Maylu's Road to Darkness Ch. 2

Maylu’s Road to Darkness

Hey all, just to clear something up, this is not directly related to my other story, Maylu’s New Life, or its sequel, though it may contain elements from those stories. This story actually takes place during the anime series Megaman Axess, just after Dark Protoman is restored to his proper self, but from that point on this story is not cannon related. Got anymore questions; send me a PM or ask in a review. That out of the way, on with the show!


Chapter 2: Shopping and Friends

The computer screen turned on at 7AM precisely. Roll gave a small yawn, and then checked on Maylu. The girl was still sleeping, suckling on her pacifier softly, but her covers had shifted overnight, leaving the back of her diaper exposed to anyone who looked. This made Roll nervous. Despite the fact that the door was barricaded, the Nanny had proved she could bust through them if she needed to, and with Maylu dressed as she was…Roll shuddered at the thought.

Accessing the house’s main system, Roll scanned for the Nanny’s location. Finding it in the dinning room, she warped through it and appeared in the holo-projector on the center of the table. “Good morning Nanny.” Roll said politely.

The Nanny looked up at Roll, massaging her forehead. “Good morning Roll.” The Nanny grumbled. “I suppose this means I have to make Maylu breakfast before I leave now.”

“Not at all.” Roll quickly stated, seeing the Nanny begin to rise from her chair. “Maylu’s still in bed, I just got up early. Yai sometimes emails Maylu really early for surprise shopping sprees, so I figured I’d get up early and sort through the plans for today for Maylu when she wakes up. She’s sleeping like a baby right now.”

The Nanny picked up her half-empty plate and glass. “Very well then, I must be off now if I’m to make it to my appointment on time.”

“Maybe you should reschedule, you don’t look well.” Roll said, choosing her words carefully.

“That is why I have this doctor appointment.” The Nanny snapped. Roll bowed her head.

“Forgive me, I did not know the nature of your appointment, and was only concerned with your well-being.” Roll explained.

The Nanny sighed, her face scrunched up for a moment. “Fine, just…just go back to Maylu. I have things to do and I must leave within the next five minutes to make it to my appointment on time.” Roll nodded her head and went back into the house’s system, leaving the Nanny to her devises.


An hour later Maylu yawned as she stretched her limbs. Rubbing her eyes, she contemplated going back to sleep for another few hours, so as to enjoy more of her baby time. Deciding to do so, she rolled onto her side, her diaper crinkling with the movement, and suckled on her pacifier, slowly drifting back to sleep.


Maylu leaped out of bed in fright at the sudden loud noise. Frantically looking around, she saw Roll on her computer screen, rolling across the digital ground laughing. Giving her pacifier a few sucks to calm herself, she then said, “No funny Woll.”

Roll continued to laugh, causing Maylu to pout. A few minutes, Roll managed to calm down enough to speak. “Sorry baby girl, I just thought you’d like to get up early enough for a proper breakfast. We’ve got a big day ahead of us.”

Maylu pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. “We do?”

“Yup.” Roll replied. “First on the agenda is getting your tummy full. Then we get you showered and then in one of your pull-ups-”

“Pull-ups? Why not another diaper?” Maylu asked, pouting cutely.

“Okay then, once you’re done with your shower we’ll get you in a nice, clean diaper.” Roll calmly stated, causing Maylu to cheer. “Then we’ll pack up some changing supplies in your old back pack, and head out for DenTech city for your new wardrobe.”

Maylu stopped cheering. “Huh? New wardrobe? Why are we getting a new wardrobe?”

Roll smiled as she looked at Maylu. “Tell me little girl, is your diaper dry?”

Maylu blinked at the question, and then looked down at her diaper. The front had become ever-so slightly discolored, and when she pressed her hand against it she felt a warm wetness press against her skin. Maylu’s mouth opened in surprise, she had wet herself without even realizing it, and it had been recently if the warmth was any indication.

“See baby girl.” Roll said. “Your accidents have started to be more frequent. Without giving up your diapers, you’ll need to start wearing more daytime protection. That’s why we’re getting you a new wardrobe, one that’ll be able to hide your diapers…unless you’d rather come right out and reveal them to everyone.”

Maylu ‘eeped,’ and frantically shook her head. “No, no, no, no, NO! I don’t want anyone to find out yet, especially Nanny!”

“Well then, lets get moving. There some instant breakfast under the counter in the kitchen, then grab a towel and a fresh change of clothes and head for the showers.” Roll ordered.

Maylu hesitated for a moment. “Do I have to wear a diaper while in DenTech city?” She asked.

“Yes you do.” Roll said. “It would be best for you to wear one while trying on pants and skirts, as a diaper is bigger then your yucky panties, especially when they’re wet and swell up a bit.”

Maylu giggled at the ‘yucky panties’ comment. “I suppose you’re right Roll. But can I pack some pull-ups in case I need a change?”

“Of course you can Maylu.” Roll replied. “I’d never force you to do anything you were truly uncomfortable doing…like sitting in that sand box in the park with just your shirt and diaper on.”

Maylu shivered at that though. While it did have its appeal, it was the fact that others would be there and would see her and probably tease her as well. Pushing that thought aside, Maylu went over to her closet and got out one of her shirts and vests.

“Oh, and Maylu, your instant breakfast will be from a cup, as we’re on a time constraint and it would need to be cleaned with the dishwasher.” Roll told her, causing Maylu to whine. “None of that now baby girl, when your shower’s done you’ll change into a fresh diaper, get dressed, and pack two diapers and pull-ups with your changing supplies in your old back pack.”

“And grab that gift card Yai gave us to her favorite shopping center, since that’s the only way we’ll be able to pay for an entire wardrobe change.” Maylu said.

“Precisely, such a smart baby girl you are Maylu.” Roll gushed. Maylu blushed under Roll’s praise, and giggled. “Now get going baby girl, less we risk Nanny getting home before us.” Maylu was out of her room just as Roll finished her sentence. “Well, that’s one way to motivate that girl.”


Almost an hour later, Maylu entered Star Struck Inc. clothing store. Star Struck was world renowned for supplying models, rock stars, famous, and rich people alike with clothes of their choosing. Having saved her best friend’s life, the girl gratefully gave her a 250,000 zenny gift card.

Maylu’s best friend is Yai Ayano, the daughter of a popular gaming and battlechip production company, known as Ayano Tech. Before the net terrorist group Nebula became more active, another group know as “Grave” was the active group. One of it’s methods to gain finances was for a specially trained agent to filter harmful air-born substances into the room or home of a wealthy family, and charge them to stop. Maylu and her other best friend, and crush, Lan Hikari, managed to fight off the navi controlling the distribution of the air-born substance with their own navis, and were able to rescue Yai, both from the substances and from nearly drowning in her bathtub. While Maylu got her gift card, Lan was taken a shopping spree for new battlechips.

Maylu shook her head clear of the memories, and focused on the task at hand. Walking up to the receptionist desk, she rang the bell on it and waited. Two minutes later, a woman, looking in her early twenties, walked out from the back area.

“Sorry if I kept you waiting.” The woman said. “I had to visit the ladies room real quick.” Maylu nodded her head in understanding. “So, are you a new client, or a returning one?”

“Well, I don’t know about my parents, but I personally am new.” Maylu replied.

“Oh, well if you’d like I could check on the computer for you.” The woman offered. Maylu shook her head.

“No, thank you, I’m just here for a new wardrobe for daytime wear. I doubt anything they’ve bought if they are clients here are non-formal.” Maylu said.

“Very well then.” The woman said, typing away at her computer. “Will you be paying by account number or simply by a credit or gift card?”

“Gift card.” Maylu answered, handing the card to the woman. Taking the card, the woman swiped it through a scanner, and verified its contents. Once confirmed, she handed the card back to Maylu and stood.

“Alright then, follow me to the elevator, and we’ll get you set up.” The woman said. Maylu nodded her head, and they were off.

A brief elevator ride later, Maylu and the woman entered a small room. The room itself was mostly empty, save only for a pair of tables, a closet, a raised circular platform, and an empty closet.

“Alright then Maylu, here’s how this is going to work.” The woman began. "You will be standing on that platform there, and the room’s systems will scan your body, getting your measurements and running them through the system so when you leave we’ll be able to get you clothes that will actually fit you.

“While you’re up there, you can tell me what you want to wear, and using holographic technology, we’ll be able to see how they look on you, even changing the clothing’s color. If you’d like to try some of the clothes you pick on before your purchase, we’ll use our rail system we run through the building and have them here in a few minutes. Any questions?”

“Yes, when do we start?” Maylu asked with a grin.

“When you place your bag and clothes on the tables. You can keep your undergarments on if you’d like.” The woman answered. She frowned when she saw Maylu’s nervous face. “Is that a problem?”

“I could talk to her for you Maylu.” Roll offered.

“Thanks Roll, that’d be great.” Maylu said, handing her PET to the woman.

“Everything in this session is confidential, right? No one has access to what is said or seen in this room outside of you, your navi, Maylu, and myself, correct?” Roll asked.

“But of course, only the four of us and anyone you want to have access, will have access to this session’s contents.” The woman answered. “Of course, the data on the sales and what’s purchased will be viewed on corporate files.”

“Of course.” Roll said. “Here’s the thing; Maylu is having some…toiletry issues right now. The reason behind this trip is that we need, specifically, new pants and/or skirts that will hide her…protective undergarment. We do want to get tops as well, so as to draw some attention away from her bottoms.”

“I see.” The woman said. “Well, rest assured, your secret is safe with me.”

“Thank you.” Maylu said, setting her bag down on the table.

“Not a problem sweety.” The woman replied. “It’s probably just some hormonal problem or something as you’re going through puberty, that’s what happened to my sister. Now why don’t you strip down and climb onto the platform, and we’ll get started.”

“Okay.” Maylu said. As she began undressing, the woman was typing on a holo-screen. Once Maylu was down to just her diaper, she made her way to the platform.


Maylu collapsed on the couch, several bags full of clothes dropping to the floor next to her. She had spend nearly two hours going through different clothes of all styles and colors before deciding what to get. She settled on two sets of short sleeved t-shirts, one set a soft pink in color, one baby blue. Maylu also bought two coats, one pink and the other blue, that she could wear with the opposite colored shirt. She could also wrap it around her waist if she didn’t want to zip it up.

As for bottoms, Maylu did get several pairs of light blue jeans and jean skirts, some baby blue skirts, and several soft pink skirts as well. The skirts were made up of slightly heavier material then the ones she normally wore, thus making it harder for them to flip up. The jeans and jean skirts were what worried Maylu, as she wasn’t certain the Nanny would approve of them, thus why she got the other skirts as well.

“Well that was an experience.” Roll said from her PET.

“No kidding.” Maylu replied, her eyes closed and her head resting on the couch’s shoulder.

“Is my baby girl tired?” Roll asked.

“A wittle.” Maylu answered.

“I suppose it’s to be expected; carrying all those bags, walking through Dentech city in a diaper, and even exposing yourself to that lady to get your new clothes.” Roll commented thoughtfully, a hand on her chin. She looked up as Maylu gasped. “Something wrong?”

Maylu’s face was flushed as she shifted on couch. “I just made a messy, but it’s really mucky, almost soupy. I don’t like how this feels.”

“Is that so?” Roll asked. “I thought you liked messy diapers.”

“I do, but I’ve never felt anything like this one.” Maylu said. Her nose twitched, and then her hands flew to her nose. “Ugh, this stinks!”

“Perhaps it was the instant breakfast you had.” Roll suggested.

“If that’s it, then I’m never having instant breakfast again!” Maylu announced.

“We’ll see Maylu.” Roll said. “Now why don’t you take your clothes up to your room and head for a shower?”

“Good idea Roll.” Maylu said. Using her free hand, she placed Roll’s PET back on her belt. Taking a deep breath, Maylu removed her hand from her nose and grabbed the bags with her new clothes in them. She then rushed up the stairs and into her room, nearly tossing the bags onto her bed as she got on her hands and knees. Maylu quickly pulled up the floor board and pulled out her changing pad and wet wipes.

Spreading the pad out on the floor, Maylu stripped off her skirt and sock, and sat down on the pad. She tore open the tapes and, after laying back and lifting her body up, slid the diaper out from under her. After taking a few minutes to clean her bum and front, Maylu threw the used wipes into the dirty diaper, and rolled and taped it up.

“The trash needs to be taken out Maylu, so you could probably get away with throwing this one into the regular trash bag.” Roll told her. “Just get a pull-up on before you go outside.”

“And my skirt.” Maylu added as she reached back into the opening in the floor.

“I thought that was fairly obvious.” Roll said with a smirk.

Maylu smiled, but didn’t comment. She pulled out a package of pull-ups and, after tearing it open, pulled one out. Unlike her diapers, the pull-ups had peel off tabs on the sides and the outside of it was cloth, not plastic. The pull-up was mostly white in color, but had pink tabs and little pink hearts on the front of it that fade when wet.

Opening the pull-up fully, Maylu pulled her knees up to her chin as she slid her feet through the leg holes. Holding onto the sides, Maylu slowly stretched her legs, sliding the pull-up up her legs. Once she had slid it up as far as she could, Maylu pushed herself up into a squat, and pulled the pull-up the rest of the way up as she stood up. Bending over, she grabbed her skirt and quickly pulled it on and zipped it up.

“How’s the pull-up feel?” Roll asked.

“I’m sure I could find a fashion chip for you so you could find out.” Maylu replied.

“True, but then I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you what to do, as I’d be a baby girl too.” Roll said, not looking thrilled with the idea.

“I guess you’re right.” Maylu sighed as she picked up the dirty diaper. “The pull-up feels kinda like my diapers, just with more cloth then plastic. It still feels good, but I prefer my diapers to my pull-ups anyday.”

Walking out of her room and down the stairs, Maylu made her way to the kitchen and threw the diaper into the trash bin. Pulling the top off the bin, Maylu pulled out the trash bag and tied the top shut. After a quick trip outside, dumping the trash bag into the trash can, Maylu returned to the kitchen and replaced the trash bag into the bin. Putting the top back on, Maylu then made her way back upstairs.

“I’ll let you relax on our homepage while I’m showering, okay Roll?”

“Sure, thanks Maylu. Enjoy your shower.”

“I will Roll, I will.”


A short while later, Maylu walked back into her room, dressed in only her pull-up and a towel wrapped on her head, carrying a pile of wet clothes with her. Just as she put them in her dirty clothes bin, Roll popped up on the computer screen. “Hey Maylu, enjoy your shower?”

“I did, but when I was turning it on I forgot to draw the shower curtain, and it ended up spraying my clothes!” Maylu replied.

“Did it get your pull-up wet too?” Roll asked.

“Nope, my skirt covered it from the spray.” Maylu replied. She walked over to the bed and began sorting through her clothes. “Might as well try on one of my new outfits.”

“Check in the bag to your right, I got you another outfit I think you’d like.” Roll said. Maylu turned around and raised an eyebrow at Roll, who eagerly waved her on. Shrugging, Maylu reached into the bag and pulled out the clothes, as well as a pair of boots.

Glancing over them briefly, Maylu turned to Roll. “What is all this?” She asked.

“Something that’ll make Lan drool over you.” Roll said with a grin. “Go ahead and try them on.”

“You know Nanny would never let me wear this, even just around the house.” Maylu stated more then questioned.

“Who knows, maybe she’ll let you wear it on Halloween.” Roll said with a shrug.

“You mean the holiday that’s, like, six months away?” Maylu asked, but started pulling the clothes on.

“That’s the one.” Roll said, watching Maylu dress herself. Once Maylu was done, she said, “Now check yourself out in the mirror, girl.”

Maylu walked over to her full sized mirror and looked herself over. She wore a blood red t-shirt, a black leather jacket, black jeans, a black belt, and black buckle up boots. All in all, Maylu looked like some punk biker, and she had to admit to herself that she did like the look.

“It’s kinda the opposite of what I usually wear, but I like it.” Maylu told Roll. Roll was going to reply, when the door bell rang downstairs. Maylu blinked, “I wonder who that is?”

Grabbing her belt and PET, Maylu made her way downstairs and to the front door. Looking through the peep hole, she identified who was outside and grinned. Opening the door, she said, “Hey guys, what’s up?”

On the front step were three teens and one almost teen. The first was a boy with brown hair and matching colored eyes, who wore a white long sleeved t-shirt, an orange vest, black shorts with a yellow stripe up each side, a pair of roller blade shoes, and a blue headband with his navi’s symbol on it; a red circle with two small black triangles on opposite sides with a black line connecting them in a ‘cancel’ like sign with a yellow rim.

The second was a boy with white hair on the top of his head and black hair on the sides. He had sapphire blue eyes and wore a black long sleeved shirt, a red button up vest that was currently open, green army combat pants, and black shoes. The third and largest of the group had a small patch of brown hair that shaped up like a horn on his head and grey eyes. He wore blue jean shorts, blue zip up shoes, and a green short sleeved t-shirt with his navi’s symbol on the left shoulder; a grey ring with a cross and black fill-ins for the rest of the circle.

The last person was the youngest and the only girl of the group. She had long blond hair braided back into long pigtails and brown eyes. She wore a small pink t-shirt with a collar under her red dress with a white diamond shape pattern near the bottom, a pair of soft pink socks, and red platform shoes.

The group just stared at Maylu, drool dripping down both brown haired boy’s mouths, the skunk haired boy’s eyes widened in surprise, and the girl looking her up and down. She was the first to speak.

“Wow Maylu, you used that gift card well.” The girl, Yai, said. Maylu blink, only then realizing she was still wearing the outfit Roll had gotten her.

“Yeah, Roll got me this one, but I doubt Nanny would let me keep it if she knew I had it.” Maylu said, rubbing the back of her head with her hand. “So what brings you guys here?”

Chaud, the skunk haired boy, shook his head, snapping himself out of his stare. “Well, Protoman is almost ready for active duty, and Lan volunteered to net battle against us to help get him back up to speed.” He explained. “Dex and Yai also volunteered to help, so we wanted to know if you’d join us at the arcade, even if you don’t want to participate.”

“Sure, I’ll tag along.” Maylu said. “Did you ask Tory yet if he wants to come?”

“Tory and his dad were called to another branch of their water company…thingy, and are somewhere in Netopia right now.” Lan said, wiping his face with his long sleeved shirt.

“He didn’t even say good-bye, that’s strange.” Maylu said. “Well, give me a minute to go change, you guys are welcome to wait in the living room if you want.”

“Do you have to change?” Dex asked, wiping the drool off his chin with his green shirt.

“Yeah, if Nanny or one of her friends see me dressed like this it’ll be my backside.” Maylu sighed. She then grinned and turned her body sideways, placing a hand on her bum. “You boys wouldn’t want anything to happen to my backside, would you?”

Lan and Dex started drooling in response while Chaud seemed to find his shoes to be suddenly more interesting. Yai and Maylu giggled at the response. Maylu held the door open, and Yai and Chaud proceeded to push Lan and Dex inside.

“I’ll only be a few minutes boys.” Maylu said. “Yai, stand guard by the stairs for me?”

“Sure thing girl.” Yai said. Maylu started up the stairs.

“You don’t trust me Maylu?” Chaud called, teasingly. Maylu paused halfway up the stairs, and everyone turned to look at Chaud. “What? I can’t tell a joke every once in a while?”

“It’s just a rare occurrence, that’s all.” Maylu said. “And in response, yes, I do trust you Chaud, I’d trust you with my life. Those two however,” Maylu glanced at Lan and Dex, who went back to drooling at her, “Well…I trust you at least.”

“Alright then, I won’t hold you up any longer.” Chaud said with a smile.

“Okay, be back in a few!” Maylu called out as she ran up the rest of the stairs and into the room.


I think I got a lot done in this chapter. Anyways, I’m gonna try to get another SF chapter out soon, but with projects from all four of my classes due this month, my writing will be delayed. So until the next time, let me know what you think.