Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight Ch. 2

Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight

Hey all, just wanted to let you know, this is the point where events start changing from what they were in the game.

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Chapter 2: Information Gathering

Amara fell flat on her face after exiting the locomotive’s comp space. Mumbling under her breath she stood up and did a brief stretch before walking to the stair descending back to town. As she walked, a thought hit her.

“Hey Twi, how come I’m just tired and not injured from that shockwave?” Amara asked.

“Very observant Amara.” Twi commended. “While we are merged together, your body does not take damage from attacks that cause cuts or bruises. It does however drain energy from the both of us; more so from me then you since this is mostly my power. I will run out of energy sooner then you yourself will, but there may be power ups on this planet that can help me boost my energy levels.”

“So does that mean I can’t get hurt?” Amara asked.

“No it doesn’t.” Twi answered. “Attacks that cause light scrapes and bruises will not appear on your body, even after transforming back, however if you twist your ankle, break a bone, or lose a limb, those will affect you while transformed and remain with you after you dissolve the transformation.”

“Oh okay, I understand that.” Amara said. Returning her focus in front of her, she saw she had finished walking down the steps and had walked into the street. She saw bright lights coming from her right side, and saw a huge truck coming at her.

Amara screamed and threw up her arms, knowing she couldn’t avoid the truck with it so close already. Shutting her eyes, she waited for the pain…but never felt it. Opening her eyes, she saw the truck continuing down the road, as if she was never there.

“Something I forgot to mention.” Came Twi’s amused voice. “While transformed, your body is made up of EM waves, not a solid form like your regular body. People can’t see or touch you while you’re transformed, unless you pull your visor up, then you regain your solid human body.”

“That’s not funny! I thought I was gonna die, and then Mama would be all alone!” Amara yelled, choking up at the end.

“I’m sorry baby girl; I didn’t mean to offend you.” Twi said. “If you want, just give me directions and I can get us to your home while you rest up.”

“How would we do that?” Amara asked, a bit calmer now.

“I can control you body if I wanted to, but I promise you that I won’t unless you either give me permission or it’s an emergency” Twi explained.

Amara felt a little uneasy about that fact, but knew she did need to calm down before explaining what was happening to Mama. “Okay, lead the way. Just go down the block, past that building with the sign on it, take a right. Go across the street, and it’ll be the first house to the left of the crosswalk.”

“Okay then, rest up baby girl.” Twi said. Slowly, Amara felt her body begin to walk on its own accord. It felt weird, feeling her body move while not willing herself to. It was also different that she was now waddling more then walking, due to the bulk of her full diaper.

Regardless of how weird it felt, Amara let her mind wander and calmed herself down. Before she knew it, she was standing right outside her house. Noticing she was back in control, she shrugged her shoulders, and walked through the front door.

Inside, Amara saw her mother grabbing her coat, mumbling under her breath. “That girl better be hurt, or else she’s getting a spanking for not coming home on time!”

Amara gulped at this. “Twi, please change me back, I really don’t want one of Mama’s spankings.”

Twi giggled at that. “Very well then, brace yourself.”

As Hope pulled her coat on, there was a bright flash of light near the front door. When it faded, Amara collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath. “Amara!” Hope rush forward, getting down on her knees and pulling Amara up onto her lap. “Speak to me baby girl, what’s wrong?”

“You can relax Hope; your daughter is just tired. Give her a few minutes and she’ll be okay.” Twi said from the transer.

Hope lifted the transer up and looked at Twi. “Who…what are you? Are you responsible for my baby’s condition?”

“I will explain everything in a few minutes Hope Kisari.” Twi answered. “For now, you should change your daughter’s diaper, she seems to need it. After that, take her visualizer and put it on, then we can talk face to face.”

“Will my baby be alright?” Hope asked as she lifted Amara up.

“With out a doubt.” Twi responded, causing Hope to sigh in relief.

“Thank goodness.” Hope said. Shifting Amara into a more comfortable position in her arms, Hope began carrying her up the stairs. Amara yawned cutely, and snuggled up against Hope, her thumb finding its way into her mouth.

When Hope reached the top of the stairs, she immediately headed to Amara’s nursery room. Once there, she placed Amara on the changing table, and then shrugged off her own jacket. Hope then replaced Amara’s thumb with a fresh pacifier, and relieved her of her visualizer, necklace, transer, and shorts.

Hope proceeded to strip off Amara’s diaper, which was in desperate need of a change, and spent the next few minutes cleaning her bum and front. Noticing the tell tale signs of diaper rash forming, Hope pulled out a container of diaper rash cream and proceeded to rub it onto Amara’s diaper areas, followed by a layer of baby powder. Once done with that, Hope pulled out a fresh diaper, opened it up fully, and slid it under Amara’s bum after lifting her up by her legs. Setting her down, Hope pulled the front of the diaper up between Amara’s legs, then tightly over her front. Ripping open the tapes on the side flaps, Hope pulled each one tightly across the front of Amara’s diaper, and checked for leak holes, finding none.

Not bothering with the shorts, Hope lifted Amara up and carried her to the rocking chair next to her crib, and sat down on it. Putting the visualizer on, she saw Twi just a few feet away from her. “Okay, now explain what’s going on here.” Hope demanded.

“Of course.” Twi replied, exiting the transer and appearing before Hope. “My name is Twilificus, but call me Twi for short. I come from Planet FM, and am an energy being made of EM waves.”

“Okay, so you’re an alien from another world, how does this tie in with my daughter?” Hope demanded.

“Not just your daughter, your husband as well.” Twi said.

Hope gasped. “Kelvin!? Is he alright?! Where is he?”

“I last saw Kelvin three years ago, and he was fine. I do not know where he is now.” Twi answered. “This is a long story, so if you want to fully understand I suggest you get comfortable, and please do not interrupt me.”

“Okay Twi.” Hope said. On her lap, Amara nodded her head, looking directly at Twi, despite not having the visualizer on. “You can see her baby girl?” Amara nodded again, suckling on her pacifier contently.

“I shall explain that as well, but later.” Twi said. Hope nodded, and Twi began her story. "In order to explain what exactly happened to your family, I must explain about myself and my planet. I was born by EM waves gathering together between a black hole and a dying star. It’s a highly unusual situation, which in turn gave me uncommon elemental powers; light and darkness.

"Being that each element is the others opposite, you can’t imagine the strain it is to simply exist without your own power tearing yourself apart. When EM beings like myself are formed, we start out with two choices; perish or survive. We can only survive if our strength of will can endure the clash of the opposite energies that form our bodies. After that, should we survive, we have two possible options; balance out the two energies or dispose of most of one, because keeping them in their raw form would eventually destroy us anyways.

“By merging the elements of light and darkness, one of two energies can be formed; chaotic or twilight. Twilight is formed by the perfect balance of both elements in quantity, where as chaotic is formed by having a larger quantity of either light or dark energy. I am one of the rare few who became a twilight energy being, hence my name. Do you understand so far?”

“I believe so.” Hope said slowly. Amara also nodded her head.

“Good, now I must tell you about Planet FM and its sister planet, Planet AM.” Twi started. “EM beings born to the closer planet are endowed with power from the planet. FM-ians generally have power over, to be vague, an element, principle of the laws of nature, or the rarer ability to control others. AM-ians, while still having the chance for any one of those FM-ian powers, have an even rarer ability; the ability to assimilate powers from other sources to make themselves stronger…Technically speaking, I am an AM-ian.”

Amara pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. “You said you were from FM!” she rasped out. Hope replaced the pacifier back in Amara’s mouth, and then looked at Twi expectantly.

“I did say that, and it’s true.” Twi said. "While I was born closer to Planet AM, I was not detected by them. EM beings from Planet FM detected my presence when I drifted into their planet’s territory, and brought me to Planet FM, where I was assumed to be an FM-ian. With cases like me, it’s hard to tell. That being said lets move on.

“The king of Planet FM has lived a harsh life. While he was created to rule us, many have tried to rise up and overthrow him. Friends, family, loyal servants and advisors, not to mention the occasional foreign powers. These attempts to kill and overthrow the king has left him with great paranoia, which in turn causes him to be easily manipulated and even make rash decisions. I believe the king was manipulated when he gave the order to destroy Planet AM.”

“They destroyed your home world? Why?” Hope asked.

“On the record, it said that Planet AM was preparing an attack to take over and enslave Planet FM and all it’s inhabitants. I recently discovered that in reality, they were preparing a unity treaty, so that should one planet face a danger it can not handle alone, the other would come to its aid. There were probably going to be other benefits to, but the data was to corrupt for me to read.” Twi explained. “Not even an Earth month later, Planet FM received a signal from a satellite station, named Peace.”

“That’s Kelvin’s satellite!” Hope exclaimed.

“Yes it was.” Twi said. “They were broadcasting a program called ‘brotherband’, and the FM king took it as a hostile action. He ordered us to capture the station and every living creature on board.”

“But that’s not right, brotherbands are not hostile programs, if anything they’re just the opposite.” Hope exclaimed. Amara merely closed her eyes, and shifted her head away from Twi.

“To FM-ians it is a hostile program, as they feed off of negative energies.” Twi explained. “Emotions such as sadness, sorrow, fear, desperation, anger, hatred, betrayal, hopelessness, and depression are some of the strongest ones to feed from. AM-ians can feed from them too, but they had other sources to feed from that I don’t know of.”

“How sad, to have to feed off such negativity to survive.” Hope said softly.

“Indeed.” Twi responded. "In any case, the humans onboard were captured, and a trial took place. Several Earth months later, it was decided that the humans were to be executed. However, due to them being of solid mass, we could not carry it out right away. This was the first time we’d seen creatures such as you, so it took years to figure out a way to carry out the order.

“During that time, I often was one of the guards keeping watch over the humans. I spoke quite often with Kelvin, and learned quite a bit about humans and how they use EM wave technology. I found the information about your brotherband system simply fascinating. I also learned about units of humans that grouped together and eventually made more humans, I believe you call these units families.”

“I believe so.” Hope said, blushing faintly. “Never heard it described quite like that, but yes, families are groups of humans that come together, because they care deeply about each other. Eventually, if they really want to, they can have children, humans that have characteristics of their parents. The parents have to take care of their children until they can survive in the real world by themselves, which doesn’t usually happen for eighteen years.”

“And how exactly do these humans make children? Is there some special process?” Twi asked.

Hope’s blush grew at those questions. Looking down, she could see Amara squirming in her lap, giggling behind her pacifier. Giving her a quick swat to the bottom, earning a squeal from Amara, Hope turned her attention back to Twi.

“I’ll explain the, err, process, another time Twi. Please continue with your story.” Hope said.

“Very well then.” Twi replied. “After speaking with Kelvin and many other humans, I realized they meant no harm. However, the last FM-ian who spoke up for them was tried for treason against the FM king. It was shortly after that, that the FM King decided to invade Earth, believing that your satellite was an advanced attack force sent to soften us up for the real invasion force. Because of that, the FM king decided to authorize the use of the monstrosity that destroyed Planet AM, Andromeda.”

“Andwomeda?” Amara asked behind her paci.

“A powerful super weapon powered by a sphere of pure loneliness. Andromeda eats other EM waves and energy being, its power growing with each meal. I did not want to see another world, an innocent one at that, be destroyed by such a weapon. So, I stole the activation key. Before I left I met up with Kelvin, who asked me to take him and the other humans with me.”

“So whewe’s Daddy?” Amara asked.

“I’m afraid I don’t know.” Twi responded. “Kelvin and I discovered that if humans are exposed to enough Z waves, which we EM energy beings produce naturally, then the human body loses its mass and becomes waves as well. I explained to him that become wave beings did not mean they become all knowing, and that they could easily get lost in space forever. He told me that no matter how small of a chance, as long as there still was hope, then we couldn’t give up.”

Tears flowed down Hope’s face. “That’s just the thing Kelvin would say.”

“He is a very unique human.” Twi said. “Kelvin planned on sending out a signal from his transer to his daughter’s, and using that to guide the group home. After he finished transmitting the signal, I changed him and the rest of the crew into waves. Just as I finished changing the last one, I was attacked by another FM-ian from behind. I managed to fight him off, but when I looked around, the only thing left of the crew was Kelvin’s transer. Everyone had vanished.”

“You don’t know where they went?” Hope asked.

“No, I’m afraid I don’t.” Twi said sadly. “I was tired, and reinforcements were coming, so I did the only thing I could, and jumped into the transer and followed the signal here to Earth.”

“So how does my daughter’s exhaustion tie into this?” Hope asked.

“For some reason, EM beings are weaker here on Earth then we are on most planets. When a group of EM viruses took control of a locomotive, I believe that’s what it’s called; I could not use my powers properly on my own. Your daughter and I had a compatible wave link, and as such were able to perform an EM wave change, merging the two of us together.” Twi explained.

“EM wave change? Merge? Wave link?”

“Basically, your daughter gained an EM wave body with my powers. I became apart of her subconscious, and guided her through how to use my powers to defeat the EM viruses to prevent anymore damage from being caused.” Twi explained.

“I see…” Hope said. “What’s this wave link?”

“A wave link is when an EM being and another non-wave being have a connection, something that they share within their essence…perhaps a better way to phrase it would be that they have common traits that make them compatible. It is also the reason why Amara can see and hear me without the need of her visualizer.”

“And what makes you two compatible?”

“The fact that I have two energies that together can form a third, and your daughter has three selves, or personalities.” Amara and Hope blinked at this. Amara pulled her pacifier out of her mouth.

“But I only have two sides, my big girl and my baby girl.”

“Actually, you have a third side as well.” Twi said. “It’s been slowly developing over the years, from what I saw of your memories, and has only recently fully formed. Go ahead and try to reach it, you’ve used it twice today.”

Hope and Amara shared a look. Amara then shrugged her shoulders and closed her eyes. She let go of her big girl self, but resisted being her baby self. She gasped as she opened her eyes.

“Wow Mommy, Twi-Twi was right!” Amara said with a giggle. “I do have three me’s!”

“A third personality?” Hope questioned. “What does this one do?”

“It is a blend of both her big girl and baby girl personalities.” Twi explained, as Amara placed her pacifier back in her mouth and suckled happily on it. “While she stays with a child-like mind set, she is able to function on a higher level then her baby self, though not as well as her big girl self. She can walk, communicate with others, feed herself, and perform on a level a bit lower then her age group, but she will still need help with certain activities like a child would.”

Hope was silent. Pondering this information for a minute she came to a conclusion. “So this is more like a little girl side.”

“Precisely.” Twi said. “I don’t know enough about humans to make a fully accurate assessment about this new side of your daughter. But I believe it will benefit her well being, especially with what’s to come.”

Hope and Amara blinked. “What’s to come?”

“The FM-ians won’t just sit back and forget about the invasion plans.” Twi said. “They will most like send a group of their forces to Earth to retrieve the Andromeda key I stole. I will need to wave change with Amara to properly fight against the FM-ians in order to control my powers.”

“We need to tell the satellite police.” Hope said.

“Only if you’re willing to give up your daughter.” Twi said. Amara gave a whimper at that, and Hope pulled her into a hug.

“I’d never do that. Why would they take her?”

“Because I merged with her.” Twi said. “They would most likely examine the both of us, to try and understand the process of our wave change, and try to find a weakness to use against the FM-ians. Do you really want to risk putting your daughter through that and not getting her back?”

“I’d never do that.” Hope said firmly. Amara hugged her tighter.

“Unfortunately, Amara will be in danger because of my presence here. We will have to fight against the FM-ians until they decide to give up.” Twi said. “There’s no telling how long this will be, but your satellite police will eventually take notice of the FM-ians, and may develop counter measures of their own against them. Over time, the FM king will eventually see that the price of victory against the Earth is too high, as without Andromeda, they will have to sacrifice many FM-ians against us. I was one of the most power energy beings on Planet FM after all.”

“Quit bragging.” Amara said, giggling. Twi gave a small giggle herself.

“Very well then. However, this fact will help us tremendously, as many FM-ians were intimated by my strength. Once they find out their power is restricted on this planet, while you can use my full power, even less will want to come.” Twi said. “Though I must warn you, there will be some that come regardless, and some may very well find a human with a wave link and EM wave change with them. Unlike with the two of us, however, the FM-ians will manipulate their human host to do their bidding. In those cases, we will have to fight them until either the human snaps out of it, or we cause enough damage to undo the wave change.”

“Is there anyway I can help protect my baby girl?” Hope asked, almost desperately as the gravity of the situation finally hit her.

“There is.” Twi assured her. “When we wave change, we have the ability to use your world’s battle cards against our opponents. If you can help Amara get efficient battle cards, it will help our chances tremendously.”

“Okay then, tomorrow after her Teacherman lessons, Amara and I will work on getting better battle cards.” Hope said.

“Very well then. I also hope to have some time to train Amara with my power, and help her gain experience battling against EM viruses.” Twi said.

“That will be fine.” Hope said. Amara suddenly yawned. “Looks like my baby girl is tired, and with good reason, it’s way past your bedtime!”

Amara mumbled something behind her pacifier, but Hope couldn’t understand it. Not really minding it, she carried Amara over to the changing table and sat her up on it. Hope then removed Amara’s jacket, belly shirt, and socks. Reaching down, she grabbed Amara’s blue sleeper and helped her into it. Zipping it shut, Hope then began filtering Amara’s hair into a baby bonnet, tying the ribbon under her chin.

Hope lifted Amara up into her arms and carried her to her crib. Setting her down, she proceeded to tuck in her daughter before raising the bars on the side. “Sleep tight baby girl, it looks like things are going to get a little crazy around here, so get all the rest you can.”

“I’ll watch over her for the night, so be at ease Hope, and get some rest yourself.” Twi told her.

“Thank you Twi. Good night.”

“Good night Hope. Good night Amara.”


Hey all, a little short, compared to my last chapter, but this one had a lot of info to take in, so I figured this would be a good place to stop, especially since the game chapters sometimes end when you go to bed. Next chapter will involve the wave road, addressing the mystery wave data, buying new battle cards, and Amara adjusting to battling with her cards and powers. Oh, and the start of the Taurus Fire Saga begins as well, I’m looking forward to it personally.

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