Megaman Starforce: EM chronicles Chapter 3

Okay, I said I wouldn’t upload the rest immediately, but I decided against it. Here’s the thing. I wasn’t going to post the rest because I WAS going to completely rewrite chapter 3, but… I couldn’t do it. I was proud of MOST of this chapter. So, I decided on working on the scene I was most disappointed with. I also edited the rest to add more detail. Anyway… Some dialogue taken from the game.

Chapter 3: Taurus Fire!

I sat on the living room couch watching cartoons in just a diaper and pink Tee-shirt while sucking on a bottle of chocolate milk. Suddenly the show I was watching turned to an emergency news broadcast.

“Aww…” I whined.

“We interrupt this broadcast for a breaking news report. The Echo Ridge mailbox was destroyed in the wee hours of the morning today. Recently, there have been a rash of incidents, from bright red bicycles and rose petals, to the warehouses where bricks for flower beds are stored, are being destroyed all across town. Satella Police are looking into whether this latest incident is related to the others.” The announcer stated.

I opened my Transer to see Forte on the screen. A couple days ago Forte caught me playing baby and I had to tell him everything, luckily he was fine with it.
“Hey Forte, you don’t think an FM-ian caused that? Do you?” I asked him.

“it’s possible.” He told me. I heard the phone ring, so I turned off the TV, went to the kitchen, and picked up the phone.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Koyuki, it’s Dr. Thomos.” The man said.

“Oh, Dr. Thomos! How are you doing?” I asked him.

“Koyuki, listen.” He said, the tone of his voice making me worry. I heard him sigh before continuing. “Koyuki, your mother was in an accident…” My eyes widened in shock.

“I-I’ll be right there!” I exclaimed before hanging up.

“Koyuki, What’s wrong?” Forte asked me.

“I-It’s mama… She-She was in an accident…” I told him. Heading for the door.

“I take it you’re going to go see her?” He said.

“Of course!” I exclaimed.

Forte sighed. “Then you might want to put on some pants.” He chuckled pointing at my waist.

“R-Right!” I said blushing.

I ran into the hospital waiting room, where a man with short brown hair and glasses stood. His head turned to me when he heard the automatic doors open.

“Koyuki.” He said.

“Dr. Thomos! Is Mama okay? Please tell me she’s okay!” I exclaimed, my eyes filling with tears.

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. Just a couple of cuts and bruises.” He told me.

Relieved, I wiped away my unshed tears. “Thank god… Um, what caused the accident?” I asked him.

“She said something about a humanoid bull ramming into her car… although, it was probably just an illusion.” He explained.

“Huh…” I muttered, then looked up at him. “May I see her?”

He nodded. “Sure. Follow me.” He led me through the hospital until we came to a door marked: “room 217” He opened the door and walked in, where my mother sat in a hospital bed a few bandages wrapped around her arm. “Miyuki, you have a visitor.”

As soon as I saw her I ran up to her and hugged her. “Mama!” I sobbed.

she patted my back slowly as I cried into her shoulder. “shh… It’s okay. I’m here.” She consoled me.

Geo sighed as he made his way back from Vista Point in the dark. Just as he was about to cross the street a green truck stopped infront of him.

“well, well. We met again…” Luna said.

“That voice…” Geo muttered before Luna and her gang stepped out of the truck.

Luna folded her arms, looking at him, a smug smile on her face. “So, what do you think? Nice truck, right? I’ll even give you a ride in it if you want!” She bragged.

He put his hands up, defensively, shaking his head. “I’m OK, really…” He reassured her then walked up to Bud. “Anyway… I’m really sorry about what happened!!!” He turned around, and said, “Well, c’ya!” before running off.

As Geo grew farther and farther away, Bud’s face remained emotionless. Luna let out a huff, putting hers hands to her hips. “That guy has some nerve, turning down another one of my invitations like that. He’s going to be trouble with a capital T. Just you wait! I’m going to find a way to get that kid to school, some way some how!” She stated.

Zack opened his transer, checking the time then turned to her. “Prez, it’s time to go.” He said.

Luna nodded. “Alright.” She said before she and Zack got back in the truck. Bud just stood there.

“What’s wrong, Bud? Isn’t this the perfect chance to get your revenge?” Taurus asked him. “You can get back at the brat that hung you out to dry, and show your new powers to the Prez.”

Bud thought for a second. “Sh-Show her… my powers…” He muttered.

“Yes… That’s it…” Taurus said, as Bud pulled out a red battle card.

“Come on, Bud! Get in here and drive!” Luna ordered, growing impatient.

Bud grumbled. “Yes, let your feelings take control!!!” Taurus muttered.

“EM wave change Bud Bison, On The Air!” Luna screamed as there was a flash of light, once it dissipated, Bud stood covered in a dark red jumpsuit. Red armor covered his legs, arms, and shoulders. Along with red and gray armor that covered his chest. A bull-like helmet completely covered his head. He stood there flames shooting out of the pistons on his back.

“A m-m-monster!!!” Luna shreaked. Bud turned to her, then began to glow, turning into a ball of fire, and floated over to the truck, disappearing upon contact.

“It’s gone…” Zack muttered. When the truck began to move.

Luna panicked, turning to face Zack. “W-What!? A-Are you using the driving card, Zack…?”

Shaking, Zack shook his head. “I-I don’t have it, Bud does!” The car jerked forward before heading down the road.

Geo looked up, and smiled once he saw his house come into view. He just had to cross the street and he’d be home! He took a step onto the crosswalk, when he heard a car honk. Geo turned his head. His eyes widened when he saw that Luna’s truck was heading straight for him at full speed! “Huh!?” Terrified, Geo began to run, but the truck just continued to chase him. “WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS???”

The bus stopped just outside of Echo Ridge as Mama and I got off. We began to walk back home, but just as we were about to cross the street Mama noticed a truck about to pass, she grabbed my arm, and pulled me off of the road just as the car was about to hit me! Just as I was about to thank her the truck passed by us again, this time I noticed that it was chasing Geo!

Thinking on my feet, right when Geo passed us, I grabbed his arm and pulled him off of the road causing him to land on top of me.

“Ugh…” Geo muttered, clutching his head.

“Um Geo?” I said getting his attention.

He looked down. His face turned a deep crimson when he realised that he was laying on me, in a very inappropriate position, our faces only an inch apart. My face had also taken the same color as his. “Oh! Sorry!” Immediately, he jumped off of me, landing on his feet. “Thanks for saving me.”

“No problem. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did you get in THAT situation? I mean, what, is there someone out to kill you?” I asked him.

He shook his head, panting. “No, it’s not like that… An FM-ian’s taken over Bud.” He told me.

I placed my hand to my chin in thought. “So, he want’s revenge on you for hitting him…” I pondered.

“Bingo. But that’s not all, Zack and Luna are in there!” He said.

My eyes narrowed at the mention of Luna, and I turned around. “Right now I’m only focused on saving Bud. I couldn’t give a damn about that bitch!” I told him.

“Young lady, that is no way for someone your age to talk!” Mama scolded me.

“I don’t care! She’s made my life a living-hell eversince the day I met her!!!” I said.

“Koyuki. We need to pulse in and defeat him.” Forte told me.

“Pulse in? But Mama’s right here!” I told him.

“I know that, but if we want to save him then we need to pulse in!” He stated.

Geo nodded his head. “He’s right. We’re surrounded. There’s nowhere else we can do it.”

I let out a defeated sigh, and pulled out my purple battle card. “Fine. Let’s go!” I said.

“Koyuki, what are you doing?” Mama asked me. “You’re not planning do try and stop that thing, are you?”

I turned to her and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. EM wave change Koyuki Kamura,”

“Geo Stelar,”

“On The Air!” We said in unisen while inserting our cards into our Transers. In a flash of light we merged with Forte and Mega, and appeared in our wave forms. Mama’s eyes widened as she watched.

“K-Koyuki?” She stuttered, starring at my new form.

“Let’s go!” I said before we jumped onto the now green and purple wave road. Once we were on the road, I looked down. We were right above the road, I could see the truck speed right below us.

“Okay, when the truck comes jump!” Mega said.

“Are you insane!?” I yelled at him. “It’s going too fast! If we tried to jump like before we’d miss it! It’s just impossible!”

“Oh? So you got any better ideas, Ms. I know everything!?” Mega sneered.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” I told him.

“Really, do tell Sherlock.” He said.

“Remember when we fought that Jammer?” I asked him.

“Yeah. What’s your point?” He asked me.

I smirked putting my hand on my chin. “He was trying to steal that car.”

Geo’s eyes widened in realization. “And you think we might be able to stop it by using that car! Koyuki, you’re a genius!” He told me.

I nodded my face red from the appraisal. “Thanks.” I said.

“Great, great, now let’s go kick some ass!” Mega exclaimed.

“Wait, what about Luna and Zack? With the impact they could get seriously hurt!” Geo said.

“We’ll just have to take that chance…” I told him, turning around. “Now come on, let’s go.”

He nodded, before we sprinted off to where the car was parked.

“There it is.” I said, stopping right above the car. I turned to Geo. “Ready?”

“Yeah.” He responded. The two of us looked below us down at the car.

“On the count of three.” I said. We crouched down, preparing to jump into the car’s compspace. “One. Two…”

“THREE!” As soon as the words left my mouth, we jumped off of the road, landing right on the target, and were sucked into it’s compspace.

I screamed as we were shot out, and I landed flat on my bum. “Ow ow ow… Why!? Why can’t I just land on my feet!” I exclaimed clutching my sore behind, the diaper did nothing to cushion my fall.

“Koyuki! We don’t have time for this, come on!” Geo told me.

“R-Right…” I replied, getting up. We made our way over to the control panel and activated it. “Here goes nothing!” Back in the real world the car turned on. “Okay, let’s go!” I drove the car forward blocking the road.

Zack and Luna screamed as the truck ran into it.

“We did it!” I cheered.

“Great, now let’s not waste any time!” He said.

I nodded as we pulsed back onto the wave road. We jumped off the road again and landed on the truck causing us to enter it’s Compspace.

“So, this is it?” I pondered looking around. The ground had a tire motif to it and the background was an animation of red bulls in a navy blue background. Forte materialized next to me.

“Omega-xis, you recognizing this vibe?” Forte asked him.

He nodded. “No doubt about it, it’s Taurus…” He grumbled.

“Taurus?” I asked him.

“An FM-ian. He uses fire based attack, and isn’t very smart, making his movements predictable.” Forte explained.

“Fire huh? That could make this a little easier…” I muttered.

“What do you mean?” Forte asked me.

“My favorite battle card element is water, so I’ve stocked up on them.” I told him.

“Well then, that could come in handy. Now, let’s go.” He said.

I nodded. Suddenly a swarm of EM viruses surrounded us. Some old, and some new. The first was a red wheel with a face ontop, and the other a salamander.

“Hmm, looks like the welcome party’s started. Oh, we have some new ones, a Melamander, and Hot Roader.” Forte chuckled. “Koyuki, get ready!”

“Right.” I said, pulling out my sword. “Wave Battle, Ride On!”

Bud stood in wave form, in front of a control panel operating the truck from it’s compspace. Luna and Zack stood behind him, Luna freaking out.

“Wh-Where are we!? Bud??? What were you thinking, bringing us to a place like this!?” She exclaimed.

Bud growled in anger. “I’m gonna crush that punk, Geo! I’ll show not just him, but you too, Prez! I’ll show you both how strong I am!” He snarled, completely ignoring her. “Now where is he hiding!?”

“H-Hey! Are you even listening!? Answer me!!!” Luna ordered, then flinched when Taurus appeared in front of them in a puff of flames.

Zack screamed as they backed away.

“Don’t waste your breath, sweetie. Right now, he’s completely under my control!!!” Taurus exclaimed.

“Wh-Who are you!? You-You changed Bud into this, didn’t you?” Please! Change him back!!!" She begged.

“Now, now. Let me set a few facts straight for you. While I did, in fact, give him his powers, you, Prez, are the one responsible for his misery.” He told her.

Luna was taken aback. “Wh-What!? I said I would cut our BrotherBand, but I…” She mumbled.

Taurus growled, interrupting her. “That’s enough out of you. I don’t care to hear anymore of your screams, so it’s naptime for the two of you!” He yelled, holding out his arms, suddenly a white light erupted covering the area, when it dissipated Luna and Zack lay on the ground unconscious.

“Now, to get my revenge on that punk!-” He laughed.

“I don’t think so! WideWave1, battle card!” I exclaimed, firing my aqua crossbow, hitting him dead on.

Taurus roared in pain before disappearing. Bud turned around his eyes narrowing once he spotted us.

“Just who the heck are you two?” He said.

“Long time no see Taurus. You the only FM-ian here?” Mega asked him.

Taurus nodded. “Yep, so far! But that’s because I’m the fastest!” He boasted. “Don’t worry. The other guys’ll be here in a bit! By the way, you two picked real losers as hosts! And Forte, I expected you to pick someone the same gender!” He began to laugh. “Really, she looks so frail and fragile, like you could snap her in half!”

My eyes narrowed. “Oh really? Maybe I should give you a taste of what I’m capable of…” I told him.

Taurus chuckled. “Oh? You really want to test me? Do you have a death wish or something? Fine. I’ll mow you two down and take back the Andromeda Key!!!” He exclaimed.
“Bud… no, I mean Taurus Fire! Destroy them!!! If you do, the Prez will also appreciate you!”

Bud growled. "I’m powerful! If I show the Prez my strength, she’ll need me!!!

I turned to Geo. “You ready?” I asked him.

His eyes widened in surprise. “Y-You expect me to fight… that!?” He stuttered.

I nodded. “You’ll have to, cause here he comes!” I exclaimed as Taurus Fire growled in anger.

He sighed. “Fine…”

“Wave Battle, Ride On!” We yelled in unisen, the barrier appeared, surrounding us.

“Let’s go! IceStage, Battle Card!” I exclaimed, jamming the blade of my sword into the ground. A blue energy covered the blade, which traveled into the ground. The energy began to spread, covering the ground, turning into a flat ice.

Taurus Fire ran at us aiming to stab us with his horns, but we jumped out of the way. It was then that I realised something. “Wait… Humanoid bull… You!” I exclaimed, pointing at him. “You’re the one who hurt my Mama!” I growled, holding my sword forward. “I’ll make you pay! IceMeteror1, battle card!” I yelled, raising my sword into the air. Three meteors plummeted towards Tarus Fire. He yelled as they collided with him.

“TailBurner1, battle card!” Geo pointed his arm forward as a red salamander appeared infront of him and fired fire at Taurus Fire(Try saying that ten times fast!).

Taurus Fire growled in pain. “You son of a-!” He was interrupted as I slashed my sword against his back.

“Take that!” I exclaimed. Taurus Fire turned around and grabbed me in his large hands.

“You little bitch! You’re gonna pay for that!!!” He growled before throwing me. I screamed as my back hit the barrier’s wall, I fell to the ground my diaper growing warm from the impact.

“Koyuki!!!” Geo yelled.

I looked up, and saw Taurus Fire towering over me, getting ready to finish me off.

“Cannon, battle card!” Geo exclaimed as his left arm transformed into a cannon.
Taurus Fire yelled as the blast made contact. He turned towards Geo growling in anger, before running at him.

I slowly got up groaning in pain. “Forte.” I said, getting his attention.

What?” He asked me.

“We need to use ‘Chaos Star’.” I told him.

Are you insane!? You’re too hurt! If you use it and he survives you’ll be a sitting duck!” He exclaimed.

“It’s now or never! You with me?” I asked him, already holding out my sword.

He sighed. “You’re just going to do it anyway, aren’t you?” He said.

I giggled. “Of course. Now… let’s go!” I exclaimed as the energy covered my sword’s blade. “Geo! Out’a the way!” He nodded and jumped away from Taurus Fire just as I ran up to him my sword in hand and cut Taurus fire five times leaving behind a purple star. “Chaos… Star!” I yelled as he exploded making the barrier disappear.

As the smoke cleared Bud lay on the ground unconscious, Taurus floated above him roaring in pain. “Y-You… Impossible… How could I…. Be defeated… Oh well… It doesn’t matter… The King will come… and the Andromeda Key… will be ours once again!!!” He let out a maniacal laugh before disappearing, this time for good.

“Now, let’s get out of here.” Forte said.

“What about them?” I asked him pointing at Luna, Zack, and Bud.

“The FM-ian that brought them here is gone, so they should return to the real world soon.” He explained.

“That’s good.” I said. “Hey, Forte. Taurus said something about an ‘Andromeda Key’, do you know what that’s about?”

“It’s just something that they’re after.” He told me.

“And you have it?” I inquired.

“Look, I’ll tell you more about it later.” He said.

I sighed. “Okay…”

“B-Bud…?” I heard Luna mumble. I turned around and noticed Geo kneeling down to her.

“He’s fine. He’s returned to his normal self.” He told her.

Luna starred at him. “D-Did you save us…?” She asked him.

He shook his head. “No, I just helped. She’s the one who defeated him.” He said pointing to me. I felt my face redden.

“Who are you two…?” She asked us.

“Me…? I’m, uh…” Geo muttered. “I’m, uh… I’m Megaman!” He said.

While Geo, or Megaman was telling them his name, I was thinking of one myself. Name, name… gotta come up with a name… Can’t use Forte. Hmm… Wait, Forte? Isn’t there another word for that? Ah, it was… I snapped my fingers, gaining their attention. “And I’m Bass, Shooting Star Bass!” I said before the two of us pulsed out, leaving them alone.

“…Megaman…” Luna mumbled to herself.

As soon as we returned I fell to my knees exhausted. Mama ran over to me.

“Koyuki!” She exclaimed. I fell into her arms.

“Mama…” I said before passing out.

My eyelids fluttered open as I sat up, the darkness reminding me that it was still night. I got out of my bed my sheets falling off. I let out a yawn, when I noticed I wasn’t wearing any pants, just my pink shirt and a… now clean diaper. Huh? I could’ve sworn it was wet before… no. I’m sure it was. I thought.

“Koyuki?” Startled, I looked up to see Mama’s head poke through the doorway. She smiled upon seeing me. “Ah, you’re up.” She walked into my room. I panicked and tryed to cover my diaper. She chuckled. “Don’t worry, I know all about your little hobby.”

My eyes widened, and I put my head down, ashamed. “Sorry Mama…” I apologized. Mama raised an eyebrow, confused by my reaction.

“What are you apologizing for, honey?” She inquired.

“F-For you know…” I said.

She chuckled again, taking a seat at the edge of my bed, and carefully pulled me so that I was resting against her. “Look, you don’t need to be so ashamed.” She told me, stroking my hair lovingly.

I looked up at her, surprised. “You mean you’re not mad?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Of course not! Really, the truth is, I wouldn’t mind having my little girl back.” She told me, smiling.

“Really?” I said.

She nodded. “Really!”

I felt tears well up in my eyes before I wrapped my arms around her, burying my head in her shoulder. Slowly, she rocked me as I cryed, but the thing is. I wasn’t cying because I was sad. No. I was relieved, happy. She accepted me.

“Glad to see you’re awake, Koyuki.” Forte said getting my attention.

Mama turned towards my Transer and smiled. “Ah, Forte. Did you have a nice rest?” She asked him.

“Yes, thank you for asking, Miyuki.” He responded.

I looked back and forth at the two. “Wait, how do you two know each other?” I asked them.

“Forte explained everything to me after you passed out.” Mama told me.

“He did? Then I guess you know, huh?” I inquired.

She chuckled. “Yep. Now, I think it’s time for one little girl to go back to sleep.” She said, softly laying me down, and brought the covers over me. “Good night, sweetie.” I saw her pull something out of her pocket. My eyes widened when I realised that it was my purple pacifier. She placed the pacifier in my mouth before walking over to the door.

“Night Mama!” I said as she left the room. I layed my head on my pillow. I couldn’t believe it. I was laying in my bed, in only a diaper and teeshirt, sucking on my favorite pacifier. I let out a yawn as my eyes began to droop, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

The next day I was walking down the halls of Echoridge middle school, smiling as I heard my diaper crinkle. “Koyuki, wait up!” I heard someone call. Confused, I turned around and saw Bud running up to me. He stopped once he was only a few feet away, panting a little.

“Koyuki, I-I’m sorry!” He said, bending over.

“For what?” I asked him.

He looked up, surprised by my confusion. “What? For your mother! I-I hurt her! And I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed. “H-How is she?”

I waved my hand, laughing a little. “Bud, don’t worry! She’s fine, just a few scratches.” I told him.

He let out a sigh in relief. “That’s good… Um, Koyuki, I know this is weird to ask, but would you form a BrotherBand with me?” He asked me.

I smiled. “Sure!”

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