Maylu's Next Adventure: The Viral Chips!

Maylu’s Next Adventure: The Viral Chips!

Twilight3 is back with another Megaman NT Warrior/ Battle Network story, staring our two favorite diapered girls, Maylu and Amara! This story has about a two week time skip from the end of the last one, so this chapter will be mostly character development and catching up on what’s happened since then, as anyone who’s read the first will no doubt have questions waiting to be answered. So, without further ado…let the story begin!



A pair of violet eyes opened in the windowless room. The girl gave a muffled moan, due to the object covering her mouth, and stretched lightly, as the straps on her wrists and ankles left little room to move. A small light in the corner gave the girl just enough light to see around the room.

She first noticed a pair of wooden rolling doors in the corner, most likely leading into a closet. Next to that was seemingly a dresser, the light didn’t stretch far enough to tell. A crooked chair was next to the bed, as the light’s shadows played tricks with her vision. The bed she was strapped too seemed to have bars attached to the side not against the wall, iron bars the girl deduced with a feel.

Looking down at herself, the girl noted that the clothes she’d been wearing were gone, and in their place was a light blue diaper with a matching top, the diaper having leaked if the cold sheets meant anything. The girl also noted her ocean blue hair was out of it’s ponytail, and lay beneath her body.

The blue haired girl sighed softly behind her cherry flavored gag. ‘Well, looks like I made it, I just won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. I hope sis made it back safely, if not, there will be hell to pay.’ The girl winced as she stretched, feeling a sharp pain from her lower stomach. With her limited movement, she managed to lay her hands on it. ‘Damn, what was that? Those goons never hit me there, even after tackling me to the ground. Could I be having a reaction to whatever sedative they used on me…no matter, I’ll deal with it later.’

A door opening in the corner cut off any more thoughts she had. Light streamed into the room, and the girl could barely make out a figure in front of it.

“Ah, you’re awake.” The figure said. The girl decided it was female, judging by the voice. “That’s good…oh my, your diaper seemed to have leaked! No worries though, we’ll get you changed into a more absorbent one, and then we can begin your reprogramming. After all, Netopia would look bad if we kept pick-pocketing little thieves like you out on the street.”

Reprogramming?’ Amara thought to herself. "Does that mean this is a government operation? I’ll have to be extra careful on this one, not to mention milk my act for all it’s worth.’ Amara then glared in defiance at the woman before her as she lowered the steel bars to her bed.


Chapter 1: Dawn of a New Day

A pair of brown eyes opened, as the girl they belonged to slowly awoke from her slumber. The girl stretched her limbs out, bumping them lightly against the pink, wooden bars that surrounded her. Yawning slightly, the girl then sucked on her vanilla flavored pacifier as she glanced around her room.

The walls were painted a soft pink in color, giving the room a dazed, almost drowsy-like feel to it. In the far corner was a closet, where the girl’s clothes hung, some childish, some more mature, appearance wise. To the right of the closet was a large dresser, filled with more clothes and other necessities. Between her and the closet was a rocking chair, and a small refrigerator within arm’s reach of it.

On the opposite wall, a changing table was set up, made several sizes larger then normal, easily big enough to lay a small adult on it. Between the changing table and the door was a small table, where a computer and PET connector stood. Glancing around herself, the girl took in the pink crib she laid in.

Looking down at herself, the girl took note of the wet diaper between her legs, but shrugged it off, as it was natural now. She stretched again, her short sleeved t-shirt, several sizes too small, rising with her shoulders, threatening to reveal her small but developing breasts. Her dark red, almost purple colored hair strayed around and on top of her, covering her chest as the shirt did rise up enough to expose her.

The girl’s hand hit something behind her. Blinking, she grabbed the object and brought it in front of her. It was a baby bottle, a few sizes bigger then an infant’s, and more then halfway full with a white liquid. With a grin, the girl removed her pacifier and placed the bottle’s nipple in her mouth, and began lapping up the milk inside it.

The girl’s name is Maylu Sakurai Ozono, Maylu Sakurai not even two months ago. A lot had changed over the past month or so for Maylu, some of which if told back then, she would have scoffed at.

It began with the death of her biological parents, the cause a plane crash. An incident like this would affect anyone greatly, and Maylu was no exception. Despite not having seen or spoken to her parents for nine years, since she was five, the loss still affected her greatly.

Before the incident, Maylu was a straight A student in school, and a top member of the Net Saviors police force, fighting net terrorism with several of her friends and her semi-famous boyfriend, Lan Hikari. But upon the incident, things changed for Maylu. Her grades dropped down a full letter grade, her old bed wetting habit resurfaced, and she was removed from the Net Saviors division by social services, for her own good they had said.

Social services had wanted to place her in an orphanage, the closest one available nearly fifty miles away from her home town, ACDC, but the police chief managed to convince them to delay sending her. Maylu had ten days to find a guardian to take care of her, and her nanny, hired by her parents to care for her in their absence, did not count, due to some previous legal issues. Near the end of the time limit, Maylu managed to find the most unexpected person to care for her, Ms. Yuri.

Ms. Yuri was the left hand woman of a former net terrorist group known as Nebula, the dark chip syndicate. Dark chips were used on net navis, giving them great power boosts, but corrupting their data, specifically their conscious, emotions, and behavioral programs. This caused even the most purest of souls to do the most despicable of acts against others and society in general.

Ms. Yuri, Yuriko to friends, was given a second chance after the fall of Nebula and aiding the Officials, elite worldwide police force, against an enemy threatening the very existence of the world. In exchange for handing over any dark chip she could get her hands on to the officials, she would be given ten thousand zenny, and a clean slate, which allowed her to take Maylu under her wing.

Yuriko did take very good care of Maylu, so much so that Maylu began seeing her as a mother figure, even after discovering her bed wetting problem. Despite that, Maylu’s problem grew into daytime accidents as well, and the doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her. Maylu then went behind Yuriko’s back and bought some pull-ups after a particularly close call, but was found out almost immediately.

After getting a small slap on the wrist for not telling Yuriko about her daytime problems, Maylu met an official net agent from the country of Netopia, Amara Kisari. To her surprise, Amara actually had experience with bedwetting and diapers herself, having damaged her bladder long ago in a car accident, the same one that gave her amnesia. Having been discovered earlier in the day by her friend, Yai, Maylu invited Amara over to Yai’s sleep over being thrown to help her with her insecurities over her lack of bladder and bowel control.

He sleepover had a few minor snags, but overall it had obliterated any embarrassment or shame Maylu felt for needing to wear diaper full time, and after confirming with Yuriko, decided it would be best to stop trying until it was certain that she had no control before retraining her. That very day Maylu went on a double date with Lan, Amara, and a brother figure to her, Chaud Blaze, Lan’s rival. The date had been fun, in more ways then one, until the end when the police chief called in, needing their help.

A group of navis were attacking a Net city, the central point of all the country’s electronic and information center, and they were using what was suspected to be dark chips. Sal, the famous net agent Black Rose, and a friend who had gone to the sleepover, had determined where the navi’s operators were in the real world, and moved to intercept them, at least, before HQ lost contact with her.

Maylu and co managed to locate the operator’s and a severely beaten Sal. The group managed to subdue the operators while their navis took care of the attacking navis and an infected Woodman, Sal’s personal navi, and get Sal to the proper medical facility, but each of them had been shaken up from the experience. It was that very night that Maylu confessed everything to Yuriko, about seeing her as a mother, no longer minding wearing or using diapers, and even acting and being treated like a baby girl instead of the teenager she was. Yuriko had accepted this, and the next day adopted Maylu as her daughter.

As fate would have it, Amara and Yuriko had shared a mother/baby girl relationship, though not biologically, while Nebula had been in power. Upon learning of this, and their mild discomfort at being near each other after rejecting an adoption, Maylu managed to trick Amara into meeting Yuriko alone. What Maylu intended was for the two to make up and be friends at least, but instead wound up with a new big baby sister, which couldn’t have made Maylu happier.

Unfortunately, Amara still had duties in Netopia, and as a result had to return there for a month’s time at least, waiting for her transfer to Electopia to be approved. Despite it being a school day, Maylu escorted her future sister to the airport and saw her off with their mother. On the way back to school, they had stopped at the hospital to visit Sal, only to find out something had happened.

A doctor had sabotaged an operation Sal was undergoing, to fix some internal injuries and bleeding, and escaped security. Sal survived, however she was left without control of her bladder as a result.

At this point, Maylu had several things happening to her. For starters, she spent some time after school and on weekends helping Sal cope with her experience and new dependence on diapers, with help from Sal’s girlfriend, Miyu. Next, Maylu started counting down the days till school let out for summer, like every kid and teen did at the end of the year. Then there’s the times she spent out with Lan, be they just outings or dates. And if there was time left over, there’s baby time at home with her Mommy.

But the biggest thing that happened over the past week was her net savior examination and psychological evaluations. After her incident, Sal had retired as a Net Agent, thus leaving the Officials hurting for active agents to make up for their loss. Many had doubted Maylu would pass either of her examinations, but Maylu has surprised everyone, in more ways then one.

Officials were rated on scales from one to ten, and before the accident, Maylu had been a six, seven at best. Her skills were now an undisputable nine, to the shock of all. Her psychological exam was what caused debates.

The loss of her parents, and seeing their remains had been an enormous psychological shock to her, which in turn caused her wetting problems, first night then day as well, which added stress to an already stress full teenage life. The psychologist discovered that Maylu’s bladder and bowel problem actually stemmed from a subconscious desire to be close to her biological parents. Having barely begun potty training when they left, and still being her parent’s baby girl in nearly every sense of the word, the psychologist determined that she was regressing, physically, emotionally, and mentally to a degree, all in a subconscious effort to be closer to the parents she loved but hardly knew.

While this set off alarms to many people, the psychologist came up with a solution to Maylu’s problem: Simply treat her like a baby or a young child whenever possible. By acting out as the little girl she once was, she’d be able to function properly whenever necessary. Yuriko had no problem with treating Maylu as a baby while at home, and occasionally when going outside as well, but this solution was questioned by many of the higher ups in the Official’s corps. Several were worried if she wasn’t treated childish long enough, she might act out in the middle of a mission. That was the main concern.

It was the chief who came up with the solution, as long as Maylu was a member of the force, all members would treat her as a little girl. Giving her bits of candy when she does something right, scolding her lightly when she’s late turning in a report, and sending her to the medical wing whenever she needed her diaper changed. After testing it out for a week, everyone found it to be effective, as well as fun, and Maylu was approved for active duty.

The approval couldn’t have happened at a better time. The weird chips that were used in Sal’s incident were spreading rapidly, many being disguised as regular chips. The chips were dubbed ‘Viral chips’ as they strengthened a navi’s natural strength and any chip used after words. To make matters worse, any program or virus exposed to even a minuet amount of the energy within the chips began going rampant. More often then not, the programs had to be destroyed and new ones created to replace them, while viruses were destroyed as usual.

Electopia wasn’t the only nation having difficulties with the viral chips. Netopia, Sharo, and Yumland also had reports of the viral chips being used. Yumland had it the worst, as the land was filled with many ancient structures that needed protecting. All vehicles were not permitted within 5 miles of any of the structures, thus straining the economy as it hindered the tours of the nation’s best product.

Sharo, being an artic wasteland and mostly militant run land, also had difficulties with the viral chips. Once one came close to infecting the antenna controlling their weather control satellite, Sharo immediately isolated the area from all outside contact. Messages were delivered by hand in 20 below.

Netopia was currently the largest known nation with viral chips. The number of viruses, programs, and navis infected were largely noticeable. Netbattle and virus busting classes were suspended in schools, only to be held on the weekends in specified locations under Official’s watch. This was met with many complaints, but proved to be an effective means to find and confiscate more chips.

Maylu lapped up the last of her milk before setting her bottle to the side. Looking at the clock on the opposite wall, she saw it was ten o’clock. She had to report in at Official’s HQ by eleven thirty to see if she was needed for any tasks. Usually it was just a minor assignment, finding a specific chip for a client, clean out a batch of viruses to fix a device of some sort, but occasionally she had to fight groups of navis or viruses that were using or distributing viral chips.

Just then the door to her room creaked open, and Maylu saw an eye peek in at her. Giving a small wave, Maylu watch the brown haired woman the eye belonged to enter her room. “Morning baby girl.”

“Good morning Mommy.” Maylu replied, sitting up in her crib. Yuriko walked over to her and lowered the crib’s bars.

“You certainly slept in late today, you feeling okay?” Yuriko asked as she reached down and checked Maylu’s diaper.

“I’m fine Mommy, I was just tired last night. Between the math problems for homework and dealing with those infected viruses, it wore me and Roll right out.” Maylu answered, not the least bit phased as Yuriko slipped two fingers up her diaper’s leg hole.

“I guess so, Roll is still resting in her yard chair right now. What say we get you changed and down to breakfast, I made pancakes this morning.” Yuriko said, lifting Maylu out of her crib.

“PANCAKES!!! YUMMY!!!” Maylu squealed, clapping her hands as Yuriko set her down on the changing table. Yuriko went back to Maylu’s crib, and returned with her vanilla flavored pacifier and popped it in Maylu’s mouth.

“It’s not nice yelling in Mommy’s ear sweetie.” Yuriko scolded lightly, as she undid the tapes to Maylu’s diaper.

“Sowwy Mommy.” Maylu said behind her pacifier. Yuriko lifted her legs up as she slid the wet diaper out from under Maylu.

“It’s okay baby girl, just try to remember that next time, I’d hate to have to spank you again.” Yuriko said as she began cleaning Maylu with a wet wipe.

Maylu shivered at the memory. It had been a week after Amara had left, and Maylu had had a rough day, especially with all the criticism she received from the higher ups about her ability to perform. When Yuriko had asked her to go with her shopping, Maylu had thrown a hissy fit, which resulted in her getting her first spanking in years. Maylu felt her bottom tingle at the memory, Yuriko’s spankings hurt a lot!

Yuriko finished powdering Maylu’s front, taking note of the lack of response to her baby girl’s favorite part of her diaper changes. Deciding to cheer her up, Yuriko bent down till her lips were on Maylu’s stomach and blew hard into it.

Maylu squealed at the sudden assault on her stomach, squirming under Yuriko’s grasp. She tried pushing her away, but Yuriko grabbed her hands and held them over her head while continuing to ‘torture’ Maylu. After a minute more, Yuriko released Maylu’s hands and pulled back, allowing a red faced Maylu time to recover.

Yuriko grabbed a fresh diaper and opened it. Lifting Maylu’s legs, she then slid the diaper under her bum, and lowered her legs back onto the table. Lifting the front of the diaper up between Maylu’s legs, Yuriko opened the side flaps before pulling it tightly up against Maylu’s front. Reaching down beside Maylu, Yuriko pulled open one of the diaper’s tapes, and pulled it tightly across the front of her diaper, repeating the process on the other side. Checking for leak holes and finding none, Yuriko then lifted Maylu into her arms.

“Feeling better baby girl?” Yuriko asked.

“Yes Mommy.” Maylu answered. “Me hungwry!”

“Well lets go filly that little tummy of yours right up!” Yuriko said, brushing her nose against Maylu’s. Maylu giggled and cheered as Yuriko carried her downstairs.


The pink navi known as Roll sighed as she gazed up at the computer’s wallpaper. A lot had changed over the past few months, and while some of them were for the better, others were ones she could do without.

A small change was the computer’s wallpaper. The background was sky blue with puffy white clouds in different shapes, most of them musical notes. Another change was the beauty salon and yard furniture added to the home page, a welcome addition.

Roll looked down at the puffy white diaper she now wore. This was a change she could do without. As much as she supported Maylu and her infantile tendencies, Roll really didn’t want to…experience it. However, Yuriko had installed a program in the house security system, and any humanoid female navi under 18 years of age within it would find their waist armor replaced with a puffy white diaper. While Roll had the body of an 18 year old, her data was only 9 years old.

Roll suddenly gasped, and clutched her stomach. She felt wetness flow down the front of her diaper, and down to her bum. It wasn’t pee, however, that trickled into her diaper. It was Roll’s data code. The diaper program itself did not cause this sort of effect, which lead Roll to believe the problem was with herself.

Roll panted as she finished filling her diaper. Manipulating her energy, she lengthened her antennae to the point they could reach into her diaper, and began absorbing the data back into her systems. While Roll was worried about her new situation, she was even more concerned with what it would entail to Maylu’s Official status.

Being an Official was a link to Maylu’s past, one of the few she had. Ever since Maylu’s parents died, and the combination of her shock and subconscious yearning to be closer to said parents forcing her into her second babyhood, Maylu had cherished every little link she had to who she was. She had changed drastically, at times more mature then she was, others more daring, and of course more childish. Being conflicted in her ability to perform and behave, Maylu desperately hung onto any sense of normality she once had, and having been an Official for close to a year, she had settle that job into her sense of normality, despite all the job entailed.

Losing that link could cause Maylu to grow even more unbalanced then she originally was, and Roll did not want to be the one responsible for it. None of her major programs ever ‘leaked’ out of her, nor did they ever ‘leak’ when she was out of the house, thankfully. So long as her performance was not inhibited, she felt no reason to inform anyone of her condition.

Roll’s eyes then widened as she felt a large amount of data ‘dump’ itself out of her body and into the back of her diaper. That had never happened before. Biting her lip, she shifted her antennae into the data mass and began absorbing the data back into her body. Had she seen her eyes, she would have noticed they had slit after the dump, however they shifted back to normal after Roll finished absorbing her data. She could not help but shiver as a chill swept through her body.


That’s all you get for chapter 1. I hope you all enjoyed it. In a week or so I’ll be going on vacation to a nature preserve, void of all internet connection. Seeing as I haven’t been doing much writing lately, I figured I could sacrifice the breakfast scene to get this long awaited chapter out sooner to my loyal readers. But make no mistake, that scene will just be moved to the start of next chapter. Anyways, please review and let me know what you did or did not enjoy about this chapter.

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Umm… yeah. I absolutely love this series that you’ve started, but I’ve yet to see another chapter. Please reconsider before you abandon this story, it has amazing promise, and has become a favorite of mine.

Re: Maylu’s Next Adventure: The Viral Chips!

more more!!!