Melissa's turn

some word from the author first:

I am new to this place, my first time logged in actually :wink:
I would just like to say before I start that this is my first diaperstory every that I’ve written, and I am not sure how you guys usually do it, but I write it right here on the forum, I don’t copy it.
And also, I am swedish, so my english is not that great.
Would love to hear what you think about what I write, but the chapters might be short since when I write I don’t have alot of time. But I will do what I can to keep it decent :smiley: Also, the beginning is something I read in another story, however it was barely apart of the story, but I liked it and would like to take it further.

Melissa’s turn

Chapter One

Melissa Watson was about to start changing her babysister Joanna’s diaper, Joanna was only 6 months old and required alot of attention, but Melissa who had just turned 17 didn’t mind being abit in the shadow, she even liked taking care of Joanna, she felt somewhat older, almost like a mother.

But Melissa had one slight problem with Joanna, poopy-diapers, she just couldn’t stand them, and when she had taken off Joanna’s pants, she could definetly smell poop, and quickly went for the exit of the bathroom to call her mother,

“Mom! can you come in here and help me please”

Andrea Watson walked into the bathroom and sighed.

“Melissa, you’ve got to learn how to change a poopy diaper. Think about it, you might get a baby soon too, and then you won’t be able to run to me everytime it poops.”

“Mom, I am not planning on having a baby in a long time, and I will learn how to change dirty diapers, but just not now, give it some time okay?”

“Don’t say that Melissa, you don’t know how long it will take for time to do it’s jobb, and don’t think it is impossible to get a baby even if you are not planning on it, I mean, I got you when I was 18, I love you and all, but it was hard to raise you when I was just finishing school.”

Melissa went over to her mom and gave her a kiss on her cheek, Andrea just smiled and bent over Joanna to change her diaper, Melissa was about to exit the room when her mom called:

“Melissa, is this some kind of joke?”

“What do you mean mom”

“There is no poop in here at all, did you already change her?”

“No…But she must have pooped, her farts don’t smell this bad…”

“Yea you’re right, this is definetly not a fart. Hang on darling!”

Andrea quickly grabbed Melissa, turned her around and pulled at her pants and panties to check her behind.

“Mom, don’t be ridiculous, I’ve not…”

“Oh my god Melissa! You’ve pooped your pants!”

“What? No I haven’t, I think I would’ve noticed if I had pooped myself”

With that Melissa turned her upper body to see for herself, and sure thing, there in her panties laid a big brown lump that could only be one thing…
Melissa didn’t know what to do, but just started crying, she was 17 and had just pooped her pants.

Andrea turned Melissa around again and embraced her into a big hug and patting her hair slowly with one hand.

“There, there sweety, it was just an accident, it happens to everyone, tell you what, let us get you out of these dirty clothes, get you into a warm shower, I will call for a babysitter for Joanna, so you and me can go out for dinner and a movie.”

Melissa felt abit better, she half expected her mother to yell at her for messing herself. But her mother had actually been very caring for her, and it was an awful long time since she spent some time alone with her mother.

Andrea quickly changed Joanna’s wet diaper and took Joanna with her to call a babysitter and give Melissa some privacy.

Melissa slowly pulled down her pants and panties so no poop would escape, she examined her pants and confirmed that they were out of harms way, and just tossed them into the hamper. However the panties looked awful, and she thought she would never want to wear them again even if she got them clean, so she just tossed them into the diaper can.
When she had gotten out of her shirt and bra she cleaned her behind with a babywipe before getting into the shower.

When shegot out of the shower, she grabbed a towel and started to dry herself of, she tied the towel around herself but before she left the bathroom she stopped infront of the mirror.
She was quite proud of her looks, she was quite tall, 5,7 ft. And she also had a slim body, her breasts where of medium size, many girls had bigger breasts, but she would still get some stares at her chest, just the perfect size she thought. Her hair was as blonde as hair could be, and now that she had showered it fell down just to where her breasts started.

She could not help still being ashamed of messing herself, but thinking of spending some alonetime with her mother almost made it seem worth it.
She exited the bathroom and went to her room to get dressed for what she hoped would be her best night with her mother for a year.

This is all the time I have for now, hope you like it, and please tell me what you think :slight_smile:
Edit: I have not had time to check for typos yet, will do that asap :wink:

Re: Melissa’s turn

A commendable first attempt. I do suggest you use MSWord or OpenOffice to type out the story, for the spelling and grammar check if nothing else.

Re: Melissa’s turn

Good start. I am not sure how you type a whole chapter in the browser. Usually that means no proof reading and such, but in this case it is pretty good. I also think it is cool that you can write in a second language. I am not fluent enough in any other language to have a conversation, let alone write a story.

Good job and I look forward to hearing more about Melissa when you write the next chapter.

Re: Melissa’s turn

yeah, I noticed too that MS Word would be easyer, so I typed half of the chapter with that, but as I wrote I had no time to check it, that’s why it says I wrote it all here still, however MS Word acted up on me and it didn’t wanna do as I told it too, so it would not show my mistakes,
The reason for why I did not type right here was because the box where you write jumped up and down as soon as I had written enough to fill the box, so I had no way of seeing what I wrote while I wrote it.

Re: Melissa’s turn

Always type in a word processor… because should for some reason your browser (or the server) crash, you’ve lost what you wrote.

Not too bad a start considering English isn’t your native language. Much better than some of the stuff native-speakers do write.

Can you clarify how old Melissa is? Right now you haven’t hinted it at all in the prose or dialogue.

Re: Melissa’s turn

First paragraph…

[quote=Reterra link=topic=3715.msg39001#msg39001 date=1272390990]

Melissa Watson was about to start changing her babysister Joanna’s diaper, Joanna was only 6 months old and required alot of attention, but Melissa who had just turned 17 didn’t mind being abit in the shadow, she even liked taking care of Joanna, she felt somewhat older, almost like a mother.

Re: Melissa’s turn

Yeah, definitely type the next section in a word processor. It will help a lot, on a number of counts; it will help correct grammar and spelling that you might miss as a non-native speaker, it will protect you against losing your work if an internet problem develops, and you’ll be able to save your work so that you can write in small segments, save the file and get back to it later, allowing you to post longer proofread chapters.

This is one of if not the best first story I’ve ever seen. There are a few things I’d point out as unrealistic, but nothing that throws me enough to loose the story. I’m really interested to see where you go form here. You’ve demonstrated that you have all of the fundamentals down, and I can’t wait to see how you write as you gain more experience.

Re: Melissa’s turn

Love the story!! Great start looking forward to reading more :slight_smile:

Re: Melissa’s turn

lovely words I am seeing here :wink: although you do put abit of preasure on me, but I will do my best to do a good jobb.
However, I am not saving my work on my computer, I save them here, but not on MS Word, and the grammar correction, well, it needs me to install something on my computer to correct the english, but it needs some kind of disc to do that…and I don’t have that disc :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, if some things might seem strange, keep in mind that I have no personal experience with these things, only from the stories I’ve read, so there might be some really weird stuff.

Chapter Two:

“So mom, where are we going to eat?”

“There’s a new place that opened just some weeks ago, ´Meat with Jane´ I think it is…My friend was there with her daughter, and they just loved it, I though we could give that a try.”

Melissa couldn’t help but wonder what poor guy came up with that name…Poor imagination, but aslong as the food was good she wouldn’t mind the name.

The resturant was quite cosy, there were menues to take at the entrance, and they found a nice table just by a window, the walls were mostly red, with yellow stripes between the tables, and the seats were very comfortable, very soft padding.

After a few minutes of looking into the menues, a waitress came over to their table, she wore a nice white shirt that really showed off her breasts, it looked very tight, and a knee-length black skirt. It was looking rather good actually, but the skirt crinkled, and Melissa wondered what fabric it was, but she didn’t want to ask, the waitress also wore quite high heels, and she didn’t seem to be used to them, because she looked like she had abit of trouble walking. But Melissa just figured that she was new.

“So, are you two ready to order?” The waitress asked with a big smile.

“Yes please, I would like to try the ´Jane Speciall´please, and a, let’s see, I think just a coke to drink, what do you want Melissa?” Asked Melissa’s mom.

“I would like the hamburger please, and take that coke for me instead, mom will have some red wine. I’ll drive instead”

“You sure sweetie? I won’t mind having a coke, I know that you don’t really love to drive”

“Mom, this must be the first time since Joanna was born and dad died that you’re out of the house when not shopping, I’m fine I promise, I just want you to have some wine.”

The waitress soon came back with their food and drinks, Melissa really liked the food, it was probably the best burger she ever had, and her mom seemed to like the “Jane Speciall” too, it was a big stake with some fries, and some kind of sauce, but she didn’t know what kind of sauce it was.

When they had eaten and payed for their dinner they made their way to the cinema. They found that the second Fantastic Four movie was about to start, so they bought two tickets, some popcorn and a large soda to share for the movie.

Melissa had really liked the first movie, and really liked the second one too, but that large coke they ordered and the dinner seemed to want to get out, and halfway into the movie she thought she could need to use the bathroom, but it wasn’t that urgent, it could probably wait until the movie had ended.

The movie eventually ended, pretty nice ending Melissa thought, but it probably would have been better if she hadn’t spent the last ten minutes holding her crotch not to pee.
However when she stood up the urge wasn’t too bad, she would be able to hold it to the bathrooms outside with ease.
But just when she really needed them, they were of course out of order.
She and her mom made their way back to the car, and it was easy for Andrea to see that Melissa really needed to pee.

“Honey, are you sure you don’t want me to drive? Might not be such a good idea for you to drive if you’re almost wetting yourself.”

“It’s okay mom, I can hold it.”

“You sure sweetie? We could try to find a bathroom at some resturant close by?”

“No, it’s okay mom, I can hold it, I promise”

Melissa wasn’t that sure she could hold it, but after the accident she had that morning she needed to be able to hold it. She needed to feel that she still was in controll of herself, even though she had pooped herself without knowing it.

The drive home wasn’t that bad, when she was driving she had to concentrate on that so much that the urge went away abit, she still had to pee, but it wasn’t that urgent.
However the minute she got out of the car she could feel alittle flow of pee enter her panties, she got a hold on it though before it got too much, though not visible on her dress, her mother could see that something was bothering her.

“Melissa, you allright?”

“I’m fine mom, I just need to get to the bathroom quick, I’ll wet myself soon.”

Melissa hurried herself inside as fast as she could, but it is not easy walking with both hands on your crotch and trying to not let any more pee out at the same time.
It took great strength, but she made it to the bathroom in time, her dress was short enough to pull up in time, but just when she was about to pull down her panties she could feel the rest of the pee coming out and just sat down quickly on the toilet with her panties still on.
Defeated she let the pee flow through her very very wet panties and into the toilet, but when she pushed to get out the last of the pee, she could feel poop leaving her ass and firmly making her way into her panties.
She started to cry, and soon her mom came in through the unlocked door with Joanna on her hip, Andrea quickly saw what was wrong, put Joanna down on the changing table, and went over to comfort her daughter.

“Sweetie it’s okay, it was just an accident, and you did make it to the toilett.”

“But, I pooped my panties for the second time today, I am an adult, I should not be pooping my panties at all! And I have not felt it coming either of the times.”

“I know that you’re upset sweetie, but there is nothing we can do about it, after all, it was a lovely evening tonight, let us not make this take that away from us. Tell you what, if you want, I can make an appointment with Dr. Willick tomorrow, and she can check if there is something medically wrong with you.”

Not the best ending to a chapter, but it is the best I can do at the moment, don’t have alot more time just now :wink:

Re: Melissa’s turn

Eh try downloading openoffice. Its a free word processing software suite and one of the programs functions like MSWord, including spellcheck.

But really, considering that English isn’t your native language, your writing form is pretty good. Style wise, it seems a bit rushed - it’s generally better to take more time to introduce your characters, what their normal life is like, let us get to know them a bit before moving on to the interesting bits. For a first timer, though, your work is commendable :slight_smile:

Re: Melissa’s turn

I’ll try to check it out.

And yes it is abit rushed, but since I don’t want a save on my computer I kinda have to get it done the day I start write it :wink: But I also had in mind that this would be abit of a rushed story, as I want to get to the diaper part quite fast to get the feeling of it, if I get to some later work, it will probably be in a better state, this is more or less a try out story, and I am not sure how much time I will spend on it, when I feel that I have got a real hang of this, I might start on a new thing, of course I will get this story to an ending before I start on something new.
But if I get that feeling that I have “mastered” this, the ending might get quite rushed

Re: Melissa’s turn

You have a nice style, you are improving slowly as a writer, and please keep up the nice work.

Re: Melissa’s turn

Chapter Three:

The next morning when Melissa woke up she felt dizzy.
Her stomach ached, and her head banged, she couldn’t find the strength to get up so she just laid in bed trying to get back to sleep.
It took her awhile, but eventually, she was asleep.

She woke up later by her mother gently trying to shake her awake.
Sha had not slept well, when she woke up she looked as if she had just gotten out of the shower because of all the sweat. However that was not as bad as what she noticed when she rolled onto her back, there was no mistaking for what was in her pants and she started to cry again.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” her mother asked.

Not that she needed too, the smell was quite obvious, and she had never seen her daughter this pale before, not even when her father died.
The poor little girl continued to cry as her mother gently tried to sooth her with a hug.
Andrea let Melissa cry to get it out of her system, and when she finally calmed down she was able to convince her daugther to go to the bathroom, take a shower, and she would get an aspirin when she got downstairs for breakfest, and then they would go straight to the doctor’s office.

Melissa was really ashamed, this was the third time in less than two days that she had pooped her panties without knowing. The walk to the bathroom was the longest ever, not just because of her shame, but she felt really ill, each step felt like a mountain-climb.
Evantually she got into the bathroom, out of her messy clothes, and in to the shower, she had been taking too many showers for the wrong reasons way too often lately. She used to like taking showers, but not now, not this way.

When she had got down for some breakfest and an aspirin, her mother announced that she had called a babysitter for Joanna, and they could be on their way as soon as the babysitter came over.

Melissa couldn’t eat alot of food, and the babysitter was quick to come over. So they were on their way quickly.

The waitingroom was almost empty when they got there save from one woman who looked to be in her mid-fifties.
Dr. Willick had just came in for work, and had not had any patients, so she could take in Melissa as soon as she arrived.

Melissa’s mom told Dr.Willick about Melissa’s accidents and how she felt when she woke up this morning, and by the looks of it, how she still felt.
Dr.Willick didn’t seem to be able to find out what was wrong with Melissa just by hearing this, but she decided to run some tests, she left the room to get the results and Andrea got some time alone with her daughter.

“How are you sweetie?”

“Not so good mom, I just want to go home and get some rest.”

“We will get home soon sweetheart, let’s just hope that Dr.Willick knows what is wrong with you, and maybe even treat it.”

Dr.Willick didn’t take long to come back, however she did not look happy when she entered the room, she looked puzzled.

“I am sorry Mrs. Watson, by all I can tell, it is just a normal flue that your daughter has, I have no explenation of the accidents. All I can reccomend is that you go home, get some rest, and hopefully, when the flue blows over, the accidents will too.”

Andrea and Melissa was neither one of them very happy with that answer, but thanked Dr.Willick and made their way back to their car.
Melissa was exhausted, and the second she got into the car, she fell asleep. Andrea noticed this and decided to make a quick detour into the town to the farmacy to get some supplies.

Melissa didn’t wake up for any of this, and she was gently woken by her mother when they had got home, but Melissa could not find the strenght to walk, so Andrea slowly picked her daughter up and carried her inside on her hip.
Melissa was not the lightest girl, but Andrea summoned the strength to carry her inside and put her down on her bed.
She quickly ran downstairs and out to the car and got the supplies she had gotten earlyer. She asked Joanna’s babysitter if she could stay abit longer so that she could take care of Melissa and went upstairs.
Andrea knocked gently on the door and slowly stepped inside, Melissa had barely moved since she left her. Andrea put down the bag next to the bed and started to remove Melissa’s jeans and top. Melissa was to tired to care for that, she just found it nice that her mother cared for her abit. But when her mother started pulling down her panties she had to ask:

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“Oh, you’re up, listen honey, don’t get mad, but you really look tired, and you did recently had three accidents, so I just thought that untill you feel better, you could wear these.”
Andrea said and showed Melissa a big white square, at first she could not see what it was, but after a few seconds of examining it, she realised what it was.

“A diaper? But mom, I’m seventeen. I don’t need diapers!”

“I know sweetie, but, you don’t have alot of panties left, and you seem to weak to get up, just for safety, okay?”

“But…I…Okay mom, but, please don’t tell anyone.”

“Of course not sweetie.”

So Melissa let her mother slide down her panties, lift her legs, and slide in the diaper beneath her ass. This was so humiliating for Melissa who even kept herself hairless down there as she belived that hair should be only on the top of peoples heads. However her mother did not put down her legs but just held them up as she smeared some sort of oil on her ass, and there was no mistaking the smell of the baby powder that she applied to her ass. Eventually, she felt her legs come down as her ass connected with the diaper. It was a funny feeling, she had not wore a diaper since she was twelve and a friends mother had made her wear one at a sleepover. Her mother smeared in more oil and applied more powder to her vaginal area before she brought the diaper up over her crotch, and expertly taped it up.

Melissa just laid there silently as her mother tucked her in, kissed her on her forehead, and silently leaving the room, shutting off the light and closing the door to let her daughter get some more rest.

Melissa’s humiliation about being put back into a diaper was short-lived as she was so tired that she just fell asleep as soon as her mother left the room.

The ending is abit rushed as my cat came home after being away for a week! I was really worried for the damn little thing, she is soo cute! And I wanna spend some time with her, hope it was to your liking, and I am not sure how soon chapter 4 will come up, but I will do it asap :slight_smile:

Re: Melissa’s turn

A couple of things I noticed and hope to help with. The drugstore is spelled pharmacy, and the illness you describe is spelled flu.(The flue,as you spelled it, is part of a fireplace.)

I like the story so far, and as you told us this is not your native tounge, I look forward to reading much more from you.

Thank you from someone who enjoys good stories

Re: Melissa’s turn

The only thing I would say about this chapter was the over use of the word “ass”. I curse alot myself, but just reading ass as so many times in a few sentences was just a bit much. Switching it up with butt, or rear or something else would have been fine, but for me…just to much in one area.

Sad part for me is I could believe the Doctor coming back with it being nothing more then the flu. Last July I got extremly ill and became very dizzy. I thought I was just dehydrated from going to the bathroom 53 times in one day. (holy crap was my butt raw that day!) Two days later when I was still dizzy 24 hours a day and could barely stand up, I went to the ER and was told I had the flu. Followed up with my Doctor the end of that week and was then told I had vertigo and given some meds. Which did nothing for me, so back to the docs. 12 visits later I had been diagonsed with Flu, Swine Flu, Dehydration, Vertigo and many other things. Hell, I even had one doc in the ER tell me I was high on drugs and walk out on me. I finally met someone who had the same issue and was able to correctly diagonse me, but they couldn’t do anything about it. so for nearly 3 months I got to spend every day of my life dizzy and just feeling like I had the worst hangover a person could ever have 24 hours a day.

Re: Melissa’s turn

Glad you liked what I’ve written so far, and please do continue to correct my english  if anything it atleast helps my english :wink:
And for the “ass” part, I had a really bad day when I started writing, and thus it was the word I came up with, I noticed it myself, but for some reason I just couldn’t think of another word. But I am in a better mood now, so hopefully it won´t be as much cursing.

Chapter 4:

When Melissa woke up the next morning she found her mother kneeling down by her bead and stroking her hair.
She smiled at her mother, she had it was a very soothing feeling, she felt like she could just lie there forever.

“Good morning sweetie, how are you feeling?” Her mother asked gently.

“Better, not good, but better” Melissa answered.

“Honey, do you remember a few weeks ago when I told you that I had gotten in touch with a company that might want to hire me?”


“Well, they called yesterday when you went to bed, and asked me to come in for an interview this afternoon. But I don’t want to leave you alone like this. So I was thinking, would it be okay if I called over your friend Amy? She could take care of Joanna, and keep you company.”

“Yea, that sound good, just…You won’t tell her about my accidents right?”

“Of course not, I am not going to tell anyone about this, it is up to you who you want to know about it. Speaking of it, have you used it?”

Melissa couldn’t feel anything, so she moved her hand down inside her diaper, her face lit up with a big smile as she could feel nothing.

“No, I seem to be all dry”

“Oh good, maybe this is all blowing over, but, I would suggest that you keep that diaper on, just for today, in case something happens.”

“I, well, okay, but if I don’t have any accidents untill tomorrow morning, I am not going to wear them anymore!”

“Sounds lika a deal then, I will call Amy and see if she can come over, in the meanwhile, put on some clothes and come down for breakfest. You barely ate anything yesterday, you must be starving.”

Melissa hadn’t thought about that, her stomach was cursing loudly at her for not giving it any food.
She got out of bed and walker over to her closet, she wanted to find something that would cover her diaper. She tried on some sweatpants, but even though she could get them on over the diaper. There was an very obvious bulge at her crotch caused by her diaper.
After digging deep through her closet she eventually found an old summer skirt, it reached down abit past her knees, and was wide enough to not show any bulge. She also found a nice pink shirt that would go down past her waist, it was perfect she thought, no diaper bulge, and no pointy waistline showing.

She went downstair and was greeted by the smell of waffles, she hadn’t eaten waffles in ages! Maybe being sick wasn’t all that bad.

“Hi sweetie, I just called Amy and she said that she would love to come over” Her mother said.

“Great, where is Joanna?” Melissa asked.

“She is still asleep, but I bet she’ll be up soon.”

Melissa smiled, sat down on a chair and ate her waffles, they were delicious, better than ever before! Maybe it was because it was so long since she ate waffles before, but nevertheless she enjoyed it.

When she had finished her waffles she went into the livingroom to see what was on the telly. She found a movie that had just began so she laid down in the sofa tried to keep up with the movie, but eventually she fell asleep.

The plan was to get Amy over to the house and have her there for alittle while in this chapter. But time flew by and I just don’t have time to write any more. I don’t even have time to check for typos yet, I will try to do that later, and I will try to write more asap.

Re: Melissa’s turn

A very nice story. Keep up the good work.

Re: Melissa’s turn

A good story so far, keep up the good work

Re: Melissa’s turn

Chapter 4 continue:

When Andrea walked into the livingroom she found her daughter sound asleep on the sofa, she looked so peaceful, but yet so weak. Andrea quietly walked towards her daugther, bent down and carefully slipped two fingers inside the waistband of her seventeen year old daugthers diaper, it was very wet, but Andrea didn’t want to disturb her daughter, nor did she want her to feel bad, so she went upstairs to get the supplies and when she came downstairs she carefully changed Melissa’s diaper with as few movements as possible to keep her from finding out that she had had another accident.
After the change Andrea put the stuff in Melissas closet upstairs and when she came down again she sat down next to Melissa in the sofa, gently stroking Melissa’s legs while watching the movie that was on.

After about thirty minutes the doorbell rang, Andrea jumped of the couch and walked towards the door to open it. On the other side of the door was Amy, Amy was a very attractive girl, 5,7 feet tall, barely 132 pounds, curly blond long hair down to her shoulders, a great sence of fashion, and breasts that would make every guy within miles drool.

“Hi Amy, thank you for coming over with such short notice.” Andrea said.

“Don’t mention it Miss Wattson, you know that I am happy to help, besides, I haven’t spoken to Melissa in ages.”

“Yes, I though it would be nice for her to have a friend over right now, she is feeling really bad. But where are my manners? Come in, come in.”

“Thank you Miss Wattson, where is Melissa anyways?”

“She is on the sofa sleeping, she is really weak at the moment. Anyway, you have my phone number in case you need me, you can help yourself through the fridge, and now, I really have to go, Joanna is asleep upstairs by the way, she should wake up any minute now. Bye, and thank you again for coming over.”

“As I said, don’t mention it, now you get going and good luck on the interview.”

Amy went inside and into the livingroom to see her best friend pale in the face and alseep on the sofa. She gently went over and carefully shook Melissa awake.

“Hi sleepyhead, how are you feeling?” Amy asked.

“Not to good, my head bangs as if world war five were going on inside it.” Melissa replied with sleep still in her voice.

“Ouch, well, it can only get better then I suppose.”

“I hope so, but let’s go up to my room, we need to catch up.”

Melissa and Amy made their way upstairs, Amy walked behind Melissa and thought she could hear some weird crinkling noice, and also Melissa walkeb abit funny, and why would she wear a summer skirt at this time of the year? Amy just shrugged it off and thought it was because Melissa was sick that she had trouble walking, and skirts are easy to get on.

The girls sat down on Melissa’s bed and talked about what was going on in their lifes. Although Melissa was very careful to leave out the parts of her accidents, the girls chatted for atleast an hour when Amy suddenly bolted up.

“Oh shoot! I forgot to check on your sister, be right back!”

Amy ran out of the room and left Melissa alone, Melissa felt abit better, all the talking had distracted her from her headache, and she felt happy to have Amy here to talk to. She had almost even forgotten about the fact that she was wearing a diaper, thinking about it, it was kind of weird that she had not had to pee yet, she always went to the bathroom right after breakfest, but today she hadn’t, and her diaper was still dry.
She was brought out of her thoughts as Amy returned into her room carrying Joanna and a baby bottle of formula.

“I was lucky, she was still asleep, apearently she is as much in love with mornings as you are. But her diaper was really nasty, that is the downside to babies I suppose.”

“Yeah, I still can’t change her dirty diapers, mom gave me a rant about that the other day, about how I might get pregnant soon.”

“Yeah right, as if you were going to get pregnant yet, I won’t allow to ruin that great body yet in atleast ten years!”

“Hehe, yeah that is what is going to stop me from getting pregnant in the future, but don’t worry, I am already half time mother for Joanna, it is bad enough, she is cute, but she is alot of work.”

“Yeah, and it would be expensive buying diapers for two babies.”

At that comment Melissa’s face turned a deep red, and Amy noticed right away, and began to put 2 and 2 together, the waddle in her step, the crinkle, the skirt and now the blush…

“Melissa…are you wearing diapers?”

That is the end of C4, not so long this either, but put this and the other one together and it is quite decent, also sorry for the delay, personal issues that I don’t want to tire you with.
Not sure when the next one is gonna get out, hopefully not too far away in the future.

Re: Melissa’s turn

First of all I just want to say sorry that it has been so long since the last chapter, but there has been ALOT going on in my life lately. For this chapter, I am gonna try something different, I have been going on with the sympathetic mother and such, but I want to try a different scenery, since this is my first story I might use this to try my skills in very odd and weird directions. However I don’t think I have given you too much hints in the previous chapters about what is going to happen here.

Chapter 5:

“A-a diaper? No, I, no, why, I mean, no, why would I wear a diaper?” Melissa asked, she couldn’t think clearly and knew Amy would not fall for that lie.

“Well, you crinkle with every move you make, you never wear baggy clothes and you blush as soon as I mentioned diapers for anyone else than your sister, now, you know what I think about liers, so I am going to give you one last chance. Are you wearing a diaper?”

Amy looked stern, Melissa had never seen her like this, she knew that Amy hate liers, especially friends who lie to her, but she just couldn’t admit what she was wearing.

“N-no, I am not wearing a diaper!”

“Okay, then show me the waistline of your panties.”

“What? No, why would I do that?”

“So I can see wether or not you are wearing a diaper.”

Melissa was trapped, she knew there was no way to get out of this, slowly, she reached for her shirt, pulled it up alittle, but she just couldn’t bring it to herself to show Amy the waistline of her diaper, she sat still, and Amy grew restless, she bent closer to Melissa herself and pulled down her skirt just enough to show the big white fluffy diaper.

“That looks like a diaper to me, Melissa, you know that I hate liers. But I will let this one go since you are sick. Are you wet”?


“Your diaper, is it wet?”

“No, I don’t wet it all the time, I just wear it in case.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I am sure dammit! I think I would know if I had wet my own damn diaper”

Amy looked angry, she clearly didn’t like Melissa’s tone against her, she put Joanna down on the floor next to one of Melissas old stuffed animals, and then leaned over to Melissa, put one hand on her shirt, and stuck the other hand into Melissa’s diaper.

“What the hell do you think you are doing!?” Melissa shouted, she was not prepared for her friend checking her diaper.

Melissa looked up and took her by the ear and twisted it, Melissa wailed out loud in pain, she was dragged up standing by her ear. Amy held Melissas ear firmly as she sat down on a chair, removed Melissa’s skirt with her free hand, and laid her down over her knees.
Melissa didn’t know what was happening, she felt Amy’s hand leave her ear and instead took Melissa’s right hand and held it over her back.

“This is for lying to me, 3 times, and swearing to me. Not wet huh? I have never felt a diaper more soaked in my entire life.” Amy said with a stern voice as she started to spank Melissa.

“No! Ouch! Stop it! What the Fuck Amy!”

Amy just spanked harder, each slap on Melissa’s but felt worse than any pain she had ever felt in her whole life, and she was too weak to resist.

The spanking continued, 5 minutes had gone, Amy’s strikes didn’t loose strenght, and Melissa was crying like she never had befor in her life.
Eventually, Amy stopped. She helped Melissa stand up, but she just fell down back on her bed, Melissa had never felt so humiliated in her whole life, and it hurt , bad, she was weak as it was before, but now she felt like she couldn’t move anymore.

“Where do you keep your diapers?” Amy asked, still with the stern voice.

Melissa coulnd’t answer, she was still crying too bad, she just got a finger up pointing towards a paper bag in the corner.
Amy went and picked up the bag, remover the package of diapers, and took out two of them. She left the diapers on the chair, and went into the bathroom to pick up some powder, wipes and baby oil. She was about to return to Melissa’s room when she saw a pink pacifier lying next to the changing table, she heard Melissa still crying so she picked it up and put it in her pocket.

Amy came back into Melissa’s room, Joanna seemed unaffected by all the screaming, she had actually fallen asleep on the teddybear she had found.
Melissa however was still crying, and lying in only a wet diaper and a shirt. Amy put down the changing supplies next to the bed, pulled out the pacifier from her pocket and put it in Melissa’s mouth. Melissa spit it out, she was angry at Amy and didn’t want to be treated like a baby, but Amy wouldn’t take it, she gave Melissa another hard strike at her behind, put the pacifier back in Melissa’s mouth and told her too keep it in there.
Melissa started to nurse on the pacifier out of fear, it was actually pretty soothing she thought.
Meanwhile Amy untaped Melissa’s diapers, cleaned her private area with some babywipes and lift up her legs by the ankles, cleaned her bottom and slid the diaper out.
Amy unfolded one of the diapers on the chair, slid it under Melissa, smeared some baby oil and powdered her behind before putting her down on the big diaper. She smeared some oil and powdered her front aswell before pulling the diaper up and taped it together.
But Amy wasn’t done there, she unfolded the second diaper, once again she lifted Melissa’s legs up, slid the diaper in, and taped it together over the first one.

“There. Now there should be no leakage. You, young lady, are going to lie here and think about what you have done while I take Joanna downtown for some shopping, if I find out you have either removed your diapers, or went out of bed, I will spank you some more!”

With that Amy picked up the sleeping Joanna and went out of Melissa’s room. Melissa herself was humiliated, she just wanted to die. She had never been so scared of a person before. She just laid on her bed, sucking on the pacifier, that actually felt kind of nice. He behind still hurt, but it felt better now after the oil and double layer of diapers. She wondered what Amy was going to buy, but was to tired to give it any more thought and just fell asleep.

I feel that this chapter is abit rushed, but as I said, I wanted to experiment alittle. And I really hope that you enjoy this kind of story aswell from me.