Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight Ch. 6

Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight

Hey all, been a little while, huh? Been getting a few other story ideas out of my head before I could effectively work on this one. Also, text that’s underlined is part of a flashback. For those interested in spoilers for what I’ve got planned for in this story, check out part 2 of my other Starforce story: Sonia’s Mistake. That said, on with the show!


Chapter 6: A Day in the Life of…

There were few clouds in the sky as Amara laid back on the grassy hillside of Vista Point. Today Amara was dressed in a different set of clothes, at her mother’s insistence for a little variety. She wore a small, short sleeved dark purple t-shirt that reached just past her belly button, and a jean skirt pair of overalls that barely concealed her pink diaper when she stood up; it wasn’t concealing much of it at the moment.

Amara still had her headband and ponytail, as well as her pacifier, her father’s pendant and visualizer, and was happily drinking a nice, cool bottle of milk when it happened. “Oh my god, you actually drink from a baby bottle!”

Amara groaned as she pulled the bottle’s nipple out of her mouth. Looking up at the pair standing over her, she stated, “I’m part baby, of course I still drink from a bottle.”

Luna sneered as she looked down on Amara. “So what you’re saying is that you can’t function on the level that’s considered normal for a girl your age. I just so happened to have looked up a few facilities that can help such a disabled person such as yourself. Want me to message them to your Mommy?”

Amara wiped her mouth and stood up, taking a moment to straighten her skirt out. “For your information, I can drink from a glass like a big girl, I just choose not to unless I have to. And what’s this crap about me going to some facility? Can’t get me to go to school so you want me in some psych ward where I can’t hurt your school reputation?”

Luna raised her arms in an ‘I don’t know’ gesture. “Well, since you can’t function like a big girl, or simply choose not to, a facility would be the best place for you, like any other person with disabilities.”

“Actually, Amara’s lack of attendance does not officially affect your performance Prez.” Zack spoke up for the first time, gaining both girls’ attention.

“Just what are you saying?” Luna questioned, her voice dangerously low. Amara looked on curiously, popping her pacifier in her mouth.

“Well Prez, I was worried that, given Amara’s stubborn attitude against you and the support she’s got, that you might end up burning yourself out trying to get her to come to school.” Zack explained. “I checked the school system with our homeroom teacher. While Amara is technically listed as being apart of our classes, due to the Teacherman navi system she’s in, as long as she meets each of the navis the system marks her in for the class. There have been a few days missed over the past year or two, but that was due to technical interference, and it was noted how Amara gets the missed work in the day after she returns, so those days aren’t counted against her.”

Amara grinned behind her pacifier as Luna processed this information. Now she had no reason to pester her. “That still doesn’t mean she shouldn’t attend classes with the rest of her peers.” Amara bopped her forehead, apparently Luna could think of more reasons, just none that were any good.

Pulling her pacifier out of her mouth with a ‘plop’, Amara replied, “I told you before, I don’t do very well when I’m in with large groups of people, especially with boys mixed in, need I remind you of what happened when Bud tried to grab me.”

“What are you, sexist against men? They got support groups that can help you get over that.” Luna stated.

“It’s impossible for me to ever completely get over, it’s a part of me and even my psychiatrist says I’ll never recover completely.” Amara stated quietly.

“I’m sure there’s medicine that could help.” Zack said.

Amara smiled softly at Zack. “A man was the reason I became disabled, how I developed my MRPD.”

“MRPD?” Luna questioned.

“Multi-Regressional Personality Disorder.” Amara clarified. “Being around so many boys or men tends to make me really nervous, and scared. I can stand being around a few males, but physical contact can’t ever happen or else what happened to Bud happens. So that’s why I use the Teacherman navi system, so that I can actually get my work done instead of staying as dumb as my baby side. School just isn’t an environment I can function in for very long.”

“Well you’ll have to get over it sometime, and what better way then going to school?” Luna said as if that was the final answer.

“By making friends one person at a time.” Amara answered. “I’ve already got a few male adults as a friend, and Bud and I are on speaking terms, I’ve actually been tutoring him in math the past few days. And this was the way my psychiatrist said was best for me, so unless you got a better doctrine then her, I’m doing things my way.”

Luna glared at Amara, and was about to respond when Amara let out a large fart, filling the back of her diaper and causing it to droop slightly. “Oh god, you just shit yourself!” Luna shrieked, stumbling back and holding her nose. Zack took a few steps back as well.

“It’s what I do, what did you think I wear diapers for? I mean yeah, they are more comfortable the few panties I wore when I was still training, but-” Amara was cut off.

“Forget it, I’m out of here. Just come to school already, it’s in your best interest.” Luna snapped before turning around and stomping off. Zack shrugged his shoulders and after waving goodbye to Amara, ran to catch up with Luna.

Amara slid her fingers under her headband to massage her forehead. “That girl always gives me a headache.” Plopping back down onto the ground, Amara closed her eyes, put the bottle’s nipple back in her mouth and suckled on it for her sweet prize of cool milk.

Just as she was finishing the bottle off she felt something tickle what little skin she had exposed on her stomach. Amara giggled, but kept her eyes closes and focused on finishing her bottle. The tickling sensation came a second time, once again causing Amara to giggle and squirm around a bit. Just as she got the last drop of milk, a cold nose touched her stomach, causing her to jump with a squeal.

“Twi, why’d you do that? I was twying to get the wast of the miwk from my ba-ba.” Amara said, slipping into her little girl persona.

Twilificus smiled down at Amara. “Sorry baby girl, I just discovered something on the way here you should know about.” She explained.

“Huh? What you know?” Amara asked

“It’s taken over a week, but Taurus Fire’s residual wave data has reformed.” Twi stated.

“WHAT!” Amara shouted, leaping to her feet in full big girl mode. “Where is he? What’s he-”

“AMARA!” Twi shouted, causing the girl to jump. “Relax baby girl, I said it was residual wave data. While this form of Taurus Fire is stronger then the one we fought, it has no mind. As long as nothing aggravates it, it won’t attack anything; it’s just wandering around on the wave road, blasting any viruses that attack it.”

Amara blinked as she processed this information. “So that means there will be less EM viruses around Echo Ridge?”

“Yup, and there’s more.” Twi said, excitement seeping into her voice. “If you activate the Wave battle program and defeat it, you can capture some of the residual data and create EM Warrior battle card!”

“EM Warrior battle card?” Amara questioned. Twi bobbed up and down in front of her, the equivalent of a nod.

“It means you’d be able to summon a copy of Taurus Fire to launch one attack, and given his already impressive strength, this version’s will be really powerful.” Twi explained.

Amara’s eyes went wide with excitement. “Really? Well what are we waiting for? Let’s get him!” She moved to grab her diaper bag when Twi nudged her backside, causing her to lose her balance and fall over. “Twi, what was that for.”

“We’re not going to fight it just yet.” Twi stated. “You’re going to continue that kunoichi training you’ve been going on about for the next week, and then we’ll fight him again and this time there won’t be any mistakes. Understand?”

“Oh, okay.” Amara said, crossing her arms and pouting. “Still think it’d be better to get that card now. Why’d you tease me with it?”

“I figured I’d give you something to look forward to.” Twi answered. Seeing Amara still pouting, Twi decided to try something else. “By the way, just what did you eat today, you’re a really stinky baby girl.”

Amara smirked at her. “Well maybe if you didn’t put your nose where it doesn’t belong, you wouldn’t have to suffer.”

“Indeed, that is my own fault.” Twi conceded. “Now how be we go back up and you change yourself, I’ll stand watch so nobody gets a show from you.”

“Okay Twi-Twi.” Amara said, once again shifting to her little girl side. Putting her pacifier in her mouth, she suckled happily on it as she put her things away and grabbed her diaper bag.


Amara tossed the diaper bag out from under the raised platform and crawled out herself. Standing up, she held out her overalls skirt and stepped into it, pulled it up, and buttoned up the straps over her shoulders. Straightening her skirt, Amara looked over to see Twi gazing up at the sky.

Holding off judgment on her Twi’s absence from guard duty, she walked over to her. “What ya looking at Twi?”

“Someone’s coming from up there.” Twi answered. Amara blinked and looked up at the sky.

“I don’t see anyone.” She said.

“Who ever it is, they’re a few minutes from here, but is approaching us through the air.” Twi said. “I’m also sensing a large amount of negative emotional waves coming from him or her. An FM-ian wouldn’t pass up a bite from this person’s waves.”

Amara narrowed her eyes. “So be prepared for a battle?” Twi nodded her head.

The pair waited and watched as a figure appeared in the distance. It had a humanoid figure, but with large wings that reflected the sunlight. As it grew closer, Amara could make out brown hair on the figure. As it was nearly on top of them, Amara saw the person wore a similar outfit that Aaron did, and informed Twi as much. Twi curled up into a ball of energy and shot into Amara’s Transer as Amara approached the now identified male that landed near the edge of the hill.

“I’m close, but it’s still not quite right…It can’t maintain my weight for long periods…” the man mumbled. Amara paused, and the inventive side of her thought over the man’s predicament.

“Try lengthening the wing span.” She suggested. The man jumped and turned to face her. Amara could now see the man had grey eyes and his brown hair was waved back due to the wind that blew threw it.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you spying on me? Trying to steal my work?” the man fired off each question rapidly, panic rising in his voice.

Amara, seeing this, quickly waved her hands and shook her head. “No, no, no! I’m not trying to steal your work, and I didn’t know you’d be up her till I saw you flying through the air. This hill is a tourist attraction around here, and I usually come here to relax.”

“How do I know you’re not lying?” the man questioned, suspicion in his voice.

Amara just stared him dead in the eyes for minute before responding. “You’re hurt too, aren’t you?”

“What?” the man asked, surprised and confused at the question.

“That look in your eyes, I see it every time I look at myself in the mirror after a nightmare. Someone hurt you, hurt you badly, and betrayed your trust, didn’t they.” Amara said, her voice soft.

“But how…you’re just a kid, how would you know about something like this?” the man asked.

Amara lifted her skirt a bit to show her diaper. “Someone I trusted, someone I formed a brotherband with, betrayed me, attacked me. Because of him, I’ll be in diapers for the rest of his life.” Dropping her skirt, she continued. “But I’ve learned to live with it, and have found people who I can really trust.” She gave a small smile at the man.

“I see…” Was all he said. “Well, please don’t mention my Flap Pack to anyone, it’s my secret project, and I don’t want anyone trying to steal it.”

“I promise I won’t say a word to anyone.” Amara said. “My name is Amara Kisari.”

“Tom Dubius.” The man answered.

“Do you know Mr. Boreal?” Amara asked.

“Yes, he’s my boss. How do you know him?”

“He and my father were friends from high school, at least that’s what he said. He also gave me this nifty Transer and my dad’s Visualizer.”

“I thought I recognized that visor, he really put a lot of effort into it, but he didn’t say he finished them.”

“Well they work now.” Just then, Amara’s Transer ‘binged’ twice. “Huh? Looks like I got some messages. Excuse me.”

Tom nodded and turned back to his Flap Pack. Amara took a few steps away and started opening her messages. “Lets see.” Amara mumbled. “First from momma…dinner’s ready, so come home now…(groan) second from Luna………THAT BITCH!”

Tom jumped at Amara’s yell. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, just pissed off.” Amara said with a growl as she closed the message. “I’m sorry, but it’ll be a while before I calm down, and I don’t want to take my anger out on you. I’ll see you around some time Tom?”

“If you come to AMAKEN labs, yes.” Tom answered. Amara nodded her head, and bid him goodbye.


The door slammed behind her as Amara kicked her boots off. Hope and, to her surprise, Aaron rushed to the door. “Amara, why did you slam the door? Is something wrong?”

“Luna Platz is a bitch, and I don’t care if you wash my mouth out with soap, or spank me, but anytime someone asks me about her that’s the answer I’m going to give.” Amara snarled.

“What did Luna do?” Hope asked.

“Look for yourself!” Amara snapped, slamming her Transer down on the small table next to the door before stomping past Hope and Aaron and up the stairs.

Hope picked up the Transer. Unseen, Twilificus exited the Transer and whispered in her ear to check the messages before going off after Amara. Hope quickly found the message from Luna and opened it. She found several links inside and clicked one. Reading the page, Hope’s face scrunched up in anger.

“That girl really is despicable.” Hope stated.

“What is it?” Aaron asked.

“Links to facilities for people with disabilities and can’t function in society. This last link is for the mentally unstable…it’s an Asylum.” Hope growled before poking the stylist around the page. “I’m making a copy of this message. If that girl continues harassing my daughter I’m filing a restraining order against her.”

“This been going on very long?” Aaron asked.

“Since the day you met Amara actually.” Hope answered. “That girl is determined to get Amara back in the classroom, and since discovering Amara’s disabilities, is stating either she should go to school or go to some facility.”

“Sounds like this girl is a real piece of work.” Aaron stated.

“Yes. I’m sorry Aaron, but I need to find Amara, she’s really sensitive about this kind of thing.” Hope said.

“I understand. Once she calms down, tell her about my idea.” Aaron said.

“Right, and maybe she can join in on a tour tomorrow morning, we’ve got an appointment with her psychiatrist in the afternoon.” Hope asked.

“Sure. Now go to her.” Aaron told her.


Hope found Amara in the playroom. Amara’s clothes were thrown around the room, including a wet diaper. Amara herself was lying in a pile of stuffed animals, a white diaper haphazardly taped on, snuggling against her favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Wolfie. Her eyes were closed, puffy and red, her face had tear stains on it, and she was suckling her pacifier as her body shook.

Walking towards her, Hope found the Visualizer and slipped it on, seeing Twilificus curled up on Amara’s lap. Hope laid down next to Amara and pulled her into a hug. “Wanna talk about it?” She whispered in her ear.

Amara let her pacifier drop from her mouth. “Momma, did you…do you ever wish I was normal?”

Hope’s eyes widened at that. “Baby girl, I-”

“Don’t call me that!” Amara yelled, choking up on a sob.

Hope sighed, but ran her hair through Amara’s head. Glancing at Twilificus, she remembered the vow she made with Amara: No secrets. “Amara, there are some times I wish you behaved like a girl your age would.” Amara let out a loud sob. “Like when I make spaghetti and meat balls.” Amara blinked.


“I’ll let you in on every parent’s guilty little secret Amara. We all don’t want our children to grow up. We want to be able to protect them from everything that could harm them, but we also want what’s best for them, and that’s to let them be themselves.”


“As I said before, there are times I wish you weren’t a baby girl, but at the same time I don’t think we could have been any better off if you hadn’t developed your disorder. Your necessities required us to constantly be together, and between your incident and losing Kelvin , we’ve grown so close. I wouldn’t trade that for anything, not even a normal daughter.”

Fresh tears were streaming down Amara’s face. “Mommy!” Amara latched onto Hope, crying uncontrollably into her shoulder. Hope rubbed her back, humming as she rocked Amara gently back and forth.

As Hope glanced at Twilificus, the room around them started wavering, becoming distorted. “Amara!”

Amara’s head snapped up, and she gasped as the room glowed a bright white. “What’s happening?”

The glow faded, but the room had changed. Monitors adorn the wall, computer panels under them, and there was one rolling chair. The exposed walls were metallic, white in color, and the floor was checkered tiled and sky blue in color.

“So it’s your shift this now Twilificus.” Amara and Hope’s heads snapped toward the chair.

‘That voice, it can’t be!’ Hope thought to herself.

The chair spun around, revealing a man with brown hair and eyes. He wore a short sleeved shirt, white in color with orange sleeves, and brown jean pants. The shirt was stained, and his hair was unkept, but he was grinning.

“You are correct Kelvin.” Twilificus said, floating through the door to the room. “It appears you can see us now without your visor.”

“It’s daddy.” Amara whispered. Hope tightened her embrace on her daughter and continued to watch.

“Yeah, we all can now. Being exposed to so many Z waves appears to have that affect on us.” Kelvin replied, rubbing the back of his head. “Don’t suppose you could ask the warden to turn the water back on, could you? We’d be able to clean up better and the smell wouldn’t be so bad.”

“I shall make it a point to mention it, but Ophiuca and I are not on the best of speaking terms, to put it mildly.” Twi responded.

“I see.” Kelvin sighed. Reaching into his pockets, he pulled out a lighter and a cigarette. “Don’t tell my wife about this, she’d kill me if she knew I started smoking.”

“Damn right.” Hope whispered, causing Amara to smile.

“Who is this ‘Wife’ you speak of?” Twi asked as she hovered closer.

Kelvin exhaled a puff of smoke. “She’s the woman I love, married, and had a sweet little princess with.” Tears sprung to the ladies eyes.

“I did not realize you were royalty on your planet.” Twi stated.

“Nah, I’m not really royalty, every parent thinks the world of their son or daughter, their little prince or princess.”

“I understand some of what you say, but you’ve yet to say what ‘marriage,’ ‘wife,’ ‘parent,’ ‘daughter,’ and ‘son’ mean.” Twi stated.

“Well it’s like this.” Kelvin began. “You understand what friendship means, correct?” Twilificus nodded. "Well, marriage is the greatest form of friendship possible on my planet. It’s when two people are in love with each other, and are willing to do anything to comfort, provide, and protect their partner.

“The woman of the partnership, the marriage, is known as the wife, while the man is called the husband. Now, I don’t know how EM beings are formed, but when a man and a woman love each other, we have a, um, ritual I believe is the best way you’d understand it, to form new humans that have characteristics of both the man and human. These young humans are our children: the males are known as the son, and the female is the daughter. These groups of humans are known as families, involving a man, a woman, and a child or two in ordinary cases.”

“What’s an unusual case?” Twi asked.

“Well, my family is in one right now.” Kelvin sighed. “When one of the parents, that’s the man and the woman, are missing, the remaining parent will have to take care of the child or children by themselves, or with support from their families. Sometimes both parents are missing from the family, and the government on our world provides housing for those unfortunate children. The lucky ones get accepted by other families, which we call foster families, but not everyone’s lucky.” Kelvin sighed again. “It’s the sad truth, but nothing is perfect. Perfection is but a dream, one that’s forever out of our reach, yet makes us strive for a better future.”

“I see.” Twi said quietly.

“Do you?” Kelvin asked.

“More then I did.” Twi said. “I’m just comparing what you’ve told me to my culture.”

“Notice any similarities?” Kelvin asked, curious.

“Some, but I’m more curious about my own relationships and how-”

The area shifted briefly, and suddenly Kelvin and Twi were by the panels.

“This is my wife, Hope. A beautiful woman who’s beauty is only surpassed by her heart. Her smarts are icing on the cake.” Kelvin said, showing a picture on the screen.

Hope gasped. “That’s our wedding picture!”

“Icing? Cake?” Twi looked at Kelvin confused.

“Human expression, I’ll explain it later.” Kelvin said with a wave of his hand. Pressing a button, the screen changed to another picture. “This is my little princess, my baby girl Amara. Isn’t she adorable.”

“She looks like a midget.” This caused both Hope and Kelvin to laugh while Amara growled.

“She’s very young, and human bodies grow as time passes. I wouldn’t trade anything to replace her.” Kelvin stated.

“Then why did you leave her and your wife?” Twi asked. Amara and Hope leaned closer to the pair.

Kelvin sighed, scratching the back of his head. “The people I worked for offered me a large amount of money. They placed in my account the day before I left earth. With it, my family will be taken care of for the rest of their life. My daughter won’t even have to get a job if she doesn’t want one, and she’ll still live comfortably for as long as she lives.” He closed his eyes and clenched his fist. “I just hope they can forgive me for being gone from their lives for so long. My princess should be in third grade by now, having slumber parties…it’s only a matter of time before she discovers boys aren’t icky…If I had known what would have happened when I took this mission, I’d have never accepted it.”

Twi was silent for a time. “Kelvin, I can’t understand what you’re going through, but I can sympathize with you missing people you care about.”

“You miss someone?” Kelvin asked.

“Yes, but he’s never coming back.” Twi stated. "Omega-xis was always brash, flying off the handle, trying to prove himself. It got him in trouble more often then not, and he finally got in over his head. We managed to save him, but as we make our escape, we were ambushed. We fought them off as best we could, and we thought be succeeded, but one of the enemies had been faking and launched a surprise attack at me and my friend.

“The attack would have destroyed us had Omega-xis not thrown himself in the blast’s path. Lyra killed the bastard while I did my best to save Omega-xis, but he was too damaged. He managed to apologize for being such a burden, and claimed his only regret was leaving behind such great friends like us, before he died…”

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Kelvin said.

“Me too.” Twi said. “He always spoke before he thought, but he was always fun to be around. I miss him, but I’ll never forget him.”

Kelvin reached under the panel and pulled out a green glass bottle. Pulling the cork off, he raised the bottle. “To departed friends, and distant loved ones.”

Twi gave a small smile. “Here, here.”

The room began to flicker just as Kelvin tipped the bottle back. A few seconds later, the room had shifted back to its original form. Looking around, Amara and Hope saw Twi lying on the other side of the pile of stuffed animals.

“That was your present I’ve been working on.” Twi said, panting. “Takes a lot out of me manipulating so much light energy, especially with how weak I am alone here.”

“Twi, you could have asked me to wave change.” Amara said.

“No I couldn’t. With you in such an emotional state, I can’t link up with you, we have to be in synch to wave change.” Twi explained.

“Oh.” Amara said softly.

“Thank you for showing us that Twilificus.” Hope said.

“Yes, thank you Twi.” Amara said.

“You’re welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some rest.” Twi allowed her head to flop down on the pile.

“No problem Twi.” Amara said, shakily getting to her feet, still clutching her wolf. Hope rose as well, picking up Amara’s pacifier and pendent, and slipping the paci into Amara’s mouth. Taking her hand, Hope led Amara out of the room.

When Hope walked passed Amara’s nursery, Amara stopped in her tracks, causing Hope to look at her. “Is something wrong?”

Amara pulled her pacifier out. “Look at me.” She said.

“What do you mean?” Hope asked, confused.

“I mean look at me.” Amara said. “I’m standing here almost naked, wearing a diaper, cuddling a stuffed animal, and suckling on a pacifier.”

“Amara, I told you already, I wouldn’t trade you for a normal girl or anything else, ever.” Hope said.

Amara shook her head. “That’s not what I mean. I really am a baby, even when I’m a big girl or a little girl. I’ve talked about making others accept who I am, but I don’t truly accept it either, not entirely.”

She sighed. “If I’m to defend myself and my lifestyle to others, I have to accept who I am, what I am. Luna…I did some research on her. Her family is pretty powerful, anything that’s not concrete can be lost. If I’m to stand up to her, I have to be sure of myself before I’m sure I can be sure I can beat her.”

“You sound as if she’ll try to take legal action.” Hope stated.

“There was another member of Luna’s class that didn’t do as she was told by Luna. She was being raised by a single parent. After getting into a cat fight with Luna, the girl’s mother was found unfit to raise her and she was removed from her custody. According to the file, both the mother and daughter committed suicide a year later.”

“My god.” Hope said, her hands covering her mouth.

“Now she’s set her sight on me…on us. If I’m to face her, much less any FM-ians trying to invade, I have to be sure of myself, and how can I when a part of me wants so desperately to be normal?” Amara shook her head. “My life has fallen into routine, but I haven’t considered it normal. I have to accept that no matter what form I take, I am a baby. I have needs, but that doesn’t mean I can’t function when I need to.”

“Okay Amara, what can we do to help you accept yourself?”

“That’s the tough part mama.” Amara said as she scratched the back of her head. “It isn’t fair to ask this.”

“It doesn’t hurt to ask baby girl, but we’ll see what I can do to help you.” Hope said.

“Well, I need to be a baby more of the time.” Amara started. Hope nodded her head. “From now on, I’d like to make my room officially be my nursery. My big girl bedroom could be made into a work place for both of us, and store things like my big girl cloths and some of your things too.”

“Okay.” Hope said, nodding.

“I already drink from bottles, but do you think every once in a while you’d be able to feed me the food I want to eat?” Amara asked shyly.

“Depends on the food I suppose.” Hope answered.

“Okay. Um, you already dress me more often then not, but can you change my diaper more often? It’s weird, but when you change me I feel…lighter is the only word that comes to mind.”

Hope smiled. “Once again, depends on the food you’ve eaten.”

Amara’s cheeks turned pink, but nodded her head. “One last thing. Unless I’m in baby clothes, I want my diapers completely visible, unless you have company over of course. That means no pants, shorts, or skirts. My diapers are pretty much the biggest part of my baby-ness that doesn’t involve my behavior.”

“I see.” Hope said. “Well, I don’t have a problem with any of this, but we will have to talk Emily about this tomorrow. Our appointment is in the afternoon, and we have plans in the morning.”

“We do?” Amara asked. Hope took her by the hand and led her into her room.

“Yup, Aaron is giving us a tour of AMAKEN. We’ll be going in the morning, and with an elementary school class. Third graders I believe.” Hope explained as she lifted Amara up on the changing table. “But enough about that, where did you get that white diaper?”

Amara turned her head as Hope fixed the tapes on her diaper. “I found a bag in our new storage room you missed.”

“I see.” Hope said. She grabbed a baby blue, footed sleeper and a matching colored baby bonnet. “Well, I suppose we can alternate between that bag and the latest one we opened. We’ll put your bag downstairs for when you want to go out, and we’ll keep your cute diapers here for your home and baby time.”

“Okay Mommy.” Amara said, doing nothing to help as Hope proceeded to dress her.

“Good girl, I was worried you stole them from the medical supplies I store downstairs.” Hope said.

Amara blinked. “You mean I could have just gone down there the first day you bought the pink diapers and I wouldn’t have had to worn them?”

“And how long do you think you could have hidden that from me?” Hope asked as she zipped the sleeper up and began filtering Amara’s hair into the bonnet.

“Point taken.” Amara said. Hope finished filtering Amara’s hair into the bonnet and tied the ribbon below her chin. She then opened a drawer and pulled out a label-less bottle, and grabbed Amara’s pacifier.

Upon seeing the bottle, Amara gulped. “M-Mommy, what are you doing?”

“Well Amara, since you’re determined to accept being a baby girl, you’ll have to take everything that comes with it. You’ve had a foul mouth today baby girl, and while you were well in your right to curse Luna, as a baby it’s still unacceptable.” Hope explained as she poured a clear liquid onto the pacifier. “While your actions have warranted a spanking, I believe this will suffice after the long day we’ve had.”

“I’ll take the spanking.” Amara said quickly.

“A baby doesn’t get to make decisions.” Hope replied. Amara tried to get off the changing table, but Hope was too quick and pressed the pacifier into her mouth.

Amara’s eyes widened as her tongue came in contact with the nipple. She tried to pry Hope’s hand off, but to no avail. Hope watched the clock in the corner, and after two minutes passed, removed her hand. She chuckled as the pacifier bounced off the ceiling after Amara spat it out.

“That’s not funny, it’s vile! Have you ever tasted it?” Amara yelled.

“Yes I have, do you think I’d ever give you anything I haven’t tried myself?” Hope asked.

“No.” Amara mumbled. “What is that stuff.”

“If I told you, you’d use your ninja stealth to steal the supplies before I made it.” Hope said. Amara grumbled under her breath, crossing her arms. Her eyes widened as a pacifier was pressed into her mouth, but relaxed when she didn’t taste any of that…that substance. “Now how about we go downstairs and get some yummies in your tummy.”

Hope tickled Amara’s sides, causing her to giggle and squirm, futilely trying to bat away her hands. Letting up, Hope lifted Amara up and cradled her in her arms. Amara snuggled up against Hope, still carrying her wolf, and gave a cute yawn, the day’s events catching up with her. Hope carried Amara out of the room, planning to heat up the dinner that had most certainly cooled by now.


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