Megaman ZX: Aile's Journey Ch. 6

Megaman ZX: Aile’s Journey

Hey all, for some reason this story is calling to me more then my other ones right now. I’ll try to get another chapter out of something else…after this one. Enjoy.


Chapter 6: A Rough Start

Alfia’s signal alarm went off, causing the woman to rouse from her sleep. Signal alarms require a small sample of DNA from the intended user, which allowed the alarm to give off a signal that only that person can hear. They were a big hit in college dorms, allowing students to wake up early without waking their room mate, or in this case room mates.

Once she finished dressing for the day, Alfia looked over at the other bed in the room, smiling at the sight before her. The blanket wrapped around them, Aile and Karin slept, hugging one another. Aile’s head was on Karin’s shoulder, the girl suckling softly on her pacifier. Karin’s head was between the pillow and Aile’s head. She had an arm loosely around Aile’s head, and her thumb was in her mouth.

Making her way over to the girls, Alfia placed a knee on the bed, and began stroking each girl’s hair. “Time to wake up girls.” She smiled as she heard both girls groan. Slowly, the girls untangled themselves from the blanket and each other, Alfia noting how Karin’s cheeks lit up upon realizing she had been sucking her thumb.

“Thank you for letting me sleep here Ms. Alfia.” Karin said. She then looked down. “And thanks for the pillow.”

After having been examined by the nurse, it was determined that the worse damage to Karin’s body was to her backside. Alfia, concerned with the forenamed do-do head, Ms. Fala punishing Karin for being out after curfew, decided to bring her back to her room with Aile. After getting the girls in sleepwear, she gave Karin a pillow for her backside and tied a belt around the girl’s waist to keep it in place.

“You’re welcome Karin. Do you think you can dress yourself, or would you rather wait for me to finish changing Aile?” Alfia asked.

Aile blushed, she did need her diaper changed. Karin’s face scrunched up as she debated for a moment, before shaking her head. “No thanks, I can get dressed myself.”

“Alright Karin, but if you need a hand Sky, Mary, and myself will be more then happy to help you. And that’s not just for getting dressed.” Alfia said as she grabbed Aile’s changing supplies.

Alfia had spoken to privately the previous night, and made the offer of allowing her to stay with Aile in the toddler building while she was dealing with Ms. Fala. She had also informed her of what had happened to Aile’s legs, and of the operation that needed to be preformed. To her delight, Karin had agreed to go with Aile and help her new friend in her time of need.

A few minutes later both girls were dressed in their uniforms; shirts, dresses, shoes, and Aile with her pacifier. Alfia picked Aile up, seeing as the girl couldn’t walk, and lead the group to the bathroom. After washing their hands, the group made their way down to the dinning room for breakfast.

The other six children were already at the table, the boys with plates of bacon and eggs, the girls a plate with pancakes. Alfia set Aile down in an empty chair, Karin taking the one next to her. “Now Aile, if anyone gives you a hard time here, tell the staff to send for me, okay?” Alfia told her.

Aile nodded her head and pulled her pacifier from her mouth. “Yes Ms. Alfia. Um…”

“If you have a question don’t be afraid to ask dear.”

Aile smiled at that. “Well, da doo-doo head say I too big for des.” She motioned to her pacifier. “But me like it. Can I keep it?”

“Of course you can Aile. I had a talk with that woman before I picked you up yesterday, and she may not like it but I’m the one in charge of this group. If she takes it from you then she’ll be the one getting a spanking.” Alfia said with a smile.

That statement sent the girls into a fit of giggles. “Maybe we should hide it?” Karin suggested.

Alfia shook her head. “Don’t try to get her in trouble girls, that would make you no better then bullies. We do not tolerate bullies here, understand?” She directed the question at the entire table.

“Yes Ms. Alfia.”

“Good.” Alfia said, nodding her head. “I’ll be back in a bit, I need to run a quick errand before I pick you two up. Now eat.” She watched Aile and Karin begin to eat their pancakes before she exited the room.

Not even a minute later Bobby spoke up. “Why you still here baby?” Aile tried to ignore him, and would have succeeded if a small piece of bacon hadn’t whacked her in the forehead.

“Wha you do dat for!” Aile exclaimed.

“Girls are supposed to talk when a boy asks them a question.” Bobby said. “Why you still here when you were with the other babies yesterday diaper girl?”

Aile’s face flushed as the other boys let out a laugh, even the girl at the other end of the table laughed. Karin growled at them. “You no need to know.”

“Tell me.” Bobby demanded.

“No!” Both Aile and Karin all but yelled. Bobby slammed his hands on top of the table.

“Fine then, you get a spanking!” Bobby said. Before anyone could say anything else, all four boys, on the other side of the table, splattered a small bit of egg on their faces. “MS. FALA!”

The doors to the kitchen opened, and Ms. Fala rushed into the dinning room. “Bobby what’s wrong? What happened?”

Bobby’s eyes began to water. “Those meanies threw food at us again, we was trying to be nice but-”

“Say no more.” Ms. Fala said. She turned to the pair. “Karin, you’ve always been a little troublemaker. Now you’re taking advantage of Aile to help you while she’s still recovering from that awful attack. Maybe seeing you getting punished will encourage her to keep her distance and behave like a young lady should.”

“We no throw food!” Karin cried.

“Deh da meanies, and Karin’s my best friend!” Aile exclaimed. Karin looked over and smiled at Aile before she was yanked from her chair with a cry.

“Enough of this, you’re coming with me right now you disgusting little girl!” Ms. Fala snapped. The kids at the table flinched back at the surprising amount of venom in the woman’s voice.

Scared, Karin began to struggle against Ms. Fala’s hold on her. Growling, Fala tried to keep her grip on her, but wasn’t able to due to Karin’s squirming. Fala yanked Karin’s arm hard, electing a cry of pain from the girl, before lifting her off her feet and throwing her over her shoulder. Karin began to cry as she tried to push herself off Fala’s shoulder as the woman carried her out of the room.

Aile pushed her chair away from the table, got down on the floor, and began crawling as fast as she could to the kitchen door. She was halfway there when she suddenly collapsed as a heavy weight fell on her back.

“Where are you going baby?” Bobby asked from atop her.

“Get off!” Aile grunted. She squealed as she felt something hit her padded backside.

“Bad baby! You answer when we ask you question!” Bobby said.

“No!” Aile yelled.

“Then bad baby gets spanking!” Bobby yelled. He went to lift Aile’s dress, but Aile managed to roll over, knocking him over. After getting up he turned to the other boys at the table. “Help me punish her!”

Upon hearing the chairs screeching across the floor, Aile quickly rolled over and tried to crawl to the kitchen, but Bobby grabbed her ankle, preventing her from getting any farther. She tried to kick Bobby’s hand, but it hurt to move her leg like that. The other boys came over and held her down on her stomach.

Bobby flipped up Aile’s dress, exposing the girl’s diaper. Pulling back his hand, Bobby slammed it down on Aile’s bum. Aile squawked, her body jolting upon contact. He raised his hand to spank her again when one of the boys spoke up. “Baby don’t feel it, try spanking with you foot.”

Bobby nodded in agreement, and tried kicking Aile with his foot. Aile cried out as the foot came in contact with her backside, the padding doing little to protect her. Bobby proceeded to kick Aile a few more times before the toe of his shoe hit square between Aile’s legs, causing the girl to scream in pain. The boy’s toe had become partially caught in the diaper’s right leg hole, so when he withdrew, the diaper’s tape ripped off, revealing part of Aile’s backside.

Just as Bobby prepared to kick Aile’s backside again, the door to the kitchen flew open. “What’s going on here?!” A male staff member demanded as he walked into the room. His eyes widened at the sight before him. “Get away from that girl this instant!” He yelled.

The boys scrambled back as the man knelt down next to Aile. Helping her up, he carefully reached under Aile’s dress and haphazardly taped Aile’s diaper shut. Seeing tears begin to fall down her face, he pulled out a handkerchief and wiped them away. “What happened little one?” He asked softly.

“Dos meanies picked on me and Karin! We no want to say things to dem, but den dey wipe food on faces and blame Karin. Dat doo-doo head is gonna hurt her!” Aile cried. The man looked up at the boys noticing the bits of egg on their faces. “Me need Ms. Alfia!” Aile wailed.


Fala entered the punishment room. It was the size of a small bedroom, contained a cart full of punishment supplies, a rocking chair, and a bed with leather straps on it. Fala made her way over to the chair, sat down, and pulled Karin over her knee.

“I tried to do my best in making you a proper young lady, but you seem set in your disgusting way.” Fala stated as she grabbed a wooden paddle that had holes in it. “After this I’m transferring you to the juvenile wing, where naughty and disgusting little kids like you belong until they decide to behave!”

Karin cried as Fala pulled her dress off and slid the panties down her leg. Exposed, nothing could protect her already bruised backside as the paddle came down. Karin screamed as the paddle came in contact with her rear, tears flooding down her face. She screamed again when the second blow came.

After twelve smacks, Fala felt something wet drip down her leg. Looking down, she saw Karin was wetting herself! She saw it as something else however. “So you think it’s alright to pee on other people now? It seems you aren’t being punished enough!”

Fala continued paddling Karin, but as she went for the twelfth the door to the room burst open. “What the hell do you think you’re doing to that child?!” Alfia demanded as she stormed into the room.

“I’m punishing this disgusting little girl, and I’ll continue punishing her until she conforms to what society deems acceptable!” Fala snapped, raising the paddle again. She was stunned when a fist struck her face, knocking her off the chair.

Alfia grabbed Karin before she could hit the ground, carefully lifting the wailing girl up and leaving the room. Fala stumbled to her feet and moved to chase her when Alfia returned, closing the door behind her. “I’ll have your job for this! Interfering with another staff member’s disciplinary actions, assaulting a staff member, I could press charges!”

“Why do you target Karin? We are supposed to encourage independence here as long as it’s not destructive, and I have never seen Karin act destructively before.” Alfia stated.

“She’s a destructive little tramp, that’s why!” Fala yelled. “I saw the tapes, it was disgusting, watching her pleasure hersel-” She was cut off by Alfia’s fist knocking her on her back.

“Karin didn’t do any of that by choice!” Alfia yelled, enraged. “That bastard of a man forced her to do that to herself and sold it for his own profit. Karin didn’t ask to be a star in that bastard’s child pornography scam, she was forced to. You are suspended until further notice, and if I catch you anywhere near a child here, much less Aile or Karin, I will call the police!”

“You can’t do that!” Fala roared back as she stood up.

“I can and I have!” Alfia yelled back. “Try to supersede me, and I will press charges against you for child abuse and child neglect!”

“Neglect? Where did you pull that one from?”

“Karin needed to see a nurse yesterday afte-”

“Save it, I don’t want to hear anything about that little brat. I’m sending her to the juvenile wing where she belongs!”

“No you are not! Now clean up this mess!” Alfia stormed out of the room and locked the door behind her. She could hear Fala banging on the door, demanding to be let out, but paid in no mind.

She walked half the length of the hallway to the double sided stroller resting there, where Aile and Karin were waiting. Karin’s head was on Aile’s shoulder, and she was softly sobbing as the other girl rubbed her back, sobbing a little as well. Alfia walked over to the pair and knelt down.

“I’m so sorry this happened girls.” Alfia said, tears in her eyes as well. “I promise you, you’ll never see that woman again. Now we should get to the nurse’s office, I want you both checked out.”

Both girls lunged forward and latched onto her, each of their tears renewed. Alfia just held them both, letting them get it all out of their systems.


“That bitch!” Sky exclaimed. Sky and Mary had just been informed of what happened to both girls and neither one were happy in any way, shape, or form.

“I know, I’m taking this and the files to the chairman now. Hopefully we’ll get her fired by the end of the day.” Alfia stated. “Right now I’m worried about both girls. Between everything that’s happened to Aile over the past three days, and Karin’s unfair punishment and her past being brought up…”

“I’ll set up an appointment for both girls with Dr. Kofica.” Mary said. “I think this afternoon would be best, after both girls have had the chance to calm down a bit.”

“I agree.” Alfia said as she glanced at the girls. The both of them were in the nursery room, sitting on one of the sleeping pads, each wrapped in a blanket.

“What happened to Karin’s panties?” Sky asked.

“Lost them in the punishment room.” Alfia answered.

“We don’t carry panties here Alfia, and I don’t think we have any pull ups that would fit her.” Sky stated.

“Then diaper her.” Alfia said. “Just be sure to tell her why, and try not to make her use them if she doesn’t want to.”

“Of course.” Mary said. Alfia handed her a small tube.

“This is a salve that needs to be applied to Karin’s backside every three hours, nurse’s orders.” Alfia explained. Sky and Mary nodded in understanding. “I’ll leave them to you now. Take good care of them.”

Sky smiled at her. “We know how much you care about Karin, don’t worry. We’ll take good care of both the girls.”

Alfia smiled back. “Thank you.” She said softly. She turned, and left the room, making a B-Line for the building’s exit.

Sky turned to Mary. “Do you want to handle the girls or should I?”

“I’ll do it.” Mary said. “If you could cut some banana slices for the girls though, that would be helpful.”

“Sure thing.” Sky said. Just then, one of the toddlers began to cry. “Well, I’ll try anyways.”

Mary just nodded her head and entered the nursery, closing the door behind her. Looking down on the girls, she saw Aile had moved to lie on her back, and Karin on her stomach. Aile had her pacifier in her mouth, and Karin had her thumb in hers. Walking over, she knelt down beside the girls. “I heard you both had a rough morning.”

“Voo-voo heavs.” Aile mumbled behind her pacifier. Karin sniffled, a tear sliding down her cheek.

“Well, what say we get you both properly dressed? I got some ointment for your injuries Karin, so I’ll start with you okay?” Mary asked. Both girls nodded, and Mary carefully lifted Karin up out of her blanked, and set her down on the changing table.

As Mary got the supplies ready, she asked, “Would you like a paci instead of using your thumb?” Karin slowly nodded her head, and not even a minute later she was suckling on a purple pacifier. Once the supplies were on the table, Mary grabbed a diaper and opened the back flap.

“I know you usually wear big girl panties, but we don’t have any over here. If you feel you have to go, just say so and if we can we’ll take you to the bathroom so you can go there, okay?” Mary explained as she slid the diaper under the girl. She frowned as the only reaction she got to that was a nod, but didn’t think forcing her to talk would help.

Mary carefully applied the salve to Karin’s bottom, cringing each time she heard the girl whimper in pain. Once done with that, she applied the baby powder and taped the diaper shut. After cleaning her hands with a wet wipe, she picked Karin up and gently set her back down on one of the sleeping pads.

After removing Aile’s dress, Mary took her over to the changing table and removed the partially ripped diaper. As she finished taping a fresh one shut, she felt a tug on her pants, and looked down to see Karin on all fours. Karin pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and asked softly, “Can I have some more to wear?”

Mary blinked. “More what, clothes? I’m afraid we need to be able to see your diaper at all ti-”

“PLEASE!!!” Mary jumped in surprise at the volume of Karin’s voice. “Please…I just…I no want anyone see my underwear……” She looked up with tear filled eyes. On the table Aile whimpered, unable to comfort her friend and not liking the how that felt at all.

Mary sighed and opened up a draw in the changing table. Shuffling around inside, she then pulled out a thin but lengthy strip of paper. “We might be able to squeeze you into one of the nightwear outfits, but I’d have to add this to your diaper, it changes color is you have an accident.” She sighed again as Karin nodded her head again.

Walking over to the closet, Mary shuffled through a few outfits before pulling out a goldenrod colored onesie. Walking over to Karin, she carefully squeezed the girl’s head and arms through the holes provided. Karin didn’t say anything, so Mary assumed it was all okay. Mary carefully poked her finger into the leg hole of Karin’s diaper and pulled down a bit. She then carefully slid part of the paper strip into it, before pulling on the onesie’s fabric and buttoning it closed over her diaper.

Standing up, Mary did a quick back stretch. “So, anyone still hungry?” As if waiting for that very question, two stomachs growled in unison. Mary couldn’t help but giggle a little, which caused the girls to giggle a bit themselves. “Alright then, lets join the others and I’ll see about getting you girls something to eat. Karin, can you walk on your own to the other room?”

After getting a nod from Karin, Mary lifted Aile off the changing table and carried her into the playroom, Karin waddling behind them. Ignoring Sky’s questioning look, she placed Aile in a high chair and slid the tray into place before repeating the process to Karin, who did nothing to dissuade her. Walking over to the table, she grabbed two bowls full of banana slices and placed one on each girl’s tray. After seeing both girls begin to eat, Mary walked over to Sky, who had just sat down on the rocking chair.

“Why are you babying Karin?” Sky asked as Mary leaned up against the wall next to her.

“Karin seems very fragile right now, she was about ready to burst into tears when she didn’t have anything to cover her diaper. I think it has to do with her past, so I offered her that outfit and she accepted it.” Mary explained.

“You put it on backwards.” Sky said, trying to find some humor in the situation.

“I know, that way the fabric will be straining more on her front side then her back; I don’t think Karin’s backside can take anymore abuse.” Mary stated.

Sky nodded her head. “And the high chair?”

“I think it would be best to treat both girls the same for now, they seem to be able to help one another when they’re together. Neither of them acted up until I separated them and started changing Karin.” Mary explained.

“I guess we can do that for now.” Sky said. “Though we will ask the doc after he’s done talking with them and see what he thinks.”

“Absolutely.” Mary agreed. Just then there was a cry, and the pair saw one of the tots pulling another’s hair. “I’ll get this one; you take care of the girls.”

Sky nodded and headed towards the girls while Mary went to deal with the tots. Upon reaching the girls, she saw that both bowls were empty. “Well, aren’t we hungry this morning? Would you two like another bowl?”

“Yes please.” Aile said softly. Karin just nodded her head.

Sky frowned, but quickly hid it, not wanting to give the girls the wrong idea. She didn’t like how sad and…defeated, the girls seemed, but quickly cut another two bananas and filled their bowls. Once the girls were eating again, Sky worked on making bottles for the girls.

After seeing the girls finish their bowls, Sky pulled out each of their high chair’s trays. “I think I know a pair of little ones that could use a nap.” Karin blushed, not used to being referred to as a ‘little one,’ which Sky took as a good sign; she was calming down. “Follow us Karin.” The girl nodded, and Sky carried Aile back to the nursery.

Setting Aile down briefly, Sky lowered the nearest crib’s bars before lifting Aile up again and placing her in. Turning around, she picked Karin up as well and placed the surprised girl in the crib as well. Sky exited the room the room, returning not a minute later with bottles for both girls, noting both girls blush with a smile.

“I figured you’d both be thirsty too, and a bottle is crib acceptable.” Sky explained as she went over to the closet. She returned with a small blanket and a pillow for each girl. After setting the crib up for the girls, Sky pulled the railing up, locking the girls’ in. “I’ll be in in a few hours to wake you up. We’ll be visiting Dr. Kofica later on, so please try to get some rest.” Seeing the girls nod, Sky proceeded to ruffle each girl’s hair, causing them to giggle and squirm. Smiling, Sky exited the room.

Aile watched as Karin laid back on her pillow and began drinking her bottle. “You don’t mind drinking from a ba-ba?”

Karin removed the bottle’s nipple from her mouth. “I only be drinking from glass for a little while…” She looked down. “Da monster no take care me, so I late being a big girl.”

Aile frowned. “Monster? Was it a monkey?”

Karin shook her head. “No.” She started drinking again. Aile took the hint, laid down next to her, and began drinking her own bottle. The girls had barely finished their bottles before they were asleep, each exhausted from the morning’s events.


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