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This is my first story I wrote, it used to be posted on Adisc. Now I want to post it here. I had lost my story on my computer, and LittleAcorn was kind enough to send me the material he had. I had to rewrite the first chapter. Here it is. I hope to post the following chapters after going over the text, correcting and editing as I see fit, and continue the story as well. Comments welcome.


Melanie was wet. Her jeans were uncomfortably soaked and clinging to her body, and her sports jacket was wet as well. Even her hair was damp under her hood, and a few strands of very wet hair hung freely from under the hood, matted on her forhead. It hadn’t stopped raining since the last half of the hike, and the only warm part of her body was her feet, protected by some solid hiking boots.
Twelve year old Melanie was struggling to keep pace with her cousins, her Uncle and her dad. She had taken leave of her mother and aunt in a last minute decision, and joined the rest of the grown-ups for a three hour drive to the Hoh Rainforest for a day long hike. But as young as she was, she had to struggle to keep up to the rest of the grown ups. Her cousins, mostly Jessica, had found some excuse to make short stops along the way, just so Melanie could catch her breath. Melanie was thankful for that, since she wanted to feel included into the group.

“Come on, Mel, just a few more minutes and we’re there… I’m getting kinda tired”, said Melanie’s cousin Jessica, who had taken a liking to her younger cousin even though she was four years her senior.

“Yeah, I’m tired too”, said Melanie, glad to confide in somebody. “And I got to use the washroom”, she added.

“I think they got some washrooms right at the car park. Let’s hurry!”

The girls marched the remaining distance and by the time they were entering the car park at the end of the trail, Melanie was half-running her way to the washroom.

Melanie stumbled her way into a stall and pulled and tugged her wet jeans down her legs, frantically trying to sit on the toilet before it was too late. As soon as she managed to get her jeans around her knees she tugged her underwear down and sat on the toilet in sweet relief.

After a while there was a knock on the door. “Mel? You there?”, sounded Jessica’s concerned voice.

Melanie returned to reality. “Uh, yes, coming”. She realised she had almost fallen asleep on the toilet. She hastely cleaned herself and managed to pull her damp jeans up her legs, and opened the door.

“You OK? I thought maybe the vampires got you.”, said Jessica, clearly referring to the girl’s conversation theme during the hike.

Melanie giggled. "Well, depending on which one, it wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

“Oh no, we already discussed it, that one’s mine”, stated Jessica, in a superior way.

The girls exited the washroom, and made their way to the car park, where everybody was sitting around, drinking water and tending to aches and pains.

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Yayyy!, this is the cutest story i’ve read in awhile.
And i’m so glad that its going to continue.
I look forward to more, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Both cars were parked side by side, yet they looked so far apart. Her dad’s four year old Volkswagen Passat was a great car, but it felt like a midget beside Uncle Craig’s enormous Mercedes. Melanie’s father was a manager at an outdoor equipments store in Seattle. He had set his life’s priorities into travelling after business school, and had been wandering the world as a backpacker until he met his wife Jordana, Melanie’s mother. Life had been good to them, and there were no regrets. Uncle Craig, however, had lived a life of discipline and career achievements, and he was a successful CEO in a big company in their hometown, Olympia. Although her dad and Uncle Craig were so different in most things, they got along perfectly well, and both families met a couple times a year for long weekends together, and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Come on, run Mel!”, Jessica wispered out loud, as they joined her other cousins Lauren and Kate and they all piled into the dark blue Mercedes.

“Sorry guys, taken!”, the girl giggled in unison as they slammed the doors shut. The guys shrugged their shoulders as if they didn’t mind. To be true, they were to busy talking with their dad and Uncle Roger, Melanie’s father, about the current baseball season, and of course, the Mariners. They really didn’t mind riding in the Volkswagen.

For the girls, it was time to strech out and relax for the three hour drive home to Olympia. They were going to spend the wekend there together, but the girls would have a day on their own as the guys were planning a trip out to Portland to watch a game of Football. Not that they were Raiders fans, but Uncle Craig had been given tickets to the best seats, and boys never say no to that kind of thing.

Melanie streched out as much as she could, missing the touch of the leather seat. Her parents still insisted she used her booster seat, and the only contition imposed on her to ride with her cousins in their car was to use the booster seat from the Volkswagen, as she was still twelve, and slightly small for her age. She felt infantile because of it, next to her older cousins aged 14, 16 and 18, but they pretended not to notice, and it was nice to feel included into their group.

The girls talked and listened to music, and Melanie had to keep herself talkative lest she fall asleep. It was hard, though, as the heater made her feel cozy and the busy winshield wipers tended to hypnotize her. The drizzle had turned into light rain, and the car was engulfed by road spray as the trucks crossed them on the other side. They stopped halfway, so they could use the bathroom, and Melanie was greatful for that. They returned to the car, with a relieved Melanie, to complete the second leg of the journey. Melanie felt it a lot safer now to doze a bit, as she listened to the conversation in the background.

“Wake up sleepy-head!” Melanie felt a shake on her showlder and realized they had arrived. Jessica had been sitting in the center next to her, and although she was 16, she had seemed to take an extra liking to Melanie. “How ´bout a hot shower, huh?” Jessica winked at Melanie and they climbed out of the Mercedes.

Melanie had been to their house before, but it felt no less impressive. Three car garage, large green lawn, a welcoming entrance… They climbed the long stairway to the bedrooms and she could hardly hear the welcoming exclamations and questions coming from her mother and her Aunt Heather. She mumbled the expected responses, and let hereslf be guided by Jessica into her bedroom, and ensuite bathroom. She suddenly felt dirty, tired, and in need for another pee.

“Here, Melanie, you can go first. Go ahead and dump your dirty clothes into the basket and get comfortable. I’ll have mine after you, ok?”, said Jessica pleasently, as she pulled a green plastic basket out of the corner. She opened the glass shower door and proceeded to adjust the water temperature, and then look for some towels and soap.

Melanie felt suddenly awkward at her cousin’s presence, but she assumed that to her three cousins getting undressed in fron of each other must be a natural thing, like for her at her gym class. Boldly, but slowly, she took her raincoat off, and pulled her heavy sweater off. Slowly, the pile of clothes grew larger, then her T-shirt reluctantly joined the pile. Her cousin had never seen her naked, and now it was a bit more difficult since her chest had started to change as well. Hesitating, she decided to work on her shoes, and as her socks came off, there stood Jessica, holding the basket expectantly, and she new she had to go for it as naturally as she could. She unbuttoned her jeans, and they came off easyer this time. She cringed as she realized her panties and trainer bra were not quite what she would have preferred for this situation. Kids’ underwear is never cool if you are undressing in front of your 16 year old cousin, and the princess design on her pink bordered white panties along with the matching trainer bra screamed “I AM STILL A CHILD” to Melanie’s mind. She peeled her underwear off with as much dignity as she could muster, and she went to have a seat on the toilet, as Jessica left the bathroom with her clothes in the basket.

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The pacing is just as tight as i remember, and Melanie is just as cute!.
Great work, please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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well thought out story. I look forward to more.

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The hot water was warm and addicting. Melanie soaped herself twice and felt her body relaxing under the abundant water. She knew she’d better hurry now, before her cousin Jessica came in to reclaim the shower. There was more than enough space for two people, but Melanie wasn’t considering sharing a shower. So she laizily shut off the water and reached for the giant fluffy pale blue towel and wrapped herself in it. Her shoulder length chestnut hair rested on the towel, dripping, and she huged her towel tightly around herself as she felt the tamperature change as she stepped out of the glass partition. She felt the goosebumps spread around her body as her bare feet touched the cool ceramic bathroom floor, and as she stood there wondering what she should do now, the door opened and in walked Melanie’s mother.

“There you are, darling! Feel better? You sure looked knocked out when you arrived”, said her mother, as she reached out to hold Melanie.

“I’m fine mom”, said Melanie, glad to see a familiar face. She cuddled against her mother as she was rubbed dry with the towel.

Melanie’s mother pulled the towel off her body and used it to dry her hair.

At that moment Jessica walked in, wrapped in a white bathrobe. “You will find my hair dryer in the first drawer, if you want it”.

“Oh thank you Jessica”, said Melanie’s mother as the let the towel rest on the bathroom counter and reached for the drawer.

Melanie suddenly felt self-concious, once again naked in front of her cousin. But her cousin didn’t seem to mind, as she slipped off her robe and stepped into the shower. Melanie couldn’t help but admire this bold move, and sighed to herself as she looked at her cousin’s body, wishing she could someday look beautiful like her cousin…

Melanie’s mother finished drying her hair and gently guided her into Jessica’s bedroom, where she was supposed to share her cousin’s king sized bed. Her suitcase was on the bed, open, and… Horrors! The Goodnites package was the first thing visible on the top. It was the large package, half empty, so obviously used. You could see the butterfly and flower design on them too… Melanie’s mother seemed to be oblivious to her daughter’s aim to look cool to her cousin. In fact, she was too nonchalant about Melanie’s bedwetting problems, according to Melanie. Melanie might find the Goodnites “comfy”, but she didn’t want the whole world to know she was wearing them!

She knew Jessica had seen them, they were so impossible to miss. She was resigned to the fact that her cousin was now aware about her bedwetting.

Melanie’s pulled some pyjamas out of the suitcase, but her mother took a Goodnite out of the package first.

“Mom…” Melanie gave a pittiful look at her mother. “Do I have to, now? Can’t it be later?”

“No honey, I want you ready for bed now, so you can relax after supper. You know how sleepy you get after supper, and you’ll want to watch a movie with your cousins as well, won’t you?”

“I guess so…” Melanie’s mother leaned down holding the pink Goodnite open for her daughter. Melanie stepped into them and her mother slid them up her hips.

Melanie felt the snug comfy elastic material hug her waist, and she wondered how much it would show. She new that her pyjama pants would show the bulge, and the top edge was going to stick out of the back. She just knew it. But she also knew that her t-shirt, although not too long, would help cover her exposed goodnite. She also knew ther was no stalling her mother, so she slipped on her pink pyjama bottoms and put on the green t-shirt that went with it.

As they went downstairs she could hear her own goodnites russtle unter her pants. So much for the Goodnites advertisements, she thought. They WERE noisy and they DID have a bulge. Her mother didn’t like them either, but for different reasons. She thought they weren’t absorbent enough, but Melanie had made a fuss about wearing “real” diapers. And for now the Goodnites weren’t leaking too much…

Supper was a big family afair. Soon, one by one everyboby emerged from their rooms, clean and comfortable, and busy eating pizza and talking about the day, and their plans for the next few days. Plenty of pizza, and plenty of soft drinks. Melanie had plenty of both. She was enjoying the time with her cousins, even with her male cousins, as she was part tomboy herself, she enjoyed the Nascar and Indy talk. After all, she greatly admired Danica Patrick and one day she hoped to be a race pilot too.

As supper neard the end, the boys decided to head out to the basement to watch a movie, and the girls headed to the living room to watch a favourite romantic movie. The parents stayed talking in the kitchen.

Melanie was transfixed with the movie, as she sat on the sofa with her feet up. She slowly dozed off, leaning against Jessica, and she slowly drifted off to a deep slumber.

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Chapter 4

The credits were rolling when Melanie woke up realising her bladder was about to explode. She had been awake for parts of the movie, but she had finally given up and let herself fall asleep resting on Jessica’s inviting lap. Her Goodnite-padded bottom rested on the edge of the leather sofa, and her legs were perched over the arm and hanging down. Her cousins were carrying the empty soft drink cans and snack plates into the kitchen, and slowly making their way to bed, streching as they went. Jessica stayed behind to rouse Melanie out of the sofa and lead her upstairs to her bed.

“Hey Mel!”, said Jessica as she shook her young cousin on the shoulder. “You don’t want to sleep here all night, do you? I thought you wanted to sleep with me?”, she continued in a fake pouty voice.

“Mmmm…”, mumbled Melanie, as she collected her senses and realised where she was. “Yeh. Is it finished?”, she asked, as she weakly opened her eyes. “I gotta pee real bad”, she said in a groggy voice. She suddenly realised that had sounded really childish, and she also could see that while lying down on the sofa, her t-shirt had ridden up past her belly-button, showing the obvious pink and purple Goodnite snugly covering it, and her pyjama pants clearly showing the bulge of her still dry Goodnite.

She hastely pulled her t-shirt down and sat up on the sofa, covering the obvious proof of her incontinence, but Jessica swiftly held Melanie’s shoulder in comfort.

“Don’t worry kiddo, wearing diapers is not a problem, it’s normal for a growing girl, believe me.”, said Jessica encouragingly.

“They’re NOT diapers!”, stammered Melanie mortified. “They’re… um, like protection underwear.”

Melanie was holding the bottom of her t-shirt in a fist, stiffly covering her padded crotch.

“I really need to… uh, use the bathroom fast”, Melanie said urgently.

"Yeah, sorry kiddo, just go for it!, Jessica urged Melanie, as she silently cursed herself for saying the wrong words. “Open mouth, insert foot” she softly mumbled to herself as she followed a hurriedly waddling Melanie up the stairs.

Melanie rushed into the bathroom and she could feel her bladder start to leak as she was yanking down her pants and Goodnites all at once. She sat on the toilet and she could feel her eyes roll in relief as she let go and started peeing. She sound of the strong flow seemed to put her in a trance, and as the endless torrent seemed to slow down, she slowly came back to her senses. The fist thing that came to her mind was the question of whether so much pee would have fit in her Goodnite, if she had peed herself on the sofa. She seroiously doubted it, and she silently thanked her lucky stars that it hadn’t happened.
The problem was that now Jessica had tagged her as a diaper-wearnig kid. She was mortified by it, but there was nothing she could do about it. At least she was nice about it, and didn’t tease her. She seemed to like her.

She could hear Jessica in the bedroom, probably getting ready for bed. As she was getting off the toilet and reaching down for her Goodnite, a soft knock anounced Jessica’s entrance into the bathroom.

“You’re lucky, you know?”, said Jessica to Melanie. As Melanie stared back to Jessica, while she pulled up her pants, Jessica continued. “When I was your age, Goodnites were all white and very dull, and they weren’t that good. In fact, I peed so much in bed that my mom got tired of them leaking and forced me to wear REAL diapers!”

Melanie stared back open-mouthed at her cousin. Jessica continued:

"Yep. I was a bedwetter. But I never got to wear these cool Godnites. I never realised they made them so good now. They look kinda nice, don’t they?

“Mmmm… yeah, I guess so. They’re comfortable too…”, Melanie said, slowly warming up to her cousin.

"You bet! Let’s see how they look. Would you like to show me how they fit you?

“Uh, I guess so…” Melanie was surprised at the request, but at the same time was happy to find out her older cousin thought her someway cool. She pulled her pink pyjama pants slowly down and let them drop to her ankles. As she raised her green t-shirt up a bit, she looked expectantly to her cousin as she stared back at her.

Jessica held Melanie’s shoulders. “You look cute in them cuz.”

Melanie blushed. “Um, thanks. They’re comfy, but if I… well, have a big accident, they don’t keep my pyjamas dry, sometimes I do wet the bed. I’ll try not to wet, really. I just had a big pee now so I guess it won’t happen.”

“Nothing to worry about”, reassured Jessica. "Turn around, let me see the back. "

Melanie did a slow, clumsy twirl, as her pants were still around her ankles, and let Jessica check out the back of her Goodnite

“They fit you real nice”. Jessica gave a pat on her cousin’s padded bottom. “You want to brush your teeth before bed? I gotta take a pee, if I don’t want to wet my bed later. And I don’t have anything to protect me…”, said Jessica in a chuckle.
Melanie giggled as she pulled her pants back up. “You could borrow one of mine, if you want!”.

“And they probably WOULD fit me, you know”, said Jessica laughing and winking at Melanie, as she sat using the toilet.

As they both walked into the bedroom, Melanie saw that Jessica had pulled the covers away, and the bed looked so inviting and comfortable.

They snuggled close to each other, and they talked about anything and everything, but finally tiredness overcame them, and as the clock clicked into an impossibly late time, they both drifted to sleep

Melanie’s dreamland was somewhere in Brazil, in search of that paradise island in the movie. The handsome vampire was waiting for her, and she walked across the forest into a clearing. The rain fell constantly, but it was warm, inviting. She saw a stream crossing the clearing, and a natural pool surrounded by rocks. She wanted to drink some water. She got closer to the pool, and it looked crystal clear. Even though the rain was falling, her dream didn’t register the water being disturbed by the rain. She poked her bare foot into the water, and suddenly, she felt a wierd feeling of her crotch getting slowly soaked, although she couldn’t see any evidence of wettness.

She slowly woke up in the dark, as she felt herself wetting in her sleep. She realised she was peeing a lot, and she couldn’t controll it. She felt a strong relief, but at the same time she paniked knowing she had never peed so much in a Goodnite. She realised she was facing down, and all her pee was soaking the front of her Goodnite, so, desperately, she managed to interrupt the flow to turn on her back, and releasing the flow again to flood the back of her goodnite. She layed there still, whith her legs open frog-like, and dared not move as she finished peeing herself.

She couldn’t feel any evidence of leakage, and as her heart beat fastly, she slowly calmed down and felt herself relax and slowly drifting back to sleep. Her last thought was that she must have drunk way too much that evening…

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Chapter 5

“Wake up honeybun. It’s almost midday”, came Melanie’s mothers voice from somewhere in the thick fog.

Melanie was lying in bed alone, spraweled in the bed with her bed covers bundeled by her feet. Jessica must have woken earlyer and let her sleep in.

“Mmm…”, could only moan Melanie. As she turned in her bed too look up to her mother, she got a kiss on her forhehead.

“C’mon Melanie, it’s almost time for lunch. Up you go, honey”. Melanie´s mother helped her to sit up as Melanie was rubbing her eyes.

Melanie suddenly felt her soaked Goodnite hugging her hips and crotch, and she looked down as her mother said:

“Looks like you had a busy night, huh? Come on, get up and let’s see how wet you are.” Melanie’s mother had her stand and turned her around feeling her daughter’s damp crotch.

Melanie was once again mortified, as she felt her Goodnite sag against her pink pyjama pants, which did feel sort of damp to the touch. Her green pyjama t-shirt had a slight damp line over the top of the Goodnite, but nothing really bad. The bedsheet showed a damp spot too, testifying to Melanie’s bedwetting, but something that looked more like a result of a slow leak during the night.

Melanie’s mother sighed. “I still feel like these diapers aren’t that good, honey. They shure don’t do their job properly.”

“Mummy, not again”, whined Melanie. “And they are NOT DIAPERS. They are called Goodnites!” And don’t make me wear diapers, please. I’ll try not to pee too much"

“Come on, let’s get your wet pyjamas off, we’ll talk about this later.” Melanie’s mother pulled her t-shirt off, as Melanie quickly raised her arms in collaboration. When her top was off, much to Melanie’s complaining, her pants were rapidly pulled down and she was made to step out of them.

Melanie stood there in just her soaked and sagging Goodnite. As her mother went to leave the damp pyjamas in the hamper, Melanie was forced to pull her Goodnites up as the rear was slowly sliding down her bum. She felt inadequate and vulnerable standing there, naked except for a very wet Goodnite hanging from her hips. It no longer covered her belly-button, and barely covered her decently at all. Although she was used to this feeling, she couldn’t stop feeling much more infantile than she was supposed to at her age.

“Come on, lets get you cleaned up”, said Melanie’s mother as she led her by the hand to the ensuite bathroom.

Melanie waddled into the bathroom hand in hand with her mother, once again pulling her heavy Goodnite awkwardly back up. When they reached the toilet, Melanie was turned around and her mother tugged at the sides of her Goodnite, ripping it open, and as Melanie opened her legs, her Goodnite was expertly slid through, and for the moment left on the floor next to the toliet.

“Melanie, will you sit on the toilet and pee? Do I have to lead you step by step like a toddler?”, Melanie’s mother said in a sweet motherly exasperation. She started looking for anything to clean her daughter, and found a package of hygenic wet wipes.

Melanie was glad she had ben woken up now, as she really had to go in the morning, to use the toilet now that her Goodnite couldn’t take any more wetting. She didn’t mind her mother taking charge once in a while. Usually she could take care of herself perfectly well, but she suspected her mother wanted to check on her bedweting progress, or lack thereof.

Melanie stood up from the toilet and spread her legs so that her mother could clean her up with the wet wipes. She tensed up as the cold wipe touched her crotch, but she enjoyed the cleansing feeling as her mother expertly and lovingly wiped her diaper area.

Suddenly there was a soft knok on the open bathroom door. Kate, Melanie’s fourteen year old cousin, Jessica’s sister, was standing in the bathroom entrance, looking at the whole sceen. Melanie went beet red as her mother was still cleaning her, and the obviosly saturated Goodnite lay on the floor next to the toilet.

“Uh, sorry, mom said lunch is ready.” Kate didn’t say anything, but she was obviously straining hard to conceal a smile. “Whenever your ready.” She turned on her heels and walked out of the bathroom.

Melanie knew it was useless to say anything, as her mother was always oblivious to the embarrasement these situatios always caused her daughter. And now, Kate, her fourteen year old cousin who kind of looked down on her, had seen her in a situation which not even her beloved Jessica had seen her in.

Melanie felt cleansed and purified, but she was still mortified. She knew that Kate had also seen the damp spot on the bed, and there was no question that she knew her twelve year old cousin to be a bedwetter who needed Goodnites to sleep.

Melanie was helped into some all white panties and a matching training bra, and tugged on some comfortable grey jogging pants and a bright pink t-shirt with white surf motives. She wanted to wear something that showed her contour clearly and gave no doubt about her non-diapered state.

“Honey, you have to be carefull about your wetting, remember to use the toilet before bed, and please don’t drink too much before bed”, said Melanie’s mother as she quickly stripped Jessica’s bed and stuffed the sheets into the laundry basket.

“I DID use the toilet before bed, mummy”, responded Melanie without thinking, in a justyfing voice.

“Oh did you, young lady?” So why did you pee so much in bed, then?" said Melanie’s mother with her eyebrows raised.

Melanie looked like a deer caught in headlights. “Dunno”, she mumbled, shrugging, as she sat on the bed puting her white sport socks on.

"See what I mean? If you pee so much in bed after using the toilet, it’s obvious something needs to be done, dosn’t it?, said Melanie’s mother sitting next to Melanie on the stripped bed.

“Mom, please? I’ll try and hold it, I promise!”, Melanie pleaded.

Her mother sighed. “We’ll see, ok honey? But think about it, you’d sleep a lot more comfortably if you wore a diaper”.

“I’m not a baby! Mummmy…!” Complained Melanie, horrified at the idea that her cousins should see her in real diapers too.

“OK, we’re late for lunch, let’s leave this for later”, Melanie’s mother sighed, patting her daughter on the shoulder.

They went down together and entered the kitchen. They were eating already, and Melanie got some teasing for her tardyness.

“Welcome, sleeping beauty”, said Melanie’s favourite cousin Jessica. “You were so pretty sleeping that I didn’t dare wake you up.”

“Yeah, looks like you WERE really sleeping like a log”, Kate sniggered teasingly.

Melanie turned red again as she saw Jessica elbow her sister in a look of exhasperation. She was mortified to think what the conversation had been about before she had come down for lunch.

As she walked around the table, she made a point of turning around so Kate could see that she wasn’t wearing a diaper, and she was glad her jogging pants gave a good definition of her preteen buble bum. She opened the refrigerator and reached up to get a can of pop, leting her t-shirt ride up and show the bit of white panty peeking out.

As she turned back, she saw Kate still looking at her, and she blushed again, recieving a wink from Kate. She would just have to act as natural as possible.

Thankfully, lunch was a pleasent affair, and the conversation was pleasent. The next day the guys were going to Seattle for the baseball game, so the girls would be on their own. The girls speculated on what they would be doing the next day.

But for today, the girls decided to go and get their bikes and go for a ride, as the boys decided that some rough football playing was the best thing to do.

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Chapter 6

As it turned out, the girl’s bike ride was longer than Melanie thought it was going to be. They rode all the way into town, had ice-cream, then stopped for a soft drink before heading the long way home, arriving almost at sundown.

The girls got along prfectly well. Kate had apologised to Melanie, and expressed curiosity for her bed-wetting, and how the Goodnites felt on her. Melanie had been surprised about Kate’s kindness and about her curious questions. Eventually they became good friends, and cycled as a duo as they followed Lauren and Jessica, who were leading the way.

As they pulled into the garage, the two younger girls pulled their helmets off their sweaty heads, and tugged off their knee and elbow protectors. They leand their bikes against the wall, and anounced they were going off to have a shower.

“Come on, Melanie, you can share my bathroom, ok?”, said Kate, as she bossed Melanie pulling her hand.

Melanie looked uncertainly to Jessica, hoping she wouldn’t mind, as she was sharing her bedroom. “Go right ahead, kiddo”, was Jessica’s answer to Melanie’s questioning look.

The two girls rushed upstairs to Kate’s bedroom. Kate’s room was a lot more infantile than Jessica’s, as it had a lot of pink and a lot of Hello Kitty on the walls. Wierd for a fourteen year-old, Melanie thought to herself. It did look cute, though.

Kate quickly started shedding her clothes, and Melanie followed suit, tugging off her jogging pants, shirt and underwear. She was now getting used to the idea of undressing in front of her cousins. As Kate adjusted the water temperature, Melanie sat on the toilet and relieved her aching bladder, and soon both girls were under the abundant warm flow of water. Melanie was very self concious, being naked next to her older cousin in the shower, but Kate put her at ease as she helped her cousin by soaping her back, and Melanie, in turn, returned the favour.

Soon the girls were done and drying themselves whith Kate’s big fluffy white towels.

“Oh, there you are honey”, Melanie’s mother said as she walked into the bathroom. “Let me do that, honey.” She took Melanie’s towel and sat on the covered toilet, and pulled her daughter close to her, drying her hair. “Now get into some pyjamas, and ready for bed, so you’re all ready after super, OK? I’ll leave you two, I’m helping get supper ready.” Melanie got a kiss on the forehead and her mother left the bathroom.

The two naked girls walked into Kate’s bedroom. “Um, I left my pyjamas in Jessica’s room”, said Melanie uncertainly, not shure about walking in her present state across the house.

"No matter, there’s some of my smaller pyjamas in there, said Kate, pointing vaguely to her dresser, and reaching under her pillow for her own pyjamas.

As Melanie was about to pull open a drawer, Kate sudenly called out: “No, wait! I’ll get those for you!” Melanie pulled back startled and let a paniky Kate open the third drawer. Kate grabbed a summer nightie and handed it to Melanie. “This one is a bit too small for me, try and see how it fits you.”

Melanie wasn’t the kind of girl to wear girly nighties. Being a bit of a tomboy she had always preferred wearing pant style pyjamas, but the novelty of her cousin’s friendship nudged her to try something new. She pulled the pastel green Disney nightie over her head and her cousin awed her aproval. “See? It’s cute on you, cuz! Look in the mirror!”

Melanie stepped over to the mirrored closet door and checked the sleeveless nightie her cousin had given her. It barely made it halfway to her knees, but it did feel cool and soft. The Tinkerbell image stood out in the center, and although it made her feel childish, she was beginning not to be bothered by it, as she was the youngest cousin around. Also, Kate looked like she enjoyed being surrounded by childish things, so that sort of made a good excuse.

As she watched her cousin pull on some Hello Kitty sleep shorts, she stated: “I don’t have any panties to wear.”

“Then you go comando”, Kate giggled.

“Comando?”, Melanie questioned.

“Bare bottoms, naked! Nobody will notice!”

“Um, OK!”, said Melanie at first, then feeling better about it. She suddenly liked the naughty feeling of not wearing any panties under her short nightie. But she would have to pay attention on how she sat…

Kate and Melanie skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen, where both their mothers were finalising the supper preparations. Lisa and Jessica were there too, not wearing their pyjamas but looking comfortable, and again Melanie felt little, but being with Kate, who was also in her pyjamas, made her feel better. She felt like she had another soul mate.

But Melanie’s mother gave one look at her daughter, and walked up to her lifting the hem of her nightie, exposing her bottom.

“Mom!”, called out Melanie in horror.

"Upstairs, now! You know I said ready for bed, and you know what THAT means, ok?

Melanie rushed out embarrassed at what her mother had done to her in front of her cousins. She went into Jessica’s bedroom, and fished out a fresh Goodnite from the pink package in her side of the closet. She quickly slid it up her thighs and hastely flattened the Tinkerbell nightie over it, thankful that now at least the skirt style pyjama, although dangerously short, would cover the Goodinte’s bulge.

Supper was good and tasty, and having done so much exercise for one day, it felt extra good to eat up all that food. The soft drinks fels woderfully cooling, and Melanie felt herself hydrate after all the sweating that day.

The boys would be gone for a couple of days to the city to watch a baseball game and then do some fishing, so the girls would have the house to themselves. That looked like fun to the girl too, so the conversation was extra interesting that night, with the girls speculating on what they should do.

After supper the families drifted to the living room, and as the boys drifted further into the den to watch TV, the girls set up the Wii and they took turns playing. Melanie was especially hooked into it, as she had hardly ever played with something like this. She played very competitively with the rest of her cousins, and waited impatiently for her turn to play again. She could feel her bladder filling up with her earlyer soft drink overload, but she postponed her trip to the bathroom, afraid of loosing her turn and basically distracted watching her cousins playing, sitting on the couch and not realising her short Tinkerbell nightie had ridden up and clearly exposed her Goodnite.

“Melanie, your turn!”, called out Kate, celebrating her success.

Melanie stood up clumsily from the large sofa, stiff from holding her bladder, got hold of the white Wii controll and took her position. But as she was concentrated playing, she felt her bladder give in, and, concious of her Goodnites snuggly fitted on her waist, she decided to go for it and let her pee flow under control, and slowly she felt her Goodnite soak up and bulge, slightly sagging under the acumulating weight. Her concentration broken, as suddenly it was game over for her on the Wii, but she still stood there as if in a trance, her pee flowing freely, now unimpeded, unaware that the telltale dribble was perfectly audible to the rest of girls, and mother and aunt, to the point that her Goodnite couldn’t hold any more and she suddenly came back to life in a panick as she felt a warm burst of pee overflood her Goodnite and cascade down her leg and pool around her feet on the carpeted floor.

Melanie stood ther as the room fell into a dead silence. Suddenly she broke and cried in shame, not daring to move from her wet spot on the floor.

“Melanie, it’s OK, don’t worry…”, her cousins did the best to console her, but her mother would have none of that.

“Seriously, honey, what on earth do you think you are doing? Don’t you see this has got to end?” Melanie’s mother, as much as she was heart broken about what had just happened to her twelve-year old daughter, she had to force herself to take a practical point of view.

Kate had rushed in with a big towel in hand. “Here, Melanie, step onto this”, she said, laying the towel under Melanie’s feet as Melanie reised her fet and stepped onto the towel. The flow of pee had stoped, but any move Melanie made caused it to dribble warm pee down her legs, and it was up to Melanie’s expert mother’s hands to take care of this.

“Ok honey, hold onto this. Thankfully it’s not wet.” Melanie held the hem of her Tinkerbell nightie up to her waist, as instructed by her mother, now exposing the saturated and sagging Goodnite straining down her hips.

Melanie’s mother tugged the sides of the Goodnite, and pulled it swiftly off her daughter , rolled it up and threw it in the bag that Kate was efficiently holding in her hands.

“Sorry about the floor and the towel”, Melanie’s mother said to nobody in particular, as her sister-in-law had left the living room just a few seconds ago, and only Kate and Jessica felt comfortable enough to keep the still crying Melanie company. She picked up the towel and dried Melanie’s legs and crotch, as much as she could, since the towel was already damp from the pool on the floor. “Come with me, honey. Come on, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe you can see for yourself now that these Goodnites don’t work too well.”

Melanie and her mother climbed the stairs together, Melanie still clutching the Tinkerbell nightie up her chest, as not to get it dirty, and they entered Jessica’s bedroom. Melanie followed her mother into the spacious bathroom, and she was quickly cleaned again by her mother, the second time in less than 24 hours. Sniffing back tears, she was resigned at the presence of her two cousins in the room, as nothing could be as embarrassing as what had happened before. It comforted her that none of her cousins seemed to be in a teasing mode, they really seemed to understand. The cool wipes and her mothers comforting touch soothed her, and she slowly calmed down, still slightly week and trembling from all the crying, and slightly hiccuping due to the effort.

Back in the bedroom, after her mother had made her sit on the toilet to pee some more, her mother went to the closet to get the Goodnites and said: “I guess these will have to do for tonight, but I want to get you something more absorbent tomorrow”, she said, clearly avoiding to say “diaper”. Melanie read between the lines, but there was nothing to react to, since she was resigned to the fact that Goodnites had proven they were not good enough, and she really dreaded this night’s sleep, as she no longer felt safe in those things.

“Excuse me, Jordana”, said Jessica’s mother as she entered the room holding a carton box. “These were in the attic, you might want to use them. They might be a little big, but they shouldn’t be a problem”. She layed the box on the bed and opened the flaps. There were two plastic pakages on the bottom of the box that read “Abri.Form S4”. "They belonged to Jessica here some time ago.

“Mom!”, Jessica complained in annoyance.

Jessica’s mom ignored her. "I was sure the box wasn’t used, there should be four packages, but that’s all I could find. Anyways, you’re free to use them.

“Thanks, I really need them, I was gong to put her on Goodnites again till tomorrow, I was planning to get some for her, you know. I’m sorry about what happened.” Answered Melanie’s mother apologetically.

“No worries at all Jordana!, both you and I know it is not her fault, and she knows it to, don’t you, Melanie?” This last thing she said laying her hand comfortingly on the little girl’s shoulder, and Melanie was felt all warm dispite being aprehensive about the packages of diapers laying on the bed for her. “But I still don’t know where those missing diapers went”, insisted absent-mindedly Jessica and Kate’s mother.

“I don’t know mom”, said Kate, strangely to emphasise her innocence.

"Come on, honeybun, there’s no way out of this. Why don’t you lay on the bed?, Melanie’s mother kindly led her to the bed.

Melanie climbed on her side of the bed and layed down stiffly, holding her Tinkerbell nightie stiffly down with her hand.

“I warn you Jordana, they probably are going to be a bit bulky and thick on her. Even though they are a “small”, they fit Jessica pretty generously”, said Melanie’s aunt.

Once again, Jessica rolled her eyes at her mother’s comment. Adults sometimes forgot about their children’s privacy…

Melanie looked as her mother got a package out of the box and ripped the top open awkwardly. She pulled a large white diaper out and unfolded it completely. It was bright white, but it had some faint yellow stripes, and as she seemed to study it, she turned it around so the tapes were facing the back. She held the diaper with one hand and expertly got hold of Melanie’s ankles and swiveled them up over her head, to Melanie’s surprise, who had to reach out across the bed to prevent her from toppling over. Melanie’s Tinkerbell nightie was pulled up all the way to her chest, and she felt the diaper being slid underneath her bottom, and all the way to her back. She thought her mother had gone too far up her back, but when she looked down, she saw there was plenty diaper left to come over her front. As her mother let go of her ankles, she let them fall into a frog-like position, and before she knew it her mother was closing the front tapes, and surprisngly for Melanie, there were four tapes to stick, and not the two she had expected.

Melanie layed there, as if paralysed, not knowing what to do or say. She felt the diaper as she tried to close her legs, and although she could close them, it wasn’t without effort. Kate kindly helped her up, and Melanie quickly lowered her nightie, though concious everybody in the room had seen her being diapered like a baby. A thought struck her that if they made diapers this size, somebody else must need them besides herself. And strangely this discovery comforted her…

“Let’s go watch a movie”, said Jessica, desperate to distract everybody, especially Melanie.

“Cool, yeah! Can we, mom? Please?”, said Kate. “it’s still early…”

“Ok, I guess so. Run on down and I’ll bring you some popcorn and something to drink”, said Melanie’s aunt.

Melanie felt cheered up, and turned to follow her cousins out of the room. She could hear the noisy rustle of the oversized diaper as she waddled down the corredor, and the friction of the cool plastic-covered padding in her crotch against her legs as she walked seemed to cause her whole body to be alert to the new feeling, strangely giving her body a wave of goosebumps. As she climbed down the stairs she could feel the diaper tightly wrapped around her stomach, covering over her belly-button, and reaching in the back way past her bottom, up towards her back. She instinctivly held her hand down to prevent her short Tinkerbell nightie from riding up, and as she reached the living room sofa she was invited to snuggle in between Jessica and Kate, who held a comfy old blanket over them, and turned on the Apple TV to select one of the new movies.

Melanie stretched out on the extended sofa and opened her legs sightly to acomodate the bulk of the diaper between her legs, and tried to relax, as the new feeling of this giant thick diaper was totaly new to her. Under the blanket, she now let her hands feel the diaper, raising her nightie over it and caressing the soft cool plastic material. It felt somehow comforting and comfortable, and she was still surprised at the size of it. It made her feel a lot smaller, as her hands felt the four tapes snuggly in place close to one another, almost overlapping.

“Here you are, girls”, came Melanie’s mother’s voice, as she brought a tub of popcorn and some soft drinks. “How are you honey?”, she asked worriedly, taking Melanie by the chin and looking into her eyes. She smiled at her daughter. "I guess tonight you don’t need to limit your drinks, huh?, she said winking to her daughter.

“Mom!”, Melanie said, thankful that the darkness of the room hid her blush.

“Good. I’ll leave you girls, then”, said Melanie’s mother as she kissed her daughter on the forehead. “Don’t go to bed too late.”

Kate got hold of the popcorn bowl and posotioned it in the middle of Melanie’s opened legs. “You don’t mind, do you?”, she said in a friendly laugh.

Jessica was pouring the drinks in some tall glasses, and gave one to each of the girls. “Here’s do dry beds”, she toasted, poking some fun at the situation.

“And here’s to big diapers”, giggled Kate. Melanie blushed.

“And here’s to a big bowl of popcorn all for me”, said Melanie shily, in mock offence.

The girls giggled and laughed themselves silly before they started the movie again and settled down to watch it.

The movie seemed to go on forever. With the popcorn finished, the need to drink was great, and the first soft drink turned into a second, and then into a third. It seemed that having to wear a big thick diaper had taken any care whatsoever away from Melanie, and the little girl just relaxed with her cousins enjoying the 60 inch high definition screen, purely satisfied, and not realising that the need to pee was slowly increasing.

At one point she realised her bladder was aching, and that she was not as comfortable as before. She suddenly remembered her situation, and her present diapered state. She wondered if it was OK to pee her diaper now even before going to bed, and while she was awake, but then she also wondered what sense it would make to stop the movie so she could go to the batrhoom and pee, having to take her diaper off, then putting it back on, not really knowing how to do either.

Thankful the noise of the movie would cover the sound of her peeing, she opened her legs a little bit more and got into a more comfortable position, and tried to let her bladder go. Slowly, at first, she let a dribble through, feeling it beeing absorbed by her thikck padding below her bottom, and slowly she felt it come out faster and faster as the pee saturated into a pool around her bottom, but then she felt the diaper getting warmer and warmer along her back as the pee was being absorbed into the thick padding.

She lay there in a trance as she peed herself for the first time in a real diaper, feeling secure and happy that she did not have to worry about an accident like the one that had happened earlier with her Goodnite. As she finished peeing, she felt the extasy of the aftermath, a relaxed empty bladder and the feeling of a warm soaked diaper, which strangely seemed to occupy only the rear of her diaper, under her bottom and up her back, as she had been sitting almost laying on her back. She never thought a wet diaper would be so comfortable like this, even thicker now, and warmer. Very warm. But she dared not move in case the diaper had leaked. She wasn’t sure of how much pee it could take.

Suddenly she wasn’t sure if she had done the right thing. She was slightly embarrased to have wet her diaper so conciously, but a surge of naughty and rebellious thoughts came to her, and if her mother had insisted she wear those big diapers as if she were a little baby, then she sure was going to use them as it was intended. After all, she hadn’t wanted them in the first place, and now her mother wouldn’t have anything to say if she really peed in them a lot…

Suddenly the movie was paused. “Sorry, I need a bathroom break”, said Jessica.

“Me too”, said Kate.

“Melanie, do you need to go? I can help you with that “thing” if you need”, said Jessica generously, refering to her cousin’s diaper.

“Um, no… I’m fine, I don’t need to”, mumbled Melanie, turning red.

"You’re sure, Mel?, said Jessica, concerned, as she turned on the lights.

Kate sniggered. “She’s got her diapers, it’s not like she needs to pause for a bathroom break, lucky her”.

“Kate, please, don’t start! Mel, you sure you’re OK?”, insisted Jessica.

“Um, well, like Kate said, it’s not like I need to pause for, well, you know…”, mumbled Melanie mortified.

“Oh… So, you already… “went”?”, said Jessica, tactfully.

Melanie nodded, turning crimson.

“Oh, no, Mel, It’s OK, no problems. Remember, I use to wear diapers too, OK? Those diapers you are wearing, they use to be for me”, said Jessica, desperately trying to make Melanie feel better about it.

“Yeah, and she looked cute in them too!”, interjected Kate humorously.

Jessica rolled her eyes at that. “Come on, Mel. It’s ok. Stand up, let me check to see if it leaked”, she said, reaching out for her cousin.

Melanie stumbled out of the sofa, feeling now the weight of the slightly sagging diaper. The sofa was clearly dry, and as Jessica raised Melanie’s Tinkerbell nightie, she probed around the leg guards, feeling nothing was wet. “Good, At first I thought that since they were a bit big on you they wouldn’t close properly, but I see they do. Sorry about that, Mel”, she said, giving her cousin a hug.

Melanie just shrugged and sat back down on the sofa, feeling really infantile after what her cousin had just done to her. Not that she blamed her, Melanie knew she had a reputation of leaking, after all.

She sat there as her cousins went for their bathroom break, and took advantage of her solitude to run her hands over the diaper once again. It felt soft to the touch, and at the crotch it was swolen and very warm, going most way up the back.

She hastely took her hands away and lowered her Tinkerbell nightie, covering her diaper, as she heard her cousins about to enter the living room.

The three girls sat back to enjoy the rest of the movie, and Melanie, now confident that her diaper could really take all her pee without leaking, sat there crosslegged and absolutely relaxed, naughtily letting her bladder release at will, and by the time the movie was over, her diaper was noticeably heavier, and sagging a little bit more when she got up out of the sofa.

She could hear her diaper russtling a lot more now, as she sleepily climbed the stairs with Jessica, and Kate following a few steps behind, and into their rooms.

While Jessica did one last bathroom trip, Melanie took advantage once again of being alone and waddled to the closet mirror and raised her Tinkerbell nightie, turning around and looking at herself in the mirror with a large soaked diaper on. She could see it was no longer white, but at least half of it was pale yellow, and the lower half of the diaper was swollen and sagged down quite a bit, but the double tapes were properly positioned and seemed to hold the diaper snuggly on her abdomen.

Melanie covered herself when she heard the toilet flush, and she clumsly climbed into her side of the bed, and covered herself with the blanket.

She was still awake after a while, listening to her cousin sleep. She felt tense and excited about her strange diaper experience, and as she turned changing positions she couldn’t help enjoying the feeling of the thick warm bulge between her legs. Slowly she felt herself drift to sleep, facedown on the pillow, not before she relieved herself again one last little bit into the inviting diaper.

Re: Melanie (Revised)

I really hate to do this. I read almost exclusively for entertainment and escapism; this is the first story I’ve bothered to review. And while it’s possibly the best-written work I’ve seen here (OK, maybe l_r, but I can’t stand how his endings are almost always ‘very little bright side’), I’m in here because I couldn’t finish it. It knocked me out of my imagine-zone.

I’m trying to read, but I’m starting to realise just how different Canada and the US are–and how much it must hurt, for instance, a New Yorker to read a story by a Californian, too. In the first chapter I see Washingtonians talking of ‘car parks’ and ‘wash rooms’ rather than a ‘parking lot’ and ‘restrooms’, and then in Chapter 2 while I was trying to get back into the story, an NFL game in Portland is the type of thing that throws me (who spent at least 3 weeks in the PNW every year until she turned 20) against a wall.

The Raiders would admittedly be the #2 team in the Willamette Valley, I’ll give you that…but they pose two problems–they’re another day’s drive down I-5 in Oakland, and are also still thought of as hated rivals by Washingtonians, whose Seattle Seahawks were in the same division for 23 years. I think I get why you can’t have the guys have Seahawks tickets–while it’s far enough from Olympia that the guys would still be away from that city for a day, you wrote yourself into a corner where Melanie’s own family is living in Seattle. They would logically have stayed at her house, not that of Craig and his wife, and none of the rest of this would have happened. But the problem is, I really have a very hard time suspending my disbelief at that point–I did a better job with Project Children, FFS, not least because it’s obviously in an alternate universe where something very dark has occurred that makes regular physical abuse of inconvenient children largely acceptable and legal at some point. I know I should have a thicker skin, but it’s still a reverse-wallbanger for me, personally, because nothing else about this story suggests a parallel world (outside of how, obviously, all fiction isn’t in our LITERAL world).

And the beginning of Ch. 2 is basically where I left off for now. Skimming in later, I see that she’s a ‘mummy’ girl, too, though. The US as a whole doesn’t lean toward that; everywhere that I’ve lived, it was ‘Mom’ or ‘Mommy’ (And you can very much tell the difference–the US word, the further you get west, the more it sounds like “Mahm”, or maybe “Mawm”). Just more difficulty sticking with it.

Otherwise (yeah, I’m sure you want to hear this after I’ve torn you apart. Not. :">), you seem to have some of the best grasp of phraseology on the site, and had you not decided to play in my backyard and screw up the details, I’d probably be happily complimenting your work (internally, since I don’t know that I know how to write a positive critique :">)

TL;DR? Keep up the good work; if you want to have Yanks, run your work past an Americanisation specialist to pull out the Commonwealthisms (though at least ‘nappy’ and ‘dummy’ are exclusively outside-North-America, so you don’t ‘whang’ us with those like Aussies, Brits and ESL writing a story :P), and talk to someone who knows the lay of the land before writing an area you haven’t at least extensively visited.

(While I wish I could offer my localisation services, I already admitted to mainly reading for pleasure–if I were to hire myself out, I obviously wouldn’t be reading for enjoyment. And unfortunately, I highly doubt I’d then be able to read the finished product and still enjoy it because my ‘Yank-ising-and-in-this-case-PNW-proofing read’ would tend to spoil all the key points. But I’m also sure there are American readers who don’t have the same problem with reading-twice that would be willing to help on here somewhere :slight_smile: And once again, I feel exceedingly guilty that I can’t read-for-enjoyment while beta’ing)

Re: Melanie (Revised)

Thx for the criticism, I apreciate it. I have very fond memories of the Olympic peninsula and felt inspired to use it as a location. As many American movie makers, I fell into the trap of using my imagination and screwing up some facts. It really wasn’t intended to be that way. Also, my English is a bit of a mix since I have grown up in a home with mixed parents, from different parts of the world. I have lived in the US for some time, but my English will always be far from perfect, as my French eh. Again, I apologise. Please do keep reading, as I look forward to continue the story, maybe getting less into sports specifics.

Re: Melanie (Revised)

I have to say Melanie is one of (if not the most) relatable characters i’ve ever read.
As more of an infantalist myself, i really appreciate how just hearing her story
actually makes you start to feel like a kid again, you can really empathise with her.

Jessica and Kate are great, but i hope we get to know some of the other cousins soon.
Overall the cuteness factor is off the charts!, please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: Melanie (Revised) - All New Chapter 7!! 13 Feb 2014

Chapter 7

Melanie woke up feeling strange. She felt relaxed, as much as she ever felt, but with a feeling that this morning wasn’t the same as the rest. It was early, half past seven, the bedside clock read. Jessica was still sleeping, curled up near her on the queen size bed. Melanie moved to reposition herself to enjoy more of that blissful relaxed feeling when she felt and heard the diaper crinkle between her legs. She felt the now slightly damp heavy bulk and suddenly remembered the previous night. Her hands drifted down to rest on the cool diaper, and she realised that the reason she felt so relaxed this morning was because her bladder had let loose into the diaper. A diaper. Not a Goodnite.

She quickly covered herself with her nightie, and covered herself with the bed covers. She felt uneasy right now. Last night she had been too stunned to react negatively to her forced diapering. Then, she had gone ahead and used them, as it seemed too out of place to ask to take them off to pee. And now she was going to have to face the music. She imagined her mother wouldn’t find it the least bit amusing. She drifted back to a heavy snooze, trying to avoid getting out of bed.

Melanie awoke to Jessica shaking her shoulder. “Mel, breakfast is ready, let’s get going”

“Mmmm…”, Melanie groaned in her sleepy state. She turned around on her back and squinted at Jessica. “What time is it?”, she asked.

“Half past nine, and the guys are gone! Our moms are cooking pancakes!”

Melanie suddenly remembered her diapered state. “Uh, I got to… um…”, she hesitated looking for the best way to say this. “I need to get out of my, um…”

“You can wait till after breakfast. It’s OK, it’s only us girls, and anyways, I use to have to wait till after breakfast to get out of my… well, diaper!”, exclaimed Jessica, cheerfuly.

Melanie blushed. Her diaper didn’t feel that soaked after all. In fact, it had seemed to have dried, although it did feel heavier than yesterday. But she did have too pee again.

“Well, come on already Mel. You’d better come, you know. Or we’re gonna eat them all!”, Jessica laughed, and walked out.

Melanie decided she would have to get up, but not before bending her legs open and releasing her meager morning bladder into her diaper. Again, relief was sweet as the warm trickle pooled around her bum, slowly being absorbed by the diaper.

“Melanie! Breakfast! Now!”, her mother’s voice boomed from downstairs.
Melanie reluctantly got up from bed, and adjusted her sagging diaper as high as it would go, and pulled her Tinkerbell nightie at the hem, as low as it would go to cover the diaper. She cautiously waddled out of the bedroom and down the stairs. It was strange feeling the new wetness in her diaper press against her. As she climbed down the stairs she felt the diaper sagging again, but still holding secure around her hips.

She waddled into the kitchen, thankful everybody was busy with their pancakes, and with a swift kiss from her mother Melanie sat down to eat.

“Well, the boys are all gone to the city, so you have the house to yourselves”, said Melanie’s aunt. “Aunt Jordana and I are going shopping today, so you’ll have the house for yourselves today. You think you’ll be OK?”

"Duh, mom, yeah we can. What do you think, we’re going to burn the house or something?, said Kate in mock indignation.

“Don’t be silly Kate”, said Kate’s mother. “Jessica, as you’re the oldest, I trust you to be in charge. Oh, and there’s pizza in the freezer.”

“Sure thing, Mom. No problem”, said Jessica, satisfied at being trusted.

Jessica and Kate started clearing the table, and Melanie was left sitting alone, unsure about getting off her chair right now.

Melanie was still sitting on the sodden mass of her very wet disposable diaper. She was starting to feel uncomfortable, and as her mother had seemed to have forgotten her diapered state, Melanie was staring at her mother trying to catch her eye.

Suddenly Melanie’s mother seemed to remember her. “Oh, Melanie, I forgot! How did your new diapers work out?”

Melanie turned red. “Mmm… Well, OK I guess…”, she mumbled.

Kate made a low humorous grunt. “Like excellent, I’d say.”

Jessica elbowed her, hardly concieling a smile.

“Come on, honey. It’s not like nobody knows”, said her mother lovingly. “Let’s go get you out of those. Are you wet, then?”

Melanie reluctantly got up from her chair, and followed her mother out the kitchen. Her diaper sagged down once again, and she gave up any more attempts to raise her diaper up her waist, With her diaper now sagging low, the lower bit was showing past her nightie, and Kate had a last long look at her diapered cousin, as she waddled away with her mother.

In the bathroom, Melanie’s mother pulled off her nightie over her head, and glanced at her diaper clad daughter. “Oh, my! Melanie, you’re soaked! How on earth did that happen?”, she said in shock.

“Dunno…”, said Melanie, shrugging her shoulders.

“What do you mean, “dunno”? Honey, it looks like you went all out in your diapers!”, said Melanie’s mother in a concerned voice. “And what’s that about the diapers working “excelent”, as Kate said? Come on kiddo, talk to me”, she continued, holding her daughter’s face as she knelt down to her.

Melanie was embarrased standing there in just her very wet diaper, but this close proximity to her mother moved her, and she felt deply loved by her mother. She wanted to explain everything to her mother, but she was at loss for words.
“Well, it sort of started when we were watching the movie last night, and well, I sort of had to go, and well, I had “this” on. And it felt, dunno, funny to go to the washroom with it on, and take it off, and then pee… and then somebody would have to put it back on, so I thought that no one would notice if I… well, went”, she said blushing, and almost in tears.

Melanie’s mother hugged her daughter tight when she noticed her daughter’s voice cracking.

“But then”, Melanie continued, “after I had to go some more, and then, when I was in bed, well, I guess I thought because it was a big diaper…” She burst into tears.

“It’s OK, honey”, soothed her mother, “I guess I’m just glad you had some extra protection last night”. She was at loss for words on how to approach this issue. But for now her daughter needed some comfort and understanding.

“Aren’t you mad?”, said Melanie, as her tears came to an end.

They looked into each others eyes for a moment. Melanie’s mother looked at her preteen daughter stand in front of her, naked except for a soaking wet diaper hanging from her hips, and motherly feelings sprouted out of her in a torrent.

“Nope!”, said Melanie’s mother. “You look way too cute in this diaper for me to be mad at you”, she said, winking at her daughter.

“Mom!”, whined Melanie in embarrassment.

“Let’s get you out of it, then!”, said her mother as she swatted her daughter on her diaper padded butt.

Melanie stood still, and let her mother tug at the tapes, When she felt the diaper loosen, she opened her legs so that her mother could slide the diaper off her, but instead of holding it, she felt a swish, a thud, and “Oops, sorry 'bout that!”, said her mother, as she dropped the diaper on the floor between her feet.

As Melanie steped away, she saw her diaper splayed on the floor, all yellow and swollen. Her mother rolled it away. The diaper no longer looked pure white on the outside. It looked all yellowish and a lot thicker and heavier.

“You are one heavy wetter, kiddo.” Blushing, Melanie stood there naked as her mother layed the used diaper aside, and began wiping her tenderly with a hygenic wipe.

When she was all clean and dried, her mother escorted her to Jessica’s bedroom, where she started looking for some clean underwear for her daughter to wear. She started laying out some underwear on the bed while Melanie sat on the bed to get her socks on. Melanie thought it felt nice to get into some dry, thin, normal panties. She then struggled into her training bra, and tugged on her blue jeans and T-shirt.

Jessica came into the room. “Hey guys, what’s up?”, she said cheerfuly as she crossed the bedroom on her way to her bathroom, closing the door after her. When she came out, some moments later, to Melanie’s horror she was holding her diaper in her hands, expertly re-rolling the diaper and taping it shut with the used diaper tapes. “Um, you don’t want to be leaving this around. Better take it to the trash in the kitchen. The bucket’s bigger there”, she said, winking at Melanie.

Melanie was mortified. Her mother spoke up first: “Sorry Jessica, my fault! I took it off her and just layed it on the floor, didn’t mean to stink up the place”, she said in a nonchalant voice.

“No problem! I’ll take it down”, said Jessica, cheerfuly. “Oh Mel, Kate wants to play some soccer, you want to change into some shorts? But keep the long sleeves on, it looks a bit chilly.”

“OK”, said Melanie, happy to have something fun to look forward. She tugged her jeans off, and set off into her suitcase looking for her soccer shorts she knew she had brought with her.

Just then a voice behind her startled her: “So you any good at soccer, cuz?”, said Kate, standing right behind her.

“Not the best, but I good enough I guess”, said Melanie humbly.

"Are those your team’s soccer shorts?, said Kate, pointing at the piece of clothing on her cousin’s hands.
“Yeah, but there’s supposed to be a sweater in here somewhere…” , said Melanie as she rummaged in her suitcase. “There”, she said, extracting a matching sports sweater.

Melanie pulled on her shorts, and slid her long sleeved soccer sweater over her head, modeling her black and purple uniform for her cousin.

“Wow, cool. You got the boots too?”, said Kate, admiring her cousin’s uniform.

“No, not those. I didn’t think I’d need them.”

“So why’d you bring the uniform?”, asked Kate.

“It’s an old one I got, I wear it to bed, as a pijama, it’s kinda comfy.”

“I thought you wore diapers to bed”, sniggered Kate.

“So what?”, said Melanie defiantly, “I wear pijamas on top!”

“Cool down cuz, I was only kidding!”, said Kate, laughing.

Jessica came in. “Shut up Kate! You sound like a baby, the only thing you know to talk about is diapers”, she told her sister in exasperation. "And go get your soccer clothes on, if you want to play at all!

Kate frowned in annoyance, and strutted out of the bedroom to change her clothes.

“Don’t listen to her, she can be really silly sometimes.”

Melanie shrugged her shoulders and looked down. “Well, it’s true, I’m like a baby wearing diapers all the time.”

Jessica put her arm around Melanie’s shoulder as she led her out of the room. “Not all the time, and you know that. It’s only at night, when you sleep, and that’s a clever thing to do. You know, Kate used to tease me as well. She was a dry kid since she was like three, and I wore diapers on and off till I was her age.”

“Mom says it’s a family thing”, said Melanie, glad to have something in common with her.

“Kind of, I guess. But you don’t have to worry about it, ok? You looked comfortable in them last night.”

Melanie went red, but nodded: “Well, they were, like soft and snuggly. Kind of like the Goodnites but better, and bigger.”

“Yeah, I remember when my mother switched me over from Goodnites to diapers. But then Goodnites weren’t as good as now, and well, I ended up preferring the diapers…” Jessica finished with a chuckle, suddenly embarrased to talk about it now.

They left the bedroom and went outside.

They arrived at the end of the property, where they were going to play soccer on the level grass. Two poles were used for the goal, and finally when Kate arrived, they decided to play a mini-league one on one and another as the goal-keeper.

They paused for a quick lunch, and after a rest in front of the TV they were back at it, till the evening drizzle made the comfort of the house look so much more desireable.

It was uncertain who won, but at the end they were happy, tired and sweating, and most importantly, Melanie and Kate were friends once again.

The three girls walked up to the house and crowded into Jessica’s bathroom, as Kate didn’t want to feel left out. The girls took turns using the toilet, as Jessica set the shower temperature, and soon Jessica was smiling to herself as she looked at the two cute younger girls stripping naked and hopping into the shower stall together. As they lathered each other up, Jessica got the towels ready and picked up the girls’ clothes from the floor and stuffing them into the hamper. Feeling more like a mother than a sister/cousin, she said, “Hurry up and don’t make a mess of things, OK kids?”.

Melanie and Kate giggled somthing unintelligible, as they wrestled for the soap, and Jessica rolled her eyes at them.

The phone rang and Jessica ran out to answer it. She returned as Kate and Melanie were stepping out of the showers.

“Hey, dad called and they’re not coming till tomorrow evening. They want to hike on another trail on their way home.”

“These guys are crazy! Another one?”, exclaimed Kate in bewilderment.

“Well, I guess they’re that: guys”, said Jessica wisely.

Melanie, meanwhile, was struggling to dry her hair with the towel. “Here, let me give you a hand with that”, said Jessica generously.

Melanie let her cousin rub her head with the towel, and then she used her hair dryer to finish the job. “What about me?”, Kate whined in mock complaint. “Who dries MY hair?”

“Come here, sis”, condescended Jessica, giving her sister a hug and a pat on her wet head, “You a jealous little thing, you”, she said to her sister as if she was speaking to a two year old.

“Stop it”, Kate giggled, pretending to be annoyed.

Kate let her older sister dry her hair, as she did Melanie’s, and as Jessica fussed over the two naked girls, her mother walked in.

“Hey mom, you’re back!”, exclaimed Jessica.

“There you are, girls! I guessed you’d be here, looks like you’ve been playing soccer.”

Melanie’s mother walked in as well, and as the bathroom was getting too crowded, Kate and Melanie were led out of the bathroom by their mothers, as Jessica disrobed and stepped into the shower.

Kate skipped away naked to her room, and Melanie pulled on some black sweat pants and a comfortable green sweater, and hurried off to help her mother and aunt to get some supper ready.

As Melanie helped set the table, she looked out the kitchen window and stared at the cold drizzle that seemed to be darkening the evening. Thankful for the week with her cousins, she couldn’t help but feel a bit sad thinking that tomorrow would be the last full day here. They would be leaving the day after tomorrow, probably sometime after lunch. And what a week it had been, she thought to herself. All the could think of was about her being put back into diapers. It had been embarrasing at first, but except for Kate’s expected teasing, she had enjoyed the experience. She couldn’t describe why, though. The diapers made her feel comfortable and secure, and she enjoyed the feeling of letting go in them. The wet warmth that surrounded her hips, yet reassurangly soothing. Better than her old Goodnites. A lot better, she thought to herself.

She was suddenly poked in the ribs. “Hey Mel, time to wake up, you dreamer!”, said Kate, who had suddenly appeared in the kitchen. “You were like paralyesed there, like in trance.” Suddenly in a low conspiratorial voice she added: “Were you peeing?”

Melanie turned, offended: “Does it look like I was peeing? Does it?”, she said, very annoyed with Kate now, holding her hands on her hips. Kate looked startled.

“Ok girls, don’t make a fuss. Kate, stop teasing your cousin”, said Kate’s mother.

“I was only joking”, Kate complained, with a hesitant laugh.

Jessica walked into the kitchen. “Kate, really, you don’t know when to stop. Here, Mel, let me give you a hand with that.” Jessica started helping Melanie, and together they finished setting the table.

Supper went on nicely, and the girls, prompted by their mothers, discussed their plans for the night and the following day. It was decided that Wii was the best thing to do, but Melanie remembered the last episode of Wii all too well, which had landed her in real diapers, after she had accidentally wet her Goodnites, and leaked onto the living room carpeted floor.

But it was only past seven, Melanie told herself, nothing bad would happen.

Off they went to hook up the Wii, and the girls took turns playing. Melanie was happy playing, and she could feel she was getting better at it every time she played.

But at eight o’clock her mother walked in. “Melanie, honey, how about you get ready for bed?”

Melanie looked at her as it to say: Now?

“Yes honey, and I have to help you into… um, your protection, honey”, said her mother, actualy being tactful for once.

“Oh.” Melanie’s shoulder’s slumped.

“Let’s all get our pajamas on”, suggested Jessica, to lighten the mood. “We can have a pajama party or something.”

Kate said: “Yeah, cool!”

“Let me help Melanie, Aunt. I can take care of it, I know how to use “them”, you know”, said Jessica, while laying a hand on Melanie’s shoulder.

Melanie was startled, at first, but then looked up at her mother expectantly seeking an afirmative answer.

Melanie’s mother looked down to Melanie hesitantly. “Well, if she doesn’t mind… But get her into some warm pajamas, it’s going to be a cold night.”

“Cool”, said Kate.

They three girls marched up stairs, and Jessica led Melanie into her bedroom, where the girls proceeded to strip off their clothes. Soon Melaine was standing naked next to the bed, expectantly, as Jessica pulled on some pajamas, and then looked on as she pulled the diaper pack from under the bed, along with a white plastic bottle of some sort, Melanie didn’t know what.
It felt weird to have her sixteen year old cousin put her diapers on, but she had grown to like her a lot in the past days, and she felt at ease with her.

Jessica looked at her cute naked cousin and said: “Ok, kiddo, lie in bed”.

Melanie climbed on the bed and laid there, sort of shy to be in this situation with her cousin.

“Relax, OK? I know how this works. Now, let’s see. Can you hold your butt off the bed?”, said Jessica, as she opened the diaper up.

Melanie clumsly raised her legs high by holding below her knees with her hands.

“Good. Now hold there”, said Jessica as she slid the disposable diaper under her cousin’s bottom. “There, you can let go now”.

As Melanie let her legs fall flexed on the bed, she had to resist covering herself from her cousin, being in such a vulnerable and exposed position, because she knew Jessica would be lifting up the front of the diaper and taping it shut.

“Hey guys”, said Kate, dressed in her Hello Kitty pijamas. She climbed on the other side of the bed and sat cross legged watching Jessica diaper Melanie.

Melanie tried to ignore her, and watched Jessica instead as she took hold of the plastic bottle and shook it over her private parts, and sprinkled a generous amount of talcum powder. “Your mom forgot to put some yesterday, you can get diaper rash if you don’t put this on.”

Melanie blushed slightly at the smell now filling the room, and was relieved when her cousin folded the front of the diaper over the front, taping it snuggly shut over her belly button. Melanie felt the diaper a lot tighter than it was the previous night, and as she got off the bed she looked down to check out her diaper.

“There, you look very cute”, said Jessica hugging her cousin, unable able to help herself. Melanie blushed and shily returned the hug. Turning to Kate, who had been staring longingly at her little cousin being diapered, she said, “Come on Kate, it’s your turn!”

“Wha…?”, Kate stuttered in surprise, mouth gaping.

“You’ve been staring at your cousins diapers with puppy eyes. I can imagine you’d like to have some diapers on as well”, stated Jessica winking at Melanie, who giggled.

Kate shrugged. “They look nice on her.”

“And they would on you too?”, said Jessica, bending down to pick up the package. She put it on the bed, as Kate couldn’t help but stare at it. "Or maybe one of Melanie’s Goodnites? Those look really cute.

Kate was silent.

“Melanie, do you mind if Kate borrows one of your Goodnites?”, asked Jessica with a smirk.

As Kate was silent, but wide eyed and smiling, Melanie waddled across the room to her suitcase, pulled her Goodnites package and handed it to her blushing cousin.

Kate looked the package. “Well, they say ages eight to fourteen, so I guess I can wear them.” She slid her pajama pants down, and stepped off them, then slid her Goodnites on. “See? They fit. Now we can be diaper friends for tonight”, she giggled.

“I figured as much”, sighed Jessica, rolling her eyes, but smiling at the sight of Melanie clad in her diaper, and Kate standing there with her Hello Kitty pajama top and a pink butterfly Goodnite. “Let’s go watch Twilight?”

Kate and Melanie both hurried into their pajamas, and the three girls, Melanie with a more noticeable bulge and waddle, went downstairs to watch their favourite movie.

Re: Melanie (Revised) All New Chapter 7 - 13 Feb 2014

I think it’s a cute and nice story, but I do have trouble suspended my disbelief for this one.

There is a problem with a main character that is simultaneously embarrassed by diapers/wetting and allows others to help them with their problem. Especially a twelve year old. That age makes people particularly sensitive to showing self-sufficiency. A twelve year old is also completely capable of changing their own disposable diapers. If they want to be changed, it’s one thing, but if it’s humiliating to Melanie, why would she not insist on doing it herself in the bathroom? I can buy her mother treating her like a kid, (booster seat, checking, etc.) because she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up, but Melanie should fight it more.

I do really like Kate’s characterization about teasing Melanie because she is a closet TBDL but, if she was a closet TBDL, and Jessica knew, why didn’t she bring that up to make Melanie feel better earlier? Why now? If Jessica didn’t know, I can’t imagine having her come to that realization over a few of Kate’s glances and Melanie’s diapers.

It’s not a bad story, but it feels like a formulaic escalation of ABism without a compelling reason as to why. I’m not saying this stuff doesn’t happen, it definitely does- we’re all here. I just don’t understand the characters’ motivations and I feel like the story isn’t heading towards the character development necessary to add a certain depth.

I do like the actual diaper scenes though, they’re well written. As a feel-good AB story it’s fun, and the writing is good. I’m just encouraging a more carefully considered plot because it helps me stay in the story. Thanks for writing it, I’m enjoying it.

Re: Melanie (Revised) All New Chapter 7 - 13 Feb 2014

How adorable!, it’s a little jarring how well Kate took her secret basically
being exposed, but i can’t really complain because it was so damn cute!.

I could have sworn there were four girls hmm…but oh well, it’s still cute.
Please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: Melanie (Revised) All New Chapter 7 - 13 Feb 2014

I think I agree with Whetoric’s comments, but don’t think it’s a serious problem. There’s a reason that certain themes, events, and plots common to a lot of diaper stories - it’s because people like writing and reading about them. This story certainly falls into that category.

I’m really glad you’ve decided to continue this story, as I definitely enjoy reading it.

Re: Melanie (Revised) All New Chapter 7 - 13 Feb 2014

Is there any update too this story

Re: Melanie (Revised) All New Chapter 7 - 13 Feb 2014

I know that this is a slight necro, but this story has a uniqye charm and I would love for it to develop where all three girls are diapered, just rewrite it so that there are no males. You already have excuses to have them out. Just don’t write them.

Re: Melanie (Revised) All New Chapter 8

Forgive the delay. A low inspiration season, but I’m back.

Chapter 8

When Melanie woke up the next morning, the bed covers had fallen off, her Tinkerbell nighty was bunched up above her waist exposing her disposable diaper, and her bladder was bursting. Suprisingly enough, she had resisted the urge to drink during the movie, and since Kate had apparently kept her Goodnite dry -probably too embarrassed to go all the way and wet it- Melanie had kept her diaper dry as well. For once, all three girls shared Jessica’s bed for the night, and although it was kind of weird to be in bed with another diaper girl -well, Goodnite-, Melanie was too sleepy to let that thought occupy her mind.

She felt the bed move and somebody crawling out of bed, and she assumed it was Kate. She heard her walk into the bathroom, and suddenly a thought came to her. “Has she wet her Goodnite?” Her couriosity grew, and she found herself visualising her fourteen year old cousin in a wet Goodnite. The strange yet very cute image of Kate wearing only a wet Goodnite was tatooed in her mind, so she had to get out of bed and investigate.

She heard her diaper rustling as she slid off the bed, and looked back to make sure Jessica was still asleep. Then she waddled slowly across the bedroom and slowly opened the bathroom door, and she heard some quick scuffle and a “huh!”

Kate was sitting on the toilet, with her Goodnite around her ankles, but she was stiffly holding her hands between her legs, trying to pull her short Hello Kitty shirt down, and she looked shigtly out of breath and all red in the face.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to…”, said Melaine, at loss for words, and wondering at what was happening. She suddenly thought of something. “I just needed to use the toilet”, she stammered. “Are you OK?”, she added, concerned

“Um, yeah. Just… You scared me”, said Kate, blushing. She eyed Melanie. “You got your diapers, you can pee now if you’d like”, she said expectantly, having recovered. “Are you wet?” She reached over to lift Melanie’s nighty.

Melanie pulled away. “No, I’m NOT wet. I’m not ALWAYS wet”. Then she thought again, and lifted her nighty, displaying her dry diaper taped snuggly around her waist. “See?”

“Turn around, let me see it all”, said Kate, holding her breath.

Melanie turned around and even bent over a bit, so her cousin could see it was all dry. She stood up sharply when she felt Kate’s hand on her diaper. “Hey”, she giggled.

“Wait, I want to make sure you’re not even a bit damp”, said Kate, defensively.

Melanie rolled her eyes, just as she did when she objected at her own mom’s diaper dealings with her. She stood close to Kate, who was still sitting on the toilet with a Goodnite around her ankles, and felt as Kate touched and pressed her hand to her diaper.

“OK”, Kate almost whispered when she was done. “But you should use your diaper, I still got to do number two”

Melanie hesitated.

“Come on, the diaper is dry, it’s no use to have it dry because then you can’t tape them up again”, Kate reasoned.

Melanie suddenly realized Kate really wanted to watch her pee in her diaper, and felt a surge of something hot all over her body she had never felt before. Like a mix of shyness and daring at the same time. Like she was excited to do something strange.

She also felt stiff from needing to pee real bad. And standing up wasn’t easy either. She instinctivly flexed her legs and tried to let go, and as Kate stared in wonder as Melanie started peeing in her diaper.

It took like forever, but sweet relief came upon Melanie as the pressure was released into her disposable diaper, and as the muffled trickle sounds filled the bathroom, the diaper got yellower. Melanie didn’t even budge as Kate reached out to feel the diaper as it got heavier.

Suddenly Kate, who was facing the door, looked up and startled Melanie by quickly pulling back as she stared wide-eyed and scared at the door.

“Well, isn’t that cute, two little babies playing with their diapers! Tsk, tsk, naughty, naughty…”, came Jessica’s jovial teasing voice.

Melanie was still finishing peeing, and turned her face to see Jessica, in her just-out-of-bed wild hair, sleepy face but teasing eyes.
“Looks like someone really likes diapers, huh?”, said Jessica, staring right at Kate. She held Melanie by the shoulders. “So you do have a diaper friend after all, don’t you, Melanie?”

Kate tried to mumble something on her defence, shaking her head, crimson faced.

“What’s next, sis? You want ME in diapers too, would that make you happy?”, continued Jessica, poking fun at Kate, while holding a confused Melanie by the shoulders, as if they were both siding against Kate.

Kate finally shrugged. “Well, you said it yourself yesterday, you know I like them”, she confessed in defeat. “I wore this thing - she pointed to her dry Goodnite still around her ankles - all night, but I was afraid to pee in it, because it’s so small. So I came here… I’m not a bedwetter, after all, even if I like them”, she finished in defiance.

“Oh, but tonight you are going to wear a big diaper, and you won’t take it off till you use it. You can enjoy it to your heart’s content, baby sister”, sentenced Jessica, in a sweet smile.

“You can’t make me”, said Kate, blushing.

“Oh I’m not going to make you. You are going to do it on your own. You are going to go to your room before bed time, get the diapers you have hidden in your second drawer -the ones you stole from the box in the attic, by the way-, and you will diaper yourself. Only this time, everyone will know you are diapered along with Melanie”.

Now both Melanie and Kate were wide eyed, only Kate’s mouth was open but speechless.

“You stole the diapers? And they’re hidden in your room? But, do you really wear them?”, stuttered Melanie, in deep shock.

"How did you know? And where they were, and everything… ", mumbeled Kate, dumbfounded, still sitting in the toilet.

“Oh, trust me, I know. Now get off that toilet, pull your Goodnite up and go downstairs for breakfast. Both of you. Oh, Kate, and no pants. You girls can change out of your diapers after breakfast, as usual”. Jessica pulled Kate off the toilet, and Kate stumbled as her Goodnite was still around her ankles.

“But… No, I’m not doing that. Mom will see, and…” Jessica interrupted her. “You tell her whatever you want, kiddo, make up a story. But that Goodnite stays. Plus, we know you really like it, don’t you? Come here, let me pull this up for you” Jessica kneeled down before a stunned Kate, and gently pulled up her fourteen year-old sister’s Goodnite up her legs and onto her hips. “See?”, she exclaimed, "soft and comfy, like thick panties. You really look cute, adorable. Doesn’t she, Melanie?

Melanie nodded, as she looked at her cute cousin, wearnig her short Hello Kitty shirt and Goodnite.

Kate blushed, and shrugged her shoulders in resignation. She would tell her surprised mother that she was wearing Goodnites for fun and for her cousin Melanie’s sake. It was weak, but a lot better than having her sister spill the beans on her secret.

“Come on, babies, out you go. I got to use the big girl potty!”, exlaimed Jessica as she swatted the two diaper girls’ butts.

The two girls made their way downstairs, Melanie glancing now and then at her older cousin, and met both their mothers as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Come on girls, come on, the pancakes are… Kate!…” Kate’s mother was at loss for words at the sight of her fourteen yer-old wearing nothing but a short shirt and a Goodnite. “What…?”

“Nothing mom, just trying them on, and this way Melanie isn’t alone…”, mumbled Kate, turning red.

“Well, that’s a… an interesting way to show support, after all your teasing. But I want pants on as soon as the boys arrive”. Both mothers turned around and into the kitchen, mumbling to themselves in chuckles.

Both girls sat at the table, not eating much, leaving many things unsaid. But Melanie had questions. Many questions.

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Re: Melanie (Revised) All New Chapter 8

So glad this story is back honestly. I am just dying for diapered Jessica xD