Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight Ch. 1

Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight

Disclaimer: Some text is taken from the game.


Chapter 1: Enter Twi!!!

“All done!” Amara exclaimed happily. She had been working on her homework in her big girl bedroom, and had just completed it. Glancing down at herself, Amara saw that past her dark purple belly shirt, her white diaper was sagging heavily. “Guess I should take care of this now.”

Amara closed the homework file on her computer and stood up. She pushed her chair in and set the computer into standby mode. Looking to her left, she gazed longingly at the TV and game consol near the back wall, but shook her head, standing up made her realize just how badly she needed to change, not to mention she wouldn’t have time to reach Vista Point. Walking the length of the room, she passed several of the animated shooting stars on the wall of her room.

Despite her baby side, Amara had a fascination with space, and was determined to go there one day and bring her Papa back home. Her Mama encouraged her, and thus painted the room black. The two girls had spent days painting the room, and even made several star constellations. What’s more, Hope had part of the upper wall removed and replaced it with a glass window, and had a second level added to the room. On the second level was Amara’s bed, a telescope, and a large model globe of the Earth.

Amara climbed the stairs to the second level and reached under her bed. Pulling out a large container, she opened it and pulled out a changing pad, a clean diaper, baby powder, and a container of wet wipes. Placing the pad on her bed and scattering the supplies around it, she sat down on the pad.

Amara pulled open the tapes of her diaper and laid back. Lifting her knees to her chest, she rolled to the side and out of her diaper. Grabbing the used garment, she moved it away before rolling back to her original position, still keeping her knees up. Grabbing some wet wipes, she thoroughly cleaned her diaper area and threw the used wipes into the dirty diaper. Grabbing the garment, she rolled it up and tapped it shut, before tossing it over the railing next to her bed. She frowned when she didn’t hear a clunk; she must have missed her disposal bin.

Stretching her legs back out, Amara sat up, grabbed the baby powder and spent the next few minutes applying it to her bum and front. Grinning by the time she was done, Amara then grabbed the fresh diaper, opened it up completely, then laid back and pulled her knees to her chest again. Sliding the diaper under herself, Amara made certain it was properly positioned before stretching her legs back out. Pulling the front of her diaper up between her legs, she then pulled it tightly over her front and taped it shut. She ran her fingers along the leg holes to see if there were any leak holes, and after finding one, quickly untapped and readjusted her diaper before taping it shut again.

Taking a moment to stretch on her bed, Amara then got up and put away her changing supplies. She then walked down the stairs and checked her disposal bin. It was roughly the size of a large toy chest, and had a plastic, odor-proof cover. Amara smirked as she saw the used diaper had landed on the container, it had just been closed. Opening it, she threw the used diaper in with the other two before sealing it back up. The bin was cleaned every five days, and it had been three days since the last cleaning, so it looked like there wasn’t going to be much work necessary next time.

Amara then entered her ‘dressing room,’ a small area under her room’s second level which contained a small closet full of big girl clothes, a dresser of mixed clothes, a beauty desk and mirror, and a full length mirror.

The first thing the girl did was walk over to the dresser. On top of it were two items: her father’s shooting star pendent necklace, and a fresh, purple pacifier. Slipping the necklace around her neck, Amara then slipped a ribbon through the two holes on her pacifier, tied a knot, then slipped the ribbon around her neck and her paci between her lips.

Opening the top drawer of her dresser, Amara pulled out a jet black, wind proof interior, leather vest. Slipping it on, Amara closed that drawer, opened the one beneath it, and pulled out a pair of black shorts. She stepped into them and pulled them up, but the shorts did little to hide the bulge of her diaper, heck, her diaper’s rim was peaking out over the top of her shorts.

Over the years Amara’s big girl self had matured, even more so then an average girl her age, due in part to her training as a kunoichi, or female ninja. While some of her training reflected on her choice of clothing and color selection, another major factor was how she associated with others. Once outside the house, Amara took on a ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude about the people around her. She didn’t care how they thought she looked, and tended to ignore everyone else unless she needed to talk to someone, like if she went to a store or restaurant, or she was confronted by bullies or dorks, which rarely happened anymore after her last confrontation…

Amara grabbed a pair of socks, a purple headband, and a matching band for her hair before closing the drawer, and went over to her beauty desk and sat down to put them on. Once she was done, she exited her dressing room and headed towards the stairs, she didn’t have long to be outside.


Hope was currently downstairs with a guest. He was a fairly large man, wore brown pants, a white shirt, and a blue and red jacket with a company logo on it. The man looked at a picture on the wall and sighed.

“I can’t believe it’s already been eight years since Kelvin’s space station vanished.” He said softly.

“Hmm, I suppose it has…” Hope replied. The topic of her husband was not an easy one for her, despite how much time had passed.

The man turned to her, noticing her tone, and tried to change the subject. “Oh, I wanted to ask you about how she’s doing. She’s in 7th grade now, right?”

“Technically yes, Amara is in 7th grade, even though she still doesn’t go attend the classes. She’d be in 8th grade, but the school board raised the grade standards last year. Amara was held back by less then two percent of her GPA.” Hope replied, giving a frustrated sigh.

“That’s rough.” The man said.

“Yes, Amara took it hard. She’s even more withdrawn as a big girl now, at least to others, and spends much more time studying. She’ll probably get straight A’s this semester, but I’m worried about her.” Hope sighed. “She needs to interact more with kids her age, but her baby side and diapers work against her. Add that to the fact that she’s afraid of men and refuses to make anymore brotherbands and, well…” she trailed off.

“I understand where she’s coming from.” The man said. “Her father is lost in space, while her other brother violated her. It won’t be easy for her to learn to trust again.”

“Well, at least she keeps up with her studies.” Hope said cheerfully. “And you should see some of the gadgets she’s made some of them are for more…defensive purposes…but others are just fascinating. She even managed to fix up an old holographic projection disk.”

“That’s impressive for a thirteen year old.” The man acknowledged.

“Yes…” Hope sighed. “Amara really wants to be an astronaut and find her father, but with her condition she’d never make it. I just don’t have the heart to tell her.”

“Is there anything else she’s good at?” The man asked.

Hope smiled. “Amara has a great sense of fashion and would probably make a great model if she could handle the pressure. She also is talented in making music; we play in the music room together on Saturdays.”

“Well at least she has alternatives.” The man said. “It’s a real shame, if only we had more power, we could have found the signal and-”

“Aaron, it’s okay. It’s not your fault.” Hope said. “It was an accident…” The pair went silent, lost in their own thoughts.

At this point, Amara entered the room. Noticing her Mama had a guest, she quietly made her way around the room and over towards the front door of the house. Slipping her black boots on, she grabbed her diaper bag and was about to leave when Hope noticed her.

“Amara, come over her and say hello.” Hope said. Amara looked over at her and Aaron, suckling her pacifier for a moment, before letting it drop around her neck.

“But Mama, I don’t have very long to be outside.” Amara whined. The truth was, she really didn’t want to say hi to this big man. So she played her trump card. “I wanna see if I can see Daddy tonight.”

Hope’s face softened at this. For close to a year now Amara had been visiting Vista Point, the highest place in their town, Echo Ridge, every night in hopes of catching a glimpse at her father in the sky.

“I might have something that can help.” Aaron said, catching both Amara and Hope off guard. Curious, Amara cautiously walked over to him.

“This man is Mr. Boreal.” Hope introduced. “He worked under Daddy at NAZA.” Amara’s eyes widened.

“Really!?” She asked, getting excited. Aaron laughed.

“Yup, we’ve been friend since High School.” Aaron told her. “And please, call me Aaron.”

“Okay Aaron.” Amara said, smiling. This man couldn’t be that bad if he was her Daddy’s friend for so long, could he?

“I gotta tell you, your father really helped me out of jam a while back. He’s a great man and a better friend. After NAZA stopped looking for him I quit and opened my own little lab just outside of town, researching the Earth, space, and the stars.” Aaron told her. “If you want, you can drop by any time you’d like.”

“I’ll think about it.” Amara said. The offer was tempting. That’s when she saw her mother’s look, and realized…“Oh, I forgot, my name’s Amara Kisari.”

“Nice to meet you Amara Kisari!” Aaron said. “Oh, before I forget, I brought you some presents.”

“Really!?” Amara was really starting to like this guy…considering he was a guy and all.

“Yup. First, I managed to fix up those glasses your father made. It’s called a ‘Visualizer’, and I heard he used them in his work, but I don’t know much else beyond that…” Aaron told her, before pulling a case out of his pocket and handing it to Amara.

Amara opened the case and found the visualizer inside. It had a green colored visor with a silver frame. Amara pulled it out and tried them on. Aside from tinting everything light green, the visualizer did nothing else. Holding back a sigh, Amara placed the visualizer in her hair, just above her headband.

“Thank you Aaron.” Amara said politely. Aaron laughed and patted her shoulder.

“Think nothing of it, I’m sure he’d want you to have them.” He said, letting his hand rest on her shoulder. Amara froze up upon first contact with Aaron’s hand, but with it resting on her shoulder she started shaking uncontrollably. She could feel her baby side wanting to come out, just as she felt her diaper grow warm, when Hope gently removed Aaron’s arm from her shoulder.

Upon seeing what he had caused, Aaron rubbed the back of his head. “Sorry about that Amara, I kinda got into the moment.” He said, chuckling nervously.

“I-it’s okay.” Amara said, before taking her pacifier and placing it back in her mouth. She became visibly calmer as she suckled on it.

Giving Amara a minute to compose herself, Aaron grabbed a package on the coffee table next to them and opened it, having some mild difficulty. Once open, he weaved through the Styrofoam and pulled out a goldenrod colored transer.

“I heard one of your gadgets damaged your old transer beyond repair, so I got you a new one.” Aaron said, drawing Amara’s attention back to him. “As you know, each person belongs to one of the three satellite systems, Pegasus, Leo, or Dragon. Anyone belonging with one of those systems can communicate with anyone else with the same satellite. But this transer is special, as it is connected to all three satellite systems! It’s the first of its kind, and I want you to have it.”

Amara’s pacifier dropped out of her mouth. “You really mean that?” Aaron nodded and held it out for her. Amara took her new transer and attached it just above her left wrist.

“You’ll need to input your personal data, but aside from that it’s in working order.” Aaron informed her.

Amara turned her transer on, and a screen appeared asking for the unit’s name. Amara paused in thought for a moment, before entering ‘KUNOICHI’. Hearing her Mama clear her throat, she looked up at Aaron. “Thank you very much Aaron, I really like it.”

“You’re very welcome Amara.” Aaron said. He nearly patted her shoulder again, but caught himself in time. “Just be sure you finish inputting your personal data and your battle card data before you go out, incase any officers ask to see your ID.”

“I’m doing that right now.” Amara announced. She pulled a small data chip from her short’s pocket, and inserted it into the transer. A moment later, her battle card folder appeared, along with her favorite cards.

Amara collected battle cards as aside hobby, and participated on an internet tournament site. There, she’d gain a navi, buy upgrades for it, then send it into battle while using battle cards to power up the navi in mid battle. She was in the top fifty in the country, and she was actually more comfortable interacting with others through the net.

Amara liked things to have meaning, well to an extent. It was with that thought in mind that she constructed her battle card folder to be a water/ice and lightning elemental folder. While technically the same category, ice attacks had the ability to freeze opponent’s navis in place the longest out of any element, where as certain water attacks could have a bubble effect, trapping the opponent and disorienting them for a brief second while bobbing in the bubble. Each water and ice abilities did share one thing, they helped deal double damage when hit with a lightning attack.

The meaning behind her folder was one per element. With ice, she could numb herself to any pains. Water, she could adjust to the flow of the situation…most of the time. Lightning, she would make devastating strikes with no mercy to whomever threatened her.

Amara finished loading her folder and went to her personal data page. She quickly updated her ID image, and started filling her public message.

I will go into space and bring my Daddy home.

She then entered her secret, which only brothers could use. She didn’t have need for listing a secret, but the screen erased her message the first time when she hit cancel, so she filled in a secret.

I love being Mommy’s baby girl.

“All done!” Amara announced, closing her transer.

“So Aaron, this transer can communicate with all three satellite systems?” Hope asked.

“Yup.” Aaron replied. “It also has a special brotherband feature. You see-”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m never having another brotherband!” Amara interrupted, her voice harsher, more firm. Aaron blinked in surprise at Amara, who then bowed her head. “I’m sorry sir, but it’s getting late. I need to go now if I’m to see Papa tonight.” Without waiting for a response, Amara proceeded to run out the door.

Hope sighed as she heard the door slam shut. Turning to Aaron, she said, “She’s always like that when it comes to the brotherband system. She thinks she’s cursed. Her father formed a brotherband with her and got lost in space, and that other bastard, well, you know the story.” Aaron nodded his head in understanding.

“I just wish she’d develop some brotherbands…see that the world isn’t as cold and alone as she believes it is. But she developed a program that blocks her transer’s brotherband system, so none can be formed at all with her. She won’t even form one with me!” Hope sat down on the couch, resting her head in one hand. Aaron sat down next to her.

“Give her time, that’s all we can do.” Was all Aaron could think of to say. Hope merely nodded her head.


Amara jogged down the street, deep in though about what just happened.

Brotherbands…Daddy used to say they were the best thing to happen since technology…that the whole world would be a better place if everyone was connected through brotherbands…

Amara sighed as she reached the stairway to Vista Point. ‘I’m sorry Daddy, but I can’t risk hurting anyone else…or getting hurt again…I can’t use the brotherband system.’ Amara pulled out a chip and inserted it into her new transer. A download bar appeared and quickly filled up. With a ‘ding’ the program had been loaded; Amara could not use this transer to form a brotherband unless she installed the counter program.

Her task done, Amara put away the chip and started walking towards the stairway when… “You there! Wait!” Amara blinked and turned around.

Three kids walked towards her. The first one, leading the other two, was a girl. She wore a rich class school uniform, dark blue in color, a green and gold button on the left side of her uniform, and sky blue with white stripes stockings. She had brown eyes, and long blond hair pulled back into two ridiculously large pig-tails.

The second was a large boy…to put it nicely. He wore a brown t-shirt, brown shorts, a yellow apron with an orange fork and knife imprinted on it, and an orange head set. He had blue hair that spike up through the head set, and black eyes. The third kid was a short boy. He wore a light green shirt with an orange neck tie, dark green shorts, and a pair of glasses. He had brown hair and black eyes.

When the group reached Amara, the girl stepped forward, hands on her hips. “You’re the one, aren’t you? The girl that never comes to school.” Amara frowned at this, not liking where this was going. “I am Luna Platz of Echo Middle School, class 5-A, which makes me your Class President!”

Luna smiled, her face beaming with pride. “The big guy behind me is Bud Bison, and the short one is Zack Temple.”

Amara said nothing, just eying the three of them. Bud took offense. “Hey jerk! Don’t just stand there! Say something!”

“The Prez is waiting for a response!” Zack added, adjusting his glasses.

Amara sighed again. “What do you three want?” she grumbled. Luna shrugged her shoulders.

“Nothing. But it’s my job as Class President to see that all my classmates attend school!” Amara blinked at her.

“Say wha?”

“I hate it when things are not perfect, so having one person missing is unforgivable!” Luna replied. Knowing by her tone she was going into a rant, Amara cut her off.

“Sorry, but I’ve got nothing to do with you.” Amara said. She turned to walk away when she heard a yell.

“Hey! You can’t say that to the Prez!” Bud yelled.

“How dare you! The Prez is telling you to go to school! Don’t look down on us because you’re taller.” Zack yelled. Amara covered her mouth, hiding her giggle.

“There are worse things then being short.” She told Zack.

Zack was about to respond when Luna cut him off. “Bud! Zack! That’s enough!” Both boys seemed to calm down. Luna turned back to Amara. “In any case, Amara, I expect to see you at school tomorrow.”

Amara shook her head. “Not happening.”

“And why not? It’s important to socialize with others and get a good education, you’re missing both by not coming to school!” Luna said, beginning to feel irritated.

“Okay, firstly, I don’t socialize, period. Secondly, I have disabilities, one of which is new to the psychological world and is being studies, so I don’t have time to go to classes.” Amara had fibbed that last part, but they didn’t need to know that. “And finally, I’m in the top five of every class I take, so I am getting an education, and a good one at that.”

“I don’t believe any of that for a second.” Luna said. “Now listen up, if you’re not in school tomorrow, as Class President I’ll-”

“Do nothing.” Amara interrupted. “You have no power over me or the decisions I make. Being Class President does not give you authority over people outside of school, and using that as an excuse for trying to bully other people around is a disgrace to the title ‘Class President.’” Luna, Bud, and Zack were all shaking in barely contained anger. Amara then shrugged her shoulders. “Of course, it’s been a while since I went to any school at all, so maybe that’s how the system works now. If that’s the case, then that’s one more reason not to come to class.”

“Being a bitch doesn’t qualify as a disability.” Luna spat. Bud and Zack began to cheer her on.

“No, but it gets the job done.” Amara replied, not letting the curse word faze her. “And you want proof of a disability, then here, look all you want.”

Amara shrugged her shorts down to her knees, exposing her wet, sagging diaper. Bud and Zack stopped cheering, and all three kids went slack jawed. Amara turned around in a quick circle, letting them see all of her diaper, before pulling her shorts back up.

“There now that you’ve seen one of my disabilities, leave me alone.” Amara said. She then walked over to the stair way and began to climb. Luna snapped out of her daze and dashed over to the bottom of the stairs.

“Wait a second! There are several kids at school that wear diapers, that one doesn’t count!” Luna yelled.

Amara moved a hand to her head, she was beginning to feel stressed out, dealing with that annoying girl. She could feel her baby side wanting to come out, and she was tempted to let it, see how those three dealt with her then. But, she reasoned that she wouldn’t have long to watch for her Papa, she started skipping steps to speed away from the trio below her.

Luna watched Amara reach the top of the stair way and move out of sight. She let out a yell and stomped her foot angrily. “Who does that, that, diaper wearing bitch think she is!? Saying I’m a disgrace to Class President? I’m trying to make the class perfect, but she without her it’s not!”

“Perhaps we just need a different approach.” Zack suggested. He adjusted his glasses, which seemed to shine in the fading ray of sunlight.


Vista Point, the highest point in Echo Ridge. It had a number of benches placed around the edges, so as visitors could sit and look at the different views, a memorial statue, an old locomotive train, and a large platform with railings to overlook the edge of the steep cliff leading to the river below.

Amara walked up onto the platform, suckling her pacifier angrily. She couldn’t believe that girl Luna! Just because she was the president of her school class she thought she could boss everyone around?! Amara exhaled through her nose, the calming effects of suckling her pacifier taking effect. Amara put the incident behind her, and settled for watching the sunset in front of her.

Beep Beep Beep

Amara jumped at the sound. Once she calmed down, she checked her transer, and found she had an email…from Luna. Biting back a groan, she opened it. Luna’s face appeared on the transer.

“Hi Amara! It’s your Class President, Luna Platz.” Amara noted Luna made clear her position over her. The message continued. “I didn’t like your attitude, but I can forgive you, if you come to school!”

Amara couldn’t believe this girl. She continue suckling her pacifier as the message played. “We have some Brotherband homework today. I attached a new version of the Brotherband program we used in class, so make sure you do your homework!”

Amara rolled her eyes. “Oh, and one more thing…COME TO SCHOOL!!!” Luna’s face vanished from the main screen, and Amara’s brotherband page came up. Amara realized the email Luna had sent came with and automatic start up program. Luna’s face appeared in the secondary screen.

“Okay then, we’re now going to use this program and do your homework! So pay close attention.” Amara’s hand was balled up into a fist. Who did this girl think she was!? Forcing her to do her homework in front of a data copy version of herself! Amara actually bit through the nipple in her mouth. Her eyes widening, she spat it out as the plastic part fell from her mouth, causing her to miss some of the dialogue from the message.

“-shows you info about your Brothers. You can access this screen by selecting the “Brother” button on your main screen……Ah! You don’t have a single Brother! I can’t explain anything like this! Alright, I’ll tell you what. Just for now, I’ll be your Brother. You’d better be thankful!”

Amara didn’t listen to anything more, and manually shut off her transer. After a minute, it finished restarting and she deleted the email. Sighing at the loss of her pacifier, Amara undid the knot on the plastic part around her neck, and put the ribbon away while throwing out the plastic part and the nipple into a trashcan nearby. She then went over to the railing and leaned against it, staring up at the sky.


The stars were just beginning to twinkle as Amara began speaking softly, as she always did, in hopes of her Daddy hearing her…

“Daddy, Cassiopeia is so bright tonight…Oh, and today, your old friend, Mr. Boreal came to our house. He’s not so bad, he even gave me a new transer and your old visualizer…” Amara paused, then took the visor into her hands. “I wonder, does this visor have the power to see you now Daddy?”

Amara put the visor on, and looked around the area, and then the sky. Nothing was different, she couldn’t see anything with the visor she couldn’t see without. Amara clenched her fist, she knew she shouldn’t have, but she had gotten her hopes up when she got the visor.

Pulling the visor off, Amara fell to her knees, holding the visor to her chest with tears in her eyes. “Daddy, please come back to me! I miss you so much!” She began to sob, until she heard her transer begin to ring. “Wha?” She opened her transer up. Her eye widened. “Daddy’s access signal!” Amara put the visor back on and began franticly looking around her.

The transer’s ringing sped up. “He’s getting closer! Daddy!” A beam of grey light shot out of the sky, striking Amara. The girl screamed out in fright and pain, before collapsing, her baby side taking over. Amara began bawling, laying sprawled out on her back, completely oblivious to the world around her.

“…So this is Kelvin’s home…Earth…”

Amara’s eyes widened at her Daddy’s name, even in baby form she recognized it. Looking through the visor, she now saw many rays of light, shades of blue, green, and purple, many of them in the form of roads floating in the sky. Amara gave a big smile, and cooed as she tried to reach up and grab the pretty rays of light, oblivious to the figure floating next to her.

The figure was a dolphin, it’s skin made of grey energy. It had purple armor around it’s body, maintaining it’s dolphin appearance. It glanced down at Amara in curiosity. “Is this girl Kelvin’s daughter?”

Amara forced her baby side down upon hearing her Daddy’s name a second time. She sat up and looked right at the floating dolphin. “Yes I am. How do you know Daddy? Where is he? When is he coming home?”

The dolphin blinked in surprise. “You can see me child? Humans aren’t supposed to be able see energy beings like me.”

“Yes I can, I can also see the roads in the sky too. Now how do you know my Daddy?” Amara demanded. As she stood up, her visor slid off her face, and the lights, roads in the sky, and the dolphin vanished. “Huh, where did you go?” Amara bit back a whimper. “Please come back…I need to find Daddy, I miss him so much.”

“And he misses his little princess as well.” Amara blinked, she heard the dolphin’s voice from the ends of the visor, and put it back on. The roads and the dolphin reappeared. “It appears your father’s visor is working again. It has the power to see EM waves, and given that I’m an EM being, you can see me too. I must have energized the visor when I zapped them.”

Amara stood up. “As much as I want to make sense of this whole situation, I want my Daddy more. Please tell me, where is he…and who are you anyways?”

“My name is Twilificus.” The dolphin said. “However, you may call me Twi for short, makes things simpler. I’m from the planet FM, so I guess I’m what you humans call an alien…You humans are a very interesting creatures, being able to use and create EM waves, and even see them with your visor. Those roads in the sky are apart of the wave world, and are called wave roads…do you understand so far Amara Kisari?”

“Daddy told you my name, didn’t he? Please, tell me where he is, why he hasn’t come home!” Amara said, desperately. Before Twi could respond, the ground started rumbling. Amara turned around. “Whoa!!!”

Twi floated next to her and growled. “Could they be here already?”

“Who’s here?”

“The FM-ians who are after me.” The pair gazed off the platform at the train which is now off the tracks and aiming to roll down into town.

“Are they doing something to the train? It shouldn’t be able to move on its own.” Twi smiled at Amara.

“Not FM-ians, but EM viruses. We have them on our planet too, so I can identify their wave signal.” Twi explained. “It appears that they will enter town using the train…”

“But that will be a disaster if that happens, and Mama’s still home!” Amara exclaimed.

“The only way to stop the train is to delete the EM viruses inside it.”

“But how?”

Twi frowned. “I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to safely use my powers here. They are dangerous on their own, but on this planet, EM wave beings like myself have their powers restricted in their natural form.” Twi turned to face Amara. “I can make it safe to use my powers, but I’ll need your help Amara.”

“What do I have to do?” Amara asked, determined to keep her Mama safe, and hopefully learn about her Daddy as well.

“Get out a blank battle card.” Twi said, before glowing a brighter shade of grey. Twi then curled into herself, forming a ball of energy, and entered Amara’s transer. “Insert the card and I can infuse my power into it.”

“Okay.” Amara inserted the battle card into her transer, which then glowed grey. “What’s next?”

“I need you to yell out 'EM wave change” as loud as you can, and brace yourself." Twi explained. Amara made to do just that, when she felt the compulsion to say more.

"EM wave change, Amara Kisari!

On the Air!!!

Amara was covered in an orb of purple light. When the light faded, Amara gasped as she looked herself over. Gone were her original clothes, and in its place was a dark purple jumpsuit that covered her body, black chest plate armor, black arm guards, and black armored boots. Her hair had unraveled and glowed forest green.

Amara’s headband was replaced with a black head guard with a white visor over her eyes. On the center of her chest plate was a circle, containing the black and white yin-yang symbol, with the star pendent embedded in the center of it.

Amara looked and felt herself over. She felt incredible, like she could do anything! She couldn’t feel anything when she rapped her knuckles on her chest plate, the jumpsuit felt like silk against her skin, and she noticed that it puffed out around her waist, due to her diaper.

“What on Earth?! What happened to me?” Amara asked herself out loud.

“Not the best choice of words, baby girl.” Twi’s voice echoed in her head. Amara jumped in surprise, and gasped when she rose ten feet into the air. It was only her kunoichi training that allowed her to land on her feet.

“Where are you Twi, and why did you call me baby girl?” Amara asked, looking around for the dolphin.

“We’ve merged together Amara. You have the ability to use my power while I regulate it’s output so it’s safe for you.” Twi explained. “As to why I called you baby girl, your Mama calls you that and it comforts you, so I called you it.”

“But how did you know that?”

“I know because when we merged I was able to see your memories…” Twi paused for a moment. “You are a very unique girl Amara, being almost two people in one, and maintaining your child-like innocence even after all the hardships you’ve been through. You have my respect Amara Kisari.”

“Um, thank you.” Amara said. Then she blinked. “Hey, how come I didn’t see any of your memories, that’s not fair!”

“I’m afraid it’s to complicated for you to understand as it’s above your level comprehension.” Twi answered. Amara pouted and crossed her arms.

“So not fair.” Twi took notice of her behavior.


Amara blinked. “Huh? What’s so interesting?”

“Um, nothing.” Twi said hastily. “Now I need you to be a big girl right now, and we’ll work on deleting those EM viruses, okay.”

Amara narrowed her eyes. “Right. How do we do this?”

“Walk over to the train. Once you get close you should feel a tingling feeling throughout your body. Let me know when you feel.” Twi answered.

Amara nodded her head and did a forward flip off the platform. Upon landing she dashed over to the train. Her eyes widened as she felt the tingly feeling Twi had mentioned go through her body, and skidded to a halt a few feet from it.

“Now Amara, I want you to let yourself go to this feeling, let it pull you in, and we’ll be inside the train’s comp space.” Twi explained.

“Okay, I’ll try.” Amara said. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the tingling feeling. When she felt a small tug from it, she relaxed…and then screamed as she was warped inside the locomotive. Her body felt like it was traveling at neck breaking speeds, when suddenly there was ground beneath her feet. Not even her kunoichi training could save her this time as she stumbled forward and then crashed face first into the ground. Amara moaned softly. “Owie.” She whimpered.

“You did as well as can be expected for your first time.” Twi said. “Take a moment to rest and get your bearings, then we’ll deal with the EM viruses.”

Amara nodded her head, knowing she didn’t need to speak to answer Twi. Blinking a few times to fix her blurred vision, she gazed around the area she was now in. The ground she was on was thin cubes of concrete data, varying between orange and green in color. The background of the area was sky blue in color, and had moving animated pictures of locomotive wheels spinning.

“Wow, this is the wave world?” Amara asked in awe.

“Yes it is baby girl.” Twi answered. “I know you’re bursting with questions, but for now we need to get going and find those viruses.”

“Okay, let’s rock!” Amara made her way back to her feet and began jogging straight ahead, where she saw a large, open space of the concrete data. Once she entered the space, she could make out what looked like three small construction worker hats on the ground, each with matching yellow boots and glowing pick axes. “Are those them?”

“Yes they are. I believe they are Metatool EM viruses.” Twi said. “They are among the weakest of EM viruses, but tend to swarm together. We should initiate the wave battle program before we engage them.”

“Wave battle program?”

“It’s a program designed to shield outsiders from those who are fighting. It also prevents others from interfering in our battle.” Twi explained. “By activating it, even if the metatools have swarm data, we won’t have to take on a herd of them all at once.”

“How do I activate it?” Amara asked.

“We’ll get to that in a moment, as I think it’s better you know how to use our powers before we start.” Twi answered. Amara blushed, she had been getting excited with everything that had been happening around her, she had forgotten that she didn’t know how to fight in her new form.

“My abilities provide you firstly with the power of swift movement, even more so then anyone else that could wave change unless they shared an ability similar to mine.” Twi started lecturing. "While I don’t think we’re ready for any of my signature attacks, I can help you with the basics of my powers.

"I am unique to all other EM beings in that I was born with the elements of light and darkness. Each is great and terrible on it’s own, but together they can be so much more, and maintaining two elements that are complete opposites is straining to say the least, growing up and preventing my own power from tearing myself apart was no easy feat…

“I’m going off topic. While we don’t have time to properly go over how to use each element, I can give you a short cut to activating them. Both elements come out as raw energy, energy that can be shaped with your mind. To use light energy, think of positive memories and thoughts, as light is more often then not affiliated with the universal element of good. To use darkness, think of negative memories and thoughts. Do you understand so far?”

“Yes, I believe I do.” Amara answered seriously.

“Okay then, before we go into battle I want you to form an orb of light energy and dark energy in each hand. You can do each element one at a time, since it’s easier that way, just don’t let the orbs touch, no matter what you do.” Twi directed.

“Okay, but can dreams work to?” Amara asked. Twi was silent for a moment.

“If they have a strong enough emotion with them, then I don’t see why not.” Twi answered.

Amara nodded, and held her right arm out away from her body, palm up. Closing her eyes, she pictured her Daddy walking through the front door of her home, giving herself and Mommy a big hug, telling them he’d never leave them ever again. Inside her, Twi’s eyes softened as she read her vessel’s mind. She vowed to tell her vessel the truth once the danger had passed.

Amara felt her hands grow warm, and when she opened her eyes, saw white light shooting out of them. Focusing on her right hand, she felt her left hand begin to cool as the light energy faded from it. Picturing the light energy forming into a ball, Amara watched in amazement as the energy rolled onto itself, before forming a beach ball sized orb of light. Amara exhaled a breath she hadn’t known she was holding.

“Very good.” Twi commented. “A bit bigger then necessary, but still better then expected for a first timer. Now reabsorb the light energy. Focus on the warmth of the ball, and will it to move through your body, entering from your hand.”

Amara closed her eyes again, and focused on the warm, glowing orb in her hand. She felt the warmth slowly work its way back into her hand, then slowly flow up her arm, into her torso, and throughout her body. Opening her eyes, she just managed to catch a glimpse at the last bit of light energy being absorbed back into her hand.

“Very good, now try doing the same with darkness in your other hand.” Twi instructed. “Remember, darkness is most often affiliated with negative emotions and memories, so rely on those to call upon its strength.”

Amara lifted her left hand away from her body and closed her eyes once again. Thinking back, she thought of the betrayal she felt from the man she considered a brother, the man that defiled her, her mind, and her body. She could feel a cold calm flow through her body, but she could sense that in an instant it could spark into a raging hot, merciless inferno.

“STOP!!!” Amara jumped at the volume of Twi’s voice, her eyes shooting open. She gasped as she saw her body was covered in a flaming black aura, a sphere thrice the size of her body glowing in her left palm. “Clear your mind now Amara, and don’t try to absorb the darkness into your body.”

Amara did what she was told, and used her kunoichi training to clear her mind. Once she did that, she saw her flaming aura thin to an outline, tracing her body…including the slight bulge around her waist.

“I didn’t think you’d use that memory to call upon the darkness.” Twi stated. “I know you Earthlings have a saying, ‘too much of a good thing is bad for you.’ Well, the same applies to elements, especially darkness. While you can use the darkness energy to strengthen your body, you can only do so while it remains within yourself. Once manifested outside, reabsorbing it could warp your personality, depending on what emotion or memory you were using to power it. We must be more careful in the future.”

“Sorry Twi, I had used the happiest thought I could think of, so I figured I should do the same with the worst…” Amara trailed off.

“…Only use that memory again if it’s an emergency, and I mean life or death.” Twi said. “We’ll begin battling the viruses now; you’ll have an advantage over the first wave, but be ready for at least two more.”

“Okay, how do we activate the wave battle program?”

“Shout out ‘wave battle, ride on,’ and the barrier will raise around you and your intended target.”

Amara faced a metatool virus that was a little ways apart from the others. Locking her eyes on it, she yelled out, “Wave battle, Ride on!!!”

A rectangular ray of light shot up around Amara and the metatool. The virus, panicking at the unexpected light, called upon its swarm, and two others appeared by its side. All three turned towards Amara, raised their pick axes, and slammed them down to the ground, each sending a shockwave at Amara.

Amara leaped up into the air as hard as she could, the shockwaves missing her by a mile. As she gazed down at the three viruses, a green bull’s-eye appeared on her visor, targeting the center metatool. Rearing her left arm back, Amara then let loose the giant ball of darkness energy she had built up, straight at the virus targeted. She smirked as she saw all three metatool’s eyes widen comically before the ball hit them. The black orb exploded upon touching the ground, sending a violent shockwave throughout the barrier. Amara, who was about to land, found herself thrown backwards at least fifteen feet before coming in contact with the barrier.

“Are you okay Amara?” Twi asked. Amara said nothing, merely grunted. Twi then felt the jumpsuit expand slightly from just below Amara’s waistline. “Amara, your suit just expanded slightly, what happened?”

Amara’s face flushed as she sat up, feeling the barrier behind her vanish. “I just made a messy, that’s all.” She said quietly.

“Will it impede your ability to fight?” Twi questioned.

“No, I’ve sparred while messy before, I can manage here.” Amara said standing up.

“Good, but you’ll have to explain this whole mess and wet thing you humans do, I don’t quite understand its purpose.” Twi said. Amara’s face turned an even deeper shade of red.

“Later, right now we got a second wave coming.” Amara said, as she saw the second metatool running towards her. “Wave battle, Ride on!!!”

The barrier rose into place, and the virus called in another metatool to help it. Amara focused on positive thoughts and threw her hands forward, shooting rays of light energy straight out, towards the viruses. The first virus was pierced straight through before vanishing in a ring of purple light. The second one, however, dropped down and used its helmet as a shield. While it took no damage, it was flung through the air like a rag doll before impacting with the barrier.

Amara used a negative thought and formed a semi large orb of darkness in her left hand. Using her right, she sliced the orb in an arc like shape both ways before slashing down, connecting each end. She had formed a bow from darkness energy! Forming a second orb of darkness in her hand, Amara shaped it like an arrow, and pulled it back on her bow. The metatool, having finally landed on the ground, launched a shockwave at Amara just as she released the arrow. The darkness arrow pierced through the shockwave, and embedded itself deep into the metatool virus, which screeched before vanishing in a flash of purple.

“Very creative Amara.” Twi said. “I’m impressed, however you should take a break from using your elemental powers, using so much and in the way you just used them can be very draining.”

“No kidding.” Amara panted, her hands on her knees. “But how do I fight without using those powers?”

Amara could almost feel Twi’s grin. “By using the power your planet grants you; your battlecards.” Amara’s eyes boggled outwards.

“I can use battlecards? On myself?”

“Yes, but only the ones in your folder. Just call out the card you want to use and it should take effect.”

Amara grinned. “Oh this will be so much fun. Those viruses won’t know what hit them.” She straightened up, and focused her attention on the last virus. “Wave battle, Ride on!!!”

The barrier rose a third time, and two more metatool viruses appeared to help their friend. Two of the metatools fired shockwaves at Amara, who swiftly dodged to the side, sliding to a stop down on one leg, her palm flat on the ground.

“Ice stage, battlecard!” Amara’s palm flashed light blue, and the ground around the viruses was covered in a thin sheet of ice. Raising her arm up, she pointed it forward. “Plasmagun2, battlecard!” The end of her arm was covered in a sphere of purple energy. When it faded, in place of the rest of her arm was an orb with lightning inside it, with a firing nozzle attached at the end. Amara aimed the weapon at the closer metatool that fired at her, and upon seeing the green bull’s-eye lock onto it, willed the gun to fire.

A bolt of lightning shot out of the gun, and impacted with the metatool. It screeched in pain, the power of the lightning doubling due to the ice stage being in effect, when the blast shot out in a ‘V’ shape behind it. The metatool vanished in a ray of purple light, while its friends were each struck be the bolts that followed. Both vanished, the ice disappeared, and the barrier fell.

“Looks like we won.” Amara said. Her plasma gun was engulfed in purple light before returning to her original arm.

“Yes we did, and the train has stopped all functions.” Twi told her. “You did extraordinarily well Amara, especially given your mental conditions and all.”

“Thank you, but once we get back to my house, you’re telling me and Mama everything you know about what we just did and about Daddy.” Amara stated firmly.

“Are you sure you want your Mama to know about me?” Twi questioned. “Don’t you think she’ll panic upon seeing me?”

Amara smiled. “You underestimate her, there’s a reason she’s called ‘the Mom.’ Besides, we have a rule in our house, ‘no secrets, no exceptions.’ I intend to follow that rule to the letter.”

“Very well then, I will get us out of here, and then you can lead me to your home.” Twi said. “But I should warn you, you will feel tired when we un-fuse, so you should run home first before we do that.”

“Thanks for the heads up Twi.” Amara said. “…And thanks for helping me protect Mama and everyone.”

Twi smiled inside Amara. “No problem baby girl, now run on home, this is going to be a long night.”


Well, that’s all for the first official chapter. Man that was long! I didn’t expect it to be as long as it was, but I was really trying to show Amara’s character in this chapter, and how she reacted in certain situations. I think I accomplished that, but I will say this, from now on I’m dividing each of the FM-ian attacks into multiple chapters, after seeing how long this one was. I’m also not going to quote the game as much unless they are critical to the series……Yeah, that’s all I got. Tell me what you think!

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I actually love this story. I can’t wait to see where it leads to.