Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight Ch. 11

Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight

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On a side note, no one has guessed why, besides personal preference, I changed Sonia’s eye color. So I’m gonna make this offer; if anyone can guess the actual reason, I’ll write a short preview chapter showing what’s to come later on in the series once done with the Harp Note Saga.

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Chapter 11: Bonding and the Truth

Weary green eyes fluttered open. The girl they belonged to moaned; she wanted to get some more sleep, but whatever she had her arms wrapped around was moving too much. Blinking away the sleep from her eyes, her vision was flooded by sea green hair.

It was then that Sonia heard a noise she was all too familiar with, whimpering. She tried to stop, only to realize she wasn’t the one whimpering. Feeling Amara shivering in her arms, she tightened her hold on the girl.

“Amawa?” Sonia blinked, then realized the baby bottle she’d fell asleep with had been replaced with her pacifier. Brushing Amara’s hair out of her face, she noted the girl also had a pacifier in her mouth, and that tears were streaming down her face.

Pulling her pacifier out, Sonia asked, “Amara, are you okay? What’s wrong?” Getting no response, she pulled the pacifier out of Amara’s mouth.

The reaction was instantaneous. Amara let out a loud wail, and began bawling and thrashing around. Sonia yelped in surprise as Amara’s elbow hit her in the face, and then grunted when her knee collided with her stomach. She quickly forced the pacifier back into Amara’s mouth, and was relieved to see her instantly calm down, her thrashing reduced to squirming.

“Amara? Is everything alright in here?” Sonia looked up to see Hope walk into the room.

“She woke up shivering and crying.” Sonia answered. “I tried to talk to her, but when I took her paci, she went wild.”

“I see.” Hope said. “Amara probably had a nightmare, which is why her baby girl self is in control.”

“How long is she stuck like this?” Sonia asked.

“Maybe an hour or two.” Hope answered. Hitting a button on the crib, the bars lowered part way. “Scoot over, I’ll calm her down and get her situated in the playroom.”

Sonia nodded her head, and rolled against the crib’s bars. Hope reached past her and lifted Amara into her arms. Reaffirming her grip on her daughter, Hope carried Amara out of the room, and Sonia’s sight.

Sitting in the crib Indian style, Sonia suckled on the pacifier in her mouth as she went over what she had just seen. Amara had told her she had a mental disability, but this was the first time Sonia had actually witnessed it. Sure, she’d acted a bit more childishly just before their nap, but seeing how she’d acted moments ago had driven it home to Sonia.

Sonia had several different feelings about that. A part of her respected Amara a great deal now, knowing she had to manage for years with her disability, and still turn out to be such a strong, proud girl. She also felt a bit jealous; If Sonia had that disability, then her manager and his men would have no choice but to baby her at times, assuming they’d want to keep her at all at that point. That said, she recognized that it couldn’t have been easy to grow up with such a unique disability, and wasn’t certain she’d have managed without someone supporting her…

“Sonia, you okay?”

Said girl blinked, and looked up to see Hope standing in front of the crib. Taking a moment to remove the pacifier from her mouth, Sonia answered, “Yeah I’m okay. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Amara can get a little rambunctious when she’s upset, and even if her baby side takes over she still has the body of a thirteen year old girl, and the strength of one too.” Hope explained.

Sonia nodded her head in understanding. “I see. I did get a knee in the gut and an elbow to my face, but I’m okay, nothing to worry about.”

“If you’re certain.” Hope stated. “Now then, do you need a diaper change?”

Sonia blinked, and that’s when the full weight of the situation fell upon her. Here she was, a famous pop star, dressed up in baby clothes and a diaper, in the home of a girl who’s disabilities required these things. On top of that, said girl’s mother, who had heard nothing of her own life story, discovers her wearing her daughter’s clothes, and sleeping with said daughter in a crib. Scary scenarios were running through her mind of what kind of consequences might follow if Hope wasn’t understanding.

Gulping, Sonia wiggled a bit, and discovered she had wet her diaper. Looking up at Hope, she slowly nodded her head. Hope lowered the cribs’ bars completely, took the pacifier out of Sonia’s hand, and slipped it into the surprised girl’s mouth.

“We can talk about all this in a few minutes Sonia.” Hope said as she lifted the girl up in her arms. “Right now I just want to get you into a clean diaper, so there aren’t any messes to clean up later.”

Sonia blushed, but nodded her head. Hope carried her over to the changing table and sat her upright upon it. Hope reached behind Sonia, and proceeded to unzip the sleeper, helping the girl get her arms free as well. Once the sleeper was off down to her waist, Hope shifted Sonia’s legs to one side and laid the girl down on the table before pulling the sleeper the rest of the way off her.

It had been years since Sonia had been in a position like this; she was naked except for a wet diaper, was lying on a changing table, and had a pacifier in her mouth. There was a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, and while Sonia tried to figure out what exactly she was feeling, Hope untapped the wet diaper and removed it.

Taking a wet wipe, she tapped Sonia on the shoulder, causing the girl to look at her. Showing her the wipe, Sonia nodded her head and braced herself for the cold wipe. Hope proceeded to clean Sonia, the girl squirming slightly as the cold wipes ran over her sensitive skin.

Once done with that, Hope grabbed a fresh diaper, unfolded it, and after lifting Sonia’s legs and bum, slid it under the girl. Setting her back down, she grabbed the bottle of baby powder, and applied it to Sonia’s bum and front. As Hope massaged it into Sonia’s skin, the feeling in Sonia’s stomach became more profound, until…


A small cloud of baby powder puffed into the air as Sonia let out a small toot. Both Hope and Sonia paused, looking at the small cloud lingering in the air. As Hope turned her gaze to Sonia, the girls’ hands flew to her rapidly reddening face.

“Oh my god!” Sonia exclaimed, her pacifier falling from her mouth. “That’s so embarrassing!”

Hope gave a small giggle as she rubbed the girl’s shoulder. “Well, that’s what happens to baby girls who aren’t burped after they drink their bottles. They generally get a little gassy, and when they aren’t burped, it can come out either the north end or the south. It’s perfectly natural, and nothing to be ashamed of.”

Sonia gave off a whimper, to which Hope picked up her pacifier and, after moving Sonia’s hands from the girl’s red face, placed it in her mouth. As Sonia began suckling on it, Hope finished applying the powder, and taped the diaper shut. Reaching into one of the changing table’s drawers, she pulled out a pink onesie that had musical notes in the fabric, and quickly dressed the girl in it.

Lifting the girl up off the changing table, she carried her over to the rocking chair, sat down, and after adjusting Sonia so she’d be sitting up on her lap, proceeded to rub her back for the next few minutes. Slowly, Sonia’s embarrassment and fear melted away, and she relaxed in Hope’s embrace. Once she felt the girl relax, Hope spoke.

“Feeling better little one?”

“Yes.” Sonia answered, pulling the paci from her mouth.

“Good, we do have some things to talk about.” Hope said softly.

Sonia tensed at that. “Look, if this is about using your supplies and wearing these clothes, I can pay for them. And if you don’t want me to see your daughter again I-”

“Relax Sonia, I’m not angry at all.” Hope said as she continued rubbing the girl’s back. She felt Sonia’s body relax almost instantly. “Though I might be a little angry if you string my daughter along.”


“As you can imagine, Amara doesn’t have very many friends, at least not her age. You’re the first person I’ve ever seen her take too so quickly Sonia; she’s never shared her bed with anyone but me before, and she lost a few of her friends because of issues like those during sleepovers when she was little.” Hope explained.

Sonia blinked as she absorbed that information. Hope continued after a minute. “I’ve searched for a while for young girls who were into regression, hoping to find Amara a playmate, but unfortunately none of them really worked out…I’ve accepted that Amara will never be a normal girl, but I’ve resolved that I’ll do whatever I can to give her the best life I can. I want to know what exactly you intend to do now that my daughter has accepted you as one of her only friends.”

Sighing, Sonia shifted so she could look Hope in the face. "My situation is complicated Mrs. Kisari. I hate the music I sing, I hate my manager, and I hate what I’ve come to represent. I don’t intend to renew my contract in four weeks, and once I’m free I intend to move to Yumland and start over.

“I-I do want to be Amara’s friend, but staying around here after I retire would bring unnecessary attention and stress to all of us, and that’s something neither of us want. Yumland isn’t as technologically savvy as the rest of the world, which is why I hope I can disappear there, at least long enough for the world to forget about me. I do intend to leave Amara my email address, but I won’t be staying long after my retirement starts.”

Hope was silent for a time. Sonia started to feel nervous until, “Sonia, are you emancipated?”

“Emanci-what?” Sonia asked, blinking in confusion.

Hope shook her head. “Maybe next time we’ll talk about that, right now there’s something more important we need to discuss.” Sonia looked up in confusion; why bring something up and then skip over it? “Someone has been stealing cookies from the downstairs kitchen.”

Sonia’s eye twitched; this was more important then their previous discussion? “Well, I wasn’t the one who took them.”

“I’m well aware of that.” Hope stated. “You see, Amara won’t admit to taking the cookies, though there are a bunch of crumbs on the couch. So I…I set up a hidden camera in the living room in hopes of catching her in the act.”

Sonia blinked at that, wondering why she would be telling her this, when suddenly it all clicked. “You know.” Sonia breathed, her face paling.

“Yes.” Hope confirmed. “Sonia, I understand how precarious you position is right now, which is why I’ll keep silent so long as a few conditions are met.”

“What do you want?” Sonia asked.

“Not an arm or a leg, I assure you.” Hope said, hoping some humor might help Sonia relax. “I assume you have a day or two each week to go where you please as long as you’re disguised, right?”


“Alright then, here’s the deal. During those times you’ll be coming here, where I’ll be giving you a bath.”


“It’s not a medical procedure, so it won’t violate your contract, if it’s even legal. It will however allow me to search you for signs of abuse.” Hope explained.

“You won’t find anything.” Sonia said.

“I hope there’s nothing to find.” Hope said. “But I also hope that if something happens to you, that you’ll tell me. I know when little girls are holding back information, so I know that something happened that you didn’t tell Amara…or is still happening.”

Sonia tensed up at that. “I figured as much.” Hope said with a sigh. “Sonia, there are a few things you need to promise me, or else I will use my authority as a doctor to bring on an investigation.”

“You can’t!” Sonia exclaimed, panicking slightly.

“I can if I believe you’re in danger, be it from your caretakers or yourself.” Hope stated. She wrapped her arms around the now shaking girl. “Will you listen to my terms, or should I make the call right now?”

“…I’ll listen…”

“Good girl.” Hope said. “First and foremost, you need to get yourself fully examined, medically speaking. The allergic reaction you had a while ago is most common with ingested food or liquids. The fact that you didn’t ingest anything can indicate a number of things; either you’re allergic to something in the area, or the more uncommon scenario of something inside of you that you’ve become allergic to.”

“Say wha?” Sonia asked.

“I once spoke with a doctor who operated on a young boy. The boy had had surgery years earlier, but was now suffering symptoms from allergic reaction from an unknown source. Turns out, a bit of surgical equipment had chipped off, and being exposed to it for so long had made him develop an allergy to it.” Hope explained.

“You think something like that is happening to me?” Sonia asked.

“It’s improbable, but not impossible.” Hope answered. “That’s why I want you to get a full examination. Blacking out, choking, loss of bowel and bladder control, these aren’t normal for a thirteen year old girl, even one as busy as you. Can you promise me you’ll push your manager to get you this examination as soon as possible?”

“I can try, but I can’t promise it’ll happen.” Sonia said after a moment’s thought.

“That’s another reason why I want you to come here. If something happens to you here, I’ll be able to help you here or get you to a hospital if need truly be.” Hope explained. “The other thing I want from you is to be honest with me. If your manager and those men he hire do something you’re not comfortable with, or if they hurt you, then please tell me Sonia.”

“So I’m to just come here, take a bath, then leave?” Sonia asked, trying to change the subject.

“Well after that I’ll diaper you since you need them.” Hope replied. Sonia smiled at that. “And you’ll be more then welcome to play with Amara as well; she’s never had a playmate on her level before.”

“I’d like that.” Sonia said, blushing. “I can pay for the supplies and clothes if you want.”

“Spending time with my daughter and taking care of yourself is payment enough.” Hope stated. “Now then, after today, when’s the next time I can expect you over?”

Sonia put a finger to her lips as she thought it over. “Four days from now. Tomorrow I got a recording session, and then I got the next day to travel and prepare for the concert the following day. I’ll be back the afternoon after.”

“And where will you work in your examination?” Hope asked.

“I’ll get on it tonight, but it probably won’t happen till tomorrow at the earliest.” Sonia answered.

“I guess that’s the best I can expect at this moment.” Hope said. “Now then, how about we go see Amara? I’m sure she’s feeling lonely right about now.”

“Is it safe for her to be alone when she’s like this?” Sonia asked as she stood up.

“It is while she’s in the room I left her in.” Hope answered, taking Sonia’s hand with hers. Leading the blushing girl out of the room like one would a small child, she said, “The room is completely baby proof, which is what Amara quite literally is when in that mind set. She can’t even balance herself to stand up, so her only means of mobility is crawling.”

Hope opened the door to the playroom, causing Sonia to gasp at the sight of the room. Amara was currently in a pile of stuffed animals, a dolphin in one hand, a whale in the other, and a pacifier in her mouth. She was now dressed in a blue onesie and baby bonnet, and had gloves and booties on her hands and feet.

“I can dress you up like her if you’d like.” Hope offered, causing Sonia to blush.

“Um, maybe next time.” She answered. “What time is it?”

“5:30 PM.” Hope answered. “We’ll be having dinner soon. What time do you need to be back by?”

“I have to be back before nine.” Sonia answered. “If you intend to drive me home, we’ll have to leave around eight. I’m not staying at the Holiday Inn; the hotel I am is a ways away. I just don’t want to get you two involved in my situation if I can help it, which is why I had you drop me off there last time.”

“I understand.” Hope said. She gently pushed down on Sonia’s shoulder, who after a moment’s thought, got the message and got down on all fours. “Now go play with Amara. I’ll have to feed her baby food if she’s still stuck as her baby self come dinner time, but I have some fish sticks I can make for you.”

“Okay, thanks again Mrs. Kisari.” Sonia said.

“Please, call me Hope, or Auntie Hope. Mrs. Kisari makes me feel old.” Hope replied.

Sonia smiled, nodded her head, placed her pacifier in her mouth, and crawled off towards the pile of stuffed animals. Upon reaching the pile, she grabbed a unicorn, and pretended to make it trot across the floor. Suddenly, a whale knocked into the unicorn, causing Sonia to look up at Amara.

The girl had crawled out of the pile of stuffed animals, and sat down near her. Looking at her eyes, Sonia could see that they lacked their usual intelligence, yet were full of child-like wonder and curiosity. Amara’s baby side showed the girl’s emotions through her eyes, much like a real baby’s would.

Amara moved her whale to Sonia’s unicorn, who responded by rubbing the unicorn against the whale. Amara took the dolphin, and whacked both the whale and unicorn with it. Sonia let out a whine at that, causing Amara to look at her, Sonia looking back. Amara dropped her animals, and crawled over to Sonia, who prepared herself, uncertain to what she was doing.

Reaching her, Amara suddenly reached out and hugged Sonia. However, she had put her full body weight into the hug, causing the pair to tumble over. Sonia squeaked as she fell, while Amara giggled behind her pacifier. Amara then held Sonia close, and rubbed her cheek against Sonia’s.

Sonia’s mind was a whirl of confused emotions and feelings. Here she was, thirteen years old, wearing a diaper and baby clothes, suckling on a pacifier, and now she was being hugged by another thirteen year old girl, a very attractive one at that, who currently had the mindset of a baby, was dressed like a baby, and was rubbing her cheek to cheek. Feeling Amara’s body against hers like this was sending so many confusing feelings and emotions through her that she was frozen stiff.

A flash brought her out of that state, and caused Amara to blink and rub her eyes. Looking up, Sonia saw Hope with a camera and a smile on her face. “Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. You two looked so adorable together like that.”

Sonia blushed and detangled herself from Amara. “She always wike dis?” She asked through her paci.

“Only to the people she really likes and trusts.” Hope answered. “She must really like you; she only ever does that to her psychologist and me.”

Sonia opened her mouth to respond, only to feel something on her leg. Looking down, she found Amara had wrapped her arms around her leg, and was rubbing her head against it. Sonia looked up at Hope with a questioning look.

“Babies tend to get clingy with things they like.” Hope explained. “I imagine you’d never let go of your guitar if you were with Amara’s current mindset. I can remove her if you’d like.”

“Please.” Sonia answered. She needed time to sort out her thoughts and feelings after what Amara had just done. Hope knelt down and removed Amara’s arms from Sonia’s legs, causing the girl to whine. Collecting her in her arms, Hope carried Amara to the bean bags set and sat her down on one. Turning on the tv, she inserted a video with a childish show that immediately got Amara’s attention.

Nodding to Sonia, Hope walked back to the kitchen part of the room. Sonia, wanting to block the world out while she sorted herself out, did the only thing she could think of, and crawled into the pile of stuffed animals. Once she was covered up as much as possible, she closed her eyes, suckled her paci, and began sorting herself out.

Sonia was no stranger to physical contact, having gotten more then she ever wanted in the past few years. She knew what the difference between good touches and bad touches were, having experienced them both. She remembered the good kind from when her mother cared for her as a child; hugs, cuddling, rocking, and even the affectionate cheek and/or nose rub.

The bad ones she’d felt from those men always send a shiver down her spine; a hand running across her privates, a hand squeeze, a brutal full tongue kiss…Sonia had to stop herself for a moment at that last one. Once she had calmed herself down, she continued analyzing her situation.

Before Amara had changed to her baby self, the two had cuddled, and Amara had hugged her when she had needed it, telling her story. Amara had also helped diaper her, and run her hands over her most sensitive body part, yet had done so not out of anything perverted, but to help apply the baby powder and diaper her. She had given her privacy when she showered, and when she had changed into that baby dress the first time they had met.

That said, her baby side had been practically rubbing her body against her own. Sure, babies couldn’t do much as far as motor skills, but was it possible that her baby side was reflecting what Amara, the mature teenage side, actually felt for her? The touches she had felt caused many different kinds of emotions she wasn’t familiar with run through her. Could Amara actually like her? Could Sonia actually like Amara? Another girl?

Sonia let out a soft moan as she massaged her forehead. All this confusion was giving her a headache. Was she over thinking all this? Was it a natural reaction to feel like she was? Was it natural to be clingy like Hope said?

A light suddenly shined on her eyelids, causing Sonia to wince, and try to block it with her hand. “Time to come out from your fort baby girl.” Hope’s singing voice called out. “It’s time for din-din.”

Sonia blinked a few times to help her eyes get used to the light before popping her head out of the pile of stuffed animals. A flashed caused her to start blinking again. Her vision returned as she saw Hope reaching down and taking her hand, a camera in her other hand.

“I couldn’t resist getting that picture Sonia, you looked so cute.” Hope explained as she helped the girl to her feet. “You may be going to Yumland when you’re retired, but I’d like to create a photo album for you, to show you that you do have people in your life who accept you for who you truly are, and that not everyone sees you as those songs depict.”

Sonia was touched by the sentiment. “Thank you.” She said, after pulling out her pacifier. “…Auntie Hope.”

Hope smiled down on her, and ruffled her hair, causing the baby girl to giggle. Leading her to the kitchen area, Sonia saw that Amara was currently in a high chair, her arms pinned to her sides by the tray, a bib tied around her neck, still suckling on her pacifier. Hope led Sonia to her own high chair and lifted her up onto it.

“Arms up.” Hope said. Sonia raised her arms up, and Hope slid the tray into place. Walking over to the counter, she returned with a plate of fish sticks, a baby bottle of juice, and a bottle of ketchup. “I’ll trust you not to make too much of a mess, or next time I’ll be the one feeding you, and it’ll be a bowl of baby food.”

Sonia made a face; she wasn’t sure she wanted to taste baby food, and if she did and it didn’t taste good, she wouldn’t want to eat a whole bowl of it. Nodding her head in understanding, Sonia got to work on her fish sticks. Squirting out a bit of ketchup, she’d dip bits of fish sticks into the ketchup before taking a bite out of the stick.

After a minute of eating, Sonia put the baby bottle to her lips and began lapping up the apple juice inside it. Glancing over to her side, she saw Hope had a bowl on Amara’s tray, and several empty jars of apple flavored baby food. Looking at Amara, she saw the girl had some of the baby food on her face and bib.

“Open up for the air plain.” Hope cooed. Amara turned her head away from the spoon full of baby food. Sonia watched as Amara blinked suddenly, then turned her head back and opened her mouth, allowing Hope to insert the spoon of baby food into her mouth. The action confused Sonia, but she decided to let it slide; she had enough on her mind as it was.

About ten minutes later Sonia was licking up the last bits of fish sticks from her face. Her plate was clean, and her bottle was empty. Turning to check on Amara, she saw Hope was holding a baby bottle to the girl’s mouth; the bottle was almost empty. Hope took notice of Sonia.

“Finished baby girl?” Hope asked. Sonia nodded her head. Looking down at Amara’s tray, she noted there was still a bit of baby food left. “Would you like to try some baby food? Amara left some over.”

Sonia blushed, but nodded her head. She did want to try it, after giving it some thought and seeing Amara eat it without throwing up, but weather she’d willingly have more after this was up in the air. Hope scooped up a spoonful from the bowl, and handed the spoon to Sonia.

Getting some of the baby food onto her finger, not wanting to use the spoon, Sonia opened her mouth, and closed it on her finger. Pulling her finger out of her mouth, she rolled the baby food around in her mouth, her eyes slowly widening. Growing concerned, Hope put Amara’s bottle down and quickly walked around to Sonia.

“You can spit it out if-”

“More please!” Sonia interrupted. Her cheeks were pink, and she wore an embarrassed grin. Hope blinked in surprise, she hadn’t expected Sonia to like it.

Smiling, Hope walked over to Amara and slipped her pacifier into the girl’s mouth. Her daughter taken care of, she went over to the cabinet, and pulled out a jar of baby food. Grabbing a childish spoon, she walked back to Sonia, opened the lid of the jar, placed the jar on the tray, and handed the spoon to Sonia.

After grabbing the spoon, Sonia instantly dug into the jar of baby food, taking only a few seconds between scoops to roll the food around in her mouth, enjoying the taste. A little over a minute later, Sonia was cleaning off what little food was left on her face with her tongue. Looking up, she saw Hope smiling down on her.

“I didn’t expect you to like it.” Hope admitted.

“Neither did I.” Sonia admitted. “This is apple flavored, right?”

“Yes it is.”

“Okay, I’ll remember that for later.”

“You do that.” Hope said. “There is something we need to talk about though.”

“What is it?” Sonia asked, tilting her head to one side. Hope couldn’t help but smile; Sonia looked adorable with the expression she had on her face and the outfit she wore.

“It’s about that boy earlier that attacked you and Amara.” Hope said. “It turns out that the boy is actually a junior member of the neighborhood watch.”

“He never identified himself.” Sonia immediately defended. “He just jumped me! He would have torn my guitar right off my back if Amara hadn’t interfered.”

“I understand Sonia.” Hope quickly stated, placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “The battlecard shop you two were behind had security cameras, it caught the whole thing on video. Neither of you are in trouble.”

Sonia let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good. But why did he target us anyways?”

“Sometime earlier this morning, an anonymous tip was sent to the local neighborhood watch that in the next few weeks someone will detonate a bomb somewhere in the neighborhood.” Hope explained.

“And that’s why he went after me.” Sonia finished.

“Precisely.” Hope said. “That said, members of the watch will be doing sweeps of all people, their Transers, and any baggage they have on them.”

“But isn’t that an invasion of privacy?” Sonia asked. Her eyes grew wide as a thought struck her. “Oh god, how am I supposed to get here without someone recognizing me? They’ll know who I am and make a big fuss over it!”

“That’s what this is for.” Hope said. Reaching behind her, she grabbed something off her belt and handed it to Sonia. It was a pink Transer. “You just need to put in your personal data and a picture, but I chose your name and alibi. Your name is Sky Devont, and you’re Amara’s pen pal from Netopia here to visit. Your family is currently having some personal issues, and it’s still being determined weather your stay here will be brief or if you’ll eventually move in with me and Amara, hence why you’re staying at a hotel currently. Got it?”

“Yup.” Sonia said. “You got my blond wig? I can take care of the picture now.”

“It’s downstairs, along with the rest of your clothes.” Hope answered. “Also, you should know that most hotels have a private lock box for their guests, particularly ones that stay over two weeks like you will be, so you can hide it in there.”

“You think of everything, don’t you.” Sonia said, shaking her head with a smile.

“I can’t claim to, but I do the best I can.” Hope replied.

A thought then struck Sonia. “Those watch people would be checking my guitar every time I came here, wouldn’t they?”

“I imagine so.” Hope replied. She frowned as Sonia bit her lip. “That guitar means something to you, doesn’t it?”

“My guitar is like Amara’s visualizer.” Sonia explained. “It was the last gift my Mama gave to me before she died. If anything ever happened to it…” She suddenly looked up at Hope. “Can you take care of it for me?”

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t want anyone manhandling it, possibly damaging it.” Sonia stated. “My manager has held it over my head whenever I was difficult as well, so this removes it from his grasp.”

“Don’t you think he’ll be suspicious?”

“Not if I act distraught and claim I had another black out and memory lapse.” Sonia answered. “Might encourage him to get on with the test.” She stared Hope in the eye. “I’m trusting you with this, and I want it back when my contract is done.”

“I’ll take good care of it, as will Amara.” Hope stated.

Sonia smiled, and closed her eyes. “Thank you.”


Two hours later, Hope and Sonia were in the car, on their way to the Holiday Inn, the same place Sonia had Hope drop her off last time. Unfortunately, Amara had still been stuck as a baby girl when Sonia left, so Hope had to lock her in her crib before they left. Hope had then helped Sonia change back into her big girl clothes, though kept her diapered.

The car ride was mostly silent, with Sonia and Hope only going over details on the agreement they had reached before. Hope had also stated that she would be going to the next neighborhood watch meeting, and see if she could arrange it that only adults could check people and their possessions, so as there wouldn’t be any incidents like what happened earlier that day. Finally, the car came to a stop in the Holiday Inn’s parking lot.

“Here we are.” Hope stated as she put the car into park.

“Thanks again for everything Auntie Hope.” Sonia said as she placed her hand on the door handle.

“You’re more then welcome Sonia. Just remember our agreement.” Hope replied.

“I will.” Sonia said. She opened the door. “See you in a few days.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Hope stated as Sonia got out. “Be safe baby girl.”

Sonia smiled and waved before taking off. Hope watched her go until she was out of sight before her head slumped onto the steering wheel. “Please be alright.” She whispered to herself.

By the time Sonia got to the hotel, she was dead tired. Recognizing how out of shape she was, she vowed to exercise more once this whole mess was done. Going to the front desk, she confirmed that the hotel had private lock boxes, and rented one out for her spare transer. After that, she headed for the ground floor bathroom.

Entering a stall, she quickly closed and locked the door behind her. Unzipping and unbuttoning her pants, she tugged them down, revealing her diaper as well as her panties currently worn over the diaper. Tugging the panties down her legs, Sonia let out a sigh before removing the tapes on her diaper and pulling it off. Pulling her panties and pants back up, she rolled the diaper up into a ball, opened the stall door a little to check for anyone else in the room, and finding no one she exited the stall and threw the clean diaper in the trash.

As Sonia washed her hands, her vision blurred. Sonia blinked a few times, even splashed some water on her face, and her vision cleared up. Shrugging it of, she dried her hands and face, and exited the bathroom. Going through the lobby, she made her way to the elevator, and pressed the button. To her luck, the elevator had already been on the ground floor, so she immediately entered when the doors opened.

Looking at the floor buttons, her vision blurred again, and Sonia slumped against the wall. She held a hand to her head, a headache was forming. Concentrating, she managed to push the button for her floor. The elevator shifted, causing Sonia to tumble backwards onto her bum as it rose. Letting out a soft moan, Sonia used the railing in the elevator to make her way back on to her feet.

Then to her horror, Sonia felt a familiar warmth grow around her crotch. Looking down, she saw a puddle forming beneath her. For the second time that day, Sonia had soaked through her pants! Sonia groaned again; she had no way to hide this accident from her manager.

The elevator dinged as it reached her floor, and the door opened to reveal a family of four waiting just outside. Sonia’s vision was blurred enough that she couldn’t see their expressions of shock and disgust, while her head was throbbing enough that she didn’t care. Using the wall for support, she exited the elevator and made her way down the hallway. It took her five minutes to find her room, and another five to swipe her keycard in her condition.

Sonia stumbled into the living room, managing to get to the couch before collapsing onto it. Sitting in the chair across from her, Chrys examined her form and behavior. After a minute, he spoke up. “You pissed your pants.” He stated.

“Yes.” Sonia breathed, a hand on her forehead.

“Where’s your guitar?” Chrys asked.

“Don’t know.” Sonia said with a small sob.

“What do you mean you don’t know!?”

“Blacked out…can’t remember.” Sonia answered. “I remember leaving the hotel. Next thing I know I’m in the elevator and…” Sonia stopped talking and placed a hand on her stomach.

Chrys frowned; Sonia’s guitar had been his biggest bargaining chip over her. Knowing how much it meant to her, he was forced to recognize that something was indeed wrong with the girl, as she’d never willingly let it out of her sight. Sighing, he stood and looked to the dinning room. “Trol, get Sonia showered and dressed, we’re taking her to the doctor’s tonight.”

Trol stood from his seat at the table. “Do I at least get my weekly payment tonight?”

Chrys shrugged his shoulders. “Do so at your own risk.”

Trol grinned as he made his way over to Sonia. Seeing how ill she looked, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. Setting her down on the toilet seat lid, he proceeded to strip off her clothes before doing the same himself. “Time for my weekly present.” He said, licking his lips.

He lifted Sonia up off the toilet and held her nude body to his own, his right hand holding her up by her bum while his left supported her back. Struggling to maintain some form of balance, Sonia wrapped her arms around Trol’s neck. This got a reaction as she suddenly felt something poking her underneath. Panicking, she quickly lifted herself up further onto Trol’s body, her feet no longer touching the floor.

Trol’s arm shifted, his hand moving to the back of her head, gripping her purple hair tightly. Giving a small yank, he caused Sonia to give a small cry of pain. Taking advantage of her open mouth, Trol quickly leaned in and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Sonia’s eyes went wide, and she struggled to get free, but Trol’s grip was firm on her, leaving her helpless as his tongue roamed her mouth.

A minute later he withdrew, a trail of saliva linking their lips for a moment before Sonia entered a coughing fit. “You know you enjoyed it slut.” Trol growled. Sonia’s response was to violently vomit all over him. Trol yelled as he dropped Sonia in disgust, the girl falling hard onto the floor.

Sonia went into another coughing fit as several men entered the bathroom, checking what the noise was about. Unable to see, she didn’t noticed the drops of blood spewing from her mouth. Mid cough her eyes went wide and her hands flew to her throat. She couldn’t breath! Despite the efforts of the men to help her breath, Sonia’s eyes soon rolled to the back of her head as she passed out.


Hope carefully opened the door to Amara’s room, and walked inside. What she saw confused her, so she turned on the lights. Amara wasn’t in her crib, yet the bars were fully raised. Hope knew Amara couldn’t get out of the crib when they were raise, even as a big girl, so that left only one option.

There was a flash of light behind her, and turning around she saw Amara, dressed in her sleeper, with a murderous expression on her face. Amara turned to her right, where Twilificus was hovering.

“Why did you do that?!” Amara screamed at her. “She needed our help! Why didn’t you let me do anything!?”

“Amara, what happened?” Hope asked, concerned. She had never seen Amara like this before.

“I woke up just after you left.” Amara stated. “I called Twilificus and wave changed to Twilight to follow you two. I managed to catch up to Sonia as she reached her real hotel. She was starting to be ill, and wet her pants in the elevator. When she got to her room, her manager said they’d take her to a doctor after a shower, so some guy brought her to the bathroom and stripped both Sonia and himself!”

“What!?” Hope exclaimed, alarmed.

“The bastard had a boner too!” Amara snarled as she began pacing. “He had gone on about a weekly payment or present, when he actually lifted her up and held her against him.”

“No.” Hope whispered, her hands flying to her mouth.

“If that wasn’t enough, he pulled her hair to open her mouth and kissed her full on. Tongue and all!” Amara exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

“No.” Hope repeated, horrified by the mental image she was receiving.

“Sonia threw up after that, but started coughing up blood.” Amara said, her voice growing soft. “She suddenly clutched her throat, and started gasping for breath, just like when I first found her.” Her eyes narrowed. “Then those bastards decided kissing her would help, and held her down doing it while she was struggling to breath.”

“The whole time I had to restrain Amara from attack those…people.” Twi stated. “I felt she had intent to kill, and her darkness energy was beginning to affect the electronics in the area. When those people started to try giving Sonia mouth to mouth, I think you call it, Amara nearly broke free of my restraint, so I pulse us out and back here.”

“But why!” Amara yelled. “Those bastards deserve to die! They have no right to abuse anyone like that, especially not Sonia! We could get her to help faster then they could anyways!”

“And then either you or Sonia would be convicted of murder.” Twi stated calmly. “If you used my powers then Sonia would be the only viable person to have murdered them, if she didn’t die that is, and if you pulsed out and used your bare hands then you would be implemented into the murders.”

“Amara.” Hope said as she wrapped her daughter up in a hug from behind, taking care to pin the girls arms to her side. “Twilificus is right, there really was nothing you could do. It was a good thing she pulsed you out instead of letting you kill them; Sonia is their paycheck, and they’ll do everything they can to make certain she stays alive as long as possible. I know you’re hurting baby girl, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do, no matter how much you want to.”

“I don’t care, I’m going back! Let me go!” Amara yelled, struggling to get free.

Hope was having a hard time restraining Amara, so she quickly lashed her foot out at the crib, hitting the button to lower the bars. Lifting Amara off her feet, she threw the surprised girl into the crib, and quickly hit the button twice, raising the bars up to their full height. Amara slammed into the bars.

“Let me out!” Amara yelled.

“I don’t like this anymore then you do Amara!” Hope snarled, stopping Amara in her tracks; she had never heard her mother like this. “Quite frankly, if I was certain we could get away with it, I might consider letting you do as you please.”

“The why won’t you.” Amara asked.

“Because I don’t want my baby girl to be a murderer.” Hope said softly. “I don’t like this anymore then you do, and I do agree, people like that are best put down so they can’t hurt anyone else, but we have to be careful about this.”

“Then how can we help her?” Amara asked, desperation clear in her voice as she gripped the crib bars.

“I can help there.” Twi stated. “Using the computer, I can record my memory of the event, so we can use it to start an investigation.”

“If only it were that simple.” Hope sighed. “The tape wouldn’t be admissible in court because there wasn’t a warrant for it, so anything found from it would be dismissed as well.”

“So there’s nothing we can do?” Amara cried.

“I didn’t say that.” Hope replied, causing Amara to pause. “I checked Sonia’s transer while she was napping. She has the number of the company president she sings for. There’s a chance he may not know about this, so we’ll show him the video and hopefully he can help open some doors for us.”

“And if he’s in on it?” Amara asked.

“Then we’ll take it to the police and hope they can uncover something to use to help Sonia.” Hope stated. “I don’t want you to become a murderer baby girl, not unless you have to in order to save an innocent life like Sonia’s.” She watched as Amara sat back, pulled her knees to her chest, and began rocking back and forth. “Are you okay baby girl?”

“No.” Amara said, tears welling up in her eyes. “I’m scared. This feels like me, but with Sonia.”

It took Hope a minute to decipher Amara’s words. “You’re afraid she’ll turn out like you?”

“My mind broke because that bastard raped me.” Amara snarled. “I was at my lowest when that happened. Sonia’s getting close to that point, and I don’t want her to be like me, with all these different sides, always struggling to maintain some sense of normality. But after what I just saw, it’ll only be a matter of time before they rape her too, I just know it!” The tears ran freely down her face at this point.

“Amara.” Hope said softly.

“You’re forgetting something.” Twi stated, catching both girls attention. “There’s still Lyra to contend with. We have to face facts; Lyra’s mission is to take the Andromeda Key from me, or else be deleted. Until we come face to face we don’t know what she’ll do, but until then she would have no problem offering Sonia revenge on those monsters in exchange for her cooperation.”

“Not exactly an unfavorable scenario.” Amara mumbled.

“We still have plenty of time before Lyra is recovered.” Hope stated, looking at Twi for conformation. Getting it, she stated, “Until then we will try to help Sonia legally.”

“And what happens if we fail?” Amara asked. “What happens if she becomes like me?”

“If she develops your disorder,” Hope began, “and everything works out, then I’ll apply for guardianship of Sonia. That way we can both help her, and she’ll have the best support system. I hope it doesn’t come to that though.”

“Me neither.” Amara agreed. “Not that I wouldn’t mind her being around, but…”

“You like Sonia, don’t you baby girl?” Hope stated more then questioned.

Amara blushed. “I don’t know what I feel about her, just that I’ve never felt this before. Even after experiencing my baby side she still seems to accept me. No one else has ever done that, at least not in my age group. I just…”

“What caused your baby side to take over?” Hope asked. Twi nodded her head, also curious.

“A nightmare, or maybe vision would be better.” Amara started, her voice quivering. “I saw Sonia sitting in a chair, naked. Her hands were locked behind her back with large metal cuffs or something. She was hurt, bleeding…I saw a hand holding a tazer strike her in the throat!”

“No wonder your baby side took over.” Hope stated.

“That wasn’t all.” Amara said. “The room was dark, but I saw a second set of hands next to Sonia’s behind her…there was another person being tortured…”

Hope immediately lowered the bars and pulled Amara into a hug. It was clear who Amara thought that other person was. Twilificus floated the crib and curled around Amara as the girl began crying in earnest, offering what comfort she could to the infantile teen. Hope and Twi shared a look; both swore they wouldn’t let that vision become anything more then just that, a vision.


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