Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight Ch. 3

Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight

Hey all, been a while hasn’t it. Had to take care of a few things in Real Life, as well as adjust to my new college semester. No guarantee I’ll be chugging these chapters out now, but I’ll do the best I can to keep you from waiting long. Also, to avoid some confusion in later chapters, when Amara does her baby-ish talks without her pacifier, all you need to do is replace the ‘w’ with either and ‘r’ or an ‘l’, and a word that has both will only need to be replaced with an ‘r’…I think that’s it. Well, onwards and upwards!


Chapter 3: The Wave World!

Hope growled as she typed furiously on the keyboard. There was some error in the system that was preventing the Teacherman navis from entering the system, thus delaying Amara’s studies. What was worse, this wasn’t the first time it had happened either, and despite how many times she tried to fix it, nothing she did worked.

Amara was leaning back against the wall, dressed in only her purple belly shirt and diaper, suckling on her pacifier. She had her visor on her forehead, her father’s necklace hanging from her neck, and her transer attached to her left wrist. Twi was currently resting in the transer.

Hope let out a frustrated yell, throwing her arms in the air. “I give up! This thing’s too good.” She exclaimed. Hope grasped her head, trying to calm herself down. Seeing this, Amara toddled over and hugged her from behind.

She let her paci drop around her neck before asking, “Are you alwight Mommy?”

Hope let out a sigh, then turned to her baby girl. “I’ll be alright baby girl, I’m just frustrated this thing isn’t working right now. I can’t even access the web to order you your new battle cards.”

“It’s okay Mommy, I gots weally good cawd wight now. I can wait.” Amara told her. She was enjoying her new ‘little girl’ self, it was the right balance between her ‘big girl’ and ‘baby girl’ selves that seemed to put herself, and anyone around her it seemed, at ease.

Hope reclined back into the chair, massaging her forehead. “I suppose so.” She said. “However, since you’ve got the time now we’re gonna get you dressed and then Twi is going to help train you, might as well get something out of this mess. Understand?”

“Yes Mommy!” Amara said as she released Hope from the hug. Hope then took Amara’s hand and lead her into her dressing room area.


Fully dressed in her usual outfit, and with her diaper bag full of changing supplies, bottles, and snacks, Amara yelled a quick goodbye before exiting the house. Looking around outside, Amara saw that there were only a few grown-ups around, but given how early it was, she wasn’t surprised.

“Okay Twi, where do we begin?” Amara asked, being her big girl self now.

“How about telling me why you bugged your computer’s system to skip classes today?” Twi said as she emerged from the transer. Amara’s face flushed.

“Missing a day or two of school isn’t as important as learning how to use our powers, is it?” Amara countered.

“While I do agree, it’s also not an excuse to fall behind in your studies.” Twi said.

“I know, it’s just we’ll still have three days till the weekend, and I’d feel better practicing before then. As you said, the FM-ians could attack at any time, so better to get in practice while we can, right?”

Twi sighed. “I suppose you have a point there baby girl. However, we will not make a habit out of this, I don’t think your mother could handle it.”

“I know, I’m very careful using that program. I only use it once every two to three months at a time, if at all, and that was the first time in six months I’ve used it.” Amara explained.

“Why use it at all?” Twi asked.

“I may be a baby girl, but I’m also a kid and a teenager, and no kid, teenager or older, likes school. It’s just a necessary evil, and everyone can use a day’s break outside of holidays every once and a while.” Amara explained.

“Very well then.” Twi sighed. “We can discuss this later if need be, but let’s get started with today’s lesson on the wave world and wave battling.”

“Please don’t use the word ‘lesson,’ it sounds like it’s a school class.” Amara moaned.

“One that will save your life, and countless others if we succeed.” Twi replied.

“And that’s why I haven’t gone baby on you.” Amara said. “So where do we start, EM wave change?”

“Not quite yet baby girl.” Twi responded. “First off, you’ll need to put your visualizer on. You may be able to see me, but you still need the visualizer to see the wave world.”

Amara nodded her head, and activated the visualizer, placing it over her eyes. The wave world appeared before her. It had changed since last night, as the wave roads had changed colors to yellows and orange shades.

“Okay now baby girl, look around on the ground, not the wave roads, and try to find a wavehole, an orange whirlpool of EM waves.” Twi instructed.

Slightly confused by the instructions, Amara non-the-less did as she was told and looked around. Not seeing any whirlpools, she began walking down the block to the cross walk. As she crossed over, she saw something orange on the ground near a building, and upon getting close, found it to be a whirlpool, just as Twi had described it.

“Okay Twi, what happens now?” Amara asked quietly, as she saw an elderly couple walk by.

“Now we wave change. Whether you want to standing on the wavehole or not is up to you. The wavehole will transport us up to the wave road automatically.” Twi answered.

Amara nodded her head. Seeing the elderly couple sitting in plain sight of the whirlpool, Amara pulled her visor up and casually walked past the building in front of her, the words “Big Wave” having been raised up on the roof. Going around the side of the building, Amara checked for anyone around or capable of seeing her. Finding no one, she pulled out her grey battle card.

"EM wave change, Amara Kisari!

On the Air!!!

Inserting the card into her transer, Amara and Twi merged together into their wave form. Amara did some brief stretches, trying to get used to her new form, before walking back around the corner. As she neared the wavehole, she noticed something different about the elderly couple.

“Hey Twi, what are those things floating above those old people’s heads?” Amara asked.

“I believe it’s their transer’s personal page.” Twi answered. “Perhaps we should examine them real quick, EM beings can hide themselves from detection by hiding in them, I know from experience.”

“Okay, how do I do that? Is it the same as with the train?”

“Yes, just like that.”

“Alright then, let’s see what’s in the lady’s transer.”

Amara walked towards the elderly couple, stopping a few feet away when she felt her body tingle. Letting herself go, Amara warped into the elderly lady’s transer, managing to land in a crouch for once.

The transer’s comp space was much smaller then the train’s had been, only a single light green platform outside of the warp panel used to enter. Looking around, there was a small access panel with the transer’s data and yellow wall paper with pink flowers.

“Could the FM-ians hide in the access panel?” Amara asked.

“I don’t believe so, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.” Twi answered.

Amara nodded her head in agreement. She walked over to the panel, and placed a hand on it. Instantly, three light blue screens rose up in front of her. The first screen had a list of the lady’s favorite battlecards, nothing impressive Amara noted. The second screen showed the lady’s brotherbands, she had four including the man next to her. The last screen showed her public message and secret message.

The public message said, ‘I’m proud to have raised three proper daughters.’ Her secret message said, ‘I love it when Ronald throws me on the bed and…’

Amara blanched at the secret message. “My god, there are just some things you don’t write out!”

“Are you okay baby girl?” Twi asked, concerned.

“Only if you can make me forget what I just read, the mental images it’s giving me…I think I’m going to throw up!” Amara exclaimed. Twi gave a sigh, and Amara could imagine her shaking her head.

“Let’s pulse out of here, there’s nothing of relevance to us here.” Twi said. Amara felt the now familiar tingle shoot through her body before being blinded by a flash of light. Amara stumbled backwards, landing on her padded behind. Blinking, she realized she was back in the real world, yet still in wave form.

“Twi, you wanna take this next one?” Amara asked as she got up.

“As long as we’re fused I can’t separate my EM body from you.” Twi told her.

“I meant do you want to take control of my body like you did last night?” Amara clarified.

“This is something you should do Amara, being afraid of what’s in that transer is no excuse.” Twi responded.

“I didn’t mean it like that. Suppose at some point I pass out in a fight or something, but we’re still merged. Then you’d have to take control of my body to prevent us both from getting hurt even more. And no offense, but seeing as how you’ve never had legs before, I can move around much better in this form then you probably can.” Amara explained.

Twi was silent for a full minute, pondering Amara’s words. Finally, she spoke. “Perhaps you do have a point. For the rest of the day we shall alternate control of our wave form every time we check a person’s transer. Deal?”

“Deal.” Amara said. “Ready when you are.”

Twi slowly took control of Amara’s body. Amara felt a cool wave flow through her body, unlike last night, but chucked it up to the adrenaline that had been pumping through her from that near miss with the truck. She felt her legs wobble slightly before Twi spread them out, due to the bulk of her diaper.

“Once you get waddling down we’ll move onto walking regularly.” Amara commented to Twi. “After all, can’t go very fast like this, can we?”

“Quit teasing.” Twi said, playfulness clear in her voice. Twi then moved Amara’s hand just below her neck, and pushed into the purple jumpsuit. There was a brief flash of light, and Amara’s pacifier appeared in her hand. Twi then used Amara’s hand and placed the paci in Amara’s mouth, to the girl’s surprise. “Now be a good baby girl and suckle on your paci while I check out the old man’s transer.”

Amara nodded her head and did just that. Seeing no point in being a big girl while she wasn’t in control, she let her baby self come out. Her eyes glazed over for a brief few seconds, then returned with a look of pure innocence and wonder.

Twi waddled Amara’s body closer to the old man, then warped into his transer. Amara’s baby side giggled with glee as it watched all the pretty lights flash by, something Amara’s big girl side had failed to notice. Upon landing in the transer, Twi lost balance of Amara’s body and fell flat on their face, causing Amara to start crying. Twi used her light powers and focused it to her hands, which caused them to warm up, then used to rub Amara’s face and wipe away her tears. Amara soon calmed down and was suckling on her pacifier again.

It took a minute to waddle over to the access panel and another to check through the data, thankfully this time with no naughty messages. Twi then pulsed out, landing Amara’s body on her back, causing another set of tears to stream down Amara’s face.

“Okay Amara, time to be a big girl again.” Twi told her. Amara however just continued sobbing, laying on her back, and sending impulses to her legs that would have them kicking wildly if Twi wasn’t in control. Sighing, Twi repeated the process of using her light powers and wiping Amara’s face dry of tears. Focusing her senses on Amara’s head, she could feel one presence slip away to the back of her mind, while another came to the forefront.

“I’m sowwy Twi.” Amara spoke, being a big girl now. She pulled out her paci to speak clearly. “When my baby side is upset, I can’t switch to my big girl self, or my little girl self. I don’t often get to be my baby self for very long, any chance I get I try to take. Aside from mornings, Mama only gives me one baby day every three weeks, which I can be a baby the entire day…”

“It’s okay baby girl.” Twi told her. “Just from now on, don’t be your baby side while we’re fused okay? If you can’t be a big girl, then at least be a little girl, okay?”

“Okay Twi.” Amara said as she sat up. She blinked, and wiggled her bum for a moment. “I think I’m wet.”

“Do you want to pulse out and change?” Twi asked. Amara glanced up at the wave road, and traced the paths across the sky.

“I think I can wait a little bit.” Amara answered. “It looks like the wave road also leads to Vista Point. Let’s travel up there, then I’ll change and maybe have a snack.”

“Fair enough, though by the time we reach it, it’ll most likely be lunch time, as I’ve got a lot to teach you about the wave world and your powers.” Twi told her. “You’re welcome keep your paci in, or just place it by your neck and it’ll return under your wave form again.”

“I think I’ll keep it in for now, but I’ll let you know if I have any questions.” Amara said as she stood up. She then placed the paci back into her mouth and suckled happily on it.

“Alright then Amara, just be sure to pay attention.” Twi said. “First thing first, walk onto the wavehole, it’ll transport us onto the wave road above us. Note that we can jump down from the wave road, but we need a wave hole to get onto one…unless we jump on it from a higher position.”

Amara walked to the wavehole and stepped onto it. Nothing happened for a moment, so Amara took her paci out of her mouth to ask what was up, when she was suddenly pulled down into the wavehole. Shrieking in surprise, Amara could only see orange EM waves for a few seconds before she felt herself flung forward and onto the wave road.

“Darn it, am I ever going to land on my feet?” Amara yelled.

“Well you are a baby girl.” Twi teased.

“If we weren’t merged I’d smack you.” Amara grumbled before placing her paci back in her mouth.

“Now, now be nice baby girl.” Twi said. “Now stand up and take a look around, you’ll find there are more wave objects on the road then the ground.”

Looking around, Amara did see a number of wave world objects. There were several beings that reminded Amara of the pillsbury dough boy floating along at various points on the road, as well as several truck shaped EM beings. Amara also saw several metatool walking around the wave road, along with what looked like EM cannons. The finally thing she saw was several diamond-like shaped objects, some lime green in color, some sky blue.

“Now for some explanations.” Twi stated. Amara nodded her head and suckled on her pacifier in concentration. “Those green and blue diamond shaped objects are mystery waves, which contain either battlecard data or zenny, or at least the green ones do. Green ones also regenerate over a short period of time, so it never hurts to check them when you come across one. Blue ones can also contain sub-card data or even weapons data.”

“Wha dose?” Amara asked.

“Sub-cards, from what I’ve read last night, can be used on EM beings for a number of things; restoring health, hiding from enemies weaker then yourself, locating the enemy you just faced, or even opening the ever rare purple mystery wave.” Twi explained. "The weapons data can be used to power up our attack strength, cause only battlecards or zenny to drop after a battle, or even give us a new means of attack, but the last is the very rare since this world is not very developed on EM wave beings’ technology.

“The figures you see that aren’t viruses are known as hertz, they have various tasks they carry out through day to day life, like making sure emails and radio waves make it to their destination. The truck versions carry massive amounts of data waves from place to place. As for the viruses, the only new version here are the cannonbase viruses. They only lock onto a single position and fire on it, regardless of if a target is on it. You got all that?”

“Mmm-hmmm!” Amara mumbled through her paci, nodding her head.

“Okay then. Why don’t you go over to that green mystery wave and see what’s inside it?” Twi suggested.

Amara nodded her head and walked over to the mystery wave. Placing her hand on the green diamond’s surface, there was a flash of light, and zenny data appeared in Twi’s mind.

“It appears we just found five hundred zenny.” Twi informed Amara. “Of course, that’s nothing compared to the hundred thousand zenny you got on you already.”

“Awwowance money.” Amara explained.

“That’s good…oh, look over there!” Twi exclaimed. Seeing a mental arrow in her head, Amara turned to her left. In the distance on the wave road was a gold armored humanoid energy being. "That there is a vender, he can sell power ups for EM beings and battlecard data. We should take a look at what he has to offer when we get over there.

“For now though, let’s fight some of the viruses and work on your battling skills. I know you’re good with long range attacks so let’s see how you do at close range. You can use your battlecards for this, but I also want to see you try forming weapons with your elemental powers, like you did last night. I also have new techniques to explain to you, but we’ll get into that when we’re closer to Vista Point.”

Amara pulled her pacifier out and held it against her jumpsuit just under her neck, where it was absorbed into her wave form. “Understood.” She replied. Amara then did a light jog along the wave road until she reached a metatool. “Wave battle, ride on!”

A ray of rectangular light shot up around Amara and the metatool, forming the barrier that would keep the battle contained. The metatool panicked and called on it’s swarm, summoning another metatool and a cannonbase.

Amara closed her eyes and held out her right hand. Focusing on a happy memory, a sphere of light energy appeared in her hand. It soon began to spin, and four rays of light erupted out of the sphere, forming curved blades, a large four star shuriken.

“Amara move!” Twi yelled. Amara’s eyes shot open, and she saw a shockwave coming at her from the ground while a grey cannon ball barreled at her from above. Amara quickly rolled to the side, dodging both attacks. Getting to one knee, she held her left arm forward, palm out, and her light shuriken behind her back.

“Chainbubble, battlecard!” A blue sphere appeared in front of Amara’s left hand, then shot out towards one of the metatool. Upon impacting with it, a blue bubble surrounded the metatool before lifting it off the ground. It didn’t matter however, as the metatool vanished in a flash of purple, popping the bubble.

Feeling Twi about to say something, Amara spoke up. “I know, I’ll deal with the rest close range, I’m just lightening the load.”

“That’s fine then.” Twi reassured her. “Just making certain, as one of the techniques I want to show you requires you to make physical contact with your target. Now show me what you can do baby girl.”

Amara grinned. “I’m not a baby right now.” She charged forward, flicking her wrist which caused the oversized shuriken of light energy to start spinning rapidly, like a buzzsaw. The metatool slammed it’s pickaxe down on the wave road several times, firing a shockwave each time, directed at Amara.

Amara moved swiftly around each shockwave as the metatool continued firing shockwaves. The cannonbase continued firing cannon balls at the position Amara first stood, however it did limit the room she had to maneuver. Upon reaching the metatool, Amara swiftly brought her foot up and kicked it into the air, back flipping with the momentum of her kick. Bending her knees slightly, Amara leaped into the air after the metatool, where upon reaching it, swung her light shuriken at it, splitting it in half.

Upon landing, Amara swiftly made her way towards the cannonbase, only to realize to late she was in the line of fire, and was hit in the gut with a cannon ball. Falling on her back, Amara gasped for breath, the wind having been knocked out of her, the light shuriken vanishing. Once she caught her breath, she managed to roll out of the line of the cannonbase’s fire.

“Are you okay Amara?” Twi asked, concerned.

“Y-yeah, just give me a second.” Amara managed. Right now she was battling both the pain and her baby side, which wanted to come out and just cry till someone made her feel better. Going over her battlecards mentally, Amara quickly yelled out, “Recovery 50, battlecard!” A pink glow covered her body, soothing the pain she felt in her stomach, while at the same time causing her baby side to calm down as well. As the glow faded, Amara sighed in relief.

“You’re baby side may be a problem if we’re not careful.” Twi noted. “Do you have any defensive cards you can use?”

“I have an invisible card I can use, I’ll have to get more defensive ones for my folder with Mama tonight.” Amara answered. She pushed herself to her feet and began walking to the cannon base. “Strike Blade, battlecard!” The end of her right arm was covered in purple energy, before a blade of lightning erupted from the purple energy. Picking up speed, she ran to the cannonbase and slashed it down the middle, causing it to vanish in a flash a purple. In its place, floated a golden coin. “Twi?”

“Seems some residual data was left over from the viruses.” Twi commented. “Go ahead and take it, it appears to be zenny wave data.”

Amara nodded her head and placed her hand on the coin, causing it to vanish in a flash of light. “Okay, so what’s next?” Amara asked.

“Have a seat and rest, I’ll explain the techniques I want you to try.” Twi said. “You can take out your pacifier out again if you’d like.”

Amara did just that as she sat down. “Okay then, the techniques I’m going to teach you are the elemental big bang attacks.” Twi started. "These attacks are very powerful and equally draining. We have three elements; light, darkness, and twilight. Each attack is different in range, power, and effect.

"For light, the attack is called the shatter blast. What it does is forms a ball of light in your hand, which you then swing in the direction of your target or targets. The ball will leave a trail of energy, deteriorating until it’s gone. The energy trail will then shatter like glass and launch straight ahead. It’s effective for wide range, but deadly up close if you have enough time to launch it.

"Darkness is a close range attack called meteor impact. What you do is coat your hand with a large amount of dark energy, enough to cover your target’s entire body. You will slam your hand against the target and release the dark energy from your hand and it will cover the target before vanishing. At that point you should either get away or brace yourself, because after a few seconds the target will be flung in the direction you hit it with all the force of a meteor’s impact on the ground. It’s a very powerful attack, and should not be used lightly.

“The last is the twilight element attack, the explosive sphere. I will go into greater detail another time though, as we haven’t even started you on using twilight energy. I will start explaining that one once you prove you’re efficient with both light and darkness elements, though I must say I’m impressed with your progress as it stands.”

Amara pulled her paci out. “Thanks Twi, I’m trying the best I can.” She rolled her head a bit, hearing her neck crack a few times, then stood up. “So, is that all, or is there anything else we should discuss?”

“There’s nothing else unless you have questions.” Twi said. Amara shook her head, no. “Okay then baby girl, lets continue making our way to Vista Point. For any viruses you face, I want you to engage at least one of them in close range. We can visit the shop after you change and eat, as I can tell you’ve worked up an appetite. Now lets go!”


It took a little over an hour to get through the hoards of EM viruses on the wave road. By that time she was tired out, and had leaped off the road onto Vista Point. Crawling under the raised platform, Amara pulsed out of her wave form and quickly changed her now completely soiled diaper. Once done with that, Amara had eaten several of the snacks her Mama had packed her, and got to work on a bottle of milk.

About a half hour later, in which Twi kept watch for anyone coming up to Vista Point for Amara’s sake, Amara was curled up on her side, dressed in just her belly shirt, vest, socks, shoes, and diaper, nursing her third bottle. Once she had started on her bottles, Amara had switched to her baby self, hoping that pleasing it now would stop it from hindering her later if she got in trouble.

Twi suddenly moved away from Amara, drifting towards the edge of the side of the platform overlooking Echo Ridge Middle School. Amara was oblivious to this as she finished off her bottle, briefly shifting to her little girl self long enough to put her pacifier in her mouth. Twi stayed by the edge for a few minutes more, before drifting back over to Amara.

“Time to be a big girl Amara, we may have a situation.” Twi told her.

Amara blinked a few times before rolling over onto all fours and letting her pacifier fall from her mouth. “What’s wrong Twi?”

“Follow me, and look with your visor.” Twi said, then glided back to the edge. Shrugging, Amara crawled on all fours over to the edge and put her visualizer on. Looking down, Amara saw the wave world materialize before her, and immediately noticed something off. Passing through the school gates, purple colored energy waves were exiting the grounds and entering Echo Ridge.

“I see what you’re talking about.” Amara said. “What is it?”

“It’s the way the FM King had developed in order to kill the humans on the satellite.” Twi answered. “By infecting organic creatures with EM viruses, they transform into EM beings known as Jammers, though most FM-ians just call them peons. It appears as though one unfortunate person was infected here.”

“Is there anything we can do to cure him?” Amara asked.

“We’ll have to locate him and drain him of his energy, though we lack the proper equipment to do so. Our only option is to battle him, and cause enough damage to cause him to revert back to his human self.” Twi explained.

“I see.” Amara was silent for a moment. “Will it hurt him badly when he changes back?”

“He will be sore for the next few days, but he will live without any permanent damage.” Twi said. “I can sense he’s only been infected for a few days, it takes a month at least for real damage to carry over to the physical form. If a human remains in their infected wave form for several months, then they lose their ability to change back and will remain as Jammers for the rest of their days…I regret to say some of the satellite’s crew was lost through this method, but your Daddy was not one of them, so don’t worry.”

“I know that, I was still awake last night when you told your story.” Amara said. Twi turned to face her.

“I know that baby girl, I was just reiterating to drive my point home.”

“Okay then. So where do we go from here?”

“You are gonna crawl your cute little tush back to your bag and put your shorts back on.” Twi started, causing Amara to giggle. “After that, we’ll wave change and take the wavehole back up to the wave road. Once we get back down to the town we’ll start tracking the Jammer’s EM waves…though while we’re at it we should stop by the vender and see if he has anything we can use.”

“Okay then Twi, lets get moving.” Amara turned around and crawled back to her bag and pulled her shorts back out. Shifting around, she pulled them up her legs and over her diaper before sitting up. Taking a minute to clean up her garbage and putting away her bottles and supplies, Amara then grabbed her bag and crawled out from under the platform.

“EM wave change!” In a flash of light, Amara and Twi fused into their wave form. Noticing a wavehole on a small patch of land next to the platform, Amara leaped onto it, warping onto the wave road above. Upon seeing a large number of viruses on the wave road, she asked, “Hey Twi, any way we can get rid of these viruses without them swarming or any long battles?”

“I suppose this is where your long range attacks come into play.” Twi replied. “Here’s an idea, lets try your Light Elemental Big Bang attack. So long as we hit them before they see the attack, we should be able to delete them without them swarming, though I doubt we’ll get any zenny or battlecards deleting them without the wave battle program.”

“So long as we know all our options now, as there may be a time where we can’t afford constant virus battles.” Amara said. “I start out like I normally would when forming a light orb, right?”

“That is correct. Once you’ve gathered what you think is enough energy, call out ‘Light Elemental Big Bang’, and swing your arm and the orb in an arch in front of you. Make certain you spread it wide enough that it’ll cover the entire range between the two EM viruses farthest away from each other. Also, make certain your swing is slow enough to let plenty of energy to seep out of the orb, it will increase the size and strength behind each of the shards of light energy that will be shot out. Once done with that, yell out ‘Shatter Blast’, and the attack will commence.” Twi instructed. She then giggled. “It will take you a lot of practice, but if you work hard enough you may be able to launch it without calling it out, then you could do it with your paci in.”

“That’s what I like about you Twi, you explain everything so I can understand it completely, and give me some both to work for and look forward too.” Amara said with a grin.

Amara raised her right arm, and placed her palm outwards, just to the right of a metatool virus in the distance. Focusing on a happy memory, Amara summoned light energy to her right palm, forming a growing orb just outside it. To Twi’s surprise, Amara’s memory was of the previous night, and more specifically of when she learned that her Daddy was alive. Digging deeper, she saw it wasn’t that she doubted he was alive, it was the fact that someone had seen him, talked with him, and confirmed it was true that caused her such happiness. At that moment, Twi decided she’d do something special for Amara just before bed that night.

The orb of light grew till it was half as big as Amara was in height, and just as wide. Opening her eyes, Amara called out, “Light Elemental Big Bang!”, and slowly moved her arm in an arch in front of her, carefully maneuvering it so it crossed over each EM virus in her line of sight. Once she completed the arch in front of her, the orb had dissolved, leaving a trail of light energy in front of her.

“Shatter Blast!” The trail of light energy cracked like glass, large jagged pieces drifted apart from one another. Turning over so the jagged edges of each light shard was facing the EM viruses, each piece in unison shot outward as if they were shot from a cannon. Before the EM viruses knew what was happening, they were skewered by the jagged shards of light energy, each one vanishing in purple light before they could call upon their swarms.

Amara fell to her knees, before falling forward, just catching herself with her hands. Down on all fours, she panted. “Whoa.”

“Very good baby girl.” Twi complimented. “I suggest we move now before more EM viruses show up in this area. Once we reach the town, then we can take a moment to rest. But that was a very good first time using the Light Elemental Big Bang, much better then my first time.”

Amara pushed herself to her feet, and managed to start walking down the road towards the town. “What happened the first time you used it?” Amara asked, curious. She heard Twi giggle in the back of her mind.

“Well, I was using it during combat training class, against an FM-ian named Ophiuca. She was the top of the class at the time, and a snake charmer to boot. She could summon swarms of them at a time, and overwhelm her opponents in sheer numbers. She was so skilled that the instructor pitted her against anyone that pissed him off in class, pardon my French. She had no problem with it, as she seemed to love dominating her opponents, making them feel weak and worthless…” Twi growled at this.

“You okay?” Amara asked.

“Yes, it’s part of the story.” Twi said after a moment. “My best friend, Lyra Note, had been her opponent that day, after accidentally hitting the instructor’s girlfriend. Well, to be blunt, Ophiuca was relentless in attacking her, the battle was just an elaborate assult. When I saw Ophiuca wasn’t going to stop after Lyra wasn’t able to fight back anymore, I jumped in and tried to help Lyra. Back then I wasn’t as proficient with my powers as I am now, so I was quickly being overwhelmed. In desperation, I gathered as much light energy as I could, and my Shatter Blast was formed for the first time.”

“What happened?” Amara asked, very curious.

“Remember when I said I wasn’t as proficient with my powers then as I am now?” Twi asked. Amara nodded her head. “Well, my attack was wide spread, and ended up destroying most of the combat room. It easily took out Ophiuca and her snakes, and it also hit our instructor and knocked him out, something only some of the FM King’s royal guards had been able to claim to be capable of. My attack also sent over half the class to the infirmary, but it saved Lyra. An investigation was launched into the incident, and it was discovered that Lyra was the most critically injured, despite not being hit by my attack. Once the situation was fully examined Ophiuca had her powers restricted while our instructor was transferred to some other class, never paid attention to him after that.”

Amara was giggling softly before Twi was done telling her story. “You destroyed the entire room?”

“Yes, cost quite the pretty zenny to fix up too.” Twi replied. “But it was worth it. After that situation, Lyra approached me and thanked me for standing up for her. Being a harp and using sound attacks, she was often considered weak and insignificant, something no one wanted to be. My standing up for her earned me a friend for life that day. We often trained our powers together, and soon made it to the top our class with Ophiuca, and a guy named Gemini.”

“I thought FM-ians hated things like friendship.” Amara said.

“We feed on negative emotions, but we do need some sort of positive to balance ourselves out. While the strongest of the FM-ian army don’t do this, it the smartest ones, the tactical advisors to the FM King and his generals. They are the ones who get the least amount of lime light to the public, but the respect of the soldiers, generals, and FM King alike. Each tactical advisor is very well off in their lives.” Twi explained.

“I see.” Amara said. “Interesting…oh, we’ve reached the town!”

“Okay Amara, take a look around and try to see any of those purple waves.” Twi instructed. “And watch out for any viruses nearby, we don’t want to use another shatter blast unless we have to.”

“Right.” Amara responded, nodding her head. Amara gazed down on the town, looking from left to right at both the more populated areas and the spots with electrical appliances. Just as she was about to look over to her left again, she spotted some of the purple waves hovering around a yellow car near a complex apartment building. “I think we found him.”

“I agree, and it appears the vender is on the path to that area.” Twi said. “We’ll make a stop and see if he has anything we can use.”

“Okay Twi.” Amara said. Taking note that there were no viruses along the path, Amara quickly ran down the wave road till she reached the vender.

“Hey, have a look at these goods.” The vender said robotically. A display screen appeared in front of it, and Amara leaned in for a better look.

“Hmm, a Powerbomb1, FireRing1, JetAttack1, and Recovery30 battlecards.” Amara read off the display. She raised an eyebrow at the last item. “Memory Plus 20? What’s that?”

“Increases navi type program memory by 20.” The vender responded.

“Think we should try one Twi?” Amara asked.

“Yes, it may be of use to us. Buy only one first though, just to be sure.” Twi answered.

Amara selected the Memory Plus 20 on the display and summoned the thousand zenny needed to pay for it. Handing the zenny wave data to the vender, a silver ray of light shot out from the display and hit Amara right over the yin-yang emblem on her chest. Silver light covered the startled girl’s body for a brief moment before fading away.

“Twi, what just happened?” Amara asked, nervously.

“It appears the Memory Plus program is designed to compress energy, thus making it possible for one to carry more energy or programs and not have to worry about losing to much energy to fast in battles or other strenuous situations.” Twi explained. “Buy out the rest of the vendors Memory Plus programs, they will help us in the long run.”

“Okay Twi.” Amara said. After exchanging the zenny wave data for two more Memory Plus, Amara continued down the wave road till she was close enough to the car to feel the tingly feeling she usually got when near something with a comp space. Taking a deep breath, Amara let herself go to the feeling, and warped into the car’s comp space.

Stumbling forward, but managing to stay on her feet for once, Amara looked the comp space. Noting it was as big as the locomotive’s comp space, Amara walked forward to the central platform. “Where is he?” Amara asked herself, continuing to look around.

“Try going further into the back Amara, you may find him at the main control panel.” Twi suggested.

Amara did just that, and was not disappointed. Hacking away on the main control panel was a tall brown armored being with long arms and big hands. Sensing someone else in the area, the Jammer turned around, revealing his big red eyes.

“Eh, who are you kid?” The Jammer asked. “You a thief too?”

“No I’m not a thief, stealing is wrong!” Amara stated.

“Yeah, well what goes around comes around kid. You try working on my salary, cleaning up after some disrespectful brats day in and day out, and see if you can get by.” The Jammer retorted. “I’ve been asking for a raise for over a year now, and since that principle isn’t gonna give me it, I’m gonna take it out of his hide. This car will get me a hundred thousand zenny easy!”

“Sorry, but I can’t let you do that.” Amara said. “If you don’t like your job you should quit and find a new one, not steal and become a criminal.”

“Haha, you’re good for a laugh kid, if nothing else you’re good for a laugh.” The Jammer said. “I already have a record kid, this was the best job I could get. I’ve tried the straight and narrow, it didn’t work out for me. Now get lost kid, I don’t wanna hurt ya, but get in my way and I’ll beat you down.” Once he finished speaking, spikes erupted from the Jammer’s armor.

Amara took a deep breath before shifting into a fighter’s stance. “I’m really sorry it has to be this way.” Amara said sincerely before yelling, “Wave battle, ride on!”

The rectangular barrier of light shot up around Amara and the Jammer. Confused at what just happened, the Jammer didn’t respond to Amara’s first attack in time. Amara formed several hand sized four stared shuriken of light and with practiced expertise threw them at the Jammer, nailing him with each one.

The Jammer growled as he staggered back from the attack. Once he regained his balance, he held his right arm forward and black energy engulfed it, before revealing a triple barreled gatling gun. Aiming it at Amara, the gatling gun’s barrels began rapidly spinning before spewing out energy bullets.

Amara’s eyes widened before she swiftly moving out of the way of the energy bullets, only to find the Jammer following her with his gun. Moving swiftly from side to side, Amara avoided as many bullets as she could as she tried to think up a way to counter attack, but the Jammer was giving her no room to do so and did not seem to be running out of bullets anytime soon.

“Amara, use the invisible card, then get up close and attack him.” Twi told her. Amara nearly smacked her forehead for forgetting about that card, but stopped when she realized it wasn’t the time for that.

“Invisible, battlecard!” Amara’s body became faded and ghost like as she shifted direction and ran straight towards the Jammer, its bullets going through her form without causing any damage. Upon reaching him, Amara crossed her left arm over her body while thrusting her right hand at the Jammer. “Chainbubble, Strike Blade, battlecards!”

A blue sphere of energy shot out of Amara’s right hand, impacting the Jammer and trapping it in a large bubble, while her left arm transformed into a blade of lightning. Aiming at the Jammer’s right arm, Amara swung her blade through the bubble and the gatling gun, the bubble’s water element causing the damage of the blade to double. The gatling gun lost two of it’s barrels before reverting back to the Jammer’s arm.

Reeling in pain, the Jammer swung it’s giant left fist at Amara, just as her invisible card gave out. Not prepared for the attack, Amara was knocked off her feet as the fist impacted with the side of her head. Rolling across the ground, Amara shook her head, trying to regain her senses, when…

“Amara look out!” Twi yelled. Amara looked up just as the Jammer’s foot stamped down on her stomach, causing her to cry out in pain. Grabbing the Jammer’s leg, Amara tried to move it off her body when the Jammer reached down and grasped her throat.

Amara’s eyes widened as she quickly changed her efforts to removing the Jammer’s hands from her neck, but had no success. As the Jammer applied more pressure on Amara’s stomach, the girl began to panic. Her baby side wanted to get out, but Amara fought it off as best she could, knowing she would regret it if she let it out…assume she survived.

“Amara, let me take over, I can finish get him off!” Twi yelled. Her vision bluring, Amara gave a mental nod yes while she could.

Amara’s right arm shot up at the Jammer’s stomach and launched a sphere of dark energy into it. The Jammer, caught completely off guard, was thrown off Amara, landing hard on his back several feet away. Finding herself in control again, Amara took several deep breaths before rolling farther away from the Jammer.

Once she could see and breath clearly, Amara activated a Recovery 50 battle card to help heal herself. “Thank you Twi, if you hadn’t helped me there, I’d have-”

“Thank me after the battle, we’re not done here.” Twi interrupted. Amara saw the Jammer rising back to his feet, and proceeded to do so herself.

“I understand Twi. I think it’s time to bang this guy up.” Amara said.

Twi caught on immediately. “Summon your darkness energy around whichever arm you’re going to strike with, and make sure it’s enough to cover that Jammer completely, like a bed sheet. Once you make contact with him, force all the darkness energy onto him at once, then get out of there.”

“Right! Darkness Elemental Big Bang!” Amara charged at the Jammer, dark energy swirling around her right arm as she remembered the time she almost lost her Daddy’s brotherband to her former school principle. The Jammer charged at her too, bringing back his right fist to strike her. Upon reaching one another, the Jammer swung it’s fist at Amara, but spun to the side and struck him hard in the gut. “Meteor Impact!”

The darkness around Amara’s arm shot forward and covered the Jammer completely for several seconds before vanishing completely. The Jammer blinked in confusion, repeating the action as Amara leaped away and high tailed it towards the walk way leading towards the central platform. Moving to give chase, the Jammer was suddenly shot straight up, like a cannon, into the air, through the ceiling and outside of the car’s comp space.

Amara quickly pulsed out of the comp space, appearing on the wave road. Looking around, she saw the Jammer flying at least ten floors into the air, before he fell, smashing into the car, crushing it. There was a flash of light, and a man in a school janitor uniform was in the Jammer’s place, unconscious.

People began crowding around the janitor’s body, and someone called for an ambulance. Looking down the road, Amara saw her Mama running towards the scene with her medical equipment. Sighing, Amara laid back on the wave road. “Thanks for helping back there Twi…”

“We’re partners baby girl, we help each other out.” Twi replied. “Now, how about a nap up on Vista Point, you look like you could use one.”

Amara smiled, and summoned her pacifier to her hand. “Sounds like a good idea to me.”


Amara slept soundly upon the padded bench on Vista Point, using her diaper bag as a pillow for her head. She slept for several hours, suckling away on her pacifier while Twi rested next to her, keeping watch for anyone coming near them. It was when Twi checked the Transer’s digital clock, and seeing it was a little after 4PM, that she decided it was time to wake Amara up.

“Baby girl, it’s time to get up.” Amara mumbled something behind her pacifier. “Could you repeat that?”

“I no wanna.” Amara repeated, only slightly louder. Twi then nudged Amara’s side with her nose, startling the girl and causing her to roll off the bench. Pulling her paci out, she loudly asked, “What was that!?”

“Another side effect of our EM wave changing.” Twi replied. “While I can’t physically touch anything else that’s physical in this world, because I’ve merged with you I can touch you, just like how you can see me without your visualizer.”

“Does that mean I can touch you?” Amara asked, curiosity overriding her sleepiness.

“Only my armored parts, as touching my raw energy may have some adverse effects on your human form. I can’t say for certain what might happen, but I’d rather we avoid the risk all together.” Twi explained.

Amara nodded her head in agreement. Just then, her transer’s phone unit began ringing. Holding her arm up, Amara pressed a few buttons on the screen, before a video screen appeared, showing Hope on the screen.

“Mama!” Amara exclaimed. Hope giggled on her end of the screen.

“Hello baby girl, have a good day I hope?” Hope asked. Amara nodded her head up and down rapidly.

“Uh-huh! Me and-”

“That’s great.” Hope interrupted, confusing Amara slightly; she usually loved to hear about how her day went. “Tell me, do you remember Emily?”

Amara scrunched her face up in concentration for a moment. Then she snapped her fingers. “Yeah, Emily is one of my doctors, right? The one with the silky red hair and wears glasses?”

“That’s the one.” Hope said. “She’s here now and would like to talk to you, more specifically your little girl side. She’ll be joining us for dinner.”

“Oh, okay Mommy, I’ll be home in ten minutes, I’m up on Vista Point.” Amara replied.

“Good, and when you get home, then you can tell me how your day went.” Hope told her with a knowing smile. Amara smiled back.

“Okay, be home soon. Love you Mommy.”

“Love you too, baby girl.”

The video phone screen shut off, and Amara turned to Twi. “Time to go home, but you’ll have to stay in the transer until Emily leaves.”

“That’s perfectly fine Amara, keeping our abilities and my existence secret is important.” Twi said before warping into the transer.

“Alright then, lets roll!”


Amara quickly made her way down the stairs to town, and took the long way to avoid the police investigating the incident from earlier involving the janitor and the damaged car. It was just as she reached her front door when a voice rang out.

“Hey, wait!”

Amara turned around and groaned. Luna, Bud, and Zack were walking straight towards her. As much as Amara wanted to just enter her house and ignore them, it would be rude and she didn’t want to risk the three of them banging on the door with Emily in the house just because she didn’t at least hear them out. With a sigh, she braced herself for what was to come.

Luna stepped forward. “You didn’t come to school today either. I thought we talked about this yesterday, just how long do you plan on skipping out on school?”

Amara narrowed her eyes. “Okay, one: I never agreed to come to school at all, so I don’t have any obligations to you. Two: I am not skipping school, I am still doing the work assigned in class and learning just like the rest of the students at the school. And three: I wish you would stop bothering me about this as it’s not your concern.”

“As Class President it is my concern. Without you attending the actual class, our attendance records suffer. I’ve always won the perfect class attendance award, but since this year started you’ve never come to class, making the closest thing to an award I can get is a noteworthy mention. But that’s only if you come to school!”

“So what you’re saying is that I should disrupt my way of life, the way that I’ve been living for five years, just so some stranger who I find exceptionally snobbish and bitchy can get a noteworthy mention? Yeah, not happening.”

Luna growled at this. Turning around, she said, “Bud, talk some sense into this girl.”

Bud nodded his head and walked up to Amara. Amara tensed up, bracing herself for a fight if it happened, but was completely unprepared for Bud clamping both hands down on her shoulders.

“Listen up, the Prez is only doing what’s best for you. She just smarter then the rest of us. Prez helped me get my grades up enough so I could still be on the school’s wrestling team and anything Prez wants I’ll do my best to make certain she gets. You need…”

Bud continued talking, but Amara didn’t hear a word of it. Her eyes were wide open, pupils dilated, breathing labored, her fear of men bigger then her touching her was making her panic. It was when Bud gave her a shake, after noticing she wasn’t paying him any attention that she snapped.


Luna, Bud, and Zack all jumped at Amara’s scream. In her panic, Amara quickly rammed her boot into Bud’s crotch, causing the large boy yell out, fall to his knees and remove his hands from Amara to clutch his wounded pride. As he fell, Amara grabbed Bud by the back of his head, and slammed it down onto her rising knee.

Luna screeched as Bud backwards, his nose bloody and still bleeding. “Why the hell did you do that you bitch!?” When she looked at Amara though, the sight wasn’t what she expected. Amara was on her knees, legs spread out in the opposite direction from one another, bawling loudly. Luna blinked several times as Zack went to check up on Bud. “What…the…?”

Suddenly the front door opened, and Hope and a red headed woman in a white doctor’s coat quickly came out. “My baby!” Hope exclaimed. She quickly pulled the bawling girl into her arms and picked her up before carrying her into the house.

The red headed woman quickly knelt down next to Bud. “What happened here?” She asked, glancing at Zack out of the corner of her eye.

“That psycho just attacked my brother when all he was doing was explaining why she should go to school!” Luna exclaimed. The red head was examining Bud’s nose, then nodded her head.

“It’s broken.” She said. “Hold on a sec, and I can fix it. Brace yourself.” Bud let out another yell of pain as she snapped it back into place, causing Luna and Zack to flinch. Turning to Zack, she said, “Clamp down on his nose and tilt his head back, it’ll help stop the bleeding and keep it out of his mouth.”

“Hey, don’t ignore me!” Luna yelled.

The red head stood up. “Are you injured at all?”

“No, but I’m going to press charges on that psycho for attacking my brother.” Luna yelled. “She just assaulted him for no reason!”

“Was he touching her?” The red head asked.

Luna blinked. "Yes, but what does tha- "

“Then it was self defense.” The red head said.

“What?! But she-”

“My name is Dr. Emily Salom, and I’m one of Amara’s psychologist and medical doctors.” Emily said. “Amara has multiple psychological and medical conditions, and in this case your brother hit on her phobia of men touching her.”

“She has a phobia of men touching her?” Luna asked. “Who would have something like that? And why would she start crying like that after assaulting Bud except to get out of trouble? I think she’s playing you doctor.”

“Not so, Amara has been this way for the past eight years.” Emily said. “Aside from her phobia of men, she has a new psychological condition called ‘Multi-Regressional Personality Disorder’. It causes her to have three personalities, one her current age, and the other two much younger. When faced with something that causes a lot of emotional, psychological, or physical stress, Amara’s youngest personality forces it’s way to the surface of her subconscious, which is that of a two year old. When your brother touched her, she panicked and did whatever she could to make your brother stop touching her before her baby personality took over.”

Luna looked at her in disbelief. “There’s no way something like that can exist.”

“She’s telling the truth Prez.” Zack said, looking up from Bud. “I read about in a magazine a few days ago at the dentist office. They mentioned a psychological condition like this, but they called it ‘split’, not ‘multi’.”

“That’s true, but just recently Amara developed a third personality, that of a five year old.” Emily said. “Amara is very important for our studies, which is why we do our best to accommodate her needs. We were able to schedule a hearing with the school board when her elementary school principle tried to expel her, and he was fired promptly when the facts came to light. Amara chooses to stay home and learn from there rather then school to avoid situations like this.”

“That still doesn’t excuse what she did!” Luna yelled.

“Well maybe you should just leave her alone from now on. You can try and take this to court, but Amara’s mother is constantly recording what happens in her yard. With the tape and testimony from myself and my fellow doctors Amara will get off any charges you throw at her.” Emily explained coldly. She turned around. “I suggest you get some ice for your brother here, it’ll help with the swelling, and I’m not just talking about his nose.”

Emily walked back into the Kisari residence and closed the door behind her, leaving a fuming Luna, and unconscious Bud, and a worried Zack behind.


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