Megaman ZX: Aile's Journey Ch. 2

Megaman ZX: Aile’s Journey

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Chapter 2: Early Morning

Footsteps echoed through the hallway as Giro walked. He wasn’t thrilled to be back, particularly at the current hour. He had left and started his own business, Giro Express, after losing a very close friend. Giro still did some part time work, due to certain conditions regarding his retirement, but the less time he spent at the base the better for him. The metal doors in front of him slid open, and Giro entered the control room of the base.

The room itself was made up of three levels, each of the lower levels full of computer consoles and comfortable chairs for the operators. On the third was a small console with a large chair for the commander to sit in. Regardless of the level, each console was facing the large windows placed opposite the door. Beyond the window, the night sky and grey clouds drifted by; the base was an airship.

Giro continued walking until he was a few feet away from the commander’s chair. “You wanted to see me Prairie?” He asked.

Silence reined, and there was no motion in the chair. After a minute of silence, Giro’s curiosity got the better of him and he walked around to the front of the chair, noticing there was no one else manning the consoles. Looking at the commander’s chair, Giro blinked at the figure in it.

Physically, she appeared to be eleven years old. The girl had blond, almost golden colored, hair that fell down to her legs, draping across her back. She was currently dressed in a pair of white socks, a soft pink night gown that went down to her knees, but was currently rising up due to the girl’s slouched position, revealing a white plastic diaper around the girl’s waist. Her arms were wrapped around a stuffed animal, a white rabbit, and her thumb had found its way into her mouth.

Giro sighed to himself. “Guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow.” Despite his desire to get back home and into bed, Giro scooped Prairie up in his arms and carried the girl to her room, which was connected to the control room.

As expected of a young girl, but not of the commander of an air ship, the room was somewhat childish. The walls were painted blue with clouds of shades of white, grey and blue different from the main wall. Along the wall were a number of cubbies of various sizes, filled with things ranging from books to clothes to pictures. The floor was littered with stuffed animals of various sizes.

Next to the door was a pink desk with a computer on it. Opposite from the door was a queen sized bed with pink sheets and a light pink blanket. Above the bed was a large window, one that could be opened but was currently closed.

Giro carefully crossed the room and set Prairie down on her bed. Pulling back the covers, he then carefully slid Prairie down and tucked her in. Giro turned and made his way to door, and was about to exit when a soft voice called out.

“Giro?” Turning around, Giro saw Prairie sitting up in bed, rubbing one of her baby blue eyes.

“It’s late Prairie, we can talk tomorrow.” Giro said. To his surprise, Prairie shook her head.

“No, this is too important to wait Giro.” Prairie said. She patted a clear spot next on the bed, and Giro made his way over to it. Once seated, Prairie asked, “How was the girl you saved?”

Giro blinked. “A little banged up, but she should be physically fine in a week or two. Mentally, well, she didn’t say a word the entire two hours I drove to the orphanage, don’t even know her name. Why?”

“She wasn’t the only survivor.”

“What?!” Giro looked incredulously at Prairie.

“Half a mile away from the park, a young boy was found alive under a pair maverick bodies. Both of them had a large stick through their mechanical eyes, causing them to cease function.” Prairie explained. The pair was silent for a while.

“Does that mean they’re both chosen ones?” Giro finally asked.

“I don’t know, and that’s what makes this frustrating.” Prairie responded, pulling her knees to her stomach. “It would be the first time the mavericks picked two chosen’s at one time. If only one of them is a chosen, which one is it? The boy would seem like the obvious choice, due to how he was discovered, but what if it’s the girl?” She rested her chin on her knees. “I don’t know how sis did this job.”

“Years of experience.” Was Giro’s response. “You should know that, you were there Alouette.” A small smile crossed Praire’s face.

“It’s been years since anyone called me that.” Prairie said. A frown settled on her face. “What if I make the wrong choice. Chosen ones have been murdered shortly after being discovered, and only a few of them managed to use a biometal to defend themselves.” She sniffled. “I don’t understand why everyone still has faith in me after I’ve failed so many times. Why am I still the leader of the guardians?”

“Because you learn from your mistakes Prairie.” Giro answered. “You’ve managed to delay each of their deaths longer each time, and even gave them some happiness before they died. You’re just like your sister in that way, and even better is the fact that you were there when your sis lead the resistance against Neo Arcadia!” Seeing how his words weren’t having as much effect as he hoped for, Giro suggested, “If you really aren’t sure about what to do, you can always bounce ideas off me. It’ll be like old times when I was your babysitter and we tried to figure out what to do.”

Prairie’s cheeks flushed at that, but a small smile wormed its way onto her face. Taking a moment to wipe away the few tears in her eyes, Prairie nodded her head in agreement. “Okay then, at this point it would be best to assume that the both of them are chosen ones, so we’ll need to protect them both.”

“It’ll be difficult. As there is no genetically identifiable difference between chosen ones and regular humans and reploids we can’t reason with the government to place them under our protection.” Giro thought out loud. “Even if we showed them the pattern of the last few chosen ones, they would probably be more inclined to protect the kids themselves, given our track record.”

“Yeah…” Prairie sighed. The pair was silent for a while, when Prairie suddenly looked up. “What if we adopted them?”

“What?!” Giro was stunned at the suggestion.

“Well, I know I can’t due to the model body I’m using, but I know Rose wanted to raise a child.” Prairie explained.

“But do you think she could handle two? And even if she could, would they be able to have a normal, or at least a semi-normal childhood? Not to mention how the government would take it when they found out.” Giro questioned. Prairie once again went silent, and stayed so for several minutes. Giro was about to comment, when he saw a smile appear on her face, and a mischievous glint appear in her eyes. Giro gulped, she had that same look in her eye just before her sis accused him of dying her undergarments red, his favorite color.

“Giro, you were the one who pulled the girl out of the rubble, weren’t you?” Prairie asked.

Giro immediately saw where she was going with the question. “No Prairie, N-O. I can’t take her in. I got a full time job as a transporter, and the time I run errands like this for the guardians costs my credibility to my clients. Besides, I don’t know how to take care of a little girl.”

Prairie growled at him. “What’s that supposed to mean? I’m a little girl.”

“In body perhaps, and maybe spirit, but you’re going on a hundred and forty six years old.” Giro countered. “You’re the last of the Acadian model reploids, and your new body is the first one with built in age limits. You have years of experience in the real world, while the girl remembers only maybe three of her six years of life. How am I supposed to teach her what she needs to know when I’m busy running a business?”

“You did a good job with me Giro.” Prairie said. Before Giro could react, Prairie threw off the blanket and sheet covering her and hopped on Giro’s lap. “You forget that the transfer to this body wasn’t completely successful, and I was acting like a baby for quite some time. You helped sis take care of me till the technicians managed to solve the problem.”

“Some job I did.” Giro said, patting Prairie’s padded rear.

Prairie blushed. “You know I only need to wear these around this time of year…when sis…” She grew silent.

Giro sighed, and pulled Prairie into a hug. “I know Prairie, I miss her too. Hard to believe it’s been four years since she went missing.” Prairie turned around and faced him, a big smile on her face to Giro’s surprise.

“You just proved my point.” Giro blinked.

“I what?”

“You saw how sad I got when I mentioned sis, and how it was affecting me, and tried to comfort me. This is how that girl will be like for a while, probably a bit worse if her parents were there when the mavericks attacked. You do know how to take care of her, you just need to believe in your abilities more.” Prairie explained.

Giro sighed. “It’s not that simple, even if I felt I could raise her I’d still have my business to run.”

“Then just take over most of the managing duties; let others deal with most of the deliveries.” Prairie said, exasperated. “You could even bring the girl with you on some of your deliveries; she might get interested in becoming a transporter herself.”

Giro thought about it for a full five minutes, all the while Prairie sat patiently on his lap. Finally, he sighed. “I can’t promise anything, but I can try.” Prairie smiled and was about to say something when Giro held up his hand. “Hold on, this will take me a couple of weeks to manage; I’ll need to take some parenting classes and I’ll need to set up another division to take over my active transporter duties. It’ll take time, and I’m not sure I can manage it all but we’ll see.”

“That’s the most I can ask of you.” Prairie said with a smile.

“Don’t think I’m doing this for free Prairie.” Giro said. “From now on, any conversations we have will be over the phone unless it’s absolutely necessary to meet up here, you know I don’t like coming here.” Prairie nodded her head in understanding. “Second, start raising the training schedules for the guardians, I don’t want to be called to a fight unless it’s absolutely necessary. If we’re to keep the girl out of this, I can’t be continuously called away anytime there’s an attack, and that’s not including the chance of my getting injured in battle.”

Prairie frowned as Giro finished. “That’s gonna be tough, I’d have to modify the where the funding we receive goes in order to improve the training schedules…” Prairie chewed the inside of her lip for a minute as she though. Sighing, she said, “Like you, all I can promise is to try, but no guarantees.”

“I guess that’s all we can ask of anyone.” Giro said. Prairie nodded her head in agreement. She then let out a yawn. “If that’s all, I’ll let you get some sleep.”

“Thanks.” Prairie said. She gave a ‘meep’ as Giro lifted her up, laying her down back on the bed. She smiled as he gave her back her bunny stuffed animal and tucked her in.

“I’ll be sleeping in, so unless it’s an emergency don’t call me till after 1.” Giro told her. Prairie nodded her head in agreement. Giro seemed to struggle with what to say for a moment, before settling with, “Sleep tight Prairie.”

“Night Giro.” Prairie said, cuddling her bunny to her stomach as she closed her eyes. Giro quietly exited the room as Prairie began slowly drifting to sleep.

A few minutes later, just as she was about to fade into dream land, Prairie felt a warmth flow through between her legs. Blushing, Prairie realized she’d wet herself for the first time in years while she’d been awake! Shaking her head, Prairie closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep, unable to find the strength or will to change herself.


Mrs. Alfia was an early riser by nature. So, waking up at her usual time of 7AM, she proceeded to change into her work clothes and went to check on her charge. To her surprise, Aile was awake, sitting up in bed, hugging her knees to her body.

“Aile?” The girl looked up at Alfia with puffy red eyes, suckling her pacifier. “Are you okay?” Aile shook her head, no, and Alfia moved over to her bed and sat down next to her. “Did you have a bad dream?” Aile nodded her head, yes. “Want to talk about it?” Aile shook her head, no. “Would you like a hug?” Aile nodded, yes.

Alfia carefully lifted Aile onto her lap and hugged her. Aile hugged her back, resting her head on Alfia’s chest, slowly sucking on her paci. Alfia held the shivering girl for several minutes, running her hand through her hair, before she calmed down.

“Feeling better?” Alfia asked, still running her hand through Aile’s hair.

Aile pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. “I…um…”

“Go on.” Alfia encouraged. “You can tell me.”

Aile’s face was turning red as she tried to speak. “Um, I uh…oppsy?”

“Oppsy?” Alfia questioned. Thinking for a minute, she the asked, “Aile, did you have an accident?” Aile slowly nodded her head. Alfia slid her hand down to Aile’s padded bum and slid a finger up the leg hole. It came out wet. “Were you awake when you went oppsy?”

Aile slowly nodded her head, yes. When Aile had woken up, it had been because of a nightmare. Although she couldn’t remember what the dream was about, she did remember how it made her feel. Aile had been wetting herself when she woke up, but hadn’t been able to stop herself, more due to her emotional state then lack of control.

Alfia sighed; seeing how little control Aile had, to her knowledge, she didn’t have a choice about what she had to do. “Well that’s okay Aile. Let’s get you cleaned up and in a fresh diaper, okay?”

Aile blinked and looked up at Alfia. “No big girl panties?”

Alfia gently set Aile back down on the bed. “Aile, I know you’re having a…not-so-nice time right now, and I know you’re not feeling so good now either. Because you are not feeling so good your body is not working right either, and that’s why you had an accident. As long as you are not feeling good there is a chance you’ll have more accidents, which is why you need to wear diapers for a while.”

“But I-”

“Aile, I’m not saying you have to go potty in them on purpose.” Alfia assured. “If you know you need to go potty, all you have to do is ask one of the staff members to take you to the bathroom and they’ll take your diaper off so you can go in the big girl potty. And if you can’t make it in time or don’t know if you need to go and have another accident then you won’t make a big mess by having your diaper on.” She paused for a moment, letting Aile absorb the information she had just given. “Of course, you don’t have to try to make it to the potty if you don’t want to.”


“If it’s too much trouble for you to try to reach the potty on time you can always just use your diaper.” Alfia stated. “You could try getting settled in here first and not worry about using the big girl potty, or even being a big girl. Right now we just want you to feel better, and we’ll do whatever we can, within reason, to help you.”

Aile was confused. She didn’t have to be a big girl? She could go in her diapers instead of the potty? The one thing she did understand was that Alfia wanted her to feel better and was willing to help her. As she tried to understand everything Alfia had told her, Aile’s stomach growled.

“Looks like someone’s a hungry little girl.” Alfia said, tickling Aile’s exposed stomach. Aile squirmed and giggled at the brief assault on her tummy. “If you can be a good girl for me and do as I ask, I can get you changed and in a nice dress and we’ll get something to fill your tummy, okay?”

Aile’s eyes lit up. “Brownies?” she asked hopefully.

“I’m afraid I can’t give you brownies for breakfast sweetie.” Alfia said, causing Aile to pout. “However, if you’re a good girl today, I’ll see if I can’t get you some for desert after dinner tonight, okay?”

“Okay.” Aile said, mopping at the fact she’s have to wait for them.

“Good girl.” Alfia said. Picking up Aile’s pacifier, she said, “Open up.” Aile opened her mouth, and Alfia placed the paci back in. Alfia then went over to the dresser and pulled out a changing pad, a packet of wet wipes, a bottle of baby oil and baby powder, and a clean diaper. Alfia spread the changing supplies out on Aile’s bed, and Aile crawled onto the changing pad without Alfia having to ask. “Good girl.”

Alfia ripped the tapes off the front of the diaper and pulled the front down. Grabbing Aile’s legs by the ankles, she lifted her up enough to slide the wet diaper out from under her. Opening the case of wipes, she pulled one out and ran it down Aile’s front, electing a squeal from the girl, and causing her to kick her feet in surprise.

“Sorry Aile, I’ll warn you next time.” Alfia said. Aile nodded her head to her and continued suckling on her pacifier. Alfia carefully cleaned Aile’s front, and grabbed a second wipe to clean the girl’s bum. Once done she asked, “Can you roll over on your tummy sweetie?”

Aile wasn’t sure why she had to, but she did anyways. Alfia took the baby oil and proceeded to carefully rub it into Aile’s backside. Aile was blushing as she felt her bum being rubbed, but didn’t say anything as it somehow felt familiar to her. Once done with the oil, Alfia sprinkled a generous amount of powder onto Aile’s backside and proceeded to massage that in.

Once done with that Alfia asked Aile to flip over onto her back as she opened the clean diaper. Aile rolled onto her back and Alfia lifter up by her legs again and slid the diaper under her. Grabbing the oil, Alfia applied to Aile’s front and massaged it in. Aile just continued suckling on her paci as Alfia worked. Alfia repeated the process with the powder and pulled the front of the diaper up between Aile’s legs, and pulled it tightly over her front.

Once Alfia finished taping the diaper shut, and checking for leak holes, Alfia rolled up the wet diaper and wipes, and threw it in a near by trash bin. “You can stand up now if you want Aile.” She said as she began gathering up the changing supplies.

Aile stood up and pulled out her paci. “What all that?” She asked.

“Are you asking about what I rubbed on you?” Alfia asked as she placed the supplies back where she got them. Aile nodded her head, yes. “Those supplies will help protect your skin, make certain you don’t get a rash or any irritation.” She explained.

“Why now?” Aile asked.

Alfia pulled a short, sky blue t-shirt out of the dresser and walked over to the closet. “Why did we do that this time and not last night?” She asked. Aile nodded her head as Alfia shifted through the hangers of clothes. “We weren’t certain you’d need to wear diapers after last night or not, but now that we know you do, we’re making certain you’ll be properly taken care of.”

Alfia pulled a white dress from the closet, the skirt of it having a checkered pattern of white and blue. Placing the dress on the bed, she turned to Aile and said, “Arms up!” Aile raised her arms as high as she could without irritating her injuries, and Alfia pulled the night shirt off her, leaving her in just her diaper. Alfia then helped maneuver Aile’s arms through the sleeves of the t-shirt and pulled it down, reaching halfway to her belly button. She then helped slide the dress onto Aile, the skirt leaving a small bit of her diaper exposed.

Sitting Aile back on the bed, Alfia went back to the dresser and pulled out a pair of socks and Mary Jane shoes. Once she was done dressing Aile, she lifted the girl up in her arms. “Alright then, I just need to wash my hand, and we’ll get us some breakfast.” She said.

Aile wrapped her arms around Alfia’s neck to maintain her balance. “I can walk.” She said.

“I know, but you’re still hurt, and walking seems to tire you out, if last night was any indication.” Alfia said. Aile blinked at her. “When you walked to the dinning room last night, did you feel tired?” Aile slowly nodded her head. “Well, you have a long day ahead of you, so I figured I’d help you save your strength by carrying you down to breakfast and to the playroom, so you’d have more energy to have fun.”

“Oh, okay then.” Aile said. She took a moment to place her paci back in her mouth, and snuggled against Alfia. Alfia tightened her hold on Aile for a moment, then proceeded to exit the room. It was the beginning of a long day.


I think I’ll stop here this time. Gotta say, I loved diapering Prairie, I’m surprised no one else has thought of doing that to her counterpart, Alouette. Anyways, the next few chapters will be focused on Aile, while there will only be brief moments of Giro here and there as he prepares to try and take Aile under his wing. Let me know what you think, as always, and happy holidays.

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