melissa part 2 part 3 coming soon

Melissa part 2: Enjoy

The next morning, Melissa’s mom got up and she went to her daughter’s room and peeked inside. She saw that the changes have taken place like she knew that they would and she started to smile. She saw that her daughter was starting to stir and she shut the door and went downstairs to wait for her daughter to come into the kitchen so they could talk about the situation.
Melissa woke up and she rubbed her eyes and immediately felt that something was wrong. She looked around her room and saw that everything had changed. The rock band posters for seether, red hot chili peppers, and green day had all changed to Hanna Montana and Jonas brothers, she also had pictures of dogs on her walls along with horses. The paint on the wall, which was a light blue, now turned to a darkish pink color. She looked down at herself and saw that the racy thong that she went to bed wearing the night before had changed into a pair of purple Hanna Montana panties and she was also wearing a purple shirt with the Hanna Montana logo on it.

She had a full-length mirror on her wall across from her bed and she got up and looked at herself to see the chaos that was her new body, all the while, crazy and scared thoughts were running through her mind, like “Oh God, what happened to me, how old am I?” she quickly scanned her body and noted the changes. Her slim and sexy figure that she had the night before was gone.

It was now replaced with a child-like slouch and her once proud and busty breasts now looked like mosquito bites and she also discovered that she was only wearing a training bra instead of her Victoria’s secrete one. She looked at her hair, which was in a ponytail the night before, it now hung on her shoulders and was very short and a lighter color that the previous night. That was not the thing that freaked her out the most. Melissa looked down and saw a puffy part of her panties and she exclaimed, “OH MY GOD, I’M WEARING A DIAPER!!!” she noticed that her voice was a little more hi-pitched but she did not care and she opened her bedroom door and Yelled, “MOM, HELP ME NOW!!!” She ran down the stairs to find her mother and she saw that she was in the kitchen drinking some coffee. She looked at the young girl standing before her and she was amazed at the transformation that her daughter had gone through.

She said, “Melissa, what’s wrong honey?”
Her mother ran up to her daughter and hugged her and said " Oh Honey, you’re not wearing a diaper, not yet anyway, now come with me and sit down and I will explain what has happened to you and what it means for you now." Melissa complied; she knew that there was nothing she could do now. But listen to her mother.

Once both of them were sitting down, Melissa had finally stopped crying and she was ready to listen to her mom. Her mother sat down and said, “Okay, Melissa here is what happened to you, please don’t interrupt until I am done.” Melissa just shook her head yes and sat back in the chair

“As I said on the phone, I am sorry about the MySpace thing, I was shocked to see what you put on your profile. I know that I did not raise you like this. You are not a lesbian. Now in regards to your diaper comment, you are not in diapers yet, this is a tampon pad, you are 11 years old now, the reason that I picked this age is because you were easy to control as I remember, and I could reason with you a lot easier that if you were 2 or 3.” The reason that you are wearing the pad is because if you remember when you were this age, you had your first period and I had to take precautions. You are now an 11 year old girl and I will raise you like one for a month and in that time, I am going to try to figure out why you like girls so much and not guys."

She continued, "Now, I am giving you fair warning, that if you do not do the things that I tell you to do, I will make it so that you a baby again, and you will really be in diapers then you understand me?

Melissa just sat in the chair and was still, but in her head, she was going insane. Melissa the said, “Mom, why would you do this to me, I don’t want to be 11, I am 21 fucking years old!” her mother then said, “Melissa, that is no way for a young girl to talk, now you get a spanking.” Her mother grabbed the girl and placed her over her lap. Melissa looked up and saw her panties had been pulled down and she saw her mom’s hand in the air and she yelled,

“Mommy, don’t spank me, I will be a good girl, I did not mean it I am sorry”
Her mother replied, “I am sorry Melissa, you said a naughty word” she was now using words that she used when Melissa was an 11 year old, “And now, you are gonna get spanked.” She then brought her hand down on the child’s bare bottom and smacked it hard.

Melissa could only shriek, “Owwww, mommy, stop it, I am s-s-ssworry, I’ll be a good girl now, pwease stop pwease stop.” After about 8 more smacks, her mother stopped and she pulled the girl’s panties back up and re-adjusted her pad and she said, " OK, Missy," this is what she called Melissa when she was kid, " Let’s get you ready for school, and after that, we’ll get some other things done that I am in-store for you."
Melissa walked with her mom up the stairs and she thought in her head,

“Oh no, not school, anything but that!!”

melissa part 2 part 3 coming soon

Are we going to have a ‘How did you do that?’ or some kind of outrage rather than cooperation…

melissa part 2 part 3 coming soon

I thought this was a dream at first. Melissa should consider she gets to be a kid again for a month, it’s like second childhood. Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again and avoid the responsibilities of having to work and pay my bills and wear those cute clothes again kids wear but it seems like they are turning into mini adult clothes.

melissa part 2 part 3 coming soon

I’m not a huge fan of age regression either… personally, I don’t think it has any place with AB/DL stories… but that’s just my opinion.
other than that, your story isn’t bad… but the characterization could use some real help… I just don’t feel anything towards the characters. that’s my biggest problem by far.