found her. Her friendship meant the world to Mara, and the fact that she was so accepting of Melody’s quirks was a weight off her mind.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“Thank you for letting me help you,” replied Joy.

The two women leant in towards each other and kissed tenderly. Mara tried to prolong it, but Joy broke away.

“Not now. We need to get Melody sorted first, and she’s only just found out we’re friends, she doesn’t need to know we’re lovers yet. She needs to have one discovery at a time. Let me come home with you after we’ve finished at the hospital. Let Melody get to know me as your friend. Then when she’s safely tucked up in bed and asleep we can make love properly.”

Joy squeezed Mara’s hand reassuringly, and then returned to see about doing a diaper change in the kitchen for Melody.

“Oh, by the way. Even with all this going on Melody asked me to get the secret password from you before I’m allowed to touch her diaper.”

“She remembered better than me, bless her! The password is ‘sunshine’. Tell her from me she’s a good girl to have remembered.”

Melody had finished peeing, and was waiting patiently. She looked up eagerly as Joy came back in. She would be glad to get the diaper off now. Wet diapers were only fun when you were playing, not when you were tired and hurting and you had a big wet lump of fabric stuck between your legs and you had to wait for someone else to take it off because your arm hurt too much.

“Well, let’s get you cleaned up shall we? The password is ‘sunshine’, and your mummy said you to tell you you’re a very clever girl for remembering to ask for it. Now, I don’t have a changing table here, but I’ll spread this big soft towel on the table, and use that instead. I used to change my little brothers and sisters all of the time, and found it far easier to change them on the kitchen table as it was easier to reach and I didn’t have to bend over so much.”

As she was talking Joy had been spreading out a large towel on the table, and getting a flannel and another smaller drying towel ready to use. Then she gently lifted Melody up and laid her on top of the towel. “Lift your bottom up so that I can move your dress out if the way to keep it clean. That’s it.”

Joy was, as she had said, well-practiced at changing babies’ diapers.

She undid the fastenings and Melody automatically lifter her bottom up so that Joy could slide the diaper out. Joy had put a bucket at the side of the table and dropped the heavy diaper into it. It landed with a loud thud.

“My goodness, that’s the wettest diaper I’ve ever seen,” she exclaimed. “Good job there wasn’t a poop in it too, or I’d have never been able to lift it!”

Melody giggled at the thought. “It’s not all wee wee. We poured some water from a bottle in there too.”

“I know. Your mummy was just telling me.”

“We don’t usually play the game except at home. And that’s only the second time I’ve poured water into my diaper. We just wanted to make it very wet and see it sag. Do you think we’re very silly?”

“I do think you were silly to play the game at the park, yes. But do I think it’s silly to play a game that you enjoy and doesn’t hurt anyone else? No. I think it’s lovely that your mummy understands you well enough to let you play your game. My mummy would never have been like that. Let me tell you one of my secrets, since I know about yours. I told you I have a lot of younger brothers and sisters. Well, I did a lot of diaper changes, to help my mummy, and sometimes my sister, who was just a year younger than me, would take one of the diapers and wear it herself. She had to be very sneaky, and I’d help her when I could. She’d wear it in bed at night when she knew she wouldn’t be seen by anyone else. We shared a room, that’s how I found out that she was doing it. She’d pee in it before she went to sleep, and wear it all night. Then she’d get up extra early in the morning, before anyone else. She’d have another pee in the diaper, and sometimes, if her insides had also woken up nice and early, she could poo in it too. I’d clean her up just as is she was one of the babies. So, you can see I’m used to keeping this kind of game a secret.”

Melody looked amazed.

“Yes,” Joy continued. “I wish we had had a mummy like yours when I was a little girl. It wasn’t very often my sister could play her game, and as the last of the babies grew up she had to stop playing it.”

“That’s sad.”

“It was sad. Sometimes I would fold a bath towel up and put it inside her panties to pretend it was a diaper. It wasn’t the same, though, and we couldn’t do that very often as it was hard to get them in the wash without being seen. When your mummy eventually confided in me about your secret game, I could help her, and let her know the things you might like, the things that my sister had wished for.”

“Does your sister still wear diapers?”

“Well, she’s like me, all grown up now. But sometimes, if she’s feeling like she needs an extra bit of comfort, yes, she will wear a diaper.”

During this conversation Joy had washed all traces of pee off Melody, and dried her thoroughly.

“We’re going to have to drive by your house to get you some panties before we go to the hospital.”

“I have panties in my bag. Mummy told me to keep a spare pair in there. My bag’s inside mummy’s bag.”

Joy picked up Mara’s bag from the floor and found Melody’s smaller bag tucked inside it. She found the panties quickly, a bright orange pair that were one of Melody’s favourites.

“Let’s get these on, and then we can get going.” Joy slipped the leg holes over Melody’s feet and up her legs as far as her thighs. “Bottom up!” Melody lifted her bottom and Joy pulled the panties the rest of the way up. She helped Melody sit up, and lifted her carefully down from the table.

“Let’s go find your mummy.”

Joy took Melody by the hand and led her to the living room.

Mara jumped up and came over to them as she heard them enter. “Oh, Joy. Thank you so much for helping Melody so much.” Then she knelt down before Melody. “How are you feeling, sweetie?”

“I’ve got my orange panties on, they were in my bag.”

“You clever girl.” Mara kissed her on the forehead.

“Grab your bag, Mara, and we’ll be on our way,” said Joy. Joy seemed to be a good person for organising things, Melody thought. She liked her very much.

They were lucky to be seen quickly at the hospital. Melody’s arm was indeed broken, and she chose a lime green cast for it. They had travelled to the hospital in Joy’s orange and white VW camper van. “A real hippy van!” Melody had exclaimed when she had seen it. They had all sat in the front seat on the way there, Mara holding Melody securely. Now it was time to go home.

Mara had done a pantie check in the front seat of camper van to make sure Melody was still dry before they got out at the hospital. Melody had automatically opened her legs for Mara to feel the crotch of her panties. She had quickly adapted to the routine of being checked now, and had learned not to make a fuss.

Now Joy had opened the side door of the camper van, as she said she though they needed a drink and a snack before they headed home. Hospitals were so hot that they made everyone thirsty, and it was well past lunch time. She always kept food and drink in one of the cupboards inside her van, she explained. She did like being organised.

They all climbed in to the back of the van and Joy slid the door closed. There were bench seats along the two sides, and Joy told them to make themselves comfortable whilst she had a look to see what she had in stock. Mara sat Melody down on one of the benches, and sat down beside her daughter. “Pantie check,” she said, and again Joy saw Melody part her legs and let Mara feel her crotch. “You’re a bit damp, sweetie. Why didn’t you say you needed a wee wee before we left the hospital?”

“Don’t know, mummy.” Melody had been given quite strong painkillers, and was a bit dopey from a combination of those and the day’s events.

“Do you need to do some more wee wee?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“We’ll have to pop out again, Joy, we won’t be long.”

“No need for that, you have your funnel in your bag, don’t you?”

“Yes, but nothing for her to pee into.”

“I’ve got some empty bottles here that I should have taken out for recycling. Use one of those.”

“Thanks,” Mara smiled at Joy. “Do you mind weeing in front of Joy, sweetie?” she asked Melody.

“I can go outside the van if you want me to,” Joy added.

“No, I don’t mind weeing in front of Joy now. I can’t use the funnel with one hand, though, mummy.”

“I’ll do it for you, sweetie. Stand up and use your good hand to hold your dress out of the way, then I can pull your panties down.” Mara pulled the orange panties down to Melody’s ankles. “Now sit at the edge of the seat, keep holding your dress out of the way. There, that’s the funnel in place and the bottle under the funnel. You can wee wee now, sweetie.”

Melody peed down the funnel. She was too tired to watch the wee dribbling into the bottle and enjoy doing it. She started crying, quietly.

“Oh, sweetie. I know it’s been horrible for you. You were so brave in there. I’m so proud of you.” Mara removed the funnel and bottle, handing them to Joy, who passed her a tissue so that she could dab Melody dry. “Come one, let’s get your panties back up.”

Sobbing quietly Melody stoop up again and let her mummy pull her damp panties back up. Mara took the dress out of her hand and lowered it for her, then sat down and pulled Melody onto her lap for a comforting cuddle. She looked up at Joy. “I usually let her have some booby for comfort when she’s upset like this. Is it okay if we do it in here?”

“Of course. Do you mind if I watch?”

“No, that would be fine. We don’t get embarrassed by this. It’s just for comfort.” Mara slid her free hand into her top and eased her breast out. She guided it to Melody’s mouth. Melody was still crying softly, but her lips were next to Mara’s breast, and as she realised that her comfort was in reach, she took her mummy’s nipple into her mouth and suckled until she dropped into a calm sleep.

Mara and Joy let her sleep for a while, whilst they drank juice and snacked on biscuits. Mara’s breast was still out, as Melody’s open lips were nestled against the nipple.

“That is such a beautiful picture,” said Joy.

“You can see why I got carried away with her acting like being a baby again, can’t you?”

“Yes. I envy you your bond with her.”

“She’ll bond with you too. She likes you better than anyone else, and after today I think we can move forward more quickly with our relationship.”

Joy leaned over and, careful not to disturb Melody, she and Mara resumed the kiss that they had started earlier.

Re: Melody Bright

This is definitely one of those stories… I have no idea what to make of it. It’s competently written, the characters are defined, it meets the basic requirements of being a story but I can’t see where this is going. I have no real indication that this seems to be going anywhere. I get that it’s slice of life and that typically tends to have an improvisational/random feel. It’s a mother and daughter making it on their own but outside of that, I don’t know what I’m meant to be getting out of it.This little girl likes to pee and her mother is having an inner conflict as to whether she should let her pursue her interests or make her “normal”. That is an interesting idea for character conflict and personality. I just don’t know…. there is just something keeping me from feeling the characters out. I couldn’t tell you what. I’ll keep reading and see where it goes.

I don’t mean to discourage you or anything, I’m used to having a grasp on most stories within the first few paragraphs if not chapters. I suppose my having read it all means I’m still open to loving this series which is more than I can say about 90% of the stories I read- diapers or otherwise.

Re: Melody Bright

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

This started with just a series of scenes I imagined to myself to help me get to sleep. I’ve linked them all as a story and padded the characters out, but I wasn’t sure if I made the beginning too long or not - I never have been good at editing unnecessary stuff out lol!

It is a simple story, I haven’t written for a loooong time. Hopefully it will all make sense in the end.

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 12

On the way back home Mara invited Joy to spend the afternoon and evening with them. Joy could see that Mara was still quite shaken about her daughter’s accident, and was happy to stay.

Melody had some hot chocolate and biscuits for a late lunch. It wasn’t the healthiest meal, but she was tired, and Mara just wanted her to have something in her tummy before she settled down for a proper nap.

“Let’s pop you into bed sweetie,” she said when Melody had finished. “I’ll carry you upstairs.”

“Can I sleep in your bed, mummy?”

“I won’t be in there, sweetie. I’m going to be down here talking with Joy.”

“I don’t want to be alone upstairs, mummy.”

“Okay, I’ll make you a bed up on the sofa, so that you can be down here with us. Wait here with Joy while I get some blankets and bits.”

When Mara had left the room, Melody turned to Joy and asked, “Did your sister really poo in a diaper when she was bigger than a baby? Or were you just making that up to please me?”

“I wasn’t making it up, I promise. Grace, that’s my sister, liked peeing and pooping in a diaper. She never tried it in her panties, though. I guess everyone plays special games in their own special ways.”

Melody smiled at Joy. “I’m glad other people play the same kind of game too. It makes me feel not so alone.”

“That’s good. Here’s mummy coming down the stairs, you wait here while I help her to make a nice comfy bed up for you.”

Mara and Joy made a makeshift bed on the sofa, ready for Melody to nap in.

“Mara, do you think it might be an idea to let Melody wear diapers all of the time while her arm is out of action? I know when I broke my arm as a child that it was hard getting my panties off in time when I needed a pee. It’s not easy to do single handed. My mum was too busy to help me, and I often ended up wet. I know you’ll happily help Melody to use the toilet, but she gets distressed easily, it seems to me, and it might save a lot of tears.”

“That’s good thinking. I won’t have her shitting in them, though. I couldn’t bear having to keep cleaning that up.”

“You can help her use the toilet when she needs to poo. Is she regular?”

“Pretty much. She usually goes morning and evening at about the same time, but there’s the odd occasion that she needs to poo during the day too.”

“So keep her potty in whichever room you are using. If she needs to go at a different time you can get her diaper off and get her on to it easily enough.”

“Okay, I can cope with that. Should I make her ask me each time before she needs to pee? That’s what she has to do if she’s wearing a diaper and it’s not reward time or play time.”

“She’ll be in that cast for at least six weeks. Why not just let her wee when she needs to. She won’t lose her potty training in that time, and it will save you being driven mad by her constantly telling you she needs to pee. Just do the diaper checks at regular times, and change her if she’s wet. It’ll make less of a big deal of it.”

Mara kissed Joy lightly on the lips. “How did I ever managed before you came into my life? You make everything so much simpler. Thank you.”

“I’m an organiser, comes of being the eldest child in a large family,” laughed Joy. “Shall I carry her in for you? We can change her into a diaper on the rug.”

“If you don’t mind. I’ll go and fetch some of her regular diapers and a T-shirt for her.”

Melody lay on the rug in the living room. Mummy had taken off her dress, making sure not to hurt her arm, and then laid her down, as if she was going to diaper her. Her shoes and socks came off next, and Melody was left wearing nothing but her still slightly damp green panties, along with her cast and sling.

“Lift your bottom, sweetie.”

Melody lifter her bottom off the rug and Mara slipped her panties down over her bottom. Melody lowered her bottom again, and Mara pulled the panties the rest of the way down her legs and over her feet.

“Would you like me to diaper you, sweetie, or Joy?”

“Why am I being diapered, mummy?”

“It’s just to make life easier for us both while your arm is hurt. Who do you want to diaper you?”

“Can Joy do it please?”

“Of course I will, poppet. I’ll clean you up and sort you out whilst mummy explains about the diapering.”

Melody listened as Mara explained what Joy had suggested about her being diapered, except for when she needed to poo, until her arm was out of its cast. She hardly noticed as Joy deftly cleaned between her legs, dried her off and rubbed baby powder in, she did it so gently. It was just like mummy doing it. She automatically lifted her bottom for Joy to slide the diaper under her, and kept her legs spread wide whilst it was pulled up and fastened.

Mara finished explaining as Joy started tidying up the discarded panties and dress.

“Do you have any questions, sweetie?”

“So I just wee wee when I need to, without asking, or telling you I’ve done it?”

“That’s right, but poos must be done on the toilet, or in an emergency you can use the potty. I’ll just check your diaper every so often, and change you if you’re wet.”

Melody liked that idea.

“What about Wednesdays? Can I still earn my rewards and have my Wetting Game time?”

“I’m not going to stress you out with Wednesday trips to town until your arm is all better. Joy has agreed to come over and spend Wednesdays with us, as that will be much more fun for us all, and you can still have your Wetting Game time on Monday and Thursday afternoons. It won’t be quite so easy for you, with just one hand to use, but I’m sure you can still have fun.”

“Thank you mummy. And thank you Joy. I like all of the plans, especially the Wednesdays.”

“Come on now, sweetie. You can hardly keep your eyes open. Time for a nap. Do you want a T-shirt on, or are you warm enough?”

“Warm enough, thank you mummy.” Melody yawned loudly as Mara helped her to snuggle up on the sofa. She was asleep within minutes.

Joy sat down in one of the armchairs, and held out her hands to Mara. “Come on, honey. Sit on my lap, you need a cuddle. It’ll be nice to be able to be together for a longer time than usual.” Mara gratefully cuddled up to Joy.

Mara sighed. “I need to get some things off my chest, things about my past, about how I behaved as a teenager. I know my upbringing affects how I treat Melody, but I don’t know if I’m doing right by her. I don’t want her to turn out like I did. I want her to have the freedom of choice that I never had. I want her to be able to be relaxed about exploring her body, and know that she can ask any questions she wants. But am I overcompensating for my own repressive childhood?”

Joy just gently held Mara as she started talking. She had never opened up this much before, but it would be better to be able to say whatever she needed to out loud. Joy wasn’t going to judge her, she loved her too much.

“Mum never talked to me about my body or about sex.” Mara continued. Now she had started talking she just wanted to carry on and tell everything she had been hiding for so long. "When she had realised I enjoyed being naked she insisted on me being covered up as much as possible, as if covering my body would make me stop thinking about what was under the clothes.

I was an early developer. I started growing my breasts and pubic hair when I was ten, and had my first period when I was eleven. None of the other girls at school were like that. I couldn’t tell my mum about it, but luckily a friend’s mum helped me out with towels and tampons until I was older and brave enough to ask my mum for an allowance for toiletries.

I was getting major sexual urges before I was twelve. I didn’t know if that was normal or not – I had no-one to ask. If Melody gets like that I want her to be able to confide in me, to ask questions, or at least know where to find the information if she doesn’t want to talk to me about it.

I celebrated my twelfth birthday by letting a boy put his hand inside my panties to have a good feel around in return for me being allowed to feel his penis. His touching and stroking me down there, it aroused me so much that I learned how to pleasure myself with my fingers when I was alone in my bedroom.

Word got out around the boys that I would let them have a feel in my panties for a couple of quid a go. I soon had a steady trade, and break times were spent in dark corners, earning money by letting boys do something I liked to me.

It progressed from that. Two pounds was the rate for letting them grope around in my panties and finger my vagina, for an extra two pounds I would stroke their penises until they came. I soon learnt to make sure they weren’t pointing at me when I did that for them!

Boobs were cheap – they could feel inside my bra for just a pound. Again, I was earning money from having something done to me that I liked. It never seemed wrong to me then. My parents were away working a lot and at conferences, and it just seemed like a fun way to pass the time and earn some money too. I couldn’t bear if it Melody ever did the same at that age.

A few months before my thirteenth birthday I lost my virginity to a boy from youth club. It was so sordid. We snuck out to kiss behind the bin store. I had my back to the wall, and was standing on a row of drinks crates so that we were on a level to kiss easily. He was leant close into me. I could feel his hardness, and asked if I could touch it. He was willing enough to unzip his jeans and let it free. My goodness, it was a big one! I wondered how it would ever fit inside a girl.

I didn’t intend to have sex with him, but I was so wet down there, and throbbing, throbbing, throbbing. He asked if he could touch me, and I hitched my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties off as quickly as I could. I always wore a stretch mini-skirt to youth club, it was as close as I could get to being naked, along with crop tops that revealed as much as I dared. I’d wear them under my ‘sensible’ clothes to leave the house, and then take my top layer of clothes off to reveal my secret clothes when I found a suitable quiet place. I’d stash my home clothes in my bag, and spend the evening revelling in feeling in almost naked. My parents never knew about those clothes, I had stolen them from various shops, one thing at a time over a few weeks.

I think the boy was surprised when I exposed myself like that, he must have just expected to be just slipping his hand inside my panties for a quick feel, but there I was, practically inviting him to have sex with me. Well, one thing led to another, and we ended up having sex.

I didn’t realise at first that we were having full sex, I just knew that it felt so bloody good that I never wanted it to end. I had heard whispers that first time sex hurt, so I didn’t think I could possibly be going all the way, as this was pure intense pleasure.

I was pressed up against the wall, his weight against me. I didn’t know just how good an orgasm could be before then, but I knew that what I was feeling was amazing. I didn’t even feel the rough wall at my back, grazing my skin as I was jiggled up and down. All I felt was pure intense pleasure.

He must have come at the same time as me, as he stopped his thrusting and leant against me, panting.

I never even thought about protection or the chances of pregnancy. Like I say, I hadn’t set out to go all the way.

After a few minutes of leaning on me and panting he pulled out of me, did his jeans up and walked away.

He didn’t say a word to me for the rest of the evening, but I knew he was telling his mates all about it from the way he was laughing and showing off with them, and they all kept glancing over at me. I’d cleaned myself up as best I could in the toilets.

My friends guessed what I had been doing, and pestered me with questions on what it was like. But I didn’t feel like talking, I was still dazed over how intense it had been. I didn’t actually care about the boy, I had just needed sex, and I had used him as much as he had used me.

Luckily I wasn’t pregnant. A friend warned me later that week that I might be, if I hadn’t used protection, and I had a few weeks of worry until I came on. I asked around until I found out what protection an underage girl could easily get hold of, and discovered condoms. I got an older boy from youth club to buy me a supply, in return for having me sex with him.

Once I had a supply of condoms in I would happily have sex with any boy at youth club who asked, provided they were willing to wear a condom, and also pay me a fiver.

I was in such demand that after a couple of weeks I doubled the price, and had to have sex with my condom supplier again so that I could get a new stock of protection in.

The boys’ membership numbers at youth club rocketed. I never went in there any more, it would be too obvious if I signed in but spent the whole evening going in an out. I just spent every evening out by the bin store, drinks crates stacked to various heights so that I could accommodate the different heights of the boys.

I never shagged anyone younger than me, although some did try to get away with it. I’d do five or six boys a night on quiet nights, seven or eight on busier nights, and that was on the four evenings a week that the youth club was open. Quite a few were regulars, they had the cash to pay for a fuck two or three times a week. I’d never had so much money!

I was starting to be disgusted with myself, though. The girls were calling me a slag and a hooker, and were annoyed because the boys paid more attention to me than them, but the boys didn’t respect me, they just wanted to use my body.

I started stealing drink from my parents’ drinks cabinet, to get me through each session. I’d put whatever I could get into a hip flask I’d stolen from my dad – he had several of them, and never noticed one had disappeared. I’d have a mouthful, or two, or three, before each boy came out. I never drank at any other time, I just wanted it to get me through the sex.

One evening I was busier than ever. I’d promised myself to ten boys for the same evening. I was barely getting a break between each one, even though teenage boys tend to climax quickly. I just had enough time to down a mouthful of booze, and then the next one would be there, waiting, trousers down and erection pointing at me all ready for action. I wasn’t even bothering to pull my skirt back down between shags, I just left it up around my waist, and my panties were draped over a nearby bin.

When the last boy had done his deed and left me, I just stood there and wept, I was so disgusted at myself. I hadn’t managed to drink enough to numb myself, but I’d drunk enough to have a full bladder. I couldn’t move, though, the wall was supporting me, so I just let go and pissed myself. When I’d done, I slid down against the wall, my skirt was still up around my waist, and I was sitting crouched in my own piss.

Then I realised that someone was watching me.

A girl, older than me came out from the shadows and sat down next to me. She told me she’d been watching me for a few weeks. When she’d realised what I was doing she kept an eye on me every time I was there, just in case any of the boys got nasty.

I called her a pervert for watching, but she just took her jacket off and covered my legs with it and then put her arm around me.

Then I asked if she was waiting to have sex with me too, as I’d heard girls could have sex with each other. She said she just wanted to help me, and then when I had calmed down she would walk me home to make sure I got there safely.

I cried a little longer, then handed her jacket to her and got up, determined to go home by myself.

I felt so weak, though, and had to lean back against the wall to steady myself. The girl had got up too. She’d retrieved my panties from where I had discarded them, and got me into them, lifting one foot at a time for me and then pulling them up my legs and over my hips. Then she pulled my skirt down, and handed me my bag, which I always kept hidden under one of the upturned crates. I let her put her arm through mine and walk home with me.

My parents were away at conference for a few days. I assumed this girl wanted to use my body the way the boys did, and if that was the case I might as well be lying on my comfortable bed while she did it.

I led her to my parents’ house, which was all in darkness, and let her in through the front door. I put the hall lamp on, and started heading up the stairs, telling her that my bedroom was up there. She followed me, up the stairs and into my room. I threw my bag into a corner and sat on the edge of the bed.

She asked if I’d like a bath before I went to bed. I shrugged, and let her lead me back out of the bedroom, I showed her which was the bathroom door, and sat on the closed toilet as she ran a warm bath for me. Then she turned to me and started undressing me, like I was a child, and helped me step into the bath. I still thought she wanted sex with me, and expected her to get in with me, but she just bathed me gently all over, then she laid me back and washed between my legs, where I felt so dirty. She helped me out of the bath and dried me all over, dabbing gently between my legs, where I was feeling sore and bruised, then led me, naked, back to the bedroom.

She pulled back my bedclothes and then told me to lay down on the bed. I lay on my back, hands above my head, and legs splayed open, exposing my whole self to her. She told me that didn’t look very comfortable, and instructed me to lay on my side.

I rolled over onto one side, facing away from her. I thought perhaps she wanted to push her fingers into me from behind, I’d heard vague rumours that men took women from behind, sometimes, so I guessed women could do that to each other too. I lay and waited, as I heard her slowly undressing.

She had been kind and gentle so far, so I hoped the sex would be kind and gentle too.

I felt her climb onto the bed behind me, and felt her warm soft body curl up behind mine. She held me close, and that was it. That was all she did. She just held me.

I could feel her soft breasts against my back, and it was starting to turn me on. I slid my hand down between my legs – if she wasn’t going to have sex with me I’d pleasure myself. She took my hand out and just held it, gently. She was so warm, so calm, I could feel her body moving slightly as she breathed but that was all. I was still waiting for her to make her move, but she just stayed there, lying close to me, and gradually I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning she was gone.

I was covered with the duvet, and had relaxed into my normal sleep position. As I sat up, I wondered if I had dreamed what had happened, but I saw a note on the bedside table.

I memorised that note, so I could keep it in my head for always. It said “Little Friend. Your body is beautiful and precious. Please don’t sell yourself to people who don’t care for you. Save your love for someone who really cares for you, and not just how much you can please them sexually. Sex is a beautiful thing when it is between two people who love each other. I’ve loved you from the moment I first saw you, and I wanted you so much last night. But making love should be between two people who know and trust each other. If you recognise me when you see me at school you have two choices. If you don’t want to know me, just walk on by. If you would like to try a loving and caring relationship come up and say hello. Love, Angela.”

So now I knew her name, and I knew she was at the same school as me. She must be in a higher year, as she had seemed older than I was. I got washed and dressed, and ate some breakfast and then headed off for the walk to school. I would watch out for her throughout the day, and hoped I would recognise her.

I didn’t do my lessons well that day, my thoughts were all over the place.

A few boys who went to the youth club approached me during the day to ask when they could have sex with me, but I told them I was taking a break from being a whore.

Then, towards the end of lunchtime, I spotted her. She was stood by some lockers, putting her books into one. I went up to her. My brain froze, and I had no idea what to say. Thank you would have been a good start, but my mouth wasn’t connected to my brain just then. All I could say was “Okay, I’ll have lesbian sex with you, no charge.”

She looked at me for a moment, then slapped my face and walked away. I had well and truly messed that up! But after school, as I was walking home, I found she was walking beside me. She started chatting about general, everyday things, but when we reached my house she smiled and said goodbye and walked off.

I was feeling aroused, and as mum and dad weren’t due back until later that evening I went up to my room and quickly brought myself to orgasm, then settled down to catch up on the homework I had been neglecting.

The next day she walked home with me again, and left me at my gate. Then it was the weekend.

When she walked home with me on Monday she held my hand. I liked that. She did that all the week. We were getting to be good friends now, proper friends. I enjoyed her company and didn’t spend my time with her just fantasising about what sex with her would be like.

The following Monday my parents were away overnight on business again.

I walked home hand in hand with Angela, and when we reached my house I told her no-one else was in, would she like come in for a coffee? Just a coffee, I didn’t expect anything else, but I’d enjoy her company.

She agreed. She sat in the kitchen and chatted a while. Then out of the blue she suddenly said, “I’m so horny, I really need to take you. Can we go up to your room?”

I nodded in agreement, unable to believe my luck. She led me upstairs by the hand, and in my room we both started taking our clothes off.

We were stood there in our panties, facing each other. We were both soaked down there already from excitement. She slipped my panties down over my hips, and I stepped out of them. Then I did the same to her. She told me to lie on the bed. She wanted me to be passive and let her take me, and then I could learn how to please her, and then we could please each other.

We spent the evening making love passionately. She taught me how women can pleasure each other, and we got hot and sweaty and sticky. After a few hours of discovering how to please each other we were exhausted.

Again Angela ran a bath for me, and this time we sat in it together, washing each other, and kissing. We didn’t make love again that evening, we were too spent. But we made love frequently over the next six months.

We drifted apart after that. I knew that Angela was older than me, but hadn’t realised that she was in the Sixth Form at our school and sitting her A Levels. She would be leaving for university in the autumn. She was small for her age, and I thought she was about sixteen, and I was tall for my age and she has thought I was about fifteen or sixteen. She was shocked when she found out I was only just thirteen. She felt like she had been abusing me, but all she had been doing was showing me how to make love in so many different ways, and I had taught her as much as she had taught me.

I think that shocked her too, that a thirteen year old could know so much about sexual techniques, but I think some people are just born more sexual, and others aren’t.

When she left for university she made me a gift of a vibrator. I think she hoped that I would use that instead of seeking anyone else for comfort while she was away. We were already drifting apart though. I think she loved me more than I loved her. I did love her, but I wasn’t in love with her. I admired her, and I was grateful to her for stopping me from lowering myself into becoming nothing more than a cheap, drunk prostitute, and I lusted after her because she could satisfy me. But I wasn’t in love with her.

When she had moved away I found a fuck buddy in the form of a shy boy from higher up the school. I seduced him, and once I had got him going he was a reasonably good, although predictable lover. I would have preferred another girl, but lesbians hide themselves away at school for fear of persecution, and I’m Bi-sexual, so I took it where I could get it – sex with no emotional strings attached. Angela visited occasionally at weekends, but we never had that same intenseness, and now that she was making friends of her own age I must have seemed very young to her. After a few months we just stopped making contact with each other.

I threw my stolen slut clothes away. I had never liked them. I started using my clothes allowance to buy long colourful skirts and flowing tops. My dad laughed at me and said I was turning into a hippy, but I didn’t care about that, I wanted to be a hippy. My mum was relieved to see I was covering up more. And in a way I was. I had to keep wearing my hated bra as she would see if I left that off, as my boobs were of a good size by then, but I never wore panties under my long skirts. That was my little secret.

Are you disgusted with me, now that you know all that? I’m so ashamed of how I acted in my early teens. But I’m sure that if I had been better educated about sex I wouldn’t have gone wild like that. I masturbated, yes, but it was a dirty, hidden thing. Sex was never talked about in our house, I was kept covered practically from head to toe, and made to feel that my curves should be disguised, as if they were wrong too. I wish I had learned that a girl could pleasure herself fully and not need a boy to give her huge orgasms. I wish a lot of things. But what I wish most is that Melody will be able to be open with me about anything, and won’t turn out to be the little slut I was."

Joy held Mara close. “I love you. I don’t care about your past except for the fact I feel so terribly sad that your parents didn’t even notice you enough to realise what you were up to. I love the way that you are bringing Melody up, and that she doesn’t feel that she has to hide her body away, but also knows there are boundaries. I love that you have let me into your lives, and introduced me properly to her as your friend. There are secrets from my past too that might shock you, but I hope you love me enough that you won’t think any less of me when I tell you what they are. Not today, though. You’re tired out. I’d like to stay the night with you, and make slow, unhurried love. But you’re tired and need a good night’s sleep, and Melody might need you. She can carry on thinking we’re just friends for a bit longer, and when the time is right we can explain that we are partners too.”

Mara nodded, too tired to say any more. She curled up in Joy’s arms, and they cuddled until they heard Melody starting to wake up.

Chapter 13

Sunday morning was another fine day, and the sun was shining brightly through Melody’s curtains before she woke up. Mara had let her sleep in. Her routine had been disrupted the day before, and after her long afternoon nap she hadn’t been able to get to sleep easily at bed time. It was hard to get comfortable in bed with her arm in the hard cast. She had tossed and turned for a long time, and Mara, popping in to check on her later that night before going to bed herself, found her still awake and fretful.

And extra suckle at Mara’s breast had helped relax her, and eventually Melody had dozed off, and Mara had been able to lay her back down and cover her up with her duvet. She had let Melody wear just a T-shirt to bed. She had never wet the bed, and Mara didn’t want to let her start wearing a diaper to bed in case she got into the habit and found it hard to break. They had decided that pyjama bottoms would be hard to get down by herself if she needed a wee wee in the night, as would panties, so Melody’s bottom half was bare.

Mara had placed her big potty near her bed, just in case it was needed. It was another treat, to be able to have the potty by her bed, but she had been too tired to appreciate it the night before. Now, though, she desperately needed a wee wee, so she hopped out of bed and sat happily on the potty. Ooh, that felt better! Rubbing her eyes and yawning she headed downstairs to the kitchen, where she could hear Mara making breakfast.

“Good morning, sleepyhead. Are you feeling better now that you’ve had a good sleep?”

“Yes, mummy.”

“Have you done a wee wee yet?”

“Yes mummy, I was busting so I had to use my potty.”

“Did you wipe?”

“No, I forgot.” Melody gave another big yawn.

Mara took a piece of kitchen roll and tore it in half. She dampened one half under the tap, then came over to Melody and wiped her over between her legs and thighs. She knew how Melody would let the last drops of pee run down her sometimes if she was tired, rather than wiping herself. She dabbed her dry with the other half of the kitchen roll. Melody stood and watched her, and when she was done clambered up onto one of the breakfast bar stools.

“I haven’t had my booby yet, mummy.”

“I know sweetie, but I thought you might be hungry after that lie in. We’ll have breakfast first, and then I’ll diaper you, and then you can have your booby, okay?”

Melody nodded happily. That sounded like a good idea to her.

They chatted happily as they ate breakfast, and Mara reminded Melody that her seventh birthday was only a week away.

“Next Sunday is your birthday, sweetie, and we don’t have anything planned yet. I want you to have a think what you would like to do for your birthday, and after you’ve had your booby you can tell me what you’d like.”

Melody smiled at mummy and said she would have a think. She already knew what she wanted to do on her birthday. She had never liked parties. She had gone to some when she was younger, but she didn’t like all the people there, especially the grown-ups. She had never wanted a party herself, refusing to have lots of people come into her home, which was sacred to her and mummy.

She thought it would be nice if Joy came to visit on her birthday, though. She might be able to persuade mummy to let her do the one thing she really wanted to do. Melody’s big desire for her birthday was to be allowed to poo in her panties.

She had been thinking about it since she had heard about Joy’s sister, Grace, who used to poo in a diaper when she was even older than Melody. Melody hadn’t liked to feel poo in her diaper when she was a toddler, and had quickly learnt how to use the potty for poos. She liked feeling how it came out of her, though, and thought pooing was fun.

She didn’t want to do it in a diaper, though. She wanted to poo in her panties. She wanted to feel the fabric pushing out as the poo filled it, and feel how heavy it might be. She wasn’t sure if she would like feeling the poo between her skin and her panties, but she wanted to try it to find out. If it was once, just once, mummy might let her try it.

After they had finished breakfast Mara took Melody to the Games room to diaper her. She had taken a supply of the everyday diapers in there, as the special ones were still only for reward afternoons. Mara then settled herself into the big armchair in the corner and Melody climbed into her lap. She knew she was still getting special treatment because of her arm, and she was going to make the most of it. She took mummy’s breast into her mouth and suckled until mummy said it was time to stop. She knew she had had extra time, so she took her mouth away as soon as mummy said to, and smiled up at mummy.

“Now, sweetie. Have you thought about your birthday treat?”


“Well, what would you like? Is it something special to do? Or a special toy or game?”

“It’s something special to do.”

“Tell me, then, and we can see what we can arrange.”

“You won’t like it.”

“Try me.”

“I want to be allowed to do a poo in my panties on my birthday.”

Mara sat and just looked wonderingly at her daughter for a few moments. Melody was looking down, not wanting to meet mummy’s eye.

“Sweetie, why on earth do you want to do that?”

“I just want to know what it feels like.”

“It doesn’t feel very nice.”

“How do you know? Have you tried it?”

“No, of course not. But I really don’t think it would feel very nice, and it’s not something I would want to clean up either.”

“If I’m not allowed to do that then can Joy come round for the day instead?”

“Oh yes, that would be fine. I’ll make you a special birthday cake, and if it’s nice we’ll have a picnic lunch in the garden.”

“I’d like that, thank you mummy.” Melody smiled innocently up at Mara. If Joy was there, then she wouldn’t mind cleaning up Melody when she messed herself.

In the afternoon Joy popped around for a quick visit. She had brought the library books for Melody that Mara had intended them to pick up the day before. They were books aimed at young children explaining about the differences between the sexes, how babies were made, etc. Joy had added a book on relationships, which told simply about men and women being together, and that also women could be in love with each other and so could men. She wanted Melody to understand what a lesbian relationship was before she and Mara let Melody know that they were together as partners.

Melody was thrilled with the books, and looked at the pictures, and read as much as she was able, with Mara and Joy helping her out with the new words. She found it all fascinating, looking at the pictures over and over again. Mara was glad that she had something quiet to sit and do as her arm was still painful, and made a note to see what other books she could get hold of, including some on basic anatomy so that Melody could learn about all parts of the body, not just the sexual parts.

Chapter 14

Monday was lessons day again. Melody had decided she needed to be on her best behaviour all week, considering how naughty she planned to be on her birthday. She settled down to her lessons well, and Mara was delighted to think that the routine was starting to work. If things went well she would be able to start Melody at school in the New Year.

It was another Reward afternoon, and, although it would be harder to change herself with one arm out of action, Melody was still intent on having her fun. It didn’t matter if she took a long time to change herself out of wet panties or diapers in her Games room. Mara helped her out of her school uniform and regular diaper, and Melody chose a smaller size frilly diaper first. She liked how it came low down over her hips. It would be easy to get her hand down inside the diaper if she wanted to wee on her fingers, or feel her vagina.

Mara left her when she had been diapered to go and have her own private time upstairs.

Melody was curious about what her mummy could possibly be playing on her own in her bedroom. After ten minutes she crept out of the Games room and up the stairs and listened outside mummy’s bedroom door. She could hear a faint buzzing sound, and some groans. There was no keyhole to peek in at, so she couldn’t look to see what mummy was playing at. She would have liked to ask her, but mummy said her game was private, and Melody knew that she would get told off if she kept questioning about it. She had to remember to be on best behaviour this week.

She headed back down to the Games room, and when Mara checked in on her at the end of the first hour she saw her daughter running around in a soaked diaper, her good arm out to the side, and making a loud buzzing noise.

“Are you being a bumble bee, sweetie?”

Melody came over to her and hugged her. “I was buzzing, mummy!”

“You certainly were. Come on, let’s get that soggy diaper off before you get sore. Then you can carry on with your game.”

Tuesday passed quietly, and again Mara was glad that Melody was being so well behaved about her lessons again. The weather was still warm so in the afternoon she took the school uniform off her daughter and let her play out in the garden in just her diaper. She carried the necessary stuff out so that they could do the diaper change on the lawn if Melody got wet. Melody decided it was fun being changed outdoors. The grass tickled her back, and felt nice and cool against her skin. It was fun wearing just a diaper to run about the garden. It would be even more fun if she was just wearing her panties and could poo in them outdoors. She hoped the weather would be nice on her birthday. She giggled to herself as she went over her plan in her head.

“What are you thinking, sweetie?” asked Mara. “Something nice?”

“Yes, something very nice,” replied Melody, smiling sweetly at her mummy. “It will be nice when Joy visits, won’t it mummy?”

The next day was the first Wednesday visit by Joy. She arrived mid-morning with some more books for Melody about the human body.

“I thought they might pass the time whilst your arm is stopping you from doing lots of your usual things.”

Melody thanked her, and ran off to sit in the living room to start looking through the new books. She hoped there were lots of pictures.

Mara hugged Joy, but stopped short of kissing her.

“We’ll have some quiet time after lunch, I’ll make Melody have a lie on her bed for an hour to have a rest, and then we can have some time together properly.”

“Yes, we’ll take it nice and steady about letting her know we’re together. Now, is there anything I can help you with?”

“You’re our guest, don’t be silly.”

“I’m your partner, and partners help each other. Let me do the diaper changes today at least. You must be fed up of them already.”

“Well, I admit I wasn’t expecting to be almost full time diapering my little girl when she was approaching her seventh birthday. Oh, by the way, that’s on Sunday, and she wants to know if you’ll come over for the day? You’re very honoured that she asked you. She didn’t want anyone else coming over.”

“I’d love to come. Thank you.”

“Good. Are you ready for a cuppa? Oh, and don’t keep your clothes on if you don’t want to. We don’t bother much with clothes in this house.”

“Much as I’d love to strip off, Melody hasn’t seen me naked yet. I think I need a few more visits before I take any clothes off. Unless,” she laughed, “you ask everybody who visits the house to strip naked once they’re through the door.”

Mara laughed with her. “You’re right, you’re just meant to be my friend at the moment. I feel mean walking around deliciously naked whilst you’re wearing clothes, though. Oh, do you think Melody would expect me to be wearing clothes in front of you?”

“She didn’t seemed bothered when you let me in. I wouldn’t bother bringing the subject up if she seems happy with the situation. If she mentions anything we can just say that I know you like not wearing clothes and it doesn’t bother me if you’re naked.”

Mara squeezed Joy’s hand. “Thank you. You make everything seem much simpler. But I’m stripping every last stitch off you when we get our hour together this afternoon.”

It was a fun day for them all. Joy did Melody’s diaper checks, and changed her when necessary to give Mara a break. Melody didn’t mind, Joy had changed her before, and if she was going to mess herself and let Joy clean her there wasn’t any point in being bashful about it now. In between times they looked through the new books, and played some games. Between then the women kept Melody on the go all morning, so that when Mara suggested a nap after lunch she agreed quite happily. She had been tempted to protest, but remembered that she was being on her best behaviour this week ready for Sunday.

Mara and Joy enjoyed their hour together making love. It went too quickly, but they were hopeful of being able to get some more time together on Sunday.

After tea they all sat in the garden for a while. Mara had carried Melody’s potty out in case she needed to poo. Melody wandered off, and pretended to be a butterfly flying around the garden. She knew she would be needing a poo soon, and she wanted to do it in the potty and have Joy clean her up. She just had to make sure that she didn’t allow time for mummy to get her upstairs to the toilet. She had already wet her diaper, and was having fun feeling the weight between her legs as she danced.

As the feeling got more urgent melody stopped every so often in her butterfly dance to squirm a bit. She knew that would get mummy’s attention, and she was right.

Mara nudged Joy. “She’s doing the Potty Dance, look. That means she’s busy playing and doesn’t want to stop to poo. She can’t hold it for very long, so I think I’ll have to let her use the potty out here. Do you mind? I know Melody won’t care about you seeing her go on it, but I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“If you don’t mind then I don’t mind. I’ll clean her up for you too. This is your rest day from wet diapers and stinky bums, remember.”

Mara smiled gratefully at Joy. It was so nice having someone to share the care of Melody with.

“Melody, sweetie. Come over here please.”

Melody was relieved, they had finally spotted her squirming. She ran over to Mara and Joy, clutching her diapered bottom with her good hand.

“Sweetie, do you need to poo? You know you need to stop what you’re doing straight away if you need to go.”

“Mmm, yes, I think I do need a poo, mummy.”

“Will you make it up to the toilet, do you think?”

Melody shook her head. “It’s nearly out of my bottom, mummy.” She squirmed some more.

Joy got up and quickly undid the diaper, whipped it out from between her legs and helped Melody sit down on the potty. She was just in time, as Melody was already starting to let the poo out as Joy was lowering her down onto the potty. She liked cutting it as fine as possible.

“Sweetie, you nearly had an accident then. You must remember to say whenever you need to go, even if you are doing something fun.”

“Sorry mummy.”

Joy stood her up and wiped her bottom, and then lay her on the grass for a fresh diaper. “You wait there, poppet, I just want to empty the potty and take this soggy diaper indoors, then I’ll come back and put the clean one on. Your mummy’s having a break from diaper duty today, so don’t let her do it while I’m gone.”

Melody lay spread-eagled on her back, waiting for Joy to return. She smiled at mummy.

“Joy’s very nice, isn’t she?” Asked Mara.

Melody nodded. “I like her. She’s not scary like other grown-ups.”

“That’s good. I’m glad you like her. I like her very much too.”

“Why is she wearing clothes, mummy?”

“Because not everyone likes walking around without clothes on like we do. But she’ll be happy to leave her clothes off when she thinks you know her well enough.”

Melody paused for a moment and thought.

“When she comes around for my birthday on Sunday she doesn’t need to wear clothes.”

“I’ll let her know that sweetie.”

“Have I been a good girl this week, mummy?”

“Very good, sweetie. You must let me know sooner when you need a poo, though.”

“I will. Perhaps when I’m seven I’ll be able to hold it in longer.” Melody smiled innocently at Mara, pretending she was thinking about being a good girl, when really she was plotting her naughtiness.

Melody managed to get through Thursday, Friday and Saturday without getting up to any mischief. True, she crept up and listened at mummy’s bedroom door during the first hour of reward time again, but she wasn’t caught so it didn’t count as being naughty. She heard the same noises as before, moans and groans and some buzzing. She hoped she would find out what the game mummy played was, sometime.

At last it was Sunday, and Melody’s seventh birthday.

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 15

Melody was having a lovely birthday. In the morning she had been allowed an extra-long time at her mummy’s breast followed by being put into one of her white frilly diapers, and they had waffles for breakfast – her favourite.

Mummy had given her a lovely present after breakfast. Melody was always playing at being a fairy or butterfly or flower, and mummy had made her a knee length tutu style skirt of soft tulle. Even better, the tulle was bright yellow, Melody’s favourite colour. The skirt had an elasticated waist with a Velcro fastening at the back, so that she wouldn’t grow out of it for a long time, and it was also easy to get on and off with her bad arm. There was a headdress of yellow fabric flowers to match, and a large pair of wired wings. They had been plain white, but Mara had sprayed them yellow to match the tutu. Melody was thrilled. She wanted to change into her costume straight away.

“When Joy gets here we’ll be going out into garden, so if you can wait until then I’ll pop your yellow panties on too, so that you match all over.”

“Can I wee wee in them? Pleeease?”

“Yes, as it’s your birthday. But you have to wait until we’re outside so that I don’t have to mop up any puddles, and I’m only going to let you have one dry pair, and that will be just before lunch, so if you wet them straight away you’ll just have to stay in then. Okay?”


They spent the time up until Joy arrived decorating Melody’s birthday cake. She had chosen sprinkles and flowers in yellow and orange and green, and enjoyed being able to decorate the cake however she wanted.

At ten O’clock Joy arrived, with a parcel for Melody. Melody hadn’t been expecting a present, so she was really excited.

“Thank you! Can I open it now, mummy?”

“Of course you can, sweetie. I can’t wait to see what’s inside either.” Mara knew what the present was, as Joy had asked her consent before buying it, but she didn’t want Melody to know that she knew what the present was before Melody did.

Melody unwrapped the present eagerly. It took a while with just one good arm. Under the brightly coloured paper was a cardboard box. She took the lid off. Next there was a layer of tissue paper. She carefully pulled it away, and underneath – she gasped in delight! There were two fabric dolls, a bit like rag dolls, but these had no clothes on. One was a woman, with boobies and pubic hair. The other was a man doll with a hairy chest and a willy. Joy had searched long and hard to find anatomically correct dolls that were suitable for a child. The hard work had paid off. Melody was thrilled. She picked up the woman doll first and examined her thoroughly, giving a running commentary as she went.

“Look! She’s got hair down by her wee hole like you have, mummy! Her hands have proper fingers, and her feet have toes. She’s got ears too, and proper boobies! Look, she’s got nipples too so that she can breastfeed my baby doll!” She turned the doll upside down, clamping her between her legs to get a grip, and pulled the legs apart. “She’s got a vagina mummy! She’s got a vagina, just like you and me! Look!” She poked her finger into the dolls vagina. “It’s a proper vagina mummy!”

Next she picked up the man doll. “He’s got a willy!” she giggled. “And a hairy chest! Thank you, Joy, I love my present.”

“Time to get into your tutu now, sweetie, and then we can play outside.”

Melody skipped into the Games room, her dolls under her good arm. Joy followed with Mara, the women smiling happily at each other.

Melody just had her diaper on, so Mara got told to lay on her changing mat to have that taken off first. Melody sat her new dolls next to her baby dolls, telling them that she was going outside for a bit, but would be playing with them later. She climbed up onto the blanket chest and lay on the changing mat. Mara removed the diaper and gave her a wash down. Melody chatted to Joy as she was being sorted out.

“Mummy’s made me a fairy costume, Joy, and it’s yellow and I’m going to wear my yellow panties under it and because we’ll be outside and it’s my birthday I can wee in them if I want to! I’m allowed one pair this morning and one this afternoon. I like yellow, it’s my favourite colour,”

“You’re a very lucky girl,” said Joy. "I can’t wait to see you all dressed up.

Mara pulled the yellow panties on over Melody’s ankles and all the way up, and then helped her up off the blanket chest. “Stand up now sweetie, and I’ll get you dressed. Do you want a yellow top on to match?”

“No top, mummy.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, no top.”

“You’ll have to have sun cream on, then. I’ve got a bottle in my bag.” Mara proceeded to cover Melody in sun cream to protect her young skin. Then she helped Melody step into her tutu skirt, took her arm out of her sling so that she could put the wings on and then made the sling comfortable again, and added the head dress. “You look gorgeous. Now run out into the garden and start playing. Mummy wants to find her camera, and make some drinks, and then Joy and I will come out and join you.” Melody skipped happily from the room, her brown curls bouncing on her shoulders, and her tulle skirt floating prettily.

“She’ll be happy playing out there for a while, now.” Mara kissed Joy. “Thank you for buying her those dolls. It will be great for when she wants to ask more questions and have things demonstrated.”

“I’m happy to do it. She’s a sweet child.”

“She can be. She can be a little bugger too. Now, we’ll need sun cream too if we’re going to be out all day in the garden. I don’t plan on putting any clothes on, and you’ll feel over-dressed if you don’t strip off too.”

“What about Melody? Won’t she be shocked to see me naked?”

“Not at all. She asked why you were wearing clothes when you visited the other day, and said she was happy for you to be naked like me.” Mara had already pulled Joy’s vest top over her head. Like Mara, Joy didn’t bother with a bra, except for at work. Now Mara gently rubbed her hands on her lover’s breasts. “We need to make sure we put sun cream all over these. I’d better do it for you to make sure you don’t miss a spot.” She massaged Joy’s breasts and kissed her again, and then undid her skirt zip and let it fall to the floor. Joy was now wearing only her sandals. She hadn’t seen the point in wearing panties, they would only get soaked in anticipation as soon as she saw Mara.

They stood and kissed for a while, holding each other close. Then they stepped apart, and started fondling each other’s breasts. At that moment Melody popped her head around the door. “Oh good,” she said. “I just came to remind you to help each other rub your sun cream in.” And with that she skipped off again.

Mara and Joy laughed. “We’d better actually get the sun cream and put some on,” said Joy. It was a good excuse to rub each other all over in a sensual manner, kissing at intervals.

By the time they arrived outside with a tray of cold drinks Melody had already wet herself. Mara had put the big potty outside in case she wanted to do a poo, but Melody had moved it to the far end of the garden out of the way. She had no intention of sitting on her potty today.

Melody was happily dancing around the garden, chatting to herself and occasionally running back to tell Mara and Joy about something she had seen or thought. The women chatted together, sitting in a shady spot, and hoping that Melody might have a nap after lunch. Mara was able to take some photos of Melody playing. The wet panties didn’t show under the tulle skirt, and her sling covered her naked chest. It was nice to be able to take some pictures of her little girl without worrying if she was wearing a diaper or looked inappropriate in any other way.

Mara brought out a picnic lunch and birthday cake at noon. As she spread it out in the shade Joy offered to change Melody.

“You need a wash down, sweetie. No good putting on clean panties if your legs are still covered in stinky pee.”

She took Melody’s skirt and wings off, so that she could lie down on the grass easily whilst Joy washed her bottom half. She dried her off and helped her to stand up, and pulled the clean yellow panties up for her. She helped her back into the wings, but Melody wanted to leave the skirt off for a while.

“I love my skirt, but I want to crawl in my tunnel I made through the bushes and it might get torn.” That was the excuse she gave, anyway, but she just didn’t want to get the skirt messy if she managed to mess herself.

After lunch she had a special birthday booby from mummy, being allowed to suck as long as she liked. Joy watched, loving seeing the bond between mother and daughter.

As Mara had hoped, the booby time had relaxed Melody and made her feel sleepy.

“How about a nap on your bed, sweetie?”

“Can’t I sleep out here?” Yawned Melody.

“No, best to be indoors in the cool for an hour. Joy and I will come in too, and when you wake up we’ll all come back out again, and you can carry on playing.”

“Okay. Will you carry me, mummy?”

“As a birthday treat, yes, I’ll carry you.”

Mara lifted Melody onto her hip and carried her upstairs, then, taking off the wings and headdress, she laid her on the bed to sleep off some of her excitement.

Mara then led Joy by the hand to her bedroom, and the women enjoyed making love to each other as Melody slept in the next room.

Later that afternoon they were all out in the garden again, enjoying the warmth of the early September afternoon. Melody had been playing at the far end of the garden. She loved crawling through the shrubbery, making dens under the branches of the large rhododendrons and other bushes.

She had left her wings off so that they didn’t get damaged either, and was wearing just her yellow panties and flower headdress and pair of sandals. Mummy insisted on the sandals when she was playing in the shrubbery.

Mara and Joy watched her play.

“Doesn’t she look the picture of innocence,” said Mara.

“She looks adorable.”

“Looks can be deceiving.”

“What do you mean?”

“She keeps glancing over this way. She’s keeping an eye on what we’re doing. When I asked her last week what she wanted as a birthday treat she said she wanted to poo in her panties.”

“Oh, that’s my fault for telling her about Grace. I’m sorry, I didn’t realise she would want to try that too.”

“I think it would have happened sooner or later regardless.” Mara broke off and waved at Melody as her daughter looked over at them again. “I said no, anyway. She knows I won’t clean up that kind of mess. But she knows you’ve done it before, for Grace, so I have a feeling she is planning on having an ‘accident’ sometime when you are here. I thought it only fair to warn you. I didn’t think she would try it today, but it looks like it might happen, She’s playing near her potty, and I think she plans to pretend she was bringing it to us to help her down with her panties, but got caught short.”

“Well, cleaning up a bit of shit doesn’t bother me, but she’s naughty if she’s going to do it deliberately if you said no to her.”

“She’s looking fidgety. I can read her body language. I can go over to her now and ask if she needs the potty, and she’ll be good and use it, but she will only try it again another time if she doesn’t get to mess herself today. But if you really don’t object to the cleaning up it would be good to get this over and done with, so that we’re not always waiting for it to happen.”

“You will tell her off, though, if she’s doing it when you have told her not to?” Joy waved to Melody this time.

“Oh yes, I will make sure I tell her off. I also have a suitable punishment that will make her think twice about shitting in her panties again.”

“Okay, and I’ll back you up all the way. How are we going to do this? She won’t mess by ‘accident’ if we keep watching her.”

“We’ll look through this magazine together. Make sure you keep your head bent over it to make it look like you’re engrossed. I’ll do the same, but if I sit facing this way I can peek through my hair where it falls over my face, and she won’t know I’m watching her.”

Melody had been playing in the area near her potty. Every so often she had looked to see if the grownups were watching her or of they were busy doing something else. She could feel she needed a poo, and was determined to do it in her panties. She wanted to pretend that she had been busy playing, and was hurrying to carry the potty over to mummy for help in getting her panties down, when she had been caught short and had to go in her panties. She would pretend to be very sorry, of course, but it definitely wouldn’t be an accident.

She kept pretending to play, and kept sneaking glances at mummy and Joy. At last they picked up a magazine and were soon engrossed in it.

Melody picked up the potty and carried it to about halfway up the garden, so that she could pretend she had been trying to take it to mummy to get help in using it. She placed it carefully, and looked over at mummy and Joy again. They were still busy reading.

Melody took a deep breath to psych herself up, and then squatted, feet apart and good hand on her knee to balance herself, and started to push the poo out. She loved the feeling of being outside doing a poo. She felt the warmth of it as it left her bottom, and felt it push against her panties. She was still pooing when she looked up and realised that mummy was striding angrily towards her, followed closely by Joy. Bother! She had been planning on making herself look upset and then walking in her filled panties over to the grownups, and being fussed over and petted for having had an accident.

Mummy looked mad with her!

She couldn’t move, not even to run away and hide. She was terrified at how angry mummy looked. The pleasure she had been feeling evaporated, and the last of the poo left her body.

“Melody Bright, you dirty little girl! You know I told you expressly that you are forbidden to mess yourself!”

“Mummy, I…I….the potty. I needed help, but I….I…… it was an accident.”

“Don’t you dare lie to me! I have been watching you. I saw you carry the potty to here and put it down. I saw you checking to see if you were being watched, and I saw you deliberately squat down and shit in your panties.”

Melody hadn’t moved an inch. Mummy was towering over her and Melody was scared she was heading for a spanking again.

She whimpered as mummy reached down and grabbed her at the tops of her arms, wetting herself with fear. She was expecting to be pulled to her feet and taken in for a spanking, but as soon as mummy had lifted her up she put a foot forward and used it to pull Melody’s feet from under her and then lowered her straight down onto her bottom.

Melody wailed and started sobbing. Mara hadn’t gripped her hard, or dropped her down roughly, but Melody had landed right on her bottom, right on the poo that was quickly cooling in her panties. She felt it squelch around her privates, between her legs, up around her bottom, through the legs of her panties. It seemed to be everywhere.

She had never wanted to sit in her mess, she had just wanted to enjoy doing the poo and then be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

“Don’t you dare move from that spot.” Said Mara. “I’ll be able to tell if you get up and move. You can sit in your mess for the next hour. You’ve already pissed yourself, and if you need to do anymore you can just sit there and do it.”

Melody crossed her legs, crossed her good arm over her bad one and lowered her head to cry. She couldn’t even comfort herself by rocking backwards and forwards, as that would make the mess spread even further.

Mara started walking away, and Joy stopped long enough to say, “Well, that was a very silly thing to do. When your mummy has calmed down I’ll clean you up, but in the meantime do as she says and don’t move from that spot.”

Melody was left alone, sat in the middle of the lawn in just her headdress, sandals and panties, and a mush of her own poo. She looked up at the retreating backs of Mara and Joy. Mara’s shoulder were shaking – Melody thought she must be crying. She saw Joy putting a comforting arm around her, their heads leant close in together.

Melody sat in her own mess and felt very alone.

Mara wasn’t crying, she was shaking with laughter. She had known what would shock Melody without hurting her, and her face as she had landed on her bottom had been priceless. Joy caught up with her and put an arm round her and joined in the laughing. “Oh, that was genius! Remind me never to cross you.”

“The punishment fits the crime, and I truly hope she will have learnt her lesson. I hate doing this to her on her birthday, but she has to learn that lying and disobeying will have consequences. And now, as you’ll be dealing with my shitty daughter in an hours time, I’ll give you an hour of pleasure in the meantime that will more than make up for it.” Mara lead Joy back upstairs to her bedroom, where the hour passed very quickly for them.

Melody’s hour passed very slowly. She dared not move from where Mara had placed her. She cried for a while. And felt sorry for herself. When she stopped crying she started feeling angry. It was only a little thing, wanting to poo herself on her birthday. Mummy was mean, spying on her. And it was really, really mean making her sit in it. Then she sighed. She had upset mummy again, and made her cry. Now she felt sad and guilty. Next time she needed to have a better plan. She needed a plan that let her mess herself, and Joy be around to clear her up, and mummy not be angry at her. Melody Bright sat in her own shit and thought long and hard, making plans in her head.

Joy came down alone to fetch Melody to clean her up. She held her hand out to the little girl and helped her stand up.

“Where’s mummy?”

“She has a headache and is having a lie down.” In truth Mara didn’t want to see Melody too soon. She didn’t want to be cajoled into forgiving her straight away, so Joy had offered to go down first to clean Melody.

“I’m sorry, I made her upset, it’s my fault.”

“Yes, it is. Come on, we need to get you inside.”

Joy led Melody by the hand back into the house. Melody was not enjoying the walk form the garden to the house. The poo was cold now, and was thoroughly spread around the inside of her panties, and caked inside the tops of her legs. She started crying quietly as she walked.

“Stop crying. You got what you wanted, didn’t you?” Mara had instructed Joy to show no sympathy.

“I just wanted to see what it felt like. I didn’t want to sit in it. I thought you would clean me up straight away.”

“Well, you thought wrong.”

They entered the Games room. Joy had spread a black plastic bin bag on the changing mat.

“Sit on that,” she instructed.

Melody sat on the bag, feeling the mess squish around against her skin again.

Joy picked up a pair of scissors, and cut through the panties at the sides.

“My yellow panties!”

“They’re too messed up. They need to be thrown away. Stand up.”

Melody stood up and Joy wrapped the bag around the panties and threw the bundle into the diaper pail to be disposed of later.

Melody went to sit down again but Joy stopped her.

“Your bottom’s filthy, stay standing up. Turn around and face the chest, bend over and lean your good hand on it to balance yourself. Legs apart. I’m going to clean it off, and I don’t want any fidgeting.”

Melody did as she was told whilst Joy cleaned her bottom and between her legs. She had imagined lying on her changing mat as Joy tenderly cleaned her, but this was another disappointment.

She plucked up the courage to ask quietly: “Was this how you cleaned Grace when she had pooed herself?”

“Yes, of course. No sense getting mess all over the changing mat, it just makes extra work for cleaning. Big girls who mess themselves can’t expect to have everything done for them in the same way as a baby would have things done.”

Melody felt a bit better. At least she wasn’t being singled out.

At last Joy finished washing and drying her.

“Are you ready to apologise to your mummy now?”

Melody nodded her head, and Joy led her upstairs to the bedroom. Mara was lying in bed, and Melody stood quietly at her side to apologise. “Mummy, I’m really sorry I disobeyed you and messed myself.”

“I’m so disappointed in you, Melody. I thought I could trust you.”

Melody hung her head.

“Joy has said she’ll give you some tea and then put you to bed. It’s early, but it’s your own fault for being so bad. We’ll start afresh tomorrow. Goodnight.”

Mara didn’t even try to kiss her daughter, and Melody replied “Goodnight,” and walked sadly out of the room.

She wasn’t very hungry, but Joy made her eat some toast anyway, and put some biscuits and a glass of milk on her bedside table for if she was hungry later. She dressed Melody in her pyjama top, leaving her bottom half bare in case she needed to use the toilet, then said goodnight and left her.

It was still light outside, and Melody wasn’t tired yet, but she didn’t dare to get out of bed and play with anything. She lay and thought of the few moments when she had been starting to poo, and how good it had felt. It was a shame she hadn’t managed to enjoy the whole thing. But she had time, now, to think of other ways she could have an ‘accident.’ She hadn’t liked mummy being upset, but she knew mummy would be nice to her again tomorrow, like she had been the day after the spanking. It hadn’t been the best birthday in the world, which was her own fault. And she was certainly going to make sure that next time she messed herself it was at a time when she couldn’t be made to sit in it for an hour as punishment. She knew there would be a next time, it was just a case of when.

Joy joined Mara back in bed. She’d brought up drinks and food, so that they didn’t have to worry about getting up for anything.

“How’s the ‘headache’?”

“Well, funnily enough it’s completely disappeared. Come one, get back into bed and give me a cuddle.”

“Sex first, food after. How does that sound?”

“Sounds perfect to me, so long as we finish off with more sex for desert.”

The two women kissed passionately, as in the next room Melody lay and plotted.

Chapter 16

Melody was right. By the next morning Mara was treating her like normal again. Joy had left late the night before as the women had decided she had better not stay overnight just yet. Melody was cautious as she entered the room, but Mara smiled at her and sat in the nursing chair to take her into her lap and let her latch on for booby time.

Afterwards she lay Melody on the bed and diapered her, and they went down to breakfast. It was a Monday, so it was a school morning again. Melody was determined to be on her best behaviour, until she had won mummy’s trust again. She worked hard at her lessons, let mummy check her diaper without any fuss, said in good time when she needed to poo so that she could use the toilet upstairs instead of having a mad dash get on the potty on time, and was so good that Mara wished all school mornings were like this.

Joy phoned as they were eating lunch. Someone had called in sick at the library so she needed to work that afternoon and wouldn’t be able to call around. They wouldn’t see her again until Wednesday now.

Melody had thought she might be punished for yesterday by having to miss her Monday Reward afternoon, so she was pleased to know she could still have her fun afternoon. She took an extra big drink to fill herself up, now, as she wanted plenty of wee wee for the afternoon.

After they had finished lunch Mara headed upstairs for her private hour, and Melody skipped joyously to the Games room.

Melody opted to wear panties to start with. She was enjoying wearing diapers all of the time, and had soon settled into the routine of using them as a matter of course. It was fun, though, to have a change and have panties on to wet in. She sat on the floor, legs in a W shape, doing some colouring. It wasn’t long before she needed to do a little wee wee. She giggled as she felt her panties wet, and looked down to see the wet patch forming. It wasn’t enough wee wee yet to puddle on the floor, but there would be some more soon. She settled back to her colouring. She wondered what mummy was doing, she was still curious what game mummy played by herself for these hours, that made the funny noises. She decided to go and listen at the door again.

Melody pulled off her wet panties with her good arm and put them in the diaper pail. She would need a diaper on to go out of the room, as she wanted to be able to pee freely as she walked around the house. She managed to get one of the extra-large diapers on. It wasn’t easy with just on hand, but by using the arm that was in a sling to hold one side in place whilst she fastened the other side she was able to get them on loosely. She didn’t mind that they would slide down her slim body easily if they were loose. She enjoyed walking around with a diaper slipping down her hips, just hitching it up when she wanted to pee, to make sure she didn’t drip down her legs and get in trouble for leaving puddles.

She headed for the door, which was always left ajar, and listened carefully. She couldn’t hear mummy moving anywhere, so she must be in her room playing. Melody padded quietly upstairs, and listened at mummy’s door. No sound. She carefully peeped in at the door, which wasn’t fully shut. Mummy wasn’t there. She had told Melody she would be in her room, but there was no sign of her. Melody headed over to the window to see if she was out in the garden as it was a lovely sunny afternoon.

Mara was, indeed, in the garden. It was too nice an afternoon to stay indoors and she wanted to feel the sun on her body.

Melody wondered what she was doing. She was knelt with her knees apart and head thrown back. Melody wondered if she was meditating. One hand was caressing her breasts – no mummy didn’t usually do that if she was meditating. The other hand was….Melody looked again. Mummy’s other hand was between her legs. Melody wondered if she was pressing her ‘happy button.’

The window was open and Melody could hear a slight buzzing sound. That was the buzzing she had heard before. Melody wondered if mummy was okay, she was breathing very heavily, and her hips were moving backwards and forwards and she was groaning. Melody was just thinking she ought to go down and see if mummy was ok, when mummy made a loud groan and slumped forwards. Melody heard her saying to herself, “Oh, that was sooo good.” She pulled a big long pink thing out from between her legs and lay herself on her back on the grass. She then laid the big pink thing, still buzzing, on her tummy. Melody could see it clearly now. She recognised it as a willy shape, after seeing pictures of what a man’s willy looked like in her book. So mummy was using a big buzzing willy toy to pretend to have sex with herself.

Melody realised she shouldn’t be watching. Mummy had always said things between the legs were private. Guiltily she headed back to the Games room.

Melody sat curled up in the big comfy arm chair and sucked her thumb whilst she thought things out. The large diaper was comforting between her legs and under her bottom. Men had willies, and they pushed them into women’s vaginas and that was called sex. Mummy lived by herself, so she didn’t have a man to do sex with her. But it seemed she didn’t need a man if she had a big buzzing willy toy. She could do sex to herself. That was a good idea, Melody thought. Willies made babies, and she didn’t want a baby growing in her mummy’s womb. She was mummy’s baby.

When Mara checked in on Melody when the private hour was up, she found her sat curled up in the arm chair, her diaper hanging low, and her good hand poked inside the diaper leg, feeling herself. Mara knew the books would have roused her daughter’s curiosity even more about her body parts, so she thought nothing of it.

Melody spotted Mara and pulled her hand away quickly. She hadn’t realised what the time was, she was still busy thinking about big buzzing willy toys and vaginas and how babies were made.

“Sorry mummy, I know that’s a private thing.”

“That’s okay, sweetie, I should have knocked before entering. This is your room for exploring your body when I’m playing my games, so you weren’t doing anything naughty. Do you need a change?”

Melody had been too busy thinking to concentrate on wetting her diaper.

“Not just yet, mummy, but I will soon.”

“How about I get us an ice cream each out of the freezer, and we have them in the garden?”

“Can I keep my frilly diaper on?”

“Of course you can. It’s still your reward time. It’s just far too nice a day to be stuck indoors for the whole afternoon.”

Melody clambered out of the armchair and hurried up to Mara, her large diaper sliding down even further. Mara hitched it back up around her waist and did the fastenings up tighter.

“There, that’s better. Now you can pee in it without any leaks. Let’s wash your hand, and then get our ice creams.”

Melody gave a happy little wriggle and wet herself.

Chapter 17

On Wednesday Joy visited for the day again. This time she stripped off as soon as she arrived, and as before she did all of Melody’s diaper checks and changes.

The day passed quickly. It was fun for Mara and Melody to have someone there with them. Melody thought it would be too long until the next Wednesday visit, and hoped Joy would come again before then.

The next day was Thursday and another Reward afternoon. Mara put Melody into a small frilly diaper, and then left her to play for her first hour on her own.

Mara was just heading upstairs when she heard Joy’s knock at the door.

“What a lovely surprise! Can you stay for long?”

“All afternoon, if you want. I thought I might have to work, but I wasn’t needed, and I thought it must be about the time for your private hour, so we can have a little fun together.”

“Brilliant. It’s so nice and warm, why don’t you get those clothes off and we can go out into the garden.”

“Al fresco sex, I like the sound of that.”

Ten minutes after Mara had left the room Melody went upstairs again. She could see the bedroom door was ajar, so she went straight in.

Melody crept up to the window and looked out, down into the garden, expecting to see mummy playing with her buzzing willy toy again. She was surprised to see that mummy wasn’t alone in the garden today. Joy was with her.

She wasn’t sure at first what they were doing. They were kneeling up, facing in to each other. Each had one leg between the others open knees. She thought they might be kissing, but no. Mara and Joys foreheads were resting against each other. One of Joy’s hands was caressing the back of Mara’s head, and one of Mara’s hand was gripping one of Joy’s shoulders.

Their bottoms were gently thrusting in and out from each other in a fascinating rhythm. Then Melody realised that with their other hands they were touching between each others legs. Their bodies were writhing, and now they were moving their lips towards each other – ew! It looked like they were trying to eat each other!

Then Mara let her head fall backwards, and Joy started licking her neck with little strokes of her tongue. Were they playing at being vampires now?

The bedroom window was open, and Melody could hear grunts and groans. They sounded louder than the noisy tennis players who grunted when she and mummy watched tennis matches together on the telly.

Suddenly they both collapsed in towards each other with a final groan. Melody jumped. Had they hurt each other?

No, they were hugging and laughing together, then Joy let herself fall backwards onto the grass, moving her legs around from behind her so that she was lying down with her legs open and her knees bent up. Mara had lowered herself forward on to Joy’s front at the same time, and she was lying on top of Joy, her legs down between Joys open legs. Their crotches were touching and Melody imagined the black and the brown curly pubic hair meeting and intertwining. Joy fondled Mara’s hair with one hand, and fondled her butt cheeks with the other, running her finger up and down her crack. Mara caressed Joy’s breasts.

Now Melody recognised what they were doing. That was the position the man and woman were in, in one of her books about reproduction. The man was lying on top of the woman, between her legs, and the woman was on her back, with her legs apart and her knees up. The man and woman were having sex. Mummy had said that the full name was sexual intercourse, but that was a mouthful, so people said they were ‘having sex’ or ‘making love’. That was a man and woman, though, and the man was putting his willy into the woman’s vagina. Neither mummy nor Joy had a willy, they both had vaginas.

Then she remembered her other book on relationships. It said that a lot of the time men and women loved each other, and sometimes two women loved each or, or two men loved each other. She remembered mummy telling her that two women who loved each other were lesbians.

Mummy and Joy loved each other, Melody could see that. They must be lesbians, then. She wondered why they hadn’t just got mummy’s buzzing toy willy out to play with instead of just poking each other, but perhaps mummy only had one buzzing toy willy, and then they would have to take turns. This way they could have sex together at the same time.

It didn’t bother Melody that she had seen her mummy and her mummy’s friend having sex. Mummy had told her that adults who loved each other could have sex with each other. It was a perfectly normal thing to do. It didn’t look like much fun if it made you groan out loud, but they were laughing and happy when they finished, so it couldn’t be too bad to do.

Satisfied that she had reached the right conclusion, Melody turned and skipped out of the room. She had some new games to try out now, and she needed her man and woman dolls to play them with.

A little later on Mara peeked through the gap in the door to see what Melody was up to in her Games room. Melody was sat naked on the blanket chest, her man and woman doll next to her. She was talking to them, and Mara paused to listen to what she was saying. Melody was arranging the dolls using her good hand, and giving them directions on what they should do to each other. At one point she threw the man doll across the room and said that women didn’t need men, they could play sex with each other instead. And if they hadn’t got anyone else to play sex with they could use a toy willy like mummy did.

When Melody had finished playing with her dolls got a book and sat in the big armchair to read it, holding the book propped up against her knees, and rubbing herself between her legs, poking her finger in, in between the rubs.

Mara had stood stock still as she listened to the graphic running commentary and peeked through the gap in the door. She didn’t want to intrude on her daughter’s game, and she felt bad for listening in, but she wanted to make sure nothing disturbing was going to happen.

She was shocked to find that Melody had seen her vibrator, and even worse that she had seen her using it. That must have been on Monday afternoon when she wanted to pleasure herself in the garden on as it was so warm and sunny outdoors.

Melody’s Games room had the blinds pulled down, for her privacy, and that room was at the side of the house. Mara had also closed the blinds in the rooms at the back that overlooked the garden, just in case Melody had gone into one of those rooms for some reason. That meant she must have looked out from an upstairs window.

The only two windows that looked out onto the back garden were the frosted bathroom window, and her own bedroom window.

Melody must have come looking for her, as that was where she usually shut herself away to pleasure herself, behind a locked door. She must have gone up there again this afternoon, looked out of the window to see where mummy was, and seen her and Joy making love.

Mara was distressed at the thought, and wondered how long her daughter had been watching her for. Now her daughter had seen her mummy and her mummy’s woman friend bringing each other to mutual orgasm. What should she do?

At that moment Joy approached, wondering where Mara had got to. Mara put her finger to her lips to signal silence, and took Joy by the hand and led her upstairs to her bedroom. Joy would know what to do, and what to say to Melody.

“She saw us,” groaned Mara. “She saw us having sex in the garden, and she’s just been acting it out with the dolls. She must have come up here and looked out of the window and seen us. What are we going to do?”

“Do? Why, we’ll do nothing but act naturally. If she brings the subject up, we’ll answer her questions openly and honestly. If we make a big fuss of it we might upset her, or make her think it’s a big deal. It’s not a big deal, it’s just us expressing our love for each other. We didn’t set out to let her see us. And many a child has walked in on their parents having sex. It’s not the end of the world, relax.”

“She was acting it out, though, with her dolls.”

“That’s what the dolls are for.”

“She tried to make the man and woman doll have sex, then she threw the man doll away and said women didn’t need men to have sex. And then she was touching herself, putting her finger inside herself.”

“I thought you didn’t mind her masturbating? She was on her own, and didn’t think she was being watched. She probably wasn’t even aware that she was doing it. What else is there? I can see there’s more that’s upsetting you.”

“She must have watched me from the bedroom window last week too, when I had my vibrator out to masturbate in the garden. I never realised she would leave her room and spy on me.”

“She probably just came looking for you to ask you something. And when she couldn’t find you she looked out of the window. I doubt she was deliberately spying on you. What did she say about the vibrator?”

“She called it my ‘big buzzing willy toy’.”

Joy couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, it seems an apt name.”

“She must have seen me using it, Joy.”

“She can’t play at that, though. She doesn’t have access to a vibrator. She’ll only use her finger, and that will soon bore her.”

“Would you have known what to do with one of those as her age, Joy? I don’t think I would have sussed it out. Not that I can see my parents ever having one hidden away.”

"I saw my mum using one once. I was about ten. She was in her bedroom, and she thought we were all out playing in the garden. She was laid out on the bed using it. I was looking through the keyhole, as we weren’t allowed to disturb her when the bedroom door was shut, but one of the little ones had fallen off a swing, and I thought she should know. I watched for a few moments, shocked. It made me feel funny between my legs just watching her. Then I realised that I was spying, and took my eye away from the keyhole.

I knocked on the door, and knew that when she took a few moments to open it that she had been getting quickly dressed and hiding the toy.

A few weeks later, when mum was out for the day and we had a babysitter, as I wasn’t old enough to be left looking after the little ones just yet, I decided to look for it. I said I was going to read in my room, because the younger ones were being very noisy, and then went off in search of it. It didn’t take long to find it. My mum stored it in an obvious place - top drawer of the bedside table.

I took it into my room, and worked out how to switch it on. It had seemed like a quiet buzz when I was spying on mum, but it sounded really loud in my bedroom. Luckily the kids were still making a racket downstairs.

I ran it up and down my arm to see what it felt like, and then held it on my tummy. It felt funny but nice. Then I ran it up and down inside my thighs, and my special place started feeling funny too.

I played with it for a bit, but it was too strong a vibration for me at that age. I was happier rubbing myself with my fingers.

I wiped the vibrator clean and put it back where I had found it. I don’t think mum ever found out about me playing with it. She certainly never mentioned it.

“See, you pinched your mum’s vibrator. It’s easily done! What if Melody decides to look for mine? It’s way too big, she’d hurt herself. She’s too young!”

“Stop panicking. Hide it well, lock it away if you need to. Anyway, now you have me you won’t need that.” Joy smiled at Mara, and leant in to kiss her. Relaxing at last, Mara responded. Neither of them realised how quickly the time was passing.

When Melody came up to find them a little later, bored of waiting for them to come and check on her, she saw them lying in the bed, kissing and fondling each other.

“Are you lesbians?” she asked.

Mara and Joy broke apart, startled.

“Yes, poppet, your mummy and I are lesbians.”

“And you have sex like lesbians?”

“Yes, poppet. Just like in those books we showed you.”

“Ok. Are you going to sleep here at night in mummy’s bed?”

“If you don’t mind, yes, I’d like to, sometimes.”

“Can I come into bed with you and have a cuddle please? I’m bored playing on my own.”

Mara finally found her voice. “Of course you can sweetie. But I want you to go downstairs and get a clean diaper first for me to put on you. I don’t want you having any accidents in here and making my bed wet.”

“I don’t wee in bed, mummy!”

“I’m not taking any chances. That diaper you have on is soaking, and it might leak. Go fetch a clean diaper, and I left my watch somewhere in the kitchen, could you find that and bring it up too for me, sweetie?”

“Okay.” Melody turned and headed back downstairs.

“I just wanted to buy us a few minutes before she gets in with us. Do you mind her cuddling in bed with us?”

“If you’re happy with it then I’m happy with it.”

“She’s very inquisitive.”

“I’d noticed,” Joy laughed.

“No, listen. She’ll ask to touch parts of you. She’ll definitely want to touch your boobs. If she asks to touch any part of you that makes you feel uncomfortable just say no, it’s private. She touches me all over, she always wants to know how bits of me work and why I have them. But she’s not allowed to touch me anywhere between the legs. I’ve told her that no-one can touch her there without her permission, and she’s not to ask to look at anyone else between the legs because she’s way too young.”

“I used to be obsessed with breasts,” said Joy. I would put empty yoghurt pots up a tight top to look like boobs. It’s sad that it’s not yet accepted that little girls will explore themselves. Boys play with their penises from being babies right up to being old men, but people say it’s natural. They just get trained to do it in private. I’m glad Melody is curious about her body. And I’m glad you let her be." Joy leaned over and kissed Mara again.

“Leave room for me!” said Melody, coming back into the room with a clean diaper in one hand and Mara’s watch in the other.

She climbed onto the end of the bed and lay back to have the diaper put on by Mara. Joy took the opportunity to pull a sheet over her body, and lay back against the pillows. Mara joined her under the sheet when she had diapered Melody, and patted the space between them, on top of the sheet, for Melody.

“Can’t I get under the cover with you?”

“No, sweetie. Not without your pyjamas on.”

“Mummy, can I have a booby?”

“No, it’s not booby time.”

“Joy, can I have a proper look at your boobies?”

Joy glanced at Mara, who nodded. She sat up, and let the sheet fall to her waist.

“Can I touch them?”

“Yes, you can.”

Melody sat astride Joy’s legs so that she was directly facing her. Gently she felt the contours of each breast with her good hand. “I wish I had boobies. It’s ages 'til mine will grow.”

“It will soon pass, poppet.”

“Can I touch your hair?”

“You can explore every part of me other than my private area between my legs.”

“Thank you.” Melody proceeded to stroke Joy’s glossy black hair, feel her eyebrows, nose, cheeks and lips."

“You’re pretty, like mummy.”

“Thank you, poppet.”

Melody pulled the sheet further back.

“What are you doing, poppet?”

“I’m looking too see if your hair down there matches your hair on your head like mummy’s does.”

“Ah. Okay. No further down, though.”

Melody felt the course pubic hair, winding her fingers in it. “It’s rough, like mummy’s. When I have hair down there I want it soft and silky, and I might grow it long enough to plait it.”

Mara and Joy fell back laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Melody climbed back between them. “I want plaits down there, with yellow bows on the end.”

“I’ll have red bows,” said Joy.

“And I’ll have purple ones,” added Mara.

They all laughed together. Melody wasn’t quite sure why they were laughing, but she joined in anyway because she was happy.

Joy stayed the night. Melody seemed to expect her to, so there was no reason to go. They had fun watching a movie together, and Joy did diaper and potty duty with Melody.

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 18

The next morning Melody carried her potty early into Mara’s bedroom.

“I need to poo, mummy.”

“What, already?” she yawned. “That’s early. Hang on.” She started to get out of bed, but Joy was already up.

“I’ll do poo duty,” she said.

“Wait,” said Mara, waking up properly. “Melody, you’re meant to use the toilet. You go to bed without anything on your bottom half so that you can use the toilet easily by yourself. The potty is for emergencies only.”

“There’s a big spider in the bathroom! I came to ask if I can use the potty instead, cos I don’t like spiders. And I’m going to poo any second!” she added, hopping from foot to foot.

Joy grabbed her and sat her down on the potty, just in time. When Melody had finished, and had had a wee in there as well, Joy took her and the potty to the bathroom. She wanted to check the spider wasn’t imaginary, and to clean the potty and Melody’s bottom too.

“There’s the spider!” Melody pointed out a tiny spider in the bath.

“You’re not scared of that, are you?”


“I didn’t think so. So why did you say you were?”

Melody shrugged. “I just wanted to poo in my potty.”

“Just this once I won’t tell your mummy, and I’ll say I threw the big spider out of the bathroom window. But I won’t cover up for you again. Understand?”

Melody smiled innocently up at her. “Thank you Joy. I’ll be a good girl,” said Melody, knowing that she was lying.

Back in the bedroom Melody asked if she could snuggle up between them again.

“Go get your diaper,” said Mara.

“She’s going to want her morning boob next,” she said to Joy. You don’t mind us doing it here, do you? We normally sit in the nursing chair, which is less comfortable for her. I keep hoping that if it’s too uncomfortable that she’ll give it up. But there’s no sign of it yet. Nursing in bed is for special times only. I’m still upset at what she saw us doing yesterday, and it’s a huge difference having someone else in the house, let alone someone sharing her mummy’s bed, that I want to be extra gentle with her today."

“I think you’re more stressed than she is,” smiled Joy. “I enjoy watching you feed her. You don’t mind if I watch again, do you?”

“Of course not. And Melody certainly won’t mind.”

Melody came back with a clean diaper again, and climbed onto the bed, this time asking Joy to diaper her. Mara watched as her little girl had her diaper put on. It was strange getting used to someone else doing these things that she had been doing by herself for so long. When they had done Joy climbed back under the sheet and Melody crawled in between the two women again.

“Booby time, mummy,” she announced. She snuggled up to Mara and suckled happily for a while, then looked up at Mara and asked, “Can I try Joy’s booby now, mummy?”

Mara wasn’t surprised at this request, she had been waiting for Melody to ask the question, realising as soon as she latched on that she might want to experience Joy’s breasts too. Joy glanced over enquiringly. She’d have shook her head if she didn’t want to, but she looked un-fazed at the question. Mara have her a slight nod or permission.

“Roll over then, poppet, and pick a booby. I’m like your mummy, and don’t have any milk, though.”

Melody turned towards her and squeezed both breasts as if she were choosing the best apple or orange from the fruit bowl. “I have milk on my cereal now instead,” she replied, “So it doesn’t matter if you’re boobies are empty.”

She finally chose the nearest breast. There was no hesitation about suckling a different person, she latched on just as if it was mummy’s breast. She suckled for five minutes, and then Mara said time was up. Melody lay back between them, contented. “I’m so lucky,” she said. “I’ve got four boobies to choose from now.”

“You did that like a pro,” Mara said to Joy. “It was beautiful to watch.”

“I enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me do it.” Joy and Mara leant into each other and kissed briefly.

After breakfast, which Joy stayed for, it was back to the Friday morning lessons routine for Melody. Joy had to leave straight after breakfast for work, but she promised she would visit again soon.

Mara dressed Melody in her school dress, and felt inside her diaper for wetness before the lessons started. Melody had managed to get some pee out as she was being dressed, trying to delay the start of the school day. She had woken up several times in the night because she couldn’t get her arm comfortable, and had been awake extra early too. She wasn’t in the mood for lessons.

After a quick diaper change, Mara finally managed to get Melody settled down to work. Writing lessons were out, as Melody was right handed and that arm was currently out of action, but she could still read, and learn spellings, and have various other kinds of lessons. Her attention span was short, though. So much had happened in the past week, and things kept crowding into her mind, and she was tired and inattentive.

Mara kept her patience. She knew her daughter’s temperament, and that this was going to be one of those harder days.

Every so often Melody’s hand would stray into her diaper to feel herself. Mara would either gently remove it, or softly say “Hand, Melody,” and Melody would quickly pull her hand back out of her diaper.

At the first diaper check Mara did Melody was wet again. She had sneakily drunk extra water from the bathroom tap after brushing her teeth, two big tumblers of it, so that she could wet a lot. Mara inserted her fingers to feel inside the diaper and found her soaking. She lay her on the floor and changed her again. “I hope you’ll stay dry for a bit longer this time, young lady.” Melody smiled at her and said “I will, mummy,” knowing full well that it wouldn’t be long before she peed again.

Half an hour later Melody was soaked again. She was standing at her easel painting a wonky picture with her left hand, and Mara could see the diaper starting to hang down below the hem of her short school dress, a sure sign that it was not just wet but soaked.

“Melody, did you drink extra this morning?”

“A bit extra.”

“To make yourself wee more so that you could miss lesson time by having lots of diaper changes?”

Melody flushed bright red, and Mara knew that she had guessed correctly.

“Well you’re on your fourth diaper of the day already, and it’s not even eleven yet. You can stay in that one until lunchtime.”

Melody shrugged and went back to her painting. She didn’t care about wearing a soaked, heavy diaper. It was fun. She only wanted the changes so that she spent less time at lessons.

Mara knew that she was really over tired and crabby. It would be better to let her have a rest than make her carry on doing lessons.

“Come on,” she said, taking Melody by the hand. “That’s enough lessons for the day. We’ll have a cuddle, you’re grumpy because you’ve had too much excitement yesterday.”

She took Melody into the living room, and sat on the sofa, and sat Melody on her lap. The diaper squished on her knees when Melody sat down. It wouldn’t hurt her to stay in it a bit longer to show that she couldn’t be changed every hour.

Melody leant against Joy and put her thumb in her mouth.

“No thumb, Melody,” reminded Mara.


“No, it’s not booby time.”

Melody pouted.

“I’m not going to give in every time you sulk, sweetie. If you’re that tired and grumpy you can go back to bed until lunch.”

“Booby mummy, plee-ease.”

Mara sighed. Things were catching up with her, too, and she was feeling tired. Melody suckling at her breast always soothed her. She would, for her own benefit, happily let her daughter suckle as much as she wanted, as she personally enjoyed it so much. But she had to think of what was best for Melody.

“Booby, mummy,” Melody whimpered.

Mara was tired and wanted soothing; Melody was tired and grumpy and wanted soothing. Mara lifted Melody so that her bottom was on the sofa next to her rather than on her lap, and let her snuggle against her and seek out her nipple and start sucking.

One hand supported her daughter’s back, the other gently patted her diapered bottom. She put her fingers in to feel just how wet it was inside. It was soaked. Melody would get sore if she stayed in it for much longer. Mara didn’t want to disturb her now that she was comfortable.

There were some freshly laundered diapers on the small table next to the sofa. She reached her free hand over, careful not to disturb Melody, and took the top one and put it next to her. She then undid the fastenings on the wet diaper.

Melody just let her carry on, opening her legs so that mummy could pull it away from her front, and lifting slightly so that the bit under hip could be pulled out. Mara let it drop to the floor with a heavy plop. She couldn’t do anything else with it at the moment. She couldn’t put the clean diaper on properly with one hand and Melody laid against her, so she just spread it open and told Melody to open her legs for a moment so that she could place it up against her. She held it in place, her hand cupping the diaper in between Melody’s legs. She knew that if she didn’t do that she would soon have a wet sofa and carpet.

Melody draped her upper leg over Mara’s forearm, getting herself comfortable. Keeping her hand in place Mara finally relaxed back on the sofa. Melody could suckle as long as she wanted, it would give Mara time to relax and be soothed herself. The rhythmic motion of Melody’s mouth and tongue soon helped her to slip into a pleasant sleep.

Melody heard her mummy’s breathing slow down, and felt the gentle rise and fall of her tummy with each breath. She suckled happily, relishing the nipple in her mouth despite the lack of milk. She had got her own way again. She had managed to miss some school time, had got a clean diaper on despite mummy saying she couldn’t have one until lunchtime, and was having yet another extra booby time. She did a little happy wriggle, and let a dribble of wee wee out into the clean, dry diaper that mummy’s hand was holding in place between her legs.

Chapter 19

It was a reward afternoon again, and Melody had found a new game to play. It wasn’t so much fun at the moment playing her Wetting Game by herself in the first hour, when mummy was in her room having sex with Joy. Her broken arm hindered her from changing herself easily. None of them pretended mummy was playing a game by herself now. The women were happier that their relationship was out in the open, and Joy had stayed over on Saturday night. Melody had told them over breakfast on Sunday morning that they should use mummy’s play hour to have sex, she promised not to interrupt them. They had asked if it embarrassed to her to know that they were having sex. She had shrugged her shoulders. “It’s perfectly natural. I expect I’ll do it myself when I’m grown up.”

It did make her a bit sad, though, that she couldn’t play her own game properly. She wore her diaper all of the time now, so weeing in it wasn’t so special anymore. She wanted to be able to wee in her panties again and make puddles on the floor, but her arm made getting her panties on and off by herself too hard.

She was naked at the moment. She had weed in her potty, and now she was having lots to drink so that she could wee again. She thought she might see if she could wee as she walked around the room and see how big a trail she could leave behind her.

She was sat cross legged on the changing mat on her blanket chest, drinking from her second bottle of juice. She’d had lots to drink at lunchtime, so she should be able to do some more wee wee soon. She sucked out the last drops of juice and put the bottle down next to her.

She needed to fill the time in while she waited to be ready to wee, so she wandered over to her table where mummy had put her paints and craft items. She fingered the paintbrushes, but painting with her left hand wasn’t much fun. Making models with clay wasn’t easy with one hand either.

There was also a box of chunky wooden beads on the table. She liked beads. Her favourite were the yellow ones. She put one of the big yellow beads into her sling, just because she liked it.

She was ready to start peeing now, so she squatted and made a little puddle by her little table, and then walked over to the big table, making footprints with her pee as she went by walking through her puddle.

She wandered off to the big dining room table at the end of the room, She’d better not climb up on one of the chairs while she was wet all down her legs – mummy would be angry at her for that.

She looked around the table to see what might have been left on there. Mummy had left her some carrot sticks for a snack. She took one and ate it, whilst letting out a few more dribbles of pee.

Next she leaked her way over to her toy box. That had things like her skipping rope and dressing up bits in it. She rummaged around in the toy box for a bit, but she couldn’t skip one handed, and that was what she would really have liked to be able to do. But she could do another little puddle, and make more footprints on the way back to her favourite place to sit, the blanket chest.

She wanted to dance around the room now, to make a really big wee wee trail, so she took her big yellow bead and placed it safely on the blanket chest.

She climbed back off the chest and stood in the middle of the room. She wanted to be able to dance around as she peed, but she needed to get herself started properly first. She thought she might skip, like a butterfly, so she put her good arm out like a wing, and stood, legs together with feet turned out ready to start like she did at dance class.

She started weeing, letting it our slowly at first – she wanted to feel it trickle down between her legs and between her feet. As the small puddle started forming on the floor she started her skipping dance. She’d not tried deliberately doing a wee wee as she danced before, but now she had got her flow started it was working well.

She skipped and twirled around, a little peeing butterfly floating around the room.

She finished her dance and stood proudly as she let the last of the pee out into a final grand puddle. Wow! The floor was covered in puddles and dribbles and trickles and wee wee footprints!

Then suddenly she realised how much mess she had made. Perhaps mummy wouldn’t be so proud of her after all! What was she going to do?

She hurried back over to the blanket chest, and sat, worrying.

Should she disturb mummy and Joy? She wanted to confess as soon as possible, but they might not be happy at being disturbed. It was ten minutes still before the private hour was up.

Then she heard a noise at the top of the stairs. She ran over to the door and peeked around it. Joy was just coming out of the bathroom. Perhaps she could help her clean up so that mummy wouldn’t be so angry.

“Joy,” she whispered as loudly as she could. “Joy, can you help me please?”

Joy came part way down the stairs.

“What’s up, poppet?”

“I’ve wee weed on the floor and I think mummy might be mad at me. Would you help me to clean it up, please? I’ll tell mummy what I did, but she might get really mad at me if she sees what I’ve done”

“Hang on, I’ll just tell mummy I’m cleaning you up, she’ll think it’s a diaper change.” Joy popped her head around the door to Mara’s room and said she’d just be ten minutes cleaning and changing Melody who had got into a mess.

She’d wait and see how bad the mess was before she decided whether it was worth telling Mara about it or not.

She went down to the Games room, Melody was sat dejectedly in the blanket box waiting for her.

“My goodness, has somebody had a hosepipe in here?”

Melody couldn’t even giggle at that thought. “It was a new game, I was making a wee wee trail and then I danced around like a butterfly when I was doing a really big wee. It was fun, but I think mummy will be mad at me.”

“Chin up, poppet. Nothing a mop and bucket won’t fix. I’ll have to tell your mummy that I mopped the floor because you did a bit of wee on it, I don’t need to say it was such a lot of wee, And the game was a mistake really, wasn’t it?”

Melody nodded.

“Well, we all make mistakes, and some are better not mentioned. I’d better wash your legs and feet and pop you into a diaper too. Wait there.” Joy disappeared and re-appeared after a couple of minutes with a mop and bucket of water with disinfectant in it. She quickly mopped around the floor and removed all traces of the pee, and gave it a wipe over with a dry mop to help it to dry quicker.

“You stay on that chest until it’s all dried, okay?”

Melody nodded again.

“Now lie down, I’ll clean you off and pop a diaper on so that you’re not tempted to try that again.” She quickly washed, dried and diapered Melody.

“Thank you Joy.”

“You’re welcome. Now, how about you let me and your mummy play together a bit longer this afternoon to make up for it?”

Melody though that was a great idea and nodded eagerly.

“We’ll be down at in an hour, then. No more messy games, young lady.” Joy gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed back up to tell Mara that they had another hour to have fun together. Mara was delighted that Melody was being so selfless.

Melody was pleased because she had avoided a telling off from mummy.

Chapter 20

Melody had to sit on the chest for ten minutes while the floor dried properly. She fondled the front of her diaper whilst she waited, trying to think of other things to do to pass the time.

She wished she’d held some wee back now, she could at least have peed in her diaper while she was waiting for the floor to dry. She put her fingers inside the leg of the diaper to feel around like mummy did. She knew she was dry, but she was trying to pass the time.

Then she pushed a finger into herself again, and wiggled it around a bit. Bodies were fascinating.

Was the floor dry yet? No. Sigh.

Finally the floor looked almost dry, so she edged herself off the blanket chest and stood on the floor. It wasn’t fair, she couldn’t even crawl around the floor properly like a baby with just one arm to balance on. Another sigh.

She picked up her pretty yellow bead. It was perfectly round, with a hole through the middle, and about as wide as her thumb. She put it back safely into her sling. Another check of the floor. Yes, it was finally drying!

Melody stopped to pick up a book from her bookshelf, and then headed over to the big arm chair to sit and read for a bit. She propped the book up against her knees, and started to read her story. Her good hand started feeling the front of the diaper, squeezing and fondling it. It felt nice and relaxing. She put her hand down the front inside the diaper and rubbed herself, not even realising what she was doing. She just knew she was feeling happier now. She needed to turn the page, and pulled her hand out to do so. She picked the yellow bead out of her sling and rolled it between her fingers for a while. That felt relaxing too. When she had turned the page again, she out her hand back inside her diaper, rubbing herself with the yellow bead. She pushed it in and out of her labia, not even noticing what she was doing, and then she pushed it a bit harder, and into her vagina. She rubbed her finger against the edge of the bead, in a circular motion, then took her hand out to turn the next page.

Then she realised what she had done.

She dropped the book and felt inside the diaper. She couldn’t feel the bead. She felt around her private parts, and yes, she could just feel the edge of it, but she couldn’t grip it to get it out. Her breathing quickened as she started to panic. What if was stuck in there for ever?

She tried again to grab at the bead with her fingers, and only succeeded in pushing it further up. She sat up, scared. Would she ever be able to get it out? What was she going to tell mummy? She glanced at the clock. Five minutes to three. She couldn’t wait five minutes for mummy, she needed her now.

She stood up, and walked carefully towards the door, wondering if she would feel the bead as she walked? Would it hurt to walk with it inside her? No, it didn’t hurt, she could hardly feel it. She wanted to pretend it wasn’t there and just forget about it, but it scared her too much to think of it stuck in there for ever and ever.

She ran to the door now and up the stairs, and knocked heavily on mummy’s bedroom door. Mara opened the door quickly, she had heard Melody running up the stairs and was coming out to see what the matter was.

“Mummy, I’ve done something really silly.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“What, sweetie? What have you done?” Mara knelt in front of her and held her shoulders gently. “Tell mummy what you have done, sweetie.”

“I pushed a bead into my vagina and it’s stuck up there,” came the wailing reply. Mara didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She turned to Joy, who had got up off the bed to see if her help was needed.

“What do I do? Do we need to take her to hospital again?”

“No need for the hospital. One of my little sisters did exactly the same thing once. I know how to sort it, I had to help mum do it for my sister. So long as it’s only a little way in we can get it out easily. Are you happy for me to sort her out?”

Mara nodded gratefully. Joy was so much better at coping with emergencies than she was.

“Come on, Melody. Come and lie on the bed, and we’ll see what we can do. Mara, can you pass me my bag? I’ve got some plastic tweezers in there we can get it out with.”

Melody panicked. She didn’t like the sound of that. “No! I want to go to the hospital. They can take it out.”

Joy sat Melody down on the bed and sat down next to her. She held the plastic tweezers that Mara had handed to her.

“If we take you to the hospital, Melody, you will have to tell them that you poked a bead into your vagina. You’ll have to tell them at the reception desk first, in front of everybody in the waiting room, and then you’ll have to tell the doctor too. The doctor will want to lie you on a high table to look up between your legs, and nurse will be there to hand him his metal instruments. There will only be a thin curtain between your cubicle and the ones either side of you. Everyone around will be able to hear what you have done. Everyone will see you when you walk out of that cubicle and know that the doctor had to pull a bead out of your vagina.” She was deliberately making the option of going to hospital less appealing. “Or we can lie you down on the bed here, and mummy can sit and hold you nice and still, and I can very gently put these tweezers up your vagina to get hold of the bead and gently pull it out of you. Which would you prefer?”

“You do it please Joy,” replied Melody in a small voice.

“Wise choice. Now, lie back on the bed, with your bottom close up to the edge and dangle your lower legs over the edge, nice and wide. That’s right. Mara, curl up next to her and hold her steady in case she wriggles, I want to make sure this stays pain free and safe.”

Mara curled up next to Melody, one arm over her body, holding gently but firmly onto Melody’s far arm to hold her in place.

Melody was crying less now, but breathing quickly, scared in case this hurt.

“Melody, I need to feel how far up the bead is with my finger first. Is that alright with you? My fingers are nice and slim, see?” She showed Melody her slender fingers. Melody nodded her consent.

“Mara, are you okay with me doing that?”

“Yes, of course. Thank you.”

“Melody, I’m putting my finger in now, I’ll be very gentle. I need to use my other hand to just make a space so that I can get my finger in as gently as possible.” Joy knelt on the floor by the bed, and leant forward to part Melody’s labia with one hand and slip her finger into her vagina with the other. Very slowly she mover her finger upwards, and soon felt the bead. It wasn’t too far in, Melody’s fingers were a lot less long that Joy’s, so it had felt further to her.

“Good girl, you’re being very brave. I can feel the bead, and I can get that out nice and gently with the tweezers. I’m taking my finger out now. There we go. Not long to go now. Right, I’m just going to make the space again like I did before, that’s it. The tweezers are going in, very, very slowly and carefully. I can feel the bead with them now. It won’t be long, I promise. This is the bit that will be a little bit uncomfortable. I need to open the tweezers up and get them either side of the bead so that I can grip it. Good girl.”

Melody let out a little whimper as Joy moved the tweezers into position and gripped the bead.

“I’m just pulling it gently out now, we’re almost there, almost there, and we’re done.” Joy held the bead up in the tweezers to show Melody and Mara that it was all over.

“Thank you, I don’t know what we’d do without you,” Mara said quietly. She was white and trembling. Melody just lay there and quietly cried.

Joy knew what would calm them both down.

She picked Melody up like a baby and lay her to one side of the large bed, and then placed herself in the middle of the bed, pillows propping her up. She patted the other side of the bed and told Mara to snuggle up next to her. Mara crawled up the bed and lay close to Joy.

Joy put an arm around Melody, and guided one of her large breasts to Melody’s mouth. Melody latched on to her and suckled softly, cuddling in close to Joy. Joy put her other arm out around Mara, who was watching Melody suckle, wishing she could find the same comfort. She glanced up at Joy, who nodded at her, and Mara took Joy’s other breast into her mouth. This wasn’t sexual playing with Joy’s breasts, it was purely for comfort, making her feel small and protected. She could understand why Melody didn’t want to give it up. The three of them lay there, Joy giving comfort to her lover and her lover’s child, and Melody and Mara gratefully receiving it.

Melody drifted on into a relaxing sleep. She was still nuzzled up against Joy, her good arm draped lightly across Joy’s tummy. When Joy could see she was properly asleep she whispered to Mara, “We can talk now, if you want. She’s sleeping like a baby.”

Mara was relaxed now, too. She pulled gently away from her lovers breast and propped herself up next to her on the pillows, leaning close to Joy. “Joy, you’re so calm in an emergency. Thank you.”

“I’m used to it, honey. The benefits of being the eldest of eight children. I hope you don’t think I’m being too bossy. I just liked to get things sorted quickly and calmly.”

“I’m glad you’re like that. It makes up for me getting into a flap.”

“Mara, you didn’t mind me touching Melody like that did you? I thought it would be better for her than having a stranger poking around in there.”

“It was fine. There was nothing sexual in what you were doing. By tomorrow she will be asking you all about it. You’ll probably have to demonstrate it on her lady doll.” They both laughed a little, knowing that this really was likely to happen.

“Mara,” Joy continued. “I’ve been doing some research online, tell me to back off if you think I’m interfering.”

Mara looked questioningly at her. Joy continued.

“I was looking up about older children breastfeeding. There seem to be many women who feed three and four year olds. Quite a few also feed five and six year olds. There some who feed children who are older, too.”


“Really. I’ll show you later the pages I found. So you’re not the freak you think you are for letting Melody still have her booby time. I bet there are many more women who do the same, but they don’t put it all over the internet.”

“But I don’t produce milk now. So she’s not really feeding, just sucking me like a dummy.”

“It’s comforting her. She calms down so quickly when you let have a booby when she’s upset. What could be more natural?”

“I wish I could produce milk again.”

“You could. I researched that, too. Massage of the breast, nipple stimulation, using a breast pump – it would take a few weeks, but with regular stimulation of your breasts you ought to be able to bring your milk in again.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful. Do you really think I can?”

“Yes, I do. I should know, I’ve done it myself.”

Mara looked enquiringly at Joy.

"We had a constant supply of babies in our house, and I had decent sized breasts when I was twelve. When I was babysitting the younger children would want to play with my boobs through my clothes, thinking I could feed them like mummy did. I let them touch me, but explained that mine weren’t milky boobies.

I would lie in bed at nights, massaging my breasts, squeezing the nipples, enjoying the feeling and wishing I could breast feed. I was fourteen when Grace discovered that I played with my breasts every night. I confided in her that I wanted to experience breast feeding. What happened next seemed so natural. I wanted to breast feed, Grace wanted to be a baby. She lay in my bed with me and started suckling. We did that every night, and early in the mornings too. If I had happened to be able to get a diaper for Grace to wear she was in heaven, and I’d feel like I had a real baby at my breast.

This started at the beginning of the long school summer holidays. We had ample opportunity during the day to play at breast feeding too, as we were often left babysitting some of the children to give mum the chance to get the shopping done in peace of even sometimes visit a friend. The older children would play happily in the garden for hours, and the younger ones stayed with us, but as soon as they were having a nap or fully occupied with toys Grace would latch on to me.

We had and two year old and a six month old baby in the family at that point. One day I was cuddling the younger baby who was crying. I tried to give him his bottle, but he wouldn’t take it. He wanted comfort, not milk. I looked at Grace, and she looked at me, and we were both thinking the same thing. I lifter my top up to free a boob and let him latch on to me. It felt so nice, so natural.

Grace sat and watched me. I could tell she was wishing that she was the baby. The two year old came toddling up. She was still breastfeeding from mum who would have one at each breast to feed them at the same time, and she was jealous that baby had the boob and not her. She came and sat next to me and lifted my top off my other boob. I didn’t do anything to stop her, I just let her latch on too. She pulled away saying ‘no milk’ and I said that my boobies didn’t make milk like mummy’s, but she could still have a cuddle and suckle for comfort if she wanted to. She went back off to play with her toys and Grace quickly slipped into her place.

I let them both suckle for about ten minutes, and then made them finish as mum was due home soon.

When she got home Grace and I both went up to our room and lay on our beds to masturbate. We’d never done that in front of each other before, although each knew what the other did to herself under the sheets at night. For the next couple of weeks I was letting Grace suckle on me as much as possible, as it gratified us both, I often let the baby suckle me when mum was out, and I would lie in bed for ages every night squeezing my breasts and playing with my nipples. The two year old would sometimes come up when the baby latched on and have a quick try of my breast, but would quickly leave when she found no milk. My breasts felt rounder, tenderer.

One day I started nursing the baby, and when the two year old came up to try my boob she stayed latched on and suckled properly for a little while. Grace was annoyed as she had to wait her turn, but when the little one left me she quickly latched on herself. A few sucks and she quickly pulled away. “Bloody hell, Joy, you’ve started making milk!” She greedily latched on again and suckled hard. It hurt more than usual, but she was blissfully happy so I let her carry on. I was shocked and delighted. We had to stop before mum got home, but as soon as we could we headed up to our room, and Grace had a good long suckle at each of my breasts.

I never produced a huge amount of milk, but it was enough to be able to comfort the younger children sometimes, and let Grace have a little feed several times a day. I enjoyed the slight discomfort when Grace suckled harder than usual. That was the best summer break ever.

When school started again we could only do morning and evening feeds for Grace, and my milk supply lessened. Grace was also starting to date boys, and was playing at being a baby less. By the New Year she was just asking occasionally to feed, usually after a tough day at school or a fight with a boyfriend. Naturally my milk dried up.

But what I’m saying is, if I could do that as a teenager, I bet we could get your milk flowing again too, if you wanted it to."

“Oh my goodness, that would be amazing. I could feed Melody properly, it would feel more right than letting her suck at an empty breast. You could feed from me too, if you wanted,” she added shyly, glancing at Joy.

“Oh, I’d love to be able to do that. I’d like to be able to feed you, too, like I did Grace.”

“Well, why don’t we both try to get our milk in? We can stimulate ourselves and each other, and Melody is happy to suckle at your boobies as well as mine. She wouldn’t mind being allowed to suckle whenever she wants. She never really wanted to go down to just a couple of short suckles a day. Let’s buy a breast pump too, to help things along.”

Mara was really excited, as was Joy. They leant into each other and kissed eagerly. The motion made Melody stir.

“Hello, sleepyhead,” said Mara, smiling at her. Melody had thought she might be in trouble about the bead, but mummy and Joy seemed to have forgotten about it already.

“Come and squeeze in between us.” Melody climbed over and snuggled between the two women. “Sweetie, I’ve got some good news for you.”


“Joy has been doing some research, and she’s found out that other boys and girls your age still breast feed.”


“Yes, and some older ones too. We’ll show you some pictures of them on Joy’s laptop later.”

“Does that mean I can still have my booby time for a long time yet, mummy?”

“Even better, sweetie. Whenever you want to suckle, you can just ask for it. Any time in the day or evening, but no waking me up at night for it.” Melody wriggled with excitement.

“And, sweetie,” Mara continued, “You can also ask Joy for booby too. She is happy to feed you as if she were your second mummy.”

Melody gazed happily at them both. “I want a feed,” she said.

“Joy fed last time, so I’ll move into the middle now and do the feeding.” Mara swapped places with Melody. Melody quickly latched on to her. As soon as she was settled Joy latched onto Mara’s other breast. Mara lay back happily. She really hoped she could produce milk again. Melody was happy sucking at an empty breast, but she was bound to be even happier if she could suckle again at a milky breast.

They all settled into a routine over the next couple of weeks. Frequently through the day Melody would ask for booby from either Joy or Mara. If both women were there the one doing the feeding would have the other woman on her other breast at the same time. Melody saw nothing unusual in this. If older children could breastfeed then why shouldn’t adults.

Mara and Joy did all they could to stimulate their breasts, massaging their boobs, stimulating their nipples, feeding each other regularly. They had bought a breast pump to help too, and used it regularly. Melody still had her morning and bedtime booby routine, but now she was allowed to get into the big bed with Mara and Joy for it. The women would take turns to be in the middle, suckling Melody on one side, and their partner on the other. Mara could feel her own breasts changing again, and could see the difference in Joy’s too.

Joy worked part time at the library three mornings a week, and Melody missed her when she was away from the house. Joy stayed over every night and was there a lot in the daytime too, but it was also nice sometimes to have her mummy entirely to herself.

Melody was allowed to play by herself in her Games room every afternoon now. Mara and Joy would spend an hour or two upstairs making love and stimulating each other breasts, then join Melody later on. Melody didn’t mind. She was loving being able to have a booby whenever she wanted. She was still in diapers full time. She found new games to play to keep herself busy, and she had her toys and books and paints.

Joy had brought her more books about how bodies work, and she wasn’t just thinking about the bits between her legs now. She was examining finger nails, and toes, and elbows etc. Everything was fascinating to her.

One day Mara and Joy had come back downstairs and found that she had used an indelible pen that she had found to draw pubic hair on her crotch. Melody had laughed too, when they burst out laughing at what she had done. It was nice that mummy was so much more relaxed about things now. It took a few days for the pen to start to fade, and Melody had wanted to draw it on again, but Mara persuaded her to wait until she was older and had real hair down there.

Joy had reassured Mara that all children would explore their body, and would often even masturbate, showing her medical pages and parents forums on line to back her up. That made Mara far more relaxed about letting Melody play with herself, although she still made sure that any play with her vagina was kept to her bedroom or the Games room.

After nearly three weeks both women were staring to produce small amounts of milk. Melody was thrilled with this surprise as they hadn’t told her what they were planning in case it didn’t work.

Chapter 21

The days were cooler now, and Mara and Joy would wear loose shirts or long cardigans around the house on chillier days, rather than walk around naked. These were easy to push open for whenever a feed was needed.

Melody had been wearing just a diaper on the warmer days, and sometimes a T-shirt. Now she would wear a jumper sometimes on her top half. She didn’t want the bother or dresses or skirts while her arm was still in its cast, so when the weather turned colder almost overnight either Mara or Joy started pulling on a pair of soft woolly stretchy tights up over her diaper.

Melody didn’t have any jeans or trousers, she had always refused to wear them. She liked seeing the diaper bulge under her tights, and she liked how the diaper came higher up her body than the tights did. She liked how the tights, which had to stretch further than normal to accommodate her diaper, would sometimes start to slip down, taking the diaper with them. She never pulled them up herself, she enjoyed walking around with them slipping down, until her bottom crack was showing if she bent forward, and the diaper was between her thighs rather than up around her crotch. Mara and Joy let her be – if she wanted her tights and diaper pulled up she would ask them to do it. Otherwise they’d wait until a diaper change, and then tidy her up again.

Melody liked having her tights pulled down for her diaper change, she’d lie on her back, knees turned out, with her tights down around her ankles whilst mummy or Joy cleaned her and changed her. She never told them when she needed a diaper change. Mummy had said she didn’t need to.

Every so often Joy or mummy would come over to her, and she would automatically spread her legs for them to check inside her diaper via a leg hole, carrying on with what she was doing regardless of the fingers inside her diaper. Often the checks would be while she was sat suckling form one of them. They were just part of her routine now, and she enjoyed the attention.

When she started wearing tights the diaper checks weren’t so easy to do. She would have to stand up and let mummy or Joy pull her tights down to her thighs before they could feel inside her diaper the usual way. They tried that a few times, but Melody found it frustrating.

“Sweetie,” mummy said to her one morning during lessons when it was time for a check. “I need to do a diaper check. No, don’t stand up. How about I check you like I used to by standing behind you? It’s a bit more intrusive, but means you don’t have to stop what you’re doing.”

Melody didn’t mind. She was wearing her short school dress and a cardigan with her tights. Lessons had moved from the conservatory into the Games room now that it was colder, but it was still chilly in the large room for a good part of the morning until the central heating had fully kicked in.

Mara stood behind Melody’s chair and leant forward, her long brown curls mixing with Melody’s. She lifted the dress up with one hand, and slid her other hand down the front of Melody’s diaper. It was a tighter fit down there, with the tights on top.

It felt quite damp, and Mara reached further down to see if a change was needed. Melody squirmed and pushed against Mara’s hand, which was down by her ‘happy button’. She had tilted her pelvis forward and opened her legs wider.

Mara felt the squirm, and thought Melody was just trying to make access easier for the check. She didn’t realise what Melody was doing until she pushed herself really hard onto Mara’s fingers and gave a happy little wriggle. Then she settled back and got on with her lesson as Mara drew her hand out.

“You need a change, sweetie, lay down on the floor.” Melody got off her chair and lay on her back, knees bent up, ready to lift her bottom up so that the tights could be pulled down to her ankles. Mara decided not to mention to Melody about how she had pushed her clitoris against her hand. She would talk to Joy about it, and decide if they should find another way to diaper check the little girl. Melody seemed totally unconscious of what she had done, it couldn’t have been deliberate.

Mara spoke to Joy of what had happened when she got in from work. The diaper change had been early morning at the start of lessons, and she hadn’t done a diaper check since, just in case it happened again. They were getting lunch ready whilst Melody was changing out of her school dress upstairs. Mara quickly explained how she had done the diaper check, and how Melody had pushed against her fingers to pleasure herself. She had no idea how to deal with it, and needed Joy’s advice.

“Do you think it was a one off, Joy? I’m scared to check her again now.”

“It might be a one off, she might just have done it without thinking. Kids often masturbate by pushing themselves against things to add pressure. She might not have known she was doing it.”

“Will you do the next diaper check, Joy? Do it from behind like I did, and see if it happens again?”

“Would you really be happy to see that happening? I’ll do it if you want, and at least I’ll be prepared for it, but you might not like seeing it.”

“Joy, remember I said I had sexual urges from when I was ten or eleven? Well, I’d been masturbating long before that, I just didn’t know it was anything to do with sex, just that pressing a certain place made me feel really good.”

“Yes, and that’s entirely normal. I did the same myself. My mum was always slapping my hand away from my crotch until I was about five, and then I just learned to hide it. Melody is the same. She is doing something that feels pleasurable, she doesn’t see it as dirty. She understands what sex is now, and she knows that’s what you do when you’re older, and that she’s too young. She’s just playing.”

Melody walked into the kitchen in her tights and diaper, with a woollen jumper on her top half. She still had just over a week to have the cast on her arm, but she didn’t use the sling anymore, so could put a jumper on if the sleeves weren’t tight.

Her diaper was sagging very low, pulling her tights down with it, the waistband was low down under her tummy at the front, and starting to show her bottom at the back. She seemed totally unaware that it was so wet, and hadn’t asked for a change. Mara could see that the diaper was actually starting to leak around the legs a bit, and the tights were soggy between her legs.

Joy went over to her and pulled the tights and diaper back up, making sure they were snug to her body. “Do you think your diaper’s wet, poppet?”

“A little bit.”

“Stand in front of me, then, and turn around so that I can give you a proper check.”

Melody did as she was told. Joy had arranged it so that she was facing Mara. Melody put her thumb from her good hand into her mouth, and stood ready with feet apart. Joy glance at Mara, and then put her arms around the little girl. One hand raised the jumper out of the way, and the other slid down between the snugly fitting diaper and tights and Melody’s body, into the crotch of the diaper.

She remembered that Mara had said she had put her hand further in to check how far back the wetness had gone, so she did the same. “You feel a bit damp, poppet, let’s feel a bit further back to see if we need to change you.”

She pushed her hand further in, and felt Melody lean back against her and tilt her pelvis so that she could push against Joy’s fingers. She kept her fingers still, and Melody wriggled against them, backwards and forwards a few time closing her eyes in contentment. Joy let her continue for a few seconds, nodding at Mara, who could see anyway what was happening.

“All done, poppet. You definitely need a change. Go lay yourself down ready.” She pulled her hand out of the soaking diaper and washed it under the tap.

“We need to find a different way to diaper check her,” she said quietly to Mara. “That was definitely deliberate.”

Mara nodded.

Joy pulled Melody’s tights down around her ankle, and started the diaper change. She worked more slowly than normal to give her time to talk to Melody. “Thumb out of your mouth, poppet,” She said. “You’re a big girl, not a baby. Did you know, Melody, that when I just checked how wet your diaper was, and when your mummy did it earlier, that you were wriggling around a bit?”


“Why did you do that? You never used to.”

“When you do a diaper check the other way I don’t feel your fingers as much.”

“I thought you would have pulled away if you didn’t like feeling our fingers in there, but you didn’t did you?”


“And what did you do instead?”

“I pushed up against them.”

“Why did you do that, poppet?”

“Because I like feeling them in there, and I wanted to push my happy button.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Yes, it’s right between my legs underneath me, and when I press it there I feel all tingly.”

“Well, all girls and women have happy buttons down there. But it’s a private thing, like your vagina. It’s fun touching a happy button yourself, and when you are older, much older, you can let other people touch it if you want to, but for now it should just be you touching it. Understand?” Melody nodded. “We don’t mind how much you touch yourself in private, it’s a fun and natural thing to do, but mummy and I don’t want to have you pushing against us to do it. Grownups don’t do that to little girls. Now, there you are all clean and changed. We’ll pop a fresh pair of tights on later. Let’s have lunch first.”

Joy helped Melody up, and they sat down to eat. Mara and Joy talked casually about various things, but Melody was quiet and thoughtful. There were so many rules on what you could and couldn’t do.

After lunch she asked for a booby. Mara sat took her into the living room and sat on the sofa so that she could nurse her daughter. Her milk was flowing well now, and she knew Melody would drink for at least ten minutes and then have a sort nap.

“Mummy, I’m sorry if I did wrong. I didn’t know it was wrong. I just like the tingly feeling.”

“I know sweetie. I was the same when I was your age. But some things are just private, and that’s one of them. Will you promise never to push your happy button onto mummy or Joy’s hands again when we do your diaper checks?”

“I can’t mummy. I won’t do it on purpose, now I know it’s naughty, but sometimes I rub against things and don’t realise I’m doing it until I get all tingly. It’s like touching my vagina. I try to only do it in private, but sometimes I find my hand inside my diaper feeling inside my vagina and I don’t realise I’ve done it. I’m sorry, mummy.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll find another way to check you instead.” Mara lifted a breast to Melody’s mouth. In some ways she was so innocent and baby-ish still, and in others she was more like a teenager.

Joy was doing the washing up in the kitchen. By the time she had finished and come in to sit next to Mara on the sofa Melody had started to drift off to sleep. Mara and Joy knew they could talk now.

“Thank you, Joy,” said Mara. “I find it so hard knowing how to talk about these things to Melody. I don’t want her to feel that pleasuring herself is dirty and naughty, like I did when I was her age.”

“We need to find a different way to diaper check her, though, as she couldn’t promise not to push herself against our hands again, as she says that sometimes she does it without thinking and doesn’t realise until she’s gone all tingly.”

"Well, for the moment we’ll just pull her tights down out of the way and check through the leg hole like we used to. It’s a bit more long winded, but will save any more problems with accidental touching. It’s not long now until her cast is off and she’s back in panties for most of the time. It’ll be nice to get back to more of a normal routine, and I’m hoping that a big dose of diapers like this will have made her less enthusiastic about wearing them!

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 22

Melody was playing in her Games room, and Mara and Joy were upstairs. She had been playing with her dolls, and the time had passed quite quickly. She was wearing some of her frilly panties, and had wet in them once already.

She wanted another wee wee, so she headed for the pottie and peed through her panties again. She wished she could poo in her pants again, but mummy would be so mad. She had been so angry last time, and Melody didn’t dare risk anything again too soon.

She did need a poo, though. She could hold it longer than she pretended, but she always said she couldn’t hold long, cos she was secretly hoping she could have an ‘accident’ some time and deliberately do the poo in her panties or diaper without getting told off, but she’d not been brave enough to actually do it yet.

She waited a bit longer, squeezing her butt cheeks together with her muscles to make sure the poo stayed in until she’d decided what to do. She was getting genuinely desperate when she heard someone coming down the stairs. She ran to the door and opened it, calling out “I need to poo!”

Joy had been coming to check on her anyway, so hurried into the room, grabbed Melody by the hand, ran her over to the potty, and had her soggy panties down around her ankles and her bottom sat on the potty before Melody had had time to decide if it was worth having an ‘accident’. Joy didn’t mind cleaning up poo, so Melody was planning her accident for when Joy was around again.

She let the poo slide out of her, enjoying feel it stretch her bottom hole a bit as it went through. Pooing was fun, but she only ever needed to do it twice a day, occasionally three, and it was over too quickly, which was a shame.

Joy stood her up and wiped her clean, and then carried her, panties still around her ankles, over to the blanket chest. She laid her down on the changing mat, and removed the wet panties. Deftly she washed Melody from the waist down to her toes – she knew by now that Melody liked to wee all down her legs when she was playing, so she automatically washed her bottom half down when she changed her in the afternoons.

She held Melody’s ankles in one hand and raised her legs up and over her body, so that her bottom came up from the changing mat and her anus was exposed. Melody bent her knees to make it easier for Joy, who cleaned around her bottom thoroughly. She could have just asked Melody to roll over, but she knew Melody would enjoy it more this way. “Diaper, panties, or nothing,” she asked.

“Panties please.” Joy got a fresh pair of frilly panties and slid them over her ankles, up her legs and up around her waist.


“Yes, poppet?”

“I wish I could poo in my panties again.”

“I know you do, sweetie, but mummy says no.”

“Would you let me, if I was your little girl?”

“You’re not my little girl, so it doesn’t matter whether I’d let you or not. Hand out of your panties please.” Melody had put her hand inside her clean, dry panties for a feel around. She pulled it out again, and popped her thumb into her mouth instead.

“And you know mummy doesn’t like you sucking your thumb either.”

“I wouldn’t have to suck my thumb if I could have a pacifier.”

“You know you’re not allowed a pacifier.”

Melody sighed. “Will I ever be allowed to poo in my panties or diaper?”

“No. It’s your mummy’s decision, and we both have to respect that. Now, you carry on playing, and I’ll be down to check and see if you need a change again later.” She bent down and gave Melody a kiss, and left the room.

“I will poo myself again,” Melody said to herself. “I’ll just have to pretend it was an accident. So there!”

Chapter 23

It was Sunday evening, and Melody was sat on the sofa feeding from Mara. She was wearing her diaper and a rainbow striped jumper and purple socks. Her lime green cast was grubby now, but it was being removed tomorrow. They had an early appointment at the hospital, so Mara had decided to tell Melody this evening that they would be going to the hospital tomorrow to have the cast removed from her arm.

She waited until Melody had pulled contentedly away from her, before telling her what would happen tomorrow. It was just her and Melody in the house tonight, but Joy was driving them to the hospital in the morning.

“Sweetie, you’re getting your cast off your arm tomorrow, that’s good, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s boring now, I want my arm free again.”

“So we have to get up nice and early tomorrow. Our appointment at the hospital is an early one, and we’ll have to drive through the busy traffic to get there.”

Melody looked panic stricken. “The hospital? Can’t you take it off, mummy?”

“No sweetie. It won’t hurt, you know.”

“I don’t want to go to the hospital!”

Mara thought she knew what the problem was. “I know we made the hospital sound a bit scary when we told you how it would be if we had to take you there to get the bead pulled out from your vagina, but we did exaggerate so that you would behave yourself for us and let us get it out quickly and easily at home. You know how nice the people at the hospital were when you hurt your arm. They were kind and gentle, weren’t they?”

“I know. But I don’t like going out of the house. It’s nice here, just you, me and Joy.”

Mara realised that Melody hadn’t in fact left the house, except for playing in the garden, since the day she had broken her arm, just over six weeks ago. She hadn’t been going to dance class, and was too old for Rainbows now. They had been so happy, just the three of them, that they hadn’t even thought about going out. If Mara needed to shop, Joy would babysit. Joy worked a few mornings a week, so she went out too. But Melody hadn’t seen anyone else apart from the two of them for six weeks. No wonder she was scared. She hated strangers at the best of times, and having to face people now must seem terrifying to her. She hugged her daughter close.

“Sweetie, I will be with you the whole time. And Joy is driving us there in her camper van. She’s going to stay with us too. You can have a breast feed in the van when we arrive, and one after we get out of the hospital too. We have an early appointment, so we’ll get seen on time, and we can wait in the van if you want until just before our appointment. And we’ll come straight home afterwards. You can manage that, can’t you?”

“S’pose so.”

“Good. I will be with you all the time, remember that. You’re such a good, brave girl.”

Melody thought long and hard in bed that night. She knew mummy would make her wear panties tomorrow, as they were going out of the house. And Joy would be there. And Joy had her nice camper van, which was like a private room at the back. She would have to hope that she didn’t want to poo too early in the morning. If she could hold it in until she had left the house, then she could have an ‘accident’. And mummy would say it was because she was scared, so she wouldn’t get told off. She gave a happy wriggle, and settled down to sleep.

As she had expected, Mara expected her to wear panties to go to the hospital. Melody was worried that she would be going in a diaper at first, because when she snuggled into mummy’s bed to have her morning feed mummy had put a diaper on her, like she always did. But after an early breakfast she told Melody to go and get dressed in the clothes she had set out for her in her bedroom. Melody was happy that she hadn’t had to do a poo yet, and even happier when she saw the panties. She knew she had to put up some protest, though, or mummy would think she was too keen to wear them.

She squatted first to empty her bladder. She might as well enjoy using the diaper before it was taken off her. When she had finished she called out for Mara.


Mara came to see what Melody was calling her for.

“What’s up sweetie?”

“Am I wearing panties to the hospital?”

“Yes, sweetie. We’re going back to our normal routine from today. I did say that full time diapers was only to happen while your arm was hurt, but it’s all mended now, so when we go out and about you’ll be wearing panties again, and you’ll be wearing your panties at home unless it is a reward afternoon or a general playtime when I say you can wear a diaper. Understand?”

Melody nodded. She was hoping mummy had forgotten, but no such luck.

“And there are to be no accidents. I’ll keep doing pantie checks until I’m sure that I can trust you to keep them dry all of the time.”

Melody nodded again, squeezing the front of her diaper for comfort.

“Are you wet, sweetie?” Without waiting for an answer Mara slipped her fingers in at the leg hole of the diaper and felt around. “Yes, you’re quite soggy. Get yourself dressed, and then bring your panties down to the Games room and I’ll clean you up and pop them on for you.”

Mara went back to her room to finish getting dressed herself. Mummy had put out nice warm clothes, as it was a chilly day. The panties she would be wearing were purple, and there were knee length purple socks to match. She pulled on the T-shirt that was also purple over her head, and slipped into the elasticated waist fine corduroy skirt that was made gypsy style and came down to her knees. That was a paisley pattern, in purple, yellow and pink. She had a chunky deep yellow cardigan to go over the top – she left that to put on when they left the house, and it was too warm for indoors. It was lined, so almost like a coat. It seemed a long time since she had worn clothes properly. She slipped on her trainers, and went downstairs, carrying the purple panties in her left hand.

Mara laid her on the blanket chest to change her. “Joy will be here soon”, she said. “We’ll be setting off as soon as she arrives, so if you need another wee wee you’d better hop on your potty now.”

“I don’t need a wee wee. But mummy, I haven’t done a poo yet this morning.”

“Do you think you need one now?”

Melody shook her head, despite the feeling she was getting in her bowels. She hoped she could hold it until the right time.

“Well, there are toilets at the hospital, so if you need to go when we get there just let me know.”

Mara started on the change. She lifted Melody’s skirt up over her tummy, and told her to hold it back out of the way, she’d made sure the back of the skirt was out from under Melody’s bottom when she put her on the changing mat, so that she’d be able to wash her down without getting the skirt wet. She told her to lift her bottom whilst she slipped the wet diaper out, and proceeded to quickly wash and dry Melody, and slip her panties on over her trainers and pull them all the way up. She helped Melody up, and straightened her skirt so that it hung nicely again.

“You look lovely, sweetie,” she said.

“So do you, mummy.”

Mara was wearing a long skirt made of velvety panels in different deep rich colours. Melody knew she wouldn’t have any panties underneath. She had a stretchy black vest top on, and was now slipping on a long deep red cardigan that belted around the waist.

“Let’s go and wait in the living room until Joy arrives,” Mara said. “You can have a feed while we wait, if you like.”

Mara settled onto the sofa, opening her cardigan up, and pulled her top up on one side to free a breast. Melody settled onto her lap and latched on, and Mara wrapped the cardigan around her daughter, make her a safe, snuggly cocoon. She wanted to relax Melody, so that she could cope with the trip to the hospital.

A short while later they heard Joy letting herself in at the front door. Mara helped Melody up, and pulled her top back down and did her cardigan up.

“Am I too late for a feed?” Joked Joy.

Mara smiled at her. “You can have one in the back of the camper before we go in. I’ve promised Melody one, and you can have one too.” The two women hugged each other. Melody thought it was very strange seeing both of them fully clothed at the same time.

Mara gathered up her bag, and helped Melody into her cardigan, buttoning it up at the front.

“Pantie check,” she said, and stood behind Melody and lifted her skirt at the front. Melody put her feet apart, and Mara quickly put her arm around her and her hand down to make sure she was still dry between her legs. Melody clenched her muscles tight around her bottom hole – she would need to poo fairly soon, but wanted to make sure they were in the van and away from the house before she let it out. Mara hadn’t forgotten about the poo either. She dropped Melody’s skirt at the front back down, and turned her sideways, pulling up the back of her skirt, bending her forwards a bit and pulling her pants away from her bottom to have a look and see that it was still clean down there too.

“She hasn’t done a poo yet this morning,” Mara explained to Joy. “Just checking she hadn’t let any out into her panties. Do you need to poo yet Melody?”

“Not yet, mummy,” said Melody, blushing. Mara thought she was embarrassed at having a poo check as well as a wee check, but Melody was just concentrating on holding the poo in.

“Good girl. Tell me as soon as you need to go. Joy, can we pop her old potty in the back of the van, just in case we need to stop on the way?”

Bother, mummy was being way too organised. Melody needed to time this perfectly.

Mara grabbed the potty from the cupboard it was stored in, whilst Joy took Melody out to the van and strapped her in on the booster seat she had had fitted in the middle of the front seats. There was a single seat for the driver, and a double seat to fit two passengers. The booster seat was fixed to the seat in the middle, and Joy made sure Melody was comfortable before strapping herself into the drivers’ seat. Melody could hear Mara sliding open the side door and putting her potty and bag into the back. She then climbed in the other side of Melody, and bucked herself in too.

“Last chance for a poo,” she said.

“I’m fine thanks,” said Joy. “Melody, do you need one?”

Melody giggled, knowing that Joy was being silly when she answered. “No thank you,” she replied, feeling the pressing in her bottom and knowing that she would soon be desperate.

Melody knew the road out of the village well. It was, in fact, the only road out of the village. They had to drive through the village centre first, and then out the other side to head towards the hospital in town. The usually came along here on the bus, and it looked a bit different from being lower down in the camper van, but Melody had been along this route lots of times, and knew what landmarks to look out for.

“Alright, sweetie?” Mara’s question interrupted her thoughts. She thought Melody was quiet because she was feeling nervous, but she was just deep in thought, making sure she had got everything worked out for her plan.

Melody gave mummy a little smile, and nodded, and then went back to thinking. They were driving through a section of the road that had woodland at each side now. There were a few small turn offs, where cars could drive up and park their cars so that people could walk their dogs through the woods, or just have a walk by themselves. As they passed the signpost for the first parking area, Melody gave a little squirm. Thirty seconds later she squirmed again, and Mara asked, “Sweetie, are you ok?”

“I need to poo, mummy.”

Mara had also made her plans. She had thought Melody might need find herself needing the toilet on the way to the hospital, so she had made sure the old potty was in the back of the camper van. She had also mentally made note of where the various suitable stopping places were on the route to town, in case they needed to pull in quickly.

“Joy, can we pull in at the next car park? There’s a tiny one up a narrow lane coming up on the right, just a couple minutes away.”

“I know the one,” answered Joy.

Both women knew it was about a two minute drive away to the turning, another thirty seconds to drive up the narrow lane and park. They then had to unbuckle themselves and Melody, and get her out of the van and into the back of the van to use the potty as quickly as possible. If necessary Mara could lift Melody’s skirt and pull her panties down in the car park whilst Joy grabbed the potty from the van, and she could use it by the side of the van. It would be tight, but it would be do-able.

Melody knew better. She wriggled and squirmed, to show how desperate she was. It was getting difficult to keep it in now.

They parked as quickly as possible, but Melody was already starting to let the poo out before her feet had touched the ground. Joy had run round to the side of the van to grab the potty, and Mara had unbuckled her and lifted her out of the front of the van. The unbuckling hadn’t been quick because Melody was squirming around. Mara hoped to get Melody into the back of the van to use the potty, but as she led her quickly by the hand to get into the van Melody planted her feet firmly on the ground after a couple of steps, saying “Mummy! Too late!”

She then pulled her hand out of Mara’s and squatted down, knees apart. She crossed her arms over her knees, and buried her head in them. Her curls cascaded down each side of her face. Mara knelt by her and rubbed her back sympathetically. She thought Melody was ashamed to be crouching in a car park, messing herself. Joy put the potty back in the van, and started getting various things out of one of the cupboards. She had decided that with Melody about it was best to be prepared for all eventualities.

Melody crouched, feeling the poo slide out of her, stretching her bottom hole and pushing her panties out. It felt hot, although she knew from her previous experience that it would soon feel cold and yukky. But she wouldn’t be left to sit in it this time. Joy would clean her up, because they couldn’t be late for the hospital appointment. She crouched down, head resting on her arms, smiling happily, knowing that to mummy it would look like she was ashamed at what had happened. Her body started shaking, and she rocked herself gently backwards and forwards. Mara thought she was crying, but she was actually holding back laughter. She felt mummy rubbing her back as she knelt next to her, but she didn’t move. She could feel the weight of the poo as it made the back of her panties bulge out. She wished she could see what it looked like. She stayed where she was, revelling in the moment, until Mara gently whispered, “Are you all done, sweetie. Can we clean you up now?”

Melody gave a slight nod, head still cradled on her arms, and felt mummy, who was now in front of her, put a hand under each of her arms by her armpits, and gently raise her up. She slowly straightened up. Without looking at mummy she flung her arms around her waist and buried her head against her. Mummy stroked her head consolingly. Melody had felt the poo drop further down into her panties between her open legs as she stood up, making them sag satisfyingly. She stood with her feet apart, her poo filled panties filling the gap between her the tops of her legs.

She heard Joy’s voice, as mummy wrapped her arms around her and held her close. "Right, let’s see what the damage is.

She felt a hand lift the back of her skirt, and Joy spoke again. “Hold her skirt up out of the way Mara. I’ll get her panties down and off her and clean off the worst of out here, then we’ll tidy her up in the van.”

Now Joy was pulling her panties down, over her hips, down past her thighs and to her ankles, taking most of the poo with them. Some was still wedged between her bum cheeks, though. She could feel the cold air on her bottom, as it was exposed to the elements. One ankle was lifted by Joy, and her trainer taken off, so that her foot could fit through the leg hole of the messy panties without getting poo on it. Joy put her foot down, without stopping to put the trainer back on, and did the same with the other foot. She was now standing in her socks, her skirt still pulled up over her bare bottom. She could hear a rustle of a plastic bag – Joy must be wrapping the messy panties up. Still she stood face in to mummy, holding tight.

Next she felt a cold wetness on her bottom. Joy was wiping her clean with a wet wipe. Mummy used a flannel for washing, but Melody could guess what this was as it felt different. It was a different texture, and thinner – she could feel Joy’s fingers through it. Joy was wiping each cheek of her bottom first, and then she wiped in between her cheeks. She had to slide a wet wipe covered finger right in to get all of the wedged in poo out. Several wipes later, and Joy seem satisfied. She heard her saying “I’ll have to check that none has gone further forward, but let’s get her into the back of the van now to finish sorting her out.”

She felt mummy lift her under her arms and hold her against her front, one arm behind her back, the other under her bottom, and she wrapped her legs around mummy. She had moved her arms up and wound them round mummy’s neck, holding her close and burying her face in mummy’s hair. Mummy carried her into the back of the van, and tried to lay her onto one of the long seats. Melody didn’t want to let go of mummy, but she felt Joy’s hands loosening her fingers. She allowed herself to be laid down, but promptly rolled onto her side, facing away from mummy and Joy, and hiding her head in her arms again.

“Melody, sweetie, we need to finish cleaning you up. Roll onto your back please.” Melody made no response.

She felt another wet wipe going between her legs, making sure no poo was stuck around her vagina, cleaning her thoroughly. Then Joy’s voice.

“You’re all cleaned now, honey. Your mummy and I are just going to go and find a bin, there’s usually one in these car parks somewhere. We’ll shut the van door so that you are safe, and have time to relax a bit, and we’ll be back shortly.” Melody heard them step of the van and slide the door shut. She knew they hadn’t walked away as she didn’t hear any footsteps, so she stayed still for a bit longer. When she heard them walking away she relaxed her position a bit and smiled. She had done it! She put her thumb in her mouth and sucked happily.

Mara and Joy walked over to the bin to dispose of the bag of messy panties and baby wipes.

“Well,” said Joy. “Was that a genuine accident, or not?”

“I think it really was,” replied Mara. “Didn’t you think so?”

“I honestly don’t know. If she had got all hysterical and been a drama queen over it I’d have thought she was putting on an act. But she was so quiet, almost as if she was in shock. Could a seven year old know how to fake that?” She smiled at Mara, “I love your daughter, you know that, but we both know she will try and get her own way when there’s something she wants to do.”

Mara sighed. “I know. But I thought after the incident on her birthday that she wasn’t bothered about trying that anymore. Has she said anything to you about it?”

“It came up in conversation last week. She asked me outright if I thought you would ever let her do it, and I said no, and she had to respect that decision.”

“What do I do? I can’t tell her off if it was a genuine accident, but I don’t want her to get away with it if she did it deliberately.”

“Don’t say anything for now. We’ll just get her tidied up, and then we can feed her here, because if that was genuine she will be feeling terrible and need calming down. We’ll still be in plenty of time fort her appointment. I’ll drop you two off at the entrance and find somewhere to park and then come and join you to save time. Later on, when we’re back home, I’ll ask her straight, was it an accident or deliberate. A couple of times I’ve suspected that she’s bending the truth, and when I’ve asked her outright she’s admitted she was trying it on. I’m sure you’ve probably found the same thing too.”

“I have,” sighed Mara. She dumped the bag in the rubbish bin. “We’d better get back to her. I’ve got a spare pair of panties in my bag.”

“Might I suggest a diaper?”

“She might see that as a reward, if she was being naughty. I haven’t got any with me anyway.”

“But I have. And they are disposables. All nice and crinkly, and a lot more embarrassing for someone who’s been naughty. And if it was an accident, then she’ll just be glad of some security, in case she wets herself as well.”

“You think of everything! Thank you. Yes, I think that would be a good idea.”

Melody heard mummy and Joy approach the van. The euphoria was wearing off now, and she was starting to feel worried that she’d overstepped the mark. What if they realised it wasn’t an accident? Joy was very clever at knowing when she was lying.

Melody’s worried face as they entered the van helped to convince the women that she hadn’t messed herself deliberately. She was sucking her thumb, and had rolled over to her other side, facing the door. She held her arms out to her mummy, but said nothing.

Mara hugged her, and then lay her back down. “Sweetie, you’re all clean again now. But I don’t have any spare panties, as I’ve got out of the habit of carrying them and forgot the check my bag before we came out.” Melody was looking worried. She wasn’t sure she wanted to walk around with no panties on like mummy did, and certainly not in a busy hospital.

“Don’t worry,” said Joy. I have some disposable diapers here, which are just your size." Melody showed that she accepted this by rolling on to her back and opening her legs ready to be diapered. Joy quickly put the disposable on her and fastened it up.

Melody was still sucking her thumb, and not saying anything. Mara sat down next to her and put her on her lap. She opened the top of her cardigan, and lifted her top, and then removed Melody’s thumb from her mouth, guiding her nipple in there instead.

Joy sat the other side of her, and leant Mara in towards her. Freeing one of her breasts she offered it to Mara.

“I was meant to be feeding you,” said Mara.

“You need it more at the moment,” and Joy guided her nipple to Mara’s mouth.

The three of them sat in the back of the camper van, snuggled together on the seat, Joy feeding Mara, and Mara feeding Melody.

Chapter 24

The hospital visit went smoothly, and Melody was soon free of her cast. She hadn’t spoken a word since her accident in the car park, just nodding or shaking her head as required when someone asked her a question. She was worried that when she started speaking Joy would start asking her questions, and ask her if she had done it on purpose. So she kept quiet.

Mara had given her a quick diaper check in the front of the van before they got out, and Melody was dry at that point. She needed a wee, but was hoping mummy would take her to the toilet before her appointment. But mummy didn’t ask her if she needed a wee wee, and she couldn’t ask, ‘cos that would mean talking. She was sat on mummy’ lap, and mummy was cuddling her. It was nice.

Joy soon joined them in the waiting room, and not long after they were called in for the appointment.

Afterwards Melody sat on Joy’s lap, as Mara had some forms to fill in. She squirmed a bit, as she really needed to do a wee wee now, and Joy asked if she needed a pee. Melody nodded her head, and started to get up, expecting Joy to take her to the nearby toilets. But Joy pulled her back onto her lap.

“Poppet, I’m afraid you have to stay in that diaper, and if you’re busting you’ll have to pee in it. Once those tapes are undone they won’t do up again, they’re not re-usable like the diapers your mummy makes, and they don’t stretch like pull-ups, so I can’t pull them down for you to use the toilet.”

Melody looked alarmed, mummy expected her to stay dry!

Joy guess what she was thinking. “It’s okay, your mummy knows that you’ll need to wee in them. Just do it when you’re ready.”

Melody was still sat on Joy’s lap. She didn’t know if Joy would be able to feel her filling her diaper with hot wee wee, and that would be weird. She was also worried because there was a lot of wee wee waiting to come out, what if it leaked onto Joy’s lap?

She looked at Joy again. "Go ahead, poppet. No-one will know what you’re doing. It will look a lot more suspicious if I suddenly put you down onto your own chair after cuddling you all this time.

Melody had to wee, she just couldn’t hold it in any longer. She let out just a little at first, and looked at Joy, who nodded encouragingly at her. Melody cuddled further up to Joy and wet her diaper fully, and then sighed sadly. It wasn’t half so much fun peeing into a diaper when it wasn’t your own choice.

Back in the camper van mummy had fed her, and then they had headed back home. She had sucked her thumb all the way home, but hadn’t been told off. Mummy and Joy chatted to each other, but didn’t try to make Melody talk. When they got home Joy unbuckled her and lifted her out of the van, and the carried her on her hip into the house when Mara had unlocked the door. She had been carried into the games room, and laid on her back on the blanket chest. She didn’t try to move, she just lay there, and put her thumb in her mouth again.

Mara took off Melody’s trainers, and then undid her cardigan. She pulled one arm after the other out of it, and then pulled it gently from under her. Melody’s thumb, which had had to come out of her mouth as her arm went through the sleeve, went straight back to her mouth again. Her free hand fiddled with the hem of her T-shirt. Next Mara pulled her skirt down over her hips, and got Melody to lift her bottom so that she could slip it down over her legs. Mara and Joy looked at her. She didn’t look like a seven year old lying there. She was lying as a baby would lie. She wasn’t looking at either of them, just gazing into space.

“You wait there a minute, honey,” Joy said to her. She knew there would be no response, and she was right. Melody looked briefly at her, not really focussing, and then turned her head away again.

Joy led Mara to the other end of the room. “You go and put the kettle on, and I’ll talk to her. Either she did that on purpose this morning, and is now feeling very guilty and not able to cope with the feeling, or she genuinely messed herself and is gutted by it and ashamed. Whichever it is, we need to snap her out of this state.”

“You’re right, Joy. I hate seeing her like this. It’s freaking me out. This isn’t just Melody playing at being a baby, it’s too real. I’ll make us all hot chocolate, and leave you to talk to her. She’ll confide in you.”

Mara headed for the kitchen, and Joy went back over to Melody. She knelt down by the side of the chest. She knew Melody needed a diaper change, but that could come after.

“Melody. Melody, poppet. Look at me. Look at Joy.” Melody slowly turned her head to look at Joy.

“I think we need to talk, poppet, about what happened this morning.”

Melody turned her head away again.

“Melody, look at me please.” Melody turned her head back, and gazed at Joy again, as if trying to focus on her.

“I need you to tell me, honey. And I need to know the truth. You need to tell me, did you mess yourself deliberately, or was it a real accident?”

Melody just gazed at her.

“We talked the other day, Melody. You were asking about pooing your pants again. You said you wanted to do it. We just want to know if what happened this morning was you playing or an accident. If it was an accident, poppet, you’re really not in trouble. And if it was deliberate, you will feel much better for confessing. I’m going to ask you two questions now, and you need to nod your head for yes, or shale your head for no, but I want an answer, okay?”

Melody slowly nodded. This was it. Could she lie to Joy and get away with it? Should she even try lying? Was it better just to confess and get rid of this guilty feeling that was overriding everything else? She waited for the questions.

“Melody, did you poo in your panties on purpose this morning?”

There was a pause as Melody gazed at Joy, thumb still in mouth. Then slowly she shook her head.

“And was it an accident when you pooed in your panties this morning?”

Slowly Melody nodded her head. There, it was done. She had chosen to lie. She was relieved that the questions were over, and glad that she had managed to lie convincingly, and most of all she felt horrible that she had planned to mess herself at all, and that she had actually carried it out. She lay there, a mess of conflicting emotions. She took her thumb out of her mouth and started crying. Spread-eagled on her back in her soaked diaper she lay and bawled.

After her silence it sounded so loud, but she couldn’t stop.

She heard mummy come back into the room to see what was up, and she heard Joy telling mummy that it really had been an accident, and she felt mummy stroking her face and hair, and she felt Joy taking off her wet diaper and cleaning her up and putting a clean diaper on. She carried on crying loudly, she couldn’t stop. She should have confessed, but it was too late now. If she had confessed straight away she would have been told off and punished, but she wouldn’t be feeling guilty. If she confessed now they would know she had looked Joy in the eye and lied. They wouldn’t ever trust her again. And she didn’t lie a lot, it was just sometimes. And then she had always confessed before if asked if she was lying. She was naughty, and ungrateful and horrible. And she couldn’t stop crying.

Now she felt herself being lifted in mummy’s arms, and carried over to the big armchair in the corner. She felt mummy settling her on her lap and trying to get a nipple into her mouth. All the time she could hear mummy and Joy saying “Don’t worry, it was just an accident”.

The more they tried to console her the worse she felt. She wouldn’t take the nipple and feed, she didn’t deserve it.

She heard mummy and Joy whispering to each other, and then felt mummy pick her up and carry her on her hip again, and she was being carried up the stairs. Then she was being placed on her bed. She could hear more talking, through her wailing cries. Things about a doctor and taking the diaper off and putting panties on and not letting anyone see. And she cried some more.

She felt her diaper being removed, and panties put on, and her pyjama top. She felt the duvet being pulled up over her, and mummy lying by her and stroking her hair, and holding her close. She cried, and cried, and cried.

Vaguely she heard the doorbell ring, and joy talking to someone as she came up the stairs, and then she heard a man’s voice, asking questions, and mummy saying she had had a toileting accident in her pants that morning, and how she became hysterical, she didn’t want anybody else knowing, and then she felt a jab in her arm and things started getting fussy in her head, and she couldn’t keep awake.

And gradually Melody drifted off under the effect of sedation.

When she woke up it was getting dark. Mummy was sat in a chair by her bed, holding her hand. She could feel she had been diapered again. Mummy had realised she was awake and smiled down at her. “Hello, sleepy head. Are you feeling better now?”

Melody needed to confess.

“Mummy,” she whispered. “I told Joy last week that I still wanted to poo in my panties. And I did want to. And this morning……this morning, when I had my accident…”

“I know sweetie, you think we thought you had done it on purpose. I’m sorry we doubted you. It was just an accident, we know.”

“But mummy….”

“We just want you to forget about it now, sweetie. It was an accident, and horrible for you when you were trying so hard to hold it in. We’ll talk more about you wanting to poo in your panties another time, I promise. I’d rather we discussed it properly, when you’re feeling better, and we can see what we can work out for you. Now, let mummy lie next to you and give you a feed. The doctor had to give you a sedative to calm you down, and her said you would probably wake up for a bit and then feel sleepy again.”

Mara lay next to Melody, and guided a breast to her lips. Melody hesitated. And then the last bit of guilty feeling evaporated. She had tried to finally confess, but mummy and Joy really did believe it was an accident now, and mummy had said they would talk about her pooing herself when she was feeling better. That would be fun. She smiled up at her mummy and took her nipple into her mouth, nuzzling and suckling contentedly.

When Melody had drifted off to sleep again Mara went to join Joy in bed.

“She’s calm now, and settled, thank goodness.”

“That’s good. Poor child. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have suggested that it wasn’t an accident.”

“No apology needed. She hasn’t always been truthful with me, and I know she’s tried fibbing to you too. I said we’d discuss her wanting to mess herself when she’s feeling better.”

“Are you really considering letting her do that? I thought you hated the idea.”

“I do. The thought of it disgusts me. But maybe I need to let her get it out of her system. Perhaps it’s just that it’s forbidden that makes it so desirable to her.”

“Shouldn’t she learn to curb some of her desires?”

“I suppose so. But she’s so good in other ways. Talking of desires, I could really do with some passionate loving right now. Relief has that effect on me.”

“Me too, now get under the duvet and let me ravish you!”

Chapter 25

The next morning Mara and Joy felt Melody crawling up the bed between them. Mara spotted the saggy diaper and said, "Hang on, sweetie, let’s get a fresh diaper on before you cuddle up with us.

She laid Melody on the end of the bed to change her, glad to see that there was no thumb sucking this morning.

“I weed in my sleep, mummy.”

“I know, sweetie, but you don’t normally. It was just because the sedative made you extra sleepy. There, all done.”

Mara went and lay back on her side of the bed, and as Joy had moved to the centre of the bed Melody lay the other side.

“Come on, girls. Have a feed, and then Melody can snuggle back in the middle.”

Mara and Melody latched on to Joy, who had an arm around each of them. When they had both finished Melody crawled over Joy to get back into the middle, and Joy shuffled back to the side. This was a well-established morning routine now.

Melody seemed to be back to her normal self. Maybe a little quieter, but that might just be the after effects of the sedative, but she was calm and contented again.

After making love the two women had talked again, and made plans for Melody. But they would give her a few days to fully recover before discussing them with her.

They hoped for a calmer day. Melody was told to dress for lessons, and then come down to breakfast, and not to forget that she was back to wearing panties again, so she needed to bring a pair down with her. Melody made no objection, and came down soon after, washed, dressed, and carrying her yellow panties. Her diaper peeked out from under her school dress. Mara thought how cute she looked, and had to resist the temptation to tell her she could stay in the diaper for a bit longer.

Joy was working that morning, and kissed them both goodbye after breakfast, and then Mara took Melody to the Games room to take her diaper off and make sure she was clean and dry before putting her panties on.

“You haven’t pooed yet this morning, have you sweetie?”

“No, mummy.”

“Well, as soon as you need to go make sure you run up to the bathroom, okay?”


“And the same for wee wees. Make sure you get there in plenty of time.”

“I will, mummy.”

“I’ll be doing pantie checks every half hour to make sure you’re clean and dry. Okay?”

Melody nodded. She noticed that mummy had said ‘clean and dry’ rather than just ‘dry.’

Mara settled her down at her table to do some work. Melody’s paints and craft items lived in a cupboard now that lessons were done in the Games room, so that the table could be kept clear. She could get them out to play with when she wasn’t doing lessons, but had to tidy them away again when she had finished. The box of beads had disappeared the day after the incident with the big yellow bead, but had reappeared a couple of weeks ago. Melody hadn’t touched them, though.

After half an hour mummy stood behind her and reached around in front of her to lift her dress and feel her panties. Melody already had her ankles twisted around the chair legs, and she just carried on with her writing as she was checked.

“All dry,” said Mara. “Good girl. Now lean forward for a moment so that I can make sure you’re clean too.”

Melody had forgotten that she had to have a check behind now too. She paused for a moment, ready to rebel, but decided she had better be docile and do as she was told. Mummy would think she was hiding something otherwise.

Obediently she leant forward, holding onto the edge of her table, whilst Mara lifted her dress at the back and pulled her panties away from her bottom to look down and make sure she was clean.

“Well done,” said Mara. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Melody didn’t respond. She carried on with her writing, trying to ignore the fact that mummy had just looked down the back of her panties. She wasn’t going to acknowledge that mummy didn’t trust her. Then she sighed to herself. Mummy was right not to trust her. She didn’t realise that mummy and Joy had been making plans about her wetting and messing, but she had been busy making her own plans on that front.

The next hour passed peacefully. Now that Melody knew she was having the back of her panties checked as well she automatically leant forward each time after the front had been checked. Mid-morning she felt the familiar feeling in her bowels, so she told mummy she was going to the toilet for a poo. When she came back down Mara told her to face the blanket chest with her feet a bit apart and bend forward leaning her hands down on it. Melody looked at her in astonishment. Was she going to be checked after every poo too?

“Lean forward, hands on the chest,” repeated Mara.

Melody leant forward, feet slightly apart. She felt Mara lift the back of her dress up over her back and pull her panties down to her knees. Then she felt Mara wiping in her crack with a wet wipe, to make sure she was fully clean, and pull her panties back up and lower her dress again.

“Good girl, you can stand up again now. You were nice and clean, well done. Pop back to your seat, I’ve left some new work on your table.”

Melody did as she was told, still shocked that mummy thought she couldn’t clean herself properly. After about ten minutes of not being able to stop thinking about it she finally said, “I can clean my own bottom, mummy. You don’t need to check me.”

“I do need to check you, sweetie. You’ve messed yourself twice now, and I know the first time was on purpose, but the second time was an accident because you couldn’t hold it in for very long. You might let some out by mistake if you want to finish some work before going to the toilet, as I know what you’re like when you start to concentrate. That would make your panties dirty. We don’t want you getting so upset again if you do have an accident, so for the moment you will be having checks for both wee wee and poo, and we’ll be checking your bottom is clean after every poo as well. Now, back to those sums.”

Melody looked back down at the paper in front of her. If mummy and Joy were going to be so mean she would definitely carry out her plan. She had been going to do it anyway, but had felt a bit guilty, but now she didn’t care. She knew she was lucky to get her reward afternoons, but the novelty had recently worn off, and it wasn’t so much fun being allowed to wet when she had permission. She had also discovered how much she liked wearing diapers all of the time. She liked being washed and cleaned and looked after like she was a baby. She liked the bulk of the diapers between her legs all of the time, not just some of the time. So now she planned to pee her panties ‘by accident’ again, like she used to, so that mummy would let her wear diapers again full time.

Five minute later Mara heard a quiet voice.


“Yes sweetie.”

“I need a wee wee.”

“Okay, pop upstairs to the toilet sweetie.”


“Don’t wait, sweetie, you might wet yourself.”

“I already have a bit.”

“Melody Bright! I told you to go as soon as you knew you needed to.”

Melody looked down sadly. "I didn’t know that I needed to until I felt my panties were wet.

Mara told her to stand up. There was a wet patch on the plastic chair. Mara lifted the front of her dress and saw another wet patch on the front of her panties, and turned her around and saw a third wet patch on the back of her dress.

“You didn’t feel that you needed to wee wee?”

“No mummy. Sometimes I don’t, now. Sometimes I wee wee and don’t know I’ve done it until I feel the wetness. It was like that last week when I was wearing my diapers, and now it’s the same with my panties.”

“Oh, sweetie. All those weeks in diapers. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kept you in them for so long. Well, don’t worry. Just tell me, like you did just now, if you have an accident. I’ll bring some spare panties down here, just in case we need them.”

Mara headed upstairs for some clean panties and a fresh dress. Melody was hoping mummy would get the potty out too, but she didn’t.

Mara undressed her daughter, as if she were a toddler again, laid her on her changing mat to clean her up, and then dressed her in clean panties and a clean school dress.

“Come on, you’ve still got lessons to finish. I’ll ask you every so often if you need a wee wee, and I’ll still be doing the pantie checks to make sure you’re clean and dry.”

Towards the end of lessons Melody knew she needed to pee again, so she let a little out into her panties and then ran towards the door saying she needed to wee wee.

“Hang on,” said Mara, stopping her in her tracks. Do you know you need a wee wee and you’re still dry, or have you already done some in your panties?

Melody hung her head again as if ashamed. Mara lifted the front of her dress and saw the wet patch again.

“Go and finish on the toilet, and then wait in your bedroom. I’ll be up in a minute.”

Melody sat on the toilet in her panties and wet through them. She could always say some had leaked out on the way upstairs, if mummy noticed she was wetter than she had been before. She hoped mummy was going to put her back in diapers now.

Mara came into her room, and lay her on the floor to undress her and clean her. She then looked sadly at her daughter, lying naked on the floor except for her knee length socks and vest.

“Melody, sweetie. I’m sorry I put you back into diapers for so long.” Melody put her thumb in her mouth and sucked while she listened to Mara, and played with the hem of her vest with the other hand. Mara didn’t stop her.

“I think you need to be potty trained again,” Mara continued. “Do you remember being potty trained when you were little?”

Melody nodded. Her lower hand slipped down between her legs to explore her nakedness. Mara looked at her. She had laid like that, sucking her thumb and playing innocently with herself when she was three and Mara had been trying to potty train her. She gently pulled Melody’s hand away from her privates, and said quietly, “Not in front of people, remember, sweetie.”

Melody just lay, sucking her thumb and gazing at her. She looked not to be reacting, but inside she was gloating – she would be using the potty again, yay! She would fail at that, and the next step would be using diapers again full time.

She knew she wouldn’t be allowed to school wearing diapers, so she could carry on staying at home with mummy and Joy.

Mara was thinking, too. She was thinking that if she couldn’t get her little girl back to normal soon she would need to speak to her GP about whether she needed a therapist.

When Joy came home from work at lunchtime Melody was sat at the breakfast bar in a diaper and jumper, chatting happily to Mara.

“I just need a quick word with Joy,” she said to Melody, kissing her on the head and joining Joy in the hallway.

They kissed each other, and then Joy asked, “What’s Melody doing in a diaper again?”

“Come into the living room and I’ll tell you.”

Mara sat down on the sofa next to Joy and explained about the two wetting accidents. “Coming on top of last night’s bed wetting, it’s really worrying. I think I kept her in diapers too long, and she needs potty training again. After yesterday I didn’t want to add any stress, so I decided to diaper her so that she could eat lunch without worrying. She said that towards the end of wearing diapers she wasn’t noticing that she needed to pee until she was already wet. I’m not sure how to do this, Joy. Should I take her to see a doctor? Or just try the potty training first and hope that she catches on again quickly? I wanted to have her at school next term, but she can’t go wearing diapers.”

“I’ve got some thoughts on this, honey, if you don’t mind hearing my opinion.”

Mar nodded for her to continue.

“Give her a few days of seeing if she can keep her panties dry. Change her when she wets, and don’t make a big deal of it, and promise me one thing.”


“Don’t do anything different with her bedtime routine, no taking to her about not wetting the bed, no putting a potty by her bed, no diaper at bedtime.”

“What if she asks to be diapered?”

“I think she’ll forget that she’d need to wear a diaper overnight if she’d lost her potty training. And I’ll bet you’ll find her pyjamas dry in the morning if you check on her before she wakes up. If she does mention having a diaper then put her in one. Again, if you do a diaper check in the morning before she wakes I’m sure you’ll find it dry. And I have a feeling that when she comes into us later she’ll be soaking wet and say she wet herself in the night.”

“You think she’s putting it on? But we though she was lying about messing herself, and she wasn’t.”

“I’ve been thinking about that this morning. When you talked to her last night, you didn’t let her finish what she was trying to say, did you?”

“I didn’t want her to get upset again. I thought she was trying to say it was definitely an accident.”

“I think she might have got herself into that state because she felt guilty over being naughty and deliberately messing on the way to the hospital, knowing she couldn’t be punished by being left to sit in it like she was the first time. She knew I would be there, she knew she could be cleaned up in the van, she knew we couldn’t take her to the hospital in messy panties. I don’t think she had any intention of using the potty when she heard you ask me if we could take it in the van. As soon as she saw I had he potty in my hand she pulled away from you and squatted down, knowing it would be too late to get her panties down and her onto the potty.”

“But she was shaking. Her body was shaking.”

“Remember when she messed herself on her birthday, and you were laughing as you walked away, but trying not to laugh out loud? Your body was shaking, and it looked like you were crying?”

“What about how she rocked backwards and forwards?”

“Again, repressed laughter,” Said Joy." Or maybe just enjoying the sensation of feeling the mess in her panties."

Mara was shocked into silence for a moment. Joy let her process what she had said.

“But Joy, she was so distressed. She wouldn’t speak to either of us, and the crying when we got home!”

“If she had spoken she knows I would have asked her straight away if it had been deliberate. And I do think she was genuinely scared by that time. She knew she had been incredibly naughty. The guilt would have been kicking in big time. And she would also be terrified that I would ask her, even if you didn’t think it had been deliberate.”

“But we did ask her, when we got home.”

“Yes, and she had wound herself up to such a state of terror by then at what she had done and what her punishment might be that it was less scary to lie. As soon as she had denied it being deliberate is when she got really hysterical. It was too late to turn back then.”

“And when I talked to her that night, yes, you’re right, I didn’t let her finish. I thought she was going to apologise again, but she might have wanted to confess to stop feeling guilty.”

“But you forgave her for messing herself, and she thought you truly believed it was an accident, so she could stop feeling guilty then anyway.”

“I hate to think my little girl could be so manipulative,” said Mara, sadly.

“Many children are, it’s their way of testing boundaries. Do you think she has been worse since I have been here so much?”

“I suppose she has. But she likes you, so why would she be playing up?”

“I think it’s more to do with the fact she knows I will question her if I think she might be being not quite truthful. She is seeing how far she can go without me finding out she is lying. She knows you like the back of her hand, and how far she can push when there’s something she wants to try, but she’s still working me out. She’s not a bad child, but you’re her mummy and I’m more of a father figure, backing you up and making her behave. It’s unsettling for her at the moment, but I think we have to be able to prove that we are the adults and we are in control, and that there are certain things she has to accept that she can’t do.”

That evening Mara put Melody to bed with her usual routine, as Joy had suggested. Melody didn’t mention wearing a diaper in case she wet the bed, and was wearing her pyjama top and trousers after her bath. Mara kissed her goodnight, and went back to join Joy in the living room.

“She never mentioned wearing a diaper, or even thought about wetting the bed, and went to bed quite happily in her pyjamas.”

“One of us will have to get up early and see if she’s wet.”

“Okay, whoever wakes up first can do it. She’s pretty regular at sleeping until 7.00, so if we can check her at 6.30 we can see if she’s wet or not.”

“We should have put a plastic sheet on her bed.”

“There’s one there anyway. I never fully trusted her not to keep dry at night, what with all the other games she plays, so I’ve always left one on.”

“Good. That’ll save the mattress being ruined. Assuming she is going to be wetting. She might surprise us.”

“She might. But somehow I doubt it,” sighed Mara.

Melody was lying in her bed thinking. She had forgotten about wetting during the night. She should have remembered that if she had forgotten her potty training she would be wetting the bed at night too. She’d rather wee in a diaper, but she might have to wee in her pyjamas tomorrow morning instead of getting up to go to the toilet. She didn’t like the thought of lying in a wet bed, but mummy would change the sheets for her. Tomorrow night, after she had wet the bed tonight, she would be able to ask to wear a diaper to bed.

Later that night Melody woke up needing to pee. She padded softly to the bathroom to relieve herself.

Joy and Mara, who had not long finished making love, listened to her going there and back.

“She’s definitely not forgotten her potty training,” whispered Joy.

Mara just sighed. Accidentally wet sheets she could cope with, but if Melody deliberately wet them before she got up Mara would be very annoyed.

Joy woke just before Mara, and as they were both awake they both tiptoed to Melody’s room to check her for wetness.

Joy waited at the door as Mara gently lifted Melody’s duvet. Her pyjamas were dry, her sheet was dry. Joy nodded to show that she had seen.

Back in their bedroom they waited until the usual time for Melody to wake up, waiting for her to call them.

Chapter 26

Melody woke up needing a wee. She automatically got out of bed to visit the bathroom, and then remembered what she had to do. She was used to wetting herself, but had never lay in bed to do it before. She thought carefully. She slept on one side, so she would have wet in that position. She lay herself back down, and let the pee soak into her pyjamas and down onto her sheet. It was interesting, but not as much fun as peeing in her panties of a diaper. She waited a few minutes to let it cool down, and then called plaintively, “Muuum-meeee!”

Mara and Joy entered the room, pretending they had come to see what was wrong.

Melody still had the duvet over her, and looked sadly at them. She had even managed to make her eyes fill a bit, as if she was going to cry. “Mummy, I wet the bed. I’m sorry.”

Mara pulled back the duvet and saw the soaked pyjamas and sheet.

“Sweetie, when did this happen?”

“In the night. I woke up and found myself wet, but I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Poor girl, that can’t have been nice sleeping on a wet sheet and in wet pyjamas for half the night.”

“It wasn’t. Can I wear a diaper to bed, mummy, until I’m potty trained again?” Melody thought she had better ask early, whilst she remembered about it.

“I think that would be a good idea, sweetie. Just until you’re aware of when you need to wee wee again. Let’s get you into the bath and some clean clothes.”

“I’ll strip the bed and get the sheet into the wash,” offered Joy, as Mara led Melody through to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Melody was surprised that after her bath mummy put clean panties out for her to wear.

“What if I wee wee in them, mummy?”

“If you wee wee in them we’ll clean you up and put a fresh pair on. But Joy and I will be checking your panties frequently, and sitting you on the potty every half hour, so we hope that you will be able to keep your panties dry.”

“I’ll try, mummy.”

Melody was disappointed. She had hoped to be put back into diapers.

“Mummy, I haven’t had my booby yet.”

"You’ll have to wait until after breakfast, sweetie. Giving you and extra bath, and Joy having to strip your bed has put us behind schedule. You still have lessons, as it’s a Tuesday.

Joy had put the big potty ready in the kitchen, and before she could sit down to breakfast Melody had to sit on it to try and pee. She did a small amount, for which she was praised, but held some back.

Mara wiped her clean, and put her panties on her. Melody knew she couldn’t pee again too soon, but at least she knew she had a fairly full bladder for when she did want to pee again.

“Whose booby do you want this morning, sweetie? One of us will feed you whilst the other clears breakfast away.”

“You please mummy.”

Melody was expecting to be take into the living room to cuddle up on the sofa for her feed, but Mara stayed in the kitchen. She helped Melody off the high stool, and pulled her panties down and sat her on the potty again. “I want to make sure you’re empty before I feed you, just in case.”

Melody held her wee wee in. After a couple of minutes Mara let her get up again, and pulled her panties back up. She lifted Melody back up onto the breakfast bar stool again.

“Mummy, what about my feed?”

“We’re doing it in here, sweetie. I don’t want puddles on the living room carpet or on the sofa. Don’t worry, you can still have your booby.” Mara stood by her, guided a nipple to Melody’s lips, and wrapped her arms around her daughter, one hand stroking the back of her head, the other gently rubbing her back. Melody fed for a few minutes, and started letting out some pee.

“Potty!” called Joy, who was washing up at the sink and keeping an eye on Melody’s panties at the same time.

Mara pulled her nipple away, lifted Melody off the stool, had her panties down and had her sat on the potty before Melody had a chance to protest.

“Muum-mee! I was feeding.”

“I know, sweetie, but we need to sit you on the potty as soon as you start weeing. Goodness, that’s a long one.”

Melody could no longer hold her pee back, and her bladder was emptying itself fully into her potty.

When she was finished Mara helped her to stand up, and wiped her clean again, whilst Joy took the potty away to empty.

“Booby, mummy.” Melody was speaking in her baby voice.

“Alright, just a few more minutes booby and then we’ll put some more panties on. Stand in front of me and I’ll cuddle you while you feed.”

Melody hadn’t stood to feed before, but it was nice to be able to wrap her arms around mummy’s waist as she suckled at her milky nipple, and feel mummy holding her close.

When lessons started the big potty was placed by Melody’s desk. Joy had joined them in the Games room.

“Joy, are you teaching me too, today?”

“I’ve got a few days off work, poppet, and I’m going to be helping your mummy with the potty training.”

“I haven’t pooed yet this morning.”

“I know. But just tell us when you need to, and I’ll escort you to the bathroom. We need to make sure you don’t wet yourself on the way.”

Melody was going to be watched like a hawk, and she realised it. She could be sneaky, though. She had to be, to be allowed back into diapers.

As lessons started Mara put her hand under her dress to panty check her.

“All dry, good girl.”

“Don’t forget to sit her on the potty before she starts.”

“Oh yes. Come on, Melody. Let’s get your panties down. There you go, see if you can get some more wee wee out.”

Melody didn’t need to wee, not after the huge one she’d just done. But she’d drunk a lot this morning, and was hoping it wouldn’t be long before she could pee herself a bit again.

Mara and Joy had intentionally given her extra milk on her cereal, a larger glass of juice, and left a glass of water available too, from which she’d had an extra drink. They were testing her to see if she would drink extra if it was available, knowing that it would make her pee more. So far she had drunk everything they had left in reach, mostly whilst she thought she wasn’t being watched.

Mara tested Melody on her spelling as she was sat on the potty.

“Might as well do lessons when you’re on there, sweetie. If we have to sit you on the potty for five minutes at a time in every half hour we’d have to do an extra half hour of lessons each morning to make up for it.”

Back on her chair at her little table, Melody let a dribble of pee out into her panties. She knew it would be a while before her next pantie check, but didn’t want to lose track of time and miss the opportunity of wetting herself.

She was starting to feel the need for a poo, so after another ten minutes she said “Poo time” and headed for the door. Joy caught her hand and stopped her.

“Pantie check first, poppet. Do you need a wee wee too?”

Melody shook her head, and fidgeted as if desperate to poo.

Joy lifted the front of her dress, and Melody started to pee.

“I need a wee wee!” she cried.

“Too late, poppet, you’ve already started peeing. Mara, she’d better go in the potty for her poo. If I stop to clean her up so that she doesn’t leave a wet trail up the stairs she’ll mess herself.”

“It’s coming! It’s coming!” Melody started to squat as Mara ran over with the potty and Joy whipped her panties down and lifted her dress. Mara slid the potty under her as the poo started to slide from Melody’s bottom.

“Near miss,” said Joy.

“Too close for comfort,” replied Mara. “Melody, you need to let us know sooner when you need to poo.”

“I was thinking about if I needed to wee wee, mummy. I forgot to think about needing to poo, too.”

“I’ll clean the potty,” said Joy, “and you clean Melody. At least we know she’s empty for a bit.”

Melody decided she had better be obliging with the potty for the next few times they sat her on it, squeezing a few drops out each time and getting praised for it. The panties checks were every fifteen minutes now. She wondered how long this would last until she was put back into diapers.

At last lessons were over for the morning. Joy took Melody’s school uniform off and lay her down on the changing mat to give her bottom half a wash down whilst Mara made sandwiches for lunch.

“You did quite well with the potty this morning, poppet.”

“It’s hard being checked and sat on the potty so often. It makes me not think about my lessons properly.”

“Don’t worry about that. Hopefully it won’t take long to get you fully potty trained again.”

“I could just wear a diaper instead.”

“No you couldn’t. You know mummy wants you to go to school some day. You can’t wear diapers to school. Right, there’s the clean panties on, and let’s get some warm tights on too, it’s getting quite chilly.” Joy pulled some woolly tights up Melody’s legs and then stood her up to pull them up to her waist, then she pulled a jumper over her arms and head. Melody was quite capable of dressing herself now that she had use of both arms again, but both women were dressing her like she was a baby again.

Joy led Melody into the kitchen where Mara had lunch ready. “All clean and dry,” said Joy.

“Good. Let’s hope we can stay that way during lunch.”

Melody was about to climb up onto her stool, but Mara stopped her. “Hang on sweetie, I want to make sure we don’t end up with wet panties and tights whilst we’re eating. It will be much nicer for me and Joy not to have to stop and clean you up.”

She got an old towel and folded it onto the seat of the stool, and then pulled Melody’s tight and panties down to her knees, and lifted her onto the stool.

“I want you to make sure you tell us if you think you need a wee wee. The potty is here in the kitchen. This is just in case you don’t realise you’re peeing. It’ll save a lot of mess for me and Joy.”

Melody wriggled about. “It feels odd mummy. I don’t like sitting like this.”

“It’s only going to be when you’re eating, sweetie. Here’s your lunch, tuck in.”

Melody sat at the breakfast bar to eat her lunch, her bare bottom on a folded towel in case of accidents, and her panties and tights pulled down to her knees. She ate quietly, while Mara and Joy chatted, and resisted weeing on the towel. If she weed on it this time they would make her eat all her meals like this, and she didn’t want that.

When they had all finished eating Mara checked the towel under her and pronounced it beautifully dry. She lifted Melody down and sat her on the potty. The cold potty seat after the warm towel made Melody pee, even though she had been trying to hold it in.

“Well done!” Joy and Mara both praised her.

Melody started to cry.

“What’s the matter poppet? You just did really well.”

“My little baby’s tired. She’d better have a nap for an hour.” Mara had stood Melody up and wiped her, but didn’t pull her panties and tights up. Instead she lifted Melody onto her hip and carried her upstairs. Joy emptied the potty and carried that up.

Mara lay Melody on her bed, with its fresh bedding, and slid a diaper under her bottom. “Stop crying, sweetie. You’re over tired and need a nap. I’m just popping a diaper on so that you can sleep without worrying about wetting yourself.” She pulled the panties and tights up over the diaper, it was easier than changing clothes completely. Next she pulled the duvet up over Melody’s body to tuck her in.

“Joy’s put your potty right here, sweetie, in case you think you need to wee wee. You can get out of bed to use the potty, but for the rest of the time I want you to stay in bed until we come to get you up. Understand?”

Melody nodded, and Mara and Joy both kissed her before leaving her alone.

Melody lay crying. She knew what mummy and Joy would be doing now. They would be having sex together on mummy’s big bed and probably feeding each other and having lots of fun. And here she was stuck in bed for at least an hour, when it was meant to be her general play time. Why hadn’t they just decided to leave her in diapers for all of the time? It would have been so much easier. And much more fun for her. Her crying eased off and she sniffed and then sighed. She wasn’t going to give in. She would make potty training go as badly as she dared. She would get her diapers back. She would!

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 27

Mara and Joy were indeed having fun and games in the bedroom. When they had satiated their desires they lay back on the pillows to talk.

“She’s being very stubborn,” said Mara. “And sneaky too.”

“It’s early days,” replied Joy. We’ll give her the rest of the week to be a nuisance, whilst I’m here to help you, and then if there’s no sign of giving in we’ll tell her she needs to see a doctor and have lots of tests to see what the problem is. I don’t think she’ll have even thought of us doing that. Hopefully it will shock her into ‘remembering’ her potty training."

“And if that doesn’t work?”

“I’m fairly confident that it will work. But if it doesn’t we may have to just confront her and have it out with her face to face.”

“I need to talk to her anyway. I’ve spoken to the school, and she’ll be starting in January.”

“I think that’s a good idea. Mixing properly with other children her age will help her enormously. She won’t want to be wet in front of them. If she would just keep to her special play times it would be an odd but harmless pastime, but she is getting even more manipulative, which isn’t good.”

“She’s changed a lot the past couple of months. I was worried it was because of my relationship with you, but it started before that. It started even before she broke her arm. It really dates back to when I made her start doing a proper routine for school and made her wear uniform. She’s rebelling against the thought of going to school, and the longer I let her stay at home the worse it will get. That’s why I want her out of diapers and in school in the New Year.”

“The sooner we tell her she is going to school the better. She can get all her tantrums and hissy fits out of the way, and then we can work on her confidence.”

“What I really want, Joy, is for my daughter to just be honest with me. And if I set a boundary I want her to respect it, not set out to get her own way anyway. I want to be able to talk openly with her, and know that she is answering me honestly.”

“It will happen, honey. It will happen. And I’m here to support you in the meantime.”

Melody had woken from her doze. She had intended to be rebellious and not have a nap, but lying in bed doing nothing was boring, and the best way to pass the time was to sleep. Her diaper was, of course, dry when she woke up. She needed to pee, and considered using the potty, which would please mummy. But mummy was being mean to her. Instead Melody lay on her back and soaked her diaper, enjoying the warm feeling as the pee ran down over her girly bits and soaked into the diaper under her bottom. She enjoyed lying there, squeezing the diaper through her legs with her hands, until she heard mummy and Joy leave their room, then she huddled back down under the duvet to pretend she was still sleeping.

Mara touched her gently on the shoulder. “Wakey wakey, sleepyhead. You’ve napped for long enough. Let’s see if you stayed dry.”

Melody kept quiet as Mara pulled back the duvet. Melody rolled from her side onto her back and Mara pulled her tights and panties from over her diaper, down to her ankles. Melody spread her legs, and Mara put her fingers in at the leg of the diaper and squeezed the fabric. It felt damp but not soaked, but she knew that if Melody had laid on her back to pee it would be the area around her bottom that was soaked. “Roll on to your side, sweetie.”

Melody did as she was told, and Mara squeezed the back of the diaper and could feel it was soaked.

“Oh well, at least having a diaper on means the sheets are still dry,” said Joy. “You go and pop the kettle on, I’ll get Melody sorted.”

Mara left the room, and Joy put a towel under Melody’s bottom to protect the sheet as she took the diaper off.

“Did you pee in your sleep, or when you woke up?”

Melody didn’t like being asked a straight question as it meant telling a lie, but she was determined to keep on with what she had started.

“I started doing a wee wee when I was asleep. It woke me up a bit, but I was all done by the time I was properly awake.”

Joy finished cleaning and drying her.

“Sit on the potty while I go and put this in the diaper pail.” Joy helped her up, tights and panties still around her ankles, and sat her on the potty.

“But I already wee weed.”

“This is part of your potty training. Sit there until I come back.”

Melody sat grumpily on the potty. She liked her potty. She liked it very much. But she didn’t want to spend all this time sitting on it when it wasn’t her choice.

Joy came back into the room, helped her to a standing position, and checked the potty. Still dry. She pulled up Melody’s panties and tights, and picked up the potty to carry it downstairs with them.

Melody waited until they were at the bottom of the stairs before saying, “I need to poo.”

“Couldn’t you have told me when we were still upstairs? We could have gone straight to the toilet then.”

“I didn’t need to poo when we were upstairs.”

Melody wasn’t even trying to look innocent now, she just looked defiant.

“Well you’re not going to poo in your potty. We’re going back upstairs and you are using the toilet like a big girl. And I will not tolerate you messing in our panties on the way upstairs. Understand?”

Mara had come to the kitchen doorway to see what was going on. Melody looked over to her and made her appeal.

“Mummy, I can poo in my potty, can’t I? If I have to go all the way upstairs I won’t be able to hold it in long enough.” She squirmed a bit for effect, her hands holding her bottom.

“If you weren’t arguing you would already have had time to get upstairs and be sat on the toilet. Now do as Joy says and get up those stairs and use the toilet. You’ll be in big trouble if you mess yourself. Now go.”

Melody stamped her feet and screamed. “I want to poo in my potty! It’s not fair!”

Joy looked at Mara who nodded at her. Joy picked Melody up and tucked her under her arm. Melody’s fingers gripped the bannister, and Mara had to prise her fingers open so that Joy could carry her upstairs, still kicking and screaming. Mara followed in case she needed any more help.

Joy put Melody down in the bathroom, and Melody headed straight for the door. Mara was blocking her way. She held Melody by the arms, and Joy pulled her tights and panties down from behind. Melody was past caring. She would poo on Joy for being so mean!

Joy saw what was coming as Melody started to bend her knees and push her bottom out. She saw the poo starting to be pushed out and quickly lifted Melody under her arms and almost threw her onto the toilet seat. Melody shrieked and screamed, but Joy held her down on the seat. She had started to poo, so she had to continue. When she had finished, the shrieking stopped giving way to heaving sobs.

Mara instinctively came forward to comfort her, but Joy shook her head to remind her that they had agreed to not keep giving in to Melody. Joy wiped Melody’s bottom and flushed the toilet.

“You are to stay on that seat until your mummy and I come back for you. We want you to think about how naughty you have just been.” With that Joy put her arm around Mara and led her from the bathroom, closing the door behind them.

“She won’t hurt herself, will she? She’s in such a paddy.”

“She’ll be fine. She needs to get the anger out of her, and when she’s calmer we’ll go back in and talk to her.”

“Joy, she nearly shit all over you! How could she?”

“It was in anger. She didn’t plan it.”

“But it’s still a disgusting thing to do. I’m so sorry that my child is behaving like this towards you.”

“To be honest, I don’t think it was personal. She’d have aimed at whoever happened to be behind her at the time,” said Joy.

“You’re right. Oh, I really wanted to slap her!”

“I can understand that, but you did well to keep your temper. These few days are going to be hard, but we need to keep presenting a united front, following through with what we say we are going to do, praising her when she is good, and keeping our tempers when she is bad. We’ll work things out, I promise.” Joy held Mara tight to reassure her.

A plaintive little voice called out from the bathroom, “Muuum-meee.”

Mara and Joy went back in, and Melody looked up at them with a tear stained face. “Can I get off the toilet now?”

“Don’t you have anything to say to us?” asked Mara.

Melody looked down. She didn’t want to apologise. They had been nasty and mean to her. She sighed. Mummy and Joy were proving that they could be as stubborn as her. She supposed she’d better say sorry, even though she didn’t really mean it.

“I’m sorry I was naughty. Can I get off the toilet now please?”

Mara and Joy knew the apology wasn’t genuine, but they let it go.

“Before you get off there,” Mara said, “I need to make sure you understand some things. I will not have you being rude to myself or Joy. We are the grown-ups and we make the decisions. If you need to poo you do it in the toilet. Not in your panties, not in your diaper, and not in the potty unless we have given you permission. The choice is ours, not yours. Do you understand?”

“Yes mummy,” Melody whispered. She sighed again.

“Good. Now stand up and pull up your panties and tights. You’ve had a long time on there to get any wee out of you, and if you’re wet in the next hour I’ll be very cross with you.”

Melody slid off the toilet seat and pulled up her panties and her tights.

Melody had to pass the afternoon in her Games room as Mara wouldn’t trust her not to wet herself in the living room. She sat at her table and did some painting. She splodged the paint around the paper in angry strokes, using red to express her anger.

After half an hour Mara came to do a pantie check. Melody totally ignored her when she felt the crotch of her panties to make sure she was still dry.

“I’ll be popping you onto the potty in a minute. I’ll let you finish your painting first, though.”

Melody didn’t care about finishing her painting. She was angry at mummy for not letting her have her own way and for telling her off. She was angry with Joy for helping mummy stand up to her strong will. She was angry at the world. She let out the big wee wee that she had been holding in, flooding her panties, tights and the plastic chair. She felt herself being pulled out of her chair by the arm and finished wetting herself standing in front of her mummy.

“Melody Bright you did that deliberately!”

Melody refused to say anything.

“You deserve a spanking for that.”

Melody stuck her tongue out at her mummy. Mara raised her hand ready to slap her face.

Joy intervened, holding the raised hand still in the air, and taking Mara’s other hand from Melody’s arm. She had been gripping really tightly, and Joy was worried that Melody would end up bruised.

“Mara, honey, I’ll deal with Melody. Spanking isn’t the answer. You go into the kitchen and get yourself together. I think someone’s about to have another hissy fit, and I think you’re too angry to deal with it.”

Mara gratefully left the room, and went to the kitchen where she sat on the floor and cried in despair.

Joy now held Melody by both arms, not as roughly as Mara had, but still firmly. She knelt down in front of the angry little girls and looked her straight in the eye. “You will not get the better of us. You can kick and stamp and scream and piss yourself as much as you want, but you will not get the better of us. Never forget that we both love you, we will always love you. At the moment we don’t like you very much, but when you stop being a little brat and start behaving yourself again we will like you as well as love you.”

Melody wriggled around, trying to break free. “I hate you both!”

Joy let her arms go, and Melody pulled away from her. She went back to her table and swept her arm across, sweeping off the paper and paints and brushes and water. She ran over to the big table and threw everything off there onto the floor, then ran into the middle of the room and, stamping her feet as if she were doing a war dance, clenching her fists at her side, she screeched, over and over; “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!”

Joy let her scream and shout and stamp her feet until at last she fell on her knees, sobbing and spent.

Joy didn’t go over to cuddle her or comfort her. Melody would think she had won if she did that too soon.

After five minutes Joy said quietly, “Are you ready to have your panties changed now?”

Melody sniffed and nodded. Joy put out her hand and Melody let herself be helped up off the floor. She led her over to the blanket chest and pulled off her soaking tights and panties, then gently washed and dried her. Melody lay with her arms crossed over her eyes so that she wouldn’t have to make eye contact.

“I’m going to put you in a diaper now. It’s not because you’re getting your own way, but because you are going back to bed, and I refuse to change the sheets again today when you wet on them.” She quickly diapered Melody and then took her by the hand and led her up to her bedroom. She pulled Melody’s jumper and vest off, and pulled on her pyjama top. She pulled back the duvet for Melody to get into bed, and put some of her books on the bedside table.

“You can read if you want to, but you are not to get out of bed. You will be staying in this diaper until tea time. Mummy or I will bring you something to eat and drink at tea time, and then we will change you into a clean diaper. We’ll be checking to make sure you stay in bed for the rest of the day, so if you are wise you won’t move from there.”

Joy left the room, leaving the door open so that she and Mara could easily check that Melody was staying in bed.

Melody lay and cried, more softly this time. Everything was going so wrong. Yes, she was wearing a diaper, but it wasn’t fun like this. She wanted her mummy, but she had been mean to mummy and made her mad. And she had been mean to Joy too. Melody was starting to feel repentance, and cried herself to sleep.

Joy went downstairs to find Mara in the kitchen. She was sat on the floor, arms curled around her knees, crying. Joy knelt by her and just held her until she had calmed down enough to speak.

“I can’t do this, Joy. I can’t do this.”

“If you give up now Melody will have got her own way again. She will keep on getting her own way, and it will get worse as she gets older.”

“I know. I know. It’s just so hard to stay strong. And I don’t want to break her spirit.”

“This isn’t about breaking her spirit. It’s about getting her to show you, and me, some respect.”

“Where is she?”

“In bed. She can stay there the rest of the day. I diapered her to prevent her soaking the bed, and told her she wouldn’t get a clean diaper until tea time.”

“Won’t she see that as a reward?”

“Hopefully not. She’ll be bored stiff, and it won’t be much fun lying in a wet diaper for a couple of hours, with the same to look forward to again in the evening.”

“I’m so tired, Joy.”

“I know you are honey. Come on, let’s sit on the sofa, it’s more comfy than the kitchen floor. I’ll cuddle you and feed you, and help you feel all better.” Joy helped Mara up, and led her through t the living room. Once settled on the sofa she guided a nipple to Mara’s mouth, and let her suckle until she felt her lover’s body start to relax. Mara eventually started to doze, so Joy eased her nipple from her mouth and gently moved away, laying Mara on the sofa, and covering her with a blanket.

She went upstairs to check that Melody was still in bed. The little girl was sucking her thumb and starting to drift off to sleep. Joy now headed back downstairs to clean up the chaos that Melody had created in the Games room. It was a good job that she loved both Mara and Melody. They would make a happy family unit, eventually, when their various roles had been properly established and Melody saw her and Mara as the parents and reacted accordingly.

Melody had to stay in bed through the evening for her punishment. Mara and Joy went in to see her at tea time. She didn’t say anything to them, but didn’t scream or cry either. Mara changed her soaked diaper, and asked if she needed to poo. Melody shook her head and wouldn’t look at either woman. They gave her a tray with drinks and snack on, and changed her books for some fresh ones, then said they would be back at bedtime to change her again, and that she was still to stay in bed and not get out.

When they went up at her bed time Melody was wet again. She had never thought she would be bored of being in a wet diaper, but this was no fun. Mara asked again if she needed to poo and this time she nodded. Mara led her by the hand to the bathroom and pulled her wet diaper down so that she could use the toilet. Joy wiped her clean, and pulled the cold wet diaper up again. They then stood and waited whilst Melody washed her hands and face and brushed her teeth.

Back in the bedroom she laid on a towel on the floor as Joy removed her wet diaper, cleaned her and put a new one on. She then climbed back into bed.

Melody hadn’t asked for a booby, and she hadn’t been offered one either. She hadn’t spoken a word to either her mummy or Joy.

“Goodnight, sweetie. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. Let’s see if you can stay dry overnight.”

Goodnight, poppet."

Melody didn’t reply to either of them, she just pulled the duvet over her head.

“I hope she’s less angry tomorrow, Joy.”

“I’m sure she will be. She can’t sulk forever.”

Chapter 28

The next morning both women woke up early again to check if Melody was dry. Mara lifted the duvet and slipped her fingers into the diaper. Melody didn’t stir. She was so used to diaper checks that she didn’t notice that she was having one done in her sleep."

Once back out of the room Mara whispered to Joy, “Dry as a bone.”

“I heard her get up and go to the bathroom again in the night. She obviously had enough of lying in a wet diaper yesterday.”

“We’ll see whether she’s wet when she gets up. I’m sure she’ll be good again today, and not pretend to have wet while asleep again.”

Ten minutes later Melody came into the room, her diaper sagging between her legs. She had woken up bursting to pee and had quickly let it all out into her diaper. She looked sadly at the two women.

“I weed in my sleep again. I’m sorry.”

Mara and Joy exchanged glances, and then Mara got up and laid her daughter on the end of the bed to change her. “Never mind, sweetie. We’ll start fresh with the potty training today.”

“Couldn’t I just stay in diapers? I don’t like potty training.”

“Sweetie, if we can’t get you potty trained then we’d need to take you to see a doctor in case there is something wrong with you. Do you want a doctor poking things into your wee hole, and sticking needles into you?”

Melody turned pale. “No mummy. That would be horrible. I’m sure I’ll do better today.” Mara and Joy exchanged knowing glances.

Mara finished the change and got into the middle of the bed.

“Come on, booby time. I’ll feed you and Joy. It will set us all up for the day.”

Melody behaved much better that day. She was sat on the towel with her panties and tights down to her knees again for breakfast, which she didn’t like but didn’t complain about. She still let bits of wee out and then said she needed to wee, but she had decided she had to do this to remain convincing with her act. Once she said she needed to wee wee before she leaked into her panties, to prove that she was trying hard with the potty training. Talk of the doctors had scared her, but she knew if she went back to normal straight away mummy and Joy would know she had been lying to them. She made sure she had plenty of time to go upstairs to poo, and didn’t object to being escorted by Joy, who insisted on wiping her bottom as if she was a baby.

In fact, by lunchtime Melody was hopeful that she would have been well behaved enough to earn her Reward Time for that afternoon. She broached the subject during lunch, when she was once again sat with her tights and panties pulled down to her knees and her bottom on an old towel.

“Mummy, am I still allowed my Reward time this afternoon?”

“Well, I don’t know about that, sweetie. You were very badly behaved yesterday, which you still haven’t said sorry for. And anyway, there’s no point playing your wetting game if you don’t know when you’re going to wet, is there?”

Melody pouted.

“You can play with your paints and do some crafts, sweetie.”

“What about you and Joy?”

“We’ll have our private time upstairs, and then come down to join you.”

Melody knew that it wasn’t worth arguing. Her anger was building up again inside, but she didn’t say anything out loud. She had to keep her ordinary panties and her tights on, and wasn’t even put into frilly panties or a frilly diaper.

Once Mara and Joy had disappeared upstairs she started throwing things around the Games room, punctuating each throw with an angry protest.

“It’s not fair (a stuffed toy was thrown across the room), they get to play at sex (followed by one her dolls) and I don’t get my play time (a book was thrown, and landed with a satisfying thud). I want my diapers! (Another book followed the first) I want my frilly panties (the chair was kicked over) I want my own way!”

She pulled her hated school dress over her head and threw it on the floor and stamped on it.

Finally Melody threw herself into the big arm chair, punching the upholstery until her arms were tired.

She was full of anger again, thinking she was being treated unfairly. Mummy and Joy were being mean to her and she wanted to get her own back. Temper tantrums weren’t working, nor was crying. Perhaps she could run away? No, she had no idea how to go about that. She wanted to scare mummy and Joy though. What had she done before that scared them? She had always been fairly well behaved before. They had been scared, though, the time she had got the big yellow bead stuck in her vagina. They had been so scared that they had been really nice to her afterwards, and she got to have booby time whenever she wanted.

Melody wandered over to the table where Joy had put her craft items back neatly. She fingered the beads in her bead box. How many should she put in? Not a yellow one, this time. She wanted a different colour. Finally she made her choice; a small red bead, a small blue bead, a medium purple bead and a large green one. That should be enough to scare them.

She ran back over to the blanket chest and lay on the changing mat. She had to pull her tights off to be able to get into her panties easily, but she could say she had taken them off because they were too hot. Bending her knees out she felt inside her pantie leg hole, making sure she had room to manoeuver. She didn’t want to risk pulling the panties down in case they came to check on her, but she could fit the beads into her vagina by going through the leg hole.

First she pushed the small red bead in, poking it as far in as she could with her finger. That was followed by the small blue bead. Those were easy to push in. Next was the medium sized purple bead, and then there was just room to get the big green bead in. She liked feeling that one in there. It was a funny feeling, being stretched out by it, but nice too.

Now mummy and Joy would be scared when they found out what she had done.

She felt her arm where mummy had grabbed her. It was tender, and she could feel bruises starting. If they made her go to the hospital to have the beads take out she would tell them mummy had hit her.

She got a drink from the big table. She wanted to make sure she could wet her panties soon so that she would be changed. Then she went back to the big armchair and curled up in it again, and sat sucking her thumb and thinking.

When Mara and Joy came down at the end of their private hour Melody was still curled up in the chair. They could see she had thrown things around the room, but decided to ignore it to avoid another tantrum.

“Are you wet, sweetie?”

Melody had managed to do a large pee, so that she would need her panties changing. She nodded her head but wouldn’t speak. She wanted to show that she was still angry with them.

Mara took her hand and led her over to the changing table, as Joy started picking up the items that Melody had been throwing around.

“Were you too hot in your tights, sweetie?”

Melody nodded, and lay on her back, ready for the pantie change. She had planned what she was going to say, when she finally did speak.

Mara pulled the wet panties from under her daughter’s bottom, pulled them down over her legs and feet and threw them into the diaper pail. She took a damp flannel and started washing Melody down. As she went to clean between her legs Melody put her hands down between her legs to stop her. “Don’t push there mummy! Please don’t push there.”

“Sweetie, what’s the matter? I never push you down there. Come on, move your hands and let me clean you up.”

“No mummy. I don’t want it to go any further in.”

Joy looked up from where she was tidying the craft items away, the box of beads in her hands, and asked, “Melody Bright, have you put a bead up your vagina again?”

Melody nodded slowly.

“Why on earth would you do that after last time?”

Joy came over and joined Mara and her daughter, to hear what Melody had to say.

“I was angry with you and mummy.”

“You were angry so you put a bead into yourself? What were you angry about?”

“I’m not allowed my reward time because I’ve been wetting myself by accident and it made me angry 'cos I still wanted to be able to wear my frilly diapers even if I can’t play my wetting game.”

“But why didn’t you say that to us, sweetie? Why just get angry and so something silly to yourself? I’d have put you into your frilly diaper if you’d asked me to.” Mara squeezed her daughter’s hand.

“I thought you were punishing me for my accidents, so I wanted to punish you too. It made you scared when I did it before and….and….and I wanted to scare you again to pay you back for being mean to me. You were getting your game time and I wasn’t.”

“Well done for being honest,” said Joy. “But you have to promise never to put anything silly into your vagina again. Do you promise?”

“I promise never to put anything silly into my vagina again. Will you get them out now please?”

“Them?” exclaimed Mara. “How many did you put in?”

“A few.”

Joy spoke more sternly. “Melody. This is important. What you have done is very silly, and we need to make sure we get every single bead out that you have put in. If you can tell us exactly what you have put in to your vagina, then we can get them out. If you can’t remember or aren’t sure if you have remembered correctly, then we have to take you to the hospital to be x-rayed so that they can make sure they get everything out. You could really hurt yourself doing this, and it has to stop. How many beads did you put inside yourself?”

“You can’t take me to the hospital, my arm is bruised and I’ll say mummy hit me.”

“You can say what you like. It’s really important that we get the beads safely out of you, and if we have to go to the hospital to do it then we’ll take out chances with them seeing your arm.”

Melody looked scared. She hadn’t thought they would think getting the beads out at hospital was more important than hiding the bruising.

“Melody,” Joy repeated. “How many beads did you put inside yourself?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes. There was a little red one, and a little blue one and a medium sized purple one and a big green one.”

Joy looked at Mara. “She seems pretty certain. Do you want to risk it?”

“I don’t know, we need to talk.”

“Melody, lie there and don’t move. We won’t be long.”

Melody lay naked on the blanket chest, hoping that she had remembered the beads properly. She didn’t want to go to the hospital and be x-rayed again and have strange people poking around inside her. Perhaps this had been a silly idea after all. She had wanted to scare mummy and Joy to punish them for not letting her have her reward time when they were still having their time for playing with each other, but they weren’t scared this time, they were angry at her instead.

Outside, in the hallway, Mara and Joy were discussing what to do.

“She came across as so honest that time,” said Mara, “But we know she’s been lying about wetting the bed at night, doing it deliberately to make us think she has had an accident. I’m like you, and I really don’t believe her now that she’s wetting by accident in the day, either. So did she really do this to herself because she was angry at us? Or did she do it because she wanted to do it, because she enjoyed having the bead removed last time?”

“I do believe that this time she was angry and wanted to punish us for playing when she wasn’t allowed to play. We were really freaked out when she did this before, and just in case it wasn’t as scary for us this time she put more beads up there. I think us being angry rather than scared will shock her, and hopefully she’ll keep her promise not to do it again. We did kind of think this might happen, didn’t we? But Mara, I really think we need to get a doctor to do this. Those beads have been rolling around the floor, they’ve been touched by all of us, and they could be really dirty. She might get an infection.”

“Oh, that would be horrible for her.”

“I’ll go and get dressed and get the van ready, and you get yourself and Melody dressed.”

Melody looked up as Mara went back into the Games room.

“Mummy, I’m sorry. Really I am. Can I have a cuddle and some booby?”

“No, we don’t have time for that. I’m sorry, but we can’t take those beads out ourselves. Joy is getting the van, and you need to get dressed so that we can get to the hospital.”

“No, no hospital, mummy!”

“Yes! Now come on, you need to be dressed, and so do I.”

Melody held her arms out to Mara, expecting to be carried upstairs, but Mara simply took her by one hand and told her she could walk. She led her upstairs and Melody’s bedroom, where she selected panties, a vest, jumper, skirt, socks and shoes for her daughter to put on.

“Get yourself dressed whilst I sort some clothes out for myself.”

“What if I wee wee?”

“Right now I don’t care if you wet yourself in front of everybody at the hospital, it’s more important to get those beads out of you. Now get dressed.”

Melody cried as she was dressing herself. She knew she wouldn’t wet herself, but mummy sounded like she didn’t care if she did. She was scared at the thought of going to the hospital and having people she didn’t know pulling the beads of out her. She wanted to crawl under the bed and hide.

Mara came back and picked up some spare panties from the drawer and put them in her bag, and then took Melody by the hand and led her downstairs. Joy was waiting at the door for them.

“Is she in a diaper?”

“No, I thought panties was best.”

“She might pee herself in the van, do you mind if she wears a disposable on the way?”

“No, that’s fine. Melody, get in the back of the van and let Joy put a diaper on you.”

Melody lay on one of the bench seats and let Joy take off her panties and put a disposable on her. She was trying to not keep crying, but she was so scared."

At last they set off, Melody sat between the two women in the front of the van, hoping they would take the crinkly disposable diaper off when they got to the hospital.

Chapter 29

Joy parked the van near the A&E entrance, and Melody climbed out of the van after Mara. Mara took Melody by the hand and stared walking towards the entrance. Melody planted her feet on the ground.

“Mummy! My diaper!”

Mara stopped and looked at her. “You’ve been so naughty I’ve a good mind to make you keep it on and let the doctors and nurses see you in it.”

Joy watched, ready to intervene if they started arguing, but wanting Mara to be able to take the lead role so that Melody would respect her.

“Nooo! No mummy, no, please. I can’t go in there in a diaper. Please mummy!”

“I’m going to ask you some questions, Melody Bright, and if you answer them honestly I will take the diaper off before we go in. I expect honest answers, though. Firstly, have you deliberately been wetting your bed for the past couple of nights?”

Melody was so scared at the thought of being seen by the hospital staff in a diaper that she answered honestly, between sobs and sniffs.

“Yes mummy. I didn’t wet the bed by accident, I wet myself on purpose and pretended I did.”

“And when you have wet your panties this week has it been genuine accidents, or have you deliberately wet yourself and pretended you couldn’t help it?”

“I deliberately wet myself mummy. I wet my panties on purpose and pretended I didn’t know I was doing it. But sometimes I leak a bit when I concentrate and that was real.”

“Are you really as scared of strangers as you say you are? Or do you only pretend to be scared so that you can wet yourself?”

“I don’t like strange people, I really don’t, but I’m not as scared as I say and I pretend I’m scared so that I can wet my panties without being told off.”

“When you were poorly after messing in your panties did I stop you from confessing the truth, that you had deliberately messed yourself?”

“Yes mummy. I pooed in my panties on purpose because I wanted to. And then I felt horrible about it, and I lied when Joy asked me and then I felt even horribler and then I tried to tell you when I woke up but you wouldn’t let me. And I’m really, really sorry.”

“So you deliberately messed in your panties because you wanted to?”

“Yes mummy.”

“And you have been deliberately wetting your panties and wetting the bed too.”

“Yes mummy.”

“Why did you start doing the wetting?”

“Because I like wearing diapers now and I want to be able to wear them all of the time again.”

Melody was crying harder now, sobbing and gasping between sentences.

“Enough,” said Joy. “She’ll be ill again.”

“I just wanted the truth,” replied Mara. “I know that as soon as we finish here I will cuddle her and feed her and be so happy that she’s ok that I’ll be too soft with her again. I just wanted the truth.”

Melody was sobbing, Mara was sobbing. Mara didn’t know whether to spank her daughter or hug her.

“Mara, Melody needs you. She needs to be hugged and held, and she needs to know you forgive her. She’s told the truth now, so we can all have a fresh start. Come on, you two. Get in the back of the van, and we’ll make sure you’re composed before we go in.”

Mara sat on one of the seats and Melody cuddled into her lap. Mara held her tight, crying into her hair. Melody held her mummy tight and cried against her breasts.

When they had had their cry out, Joy lifted Melody up and told her lie on the other seat so that she could take the diaper off.

“I’m sorry, I wet it when I was scared that mummy was going to make me wear it into the hospital.”

“Don’t worry, poppet. I’ll get you nice and clean and dry, and pop your panties back on. Now, Mara, are you ready? Let’s get Melody sorted out. The sooner that’s done the sooner we can all be safely home again.”

Melody did not enjoy hearing mummy explaining at reception that she had stuck beads into her vagina, and she didn’t relish the experience of having them removed. She was sedated, as she was getting very upset, and after that she wasn’t aware of what was being done to her.

Mara carried her out to the van afterwards, as she was still dopey. When they arrived home she insisted on carrying Melody into the house, even though she was white as a sheet herself. She staggered as she walked into the hallway, and Joy took Melody from her.

Joy whispered, so that she wouldn’t wake Melody. “Go and sit down, you’re exhausted. I’ll put her in her bed and pop a diaper on her. I’ll be back soon.” She gathered Melody up in her arms and took her to her own room. She gently laid her down, and managed to put a diaper on her without disturbing her, and pulled the duvet up over her.

Melody looked so innocent, lying there with her brown curls spread over the pillow and slightly parted lips. Her brown lashes looked dark against her pale cheeks. If only she was as angelic as she looked.

Mara was lying on the sofa when Joy went back downstairs. Joy lay down beside her and held her close. “How are you doing?”

“I love my daughter, really, I do. But sometimes I just don’t like her.”

“It’s natural to feel that way. But even if there are odd times when you don’t like her, you’ll never stop loving her. We’ll work things out. I promise.”

“I wish I had the energy to make love to you right now, but I’m spent.”

“I’ll just hold you. Try and relax. Think of something nice instead of what you’ve just been through.”



“Can we play doctors and nurses sometime? I can just picture you dressed like that lady doctor we saw this afternoon.”

Joy started laughing, it was such a random request at that moment, and Mara started giggling too. Laughter was a relief after the tension of the past few hours.

Chapter 30

Mara and Joy looked in on Melody a while later. Mara checked her diaper, which was still dry. Melody started to wake up.

“I need a wee wee,” she whispered.

“Good girl. Come on, let’s get to the bathroom.”

Mara led her to the bathroom, and pulled her diaper down to her ankles so that she could sit on the toilet. Joy wiped her dry when she had finished, and Mara pulled her diaper up again.

“We’ll pop you into panties when we get downstairs,” she said. Let’s go and have something to eat, it’s well past tea time."

In the kitchen the all sat at the breakfast bar. Melody was on her stool, with no towel under her, and wearing her panties. Mara made hot chocolate for them all and got a tin of biscuits out.

“Not a healthy meal,” she said, “but comforting.”

After they had been sat together a while chatting casually, Mara decided to tell Melody about the school.

“Sweetie, I want to talk to you, about school and other things. I want you to keep calm, and tell me if there are things I say that you’re angry about. I can’t let you have your own way about everything, but we can talk things through and try to see each other’s point of view. Joy will help us sort things out too. Okay?”


“First of all, you will be starting school in January. There’s no arguing about it. But I would like you to tell me what you dislike about the thought of going school. I know now that it’s not because you’re scared of all the new people as much as you made out before.”

“I don’t like meeting new people much, honest, but I wouldn’t mind school if I could wear my diaper.”

“You can’t wear your diaper, sweetie. You have to be potty trained to be allowed to start school.”

“I wouldn’t wet in them, I just want to wear them. They make me feel safe and happy.”

“It still won’t be allowed. When I was your age I never wanted to wear clothes, but I had to do it because I was a child and had to do what I was told. When you’re a grown-up you can wear a diaper all of the time if you want, but you can’t make that choice as a child.”

“If I have to wear panties to school can I wear a diaper at home, and wear my frilly panties for my wetting game?”

“I will make sure you still have regular times for your Wetting Game, and regular time to wear your every day diapers too. I promise.”

“What about my booby time? Will I have to stop that when I go to school?”

“No. You can have your morning and bedtime feeds, like you always do. And when you get home from school you can feed whenever you want, and there will be weekends and school holidays. You will have lots of booby time.”

“Will I have to wear uniform?”

“Yes, but it won’t be the one that you wear at home. It will be the proper one for the village school.”

Melody started crying. “I don’t want to go to school if I can’t wear my diaper.”

“Sweetie, if there was a way that you could wear them to school with the school’s permission I would let you wear them. But the school makes the rules, and you have to wear panties to school.”

“But what if I wet myself? Sometimes I do do a little bit of wee wee by mistake, when I’m concentrating. I don’t have to worry if I wear my diaper. And I do still get scared by lots of people being around, even though I said I was more scared than I really was.”

Joy spoke. “Is this why you have been acting so badly, Melody? Is it going to school without the security of your diaper that scares you?”

“Yes. Wearing a diaper makes me feel safe.”

“Sweetie, you have to wear panties to school. You’ll be wearing panties at home from now on. You can have a diaper on in the evenings, after tea, and you can play your Wetting Game on Saturday afternoons. We’ll go out next week and buy your uniform.”

Melody was still crying quietly, but nodded her head in agreement. She had learned today that mummy and Joy were the grown-ups and she had to do as she was told.

For the next few weeks Melody was good. She never wet herself, and kept her panties dry except for the odd damp patch which Mara knew to be genuine, which always happened when she had been concentrating hard on her lessons. She wore her diaper in the evenings, and would curl up between Mara and Joy, either sucking her thumb or suckling at their breasts. She worked quietly at her lessons, and played quietly in the afternoons. Even on Saturday afternoons she played her Wetting Game with little enthusiasm. She had lost her spark of vitality and was visibly drooping. She ate little, and laughed even less. Mara and Joy even missed the temper tantrums.

They tried to talk to her about school again, but she just quietly agreed with everything they said. She was docile during the day, but would often wake up crying at night. Mara or Joy would go to comfort her with a breastfeed to get her back to sleep again. After a couple of weeks Melody started wetting the bed. Mara didn’t want to put her in diapers overnight, but after several broken nights when Melody would come in crying with wet pyjamas on they decided diapers would be best for now.

At the end of the month Mara and Joy decided enough was enough.

“She’s not acting this,” said Mara. I can see her losing weight, and she’s a skinny little thing anyway."

“It’s not sulking,” added Joy. “Even Melody couldn’t sulk for this long. I think she is genuinely scared of going to school without diapers.”

“I’m going to speak to our GP about it. I won’t take Melody, but I’ll explain that she seems anxious about starting school, and has started wetting the bed. He may have some ideas.”

Mara left Melody with Joy one morning soon after to go to the appointment with their GP. She told him of her concerns regarding sending Melody to school for the first time. “She’s a bright child, but highly strung. I’ve been home educating her, but she really needs the company of other children now. The trouble is, she still wets herself a little bit when she’s concentrating. Not much, but enough to make a damp patch. You saw how she was when we had to call you out to sedate her after her other toileting accident. I’m worried she’ll get like that if she gets a bit wet at school. She’s never wet the bed before, but since we told her about starting school in January she’s been wetting the bed every night, and she wakes up crying. She won’t eat, and is losing weight, and it’s all since we talked to her about starting school.”

“It sounds more psychological than physical, but I don’t suggest putting off starting school again. If she is an anxious child the longer you leave it the worse it will be. I’ve dealt with many nervous children over the years. In the majority of cases they settle down after a week or two at school and have no further problems. What I would suggest is talking to the school about her nervousness and the possibility of occasional accidents. Leave some spare clothes with the school nurse, just in case, and tell your daughter that you’ve done so, so that she’ll know she won’t have to spend the day in wet clothes if the worst does happen. Reassure her that you and the school won’t be angry with her if she does have an accident. If she is nervous and shy of speaking she may not feel able to ask when she needs to visit the toilet. Ask the school to make sure she goes regularly, maybe have a special signal she can use if she needs to go out to the toilet during lesson time so that she doesn’t have to ask in front of everyone. It’s amazing how many children will wet themselves rather than have to speak up and ask for permission to go to the toilet. In short, do everything you can to make her feel safe and secure while she is at school. If the problem persists after a few weeks bring her in to see me for a physical check-up, but I’m sure she will settle quickly after the first couple of weeks. Oh, and for the bedtime wetting, pop her into pull ups for a while. It will make sure she can sleep properly, and help you have an uninterrupted night’s sleep too”

Mara felt much more reassured on the way home. It was good to know that Melody wasn’t the only child nervous of school, or still bedwetting at her age.

When she got in she sat on the sofa next to Joy, and lifted Melody onto her lap.

“Sweetie, the doctor says little wet patches are normal for girls and boys your age, and not to worry about them. Joy and I will talk to the school about it. There’s no need to be embarrassed, lots of children are the same. We’ll leave spare clothes with the school nurse, just in case. Does that make you feel any better?”

Melody snuggled closer to Mara and nodded briefly.

“What about the bedwetting?” Asked Joy.

“Again, not unusual before starting school. He suggested pull-ups. I didn’t say we were using diapers already. But you need to relax more, Melody, and eat properly again. That’s the doctor’s orders. Now run along and play in our room for a bit, while I relax. Doctors scare me as much as they do you, sweetie.”

Melody walked quietly upstairs to her room.

“So, it’s just her nerves?”

“Yes, he said she should settle after a few weeks. He also said we should make her feel as safe and secure as possible. For Melody that would mean wearing a diaper, and we can’t send her to school in a diaper, not at her age.”

“No, I suppose not.”

“It’s Christmas next week, she’s usually brimming over with excitement by now. I can’t bear seeing her like this.”

“If she was just sulking I would say leave her to stew, but she’s turning into a nervous wreck. I know the school won’t want her starting in diapers……but what if they suggested it themselves, after a few weeks of wetness? Would you mind if she wore a diaper to school then?”

Mara gazed at Joy. “You’re suggesting I let her wet on purpose, so that they think it’s better if she’s diapered at school because she’s so nervous?”

“Well, she will be nervous. She will be much happier being allowed to wear a diaper to school. If we tell her now that she needs to earn her chance to wear a diaper under her uniform then she’ll relax now, and hopefully soon be back to her usual bright self. It’s awful seeing her so low, but let her know that the power to wear a diaper to school is in her hands, and she will feel in control again. The difference is, we will be approving what she’s doing; she won’t be lying to us.”

“But we’d all be lying to the school.”

“Melody will be a much less stressful child to teach if she has a diaper on to comfort her. She doesn’t have to wet them when she wears them to school. She can prove that they are necessary to calm her, and she has control of her bladder when she is calm and relaxed.”

“Do you think it will work? Will the school fall for it?”

“Melody tricked you, her own mother, into believing all sorts. I’m sure she can fool an overworked teacher with twenty plus other children to watch over. The school will be happy when her accidents stop, Melody will be happy to be allowed to wear a diaper to school, and we will be happy that Melody’s happy. What’s not to like?”

Mara cuddled closer to Joy, and thought things through. After a few moments she said, “You’re right. It’s the perfect idea, for now. I don’t like the idea of Melody wearing a diaper to school when she’s older, but she can get away with it for now. Perhaps when she settles in she won’t want to wear one anyway, when she makes some friends, and realises they aren’t any of them in diapers still. We’ll tell her now, so that she can start feeling better straight away.”

Melody didn’t believe Mara and Joy at first when they said they had a plan to allow her to wear diapers to school with the school’s permission. They had to explain how it would work, a little bit at a time. Finally she grasped that she would be starting school in panties, have Mara and Joy’s permission to have accidents, and that then they would persuade the school to let her wear a diaper. “You won’t be able to wet the diaper at school, though, sweetie. We’re showing them that you can control your bladder when you feel safe and secure, and that the diaper makes you feel that way.”

“What if I’m concentrating and let a dribble out?”

“That’s allowed.”

“And you can pee in your diaper on the way home from school each day, if you want, poppet.”

Melody did a small smile at Mara and Joy. “Thank you. Is it lunch time? I’m hungry.”

Mara hugged her daughter in relief.

Christmas was a fun time. Mara had never given Melody huge amounts of presents, just a few well-chosen things that she would make good use of. They always played lots of games, though, and made their own decorations and Christmas cake and mice pies. Joy was with them this year, so it was even more fun. She had given up the lease on her flat and moved in full time the week before Christmas.

Melody was happy and bubbly again. She had permission to plan how to have her ‘accidents’ at school. She was happy working her plans out on her own. Mara and Joy had said they would help if she got stuck about anything, but they felt it better to leave the plotting up to Melody. If they instructed her on what to do or say it wouldn’t feel natural. They just reassured her that she had their full permission to pretend she was wetting herself at school, and that they were happy for her to wear a diaper to school each day as soon as the school suggested it, and if they didn’t suggest it quickly enough Mara would plant the idea when discussing the issues with them.

Chapter 31

As January approached Melody began to look forward to school rather than to dread it. She had stopped wetting the bed, and was back to not wearing a diaper overnight. She was eating well, and not having accidents at home, apart from the occasional leak when concentrating.

On the first day of the new term she stood proudly in front of Mara and Joy in her new uniform. Both women thought she looked incredibly cute. Her curly light brown hair was tied in low bunches, with royal blue ribbon that matched her uniform. She wore a grey pinafore dress, which reached just above her knees, over a white polo shirt, with a royal blue cardigan on top. Her white knee high socks were clean and fresh, worn with black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. Underneath she had on her clean white panties, currently dry.

Mara slipped Melody’s arms into her new yellow anorak, bought especially for going to school in.

“You look like a perfect little school girl, sweetie.”

“Thank you mummy.”

Mara and Joy were both dressed, ready for dropping Melody off at school together on her first day. Joy had taken the morning off work especially so that she could drive them in. That way Melody could have a last minute feed in the back of the camper van before facing her first day at school. She was still, naturally, a little nervous. This was a big change for her. But she had the thought of getting through each day being allowed to wet, and finally wearing her diapers to school. Nothing else mattered.

Mara had discussed Melody’s issues with the head teacher, class teacher and the school nurse, and they had done all they could to make suitable arrangements. Mara had already left some spare clothes with the school nurse, Nurse Peters, just in case they should be needed. She had actually bought several pinafore dresses and a large pile of white socks and panties so that she always had spare in hand.

Melody had announced to mummy and Joy that she wasn’t going to speak at school, she would be too shy. Mara therefore had warned the school that her daughter was very shy of speaking in front of new people, and might be silent for a few weeks until she settled in. Again the school were accommodating.

With her shyness and her toileting issues they had decided that Melody should have some cards on her desk with pictures on to show if she needed anything. One with a picture of a question mark, that she could show if she didn’t understand something, one with a picture of a sad face to show if she was unhappy or worried, plus various other pictures. The most important one had a white daisy on it. This was her secret sign that she needed to leave the room to visit the toilet. If she felt she needed to go she could just hold that card and she would be given permission to leave the classroom.

Nurse Peters had asked at this point if Melody might be shy in using the big toilet block in front of all the other little girls. Mara said she thought this might be the case, and Nurse Peters suggested that Melody might prefer the privacy of using the medical room, which had a screened off corner and child size commode potty chair. Other shy children had found it useful to be able to pee in private when settling into school. It was agreed that Melody should try to use the commode potty when she arrived at school, at the beginning of morning break, at the beginning of the lunch hour, and during afternoon break, which would hopefully help to keep her dry.

Mrs. Thomas, the head teacher, had privately said to Mara as she was leaving the meeting that every so often a child would need to go back into diapers for a while when starting school, just until they had settled in. Mara pretended to look a bit shocked at this thought, and said she was sure that wouldn’t be necessary.

And now it was Melody’s first day at school. She had been allowed to go in early to see where the classroom and toilets and Nurses Room were, and had been persuaded to sit on the potty chair, although she hadn’t weed into the potty. It was a nice little chair, she thought. It looked just like an ordinary wooden chair with arms, only the seat came off to reveal a potty underneath. She wondered if mummy would let her have one at home.

In the classroom she had been shown where she would sit, which was near to the door so that she could leave quickly for the toilet if she needed too, and been given her picture cards to put on her desk. She was shown where to hand her coat, on one of the hooks outside the classroom, where every child had a hook with their name on.

She hadn’t spoken a word during this time.

She had tried to cling to mummy when it was time to say goodbye, but mummy and Joy had peeled her arms off and left quickly, as they had been advised to do. Melody stood and cried until her new teacher, Mrs. Davies, had managed to distract her by showing her all of the shelves of books she would be able to read.

She had stopped crying when the other children arrived, and sat quietly in her seat. Mrs. Davies spoke to them all, welcoming them back after the Christmas break. She said they had a new girl, Melody Bright, but she was feeling a bit shy so they were all to be kind and gentle with her. Then she started the register. Melody sat and wet herself deliberately. She had been holding it in since she left home, and now she flooded herself. Her panties soon soaked through, and the back of her pinafore dress. The pee ran down her legs and into her socks, and down the chair legs and onto the lino floor.

Melody’s name was soon called, but she stayed seated. She heard the classroom assistant, Miss James, sayings she needed to stand up when her name was called, and answer if she was able. She stood slowly up, feeling the coldness of her wet clothes, and hearing the whispers and giggles from the children sat near to her. She kept her head hung down, making her eyes fill with tears. She had always found it easy to pretend to be crying.

She felt Miss James take her by the hand and lead her to Nurse Peters’ room. She allowed herself to start crying properly, it was easy once she had got started. She let the nurse undress her, taking off her cardigan first so that she could then pull the pinafore dress off over her head. Then she lifted each foot to take off Melody’s shoes and socks. Melody kept crying. It was hard to stop once she had got started, she had found that out before, but that was good, she didn’t want to stop crying just yet.

She felt Nurse Peters pull her soaked panties down next, and help her to step out of them. Then she was sat on the potty chair, “Just while I pop these wet clothes in a bag, Melody, and get your dry ones out, and then we’ll have you cleaned up and in your dry clothes in no time.”

Melody sat on the commode and cried. She cried when Nurse Peter’s took her by the hand and led her to the small shelf like table, a bit like a bed, that was fixed to one wall. It didn’t have any sheets on, and had a vinyl covering that was easy to wipe clean. There was another proper little bed in the other corner of the room, with sheets and pillows, for if a child was feeling ill and needed to lie down until they went home, but this was more like the tables you lay on in a doctor’s office.

Melody let herself be laid on the table, and felt herself being washed between the legs and all the way down her legs. She rolled over when Nurse Peters wanted to wash her bottom cheeks, but still carried on crying. She cried as she was dried and put into fresh clothes, and she cried when Nurse Peters laid her on the proper little bed and went to telephone her mummy to say her daughter couldn’t be consoled and might make herself ill if she continued to cry as she was doing. Mara agreed to come and collect her. She had been sat at home waiting for the call.

Melody was still crying when mummy came in to collect her, she cried all the way out to the camper van, which Joy had parked just up the road. She smiled up at mummy between her sobs, managing to gradually calm herself down as they reached the van.

“I think we’ll have to send you to drama school when you’re a bit older,” said Joy as she helped Melody up into the middle of the front seat.

Melody sniffed and wiped her eyes. “I need some booby.”

“Mummy will have to do that for you while I drive.”

Melody leant against Mara, who put her right arm around her daughter. “Just a quick feed, but not until we get past these houses. You can have a proper one when we get home.”

As soon as they were clear of any houses Mara used her left hand to lift her top from over her right breast, and Melody pulled the nipple towards her mouth and suckled.

Mara did some lessons with Melody at home, not wanting her to miss out on her schooling and fall behind. The rest of the day passed happily for the two women and the little girl.

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 31

The next day Melody was dressed and ready for school again. Joy had gone to work, so Mara would be walking her to school. They stood hugging in the hallway before they set off, Melody was having a last minute breastfeed.

As they walked to school Melody chatted happily to Mara. “I won’t wet myself fully today, although I might let myself get a bit damp, but there are some interesting looking books there that I’d like to read so I’ll probably stay for the whole day so that I can choose one to bring home for my reading book.”

Mara was torn between admiring the way her daughter planned things and worked out what would suit her best, and feeling rather shocked at the way Melody was manipulating things to suit her again. But she reminded herself that this plan had been at the suggestion of herself and Joy, and Melody was only doing as they had proposed she should do.

Melody chattered on, until they got nearer the school, and then she squeezed her mummy’s hand and said, “I have to be quiet and shy now, mummy.”

Mara led her through the school gates, nodding and smiling at the other mothers as they greeted her. She took Melody straight through to the Nurses Office. She had some clean clothes to drop off, and Melody needed to do her first sit on the commode potty of the day. Melody went behind the screen and pulled her panties down and sat on the potty. She let some wee wee out, to prove that she was being a good girl. Nurse Peters praised her when she had finished. She wiped herself dry and pulled her panties up and went and stood by mummy.

“I have to go now, sweetie. You be good, and think of all those lovely books that are here for you to read.” She kissed Melody quickly and left, Nurse Peters would be taking Melody along to the classroom.

The other children were starting to enter the school as Nurse Peters walked Melody along to her classroom. She handed her over at the door to Miss James, who helped her to hang up her coat.

During the register Melody stood up when her name was called, but wouldn’t speak. Mrs. Davies smiled at her encouragingly, though. It was a big improvement from yesterday.

They were doing spelling for the first lesson, and Mrs. Davies called everyone forward to sit on the floor in front of her. She was going to ask them to take turns to write words on the whiteboard. Miss James placed Melody in the front row. As the children sat cross legged it would be easy to keep an eye out for wet panties and puddles. When Melody’s name was called to go and write a word, she shook her head and wouldn’t move.

“I’ll let you off today, as this is all new to you,” said Mrs. Davies kindly. "But next time you will need to come up and write your word just like the other boys and girls.

After spelling they went back to their chairs and tables to do some maths, doing counting with brightly coloured bricks. This was boring. Melody could already count up to five hundred and was good at adding and taking away. She decided to have a toilet trip to pass the time, and picked her card up with the daisy on it. She held it in her hand, and caught the eye of Miss James as she passed.

“Good girl,” said Miss James. “Can you find the way to the Nurse Peters by yourself, or would you like someone to go with you?”

“Please, Miss, I could show her the way.” It was the little girl who sat next to Melody who was speaking.

“Thank you, Cassie. That’s very kind of you. Would you like Cassie to show you the way, Melody?”

Melody knew the way perfectly well already, but she liked the look of Cassie’s cheeky face, and nodded her head shyly.

“Shall I wait and bring her back, Miss?”

“Yes, just for today.”

Cassie took Melody by the hand and led her out of the classroom and towards the Nurses Office. She chattered all the way.

“I’m Cassie. Have you wet yourself again?” Melody shook her head, and Cassie lifted the front or Melody’s pinafore dress and looked at her panties. “Well done. You must be going to use the potty chair in there, then. I used it once when I wasn’t well. I wet my panties once too, like you did yesterday, only I did it in assembly when the whole school was there. We had a spelling test after assembly and I wanted to miss it 'cos I hadn’t learned my spellings, so I wet myself. By the time Nurse had cleaned me up and found some spare panties I’d missed the spelling test.”

Melody looked at her in amazement, and Cassie grinned at her. “I know yours was an accident, but I bet it makes you feel better to know you’re not the only one who’s wet themselves in school. I remember you from dance class, you don’t go any more do you?”

Melody shook her head.

“I’d give it up too, if I could, but mum says I’m too tomboyish, and I have to do something that’s a bit girlie. Tommy Watts, he’s in our class, he wet himself last term. And in Reception and Year One lots of people had accidents. I did lots of times, 'til mum told me off. We’re better now we’re older and in Year 2. I want to do it again, though. It was fun. Don’t look so shocked. I bet now you’ve wet yourself at least one other person will do it this week. Mrs. Davies says it’s ‘in-fec-shus’ and that she’ll be prepared for a run of accidents now. I bet Emily does it next, cos she hates it when she’s not the centre of attention. Here’s the Nurses Office. I’ll wait until you’re done.”

Cassie plonked herself down on one of the row of chairs outside the office, and Melody timidly knocked at the door. Nurse Peters opened the door, and Melody showed her the card with the daisy on it.

“Ah, hello Melody. Come on in, and we’ll get you sorted. There you go, behind the screen, it’s all set up for you.”

Melody went behind the screen and pulled down her panties and sat on the commode potty. She did a big pee, and let her legs swing, as they didn’t quite reach the floor.

Nurse Peters must have been listening out for when she finished, as she called out, “All done?”

Melody nodded her head. She knew she couldn’t be seen behind the screen, but she wasn’t going to be tricked into speaking.

Nurse popped her head around the screen, “All done?” she repeated. Melody nodded her head again.

“Don’t forget to wipe, the tissue’s on the shelf next to you, then pull your panties up and come out here to wash your hands in the basin.”

Melody did as she was told, taking her time so that she and Cassie could miss lots of the maths lesson. When she had finished she did her shy smile at the nurse, who said to her, “Well done. I’ll see you at morning break.”

Melody left the room, and sat down next to Cassie on one of the chairs.

“How much longer do you think is left of the maths lesson?” asked Cassie.

Melody shrugged.

“You were nice and slow in there, so we must have missed quite a bit of it. If we walk back slowly we might miss it all.” The two girls grinned at each other, and holding hands they walked slowly back to the classroom, Cassie chatting all of the way, showing Melody pictures on the wall and other interesting things that would slow them down. They slipped back into the classroom as the other children were tidying up the coloured bricks.

Mrs. Davies spotted them. “Thank you for showing Melody the way, Cassie. Now that she knows the route she can be a bit quicker coming back next time.” She smiled to show she wasn’t angry, but to let them know not to waste time again.

It was silent reading next, until break time, and Melody was allowed to choose her book that she would keep at school to read. She knelt at the low book shelves, taking her time in choosing just the right book. She could feel that she needed to poo. It was so tempting to do it in her panties, but she knew that would be really naughty. She needed to be good. She still really wanted to mess herself again, but this wasn’t the time.

It wasn’t long until morning break, and they were told to put their coats on to go out and play. Cassie came up to Melody and started to lead her outside, but Miss James stopped her and said Melody would join her in a few minutes. When Cassie had moved away Miss James said, "Don’t forget you have to try and use the potty at the beginning of every play time. I know you went earlier, but you still have to try and go at all the set times.

Melody nodded and let Miss James take her by the hand and lead her to the Nurses Office.

Once inside Nurse Peters took her coat back off. “We’ll put this back on when you’ve sat on the potty and tried for another wee wee.”

Melody went behind the screen, pulled her panties down and sat on the potty. She would need to poo pretty soon now, and she wanted to do it in this potty. It would be fun. But she had only be told about peeing in this potty, and she wondered if she was meant to use the block of toilets to do a poo. She sat, panties round her ankles, thinking.

After a few minutes Nurse Peters popped her head around the screen. “Did you manage a wee wee?” she asked. Melody shook her head.

“Well, you tried. Good girl. Up you get.”

Melody stayed where she was, and squirmed a bit, hanging her head.

Nurse Peters was experienced, and knew immediately what Melody wanted. “Do you need to do a number two?”

Melody nodded.

“That’s okay, you can do it in here. I’ll leave you in peace and pop back when you’re done.”

Melody was pleased. She’d like pooing in here. She pushed gently, and felt her bowels open. She wondered how big the poo was, it felt like a big one. She finished emptying herself, and sat swinging her legs until the nurse popped her head around the door again.

“All done?”

Melody nodded.

“Have you wiped?”

A shake of the head.

“Would you like a hand?”

Melody nodded again.

“Hop down, then.” She helped Melody down off the commode potty, and wiped her bottom for her. Melody was holding her pinafore dress up out of the way, and happily let Nurse Peters wipe her clean and then pull her panties up for her, and help her on with her coat.

“Off you go, there’s plenty of playtime left.”

Melody ran out to the playground happily to find Cassie.

Chapter 32

Melody enjoyed the rest of the lessons that morning, and at lunchtime went to sit on the potty to try to wee. She did need a pee, but it wasn’t desperate, so she held it in. She needed to be able to do a little bit of a damp patch later.

In the playground she and Cassie skipped around, holding hands. Cassie was chattering away, and Melody was finding it hard not to join in with her. They had eaten their packed lunches sat together on a bench.

At the end of lunch break they had to line up in their classes, ready to go back inside. “Do you have to go to see the nurse first?” asked Cassie. Melody shook her head. No-one had mentioned potty time at the end of the lunch hour.

Standing waiting to go back into school was a good time to let a bit of wee out. She dribbled enough to wet her panties but not show through her skirt. Now it was her classes’ turn to go back in and hang their coats up.

Once in the classroom the children were told to sit cross legged on the floor again, as it was time for some singing. Melody was placed at the front of the class as before. Cassie had told her that this was singing day, and they always sat on the floor after lunch, which is why she’d made her panties damp.

She sat cross legged like the others, and kept pushing her skirt down in her lap, as if she was trying to hide her panties. She knew this would get attention, and sure enough Mrs. Davies soon spotted her wriggling and whispered something to Miss James.

Miss James came over and crouched down by her, and quietly asked Melody if she could just check her panties. She lifted her skirt, and could see the damp patch. Melody hung her head, as Miss James too her hand and lead her out of the room.

“I know it’s just a tiny little damp patch, Melody,” she said, once they were out in the corridor, “but it won’t be comfy sitting in that all afternoon. Nurse Peters will give you one of your clean pairs of panties to put on.” She led her along the now familiar route, turned her into the last corridor where the office was, and told her to come back a soon as she had finished with the nurse.

Melody went up the corridor and knocked on the door. There was no answer. She paused and then knocked again a bit louder. Still no answer. Then she saw the little notice on the door:

“Nurse Peters is in a meeting in the staff room. Please come and find her for anything urgent.”

Melody could read well, and understood the notice. She was getting quite genuinely desperate now, but she had no idea where the staff room was. She sat on one of the chairs and crossed her legs tightly. If she went back to the classroom she would wet herself for real. She couldn’t hold it much longer, even sat down with her legs tightly crossed. A bit more pee burst out of her, making her panties wetter. Bother. She had only wanted to have a damp patch today, but now it looked like she was really going to wet herself. But she was sat in a corridor where a teacher might walk down at any time, so she couldn’t squat down to enjoy doing the wee wee. It would still be fun sitting here on the chair to do it, but she wouldn’t be able to make the most of it.

She squirmed a bit more, and felt another burst of hot pee come out between her crossed legs. She could feel some of it starting to wet the back of her pinafore dress now. There was no sign of Nurse Peters, or even any other adult who could help her.

Well, she would just have to wet herself if there was no-one to let her in to use the potty.

Melody uncrossed her legs and let the rest of the hot pee gush out. It felt good to let it go, and she heard the drip, drip, drip as it ran over the edge of the chair and onto the lino floor. She sighed and sat back in the chair, hands gripping the edges of the seat, head down. She hadn’t planned for this. She hoped no-one thought she had done it deliberately. She hoped no-one would see her like this. She hoped Nurse Peters would come back soon.

Melody heard footsteps coming along the corridor. She didn’t dare look up, she didn’t want to know who was going to see her sat in pee soaked clothes.


It was Miss James.

“Oh, you poor girl. I thought you were a long time.” She glanced at the notice. “I should have checked to see whether Nurse Peters was here. Didn’t you know the way to the staff room?”

Melody shook her head.

“You could have come back to the classroom to find me.”

Again Melody shook her head.

“You were too desperate?”

A nod of the head, and tears filling the eyes.

“Come on, let’s get you inside so that no-one can see you. I’ll call through to the staff room and ask Nurse to some and sort you out.”

Miss James telephoned through to the staff room, and within minutes Nurse Peters was there ready to clean Melody up.

Miss James headed off to find the janitor to clean the chair and floor up, leaving Melody with Nurse Peters.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here,” said Nurse Peters. “It’s not often I leave my office, but I was called out to a meeting.” She helped Melody take her cardigan off and pulled the pinafore over her head. Then she took off her shoes and socks, and helped her up onto the table.

Melody looked as though she was trying hard not to cry, and Nurse Peters thought she was being very brave. She pulled Melody’s wet panties off her, and cleaned her with baby wipes. She stood her up again, and helped her to put on her clean panties and fresh pinafore dress, and then helped her into her cardigan. She then sat her on the edge of the table to put her clean socks on. Melody was letting herself cry a bit more now.

“Are you ready to go back to class?”

Melody shook her head.

“It’s okay, Melody, this wasn’t your fault.”

Melody shook her head again, and cried a little louder. Nurse Peters didn’t want her working herself up into a state again, so she suggested, “Do you think you need a little nap? I have a nice comfy bed over on the corner there, where pupils can have a little sleep if they need to. Would you like that?”

Melody sniffed and wiped her eyes with her hands and nodded.

Nurse Peters led her to the bed, and pulled back the covers for her to get in. “You relax, and try and have a nap. I’m just going to let Mrs. Davies know you’re staying here for a bit, and then I’ll be right back.”

Melody was glad to be able to relax. Not speaking was hard work. She curled up in the bed, and was soon asleep.

Chapter 33

Half an hour later Melody was woken up by a loud wailing. She peeked from under the covers. Emily, from her class, had been brought in by Miss James. Cassie was right, Emily hadn’t been able to resist wetting herself. She had the uniform trousers on with her polo shirt and cardigan, and she was really soaked. Melody smirked to herself.

“It’s not fair! It was an accident! I didn’t do it on purpose!” Emily was being held by Miss James and Nurse Peters, she was kicking and thrashing around.

Melody couldn’t pretend to be sleeping through all that noise so she sat up. Nurse Peters spotted her. “Oh, Melody, you’re awake. Good. It’s afternoon playtime now. Would you like to run out and play with the other children?” Melody nodded her head. "Pop your shoes on, then, and run along and get your coat and join everyone else.

Melody took her time putting her shoes on. She was enjoying watching Emily’s strop.

Miss James had had to resort to standing behind Emily and wrapping her arms around her, pinning Emily’s arms to her sides, so that she couldn’t hit out, and Nurse Peters was knelt in front of her holding her ankles to stop her kicking. “Emily, we want to get these wet clothes off, please stop kicking.”

“It was an accident! Mrs. Davies said I did it on pu-pu-purpose and it was an accident!”

“If you kick at Nurse again you will be in big trouble, Emily.” Miss James was still trying to hold Emily still.

At that moment Cassie popped her head around the door. “I did knock, but you probably didn’t hear with all that noise. Is Melody coming out to play now?”

“Yes, take her to get her coat, there’s a good girl. See you later Melody.”

Cassie took Melody by the hand and pulled her out into the corridor and led her towards the classroom to get their coats.

“Oh my, wasn’t Emily having a paddy? You should have seen her in the classroom. We were sat singing and she was holding herself between the legs like she was busting to wee and Mrs. Davies asked if she needed to go to the toilet and Emily said no and Mrs. Davies said to put her hands on her knees in that case and then Emily wet herself and Mrs. Davies told her she was very naughty when she’d just been asked if she needed the toilet and Emily said it was an accident and Miss James tried to take her out to come and see nurse and Emily lay on the floor and kicked and screamed and everyone was laughing apart from Susie 'cos Susie always cries when there’s a fuss and Miss James lifted Emily up and carried her out of the room and then Mrs. Davies said she was never angry if people had real accidents but it was silly to pretend to and she could always tell when people were putting it on 'cos she’s been a teacher for ages and she knows these things. Oh my, it was funny! I wish you’d been there to see it.”

The two friends giggled together and skipped out into the playground.

Emily didn’t return to class that afternoon.

Melody and Cassie were sat next to each other for painting time, and giggling together. Mrs. Davies was pleased to see Melody looking happier. She hoped that the little girl was feeling more settled now and there would be no more accidents.

Melody was thoroughly enjoying school now that Cassie was her friend, but she had plenty more accidents planned, as she still wanted to be diapered at school.

On the walk home that evening Melody chattered non-stop to Mara.

“So, do you like school now, sweetie?”

“I like Cassie, she makes school fun. But I still want to wear my diapers to school, you did promise I could.”

“I did promise, and I won’t break my promise. I just thought you might be happy enough without them.”

“Today was fun, but there are a lot more days of school to go, and wearing a diaper would make me a lot happier. I’m not talking to anyone at school until I’m back in diapers, not even Cassie, and I can’t wait to be able to talk to her. Oh mummy, you should have seen Emily having a strop! It was the best thing ever.”

Emily returned to school the next day. She was quiet, and her best friend wouldn’t let her be teased, but she glared at Melody a lot. That suited Melody. She didn’t care what Emily thought of her, and if Emily picked on her when there were other people around it would be good. Cassie would stand up to her anyway. Cassie was her friend.

Chapter 34

Melody made sure she had a couple of accident free days before the weekend, as she had big plans for next week. She intended to be in her diapers by the following week. She did have a few damp patches, which she let happen if she was called on in class or made to go up and write on the whiteboard. She wanted to show that school still made her anxious. A couple of times she found she was damp after concentrating, too.

The weekend was fun, and she was glad to have a break from hours of not talking. She had time to play her Wetting Game and have lots of breast feeds. The time went far too quickly, but she was looking forward to school on Monday as she had set herself her next challenge.

Arriving at school Melody dutifully sat on the big potty and did a small wee. She had drunk lots at breakfast, but wanted to make sure she was bursting for the toilet during the lesson before morning playtime.

Sure enough, by the time they were doing silent reading at their tables she was bursting to pee. She saw Miss James leave the room to do some photocopying – she had done that during each previous silent reading time, and Melody had guessed right that it would happen again.

Pupils had to go and read aloud in turn at Mrs. Davies’ desk during silent reading. If anyone else wanted to speak to her they had to stand behind the person reading and wait until Mrs. Davies had dismissed the child who was reading and then she would ask what they wanted. She believed it was good for children to learn to wait patiently.

Melody’s luck was in. Paul was reading, and he was a very slow reader. He would probably be ages getting through his one page of reading aloud.

Melody looked around as if she was looking for Miss James, fingering her daisy card and fidgeting in her seat. Then she looked towards Mrs. Davies.

“Do you need a wee?” Asked Cassie. Melody had known she would want to help. She nodded at her friend. “You just have to go and wait behind Paul, and when he’s finished you can show Mrs. Davies your card.” Melody shook her head, to show that she was too shy to go and stand up there alone.

“Shall I come with you?” Asked Cassie. Melody nodded and smiled at her.

Cassie led her by the hand and they went and stood behind Paul. Mrs. Davies glanced up, but as they were together thought it was nothing urgent. She hadn’t spotted the daisy card in Melody’s hand, probably because Melody was making sure it was out of sight.

Paul carried on reading, painfully slowly. Melody fidgeted.

“Are you going to wet yourself?” Cassie whispered in her ear. Melody let her eyes fill with tears and nodded, letting a little bit of pee out into her panties and enjoying the warm feeling.

“Cassie, wait quietly or go and sit down again. Carry on, Paul.”

Cassie squeezed Melody’s hand reassuringly. She was sure her friend would manage to wait a bit longer.

Melody let the pee flow through her panties and down her legs, soaking her socks and shoes, and forming a puddle on the floor. She hung her head, and gripped Cassie’s hand. Cassie guessed what was happening and watched the puddle grow around Melody’s feet, absorbed in the sight.

At last Paul finished his reading and was allowed to go back to his seat.

“Now, Cassie, what did you and Melody want to ask me?”

“Melody needed the toilet, Mrs. Davies, but she doesn’t anymore, she’s wet herself.”

Mr’s Davies saw the daisy card in Melody’s hand, spotted the tears on her cheeks, and looked down at the puddle by her feet.

“Stay there,” she said quietly. “I’ll send everyone out to get their coats on ready for playtime, and then we’ll sort you out.”

She walked over to the door and said, “Books down and line up quickly and quietly. It’s almost playtime and I bet we can be the first class out in the playground today. Coats on quickly and then line up by the main door.”

The classroom emptied speedily, and Mrs. Davies returned to Melody and Cassie.

“Cassie, can you take Melody to Nurse Peters please? I’ll join you there as soon as Miss James is back to supervise in the playground”.

“S’all right” said Cassie as soon as Mrs. Davies had left the room. “She’s not mad at you like she was at Emily. Come on, I’ll wait for you while you get cleaned up.” She led Melody to the Nurses Office again, this time going in through the door with her. She didn’t give Nurse Peters a chance to speak before she was launching into an explanation.

"Melody wet herself but it wasn’t her fault 'cos she was trying to ask but Miss James wasn’t in the room and Mrs. Davies was busy and we had to wait our turn but it was too long for her and now she’s all wet and soggy and can you sort her out please?

“Very eloquently put, Cassie.” Mrs. Davies had entered the room behind them. “Yes, I’m afraid I didn’t notice Melody was holding her card, Nurse Peters, and Miss James was out of the room for quite a while doing some photocopying for me, and the children know they aren’t to leave the room without permission, so this wasn’t Melody’s fault. I’m sorry, Melody, for making you wait so long. If you get desperate again I give you special permission to put the daisy card on my desk right under my nose, or you can get Cassie to do it for you. I’m so sorry this has upset you.”

Melody had been crying quietly all this time.

“I’ll leave you to Nurse Peters, come along Cassie.”

Melody wouldn’t let go of Cassie’s hand. “She wants me to stay, Miss.”

“Would you like Cassie to stay with you?” asked Mrs. Davies. Melody nodded her head. “You don’t mind her seeing you being cleaned up and changed?” A shake of the head. “Alright, you may stay, Cassie. But please, dear child, don’t talk the ears off Nurse Peters.”

Cassie just grinned up at her. She had a reputation for being the school chatterbox, but everyone liked her as she was so kind and friendly.

“Melody, I need to change your pinafore, so you’ll have to let go of Cassie’s hand. That’s right. Cassie, you can sit on the chair for the moment.”

Nurse Peters took off Melody’s cardigan and pulled her pinafore over her head, and then pulled her wet panties down and helped to step out of them. She lifted Melody on to the table and removed her shoes and socks. Melody reached out her hand and looked at Cassie, who came over and held her hand again.

“Are you sure you’re happy with Cassie being here while I clean you, Melody?” Melody nodded, and wiped some tears away with her free hand.

Cassie watched fascinated as the nurse washed Melody between the legs, under the bottom and all down her legs. She used a flannel and water as it was such a large area, and then dried her with a soft towel. Melody was watching Cassie’s face, as Cassie was watching what the nurse was doing to Melody’s lower half. Melody was sure she had found a friend who was as interested in peeing as she was.

Nurse Peters pulled a pair of fresh panties up Melody’s legs and up around her waist. “Melody, I’m afraid your shoes are soaked. Do you have your PE shoes by your peg?”

Cassie answered for her. “We haven’t done PE yet this term, we have to bring our bags in tomorrow for it, so none of us has our PE shoes here yet.”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait in here for a while, you can’t go around the school with no shoes on. I’ll phone your mummy and ask if she can bring some in for you.”

Melody looked at Cassie and gripped her hand tightly again.

“She wants me to wait with her, Miss, is that ok? It’s morning break now and then it’s only painting time so it’s not like missing maths or anything and I’d like to keep her comp’ny please.”

“I’ll ask Mrs. Davies. Melody, you can lie on the bed if you want, that will be more comfortable while you wait. I won’t be long, I’m just going to call your mummy and then speak to Mrs. Davies. Don’t leave the room.” The nurse left the room, closing the door behind her. Cassie would calm Melody down quicker than she could, so she’d let them have ten minutes together.

Melody walked over to the bed and got under the sheets. Nurse hadn’t given her the clean pinafore yet, or her cardigan or even put her socks on, so she was dressed just in her polo shirt, vest and panties, and it was quite chilly. She lay under the sheets on one side of the bed, and patted the other side for Cassie to sit down by her.

“I wish I could wet myself again it looks so nice having someone look after you like that but I’d have to be dead clever to fool Mrs. Davies 'cos she’s got eyes like hawk and she doesn’t like people messing her around like what Emily did last week. Oh my, Emily’s still hopping mad about that. She’s telling people it was your fault which is stupid 'cos you weren’t even in the room when she wet herself and everyone knows that but they don’t like to cross Emily 'cos she’s not very nice if she doesn’t like someone but you stick with me 'cos I won’t let her bully you.”

Melody smiled up at her friend. She had her own plans for Emily, but it was nice to have someone sticking up for her too.

When Nurse Peters returned ten minutes later the two girls were sat up giggling happily, Melody under the sheets, Cassie on top of them. Cassie was chattering nineteen to the dozen, and Melody was smiling happily again.

“Right, Melody. Your mummy is bring some more shoes in for you, she won’t be long. Cassie, you can pop back to class now. I’ve brought Melody’s reading book along so that she won’t be bored. Thank you for keeping her company.”

Cassie skipped off happily, and Melody settled down with her book, and a short while later there was a knock on the door. Nurse Peters opened it, and there was mummy.

Melody leapt out of the bed and ran into her mummy’s arms.

“I’ll give you ten minutes to have a little chat and get Melody dressed,” said the nurse, leaving the room. “I’ve left her clean clothes on the examination table.”

Mara sat on the edge of the bed and Melody climbed into her lap. “I didn’t mean to get my shoes all wet, mummy, I’m sorry.”

“That’s ok, sweetie, I should have thought to leave some spare ones.”


“What, here?” Melody nodded. "Ok, but just a very quick feed, I still have to get you dressed before Nurse Peters comes back. Mara lifted her top on one side and Melody took her nipple into her mouth to suckle. After a couple of minutes Mara pulled her away and put her top back down. “That’s enough, someone might walk in at any minute. Come on, socks and shoes on.” She had found it disturbingly arousing to be breastfeeding her school-age child in a place where she might be easily caught out. “We mustn’t do that again, it’s just not right. Too many people would think it odd that I was still feeding you.”

“They’re silly people, then. Other children my age still feed.”

Melody climbed off her lap and sat on the floor to pull on her socks and the shoes that mummy had brought in. Mara then pulled the pinafore over her head and helped her on with her cardigan. “There, you look nice and smart again.”

Melody sat back on her lap for a cuddle, making the most of having her mummy there until Nurse Peters came back.

“She gets a bit clingy,” Mara said to the nurse, “After she’s been upset. But she’ll settle when I’ve gone. I need to go now, Melody, and you need to get back to class.”

“Yes, run along Melody, and take your book with you. I’ll see you lunchtime.”

Melody hugged her mummy, who hugged her back and then gently pushed her away. When Melody had left the room Nurse Peters offered Mara a chair by her desk as she wanted to chat to her.

“How is Melody finding school? Does she talk about it at home at all?”

“She talks about Cassie a lot, I’m so glad she’s got a friend. She also mentions an Emily who she seems a bit scared of, but with a class full of children there are bound to be some who don’t get on with each other.”

“Do you think she is any less anxious about school yet?”

“Sort of. It’s the being called on in class or having to walk up to the whiteboard to write something that scares her. And when she gets anxious she wets a little. She also leaks a bit when she’s concentrating. I’m so sorry about the big accidents, though. It’s worse than I thought it would be. She’s never been able to hold it for very long, and we know to avoid fizzy drinks as that makes it worse, but the doctor says she will improve with age, and just be prepared for a few accidents in the meantime.”

“Well, as I said on the phone, this wasn’t her fault at all, she did allow plenty of time for asking to go to the toilet, but Miss James was out of the room and Mrs. Davies was busy with another pupil. She feels awful about it.”

“She mustn’t. It’s hard to always understand a child who won’t speak, and there are all the other pupils to consider too.”

“Have you thought about putting her into pull-ups for school, just until she’s settled more? We don’t mind changing her at all, that’s not a problem, but we want her to be happy and relaxed, and if she’s worried about having a little accident every time she’s called on in class, or if she wants to be able to concentrate on her work, she won’t be relaxed. The pull-ups could be checked every break time, and changed if necessary, and she wouldn’t have to keep leaving class after every little damp patch. She could still ask when she needed to use the toilet, so she would still be in control.”

“Oh, she’d be teased, surely?”

“No worse than if she keeps wetting herself. The children have been told that she’s very shy and nervous, and are kind to her at the moment, but after a while that might change and she might get teased for still wetting when she’s not new anymore.”

“I suppose so. Do I have to decide now?”

“Not at all. Just think about it. If you think it’s an option you could maybe discuss it with Melody and see what she thinks of the idea. We won’t force anything on her, we just want her to be able to enjoy lessons without worrying.”

“I’d like to see how she gets on for the rest of this week before deciding anything, if that’s ok? Please don’t mention pull-ups to Melody. If it comes to that I’ll tell her myself as I think she might get really upset.”

Nurse Peters stood up, “That’s fine, we’ll carry on with the regular potty use for now, and see how things go. Thank you for coming in, I’ll keep you updated on her progress.”

Mara smiled to herself as she walked home. Melody would be thrilled if she knew protection had already been discussed. She wouldn’t mention it to her yet, though. If Melody wanted to wear diapers to school she would have to keep working to earn them.

Re: Melody Bright

Chapter 35

Melody got through Tuesday and Wednesday with just damp patches, but they happened whenever she was called on to try and answer or write on the whiteboard. She was getting through several pairs of panties a day, despite the amount of time she sat on the potty. But she was happily working with Cassie, and giggling with her, so the school were pleased with her progress. Mrs. Davies and Miss James had been noticing that Melody looked scared when Emily was near her, and were keeping an eye on Emily as she had bullied other children. Nothing major, but enough to make the teachers keep an eye on her behaviour.

Melody had planned for Emily to be the cause of her next proper wetting, but she had to time, things just right. Thursday morning gave her a perfect opportunity, but it wasn’t one that she had planned.

It was nearly morning playtime, and the class was just tidying up after a maths lesson. Melody needed to poo, and to wee too, and was looking forward to using the big potty. She hadn’t asked to be excused as it was so close to morning break. As the others filed out to get their coats on she took her home reading book up to Mrs. Davies and held it up to show that she would like to change it.

“Yes, quickly pick another one and then get your coat on and come out to the playground.” Melody smiled her thanks and slipped off to the book corner. The book corner was a corner of the classroom that was sectioned off to make a mini library. The home reading books were kept in there, and when a child had finished reading one book at home they could ask permission to go in and choose another. There was a half-height door that shut the book corner off from the classroom, and the walls were made of book shelves that were about two feet high, so that the children’s heads and shoulders could still be seen when they were stood in there. There were a couple of child sized chairs and lots of nice picture son the walls. Melody liked this area.

Melody had chosen to change her book now because Cassie had said she needed the toilet before going out to play, and Melody didn’t want to go outside without her. Emily had been glaring at her all morning, and Melody wanted a witness for when the name calling began. She knew Cassie would come and find her, either in here or at the nurse’s office as she had shown her that she wanted to change her book, and also the daisy card. Cassie always understood what she was trying to say.

Melody browsed the shelves to see what took her interest. She heard the classroom door open, and turned to smile at Cassie. But it wasn’t Cassie who had come into the classroom, it was Emily. And Emily was looking mean.

Melody stood still as Emily walked over to the book corner. She hadn’t planned on being cornered like this, but she’d have to just play for time until Cassie arrived. She clutched her book in front of her protectively as Emily entered the book corner and stood between her and the door.

“Ha! You’ve got no-one to stand up for you now, you big pantie wetting baby.”

Melody just stared at her.

“Stop looking at me! Pretending you’re not scared. You are scared. I bet you’re so scared you’ll wet yourself again.”

“At least I won’t get into trouble for it,” said Melody, calmly and quietly. “Not like you did.” She smiled sweetly at Emily.

Emily was shocked to hear her speak, and annoyed at the reference to her own wetting. “Cry baby pissy-pants. I’m gonna tell that you talked.”

“No-one will believe you, like they didn’t believe you wet yourself by accident.” Again Melody smiled sweetly. “But I’m going to wet myself right now, on purpose, and say it was an accident, and they’ll believe me.”

“You won’t! You’re not brave enough.”

Melody put her book on a shelf, and put her feet apart, lifting the skirt of her pinafore to show the front of her panties. She started peeing, enjoying having an audience to her naughtiness.

Emily gasped, open mouthed at what she was seeing.

“You wet yourself on purpose! Oh, wait 'til I tell Miss!”

“If you don’t leave me alone I’ll poo myself too.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“I would too.” Melody put her book on the shelf, hitched her pinafore skirt up around her waist and squatted, sideways on to Emily so that she could see what she was doing, and proceeded to mess herself, enjoying it highly, and revelling in the expression on Emily’s face which was a combination of disgust and amazement and hatred. She felt the weight of the mess in her panties, and the warmth against her bottom, and smiled sweetly at Emily. “I bet you’d never dare to do that.”

Melody stood up again and dropped her skirt, facing Emily again.

“I’ll say it was an accident, and they’ll believe me.”

“They won’t!”

“They will!” Melody spotted Cassie out of the corner of her eye through the glass window of the classroom heading up the corridor. Perfect timing. She poked her tongue out at Emily and gave her a little push to provoke her, but all Cassie saw as she peeked through the classroom window was that Emily had Melody cornered and was hitting her and pushing her. She ran quickly out to the playground to find Mrs. Davies and tell her that Emily was beating up Melody in the classroom.

Luckily Mrs. Davies was just heading back in to round up the last few children who hadn’t come outside yet. Cassie grabbed her by the hand and pulled her along, saying that she had to help Melody, Emily was hurting her.

Mrs. Davies caught the urgency and ran along with Cassie.

Melody hadn’t realised quite how furious Emily could be, and was trying to protect herself with her arms as Emily struck out at her. She was backed against a corner now, with no way to get out unless she fought back, but she wanted all of the blame on Emily, not wanting to be punished for fighting. She was cowering down lower, trying to dodge the blows, but Emily changed tactics and grabbing Melody’s left arm with both of her hands threw Melody over onto her right side. Melody bumped her head on a chair on the way down, and landed on her right arm, the one that she had broken not so long ago. An agonising pain shot through her arm. She fell into a crumpled heap, the pain was awful. This wasn’t meant to have happened. Emily kept kicking at her as she lay helpless on the floor. Melody felt sick, everything was going black, and the last thing she heard was Mrs. Davies voice yelling at Emily to stop at once.

Mrs. Davies was shocked at what she had seen. Emily’s attack had been vicious. She didn’t know that Melody had provoked her, but even if she had known she would have been shocked at the violence Emily had used. She pulled Emily away and sat her on a chair telling her not to move or else. Emily sat and shrieked loudly, but didn’t dare move.

Mrs. Davies then knelt by the unconscious Melody. “Oh you poor child, don’t worry, you’re safe now. Cassie, run along and get Nurse Peters and ask her to come here immediately, and then find Miss James and tell her to keep the class outside for extra play until I send for them. Can you remember all that?” Cassie nodded, for once speechless.

Cassie had been stood staring down at Melody, shocked. She turned on her heel and ran out of the book corner, glaring at Emily who was still shrieking. She paused only to slap Emily hard on the face, then ran out of the classroom to deliver her messages. If Mrs. Davies heard the slap that preceded the sudden silence from Emily she never told Cassie off for it.

Nurse Peters was soon at her side. Mrs. Davies had used her mobile phone to call for an ambulance in the meantime.

“I think she would appreciate being cleaned up,” said Mrs. Davies, after the nurse had checked Melody’s breathing and airway. “She must have been terrified, she’s wet and she’s messed herself too, poor little girl. I’ve never seen a child attacking another so viciously.” Mrs. Davies was shaken by what she had witnessed. “Is it safe to clean her up a bit? She’d be mortified if strangers saw her in this state.”

“I’ll get some scissors to cut those panties off to save moving her, and clean her up with some wipes. We can explain to the paramedics why we had to take them off. One moment.” Nurse Peters dashed back to her office and return quickly with scissors and baby wipes and a plastic bag for the soiled items.

Melody still didn’t stir, even when her messy panties were cut off and pulled from between her legs, or when the baby wipes gently wiped her clean as far as they could without moving her. Nurse Peters took off her cardigan and laid it over Melody’s waist and legs to keep her warm until the ambulance arrived.

A trembling little voice suddenly said, “She’s not dead, is she?” Cassie had crept back into the room to check on her friend.

“Cassie, poor girl, come here,” Mrs. Davies held a hand out to her and pulled her down to her side. “Melody will be fine, she either fainted or bumped her head and knocked herself out when she fell. But she will be fine, I promise. She’s going to hospital as soon as the ambulance gets here, and they will make sure she is as good as new in no time.”

“I should have come in and dragged Emily off instead of running to get you.”

“You did the right thing, Cassie. I think you would have been hurt too if you had tried to intervene, and as you got help it means I witnessed what Emily was doing to Melody, and that is very, very important, so thank you.”

“She needed the toilet. She was going to change her book and then go, and Emily stopped her and now she’s all….she’s all……”

Cassie started crying. Melody would have been shocked if she had seen her cry, she thought Cassie was the type of girl who never cried. Mrs. Davies put her arm around her to comfort her. “Listen, I can hear a siren. Come with me Cassie and we’ll greet the paramedics, and then Miss James will look after you until it’s time for the class to come in again. Okay?”

Cassie looked sadly at Melody.

“It’s alright, Cassie, I’ll be right here with her,” said Nurse Peters.

It took a while for order to be restored in the classroom. Miss James had to keep the class outside playing games whilst Melody was stretchered off in the ambulance. Then the janitor had to be called to clean up the book corner, and the head teacher had to be called to deal with Emily and be told of the situation. Nurse Peters had accompanied Melody in the ambulance, and Mara had been called to let her know what had happened and to ask her to meet them at the hospital. Cassie’s mum also had to be called as Cassie was so upset, and she had to go home for the rest of the day.

Mrs. Davies, when she had finally assembled Year 2 back in their classroom, had to explain in a simple way what had happened. She told them that hitting someone else was a horrible thing to do, and that she wouldn’t tolerate it from anyone in her class. The children were shocked that one of them could have hit another classmate so much that they had to be taken to hospital. They knew what had happened from when Cassie had come running into the playground to tell Miss James.

“Is Emily coming back to school, Miss? I’m scared of her anyway, but she’s even scarier now,” was the question from one little girl.

“Mrs. Thomas will be dealing with Emily, so I can’t say whether she will be back or not. But she won’t be allowed to hurt Melody, or any of you, again.”

“Will Melody be okay, miss? I like her, she’s kind.” That was from another classmate.

“Yes, but she might not be back at school for a little while, it might have scared her too much. We’ll have to wait and see. Now, we’ve missed a lot of lesson time, it’s not worth getting your books out now, and we need something to make us feel happier. We’ll do some singing. That will cheer us up.” Mrs. Davies knew how to distract the children and raise their spirits.

Chapter 36

When Melody opened her eyes she had no idea where she was. She looked around, scared, and then saw mummy smiling at her.

“Hello sweetie, it’s good to have you back.”

“Mummy, where are we?”

“The children’s ward at the hospital. Do you remember what happened?”

“Emily was hitting me and she pushed me and my arm hurt.”

“I’m afraid your arm is broken again, sweetie.”

Melody looked down at her arm which was in plaster and in a sling.

“I hurt all over, mummy.”

“You have a lot of cuts and bruises, sweetie. Emily was being really nasty to you. What happened? I know she had been calling you names, but she hadn’t hit you before, had she?”

“She was teasing me, and Cassie wasn’t there and it was just me and her, and – and – she shouted at me for her getting told off for wetting herself last week, and I tried to get away and she started hitting me and screaming, and I was really scared.” Melody was genuinely tearful, Emily had really shocked her with how hard she had been hitting and kicking.

“It’s okay, sweetie, you’re safe now. Cassie got your teacher to come and help you. She saw Emily attacking you, and I think Emily will probably be excluded.”

Melody lay and thought. All she had wanted to do was provoke Emily into pushing her a bit, like she had seen her pushing other children. She had planned to wet herself and say Emily had scared her into it, just to prove to Emily not to pick on her again as she would make sure she got into trouble for it. And now she was in hospital, hurting all over and with a broken arm, and Emily might be excluded. But she didn’t feel guilty. Emily picked on lots of people, it would be good if she wasn’t allowed back to school.

“Sweetie, I hope this won’t make you scared of going back to school?”

“I won’t be scared if Emily’s not there.”

“You’ll have to stay off the rest of this week anyway, as those bruises will hurt for a while, and you’ve had a shock.”


“And sweetie, you can go to school in your diapers when you go back. That’s good news, isn’t it?”


“Yes. I spoke to Nurse Peters about it on Monday when you wet yourself. She was the one who suggested it. Actually, she suggested using pull-ups, but I’ll make you some nice comfy diapers that aren’t too thick, and they’ll fasten like your others and you’ll be able to pull them up and down like your others too. We’ll just tell the school they’re re-usable pull-ups, but we’ll know they’re diapers. I didn’t tell you before as I didn’t want to seem too keen to agree to it. I said I’d let them know at the end of the week. I thought if I told you too soon you might forget to have your little leaks, and then they’d say you didn’t need pull-ups after all.”

“Thank you mummy.”

“But if I’d known that it would all lead to you being hurt like this I would never have agreed to let you make the school believe you needed to use them.”

“I think, mummy, Emily would have found a way to pick on me anyway. She’s just that kind of person.”

Mara kissed her daughter on the forehead.

“You’ll have to stay in here tonight,” she said. “But tomorrow you can come home. Joy will come and visit this evening, and I’ll stay with you overnight if you want.”

“Thank you mummy. I’ll be glad to be home again. I can’t have my booby here.”

“No sweetie, but it’s not long until tomorrow. And you can wear your diaper and feed from mummy and Joy, and we’ll look after our baby girl.”

Melody smiled and closed her eyes to sleep again. She was tired, and sore, but very, very happy.

Chapter 37

Back home on Friday Melody was enjoying being fed and dressed and cuddled like a baby again. She was allowed to wear her diapers and wet in them during the day, so long as she used her potty if she needed it in the night, going to bed in just her pyjama top as she had before. She made the most of long comforting feeds from mummy and Joy, and revelled in the diaper changes, and being allowed to suck her thumb sometimes for comfort. She was angelic about using the potty or toilet for poos. Standing and messing herself in front of Emily just couldn’t be beaten, and she didn’t have the urge now to mess herself again now that she had achieved her ambition of pooing in her panties uninterrupted and without fear of punishment. Mara and Joy were relieved that she never even hinted at it now, which she had done frequently before.

Mara had spent time at the weekend making Melody’s new diapers. She had made the usual comfy lining, and she had consulted with Melody about the thickness. Melody wanted it thick enough to feel and to soak her genuine dribbles and leaks, but not as bulky as her regular diapers, as she didn’t want them too obvious under her uniform. She had promised not to wet in them, as she was allowed to do that at home. The school diapers were just her version of a security blanket. Mara had agreed that at the end of each school day she could wet them on the way home, though.

The new diapers had a grey outer covering, to blend in with Melody’s grey pinafore. Mara thought that would look less obvious than a large white expanse of fabric as Melody was playing or changing into her PE kit. Not that Melody would be doing PE for some weeks to come.

Melody loved her new thin-line diapers, and called them her ‘Padded Panties.’

On Monday Mara had a meeting with the head teacher and Mrs. Davies to discuss what had happened. Emily had been permanently excluded after such a violent attack, following all of the lesser bullying. More children had come forward on the previous Friday to tell of how they had been pinched or pushed or called names if they crossed Emily.

Both teachers had been shocked at Emily’s defiance, saying that Melody had deliberately wet and messed herself and said she was going to tell the teachers that she, Emily, had made her do it. They didn’t believe a word Emily said. She had lied to them before, she had been seen calling Melody names, Melody had never spoken a word to anyone in school, even to Cassie, so they knew she wouldn’t be telling tales to the teachers, and Mrs. Davies knew that Melody’s accidents were genuine, unlike Emily’s had been.

Emily’s exclusion was immediate and permanent.

Next they discussed Melody’s return to school.

“How do you think she’ll cope?” Asked Mrs. Davies.

“I think when she finds out that Emily won’t be able to bully her again she will be okay about coming back. I’ve talked to Nurse Peters about her wearing pull-ups to school, so that if she has a nervous leak it won’t mean she has to be changed so often. She can just have a fresh one at break times if she needs it. She struggled to keep dry before when her arm was broken, as it made it hard to get her panties down quickly to use the toilet, so I think I would have asked for her to wear them anyway due to her arm.”

“That will be fine,” said Mrs. Thomas. She won’t be the first child to need extra protection at school, and I’m sure she won’t be the last. I’ll take you to Nurse Peters to make arrangements."

Nurse Peters was pleased that her suggestion had been taken up.

“We’ll still let her use the commode potty, so that can have help if she needs it, and she can still use her card to show she needs to leave the classroom to use the toilet. If you can drop some pull-ups off when she comes back we’ll store them here for her.”

“I’ve made some re-usable ones for her, ones that are nice and discrete. I made her diapers when she was a baby and toddler, as I prefer not adding to landfill with disposables.” She took a ‘Padded Pantie’ out of her bag to show Nurse Peters. “Will you be okay with her using these?”

The nurse examined the diaper/pull-up, and said admiringly, “Oh, this is good. It’s very well made, and as you say, discrete. I like how it has the elasticated waist for using it like a pull up, but can be opened like a diaper if needed. You should make these to sell, I’m sure they’d be a big hit for parents whose children are still growing out of accidents.”

“I have considered working from home making them. I need something to occupy me now that Melody is at school.”

“Let me know if you do go into production. I have a good network of people who would be interested in something like this.”

Mara was pleased that her design was thought good. She wanted to boost her income, and she needed something to do whilst Melody was at school and Joy was at work. Making re-usable larger diapers and Padded Panties would be the perfect occupation if there was demand for them, and she certainly had plenty of experience.

It was arranged that Melody should start back at school on the Wednesday of that week. She was recovering well from her cuts and bruises, and the school thought it better if she wasn’t off too long, as the longer she was away the harder she might find it to come back. Melody was happy at the thought of seeing Cassie again, and thrilled that she was going to be able to wear her Padded Panties. She bet Cassie would like wearing them too. She wondered if she could arrange it.

Chapter 38

Joy drove Mara and Melody to school early on the Wednesday morning, dropping them off on her way to work. She kissed them both, and said she would bring Mara in the van to pick Melody up in the afternoon.

They had arranged to be in early so that Melody could be there before all the crowds of children arrived so that it was less overwhelming. They headed for Nurse Peter’s office as they had to drop off Melody’s supplies.

Nurse Peters was pleased to see Melody. She welcomed her back, and the said that they would be doing their usual potty routine, and that she could ask permission to come and use the big potty chair whenever she needed too, and that she’d have extra help whilst her arm was out of action. If she had leaked into her pull-up (that was what Mara had said she must call them at school), then she could have a change into a dry one at any of the break times.

Melody nodded to show that she understood.

Nurse Peters asked if she was okay with wearing a pull-up to school, as it was nothing to be ashamed of, and it was just to make life easier for her.

And then Melody spoke, saying quietly, almost whispering, “I’d feel better about it if Cassie would wear one too.”

Nurse Peters was amazed and pleased that she had finally spoken. “Well, we’d have to ask Cassie and her mummy if they agreed to that. I will ask them for you, but they might say no, and even if Cassie agrees her mum might not. I’ll find out today, and let you know tomorrow.” To Mara she said, “Would that be alright with you, if Cassie used these pull-ups too?”

“It would be fine. If she agrees to it I’ll make some extra up so that she has her own supply.”

“Right, let’s get Melody into the classroom before the mob arrives. Say goodbye to your mummy, and we’ll be on our way.”

“See you at home-time, sweetie. You’ll be fine.” Mara hugged her and left the room.

Nurse Peters took Melody by the hand and led her to the classroom. Melody flinched a bit when they reached the door. Although she had contrived much of what had happened, Emily’s attack had still scared her.

“It’s alright, you’re safe, nothing like that will happen again.”

She allowed herself to be led through the door.

Mrs. Davies was waiting to greet her. “Welcome back, Melody. It’s lovely to see you again. Before the others get here I want to show you something.” She led Melody over to where the book corner had been. The space was opened out now. The home reading books had been moved elsewhere, and the pictures on the wall had been changed, and there were some comfy bean bags and soft toys in that area instead.

“We decided that the book corner might make you feel sad when you saw it again, so we’ve changed it into our comfy corner, so that anyone who needs a bit of quiet time can sit here and chill out for a bit. What do you think?”

Melody was amazed – the thought of going into the book corner again had been quite scary, and they had changed it all, just for her. She smiled at Mrs. Davies and whispered, “Thank you.”

Mrs. Davies was as pleased as Nurse Peter’s had been that Melody had finally spoken to them.

“You’re very welcome, Melody, and it’s lovely to hear your voice at last. Don’t worry, I won’t force you to talk, but I hope you’ll feel able to speak sometimes, especially to Cassie, she’s really been missing you.”

Melody smiled at her. She’d missed Cassie too.

Nurse Peters wanted a chance to talk to Mrs. Davies about Melody’s request that Cassie should wear a pull-up too, so they settled Melody down on a beanbag with a book so that they could talk privately at the other end of the classroom.

“What do you think to the idea?” asked the nurse, when she had filled Mrs. Davies in on Melody’s request.

“In all honesty, I think Cassie would jump at the chance. She adores Melody and would do anything for her. We’ll just have to hope her mum agrees. The more relaxed Melody feels the sooner she will be chatting away like the other children. I’m so pleased that she spoke to us today, though. If that’s all she says all day I don’t care. It’s a start, and I’m really thrilled about it.”

At that moment Cassie ran into the classroom and, spotting Melody sitting on one of the bean bags, ran across to her and threw herself onto the beanbag next to her. “Oh my, I’m so glad you’re back! It was so quiet without you and I want to hug you but mum says I have to be careful of your arm until it’s all mended but I’m really, really glad you’re back.”

Cassie’s mum had followed her daughter into the classroom, and apologised to the Mrs. Davies and Nurse Peters. “I’m so sorry, I tried to make her wait to come in, but she saw Melody’s coat on her peg and ran straight in to see her. She’s been so excited about her coming back to school.”

“You’re just the person we wanted to talk to, actually. Take a seat, we have a strange request. We just have time before the bell rings” The three women sat around Mrs. Davies’ desk, and they told her of Melody’s anxiety about speaking at school, and how she was wearing pull-ups to make her feel secure about her little accidents, and that she’d spoken to them the first time that morning, to ask if Cassie would wear a pull-up too, to keep her company. “It’s an odd request, I know, but I think it would really help Melody to feel that she wasn’t any different if her best friend was wearing pull-ups for a while too. If you say no we’ll respect your decision, of course, there’s no pressure. Equally, Cassie might prefer not to, and we’d never force her to.”

“Oh, well, Cassie might as well wear one if it’ll keep her little friend happy. Just let her know she’s not to have any accidents herself just 'cos she’s wearing one. She was too fond of getting her panties wet in the first couple of years at school. I’ll not have her starting that malarkey again. But if it makes her little friend happy then yes, I don’t mind. Put her in one when she gets to school, and send her home in her own panties, and no-one else will be any the wiser.”

“Thank you, I’m sure it will make a huge difference.”

“I need to get off, I’ll be late for work, else. Cassie,” calling across the classroom, “Get here a minute, teacher wants to ask you something.” Cassie came over and gave her mum a hug goodbye and then lolled against the desk to hear what Mrs. Davies wanted to ask her.

Ten minutes later a delighted Melody and Cassie were walking hand in hand back to the classroom. They both had one of the Padded Panties on now. Cassie had jumped at the chance, and had promised not to wet in them.

“Oh my,” she said to Melody as they headed back to class. “It feels so big! But I know it doesn’t show 'cos I can’t see yours at all. I’m so glad you asked for me to wear one too 'cos I’d have been dead jealous if you were wearing a pull-up and I wasn’t. I wish I could wee in it but I promised not to. Oh my, I’m so excited!”

Melody smiled at her and said, quietly. “I knew you’d like it, that’s why I asked.”

“Melody Bright, you’re the best friend ever!”


Melody Bright gave a happy little wriggle of contentment as she sat in her small hard plastic school chair, elbows resting on the table in front of her and chin cupped in her hands. She could feel her diaper, soft and comforting, under her school uniform. It was the first day of the summer term.

This term the diaper had a light blue outer cover, to blend in with her summer uniform of a blue gingham dress. In the next seat was her best friend, Cassie, also wearing the discrete diaper under her summer dress. They smiled at each other. Cassie might not wet at school, but when she came to play at Melody’s house she had her own supply of full sized diapers to pee in, and the friends enjoyed playing together in soggy diapers. It was their secret that only they and Mara and Joy knew about. Some days they wore the bigger diapers to school, when they knew they didn’t have to change for PE. They didn’t do it often……yet. But it gave them a thrill of naughtiness when they did.

Melody gave another little wriggle of contentment. School was good. She was allowed to wear her pull-ups all of the time because she still did little leaks, but they trusted her not to wet herself now and she used the toilet block like the rest of the children. That was another little lie that Melody never revealed. She had never leaked a bit when concentrating, it had always been deliberate, but why be honest about everything? Little lies helped you still get what you wanted even if the other big lies were found out.

No-one mentioned the pull-ups at school. They were discrete and didn’t draw attention, so the staff had decided to let the two girls continue to wear them. Melody was much more confident now that she supposedly wasn’t worrying about wet patches, and Cassie was devoted to her, so they assumed she was still wearing them to just keep Melody company.

Melody spoke much more at school now. They were so proud of her. They thought she had really worked hard to improve her confidence.

Emily was gone, and the rest of the class thought Melody was a hero for getting rid of her. She didn’t get big headed about it, but she was glad they thought well of her. She never felt guilty that Emily had been excluded. It had been worth the broken arm to get rid of her. And she still relived the moment when she had squatted and messed herself in front of a shocked Emily. It was one of her favourite memories ever.

Home was good too. She still breastfed from Mara and Joy, and showed no signs of wanting to stop. Joy was part of the family now, and Melody loved having her there. She knew how far she could push Joy, and accepted that Joy would be the one to set boundaries.

Mara had a thriving business making re-usable environmentally friendly diapers and ‘Padded Panties’ for older children. She worked from home, which she loved because she didn’t have to get dressed to go to work, and which Melody loved because her mummy was always there when she got home from school.

Mara had also accepted that Melody just liked wearing diapers, and let her wear them all of the time. She had got used to having a seven year old daughter who preferred peeing in a diaper to using a toilet. It was also easier than constantly having to do pantie checks, and wash wet panties, and Joy was there to share the diaper changes with her. Having a little friend who shared her interests had been a big blessing for Melody, and for Mara too.

Melody still pressed her ‘happy button’ in bed at night, but she was too busy and happy now to bother experimenting much with her body parts. The box of beads was only ever used for her craft projects now.

Melody thought back to before Christmas, when she had become so ill at the thought of starting school. It had been hard work making herself stay awake at night so that she could start crying and pretend she was upset. The wetting the bed had been easy, though. Not eating, now that had been really hard, but she had managed it. Drinking lots of water had helped fill her up, and helped her wet the bed easily, and mummy had really believed she couldn’t eat because she was worried. When mummy had gone so far as to talk to the doctor about it, and he had suggested making her feel safe and secure, mummy and Joy had suggested her being allowed to wear her diapers to school. Even better, Joy had suggested Melody needed to wet herself at school so that they suggested the diapers themselves. And the school had fallen in with it so easily, suggesting pull-ups even quicker than she had thought they would. It had all been worth it.

Melody Bright had learned to be manipulative at a very young age, and as she sat in her safe, secure, comfortable diaper, she felt happy and contented with how she had managed things so far.

Life was good.

Re: Melody Bright

I’m surprised no one has commented on this one before.
Not what I’d normally read as I don’t go for stories about younger characters, (to me, abdl only works with adults) but as for the actual writing, good work. You’ve clearly put a lot of effort into it. It’s almost a novel at this point :o It definitely deserves more attention, especially from people who like these themes more then I do.

also, your comment “I tell myself stories when I am going to sleep, and act out the principal character in my head”
I find that interesting because I often do the same thing. I wonder how many people here would say the same?

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