Megaman Starforce 2: Sonia's Mistake Part 2

MMSF2: Sonia’s Mistake (Part 2)

By popular demand, I’ve come up with a sequel to my short story. Unlike my last, this one will be a multi-chapter story, and the events will have changed quite a bit from what’s happened in the game. Also, I’m writing this one assuming you readers have read the first one, so I won’t be describing any of the furniture or devices or clothing unless it’s new, just for the record.

And before we begin, for those who liked my first Star Force story, I’m currently working on a re-write of the series, called Megaman Starforce: The Power of Twilight, so check it out. That stuff out of the way, on with the show!!!


Chapter 1: The Day After

A pair of green eyes fluttered open, wincing slightly at the bright surroundings. Sonia closed her eyes and suckled on her pacifier, trying to lull herself back to sleep; the previous day’s events still leaving her tired. Despite having the unfamiliar but welcome warmth of Geo’s body to snuggle against, Sonia found she could not get back to sleep.

“You awake Sonia?” Sonia carefully rolled over to face Geo.

“Yehs.” Sonia replied through her pacifier. “How wong you behn awake?”

“A while now.” Geo answered softly. “Been doing some thinking actually.”

“Uh oh.”

“Very funny.” Geo said, but smirked. “I’ve been thinking about our plan, among other things.”

Sonia pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. “You mean the plan to expose Vega and her crew?”

Geo nodded his head. “Yeah, that one. I think there might be a few holes in that plan.”

Sonia frowned. “Well, what do you want to do?”

“Well, the obvious thing to do is find whatever’s in the Bermuda Maze, as Vega seems to be after it as well as the OOPArts. Another thing I want to do is-”

“Wait a sec.” Sonia interrupted. “Parts? As in more then one?”

“Yeah, I was surprised too.” Geo responded. “Turns out there’s three parts, one for each tribe. I have the blade of Zerker, while Atoli has the OOPArt for the Saurian tribe.”


“She’s apart of a pen pal program my school started up. Through the brotherband we have, I can access the OOPArt’s power, and even merge it with Zerker’s power.”

“Why didn’t you do that when we fought?” Geo looked down.

“In wave form, we’re more resistant to elemental attacks then we would be in human form. That applies more for fire and wood elements though. We can still drown in water, and lightning can still cause us a lot of damage…by merging both the Zerker and Saurian parts power, I’d have halfed the strength of my attacks to add double the elemental powers…” Geo sighed.

Sonia could see the guilt in Geo’s eyes. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. After a few seconds, Geo started to kiss back. They broke the kiss a minute later.

“Thanks, I needed that.” Geo said softly.

“And I wanted it.” Sonia said with a giggle. Geo smile and pulled Sonia closer to him.

“Anyways, I think we’ll need more then a day before we’re able to fight our way through this maze; we’d have to be ready for ambushes from Vega’s crew as well, so we’ll need to be at full strength when we go.” Geo said.

“We can’t stay here Geo, Hollow knows this is where I stay.” Sonia said.

“Yeah, I figured as much. That’s why we’re going back to my house to rest.”

“But Geo, your mother isn’t going to let us leave after we get there, heck, word about me being missing has probably spread by now, and she’d call my manager and-” She was silenced by Geo pressing his lips against hers once again.

When he pulled back, he said, “I know all that, but if we tell Mom about Mega and Lyra, she won’t have a choice.”

Sonia’s eyes widened. “Geo, we can’t tell anyone about our abilities! The government could come in and take us to a lab and experiment on us, on them, and-”

“And do you really think my mother would tell anyone about us with that risk?” Geo interrupted. He watched as Sonia blinked, and slowly calmed down. “Even with that out of the way, we still need to come up with an excuse for your disappearance, as we can’t risk the one I came up with.”

To Geo’s surprise, Sonia rolled her eyes. “Geo, you’re over complicating that plan. Just take out revealing Lyra and we’ll be okay; my shooting star Megaman can claim the credit for saving me. I’ll still need time to recover from my ‘experimentation,’ and seeing as you and I have the strongest brotherband in history, I can claim to be dramatized and am only comfortable with you around. That would leave them little choice but to leave me with you and your mother.”

“But wouldn’t they argue just to bring me to you?” Geo asked.

Sonia shrugged. “I can just say that whatever treatment facility reminds me of where Vega kept me. I can pretend to mumble in my sleep about your house, since they’ll probably monitor me 24/7, so it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m staying with you.”

“We’ll still need to figure out how to explain why our brotherband is so strong.” Geo sighed.

“Well, it’s a stretch, but given both our parent are…gone…at least in some form or another, we could use that.” Sonia offered softly. She then chuckled. “It’s not like we can say we’re both into diapers and baby things, right?”

“Well, I can actually understand all that a bit better then you think.” Geo said. Sonia looked up at him in surprise.


Geo gave a sad smile. “When I heard how my dad was lost in space, I started having nightmares. I’d see him spinning out of control in space, screaming for me to help him, but monsters would hold me back…”

Sonia watched as multiple emotions flashed across Geo’s face. This was a rare moment that Geo opened up about his past and his feeling…just like herself, Sonia realized. She snapped out of her thoughts as Geo continued speaking.

“I started wetting the bed due to those dreams. Mom took me out of school because I couldn’t function properly, and we both went to a psychiatrist to talk about how this whole thing affected us both. Mom…she bought me diapers to wear for bed, and I needed them for over a month. I’d sometimes need to sleep with my Mom to fall asleep…and occasionally I woke up with my thumb in my mouth.” Geo’s face was resembling a tomato now as he admitted all this. Sonia’s soft giggling didn’t help him any.

“That’s so cute Geo.” Sonia said. “I used to do stuff like that with my Mama. I was wondering how you could accept me as, well, like this. This explains it…thanks for telling me this Geo, it must have been hard for you to open up like this.”

Geo smiled. “If you can manage open up about your past, why shouldn’t I?” Sonia rolled her eyes at that. “Anyways, I think that’s the best we’ll come up with right now. We should probably wait till tonight before we go to my house; less chance of being seen by anyone else.”

Sonia nodded her head. “So, are you gonna make breakfast now?”

“I was thinking of checking in on Mega and Lyra while you take care of your little problem.” Geo replied.

Sonia blinked. “Problem? I don’t have a-” She squealed as Geo suddenly squeezed her padded bum. Sonia felt a lump shift in the back of her diaper, and realized what Geo was implying.

“Gotta say, I never had that problem before.” Geo teased lightly. Sonia pouted, and gave him a light whack on his chest.

“Fine, I’ll take care of changing myself while you check up on the others. Then you’re making breakfast. Are we clear buster?” Sonia asked, poking her finger into his chest.

“Yes dear.” Geo answered. “Mind giving me back my dad’s visualizer? Can’t see or hear Lyra with out it.”

“Sure.” Sonia reached outside of the sleeping bag and grabbed her star carrier. “Matter Wave: Dresser!” A blue with pink rims dresser appeared behind the couple. “Top drawer, along with the rest of your things.”

“Thanks.” Geo said, before slowly climbing out of the sleeping bag, Sonia following shortly after.


The blue FM-ian looked out over the horizon, watching the sun as it continued its upward climb in the sky. The ground around her was mostly desert sand, save a number of rock formations in the area. Behind her, a green and blue armored AM-ian struggled against its bonds.

“Come on Lyra Note, let me go already; its been hours and I already apologized.” Mega yelled.

Lyra frowned. “Yes, you did apologize for that comment about me being involved with Ophiuca, but that’s not the only reason I’m upset with you.”

“Well what else is the-argh!” Mega cried out in pain as one of the steel-like harp strings restraining him suddenly snapped, one part slapping him in the eye.

“If you can’t figure out what you did wrong, you don’t deserve my forgiveness.” Lyra said simply.

“Well it’s not art,” A voice behind stated, “But I like it.”

Lyra turned to see Geo walking over, fully dressed and with his visualizer over his eyes. “So you’re awake.”

“Yeah, Sonia’s getting changed right now, so I’m out here checking up on you two.” Geo replied.

“I’ve fully recovered my energy since the battle, though you’ll have to ask that lizard of a partner you have how he’s doing.” Lyra stated before facing the sun again. Geo, sensing tension from Lyra, decided to try and lighten the mood.

“How ya holding up Mega? Still hanging in there?” To Geo’s relief, he noticed Lyra nearly fall to the ground before she manage to stabilize herself to her natural hover.

“You’re making fun of me too kid? Lyra won’t let me down until I apologize, but I already did. I think she just enjoys seeing me tied up lik-” Mega was cut off as several harp strings wrapped around Mega’s snout, forming an effective muzzle.

Geo looked at Lyra as she turned back towards the sun. “Has he always been like this?” Lyra turned to him with a questioning look. “Speaking before thinking about what to say?”

“Yes, and it’s gotten him into worse situations then this one.” Lyra responded. The pair were silent for a time, Mega’s muffled protest the only noise in the area.

“You want to string me up too, don’t you?” Geo finally asked.

“Yes.” Lyra stated.

“I don’t blame you.” Geo responded, causing Lyra to turn towards him. “Mega and I hurt you and Sonia. My emotions got the better of me, leading me to a mistake that caused a lot of harm, physical and mental, to all four of us. If I hadn’t broken my brotherband with Luna, the IndiFrags and the blade of Zerker wouldn’t have possessed us and lead us to attack you as we did.”

“Would you have attacked us even without their influence?” Lyra questioned.

“Yes.” Geo answered, surprising her. “I’d rather be hurting too then let the girl I love suffer on her own.”

“I see…” Lyra stated.

“Sonia and I talked, and we’ve made up.” Geo told her. “But I’d like to make up with you too before we move out.”

“Huh?” Lyra looked at Geo in surprise.

“I’d like to think we are friends to.” Geo clarified with a smile. “It was my safety that cause Sonia so much grief this past month, and thus cause you a lot of trouble as well. For that, and my recent action, I apologize Lyra Note.”

Lyra stared at him for over a minute before shaking left to right, her equivalent to a head shake. “You humans are such an interesting species. You’ve changed since we last met.”

“Last night I felt as if I had lost everything.” Geo admitted. “Before Sonia snuck up on me I resolved to try and change, and hopefully regain some, if not all, of what I lost. A part of me doubted I could, but so far I’ve regained the thing I cherish most; my relationship with Sonia. I nearly lost it for good before, so I know I need to change if I’m to avoid losing it again, and so I’m trying to change into a better person then I was.”

“That’s a very mature decision Geo; your partner would be wise to follow your example.” Lyra stated.

“Lets not ask for miracles.” Geo mumbled. This caused Lyra to giggle.

“Too true…You really are just like your father Geo.” That statement caused Geo to turn sharply towards Lyra.

“You knew my father?” He questioned.

“We met once or twice.” Lyra admitted. “I found his talk of his home world fascinating personally, but the last person that sympathized with the humans was executed for treason. I forced myself to ignore him most of the time, but it was no easy feat, as he was one of the few people who recognized my abilities’ potential.”

“No offense, but I’m still trying to figure out what you did to me and Mega back there, and why you didn’t use that attack back when you first wave changed with Sonia.” Geo said.

“Sound causes chemical reactions in multiple spectrums. The best way to describe it would be through the different styles of music. An up beat song is likely to get your adrenalin flowing and your blood pumping while a softer; even melody has a calming effect. Does that make sense?”

“Yes it does.”

“Good. Now, my Sonic Crusher attack sends sound waves at multiple frequencies at the target, causing multiple chemical reactions in the target causing a lot of damage to their body or form. Had Sonia not asked me to reverse the damage done to you, you wouldn’t be able to move right now.”

“I guess I really owe you one Lyra.”

“Just don’t hurt Sonia again and we’ll call it even.” Lyra replied with a smile. “To answer your other question, I didn’t teach Sonia the Sonic Crusher attack for two reasons. The first is that at the time I was manipulating her to attack those who abused her music before I’d convince her to go after Mega as payment. If I had taught her the attack back then, she’d have realized what I was doing and rebelled against me.”

“I see…And the second reason?”

“I hadn’t adjusted to Sonia’s wave link frequency yet. The more we wave change, the more we sync up, and so the more of my abilities become available to Sonia to use.” Lyra explained.

“Could the same apply to Mega and me?” Geo asked.

“Not exactly. FM-ians and AM-ians are different in more then just name.” Lyra stated. “AM-ians have the ability to assimilate the powers of other EM beings or objects, while the powers FM-ians are created with are stronger then any copied an AM-ian could manage. FM-ians can also learn and utilize their powers to their fullest while an AM-ian is limited to the capability of the being they copy, and that’s at best.”

“Kinda like the Starforce powers Mega and I had. We could use weaken versions of their basic attacks, but nearly their full power attacks when using the StarForce Big Bangs.” Geo said.

“Precisely.” Lyra said with a smile. “As far as your Tribe powers go, I can only assume your ability to wield the Zerker blade is close to the last wielder’s abilities to wield it as well. Though I can’t be certain of the function when including those Murian stones…what did you call them again?”

“IndiFrags.” Geo answered. “They pretty much removed any reservations I had about the consequences of my actions. All I cared about then was myself, and how to get revenge on the people that hurt me.”

“Mega told me what happened with Luna.” Lyra stated. “Honestly, there were times I felt like attacking her myself.”

“You felt that way after only being in contact with her a hand full of times?” Geo asked.

“You didn’t?” Lyra countered.

“Point taken.” Geo said. “I didn’t want to outright attack her so much as tell her to leave me alone though.”

“…Mega told me what she said about Sonia…Thank you for defending her honor.”

“Anything for Sonia.” Geo said. Lyra smiled at him, before the pair turned towards the horizon. Minutes passed in silence.

“BBQ for breakfast?” Geo shook his head. “It’s gonna take some time learning to deal with this new side of Sonia.” He admitted.

“She’s always had this side to her; she only shows it to people she trusts completely.” Lyra replied.

“I’m not complaining, I’m just saying I may not get it right at first.”

“Don’t worry, Sonia knows when to be a big girl and when she can be a baby again.”

“I know that, it’s how she’s hidden it for this long, right?”


“I best go.” Geo said. “I got several emails to take care of before we go back to my house…and face my mom.” He shuddered.

“Best enjoy recuperating and cuddling with Sonia while you can.” Lyra said with a smile.

“I will.” Geo responded. As he started walking back, he called out, “We don’t know if anyone’s gonna check up on Sonia today; best let Mega be able to move around in case we need to battle.”

Lyra sighed, but agreed with the logic in Geo’s words. In a flash, the harp strings restraining Mega vanished…save the ones around his snout.


This seems like a fair spot to stop at. I’ll try to keep all the characters cannon, but there will be obvious changes as the story progresses. I will say, on a side note, that this story will contain spoilers for several ideas I have for my Starforce Twilight story. Anyways, tell me what you think, as always.