Megaman Starforce: A Sleepover Story

Megaman Starforce: A Sleepover Story

Hey all, been a while, I know. My writing mojo hasn’t been what I wish it was lately, so I’m trying this to hopefully get it flowing again. Not easy while searching for a job. Well, enough about me, here’s the story.

On with the show!


It was eight o’clock on a Saturday night in Echo Ridge. Near the edge of the small town was a simple white house, home to the Stelar family. This small house, however, was currently holding four more occupants then it generally did.

Sitting in a circle where five Elementary School students. In the center of the circle was a single glass bottle. Currently, each child was gulping down a glass bottle of root beer, an empty one on the floor besides them.

Suddenly, the largest member of the group removed the glass from his lip, and let out a large belch. He wore a brown t-shirt, brown shorts, a yellow apron with an orange fork and knife imprinted on it, and an orange head set. He had blue hair that spike up through the head set, and black eyes. His name was Bud Bison.

The second member of the group, playing host for the evening, lowered his glass. “Nice one Bud.” The boy had brown hair and eyes, wore a black t-shirt covered by a red jacket, and blue shorts. His normal accessories were in his room for the night. His name was Geo Stelar.

“I concur.” The smallest of the group said. He wore a light green shirt with an orange neck tie, dark green shorts, and a pair of glasses. He had brown hair and black eyes. His name was Zack Temple.

“Don’t encourage him, that’s no way to behave in front of a lady, right Sonia?” The fourth member snapped. She wore a rich class school uniform, dark blue in color, a green and gold button on the left side of her uniform, and sky blue with white stripes stockings. She had brown eyes, and long blond hair pulled back into two ridiculously large pig-tails. Her name was Luna Platz.

The fifth and final member of the group lowered her glass, paused for a moment, then let out a loud, long belch, lasting for six full seconds. She wore a pink hoodie with a white undershirt, lime green skin tight shorts, and had purple hair with light green eyes. Her name was Sonia Strumm, the currently retired child pop star.

The other four members stared at Sonia with opened mouths. Sonia grinned at them. “Belching champion of my street back before I started going on tour.”

Luna face palmed while Bud, Geo and Zack gave Sonia a round of applause, to which the girl gave a mock bow. Shaking her head, Luna turned to Bud. “It’s you’re spin.”

“Oh, right!” Bud exclaimed. Reaching into the center of the circle, Bud gave the bottle a spin. It spun full circle twice before landing on Luna. “You’re up Luna. Group truth or group dare?”

Luna tapped a finger to her lips in thought, before she was interrupted by two other belches. “Excuse me?!”

“Better to let the carbonation out then hold it in.” Geo stated. Zack nodded his head in agreement.

Luna shook her head at the pair. Going back to her thoughts, she decided on something simple. “Group truth. What was your worst nightmare? And it doesn’t have to be your scariest, but the worst one for you personally that you can remember? We’ll go alphabetically.”

“Actually, I’d like to go first.” Zack requested. “Mine is the same one, so it’s rather quick.”

“Oh very well.” Luna bristled. “But Bud you’re next, then Geo, then me, and we finish with Sonia.”

After getting nods of agreement, everyone turned their attention to Zack. "Well, mine is simple actually. The world around me is blue, and everyone is taller then me, but like giant sized. I’m like as tall as someone’s ankle! I know I have a big test I need to get to, so I’m running to the school, all the while trying not to get squished under any of the giants feet.

"By the time I reach the school, the final bell rings, and I know I’m late to class. I run to the stair case, but the stairs are huge, I can’t even reach the top of a single step, even hopping up to reach it. Then I hear a loud ‘bing,’ and I turn to see the staff elevator door opening for Mrs. Burnstean. So I run as fast as I can and manage to slip into the elevator just as the door closes.

“She doesn’t notice me, so I think I’m in the clear, but all of a sudden, she starts fidgeting. The she starts scratch herself, and this white stuff is coming off her. It’s itching powder.”

“Oh I remember that prank, it was hilarious!” Bud said.

“Bud, don’t interrupt.” Luna snapped, silencing the boy. She turned back to Zack, and nodded her head. “Please continue.”

"Well, now Mrs. Burnstean is hopping around, so I have to avoid both her feet and the flakes. This continues on for like, forever, before the elevator doors open. I scramble out, only to find the world is even bigger now! Run for what feels like hours down the hallway to my classroom, and crawl under the door to get in.

"The test has already started, so I scramble to get to my chair, but by that time I’m exhausted. Still, I reach my chair, but I have to climb the side in order to get to the top of the desk, where my test is. When I finally do, the test is the size of the black top out in back of the school, the pencil as tall as those ropes they make you climb in gym, and the eraser is twice as big as me. I grab the pencil, and despite how heavy it is, I manage to lift it up, and write my name on the top of the quiz.

“Just as I finish doing that, the teacher announces the test is over! She comes around, collecting the papers, and tells the whole class how I didn’t do a single question. Everyone laughs at me, while the teacher picks my paper up with me on it. She takes me to the window, says since I didn’t finish the test, I don’t belong in her class, and throw both me and the paper out the window! I’m falling for what seems like forever, then suddenly hit the ground. I’m hurt, but when I look up, my test paper is about to land on top of me. And that’s when I wake up.”

“Wow Zack.” Was all Geo could say. The others nodded their heads, to which Zack shrugged his shoulders.

“Alright then, Bud, you’re up next.” Luna said.

“Okay then. My worst dream is that I’m at the meat section of the grocery store, but it’s completely empty! So-” He’s interrupted as everyone else snickers. “Hey come on! It’s not funny!”

“Even your dreams are food related.” Zack said. “That is kinda funny.”

“Sorry Bud, but I kinda agree.” Sonia said.

“It’s not over yet.” Bud stated.

“Alright then Bud, continue on.” Luna said.

“Okay, since I don’t see any meat, or anyone, I start walking the isles for food, only to find them empty. There’s no food, or anybody. After checking the entire store, I run outside and start checking the nearby restaurants and houses. The entire place is empty! So I leave the town and start running towards the next one, only it never comes into the view. Eventually I just fall over, and watch as my body just…crumbles…”

“Wasn’t as funny as I first thought it would be.” Zack stated. Murmurs of agreement echo.

“Well Geo, you’re up.” Luna said after a moment.

Geo took a deep breath, exhaled, and took a deep breath again. “My worst nightmare is about my father.” This caused many looks of sympathy. Geo’s father had been an astronaut and scientist, and was currently lost in space.

“I can see dad in his space suit, he starts spinning out of control…he’s calling my name. He’s begging me to help him. I reach out to try and grab him, but these monsters grab me, and hold me back. They laugh at us, while I’m trying to reach my dad, and while dad is still spinning out of control.” He feels a hand on his shoulder, and looks up to see Sonia looking at him with sympathy. Geo smiles at her, before continuing.

“I haven’t had that dream since I got on the space station. Facing my fears has helped a lot. Though during the whole FM-ian invasion, I gained the ability to change into Megaman in my dreams, but the monsters shifted into Cygnus Wing and Queen Ophiuca.” Geo stated. He then hastily added, “No offense Luna, it’s the snake element, not you.”

Luna nodded her head in understanding. Her transformation to Queen Ophiuca was something she’d rather put behind her, even though a lot of good came out of it for her personally. Geo continued speaking.

"The nightmares were so vivid, so life like. I could see the small scar next to my dad’s lips as he screamed…when Omega-xis described Andromeda to me, it appeared in my dreams too…consuming him while I was restrained.

"In order to face my nightmare I began facing the ghost data of Cygnus Wing and Queen Ophiuca whenever they regenerated. It was actually how I found out I could get stronger battlecards out of them, by beating them faster. It came in handy on the space station.

"Having seen my Dad’s office, I found logs of my father’s time in space…he always wondered how Mom and I were, regretting taking the offer to travel. Actually found out there was an account set up from NAXA full of money for his services that Mom didn’t know about. She’s at the bank now confirming it.

"But what I took from those logs were how that although he regretted not being there for me, he knew I’d be alright and take care of Mom. He believed in me…I froze up when I first saw Andromeda, but after getting blasted by it once, I remembered my dad’s logs, and fought back.

“Having faced my fears head on like that, the next time I dreamt that nightmare, I managed to beat the monsters and the FM-ians. I still couldn’t save my father, but I did manage to steady him out before he went out of my line of sight…He told me he was so proud of me…I haven’t had the nightmare since.”

“Geo.” Sonia rubbed his shoulder, causing him to look at her. She gave him a small smile, which after a moment he returned.

“…Well, I guess it’s my turn.” Luna said after a minute.

“Now this will be interesting.” Sonia said, nudging Geo in the side. Luna noticed this, and recognizing the action as trying to lighten up Geo’s mood, she let it slide without a fuss.

“Not as interesting as you’d hope.” Luna said. "It’s a lot like Zack’s nightmare; generic blue world background, being smaller then everyone else while everyone is giant. The main difference is that it’s my birthday party, I’m in my best dress, but no one is paying me any attention. I’m going from person to person, trying to get someone to notice me, to speak to me, but I’m just ignored, and at my party too!

“I get angry at first, and start hitting people and things, but they don’t notice and I end up hurting myself with each attempt. Finally, I get sad and scared, because no one’s paying any attention to me. The party is going on, but no one cares for me…it’s like I don’t exist at all.”

“Well, not all that surprising, given you’re generally the center of attention at school.” Sonia said.

“And what about you?” Luna asked. “You’ve been the center of attention for most of the world with your singing. Is your dream like that?”

Sonia shook her head. "Quite the opposite actually. In my dream I’m shaken awake, and told I’m late for a concert. I was sleeping backstage in my nightwear, so I try to tell them I need to get changed, but they say there’s no time, hand me my guitar, and shove me on stage.

“There are dozens of flashes, and that’s when I realize it’s the largest crowd I’ve ever played in front of. I swallow, and try to start singing, only to realize I’ve forgotten all of my songs! I try my hardest to remember my songs, any song, and the only thing I can think of is itsy bitsy spider.”

“Oh god, that’s funny.” Luna said, picturing Sonia sing that song in front of thousands.

“It is not funny.” Sonia said, pouting. “I’m standing in front of the largest group I’ve ever sang to in person! It’s a career making or breaking crowd. And all I can think of to sing is that child’s nursery rhyme, while I’m dressed in only my pink night shirt and a wet diaper. Halfway through the song, the crowd starts throwing junk at me, but my feet are rooted to-”

“Wait a second, a wet diaper?” Luna asked.

Sonia blinked, then blushes and covers her face with her hands. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I said that!”

“You wet the bed?” Luna questioned with a sneer.

“Not anymore.” Sonia exclaimed. “After I finished performing my first five big stage concerts, the dream stopped appearing, and I stopped.”

“Still, it is funny.” Luna said. “You’re able to fight FM-ians, you’re able to perform in front of thousands of people, and you’re able to capture the hearts of millions with your music, but you can’t keep your bed dry?”

“It’s not funny!” Sonia whined. “I’m doing everything I can; I’ve stopped drinking several hours before bed, and I’ve gone to the bathroom before bed, but nothing helps!”

Luna looked at her. “…I thought you said you stopped?”

Sonia’s eyes widened, and she blushed. “Oh god.”

“It’s not a big deal Sonia.” Zack stated. “A lot of people wet the bed, and a lot of people that do so are much older then you too. I wet the bed until a year ago, due to my body’s slow development.”

“I still wet the bed.” Bud admitted. He was embarrassed to do so, but this was to make Sonia feel better, so he went through with it.

“You said you stopped before Sonia.” Geo stated. “What caused it to start again?”

“A combination of things.” Sonia sighed. “The main two are a combination of my mother’s death and my manager pushing me so hard on my tour a week after her funeral.”

“The loss of a parent is one of the most common reasons for pre-teen children to start wetting the bed.” Zack stated.

“How do you know so much about bedwetters Zack?” Luna asked, semi-curious.

“Did a report on it for Health class.” Zack answered.

“Ah.” Luna nodded in understanding. “What are the other reasons Sonia?”

“Well,” Sonia hesitated for a minute, but after seeing supporting faces, answered. "Well, by chance, when one of the people my manager went to pick up some diapers, ah, well, the place they went to was currently being visited by executives from a diaper brand company.

“One of the members recognized the man as an employer to my station, and the fact that he was buying his company’s brand of diapers. So he went to my manager and asked if I’d be willing to model the company’s pre-teen version of diapers.”

“I thought you were just a singer?” Geo asked.

“Well, I did have to do some modeling for the boards and displays the company puts up on me.” Sonia answered. “My manager wants to expand my career beyond just singing, though it’s mainly because he wants more money. While I’m finishing the school year, he’s not making any money, so he’s trying to push me to do this, and that’s what re-awakened my nightmare.”

“Something doesn’t add up.” Luna stated. “Your nightmare is of you singing itsy bitsy spider in front of a large crowd in a wet diaper. You over came that nightmare after performing in front of those crowds. So why is it coming back now? You’re an expert at performing in front of big crowds, and it’s only been close to two months since you’re last concert.”

“It wasn’t the singing or even the diapers that made that dream my worst nightmare.” Sonia said. “It’s the fact that I’m exposed at my most vulnerable, and that I’m not able to perform or function. That I’m completely helpless when others expect me to perform, and all everyone sees me as is some helpless little girl…that’s why that dream scares me so much.”

“So now, instead of just wetting diapers in your sleep, you’re going to be wetting them in front of a camera.” Luna stated more then questioned. “You’re a pants wetter now.”

“I am not!” Sonia yelled blushing.

“Are too!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

“I am not! I’ve been turning down the offer every time my manager brings it up!”

“Then why does he keep bringing it up?”

“Because the offer they made me is worth a lot of money! My manager is a money grubbing S.O.B. that I’m stuck with for thirty-two months due to my contract with the company.”

“THAT"S ENOUGH!” Both girls shot backwards at the sudden yell. They turned to Geo who had a stern expression on his face. “Tonight is supposed to be a fun night, not a make-fun-of-people-because-they-wet-themselves night.”

“Geo’s right.” Sonia said. “I’m sorry Geo, I should have just dropped the topic earlier. I don’t think I could pull the look off anyways.”

“I’d have to disagree Sonia.” Zack stated, causing everyone to look at him weirdly. “I’m not trying to sound inappropriate, I’m just saying you already match some of the criteria. A diaper is generally seen as an object representing babies and infantile. You’re songs are childish, only one set of stage clothes you’ve performed in hasn’t been childishly cute, and your backgrounds more often then not consist of giant building blocks and teddy bears. Add to that your general cuteness and all I’m saying is that logically speaking, adding diapers to your image is not that far of a stretch of the imagination.”

“Zack’s got a point.” Bud said after a minute of silence. “I could totally picture you getting your picture taken while wearing a diaper.”

“Sounded better when Zack said it.” Geo muttered. By this point Sonia’s face was completely red.

“Well whatever.” Luna said. “I guess Geo and I are the only ones in this room who never wet themselves after potty training, so that makes us better then you Sonia. As if anyone expected anything less from the great Megaman, right Geo?”

Geo stared at Luna for a minute, before seemingly coming to a decision. “Luna, could you grab a box of tissues from the closet by the stairs for me?”

“What?” Luna asked, surprised by the change of topic.

“The box is behind the towels on the shelf just below eye level. Can you get it for me?” geo repeated.

“Um, sure Geo.” Luna answered, rising to her feet. She walked off towards the stairs.

“Geo? Why did you just ask Luna to get a box of tissues when there’s a full one behind me?” Zack asked.

Geo opened a third glass bottle of root beer, and smiled at Sonia. “Wait for it.” He took a swig from the bottle just as a shriek rang out from down the hall.

“Geo Stelar, what the hell is this!?” Luna yelled. In her hands was a half empty package of pre-teen male diapers.

“Oh, so that’s where Mom put those.” Geo commented. “Those are my diapers.”


“Well, my nightmares caused me to wet the bed more times then not.” Geo answered. He glanced at Sonia’s astonished face, and winked. “It’s a good thing I had that package left over. I was so sick two weeks ago, Mom had to put me back in diapers full time for three days before I could make it to the toilet.”

Sonia’s jaw was dropped at Geo’s admission. It took her a moment to realize what Geo was doing; he was trying to get Luna off her back, and make her feel better, while proving Luna’s belief wrong. Sonia felt a small smile form on her face, appreciating what Geo was doing for her.

Luna dropped the bag of diapers, her mouth gapping as she tried to comprehend what was happening, trying to comprehend what she’d just learned. After a full minute of just standing there, she let out a frustrated yell, stomped over to the couch, grabbed her overnight bag, and stormed out the door.

Bud and Zack bit their lips. “Maybe we should go too, make certain she doesn’t do anything she regrets later.” Zack suggested.

“Yeah.” Bud agreed, and stood up. “I get why you did that Geo, but Prez doesn’t always think things through when she’s mad.”

“I understand.” Geo said with a sigh. “I’m actually kinda disappointed in Prez, I expected her to be a lot more mature about this then she was.”

Geo got to his feet as Bud and Zack gathered their things. Sonia followed the group as they made their way to the door. Geo stepped outside and held the door open as Bud and Zack exited, Sonia following them onto the steps. Bud and Zack waved at the pair as they walked off towards Luna’s apartment, and Geo and Sonia returned the gesture.

Once the pair was out of sight, Geo and Sonia returned inside. “Thanks for sticking up for me Geo.” Sonia said as she sat on the couch.

“You’re welcome Sonia.” Geo said, sitting down next to her. “Luna was acting like a bully, and I hate bullies.”

“I know you two really became friends after she was possessed by Ophiuca, but why do you stay friends?” Sonia asked, genuinely curious. Geo sighed and took a swig of his root beer before answering.

“Honestly, I’d rather have her as a friend then an enemy.” Geo answered. “Just before Omega-xis showed up, Luna started pretty much stalking me until I finally went to class. Why she decided to continue pestering me is beyond me though, at least until she found out I was Megaman.”

“That bad, huh?” Sonia asked.

“Yeah.” Geo said. “I think she needs her eyes checked though, it’s obvious you’re not diapered right now, not with those shorts.”

“Yeah.” Sonia agreed, her cheeks turning pink. “I don’t really like these shorts to be honest. Lime green color and borderline on skin tight. My manager selects the wardrobes I wear, even in daily life. He has me wear these shorts as a way to begin the transition into teen year wear.”

“Your manager can control what you wear?” Geo asked.

“To an extent.” Sonia said. “Mama could over rule him, and he can’t sign me up to model brand name, or model at all outside my music image without my consent. But general wear, as long as it’s appropriate to society, is within his range. Mom’s death was unexpected; the clause was supposed to protect me from his manipulations.”

“If he pushes you to hard, you could always whack him as Harp Note again.” Geo suggested.

“I have thought about.” Sonia admitted. “And I hate myself for that.”

“Thinking about hurting people may be bad, but so long as it’s not acted upon, or it’s justified, its okay.” Geo said. “Better to fantasize about it then to act it out.”

“Good point.” Sonia said.

The pair lapsed into a comfortable silence. Geo continued drinking his root beer, while Sonia appeared deep in thought. Shortly after Geo finished his drink, Sonia stood up.

“I think I’m gonna slip into my nightwear.” Sonia announced.

“If you want too.” Geo replied.

“Yeah, it is getting late.” Sonia said as she grabbed her overnight bag. She then made her way over to the bag of diapers Luna dropped. “Want me to put these away?”

“Uh, sure.” Geo said, blushing faintly. Sonia smiled at him, and picked the package with her spare hand. She then walked around the corner, and out of Geo’s sight.


Ten minutes had passed. Geo had gotten bored while waiting, so he’d grabbed the clicker and started flipping through channels. Eventually he stopped on a channel hosting a Sonia Strumm concert marathon. He figured Sonia would be amused by his choice of channel.

Suddenly, Geo’s transer rings on the table. Picking it up, he checks it and finds there’s a new email, and from Luna no less. Opening it he read the email, and to his surprise it was an apology letter. It also said that Sonia would receive an email as well. “Wonders never cease.” Geo murmered.


The boy turned his head to see Sonia standing before him. The girl was blushing, and had her guitar in her hand. She wore a short sleeved pink night shirt, a matching colored pair of socks, and to Geo’s surprise a white plastic covered diaper, a single tape on each tab holding it snuggly around her waist.


“Geo, you said earlier that after you went to the satellite station and faced your fears about your father, you felt better, and even stopped wetting. I was wondering if, well, you’re the only one I can trust to do this with Geo. I want to face my nightmare.”

“I, uh.” Geo had never been in a situation like this before.

“Please Geo, will you let me?” Sonia pleaded.

Looking into her eyes, he knew he couldn’t deny her. “Okay Sonia. You can sing your song.”

“Yes! Thank you Geo!” Sonia exclaimed, bending over to give him a quick hug, her diaper crinkling with her movement.

Geo blushed again, but hugged Sonia back. Eventually, Sonia straightened up and got her guitar into place. Just as she was about to begin, Geo heard something. “Wait.”

“Huh?” Sonia asked in confusion. Was Geo changing his mind. She watched as Geo picked up the remote, and turned up the volume on the TV.


Sonia’s eyes widened as she realized what was happening. There was a marathon on the TV of her concerts. Geo turned up the volume of when they were cheering for her, hoping for an encore, simulating the crowd in her dream.

Unknown to Geo’s, Sonia’s vision blurred. Colors and shapes blurred until Sonia found herself standing on stage in front of a large crowd, chanting her name. She began to tremble as she slowly managed to shift her guitar into position. Gulping, she tried to sing.

T-The i-itsy bitsy spi-ider

Suddenly the crowd booed, causing Sonia to jump. With a whimper, she fell to her knees and clenched her eyes shut. “I can’t do it!” To her shame, she felt her diaper grow warm as she wet herself in fear.

As a single tear slid down her cheek, Sonia suddenly felt herself being embraced. Opening her eyes, she saw that Geo was hugging her. “G-Geo?”

“I know its scary Sonia.” Geo said. “But I know you can do this. You’re one of the bravest people I know Sonia, and I believe in you.”

Sonia’s mouth opened, but no sound came from it. Exhaling, she smiled and hugged Geo back for over a minute. Finally she pulled away, and carefully got back to her feet. “I, I’m ready to try again Geo.”

Geo smiled at her and moved back to the couch. Sonia closed her eyes and gently began strumming her guitar as Geo rewound the TV program. Upon hitting play, the crowds started cheering again, and Sonia became immersed in her dream world again.

When she opened her eyes, the world was just like it had been minutes ago, with one difference; Geo was sitting in the front row, and he was smiling up encouragingly at her. Taking a moment to steady her breathing, Sonia then took a breath, and began singing.

[i]The itsy-bitsy spider

Climbed up the water spout

Down came the rain

And washed the spider out

Out came the sun

And dried up all the rain

And the itsy-bitsy spider

Climbed up the spout again.[/i]

Slowly the world shifted back to Geo’s living room, and Sonia saw Geo was smiling up at her. Just as he was about to begin clapping though, Sonia felt her legs give out, and she fell on her padded behind, breathless. Geo was by her side in an instance.

“Are you okay Sonia?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around Sonia, to help steady her.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Sonia answered. “Just a little tired. I guess facing my fear like that kinda took it out of me.”

“I know what you mean, I was in my father’s office in the space station for an hour before I could finally move.” Geo said.

“It’s funny how our fears can have such control over us.” Sonia said. “Even though we’ve faced scarier things, greater odds, they still can paralyze us.”

“And friends can help us work through our fears.” Geo said. Sonia smiled at him.

“Yes they can.” Sonia said. “Thanks Geo.” She then leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Geo removed his arm from around from around Sonia to place his hand on the cheek Sonia kissed, both cheeks growing flushed. Seeing his expression, Sonia couldn’t help but giggle. That broke him out of his stupor.

“Um, if you want to take a shower, the bathroom down here has one.” Geo finally said. Sonia blinked at that statement before remembering the state of her diaper, and blushed.

“R-Right. Thanks Geo.” Sonia said as she rose to her feet.

“You’re welcome Sonia. I’ll meet you up in my room, and then we can go to bed.” Geo said. Sonia nodded, and after setting down her guitar on the couch, padded down the hall to the bathroom.


Half an hour later, Sonia opened the door to Geo’s room. While Geo was nowhere to be seen, his sleeping bag was on the floor. Sonia took her time examining the room; tv and game station in the corner, posters of star constellations on the wall, a second level bed with glass window view of the sky, and a computer and desk leaned against the lower level wall. She also saw her guitar leaning against the stairs.

The door opened behind her, and Sonia saw Geo walk in. He was now dressed in a button up blue night shirt, and a pair of blue night pants. Geo looked at Sonia and blinked. “Sonia, er, why are you, uh…”

Sonia blushed as she looked down at the clean diaper between her legs. “Remember what I said earlier. I’ve started wetting the bed again recently. Is this a problem?” She didn’t think it would be, but felt it safer to ask.

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that.” Geo said, waving a hand. “I was just surprised is all. I don’t have a problem with it, and you’ve helped me a lot as both Sonia and Harp Note, so I wouldn’t have any right to object anyways.”

“Okay then.” Sonia said with a sigh of relief. “Thank you Geo.”

“You’re welcome Sonia.” Geo said. “You’re welcome to take the bed tonight, it’s got a heating pad in the mattress, and it has been getting cold out.”

Sonia opened her mouth to refuse when a thought crossed her mind. Blushing, she fiddled with her fingers shyly. “We, um, we could…share…the bed.”

Geo blushed as well. “Um, well, i-if you wanted to, I guess w-we could.”

“If you don’t want to-”

“I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“I.” Sonia took a deep breath and exhaled it. “I wouldn’t object to trying it once.”

“Well…okay then.” Geo said, still blushing. “We can try it…and if it doesn’t go well, we’ll just never speak of it again.”

“Yeah.” Sonia said, her hands now clasped together in front of her. The pair lapsed into silence for a time, neither one moving. Finally, Sonia couldn’t take the silence and blurted the first thing that came to mind. “Do you think I should model the diapers?”


“Do you think I could pull off a diaper girl look?” Sonia asked, blushing. “Model them in front of a camera?”

Geo blushed as well. Looking at Sonia, he saw that she was seriously asking the questions. Geo licked his lips as he searched for the right words.

“Well,” he began, “I think you can do anything you put your mind to Sonia.”

“That’s a generic answer Geo.” Sonia said, stomping her foot. “I want an honest answer. I want YOUR opinion.”

Geo gulped, but nodded his head. “Okay…I think you’d be nervous the first few times posing in front of a camera, and being around others with your diaper exposed. But I believe you’d get over that in time, and be good at what they’d ask you to do. And I…I think you look adorable right now, so yes, I think you can pull off a diaper girl look.” He then blushed fiercely when realized the last thing he said.

Sonia’s cheeks were pink. “Thanks for being honest with me Geo. I’ll remember this.”

Geo blinked. “Are you actually considering it?”

“Kinda.” Sonia admitted. “I mean, these are comfy. Aside from their use, obviously, well, I kinda wish all my underwear was this soft.”

“Well, whatever you decide, know you’ll have my support.” Geo said with a smile.

“Thanks yawn Geo.” Sonia said, raising a hand to cover her mouth.

“Guess it’s time for bed.” Geo said, only to remember what that entailed. Sonia recognized that, and took his hand in hers.

“Then lets go.” She simply said. She started towards the stairs, still holding Geo’s hand, and the boy followed. Upon reaching the bed, Sonia asked, “You want in first, or should I?”

“I’ll go, the controller for the heating pad is on the other side.” Geo said as he got into bed. Sonia was about to enter, when a thought struck her, and she giggled. “What’s so funny?”

“You drank more then I did tonight Geo. Maybe you should wear a diaper to bed too.” Sonia answered before giggling again.

Geo shook his head. “Emptied myself before I came back in here. Besides, I couldn’t pull off the look as well as you.”

Sonia blush, but nodded her head, accepting his answer. Pulling back the blanket, Sonia crawled into bed, and snuggled up against Geo’s chest. Geo was surprised, but wrapped his arms around her stomach, and clasped them over her belly button.

Sonia hummed in approval. “You know, we may not need that pad tonight. You’re warm.”

Geo smirked. “So are you.” Sonia giggled at that.

“Alright then, good night Geo.”

“Good night Sonia.”

The pair snuggled together under the blanket, the starlight shining through the skylight of the room. Both would admit it was the best sleep either had had in a long, long time.


Well, that’s it for that story. A friend did an adorable Sonia pic for me, and this story came from it. Hope you all enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Re: Megaman Starforce: A Sleepover Story

I enjoyed reading it , The way it ended will there be a chapter 2 ?