Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight Ch. 12

Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight
Hey all, been a little while for this story, I know. Been lacking motivation for this one, but then there hasn’t been a lot of Megaman related stuff happening lately, so all I’ve got to go on is replaying the games and reading other authors’ work.

A lot of people have made some really good guesses about why Sonia’s eye color is different in this story, but no one has guessed the real reason yet, on any of my posting sites. So I’ll give you one last hint; examine everything about Sonia in my stories, and think about the styles I write about.

Remember people, there’s a sneak preview to what’s going to happen in the future waiting for everyone should someone guess it correctly. Now with that out of the way, on with the show!


Chapter 12: Investigations

It was a little after ten in the morning. Hope had left for an early morning shift, in hopes of returning sooner to take care of Amara. She had babied her daughter for an hour before she had to leave, which to her relief had visibly helped. Hope had set the property’s security system to full alert in front of Amara before leaving for work.

Amara was currently sitting on the couch in the living room. She was dressed in a simple blue t-shirt and her diaper, with a pacifier in her mouth. There was a half full baby bottle of milk on the coffee table in front of her, and the TV was on, showing a childish program. Across Amara’s lap was Sonia’s guitar, cleaning supplies laid out next to her.

Having several different instruments, Amara knew how important it was to keep them well maintained. She also had learned that, perhaps only for herself, cleaning them helped her focus her mind, and think more clearly. That was something she was in desperate need of at the moment.

The nightmare she’d had scared her greatly. She hadn’t been able to tell her mother, but she’d seen her hair in the dream as well, a layer of dried blood on it. That indicated the pair had been tortured for more then a day. Amara hoped it was just a nightmare; what was to stop her from going Twilight if she got stuck in a bad situation, one that would lead to such a position? Still, the nightmare had been accompanied by those strange feelings she’d been having, and thus far every one of them had been right on the money.

Turning her thoughts away from what could be, Amara thought about Sonia. She saw a lot of herself in the girl; a love of music, a child-like innocence, being true to the memory of a lost parent. She also saw a very strong young girl underneath the uncertainty and lack of self confidence that had developed over the years, due to her abuse. Just the very thought of her suffering caused Amara to clench her jaw.

One good thing that came with her disability was that she knew herself better then most people knew themselves. It was a necessity, or else she might lose her older personality to her baby one, something that had nearly happened once. It was from the actions of her baby side that Amara knew; she liked Sonia. Really, really liked Sonia.

Amara wasn’t sure how it had happened. Well, maybe that was over stating things; the girl had an almost scary resemblance to her in personality, actions, and behavior. The only major differences she could immediately point out were her not liking milk, due to her being allergic, Sonia actually liking pink, and how she was still suffering greatly from her pains, where as Amara’s only real pain was the loss of her father, which had slowly dulled over the years.

Those facts aside, what really shocked her was the fact of how much she’d grown to care for Sonia even though she’d only met her twice! Amara didn’t count the time when she found her in the bushes unconscious, since she couldn’t hold a conversation with the girl. But what on earth caused her to care about Sonia so much? Was it really just the similarities between the pair? Was it really that simple?

Amara closed her eyes. Ultimately, it didn’t matter what the cause for her feelings were. They were there, and she would just have to accept them. Being honest with herself, she did find Sonia physically attractive; her cute face, her petite breasts, her slim figure…Amara felt her face grow hot as her thoughts continued on.

Not wanting to risk damaging Sonia’s most prized possession, Amara carefully removed the guitar from her lap, and placed it next to herself on the couch. Looking over her work, she could see the surface of the guitar shine under the light, and smiled behind her paci. It had had a dull appearance when she had first pulled it out, showing years of neglect, but due in no part to Sonia. Seeing it in this condition, Amara could see part of the reason why Sonia held the instrument in such high regard; it was a work of art, and shone when properly cared for.

Feeling she’d done all she could for the instrument, Amara rose from the couch, took the guitar by its handle, and headed for the music room. It was designed as a recording studio; glass screen, recording equipment, stools, microphones, and headsets. There were also cases for the many different instruments Amara and Hope played. Outside of her baby time, this room was from where Amara bonded with her mother the most.

Opening a glass case, Amara carefully placed Sonia’s guitar into it before closing it again. A smile on her face, Amara exited the music room and closed the door behind her. Returning to the living room, Amara collected all the used supplies, and threw them out in the kitchen’s garbage. Once done with that, she went back into the living room and sank back into the couch, suckling her paci contently.

A bang on the door made her jump. Looking over, she saw the door shake as a second bang rang through the house. Amara’s breathing grew heavier as her thoughts went the worst way; was her nightmare about to come true? Amara’s baby side sensed her fear, and was trying to get out, something Amara couldn’t let happen if her fears were in fact being realized.

Switching to her little girl self, Amara immediately got onto all fours and crawled over to the shrine her mother and she made to her father. In the corner of the room, and under the shrine, Amara pulled out one of her daddy’s golf clubs. She knew how much they had meant to daddy, but her big girl self was pushing her to take the one, so Amara crawled back into the kitchen with the club in hand.

Amara head the door break open, and a single set of footsteps rush into the house. She kept herself as quiet as possible, but was unable to stop herself from suckling her paci. Her hands shook as she gripped the golf club, and she felt her diaper grow warm as she wet herself.

The footsteps grew closer to the kitchen, and Amara knew she’d have to make a stand. Twilificus was currently on the web, searching for something that could help them help Sonia, and her mother wasn’t due back for some time as far as she knew; she couldn’t think straight at the moment. Once the foot steps stopped, Amara’s big girl self ripped control from her little girl self, and she made her move.

Standing with a battle cry, Amara swung the golf club at the intruder. She caught the man in the head, sending him spinning back before he collided with the couch, and tumbled over it. Amara was breathing heavily, her paci having fallen out of her mouth when she yelled. Carefully making her way over to the couch, her club ready, she looked at the man.

He had black hair, and had an antennae of some sort sticking out from the top of his dark tanned color trench coat. From what Amara could tell, the man was unconscious from the blow she had dealt him. Hearing a second set of footsteps rushing towards her, she turned quickly, ready with her club, only to see her mother standing by the door.

“Amara what happened?” Hope asked quickly as she rushed over to her. “Are you okay?”

Amara opened her mouth to answer when her vision suddenly blurred. A massive pain in her head caused her to drop the club and clutch her head. Falling to her knees, she suddenly lurged forward, throwing up her breakfast. Amara’s eyes rolled back into there head, and she knew no more.


The group entered the suite, grim expressions on their faces. Chrys Golds turned to the two who were carrying Sonia. “Put her to bed and keep her diapered. Change her if she needs it, but do nothing else.” He ordered. The pair nodded and carried Sonia to her room.

Chrys sat down on the couch, a doctor in a lab coat sitting next to him. Grabbing a bottle and two glasses, he poured the alcoholic beverage into each glass before handing one to the doctor. The man accepted it and they both downed their glasses.

“Is it really that bad?” Chrys finally asked.

“Yes.” The doctor answered. “I’m not sure how it’s happened, but the tests show that while her organs are functioning, her brain is no longer receiving signals from her bladder and bowels. Further, those organs are acting on their own now, and will release at random. She’s incontinent, medically incontinent.”

“Ruins her image.” Chrys grumbled. “And the passing out? Throat closing? Can it be anything else?”

“Nothing I know of.” The doctor responded. Chrys poured himself another glass and downed it quickly.

“Well, can’t be helped.” He stated. “Those bastards at Melody Inc. managed to bump all of Sonia’s concerts after this week out from their stadiums, so small miracles.”

“What will you do?” The doctor asked.

“I won’t object to Sonia not wanting to renew her contract.” Chrys stated. “After that, I’ll send her to Mr. Zegard, and move onto the next conquest.”

“It’s all we can do.” The doctor agreed.


A low moan slipped through the man’s lips as her raised his hand to massage his head. “What happened to me?”

“You broke into private property, scared my daughter literally sick, and got hit up side the head by my husband’s golf club.” The man winced at the tone of Hope’s voice, and opened his eyes.

“I can explain ma’am.” The man stated as he sat upright on the couch. “I’m Satellite Police Officer Bob Copper, and I’m-”

“You’re investigating the incidents regarding massive outbreaks of Z waves in the area.” Hope finished for him. “You’re also here to investigate my daughter, as she has been at most of the scenes at the time of these incidents. The file was open when I checked your transer for your information.”

“You had not right to look through my transer.” Bob stated angrily. “Much less the files on it, those are classified. I could have you arrested.”

Hope held out her wrists. “By all means, go ahead. I’d love to explain to your superiors how you busted down the front door of my house, which is considered private property by the government, caused my daughter, who has mental disabilities, to vomit up blood after you scared the hell out of her. Please, let’s go right now.”

“…I suppose I was a bit over zelous…Is the girl alright?” Bob asked, the full weight of the situation hitting him.

“She woke up an hour ago, but I’ve confined her to her bed until I’m certain she’s okay.” Hope stated. She then reach out and tapped an envelope on the coffee table in front of him. “This will have everything you need for your investigation Mr. Copper. My daughter’s accounts on what happened at each incident she was involved in, as well as some unusual data for battlecards and what she’s discovered from it. You may also want to consider looking into the others mentioned in her accounts.”

“I may need to speak with her at some point.” Bob stated as he took the envelope.

“You will call me first, and you will wait until I’m there for when you speak to her should you need to.” Hope stated, her tone leaving no room for negotiations. “Those are my terms; violate them and the recording I have of you breaking into my house will be sent straight to the state governor, a good friend of my family’s.”

“I understand.” Bob said as he slowly rose to his feet. He slowly made his way to the door, which he noted was hanging on its hinges, and carefully exited the house. Hope went to the window, and watched as he left the property.

Once he was gone, Hope walked up the stairs and entered the playroom. Amara was laying on her stomach, three books in front of her. She was dressed in just a blue baby dress and a currently wet diaper. Hope sat down next to her. “He’s gone. How are your feeling baby girl?”

“Head stiwl huwts.” Amara said. “I still no go big giwl, but I can be baby.”

“So it appears your little girl side has some pull as well.” Hope stated with a sigh.

“I’m sowwy Mama.” Amara said.

“Don’t be, it’s not your fault.” Hope stated.

“I should have been here as well.” Hope picked up the visualizer and saw Twilificus hovering next to Amara. “After your nightmare, I should have stayed; it would have helped you remain calm and confident in yourself.”

“It was actually good that you weren’t.” Hope stated. “If you were, it would have given officer Copper more excuses to come back, since he could detect your Z-Wave signature. Since you weren’t here, he didn’t detect the residual waves, even though you’ve been with us for some time.”

“Is there some way we can mask my signature?” Twi asked.

“Oh yeah.” Amara stated. “When I big again, I can make device to help clean up extwa waves wound house.”

“Was it wise to give him so much information?” Twi asked.

“I put spin on it.” Amara said with a giggle.

“Would this spin start with an ‘L’ and end with an ‘A’?” Hope asked.

Amara giggled and nodded her head. “She be dare evewy time I be. Maybe we get some west if police pick on her fow a while.”

“They weren’t outright accusations, were they?” Hope asked.

“No, but they be help when we get owder.” Amara stated.

“The restraining order?” Hope questioned. Amara nodded her head. “I suppose so.”

“What about the residual FM-ian data, and the battlecards?” Twi asked. “Was it really wise to alert the authorities to these…” She trailed off, struggling to find the right words.

“Twi, we no be more pwace than one.” Amara said. “We no be able pwotect evewy one. Dis hewp pwotect people.”

“It’s a calculated risk, one that we can’t undo.” Hope stated. “But it’s the right move. By giving them information, they can hopefully develop means to help defend against FM-ians, should we ever be unable to reach them in time to stop them from harming others.”

“I hope this works out.” Twi said, still worried.

“Me too.” Amara admitted. “Mama, we still go too Awwon’s?”

“If you’re better, we’ll go tomorrow.” Hope said.

“What about the company president?” Amara asked. Hope blinked.

“Amara, are you-?”

“Yup, I can be a big girl again.”

“Guess you have some motivation.” Hope teased. “He’ll be in town for the next week. We have time, though it looks like we can discuss this whole thing tomorrow.”

“Good. I’ll get started on converting Twi’s memory to data files and videos.” Amara said as she stood up. “I’ll see if I can’t freeze frame bits for pics you can show him as evidence.”

“Not without a clean diaper on you’re not.” Hope stated as she stood.

Amara blushed, but shrugged her shoulders. “Fair enough.” Amara let herself be led over to the changing table, Twilificus following behind her.


Author Backster was enjoying his first glass of root beer in a year. He was currently sitting at a small café next to a Nacy’s clothing store in the city’s Time Square. Life was good for the man; he’d just celebrated his 50th birthday last week and he was the president of his own company. Yup everything was just peachy.

Well, almost everything. He had received an email from one of his most controversial yet best profit, Sonia Strumm. The girl’s contract was going to expire in four weeks time, and after carefully considering the pro’s and con’s, he was willing to negotiate a new contract with her. The email had asked him to meet her at this café, yet she was supposed to be preparing for a concert later tonight.

“Mr. Backster?” The man looked up to see a woman standing across from him.

“Yes?” Author stated slowly.

“My name is Hope Kisari, and I’ve been expecting you.” Hope stated, taking a seat across from him.

Author took in the woman before him. She was dressed in what appeared to be middle class clothes, and currently held a large brown file holding envelope. He sighed, most likely another person trying to get a record deal for herself or her child. “I’m sorry, but I’m currently waiting for-”

“Sonia Strumm, I know.” Hope interrupted. “I sent the email through her transer to meet you.”

Author raised an eyebrow. “You know Sonia?”

“I do. She’s a playmate of my daughter.” Hope stated. “I first met Sonia a little over a week ago when my daughter found her suffocating in the bushes.”

“Suffocating?” Author asked, sitting upright now.

“Yes.” Hope answered. “I’m a part time doctor for a local children’s doctor office. Sonia showed symptoms resembling an allergic reaction. She claimed all she was allergic to was milk, but that she hadn’t had any. I asked to examine her, but she said it would violate her contract.”

“Violate her contract?” Author questioned. “It shouldn’t violate the contract she signed with me.”

“She said only a private doctor could examine her, hired by her manager Mr. Golds.” Hope stated, her voice growing cold.

“I’ll see to it she gets a full examination.” Author promised.

Hope hesitated for a moment, before she slid the envelope over to him. “As big a concern that is, this is a bigger one.” She stated.

Author took the envelope with a weary look, and opened it. Inside were several large pictures. The first was of Sonia in an elevator, wearing a blond wig, and in the process of wetting herself. He winced as he turned to the next picture.

He found the next two were of Sonia in front of her room door, trying to slide the keycard in. The next picture showed her lying on a couch while her manager sat across from her sipping a glass of wine. The next picture sent a chill down his spine; it was a man with an expression he’d only seen on criminals, ones that liked to prey on weak and defenseless people.

The next picture showed the same man lifting Sonia up and heading towards the bathroom. Author froze at the next picture; Sonia was sitting naked on a toilet while the man was stripping himself. His hand was shaking as he moved to the final picture.

The man had Sonia in his arms, and his hand was yanking her head back by her hair. He was currently kissing Sonia full on the lips, while his erection was clear to see, and just below Sonia’s back door. Throwing down the pictures, Author ran from his chair to the nearest garbage bin and promptly threw up in it.

A waitress moved to check on him, but Hope intercepted her. “Don’t worry.” She told the waitress. “He just got some bad news, it’s got nothing to do with the service here.” The waitress hesitated, but nodded her head and went back to her duties.

Author returned to the table a minute later. “What the hell is all this?” He asked softly, trying to come up with a logical reason for what he saw in the pictures happening.

“If Sonia is to be believed, it’s her life ever since she was signed to a contract.” Hope stated. “Her manager has been abusing her sexually and mentally for six years, and with the help of men Sonia has no hope of overpowering. She said that he claims it’s in his power to do these things, and if she resists then her contract will be violated, she’ll have to pay for all her travel, food, and clothes expenses over the years, and what she can’t pay will result in years at prison.”

“That’s horse shit!” Author nearly yelled. “I would never approve of contract terms so steep. And I’d never endorse something like this, it’s sick!”

“I believe you.” Hope stated with a small smile. “The reaction you had to those pictures can’t be faked, I know that. What I want is your help setting this right.”

“What do you need from me?” Author asked.

“Access to the private document of Sonia’s contract with your company.” Hope answered. “We think it’s been tampered with, and edited to appear legal to all who look. The public record one matches what’s on file, but if any changes appear in the private one, the public one changes automatically.”

“I don’t follow.” Author stated.

Hope picked up the photos and flipped them onto the blank sides. Taking a pen out of her purse, she wrote a sentence on the back of two. “This is what I’m trying to say.” Hope stated as she placed one photo on top of the other.

“Public contracts can be viewed, and represent a summary of the full contract. They’re linked to the private and in depth contract that only companies have access to. I believe that in order to enact the penalties against Sonia, her manager covered the contract with steep terms with one that is perfectly legal. A digital copy over the one that isn’t legal, and is reflected on the public record.”

The sentence on the back of the first photo stated ‘This is legal.’ Sliding it down, the second one stated ‘This is illegal.’ Author nodded his head in understanding. “Do you really think they would risk getting caught by doing this?”

“They stand to gain the majority of the profits gained from her records. That’s quite a fortune.” Hope stated.

Author reluctantly nodded. “Where do we do this?”

“AMAKEN labs, they have the equipment to verify if there’s a false digital cover.” Hope answered as she stood up. “I can show you the way there. I also have some audio and video files of Sonia I think you should see.”

Author stood as well and left a zenny card on the table. “Why can’t we just take all this to the police?”

“It’s inadmissible in court.” Hope answered, a hint of anger in her voice. “Electopian laws are behind the times when it comes to child molestation laws. We can use these to get the police on board, but we need evidence with police involvement if we want to make a case in court.”

“What kind of country would have laws that work against victims?” Author asked, shaking his head.

“One that’s about to get a rude awakening if I have anything to say about it.” Hope answered.


It took a half an hour for the pair to reach AMAKEN labs and park. Hope escorted Author up to the lab, and was met by Amara at the door. She was dressed in her purple belly shirt, a black vest, and black baggy shorts today.

“Author, this is my daughter, Amara. It’s thanks to her spy gear that we have the audio, video, and pictures of Sonia’s treatment.” Hope introduced.

“Thank you for bringing this to my attention young lady.” Author stated, holding out his hand.

Amara shook the hand. “Sonia’s important to me, and I damn sure want to make certain these bastards are locked away for life, if not given a needle or chair time.”

“Strong words for a young girl.” Author stated, surprised.

“I was…abused, when I was six. My mind broke, and I developed a new variation of MPD. I don’t want to risk the same thing happening to Sonia, because her situation is way too similar to what mine was at the time for comfort.” Amara explained seriously.

Author turned to Hope for confirmation, of which he received a nod. He steeled his features. “Then let’s get to work.” The trio entered the lab. Aaron and Tom were both at computers, a third in between them.

There was a brief introduction between Author, Aaron, and Tom. As Tom and Aaron sat down in front of two computers, Author turned to Amara. “Thanks for the help young lady, but we’ll take it from here. You can run along and play or call your friends.”

“Don’t have any friends and I’m staying.” Amara stated, a little put off at his dismissal of her.

“I don’t think there’s anything else you can do to help us, and you don’t want to expose yourself to stuff like this, do you?” Author questioned.

“It was Amara that actually brought this to our attention.” Tom stated.

“Really?” Author asked, surprised.

“Her equipment caught all of the video and pics.” Aaron stated.

“If it weren’t for Amara, Sonia would have died in the bushes due to the allergic reactions I mentioned earlier.” Hope stated. “Amara has been the driving force behind all this; we’re simply making everything happen from her direction.”

Author turned back to Amara. “You really made the equipment to take these vids and pics?” He asked in slight awe.

“Managed to fix up an old holographic projection disk in a month, despite it being years old.” Amara stated proudly.

Seeing the affirming nods from the others, Author folded his arms. “Well I’m impressed. But are you certain you don’t want to just sit back and leave the rest to us?”

“You never caught it, and wouldn’t have until it was too late.” Amara stated. “I care about Sonia. I care about her a lot. I’m not going to stay out of this when her safety, and possibly her life, is involved. I’m here for the long hall.” Seeing the look of resolve on her face, Author could only nod his head, impressed by Amara’s abilities and devotion.

Author sat at the central computer and got to work pulling up the contract. Aaron shifted the TV screen above them to view what was on Author’s computer, so that everyone could watch. It took fifteen minutes, but Author managed to bring up Sonia’s contract on screen. Looking it over, it was a perfectly legal document.

“What now?” he asked.

“Now we search for anything on the page that leads to a hidden page.” Tom answered.

“Scan the top right corner, above the first sentence.” Amara stated, pointing at the point on the big screen. “I think I see something.”

Aaron and Tom both got to work, and minutes later, a pop-up box appeared, asking for a password. Author tried inputting his company’s master access password, but it wasn’t accepted. “Well, we know something is screwy with Sonia’s contract, but where do we go from here?” Author asked.

“We’ll need a password cracker.” Tom stated, typing away on his computer. “But this program they’re using is top of the line. Only high ranking police officials have access to what we need.”

“So should we go to the police now?” Author asked.

“We should hurry, it’ll take a few days to get that equipment here, and we can use the photos and video to get clearance to investigate this.” Aaron stated.

“Mama, don’t members of the Satellite Police have the gear we need?” Amara asked.

“Why do you-” Hope’s eyes widened as she realized where Amara was going with this. “You want to call Bob Copper.”

Amara nodded her head. “Yeah. If he has the equipment, we can use it today. Besides, he needs to investigate here anyways, so it’s not like it’s out of his way.”

“Investigate?” Aaron asked.

“He was sent to look into all the incidents involving Z –waves that have been happening recently.” Amara explained, glancing at Tom. “He busted down our door, so we got blackmail material on him. If there isn’t anything we can use here, then we’ll go to our friend the police chief, and see what he can do.”

“I’ll make the call.” Hope stated, getting her transer out.

“I need to go get changed.” Amara stated. “Aaron, can you get the video clips ready? I doubt Copper will help us unless he sees them, even with Mr. Backster’s okay.”

“That’s a good idea.” Aaron stated.

“I’ll get the barf bags ready.” Tom stated seriously. Everyone nodded in agreement.


True to their guess, Bob had initially refused to use the equipment they needed to help. But after watching Sonia’s confession to Amara, and the footage from the hotel, he was eager to help out. Linking up his transer to the computer, he started the password cracker.

It would be a half an hour before the password was cracked, at which time Bob had interviewed both Aaron and Tom about the incident in the space exhibit room, and thanks Amara for the information she provided. The group gathered around the screen as the legal document vanished, and was replaced with a new one.

“My god, these penalties are atrocious!” Aaron stated as he read.

“Penalties nothing, look at the conditions she’s had to live with.” Tom stated.

“This is beyond illegal, it’s sick.” Bob stated. “I don’t see how her mother could sign such a document.”

“She was ill at the time, and did die during Sonia’s final song in the contest.” Hope stated.

“But she couldn’t have signed it then.” Author said, gaining everyone’s attention. “Parental consent only extended to participation in the contest. If she died before Sonia was declared the winner, then she couldn’t have signed it. So either this isn’t legal at all, or-”

“Or someone else is her guardian and signed it.” Hope finished. “Who’s her guardian now?”

“Chrys Golds, her current manager.” Author growled, as he pulled up the signature page. “He signed as both the manager and the guardian?”

“Bob, can you pull up Sonia’s childhood records, in regards to her guardianship?” Tom asked.

“Yes, though it’ll take a minute.” Bob stated, replacing Tom at the computer. A few minutes later, the records were on the screen. “That slick bastard. He got guardianship consent before the contest ended. The wording makes it apply only if Sonia is the winner of the contest though. Legally, she is his ward.”

“Did he know Sonia would win?” Amara asked. “Did he fix the contest?”

“He’d be hard pressed to, he had no ties with any of the deciding panel judges.” Author asked.

Bob suddenly started typing again. “Maybe it didn’t matter. Author, who was the finalist against Sonia?” After receiving a name, he pulled up the boy’s file. “There’s another form of guardianship here for him, same terms.”

“It didn’t matter who won, the bastard was going to make the winner live this hell anyways.” Hope growled.

Suddenly, Bob’s transer started beeping. Bob disconnected it from the computer and looked at the data on it. His face paled. “Is there a way I can hook this up to the main screen?” Aaron passed him a cord, and Bob hooked it to his transer. The image of the man who had tongued Sonia appeared on the screen, along with a criminal record.

“Trol Mclair, a member of the Zegard group. Wanted on several accounts of child molestation, rape, and murder.” Bob read. “The Zegard group traffic women and children, selling their services, opening strip clubs, are hired as hit men and body guards; this group is the third most wanted criminal group in the world.”

“Oh god!” Everyone turned to Amara, and saw a terrified expression on her face. “Sonia doesn’t want to renew her contract. If her manager is working with these monsters, and Sonia leaves the public’s eyes!!!”

Everyone’s eyes widened at this realization. Bob stood from his chair. “Alright people, here’s what we’re going to do. Author, Tom, Aaron, gather up all the evidence you got for presentation, and don’t forget to renew the cover for the public contract. Hope, if you really have a number for the police chief, call him now. I’ll call my friends in the tactical division, see if we can’t get a wire or something ready so Sonia can get us physical evidence.”

A wire won’t do any good!" Amara exclaimed, tears in her eyes. “They constantly strip and dress her, they bathe her; they’ll find it and then they’ll kill her!”

“Can you give the specs of your spying device to the tactical division?” Bob asked. “If they construct it, we can use the footage they provide us.”

Hope looked at Amara, who after a moment nodded her head. “How long until these people will arrive?” Hope asked.

“At least two days.” Bob answered.

“Good, that’s when Sonia is set to visit.” Hope stated. Turning to Amara, she said, “Why don’t you go home and get everything ready?” She knew Amara needed a hug, but she couldn’t provide it at the moment. Twilificus, however, could.

Amara nodded her head, put her pacifier in her mouth, and ran out of the room. “Do you think it’s wise for her to be alone now?” Aaron asked.

“I’ll send an email to Emily. She should be able to watch her while we work.” Hope stated, opening her transer. “Amara wants Sonia to be safe, and I know she’s willing to put up with a bit of discomfort if it will grant that.”

“Do you intend to apply for guardianship over Sonia?” Author asked.

“I do. She’s become such a big part of mine and my daughter’s lives.” Hope stated. “I don’t see her not being a part of our lives for quite some time.”

Author nodded his head in approval before turning back to his computer screen.


Principle Wartsprout growled in his office. His plan had yet to work, and he’d been trying for over a year now. Enlisting the help of the Platz girl had helped some, but it still hadn’t resulted in the Kisari girl coming to the school building.

This next move would be drastic, and not the style he originally intended, but if it worked, he’d get what he needed. He called in a few favors, and during the break over the next week, the national navi battle tournament would take place in the school’s auditorium.

Amara was in the top fifty ranking positions, in which were invited to compete. In addition, famous pop star Sonia Strumm would be participating as well, having been promised by her manager earlier that week. A world famous pop star, and Electopia’s number two most intelligent minor both under the same roof, that happened to be his school.

Yes, if things worked out, it would be better then he originally planned.


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