Megaman ZX: Aile's Journey Ch. 4

Megaman ZX: Aile’s Journey

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Chapter 4: The First Day Part 2

“It’s time to wake up little one.”

Aile whimpered behind her pacifier and batted the hand that was shaking her away before snuggling with the stuffed animal in her arm and burrowing her head into her pillow. She heard a giggle before her blanket was pulled off her body. Aile tried to curl up, but it didn’t help her at all, and she finally opened her eyes.

Sky was smiling down at her. “Have a good nap little one?”

Aile gave her pacifier a few suckles before pulling it out of her mouth. “Yes, but can my next one be longer?”

Sky laughed at that. “I don’t think so Aile, you slept longer then the other kids here, and you went to sleep before them.”

Aile pouted before sticking her pacifier back in her mouth and crossing her arms. She gave a squeal, however, when Sky slipped two fingers up her diaper’s leg hole. Sky shot her an apologetic look.

“Just checking to see if you needed a change. You’re still clean.” Sky said. “You hungry little one? It is pass noon.”

Aile tried to ignore her, but her stomach chose that moment to grumble, and loudly at that. Aile tried to keep pouting, but couldn’t stop her cheeks from turning red. The fact that Sky wasn’t even trying to hide her giggles didn’t help at all.

“Come on, it’s snack time for the other little ones anyways.” Sky said. Aile reluctantly nodded her head, and Sky reached in and picked her up.

Sky carried Aile back into the playroom, where there were about five other toddlers doing various things. One was in the play pen watching TV, something involving a giant purple dinosaur…Aile shivered for some unknown reason. Three other tots were playing with stuffed animals, while the last one was eating animal crackers at one of the small bench tables.

Aile was sat down next to the boy eating animal crackers, and was given a pouch full herself. “You snack on those while I try to find something that’ll fill you up, okay?” Sky said. Aile nodded her head. “Good girl. You need anything, just ask Mary. Right Mary?”

“You bet.” Mary said as she walked through the door. “Thanks for watching them all for a bit, had to deal with my ex-husband.”

“You should file for a restraining order against him.” Sky said. “What if he tries to start something here?”

“I know, and I intend too.” Mary stated. Sky stared at her for a minute before nodding her head, and leaving the room.

Aile had opened her pouch and began pulling out the animal crackers one at a time. Elephant, dolphin, lion, horse, monkey…Aile’s eyes seemed to widen as she saw the monkey cracker. Biting angrily down on her pacifier’s nipple, Aile turned the pouch upside down and poured all the crackers out on the table. She then proceeded to separate all the monkey crackers from the rest.

Once the crackers were separated, Aile picked up one of the monkey crackers, and proceeded to crush it in her tiny fist. She then repeated the process over and over again until there were no more monkey crackers in her piles, just a small lump of crumbs in front of her. Pulling her pacifier out with a sigh, Aile set it down on the table and began eating the other animal crackers left.

Halfway through, Aile felt something pinch her shirt, and looked to see Mary clipping a ribbon onto it. Mary then took the other end of the ribbon and tied it to Aile’s pacifier, and let it hang off that. “So you don’t lose it.” Mary explained. Aile nodded her head and thanked her, and Mary moved on to check on the other tots.

It was a few minutes later that Aile finished the last of her crackers. She looked for a napkin to clean her hands with, but didn’t see any. Shrugging, she proceeded to wipe her hands on her small shirt, getting crumbs and cracker dust all over it. Still waiting for Sky to return, Aile pulled on the ribbon and put her pacifier back in her mouth to suckle on while she waited. That soon grew boring though, so Aile began looking about the room.

Aside from Sky, Mary, and herself, there were two boys and three girls in the room. The girls were all playing with stuffed animals, each wearing a small shirt, two wearing diapers, and one wearing pink training pants. The diapered ones appeared to be three years old, while the other appeared to be four.

The boy in the playpen watching TV wore a red shirt and diaper. He appeared to be two years old. Finally, the boy sitting next to Aile wore a blue shirt and blue training pants, and appeared to be four.

As Aile was examining the tots in the room, she noticed that the boy next to her had also divided his animal crackers up by animals. She also noted how the pile of monkey crackers was closer to her then him. Seeing the crackers, Aile’s anger came back to the surface.

Reaching her hand out, Aile formed a fist and began smashing each of the monkey crackers. “Stop it!” The boy next to her yelled, but Aile paid him no mind, and continued smashing each of monkey crackers. She way half way through the pile when she was suddenly pushed off her seat, landing hard on her injured shoulder. Aile cried out as her shoulder seemed to burn in pain.

“What’s going on here!” Mary demanded as she marched over.

“That meanie was smashing my monkeys! They’re my favorites!” The boy said.

Mary looked at the half crushed pile of crackers, and then turned to the boy. “Maybe she was, but does that mean it’s alright to push her Benjamin?”

Benjamin looked down. “No.” He mumbled.

Mary turned to Aile. “And why would you smash his monkeys?”

Aile had managed to push herself up into a sitting position, her pacifier hanging from her ribbon, and was rubbing her hurt shoulder with her other arm, trying to fight back the tears of pain in her eyes. “A monkey hurt my Mommy, now I’ll never see her again.” Aile lost the battle as a few tears rolled down her cheeks.

Mary’s stern look softened at that. Kneeling down next to the girl, Mary asked, “Aile, are those meanies next door bad people?”

The question confused Aile, but she answered anyways. “Yes.”

“So does that mean I’m a bad person too? I’m just like them.” At this, Aile shook her head furiously.

“Nu-uh, you really nice. Dey da meanies!” Mary blinked in surprise at the drastic change in Aile’s dialect.

“Then if some people can be meanies and others nice, does that mean some monkeys can be nice and others mean too?” She asked.

Aile blinked at the question, she hadn’t though of that. “Um…maybe?”

“The answer is yes little one.” Mary told her. “If you don’t like monkeys then that’s fine, but Ben here does. It’s not right to smash his monkeys because you don’t like them. You can smash yours if you want to, or you can give them to Ben, but you don’t smash or break other people’s things. Understand?”

Aile hung her head. “Yes.”

Mary turned to Ben. “Now say you’re sorry for pushing her.”

Ben slowly turned to face Aile. “I sorry I push you.”

Mary nodded her head. “Good, now Aile, say you’re sorry for smashing his monkeys.”

Aile sighed heavily. “I sorry for smashing dos monkeys.”

Ben smiled at her. “That okay baby. Can me have your monkeys next time?”

Aile blinked. “Sure.” She said, surprised he called her a baby.

“That’s good you two.” Mary praised, causing both of them to smile. “Now Aile, how bout we get you a clean shirt and a fresh diaper, okay?”

Aile blinked again. “Um, I don’t need another diapie.”

Mary tilted her head at Aile. “You don’t know you’re wet?” She asked. Aile looked down, and saw the front of her diaper had gained a slight yellow tint, and when she wiggled she could feel her diaper was warm and wet.

Tears welled up in Aile’s eyes. “I-I-I…” Aile hiccupped as a few more tears rolled down her cheeks. Mary grabbed Aile’s pacifier and gently slipped it into her mouth, the girl immediately starting to suckle on it. She then lifted Aile up in her arms and carried her back into bedroom.

“You didn’t wear diapers before you came here, did you?” Mary asked as she laid Aile down on the changing table. Aile shook her head, no. “Poor baby, whatever you went through must have really shaken you up to make you lose control like this. Don’t worry though; we’ll take good care of you little one.”

Mary ran her hand reassuringly through Aile’s hair before she got to work changing her. Meanwhile, Aile was struggling to understand why this was happening to her. She had though she’d only be in diapers for a night, but then she’d had that nightmare and wet herself. After being put in a fresh diaper she was told she could ask a staff member to take her to the bathroom if she didn’t want to use her diaper, but was refused and forced to mess in her diaper. And this time she didn’t even know she had to go, her body just went on its own!

Just yesterday morning, Aile had woken up in her favorite blue night gown, in her sea themed bedroom, looking forward to the trip to the amusement park for her sixth birthday. Now, a day later, she was lying on a changing table, suckling on a pacifier, being changed out of a wet diaper and into a clean one by a lady she’d only met this day. How did she turn into such a big baby?

If that weren’t enough, the other kids in her age group had not only seen her diaper, but had seen her get spanked when she tried to defend her mother’s way of raising her. Karin didn’t seem to mind about her wearing a diaper, but she was the only one she’d really talked too; who knows what the others would do when they were unsupervised!

“All done.” Mary said, causing Aile to break out of her thoughts. True enough; a clean diaper was now fastened around her waist. “Can you walk on your own, or would you rather me carry you to the other room?”

Aile, determined to get some semblance of normality, sat up and pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. “I can walk, but can you help me down please?” She saw Mary smile and nod before lifting her off the table and setting her on her feet. Looking up at Mary, Aile asked, “Can I have my dress back?”

To her surprise, Mary shook her head. “I’m sorry Aile, but here we don’t allow our little ones to wear anything that can cover their diapers except at bed time; otherwise we wouldn’t know when they need a change. Besides, you look so adorable as you are little one!” Aile felt her face flush; she’d normally giggle at such a compliment, but now…

“Fine.” She pouted, crossing her arms. This sent Mary into another fit of giggles as she walked to the door. Seeing this, Aile began her trip to the door as well. It was only about twenty steps away, yet half way there Aile was breathing heavy, and when she went for her next step she lost her balance and fell back on her bum.

“You okay Aile?” Mary asked, concerned.

“Yes!” Aile snapped, irritated how much trouble such a simple task as walking was giving her. Mary frowned, but said nothing as she watched Aile struggle to stand on her own two feet. It was just as she managed to stand up straight that a barely audio ‘snap’ was heard, and Aile fell forward to her hands and knees, whimpering softly.

Mary was over immediately. “What happened Aile? Are you okay?”

Aile rolled onto her back and rubbed her lower legs and kneecaps. “I don’t know, I hearded something go snap, den I fall over and my wegs hurting.”

“Let me have a look.” Mary said, carefully moving Aile’s hands from her legs. She placed one hand on Aile’s ankle and ran the other along Aile’s leg, and repeated the process with the other leg. She frowned at what she felt. “Aile, until we get you to see a nurse I don’t want you walking. From now on I want you to crawl if a staff member isn’t available and you need to get somewhere. Can you do that?”

Aile would have argued if her legs didn’t hurt so much. She carefully rolled onto her hands and knees, and found that she had to support most of her weight on her hands, otherwise the pain in her legs would become worse. Taking a few experimental ‘steps,’ Aile found she could crawl well enough if she needed to get somewhere. “I crawl, but me see dah nurse now?” She asked.

“Once you have your lunch we can go to the nurse.” Mary said. “Besides, I can’t leave the other little ones here unattended, now can I?”

“No.” Aile admitted. Seeing Mary walk to the door, Aile crawled after her, feeling more like a baby then ever. Upon entering the playroom however, she saw Sky had returned with a plate of sandwiches and a tall glass filled halfway with milk. Aile crawled over to the bench table, and tried to sit down at it, but the pain in her legs made it difficult.

Sky turned to Mary. “What’s wrong with her? She didn’t have this kind of trouble before her nap.”

“I think her leg enhancements broke.” Mary responded.

“Her cyber implanted enhancements? Which ones?” Sky asked.

“Her leg ones, the break is at her kneecaps. Without the enhancements, her legs are weaker then what they should be for a human girl her age that never had implants. The price of strengthening the human body to meet the necessities of conversing with reploids.” Mary sighed. “Once she’s done with lunch I’ll take her to the nurse if you don’t mind watching the tots this time.”

“It’ll take a while for her to finish lunch if she keeps going at this rate.” Sky said as she watched Aile continue to struggle getting her legs over the bench and under the table. “She also has an appointment today with the psychologist in two hours.”

“Make a note to tell him that she seems to regress to various degrees when she experiences a high level of emotions or stress.” Mary told her. “Her vocabulary changes from that of a six year old to a four or three year olds.”

“I noticed that too.” Sky said as she watched Aile continue to struggle. “I think a high chair would be best for her right now.”

“Just be sure to explain why that is to her, she was a bit snippy when I offered to carry her out her a minute ago.”

Sky nodded her head in agreement before walking over to Aile. The little girl’s face was red, and a layer of sweat now dawned over her face. Sky gently grabbed Aile by her armpits, lifted her up, and carried her over to the nearest high chair.

As she was set down, Aile realized where she was. “I no need chair!” She pouted indignantly.

Sky paid her no mind as she lifted Aile’s arms and carefully attached the tray, just above Aile’s belly button. “Normally you wouldn’t, but since your legs are hurt, this way is easier on you.” Seeing Aile about to protest, Sky cut her off. “You can still feed yourself and drink from your glass, but if you make a mess, then I’ll have to feed you, understand?”

Seeing there was no other choice, Aile nodded her head. Sky grabbed the plate full of sandwiches and the half full glass of milk and placed them on the tray. Sky offered Aile a bib, but Aile indignantly declined.

Eating in a high chair was harder then Aile expected. She had very little room to move her arms without knocking anything over, and there was the difficulty of getting the sandwich and glass to her mouth, and making certain not to spill anything. It was after finishing her second sandwich that it happened; Aile’s elbow hit the glass of milk, causing it to splash out onto the tray, and onto Aile’s shirt and stomach.

Aile squealed at the cold milk coming in contact with her bare skin, her shirt soaking up little of the milk, leaving the rest to slide down her body and some of it through the waistband of her diaper. Her squeal attracted Sky, who walked back over to her and sighed at the sight.

“I knew I should have gotten you a child proof glass.” Sky sighed.

“I’m sorry, it hard eat here.” Aile said, shivering slightly.

“It’s okay little one, lets get you out of there and get you cleaned up.” Sky said, to which Aile nodded her head.

Sky grabbed a clean rag and proceeded to wipe down Aile’s shirt, bare stomach, and then the top of the tray. Putting the rag back on the counter, she carefully removed the tray and the now soggy sandwiches, and placed it on the counter as well. Lifting Aile up, she placed the girl on the counter as well, put a plug in the sink, and turned the faucet on.

“Can you tell me when this feels good?” Sky asked, gently pulling Aile’s hand under the water. Aile, confused at what was happening, just nodded her head. After a few minutes of adjusting the water temperature, Aile stated the water felt good, and Sky let the sink fill up.

Once the sink was three quarters of the way full, Sky walked into the bedroom and out of Aile’s sight, leaving the girl confused as to what to do. Two minutes later, Sky returned with a bottle of shampoo, a wash cloth, a bar of soap, a blue sleeveless shirt that looked a size to small, a bottle of baby powder, and a still folded diaper.

“What dose for?” Aile asked, tilting her head to one side.

“They are for your bath.” Sky said as she carefully lifted Aile’s wet shirt up and off the girl.

“Bath?” Aile questioned. She looked at the sink. “In der?”

“Yup.” Sky said as she tore the tapes off Aile’s diaper and began unwrapping her bandages. “Standard procedure in this wing; outside of bedtime baths, tots that need washing get cleaned in the sink.”

“But I-” Aile was cut off as Sky gently slid her pacifier in her mouth.

“Don’t worry about it little one, just enjoy your bath.” Sky said with a smile. She then carefully lifted Aile up off the counter and out of her diaper, and gently placed her in the sink, carefully tucking Aile’s legs in.

It was a tight, but Aile managed to fit in the sink. Sky spent the next twenty minutes washing Aile’s hair, soaping up her body, and then washing the soap off. All the while Aile sat there, suckling her pacifier, lost in thought.

It had been a long time since her mother had bathed her, and Aile had missed that. Even though this woman wasn’t her mother, Aile found herself enjoying being bathed like a child. Thinking back, she also enjoyed the safe feeling Ms. Alfia gave her when she hugged her after her nightmare, and the feeling she got when she was being carried into the bedroom to get her diaper changed the first time.

Aile shook her head, she was a big girl, she shouldn’t like these things. Yet, a part of her seemed to long for this kind of treatment, as it was that point in time she and her mother was closest. Aile didn’t yet realize what those feelings were, but would soon enough.

“All done!” It was then that Aile noticed the sink was draining, and that Mary had joined her and Sky. After her hair was rubbed dry with the towel, Sky lifted Aile up, wrapped her in the towel Mary was holding, and carefully dried her body off. Once she was sure Aile was as dry as she could get, Sky laid Aile down on the counter on top of the towel.

As Mary began re-bandaging Aile’s arms, Sky applied baby powder to Aile’s bum and crotch areas. Opening the diaper, she carefully lifted Aile’s lower body up by her ankles and slid the diaper underneath her.

As Sky worked on taping Aile’s diaper shut, Mary had to leave to deal with one of the tots that had begun crying for some reason. Once Aile was properly diapered, Sky spent the next few minutes apply the bandages where Aile needed them, and then carefully slipped the sleeveless shirt onto her. Sky then lifted Aile off the counter and gently set her down on all fours.

“Did you enjoy your bath?” Sky asked. Aile hesitated for a moment, but then nodded her head, yes. “That’s good. Are you still hungry?”

Aile pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. “No, me thirsty dou.”

Sky knelt down and pulled a ribbon out of her back pocket. She proceeded to attach it to Aile’s shirt and her pacifier. “Well I’ll tell you what, if you can crawl over to that rocking chair like a good girl, I’ll get you something to drink. You can play with some stuffed animals for a little bit first if you like, I need to clean up here first.”

Aile nodded her head, placed her pacifier back in her mouth, and proceeded to crawl away without waiting for a response. She spent the next few minutes at the pile of stuffed animals with the other tots, and surprisingly had some fun pretending they were actually alive. When she saw Sky walking towards the rocking chair near by, Aile got onto all fours and crawled over to the chair, meeting Sky there.

Sky sat down on the rocking chair and carefully lifted Aile up onto her lap. “Since you seem to have trouble drinking from a cup, I thought this would be more effective.” She said as she pulled out a baby bottle full of milk from behind her back.

Aile’s eyes widened at the sight of the bottle and let her pacifier drop out of her mouth. “No! Me no baby! Me drink cup!”

Sky shook her head as she pulled Aile across her lap, the girl’s head now resting in her free hand. “I’m sorry little one, but you have to drink from this while you’re in here. I shouldn’t have given you a glass in the first place, and you proved that you can’t drink from one just now, so this will have to do.” Seeing Aile still resisting, Sky put on a goofy face. “Open up for the moo moo express!”

The combination of seeing Sky’s face and hearing what she said caused Aile to laugh, only for Sky to take the opportunity to slip the bottle’s nipple into Aile’s mouth. Aile’s eyes widened in surprise, and was about to spit it out when she felt a few drops of milk touch her tongue.

Pausing for a moment, Aile shifted her tongue in search of any more drops in her mouth. As her tongue pressed on the bottle’s nipple, a small spray of milk entered her mouth. Aile proceeded to lap it up and eventually swallow the milk in her mouth, but as she did, her lips made a sucking motion, causing more milk to enter her mouth. Without even realizing it, Aile was soon nursing the bottle.

Minutes passed, and soon Aile could get anymore milk in her mouth, due to the fact that the bottle was now empty. Sky removed the bottle from Aile’s mouth, and before the girl could say anything, lifted her up across her shoulder and patted her back. Aile let out a big burp, causing her face to flush, but she giggled none-the-less.

“You full little one, or would you like another bottle?” Sky asked.

“Me full.” Aile answered.

Sky smiled and ruffled Aile’s hair, causing the girl to squeal and try to bat her hand away. “You were such a good girl little one. Why don’t you go play while we wait for Ms. Alfia to arrive and take you to the nurse, okay?”

“Tokay” Aile said happily. Sky took Aile’s pacifier and slipped it into the girl’s mouth before setting her down on the floor. She smiled as she watched Aile immediately crawl to the pile of stuffed animals and began playing with a grey dolphin. Sighing, Sky stood up; she had things to do, one of them being diaper duty if the smell was anything to go by.


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I am really enjoying the read. Hope this roll you are on keeps up :smiley:

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“Aile shook her head, she was a big girl, she shouldn’t like these things. Yet, a part of her seemed to long for this kind of treatment, as it was that point in time she and her mother was closest. Aile didn’t yet realize what those feelings were, but would soon enough.”

This is a reference to Aile’s discovery, isn’t it.

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Actually, I wrote this before I started Discovery, so it’s a happy coink-i-dink XD