Megaman ZX: Aile's Journey Ch. 1

Megaman ZX: Aile’s Journey

Just a little story I’ve had in my head for a while now. Finally got around to writing it, so hopefully it’ll turn out as good as I imagined it. The story starts out before the game, and before Aile joins Giro Express. Enough background though, on with the show!


Prologue: [i]The year is 25XX, one hundred years since the fall of Neo Arcadia to the satellite weapon known as Ragnarok. The differences between humans and reploids, mechanical beings of humanoid or animalistic forms with almost completely replicated human emotions, has diminished greatly. Humans receive enhancements at early ages, granting them more strength to help counter reploid strength, and to extend their life expectances by nearly fifty years. Their bodies can also accept reploid parts should they lose a limb or wish to accessorize.

For reploids, life limits were now programmed into them, keeping them from living more then a hundred and fifty years. Also, all humanoid models, made to appear of eighteen years of age and older, now have identification marks on their foreheads, revealing them to be reploids instead of humans, as the physical appearances have long since grown near impossible to differentiate.

Peace has reigned for over 100 years, however maverick outbreaks, reploids or mechanical beings that attack humans and reploids indiscriminately, have been on the rise as of late…[/i]

Chapter 1: Coping with Change

The engine roared to life, and soon the motorcycle drove away, leaving behind the carnage and remains of the ruined amusement park. The driver wore a red helmet over his head, baggy white pants, a red short sleeved jacket, red boots, and a black jumpsuit. Glancing to his right, the driver sighed at the sight of his passenger.

She could be no older then the age of six, going by appearances. She wore a dark blue shirt with grey shorts, blue shoes, and a black jumpsuit. Most of her clothes had numerous rips and tears in them, her shorts had a yellow stain on them, and she was wrapped in a blue blanket for warmth. Her brown hair was dirty, messed up, and struck out in every direction. Her emerald green eyes seemed dull and lifeless as the scenery they passed by changed from civilization to forest.

Poor kid.’ The driver thought to himself. ‘Having to live through that slaughter. Her life will never be normal, if what Prairie says is true…Damn those mavericks.

Neither the driver or the little girl said anything, the only noise around them being the engine of the motorcycle. Time passed, and the scenery changed from forest to rocky terrain, and back to civilization. They entered the small town of Quevel, one of the few in this day and age that blended modern civilization with the beauty of nature. It was a peaceful town, and had the second lowest crime rate in the civilization, which were the reasons why the driver brought the little girl there.

A short while later, the driver drove onto the grounds of the Quevel town orphanage. Remembering the directions given to him, he drove over to the admission center for children seven and younger. The buildings were generally the same: brown bricks outside, three stories tall, each one with outdoor equipment appropriate for the building’s age group. Several school buildings were clearly identified near each of the dorms.

The driver pulled into the circular driveway, used for pick ups and drop offs, and was greeted by an older, but not quite elderly, woman. As the driver parked the motorcycle, and kicked down the kickstand, the woman approached him. “Quite the unusual delivery from Giro Express today, isn’t it Girouette?” She asked.

The driver, Girouette, pulled off his helmet. Long strands of blond hair cascaded down his back, several falling over his blue eyes and crimson upside down triangle on his forehead. “Please, just call me Giro, Mrs. Alfia. To be honest, I’m not sure she’ll be staying here; poor girl hasn’t said a word since I found her. She could have family out there still.”

“I certainly hope so; family would help her get through this mess much easily.” Mrs. Alfia said. She walked around the motorcycle and knelt down next to the passenger cart. “My name’s Trixie Alfia. What’s you’re name?”

The girl turned to look at the woman before her, her empty emerald green eyes staring into hers. Seeing that the girl would answer, Alfia asked, “Do you know what your name is?” The little girl slowly nodded her head. “Do you know where you live?” Again, the girl slowly nodded her head. “Do you have any friends or family we can call to let them know you’re okay?” The girl’s eyes seemed to grow hollow at that. “I see, well we’ll take care of you. You don’t have to worry, you won’t be alone here.”

Alfia carefully unbuckled the girl from the passenger cart, and lifted her up into her arms. Turning to Giro, she said, “Thanks for bringing her here; I know you have a business to run and all.”

“There are more important things in life then business. Just take care of her.” Giro said as he put his helmet back on.

“Of course, and you’re welcome to visit her anytime you want.” Alfia replied. “Though I’d wait a few days for her to adjust, and allow our psychologists to talk with her.”

“Sure, and if you can find a home address I’ll deliver her things free of charge.” Giro said as he mounted his motorcycle.

“I’m sure she’ll like that.” Alfia said. Glancing down at the girl in her arms, she saw that her eyes were closed. “I best get her inside, she needs her rest and it is getting late.” Seeing Giro nod his head, Alfia carried the girl inside, hearing the motorcycle’s engine roar to life as she closed the door behind her.

Walking a short distance down the hallway, she backed into an unlocked door, allowing her to enter the room. The room was set up as an average doctor’s examination room, with another door connecting to a bathroom with a tub. A nurse in the room ushered her in.

“Set her down on the table.” The nurse instructed. Alfia did as instructed, and the little girl opened her eyes as she was laid out on the exam table. The nurse unraveled the blanked the girl was wrapped up in, and began stripping her clothes off. “What’s her name?”

“Don’t know.” Alfia answered. “She hasn’t spoken a word, but she does move her head to yes and no questions.”

“I see.” The nurse said, as she tugged the girl’s shorts off. She then wrinkled her nose. “Seems like she soiled herself, what happened to her?”

“You’re looking at the only survivor from the maverick attack in Area H.” Alfia answered.

The nurse shook her head as she pulled out a rectangular device from her uniform. Pressing it up against the girl’s jumpsuit, she presses a small button on the device and the little girl’s jumpsuit vanished in a flash of light. Taking a minute to strip off the girl’s shirt, dirty panties, and shoes, the nurse then began examining the girl’s body.

“Come back here in an hour with some clothes for her, I should be done with my examination before then. Assuming there’s no internal damage, I’ll just give her a bath, wrap up any wounds she has, and she’ll be all yours.” The nurse said.

“Very well then, I’ll leave her in your hands.” Alfia said. Turning to the girl on the table, she told her, “I’ll be back with something for you to wear. This lady will help take care of you until then. Understand?” The girl nodded her head as Alfia left the room.


Fourty five minutes later, the nurse lifted the little girl out of the bath tub and wrapped her in a towel. The nurse carefully dried the girl off, as she had a few scrapes and bruises across her body. Once the girl’s body and hair was dried, the nurse carried her back into the examination room and set her down on the examination table.

“I’m going to need to run some healing salve onto your wounds before I bandage them up.” The nurse told the girl as she pulled the necessary supplies out. “This may hurt a bit, but you’ll have to bear it.”

The next ten minutes were spent rubbing the healing salve onto the girl’s wounds and bandaging them up. The girl had begun crying after the second salve was rubbed in, but the nurse paid her no mind and continued working. When the nurse was done, the girl’s upper right arm, just above her left wrist, chest, and lower legs were wrapped in white bandages. After checking the bandage’s tightness, the nurse began putting away the rest of the supplies while the little girl continued crying. This was the scene Alfia walked in on.

Upon seeing the girl crying, Alfia rushed over to her, dropping the dark blue night shirt on the exam table, lifted the girl up, and rocked her in her arms. “Shhhh, shhhh, it’s okay little one, it’s okay.” Alfia continued rocking the now quietly sobbing girl, and sent a glare at the nurse. “Why didn’t you try and comfort her? She’s obviously in pain.”

“My job is to make sure they’re physically healthy, not to cuddle them.” The nurse said as she carried over an armful of supplies. “Lay her down on the table; I need to make certain she’s properly changed.”

Still glaring at the nurse, Alfia carefully laid the girl down on the examination table, and proceeded to stroke her hair. As the nurse began carefully rubbing cream into the girl’s lower areas, Alfia asked, “What’s the extent of her injuries?”

“Nothing broken.” The nurse replied. “She does have several large scrapes I had to bandage up, and she does have some bruises across her back, which indicates she must have landed hard on it at some point.” Finished with the cream, the nurse began powdering the girl. “There’s nothing to indicate she won’t make a full recovery physically. She should probably talk with a psychologist about the incident though.”

“That’s standard procedure.” Alfia stated. “But it’ll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, it’s rather late now, and I can only imagine this little girl needs her rest and something to fill her tummy.” Alfia ran her fingers gently across the little girl’s stomach, causing the girl to giggle and squirm.

“She’ll need to hold still while I get her diaper on.” The nurse said, now holding a white plastic diaper in her hand.

“Huh?” Both women’s eyes turned to the little girl, who was looking at them in confusion.

“She speaks!” Alfia exclaimed with a smile. The girl found the smile infectious, and soon a small smile appeared on her face.

“Standard procedure for new arrivals; all children must wear a diaper to bed in case of an accident due to a nightmare.” The nurse said as she unfolded the diaper. Lifting the little girl’s bum up by her legs, she slid the diaper underneath her and set the girl back down. “Assuming you stay dry overnight, you’ll be permitted to wear panties during the day. If not, then you’ll have to wear them for that day as well.”

“Me…big girl.” The girl said; confusion clear in her voice.

The nurse pulled the front of the diaper up between the little girl’s legs, and pulled it tightly over her front. Reaching around to the back flap, the nurse tore open the white tape and pulled it tightly across the front of the diaper, partially covering the dolphin characters on the cover. The process was repeated with the other side, and the nurse began checking for any leak holes.

See her chance, Alfia asked, “What would this big girl’s name be?”

The girl looked up at Alfia. “Aile.”

Smiling, Alfia responded, “Well Aile, even big girls need to wear diapers every now and then. You’ve had quite a day today, so we need you to wear your diaper to bed until we know you won’t have any accidents while you sleep. Even big kids, some bigger and older then you, wear diapers to bed here, some of them every night, and some even wear them during the day too. So don’t think that just because you have to wear a diaper that you’re not a big girl, because you are Aile.”

Aile gave Alfia a small smile at that, her eyes appearing less dull then when she first came in. The nurse straitened up. “I’ve done all I can for her at this point. Bring her back after tomorrow night’s bath and I’ll redo the bandages then.”

“Okay then, thank you nurse, I know it’s rather late.” Alfia said.

“Just get someone else up next time.” The nurse grunted before leaving the room.

Alfia frowned. Aile looked up at her. “Delightful?” She asked.

Alfia blinked at the girl, before falling into an uncontrollable giggle fit. “And what makes you say that?”

“One of Mommy’s friends gets grumpy every once and a while, and Mommy says that it was a delightful time.” Aile replied. “Mommy said that-” Aile stopped talking. Looking down, Aile gave a small sniffle as she wrapped her arms around herself as her body began to shiver.

Alfia wrapped an arm around Aile, hugging her to her stomach and running a hand through her hair. Aile leaned into Alfia’s embrace, and the two girls stayed like that for a time. Suddenly, Alfia felt Aile wince and looked down at the girl. “Are you hurt?”

“I bit my cheek to hard.” Aile responded. “Mo-” She sniffled, but Alfia gave her an encouraging squeeze. Aile gave her a small smile in return. “I chew when I scared or nerv…”

“Nervous?” Alfia questioned. Aile nodded her head. “Tell me Aile, do you chew while you sleep?” Aile nodded again. “Well, we’ll figure out something for that later. I can only guess you’d be starving by now.” At this, a loud rumble echoed through the room. Alfia giggled as Aile blushed, holding her stomach. “Well, lets get your shirt on and I’ll take you to the kitchen to grab something to eat, I’m pretty sure we still have a few brownies left.”

“BROWNIE!?” Aile nearly screamed. “I LOVE BROWNIES!”

Alfia laughed softly as she grabbed the dark blue night shirt off the table. “Well, using outside voices will only make you wait longer for your treats Aile. We do have rules here, and I’m honestly bending them by offering them so late at night. I could find you something else to snack on.”

Aile’s eyes widened and she shook her head frantically. “Nu-uh! I be good. Pwease can I have brownies?” Aile looked at Alfia with puppy dog eyes.

Alfia giggled as she rolled up the night shirt, she had noticed Aile’s slip up in dialect. “I suppose I could if you raise your arms up as high as you can.”

Aile gave a big smile and tried raising her arms up over her head. Unfortunately, she could only get her left arm up, as her right arm was still in pain and could only be lifted part way up. Aile winced in pain as she tried to raise her right arm up further.

“Don’t hurt yourself Aile, I can manage with you as you are.” Alfia told her. Aile nodded, and Alfia filtered Aile’s head and left arm through the neck hole and sleeve. She then carefully filtered Aile’s right arm through the right sleeve, and tugged the shirt down as far as it could go. The shirt reached just below Aile’s bellybutton, but did nothing to cover Aile’s diaper. “There we go. Are you ready for some yummy brownies?”

“Yes!” Aile exclaimed. She moved to pump her right fist in the air, but winced in pain.

“Here, let me help you down.” Alfia carefully lifted Aile off the exam table by her armpits and set her on her feet. Aile wobbled slightly once Alfia let go, until she spread her legs apart slightly. “You okay?”

“I think so.” Aile tried walking a few steps forward, but started to loose her balance and would have if Alfia grabbed her by her shoulders.

“How bout I hold your hand while you try waddling down to the kitchen?” Alfia suggested. Aile thought about it for a moment, before nodding her head and taking Alfia’s hand.

It took nearly ten minutes to reach the kitchen and dinning area. As they walked, Alfia noted how Aile began breathing more and more heavily as time stretched on. Aile also stumbled twice, but Alfia caught her before she could hit the ground. By the time they reached the table, Aile was covered in a light layer of sweat, panting heavily.

Helping Aile onto a chair, Alfia knelt down next to her and asked, “Do you know if you’re allergic to any foods or drink? Anything you’re never allowed to have?” Aile shook her head, no. “Okay then, just rest here, and I’ll be back with some warm brownies for you.” Despite her tired state, Aile gave a big smile as Alfia left for the kitchen.

The kitchen was rather large, had two long counters with cupboards above and below them, several refrigerators, toaster ovens, stoves with large ovens beneath them, and microwaves. Alfia walked over to the far end of the counter, where a tray full of brownies sat. Opening the cupboard, she pulled out a white plate, set it on the counter, and cut a short row of brownies into three fairly large pieces. Placing them on the plate, she put them in the microwave and set it to run for fifteen seconds.

Opening another cupboard, Alfia grabbed a sippy cup and took off the lid. Setting them both down on the counter, Alfia opened the fridge door and pulled out a carton of milk. Filling the sippy cup, she placed the lid back on the cup, put the carton back in the fridge, and pulled the plate of brownies out of the microwave. Grabbing a few napkins, she took the brownies and the sippy cup and went back to the dinning room.

Aile was slouched in her chair, her head tilted back, eyes closed, and was taking slow, deep breaths. Alfia walked over to the table and set the plate and cup down. Aile opened her eyes and looked down, a large smile spreading across her face as she saw the plate of brownies in front of her.

“Enjoy Aile, they are all for you.” Alfia said. Aile’s hand immediately shot out and snatched up a brownie. Alfia raised an eyebrow as Aile let out moan as she chewed her first bite. “They good?”

“Varie.” Aile immediately responded, a few crumbs spraying from her mouth. Blinking, Aile grabbed a napkin and wiped it over her face as she finished swallowing her mouthful. “Sorry, I mean they very good.”

Alfia sat down next to Aile and ruffled her hair. “It’s okay, just remember not to talk with your mouth full. And it’s very nice of you to clean up after yourself.” Aile smiled at her, and proceeded to devour the brownie in her hand.

Once the brownie was done, Aile stretched her hand out toward the sippy cup, but paused before touching it. Alfia watched as a strange look flashed across Aile’s face, but Aile took the cup none-the-less and began drinking from it. About twenty minutes later, Aile was wiping her face with a napkin as Alfia returned the sippy cup and plate to the kitchen.

“Are you still hungry Aile?” Alfia asked. Aile shook her head, no. “Okay then, it’s rather late Aile, so I think it’s time for bed.” Aile let out a yawn, and nodded her head in agreement. “For the next few days you’ll be sleeping in my room, just incase you wake from a bad dream, okay?”

Aile nodded her head again, and moved to get up when Alfia suddenly picked her up and cradled her like a one would a baby. “I saw how tiring you got from walking, so I thought it would be better if I carried you to your bed.” She explained. Aile just snuggled into Alfia’s hold and closed her eyes.

Barely ten minutes later Alfia pushed open the door to her room with her back. It was a simple room, soft yellow walls, a large and a small dresser, a closet, and two beds on opposite sides of the room, one having small guard rails on the sides. There was also a window positioned to let sunlight shine over each bed’s pillow sets.

Alfia moved over to the bed with the guard rails and carefully sat Aile down. Pulling back the covers and blanket, she was about to pick Aile up when the girl proceeded to crawl over to the pillow and laid down. Alfia pulled the covers and blanket over Aile and tucked her in. She hesitated for a moment before walking over to the nearest dresser. Aile watched as Alfia rummaged through the draws before pulling something out. Alfia walked back over, the package behind her back.

“Aile, I think I may have something that can help you with your chewing problem.” Alfia said. “Can you promise me you won’t get upset with me if you don’t like it? If you don’t like it you won’t have to use it.”

Aile looked up at her. “I promise.” Alfia smiled and ruffled her hair affectionately.

“Such a good girl you are Aile.” Alfia pulled the package out from behind her back and opened it. Reaching in, she pulled out an item and held it in front of Aile’s face. Looking over it, Aile saw it had an orange rubber nipple with a soft blue plastic cover behind it, a small ring the size of a finger behind the cover attached to it.

“A paci?” Aile asked.

“Yes, a pacifier.” Alfia answered simply. “I’ll understand if you don’t want to try it, but I-”

“I’ll take it.” Aile answered, surprising Alfia. She opened her mouth, and Alfia placed the paci’s nipple inside.

“If you don’t want it, or it doesn’t help, just let me know. Okay?” Alfia asked. Aile nodded her head, yes, and began gently sucking on it. Alfia patted her head as she closed her eyes. Alfia hadn’t even slipped into her pajamas when Aile had slipped into dreamland.


Just something that’s been floating around in my head for a while. No one ever really went into detail about the years in between the maverick attack and Aile/Vent’s storyline in the game, so with a few possible modifications in age and timelines, I decided to jump on the chance to do so. Let me know what you think, as this is only part one of the story; part two will be the actual game, but my way :slight_smile:

Re: Megaman ZX: Aile’s Journey Ch. 1

one of my all time favorite stories by you, you amaze with your sheer brillance, and you will indeed succeed in whatever fields you chose in the long run.