Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight Ch. 8

Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight

Hey all, been a while I know, had some trouble with scenes in this chapter as well as having been busy with real life stuff. Now that I finally am able to write, I’m gonna finish this saga off in one long chapter, to make up for my lull of writing. That said, on with the show!


Chapter 8: The Wings of Cygnus

“Well I must say this has been an excellent session.” Emily stated, placing her notebook down on the table.

Amara, Emily, and Hope were currently in a playroom designed for toddlers, full of stuffed animals, toys, a bookshelf full of picture books, and a little kids table for drawing. Both Emily and Hope were sitting at the only regular sized table in the room, while Amara, clad in only her shirt, diaper, socks and shoes, sat on the floor next to them, suckling on her pacifier.

“So can you tell us anything about Amara’s new personality?” Hope asked. “Will it affect her in any negative way?”

“Hard to say at this point.” Emily replied. "Based on what we know of Amara’s previous personalities, she has to spend time in each personality or else one will fight for dominance over the other. We know at this point that her baby side is essentially the strongest, as it works its way to the surface when Amara reaches a certain level of fear, stress, or pain.

“This new personality may upset the balance between Amara’s big girl and baby girl sides, but then again, it may further stabilize it. From what I’ve seen, it appears to be a sort of middle ground between the two personalities. Weather or not it tries to fight for dominance over Amara’s consciousness is yet to be seen.”

“Is there a safe way we can find out?” Hope asked. Amara nodded her head to show she was listening, not wanting to remove her paci from her mouth.

“Not that I can think of.” Emily stated. She stood up, made her way over to the bookshelf, and returned with three pocket sized notebooks. “For now, the best thing you can do is divide you time between all three sides of your personality.” Looking at Amara, she said, “I’d like you to write about your experiences in these notebooks, just like you did in your diary. However, each one will represent one of your personalities; big, little, and baby girl. Of course, I expect Hope will help you with your baby girl entries.”

“Of course, I don’t expect drool stains will help this study.” Hope replied. Amara blushed as both ladies giggled.

Emily ruffled Amara’s hair. “I know this may seem like a lot of work I’m piling onto you baby girl, but it’s necessary. You’re the only person like this right now, but if someone else develops this then we’d have your notes on how to care for them. Understand.”

“Uh-hu.” Amara replied.

“Good girl.” Emily said, ruffling her hair again. Amara giggled and slapped her hand away playfully. “Now then, what’s this I hear about you getting harassed?”

Amara sighed and pulled her paci from her mouth. “Her name’s Luna Platz. You met her before the last time you came over.” Seeing Emily nod, she continued. “She’s dead set on me attending classes at the school. She thinks because she’s class president she can boss me around. Ever since she took my disabilities seriously, she says I should either attend classes or go live in some shrink or asylum. She even sent me and Mama links for places; one was for the criminally insane!”

Hope passed her transer over to Emily, the email and links on screen. “Just before we came here, Luna tried to force Amara to join their class on a field trip to AMAKEN labs. She had apparently made it so the trip was worth a large portion of the course grade, and tried to threaten Amara with that. Aaron was kind enough to provide security footage to prove she’s taken the tour with another group, so there shouldn’t be a problem there. That girl however is becoming a real nuisance.”

Emily frowned as she looked at each of the links. “I’d really love to poke her brain.” She mumbled. Looking up, she asked, “Have you considered hiring a private teacher for Amara, and removing her from the school system completely?”

“I have.” Hope answered. “In fact, I have the application in my transer. It’ll take a few months for it to be approved, and then there’s the issue with Amara’s grade level.” Hope smiled here. “My baby girl is getting straight A’s, there was no reason to hold her back a year. So far the private investigators I hired haven’t turned up anything as to why she was held back, but I’m hoping they’ll find something soon enough.”

“I see. Looks like you’ll just have to hang in there for a few more months, then you won’t have to put up with this meanie any more.” Emily said.

Amara shook her head. “Meanie is too nice a word for her. She’s a bitch, pure and simple.”

“AMARA!” Said girl flinched, but looked her mother dead in the eye.

“I told you mother, that’s what I’m calling her now, because that’s what she is. You can wash my mouth out with soap, spank my bottom, even…” she hesitated for a moment, “…even force me to suckle one of those disgusting paci’s, but that’s how I’m referring to her from now on; unless she gets worse, then I’ll call her something worse.”

Hope opened her mouth to respond, but Emily interrupted. “That’s fine dear.”

“Huh?” Both Amara and Hope turned to Emily.

“I know you like to be treated at least somewhat like a baby when you’re a big girl Amara, but you do need to act like a growing, teenage girl as well. Cursing is one way, and from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s actually appropriate in this case.” Emily explained. “Hope, I know you don’t like her using language such as that, but she needs to grow up as well. We’ll need to see if she can survive on her own when it’s time for her to move out and get a job and things like that, and as much as you both want her to stay a little girl, she has to grow up in at least some ways. Language is one of them.”

Hope frowned, but nodded her head. “I understand…but if I hear any cursing not related to Luna, then you will be punished Amara. I’m not afraid to get out the itching powder again.”

Amara’s face paled, she had once tried cooking dinner for Hope and had nearly blown up the kitchen while she wasn’t paying attention to the oven. As a punishment, during her next diaper change Hope had swapped the baby powder for itching powder, and dressed her in a footed and gloved sleeper. Stuck in there, Amara had clawed at her diaper for nearly two hours, utterly exhausted by the time Hope came and changed her. That was an experience she never wanted to relive.

“If this continues,” Emily said, catching both girls’ attention, “you can always file for a restrain order against the girl. Just keep gathering evidence like this, and I’m sure we can make it happen.”

“That’s a relief.” Hope said, Amara nodding her head in agreement.

“So, unless anything happens soon, how about we schedule for about a month out?” Emily suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” Hope said, Amara nodding as well. “We can set a date in a minute, right now I know a baby girl who needs her diaper changed.”

Amara blushed and put her pacifier back in her mouth.


“How much more evidence will we need to get a restraining order on Luna?” Amara asked. She was currently in the car, fully dressed, with Hope driving, intending to stop at Metta-Donalds on the way home.

“Well, we can’t prove Luna changed the field trip with you specifically in mind.” Hope stated. “Emily can be a character witness on how Luna affected you, and we do have those links. She’ll have to do a bit more before we can get good enough evidence for the chief to sign off on a restraining order I’m afraid.”

“We may need one for Zack as well.” Hope glanced at her before turning back to the road. “I got nothing against the kid; it’s just that he’d do Luna’s bidding if he can. It’ll take something extreme to make him leave her.”

“I see.” Hope said. “That would take even more evidence.”

“We can ask Bud to come along as a character witness too, for both Zack and Luna.” Amara replied. “He has been with them for years, he may know why Luna’s so dead set on getting me back in class…I’ll have to ask him next math session.”

“That might work.” Hope said with a smile as she pulled into the drive through. “Your usual nuggets?”

“Yes please.” Amara said. Just then, her transer beeped. “Huh, I got mail.”

As Hope placed her order, Amara read the email, her eyes growing wider as she read. Once she finished, she grabbed Hope’s arm. “We have to get to AMAKEN labs now!”


“The FM-ian from earlier attacked Claud, thinking he was me. It’s now attacking the people in the space exhibit room, the tour is in there!”

Hope immediately pulled out of the line and quickly merged into traffic. “It’ll take ten minutes to get to the labs.”

“Claud and Cancer are doing their best to keep him occupied, but this one seems to have minions.” Amara said as she re-read the email. “They claim to be swans…though they look like ducks?”

Twilificus materialized in front of Amara. “Those are Cygnus’s minions. They call themselves the Quacky Lackies.” Amara and Hope snorted at this. “Despite the name, they are quite skilled in firing star shaped projectiles at their opponents. Cygnus was working on an upgrade for them to make their bodies stronger so they’d last longer in battle, but I don’t know if he finished it or not.”

“Was Cygnus in you class as well?” Amara asked.

“Yes he was, same as Taurus and Lyra.” Twi answered.

“So this invasion is turning out to be a class reunion.” Amara said. “At least we’ll know what to expect.”

“We can only hope so.” Twi said.


“I’m going to be sick!!!”

That statement was mentally echoed by many others in the SpaceSim room. Currently, the occupants were spinning out of control around the room. However, instead of flailing their limbs in a panic, each person had their arms raised over their heads, and their right leg raised and bent.

In the center of the SpaceSim was a large sphere that controlled the room’s anti-gravity system. On the sides were four screens, each displaying the same character. The figure was humanoid in shape, but had large, white feathered wings on its’ back, with a stripe of sea blue. Its’ skin was mostly sea blue, save its legs and neck. The head was shaped much like a swans’, its face blue with black rings around its eyes, while the rest of its head was white. Its’ legs were black with small bits of blue. Several yellow shards were on its legs, wrist, and waist. A small gold diamond emblem was displayed in the center of its chest.

In his spacesuit, Aaron called out, “Tom! Why are you doing this?!”

The figure on screen sneered at Aaron. “Even now you deny what you’ve done, feigning ignorance of your betrayal of me. And don’t call me that name, I’ve been reborn as Cygnus Wing!”

“Hey!” The pair looked at the girl in the blue space suit, Luna. “Let me go now! Do you know who I a-” she was interrupted as her lunch rose from her stomach and coated the front of her space helmet.

Aaron winced at the sight. “Cygnus Wing, I don’t know why you’re doing this, but at least let them go, they’re innocent, right?”

“No one is innocent.” Cygnus Wing stated. “They will all eventually steal from others and claim credit for their work and ideas.”

“I didn’t steal any of your ideas!”

“LIAR!!!” Cygnus Wing roared. “You presented MY Flap Pack as your own creation! Now you and the rest of your group will perform your last act, the Swan Dance, until you pay the price for your betrayal. The ultimate price!”

“Tom, I-”

“SHUT UP!!! I WON’T LISTEN TO ANYMORE OF YOUR LIES!!!” Cygnus Wing roared, before the screen shut off.

“Tom, please!” Aaron exclaimed, desperately trying to gain control over his own body. “Do what you want to me, but spare the children, please! Tom! TOM!”


Cancer Bubble groaned as he struggled to get back on his feet. The platform he was on was shaped like a cheese yellow moon, several with rockets on them. Blue star covered paths connecting the platforms. There were also long, grey rectangular platforms, the nearest covered in black marks from small explosions. The area’s wallpaper was a deep purple, boarder line black, with numerous star constellations streaming by.

“Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. Did you really think you could defeat the almighty Quacky Lackies?” Floating above the platforms were seven EM beings in the shape of ducks. The center three were black in color, while the remaining four were yellow.

“Like I’m going to lose to a group with such a stupid name!” Cancer Bubble yelled back.

The ducks began quacking loudly. “How dare you mock our name! It’s as beautiful as the swans we are!”

“Swans my bubble blowing butt!” Cancer Bubble yelled. “You guys look like ducks, and ugly ones at that!”

The quacking grew even louder. “Why you! Take this! Dance of the Stars!!!” A swarm of large, yellow stars fell towards Cancer Bubble.

Setting his bubble pack to full blast, Cancer Bubble jetted to the side, barely avoiding the barrage. He raised his pincers, and launched several Bubble Pop attacks at the ducks. Due to the speed of the attack, however, the Quacky Lackies were easily able to avoid the attack, and throw their own counter. Cancer Bubble tried to avoid it, but was unable to and was hit by several stars, all of which exploded on impact.

Cancer Bubble crashed onto the platform, Cancer materializing next to him. “Claud, hang in there!” Cancer exclaimed, nudging Cancer Bubble with his pincer. Cancer Bubble groaned, and managed to sit up, but couldn’t find the strength to move.

“Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! You thought you could get away with insulting us, but you thought wrong! Time to die!”

Cancer and Cancer Bubble’s eyes widened as they saw several stars beginning to form in front of each lackey. “We gotta get out of here!” Cancer Bubble yelled.

“I’m trying, but those black ducks are jamming my pulse out ability!” Cancer yelled back. He quickly got in front of Cancer Bubble. “Don’t worry Claud, if I go first, then you’ll be force out of your wave form; you’ll be safe!”

“What!? But you’ll be!!!”

“You’re the best friend I’ve ever had Claud.” Cancer said, looking back with a smile. “This is the least I can do to pay back the happiness you’ve given me these past few years.”




Cancer and Cancer Bubble’s heads shot up, and saw a large explosion engulfing the three black skinned ducks. The ducks quacked loudly as the explosion tore them apart. The firestorm soon faded to a cloud of smoke, the charred remains of the three black ducklings crashing down onto the platform before dissolving into bits of EM waves.

“Yes! I got them! Did you see that? What a shot! I’m awesome!” Everyone turned to see Twilight doing a small victory dance next to a rocket’s empty launch pad.

Cancer blinked at the sight, before grinning. “It’s only good if you call it!” He yelled back.

Twilight rounded on him instantly. “Oh bullshit dude!”

Cancer and Cancer Bubble’s eyes widened briefly, before they both laughed. Twilight leaped into the air, doing a small flip, before landing next to the pair. “You boys okay?”

“Tired, but we’ll be okay.” Cancer Bubble said as he managed to stand up.

“Here.” Twilight held out a card. “LrgEnergy Sub Card. It’ll help restore your strength.” Cancer Bubble nodded and activated the card.

“Nah, NAH! You killed our brothers!”

Twilight looked up at the sky. “You must be the Ugly Ducklings I’ve heard about.”

“NAH! We’re the Quacky Lackies! Not Ugly Ducklings!”

“Might as well be.” Twilight responded. The lackeys quacked even louder at that.

“Dance of the stars!” Four stars came streaming down at Twilight and Cancer Bubble.

“Barrier 200, BattleCard!” A yellow sphere surrounded Twilight just before the stars could hit. The barrier dissolved, but Twilight and Cancer Bubble were unharmed. “Hey Cancer Bubble, I got a job for you.”

“Huh?” Cancer Bubble looked up.

“The people in the SpaceSim, can you get them out? They’re running out of oxygen in those suits and wearing themselves out with that dance.”

“Don’t you think they’ll panic if they see a giant crab coming at them?”

“They can chalk it up to a hallucination brought on by the exhaustion. And since when did you give a crab?” Cancer Bubble laughed at that.

“Alright then, I’ll take care of the humans. I’ll be back later to help you out though.”

“There’s a sub-card vender in the area we fought earlier, grab some more LrgEnergy from him before backing me up.” Twilight told him.

“Okay, just try to survive until then.” Cancer Bubble said before vanishing in a ray of light.

“Not a problem.” Twilight replied as she turned her attention to the remaining Lackies.

“Nah, nah! Do you really think you can defeat all of us by yourself? Nah!”

“I can beat you vulture wanna-bees all by myself.” Twilight boasted.


“Could have fooled me.” Twilight said with a shrug.


The remaining Lackies began launching swarms of stars at Twilight. Using her swiftness gained by from her wave change, Twilight was easily able to stay ahead of the star shower behind her. Looking in front of her, she saw two sets of viruses swarm in her path. Her visor highlighted each one, and gave a brief description of them.

Crowcar: Crow head with wings, black colored with yellow mohawk and beak. Has jet propulsion for charges.

ZapAce: Yellow colored, circular center with two arms, spikes on end. Has three spikes on head. Lightning element.

Peekaboo: Blue floater, red nose, grey nightcap top. Covers face with hands until attack.

Wibbledee: Water drop shape, blue color. Water element.

Seeing the viruses preparing to attack, Twilight yelled out, “Wave battle, ride on!” The barrier rose around the group, the Lackies’ star attacks pounding on the barrier with no effect.

The Crowcar virus charged forward at Twilight, who managed to spin to one side and avoid it. She leaped over the Peekaboo’s red ring attack, slid under the ZapAce as it launched a small ball of lighting, and leaped over the water wave the Wibbledee launched at her.

Panting, Twilight called out, “Cancer Bubble, megacard!” A sphere of EM waves appeared before Twilight, before forming Cancer Bubble. The clone raised its pincers, and a large wave rose in front of it. The Crowcar and ZapAce were caught in the wave and vanished in purple rays of light; however the other viruses avoided the attack.

“Baby girl, I think it’s time we try that item we found on the way here.” Twi stated.

“Why not.” Twilight said with a shrug. Holding her right arm out, she called, “Wave Sword, battle weapon activate!” EM waves swarmed around Twilight’s hands before forming a silver katana blade with a black hilt. Giving it a few experimental swings, Twilight nodded her head in approval before turning her attention back to the viruses.

Both viruses launched their attacks at her. Twilight started flooding dark energy into the wave sword as she leaped over the attacks, before swinging it at the Peekaboo virus. A wave of black energy was released from the sword, the attack colliding with the virus and severing it in two before it vanished in purple light.

Twilight turned to the last virus, the Wibbledee, and started charging light energy into her blade. The virus began bouncing around, its body growing red with each bounce. After the fourth bounce, it launched a concentrated wave at Twilight. In response, Twilight swung her sword, launching her own concentrated wave of light energy at the virus. Both wave clashed, and after a brief power struggle, Twilight’s wave overpowered the virus’ wave before slashing straight through the virus, causing it to vanish in purple light.

Seeing an image of the Wibbledee virus left behind, Twilight quickly ran over and grabbed the battlecard data before turning tail and running, just as a swarm of stars hit where she had just been standing. As Twilight ran across the pathway, she saw another moon platform with a rocket on it. Thinking quickly, she pointed her sword at the rocket and fired a small blast of darkness energy at its base.

The rocket immediately ignited, and began rising into the air. Twilight formed a whip made of light energy, managed to catch it on the rocket, and quickly pulled herself onto it. As the rocket rose into the air, Twilight shifted her stance, so she was now riding the rocket like a surfboard!

The Lackies continued firing stars at her, but Twilight shifted her weight, causing the rocket to sway side to side, avoiding the attack. Just as she came upon the group, she leaped off the rocket. Upon impact, the rocket exploded, catching the remaining Lackies in the blast. The force of the explosion caught the still air-born Twilight, and slammed her down into the ground, her sword vanishing.

With a moan, Twilight rolled over and watched as the remaining Lackies dissolve into EM waves in the blast. “God, I really need to step up my endurance training. I’m getting tired as is.” Twilight said.

“Take a LrgEnergy baby girl, it’ll help.” Twi told her. Twilight nodded and crunched the card in her hand, allowing its power to rejuvenate her somewhat.

“Give me a minute to catch my breath, then we’ll continue.” Twilight stated. “I hope Cancer Bubble is finished rescuing those people.”


Hope had been talking to the medical staff in the building for several minutes now. The door to the SpaceSim room had been sealed off on the inside, and was currently inaccessible. That said, from what the few security cameras inside could see, the group inside were in a dangerous situation.

Constantly in motion, repeated rotations, as well as uncomfortable body positions did not bold well for the people inside. A team had been brought in to forcible open the door, but had yet to succeed. Hope was doing her job as a nurse by preparing carts for the most critical patients, and mats for people in less dangerous conditions. The medical staff on call had been gathering supplies, and everyone was confident that they were well equipped to deal with the situation once they had access to the victims.

A cry of surprise rang through the museum area as the door to the SpaceSim was blown open, and a large wave a water swept through, carrying a quarter of the group inside. Everyone in the room was stunned at the unusual turn of events before a second wave deposited another batch of students on top of the first one.

“Get moving people, we got injured here!” Hope yelled as she rushed forward. The other medical staff and work crew followed.


“No!” Cygnus Wing roared, slamming his fists down on the console in front of him. On the console’s screen was the image of Cancer Bubble pushing everyone out of the SpaceSim room, and thus out of his range of control.


Cygnus Wing immediately dropped to the floor as a ray of black energy smashed into the console in front of him, destroying the screen. Standing up, he turned to see Twilight lower her arm. Floating next to her was Twilificus.

Next to Cygnus Wing, an EM being materialized. Its energy was sky blue in color, while its armor was white on the top half, black on the bottom half, and a gold strip across the center with a gold diamond emblem dead center. On its head was an arched helmet with a matching color scheme to its body armor. Its shape was that of a swan.

“Twilificus, it’s been a long time.” The swan greeted.

“Indeed it has been Cygnus.” Twi responded. “Impressive work on enhancing your followers, though I must admit I’m curious as to why you’d include weapons with the power to destroy them into your battle arena program.”

Cygnus paused for a moment before responding. “It seems I’ve forgotten to rewrite the program, I had just been challenged to a rank tournament before our King called upon my services.”

“How unfortunate for you.” Twi said.

“Indeed.” Cygnus agreed. Twilight glanced at Twi.

“You two friends?” She asked.

“We’ve never actually been enemies, though we’ve always been something of rivals when it comes to debates. We’d debate all kind of things, though his favorite is of how he believes Darkness and evil is the same thing.” Twi explained.

Twilight made a face. “Well that’s stupid. Darkness is an element, just like fire, ice, or even light. Like any element, it can be used like a tool, and a tool can be used for good or evil purposes. Its true Darkness is often represented by evil, but those that stand too close to the light can become blind to what’s right and what’s wrong, just as those who stay in the dark for too long can lose their way.”

Twi nodded her head in approval. “That’s very wise baby girl.”

“And faulty.” Cygnus stated. “Darkness resides in all beings. When manifested, it drives them to commit horrible crimes. You’d know all about that, wouldn’t you Twilificus.”

Twi shook her head. “You don’t have all the facts Cygnus.”

“I know enough that you’re unable to control your human.” Cygnus sneered.

“That would weaken my powers Cygnus, my partner and I work together to protect this world.” Twi responded.

“And in turn you betray your home world.”

“Once the facts come to light, you’ll see I am right in doing this.”

“I propose a test then.” Cygnus announced. “My human has been betrayed by those he’s trusted most, and has chosen to let the Darkness in his heart consume him.”

“You mean you edged him on into this when he was at his weakest moment.” Twilight spat.

“Believe what you want human; we shall see who is right and who is wrong. Do humans deserve to live and betray one another, or should they be wiped out before they can harm anything else?”

Twilight smirked. “That same question can apply to FM-ians as well.” Cygnus flapped his wings once before vanishing from sight. Cygnus Wing spread his wing once as he got into a fighter’s stance.

“I will show you the strength, the pain betrayal can bring.” Cygnus Wing stated.

Twilight narrowed her eyes as Twi vanished from beside her. “I live with that pain every day.”

“Cygnus Feather!” Cygnus Wing flapped his wings once, launching a dozen feathers at Twilight. Utilizing her swiftness, Twilight dashed through the swarm of feathers, only to painfully discover they were razor sharp as one cut the length of her left arm.

Biting back a yell, Twilight thrust her right arm forward, launching a ray of Darkness energy at Cygnus Wing, who promptly dodged by taking to the air. “Wataritori!” Three EM spheres appeared in front of Cygnus Wing, before taking on the familiar form of the Quackie Lackies, two of which were black, one white.

Twilight groaned at the sight. “Not more ugly ducklings.”

The Lackies shot forward, aiming for Twilight. Raising her arms, Twilight shot rays of Darkness energy at the two black Lackies. To her surprise, the Lackies flew undeterred through the rays. All three Lackies shot into the ground around Twilight before exploding, engulfing her in a mini firestorm.

“That was…disappointing.” Cygnus said, materializing next to Cygnus Wing. He gazed down at the smoke cloud on the platform when he noticed several sparkles appear at various points in the cloud. “What the?!”

“Light Elemental Big Bang: Shatter Blast!” Shards of light energy erupted from the smoke cloud, flying straight a for Cygnus Wing.

Cygnus quickly disappeared as Cygnus Wing raised his arms above his head and crossed his ankles. “Dancing Swan!” Cygnus Wing began rapidly rotating, causing a small hurricane to appear around him. The smoke cloud cleared, and Twilight watched in shock as her attack was swept up into the hurricane.

“No way!” Cygnus Wing dive bombed at Twilight, launching the hurricane and LEBB at her. “Invisible, Battlecard!” Twilight’s form took on a transparent form, rendering her immune to most attacks.

“Amara, Invisible won’t work against the Big Bang!” Twi shouted.

Twilight’s eyes widened; she tried leaping back, but it was too late. The hurricane engulfed her, keeping her suspended in midair as her own attack proceeded to harm her. Twilight yelled out as the shards cut into different parts of her body.

Once the hurricane died out, Twilight fell to the ground bawling, her baby side having firmly taken control. Twi materialized next to her. “Come on baby girl, you gotta fight it! I can’t control your body right now, it’s to damaged, and I can’t use your sub or battlecards! Amara!”

“Looks like you’ve chosen a real winner for a human to possess.” Cygnus said as he and Cygnus Wing floated down next to them. “How do you intend to protect this world using that girl? Make us all deaf?” Cygnus laughed.

“Tidal Wave!” The pair turned just in time to be swept away as a massive tidal wave engulfed them. Cygnus vanished as he slammed into the damaged console, Cygnus Wing grunting upon impact.

“Who did tha-”

“Boomerang Cutter!” Two rapidly spinning pincers flew at Cygnus Wing. The first to arrive nailed his right wing, causing him to growl in pain, while the second one slammed into his face. Cancer Bubble landed next to Twilificus as his pincers reconnected to his arms.

“Your timing is impeccable.” Twi said as she covered Twilight in a white light.

“What’s going on with her?” Cancer Bubble asked, motioning to the still bawling Twilight.

“Her mental condition is flaring up.” Twi explained. She paused for a moment. “Listen, I need you to grab her pacifier for me, it’ll help calm her down.”

“Where is it?” Cancer Bubble asked, crab walking over to the pair.

“Just above her chest…right there.” Twi replied, poking the area with her nose.

Cancer Bubble gulped, but carefully pressed his pincer at the point Twi indicated. It slowly sank into the jumpsuit, until he felt something there. Clamping down on it, he pulled the pacifier out, and with some difficulty, managed to slip it into the bawling girl’s mouth.

Twilight immediately began suckling on the pacifier, her tears lessening. Twi turned to Cancer Bubble. “You’ll need to hold Cygnus Wing off for a little bit; I’ll do what I can to get Twilight back into the fight.”

“Better get to work, Bubble Pop!” Cancer Bubble launched several bubbles, intercepting the Cygnus Feathers that had been aimed at them. Cancer Bubble activated his bubble pack and launched himself at Cygnus Wing.

Twi curled up against Twilight. “Calm down baby girl, you’ll be okay…Twi-Twi is here.” Her purple face armor gained a red hue after stating that. “Just suckle on your paci, and calm yourself, you’ll be okay.”

While Twi was taking care of Twilight, Cancer Bubble and Cygnus Wing were engaged in intense combat. “Wataritori!” Several Quackie Lackies materialized before streaking towards Cancer Bubble.

“Bubble Pop!” The Lackies were all caught in bubbles, however the white one exploded shortly after being caught, causing a chain reaction with the others. A smoke cloud screened Cancer Bubble’s view. “Where is he?”

“Cygnus Feather!”

Cancer Bubble’s eyes widened as he heard the attack; it was coming from above! “ChainBubble, battlecard!” Cancer Bubble launched a dozen bubbles above him, managing to catch all the feathers.

“Dancing Swan!” Cygnus Wing appeared over Cancer Bubble, and launched another hurricane attack. The hurricane streamed through the bubbles, causing them to pop, and catching the feathers inside.

“Grr, Tidal Wave!” The giant wave collided with the hurricane, each force battling for supremacy. After several seconds however, the attacks canceled each other out.

“Haaa!” Cancer Bubble turned just in time to be slugged in the face by Cygnus Wing.

“Gah!” The bubble pack failed with the loss of his concentration, and Cancer Bubble plummeted towards the ground. Managing to twist himself around, he managed an attack. “Boomerang Cutter.”

Cygnus Wing flew at Cancer Bubble, barrel rolling out of the way of each pincer. Cygnus Wing grabbed Cancer Bubble and accelerated their decent. The pair slammed into the ground, Cancer Bubble taking the brunt of it, crying out in pain.

“Fool, did you really believe you could defeat m-grah!” He was interrupted as Cancer Bubble’s pincers rammed into his back before reattaching to his arms. With a frustrated roar, Cygnus Wing brought his fist down on Cancer Bubble.

A ray of grey light smashed into Cygnus Wing, knocking his to the opposite side of the platform twenty feet away. With a snarl, he staggered back to his feet, and saw Twilight kneeling next to Cancer Bubble.

“T’anks for stalling CB.” Twilight said to Cancer Bubble.

“Ugh.” Cancer Bubble groaned as he pushed himself up. Taking a moment to use a LrgEnegry card, he said, “Glad you’re back.”

“Well, I’m kinda back.” Twilight replied. “I no be a big girl right now, but I can be a little girl, and I can wrestle, but I dunno how good.”

“Huh? Why are you talking like that?” Twilificus materialized next to Twilight.

“It’s her condition; I can explain it more later. For now, I can help make up the difference in what she can’t do in her current condition.” Twi explained.

“Guess it’ll have to do, this guy is really tough.” Cancer Bubble said.

“Just back us up, Twi-Twi and me can hurt him with a bang owie, but we need him to be still.” Twilight said.

“Cygnus Feather!” Cancer Bubble and Twilight immediately leaped away, avoiding the flurry of razor sharp feathers. Cygnus Wing was hovering two stories above the pair, panting heavily.

“Using twilight energy…unexpected.” Cygnus stated. “But it’s clear the both of you are at your limits. You won’t defeat me, not while I control this human.”

“Looks like you’re tiring out yourself Cygnus.” Twi taunted. “I’d say it’s only a matter of time until you fall.”

“Sounds like someone’s channeling Omega-xis.” Cygnus replied, causing Twi to growl. “You will fall just like him. I will take back the Andromeda Key, and feed this world full of Darkness to Andromeda!”

Twi was a bout to respond, when Twilight clutched her head and grunted. “Baby girl, are you okay?”

“You’re right Cygnus, this world is full of Darkness.” Twilight said, slowly raising her head up. "But it’s also full of light as well. But those elements don’t represent good or evil, it’s our decisions, our choices that define us. Not everyone makes the right choice, and there are some who choose not to on purpose. Those people are the ones who are evil.

“You’re manipulating this guy into hurting others, while he’s in so much pain himself. I can feel it…I can understand it. I know the pain of betrayal better then anyone else! Cygnus, I won’t let you harm anyone else! Wave battle, ride on!”

The barrier rose around Cancer Bubble, Cygnus Wing, and Twilight, sealing them in. Cygnus Wing laughed at the action. “You fool, now you can’t use any of those recover cards you used before. You’ve sealed your fate.”

“We’re gonna beat the crab outta ya!” Cancer Bubble exclaimed.

“I’ll show you what a human is capable of.” Twilight stated, a grey light outlining her body. “Ice stage, battlecard!” The floor beneath her turned to ice.

“Wataritori!” Several Lackies were launched at Twilight who, to Cygnus Wing’s surprise, leaped into the air, and bounced off each of them before slamming her fist into Cygnus Wing’s face.

Cygnus Wing flew back, tumbling head over heals, before ramming into the barrier. He managed to catch himself, and hover in the air. “Grr, why you!!! Cygnus Fea-”

“Tidal Wave!” Cygnus Wing looked up just in time to see a massive wave slam down onto him. He fell from two stories high before slamming into the ground. The water surrounding him froze upon contact with the ground, catching Cygnus Wing in an icy prison.

“Now to finish it!” Twilight exclaimed, clasping her hands together, palms facing towards Cygnus Wing. A ball of grey energy grew in front of her hands, energy sparking off it. “Twilight Elemental Big Bang: Explosive Sphere!”

The sphere shot out of Twilight’s hands, launching straight into Cygnus Wing’s icy prison. Upon impact, the sphere’s energy erupted into a massive explosion, knocking back both Twilight and Cancer Bubble. Twilight slammed her head into the barrier, while Cancer Bubble managed to regain his balance through his bubble pack.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Owie!” Twilight whined, clutching the back of her head. She’d regressed to her little girl form. “Me okay, but I gotsa bump on my head now.”

Cancer Bubble shook his head. “You’re a really confusing girl Amara.”

“You get use to me.” Twilight responded, shrugging her shoulders.

Cancer Bubble looked at the smoke cloud that had risen from the attack. “Remind me not to make you mad.” This caused Twilight to giggle. Suddenly, his eyes widened. “Duck!”

Twilight immediately dropped to the ground, as the form of Cygnus Wing flew overhead, slashing his hand where her head had been seconds earlier. Upon turning around, Twilight noticed his head had changed to…“Tom!?”

Cygnus Wing turned to face her. “I’m not that weak loser anymore. He died from the pain of betrayal; I am reborn as Cygnus Wing! I-” That was all he managed to get out before a ray of Darkness energy slammed into his stomach, forcing him to land and fall to his knees.

“You may know the pain of betrayal Tom, but you’ve never been betrayed like I have.” Twilight snarled.

“What would you know about pain.” Cygnus Wing snapped.

“I live with the pain every day of my life. I told you that on Vista Point Tom.” Twilight replied, before pulling off her head gear. Her hair stopped glowing, and shifted back into its natural form.

Cygnus Wing’s eyes widened. “You? You’re that girl from before! But how-”

“I told you before that the man I formed a brotherband with betrayed and attacked me.” Amara stated. “What I didn’t say was that he in fact raped me. I was six at the time.”

“You were…”

“That’s right, but it wasn’t only my body that was violated.” Amara said, her eyes tearing up. “I was at my lowest; my daddy was lost in space, no one wanted to help find him, and I was so tired from running. I just wanted things to go back to the way they were; mommy and daddy taking care of their baby girl, me.”

A few tears slid down her face. "The assault was more then my mind could take. It broke, fractured into pieces like a mirror. I developed multiple personality disorder, but of a new variety; each personality represents a different age. You’ve seen me on all three stages in this battle Tom.

“I have more reason then anyone to help take revenge on humans. They were the ones who harmed me…” Amara suddenly smiled. “But my Mommy took care of me, and so did the doctors who try to understand what I’ve developed. I know you’re hurt Tom, but by harming others, you become that which you hate most. You talk about being a victim of betrayal, and yet here you are betraying the human race!”

“But you don’t understand! Aaron presented my Flap Pack as his own creation!”

“Not in my tour he didn’t.” Amara responded. “He was also displaying a jet pack he’d been working on. Some of the kids asked about it, but he said it wasn’t his project to talk about. Tom, Aaron built this lab to find his old friend, my Daddy. He’s lost in space, has been for years, and yet Aaron’s still willing to keep hoping he’s still out there, and is actively searching for him. Does that sound like the type of person who would stab you in the back by stealing your invention?”

“…No…it doesn’t…”

“There’s still time to make things right Tom.” Amara said, placing her head gear back on. “We just need to deal with Cygnus first, then we can deal with the mess he’s caused.”

“You mean I’ve caused.” Tom said, hanging his head.

“Trust me Tom, you’re gonna come out looking like a hero for this.” Twilight stated. Turing around, she saw Cygnus’ unconscious form lying on the ground. “We just need to deal with some lose ends first.”


“Ugh…what happened?” Cygnus groaned as he slowly came to. He tried to flap his wings, only to find he couldn’t move. “What the!? What’s going on?”

“Your deletion.” Cygnus looked up to see Tom standing before him, still suited in his wave change form, holding a Cygnus Feather in his hand. “You manipulated me into harming innocent people, children even. For that I’ll never forgive you, or myself. But now I’ll take a step in the right direction for repentance.”

“You fool, I still control y-” he was cut off as the Cygnus Feather embedded itself just beneath him. “And what w-” The surface he was on began shaking violently. “W-W-Wh-h-a?”

Craning his neck, he saw that he was strapped to one of the arena’s rockets. Cygnus roared as the rocket launched, taking him with it. Cancer Bubble, upon seeing the one rocket launch, took aim and fired another rocket to intercept the first.

Cygnus struggled against his bonds, which ironically were made of Darkness energy. Hearing something unusual, he looked ahead and saw another rocket speeding towards him. His eyes widened.



The sky erupted into a massive ball of fire. Cygnus roared in pain as the force of the fireball began tearing his EM body apart while burning him at the same time. With one last cry, Cygnus vanished into the fireball.

On the ground, EM waves erupted from Tom’s form, deteriorating until Tom was back in his AMAKEN uniform. There was a flash to his left, and he saw Twilight appear. “It’s done.” He said.

“I can see that.” Twilight said, looking up. “I always loved fireworks…Anyways, I got everything set up Tom, now’s the time to play your part.”

Cancer Bubble landed next to the pair. “Hey, I gotta get home, my parents will be wondering where I’ve been.”

“I understand, thanks for the help Claud, Cancer. I couldn’t have done it without you two.” Twilight said, smiling.

Cancer Bubble blushed. “Yeah, um, well, don’t hesitate to call if you need anymore help.” He vanished in a ray of light.

“Amara!” Twilight turned to see Tom’s body fading.

“I got ya.” Twilight said, grabbing his arm. The pair vanished in a flash of light.


“I’m telling you I’m okay.” Aaron nearly yelled at the medical staff member attending to him. He was currently leaned against a wall in the museum part of the lab. There were rows of students laid out, each with a bucket and a bottle of water next to them. Several members of the local and Satella police where in the room as well. “I need to find Tom now!”

“Here he is!” Aaron and the medic turned to see Amara walking over with Tom.

“Tom?! But you-and the sim-and-huh?” Aaron sputtered.

“THAT’S THE BASTARD!” Everyone turned to Luna. “HE’S THE ONE THAT CAUSED THIS!!!”

Several officers began walking over to him, but Amara stepped in front of them. “I’d suggest you look at this before believing that delusional girl.” She said, handing the nearest officer some papers.

Aaron got to his feet and looked over the papers with the officer. “This is…”

“There was a failed burglary earlier that caused chemical leak over in lab B.” Tom explained. “In mass, the chemical cause mass hallucinations. Some of the chemicals made their way through the maintenance hatch and into the SpaceSim. The spacesuits are designed to keep oxygen in, but it didn’t keep the chemicals out unfortunately.”

“Why would this girl accuse you then, if you had nothing to do with this?” An officer asked.

“When I discovered the leak, I immediately when to the main control room and worked on sealing it off. I tried communicating to Aaron what was happening through the view screens in the main console.” Tom explained.

A Satella Police officer turned to Aaron. “Is this possible?”

Aaron slowly nodded his head. “We do have monitors in the SpaceSim. That would explain why we saw him with warped features.”

Both officers looked at each other before nodding in agreement and walking off, speaking in hush voices. Tom exhaled a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. He looked up to see Amara giving him a nod before she walked towards her mother. Tom sighed before leaning against the wall, next to Aaron, and slid down to the floor.

“Are you okay?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Aaron said. “Sorry about, well-”

“I have issues, I know.” Tom interrupted; a bitter smirk on his face. “This incident made that more then clear to me.”


“I need to get over my issues.” Tom stated. “A man I had a brotherband with stole my invention, took credit for it, and was praised for it. He was promoted and to this day is the head of his own department, making seven figures a month.”

“Seven figures a month!?” Aaron exclaimed, astonished at what creativity his friend was capable of.

Tom chuckled bitterly. “Yeah. I tried to fight it, but I had no way to prove it was my own. I’ve lost my creative drive, and I don’t trust people anymore.”

He sighed. “Amara was kind enough to give me her psychologists’ card. I need some time off to sort myself out if I ever hope to become even half the man I was.”

Aaron clasped him on the shoulder. “Take all the time you need Tom. After this incident, it’s doubtful we’ll be having much business for a good while.”

“Thanks boss.”

“Please, call me Aaron. Friends call each other by their first name right?”

“You’re right…heheh.”


A few hours passed before the incident was sorted out. Three students needed to go to the hospital, but were expected to make a full recovery. Luna was among the three, as she had to be sedated due to an obvious overexposure to the chemical leaked; her claims of winged men and talking crabs proof of that.

“You did a very good thing today baby girl.” Hope said as she got into the car.

“I wasn’t good enough.” Amara said as she buckled herself in.

“You managed to save all those people, including Tom.” Hope pointed out.

“And I’d be dead if Claud and Cancer hadn’t been there.” Amara stated.

“Don’t talk like that!”

“It’s true!” Amara snapped. “That FM-ian took one of my strongest attacks and sent it back at me. I couldn’t take it, and as a result my baby side took over. I was completely at his mercy.”

Hope was silent as she pulled out of the parking space, and merged with traffic. Finally, she said, “What can we do to change this?”

“I need to convert my lab back into a workout room. The FM-ians aren’t just getting stronger; they’re getting smarter too.” Amara stated. “Before that though, I’m getting a second folder and hacking it.”

“Hacking it?”

“Yes, I’ll make it so the limits of Mega and Giga class cards, as well as the limit of how many of one card you can have in a folder, are gone. However, I’ll make it so the folder is only accessible by a chip as well as Twi’s energy, so it can only be used in wave form.” Amara explained.

“That’s a good idea. Are there any cards you can think of off the top of your head?” Hope asked.

“No, not off the top of my head.” Amara sighed. “My main focus will be getting back into shape, and training with Twi’s powers. If I can get my endurance up, I may be able to delay going baby in a critical situation. Towards the end of the fight I was switching between my big and little girl form a lot.”

“I suppose you’ll need a hand translating that to your diaries. Maybe over some Metta-Donalds?” Hope asked. After several seconds of silent, she glanced over to see Amara sound asleep, suckling her thumb.

“She’s had an exhausting day, battling two FM-ians and all.” Twi said from her transer.

“I can’t imagine what she has to go through.” Hope sighed.

“She was very lucky today, but she’s on the right track. Amara intends to better herself instead of leaving things to chance and luck.” Twi stated. “It might help if you wake her earlier for morning runs before classes.”

“I’ll suggest it tomorrow, for now my baby girl needs her rest.”



Well, that’s all for this chapter. I’ll touch more on what’s happening with Amara’s personalities in the next chapter. I don’t see a battle in the next chapter or two, as it’ll mostly be character development. The Harp Note Saga begins next, as well as a major break from the game canon. Until next time, R&R.

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