Megaman Starforce: the Power of Twilight Ch. 4

Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight

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Chapter 4: The Flames of Taurus Fire Pt. 1

Emily walked to the entrance of the living room and peeked inside. There she saw Hope had Amara laid out on her lap, drinking a bottle. Amara had been striped down to just her socks, a drenched diaper, and her belly shirt, her clothes and accessories on the floor near them. Emily noted Amara’s body was shaking.

“Is she cold?” Emily asked softly, entering the room and sitting on a chair next to the couch that was occupied.

“No, just scared.” Hope whispered back, looking down at Amara. “What happened out there?”

“The girl out there was trying to get Amara to attend classes at the school. When Amara wouldn’t listen to her, she got the larger boy to try and explain why she should go back. He must have had physical contact with her for over a minute to get this response from her.” Emily explained.

“Is the boy okay?” Hope asked.

“A broken nose, but I snapped it back in place. I think your baby girl also hit him in his jimmies too.” Emily said. At this, both girls heard a giggle, and looked down to see Amara trying to drink her bottle through her smile. “She seems to like the word, jimmies.” Amara giggled again.

“How ironic.” Hope said flatly. “What of the other two?”

“Physically they are fine. The girl wanted to press charges, but I nipped that in the bud hopefully, and if not it’ll be dealt with quick enough.” Emily quietly said. “That girl though, I wouldn’t mind studying her for a while. Of course, that was if I didn’t have this little angel.” She ran her hand through Amara’s hair, causing the girl to stop shivering and lean into it.

“Think there’s something wrong with the girl?” Hope asked.

“She appears to be deluding herself, believing everything that doesn’t make sense to her isn’t true. Or something around those lines anyways.” Emily said. “So I guess we’ll have to wait for our talk with Amara’s little girl side, huh?”

“Unfortunately Amara will be her baby self for the rest of the night, and maybe some of the morning.” Hope sighed. “When’s the next time you’re available? I can bring her to you if you’d rather.”

Emily had her transer out and was scanning her calendar. “I should be available next Friday at 11AM. You can bring her over to my office then. Until then, could you make certain she records her activities of all three of her forms?”

“I don’t think that’ll be too much of a problem.” Hope said. Just then Amara began bawling, having finished her bottle. Hope quickly grabbed a pacifier and plucked it into Amara’s mouth, who instantly began suckling on it. Looking up, she asked, “Mind holding onto her while I get her changing supplies?”

“Not at all.” Emily answered with a smile. Hope lifted Amara up as she stood up, and carefully placed her in Emily’s waiting arms. As Emily began rocking Amara, Hope grabbed Amara’s diaper bag and began pulling out supplies.

Amara suckled on her paci as she looked up at Emily, a curious look in her eyes. Emily smiled at her. “Aren’t you just the cutest thing? Yes you are, yes you are!” Emily ran her fingers over Amara’s exposed belly, causing the girl to squirm and giggle. She continued her treatment until hope finished setting up the changing pad.

Carefully, Emily lifted Amara up in her arms and placed her down on the changing pad. Hope undid the tapes on Amara’s diaper, and after lifting her legs, pulled the diaper out from under her. Taking a few minutes to clean Amara with wet wipes, Hope then grabbed a container of diaper rash cream and began applying it to Amara’s diaper areas. Once done with that, she applied some baby powder and rubbed it into Amara’s skin.

Emily handed Hope a fresh diaper, who proceeded to open it and slid it under Amara’s bum. Carefully lowered Amara’s legs to the floor, Hope then lifted the front of the diaper up between her legs, opened the side flaps, and pulled it up tightly over her front. Ripping open the side tapes, Hope pulled the tapes tightly across the front of Amara’s diaper and checked for leak holes.

“Well, that takes care of that.” Hope said, cleaning her hands with a wet wipe. “Would you still like to stay for dinner Emily?”

“If it’s alright, I think I should head back to the office. I can probably finish up another report file and get to spend more time with my little ones tomorrow.” Emily answered, cleaning her hands as well.

Hope smiled at Emily. “I understand. So next Friday at 11, your office?”

“That’s correct.”

“Alright then, we’ll be there, along with records about all three of her selves.”

“Good, I’ll let myself out. Take care now.”


Emily exited the living room, and a minute later the front door opened and shut. Hope looked down at Amara and sighed. “Guess we’ll have to go with baby food tonight baby girl, tomorrow I’ll make your spaghetti and meatballs.” Hope said softly. She noticed Amara’s eyes seemed to light up as she said that and giggled; even in her baby form Amara recognized the name of her favorite food. “Well, I best get started.”


“I can’t believe that girl beat you up so easily! I’ve never been so embarrassed in my entire life!”

Up on Vista Point, Luna was standing on one of the benches, looking down on Bud, who was now up and about, but with two tissues stuffed up his nose. Zack stood to the side, between the two.

“How was I supposed to know she’d freak out like that?” Bud exclaimed.

“You should have been able to restrain her until those adults came out, you are on the school’s wrestling team.” Luna shot back.

“Those boots felt like they had iron tips to them, you try getting hit in your most sensitive place and see if you can manage to think straight, much less move around.” Bud countered.

“It probably would have made it worse if he did restrain her Prez.” Zack said. “Amara has disabilities, and if Bud had restrained her, her Mom could have pressed charges against him.”

“If she really had some mental disability she’d be in a facility that could help treat her for them.” Luna said, waving her hand dismissively.

“Not all conditions can be cured, some of them stay for the rest of the victim’s life. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their freedom if they can manage their lives without disrupting society or harming themselves.” Zack argued.

“She attacked Bud, she obviously needs help.” Luna replied.

“That doctor said she has a phobia of men, it’s only natural she’d freak out like that.” Zack said.

“Amara seemed to get along fine with you Zack.” Bud pointed out.

“Probably because I’m shorter then her. I’m not considered a threat to her.” Zack replied.

“ENOUGH!” Both boys jumped at Luna’s yell. “I don’t care if she has a mental condition or not: If Amara is able to be outside a health facility then she can go to school like the rest of us. Bud, I’ve gone out of my way to help you with your school work so you can stay on the wrestling team, but you couldn’t even stop that skinny girl from beating you up. I see no reason to help you any further.”

“Wha-What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that you’re not worth the effort for your services anymore Bud.” Luna spat. She then raised her arm and began typing away on her transer.

“But I-” kerk

“There, I’ve broke our brotherband. Don’t bother me anymore Bud.” Luna said. Bud and Zack stood there in shock as Luna hopped of the bench. “Come on Zack, we got work to do.”

Bud was shaking as Luna walked past him without so much as a glance. Zack seemed torn about what to do, but followed after Luna, patting Bud on his arm as he passed. As soon as they were out of sight, Bud fell to his knees and let out a sob.

Before Luna and Zack came into the picture, Bud was just an overweight kid who was on and off the school’s wrestling team, depending on his grades. He used to be picked on by the other students, and eventually began to strike back at them. It was his strength that had caught Luna’s attention, and she agreed to help stick up for him and help with his school work in exchange for him using his strength for her needs. Bud had been lonely and desperate for friends when Luna offered her deal, and Bud agreed in a heart beat.

Losing that deal, and Luna’s brotherband shook Bud to his core; he didn’t want to go back to being that lonely kid everyone made fun of. As he continued to sob, a figure made of EM waves looked on from beside the platform.

The EM being was made of orange, flaming energy, with crimson chest, shoulder, and head armor. From the shoulder armor came two energy arms, and from the helmet came two energy horns, giving the EM being the look of an upright bull.

This boy’s loneliness waves will surely make me stronger while on this planet.’ The being thought to itself. ‘All I need to do is get him to agree to give me use of his body, and I’ll be able to start looking for that traitor Twilificus.’

The EM being was consumed by his orange energy, and shot forward, slamming into Bud and knocked him onto his back. When Bud opened his eyes, he only saw darkness in all directions. “W-Where am I? What’s going on?”

Suddenly, ghostly figures appeared in front of Bud. Looking closely, he discovered one of them was a younger version of himself. He watched as the other ghosts started attacking his ghost, and recognized several of them as his past bullies. It was then he realized he was watching his most troubled memories play out in front of him.

“No…stop it…” Bud watched wide eyed as he watched one of the ghostly figures pull a knife, and stabbed his ghost in the stomach. Bud clutched his stomach where he’d been stabbed as phantom pain flared up. “Stop it!”

Several more scenes flashed by, reducing Bud to be on the ground in the fetal position, sobbing. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked up to see the EM being. Bud tried to move away, but was paralyzed with fear. “W-Who are you?”

“My name is Taurus.” The EM being answered. “I am what you humans would refer to as an alien.”

“An alien!? You’re not going to experiment on me are you?”

“No Bud, I won’t be experimenting on you. I can’t even touch you outside this realm.” Taurus replied.

“Where are we, and why can’t you touch me?” Bud asked, as he slowly stood up.

“Right now we are in your mindscape Bud. As to what I am, I’m a being created from EM waves.” Taurus explained.

“Um, okay, but why are you here? And why are you talking to me of all people?” Bud asked.

“I am on your planet because a fugitive from my planet has hidden herself here. She stole an important military weapon from our planet, and if misused will devastate thousands of innocent lives.” Taurus explained.

“That’s terrible!” Bud exclaimed.

“Yes it is. I was one of the ones sent here to retrieve the weapon and bring the fugitive to justice, however I’ve run into some problems. Not only can I not track her EM waves, I find that my power is significantly weakened on this planet. It is why I need your help Bud.” Taurus stated.

“My help? What can I do?” Bud asked.

“Lend me your body.” Taurus answered. “By fusing my EM waves with your body, I will be able to regain my strength and become strong enough to catch the fugitive. You would also be able to see the EM wave world as long as we’re fused, and you’ll feel stronger then you’ve ever been before.”

“…” Bud was conflicted. On one hand, he wanted to help, but on the other he wasn’t to keen to lend this guy his body. Taurus seemed to sense this.

“I can help you in return; make certain that no one will ever pick on you ever again.” Taurus said. “By the time I’m done with you, even after I’ve left, everyone will know better then to pick on you. All I ask in return is to borrow your body so I can catch the fugitive and regain the weapon she stole.”

Bud was quiet for a long time. He pondered over the pros and cons of the situation, and found with what was presented to him that he could benefit from this; he had all to gain and nothing to lose at this point. “I’ll help anyway I can, so long as you help me like you said you could.”

“Very well then Bud, relax yourself and I will initiate the transformation.” Taurus said. He placed his hands on Bud’s shoulders, before fading into Bud’s body. For a brief moment, Bud saw the darkness of his mindscape glow orange in multiple places, before he found himself back on Vista Point.

A large, red armored wristband appeared on each of his wrists, followed by an orange over-shield attaching on top of each band. Red armored bands appeared just below Bud’s knees. A grey with orange trim armored vest appeared on his chest, followed by a large crimson stomach piece appeared.

There was a flash of light, and where Bud once stood, was now an upright, armored bull; face, horns and all. Fire erupted out of the back of his forearms, as the transformed Bud reared back and let out a roar.

“Incredible, I’m even stronger now then I was before I came to this world!” Taurus exclaimed. He then chuckled evilly. “Don’t worry Bud, I’ll make certain your past bullies don’t pick on you again, I just never said how I’d do it. As long as we’re together, I’m in control. Together we’ve been reborn; we are TAURUS FIRE!!!”

Taurus roared with laughter as Bud found himself stuck in his mindscape, unable to move or control his body, but still able to hear and see everything Taurus could, including Taurus’s thoughts. ‘What have I done?’


“Well, I guess you’re stuck as a baby for the night, poor girl.” Hope sighed. She had finished feeding Amara dinner a short while ago, and had given her a bath in hope of it relaxing Amara enough to let her be a big girl again. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, as Amara was still suckling her pacifier with a pair of child-like and expressive eyes.

Sighing once again, Hope carried Amara into her nursery room and placed her on the changing table. After strapping her down so she wouldn’t fall off, Hope walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pink footed and gloved sleeper, and a pink baby bonnet. Bringing the clothes back to the changing table, she set them down to the side and grabbed the changing supplies she’d need.

Hope unstrapped Amara from the table, lifted her legs, and began rubbing diaper rash cream over her bum. Repeating the process on Amara’s front, Hope then applied a layer of baby powder to her privates. Taking a wet wipe to clean her hands, Hope grabbed a fresh diaper from the pack.

Lifting Amara’s legs up again, Hope slid the diaper under her bum. Laying Amara back down on the table, Hope pulled the front of the diaper up between Amara’s legs, opened the flaps, and pulled it tightly over Amara’s front. Reaching behind Amara, Hope ripped open the tapes on the back flaps, and pulled them both tightly over the front of the diaper.

Once she made certain there were no leak holes, Hope grabbed the sleeper and slid Amara’s legs into it. Zipping it up to Amara’s waist, Hope then carefully directed Amara’s arms into the sleeves and pulled the rest of the material over her shoulders. After zipping up the rest of the sleeper, Hope proceeded to filter Amara’s hair into the baby bonnet, and tied the ribbon under her neck.

“There we go.” Hope said as she finished. “Well, one good thing about you being your baby self is that I can dress you up anyway I like. You look so adorable in pink baby girl, yet you never wear any of your big girl clothes I get you in that color.”

Amara yawned, blinking her eyes a few times as she continued to suckle on her pacifier. Tilting her head up, Amara’s eyes traced the pink sleeper she now wore…and promptly spat her paci out.

“Mom! You know I hate wearing pink!” She whined. Hope just stared at, causing Amara to tilt her head in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Hope continued staring at her daughter. “All it took to snap you out of your baby girl self was to dress you in pink clothes?” she said, deadpanned. Amara had the decency to look embarrassed while Hope just shook her head. “At least I know that now, might come in handy in the future.”

Hope then proceeded to lift Amara up off the table and carried her over to the rocking chair, laying her across her lap. “So baby girl, what did those three do to cause you to go baby?”

Amara put the paci she spat out back into her mouth and suckled on it for a few minutes. Hope recognized the expression on her daughter’s face, she knew Amara was trying to find the right words to use and trying to keep herself as calm as she possibly could be. Having taken care of Amara’s baby side for the past three hours, Hope was more then willing to wait for Amara to answer when ready.

It had been several minutes when Amara pulled her paci out. “Their names are Bud, Luna, and Zack, Bud being the big one.” She started. “Luna claims to be my Class President, and demanded I start attending class with the other students. She’s really a…” Amara paused.

“A big meanie head?” Hope provided. Amara shook her head, no.

“That would be to kind. She acts like the world revolves around herself, like everyone should listen to her and that she knows what’s best for everyone her age and younger. She’s a real stuck up S.O.B., but a stubborn one too.” Amara finished.

Hope raised an eyebrow. “Near cursing huh? She’s that bad?”

Amara’s face flushed. “Actually, she has made me frustrated enough to curse at her, I just don’t want you to wash my mouth with soap again.”

“I see.” An amused Hope responded. Deciding to move on before judging, she asked, “What were the other boys doing there, and what caused you to go baby.”

Amara closed her eyes. “Zack seems more like the nerdy type, so I can only guess he’s with the pair to help keep their grades up. Bud is more like the muscle of the group…when Luna realized I wasn’t listening, she told Bud to talk to me and…he grabbed my shoulders.” Feeling her Mama beginning to rock her, Amara continued. “I just sorta froze…I can’t even remember what he was saying, I just…flashed back…”

She didn’t finish, nor did she have to; Hope knew what she ment. Amara had flashed back to when she was molested when Bud had her by her shoulders, just like that monster had. Hope took Amara’s paci and slipped it through her daughter’s lips as she continued rocking her.

“I understand baby girl. Don’t worry about being in trouble, you’re not.” Hope assured her. “Just promise to tell me next time someone bothers you repeatedly, okay?”

Amara nodded her head and pulled out her paci, a small smile on her face. “Well, there’s the one lady that keeps trying to make me wear pink clothes, but I really don’t wanna. Can you do something about her?”

“Oh it’s best to just leave her alone on that topic.” Hope said. “If we start bothering her about that, she’ll start buying more pink clothes for you to wear, maybe even throwing away your other clothes.” Amara gave a small squeak and shook her head, causing Hope to laugh. “I don’t ask much from you baby girl, at least grant me the chance to see you in pink every once in a while, you really do look adorable.”

Amara suckled on her paci for a few minutes, before slowly nodding her head. She blinked as she watched her mother squeal in delight, unsure if she should be amused or nervous about her future clothing state.

Hope lifted Amara up and carried her to her crib. There she proceeded to set her down, tuck her in, and partially raise the bars on the side. “It’s been a long day baby girl, and I’m sure you need your rest. You can tell me about your day tomorrow, hopefully after you finish your school work for the day.” Hope said.

Amara nodded her head. “Night, Mama.” She said through her pacifier as Hope kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight baby girl, I’ll see you in the morning.” Hope said as she fully raised the bars on the crib. Walking to the door, she turned off the light and turned to Amara. “If you need me I’ll be back in an hour or so, I’ve got to pick up some new clothes for you at Macy’s.”

As Hope exited the room, it only took Amara a minute to figure out what she meant by that. Spitting out her pacifier, Amara leaped to her feet and grabbed at the crib’s bars. “Momma don’t you dare! Come back here Momma! Twi, I need to wave change now! Twi? Momma!”


Several days had passed, and Amara had fully recovered from her ordeal with Luna’s gang. Twi had told Amara she was working on something for her as a reward for doing so well with her powers, but wouldn’t tell her what it was, which was driving Amara crazy. To add to her ire, Hope had indeed bought some pink clothes for her to wear, including a crate full of pink diapers. Having been running low on diapers before hand, Amara soon found herself being changed into the pink diapers, to her distain.

Holding the front door open behind her, Amara called back, “I’ll be home in a while Mom, I’m gonna go watch for Dad on Vista Point.”

“Okay sweety, I’m gonna need to run to the store in a bit, so I may not be back when you are.” Hope called back. “You do remember how to change your diapers, don’t you?”

Amara frowned; she knew how, but hadn’t changed herself since she’d been stuck in her pink diapers. “Yeah, I remember. Later Mom.” Amara closed the door behind her. Adjusting the shoulder strap of her diaper bag, and shifting her shorts so they’d hide the pink of her diapers more, Amara began her walk to Vista Point.

Upon reaching the second crosswalk Amara heard a car horn honking. Turning to her left, she saw a green pickup truck driving down the road. Amara stopped at the sidewalk, intent on letting the truck go first, when it pulled over just in front of her. Amara blinked, then groaned as Luna and Zack piled out of the truck.

“Not you again.” Amara moaned. “What is it no-” Amara paused in mid sentence when she caught a good look at the pair. Zack had a medical patch on the right side of his forehead and bandages on his left arm. Luna, on the other hand, had a black eye, medical patch on the left side of her forehead, and bandages sticking out of the top of her shirt. “What happened to you two?”

“Bud happened, that’s what.” Luna spat. “Ever since you wailed on him he’s been beating up students left and right!”

Amara frowned as she adjusted the strap on her shoulder. “I didn’t get that vibe from him last we met. It’s possible he’d be trying to prove his dominance and masculinity, having been beaten by me, but he doesn’t seem the type to needlessly beat others up.”

“How would you know, you’ve only met him twice!” Luna growled. “What are you, a psychologist?”

Amara grinned at her. “I grew up with a group of them.” Turning to Zack, she asked, “You seemed closer to Bud then Luna is, anything that could set him off like this?”

Zack looked up at her. “Why do you care?”

Amara shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t actually, you’re the guys that dropped this on me.”

Zack was silent for a moment. “Luna broke her brotherband with Bud.” He finally said.

“Zack!” Luna screeched, causing the boy to wince.

“That could do it.” Amara said. “If cartoons and anime are to be considered even somewhat accurate, then it’s the big guys that are always the most sensitive. Breaking the brotherband was probably his breaking point.”

“Oh what do you know.” Luna snapped.

“Did you stop to harass me?” Amara asked.

“No, to warn you.” Zack answered. “There’s been a lot of incidents lately, a vigilante has been destroying private and public property. We’ve joined the neighbor hood watch to help keep an eye out for the guy.”

Amara raised an eyebrow. “You don’t think a girl could be doing this?”

“Is that a confession?” Luna asked. Amara nearly groaned as she saw Luna’s eyes light up with hope.

“No, just questioning if that statement was sexist against women or not.” Amara replied. Luna seemed to deflate at that.

“We don’t know okay, just go home and stay indoors at night until this…person is caught.” Luna snapped. Amara narrowed her eyes.

“Make me.” She growled back, cracking her knuckles. Luna tensed up, clenching her fists to her sides, and appeared to be considering it.

“Prez don’t do it.” Zack said with a sigh. Upon receiving Luna’s glare he sighed again. “Do you really wanna lower yourself to her level?”

Luna blinked, then relaxed, a smirk appearing on her face. “Yeah, you’re right Zack, I shouldn’t lower myself to her level, I-”

As Luna began a rant on how better behaved she was than Amara, Zack noticed Amara trying to catch his eye. Looking at her, Zack saw Amara nod her head at him; Amara knew Zack had just diverted a fight Luna couldn’t win. They both turned back to Luna as she was finishing up her rant.

“-stupid.” Luna finished, placing her hands on her hips. Seeing no reaction from Amara, Luna frowned. “Fine then, stay out if you want, but it’s your funeral. Zack, lets go.”

“Yes Prez.” Zack said. The pair began climbing into the truck as Amara massaged her forehead; dealing with Luna gave her a headache.

“You buckled up?” Luna asked Zack. When Zack nodded she pulled out a card. “Okay then, I’m activating the driverman navi card.”

Just as she was about to activate the card, the truck engine roared to life. Blinking in confusion, Luna noticed the buttons across the dashboard glowing read. “What in the world-” She was cut off as the truck suddenly shifted gears, and backed up halfway down the street.


“I’m not doing this! I haven’t even activated the-”

The gears changed again, and the truck shot forward, rolling up onto the sidewalk and barreling towards Amara! Luna was too stunned to do anything, but Zack managed to reach over and frantically began honking the horn.

Amara’s head snapped up, and upon seeing the truck barrel towards her, her eyebrows shot up under her headband. “Crap on a stick!” Amara tried running out into the road, but the truck followed her movements. Seeing no other choice, Amara turned tail and ran as fast as she could down the road, the truck quickly gaining on her despite her effort. “Son of a-”


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