Megaman ZX: Aile's Journey Ch. 5

Megaman ZX: Aile’s Journey

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Chapter 5: The First Day Part 3

The next two hours blurred by for Aile. Shortly after finishing her bottle, Ms. Alfia arrived to take her to the nurse. Aile had seen a brief look of surprise on her face, but she hadn’t said anything. Sky and Mary said goodbye to Aile, and told her she was welcome to come back anytime.

Ms. Alfia had then carried Aile down to the medical center of building, where several nurses, human and reploid, got to work on Aile. They gave her a full physical, took some blood, and examined reflexes. Once done with those, they laid Aile down on the examination table and proceeded to X-ray her body with a portable device.

It turned out that her leg enhancements weren’t the only ones damaged. The enhancements in her arms and upper body were also damaged, but not broken like their leg counter parts. As it was, they’d all need to be replaced, and there in lied the problem.

Enhancements weren’t cheap, even if they were seen as a necessity of life for humans in this day and age. While the orphanage could get Aile the replacements she needed, the higher ups would have to agree to the expenses, which was unlikely. At this time, the best they could do was remove the damaged and broken enhancements, however that would leave each of those areas on Aile’s body weaker then they would have been if she never had the enhancements in the first place!

Ms. Alfia decided to wait on removing all of the enhancements, and explained what was wrong to Aile as best she could. Aile didn’t understand all of it, but she was able to realize that she wouldn’t be able to walk, and barely even crawl, for a while once her enhancements were removed. Due to how her leg enhancements were hurting her right now, they would be removed in two days, the earliest time available.

Aile was then taken back to the main building, and placed in a playroom. There was a small table with plastic chairs, piles of stuffed animals, paper and art supplies, and toys that varied from three to eight year old age appropriate. Aile had immediately gone after the art supplies, finding finger paints, regular paint and brushed, colored pencils, markers, and crayons. Grabbing some of each, Aile sat down at the table, slipped her pacifier into her mouth, and got to work drawing.

Minutes later, the door to the room opened, and a fairly old man entered. His dark hair was graying and seemed to spike out in all directions. He also had a beard and a fairly long mustache. He wore a grey shirt, black pants, a white lab coat, some glasses, and was carrying a clip board with him.

“Good afternoon Aile.” The man said. “I’m Doctor Kofica.”

Aile looked up from her drawings and let her pacifier drop from her mouth. “Hey, what’s up doc?”

Kofica laughed at that, which Aile soon joined in. “I didn’t think anyone watched loony tunes anymore, that show is ancient.”

“Momma and Papa loved collecting old things.” Aile replied. Her smile slipped off her face.

“I’m sorry about your mother Aile.” Kofica said softly as he sat down next to Aile. “May I ask what happened to your father?”

Aile shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno. Mama said he went away and was not coming home.”

“I see.” Kofica said, thinking over the various interpretations to that statement. Jotting that down on the clip board, he looked back up at Aile. “So how has your time here been thus far?” When Aile looked at him confused, he tried a different approach. “Are you having a good time here?”

Aile’s face scrunched up at that. “Not at the start, but it’s better when I with the little kids. Sky and Mary are nice, way nicer then those other meanies.”

“Can you tell me who those meanies are?” Kofica asked as he wrote on his clip board.

“Well, I know the boy’s name is Bobby. He thinks girls shouldn’t play with boys, and that they should do what boys tell them too.” Aile started.

“Do you play with boys?” Kofica asked.

“Sometimes, but only games like checkers and go-fish.” Aile answered. “Karin said she liked playing ball a lot, but that doo-doo head doesn’t let her play when she’s in charge of play time.”

“And who is this doo-doo head?”" Kofica asked.

“I dunno her name, but she tall, um, has curly black hair…uh, and yellow eyes.” Aile answered. Her expression darkened. “She said my Mommy was a bad Mommy! She slapped my hand when I tried to tell da the truth, and den she spanked me! Bobby made fun of me, said my Mommy told him she was gonna leave me at the park, that she no wanted me anymore. I no believe him, but how he know I went to Fun Park?”

Aile felt a hand on her shoulder, and saw Kofica rubbing it, smiling at her. Aile couldn’t help but smile back. She continued talking. “I was gonna cry, but Karin threw her food at Bobby; he fell back. That doo-doo head came back and Bobby fibbed, he didn’t say hi, he make fun of me! The doo-doo head spanked me and Karin, then put soap in our mouths, and made us stand in the corner for a wong time…doo-doo head.”

Kofica had written over half the page on his clip board at that point. “Were there any other meanies or doo-doo heads here?”

“Um, there was a lady; she no let me use a big girl potty. Made me make a messy in my pants.” Aile said with a frown.

“You don’t normally wear diapers?” Kofica asked.

Aile shook her head. “No, I did a little after my last birthday, but only to bed. I remember it was then because Mommy gots me dolphin back pack with markers and color pencil in it.”

Kofica jotted that down on the clip board. “Aile, do you like your diapers?” He watched as Aile seemed to struggle to come up with an answer. “There’s no wrong answer Aile, so take your time to think about it.”

Aile thanked him and, to his surprise, plopped her pacifier back in her mouth. She suckled on it as she continued working on her latest picture for a few minutes before she let it fall out of her mouth. “They soft…and comfy, but not when I make a messy. I…dunno bouts wet, I no feel it anymore…”

“If you had to choose between your big girl panties and your diapers, which would you choose?” Kofica asked.

Aile was silent for a time before she asked, “Me use da diapies?”

“Only if you wanted to.” Kofica answered.

Aile picked up her pacifier and chewed on the nipple for a minute or so thinking. “Um, if no meanies tease me, I choose diapies.” She finally answered.

“Do you like having accidents in your diapers Aile?” Kofica asked.

Aile shook her head. “Not anymore.”

“You did once, though?”

Aile looked down at the drawing with a small smile. “Yes, Mommy and everyone used ta want to change me. It make me feel special. Dey call me cute, adorable, an sweet. I no tried to use the potty for a wong time, even doh Mommy wanted me to, but den she no let me draw, so I learnded.”

Kofica wrote on his clip board, eventually flipping the page over. Once done, he looked over at Aile, and saw she had finished the drawing she had been working on, and was doing another one. “May I look at your drawings?”

“Sure.” Aile said behind her paci. She grabbed three sheets of paper, and placed them with the most recently finished one near Kofica.

The first was a picture of a black hair girl, wearing black shorts and a black shirt. She had a soccer ball under her right foot, and was standing in front of a soccer goal. The second picture was of white dolphin leaping in the air out at sea, the sun setting next to it. The third picture was of a red knight fighting purple knights with a green sword.

The forth was a picture of a woman, sitting on a couch, that looked like an older Aile, except that Aile had drawn herself next to the woman. Kofica realized it was Aile’s mother. The mother had her hand on Aile’s shoulder, pulling her close to her. What surprised Kofica was that while Aile looked to be about as big as she was now, she had drawn herself with her pacifier in her mouth and a diaper between her legs.

The meaning of these pictures aside, Kofica was astonished at the level of detail in each of them. He’d expect something of this level from a high school student! He looked over at the picture Aile was currently working on.

There was a lot of fire, and it looked like the area was a rocky canyon. What looked like a purple monkey was hanging over a pit of fire in a cage. Aile was currently drawing what looked like yellow bolts of lightning going through the bars and striking the monkey.

“Is that a bad monkey?” Kofica asked. Aile nodded her head and let her pacifier drop.

“He dah mavewick dat hurt me…and Mommy…” She sniffled.

Kofica reached over and pulled Aile onto his lap and hugged her. Aile hugged back, sniffling, but didn’t cry. After a few minutes, Kofica released Aile.

“Why don’t you go play with some of the toys? I need to step out for a few minutes.” He said.

“Okay.” Aile said. She started to put away the art supplies, but Kofica placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned to ask him why he stopped her when she felt her pacifier pressed through her lips.

“Don’t worry about cleaning up, just go and have fun playing.” Kofica said with a smile. Aile gave a big smile behind her pacifier and, despite her damaged leg enhancements, seemed to fly to the pile of stuffed animals.



The image of the maverick spit in half before dissolving. Turning, the blue triangular blade slices through the air, slashing through the image of a mechanical bat. The brown haired, green eyed boy panted as several more images appeared before him, in the form of armored purple humanoids. Snarling, the boy launched himself into the fray.

Outside the room, two reploids stared inside, watching the boy battle the images. Both were garbed in dirty white coats, one wearing a grey jumpsuit, the other a purple jumpsuit. One of the women had a plum like figure, brown hair, and red eyes. The other woman had purple hair that covered her eyes, yet did nothing to obscure her vision.

“I hope that’s not a real saber.” The pair turned to see Prairie approaching them. She wore a dark pink shaded trench coat, a black jumpsuit, a soft pink top, white gloves and boots, and a pink hat with a green gem in the center. Both ladies noted the white cat doll held under Prairie’s right arm, and the fact that her waist seemed to bulge out more then usual.

“Only the hilt is real, otherwise the boy would have cut his foot off several times.” The plum woman said. “Give us some credit Prairie.”

“I do.” Prairie replied. “I’m just…not all here this time of year, you know?” She massaged her temples.

“It’s understandable.” The purple haired woman stated. Looking back through the window, she said, “He’s been in there for over an hour.”

Prairie frowned as she watched the boy slash through another group of mavericks. “I doubt this is healthy Muguet.”

The plum woman shook her head. “I agree, but Vent has so much pent up energy and frustration, I figured this would be the safest release. Besides, better letting use the sword then a rocket launcher. Wouldn’t want another Cedre on our hands, would we?”

All three women shuddered at the thought of their resident explosive fanatic. “Point well taken.” Prairie stated. Turning towards the purple haired woman, she asked, “You okay with taking him Rose?”

“Yes.” Rose answered softly. Prairie smiled before turning to look at Vent’s progress.

“Despite the number of crippling injuries he’d have sustained during the exercise, his progress is impressive.” She said.

“He is a chosen one, isn’t he?” Muguet asked.

Prairie was quiet for a time, causing both women to face her. “There was another survivor of the Maverick attack. Giro will be adopting her after getting his affairs in order.”

“What if Vent isn’t the chosen one?” Rose asked.

“Then the guardians will have another trained soldier, and he can help relate to Aile better and aid in her training. If Vent is the chosen one, then Aile gets to live her life away from the hardships chosen ones have to live through.” Prairie explained. “I’m not trilled about this decision myself, but it’s the only way to guarantee their safety right now. We’ve already lost three of the seven known bio-metals, one is still missing, Giro has Model Z, and Kaze has Model H.”

“That’s only six bio-metals.” Muguet stated.

“Model W, the original bio-metal, is off the grid.” Prairie responded, shaking her head. “Someone has it, and is abusing its power, and won’t stop till they have all the bio-metals. Whoever it was tried to steal the bio-metals when we had them all, but Sis’s failsafe scattered them. Model X is the only one missing now…that will be the one that Vent or Aile is a bio-match too…unless there are more bio-metals we don’t know about.”

“Not a pleasant though.” Rose stated softly.

“What? That children will have to fight for their right to live, or that there might be more unknown bio-metals with unknown powers?” Prairie asked with a sigh.

All three sighed at that thought. Prairie watched as Vent attacked a purple monkey maverick with even more excessive force then normal, and pondered the reason behind it. She was so deep in though, she didn’t notice Muguet had slipped behind her until she felt her jumpsuit vanish, leaving her clad only in her coat, pink top, and her sagging white diaper, discolored in the back.

“MUGUET!!!” Prairie screeched, her cheeks burning red as tried to close her coat.

“You said yourself that you weren’t yourself around this time of year. A little helping hand never hurts.” Muguet replied. Turning to Rose, she asked, “Could you fetch some changing supplies?”

“Of course.” Rose replied, walking over to a nearby closet and began pulling out supplies.

Muguet grabbed Prairie by her armpits and lifted the protesting girl off her feet. “Lets get you changed, and then you can get back to work.” Prairie let out a small whine before cuddling with her doll as Muguet laid her down on a nearby bench.


“There we go, all clean” Alfia said as she taped Aile’s diaper shut. She then lifted Aile up off the changing pad and carried her over to the pile of stuffed animals, where she gently dropped the girl, causing her to squeal.

“Hey! Dat not nice!” Aile said. Try as she might to pout, she could not keep the smile from lighting up her face.

“Not nice would be if she dropped you on the floor, or on the table.” Kofica explained. Aile accepted that and nodded her head. “Now Aile, Ms. Alfia and I need to talk to you about something.”

Aile tilted her head to one side. “Am I in twouble?”

“Not at all Aile.” Alfia said with a smile. She saw Aile visibly relax at that. “Aile, because we need to replace those enhancements, it’ll be impossible for you to be in the group of kids your age. Until your enhancements are replaced, you won’t be able to move your arms or legs; it’s amazing you can even crawl right now. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Aile slowly nodded her head. “I no use hands or feet anymore…right?”

“Just until we get your replacement enhancements.” Alfia answered. “Now, given how hurt your body is at the moment, it will probably be two weeks before it’s safe to give you the replacements you need.” She paused, letting that fact sink in. “During that time, you’ll be staying with Sky and Mary’s group; they’ll be able to take care of you where as the staff in your big kids group won’t. I imagine they’ll also be nicer to you as well.”

Aile nodded her head vigorously. “Uh-hu, Sky and Mary weally nice!”

“Yes they are.” Alfia agreed. “Now then, after this week is over, you’ll be moved into their wing completely. Until then you’ll still be sharing a room with me, and eating breakfast with the other big kids. After breakfast I, or another staff member, will take you over to Sky and Mary’s group. But while you’re there, you’re going to have to abide by their rules.” She saw a confused look flash across Aile’s face. “Do you understand?” Aile slowly nodded her head. “Do you really understand?” Aile hesitated, before slowly shaking her head, no. “It’s okay that you don’t understand Aile, you just need to tell me what you don’t understand and I’ll try to explain it, okay?”

“Can I ask others too?” Aile asked.

“Yes you can Aile, never be afraid to ask anyone to explain something you don’t understand.” Alfia told her. “Now what did you not understand?”

“What are dah rules for Sky’s groups?” Aile asked.

“I was going to tell you that Aile, I didn’t expect you to know them.” Alfia said with a smile, causing Aile to smile too. “Well first off Aile, you are not allowed to take your diaper off. You can still ask Sky or Mary to take you to the bathroom if you feel the need to go, but they might not be able to take you if they are busy with the other tots. Also, if you have another accident, don’t get upset about it, that’s what the diaper is for. Understand?”

Seeing Aile nod her head immediately, Alfia continued. “Good. Now then, there is a nap time you will have to take part of, and you will have to drink from either a sippy cup or a bottle. But above all Aile, if you feel yourself getting upset, don’t throw a tantrum, ask for Sky or Mary to come over and then you can explain why you are getting upset, okay?”

“Yes Ms. Alfia.” Aile said. “May I ask a question?”

Both Kofica and Alfia smiled at her. “Yes you may.”

“Could I see Karin sometime? Or can she come see me?” Aile asked.

“She would have to come see you, but you have to understand, she may not want to visit you every day. Okay?” Alfia stated.

“T’okay.” Aile said, frowning a bit. Seeing this, Alfia got up from her chair and knelt down next to her.

“How about we get some dinner in your tummy? Then we’ll see if there are any brownies left.” Alfia offered.

Aile gave a huge, toothy smile. “YAY!!!”

Alfia straightened up. “What did I say about outdoor voices inside?”

Aile looked down. “Sowwy.” She mumbled. Alfia placed a hand on Aile’s head and ruffled her brown hair.

“Just promise me you’ll work on that, okay little one?”

Aile giggled at that. “Okay Ms. Alfia.”

Reaching down, Alfia lifted Aile into her arms, cradling her like one would a baby. Turning to Kofica, Alfia asked, “When do you want to see her again?”

Kofica rubbed his chin in thought. “Four days from now would be good. Normally we’d wait a full week, but given Aile will have her damaged enhancements removed in two days…”

“I understand.” Alfia said. “She’ll be here then.” Looking down at Aile, she asked, “What do you say to Dr. Kofica?”

Aile turned her head. “T’ank you fow seeing me. I has fun!”

Kofica gave a small laugh. “I enjoyed our time as well Aile. I’ll see you in four days.”

Aile smiled. “Bye Doc, that’s all folks!” This cause Kofica to laugh again. Alfia slipped Aile’s pacifier into the girl’s mouth, said her own goodbyes, and carried Aile out of the room.


One hour later, Aile was cleaning her face with her third napkin. All the other kids in her group had finished eating over an hour ago, so another meal had to be made for Aile. Alfia had chosen to make a plate of spaghetti and meatballs for Aile, and the girl had eaten the entire plate.

Once finished cleaning her face, Aile turned to Alfia. “Thank you for dinner Ms. Alfia.”

Alfia smiled. “You’re welcome Aile.”

“Are there any brownies left?” Aile asked.

Alfia’s smile slipped off her face. “I’m sorry Aile, but there aren’t any more brownies left.” Aile hung her head, and Alfia thought she heard some whimpering from the girl. Moving over to the girl, she grabbed the plate and used napkins with one hand, and slipped Aile’s pacifier into the girl’s mouth with the other. “I’ll see if we have any chocolate chip cookies.”

Aile nodded her head vigorously, causing Alfia to smile once again. Alfia took the plate to the kitchen, leaving Aile in the dinning room, suckling her pacifier on her chair. A minute or so passed before the door from the hallway squeaked opened, and an eye peaked through. “Aile?”

Aile turned and looked at the door, letting her pacifier fall from her mouth. “Who’s there?”

The door opened. “It’s me, Karin.”

Aile gasped as she took in Karin’s appearance. While she still wore the shirt and dress she had earlier, Aile could see parts of her arms and legs that were black and blue. There was also a lump over her left I that appeared swollen, as it now covered part of her eye.

“KARIN!!!” Aile yelled. She got out of her chair, intending to rush over to her hurt friend, when pain shot through her legs when she tried to run on them. Aile fell to her knees as the door to the kitchen slammed open.

“Aile, what did I sa-.” Alfia stopped upon seeing Karin’s condition. She rushed over to her. “My god, what happened to you child?”

“Playing ball.” Karin answered. “The meanies tried to hit me, not get the ball in the goal.”

“Why haven’t you seen a nurse?” Alfia asked. She noted Aile had crawled over to them.

“The doo-doo head wouldn’t let me.” Karin answered. “I hit the ball at Bo-bo, and he got to see the nurse while she…” Karin sniffled and rubbed her backside.

Alfia quickly put two and two together. She gently turned Karin around, and moved to lift the girl’s dress up, when Karin stopped her. Alfia noted part of Karin’s dress was tucked into the back of her panties. She watched as Karin pulled out a pair of napkins from the pouch she had made, and pulled one napkin away, revealing a fairly large brownie piece.

“I snuck in to the kitchen.” Karin confessed. “I hearded Aile likes them…Am I in trouble?”

Alfia smiled softly as she took the brownie and placed it on the table. “We’ll let it slide this once. Now let me have a look at you.”

Karin nodded her head and lifted her dress up. Her upper legs looked better then the lower, but as Alfia gently tugged the back of Karin’s pink panties down, she saw the girl’s backside was black, blue, and bruised. Pulling them back up, she lifted Karin’s dress off her, and saw several black and blue spots on her stomach and back.

Alfia growled softly before lifting Karin up in one arm. The girl gave a squeal of surprise and pain as Alfia adjusted her grip on her. Alfia then carefully lifted Aile up in her free arm, now balancing both girls on her hips.

“We’re taking you to the nurse right now.” Alfia stated.

Alfia paused as she saw Aile grab the brownie on the table, before she began walking towards the nurses off. She noticed Aile broke the brownie in half, and gave the other half to Karin. Both girls were done by the time they reached the nurse’s office. “Wait here while I get a nurse to check you over.” She said as she set the girls down on an examining table. Both girls nodded, and she left.

“Thanks for da brownie.” Aile said.

“You’re welcome.” Karin said, blushing.

“You okay?” Aile asked.

“I hurt.” Karin answered. “And she forget my dress.”

“I dunno where my dress is.” Aile said.

“I don’t like people seeing my panties.” Karin mumbled.

“Well, lots of people seen my diapies all day.” Aile said. Karin sniffled, but said nothing. Aile carefully wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a hug just as a nurse walked in.


“I believe this will suffice.” Alfia stated.

Alfia and Dr. Kofica were in the orphanage’s security room at the moment. They had just finished watching Karin’s outside time for the day, specifically all the times she was hit by the other boys who deliberately kicked the ball at her and not the goal, just like she had said. The pair continued watching.

Karin seemed to finally get fed up with the other players’ behavior, and kicked the ball as hard as she could at Bobby, catching the unfortunate boy square in the groin. They watched as the black curly haired, yellow eyed staff member Aile had so affectionately named a doo-doo head, run over just as Bobby fell to the ground with a scream. The woman said something into a walkie-talkie all the staff were meant to carry around, and watched as a nurse was sent to attend to Bobby, while the woman pulled Karin off the ground and dragged her inside.

“This will do.” Kofica replied. “With this video and the physical evidence, the chairman will be unable to deny his son’s action here. We can also have Ms. Fala fired and possible arrested, or at the least get an investigation started on her.”

“I’ll make a copy of the disk to be certain nothing happens to it.” Alfia said as she got to work doing just that. “This explains why Karin’s backside is bruised, paddling is permitted when a child causes harm to another enough to warrant a nurse’s visit.”

“Perhaps it would be wise to remove Karin from that group while we work, less Fala take out her frustrations on her, given she’s the catalysis to all this.” Kofica suggested.

“I agree.” Alfia said as she pulled both disks from the computer. “Perhaps she could join Aile in Sky’s group. Those two seemed to have really hit it off.”

“Aile and Sky?”

“Well yes, but I meant Aile and Karin. Despite being as hurt as she was, Karin snuck into the kitchen to grab the last brownie for Aile.” Alfia explained.

Kofica stroked his beard. “Perhaps…Aile will need a friend while she’s disabled, and it would keep Karin away from both her group and the staff…but at the same time, given how active Karin usually is…”

“If you do the paperwork now, I’ll ask her after I pick her up. It’ll be her decision.” Alfia said.

“That sounds fair enough.” Kofica agreed. He took one of the disks from the computer and spent the next few minutes discussing the plan before they both exited the room. It would be a long night for both of them.


Well, that’s it for this chapter. As you can tell from this chapter, Karin will take a bigger role in this story then just the first friendly face Aile met after the incident. Anyways, in a few chapters the action will start to pick up, so stay tuned. And don’t forget to REVIEW :slight_smile:

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