Melina's Curiosity

A/N: This is a work of fiction about a female character and a growing curiosity for being a baby. It’s relatively short and fast paced.

Melina’s Curiosity

It was another lazy Saturday morning. The sun shined through the transparent window. A girl slept under a princess pink blanket. She had dark brown hair and a pair of sleeping eyes. The sunlight hit her eyes and she began to squint. Once she opened her sapphire blue eyes, she reached her short arm to read her phones clock. It read 10:12 a.m. On a lazy day like this, she didn’t quite feel like getting up yet.

“Melina,” called a grown woman outside the girl’s room. She bent upwards to prepare herself to get up.

“Probably just my mother needing a hand in the kitchen again,” Melina thought. She breached out of her pink blanket and baby blue sheets to have her toes meet the blue hinted grey carpet. She squeezed her toes and rubbed her eyes, then she began her walk out of her room. Outside her room was a straight hallway that had two doorways on one side. One of them was her room and the one to the left was her younger sisters. The two of them are not very early risers, so Melina wouldn’t be expecting to see her sister anytime soon.

Melina waltzed down the stairs and took a sharp right turn to head into the kitchen. There stood an older woman around her thirties looking at Melina with gleeful eyes.

“Oh, there you are,” Melina’s mother said. “I was about to get you. You weren’t still in bed were you?” Melina looked down with a slight blush as that’s where she was. “It doesn’t matter, but I want you to go and get your sister, as our breakfast is ready.”

“Okay mom,” Melina replied. “Wait, if you were going to get me, why not go and get her as well?”

“Oh, I didn’t think of that.”

Melina just shook her head as she went back upstairs. Her sister’s room was the one near the bathroom at the top of the steps. She opened the door and her sister crept up from laying down rubbing her eyes. Her sister, Ashley, was younger than Melina. Ashley’s breast barely perked out as she was the age of thirteen while Melina’s chest was well rounded like a cantaloupe as she was seventeen.

“Breakfast is ready, so come down,” Melina said to the girl rubbing her eyes.

“Okay, I’ll be down–soon,” replied Ashley sounding groggily.

“Well, don’t take too long.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Ashley looked away.

With that task being accomplished, Melina returned to the kitchen downstairs. She sat at the table as her mother was setting it. The sound of soft footsteps coming down the stairs told them Ashley was coming. They then all sat at the table, and began to eat they’re breakfast.

The rest of the day continued like any other usual day for the two girls. Melina would take a shower first and change into a plain red shirt with a white skirt. Ashley would take a shower right after her and put on a pair of jeans with a yellow shirt. After both girls showered, they would continue downstairs and watch some TV. And after some time Melina would go see her mother in the kitchen to help with lunch. Her mother would sit there and talk about the times they used to be babies. And how she still sometimes wish they were still babies. Then she’d say like it’d ever happen, but does dream of it. Melina, hearing it multiple times, sometimes wonders what it’d be like to be a baby.

“What would you do if I were a baby?” Melina asked hypothetically.

“Oh, I’d take care of you, feed you, and dress you in all cute clothing,” Her mother replied. She had a pretty big smile hearing this question. “And of course change your diapers when you needed one. You’d be such a cute big baby you know.” Melina was a little shocked to hear her mother say that. She was especially shocked to hear the part about diapers. It never did incline to her that if she were to be a baby that she’d have to wear them.

Melina began to completely drift off into her own thought realm from her mother’s comments. She began to realize that if she were to be a baby that she’d have to wear diapers. “So if I were to be a baby, I would have to wear diapers like one,” Melina thought. “But I wonder, what would one look on me?” She began to picture herself with a diaper under her skirt. But couldn’t quite see it. “I wonder how it would feel for me to wear. Would I look like a baby? Would I be like a baby? And would I like that? I think I’m a little crazy to be thinking of this.”

Her thoughts were cut off when her mother pulled the food from the oven. “Foods done,” Melina’s mom called. “Melina, go get your sister.”

“Okay, mom,” Melina complied. Melina walked out to the living room where she found her sister watching cartoons made for kids. She stopped to also begin watching with a happy face. After a few seconds, she composed herself to get her sister for lunch. “Hey sis, it’s time for lunch.”

Ashley looked over, “Okay.” She got up and both sisters walked into the kitchen to eat.

It was much later in the night when the girls began to get ready for bed. Melina had already crawled in with her pink pajamas. But she didn’t feel like sleeping yet as she had something return to her mind–diapers.

“Why am I even thinking of something that’s for babies when I’m seventeen?” Melina thought. “But still, being a baby might be something I’d like to try. And if babies did wear diapers, then maybe I should too. Then again, babies wear diapers for a reason… Since they can’t use the toilet, they use their diapers for everything. Could I wear one knowing that I’d be wearing it for a reason?” Melina continued to think of the thought. Wouldn’t it be gross for her to sit in her own potty, or is it something she could enjoy as she could be more like a baby. Then it hit her–she would be very much like a baby if she were to just go in the diaper. “Well, if babies did it, then to be more like a baby I would have to as well. Plus it doesn’t seem that bad actually, as I wouldn’t need to use the potty anymore. That alone is pretty awesome. I’d love to just be able to go anywhere I choose and not have to worry about that problem. Plus if mom were to change me, I could be as much of a baby I want to be.” Melina now grew to enjoying the idea of having to wear a diaper like a baby. She now couldn’t stop thinking of diapers. “Well, I definitely want to try wearing one and act like a baby. The only real question is how I get diapers into the house.” Now the biggest problem became known to Melina. She knew she couldn’t get diapers into the house as easy as possible. Plus she’d love for her mother to take care of her and treat her like a baby. Getting her mother on board may seem easy as she would like them to be babies, but to just come out and say it. “Well, I guess I hope something happens then that can help me.” Melina drifted off to sleep with that thought. She knew that nothing would be the same as her new drive for being babied and diapers grew.

It was another morning as the sun shined through the window. Melina began blink her eyes open. Again lifting the princess pink blankets up for her to get out of bed. This time, her mother didn’t call for her to help. So she decided to head downstairs to see if she was needed anyways. But she stopped for a second, to think of something that she thought of the night before. And that was–diapers.

As she walked by her sister’s room, she heard someone moving around. So Ashley must have been getting up. But something was wrong with the shouting of “Oh my gosh!”

Melina quickly entered Ashley’s room to see what the problem was. But what she saw was something unbelievable. Ashley’s blue pajama pants were drenched as well as the part of the bed she laid on. Most likely, Ashley wet the bed.

Ashley just didn’t have any words come out, except for tears. Melina instantly went to comfort her with a hug as it wasn’t her fault.

“I-I-I d-don’t k-know why?” Ashley was confused.

“Its fine, it’s fine,” Melina calmed her down.

“I don’t know why I wet the bed!” Ashley continued to cry.

With all the commotion, they’re mother couldn’t keep out. They turned to look at their mother as she walked in to see what happened.

“Oh dear, come here Ashley,” their mother said. She began to hug the poor daughter in soaked pants. The smell was easily apparent that she had wet the bed. “It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. Now let’s get you cleaned up and you can have your favorite breakfast.”

“Okay, thanks m-mom,” Ashley continued to cry. But she then walked into the bathroom as their mother stripped off the wet sheets.

“Melina, I need a word with you, is that okay?” questioned her mother.

“Okay,” Melina replied. They then walked down the stairs as the shower was running.

“This is about your sister,” her mother began. “She just wet the bed, which I’m sure you know. But I’m going to have her wear some protection tonight, so please don’t tease her on it.”

“Oh, that’s fine. I won’t treat her any different than before,” Melina replied.

“That’s a good older sister,” her mother smiled as she patted her head. “I’m going to the store now to get her the protection, so help your sister get her food that’s done.”

“Okay, I’ll do that.”

Her mother hugged her and patted her head like if she were a child, which Melina really enjoyed, and walked out the door.

After a short bit, her sister walked down with a clean light blue girl’s shirt and a blue skirt. Melina then began to explain to her about where mom left for an errand and food was for her. Ashley was quite content with the food as she began to nibble on it.

“There’s one more thing though that I should probably tell you about,” Melina began to speak. Her sister continued to nibble on her food as she looked at her. “Well, mom decided that it would probably be best to get you something.”

“Oh, what’s she getting me?” Ashley’s face brightened.

“Well, she’s getting you something to help,” Melina continued. Ashley was confused from what she said. “What she’s getting you is some protection for night time accidents.” Ashley’s mouth completely dropped.

“What, I am not wearing diapers,” Ashley argued.

“I know how you feel,” Melina started to console her. Though she mostly felt the opposite of her sister. “I know that you may not want to, but it’s better than waking up in a wet bed don’t you think?”

“I, I don’t know what to say,” Ashley looked away with a frown.

“Listen, I know you don’t want to, but just be a big girl and do it because you might actually need to. And it’s not like it won’t be lasting forever.” Her sister began to perk up a little.

“Hmm, I guess I will. But will you do something for me?”

Melina was a little confused at what she may want. But decided to go along with her sister. “Sure, okay. What is it?”

“Well, I’ll wear diapers at night if you do as well.”

Melina just sat there staring at her sister in disbelief of what she said. More than being shocked, she was ecstatic as this was her chance to get diapers. “Yes!” Melina slightly shouted, which shocked her sister. “Yes, I’ll wear diapers with you.” Melina couldn’t help but smile towards her sister.

“You really will, even though you don’t need them?”

“Yes,” Melina nodded.

“Well, I guess I’ll wear them at night then. Thank you sis.”

“Yup, no problem at all,” Melina said. Though she says it’s no problem, in fact it was more benefiting her than being a problem.

Right after the two girls finished their discussion, their mom walked through the door. They could hear the crinkling of a bag. She did not come empty handed, which mostly meant that she did in fact bring home a pack of diapers for Ashley. But Melina couldn’t help but be happy as she now was going to be part of it.

Melina nervously peeked around the corner to see her mother’s smiling expression. And a purse connected on her left shoulder with a store bag in her right. The single bag was squarer than other purchases, so whatever she got was in something rectangular. Melina knew that diapers when purchased, came in more rectangular packages than anything else. So this must have been diapers for Ashley, and also her. Though, she realized she needed to tell her mother the plan.

“Hey mom,” Melina walked up.

“Oh hey there sweetie, would you like to see what I got?” Melina’s mother asked.

“Sure,” Melina was very happy.

They went upstairs to her room, and then Melina’s mother took the package of diapers out of the bag. From the first looks, it came with a large amount of diapers. Each diaper were a different color even. The colors included pink, white, and light blue. But each one caught her eyes as she was now looking at diapers which fit teens.

“Well, what you think?” Melina’s mother asked.

Melina didn’t even hesitate, “I think they’re cute.”

“Good, I’m glad I picked out a good set. Well, this will probably be difficult but I should let your sister know.” But before Melina could say a word about what her and her sister discussed, she left the room to her sister downstairs. But this left her alone with the package of diapers.

She couldn’t help but keep looking at the package. Fantasizing one of the pink one’s around her waist. What it would feel like and look on her. She kept holding the package until she heard footsteps coming upstairs. This caused her heart to skip a beat as she quickly placed the package back on the store bag. Hoping she did not get caught.

Her mother returned with a smile on her face. “So Melina.” Melina just knew what was coming next, but she was extremely nervous that she began to blush and felt like she could burst any second. “I heard you told your sister the plan. I’m proud of you to tell her that. But I’m more proud of you to agree to her request.” Melina began to blush even more. “I think it’s great that you will wear one with her.” Melina could feel her heart skip a beat. “So here’s the plan for now, which I told your sister. Later tonight when it’s coming closer to your bed time, I’ll change the both of you into diapers. How does that sound?” Melina couldn’t believe that she was also going to be getting changed by her mother as well.

“Okay,” Melina was more speechless than anything else that this was all she could say.

“Good, your sister agreed to this as well. So I guess I’ll be changing two babies tonight.” Her mother looked really happy.

Her mother grabbed the package from Melina’s hands, in which Melina somehow didn’t realize she grabbed it again while they talked, and walked off. Melina decided to get back on with her day by getting a shower and changing into her casual pink dress.

As the day proceeded, Melina continued to think more and more about what was to come. But she began to think about how she could make it more regularly with getting to wear them and get babied by her mother. Now that diapers were in the house, maybe something else could happen to further her wishes.

Night time never seemed like it was going to come for Melina. But eventually, the clock hit 10pm. This was closer to their bedtime, but Melina wondered if they’d start getting diapered now. This thought was answered with a call for Ashley upstairs. She watched as her sister walked up the stairs and flashed her skirt showing her blue panties. Melina knew then, that those panties were about to become a diaper. As she then couldn’t help but lift the skirt of her dress to see her pink panties and thinking how they are about to become a diaper as well.

After a few minutes, she heard her name being called for upstairs. She knew that it was now time for her panties to become the baby product she’s wanted. As she walked upstairs she saw her sister walk by, and she could distinctly hear a slight crinkle. This must have meant her sister was now padded. Either that or Melina was overthinking it. But she could smell baby powder as well. This definitely must have meant, her sister was now in a diaper. Melina began to try to look under her sister’s skirt to try and see if she could see the diaper. But she wasn’t successful. But when she looked to the right into her mother’s room, she noticed the package of diapers was opened and a towel laid on the bed with baby powder on the side. This told Melina, it was her turn to get diapered. She was both completely nervous as well excited. That she couldn’t help but freeze outside the door way. Then she heard her name being called for again. And her mother walked out of the room and saw her.

“Oh come on sweetie, this will be fast,” Melina’s mother began to drag her into the room. Before she knew it, the package was in clear view as the door shut behind her. “I’m glad you’re wearing a dress, since like your sister this will help with the change.” Melina couldn’t believe she was about to get diapered. This was exactly what she was wanting.

Her mother guided her towards the towel flat on the bed. Which Melina thought this must have been her changing pad for now. Melina instinctively laid out on the towel. She also raised her legs slightly to let her mother get to her pink panties. But her mother started to rustle in the diaper package.

“What color would you like, as there is…” Melina’s mother was cut off from continuing her question. Melina already knew what to answer.

“Pink please, mommy.” Melina felt super happy. Her mother couldn’t believe how childish her seventeen year old daughter was sounding. So she continued and pulled out a pink diaper. As she then walked onto the other side of the bed where Melina was, she lifted her legs even more making her dress slide over her legs, completely revealing her cute pink panties.

“You’re much better at this then your sister is,” Melina’s mother began to say. “She didn’t even think about me having to get into your cute little panties to change over to a diaper. So I did struggle a little with her as she fought me a little. But your being a good little girl, so I’ll get you some ice cream after okay?” Her mother then poked her nose, and both of them smiled brightly. She was practically getting her wish, as she was getting completely babied. But she didn’t just want this to be for just night time. She hoped for during the day as well. “Well, time to get my baby ready for bed time.” Melina kept holding her legs up, and had a big smile as her mother unfolded and placed the diaper under her rear. Her mother then grabbed both ends of her panties and slid them slowly towards her feet. In a matter of seconds, Melina was now showing her mother her shaved clean female privates. But her mother continued pulling her panties off until they were free from Melina’s legs and were tossed to the ground. Melina then lowered her legs a little and split them apart a bit. This gave a complete view of her privates to her mother, but her mother continued on and placed the diaper under her rear. Melina could feel the slight padding from the back of the diaper touching her and she began to blush even more with excitement. But before the diaper could be put on, her mother grabbed the baby powder and began to pour it on her hands. “I couldn’t let my baby have a rash now could I?” Melina wondered then if this meant it was going to be okay for her to be like a baby, and actually use the diaper as well. But all she really could do is concentrate on the feeling she felt as her mother slowly rubbed the powder around where her privates were. Then when she saw her mother raise her hands off from that area, she knew she was about to have the diaper get attached. And she was correct, as her mother’s hands went towards the pink diaper and raised it over her privates. Melina was now completely ecstatic with the padding touching her. But that wasn’t all, as her mother tapped one side to the front, and the other side to the front as well. Now she was completely diapered.

Her mother raised her up and her dress fell back down covering her pink diaper. Melina was completely speechless as the feeling of the diaper was overwhelming. But her mother picked her off the bed and had her stand up where she was still frozen.

“Alright, let me tell you some things that I went over with your sister okay?” Melina’s mother asked.

“Okay,” it was all Melina could do to say anything.

“I’ll modify it a little for you, but here’s the run down. Now that you are diapered for the night, I don’t want you taking it off during the night. Though you can take it off to go to the bathroom, but ask me to help for that. And I do mean it, even though you are not having accidents, I want you to not take the diaper off.” Melina knew that wouldn’t be a problem. As she was more wanting to have this padding on then off. “There’s some other things that I thought of.” This caught Melina’s ears. “I am perfectly fine with you deciding to go in your diaper like a baby.” Melina couldn’t believe it, this was now her chance to also use her pants for the potty like any baby would. “But get me if you do need a change okay sweetie? And I don’t care how dirty you are, I’ll change you like any baby. But this means that in the morning, don’t take the diaper off yourself as I will come and change you.” Melina was overly happy, most everything she wanted was happening to her. All thanks to her sisters problem. But she still did wish, for day time diapers. “There’s one more thing I thought of.” Melina couldn’t believe there was more now. “I thought of this while changing your sister, which I told her as well.” Melina was starting to get impatient with what was to come. “But since I thought she looked absolutely cute in a diaper, which you do as well, as well as having many diapers to go through.” Melina felt happy with hearing how she was cute in a diaper, but she also felt a little like wanting her mother to spit it out. “So I decided, in the morning, if we have a bit of diapers left, while I’m changing you, I’ll let you decide if you want to change into either panties or a new diaper.”

Melina was now blown away. Her wish has now come true, as she was able to wear during the day. But she then remembered, about her sister. How would she react to her sister wearing during the day?

“And like at night time, I’ll let you use your diaper for everything as well as giving you a change if you need.” Melina could only help but nod. “Well, kiddo, I think that was a lot to take in so let’s get you your ice cream.” Melina now started feeling like she didn’t want the ice cream but to check her new diaper out. But sure enough, she followed her mother down stairs.

Every step was amazing to her. She could feel the crinkle of the diaper as well as the padding touching her that felt almost like she had a pillow for her butt. Once she reached the kitchen, she only felt to walk more. So she paced around her mother to keep feeling her new padding.

After a few minutes, her mother handed her a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a cone. Melina began to lick it with delight. Both being happy to eat ice cream, as well as the padding down below.

“Well sweetie, I hope you have a goodnight and I’ll change you in the morning,” Melina’s mom said. She then kissed Melina’s forehead and walked upstairs. Melina continued to finish eating her ice cream and then walked upstairs.

Every step continued to feel like heaven for Melina, as she though she should have done this ages ago. But before she reached her room, her sister stopped her.

“Hey sis,” Ashley said.

Melina walked into her sister’s room, curious to see what her sister’s diaper looks on her. “Yes Ashley?” Melina asked.
“So, did you um, you know.” Ashley began to ask but felt embarrassed to ask.

Melina knew what she was referring to, and decided to answer the question ahead of being asked. “Yup,” Melina answered as she lifted her dress up for Ashley to see her pink diaper.

“You would go for the pink diaper you know,” Ashley said. “But as for me, blue is my color.” Ashley lifted her skirt to reveal a blue diaper safely secure. “So, what you think of it?”

Melina only needed a second for this question. “I think they feel pretty comfortable.”

Ashley’s eyes lit up in disbelief. “Well, I guess they are. I was pretty skeptical at first, but they aren’t that bad.”

“Yeah, see, it’s not that bad at all,” Melina said.

“Well, what’d you think about the part of her letting us wear during the day?” Ashley asked.

Melina was a little embarrassed to answer, but she decided to answer slightly truthful. “I’m thinking about trying it.”

Ashley’s jaw dropped a foot. “Seriously!” Ashley’s answer caused Melina to almost begin to cry. “Well, I guess I can understand that. I’m sort of well, thinking about it myself.”

This brought a cheerful smile to Melina. “Really?”

“Yes really, well I guess I didn’t think of it too much till now.” Ashley turned her head to the side. “Well, are you wanting to do it sis?”

“Umm,” Melina began to blush really bright red.

“Its fine sis, please answer me honestly though.” Ashley was being a little demanding.

“Well, I do.” Melina then looked to the side blushing even more. She wished time would just stop.

“Okay sis, its fine I don’t find it weird. In fact, I’ll join you in wearing diapers during the day tomorrow. I’m not entirely wanting to, but I guess if it’ll help you do what you want.”

“Really?” Melina said.

“Really really,” Ashley responded.

“Oh thank you so much sis.” Melina proceeded to hug Ashley. Her hand reached to feel her sister’s padded bum. But she was startled by the fact that she felt her sister touching her padded bum as well.

“Well, sis. I guess I’ll be seeing you in a wet diaper soon.” Ashley said as she lifted the back of Melina’s diaper almost as if she were checking it.

Melina couldn’t do anything but smile and rub her sister’s diaper more. “And I will be seeing you in a wet diaper as well.”

Her sister chuckled a little. “Well, I guess you may end up seeing me in a wet diaper first since I may wet the bed.”

“I feel bad for you.” Melina consoled.

“It’s fine, well at least we have this to look forward to.”

“Yeah,” Melina said as she then released her sister and walked out. “Good night sis.”

“You have a good night as well sis.”

Melina walked into her room continuing to feel the heavenly touch of her pink diaper. She then sat down on the bed and could feel the warm padding enveloping her. She couldn’t believe how amazing a diaper felt. The soft padding feeling like a pillow, as well as a sense of protection as well. She felt a close homely feeling as well as being like a baby.

She changed into a pair of pink pajamas again, and rolled into bed. Holding one hand on her diapered bottom and her other hand with her thumb in her mouth. She then drifted to sleep.

She began to dream that she was in a nursery. But one for her size. The walls were completely pink, as she laid down in a large crib. Melina was sucking on a pacifier and looked to see her mother walking in. Her mother poked at her pink romper, more specifically the diaper region.

“Uh-oh, looks like my little baby needs a new diapey,” Her mother cooed. Melina was just smiling and staring at her mother as her mother began to undress her. Melina at this moment was a complete baby. Her mother proceeded to sing her a lullaby and Melina fell asleep with a warm feeling growing at her legs.

When Melina opened her eyes, she saw her regular big girl’s room. No pink walls, no pacifier, and no crib. She wasn’t wearing any rompers, but when she looked down at her pants, she saw the padding bulge. Even if she weren’t a complete baby, she still partially could be one thanks to this piece of clothing.

Melina placed her hand on her front, and instinctively began to rub. Not even a second and she felt a tingle in her body. She knew she was getting turned on by the diaper. So she stopped as she thought that had to be wrong.

“No normal person would get satisfaction from a diaper…right?” Melina questioned. “But it’s like I just can’t help myself. Oh gosh, I hope I’m not weird.” Melina then returned her hand in front of her diaper to experience the same tingle feeling. She then pulled her pants slightly down just for her to see the diaper. Melina then continued to touch her diaper, and experienced pure bliss. The padding on her hand as well as her privates was extraordinary. “And I get to wear this all day.” Melina was smiling very brightly.

Her concentration was broke off by another feeling. A familiar feeling she’d get each morning. She needed to pee. And adding not going the night before, she couldn’t help crossing her legs a little. But Melina just started to get a mix of feelings.

“So, it’s now time,” Melina thought. “Now I get to act like a real baby and use my pants. Oh gosh, I’m a little nervous. But I wonder how it feels?” Melina, still sitting on her bed, took off her pants completely. Her eyes now only on her pink diaper. She stopped crossing her legs and spread her legs slightly apart. Now she was completely ready for nature to take its course.

She sat there like that for a minute when she realized that she wasn’t going, and she began to wonder what would make her go.

“It’s okay, I’m a baby,” Melina told herself. “It’s okay for me to go potty now.” She continued to relax a little bit and she felt it starting to make its way for escape. But only a little trickle spat out. This gave Melina a whole new experience though. As she just saw where the trickle went in her diaper. Not only that, but she felt a slight warmth from it as well. Her cheeks began to turn lush as she felt great. But she knew this was not enough, that she would need to let it all go into her pants–more specifically her diaper.

She relaxed more and some seconds later another trickle escaped, growing the wet indication on her diaper. This was followed by another slight trickle. But Melina was starting to grow impatient. So she decided to add a slight pressure, which wasn’t enough. She pushed out even harder, but had an unexpected result.

“Ppffttpp,” Melina farted. She decided this amount of pressure was too much then. And reduced the amount to just relaxing.

After one more trickle, Melina felt a build in pressure towards the pee making its escape. And that it was about to rush out. Melina knew that this was it. She opened her legs up even more and couldn’t help but drop her jaw to the feeling of it just about to burst out. Her face turned completely red as she covered her mouth with both her hands. Then the slight trickle escaping became a slight stream. The warmth kept growing around her legs as well as the wetness on her diaper showed its spread as well. Then nature finally did its course as the stream went full force out into her diaper. It only lasted a second when it went to a few trickles and stopped altogether.

Melina stood there in complete disbelief. She, a seventeen year old, just went potty in her pants. Not only that, but a diaper like a baby. Her hand reached down to touch the wet and warm padding and the soggy diaper felt absolutely great to her.

“Uh-oh, heehee,” Melina couldn’t help but laugh. “I couldn’t make it.” She began to think of all the childish sayings for what just happened. “I went pwotty.” Melina just now realized she spoke like a baby. But she decided to not care, as it felt great to her.

Sitting in a wet diaper may have been great, but she knew she probably could use a change, like a baby would. So she got up to see if her mother was in her bedroom. And her mother was, as her mother was laying out the changing towel as she looked. “Perfect timing,” Melina couldn’t help but think. So she walked in with no pants but her pajama shirt and wet pink diaper.

“Mommy, I need changey,” Melina spoke babyishly. Her mother was standing there completely in disbelief. She thought her seventeen year old girl wouldn’t actually use the diaper. Which made her happy.

“Okay baby, come let mommy get you cleaned up,” Melina’s mother said. She had Melina lay on the towel again as they proceeded to change her.

First her wet pink diaper was untapped, taken off, and rolled to be thrown away. She then used wet wipes to wipe her daughter off, which made her daughter slightly ticklish. Then she asked the main question.

“So, will my baby be a baby for today?” Melina’s mother asked. And Melina replied with a nod. This made her mother stand there frozen. Completely shocked that her oldest daughter would in fact return to diapers for the day. It was all she could to hide her excitement. “Okay, then how about a pink diaper for my big baby?”

“I’d like that,” Melina replied. Her mother still shocked that her daughter wanted to change into another diaper.

Melina’s mother proceeded to put baby powder on her, and then taped the new clean pink diaper up on her. And with that, Melina was now diapered once again.

She decided to see if her sister was going to be up or not. So she slowly opened the door to peek. But her sister was sitting up, so she opened the door. Now realizing, she wasn’t wearing any pants to cover her pink diaper.

“Good morning sis,” Ashley called out.

“Good morning,” Melina replied.

“Did we have any accidents?” Ashley smirked.

“Uhh,” Melina couldn’t help but blush. But she decided to be honest to her sister. “Yeah.”

“Oh, but I don’t see that. Shouldn’t your diaper be a little stained?” Ashley pointed to her diaper. Melina followed her finger to the diaper which was dry. Then Ashley got out of bed and pulled her blue pajama pants down. “See like this.” Ashley’s blue diaper showed a large wet stain.

“That’s because I just got changed,” Melina answered. Ashley began to pout, wanting to see her sister wet. “But I see you are wet.”

Ashley began to blush and look the other way. “Not like I could help it,” Ashley remarked.

“Did you just go?” Melina asked.

“Uh, no,” Ashley replied. “I don’t feel that I need to, since I did wet the bed. Or well my diaper in my sleep.”

“Okay, why don’t you go get changed then,” Melina said.

“Okay, I’ll go get a new diaper then,” Ashley replied.

Melina first asked their mother to take her diaper off so she could shower. While she was showering, her mother changed Ashley into a fresh blue diaper. They’re mother still in disbelief for what is happening.

After Melina finished her shower, Ashley got in the shower. Melina’s mother took Melina by the hand to her room, while Melina still had a towel on. The diaper Melina was wearing before still laid on the bed for her to get changed back into. Melina laid back onto the changing towel and raised her legs already exposing herself. Her mother removed the white towel around Melina exposing her round breasts.

“My, hasn’t my baby developed quite nicely,” Melina’s mother said as Melina blushed. In mere seconds, Melina was back in her pink diaper and only her pink diaper. With a pat on her bum, she went into her room to get the rest of her clothes. For today, she decided to match her diaper and wear a pink skirt, with a pink shirt with a frill around the neck.

As she exited her room with clothes on, she noticed Ashley walking out in only a towel towards their mother’s room. Most likely to get changed back into the diaper she had on. Melina decided to go downstairs and proceed with her day. But she was always reminded by the cushion she wore every step she took.

It was around noon when all the girls sat at the lunch table to have lunch. And after lunch, the two girls went out to the living room to sit on the couch for TV.

After some hours of watching cartoons, Melina began to cross her legs as the urge to go began. Her sister took notice right away.

“Oh, does my sister need to go?” Ashley smirked. Melina just sat there with a nod and a blush. “Well, just go silly. But lift your skirt up too! I want to see you go.” Ashley was smiling with the idea of her sister relieving herself as such.

Melina complied and lifted her skirt for full access view to her pink diaper. Ashley just stood there with delight on her face as she looked and watched her sister’s diaper. Melina was sitting in embarrassment with the idea of her sister being able to watch her go, but she still felt good.

She tried relaxing a bit, but nothing was coming out. They were sitting there with their eyes on her diaper for over several minutes but Melina wasn’t getting herself to go. Then she began to feel the pressure building up and she knew she was just now going to go. Continuing to relax, she felt the warm stream pour out into her diaper. Ashley’s face began to brighten up with a smile as a yellow stain began to spread. But Melina was more contented with the warmth spreading all around her bottom. And with a sigh, Melina finished going.

“Uh-oh,” Sounded Ashley. “Looks like somebody had an accident.” Melina began to blush and turn the other way. “It’s okay, that’s what your diapey is for anyways right?” Melina faced her and nodded. “Well, not like you’re going to be the only one wet. I need to go as well.” Melina recognized this saying as Ashley was about to relieve herself in her diaper as well. And sure enough, Ashley lifted her blue skirt to reveal her blue diaper. “So, uh, how do I just go?” Ashley must’ve been struggling like Melina was on how to go. Since she did wet her diaper in her sleep, this was her first time going on purpose.

“Oh, that, just relax and it’ll eventually all come out,” Melina answered.

“Okay, I guess I’ll do that,” Ashley quickly said back. All eyes then turned to Ashley’s diaper. She couldn’t help but blush for what she was about to do. In several minutes, Melina noticed a slight wet splotch beginning to grow on Ashley’s diaper. It stopped spreading, then continued to spread again and more after that. By the time Ashley let out a sigh notifying she finished, her face turned bright red. “Oh my, it’s really warm.”

“Yeah, it really is,” Melina smiled back.

“It’s also really squishy,” Ashley said as she bounced up and down.

The two girls were completely smiling and happy. With a carefree feeling they haven’t felt in forever. They’re mother walked in behind them smiling as well. She was happy that her two babies were actually being two babies. Then she stepped in as they most likely needed a change.

After the two got a change, they went back down and played some games. It was several hours when they were both called for dinner. The two girl’s mother reached into both their diapers to check them. But they were both dry for the time being. They all sat at the dinner table with smiles as they dug into the food they enjoyed as well as having padding at their legs.

The two girls returned to watching cartoons, until Melina felt the urge to pee. “Well, that’s what a diaper is for,” Melina thought. She just sat there and started feeling a warmth grow at her legs. Not only that, but she didn’t even have to miss a single second of the cartoon she was watching. She smiled being contented with the great choice being made. Not only did she feel quite like a baby, but she was also enjoying her time wearing diapers as well. “I think I am glad to have wanted this!”

Her smiling was interrupted with something she didn’t quite think of much. She felt a different pressure beginning to develop in her. This time she wasn’t needing to pee, but to poop. She thought about it, about just going right there and how much that would prove her to be a baby. But she was also afraid of what her sister would have thought. Not only that, but she was slightly nervous to how it would all just come out. Melina began to turn red as she continued to contemplate the issue.

The thoughts she had continued, until a sudden noise hit her ears. “Rrrppptt,” Ashley farted. Melina only sat there and stared at the girl who began to turn red. “What, I didn’t think it mattered,” Ashley remarked.

“Well, with your diaper it shouldn’t matter at all,” Melina replied. Then Melina decided to release some gas as well. “Ppptt,” she felt her diaper puff out a bit. Ashley began to look at her and chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Ashley said. “It shouldn’t matter whether we go or not as we can just go.” Melina nodded in her remark. “Oh, I have to ask you something.”

“Okay, what is it?” Melina wondered.

“Well, umm,” Ashley stumbled a bit. “Do you need to um, poop sis?” This turned Melina into a bright red as she was spot on. “It’s okay if you do, I don’t care if you do it here.” Melina was quite relieved to hear this, as she wasn’t sure how her sister was going to react. “And well, I kind of need to as well.” Now Melina couldn’t help but smile that she wasn’t the only one. “I was thinking about whether I should just go in my diaper or go to the toilet. What about you?”

“Well, I guess I was thinking about just going in my diaper,” Melina responded. Ashley stood there in disbelief in what her older sister said. “And well, will you go if I do?” Melina asked.

Ashley was silent for a few moments, but then she began to respond. “Okay, sis.” Melina’s face brightened completely with a big smile at her response. “I’ll go as long as you do.”

“Okay, well, I guess I should go then,” Melina smiled.

Melina began to contemplate how she was going to go. Was it like wetting with relaxing or should she just push it out. She decided that she would probably try to do both, but sitting down wasn’t going to help. So she raised her butt in the air and then began to push. The first thing she felt was the pressure like it was about to come out instantly. With that, she stopped immediately. But continued to push anyways as she was supposed to just go like the baby she was. As she started pushing again, she felt the bowels beginning to make its escape. The feeling of her pushing was also combined with the feeling of her diaper beginning to be tugged down by the mass being emitted. The warm mess was also embracing her in a completely different way. By this time, she was as bright red as a tomato. But with one more push and she couldn’t feel any more come out, so she finished.

It was quite easy to tell that Melina had just now messed herself. The aroma of the room was of the mess she just had made. Ashley couldn’t resist in lifting her sisters skirt to reveal a diaper with a large bulge below.

“Uh-oh, looks like my sis is a baby,” Ashley commented. Melina couldn’t help but blush.

Melina then sat down and felt the mess mush into her. She didn’t know what to expect as the warm mass had just now enveloped her completely. But she noticed Ashley stood up and began to squat down.

“Well, it’s my turn now,” Ashley said as small grunts began to form. Melina could easily see Ashley’s blue diaper with a wet splotch under the skirt. Right after gaining that view, Melina saw the diaper expand outward and the bulge then dropped down. Another grunt and another bulge formed. After that, Ashley stood up feeling her bottom. “It’s quite strange.”

Melina didn’t realize that she herself was feeling her bottom. “Yeah, it is somewhat strange,” she replied. “But I feel much better to have gone.”

“I guess so,” Ashley said patting her bottom. “But I think we need to change. These things stink.”

Ashley wasn’t far off from that statement, as Melina agreed. They smelled pretty bad, but Melina expected it to as they did just mess themselves.

The two girls waddled out and upstairs to find their mother for a change. Once they reached their mothers room, she instantly knew what they needed.

Melina was to be changed after Ashley. It didn’t seem that much longer of a regular change when Ashley came out showing off her new clean diaper. Then their mother pointed her finger at Melina saying to come in now for her turn. So Melina and her messy diaper waddled up onto the changing towel.

“Oh my, I can’t believe my oldest daughter would do this,” Melina’s mother was in disbelief. All Melina could do was blush with her statement. “So how does my baby like being a baby?”

Melina didn’t even think twice on this, “I enjoy it.”

“I see, well I like my baby being one as well,” Melina’s mother smiled. This made Melina happy as well, to know that her mother was alright with it. “Hmm, so would my baby like to continue being one?”

“I would mommy,” Melina said childishly.

“Okay then, my baby will be a baby then,” Melina’s mother smiled brightly. “Melina, I’m happy you want to do this.” The two of them hugged, but the sudden rise in Melina made her realize the mess needing to be cleaned.

The procedure for changing was almost the same. But Melina noticed that many wipes were being used as she felt multiple wipes across her bum. Though it seemed like she was wiped down a hundred times, a new pink diaper with a flower pattern enveloped onto her. The difference between this diaper and the previous one’s is that this one actually was her size. Then she noticed a new package of diapers, one’s with the exact same pattern as the one she now wore. Melina just now realized this is where their mother was the whole time–looking for her own diapers.

“I hope you like them,” Melina’s mother said as she patted the front of the diaper.

“I love them mommy,” Melina was smiling.

Melina walked out of the bedroom with a slight pat on her bottom from her mother. She then proceeded to her sister’s room where she was already changed for bed. The time definitely indicated that it was time for bed. Before Melina was going to exit Ashley’s room, she lifted her skirt to show off her new diaper.

“Wait, where did you?” Ashley was in disbelief.

“Mom got me my own,” Melina said.

“I see, well they suit you,” Ashley commented. Melina smiled from her statement. “As for me, I’ll stick with my blue ones.” The same comment made Melina slightly laugh as she walked out of the room.

Melina quickly changed into her white pajamas and couldn’t stop looking at the diaper she wore. The day she had just experienced, as well as the care she felt from her mother. All the curiosity towards being a baby had gained her something she now wish never to leave.

So Melina laid there in her diaper staring into the ceiling. She felt the urge to pee, and without much hesitation, she relaxed long enough for it to all come out. The warm feeling between her legs matched the ones she felt in her heart.


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That was such an awesome story! Hope you add to it.


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It was a very good story u should keep it up but there was a little bit to much detail in the beginning of the story which a reader can lose interest but the story did smooth out which was good and that was a very good ending but it seems like there is more to!the story like maybe another chapter but all up to u

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Ugh I can’t believe I forgot my username when I logged in here

I see what you did here, you were more detailed with Melina about her diapers and changes because she is very close to being an adult and Ashley is 13 so everything about her is vague and no detail. No criticism.

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A fun read. I just wondered how long until Melina got a baba and/or paci. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the story!

A brilliant story. I just hope you add more to the story :slight_smile:

There are two things that make this unlikely. 1) it’s posted in Completed Stories and 2) The author hasn’t been online since 2016 :slight_smile:


Well to the author, thanks for this cute story.