Megaman ZX: Aile's Discovery Ch. 3

Megaman ZX: Aile’s Discovery

Thanks for the reviews everyone. I know some people may think Aile is getting into diapers and infantilism a bit fast, and that will be both touched on and explained this chapter. That said, on with the show ^^


Chapter 3

Several days had passed since the beginning of Aile’s week long vacation. After the first day, Giro had managed to get an early morning doctor’s appointment for Aile. Getting dressed, Aile had reluctantly chosen to wear panties to the examination, her reluctance surprising herself.

The doctor had Aile strip down to her underwear, gave her a basic physical, made her pee in a cup, and asked a number of questions. Once everything was said and done, the doctor could find nothing physically wrong with Aile, too the pair’s frustration. The doctor then suggested something that surprised the pair.

The doctor had suggested that Aile wear protection. She had pulled out several absorbent pads, but Aile was too small for them to be worn properly, at which point the doctor brought up the topic of diapers. Aile had been about to say she was okay with wearing diapers when Giro shot it down. Giro stated that he didn’t believe it was healthy for a girl Aile’s age to be wearing diapers, and unless there was a medical need for them, would prefer to exhaust all other options first.

With that notion, the doctor prescribed some medication to Aile. The meds were designed for people with control issues, and would help alert Aile to when she needed to go. Due to the fact the medicine was normally for people with significant control issues, the doctor proscribed the lowest dose possible.

After picking up the prescription, Aile took the first dose of the medicine. After a few hours, she did indeed feel when she needed to go, as her lower abdomen ached almost painfully. To her annoyance, she hadn’t had much to go with. Still, Aile would drop everything to go to the bathroom whenever she felt the warnings now.

As the day went on, the aches grew into full blown pain. Aile complained to Giro about it, and though he was concerned, he asked her to at least keep taking the meds until tomorrow. Giro wanted to see if the pain would fade, and asked Aile to trust him, which reluctantly she did.

Aile would regret it. That night she would wake up with immense pains in her lower abdomen, so much so she could barely move or make a sound. Unable to get out of bed, Aile laid helpless as she soiled herself. Despite the pain, Aile learned there was a difference between having an accident with a diaper on and without one.

With a diaper on, the contents would be contained between her legs, keeping the rest of her body clean and dry. But as she laid on the bed, the mattress, sheets, and blanket soaked up her urine, causing most of her body from her lower stomach down to get wet. The mess stuck in her panties was uncomfortable as well.

Between all those factors, Aile was unable to get back to sleep, and thus laid awake for six hours before Giro checked in on her. Needless to say, the man was horrified when he saw the state she was in. Aile’s last memory from then was being lifted off the bed by Giro.

The tired girl’s next coherent thought was the morning of the next day. Waking in the guest room, Aile had pulled the covers off only to make a discovery; she was diapered and in serious danger of leaking. She also noted the diaper was barely big enough to fit around her hips, when the door to the guest room opened, and Trisha entered.

After checking to see how Aile’s stomach pains were and finding them gone, she led the girl to the bathroom and ran a bath for her. As she helped clean Aile, to the younger girl’s mixed embarrassment and pleasure, Trisha explained what had happened to Aile.

Stomach pains and the like were one side effect of the medication Giro had forced Aile to take, and so her accident was the medication’s fault. Once Giro had gotten Aile to the bathroom’s bath tub, he had promptly called Trisha for help. Having been a few blocks away, sleeping over after babysitting her younger cousin, Trisha had quickly packed up and was there in minutes.

After getting Aile cleaned up, the tired girl had been had been incoherent and just completely out of it. Seeing how tired the girl was, Trisha took Aile to one of the two guest rooms, got her a simple night shirt, and proceeded to diaper the girl. The diaper she used belonged to her little cousin, who was a year younger then Aile, and thus two sizes smaller. Having rushed to reach Aile, she had accidentally packed some in her bag.

Once she got Aile to sleep, Trisha interrogated Giro about what had happened, and then proceeded to thoroughly chew him out over what had happened. The doctor hadn’t found anything physically wrong with Aile, her accidents were decreasing by months, and he forced medication on her that wound up causing so much pain Aile had to lie in bed for who knew how long in her own filth!

Giro gave Trisha the day off of transporter duties to take care of Aile, with pay, while he called the doctor’s office to see how long any side effects lasted. The doctor’s office said that the effects would wear off over a few days at most. So, Giro arranged for Trisha to have the following day off as well, also with pay, to take care of Aile if need be, and that they would go from there. Trisha had accepted.

Aile had in fact woken up later that day, in need of a diaper change and still out of it mentally. To be safe, Trisha had changed Aile into a clean diaper, and helped her into the living room. From there, Trisha helped feed Aile a light meal, so as not to aggravate her stomach too badly, but make certain the girl got some nourishment.

For the rest of the day Trisha had taken care of Aile, changing her when needed, and feeding her small snacks every hour or so. Aile had no recollection of anything that happened that day, but had trusted Trisha’s explanation. After thanking Trisha, Aile was helped out of the tub and dried off.

Trisha then asked Aile if she’d be okay with wearing protection for the day, having had virtually no control the previous day. Aile agreed, but Trisha was out of diapers, and was going to run out to pick up more when Aile made a decision. Trusting Trisha, Aile revealed her stash of diapers to her, and explained how she was planning on wearing them on transport missions.

To her surprise, Trisha had been very supportive of Aile, even said she was proud of the girl for making such a responsible decision. She then proceeded to change Aile into a clean diaper and shirt, and together the pair made their way downstairs to get a bite to eat. While having a light breakfast, Aile also admitted how she had gone behind Giro’s back to get her diapers, and how Giro was pretty much adamant about her not wearing them.

Trisha was still supportive of Aile’s decision, and told her to remind Giro of this incident should he raise a fuss if she was ever caught. Aile agreed, and after putting away the dishes, the pair made their way to the living room to watch some tv and enjoy the day off. It was during a surprise diaper check that the pair realized Aile was still having some potty problems; she had soaked her diaper.

Aile was informed that the doctor’s office had said the side effects could last a few days, and not to panic about not having realized she needed to go or having had an accident. Trisha had then changed Aile into a fresh diaper, and the pair continued on with the day. Around the time Giro was expected to get home, Aile phased on her regular uniform, not wanting Giro to see her diapered state.

Trisha ruined that plan when she informed Giro that Aile was still having daytime accidents, though not as many as the previous day, and was wearing protection. Giro offered to see if there was some basic over-the-counter meds that could help Aile, when something unexpected happened; Aile freaked out. Memories of those hours lying in bed with her mess came rushing back to her, and instead of just disgusting her, it downright terrified her. And it all came back to the fact the whole thing had happened because she had taken the medication Giro had insisted upon her taking.

Trisha helped calm Aile down before sending her back to her room for a diaper change. She then proceeded to round on Giro and give him another chewing out. By the time she was done, she had managed to get him to agree to not make a fuss about Aile wearing diapers for protection for the next few days.


After Aile had changed herself, she began trying to reason out what had happened to her downstairs, but couldn’t. Yes the idea of taking anymore medication after what had happened didn’t appeal to her, but flipping out like that had been totally out of character for her. Between that incident, and the mixed feelings she’d had the past few days involving her diapers and their usage, Aile knew something was wrong.

It was then she remembered the client that had started this whole thing. Sky had asked Aile to let her diaper her to see if they would fit her niece, who was roughly her size. That had sparked the idea of wearing diapers on her transport missions. But then another memory crossed her mind; as she’d been driving off, Aile had seen Sky looking out the window at her, and she’d been smiling. The smile hadn’t been an ordinary one though, it was a knowing smile.

Aile frowned; Sky seemed to think she knew something Aile didn’t, possibly something about herself. Going over to her computer, Aile tapped into her Giro Express account, and pulled up Sky’s file. Looking over the file, she saw the supplies Sky had ordered in more detail; most of the supplies were oversized baby furniture and clothes. While it didn’t answer Aile’s question, it confirmed Sky had some knowledge on infantilism. She moved her search to the web.

There was no criminal records, she had inherited enough money from an uncle who passed to retire from her job, and was now going to be taking care of her niece and had plenty of money from her late sister’s account to do so and still live comfortably. There was nothing malicious about Sky except for the knowing smile she had glimpsed from the woman driving off. It was then she remembered the invitation to come over and play with her niece.

Aile considered this; it would be the perfect excuse to see Sky again and inquire about the look. Sky also seemed to have some idea about infantilism and the needs for people who wore diapers, recalling the items she had bought. Plus, the girl she was to play with seemed to be facing many of the elements Aile herself had right after her mother’s passing.

Debating it for a minute, Aile pulled up her email and sent a message to Sky, asking her if the offer to visit was still open for the next few days; she left the few days bit as an opening in case they weren’t available for some reason. It was then that Trisha poked her head in.

“Dinner is ready.” Trisha said. “Feel like you can keep some of it down?”

“I should be able too.” Aile replied. “Will…will Giro be joining us?”

“It’s his house.” Trisha replied. “But he’s not going to make a fuss about your diapers tonight if he knows what’s good for him. Same with tomorrow if you need em still.”

Aile sighed in relief. “Thanks Trisha, you’re a life saver.”

“No problem girl.” Trisha said. “You ever need me, just give me a call and I’ll be there for ya ASAP.”

Aile smiled. “I’ll be down in a minute, just need to get dressed.” Trisha nodded and left the room. Aile pulled her shorts on, checked for any responses from Sky, and finding none went downstairs for dinner.


After an uncomfortably silent dinner, Aile returned to her room to find a response from Sky. The next day wouldn’t be good, but the day after would be fine. Sky just wanted to know what time to expect her, to which Aile messaged back that she’d be leaving early in the morning, since it was a several hour trip. Sky responded minutes later, saying that it was fine, and she was looking forward to Aile’s visit.

Feeling tired, Aile went back downstairs to wish everyone goodnight. Returning to her room, she phased off her uniform, swapped out her shirt for a night shirt, and went under her bed for the rest of her supplies. Aile knew she shouldn’t be indulging herself like this, knowing this might be what was causing the weird feelings and behavior she’d been going through recently, but she reasoned that because she was going to get answers soon, there would be no harm in it.

Plucking the pacifier from her stash into her mouth, Aile hid her stash away, and slipped into bed. Despite not being dead on her feet tired, the soothing feeling of suckling her pacifier lulled her to sleep in minutes.


It was day six on her vacation, and Aile was remounting her motorcycle. She was wearing casual clothes for the day; a white t-shirt, a blue dress, white socks, her mary-jane style shoes, a diaper, and a blue jacket. Normally she would wear shorts as opposed to dresses, but Aile figured she’d be more approachable if she arrived in a dress. That didn’t stop her from packing a back-up outfit with shorts though.

Aile had stopped at a rest stop for a quick snack and a diaper change, not wanting to ask where the bathroom was when she first arrived at Sky’s. Pulling her helmet on, Aile started her bike and drove onto the highway. As she drove on, she thought about the previous day, and what she hoped to accomplish today.

Aile had spent day five of her vacation at home. She surfed the net, watched some television, even played one of the few handheld games she owned but rarely touched. Aile had also spent the entire day in diapers, and it had been a good choice; she barely felt any warnings anymore.

She knew she should be concerned about this; was it caused by the medicine Giro had made her take? Was something physically wrong with her? Despite how serious the situation was, Aile had reasoned that she was wearing diapers, and that it was managing the situation enough that it wouldn’t be a problem.

It was thoughts like that that scared Aile. She would have normally insisted Giro take her to the doctor and get checked out for any medical issues, and yet here she was reasoning with herself that she didn’t need to because she liked wearing diapers and it gave her an excuse. Aile knew something wasn’t right, so she resolved to herself that if she didn’t get answers from Sky, she would insist Giro take her to a doctor.

As she neared the house, Aile stopped at a stop light and took note of all the water on roads. She assumed it must have rained in the area recently and shrugged off the thought. No sooner had she done that would a car zoom through a puddle next to her, drenching her.

Aile shivered as she waited for the light to change. Her shirt and dress had taken a darker, and she could feel her diaper beginning to swell from all the water it absorbed. After what seemed liked forever, the light finally changed to green, and Aile sped off.

Minutes later, Aile pulled into the driveway of Sky’s house. Although the drive had helped dry her off somewhat, it left her chilled to the bone. Shakily, Aile pulled off her helmet and made her way to the front door. It was only a minute after she knocked that Sky opened the door.

“Good morning A-” Sky paused mid sentence as she took n Aile’s appearance. “Goodness child, what happened to you? Come in, come in; we need to get you out of those wet clothes less you catch a cold.”

Aile could only nod her head as she was ushered inside. She barely managed to note there was more furniture in the living room then there was her first visit before she entered a large bathroom. Inside contained a shower, a large bath tub, a toilet, a sink, and a bin of toiletries and changing supplies.

Sky started up the tub before turning to Aile and started to undress her. First to go was her dress, then her shirt, and after being sat down her socks and shoes followed. Sky didn’t even comment on the fact that Aile was wearing a diaper, she was just focusing on the task at hand.

After the tub was over halfway filled, Sky turned off the water, removed Aile’s diaper, and helped her into the tub. Once Aile had gotten used to the water’s temperature, Sky began washing her hair. Aile closed her eyes and just went along with it.

As Sky began working on cleaning the rest of her body, Aile took note of what the experience was making her feel, not having a story to distract her this time. Truthfully, Aile was enjoying the experience; she hadn’t been able to fully enjoy being cared for like this in years. Having someone else taking care of her like this felt good.

Once she was done cleaning Aile, Sky drained the tub and proceeded to refill it, this time adding bubble mix. This caused Aile to let out a squeal of delight as she began playing with the bubbles. Sky added a few toys to the tub before standing up.

“You have ten minutes of playtime before it’s time to come out Aile.” Sky said as she grabbed Aile’s head set. “I take it you have a change of clothes and supplies in your subspace?”

“Yeah.” Aile answered, squeaking a rubber ducky.

“Well I’ll have those ready for you when it’s time to get out.” Sky said. “Once you’re dressed, we’ll go out to the living room and chat, I’m sure you have some questions you’d like answered.”

“Uh-huh.” Aile said, nodding her head vigorously. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt like being extremely childish and silly.

“Good girl.” Sky said, rubbing Aile’s hair. Aile elicited a squeal at that, and batted away Sky’s hand.

While Aile enjoyed her playtime, Sky proceeded to throw the girl’s diaper away and put Aile’s clothes in the wash. Starting the wash, Sky made her way to the front door with Aile’s shoes, and put them on a specially designed shoe rack, which would take care of drying, cleaning, and shining the shoes. Finally, Sky made her way into the kitchen and started working on a light snack for Aile, and preparing breakfast for when her niece finally woke up.

Once the ten minutes were up, Sky returned to the bathroom, only to stop as she didn’t see Aile anywhere. As she made her way over to the tub, a form rose quickly and suddenly from the water and let out a roar. It was Aile, covered in bubbles from the tub, looking like some sort of sea monster.

Sky cried out in surprise, but shared a laugh with Aile. Helping the bubble-clad girl out of the tub, Sky proceeded to towel Aile off. Once she was dry, Sky helped Aile onto a changing pad where she proceeded to apply diaper rash cream and baby powder to her before diapering the transporter. Pulling the girl’s spare blue shirt down over Aile’s head, Sky then proceeded to brush Aile’s hair, and then proceeded to lift Aile up into her arms.

As Sky began carrying Aile into the living room, Aile asked, “What about my shorts?”

“Baby girls don’t hide their diapers in this house.” Sky replied as they reached the living room.

Aile’s cheeks flushed. “I’m not a baby girl.” Aile mumbled.

“I think you are Aile.” Sky replied. “And I’ll explain why in a minute, I just need you to answer a few questions first.”

Aile nodded her head as the pair entered the living room. Sky sat down on the couch and shifted Aile so she was laying face up across her lap. Sky’s right arm was under Aile’s legs, her left hand behind the girl’s head while the couch’s arm supported her back. Aile’s eyes closed as Sky ran her fingers through her hair gently; it was a very soothing motion.

“My first question.” Sky started. “Be honest. Before we met, when was the last time you wore a diaper and why.”

Aile’s cheeks turned pink even as her face fell. “I was seven. I was having bedwetting problems after surviving the maverick attack that took my mother from me.”

“Okay, second question now.” Sky continued. “Have you had any potty problems between your last diaper then, and the time I first diapered you?”

“Yes.” Aile admitted. “I sometimes have accidents on my bike. It would either be because the trips were too long, or I’d get so relaxed on my bike while at a stop light or something. My friend and I figured out the main cause for the last one had to do with the vibrations I felt on the seat.”

“Alright then, third question. When I diapered you last time you were here, you had a chance to take it off when I exited the room, but didn’t. Why didn’t you take it off before I came back?”

Aile was silent for a few seconds as she thought over her answer. “Um, part of it was because I was to busy, uh, examining it.” She admitted. “The other was I wanted to wear it home. I wanted to see if I could stand wearing it for a while to see if maybe it was the answer to my wetting problem on missions.”

Sky nodded her head. “When did you go to buy your own diapers, and did you intentionally buy any baby items?”

“The day after I made your delivery.” Aile answered. “I went to the store, had an accident in the parking lot. The guy there was really nice and helped me clean up and change into a diaper. He then pointed me to a start up pack which had diapers, changing supplies, baby bottles, plastic panties, and pacifiers. I don’t like the plastic panties very much, and I haven’t had the chance to try drinking from a bottle, but I really like my paci.”

“Have you had any unintentional accidents in your diapers?” Sky asked.

“That day I did mess my diaper.” Aile admitted with a blush. “But that was because I knew I couldn’t hold it in long enough to reach a potty.” She blinked; potty? She shook her head. “Giro made me take some medicine that was supposed to help my wetting problem, but it ended up hurting my stomach. I’ve been having accidents without realizing it until someone checks my diaper since. It’s been happening for a few days now.”

“Aile, do you have any lapses in memory since we last met?” Sky asked, her tone changing.

Aile blinked in surprise. “I have, I lost an entire day. The medicine Giro gave me hurt so much at one point that I couldn’t get out of bed and had an accident there. I was stuck laying in it for a couple hours, and once he lifted me out of bed I blacked out. Next thing I know, I’m waking up in the guest room and a day has gone by.”

Sky sighed at this, causing Aile to look at her. “Do you know why I blacked out?” Aile asked.

“I think so.” Sky stated. “Final two questions. Have you been making excuses to yourself for wearing diapers and doing baby things, and what model IPD do you have installed?”

Aile stilled at the last question. IPD was short for Information Processing Device, and it was something that was installed into human brains at a young age. Its design was to enhance the person’s ability and speed to process information, or even just think in general. Installation was a one time thing, if one malfunctioned and needed to be removed, a new one couldn’t be put in its place for safety reasons.

If Sky was asking about her IPD chip, then this situation was serious. Very serious. “Yes, I’ve been making excuses for myself, and I have an XGZ model.”

Sky nodded her head at that. “I believe I know why your behavior has changed so drastically so quickly Aile. I’m almost positive you’ve developed a condition called IIRPD.”

“IIRPD?” Aile repeated.

“Implant Induced Regressional Personality Disorder.” Sky explained. “As you know, an IPD is implanted to help raise a human’s thought processing level to that of at least a civilian class reploids’. It’s also meant to help the human mind in regards to situations involving high levels of stress.”


“Not ordinary stress, but generally levels that come from life threatening or life changing events or experiences.” Sky stated. “Such as losing a parent at a young age, or being a young girl doing a grown-up’s job, even more so in this case with your accidents and trying to please this Giro you mentioned.”

“My boss and guardian.” Aile clarified. “And yeah, it can be at times, but I really enjoy my work. But what does this have to do with this IIRPD you mentioned?”

“It has to do with your XGZ chip. You see, they stopped producing that model after they learned of a mild defect in it, but by then hundreds of thousands had already been installed.” Sky said. “In response to high levels and/or constant stress, the XGZ chip has a defense mechanism. It searches the memory of the person it’s installed in, and finding the happiest times in their life, tries to subtly make the person emulate their mindset of that time of their life in an effort to help reduce the stress.”

“Whaa?” Was all Aile could get out; she was confused.

“Let me try putting this another way.” Sky started. “I’m gonna guess the happiest time in your life was when you were a little girl, maybe even before grade school. Can you tell me a bit about that time of your life?”

“Well, my Mama was still alive back then.” Aile start. “I never knew who my Papa was, and Mama never said anything about him…I loved playing games and being outdoors back then. I really liked playing with Mama too, making her laugh and smile.”

“Did you have any problems potty training Aile?” Sky asked.

“Yeah.” Aile admitted. “I didn’t stop having daytime accidents till I was…about five and a half. Mama tried to start my training when I was…three I think, but stopped trying when I was four and hadn’t made any progress, said we’d wait until I was ready. After my fifth birthday I wanted to try again after hearing her say to a neighbor that she hoped I’d be able to start kindergarden in big girl undies. I still had night time problems, but the first day of school I wore panties and was able to keep them clean.”

“Before you went to school, did your mother ever do anything like baby time with you?” Sky asked.

“Sometimes she’d baby me.” Aile admitted. “I’d only be wearing a shirt and my diaper, she’d cuddle me, or we’d go play in the backyard. She’d push me on the swing there, catch me when I slid down the slide really fast, and played tag. It was probably the…” Aile’s eyes widened at this point. “It was probably the happiest time in my life.”

“Precisely.” Sky stated. “The XGZ chip in you is trying to emulate those feelings in you. It’s rationalizing why wearing diapers is okay for you, and why your sudden childish behavior and interest in baby things is acceptable.”

“Is that why I’m having accidents?” Aile asked.

“I can’t be certain.” Sky answered. “In extreme cases, the chip can tap into other parts of the mind if it’ll help shift the person’s mindset, so incontinency from the chip isn’t unheard of. That said, infantilism isn’t the only recorded effect of the defense mechanism.”

“It’s not?”

Sky took a breath. “Aile, you have to understand that there are some sick minded people in the world. Some of their happiest times are when they were doing something illegal, and thus the defense mechanism makes them do it again so they feel better. It could be anything from school yard bullying to torture and murder.”

Aile paled at Sky’s words. “So…you mean…I could…”

“Do you like hurting people Aile?” Sky asked.

“Never!” Aile snapped.

“Then the chip will never use it as a coping mechanism for you.” Sky stated with a smile. Aile breathed a sigh of relief. “Aile, IIRPD is the most common field to the chip’s coping mechanism. It causes a person to regress to a much younger state of their life at times, usually toddler-hood, until that person, for lack of a better word, feels better. Usually, aspects of that person’s regression remain even after they revert to their mature self; wearing diapers, suckling on pacifiers, playing with something like a ball or a block are the most common listed.”

“What about the time when I blacked out?” Aile asked.

“The chip believed you were close to mental breakdown or some other similar mental trauma. Once your mature mind recognized you’d survive without it for a time, when Giro found you, it forcibly regressed you.” Sky answered. “What you described was the common description listed in all the books and articles on the topic anyways.”

“People have written books about this?” Aile asked.

“Yes, because the chip’s function can cause conditions that affect a person’s psychological state of mind.” Sky stated. “This condition, IIRPD, is both the safest and most common to occur from the chip. As a result of this, several companies specializing in making both equipment and supplies for people with this condition have surfaced.”

“Like the store I went to too buy my diapers.” Aile said, her eyes lighting up in recognition.

“Precisely.” Sky said. “Just like that bike you drive, there was a demand for supplies and equipment to help the people diagnosed with this condition. About forty-eight percent of the people diagnosed with IIRPD are fifteen and younger, and about sixty percent of them started working jobs usually reserved for grown-ups at a young age.”

“So…all this is okay?” Aile asked, looking down at the diaper taped around her waist.

“It is okay, but if you don’t want it, we can change it.” Sky stated.

“Change it?” Aile asked.

“We’ll need a doctor to diagnose you with the condition first.” Sky started. “You’ve had only one episode where you were forcibly regressed. The more you have, the more your mind adjusts to that mindset. Because you’ve only had one case of forced regression, if the XGZ chip were to be removed, you’d essentially be cured.”

“…The more times a person with IIRPD is forcibly regressed…”

“The more the mind will change. Too many times, and even if the chip is removed, the person will still have infantile tendencies. That said, regardless of when the chip is removed, the person’s ability to think and process information would be reduced.”

Aile laid in Sky’s arms, going over everything she’d just learned. She had wanted answers, and well, she had them now. Still, it was a lot to take in. On one hand, she was glad to know what was happening to her, that she wasn’t alone in this, and that it was an acceptable condition, if only in the medical community.

On the other hand, she was ten years old, wearing and using diapers, behaving like an overgrown toddler. She’d constantly be going around with her waste between her legs and immature behavior would be somewhat expected of her. Was this what she wanted?

On the other hand, again, she had enjoyed most of the time she’d worn diapers and been regressed. Only time she didn’t was when she was recovering from the medication Giro had made her take. If it made her happy, if it didn’t hurt her or others, and taking away the chip would put her at a disadvantage because she couldn’t think or learn fast enough…

A rubber nipple was inserted into Aile’s mouth, the girl instinctively suckling on it only to blink in surprise felt cool liquid drop onto her tongue. Taking a moment, she was able to identify the liquid; it was chocolate milk! Looking up, she saw the nipple was attached to a baby bottle, being held to her mouth by Sky.

“You don’t have to decide anything just yet Aile.” Sky stated. “While you’re here, I’ll let you experience what living a regressed life-style is like. My niece has IIRPD, so she’ll be joining you. You can ask her questions while you two get to know each other, but for now, just enjoy your bottle baby girl.”

Aile thought over Sky’s words for a moment…before deciding it sounded like a good idea. She was in no hurry to make such a big decision, and she had plenty of time to make one. Snuggling into Sky, Aile wrapped her lips around the bottle’s nipple and began lapping up the delicious liquid. Yeah…this wasn’t so bad at all.


Wow, I only accomplished about half of what I wanted to this chapter, but if I tried to fit it in, I’d go over 20 pages this time. I suppose I’ll just have to extend the length of this story from 5-6 chapters to 6-7 chapters, the last being a possible epilogue.

Anyways, next chapter will have a lot of infantile goodness, I almost can’t wait. Hope you’ve all enjoyed this, and if so, please let me know in a review; they help me write more. Till next time!

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Not bad! A few grammatical errors but I didn’t have much trouble getting past them. This has the look of a short story based on your pacing, which is fine since you already told us that it wasn’t going to be a long one.

Question though: is Sky a doctor or just a concerned but studious aunt? I say studious because I don’t have any problems believing that she would have thoroughly researched her niece’s condition before finally accepting care for her. It just seems like a smart idea.

I’m enjoying this story immensely and I can’t wait for more! Great job!!!

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Concerned but studious Aunt, yes. Not sure when the next chapter will come out, as I’m working on my Xion chapter now, but I’m glad you’re enjoying this story ^^

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I am loving this story! Well written with a very interesting premise… and cute in it’s own way! Very good.

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Re: Megaman ZX: Aile’s Discovery Ch. 3

New work hours are killing me. I’m trying, believe me, I’m trying to get the next chapter done.

Re: Megaman ZX: Aile’s Discovery Ch. 3

I hear that. Last week I worked 100 hours! Got payed handsomely for it too but it completely destroyed any chance of having a life. In fact, the largest amount of socializing I did last week was here! Sad?

I’m not upset, I just wanted to make sure that you hadn’t forgotten your awesome story! :D. No rush. Just work at your own pace and take your time. I can wait. :slight_smile: