Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight Ch. 5

Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight

Hey guys, been a little while, hasn’t it? I’ve been distracted lately between my holiday gifts and my adjusting to my new college schedule, but now I’m back and ready to write for your entertainment. I won’t hold you up any longer, so on with the show!


Chapter 5: The Flames of Taurus Fire Pt. 2

Amara huffed as she rounded the corner block, the truck skidding around the corner before speeding after the girl. “Damn it, all this for not attending classes?! That girl’s insane!” Amara yelled.

“It’s not the kids in the truck chasing you.” Twi announced from her transer. Amara glanced down at her before refocusing on running. “I’m sensing an FM-ian signature wave coming from the truck. It appears to be able to detect my own wave signature, but off of you thanks to our wave changes.”

“Nice to know.” Amara puffed out. “Now how do we get out of this in one piece?” Twi was silent for several seconds as Amara rounded another corner.

“I have an idea to stop the truck, but it will take some time to manage.” Twi finally said. “Can you keep it occupied for a minute, lead it around the block once more?”

“If I cross over yards on the other side of the river I can; I doubt I can run the entire square road.” Amara huffed. “Hurry up Twi!”

Twi nodded her head and vanished from her transer as Amara rounded the corner near her house, the truck following closely behind her. At her house, Hope was just exiting the front door when her transer began beeping.

“Huh? Who would call at this hour?” Hope asked herself. When she checked the transer’s screen, she saw Twilificus. “Twilificus, what is it? Is there something wrong?”

“An FM-ian is chasing your daughter around the block in a truck containing two kids.” Twi explaining, causing Hope to gasp. “Amara is ahead of it for the moment, but she won’t last long. We need to stop the truck if we’re to get into it to fight off the FM-ian inside. We need your help stopping it.”

“I think I know what you’re planning.” Hope said as she rushed to her car. “How soon till they get back to this block?”

“Minutes.” Twi responded. “Just be careful Hope, Amara would never forgive me if something happened to you because of me.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not about to leave my baby girl alone in this world.” Hope stated as she started her car.

Minutes passed, and Amara came speeding around the corner. The truck’s horn was still blaring thanks to Zack’s efforts, alerting Amara of the ever closing distance between them. Amara ran past her house and around the corner, and as the truck’s backside swerved around the turn, Hope backed her car out at full speed, smashing into the backside of the truck. Luna and Zack screamed from the impact. Part of the truck caved in, causing it to swerve from side to side, its wheels pushed to one side.

Amara turned around in time to watch the truck drive past her and falling off the side of the bridge into the small river. Falling to her knees, Amara looked down over the edge of the bridge, and saw the front of the truck was crushed as well as part of the back. Luna and Zack were slumped down and unconscious.

“AMARA!” Said girl turned only to be engulfed by her mother’s hug. “Say something baby girl, tell me you’re okay.”

“Can’t breath!” Amara wheezed. Hope loosened her hold on her daughter and Amara took several deep breaths of fresh air. “I need to start training again…outa shape.”

“To be fair, we didn’t know you’d be running from a truck late at night.” Hope said. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Amara shakily stood up, Hope helping to support her. “First call the satellite police; claim that EM wave viruses infected the truck and it’s currently in the river. We only have so long before the windows give way and the car fills up and floats down river, even if it won’t reach over Luna’s head, the water will cover Zack’s.”

“I’m on it.” Hope said and opened her transer.

“Amara, it’s time to wave change.” Twi said, having returned to her transer.

“Right!” Amara said, pulling out Twi’s battlecard.

“EM Wave Change, Amara Kisari!”

On The Air!!!

Hope watched in awe as Amara was engulfed in purple EM waves. When the purple waves vanished, Hope couldn’t see Amara. She was about to call out for her when the air before her shimmered, and Amara appeared before her in her wave form, her white visor raised up and away from her face.

“Are the satellite police coming?” Amara asked. Hope blinked, momentarily distracted by Amara’s outfit in her wave form. After nodding her head, Amara continued. “Good, and when I get back I want a nice hot bath and a tub of diaper rash cream ready for me; I’m tired and I don’t have time to change now, regardless of how much I want this mess between my legs to go away.”

Hope smiled her daughter’s resolve. “Then go baby girl, and when you get back, you can have an extra baby day tomorrow; I won’t be going to work anyways with my car banged up.”

Amara’s eyes seemed to light up at that; baby days where when she’d be allowed to be her baby side for an entire day, but she was only allowed one every three weeks. Being offered an extra day, and being on the last school day of the week was more than enough incentive for Amara make it back in one piece.

“Alright!” Amara all but yelled. “I’ll be back Mama, I got a fight to win!” Hope nodded her head, and Amara slapped her visor back over her face, vanishing from Hope’s sight.


The trip into the truck’s comp space was by far the rockiest trip Amara had partaken thus far. Upon materializing inside, Amara crashed to the floor on her side. Looking around, Amara saw several things that stood out to her.

“Twi, is it possible to alter a truck’s comp space?” Amara asked. “Because I don’t think a truck would have rodeo bulls in it’s comp space.”

“Yes, it is possible.” Twi responded. “It appears the FM-ians have completed the Arena program.”

“Arena program?” Amara questioned.

“It’s a program that FM-ians can customize to their own likings.” Twi explained. “Basically, when an invader enters the range of the Arena program, obstacles arise to weaken the invader while they try to reach the leader, or boss, of the arena.”

“Fabulous.” Amara responded dryly, as she examined the truck’s comp space. The wallpaper was dark blue in color with purple, yellow, and a slightly lighter shade of blue, truck designs flowing across the walls. The ground was once again solid like concrete, but was brown in color, and appeared to have tire tracks on it. Silver steel platforms littered the area, each with a rodeo bull at the edge nearest the next silver platform.

Also, there were several new viruses as well as old in the area. The metatools and cannonbases were familiar, but she could see at least two new viruses; one in the form of a flaming unicycle, and the other was a flaming tailed, red salamander. Amara’s visor suddenly highlighted each virus, and under each one a name and elemental insignia appeared.

“HotRoader…Melamander…both fire elemental viruses.” Amara murmured. “I didn’t know the visor could be used like this.”

“Consider it an upgrade baby girl.” Twi said. “I’ve placed my extensive knowledge of EM viruses into the visor’s system, so we can identify any viruses we encounter in the future with it.”

“Good thinking.” Amara complimented. “So, any chance you know who’s the ‘boss’ of this area?”

“I’d place my zenny on Taurus.” Twi answered. “He’s the most powerful flame elemental FM-ian still loyal to the King, though it’s nothing to sneeze at when comparing to the others. He has the basic form of a bull, and the physical strength of one as well. His problem has always been turning while traveling at high speeds, and if our run from the truck is any indication, we should be able to manage fairly well.”

“I see.” Amara stated. “Well, at least we’ll have an elemental advantage with my battlecards.”

“Indeed, it is very fortunate your folder uses aqua, ice, and lightning elemental cards.” Twi said. “Enough chit-chat, we only have so long until the satellite police arrive, and there’s always the chance Taurus may decide to blow the truck up.”

Amara’s eyes widened at that. “Shit, why didn’t you tell me earlier!?”

Before Twi could respond, Amara was off in a run to the nearest platform. The HotRoader EM virus on the platform saw her coming and instantly swarmed, summoning another HotRoader and a Melamander virus.

“Wave battle, ride on!” The white barrier rose around the viruses and Amara before fading from view. The HotRoader viruses drove straight at Amara from different angles while the Melamander raised it’s tail and launched a burst of flames at her.

Amara leaped backwards, just out of range of the flames, when one of the HotRoaders drove through the stream of flames and barreled towards her. “Chainbubble, battlecard!” The blue sphere appeared in Amara’s hand, which was then thrown at the HotRoader. Upon impact, the virus was encased in a clear bubble and torn off the ground, it’s wheel spinning it round uncontrollably in the bubble before vanishing in a flash of purple light.

“IceMeteor, battlecard!” The air above Amara grew cold as Amara’s newest battlecard took affect. Three large chunks of ice formed overhead, roughly the size of a small boulder, and shot towards the remaining viruses. One impacted the Melamander, causing it to vanish in a purple flash, while the other two missed the remaining HotRoader.

"Use another battlecard Amara. It takes less power to use a battlecard then it does to use my elemental powers. " Twi advised. “From what I can tell, those bulls are designed to wear down your strength and stamina, so we’ll want to conserve those as best we can, which means no LEBBs to wipe out the area’s viruses.”

Amara paused for a moment. “LEBB?” She asked.

“Light Elemental Big Bang.” Twi clarified.

“Oh, okay then.” Amara said. “Lets try a battlecard combination. FreezeKnuckle, StunKnuckle, battlecards!”

Amara’s hands were both engulfed in purple energy, and two oversized fists appeared in their place, one yellow, and one blue. Raising them both above her head, Amara brought them both down, one right after the other, slamming them into the ground. The first fist, the blue one, let loose a wave of ice energy, freezing the ground around the point of impact. The second fist, the yellow one, impacted the same spot on the ground, causing a wave of lightning energy to spread over the ice covered patch and catching up with the wave of ice energy.

Together, the waves of ice and lightning energy spread across the platform, eventually reaching the last HotRoader. Upon contact, the lightning energy shot up through the virus, paralyzing it. The ice energy followed the lighting energy, encasing the virus in a cube of ice. Moments later, the virus vanished, leaving behind an image of itself.

“Nice combination.” Twi commented. “Got a name for it?”

“Lightning blizzard has a nice ring to it.” Amara commented as she reach the image and touched it. The image vanished in a ray of light and shot into Amara’s yin-yang emblem. “What just happened?”

“Battlecard data was just delivered to your transer.” Twi answered. “FireRing1, a fairly rare fire elemental battlecard according to that web site’s database. We may find a use for this card in the future.”

“We’ll see.” Was Amara’s reply. Amara walked over to the rodeo bull at the edge of the platform and placed a hand on it. “Should I expect any surprises when I get on this thing?”

“Nothing as far as I can see.” Twi answered. “It will be bucking the whole way though, so make certain you hold on tightly.”

“Alright then.” Amara said.

Placing a second hand on the bull, she pushed herself up and onto the saddle. She barely had time to grab hold of it when the bull took off, bucking every few seconds. Amara groaned as she was bounced on the saddle with each buck, feeling the mess in her diaper shifting to coat her butt cheeks. Gritting her teeth, she forced herself to ignore the sensation and concentrated on holding onto the bull.

Suddenly, about halfway to the next platform, the bull stopped moving forward, turned to one side, and bucked. Amara, completely unprepared, was almost thrown off the bull, her entire body going airborne save her hand. The bull shifted to another direction and bucked again. Amara was once again nearly thrown off the bull, but this time recovered much faster. She managed to get her rump back on the saddle just as the bull shifted and bucked again.

After a full minute the bull resumed it’s journey to the platform, its bucking more tame then it was when it was stationary. As soon as the bull reached the platform Amara leaped off, collapsing onto one side, holding her bum.

“Are you okay baby girl?” Twi asked, concerned.

“I-I’ll be okay.” Amara answered. “My bum just feels like it’s on fire! But it’s nothing compared to when Mama spanks me.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” Twi said as Amara shakily got back to her feet.

“Maybe next time Mama decides I need a spanking I’ll wave change and let you compare the feelings then.” Amara said with a grin. Silence answered her. “Well, guess we better get going, there’s more EM viruses and bulls up ahead.”

“And there’s two more areas to go through of them before we reach Taurus.” Twi commented. Amara, who was about to start jogging forward, froze up.

“Tell me you’re kidding.” Amara begged. Soft giggling was her only response.


“You better let us go you big monster, you don’t know who you’re messing with!” Luna screeched as she struggled against her bonds.

Deep inside the truck’s comp space, Taurus Fire was working on the main terminal, breaking each and every safety measure put into the programming. A short distance away, leaning against a sub terminal, were the EM wave forms of Luna and Zack, each tied up with crimson rings of EM waves.

A flame erupted just in front of the pair, and Taurus’s EM form appeared before them. “Oh shut up already!” Taurus roared in her face, a small tongue of flame slipping out just inches away from Luna’s face. He watched with satisfaction as Luna shank back in fear. “It’s thanks to you I was able to gain a physical form on this pathetic planet, which is why I’ve held off on destroying you. But you are testing my patience!”

“Thanks to Luna?” Zack questioned. Taurus turned to him.

“Oh yes indeed!” Taurus replied, glee clear in his voice. “Had she not cut off that horrendous bond with Bud, I’d have had a much more difficult time possessing him.”

“What do you mean?”

“See for yourself.” Taurus motioned towards the armored bull, who suddenly stopped attacking the safety programs. The body of Taurus Fire turned to face Luna and Zack, the helmet folding in on itself to reveal…

“BUD!” Zack yelled. Luna stared on in shock. Upon the body of Taurus Fire was the head of Bud Bison, his eyes dull and seemingly lifeless. “What did you do to him!?”

“I merely borrowed his body.” Taurus replied. “Not for free of course, I made certain that once I have to leave, Bud will not be bullied by anyone else for quite some time, as per our agreement.”

“But Bud wasn’t bullied, and he’d never do any of those things he’s do-”

“He didn’t have a choice.” Taurus replied. “All those things he’s done, all those kids he beat up, including the both of you, were done by my influence. He used to be a victim before the bitch,” He nods at Luna, “manipulated him into being her bodyguard. He used to get wailed on by those kids we beat up, one of them had even stabbed him! But now he’s the one doing the wailing, and I don’t just mean bullying either.” He laughed as the helmet reformed over Bud’s head, and Taurus Fire got back to work.

“Monster!” Zack yelled.

“You’re one to talk kid.” Taurus replied. “You and that girl have that bond, that friendship thing. The power it creates is disgusting, even if it’s fairly powerful.”

“Shut up and release me now, I’m the Class President o-” Luna was silenced as crimson EM wave wrapped itself around Luna’s head, covering her mouth.

“Damn, even that girl’s voice is annoying.” Taurus huffed. He turned to Zack. “How do you put up with her day in and day out?”

Checking to make sure Luna was to preoccupied with getting free, Zack answered. “She promised to get me into a special high school for students who want a career in computer engineering. You get used to the voice over time.”

Taurus shook it’s head. “I seriously doubt that. It doesn’t matter though, the both of you and all the people on this block will be dead soon, once I blow up this truck. So sit back and enjoy the show kid; the last thing you’ll ever see one great ball of fire!” Taurus laughed, vanishing in a flash of flames.


Twilificus was nervous. Why? Amara had just wiped out a seventh hoard of EM viruses, and had been on five addition rodeo bulls. Amara was now stomping across the platform to enter the third area of the Arena program, and she was pissed if the wisps of dark energy floating off her person were any indication.

“Baby girl, maybe we should take a moment to rest.” Twi suggested.

“No chance in hell of that Twi, I’m going to find the bastard who set this arena up and shove my boot up his-”

“That’s enough!” Twi snapped, causing Amara to stop in surprise. “You can beat on him all you want, just remember he will be fighting back and he is physically stronger then you.” She paused for a moment, giving Amara time to process this information. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t use your anger, just don’t let it rule you; focus your anger to enhance your strength with my darkness energy, and you’ll stand a much better chance against Taurus.”

Amara took a deep breath, held it for a moment, and then exhaled. The wisps of dark energy that had been floating off her body now clung to her hands and boots. “Okay Twi, I’m better now.”

“Good, now why don’t you suck on your paci for a bit, it always helps you focus on your work, maybe it’ll help you here.” Twi suggested.

“Why not.” Amara stated. Raising her hand to just below her neck, there was a flash of light and her pacifier appeared in her hand. Amara promptly put it in her mouth and began suckling, not noticing the grey waves of energy flowing into her with each suckle.

Amara started walking again, this time more tame and controlled then before. It was a short distance to cover before she entered the third arena area…and stopped dead in her tracks. There were only two platforms in this room; the one Amara was on, and the one on the opposite side of the room where Taurus was. Between the two platforms was a single rodeo bull and a winding track a mile in length.

If Twi had hands she would have face palmed. She could sense Amara had quickened her suckling on her pacifier, but it appeared to do little good in helping her if the black aura enveloping her body was anything to go by. “Amara…”

Amara pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and vanished it below her neck. “There is no way in hell I am riding that thing all the way over there.” Amara said in an eerily calm voice.

“You could use your light or darkness powers to fly over by releasing them in a constant stream, but you would drain yourself real quick.” Twi stated. “So unless you have another idea of how to get over there…” She trailed off.

Amara didn’t move for an entire minute, her aura not dissipating in the least. Just as Twi was about to say something, Amara shot towards the bull, hands clasped together, glowing intensely with darkness energy. Upon reaching the bull, Amara slammed it as hard as she could with her hands.

“Darkness Elemental Big Bang!” Darkness energy covered the rodeo bull, and Amara quickly swung up onto the bull. As the darkness energy dissipated, the bull began its normal bucking routine, traveling the path to the main platform. “Meteor Impact!”

The rodeo bull stopped bucking as it suddenly shot forward, racing across track at a high velocity. Upon reaching the first turn however, the bull flew off the track as its forward momentum continued to carry it. Upon reaching nearly three fourths of the way to the platform it became apparent that Amara would not be able to reach the platform, even if she jumped from the bull. Remembering what Twi had told her, Amara waited until she felt the bull begin to descend before leaping off it and firing darkness energy, from her hands, behind her, propelling her forward and straight towards Taurus Fire.


Luna and Zack continued to struggle against their restraints as Taurus Fire continued to break the safety features of the truck. The pair stopped struggling when they heard Taurus Fire roar. They looked up to see him stomping towards them.

“Well humans, it’s been a slice of something special.” Taurus Fire said, the voices of Bud and Taurus blending together. “But now’s the time we have to part. Just know this before you die; this marks the beginning of the invasion that will end your world!”

“End our world?” Zack exclaimed. “Why would you do that? What did we ever do to you?”

“Your people attempted to invade mine, using that horrendous bond as a weapon.” Taurus Fire answered. “Now we’re simply returning the favor.” Hearing a noise, he turned and saw Luna struggling against her bonds. “Ya know what, I think I’ll kill this one myself before I blow this truck up.”

Luna’s eyes widened as she saw Taurus Fire approach her. Her struggles became more frantic as she saw a fireball form in front of its mouth, growing in size and aimed right at her. Even from a few yards away, the heat of the fireball was making Luna’s body break out in a sweat. She watched as Taurus Fire reared its head back and closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable.

As Taurus Fire was about to bring its head down to launch the fireball, a fist of darkness energy caught his right cheek with tremendous force. Taurus Fire struggled to retain his balance as it spun on one foot, the fireball shooting harmlessly off the platform. Just as Taurus Fire managed to regain his footing, a black blur was on him.

Kicks rained down on Taurus Fire’s body, three to his chest, followed by one to his chin. As Taurus reeled back, a powerful kick to the stomach caused him to double over before another caught him in his chin, followed by another landing right between his horns. Dazed and confused, Taurus Fire tried to defend himself when another kick smacked him across the face, then once again from the other direction, and the catching him under his chin with enough force to lift his body an inch off the ground.

A thunderous blow to the stomach caused Taurus Fire to double over, then collapse on the ground while the dark blur he’d seen vanished from his sight. It was only a moment later that her realized where it went, as a massive ray of darkness energy slammed into his back. Taurus Fire roared in pain, despite his best efforts not to. When he managed to open his eyes, he saw Amara’s wave form standing before him, darkness energy coating her left foot.

“Seven rodeo bulls I had to ride to get here.” Amara snarled. “My butt feels like it’s on fire! You are going to wish you never came to Earth by the time I’m done with you!” Amara then rammed her foot into Taurus Fire’s face, the force behind it knocking him off the ground, flipping once in mid air, and landing on his back.

“Hey!” Amara’s head snapped to her left, her eyes widening upon seeing Luna and Zack. “Be careful, our friend is being possessed. You could hurt him if you keep attacking like that.”

“How did you get in here?” Amara asked. There was a flash of light, and Twi appeared beside her.

“When humans are exposed to too many Z waves, they lose their body’s mass and become EM wave beings.” Twi explained. “These two haven’t been exposed to enough to keep them waves permanently, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“So you decided to show yourself, traitor!” Everyone turned to see Taurus floating beside Taurus Fire’s body.

“Call me what you want Taurus, I know I’m doing the right thing, protecting the humans.” Twi responded.

Taurus threw back his head and laughed. “You truly believe that? These humans are selfish, greedy, and foolish creatures. Anything they can’t have, anything that is different to them, they either ruin or destroy. You really believe they deserve protecting?”

“Yes.” Twi answered. “While that may be the basis of human nature, I have seen that many can overcome it. Their bonds with one another bring unity, strength, and hope for a better future to the humans. They can grow strong from what can make us weak. The humans on board that satellite, a satellite called ‘Peace,’ had no idea the brotherband system could be harmful to us; they were only trying to greet us and hopefully become allies with us so we could all learn from each other, just like Planet AM was about to do when-”

“You talk to much Twilificus.” Taurus said. “The bottom line is this; you stole the Andromeda key and turned traitor to us all. For that, we’re on orders to exterminate you and retrieve the key, so if you hand it over now I promise to make your end quick.”

“Arrogant little SOB, isn’t he?” Amara asked.

“He always was full of himself, yes.” Twi agreed.

“You’re pathetic Twilificus, you can’t even control the human you’re merged to!” Taurus exclaimed.

“I don’t need to control her Taurus, this human is merging with me of her own free will.” Twi stated.

“I’m willing to fight you and any other FM-ian that comes to Earth, threatening harm on everything and everyone I care about.” Amara announced.

Taurus looked amused. “You really think you can fight us puny girl?”

“She’s done a number on your human thus far Taurus.” Twi shot back. “That was all her doing, I just provided the power and she used it.”

“Bah, whatever.” Taurus said. Behind him, Taurus Fire began rising to his feet. “We’ll see soon enough who is the most powerful!” Taurus vanished in a flash of flames, as Taurus Fire stood and let out a roar.

“Guess the time for talking is over.” Twi said, before vanishing with a flash. “Best use the wave battle program so no stray shots hit those other humans or blow us all up.”

“Right. Wave battle, Ride on!!!” The barrier rose from the ground, entrapping both Amara and Taurus fire within. “Bring it on!”

Taurus Fire roared once more before slamming both its fists into the ground. Several crimson circles appeared on the ground in front of it, leading to, around, and past Amara. Sensing danger, Amara leaped backwards into the air just as several pillars of flames erupted from the ground.

Amara landed behind the last of the flaming pillars, her back inches away from the barrier. As the flames began to die out, Amara spotted Taurus Fire charging straight at her! Kneeling down, Amara placed a hand on the ground. “IceStage, Battlecard!”

The floor within the barrier flashed, and was instantly frozen over. Amara stood up and dived out of the way as Taurus Fire rammed into the barrier head first. Turning towards her, Taurus Fire swung his right arm at her. Amara slid to the side, grabbed Taurus Fire’s arm, and swung herself up onto Taurus Fire’s right shoulder. Grabbing his horns, Amara quickly swung herself behind Taurus Fire’s head and locked her legs around his neck just as he began bucking wildly to get her off.

“StunKnuckle, double battlecards!” Amara’s hands transformed into two oversized yellow fists. Bringing her arms as far apart as she could, Amara then slammed them as hard as she could onto both sides of Taurus Fire’s head. The lightning element of the knuckles combined with the icy floor below was enough to paralyze Taurus Fire.

Grabbing the horns, Amara, in true gymnastics form, lifted herself up till both her feet were pointing towards the sky, switched hands on each horn to turn herself around, and then swung down with her legs spread apart. The result was Taurus Fire’s head slamming into the ice covered floor and embedding his horns through the ice. Taurus Fire roared as it tried to free itself.

“You okay baby girl?” Twi asked as Amara made it back to her feet.

“Yeah, my bum’s just really sore…pretty sure I’m gonna have a rash.” Amara replied.

“Remember, water and ice elemental attacks can work best on Taurus. We should hit him now with your strongest card while we have the chance.” Twi said.

“I will in a sec, I just want to line up my shot.” Amara said with a grin. Amara then leaped up into the air, bounced of Taurus Fire’s back, and landed behind. Holding her right hand out, she took aim for Taurus Fire’s posterior. “Lets see how much he likes a frosted hinny! IceBurst, battlecard!”

Amara’s right hand transformed into a square blue box, a fan in the front pointed at Taurus Fire. As the fan began to spin, Taurus Fire pushed his feet up off the ground, and rested them against the barrier above him. A stream of fire shot out from Taurus Fire’s mouth just as a hurricane of ice shot out of Amara’s fan.

Both attacks met in the middle of the short distance between the two, each one battling for supremacy. Amara gritted her teeth as she struggled to hold her attack steady, while Taurus Fire seemed to have no trouble continuing his stream, using the barrier to balance him.

The floor beneath the two began to slowly defrost as the attacks continued on. Amara’s attack soon began to waver, as without the ice below her it had nothing to draw its power from. Amara’s eyes widen as her attack ran out of power, and was barely able to shield her face before the stream of fire consumed her.

Taurus Fire held the stream steady for a full two minutes before stopping, and began focusing on free himself from the ground. Amara’s body had singe marks all over it, her glowing green hair having blackened considerably. What’s more, Amara’s baby side had forced it’s way to the surface of her consciousness, and was now bawling loudly.

As Taurus Fire managed to rip his horns from the ground, Twilificus took over Amara’s body. Quickly summoning Amara’s pacifier, she slipped it into the girl’s mouth. Silently, she activated a battlecard, Recovery 120, and Amara’s body was covered in a soothing pink glow.

The glow faded just in time for Twilificus to roll Amara’s body out of the way of Taurus Fire’s massive fist. Amara’s hands clasped together, palms facing outward at Taurus Fire, and a sphere of grey energy began to grow before them. In a flash of light, Twilificus appeared behind Amara.

“Take this! Twilight Elemental Big Bang: Explosive Sphere!” The ball of grey energy had grown enormous as Twilificus had yelled out her attack, sparks of grey twilit energy shooting out in random directions. The sphere shot forward and impacted against Taurus Fire at near point blank range. The ensuing explosion caused a massive cloud of smoke to cover the field.

Twilificus gave control back to Amara, who was able to force back her baby side. Her big girl side at the forefront, she proceeded to cough roughly, her pacifier flashing away, as the smoke around her invaded her lungs. Slamming her palm down onto the ground, Amara sent a pulse of light energy out, causing a gust of wind to blow the smoke around her outwards and away.

“You okay there baby girl?” Twi asked. Amara coughed once more before drawing in a deep breath of fresh air.

“No, I’m not okay.” Amara sighed. “If I hadn’t wanted to give Taurus a pain in the rear, he wouldn’t have been able to counter our attack; I could have hit him in the front and he’d have been helpless. I nearly cost us the battle…” She trailed off, not wanting to say what else they could have lost.

“Learn from that mistake, and everything will be fine.” Twi responded. “You recognized your mistake and what it could cost us all, so I’m not worried you’ll make the same mistake again.”

“Yeah.” Amara sighed again. She opened her mouth to say something else when two massive hands reached out of the smoke and grabbed her, pinning her arms to her sides.

Amara cried out in surprise and pain as she was lifted up off the ground, legs kicking futilely in the air. As the smoke fully cleared away, Amara saw Taurus Fire’s body. He was in rough shape, most of his armor was cracked or broken off altogether, and part of his helmet was broken off, revealing Bud’s blue hair and glowing red eye.

“You think you could beat me so easily?” Taurus Fire roared in Amara’s face. “I won’t lose to a traitor like you, and especially not to a pathetic human girl!”

Taurus Fire began squeezing Amara between his hands, causing her to give a brief cry of pain. Wracking her brain for a way out of this, Amara tried the first thing that came to her. “Bud, you gotta snap out of it! You’re better than this!”

Taurus Fire laughed in Amara’s face. “You fool, he can’t hear you now, he’s completely under my control!”

Growling, Amara opened her mouth wide, and to the shock and surprise of all parties, shot a ray of light energy out of her mouth. The ray slammed into Taurus Fire’s helmet, completely shattering what was left of the upper half of the helmet, leaving Bud’s nose and above exposed. Despite staggering back, Taurus Fire retained his grip on Amara.

“Come on Bud, is this what you want people to remember you by?” Amara yelled. “Taurus controlled you for several days, he forced you to beat up those kids and your friends too. If you don’t kick Taurus out, he’ll blow up this truck, killing us all! Do you really want people to remember you as a bully that beat up others?”

The grip on Amara’s body tightened painfully, but Amara continued. "There’s still time to change Bud. You might have scared and hurt people in the past, but you can become a better person, one that people will be proud to call their friend. I know you’re a good person inside Bud, and I know everyone would love to meet that person, but no one will if you let Taurus win.

“You have to fight with everything you have! These FM-ians feed off negative emotions, so remember the best times you’ve ever had! The times your parents told you they were proud of you! The times your friends celebrated your accomplishments! You can reject Taurus from your body Bud, I believe in you!”

“Save your breath human, the boy can’t-” Taurus Fire was cut off as his right arm released Amara and grabbed at his helmet. Amara gave a cry of surprise and pain as she now dangled in the air by her right arm, still in Taurus Fire’s grip. A moment later she fell to the floor as Taurus Fire’s left arm released her in order to grab his right arm.

Amara watched as Bud, whose right eye was no longer glowing red, slowly tore Taurus Fire’s helmet from his head. A roar erupted from Bud’s mouth as the rest of Taurus Fire’s armor vanished in a flash of crimson EM waves. As Bud fell to the ground, Taurus began to form on Bud’s back, and began pulling himself from Bud’s body.

Amara didn’t hesitate; she quickly formed a bow and arrow from light energy, and let it fly. The arrow impaled Taurus’s head. All was quiet for a few moments, before Taurus erupted into a massive wave of EM waves.

Letting out a huge sigh of relief, Amara sat down on the ground, before laying down on her back. “I need a nap.” She mumbled.

“It is past your bedtime.” Twi said from their mental link.

“Bud!” Amara turned her head to see Zack running towards them. She watched as he somehow managed to roll Bud onto his back and began shaking him. “Come on Bud, you gotta wake up!”

Bud groaned, but slowly lifted himself up into a seated position. “Ugh, my head hurts.”

“Try riding seven rodeo bulls; zenny to donuts my bum hurts wore then your head.” Amara said as she sat up. Twilificus appeared next to Amara in a flash of light.

“Are you all alright?” Twilificus asked.

“Aside from my headache I think I’m okay.” Bud said. “Just really tired…and hungry.”

Zack laughed at that. “I’m not surprised.” Turning to Twilificus, he said, “I’m not hurt, but Luna fainted when she though she was going to bite the big one.”

“That’s a relief; I didn’t feel like being in one of her interrogations.” Amara said.

“So what just happened here? What is all this about? And who are you two?” Zack questioned.

Twilificus was about to answer, when Amara grabbed her and hugged her close. “Twi-Twi is my bestest friend.” She answered. Knowing she was just being cute, Twilificus gently swatted the back of Amara’s head with her tail, causing her to yelp.

Bud and Zack sweatdropped at the scene before them, but surprisingly it was Bud who answered. “That guy possessed me; he said he’d help me make certain no one would pick on me ever again if I helped him find a fugitive from his planet. He said thousands of lives would be lost if she wasn’t found.”

“He’s right, if I’m not found, possibly thousands could lose their lives. That is preferred compared to this entire planet and its population.” Twilificus responded, causing Bud and Zack to gasp. “I took the key to their strongest weapon, so as long as I have it, they have to invade compared to sending their weapon and ending humanity in one fell swoop.”

“But why do they want to destroy us?” Zack asked.

“Because we have the brotherband system.” Amara answered. “The energy it creates is exactly the opposite too the energy FM-ians feed on to live, and thus is a threat against them.”

“But how did they learn about the brotherband system?” Bud asked.

“Is there another world of humans out there that use the brotherband? Is that how they discovered it and us?” Zack asked, excitement seeping into voice.

“I’m sorry, but it’s for the best that you don’t know information.” Twilificus said, causing both boys to frown. “The less you know, the less likely you’ll get pulled into this conflict again.”

“But we have to warn everyone about this invasion! We have to tell the satellite police!” Zack all but yelled.

“Use your head.” Amara snapped, causing both boys to jump in surprise. “Suppose they actually believed you, what then? The two of you and your friend there would be hauled of to some government facility and tested like some lab rats in order to possibly find some means to fight back. Your lives as human would be over, you’d have no rights and the government would own your bums. Is that what you want?”

Both boys had paled before shaking their heads rapidly. Zack then asked, “Will there be any side effects from all this?”

“I highly doubt it.” Twilificus responded. “Though I bet you and the girl will be taken to the hospital to be checked out; your truck did crash into the river ditch.”

Zack groaned. “I’m never gonna hear the end of this from the Prez.” The others just shook their heads.

“Can you at least tell us who you are?” Bud asked. Amara and Twilificus looked at each other, before Amara stood up.

“My name is Twilificus, I am an EM being from the Planet AM.” Twilificus said, before vanishing in a flash of light. The boys turned to Amara, who had her eyes closed in thought.

Amara opened her eyes. “Neither truly light or darkness, I represent the balance of the two. Endowed with the powers of the stars themselves, I am Shooting Star Twilight!”

There was a large flash of light, and when both boys looked back, Twilight was nowhere to be seen. “Shooting Star Twilight.” Zack mused. “Very interesting.” He turned as Bud suddenly gasped.

“Your body is fading!” Bud yelled. It was the last thing he said before the world went white.


“Ahh, this is the life.” Amara sighed happily. She was currently resting her weary body in a nice warm bubble bath, several toys floating in the water but were left untouched.

“Enjoy it baby girl, you earned it.” Hope said. Her sleeves were rolled back, and she had a bar of soap in one hand and a wash cloth in the other. “You just let me finish cleaning you up.”

“Thank you Mommy.” Amara said. Laying her head back, she looked up at Twi, who was floating above the tub. “Care to join me, or do you like being a fish out of water?”

Twi gave a small giggle. “I’m afraid there isn’t enough room for the both of us to comfortable fit in there. Besides, I don’t want your Mommy reaching through me to clean you off, that’s just creepy.”

Amara giggled at that statement, but was surprised when she heard Hope giggling too. “You heard her?” she asked.

Hope nodded her head, then turned it to one side, revealing a black devise on her ear. “I can’t see Twi, but this device allows me to hear her. I may have borrowed it from your lab in the basement, I hope you don’t mind.”

Amara shook her head as Hope began scrubbing her stomach. “Nope, not at all.”

“Good, I know how you sometimes are about me and your lab.” Hope said. “So I trust we won’t have to worry about fighting for a little while, after tonight and all?”

“At least not from that bastard.” Amara said, her eyes closed. “He manipulated that boy, Bud I think, into beating up his friends and other kids at the school and in the neighborhood. We don’t have to worry ab-”

Amara was cut off as a small bar of soap was shoved into her mouth. Amara gagged, and tried to spit it out, but Hope held her hand over her mouth more several seconds. When she finally removed her hand, the soap flew across the tub from Amara’s mouth as said girl was spitting.

Hope handed her a small cup of water. “Remember Amara, baby girls like yourself aren’t allowed to use language like that. Even if it fits a description of someone or something, you will be punished like any other child would be for cursing.”

Amara finished swishing the water in her mouth before spitting it out into the tub. “I sowwy Mommy, it swipped. I no mean to be naughty.”

Hope lifted Amara up out of the tub, and sat her down on a towel. Grabbing another and wrapping it around her daughter, Hope then hugged Amara. “I know you didn’t baby girl, and that’s why I’m not going to spank you.” Hope then gently ran her hand over Amara’s rump. “I don’t think it could take a spanking anyways, between the bruises and that rash starting to form. But don’t worry, I won’t punish you anymore, and I have just what we need to make your bottom feel better, so don’t get upset baby girl.”

“T’ank you Mommy.” Amara said, hugging Hope tightly.


It was thirty minutes later that Amara found herself in Hope’s arm, dressed in a pink baby bonnet, a small, pink t-shirt and matching diaper, working on the bottle’s nipple to gain the ever so sweet prize of chocolate milk. The pair were resting in the downstairs living room, on the couch, while Twi was off on the web, trying to learn more about her partner’s home world.

Hope was humming softly, gently rocking Amara in her arms as she continued drinking her bottle. Amara found herself slowly drifting into a well deserved sleep after a long day. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Seeing that Amara had no intention to move on her own, Hope gently lifted her up and set her down on the couch. She then went off to answer the door.

Minutes passed, and Amara was almost in dream land when she felt herself being gently shaken. “Baby girl, can you hear me?”

Amara moaned. “Yes…sweepy Mommy.”

“I know you are baby girl, but there’s someone who wants to talk to you. I told him it was up to you if you wanted to speak with him.” Hope said.

“Who?” Amara asked, sleepily.

“Bud Bison.” That woke Amara up. Stretching slightly, Amara sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“I’ll talk to him.” She said.

“Okay then, I’ll just find you some pants to wear and-”

“No, he can see me as I truly am; just like this.” Amara said, before leaning back and going back to work on her bottle. Hope stared at her for a moment before nodding and going to get Bud.

A minute later, Hope returned with Bud, who paused for a moment at seeing how Amara was dressed. Bud shook his head, and sat down in an armchair on the opposite side of the couch Amara sat one.

“Umm.” Bud scratched the back of his head, struggling to find the right words for what he wanted to say.

Amara pulled the bottle’s nipple from her mouth with a ‘plop’. “What do you want, meanie?”

Hope looked sharply at Amara but said nothing. Bud flinched as if he had been struck. “I uh, well, I wanted to say that, well, I’m sorry.” Bud managed to get out.

Amara turned to face Bud fully. “Sorry for what? There have been a lot of things that have happened to me that people say they are sorry about. My Daddy getting lost in space, me getting attack by someone I trusted, the school principle attacking me, you’ll have to be more specific meanie.”

Bud blinked. “Your school principle attacked you?” Amara just stared at him, and he took the hint. “I’m sorry I scared you the other day.”

Amara said nothing, and just continued staring at him. So, Bud continued explaining. “The reason I grabbed you was because I knew you wouldn’t be able to tune me out like you were with Luna.”

“You knew I have disabilities.” Amara stated, monotone.

“Yeah, well, up until then, Luna had always been right. She didn’t think you would flip out like you did, or else you’d have been in some kind of institute.”

“Do you ever think, or do you just follow Luna blindly?” Amara questioned.

Bud hung his head. “Blindly.” He said. He gave Amara a small smile. “But after the whooping you gave me, she wants nothing to do with me…had I known you were afraid of men, I wouldn’t have touched you.”

“I’m not the only one you’ve touched recently.” Amara stated. Bud hung his head again. Hope and Amara exchanged a look.

“It’s not right.” Bud stated. “After Luna cut our brotherband I was kicked off the school’s wrestling team. When people realized Luna wasn’t helping me anymore, they started coming after. I fought back and…and I took it to far by going after their siblings as well…I’m ashamed of what I did, and I want to try and make up for any and everything I did to you and everyone else I’ve hurt. And I wanted to start by saying I’m sorry to you.”

Minutes ticked by as Amara locked eyes with Bud. Just as he was beginning to sweat, Amara spoke. “I can’t forgive you.”

“AMARA!” Hope yelled as Bud hung his head. Amara held up her hand.

“I can’t forgive you yet.” Amara stated, causing Bud to look up. "I need to know you’re serious about this, and actions speak louder then words. You scared me a lot that day Bud, and I’m sure you’ve scared a lot of other people since then. If you are truly sorry, help those people first, as I’m not so easy to give my trust, much less to a man.

“I know I sound sexist, but I can’t help how I am right now, aside from my Daddy and three others; no male I’ve ever met has done anything positive for me. If you can show me you are truly sorry, then I’m willing to try and forgive you for scaring me like you did.”

“I’ll do the best I can.” Bud said, a determined look on his face.

“That’s all we can ask.” Hope said. “Right baby girl?”

“Yes.” Amara said as she stood up. She walked over to Bud, who tensed up, and surprised everyone by giving him a firm but brief hug. She didn’t give him a chance to hug back as she quickly let go and backed up. “We’ll see how you do over the next week Bud, and go from there. Until then, I missed my afternoon nap so I’m really tired now.”

“It is kinda late.” Bud agreed. Hope rose from her chair, walked over to Amara, and to the girl’s surprise and embarrassment, lifted her up in her arms and held her up by her bum.

“Yes, my baby girl here shouldn’t even be out of her crib.” Hope said, watching as Amara blushed, knowing she wasn’t used to her baby treatment in front of kids her age.

“I can see myself out if you want.” Bud offered.

“No, no, Amara and I will see you out.” Hope said, and began walking towards the front door with Amara in her arms.

Bud was quick to follow, and soon was standing on the front step. “Thanks for seeing me so late Mrs. Kisari, Amara.”

“Just don’t make a habit of it.” Hope said with a smile.

“I won’t.” Bud said with a chuckle.

Hope looked down. “Can you wave bye-bye?”

Amara’s face flushed red, but she turned to Bud. “Bye-bye Bud.” She said softly.

“Bye Amara, I’ll see ya later.” Bud said, before turning and walking off. Hope and Amara watched him go until he was out of sight before Hope closed the door.

Amara pushed herself out of her mother’s grip, landing on her feet. “Why did you do that!?” she demanded.

“You said you wanted him to see you for who you truly are baby girl, so I helped you along since you couldn’t seem to get your act straight.” Hope answered calmly. “Besides, you weren’t the only scared one in that room.”


“After what you did to Bud, did you really think he wouldn’t be scared of what you might do to him? Add to that the events that boy has been through the past few days and…”

Amara thought about that, then hung her head. “I’m sowwy Mommy.”

“It’s okay baby girl, it’s been a long day. What say we get you another bottle before I put you to bed?” Hope suggested.

Amara gave Hope a big smile and hugged her tightly. “Thank you Mommy!”

“Anything for you baby girl.” Hope said as she stroked her daughter’s head. “Anything for you.”


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