Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight Ch. 9

Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight

Hey all, I’m really excited about this Saga, it’s the one I’ve been looking forward to since I first started writing this story. After numerous revisions of what’s to happen in this Saga in my mind, I’ve finally settled down with a scenario that satisfies me, and hopefully will satisfy you all as well. This Saga will probably be the longest one in all three of the game series Saga’s, that I can see thus far anyways, so just a heads up. That out of the way, on with the show!


Chapter 9: Research and Developments

The week following the events at AMAKEN labs were very eventful for Amara, Hope, and Twilificus. The day following the incident, Hope got a phone call from Amara’s school principle, stating how the attendance list showed Amara hadn’t attended the trip to the lab. After stating that, he recommended Amara attend classes with the other students so as to avoid failing any other classes that year.

Hope immediately rejected the recommendation, and informed the principle that he would have security footage of Amara attending a tour of the labs by the following day at the latest. Aaron had managed to make a copy of the footage before the police confiscated them, in order to better investigate what happened to cause the incident. Before turning over the footage, however, Hope made two addition copies of the footage, just in case something happened to the one delivered to the principle.

What she didn’t know was that Amara had slipped a tracker into each of the tapes. Checking the progress on the computer in her mini-lab downstairs, Amara saw that twenty minutes after the tapes were dropped off at the school, the trackers were destroyed. Knowing that they couldn’t have been discovered, due to the position she’d placed the trackers on the tapes, she knew they’d been destroyed.

Sure enough, the next day, Hope and Amara were called to the school board about her missed trip and lack of cooperation with the principle to ensure Amara getting the best education possible. After the principle denied ever receiving the tapes Hope had handed to him, Amara presented the data her trackers had relayed, as well as copies of the footage of her tour. Viewing both, Amara and Hope were excused from the meeting with apologies from the board for the misunderstanding, but not before Amara called the principle a, “Doo-Doo headed fibber.”

Amara had converted most of her basement lab into a workout room the day after the AMAKEN lab incident. Exercise pads, chin/pull-up bar, and a few weights were just some of the changes done to the basement. She still kept her computer, desk, and lab table out, although they were pushed against the wall.

The new folder and Battlecards had arrived the day before the school board meeting. Among them were notable rare cards; a remake of an ancient card, LifeAura, a field altering card known as HolyPanel, another field card known as Paralyze Stage, an water element card known as StickyRain2, a lightning element card known as FlickerKick2, and a basic Aura card. The seller of these cards, going by the user name ‘Piteous,’ commented on how the folder would have both light and dark cards in it, which caused Amara and Twilificus to giggle.

After a few days, the new folder was successfully hacked to Amara specifics. For her favorites, a function she hadn’t been able to override, she chose the Darkness Hole, LifeAura, Aura, HolyPanel, Paralyze Stage, and FlickerKick2 cards. During a test run with the folder, a useful discovery was made.

While in wave form, cards selected as favorites could be used without calling them out, and activated in half a second by mere thought, as apposed to the full second after calling out the battlecard’s name. It was an ability that had been created for the navi battles online game, and appeared to carry over to wave change abilities as well. However, in cases where Twilight couldn’t make up her mind of which card to use, such as between Aura and LifeAura, both cards would activate, the cards activating in the order they were thought in.

Hope had also taken to buying Amara more Memory Plus programs. Calling up Claud and Cancer, Amara and Twi tested the benefits of the program against viruses. The test was for several things; the amount of damage Twilight could take, how much damage before her baby side took over, what kind of attacks brought her baby side closer to taking over compared to others, and if the program effected her in any negative way.

The results varied; attacks that didn’t do much damage, but proved to have significant physical force behind them tended to cause the biggest reaction from the baby side. Twilight, testing against metatools, could now take twenty shockwaves before her baby side forcibly took over. The programs also seemed to make her feel lighter, as odd as it would seem. Twi chalked it up to the energy compression effect the program had.

Eventually, Twilight did face the residual Taurus Fire wave data. It was stronger then the original, but not as smart; Twilight had no trouble defeating it, gaining a Taurus Fire EM Warrior card. To both Amara and Twi’s surprise, days later a stronger Taurus Fire appeared on the wave road, but once again, not as smart as the original. Upon defeating it, they gained a stronger Warrior card, Taurus Fire EX.

To their now annoyance, Taurus Fire reformed once again. This time, the pair used battlecards to restrain it while Twi analyzed the data. As it turned out, the residual data would absorb loose data to reform and strengthen itself. However, there was a maximum limit to amount of power the form could maintain, and that level had been reached after the second reformation. Twi also discovered that the faster the wave data was defeated, the more data was left behind to strengthen the battlecard. After defeating Taurus Fire two more times, Twilight got the Taurus Fire SP EM Warrior card.

It had been nearly a week after the AMAKEN incident before Amara could sneak into the Lab and do battle with the residual Cygnus Wing data. Amara had agreed not to use the wave battle program the first time, incase the residual wave retained Cygnus’s intelligence, so they could pulse out immediately. While its strength and grace remained, it was no where near as intelligent or cunning as the original, much to everyone’s relief.

Outside of the war efforts, research into Amara’s disorder continued. Going by what had happened in the Cygnus battle, it was theorized that the latest personality, the little girl side, acted as a middle ground between the big and baby girl sides. They figured that its purpose was to allow Amara to regain function quicker from her baby side, though they’d need to test it to confirm it, something no one was keen to do. It was also determined that, like the other sides, Amara needed to spend some time in that form, as she failed to fully enjoy one of her rare baby days due to the unrelenting urge to go little girl.

The changes Amara had asked Hope for before the AMAKEN incident were accommodated. Around the house Amara would generally wear only a small t-shirt or belly shirt and leave her diaper completely exposed, with the occasional exception of when dressed in her baby clothes. Since that day, Amara hadn’t slept in a bed, only her crib, sleeping pad in the play room, and once on the living room couch.

The only exception to the clothes rule would be when company was over. During times when the investigators for Amara case against the school, Bud for math lessons, and Aaron’s brief visits, Amara wouldn’t dress as a baby or leave her diaper exposed. She’d adapted against her usual tough girl persona by getting a short skirt to wear when company was over, but made certain it only just covered her diaper.

During meal times, Hope would cut up what foods she could and proceeded to feed at least half of them to Amara. The other half Amara would use her hands for, regardless of if she was supposed to or not, which caused her to take several more baths that week then averaged. Despite that, both Amara and Hope soon came to look forward to meal times even more.

During recent tutor sessions with Bud, Amara had asked him what Luna’s deal with her was about. Bud did his best to explain, but couldn’t give a definitive answer. What Amara took from that conversation was that Luna had goals, and that her attending classes seemed to help one of those goals along. She wondered about that conclusion at first, and after conferring with Hope and Twi, they realized the emails about facilities to send Amara to could have been a move to make going to school look more appealing. Whether it was true or not was unknown.

With everything all said and done, it had been a busy week.


“Amara! Where are you?” Hope called out as she walked through the house. After searching for several minutes, she found her, surprisingly, in her big girl room. “Amara, did you not hear me calling you?”

Amara was standing on the second level, dressed in only a blue baby dress and a heavily used diaper. She was staring out the window at the night time sky, her right hand on the glass. Amara made no notion to hearing Hope until her hand was on her shoulder.


“Huh? Did you say something?” Amara asked, looking up at her mother.

Hope frowned. “I’ve been calling for you for over five minutes. You haven’t heard me?”

Amara shook her head. “No, I haven’t. I’ve been trying to figure something out.”

“Should I be worried?” Hope asked.

“Maybe…I don’t know.” Amara sighed, letting her hand slide down the glass. “I just have this weird feeling.”

“What kind a feeling?” Hope asked.

“It’s been building for a while now, since my battle with Cygnus. It’s…” Amara growled in frustration.

“Fear? Happiness? Another personality?” Hope questioned.

“That last one seems closest, but I know it’s not another personality, Twi checked.” Amara replied.

“That’s a relief.” Hope stated.

Amara chuckled. “Yeah, I know I’m a handful as it is.” She frowned. “This feeling though, it’s more of a…six sense or a…gut feeling. That’s the closest I can come to describe it.”

“And what is this feeling telling you?” Hope asked, curious.

“Something’s going to happen tomorrow.” Amara stated.

Hope sat up straighter. “Something good, or something bad?”

Amara placed her paci, which had been in her left hand, in her mouth and chewed on the rubber nipple for a minute before answering. “It feels mostly bad, but somehow good a bit too. It’s confusing to say the least.”

“Could this be related to your disorder?” Hope asked.

“No.” Amara answered immediately. “In fact, Twi believes it may have something to do with our wave change ability. Twi says she can feel something she hasn’t before either.”

“Has Claud experienced something like this?”

“No, we asked both Claud and Cancer. It’s just us.”

Hope sighed; nothing seemed easy since the night Twilificus arrived on Earth. That said, she liked the alternative even less, and thus didn’t blame her for everything that happened since. Deciding to get off such a confusing and mildly depressing topic, Hope got off the bed and pulled out the changing mat.

“Somehow I don’t think diaper rash will help you figure this out baby girl.” Hope stated as she pulled out the changing supplies.

Amara blushed; she hadn’t realized how full her diaper had gotten. “Sorry Mama, I’ve been trying to figure this feeling out. It’s really strange; this feeling is what told me to put those trackers on the tapes. I just wanna understand it better.”

Patting the pad, Hope looked up at Amara. “All things become clear with time baby girl. For now, lets get you in a clean diaper.”

Placing her paci in her mouth, Amara toddled over to the bed and laid down on the mat, ready for her change.


It had been two weeks since the AMAKEN incident, and Amara had just finished her course work for the day, a full hour before classes got out at school even! Deciding to spend some time outdoors today, she got dressed in her usual belly shirt, jacket, shorts, and boots. After checking her diaper bag for supplies, and several bottles, Amara exited her home, locking the door behind her.

Taking the long way to Vista Point, Amara thought about how much her life had changed over the last month or so. Sure there were some downers; Luna on her about attending classes, having to fight FM-ians, and the issues with the school principle in general. But on the plus side, she now had access to a whole new world, a new friend that could understand her on a level rivaling, and surpassing in some cases, her mother, and she now had not only confirmation that her father was still alive, but a way to track him too. All in all, the ups and downs seemed to balance out her life for the moment.

Just as Amara reached the stairs, still lost in thought, she tripped over something, causing her to go face first into the steps. Clenching her eyes shut as a few tears leaked out, Amara quickly put her pacifier in her mouth with her free hand as the other pinched her possibly broken nose, if the small trickle of blood was any indication. Amara sat there, suckling on her paci, for several minutes as she did her best to calm her baby side down. Once she was certain her baby side wouldn’t come out, she opened her eyes to see what she’d tripped over.

It was a pair of legs, covered in black jeans, but a pair of legs non-the-less. Following them up, she saw that the body they were connected to was concealed by the bushes next to the stairs. Cautious now, Amara pulled back the bushes, revealing a person with purple hair lying face down.

Knowing it could be a crime scene; Amara pulled her transer out, and called her mother. The transer rang several times before Hope picked up. “Is everything alright baby girl?” Hope asked.

“Mom, I just found someone in the bushes at the bottom of Vista Point. They may have been attacked.” Amara stated, her voice nasally due to her nose.

“Are they okay? Are you okay?” Hope asked.

“My nose is a little messed up Mama, I tripped over this person’s legs and banged my nose on the steps.” Amara explained. “I didn’t move the person because I was afraid if it was crime scene; I don’t even know their gender or if they’re alive or not.”

Hope caught the underlying tone of fear in her daughter’s voice at the end. “Baby girl, call Twi to you and change, your form won’t leave any finger prints or anything like that. Check to see if he or she is alive. If they are, use what first aid training I’ve given you to check them over, I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Amara understood what Hope said, it was a code they had developed in case there was someone nearby that could hear them. “Right, I’ll see you then. Thanks Mama.”

Amara hung up and sent out a signal to Twi, who by day scoured the internet for information on the world she now resided on. A minute later, Twi appeared on her transer’s screen. A quick explanation later, Amara wave changed to her Twilight form.

Twilight phased to her physical form, and after pushing past the bushes, placed two fingers on the person’s neck, checking for a pulse. Finding one, Twilight carefully turned the person over, revealing it to be a girl.

Getting a good look at the girl, Twilight saw that she was about her age. The girl wore a red, short sleeved t-shirt, and a black vest that was currently unzipped. On her left wrist was a red Leo satellite transer. Opening it, Twilight looked at the personal page.

“Sonia Strumm…” Twilight mumbled, reading the information. “Never heard of her. Must not be from around here.”

“I’ve heard of her on the internet, but I can’t remember where.” Twi added.

Twilight closed the transer with a frown, and carefully began examining Sonia’s body. Looking over both exposed arms, she found only a few scratches and dirt, though it was most likely from falling into the bushes. Opening the vest further, Twilight pulled the front of Sonia’s shirt up a bit to check her stomach for any wounds. Not a second later, she pulled the shirt back down, blushing madly.

“Are you okay baby girl?” Twi asked, noticing a change in her partner.

“She’s not wearing a bra.” Twilight mumbled.

“She’s also not wearing a diaper either.” Twi added.

“Most people her age don’t, I’m different.” Twilight stated.

“I know that, but she should be wearing one, her pants are soaked.” Twi stated.

“Huh?” Twilight looked down. The dark pants Sonia wore were a shade darker around the crotch area. “How did I not notice that?”

“She’s wearing dark pants, and you’re use to the smell of urine baby girl.” Twi answered.

Before Twilight could answer, the pair heard a gasp. Quickly canceling her wave change, Amara saw Sonia’s hands had flown to her neck. A pair of dark forest green eyes gazed upward as Sonia gasped for breath.

“Hey, are you okay?” Amara asked, setting her diaper bag down next to her.

Sonia shook her head. “Breath!” she gasped.

“You can’t breath?” Amara asked. Sonia nodded her head, frantically trying to catch her breath. “Lie down and try to calm down, I got some things that can help till my Mom gets here, she’s a doctor.”

Sonia nodded her head and lay back, still trying to catch her breath. Amara, having prepared after her unusual feeling warned her about today, pulled out one of her mother’s specially made medical kits. Opening it, she pulled out a face mask, and a purple rubber balloon like thing Amara never bothered to learn the name of.

Attaching the balloon thing to the mask, she placed the mask over Sonia’s nose and mouth, and squeezed the balloon, sending air into Sonia’s airway. After three squeezes, Sonia shook her head.

“Not working?” Amara asked. Sonia nodded her head, tears in her eyes. “Then something must be obstructing your air passageway. Were you eating anything just before you collapsed?”

Sonia shook her head before wheezing once, and her eyes rolled back into her head. “Crap!” Amara exclaimed. Lifting her up, Amara gently but firmly began slapping Sonia’s face. “Come on Sonia, you gotta stay awake. Sonia? Sonia!”


Looking up, Amara saw Hope had finally arrived. “She can’t breathe; no visible physical injuries. She wasn’t eating before she collapsed, but something is obstructing her airway.” Amara told her.

“Okay, leave everything to me baby girl, you did a good job.” Hope stated. Amara could only manage a grim smile as she watched Hope get to work on Sonia.


Giving off a soft moan, Sonia slowly opened her eyes. Taking a few deep breathes, and finding she now had no problems breathing, she focused on the surrounding. Unfortunately, the most she could see was the green bed she laid on, the blanket covering her, and a partially drawn blue curtain.

Cautious now, Sonia pulled the blanket off herself and sat up, only to moan and fall back onto her pillow. While she might have been able to breathe better, she still felt terrible. Speaking of feeling, Sonia felt a slight chill over most of her body, and a lump under her backside.

Looking down, Sonia saw she now wore a small blue hospital top, though it only reached her waist, and a bright pink diaper. Blushing, Sonia vaguely realized the lump under her must have been her breakfast. She heard the curtains being drawn back, and saw a woman she’d never seen before enter.

“Oh, you’re awake. That’s good, you had us worried.” The woman said.

“Who-” Sonia went into a small coughing fit. The woman quickly knelt down beside her and lowered her back onto the pillow.

“You need your rest; you seem to have suffered from an allergic reaction.” The woman stated. “My name is Hope Kisari, I work part time in a child clinic. You’re in good hands here.”

Sonia managed to nod her head to show she heard Hope, but moaned at the motion. Frowning, Hope lifted Sonia’s head up off the pillow, supported it with her left hand behind the girl’s head, and placed her right hand on Sonia’s forehead. Holding it there for a few seconds, she then slowly lowered Sonia’s head back down onto the pillow and removed her hands.

“Your face is flushed and you feel warm, I believe you have a fever.” Hope stated. “You’ll need some rest and plenty of liquids for now. Tell me, are you allergic to anything?”

“Milk.” Sonia managed to say.

“Did you have any today? Anything that might have milk in it?” Hope asked.

“No…manager…careful…” Sonia got out.

Hope nodded her head. “Okay, you hang tight for a few minutes and I’ll grab you some juice.”

“Kay.” Sonia mumbled. She watched Hope move past the curtain and out of her sight. For the next few minutes Sonia just focused on her breathing, as that was her main concern. Her memory was foggy after leaving the hotel she was staying in, and she didn’t know where she was. But at the moment, her only concern was getting better, and then getting back to the hotel before nightfall.

“I’m back.” Looking up, Sonia saw Hope kneel down next to her bed. “I know this may be a little unorthodox, but seeing as how moving your head seems to aggravate your condition, I think this is the safest way to drink your juice.”

Sonia watched as Hope pulled a large baby bottle from behind her back, filled with a yellow liquid she assumed was juice. She blushed at the sight; it had been years since she was bottle fed. Still, her throat was sore, and her stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly for substance. Closing her eyes, she said one word, “Kay.”

Opening her mouth, Sonia only had to wait a few seconds before the bottle’s nipple entered her mouth. Giving an experimental suck on it, she tasted a small stream of apple juice enter her mouth. Swallowing the bit in her mouth, Sonia closed her eyes and began nursing the bottle.

Hope watched as Sonia drank from the baby bottle. She was surprised for several reasons. Sonia Strumm was a well known controversial child pop star, the fact that she was wearing a diaper, drinking from a bottle, and not throwing a hissy fit surprised her. What surprised her further was how well Sonia drank from the bottle; it was almost as if she had done this for years.

After a few minutes the bottle was empty. Hope carefully lifted Sonia up and patted her back, causing the girl to let out a wet burp. Slowly laying her back down, she asked, “Would you like another bottle of juice?”

Sonia laid still, her eyes closed, and her chest rising and falling rhythmically. Hope blinked, wondering if Sonia had fallen asleep. When she saw Sonia’s lips part, she leaned down and heard her whisper one word.


Hope’s eyes softened at that. It was well known that Sonia’s mother died around the time she started her career. Running a hand through Sonia’s hair, she whispered to her, “Rest now baby girl, everything will be okay.”

Sonia exhaled at that, and was soon fast asleep.


Dark forest green eyes fluttered open, the girl they belonged to letting out a soft moan. Blinking a few times, Sonia lifted a hand to her head as she tried to get her bearings. ‘Ugh, what happened to me?’ she thought to herself. ‘Last thing I remember was walking out of the hotel. Where am I?’

Looking around, she noted the room she was in was a cross between an examination room, like the kind they have at doctors’ offices, and a nurse’s office, like the kind they have at schools. The walls to the room were a faded white, as opposed to the blinding white hospitals were known for, a fact Sonia was grateful for. She was currently lying on a smooth surface bed, while across the room she saw a counter and several cabinets. Against the wall a distance to her right was an examination table.

Looking down at herself, Sonia saw she was wearing a hospital gown. Shifting the blanket off herself, she noted with some embarrassment she was also wearing an incredibly babyish looking diaper; pink plastic cover, a picture strip of building blocks and pacifiers, and that there was only one large tape on each of the flaps, as opposed to the two or three tapes some of the larger sized diapers were known to have.

A creaking sound drew Sonia’s attention to the only door in the room, where she saw a violet colored eye stare back at her. After a few seconds of staring, the door slid open the rest of the way, and a girl looking to be her own age walked in. Several features struck Sonia instantly; the girl has hair a shade of green she’d only seen in water, her nose was bandaged, she had a chest the size some girls would only get in their late teens if at all, and she was wearing a purple belly shirt and a pink diaper just like the one she herself was wearing.

“Good, you’re awake. We were a little worried; you’ve been out for a couple of hours, so Mama has been having me check in on you every ten minutes or so to make certain you were still breathing.” The green haired girl said as she walked over to the bed.

“Um, where am I?” Sonia asked. “And did we get in a fight or something? I can’t remember anything after leaving my hotel this morning…” Her eyes widened. “Oh god, tell me I haven’t been here over a day!”

“Don’t worry Sonia, you’ve only been here for five hours.” The girl said, taking a seat next to her on the bed. “You had an allergic reaction to something in the area and passed out at the base of Vista Point. I found you on my way up there by tripping over your legs, which is why I currently look like a clown.” She pinched her nose, only to wince in pain from the action.

“Allergic reaction? I’m only allergic to milk.” Sonia stated.

“People can be allergic to more then one thing Sonia. I’m deathly allergic to onions myself.” The girl stated. “Anyways, my Mama is a part time doctor at a local child clinic, I called her the minute I found you in the bushes. I didn’t know if you had been attacked or if you were alive until you woke up gasping for breath.”

Sonia paled slightly at the thought. “Is that why my throat is sore?”

“Probably, right now your symptoms resemble a bad cold rather then the allergic reaction you had earlier, which believe it or not is an improvement. Mama had to put a tube down your throat to get air into you.” The girl said.

Sonia slowly nodded her head in understanding. “So, who are you, and why are we wearing diapers?”

“Oh!” The girl blushed. "“I’m sorry, I’m unloading all this information and you don’t even know who I am. My name is Amara Kisari. As for why we are both diapered, well, I need them due to a combination of a mental condition I have as well as never having gotten fully potty trained. You’re wearing a diaper because you’ve been having accidents; you wet your jeans when you passed out before, and you made a mess when you were up earlier. Give it a few days of R and R, and you should regain your control quick enough.”

Sonia exhaled at that. “That’s good, my manager gives me hell enough as it is for having to wear these during concerts and recording sessions, I can’t imagine what he’d do if I needed them full time.” She then looked up questioningly. “Mental condition?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not dangerous.” Amara said with a smile. “It’s a variation of multiple personality disorder, and one of mine is a girl two years old. She forces herself to the surface when I get scared and overemotional, which is part of the reason why I never bothered trying to finish training. I’m also into infantilism myself, so it all works out for me.”

Sonia nodded her head. “I understand.” Amara raised an eyebrow, and was about to ask her how, when Sonia’s stomach chose that moment to growl…loudly. Sonia blushed as Amara grinned at her.

“It is about dinner time, and I doubt you’ve had anything to eat since breakfast. You’re welcome to join us for dinner, Mama will want to give you a brief examination before taking you back to your hotel.” Amara stated.

Sonia bit her lip. “Um, the contract I signed makes it so I’m only allowed to be examined by my private doctor.”

“There are exemptions to contracts, such as life threatening conditions. Make no mistake Sonia, had I not found you when I did, you’d be singing with the angels right now.” Amara stated. Sonia paled at that. “It’ll only be a brief physical, not even doing the jog in place exercise, don’t worry about it. Mama and I have ties to the government as well, so any lawsuit that could be filed against us cause of this won’t hurt any of us.”

Frowning, Sonia stated, “If you’re certain.”

“I am.” Amara stated as she stood up. Offering Sonia a hand, she pulled the girl up onto her feet. Upon contact, both girls felt a jolt run through them. They both blinked, before staring questioningly at one another for a minute. “Erm, lets go to the laundry and wash rooms first, I doubt you want to eat in just that gown.”

“Right.” Sonia said, her cheeks gaining a pink hue. “Um, what happened to my other clothes?”

Amara started walking out of the room, Sonia following with no difficulties despite her condition. “They should be in the dryer right now. Unfortunately, dinner will be served in minutes, so you’ll just have to borrow some of my clothes till then.”

A brief walk down the hallway, and they reached the door to the laundry room. As Amara opened the door, Sonia noticed another open door to her left. Through the doorway, she saw a guitar on a stand. “You play guitar?”

“And several other instruments as well, though the violin is my passion.” Amara stated as she entered the laundry room. Sonia followed shortly after. The room was smaller then the average bedroom, consisting of only a cube washing machine, a cube drying machine, and several baskets filled with clothes.

Sonia watched as Amara shifted through some of the baskets next to the currently running dryer. After several seconds she turned to Sonia. “Yup, your clothes are definitely in the dryer right now. Unfortunately, only my baby clothes here are clean, so you’ll have to pick from these.”

“You wear baby clothes?” Sonia asked as she made her way over.

“Infantilist, remember?” Amara stated.

Sonia shifted through the baskets to find something acceptable to wear. Sighing, she grabbed the article of clothing before turning to Amara. “If this gets put up on V-Tube, no government connection will help you with the lawsuit my lawyers will file.” She warned.

“No worries, security cameras are outside only, not inside.” Amara stated. “You’ll need a hand getting into that outfit though.”

Sonia hesitated for a moment, trying to judge Amara’s body language to see if she was lying, but found nothing and nodded her head. Amara walked over and helped Sonia out of her hospital gown, making certain to stay behind her as Sonia was now naked save her diaper.

Lifting Sonia’s arms up over her head, Amara pulled the dress down Sonia’s body, stopping at her belly button. The skirt on the dress was short, barely passing the rim of Sonia’s diaper. Allowing Sonia to straighten out the dress, Amara applied the head piece onto Sonia’s head.

“There you go.” Amara stated as Sonia turned to face her. Giving her a once over, she said, “You look adorable!”

Sonia blushed at that. She was currently wearing a pink, silky smooth baby dress that did next to nothing to hide her diaper. On her head was a matching colored baby bonnet. Looking down at herself, she fingered a white ribbon sewn onto the dress. “Two questions. One, what goes to this, and two, do you have a bra I could wear?”

Amara rubbed her chin in thought for a moment, before snapping her fingers and exiting the room. Sonia made to follow, but Amara returned by the time she reached the door. Taking the ribbon into her hand, Amara tied a pink pacifier to it, causing Sonia to blush.

“I’m afraid we don’t have any bras or panties that’ll fit you Sonia, seeing as Mama’s is too big, and I don’t wear either.” Amara stated.

“So you mean you’re not…I mean under there is just…” Sonia trailed off, blushing as she motioned to Amara’s belly shirt.

“Yup, this is all natural.” Amara said with a wave of her hand. “It’s actually another condition I have; I’ve been growing these melons since I was seven. The doctors say I only have another year or two of growing these at most before they stop for life.”

Sonia’s face was flushed at that explanation. “Is there anything normal about you?”

Amara frowned. “My body is growing like it normally should, save only my breasts.”

Flinching at her tone, Sonia looked Amara in the eye. “I’m sorry Amara, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just, well…” She sighed. “I’m dealing with a lot of crap right now, add onto that this whole deal with me blacking out, and then well…” She sighed again.

Amara rubbed Sonia’s shoulder. “I understand, I’ll try to tone it down a bit.” She said with a smile.

Sonia gave a small smile back, and opened her mouth to say something when she blinked. Amara was about to ask what was wrong when Sonia lifted what little bit of her dress covered her diaper, and looked down to see the front beginning to sag and discolor. Sonia bit her lip as a few tears began welling up in her eyes.

Seeing this, Amara took the pacifier tied to the dress’s ribbon and slipped it into Sonia’s mouth before pulling the surprised girl into a hug. “Don’t worry Sonia, you’re just a little sick right now, everything will be alright once you get better. Mama and I will be here for you if you ever need us while you’re still in town. It’ll be alright.”

Sonia broke down at that. Hugging Amara tightly, Sonia bawled as Amara rocked her gently back and forth, whispering how everything would be okay in her ear. To Amara’s surprise, Sonia cried for nearly ten whole minutes before calming down. Looking into the girl’s eyes, what she saw sent a chill down her spine.

“Everything alright back here?” Hope asked as she entered the laundry room.

“We’re okay Mama.” Amara stated, still holding Sonia in her arms, the girl now suckling on the pacifier in her mouth. “Sonia here has been under a lot of stress lately, and now everything’s catching up to her. She just needed a good cry.”

“Well alright then. Why don’t you go wash your hands and get in your high chair while I take care of Sonia here.” Hope stated as she walked over and pulled Sonia into her arms. To her surprise, Sonia relaxed into her embrace, still suckling the pacifier in her mouth.

“Okay Mommy!” Amara exclaimed, a big smile on little girl’s face. “What’s for din-din?”

“I figured we’d shake things up a bit and made some baby back ribs.” Hope stated. She yelped in surprise as Sonia turned around in her arms, now facing her.

“BABY BACK WIBS!?” Sonia exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with glee, her mouth a huge smile behind her pacifier.

“Um, yes.” Hope managed to say, blinking in surprise at the change the girl in her arms had just undergone.

“Wehl what awe we waiting fow? Wet’s go!” Sonia yelled from behind her pacifier. Amara couldn’t help but laugh as she watched Sonia drag her mother out of the room.


Dinner that night had been something else, Amara reflected as she finished getting dressed for her nightly visit to Vista Point. After settling down in her high chair, Amara only had to wait five minutes before Sonia practically ran out into the kitchen. To her surprise and amusement, Sonia grabbed the baby bib meant for her and tied it on before sitting down, fidgeting in her chair as she waited for her meal.

After Hope finished tying a spare bib around Amara’s neck and pulling the tray down over her arms, Hope pulled out the ribs and started serving them. As it turned out, Sonia had done them a favor by putting the bib on, as it was completely covered by the time the meal was done. What further surprised the pair was when Hope brought over a baby bottle of juice and straw for Sonia to drink from, Sonia had forgone the straw and drank from the bottle’s nipple. Before Hope left to take Sonia back to her hotel, she quietly told her that Sonia had acted much like she did on spaghetti and meat ball night; a rambunctious baby with the body of a teenager.

As she exited the house, Twi appeared on her transer’s screen. “Seems like you’ve had quite the day baby girl.” She stated.

“Yeah, can’t say I’ve ever had one like this.” Amara said softly. Twi caught it immediately.

“Something bothering you?” Twi asked. Amara sighed, and sat down on a nearby bench.

“A lot of things about Sonia are weird.” Amara stated. “She wasn’t bothered that much by having to wear a diaper, she only had an issue when she had an accident. She didn’t mind the baby dress, bottle, or pacifier either…”

“So maybe you have a new baby friend.” Twi said happily.

“I doubt it, but that’s not what really bothers me.” Amara stated. “What bothers me is her eyes.”

“Her eyes?” Twi asked. “What wrong with them? They look very nice to me.”

“You’d be surprised by how much you can tell about a person just by staring into their eyes.” Amara said. “When I looked into her eyes, well, the look in them was similar to what I see in the mirror.”

“Similar to your eyes?” Twi questioned.

“The look she had in her eyes is similar to the look in my eyes whenever I think of that night…” Amara trailed off. Twi instantly knew what night she was referring to; the night Amara had been raped.

“You think Sonia is being abused?” Twi asked.

“I know something is up with her. When I was helping her into her dress, I didn’t see any signs of physical abuse, and even if I missed something, Mama wouldn’t. She wouldn’t send Sonia back to the hotel if she suspected she was being abused.” Amara stated.

“And you didn’t say anything?”

“What could I say? ‘I think she’s being abused but have no proof.’ Sonia is a big person in this world, and is under several contracts. Her staying overnight might violate one of them and cause more harm then good. I don’t like this anymore then you do, but there’s nothing I can do right now.” Amara stated, a bitter tone to her voice.

“Maybe you can’t but I’m sure Twilight can.” Twi stated.

“You want to use our powers for this instead of preparing for the next FM-ian?” Amara asked, surprised.

“I can tell this means a lot to you baby girl, and I almost certain somewhere down the line the FM-ians will get involved with her.” Twi explained.


“Remember when I told you Tom’s negative emotional waves were ones no FM-ian would pass up?” Twi asked. Amara nodded her head. “Well, you and Sonia give off a unique variety of waves that are fit for the FM King himself. You’d be the main course while Sonia would be desert.”

“But I have Mama, and Emily, and several other doctors before I met you, and I’ve gotten more since then.” Amara stated.

“True, but there is a whole spectrum of negative emotions, and loneliness.” Twi stated. “You can have the entire world behind you, yet if they don’t know who you really are, don’t truly understand you, then you feel alone. I sense that vibe from both of you, you due to your baby and little girl sides, and Sonia most likely due to her career, at the least anyways. Understand what I’m trying to say.”

“Yeah.” Amara said with a sigh. She sat in silence for several minutes, before finally standing up. “It’s getting late, lets see if Papa will show himself tonight. When we get home, we’ll ask Mama where Sonia is staying and then we’ll check in on her tomorrow. Though you’ll be the one to explain why Twilight is going to a hotel room full of grown men with another young girl.”

“Deal baby girl.”


Sonia panted as the elevator doors closed. She had given Hope the wrong hotel, several blocks away from the real one, so that her manager and crew didn’t see her by chance. It had been tough; she was more out of shape then she thought, she wasn’t used to running in a diaper, which she had chosen to keep just in case, and she had needed to buy a bandanna to hide her hair so she’d be harder to recognize, seeing as her blond wig was missing. The elevator doors opened, and Sonia stumbled out. Walking down the hallway, she inserted the keycard into the door, and entered the room.

The room was actually a suite. It had a large living room area, several couches and chairs, two tables, and a big screen TV. To the right of the door was the dinning area, and a mini kitchen. The area to the left of the door lead to the luxury bathroom and bedrooms.

“Where the hell have you been Strumm?” Sonia jumped at the voice, and looked to her right. Sitting in the dinning room was her manager and his crew. Her manager wore a high profile, royal purple suit, brown glasses, and had brown hair. His name was Chrys Golds, and he was currently swirling a glass of wine in his hand, looking expectantly at her.

“Passed out in the bushes for several hours, how bout you?” Sonia replied, to tired to care about the consequences of her actions.

“Excuse me?” Chrys asked.

“I’m sick okay, I had an allergic reaction to something. I’m pissing and crapping my pants, the earliest memory I have is walking out the front door of the hotel, and I really don’t feel so good right now.” Sonia stated, her breathing growing heavy.

“Sit.” Was all Chrys said. Sonia made her way over to the table and sat down. “Were you found?”

“Yes, by a mentally disabled girl and her mother. She’s a doctor who works at a child clinic, and managed to identify I was having an allergic reaction. Had she not had the equipment on her to open a pathway in my throat to breath, I’d be dead right now.” Sonia stated, staring him dead in the eye.

“Did she examine you?” Chrys asked after taking a moment to think about that last statement.

“Yes, nothing pass a basic examination for someone who suffered a near life threatening allergic reaction. Gave me some medication too, I got the list of what happened down on paper.” Sonia answered, pulling a slip out of her back pocket. She handed it to Chrys, who handed it to one of the muscular men sitting next to him.

“Take this to our private doctor and call our lawyer, see if we can’t make a buck off this whole thing.” Chrys told him.

“She’s got ties to the government.” Sonia warned. “Not sure how high they go, but she wasn’t concerned about any legal issues this situation might bring when I warned her about examining me.”

The man looked questioningly at Chrys, who just waved him off. The man exited the room. “Did she drop you off here?”

“No, I told her I was staying at the Holiday Inn ten blocks away.” Sonia breathed. “I really don’t feel so good.”

Chrys downed the rest of his glass, his eyes never leaving Sonia. “Bob, give a call to the doctor’s office, tell him to be on call all night and expect a visit in the morning. Trol, help Sonia with her shower, and Mac, get her pajamas and underwear ready.”

As the men stood up, Sonia stated, “Forget underwear, I have no control right now, I need a diaper to wear to bed.”

“Diapers are expensive, and unless the doctor says you need them, you will not wear one anymore then you currently do.” Chrys stated, standing up.

“I have one on right now.” Sonia said. “I can slide it off and back on after-”

“No!” Chrys snapped. “I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times Strumm, diapers and cutesy wootsy baby things go against the image I’ve formed for you. Those things make less money then the deals we have now, so even if we somehow got a clean slate I wouldn’t go with that theme for you.”

“But I-”

“Lets go Strumm, you got a shower to take.” A muscular man, Trol, stated. He placed his hands on Sonia’s shoulders, and lifted her out of her chair. Sonia gave a squawk of surprise at the unexpected move.

Trol escorted her into the bathroom and sat Sonia down on the toilet lid. Walking over to the shower, he took a few minutes to start it up and get the water to an appropriate temperature. Turning around, he made his way over to Sonia, stood her up, and began stripping her.

The bandanna was the first thing to go, her vest and red shirt following, leaving her small but developing breasts exposed to the world. Sitting her back down, Trol removed Sonia’s shoes, socks, and tugged off her black jeans and panties, leaving her in only her diaper.

“Oh how cute.” Trol cooed, causing Sonia to grit her teeth.

Trol then grabbed the tapes on the front of Sonia’s diaper and ripped them off, before pulling Sonia to her feet and out of the diaper, completely naked. Picking the diaper up off the toilet lid, Trol held it in front of Sonia’s face as he tore it in half, throwing the two pieces into the nearby garbage bin. Placing his hands on her bare shoulders, Trol marched Sonia over to the shower, opened the door, ushered the girl in, and closed it.

Sonia was able to enjoy nearly two minutes of warm water trickling down her exhausted body before the door to the shower opened, and Trol entered, naked, and with a wash rag and some cleaning products. “Lets get you cleaned up.” He said.

For the next twenty minutes, Sonia’s hair and body were roughly washed, particularly her sensitive places. All the while, she kept her eyes closed, and her fist clenched as she felt the man’s hands roam her body, not always with the wash rag. She tensed as she felt something poke her behind, and began shivering as she heard him whisper to himself, “Someday.”

Finally, the shower was over. Trol carried her out of the shower, and proceeded to dry himself off first, leaving Sonia to shiver as the cold air assaulted her wet and naked body. After a few minutes, Trol got another towel, and dried Sonia off, going over her body with is bare hands to make certain he didn’t miss any wet patches.

Taking Sonia by the wrist, he escorted her out into the suite, where Mac, and several other men were waiting. “She’s all yours.” Trol said, shoving Sonia into Mac’s waiting arms, electing a few cat calls and whistles from the other men.

The muscular man, Mac, grinned. “Lets get you ready for bed, though I think you’re fine as is.”

Sonia took a shuddered breath, but followed him to her private room. The room contained a dresser, a queen sized bed, and a wide screen TV. On top of the bed was a pair of red pajama top and bottom, black panties and bra, and black socks.

Laying her down on the bed, Mac took Sonia’s right foot into his hand, and pulled one of the socks onto it. He repeated the process with the other foot before grabbing the panties and sliding them up her legs. Then he blinked, and leaned forward to examine the front of them.

“This is odd.” He said. “Someone seems to have smeared something onto the front of your panties. Guess we’ll have to switch to another pair.”

Mac pulled the panties off Sonia, his fingers brushing against her nether lips, causing her to unwillingly shiver. Taking a minute to retrieve a clean pair of panties, he then slid them up Sonia’s legs. Grabbing her pajama bottoms, he slid them up Sonia’s legs. Mac then pulled the tired girl upright, and dressed her in her bra and pajama tops. Once done, he pushed her onto her back. “Go to sleep.” He spat, before exiting the room.

Sonia quickly got under the covers and buried her head into her pillow, tears flowing from her eyes. ‘Oh god, they’ve never come this close to actually…’ she sniffled. ‘I have to be more careful, I can’t give them any excuses to do this again. Just one month, you can last one more month and then you’re free…oh Mama, I wish you were here to help me.’ Sonia soon after fell into a restless sleep.


For those of you who tend to go over every little detail and fact of a story, you’ll have notice that in comparison to the game, each event has been drastically more dangerous in some way, shape, or form. The Harp Note Saga will be the most drastically changed and dark themed Saga in the first game series. There’s a reason for the M rating, and it’s not just the diaper changing scenes. In any case, I won’t be writing a scene like that last one for quite a while, so no worries there. Next chapter will be better, Sonia and Amara getting to know each other better. Till then, review and let me know what you think :slight_smile: