Megaman ZX: Aile's Discovery Chapter 2

Megaman ZX: Aile’s Discovery

Hey all, I gotta say I was blown away from the positive response I got from chapter 1. I’ll try to keep turning out chapters of this one ASAP, but I’m gonna be busy for the next week or two, so IDK when I’ll find time to manage it. Here’s hoping for quicker updates.


Chapter 2

Aile let out a yawn as she stretched and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Normally she’d use a special alarm clock, designed to completely wake up anyone near it with a special frequency sound wave, but due to her time off Aile had decided to sleep in and wake up the old fashion way. A flashing light on the desk caught Aile’s attention.

Sliding out of bed, clad in only a small short-sleeved t-shirt and her panties, Aile made her way over to the desk. The flashing light was her data pad, displaying she had a message. Playing the message, Aile’s face lit up with joy; Giro would be out for the day finalizing the new contract, leaving the entire house to her!

Knowing that no one was supposed to come to the warehouse next door without Giro around, Aile slid her panties down her legs, stepped out of them, summoned her diaper to her hand from sub-space, and pulled it up snuggly around her waist. She had sent it into subspace the previous night just before her shower, and due to the stasis effect of objects in subspace, it was still somewhat warm from her wetting the previous day.

Aile paused at that point and considered what she just did. Not only did she, a ten year old girl, put on a diaper, she put on a used diaper. She tried to find a reason why she’d put one on, much less used, but all she could come up with was the facts that she wanted to fully understand how she felt about diapers, and this was the only one she had. After a minute, she accepted these facts.

Clad in just her shirt and diaper, Aile made her way out of her bedroom, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. From there, she grabbed a bowl and a glass from the cabinet, filled the bowl with milk and cereal, and filled the glass with orange juice. Normally she wouldn’t have orange juice, as it tended to work its way through her system rather quickly, but given Aile’s current choice of underwear, the girl didn’t care.

By the time she was done with breakfast, Aile felt her diaper had become somewhat cool and bulky between her legs. It wasn’t a feeling she was fond of, but if she chose to wear diapers on transporting jobs, she believed she could put up with it. Closing her eyes, Aile relaxed and proceeded to empty her bladder into her diaper, relieving the pressure that had been building up since she first awoke.

The first time she had wet her diaper had been, for the most part, an accident, which meant Aile hadn’t the time to experience what wetting her diaper felt like. This time though, she had no distractions, and honestly, Aile could say she liked what she was feeling. The warm liquid was flowing along the padded surface and across her skin as it was being absorbed into the padding itself. She found the sensation…soothing.

Aile blinked as she replayed her last few thoughts; she LIKED wetting herself while diapered? She was ten years old, and she liked wetting herself? Even if she didn’t have responsibilities as a transporter, adult responsibilities, a ten year old girl shouldn’t like the feeling of wetting herself…right?

Face determined, Aile put her dishes in the dish washer, got another glass of orange juice, and waddled back up to her room. Sitting down at her desk, Aile loaded up her web browser, and started searching for answers. She checked everything relating to diapers, accidents, and pre-teens, all for the next two hours, and what she found stunned her.

There were communities of people who were into this kind of stuff, and more! Fictional stories of kids wearing diapers and behaving like babies, kids being forced to dress and act like babies, various chat rooms and support logs for bed wetters and people called “Teen Babies,” “Adult Babies,” “Infantilist,” “BabyFurs,” and “Diaper Lovers.” Aile was completely blown away.

It was different, maybe even abnormal in some aspects, but there were other people out there who felt like she did in regards to wearing and using diapers. Aile felt more at ease with herself at that notion. She may be different and possibly a little weird, but she now had a little better sense of herself now.

It was still weird to her how just putting on one diaper would affect her so drastically. Could it have something to do with the fact that she was changed into the diaper instead of putting it on herself? Some of the logs had mentioned diaper changes as a bonding experience, and Aile hadn’t really bonded with anyone even remotely like that except her older co-worker Trisha after an accident.

Well, it didn’t matter. What mattered was how much of this stuff she was really into. Aile had found many of the baby stories interesting, yet at the same time found some aspects not so appealing; breast feedings and being fed baby food were the first two to come to mind. She wanted to know more, wanted to discover and experience what she liked and learn what she didn’t.

Scanning the web, Aile managed to find a store about two hours away on the other side of town that catered to infantilist. Printing the address, Aile made her way over to her closet to find some clothes to wear; an employee not on the clock wasn’t supposed to wear their uniform, and Aile didn’t want to be seen in it while heading to the store. Looking in her closet, Aile frowned; all she had that was clean was a few one piece dresses.

Aile let out a sigh before warping a blue and white checkerboard pattern dress to sub space, more out of the habit she’d developed of always having a spare uniform on the field, and pulled a faint yellow sundress out and laid it on her bed. Going to her dresser, she opened her underwear drawer and pulled out a fresh pair of panties; as much as she’d like to go in the diaper she was currently wearing, it had gone through two wettings and she didn’t want to get a rash. Putting the panties and a pair of socks on the bed, Aile headed to the bathroom for a quick shower before she left.


She should have worn the diaper. After showering and dressing herself, Aile had made the two hour trip across town to the store, and while waiting for a car to pull out of a parking spot, had gotten relaxed by her bike’s vibrations and had wet herself. The bottom and front of her dress were wet, her panties were soaked, and her bike was just dripping wet.

Aile had managed to park in the parking spot before she broke down. What was she going to do? She couldn’t drive her bike anywhere like it was, and she’d never been had to deal with an accident alone and away from home. She did have a spare dress, but not underwear which she was cursing herself for forgetting. Maybe it would just be best if she took a bus route home or something…

“Excuse me, Miss?”

Aile started, and looked up. Looking through her bike helmet’s visor, she could see a man standing next to her bike. Brown hair, green eyes, he wore a red shirt with grey pants, and had an ID tag that, upon closer inspection, indicated he worked for the store she was going to. He looked to be in his early twenties.

“Miss, would you like some assistance?” The man asked gently.

Aile blushed behind her helmet; it was embarrassing enough to have an accident in public, it was even more embarrassing to be the center of attention because of it. Still, Aile really wasn’t sure about what to do at this point, so she nodded her head yes.

The man carefully made his way behind Aile, and before she knew what he was doing, he had grabbed her from under her arm pits and gently lifted her up off the bike. Still blushing, Aile was set down on her feet before her helmet was removed.

“What’s your name sweetie?” The man asked.

“Aile.” Was the girl’s whispered response.

“Well Aile, my name is Darrel.” The man said, introducing himself as he placed the girl’s helmet onto the bike’s handle bars. “Do you have a change of clothes Aile?” Nodding her head, Aile summoned her spare dress from sub space to her hands.

“This is all I have.” Aile admitted. This was embarrassing to her, but Darrel seemed like he honestly wanted to help, and she needed all the help she could get right now.

“That’s okay.” Darrel said as he took the dress from Aile. “We have plenty of clothes and other things inside for little girls like you Aile. Why don’t you send your bike to subspace and we can head inside and get you into some dry clothes?”

Aile nodded her head in agreement; she’d rather it be stored away then to keep it out and display her shameful public accident. Placing a hand on the handle bar, Aile sent the bike to subspace, receiving a ping in response. That ping meant Aile had used up all the available energy to transport things too and from her subspace accounts; it would take an hour or so to recharge and regain the ability.

Darrel took Aile’s hand and lead the girl to the store’s back entrance. Using his ID card, he opened a secure door and after entering with Aile, proceeded to clock in. Ushering Aile forward, they walked down two hallways, passing a number of doors with various colored stripes on them, before entering a small room. Inside was a large changing table, a full body sized mirror, a trash bin, a sink with both bar and liquid soap, and a container of paper towels.

Closing the door behind them, Darrel pulled a small grey device from his pocket and instructed Aile to turn around. She hesitated for a moment before complying, and felt the device press against her back through her dress. There was a brief hum and a flash before her dress was gone, leaving her in just her wet panties, stained socks, and shoes. Aile’s arms immediately moved to cover her chest.

“Would you like help cleaning up and some replacement clothes?” Darrel asked kindly.

Aile bit her lip; Darrel had been kind to her, but she really would feel more comfortable with a woman’s help rather then a man’s. That said, she didn’t know if he’d take offense to that or not and didn’t really want to find out given her current position. On top of that, Aile remembered several stories about kids being changed and dressed by a grown up despite being old enough to do so themselves…

“I-If it’s no trouble.” Aile finally answered.

“It’s no trouble at all sweetie.” Darrel stated. “It’ll just be easier if we get you up on the table first though.”

Aile nodded her head in understanding before letting out another surprised ‘eep,’ as she was once again lifted off the ground from under her armpits. Darrel carried Aile the short distance to the changing table, and sat her down on it, facing him. With the grey device in hand, he proceeded to send Aile’s panties, socks, and shoes into subspace, and then handed the device to Aile.

“This is an old model portable subspace transfer device.” Darrel explained as he pulled out a case of wet wipes from the table. “You can unseal your clothes at one of the check out stations, where you’ll be provided a bag to carry them with. Lay back please.”

Aile nodded her head in acknowledgement and did as instructed. As Darrel began to clean her body with the wet wipes, she kept her focus on his face. His eyes never wandered from the area he was cleaning, and there was always an intense look of focus in his eyes; he was doing his job and only his job.

Darrel proceeded to clean Aile’s bottom, front, lower abdomen, and upper legs with the wipes; every place her wet dress and panties had touched. Once he was done, he went back into the table’s drawer, and pulled out a bottle of baby powder and a diaper. Aile blushed again as the gravity of the situation hit her; she was going to be thoroughly diapered without being asked permission. She did come here for diapers and what not, but at the same time it was rather embarrassing and somewhat uncomfortable.

Once Darrel was done powdering Aile’s behind, he opened the diaper and slid it under her. Setting the girl back down onto the table, Darrel pulled the front of the diaper up between Aile’s legs and opened the side flaps. Pulling it tightly over her front, he ripped open the colored tapes and pulled them each tightly over the front of the diaper.

With that done, he helped Aile sit up and instructed her to raise her arms up. Blushing, Aile did so and Darrel pulled Aile’s blue dress down over her head and tugged it down the rest of the way. Reaching one last time into the table, he pulled out a pair of blue socks and black mary-jane style shoes, and helped dress her in those. Helping her off the table, Darrel took two wet wipes and proceeded to clean Aile’s face, her eyes a bit red and puffy from her mild breakdown in the parking lot.

“Feeling better?” Darrel asked when he was done.

“Y-Yeah.” Aile responded with a blush. “Do all your rooms have supplies like these?” She found it a bit hard to believe they would have changing supplies and clothes of all sizes in all the rooms she’d passed on the way in.

“Yes we do.” Darrel answered, to her surprise. “Each room has three different sizes of clothes, shoes, and diapers in them, and each room is divided by age range identified by colored stripes on the doors.”

This surprised Aile, she had only seen six different colors on the doors, but on the other hand she had yet to see everyplace in the store, so who knew how many rooms like this one the store had. Nodding her head in acceptance, Aile said, “Thank you for helping me…I don’t know many people who would have helped me like that.”

“You’re very welcome sweetie.” Darrel said with a smile. “Our store tries to provide the best services for our customers. If you’d like to keep the socks and shoes, just tell the cashier on your way out and you won’t even have to take them off. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Aile blushed as she answered. “Well, I’m kinda…here to, um…explore uh…baby…stuff…”

Darrel nodded his head. “Are you looking for clothes, toys, furniture, or accessories?”

Aile could see Darrel was being professional about his questioning and not judgmental, to which she was grateful for. “What do you mean by accessories?”

“Baby need items.” Darrel answered. “Baby bottles, pacifiers, little spoons and plates, boogie pickers, things like that.”

Aile nodded her head at the answer. “I do want to try bottles and pacifiers, but I also, uh, well I kinda need…” She finished by lifting her dress to show her diaper.

“I understand.” Darrel stated. “You’re here to ‘test the waters’ as it were.” Aile nodded her head. “Well I believe we have just the thing for you. Follow me please.”

Aile took Darrel’s offered hand, and waddled along just behind him as he led the way down the halls. As they went, Aile noticed how much better her current diaper fit compared to the last one she wore; the last one had been a somewhat tight, though not uncomfortably so, but this one was comfortably snug, if maybe a size or two bigger.

Pushing open a door, Darrel led Aile out onto the main floor. The area they were in was full of furniture; changing tables, cribs, playpens, and high chairs of various sizes and colors. Beyond that area the store looked similar to a grocery store; it had various isles, each one varying between changing supplies, diapers, formula and baby food, accessories, and a large variety of baby clothes.

Making their way across the floor, Darrel led Aile to an isle close to the front door. Just inside it was an open box wrapped with semi-clear plastic, which Darrel picked up. “This is one of out starter packages. It contains two packages of diapers, which you’ll need to tell the check out lady which size and brand, four small bottles of baby powder, three cases of wet wipes, two different colored plastic panties, four baby bottles in pre-teen size, and four pre-teen pacifiers.”

It was just what she needed, but… “I don’t know my size or any brand names.” She admitted.

“What was the last brand you wore?” Darrel asked.

Aile flushed under his assumption that she’d worn before, as if there was an actual need…okay, maybe there was sometimes…

“I remember they were white, single colored tapes, and had a picture strip of a goldenrod and white checkered pattern with little hearts in them.” Aile answered at a moment.

“We carry that brand here. It’s called Little Cuddles super absorbent brand; you’re a large class size two.” Darrel answered.

“I see…Thank you very much for all your help.” Aile said.

“You’re welcome sweetie. Have a nice day.”

“You too.”

Aile took the box to the nearest check out station, thankful the store was mostly empty of customers at the moment. Talking to the lady there, two twenty-four packs appeared in the box via subspace transport, and Aile proceeded to pay for the box and her new socks and shoes.

Getting a bag for her box, Aile also had the lady help her transport her wet clothes into a dark colored waterproof bag. Thanking her, the woman pointed out a restroom near the entrance if she needed to change before leaving. Aile thanked her again, and after considering it for a moment, she headed straight for the ladies room.

Entering the ladies room, Aile went into a stall and locked the door behind her. Placing the bag containing her purchase on top of the toilet, tore some of the plastic wrap open, and pulled out a pair of blue plastic panties. Despite having had an accident a short time ago, Aile didn’t want to risk another one happening, and flooding her diaper; she didn’t think she had enough to cause her diaper to leak, but this was all new to her and she didn’t want to take any chances.

Hiking up her dress and stepping into the leg holes, Aile pulled the plastic panties up her legs till they were secure over her diaper. Letting her dress drop, Aile closed up the bag, and after a moment’s thought dropped the bag containing her wet clothes into the bigger bag containing her purchase. Exiting the stall, she made her way over to the sink, noting the extra crinkle sounds she made with each step, and proceeded to wash her hands.


Aile tried to think of anything she could have done to tick off some higher power; luck just didn’t seem to be on her side today. Taking a brief walk down the road from the store, Aile was able to catch a bus that would taker her within walking distance to her home. The bus had been packed to the point that she had to stand in the back, using one of the overhead straps.

She had been very self conscious when she had first grabbed it, nervous that the added bulk of her diaper and plastic panties would be visible as she reached up, and subsequently raised the hem of her dress, for one of the longer child straps. For ten minutes Aile had stood as the bus moved, nervously eyeing the people around her as discretely as she could, less she draw more attention to herself.

That was when they reached traffic. The bus driver took the time to inform everyone that there was a pile-up several miles up the road, and that side roads were backed up with other drivers trying to get around it. The bus driver informed the passengers that he would be stopping at the next bus stop, which he predicted would be in fifteen minutes, and that anyone who would rather walk to their destination should do so.

Turned out to be closer to thirty minutes before reaching the bus stop. Almost everyone on the bus vacated it, leaving only the driver, Aile, and an elderly couple near the front door. By now Aile’s subspace system had rebooted, so she could summon her bike if she so chose, but from past experience she knew the remains of her accident would still be on it.

But it was moot point anyways, given the traffic on the street. There was also quite a bit of foot traffic on the sidewalks, which meant an increased risk of something happening to expose Aile’s new choice of underwear, or so she believed. Deciding to err on the side of caution, she remained on the bus, sitting in the back seat.

Another thirty minutes passed, and Aile was beginning to regret her decision. In the half hour that had passed, the bus had barely moved several blocks. Aile was also discovering a downside to wearing plastic panties over her diaper; they seemed to help trap heat in her diaper. She was able to note the difference between her few hour bike ride home from the previous day to her bus ride now, but didn’t dare pull them off less she attract attention from the others up front.

It was as she was opening the back windows that Aile realized something else; she would soon need to go potty, and it wasn’t for a wetting. This unnerved Aile; a part of her had always recognized that experimenting with diapers would eventually lead to messing one, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to try.

Further more, the last messy accident she had had was when she was 8. It had been a delivery with one of the other transporters, Trisha, and the pair had been traveling with a truck full of packaged goods. Aile had begged her for a pit stop after a delivery, but Trisha had said she could hold it till the next stop thirty minutes away.

Not ten minutes later Aile had messed herself on the passenger side seat, to Trisha’s disgust and horror. To the woman’s credit, she had immediately pulled over, helped Aile clean up as best she could, and lent her what clothes she could fit in till they reached the next rest stop, all the while apologizing profusely. It was after that trip that Giro installed the policy of transporters have a spare uniform with them in subspace when on duty.

Aile had hopped that should the time ever come that she experimented with messing a diaper, it would be when she was home and could change out of it quickly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option, and looking out the window, she saw leaving the bus wasn’t an option at the moment either; they were currently dead center over a bridge. Aile decided to hold out as long as she could before messing her diaper, despite her curiosity.

Her resolve managed to last till just before the bus got off the bridge. It was now getting to be painful to hold it back. Unable to take it any longer, Aile slid off her bus seat, squatted down behind the seat in front of her, and cut loose. Aile let out a soft groan as she filled her diaper, feeling the goo-like substance press against her skin and padding.

When she was done, Aile went onto her knees and rested her head against the back of the seat in front of her, her face pink as a bit of sweat trickled down her face. Between the heat her plastic panties where helping trap in her diaper, the heat her diaper normally trapped, the effort she had expended messing herself, and the warm mass now trapped in her diaper, Aile’s body temperature was rising.

After a minute, Aile carefully pulled herself up and sat herself down on the bus seat, wincing as she felt the mass in her diaper spread. Aile rested her head by the window, letting the breeze help cool her down. After several minutes, Aile was feeling better and a bit cooler, though she stayed where she was.

Now that she was better, Aile could examine the sensation of having a messy diaper. The mass was warm and goo-like, probably due to the lack of solid food she’d eaten that day. Aile had two situations she could compare what she was currently physically feeling too; the first had been an angry farmer that had knocked her and her partner into a pig pen because he had ordered the wrong kind of mulch, and the second had been when she’d gotten a mud bath at a spa she and several transporters had visited.

While the sensation was closer to the mud bath, the smell was closer to the pig pen. Aile moved her face closer to the window, and it seemed to help, but she knew the odor would linger until she changed and showered. Aile considered this; if she ended up messing her diaper on a transport mission, there was a chance someone, specifically her client, would smell it.

Sighing, Aile sat back in her seat. It would still be some time before she reached the next bus stop she could get off of, though that would mean spending more time walking around in public in her messy diaper as opposed too staying on till the following stop, which would leave her only a few minutes away from her home. Minutes passed as she considered her options, before ultimately deciding to stay on the bus till she was closer to home.

Sunlight reflected off the plastic of her bag, hitting Aile’s eye. Wincing, Aile tried adjusting her bag, moving it out of the sunlight. As she did, she noticed one of the pacifiers in the package, had shifted away from the rest, moving near the tear she had used to grab her plastic panties from. It only took Aile a few seconds to pull it from the bag and remove it from its packaging.

Aile examined the pacifier in her hand. The rubber nipple was orange, like all the others she had ever seen, while the plastic mouth brace was sky blue. On the front of the pacifier was a plastic ring. All aspects of the pacifier was several times bigger then a pacifier a baby would use.

Slowly, Aile opened her mouth and slid the nipple into it until the mouth brace was pressed firmly against her lips. The nipple took up a lot of room in her mouth, no matter where she moved her tongue she could taste rubber. Using her teeth to keep the pacifier in her mouth, she let her hand drop and began suckling.

Once she stopped focusing on what it was like to have a pacifier in her mouth, Aile felt an incredible calm wash over her. She no longer cared that she was in a messy diaper, that it smelled, or that she was getting hot from the heat being trapped in her diaper. Everything seemed right in the world. If she could feel like this, even with a stinky diaper on, she was certain she could stand being diapered while doing missions, maybe even full time.

Aile’s eyes slowly slid closed; it had been a long day and an emotional rollercoaster for the ten year old girl. She’d just rest her eyes for a few minutes…


Water sprayed out of the hose, colliding with the bike. Aile proceeded to make certain every surface of the bike was sprayed before she’d start using the cleaning products. As she did, she reflected upon the past hour.

Aile had fallen asleep on the bus, suckling on her pacifier even in her sleep. The bus had reached it’s final stop, and the driver had to come back and wake her. Aile had been so embarrassed when she realized she still had her pacifier in her mouth, but to her relief, the driver didn’t comment on it and merely informed her it was time to disembark.

Slipping the pacifier into her bag, Aile collected her things and made her way off the bus. It was a short walk back to her home, and to her relief, Giro had yet to get back. Making her way upstairs, Aile took just enough time to hide her supplies in her room before she went for a shower.

Once done with her shower, Aile had changed into her uniform and proceeded to make certain her supplies were well hidden in her room. Calling both used diapers from subspace, she put them in the empty bag that had housed her wet clothes, and proceeded to throw them in the dumpster out back.

Now just outside the garage, Aile was taking the time to clean her bike. It was when she was reaching for the cleaning supplies, she heard a voice call out to her. Turning around, she saw a woman with long black hair, blue eyes, and was dressed in the blue Giro Express uniform like Aile was. Aile straightened up and smiled.

“Hey Trisha, what are you doing here?” Aile greeted.

“Giro asked me to check in on you since he was stuck in traffic.” Trisha answered. She took note of Aile’s bike. “Did you have another accident?”

Aile blushed. “Y-Yeah, I was stopped on my bike and…”

“I understand Aile.” Trisha assured. “Maybe you should get checked out by a doctor? If this is something serious, then there should be medicine to help.”

“I’ll ask Giro to help me set one up.” Aile promised. “This is the first one I’ve had in months, thought I was over it.”

“It’ll be alright Aile, I’m sure you’ll get over it with time.” Trisha said.

“Thanks Trisha.” Aile said with a smile; it was nice to have a friend so understanding.

Ever since their first trip, the one Aile had had her messy accident, Trisha had been there for Aile when Giro couldn’t be. Though she’d only been on the job for two years, Trisha taught Aile everything she knew about on-the-job transporting do’s and don’ts. She was Aile’s favorite transporter, and first choice, to travel with when a two person job came up.

Trisha and Aile were friends outside of business as well. Aile had been invited to several spa trips to relax, was introduced to other more experienced transporters and gained some tips and tricks from them as well, and occasionally had a movie night with Trisha if not several other transporters.

To Aile, Trisha was a great role model. She wasn’t perfect in any sense of the word, but she did her best in everything she did and tried to help others when she could. It was with Trisha’s help that they had identified it was the vibrations on her bike that had lulled Aile enough to have her wetting accidents. The pair had managed to refit Aile’s seat with material that didn’t vibrate as much, and Aile’s accident count had dropped drastically.

The pair chatted for a bit, planning their next movie night and what to watch, before Trisha left and Aile went back to cleaning her bike. It was as she was finishing up that she heard the familiar engine of her boss’ bike. Dropping the sponge into the bucked, she made her way into the garage to greet him.

“How’d it go boss?” Aile asked as he dismounted his bike.

“Fine.” Giro stated as he pulled off his helmet. “No troubles with the new contract at all.”

“That’s great.”

“I see you’re washing your bike. Did you have another accident?” Aile blushed and bowed her head, causing Giro to sigh. “I thought you grew out of that Aile.”

“I’m sorry Giro.” Aile said, still looking down. “I try my best not to, but sometimes I just can’t stop it.”

“Come here.” Aile did as asked and Giro pulled her into a hug. Aile hesitated for a moment before returning the hug. “It’ll be alright Aile, I’m not upset at you, just that they keep happening. You’re a big girl now, these shouldn’t be happening anymore.”

“Trisha said I should be checked out by a doctor, make certain it’s not a medical problem.” Aile said.

“Sounds like a good idea.” Giro said, breaking the hug. “Hopefully we can get to the bottom on this soon. You almost done cleaning your bike?”

“Just finished.” Aile answered. “Need to put the supplies away and then we can have dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Giro said cheerfully. “I’ll call and inquire about an appointment for you and then get started on dinner.”

“Alright, I’ll be in in a few.” Aile said.

Giro nodded his head and headed inside. Aile stood where she was for a minute. A part of her hoped that the doctor found something, that way she could get over her wetting problem. But at the same time, she had just learned that she liked wetting herself while wearing a diaper…

Aile shook her head; she wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of her situation now, not until she got checked out by a doctor, and maybe not even then. For now, she’d put it out of her mind and continue as she was. Heading towards her bike to put her supplies away, were one to listen closely they’d hear a crinkle accompany each step.


That’s all for chapter 2. Second half was tricky for me to pull off, but I think I did okay. Let me know what you think, and catch ya next time ^^

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Re: Megaman ZX: Aile’s Discovery Chapter 2

Her journey into the world of diapers and accessories has had a fast, if practical, start. One could almost say too fast. I’m not “one” so I won’t say that.
I like the idea of the store. It wouldn’t be possible today (not a physical store anyways), but that far in the future I don’t have any problems believing that it could exist due to the inevitable public proliferation of other “fetishes” that would undoubtedly come about. It works well in this story.

I enjoyed this chapter immensely and can’t wait for the next one!!!