Megaman ZX: Aile's Discovery Ch. 1

Megaman ZX: Aile’s Discovery

Hey all, just an idea I’ve had for a little while. Hopefully this story will help me get back to my Aile’s Journey story. I only see this one being five chapters at most. Enjoy.


The sun was shining brightly high in the sky. It was a little after one in the afternoon, and it was turning out to be a gorgeous day. At a highway rest stop, a young girl was currently taking a swig of an energy drink.

The girl had brown hair and green eyes that were currently closed as she enjoyed her drink. She wore a black bodysuit, white baggy shorts, blue shoes with gold snaps in place of laces, black gloves with white fingers and gold snaps, a blue jacket with a company logo over the left breast, and a white headset over her ears. Her name was Aile, and she was a transporter for the Giro Express company.

As a transporter, it was Aile’s job to transport and deliver goods from her department’s warehouse to the various customers that order from Giro Express. Orders could come from anywhere between basic civilians to major corporations, and as far as three towns away. Despite being only ten years old, Aile had proven both responsible and diligent enough to be permitted to transport large orders out of her town without adult supervision.

“Mommy! I gots a go!”

Opening her eyes, Aile turned towards the voice. A short distance away was a mother, holding a baby in her arms, and a young girl that looked to be six. The girl was currently fidgeting in what Aile recognized as the ‘pee-pee’ dance.

“We’re almost there sweetie.” The mother stated as she made her way to the building’s door. “Just hold it a little…”

The mother trailed off as she saw a puddle form beneath a now distraught little girl. “I’m sorry sweetie, I knew I should have diapered you before we left. Lets go inside and get you cleaned up.”

“Okay Mommy.” The girl whimpered, one hand griping the fabric of her mother’s clothes, the other between her legs.

Aile watched as the pair made their way into the rest area with a frown on her face. Truth be told, she was feeling jealous of the little girl. Sure she may have just wet herself in public, but the girl had someone to comfort her, a mother; something Aile no longer had.

It had been five years ago, on her birthday of all day, that her mother had died. They had been at an amusement park to celebrate and having a good time, when mavericks attacked the park. The out of control reploids had destroyed the amusement park, killing every living thing in it before retreating. Everything except Aile.

Buried under some rubble, the mavericks had missed her as they left. She learned later that she had been under the rubble for seven hours before being rescued. The whole experience had shaken her severely, but her rescuer took her in and helped her get over it eventually. Her rescuer was her current boss, and possibly the only potential father figure in her life; Giro of Giro Express.

After helping her get over the traumatic experience for the most part, Giro had helped with Aile’s education, as well as teaching her about his business at her request. Aile assisted Giro on his transports for several years before he let her do them on her own, and only in town. Since then Aile had improved; to her this was a way of giving back to the man who had taken her in when he could have dumped her off at some orphanage.

Despite everything Giro had done for her, Aile still felt a pang of pain every time she saw an interaction between a mother and daughter, regardless of what the interaction was. Shaking her head, Aile finished her drink, tossed it in the recycling bin, and made her way back to the delivery truck.

“Status report.” Aile stated.

“The truck has been refueled, no unauthorized personnel have penetrated the perimeter.” A supply-roid stated. “All packages have passed the station’s inspection.”

Supply-roids were bulky humanoid machines, designed primarily for heavy lifting. Some were upgraded with stun devices for guard and security purposes as well, and some were equipped with scanning devices, used to identify dangerous or illegal items. Having had several deliveries to make, Giro had insisted that she travel with the security upgraded roids.

“Good, return to the trucks, we’ll be leaving in two minutes.” Aile stated.

“Roger.” The supply-roid stated, as it and several others started towards the truck. Aile walked with them till they reached the truck, before going around it towards her ride; a blue and black colored mini-motorcycle.

Bikes such as these hadn’t existed up unto about fifty years ago. Over the years, humans have gained cybernetic enhancement, improving their physical strength, abilities, health, and ability to absorb and process information. As a result, a number of humans were found capable of doing jobs that only adults were capable of doing just a hundred years earlier. While not all humans as young as Aile did this, there was enough demand for transportation vehicles like her bike for there to be a market for them.

Reaching her bike, Aile grabbed her helmet off the handle. Putting it on, she hopped on the bike and started the engine. Taking a moment to check the status of the supply-roids, she then ordered them to follow her, and started off.


An hour later Aile pulled up to a drive-way in a residential area. Parking on the side of the road, she pulled out a clip-board from a compartment in her bike, and checked the address. Seeing a match, she directed the supply-roids to back the truck into the resident’s drive-way as she made her way up to the front door of the house.

Ringing the door bell, Aile only had to wait a minute before it opened. A woman with blond hair and sky blue eyes looked down at her. “Can I help you?” The woman asked.

“Are you Sky Delvont?” Aile asked, reading the name off her clip board.

“Yes.” Sky answered, unsure of what was happening.

“My name is Aile, I’m a transporter for Giro Express.” Aile stated. “I’m here to deliver the goods you ordered from,” She paused as she looked down on her clipboard. “Children Medical Association, or the CMA.”

“You’re a transporter?” Sky questioned. “You’re so young.”

“I am fully certified.” Aile replied as she pulled out her license from her jacket pocket and showed it to Sky.

Examining it briefly, Sky then turned to the truck. “I know I ordered a lot, but is a full moving truck required.”

“Don’t worry ma’am, you won’t be charged for the truck. I was making four other deliveries today, so I was given this truck to use so I didn’t have to return to the company’s warehouse.” Aile explained.

“You’re quite the busy little girl, aren’t you?” Sky said as she ruffled Aile’s hair, causing the girl to blush.

“Y-Yeah.” Aile managed to get out, surprised and a little embarrassed at the motion.

“I’ll open the garage door so your helpers can unload them.” Sky stated.

Aile nodded in agreement and started back to the truck. Sending instructions over her headset, the supply-roids began unloading the truck as the garage door opened. Sky walked out of the garage, and looked at the packaging for the supplies she ordered. Conferring with Aile, the supply-roids would bring the large packages containing furniture into the garage, while she and Aile would bring the rest of the smaller packages inside the house; the supply-roids being to bulky to fit in the doorway.

“So why’s a young girl like you working at your age?” Sky asked as she carried a box. “Wouldn’t you rather be playing games with kids your age and enjoy your childhood then deliver things to grown ups?”

“Traveling around and seeing the sights is part of the fun of this job, same with getting to meet new people.” Aile answered, carrying her own box. “The reason I work…I guess it’s to pay back a debt I owe and learn to make a living for myself as well.”

“What kind of debt could a little girl like you owe someone?” Sky asked, setting her package down on the floor.

“It’s not a monetary debt.” Aile stated, setting her package down as well. “My boss, Giro, save me from the aftermath of a maverick attack. He pulled me from the wreckage I’d been trapped seven hours under, and gave me a home instead of dumping me off at some orphanage. He helped me work through a lot of issues I developed because of the attack, so I wanna repay him by helping his business.”

“You were involved in a maverick attack?” Sky asked, surprised.

“Yes.” Aile answered simply. She didn’t like talking about the attack, much less thinking to deeply about it.

Sky took the hint, and the pair went back outside. Ten minutes later the rest of the packages were in the living room. Stretching for a moment, Aile turned to Sky. “You’re welcome to look through the packages to verify the supplies are what you ordered, and that they’re all there. Giro Express wants to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction, and will do what we can to ensure it, within reason of course.”

“You certainly take your job seriously.” Sky commented as she proceeded to open one of the packages.

“There’s a bonus at the end of the month to who ever does the most deliveries and gets the best reviews from their customers.” Aile admitted, scratching the back of her head. “I’m hoping to win it so I can upgrade my bike.”

“Wouldn’t your company upgrade your bike if it needs one?” Sky asked as she shifted through the packages.

“My bike doesn’t actually need an upgrade; I want to get one so I can attach a stronger cart for deliveries to it.” Aile explained.

“…I see.” Sky said after a moment with a frown.

“Is something wrong?” Aile asked, noting the frown.

“Aile, can you look over your paper work and see what size diapers I ordered?” Sky asked.

Aile blinked at the content, but did as she was asked. Looking through her papers, she read that part of the order out loud. “Little Cuddles diapers for pre-teen girls, super absorbent, large class, size one…I didn’t know they made diapers that big.”

“My niece is coming to live with me, and she’s incontinent.” Sky stated. “Her mother recently passed away, so I’m trying to get everything she needs set up before she arrives.”

Aile sighed. “Losing a parent sucks.”

Sky nodded her head. “The problem here is I thought I had ordered a size two, not a size one. The diapers may not be big enough to fit her.”

Aile flipped through her paper work. “I’m afraid I don’t see anything about returning bought goods for this supplier…which is odd given what the name implies. Best I can recommend is you order overnight on the diapers you need if your niece will be here soon.”

“I suppose.” Sky sighed. A moment later though, she started looking Aile up and down, a thoughtful expression on her face.

“Uh, ma’am?” Aile asked, a little uneasy at being eyed up.

“Aile, could you maybe do me a favor?”

“Um, depends. What do you want?”

“Would you let me diaper you?”

“W-What!?” Aile squeaked, her cheeks flushing.

“You’re about the same size as my niece, and I’d like to see if these diapers would fit her or if I have to order a new batch.” Sky explained. “I can give you a big tip for doing this.”

Aile’s face remained flushed as she thought it over. At first she was going to turn down the offer; wearing a diaper at her age without a medical need was an embarrassing concept. But at the same time, it might hold the answer she’d been looking for.

One of the bigger reasons Giro had held off with letting Aile go on long deliveries without anyone supervising her was because she occasionally had accidents on the job. It had been during the beginning years of her career; she’d sometimes have a hard time holding herself until they reached a rest stop, or she’d have trouble finding a gas station or someplace that had a toilet she could use.

Accidents rarely happened these days. Aile would stop to use the restroom regularly to be safe, but there were a few times where she’d been stuck in traffic or a red light where the hum and vibration of her bike would relax her enough for her control to slip. Her last accident had been over a month ago, but the danger was always in the back of her mind.

Wearing a diaper would solve all those clean-ups and the embarrassing stains on her clothes. Her shorts were baggy enough to cover the bulge of a diaper, or so she though. But was this really the answer? And was it worth the embarrassment of wearing a diaper at her age?

After mulling it over for a minute, Aile decided to try it. Worst case, she didn’t like it, and she wouldn’t wear one again. Best case, she wouldn’t have to worry about accidents on long runs again, and could take more.

“Okay.” Aile finally said, her cheeks pink.

“Alright then Aile.” Sky said. Reaching into several containers, she pulled out a changing pad, a package of wet wipes, a package of diapers, and a bottle of baby power. “Lie down on the pad and faze out the bottom of your body suit once I get your shorts off.”

Blushing, Aile nodded her head. Making her way to the changing pad, she laid down on the pad, and began working on her head set. Sky proceeded to tug Aile’s shorts down her legs, and once they were off, Aile sent her bottoms to her subspace.

The subspace was discovered several hundred years ago. Devices were developed to open a sub-dimensional pocket in space-time, and allowed people to store various items in them. Development in subspace had been a constant, and was now a part of everyday life.

The workers at Giro Express had three subspace pockets they could use. One was to be used for a spare uniform while the other two could be used either at the employee’s discretion or to aid in transporting supplies. All one needed to do was to be touching the object they wanted to transport to subspace, and providing it wasn’t living or bigger then a dump truck, it would be teleported to subspace.

That said, subspace pockets did have limitations. Each time an object was transported to and/or from it, it drained energy. The bigger the object, the more energy it took, and if too much was used at once, then the ability to transport objects between would be disable for a recharge period, hence the reason there were still transporting companies. Various officials monitored the use of subspace contents, so as to aid law enforcement in cases of stolen goods and property, as well as keep track of dangerous items like firearms and explosives.

Fazing the bottom half of her body suit and boots out, the lower half of Aile’s body was clad in just a pair of white panties. Aile bit her lip as her panties were slid off her legs; this was the first time she’d been even partially exposed to anyone not a doctor or a fellow worker at Giro Express after an accident.

Opening the package of wet wipes, Sky took several wipes out and proceeded to carefully clean Aile’s lower areas. The cold wipe caught Aile by surprise, and the girl kicked her legs with a squeal. “Sorry.” Sky apologized.

Aile just nodded her head and gritted her teeth as Sky continued cleaning her. Once done with the wipes, Sky grabbed the bottle of baby powder, opened it, and proceeded to powder Aile. Inhaling through her nose, Aile had to admit that the scent of the powder wasn’t bad.

Once done with the powdering, Sky opened the package of diapers and pulled one out. Aile noted it had a plastic cover and had a small picture strip along the top of the front side, not unlike a baby diaper. Opening the diaper fully, Sky lifted Aile up by her legs, and slid the diaper under her.

Setting Aile back down, Sky pulled the front of the diaper up between Aile’s legs, and pulled it tightly over her front. Reaching for the back flaps, Sky tore the colored tapes and pulled them tightly across the front of the diaper. Checking for leak holes and finding none, Sky patted Aile’s diaper and began putting the supplies away.

Aile rolled off the changing pad and sat up. Looking down at herself, she examined the diaper taped around her waist. The diaper crinkled with her movements, and fit her snuggly. The single tapes from each flap were goldenrod in color, which complimented the color of the snaps on her gloves and boots.

The picture strip on the front of her diaper was a checker pattern style, only in the colors of white and goldenrod, and within each block there were heart shapes of the opposite color. Overall, Aile thought that her diaper was cute, and she felt quite comfortable in it. She also felt a…sense of security from it? Before she could explore this feeling further, she felt a tug on her jacket’s sleeve.

“Up.” Sky stated. “Let me get a good look at your diaper.”

Aile nodded her head, her cheeks pink and rose to her feet. Sky examined the diaper taped around Aile’s waist, checking the leg holes and tugging the top at different points. “Can you walk around a bit?” Sky asked.

Blushing, Aile did as she was asked. The diaper’s bulk caused her legs to spread out a bit, causing a slight waddle to her walk. The plastic cover also crinkled each time she moved her legs. Despite the constant movement however, the diaper remained snuggly around Aile’s waist.

Aile walked several times back and forth in front of Sky so she could observe. Finally, Sky said, “Alright Aile, I think these will do for now. Should I need more, I’ll be sure to ask for you to deliver them.”

“Thank you ma’am.” Aile said; being specifically requested was always a good mark in the books back at work.

“Aile, I just changed your diaper; call me Sky.” Sky stated, causing Aile’s blush to return in full. “Wait here, I’ll go get your tip.”

Sky exited the room, leaving Aile standing in the living room. Hesitantly, Aile lowered a hand to the front of her diaper. Running her hand over the surface, she began pressing against it, feeling the padding inside press against her skin. It felt…comfortable…nice.

Hearing footsteps, Aile removed her hand from her diaper as Sky re-entered the room, holding a data card in her hand. “Oh, you’re not dressed yet?” Sky asked. She then smiled. “Do you want some help?”

Aile blushed and sputtered as Sky made her way over to her. Picking up Aile’s shorts, she opened them and held them out. “Now faze on your bottoms and step in.”

Aile took a deep breath to help calm herself, nodded her head, and fazed the bottom of her bodysuit on. Though it now covered her diaper, it did nothing to conceal its bulge. Stepping into her shorts, Sky pulled them the rest of the way up Aile’s legs and over her hips. After zipping and buttoning Aile’s shorts, Aile fazed her boots back on. Looking down at herself, there was barely a noticeable bulge from her diaper.

“Now then, where do I sign?” Sky asked.

Picking up her clip board, Aile flipped through the papers before handing the board and a pen to Sky. “Sign on the x’s. Just above the bottom row is where the tips value goes.”

Trading the data card for the clipboard, Sky took a minute going over the papers and signing them while Aile took the opportunity to grab her panties off the floor and faze them to her subspace. Once done signing the sheets, Sky handed the clipboard and pen back to Aile.

“Thank you for everything Aile.” Sky said.

“You’re welcome m-Sky.” Aile said, remembering Sky’s earlier words. “I hope you’ll continue to use Giro Express for your transporting needs.”

“I’ll be sure to do that.” Sky stated. “Aile…would you like to come over sometime to meet my niece?”


“She’s going to be new to this area, and while I know you’re not from around her, I think having a friend who can relate to her might help.” Sky explained. “I’ll understand if you’re busy with work, but…”

Aile considered this. This woman’s niece had just lost her mother, like Aile had. The girl would be moving to an unfamiliar environment, like Aile had. Unless Aile visited, the girl would likely have no friends anytime soon, like Aile had had shortly after arriving at Giro Express. Giro had also been pushing her to interact with kids her age recently as well…

“I’ll think about it.” Aile answered. She didn’t want to commit to anything right now, but she’d keep the offer in mind. “I’ll call you when I decide; your number is in the system.”

“Very well then.” Sky said. “I hope to hear back from you soon Aile. Have a safe trip home.”

“Thank you, and have a nice day.” Aile said. Turning, she made her way out through the garage, a hint of a waddle in her step due to her diaper. Raising her hand to her headset, she ordered the supply-roids back to the truck and to head back to the Roid Facility.

As Aile started up her bike, Sky watched her from her window. The girl had barely hesitated before accepting being diapered, hadn’t objected to being cleaned or powdered as well, and hadn’t even tried to take it off. Add all this to what little she knew of the girl’s past, and comparing it to her niece’s, Sky was fairly certain her suspicion was accurate. She would know for sure if Aile came back outside of an order.


Two hours had passed since Aile had left the Delvont residence. Aile had since escorted the supply-roids and the moving truck back to the Roid Factory; for some reason Giro and the current owner of the Roid Factory were fighting.

Since the fight started, the cost to use their trucks and supply-roids had gone up; now they were charged by the volume and weight of the products driven in the trucks by the hour. It was the reason why she drove on her bike all the way instead of riding in the truck; it would have cost Giro Express an extra six-hundred ECs if she had stored it on the truck.

It was reaching the point where Giro was considering going to another company for a deal, so Aile chose to bring them back to the factory herself. By signing them in herself, the owner couldn’t delay the sign in process and thus charge them more for their usage.

Aile was currently stopped at one of the towns larger intersections. With four traffic lights, it was consequentially the busiest intersection as well. She had made it through the first traffic light, but was now stuck at the second. As she waited for the light to change, Aile took note of the building pressure on her bladder.

Remembering she was wearing a diaper, Aile prepared to use it when she hesitated. Did she really want to go through with it? She was a grown girl, and she knew it was…not wrong per-say, but not right to wear and use a diaper at her age…

Aile pursed her lips; to heck with it! She was already wearing the damn thing, might as well go the nine yards. She didn’t like it, she wouldn’t have to do it again. Closing her eyes, she relaxed her bladder, and could feel a bit of dampness develop in her diaper.


Aile jumped in her seat as the car behind her started honking its horn. Her cheeks flushed as she felt the change in her diaper; in her surprise, she had flooded it! Looking up, she saw the light had changed to green, and that she had been holding up traffic while she was trying to use her diaper.

Moving up, Aile drove through the light and stopped behind the next car, the third light currently red. The car that had honked at her before pulled up in the lane next to her, and the window rolled down. “What the hell are you doing on the road ya brat!? If you can’t pay attention to the traffic lights ya shouldn’t be on the road!”

Aile ignored the man as he continued. “Honestly, brats as young as you shouldn’t be on the road at all! To young and immature. You need to be at least sixteen before you get on a bike like that, not eight.” Aile frowned as the man got her age wrong.

“Seriously! What are those people at the DMV thinking giving an eight year old a license? Hey, are you even listening to me? Answer me ya brat!” The man took a drink from his car, and splashed it in Aile’s direction, some of it splashing on her side.

Aile turned to the man. “You should take your own advice.” She stated before driving off. The man blinked before noting the light had changed to green. He growled as the car behind him started honking. Before he could pull through, the light had changed to red again.

Several minutes later, Aile pulled into the garage of her work office and home. Turning off her bike’s engine, Aile pulled off her helmet and leaned forward on her bike. Closing her eyes, she took a minute to just lay there and examine the warmth between her legs.

It had only been a few minutes since she’d wet her diaper, so it was still fairly warm. Her diaper had swelled a bit since she’d wet it, but Aile believed it wouldn’t be noticeable and that she could cover up the waddle it would cause. The warm wetness between her legs wasn’t uncomfortable, in fact, if she was honest with herself Aile found it kinda comforting. Maybe…


Said girl looked up to see her boss standing at the door to the garage. Giroutte, Giro for short, wore a variation of the same uniform Aile wore; red jacket and white pants instead of a blue jacket and shorts. Giro had blue eyes behind a pair of glasses, long blond hair down to his knees, and a red upside-down triangle on his forehead, identifying him as a reploid.

“Hey boss.” Aile greeted as she got off her bike. “What’s up?”

“Was expecting you back sooner.” Giro said.

“Drove with the truck and roids back to the factory. This way they can’t charge us for an extra hour or something.” Aile explained.

“Good thinking.” Giro said with a smile, causing Aile to beam. “Got the paperwork?”

“Right here.” Aile said, grabbing a clipboard off her bike. This one had the combined forms from all the deliveries Aile had been on for the day.

It took Giro a minute to look through the forms, raising an eyebrow at the last one. “A five hundred energy crystal tip?”

“Eh,” Aile tried to figure out how to explained the tip without revealing the wet garment between her legs. Rubbing the back of her head, she said, “Well her niece is moving in with her soon and she really needed those supplies. The girl has some disabilities, so I guess she’s just grateful for the quick delivery; you did want me to deliver this tomorrow, or send Kal to do it instead.”

“I suppose.” Giro said after a minute, considering Aile’s words. “Well, good job Aile. You got the next week off, so enjoy it.” He turned to leave.

“Wait! What do you mean I have the next week off?” Aile asked.

Giro turned around. “Aile, transporters are only allowed a certain number of hours a month to work, union rules and all that. Today you’ve reached your limit, so for the rest of the month, which is a week, I can’t use you for transporting jobs.”

“But what about the bonus!?” Aile exclaimed. “I know Zack has six more deliveries then I do. I have to catch up if I want to beat him!”

“Aile, you don’t have to worry about the bonus.” Giro stated. "The bonus is awarded to the transporter who has the best rate. The rate is measured by the number of deliveries, the value of the delivery, and the customer satisfaction. Zack may have six more then you, but they are on the low end, and he doesn’t have the best rep with customers.

“You’ve got a great rating Aile, so take this week off to take things easy. You’ve been working hard since the bonus was announced, why is that? You’ve never been an EC pincher before, is it the competition?”

“It’s the money this time.” Aile stated. “I wanna upgrade my bike so I can start taking bigger transports with it, especially with the whole situation between Giro Express and the Roid Factory.”

Giro reached over and ruffled Aile’s hair with a smile. “You don’t have to worry about all that stuff; that’s my job. I’ve actually got a new contract in the works with the Trucker Roids company, so we won’t have to put up with the B.S. Roid Factory is giving us.”

Aile batted the hand away and quickly tried to fix her hair. “Well, I still want to upgrade my bike.”

“That can wait Aile.” Giro stated. “Enjoy your mini-vacation, maybe try and make some friends with kids your age outside the company. Just leave company business to me until the month is out.”

Aile let out a sigh. “Alright.”

“Atta girl.” Giro said. Turning back, he walked to the door. “Dinner is in an hour, so go wash up; I think you forgot to use deodorant today.”

Aile blushed and let out an indignant shout as she chased after him. “What kind of thing is that to say to a girl!? And I only forgot once!”


Aile opened the door to her bedroom, a towel in her hand. Closing the door behind her, she made her way over to her bed and sat on it, setting the towel to her side. Aile’s room had blue walls with a starry sky painted on the ceiling. It consisted of a twin sized bed, a large dresser, a closet, a desk with a computer on it, and a full size mirror.

Laying back on her bed, Aile felt tired, tired enough to fall asleep right there. Her stomach disagreed as it grumbled, wanting substance. Sitting up, Aile heard her diaper crinkle and blinked; she’d forgotten she was wearing a diaper.

She’d forgotten? Aile fazed her boots, shorts, and the bottom of her body suit off and made her way to her full body mirror. Looking at her reflection, she could see her diaper had changed since she last saw it; the bottom was sagging and discolored.

Despite knowing that what she had done was the act of a toddler, Aile found that she didn’t care about it. She didn’t feel ashamed like she knew she should, in fact she found she felt calm and relaxed. Hesitantly, she reached down to the front of her diaper, and pressed it against herself, gasping as she felt the wet pad come in contact to her skin.

Aile was feeling a multitude of emotions. There was the calm and relaxed from before, but there was also a feeling of safety and security, as well as…happy? Excited? Playful? Aile didn’t understand it; why she felt these thing, and why she felt them when she should be feeling shame instead.

Shaking her head, Aile fazed her bottoms back on and started grabbing a clean set of clothes. She could research this stuff later; right now she intended on taking a nice long shower and then enjoy a filling dinner with Giro. After a goodnight’s rest, Aile fully intended to look up why wearing a diaper made her feel the way she did, and thanks to Giro, she had at least a week to do so.


Well that’s it for this chapter. I intend for this to be just a few chapters long, and light hearted rather then how most of my stories go. Hopefully this will help me get back to my Aile’s Journey story; really want to finish that one.

Anyways, R&R as always, love to know what you think.

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