Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight

Megaman Starforce: The Power Of Twilight

Summary: A re-write of the Starforce series. Takes after the game series, with minor aspects from the anime. Geo and Mega are replaced with OCs Amara Kisari and Am-ian Twi.

Disclaimer: Intro that’s underlined is taken from the anime.



[u][i]The year is 220X, and the Earth has progressed far in technological terms. The world is networked through Electro Magnetic waves. Three large satellites, Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon, orbit the Earth, powering the Electro Magnetic wave web that exists around the Earth’s atmosphere.

Electro Magnetic waves, or EM waves, are not visible to the naked human eye, but form a network that supports the function of many every day activities. Humans carry transers, portable devices that are EM wave world interfaces that are used for communication, public data, and personal identification.

But the sophisticated planet is not without problems. Malfunctions within the Electro Magnetic wave web sometimes occur, and are often a result of EM wave viruses. Thankfully, the Satellite police are usually successful in combating these viruses and maintaining order within the EM wave web.[/i][/u]


[i]Dear Diary,

My name is Amara Kisari, and I’m only writing in you because that big meany of a doctor told me to, or else he’d stop giving me candy. I’m thirteen years old, but I’m not exactly a normal girl. I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

It all started when I was five years old. I was Mommy and Daddy’s little princess, and had just started going to school, even though I was still in pull-ups at the time. My Mommy always stayed home while Daddy went to work, coming home only a few times a week.

Daddy was…is an astronaut and a scientist. He works on EM waves and studying the system known as “Brotherband” that is used all around the world. EM waves are used for a lot of convi- convenient things, like making food, transmitting tv waves, and things like that.

Brotherbands are, in general, a sign of great friendship between people, and that strength is measured in something called link power, but few know the true power of brotherbands. Daddy didn’t talk about it much, saying he’d rather spend what time he had with his princesses not talking about work.

Anyways, when I was five, Daddy got an assignment to go into space on a satellite called “Peace”, looking for little green men, but Daddy calls them Extraterrestri-something. He…he said it may be years till he came back…I cried for a long time before Daddy calmed me down. That’s when he formed a brotherband with me, saying that no matter how far away he was from me, we’d always be connected. That was enough to satisfy me at the time, and he left the next morning before I woke up…it was the last time I saw him.

It was a year later when one of Daddy’s friends came over and told Mommy that they lost Daddy…I thing they said something about a signal, but that’s all I really remember. They hadn’t noticed me in the room at the time, I had come out to tell Mommy I hadn’t had an accident in two weeks and she had to get me the big girl panties she promised. I confronted them, and they tried to explain to me what happened, but I couldn’t understand it. I ran to get my transer, and showed them my brotherband with Daddy, and it seemed to give them hope.

Six months later, Mommy and I were called to Daddy’s old work place. Mommy left me with one of our friends, his name was…it doesn’t matter, we trusted him enough that I had formed a brotherband with him.

We were taken to speak to the boss there, and he told us that a piece of Daddy’s satellite was found in the ocean…they found Daddy’s pendent and visor thingy in it. They told us they weren’t going to look for Daddy anymore. I tried to argue with them, but one big meanie yelled at me, saying it was a waste of time to look for them, and that they were probably dead. I remember crying and running off.

I-I can’t remember everything that happened next, but I’ll write down what I do. I ran as far as I could before I needed to rest. I went into a room, and found my friend, the one I had formed a brotherband with. He saw I was tired, and picked me up…he held me on his lap, stroked my hair…then he started running his hand down my body…over my chest…between my legs…I remember him suddenly tearing my clothes off and then…just pain, so much pain. I just kept telling myself Mommy was going to save me, take care of her baby girl like she always told she would when she tucks me in at night. I blacked out.

When I woke up I was in a white room, and in pain. I remember I wanted the bottle Mommy always brought me when I was little-er, which she hadn’t done in years. I felt the bed get wet under me, and looking down I realized I had wet myself…but it didn’t bother me like it should have. I cried for my Mommy, and she came running out of the bathroom.

She was really confused she tells me now. I wanted my bottle, or like I called it, my ba-ba, but she said I was a big girl and she’d get me a glass. It really made me upset, so I did what felt right then, and cried and screamed.

Long story short, I got my ba-ba, and Mommy talked with the doctors. Honestly, those following days are hard to remember, and what I do remember is pretty much this: everything I tried to do, being a big girl, eating and drinking by myself, and going in the potty, none of it felt right. Any food I tried to eat would end up mostly on me, my sheets, or my face, the same with my drinks if they didn’t come from my ba-ba, and I’d just go potty in the bed. It just felt right, though I was hurting a lot down there, so I hardly got any signs on needing to go potty.

Mommy put me back in diapers then, and had me talk with a doctor for an entire day. He tried to get me to talk, but I didn’t say much…boys scared me then, and they still kinda do now. But he was a nice man, and he played with me and the toys in the room, helped me draw, I guess he was okay.

Turns out he was a psychologist, and he told Mommy that I had regressed back into my babyhood, a cooping mechanism he called it, and that the best way to help me was to treat me like her baby girl. Well, Mommy did just that, and we were happy.

There was this one time she took me to a big building, and had me speak in front of a large room of people. I now know that place was a court house, and I was on trial, testifying against my former brother…and rapist.

He was found guilty, and sentenced to forty years in prison, with parole in eight years if he was lucky. He was really high up in Daddy’s business, and very rich, so Mommy got a lot of money to take care of me.

It was a month later that I started feeling like a big girl again, but I didn’t tell Mommy. I really liked being Mommy’s baby girl again. She had helped me so much, especially since I couldn’t walk very much due to my injuries. I still couldn’t receive any signals about potty warnings, but I had been in diapers for so long, I figured I’d just forgotten what they were.

Mommy must have noticed how I felt, and I admit I did make it kinda obvious as I was doing big girl things again. She encouraged it, and soon the only baby things I did was be fed and need my diapers changed. I was being a big girl for nearly a week, when something happened.

I suddenly felt like my baby self again. As much as I wanted to be a big girl, I really couldn’t, no matter how much I tried. Mommy seemed really sad, but took care of me once again. It was four days later that I woke up and found I could be a big girl again. Mommy was so happy…but a few days later I was my baby self again…

Mommy took me to another nice psychologist, and I spend the day with her. She asked me questions, like why I was being a baby some times and a big girl another time. I was a big girl then, and she asked me if I could control when I was a big girl and when I was a baby girl. I told her I tried to be a big girl for as long as I could, but would then end up being a baby girl for a while, several days to be exact. She then asked me to try and be a baby girl for her now.

I tried, and found myself being a baby again. I needed my pacifier as I started drooling a little bit, and instead of walking I crawled. She pointed me to the toy chest in the corner and I dived into it. I’d be playing and she’d try to ask a question, but I’d usually ignore her. When I was tired out, she moved her face close to me, to make certain I couldn’t ignore her most likely, and asked me to try and be a big girl again. When I tried, I was a big girl again! She wanted to ask me some questions, but I was too tired and told her I needed my afternoon nap. She let me take my nap, and I was out like a light.

I’d visit her several times for the next few weeks, and I practiced what she told me too after the first session, switching between being a big girl and a baby girl throughout the day when it was appropriate. It seemed to really help, as I never woke up being unable to be my other self, big girl or baby.

The psychologist explained to Mommy I seemed to have something close to Split Personality Disorder, and something about Dissociative Identity Syndrome being related. The bottom line was, I have something that, while not exactly either of those things, is very similar.

When I’m a big girl, I act my age for the most part, save only for the fact that I still wore diapers and drank from bottles. I could handle conversations at my age group, minus replacing a few words for their childish equivalents, and aside from the other two things, was a proper girl for my age. When I’m a baby girl, I don’t speak very much, and when I do it’s using a toddler’s vocabulary. I only walk when I have to as a baby, and mostly crawl. It’s impossible for me to take any criticism are anything negative without crying, possibly screaming too. Mommy has to feed me my food when I’m a baby, and also my ba-ba too, but she always feeds me my ba-ba anyways unless she needs to do something important. But what I really like is the fact that everything in the world seems right when I’m a baby girl.

The fact that I can both control my change and remember everything that happens during my time as each girl ruled out the split personality disorder, as the psychologist says I would have to be unable to remember anything from the my other side. I had developed a whole new disorder that psychologist studied and still haven’t come up with a name yet.

Well, I turned seven a few weeks after that discovery was made, and Mommy and even a few doctor, I’m calling them that because that’s what they are and it’s less painful on my hand then writing psychologist every time…where was I? Oh Yeah! My birthday, Mommy and the doctors got me a lot of presents, some of them for my big girl self, but a lot for my baby self. Mommy changed two of the guest rooms, one of them into a nursery for me to sleep in, and another into a play room that had a small kitchen, sleeping pads, a changing table, a tv and bean bag seats in the corner, and a small closet full of baby clothes and supplies for me…

I know you’re wondering, and yes, I was still in diapers back then. I didn’t wan t my big girl panties, and the doctors didn’t know if my potty training would carry over to my baby self, so Mommy just said not to try. So I didn’t, and stayed in my diapers, though Mama, as I refer to her now-a-days when I’m a big girl, taught me how to change myself as a big girl. That was a struggle though, as at first I’d switch to my baby self whenever I needed a change. I did that for a month, but Mama got mad and when she finished cleaning me one day, she flipped me over and gave me a spanking. I cried, but she took no heed of it, finished diapering me and put me in time out. She did it for two weeks straight before I caved in, her spanking hurt!

Anyways, that summer came to a close, and I had to go back to school…it was a disaster. All the boys and some of the girls would tease me because of my diapers, I’d try to block them out, but then the boys would push me around. That’s when I’d switch to my baby self and the nurse would collect me. The plan was that I’d got to her office for any diaper changes I needed, and for lunch time. No, I didn’t need help with eating lunch, nor did I plan to go baby during that time, it’s just that I still drank from baby bottles, my ba-ba, and didn’t want to be teased.

Well, after two weeks of not being able to get through a single day of school, much less complete the school work assigned, Mama asked the principle for help. They tried placing me in a disabilities class, but it didn’t do much more then help me complete my school work…

I gotta say something before I go on. Ever since that…that bastard raped me, I never felt comfortable around men. Over the years I went from being scared stiff, to annoyed, to just blatantly ignoring them unless I must interact with them, which isn’t often. I dropped that bastard’s brotherband the instant the trial was over and I was a big girl, and I was always weary around any man. I also never formed a brotherband since the one with my Daddy, not even with Mommy, because…I’m afraid to get hurt or lose anyone else I care about……

Now that that’s out of the way, the reason why only my class and homework improved after transferring into a disability class was that there wasn’t a single girl in class, not even a female teacher! I got through the classes focusing souly on the work in front of me.

Then a new principle was elected after the last one died, a car crash I believe. Well, that man was an unbelievable meany! Because my disorder didn’t have an official name, he had me kicked out of the disability class. Oh, he said it was because I didn’t take any meds to, but what meds could help someone with a new disorder? Well, it was a disaster, as once again, I couldn’t make it through a day of second grade without Mama being called to pick me up.

The meany wouldn’t listen to reason, or the doctors for that matter, and threatened to have me expelled. The situation reached its peak when one morning we were getting an upgrade for our transer, but it would delete any brotherband we had. I absolutely refused to take the upgrade, since that would mean losing the only link I had to Daddy, the only hope that he was still alive. When I wouldn’t listen I was taken to the principle’s office, where that meanie actually tried to physically make me take he upgrade. Thankfully, the nurse had seen me being taken to the office and called Mommy, and she made it just before that meanie could start the upgrade.

That was the last straw. That principle filed to get me expelled, and Mommy took it to the education board. In the end, the principle was fired, and a new, nicer one took his place. He asked me to talk to my doctors about everything that happened since my returning to school, and that he be allowed access to the results. Well, when he got them, he called me and Mama to his office and gave us two choices. One, I could transfer to a private, girls only school, or two, he would allow me to be use the teacherman navi system to complete my assignemts at home.

A navi is essentially a digital being that can be programmed to do…anything really. Some of them are even programmed to be intelligent, sentient. I learned in history that a long time ago, navis called net navis existed and were partnered with every human, no matter the age. There was also something about a massive virus that took out the past network, which also took out the navis of the time, but led to the development of EM technology and the world today.

But that’s another story all together. I chose to do the teacherman navi system, since I remembered that some of the girls were mean to me too. That turned out to be the best decision I made, as I’ve been in the top five category of students in each class I was in, since technically I was never put back into the disability program. I heard he was transferred to a high school, and has been doing a great job from what I heard. The new principle in my school only seems to care about grades, but he hasn’t bothered me about coming to school so I think I’m okay.

If there was one thing this situation proved, it was that I needed to learn how to defend myself. That proved to be a bit of a problem. For starters, I needed the upgrade for my transfer to access any system that I could learn from, so Mama got me a new one, so my old one could still keep Daddy’s brotherband. Then there was the fact that I never wanted to make any brotherbands, none of the martial arts studio would accept that, be it that I lacked the link power from the brotherband, or that they felt I would misuse my learnings since I had no one but Mama.

Finally, one of the instructors at a studio asked Mama if she wanted me to be able to defend myself in a fight, or if she wanted me to win. He then directed us to a friend of his, who had a studio that trained people in the ancient ways of the ninja. The head of the place sat me down with the instructor of the women’s class, or kunoichi class as it was called, as told me to tell her my life story. After I did, she said I’d have to be a big girl during the entire lesson, and work to stay a big girl despite how hard and unfair it may seem. I accepted, and gave each class my all.

Well, it’s been almost six years since then. I’m still on the teacherman navi system, and still on the top of the list grade wise. I still have both my big girl and baby girl sides…and I still wear diapers…I can’t help it, and if I’m honest with myself, I don’t think I’ll every really be able to get potty trained again. I also still drink from bottles when I can, but the few times Mama takes me out to eat I drink from a straw.

Mama, despite having enough money to support us for the rest of our lives, thanks to that bastard as fate would have it, has a part time job at a local clinic. Taking care of me for all these years made her realize how much she loves children, and so she took a few months on an internet course to get the proper degree and works part time at a children’s doctor office. I visit my doctors once a month, and have a day of mixed big girl and baby fun. The doctors agree that it wouldn’t be in my best interest to try meds, and have agreed that so long as I see them several times a year so they can document my disability, they won’t try any meds.

Well, that about sums up my life thus far. It’s about my bed time, and I still need my diaper changed. Mommy doesn’t mind changing me after I wake up or just before bed, so I think I’m gonna go baby now…………sorry about the drool mark, forgot to put my paci in. I’m really going now.[/i]

Amara placed her new diary on the night stand next to her crib. The bars were currently down, withdrawn into the metal base the frame. Amara then grabbed her purple pacifier and plopped it into her mouth. Rolling over, she laid on her back and waited for her Mommy, suckling on her pacifier.

Amara had long, sea green hair. It’s unrestrained length was down to her ankles, but she usually kept in either a pony tail that reached her waist, or a really large baby bonnet. She had violet colored eyes a few shades brighter then the pacifier she was currently suckling on. She was currently clad in just a white diaper, well a sagging discolored diaper, but just a diaper all the same. She had an impressive chest that would make any freshman girl jealous, despite her constantly being a baby…but perhaps toddler would be a better word for it.

The door to her room opened, and her mother entered. She had brown hair that reached her shoulder blades, though most of it was held up in a spiky ponytail, and matching colored eyes. She wore a purple, long sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans. Her name was Hope Kisari, and she was currently smiling at her daughter.

“Looks like my baby girl forgot to change her diaper.” Hope said. Amara gave a muffled squeal from behind her pacifier. Hope rolled her eyes, have delt with her daughter’s condition long enough to know she was in her baby form. “Okay then, guess I’ll just have to change you and get you dressed for bed, it’s getting cold out at night these days.”

Hope walked the length of the nursery and collected Amara into her arms. Rocking her slightly, Hope carried her to the other side of the room, and set her on her changing table. She made quick work of removing Amara’s diaper, having years of experience changing her. Taking several wet wipes, she proceeded to clean Amara’s bum and front. Deciding to treat her daughter tonight, Hope got out a bottle of baby oil and applied it to Amara, causing the girl to squeal in delight.

After quickly finishing applying the necessary supplies, Hope got out a fresh diaper, and after opening it up completely, lifted Amara’s bum up by her legs. She slid the diaper under Amara before lowering back down. Carefully placing her legs back down on the table, she reached in between them and pulled the diaper up between them, before pulling it tightly over Amara’s front. Reaching behind the girl, Hope ripped open the tape from the side flap, and pulled it tightly over the front of the diaper, repeating the process on the other side.

Once she was certain there were no leak holes to Amara’s diaper, she threw the expended supplies into the used diaper, rolled it up, and threw them into the diaper pail next to the changing table. After cleaning her hands with a wipe, Hope went over to the closet and pulled out one of Amara’s baby pjs.

Setting the pile of clothes next to Amara, she first took a large baby bonnet and spent the next few minutes filtering her hair into it before tying it the ribbon under her chin. She then took a light blue onesie and proceeded to filter Amara’s head and arms through the appropriate holes before buttoning it up at the crotch. Hope then placed plastic gloves and booties on Amara’s hands and feet, before taking the girl back into her arms.

Carrying her over to her crib, Hope set her daughter down and pressed a button on the side of the crib, causing the bars to rise up part way. Hope then reach under the crib to a mini refrigerator and pulled out a large baby bottle full of milk. Taking out Amara’s pacifier, the girl began to wail until Hope placed the bottle’s nipple into her mouth. Amara instantly took the bottle in her hands and rolled over on her side, suckling down the milk.

Hope smiled at the sight, and ran a hand across her daughter’s head. The years of taking care of Amara had made a tight bond between them, as they really were all they had left as family. Leaning down into the crib, Hope kissed her daughter’s head before drawing her purple blanket over Amara’s body. Pressing the button again, the bars rose to their full height, leaving Amara unable to escape her crib if she tried. Hope walked to the door and turned off the lights, before quietly closing the door behind her.


That’s it for the prologue, tell me what you think!