Megaman Starforce: Power of Twilight Ch. 10

Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight

Hey all, I know some of you didn’t like what happened to Sonia at the end of last chapter; I didn’t and she’s my favorite SF character. Makes you wonder what I’ll do to characters I don’t like, like Luna…I may have said too much. Anyways, only one or two barely scary scenes in this chapter, but doesn’t hold a candle to the last chapter. That said, on with the show!


Chapter 10: Faces; Old, New, and Familiar

“Phew, finally done!” Luna exclaimed. Instead of her high class school uniform, she wore a dark blue shirt and overalls. Black grease spots covered her clothes and skin, a layer of sweat covering her face. Wiping her face with her arm, she looked up at the monstrosity of a machine she’d just finished assembling.

It took up over half the guest room. Big, grey, many pipes running through it, and a small control panel on the front were the main aspects of the machine in front of her. Grinning, Luna walked over to the control panel and began starting up the machine.

“This may have cost a lot of money, and been a major pain to assemble by myself, but it will all be worth it.” Luna said to herself. “As long as this EM Wave scrambler is active, I can use it to block the Teacherman Navis’ from reaching Amara’s house. After three weeks of being unable to do her work from home, the school board will have no choice but to order her to class or expel her, even if she goes every morning to pick up her course work!”

With a big grin, Luna turned on the machine.


Twilificus laid sprawled out on the roof of the Kisari house. It was up there that she could stare up at the starry night sky, and be alone with her thoughts. She sighed as she gazed towards the heavens.

Truth be told, Twilificus was a bit homesick. She didn’t regret taking the Andromeda Key, she’d seen Andromeda in action when it destroyed Planet AM. Such a power didn’t belong in the hands of one single being, especially one as demented and easily manipulated as the FM King. She didn’t want to see this wonderful world share her home planets’ fate, especially since it was innocent.

Still, it didn’t stop the ache she felt when her thoughts turned to the planet she had called home all her life. The fact that members of her graduating class were the ones sent to capture or end her didn’t help either. Sighing once again, she tried to focus on the positives that she had gain since arriving here on Kelvin’s planet.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she sensed a familiar wave link coming towards her. Looking up towards the sky, she couldn’t hold back her excitement. “Lyra!” A small pink meteor of EM and Z waves had just passed through the atmosphere, and was streaming towards her. Twilificus braced herself; there was a chance Lyra would be an enemy and not the friend she…

Her thoughts were interrupted as dull red EM waves, laced with Z waves, began emitting from near the top of the apartment building down the block. Twilificus’s eyes widened as the waves covered her; they cause a burning sensation throughout her body. She cried out in pain, and tried to phase through the roof for some form of protection, but it did nothing to help.

All of a sudden, the waves stopped. Twilificus poked her head through the roof, and gasped at the sight before her. Lyra’s wave meteor was struggling to push past the dull red waves, which were surprisingly strong. The two waves continued grinding against one another for several minutes, before suddenly and violently exploding.

“LYRA!” Twilificus yelled. She could barely make out her friend’s form; that of a blue harp with strings, and two pink EM flames at the bottom of the rim. Her body however was damaged; the top right corner of her frame had been torn completely off by the explosion.

As the force of the explosion sent Lyra beyond the horizon, Twilificus managed to form a sphere of light energy, despite the dangers of using her powers without merging with Amara, and encase Lyra into it. Twilificus panted as she watched the sphere disappear over the horizon; the sphere would protect Lyra while she absorbed the EM waves in her surroundings to heal her body. It would also allow Twilificus the ability to monitor her condition and current position.

To exhausted to investigate what caused those painful waves, Twilificus when inside, barely able to reach Amara’s transer before passing out.


Luna cried out as she was launched backwards, slamming painfully against the back wall. The EM Wave scrambler had started acting funny seconds after being activated, before part of it suddenly blew up in front of her.

Moaning as she stood up, her hands rubbing her sore back, Luna assessed the damage. Bits of the machine’s pipes had embedded themselves into the walls, several going straight through. Thankfully none of the pipes went into any of the other apartments. Looking through one of the holes, she noted the pipe had entered the living room and broken the glass coffee table.

Grumbling, Luna slowly made her way to the living. Clean up was first, shower next, and a goodnight’s rest to follow. She’d deal with figuring out what was wrong with the machine later.


“You couldn’t log on?” Hope asked.

It was now morning, nearing 8AM. Hope had finished her breakfast a while ago, and was now feeding Amara a stack of pancakes. Amara, still dressed in a baby blue footed and sleeper, baby bonnet, and bib, was sitting in her high chair, her arms pinned to her sides by the tray. After finishing her mouthful, Amara responded.

“Yeah, I tried three times to check if there were any messages, but couldn’t get in.”

“It’s probably whatever has been blocking you before every few months.”

“No Mama, I checked with Daddy’s Visualizer, this is different. There are dull red waves all over that are interfering with wave devices.” Amara said. “It should fade in a few days, and I’ll bet the school will be having problems as well.”

“This could be a serious problem.” Hope stated as she put another fork full of pancake bits into Amara’s awaiting mouth. “So few people in this day and age use farmed goods and meals, they use EM waves to create the food and beverages they eat and drink everyday. If this is interfering with that process, any food or beverage in the area created may cause harm to anyone who ingests it.”

Amara swallowed her food and frowned. “That means you’ll be busy for a while, and fast food restaurants in town will be making more money until this is cleared up, provided they aren’t affected as well.”

Hope frowned as well. “It looks that way, but we can hope.”

A soft moan caught their attention. Looking up, Amara saw Twi slowly lower herself down from the ceiling and onto an empty chair, sitting on her fin. Her usual grey waves and red eyes seemed dull in color.

“Are you okay Twi? You look terrible.” Amara questioned. Hope took the Visualizer off the table and looked for herself.

“I have to agree with my baby girl on that assessment.” Hope stated. “Do EM beings like you get sick?”

“No, we don’t get sick.” Twi answered. “However, when exposed to certain types of wavelengths, our bodies can become unstable. It would be unwise for us to wave change until I recover.”

Amara frowned, that meant it would delay their investigation of Sonia’s home life. Still, she valued Twi’s health more, so she nodded her head. That’s when a thought struck her. “Would we still be able to wave change if an FM-ian attacked?”

“There isn’t going to be an attack for a while.” Was Twi’s answer.

“How do you know this?” Hope questioned. She placed another fork full into Amara’s mouth.

“Lyra arrived last night just as these strange waves appeared.” Twi answered.

“Lyra Note? Your best friend on FM?” Amara asked, some of her food spilling onto her bib.

“Yes, it was her. She was critically injured upon coming in contact with the source of the waves though.” Twi stated, her voice growing soft. “I managed to use some of my light powers to form a protective sphere around her, it’ll take a month for her to regenerate her missing wave data.”

“Given that her form is a harp, I think we all know who is most likely to be her wave change partner.” Hope stated.

“Sonia.” Amara nodded. “We figured that much out last night.”

“Should we warn her about this? Her tour is going to keep her in this state for five weeks.” Hope questioned.

“Once Lyra is closer to recovering her powers we’ll tell her.” Twi stated. “Think about the first time you learned how your daughter and I merged. How would Sonia react to that knowledge? Better to wait, especially since it’ll give her less time to prepare to fight us.”

“Fight us? Lyra would use Sonia to fight us?” Amara asked.

“She doesn’t have a choice.” Twi stated with a sigh. “The FM King created a special EM program, used only on missions of the highest priority. He keys in a certain command, and any order he gives must be followed, or else the program erases the being it’s attached to. Most likely, he sent Lyra here with that program ordering the retrieval of the Andromeda key and my deletion. It’s the only reason he’d risk sending her, it’s well know how close the two of us are.”

“Twilificus.” Hope whispered, her heart going out to the EM being before her.

“How close are you? Sisters? Cousins? Best friends?” Amara asked.

“Amara!” Hope stated sharply. She knew questioning Twi on the subject would only bring her pain.

“It’s okay Hope.” Twi stated. “Amara doesn’t really know about the joys and sorrows relationships can bring, she’s only just learning. It’s not her fault.” Turning to Amara, she answered, “Lyra and I are, I guess you would say, romantically involved. With the death of Omega-xis, we only had each other to rely on. She was the only one who cared about me, and I her. She is my light.”

Amara lowered her head. “I’m sorry Twilificus.”

“Its okay baby girl, you’re still learning.” Twi said assuringly. Both Amara and Hope were treated to the rare, and hard to describe, sight of a dolphin smiling.

“Where would be the best place for you to rest Twilificus?” Hope asked.

“Amara’s transer.” Was Twi’s immediate response.

“Thanks for filling us in Twi-Twi, now you go nappy nappy!” Amara said cheerfully, her little girl side at the forefront of her consciousness.

“Sure thing baby girl.” Twi responded, before floating of the chair and up through the ceiling.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to that.” Hope stated with a shake of her head.

“Twilight can help when Twi-Twi feels better.” Amara cheerfully offered.

Hope shot her a playful look. “I’ll have none of that little girl.” She then reach over and tickled her sides.

Amara squealed, squirming in her chair as she desperately tried to keep her arms to her side to escape Hope’s fingers, but to no avail. About a minute in, the door bell rang, causing Hope to stop and giving Amara time to get her breathing under control.

“I wonder who that could be.” Hope pondered out loud. Shifting Amara’s high chair to one side, she pulled the tray out and set it onto the table. Lifting Amara out of the chair, she set her down on her feet and gave her a pat on her bottom. “Clean yourself up and grab a bottle of milk from the fridge, this shouldn’t take long.”

Amara giggled at the pat to her behind. “Okay Mommy!” She waddled off as Hope went to the door.

Opening it, she found a fairly large man standing before her. He had tanned skin, brown hair in the shape of a rough afro, and a brown beard. He wore a yellow shirt, blue jogger pants, brown sandals, a green dragon transer on his left wrist, and a doctor’s white coat.

“Is the Kisari residence?” The man asked, his voice cheerful.

“Yes it is.” Hope answered. “How can I help you?”

“My name is Mitch Shepar, I’m a new teacher at Echo Ridge Middle School, class 5-A.” Mr. Shepar introduced himself. “There’s a problem going on at the school right now, something interfering with most of the equipment we use to teach classes. The school board has decided to cancel school for the day, but something is blocking our emails, so a bunch of us are going door to door to inform students and their parents of this.”

“I see.” Hope stated evenly. “How long is this problem going to last?”

Mr. Shepar blinked at Hope’s tone of voice. “Um, we’re not sure. We’re hoping to continue tomorrow, but from the looks of it, its likely school won’t start till Thursday or Friday…Have I done something to offend you Mrs. Kisari?”

“Not you personally.” Hope stated. “You are aware that my daughter is in your class, correct?”

“Yes I am. I also know she’s using the Teacherman Navi system.” Mr. Shepar replied.

“Your school’s principle has been trying to bring her back to the classroom for over a year now. Amara can’t function there due to her mental condition as well as her phobia of men.” Hope replied.

Mr. Shepar frowned. “Mr. Wartsprout does tend to rub people the wrong way, but with your description of your daughter’s condition, I don’t see a logical reason for him to want her in a classroom. It sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

“I know.” Hope stated, nodding her head. “He even had her held back a year. I’ve hired private investigators to look into this, but nothing has been found yet. He’s gone as far as destroying evidence of her participation on a mandatory field trip to try and get her into the classroom.”

“And you believe I’m here to either talk you into sending her to school or give you mis-information so he’ll be able to drag her back.” Mr. Shepar stated.

“Something like that.” Hope stated. “You do seem like a nice enough man, but I take my daughter’s health seriously. I’m trying to avoid having an expulsion on her record, but I’m more then willing to take it if I can’t withdraw her from the school.”

“I agree completely.” Mr. Shepar stated, nodding his head. “There are more important things in life then going to school. I have several kids myself, and I can honestly say I’d do the same if I was in your position.”

Hope smiled at that. “Thank you for that, it’s nice to know that the school staff isn’t as bad as the principle.”

“I’m actually one of the rare ones, to be completely honest.” Mr. Shepar confessed. “Most of the staff care about one thing and one thing only; grades. While I agree a good education is important for the students, it’s not essential for life. Some of the greatest athletes of this time never completed college or high school. That said, socializing and family are also important as well.”

“I’m glad you understand that.” Hope stated.

Mr. Shepar nodded his head in agreement. “Tell you what, once I’m done with my rounds, I’ll run back to school and download this week’s lessons and assignments, and bring the disk back here to you. That way your daughter will be ahead of the game once the school is re-opened.”

Hope blinked. “That…that would be wonderful! Thank you very much.”

“Not a problem.” Mr. Shepar said. “To be honest, I’m still sending applications to other schools for a job, I don’t like the vibe this one gives off.”

“Agreed, I hope you find one.” Hope said. Mr. Shepar thanked her before walking off, and Hope closed the door behind her.


The next few days seemed to drag on for the Kisari family. Mr. Shepar had kept his word and returned later that night with the week’s scheduled assignments. He also got to meet Amara. The first few moments were uneasy, to put it nicely, but Mr. Shepar’s jolly exterior allowed Amara to warm up enough to him to shake his hand.

The girl’s prediction on the fallout from the unusual waves proved accurate. Every EM dependent device within a 5 mile radius of starting point of the strange waves, located somewhere in Echo Ridge, was malfunctioning. Dispensers that created food and beverages, as opposed to storing, gave out unhealthy material. For the next few days, drug and pharmaceutical stores, clinics and hospitals, and fast food and high class restaurants were swarmed with customers and victims alike.

On the third day of the incident, the Satella Police were called in. They were quickly able to remove the strange waves in the area, though were unable to locate the exact point of origin. The damage had been done, however, and a number of devices had to be replaced. Electronic related stores made a fortune within a few short days.

The school principle, Mr. Wartsprout, made another attempt to get Amara back to the classroom, but was promptly shut down upon receiving Amara’s entire week of assignments. Mr. Shepar was sent a copy just in case.

Shortly after the Satella Police cleared out the waves, Twilificus recovered enough to perform wave changes again, though at Hope’s insistence waited an additional day before trying. Having finished all her work for a week, Amara used the day to examine the effects on the wave world, as well as check on Sonia.

While the latter was less successful, Twilight found that the wave roads had been damaged, and the EM viruses were corrupted. Even the residual Taurus Fire data was changed. The viruses were stronger, and gave more powerful versions of their battlecards when defeated, a fact Twilight exploited for most of the day. Taurus Fire, on the other hand, was severely weakened; one blast of darkness energy caused it to dissipate, and a corrupt Taurus Fire SP card appeared. Twilight promptly got rid of it.


By Friday, the wave roads had mostly recovered, due in a big part to the fact that the damaged equipment in the area was replaced. Hope had gone to the school that day, since there were still some errors with the Teacherman Navi system, and dropped off the day’s course work and homework to Mr. Shepar, who met her in the lobby. With nothing else to do for the day, Amara wave changed with Twilificus and examined the recovery of the wave world.

The viruses had regressed to their original forms, and gave off their original data, to their disappointment. A battle with Taurus Fire proved that he was back at full strength as well. Upon veering near the school, Twilight saw that it was operating at full capacity.

Growing tired, Twilight decided to head up to Vista Point. Upon arriving, she heard music playing from the platform. Leaping from one wave road to another, she got a good view of the platform.

On the platform stood a disguised Sonia. She wore a crimson shirt, dark blue jeans, and a black vest. In her hands was a wooden guitar, with a blue and yellow strap. She also had on a blond wig. Kneeling down, Twilight took a moment to listen to the lyrics.

[i]Fields of the unknown
I’m suddenly out of this world
And even though I know
That I can’t see it all

Feels inside there’s something more
I pray I find the hope I had before

Sometimes I wonder why you cry
Sometimes I dream that someday, you’ll be mine
Even in this moment I wanna hold your hand
And drift away from the clouds of everyday[/i]

“She sounds happy.” Twi stated.

Twilight was frowning though. “Her song doesn’t flow with the music she sings and makes records with. But…”


“But this song seems to be coming from her heart, it feels real…right…I want to know what her deal is.”

“You can ask her now, it looks like she’s leaving.”

Twilight looked down and saw Sonia was walking down the platform’s steps. Upon reaching the second step down, Sonia tripped, causing the guitar to fly out of her hand. “My guitar! No!”

Springing into action, Amara dissolved her wave change just as her feet came in contact with the step’s railing. Springing off, she grabbed Sonia by the waist, twisted in mid air, and managed to grab the guitar before either girl even made contact with the ground. The pair skidded to a halt a few feet from the bottom of the platform.

Sonia gave a moan and blinked her eyes; her world had suddenly begun spinning for the last few seconds. Once it righted itself, she saw her guitar was still in one piece. She instantly grabbed it and checked it over for damage, sighing in relief when she found none.

“Not even a thank you? I’m hurt.” Sonia looked up to see Amara, and realized her position. Amara was sitting down, legs out in front of her, while Sonia was laid out in front of her, between Amara’s legs, stomach facing the ground.

Blushing, Sonia pushed herself backwards so she was sitting on her legs. “Where did you come from?” She asked.

It took Amara a moment to formulate an answer. “I was napping under the platform, I come up here sometimes when I have nothing to do during the day. I come here at night in hopes of seeing my father, who got lost in space.”

“Oh.” Was the only response Sonia could come up with. Feeling awkward, she looked down, only to notice something. “Um, your shorts, uh…”

Amara looked down at herself. Her shorts had slid partway down her legs, most likely due to the momentum from her leap and skidding along the ground. They also ripped, partially on the top and bottom, and her white diaper was currently on display.

Forming a response, Amara gave Sonia a once over, then smirk. “Red lace?”

Sonia blinked, and looked down. Her jeans had slid down much like Amara’s shorts had, leaving her red laced panties exposed. Sonia squealed, quickly got to her feet and pulled her jeans back up. Amara followed suit, though her shorts did little to hide her diaper.

“Sorry about that.” Sonia said, blushing.

“No problem, I didn’t mind at all.” Amara said with a grin. Sonia blinked, before her blush deepened.

“Um, thanks for saving my guitar.”

“You’re welcome. I notice it’s not like your usual kind.”

Sonia hugged the guitar to her chest. “This was the last thing my mother ever gave me. I’d give up all the money in my bank account to get it back if it was stolen. If anything ever happened to it…”

“I know how you feel.”


Amara took her Visualizer off her head. “My father created these to help with his work, both as a scientist and an astronaut. With it you can see EM waves, or what I call the wave world. It was one of the few things they recovered from the wreckage of his ship. I’ll never let anyone take it from me.”

A smile slowly spread over Sonia’s face. “You really do understand.” Amara nodded at that. “Would you mind if I take a look?”

“Only if you lay down on the ground first.” Amara answered.


“We’ve only met once before Sonia, and I’m not a very trusting person. If I hand them to you while standing up, you have a chance to run away with them. Lying on your back, it’ll take time to get up. Understand?” Amara explained.

Sonia nodded her head. “I understand.” She sat down on the ground, Indian style, and placed her guitar to the side away from Amara. Unfolding her legs, she laid back until her back was flat on the ground.

Amara sat down next to her and held out the Visualizer. Sonia carefully grabbed it and placed it over her eyes. She gasped as the wave world came into view. “Oh my god, this is amazing! And you see this stuff everyday?”

“For the last month or so, took me that long to fix it.” Amara replied.

“So you know how to make more of these?” Sonia asked.

“Not exactly. The frame and special visor were intact, but I needed help to fix the technology in it. I could probably make a fortune off replicating it, but I choose not to. If everyone had one, it would make the one thing my daddy left me feel less special.”

Sonia nodded her head. “I understand. In that case I won’t ask you to make me one.”

“Good, I got enough headaches as it is.” Amara said with a laugh as she sat up. Sonia followed suit.

The pair got to their feet and dusted their clothes off. “My manager’s not gonna be happy bout these grass stains.” Sonia thought out loud.

“Um, Sonia?” The girl turned to see Amara gesturing to her face.

Realization hit her. “Oh here!” Sonia carefully removed the Visualizer, and handed it back to Amara. “Sorry, I forgot about them, so used to equipment on my head and all.”

“I wouldn’t let you forget.” Amara said, but nodded her head in understanding. There was a comfortable silence between the girls for a moment. Suddenly, Amara blinked. “Sonia?”

“What?” Amara pointed down, and Sonia looked. Her blue jeans were growing dark, and Sonia felt a familiar warmth spreading between her legs. “Oh no!” Sonia placed her hands between her legs, and crossed her legs, trying to stop the flow of urine, but to no avail. By the time she was done, her upper pants were darkened and soaked, and a small patch of grass beneath her shined in the sunlight.

Sonia’s lip quivered as tears began running down her face. She gave off a hiccup before she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at Amara. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” She said, her voice gentle.

To upset to speak, Sonia just nodded her head. Amara turned her around, and marched her over to the platform. Sonia felt Amara gently push down on her shoulder, and upon realizing what she wanted, knelt down and crawled under the platform.

Amara followed a second later, and grabbed her diaper bag. She pulled out the changing pad, and laid it out on the ground, motioning to Sonia to get on it. Sonia rolled onto the changing pad, but said nothing.

Pulling out the box of wet wipes, she offered a few to Sonia. “You take care of your hands and face, I’ll take care of everything else, okay?” Amara offered. Sonia nodded her head and took the wipes. Amara placed them about mid way between them, so she could access them later.

Amara unbuttoned and unzipped Sonia’s jeans before tugging them off her legs, having minor trouble due to Sonia’s shoes. Sonia’s red panties had taken on a darker hue due to her wetting, and her legs shined in the sunlight. Amara took a minute to wipe down Sonia’s legs with the wet wipes, and tossed them into the pile Sonia had started.

She then carefully removed Sonia’s panties, and then began wiping her front clean. Once done with that, Amara pulled out a bottle of baby powder and a fresh diaper from her bag. Amara looked at Sonia for any signs of disapproval, but the girl was gazing at the bottom of the platform, unblinking.

Carefully pushing Sonia’s legs back, Amara powdered Sonia’s diaper area. Grabbing the diaper with her free hand, she opened the back flaps and slid it under Sonia’s bum. Opening the front flap, Amara pulled it up between Sonia’s legs, and carefully pulled Sonia’s legs out until they were lying completely relaxed on the mat.

Pushing the front of the diaper firmly over Sonia’s front, Amara carefully reached around and tore the tape off the back flap, and pulled it tightly across the front. Amara then repeated the process on the other side, and checked for leak holes, finding none. Tapping Sonia’s leg, Sonia rolled off the pad, before getting on all fours and crawling out from under the platform.

Amara found herself staring at Sonia’s padded bum as she crawled away. Once Sonia crawled around the corner, Amara blinked and shook her head. Reaching into her diaper bag, she pulled out several large, Ziploc bags, and began cleaning up. First bag got all the used wipes, the second for Sonia’s panties, and the third for her jeans. Burying them in her bag, she placed the powder on top before crawling out as well.

She found Sonia sitting on the platform’s steps, strumming her guitar. Digging deep into her bag, she pulled out a spare pair of shorts she always carried incase her diaper leaked, which was known to happen quite often as of late. She held them out to Sonia. “I think you need these more then I do.”

Sonia looked up from her guitar, and saw the offered shorts. Standing up, she flipped her guitar around to her back, and took the offered shorts. Pulling them on, she noted they did an excellent job of hiding her diaper. Looking at Amara, she spoke. “Thank you.”

“No problem, I’ve been there before.” Amara stated.

“Really?” Sonia asked.

“I was still potty training when my mental condition developed, after I was…attacked.” Amara coughed at this, then cleared her throat before continuing. “When I was deemed well enough to go to school, kids teased the hell out of me because I couldn’t keep my pants clean and needed diapers. Since the incident, I’ve never been able to stay in school for a full day.”

“Isn’t today a school day?” Sonia asked.

“Yeah, but I’m in a program known as the Teacherman Navi system. Navi’s teach me at home and give me all my assignments digitally. Might cost a bit more but I save a few trees a year.” Amara explained, joking at the end. She got the desired affects as Sonia chuckled.

“Always a good thing.” Sonia said softly. “Not sure how I’m gonna explain this one to my Manager.”

“Tell ya what, why don’t you come back to my house and you can take a shower while I throw your clothes in the wash. You can borrow some of my clothes until yours are clean.” Amara offered. “And don’t worry, you don’t have to wear baby clothes this time. Unless you want to of course.”

Sonia gave a nervous laugh. “Maybe next time. But sure, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all. But we should hurry, today’s only a half day of school. It should be letting out soon if it hasn’t already.” Amara stated.

Sonia paled, and quickly adjusted her wig. “Let’s move now please.”

Amara nodded her head, and the pair was off.


Amara and Sonia had made it down the stairs leading up to Vista Point in a matter of minutes. Checking the time on her transer, Amara noted school had actually let out about a half an hour ago. Looking around, she saw a few kids were out and about, but no one she could identify. Taking Sonia’s hand in hers, she led the girl the longer but less crowded route.

The route quickly became crowded as they grew closer to the end of the block. Quickly looking both ways, Amara led Sonia across the street. The pair were behind the new battlecard shop, The Big Wave, which covered them from view of the crowd down the street. The pair continued making their way to Amara’s house, which finally came into sight to Sonia’s relief.

A hand shot out from behind the girls, and grabbed Sonia’s guitar. Sonia yelled in surprise as a figure rushed past her, intending to tear the guitar off her back. Before the guitar’s strap began to pull against Sonia’s shoulder, Amara’s gloved clad hand landed on the person’s shoulder.

The male teen yelled out in pain as several hundred volts of electricity rushed through his system. He collapsed, unconscious, his body twitching. Sonia quickly stepped back, hands flying to her mouth.

“W-What was, who, how?”

“Tazer glove.” Amara stated. “Made them two years ago, saved my hide a couple of times.” Amara flicked her wrists and Sonia watched in amazement as the gloves withdrew into Amara wrist bands.

Getting a hold of herself, Sonia asked, “What should we do about him?”

“Help me move him.” Amara stated. Sonia nodded, and grabbed the teen’s arm. Amara grabbed the other arm, and the pair dragged the teen over to the big wave building, and leaned him against the back wall.

“Should we call the police?” Sonia asked.

“Do you want to introduce yourself to then?” Amara asked as she checked the teen’s pulse with her hand.

“Point taken.” Sonia said after a moment.

“We’ll wait here until his pulse rate is back to normal, then we’ll leave.” Amara stated. “We’re trying to keep a low profile, I’m assuming that’s the case anyway. If he doesn’t improve after a few minutes I’ll call Mama, and he’ll get the help he needs.”

“Is this normal behavior for people around here?” Sonia asked.

“No, it’s not.” Amara said with a frown. “You use that guitar on tour at all? He might have recognized you from that.”

“No, the last time I used this was when I entered the contest for my contract.” Sonia stated. “That was six years ago, no one would remember it, or any of the songs I sung then either.”

The pair lapsed into silence for several minutes after that, Amara keeping her fingers on the teen’s wrist, and Sonia squirming to the side uncomfortably. Finally, Amara stood, and motioned for Sonia to follow her. The pair made it to Amara’s house uninhibited minutes later.

Amara immediately shimmied out of her torn shorts. Tossing them onto the couch, she took her boots off, and turned to Sonia. “You can leave your guitar and transer here. Follow me and we’ll get your clothes in the wash and you in the shower.”

Sonia hesitated for a moment, but after thinking it over, realized there wasn’t anyway to keep them on her person while she showered, and placed them on the couch after taking her shoes and wig off. Amara placed her diaper bag on the couch as well, and pulled out the bags containing Sonia’s jeans and panties. Motioning her to follow, Amara led Sonia down the hallway, and into the back of the house.

Passing a room Sonia recognized as the one she’d been treated in, Amara opened the door to a small bathroom. Bright colored walls, a sink with a cabinet under it, a toilet, a small tub with a shower and rolling blinds, and a few rails with towels on them. Ushering Sonia in, Amara opened a small closet door next to the bathroom, and pulled out two towels, tossing them on the toilet seat.

“I’ll wait for you to get in before taking the rest of your clothes.” Amara said.

Sonia nodded her head, her cheeks pink. “You wouldn’t happen to have any wipes I could use before I get in…” She trailed off.

Amara was about to ask her why she needed them, when the stench caught her nose. Sonia had messed herself, most likely during that incident behind the battlecard shop. Seeing how uncomfortable she was about this, Amara silently knelt down beside the sink, opened the cabinet, and pulled out a case of wet wipes. Leaving them on the sink counter, Amara closed the door behind her.

Sonia sighed, frustrated with how bad her luck had been lately. Shrugging off her shorts, Sonia carefully pealed off her diaper’s tapes, and slowly lowered it the ground. Opening the package of wipes, she took a minute to clean herself thoroughly. Moving the towels onto the floor, she pulled the lid up and deposited the wipes into the toilet, taking a moment to do the same with the mess from her diaper.

Flushing the toilet, Sonia rolled up the used diaper and taped it shut before tossing it in the trash bin next to the toilet. Pulling off her vest, shirt and bra, she piled her clothes to make it easier for Amara to gather them up. Walking over to the shower, she pulled open the rolling door and took a moment to study the shower mechanism.

Once figured out, Sonia started the water and activated the mechanism to start the shower. She spent a minute adjusting the water temperature till she was comfortable with it before jumping in, closing the sliding door behind her. Inside, she saw a small rack with the expected soap, shampoo, wash cloths, and conditioners, but ignored them for the moment as she soaked in the water.

A minute passed before she heard the door to the bathroom open. “Amara?” Sonia asked. She didn’t know if she had any siblings or relatives that lived with her.

“Yeah, just picking up your clothes.” Amara replied. “I’m also turning on the fan to keep the mirrors from fogging up.”

“That’s fine.” Sonia said. “Sorry I didn’t think of it myself.”

“No worries, a pop star like yourself must have a lot on your mind.” Amara stated as she turned the ceiling vent on. Sonia didn’t reply to that, and Amara left the room.

Over the next few minutes, Sonia proceeded to wash her hair, using both the shampoo and conditioner. She was enjoying her shower, it was the first one she’d had by herself in years. As she went for the soap, she heard the door open again. “Amara?”

“Yup, it’s just me. Your clothes are in the wash as we speak.” Amara stated.

“Okay.” Sonia said. Looking through the rolling door, she saw Amara’s figure walk over to the toilet seat and sit down. “Um, what are you doing?”

“Staying in here in case something happens to you.” Amara answered. “You passed out twice the last time I saw you, choking once. If something happens to you in the shower, better for me to be right here so I can get to you faster.”

“Oh.” Sonia could see the logic in Amara’s reasoning. “Uh, okay…thanks. I won’t be much longer.”

“Take your time, I got nothing better to do until tonight.” Amara replied. “I also got some clothes for you for after you get dried off. You prefer a onesie or a sleeper?” She heard a squeak come from the shower. “Relax, I got you a shirt.”

Sonia sighed. “Thanks Amara.”

Amara examined Sonia’s reaction. Her sigh didn’t sound like one of relief, which was curious. It was almost…longing. And while she had thanked Amara, she had left the interpretation of what she was thanking her for, up to her.

“Sonia, I know this might be embarrassing, but I’m gonna have to ask you to wear a diaper while you’re here.” Amara stated. “You’ve been having accidents, and I don’t think you’d want to clean up after them, or make me or Mama do it.”

Sonia was silent for minute. Amara was about to ask if she was alright when Sonia spoke. “I understand, but…”


“I can’t put a diaper on by myself.” Was the response, barely heard over the shower’s spray.

“No problem Sonia, even I had trouble learning to change myself.” Amara said. “As we grow bigger, the diaper that fit us change as well, more tapes to each side made it more complicated. So Mama special ordered this brand that has only one tape on each side; anymore and I tend to have leak holes to this day. I’ll help you out once you’re dried off and have your shirt on.”

“Thank you.” Sonia mumbled. Looking through the shower door, Amara saw Sonia was resting her head on the wall.

“You okay Sonia?” Amara asked, standing up incase she needed to act.

“This is so embarrassing.” Was Sonia’s reply. “I can sing in front of thousands of people, yet I can’t even put on a diaper without help.”

“It’s not like you wear them often.” Amara offered.

“I wear them at every concert and recording session.” Sonia said. “And I wasn’t potty trained until I was six because of my milk allergy…I know I was a baby till I was six, but you’d think I’d have learned by now how to dress myself.”

Amara took a few minutes to examine this new information, and correlate it with what she already knew. Sonia was allergic to milk, and drinking it made her have accidents. She wasn’t potty trained until six because of this, and appeared to have been babied until then as well. She still wears diapers during concerts and recording sessions, but is unable to diaper herself, indicating someone else diapers her.


Snapping out of it, Amara replied. “Yeah?”

“I’m ready to come out.” Sonia said.

“Okay, there will be a shirt on the door knob outside. Come into the living room and I’ll diaper you there.” Amara said.

“Okay.” Was Sonia reply. She turned off the shower, and Amara took that as her cue to leave.

Waiting a moment, Sonia heard the bathroom door close, and rolled the shower door open. Stepping out, she grabbed the two towels, and got to work drying herself off. Once done, she opened the bathroom door and felt the knob outside. Feeling fabric, Sonia grabbed it and pulled it inside, revealing it to be a short sleeved, pink t-shirt.

Pulling the t-shirt on, she noted how it didn’t go below her waist. Blushing, she picked up one of the large towels she’d used to dry herself off, and wrapped it around her waist; she did not want walk around the house half naked. Opening the door, she made her way to the living room.

Upon entering, she noticed the lights were on, and that the window to the outside was darkened to the point it was nearly pitch black. On the living room floor, she saw a changing pad was laid out, a white diaper and a bottle of baby powder next to it. Hearing a noise to her right, Sonia turned to see Amara walking down the stairs, her purple belly shirt replaced with an ocean blue short sleeved t-shirt that looked good on her in Sonia’s opinion.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, needed to change myself, and I don’t expect to be heading out until later.” Amara explained.

“That’s fine, it’s you’re house, and you’ve done so much to help me, it wouldn’t be right of me to make you wait to change.” Sonia replied.

Amara smiled at her. “I also darkened all the windows in the house, so no one outside gets a show. Of course, they’d have to get past the security I just activated, which would alert us to their presence anyways so we could get to the second floor.”

“Sounds like you’re expecting trouble.” Sonia said as she moved over to the changing pad.

“Principle Wartsprout has been trying to get me back into the class room for some reason. He’s been a real doo-doo head about it.” Amara replied.

Sonia laughed, she couldn’t help it. “Wartsprout? Who has Wartsprout as a last name.”

“Better question, why would anyone keep that as their last name?” Amara said as she helped the laughing girl down onto the changing pad.

Once she calmed down enough, Sonia removed her towel and laid down. “Why would he want you back in the classroom?” Sonia asked. “You said before your mental condition made it so you couldn’t last a single day in a classroom. Not only would that be detrimental to your education, but possible a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

“I never said specifically that my mental condition is the cause of my inability to last an entire day.” Amara said. “My condition developed because I was attacked by a man…one I had formed a brotherband with. I developed a phobia of men because of it; I have trouble being around males physically bigger then me, and even a pat on the back causes me to fill my diaper.”

“Then why would he want you in a place full of men?” Sonia asked.

“I have no idea.” Amara said, shaking her head. “It’s something Mama and I are trying to figure out.” She held out her hand to Sonia, who took it, looking confused. Being pulled to her feet, Sonia realized she was wearing her diaper; Amara had managed to change her while she was distracted by the conversation.

“I see.” Sonia said, shaking her head. “Well, best of luck to you on figuring that out.”

“Maybe you can help me figure something else I can’t seem to wrap my mind around.” Amara offered.

“I can try.” Sonia said.

“Maybe you can tell me why you lied to the two people who helped save your life and asked nothing in return?”

Sonia froze, and slowly turned to look at Amara. She took a step back in fear; the look in Amara’s eyes made Sonia feel like a lamb, and Amara was a wolf ready to pounce and tear her to shreds. Sonia was certain if she had anything left to go with, she’d have emptied it into her diaper by now.

"I went to the hotel Mama dropped you off at. The receptionist is a friend of hers, and when I asked what room you were staying in, she said you didn’t stay there. She checked the computer for a list of names of people staying under their discreet policy, but she couldn’t find your name.

“When I couldn’t find you, I decided to download some of your songs. I’ve never heard such demeaning, derogatory, and degrading lyrics in my life Sonia. No self respecting woman, no, no self respecting human being would mean those things.”

Amara sighed, massaged her forehead, before shooting Sonia a pleading look. "Sonia, you’re the first person I’ve ever had so many things in common with. You don’t seem to have anything against diapers, just that you need then instead of having the choice, and you seem to like acting childishly sometimes. Yet looking at your past interviews on talk shows and listening to your music out there, I’m seeing a person I want nothing to do with.

“I really want to have a friend that can understand me, even relate on some level, and I’d like that person to be you Sonia. But if you really are that person in those interviews, and believes the music you’re selling, I can’t be around you anymore. I was ready to tear into you when I heard your voice up at Vista Point Sonia, but when I listened to you sing, I heard an innocence that people shouldn’t be able to fake. I need to know the truth Sonia, if I can’t, then once your clothes are cleaned I’d like you to leave and not come back.”

Sonia sat down on the couch, biting her lip. She was actually weighing her options, something that shocked her; Amara wasn’t the first person who head reached out to her. She was the first to get so close to her though, and that was what made it so hard to decide. She sighed after several minutes of silence, something in her wouldn’t let her leave without explaining some of her situation to Amara; she owed her that much.

“I don’t remember the entire content of the contract I signed.” Sonia started. Amara, who had taken a seat at the opposite side of the couch, nodded her head, prompting her to continue. "Mama had died during my last performance, she had been sick for some time. We were hoping that if I won, I’d be able to see the world, and share the music I wrote for Mama with everyone; it was never about the money. I’d also hoped that seeing me on stage, singing songs I’d wrote for Mama, and wrote with her, would give her strength to recover.

“After she died, for a time I didn’t want to sign the contract. They delayed my decision so I could attend her funeral. I wanted so much to go with her back then, she loved me so much, even though…” Sonia stopped for a moment and wiped her eyes. Taking a ragged breath, she continued. “A friend of my mother, who I saw as an aunt, said that after everything Mama did for me, I should live my life. She had died watching me sing, with a smile on her face. At that moment I decided I wanted to honor her memory and sacrifices by living and doing what we both enjoyed so much, singing my songs. I signed the contract and prepared to sing the songs Mama and I loved and wrote together, when-”

“When you manager stepped in.” Amara said.

“Yeah, he’s the one that wrote up the contract.” Sonia said, nodding her head. “I wasn’t allowed to sing the songs I wrote, I had to sing the songs they wrote, wear the clothes they dressed me in, dance the way they wanted me to, I had no choice!” At this point, Sonia’s face scrunched up in anger. Standing up, she began to pace.

“I hate singing that crap! ‘Tear off my clothes, throw me to the floor. Take me hard, give it to me more.’ It makes me feel so dirty, so disgusting, no amount of scrubbing made me feel clean. When I tried to refuse, they started spanking me, which was-”

“More effective because you’d only been a big girl for a short time.” Amara said. “You really were a baby till you were six, weren’t you. To a big girl, a spanking is humiliating, but not an effective way to punish someone and force them to do what you want.”

“If it was up to me I’d still be a baby.” Sonia said. She sat down with a heavy sigh. “About a year later we went back to my home town and played a concert there. On my way out I ran into my aunt, or the woman I considered my aunt. She spat in my face.” Amara gasped at that. Sonia curled into a ball.

“She said I was a disgrace, singing such filth, that Mama would be so ashamed of me. She said if Mama had just gotten the abortion like the counselors had advised her to, the doctors would have caught her disease early and treated it, and then she’d still be alive. She then said I take after my father and should be…should be what he should be…dead.”

Sonia couldn’t hold back her tears any longer, and began to crying in earnest. Amara crawled over to her, and pulled her into a hug, slowly rocking the crying girl, whispering softly into her ear. It was a while before Sonia stopped crying, and the two padded girls just sat there for a time, silently.

“I tried to end it that night.” Sonia said suddenly. Amara’s jaw dropped at that admission. "I stole a pair of scissors and tried to stab myself in the heart, but I couldn’t get it in to deep. Given the fact that I wasn’t used to pain, I was crying loudly by the time I drew blood, enough to alert others. One of my body guards took one look at me before knocking me out.

“Next thing I know, I’m lying on this wired bed, no mattress, completely naked, and my arms and legs are handcuffed to the bedposts. The only thing keeping me covered is the bandages around my chest, but it wasn’t enough to keep me warm; that room was freezing cold. There was an IV in my arm, and it was being changed by a machine when I first woke up.”

Sonia was shivering at this point. "One week, I spent one whole week in that small room. The IV was the only thing feeding me, I’d end up peeing through the wires I slept on, and no matter how much I called for someone, or struggled to get free, no one came; there was no escape. That’s when my manager came into the room. He explained that I was in a juvenile detention center, and that I was under an experimental program to dissuade suicide. He never said any names, the facility or the program, but he said if I stayed there any longer, my contract would be considered violated, and I’d stay in that facility for several years.

"The idea of staying at that place terrified me, so I pleaded he let me go back to singing his songs. He agreed, and I was out an hour later. From then on I needed to wear gloves on my hands, specially made so I couldn’t grip anything. He hired more guards to watch me better, so I was never alone. I was beginning to feel suffocated, I wanted a way out, that’s when I asked my manager what the specifics of my contract violations entailed, and when the contract ended.

“Basically, everything they’ve paid for that covers me; travel expenses, medical bills, food and beverages, it would all come from my personal account. All the money I’d made from my CDs would be revoked, so the money I’d have to pay back comes from my personal accounts and trusts Mama set up for me. Then I’d end up spending time in that juvenile detention center for at least six years, plus an additional year for every thousand I couldn’t pay back. If I violated the contract today, I won’t be out until I’m a hundred, if I remember the terms of it correctly.”

“Sonia, there’s no way that contract can be legal.” Amara stated. “It’s too steep, some of those penalties violate your rights, some of the things they did violate your rights as it is. You should sue them for abuse!”

Sonia smiled sadly. “I secretly had a lawyer check the contract, and told him everything they did to me a while back. He said it was all legal.”

“That’s impossible, he had to have been paid off or something.” Amara said. “We could fight this right now Sonia.”

“Don’t say a word about this Amara.” Sonia growled, causing Amara to pause. "My contract ends in four weeks to today. Unless I sign up for another six years, which I won’t even if they try torturing me, they won’t be able to touch me. The one clause I do remember is that if I don’t resign, they sever all connections with me after that. I can even sign up with another company if I want and sing under their name if they’d let me, and there’s nothing my current company or manager could legally do to stop me. But that also means that even if I told people what had happened to me, I couldn’t sue them for what they did to me.

“Right now I’m just trying to survive until my contract ends.” Sonia said with a sigh. “Once I’m done with this, I’m gonna go back to my home town, take all my old things and Mama’s, and move to YumLand. They don’t generally rely on EM tech, or use things like radios or televisions to much there, so it’s my best chance; the perfect place to vanish, to start over, and move on with my life.” Looking up, she gave a pleading look. “Please don’t get involved in this Amara, I’m so close now to being free.”

Amara stared at Sonia for a good while before sighing herself. “I won’t do anything now Sonia, but if I find out you’re being hurt or abused, I will take action. Mama being a doctor means we meet and form ties with a lot of people in the area, influential people too; we had dinner with the governor three months ago. We have resources we can use to help you Sonia, you just have to tell everyone the truth…all of it.”

Sonia tensed up at that, before looking Amara square in the eyes. “Tell me, the attack that cause your mental condition, what happened to you?” Amara flinched, and looked away. “I thought so. Please Amara, just let me escape this nightmare I’ve been living in for the past six years.”

“Okay Sonia.” Amara said reluctantly. “For now I won’t do anything, but if I catch a hint that something’s wrong, I will take action.”

“I guess that’s all I can ask of you.” Sonia said. Looking up, she smiled. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me so far Amara, and for what it’s worth, I’d like to be able to say we’re friends too.”

“Sure thing.” Amara said, smiling. “You’re always welcome here Sonia. I’m actually a little excited, I’ve never met another baby before.”

“Can I even be qualified as a baby girl?” Sonia asked.

“Sonia, while you’ve been here, you’ve gone through several diapers, needed someone to change you, suckled on pacifiers, drank from baby bottles, needed a bib when you ate, and wore baby clothes. You might be a pop star, but you are a baby girl too.” Amara said with a smirk.

“I guess you got a point.” Sonia said. “I wish I could be one full time again, but that’ll never happen; I’d have to pay someone to take care of me, and with the music I sing out there, they’d probably misinterpret the whole intention. Besides, I want someone who wants to care for me, and love me unconditionally, to take care of me.”

Amara nodded her head in understanding. “I know what you mean, those kind of people are hard to find outside of family. I’m just lucky, but with all the bad karma I’ve had early in my life, I guess it’s to be expected that something goes my way.”

“Hopefully everything will work out for me then.” Sonia said. “I’ve got some good karma headed my way after the past six years.”

“I’m sure everything will work out in the end Sonia.” Amara said with a smile. “Just promise you’ll give your email address before you head out to YumLand, I’d like to keep in contact.”

“Sure thing.” Sonia replied. She then let out a small yawn. “Oh, sorry about that. Guess I’m a little tired.”

“No problem, I actually a little tired too.” Amara said. Pausing for a moment, she then asked, “You got anywhere to be in the next few hours?”

“Nope, got the whole day off, though I have to be back before nine.” Sonia said. “Why?”

“Because I think it’s nap time for a couple of babies.” Amara said, standing up. Reaching down, she pulled up a blushing Sonia. “Grab your things, and we’ll head up to my room for a nap.”

Sonia nodded her head, and grabbed her guitar and transer. She then followed Amara as she climbed the stairs to the second floor, walked down a short hallway, and entered Amara’s room. She gasped upon seeing the room.

“You have a nursery room?!” Sonia exclaimed. She turned to face Amara, and blushed upon seeing Amara’s bare back greet her.

“Yup, I sleep in here every night, have been for a while now.” Amara said as she pulled a blue footed sleeper on. “It used to be only twice to three times a week, but I talked Mama into letting this be my real room. Could you help zip me up?”

“Sure, you lucky sonova-” Sonia cut herself off, and Amara laughed at the good natured joke. Placing her guitar and transer next to a dresser, Sonia grabbed the zipper that was at the bottom of Amara’s pants leg, and carefully zipped it up all the way to her neck. “That okay?”

“Perfect.” Amara said, turning to face her. Sonia noticed Amara’s hands were gloved like her feet were. “Your turn Sonia.”


“Do you really think I’d flaunt all this in front of you, knowing how much you want to live like this, and not include you?” Amara asked as she went over to the dresser. Knelling down, she opened a drawer, and grabbed a pink sleeper matching the one she wore. “Turn around and take off the shirt.”

Sonia face resembled a tomato, but she did as she was told. She lifted her legs when Amara prompted her to, and filtered her arms through the sleeves, before Amara zipped her up tight. Amara walked in front of her, and blinked before smiling.

“You do know you’re grinning like an idiot Sonia.” Amara said, amusement clear in her voice.

“I can’t help it. I’ve wanted this for years and I’m finally getting it!” Sonia said, sticking her tongue out at her. Her stomach then began grumbling.

“Guess we’ll have to get some bottle for our nap.” Amara said as she went over to the changing table. Opening one of the side drawers, she pulled out a pink pacifier and tossed it to Sonia. “Suckle on that until I get back.”

“Okay.” Sonia said, plucking the pacifier into her mouth. Amara left the room, and Sonia took the time to examine it. She noted Amara’s transer, pendant, and Visualizer had a stand all to themselves next to the crib. A few minutes later, Amara returned with two bottles in hand.

“Sorry I took so long, had to go downstairs for a fresh bottle; I didn’t want to risk giving you one that I’d drank milk from before.” Amara said as she handed Sonia her bottle, juice by the looks of it.

Sonia let her pacifier drop into her free hand. “Thanks for that, I didn’t mind waiting.”

“So you want inner or outer side of the crib?” Amara asked.

“Outer, if that’s okay, I’d like to be near the bars.” Sonia answered, blushing faintly.

“No problem, you’ll just have to be the one to close the crib.” Amara said, crawling into the crib.

“How do I do that?” Sonia asked, sitting on the edge of the crib.

“Push that button on the side twice to raise it all the way.” Amara said, finding a comfortable position. “But-” She never got the chance to finish her sentence.

Sonia pressed the button twice, causing the bars to rise fully. However, due to her position on the edge of the crib, when the bars rose, they caught her under he legs, and caused her to rise up a few inches off the crib’s mattress while being flipped head over heals. Sonia collided with Amara, causing the pair to get tangled up, both with their limbs and the blanket.

It took a few minutes to untangle themselves from each other and the blanket, both girls were breathing slightly harder then normal, and each had a small hint of pink on each cheek. Green eyes stared into violet ones for several seconds, before the girls they belonged to began giggling. “I tried to warn you, but you were oh so eager.” Amara teased.

“My bad.” Sonia said, scratching the back of her head.

The pair lapsed into silence. Amara grabbed her bottle and began suckling on the nipple, lapping up the milk inside it. Sonia, seeing this, did the same with her bottle, and was rewarded with the sweet taste of apple juice. About halfway through her bottle, Sonia pulled the bottle’s nipple out of her mouth and turned to Amara.

“Amara.” Said girl turned to face Sonia, her eyes half lidded, and her bottle still in her mouth. “Thank you for everything, this has been the best day I’ve had since my Mama died.”

Amara stared at Sonia. The girl looked adorable in her pink sleeper, mitted gloved hands holding the half filled baby bottle. Her cheeks had a pink hue to them, but it was her eyes that drew her attention. Her forest green eyes seemed to sparkle, despite the light being behind her. They shone with a type of innocence and happiness that only a child, or a child at heart could have. Hope had said she’d seen that look on her face before, but Amara had never been able to see her reflection of it. Seeing the look on Sonia’s face, Amara couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“You’re welcome Sonia. We’ll definitely have to do this again sometime.” Amara said. She felt her heart grow warm as Sonia’s smile widened.

“I’d love that.” Sonia said.

“Me too.” Amara admitted.

The pair went back to their bottles, and in the next few minutes, both girls were out like a light, each girl continued to subconsciously suckling on the bottle’s nipple. Over the next hour, the girls would subconsciously move closer towards one another, until they were happily snuggled together.


Well, this one was longer then expected. Sorry for the delay, had my appendix removed, and it shot my writing muse for a time. Oh, and for those of your who know Sonia’s eyes are originally a lime green color, the reason as to why I change