Maylu's Road to Darkness Ch. 1

Maylu’s Road to Darkness

Summary: Maylu is secretly a teen baby, but once she’s discovered, her friends begin to shun her. This is her story of how she found acceptance and family in the least likely of places, and gains revenge on those who’ve wronged her.


Prologue: [i]The year is 20XX, and network technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. In this day and age most, if not all, electronic devices are connected to what’s known as the Net, a massive information highway system.

With such advances, it’s expected that new problems arisen. As technology advanced, so have viruses. In order to combat these viruses and keep damages caused by them to a minimum, scientist created network navigators, or net navis for short. Net navis can be designed to take on humanoid forms, or even those of animals, toys, appliances, pretty much anything a person could think of. Each navi is equipped with virus busting equipment to combat any viruses the navi comes across.

Not all navis are strong enough to combat viruses successfully, so scientist began researching for ways to enhance navis strengths and weaponry. This lead to the creation of battlechips, which took stored data on small chips and temporarily recustomized a navi, giving it a new weapon, enhancing it’s performance, or altering the battle zone.

Due to how society is reliant on the net for most every day things, everyone has a net navi, and carries them in a Personal Terminal, or PET for short. The PET is capable of sending emails and phone calls, playing music, and communications between navi and their operator when the navi is on the net.

Of course, not everyone uses net navis for good intentions. Criminals who use net navis to commit crimes are known as net terrorists. In response to the rise in net crimes, the police formed a new division made to combat problems on the net, called the Official Net Police. Official battles against terrorist net navis soon caught on, and lead to the creation of the sport of netbattling: where at least two operators and there navis would combat one another till one side could not continue.

Despite the efforts of the Officials across the globe, net terrorism still exists today. However, the war against it is about to take a drastic turn for the worst.[/i]

Chapter 1: Unexpected Encounter

“Just one last problem and I’ll be finished.” The thirteen year old girl thought out loud, biting the tip of her thumb lightly as she focused on her last problem.

Her name was Maylu Sakurai, and the daughter of Lisa and Richard Sakurai, two of the world’s top businessmen, though that fact was known by very few people. Her parents, while bringing in loads of money to the family’s bank account, were constantly traveling the world due to business, and thus hadn’t seen Maylu since her fourth birthday. Unlike her parents, however, Maylu aspired to become an Elementary School music teacher. This was something she wasn’t sure her parents would approve of or not, but seeing as she hadn’t so much as received a birthday card from then in nine years, she didn’t really put much thought on the matter.

Maylu wasn’t home alone though. Her netnavi Roll was always by her side, and her current caretaker and Nanny lived with her, the latter to her despair. Her Nanny, whom she never bothered to learn her real name, was an incredibly strict woman, and if Maylu did something she didn’t like, then she would punish Maylu how she saw fit. Even at age thirteen Maylu had been placed over her Nanny’s knee once or twice, having done something wrong. Her Nanny expect Maylu to be a proper young lady, which reflected in the clothes Maylu wore everyday; skirts during the day, bed shirts and pants to sleep in, and one piece bathing suits to swim in. With so many guidelines needing to be followed it was only having Roll by her side that kept Maylu sane, or so she joked from time to time.

Currently, Maylu was sitting at her desk, going over her last homework problem of the evening. Maylu has cherry red hair that reaches down to the top of her shoulders, and brown eyes. She wore a long sleeved, light green shirt with a blue vest over it, a pink skirt that reached nearly halfway to her knees, black socks that nearly reached her skirt, and a small hair accessory that showed her net navi’s icon; a pink heart with a yellow background.

It took Maylu a few minutes to figure out the problem, but she got it done and was confident with her answer. She saved her homework file, loaded it to her flash drive, then leaned back in her chair and sighed in relief. At that point, there was a knock on her door, and a second later the Nanny walked in.

“I trust your homework is done or close to being done by now Maylu?” The Nanny asked in a stern voice, promising punishment if she didn’t like the answer.

Maylu sat up straight in her chair. “I just finished it Nanny.” She answered. The Nanny eyed her for a minute, as if she could physically see if Maylu was lying. Finally, she nodded her head in acceptance.

“Good. I have some errands to run, so I will be out for the next few hours. I put some leftovers in the microwave for you for dinner, and I expect you to be home when I get back, should you feel the need to leave the house tonight.” The Nanny told her.

“I may step out for a little fresh air, but I will be here when you return.” Maylu stated. The Nanny nodded her head.

“Very well then, I must depart if I’m to finish my errands tonight.” The Nanny replied. She then turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Maylu was silent as she listened to the Nanny’s footsteps going down the stairs, then the front door opening and closing a few seconds, before sighing in relief.

“I thought she’d never leave.” A voice said from Maylu’s computer. Turning around, Maylu saw her net navi Roll on the screen. Roll had emerald green eyes and blond 2-D hair. She wore a black bodysuit, pink gloves and boots, pink waist and chest armor, and a pink helmet on her head with two yellow antennae attached to it. On her chest was her navi emblem.

“I know what you mean, I hate having to be so straight up and proper everytime we talk.” Maylu said.

“I hear ya girl.” Roll replied. “But we do have a few hours to kill, and I do believe there’s a little girl left in this house unattended.”

Maylu smiled at this. It was a little game she and Roll played when home alone, and was one Maylu cherished. In it, Roll would be the one in control, telling Maylu what to do, as opposed to how Maylu operated Roll during the day. One thing though, was that Maylu enjoyed being treated much younger then she actually was, and proceeded to act the part as well.

One session, Roll had decided that Maylu was to be a three year old, and had her get out some of her old baby toys from her closet. Maylu had done so without complaint, and spread them out around her. Roll then told her to strip down to just a t-shirt and her panties, and Maylu surprised her by doing just that before she started playing with her toys. What fascinated Roll was that Maylu seemed to genuinely enjoy playing with her old toys.

Roll hadn’t noticed how much time had passed, still fascinated on how such childish toys could bring Maylu such happiness, when Maylu did something that shocked her; she messed her panties. When Roll asked, Maylu said she didn’t want to ask to go to the bathroom, as Roll was the one in control during the game they played. Roll had frowned at that, and told Maylu that she should have asked her for that since going to the bathroom was a necessity, and ordered her mush the mess in her panties as punishment.

Maylu had hesitated for a moment, but stood up and sat back down, causing the mess to mush against her skin and spread out. To both girls astonishment, Maylu actually smiled at the sensation. Once she snapped out of it, Roll saw there was only a half hour left before the Nanny was expected back, so she ordered her to clean up her toys and go take a shower, which Maylu did promptly.

Roll later did some searching on the net, and discovered that what Maylu did was a form of infantilism. After reading up on it, Roll showed the pages she read to Maylu, who was also curious about it. They spent the next few sessions trying different things; eating food sloppily, playing in a bubble bath with toys, even running around the house naked. Maylu had enjoyed each of those activities, and had told Roll she’d done some of them again while Roll had been on the net or recharging.

After all that, Roll decided it was time to see if Maylu really was an infantilist. The following session, Roll had ordered Maylu to go out to a drug store on the other side of town, and ordered her to buy some diapers and changing supplies. Maylu had paled at that point, but Roll persisted and encouraged her, so Maylu went through with it and bought the supplies, not being seen or identified by anyone they knew.

Roll ordered Maylu to diaper herself immediately after they had closed the front door to their house, and Maylu did so after stripping herself bare. Roll then ordered Maylu to play with her baby toys like she did the first day, and Maylu proceeded to do so, dressed in nothing but her diaper. Time passed by, and Maylu seemed to enjoy herself a lot, when Roll saw the front of Maylu’s diaper begin to discolor. Knowing that Maylu was wetting herself, Roll asked her how it made her feel. Maylu had to think for only a few seconds, before admitting that it felt good and that she enjoyed it.

Since that last session, Roll had taken to calling this time Maylu’s ‘baby time,’ where she would treat Maylu like the baby she wanted to be, or at least a toddler since Roll couldn’t physically be there. Maylu would spend some of her allowance money on supplies and snacks, and had even bought a baby bottle.

“Wake up!” Maylu jumped, startled out of her trip down memory lane, to see Roll’s stern looking face.

“I sowwy Woll.” Maylu said, getting into her roll.

“That’s good to hear. Now go get your supplies and get your diaper on before you have an accident.” Roll ordered.

Maylu nodded her head and scrambled over to her bed. Flipping up the sheets on her side of the bed, Maylu knelt down and pulled up a loose floorboard. Reaching in, she pulled out a bag of cleaning supplies, an old changing pad, and a small box.

Opening the box, Maylu frown. “Roll, I’m out of diapers.”

Roll frowned at this. “Guess you’re out of luck this time girl. Tell you what, bring your bottle downstairs and have dinner using that, and afterwards we’ll go out and buy some more diapers for next session. Oh, and check and see if you need to restock on any of the other supplies.”

Maylu nodded her head and took a minute to go through her supplies. She noted she was running low on wet wipes and baby powder. Grabbing the baby bottle, Maylu exited her room and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Checking the microwave, she turned it on for the appropriate amount of time, and then proceeded to hand wash her bottle. Once done with that, she cleaned the bottle with a paper towel, and then filled it with milk from the refrigerator just as the microwave dinged, signifying her dinner was ready.

Taking her dinner and bottle in hand, Maylu exited the kitchen and entered the living, placing the plate and bottle on the coffee table before sitting down on the couch. The food was quick to be devoured, as Maylu was quite hungry, leaving Maylu with just her bottle left. Taking it into her hand, Maylu shifted till she was laying down on the couch before placing the nipple into her mouth.

Maylu hummed happily as she suckled on the nipple, lapping up the milk from it. It was at moments like this that Maylu could truly relax, truly be herself and let go of her responsibilities as a big girl. Apparently, she relaxed too much.

“Maylu!” Said girl jumped at Roll’s voice. As she landed, she felt something mushy spread in her panties, and realized what happened. “You need to be more careful, you can’t be having accidents without your diaper on, you know how hard it is to hide those from Nanny.”

“I no mean to Woll.” Maylu said, sniffling lightly.

Roll sighed, and scratched the back of her head. “Well, I guess that’s why they’re called accidents. Go upstairs to the bathroom and sit on the toilet after taking your skirt and panties off. You can finish your bottle there, and then clean yourself up before we go for your diapers.”

Maylu rubbed her eyes. “Okay Woll.” Standing up, Maylu carefully made her way to the staircase.


About half an hour later, Maylu entered a small drug store on the other side of ACDC town. None of her friends came to this store, nor anyone from her school as the store was in a different school district, thus leaving little to chance of her being recognized and there by exposed.

Maylu picked up a carrier basket and made her way to the child care isle. Walking down the isle, Maylu quickly found the brand of diapers she wore, a size three small “Princess Luvs” for teenagers, and placed two bags in her basket. Walking further down the isle, she grabbed two bottles of baby powder and a case of wet wipes.

“Well, well, what have we here?” Maylu straightened up at the voice, slowly turning to face it.

The woman before her had brown braided hair and chocolate colored eyes. She wore a black trench coat, black pants, black boots, and a brown tank top. Her name was Yuriko Ozono, a top agent of the Dark Chip Syndicate Nebula, a net terrorist group known all around the world.

“Ms. Yuri!” Maylu exclaimed. “What-How?!”

“Surprised to see me?” Yuriko asked, a smirk on her face. “I’ve been hit by a truck, and been on a plane hit by a meteor and still survived, you think being knocked off a bridge will do me in?”

“When you put it that way.” Maylu mumbled. “So what are you doing here?”

“Trying to keep a low profile.” Yuriko replied. “Can’t go back to Dentech City for groceries or any other necessities, so I go to small towns and communities to buy what I need. Won’t be long till I’m transferred to another division of Nebula, away from dark chip distribution, so I’m laying low till then.”

“Makes sense.” Maylu commented. “Will you be fighting Lan or Chaud anymore?”

“Only if I’m assigned a mission in the next month and they’re nearby.” Yuriko said. Glancing at the contents of Maylu’s basket, she raised an eyebrow. “So you’re a baby girl?”

Maylu blushed at that. “Y-Yes.” She admitted.

“That’s interesting.” Yuriko commented. “Never expected you to admit it.”

“Not like I have much choice, you are a net terrorist, and I’ve seen what you can do. I’d rather not provoke you.” Maylu said.

“Heh, I suppose that’s true.” Yuriko said. “So why don’t you sate my curiosity, and tell me why you’re a baby girl?”

Maylu’s face flushed, but she opened her mouth to answer anyways. Just as she was about to explain, she felt something warm against her crotch. That warmth slowly slid down to her legs and pooled around her feet. Maylu had wet herself.

Upon realizing what she’d done, Maylu began to sob. While Roll tried to comfort her, Yuriko briefly took in her surrounding, including the contents in Maylu’s basket, and grabbed a pacifier off the shelf next to her. Opening the case, she pulled it out and placed it in Maylu’s mouth, to the girl’s surprise.

“Come on, there’s a bathroom near here. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Yuriko said gently. Maylu blinked, the pacifier still in her mouth, but slowly nodded her head. Yuriko took Maylu’s hand gently and lead her down the isle, leaving behind the puddle of urine she’d made. Upon exiting the isle, Yuriko took her the single bathroom in the back of the store, and locked the door behind her.

The bathroom was small, only one toilet, a sink, a trash bin, a paper towel dispenser, and a changing table for infants and toddlers. Yuriko set her basket on the floor and walked over to Maylu, who was leaning up against the wall, suckling on her pacifier while Roll comforted her. Yuriko took Maylu’s basket from her, causing the girl to look up at her.

“Lets get you changed.” Yuriko said softly, using her free hand to brush away some stray hairs from Maylu’s face. Maylu hesitated, looking Yuriko straight in the eyes for signs of deception. After a minute, she nodded her head. Yuriko took her hand and lead her over to the changing table. There, she lifted Maylu up by her armpits, to the girl’s surprise, and laid her down on the table, which was a little small for Maylu.

Yuriko unzipped Maylu’s skirt, revealing her urine stained panties. She quickly pulled those off as well, along with her stained socks and shoes, leaving Maylu naked from the waist down. Opening the wipes container, Yuriko carefully began cleaning Maylu’s privates, Roll encouraging Maylu the entire time. Once done with the wipes, Yuriko opened the bottle of baby powder and sprinkled some on Maylu’s privates before rubbing it into her skin, causing Maylu to moan behind her pacifier.

Ripping open one of the packages, Yuriko pulled out a clean plastic diaper and opened up the back flaps. Taking Maylu’s legs in one hand, she raised them up enough to slide the diaper under Maylu’s bum. Putting her legs back on the table, Yuriko pulled the front of the diaper up between Maylu’s legs, opened the flaps, then pressed it tightly across Maylu’s front. Reaching around behind Maylu, Yuriko ripped the clear tape and pulled it across the front of Maylu’s diaper, repeating the process on the other side. Once she checked for any leak holes, and found none, she lifted Maylu up in her arms before setting her on her feet.

“Better?” Yuriko asked the now blushing girl. Maylu slowly nodded her head. She pulled her pacifier out of her mouth.

“Why did you diaper me?” Maylu asked softly.

“You said you were a baby girl earlier, and your accident proved that you needed to wear protection like one.” Yuriko answered.

Maylu looked down, still blushing. “I don’t always need diapers, just during my baby time.”

Yuriko raised an eyebrow. “Baby time?”

“I’m not always a baby girl.” Maylu sighed.

“I’ll explain it Maylu.” Roll said. Maylu blinked, but pulled her PET out of it’s case from her belt, and pointed the screen towards Ms. Yuri. “It’s like this, Maylu never had much of a childhood. When she was 4, her parents dumped Maylu on this horrible Nanny, who’s strict as hell, just the slightest thing done wrong and either Maylu or I suffer the consequences. Because of the way she was raised by that Nanny, Maylu and I spend some of the time she’s alone trying to regain that childhood; Maylu still wasn’t potty trained when that Nanny came along.”

“I see.” Yuriko said. “So I suppose you two will want to get home and enjoy your baby time a little longer?”

“Um, yeah.” Maylu said, blushing.

“Well, lets get you dressed then, and we’ll go to the check out for your supplies.” Yuriko said. Maylu blinked.

“You’re not gonna use this against me?” Maylu asked. Yuriko held out Maylu’s open skirt, and Maylu stepped into it, where Yuriko zipped it up.

“Nope, what can I gain from this anyways? Making an innocent girl’s life miserable? Even if I took you back to Nebula and held you for ransom, we wouldn’t gain much as you’re not related to anyone that could affect the conflict between Nebula and the officials.” Yuriko explained as she turned Maylu’s socks inside out, making the stains harder to see.

“True, even if I’m friends with Lan and Chaud, the officials wouldn’t stop going after Nebula because they had me.” Maylu said. Yuriko placed Maylu’s shoes on the table beside her, pulled out a bottle of perfume, and began spraying them. “What are you doing?”

“Making certain your shoes don’t smell like urine.” Yuriko replied. “If you’re serious about being a baby girl, you should at least wear pull-ups during the day to cover up any accidents you have, if not one of your diapers.”

“Maybe…” Maylu mumbled. “I’ve only just started having accidents though, and I’m scared of what Nanny would do if she knew about all this.”

Yuriko finished spraying Maylu’s shoes and carefully placed them on her feet. She then helped Maylu off the changing table and patted the girl’s head. “You’re a smart girl Maylu, I’m sure you could find a way to hide your diapers from your Nanny. If being a baby girl makes you truly happy, then you should be the best baby girl you can be. So long as it doesn’t interfere with your big girl responsibilities, no one should have the right to take that away from you.”

Maylu giggled and swatted Yuriko’s hand away. “Thanks Ms. Yuri.”

“Please, call me Yuriko.” Yuriko said. “Now then, what say we get out of here and buy you what you need, okay?”

Maylu looked surprised for a moment, but then smiled and cheered. “Yeah!”

“Alright then, grab your basket and follow me.” Yuriko instructed. Maylu quickly gathered up her supplies, placed them in her basket, and followed Yuriko out of the bathroom.

Going back to the child care isle, the girls saw Maylu’s puddle had been cleaned up. Yuriko briefly checked the package of diapers in Maylu’s basket for her size, then walked down the isle and picked up two bags of pull-ups that would fit her. Walking back to Maylu, she placed them in her basket, and the pair walked up to the check-out registers.

The girl at the register said nothing at first as she rang up the pull-ups and the first package of diapers, but upon seeing the second one open, she looked at Maylu. “You wouldn’t happen to be the one who had that accident in the child care isle, would you?” She asked.

Maylu turned away, blushing, and put the pacifier back in her mouth. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked up at Yuriko. “I apologize for that.” Yuriko told the lady. “My daughter has a bad stomach bug right now, and the doctor recommended she wore protection until the medicine kicks in.”

“And the pacifier?” The lady asked. Yuriko narrowed her eyes.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but my daughter has a habit of sucking her thumb when she’s nervous. I thought it was time to get her something healthier to suckle on if she needs to suckle on something.” The lady didn’t say anything after that, and finished ringing up the items. Yuriko paid the lady, and after the supplies were bagged, walked out of the store with Maylu.

Maylu pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and looked up at Yuriko. “Thanks for standing up for me back there Yuriko.” She said.

“No problem kid, just give me the money for your supplies, and we’ll call it even.” Yuriko replied.

Maylu nodded her head in agreement, and placed a blank battlechip into her PET. A few seconds later it popped out with a picture of a zenny coin on it, which she handed to Yuriko. The Nebula agent checked it with her PET, then nodded. “Well, I have to get going, I don’t know when my Nanny will be getting home.” Maylu said.

“I understand, why would you want to spend time with a net terrorist like me anyways?” Yuriko joked.

Maylu stared at her for a minute. “You might be a net terrorist,” She started, gaining Yuriko’s attention, “But you’re not completely a bad person, you just do bad things. Personally, I wish my mother was as caring, accepting, and understanding a person as you are Yuriko. I think you’d make a great mother.”

Yuriko looked stunned after Maylu said that. Taking her silence as her cue to leave, Maylu began jogging home. Yuriko watched her as she ran off, as tears whelmed up in her eyes. “If only Maylu.” Yuriko whispered softly. “If only.”


A half hour later, Maylu was back at her house, and leaning against her closed bedroom door. “I can’t believe I ran across town in a diaper!” She laughed.

“Me either Maylu.” Roll said from the computer. “And now we got pull-ups you can wear during the day too! If you want, of course.” She added.

“I’ll think about it.” Maylu said. “I’d rather not wear them to school, but if I start having more accidents I may not have any choice.”

Just then, the door downstairs slammed shut. Maylu jumped, and both girls gave a squeal of surprise. “Maylu!” It was the Nanny. “You got two minutes to get in your pajamas and be in bed!”

Maylu blinked and checked the clock. It was only 8PM, but Maylu knew better then to question her Nanny’s orders. As she heard the Nanny stomp up the stairs, Maylu quickly began to disrobe, while she rushed to put her supplies under the loose floorboard.

“She must not have found everything she needed.” Roll commented idly. She then noticed Maylu pulling her pink pajama pants on over her diaper. “You’re still wearing that?”

“I’m not gonna risk her walking in on me half nude.” Maylu replied as she pulled on her night shirt and began buttoning it closed. “Besides, I don’t want to waste the first one I’ve actually been changed into.”

“That’s pretty risky Maylu.” Roll replied, shaking her head. “But it doesn’t surprise me. Good luck.”

“Thanks Roll.” Maylu said. She quickly replaced the floor board and got into bed just as the Nanny knocked on the door. Maylu had just enough time to slip under the covers as the Nanny walked in.

“I see you’re ready for bed.” The Nanny said. “Good, I shall see you some time tomorrow.”

“Do you have plans tomorrow?” Maylu carefully asked.

“Yes.” The Nanny bluntly replied. “I’ll be busy most of the day till dinner time. I expect you can take care of yourself till then?”

“Yes Nanny, I still need to get that program for my keyboard. I can do that tomorrow while you’re out.” Maylu answered.

The Nanny nodded and left the room, closing the door behind her. Maylu waited for five minutes before she crept out of bed. “What are you doing?” Roll whispered.

“I’m making sure Nanny can’t get into my room while I’m sleeping.” Maylu replied. She carefully picked up the chair in front of her desk, and then waddled over to her door. She leaned the chair under the door handle and locked the door.

“That’s very risky.” Roll said quietly. “If she tries to check in on you tonight or in the morning, she’s gonna be mad.”

“It’s a risk I’m going to take.” Maylu said as she pulled off her pajama bottoms, leaving her diaper exposed. “Its been a while since I’ve tested how far I can go until Nanny punishes me, so even if she’s mad she won’t punish me too badly. Better for her to be mad at me for not letting her into my room then seeing me dressed like this.”

“I suppose so.” Roll said, as she watched Maylu climb back into bed, dropping her pajama bottoms at the foot of the bed.

“Exactly.” Maylu said. Reaching under her pillow, Maylu pulled out the pacifier she just bought. “Good night Roll.”

“Good night Maylu.” Roll said. Maylu put her pacifier in her mouth and began suckling on it as she curled up under the covers. Roll smiled at the scene before her, and then shifted the computer and herself into sleep mode. Tomorrow was sure to be an interesting day.


Well, that’s it for chapter one. For those of you who’ve read “Maylu’s New Life,” I’m sure you have an idea of where this story is going. That being said, this story takes place when Nebula is still in power, and Yuriko is still a criminal, so it will have more action then my other Maylu story. Till next time, read and review please :D.

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Hi twilight, Its me Narunata from DA is this the same story as Maylu’s New Life, I skimmed over it and it sounds similar.

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a gripping read, you have become an excellent writer, I hope you have all your wishes, and goals accomplished in the future.