Maylu's New Life Ch. 6 & 7

Maylu’s New Life

Chapter 6: Adventure and It’s Price

Roll sighed as she jumped to another web page. Roll had been searching for little over a month now for something that could help Maylu’s wetting problems, but there was little success. What few methods she found that they hadn’t tried seemed a bit too extreme, and Yuriko wouldn’t approve of such a drastic change in Maylu’s diet.

Roll looked around the new web page, it was different than the sites she usually stopped at. This site had a sky blue background, white fluffy clouds going across the site. There were also sprites of kids and teens in baby outfits and diapers floating around as well.

“What kind of site is this?” Roll asked out loud. As she moved around, she noticed navis in several glass chambers, the equivalent of chat rooms. These rooms however had weird titles on them. “Poll: Wet or Mess? Why you wear? Diaper fantasies? What is this place?”

Roll then noticed booths that navis were filing in, they seemed to be connected to the site’s main server. Roll shrugged her shoulders and entered a booth herself, more out of curiosity than anything else. A small data stream leaked from the wall, and Roll directed her antennae to it and began sorting through the data.

After several minutes Roll reached a conclusion, she wouldn’t get anything from this site. This site was for groups of people who liked wearing and using diapers, not finding ways to get out of them. She had seen several words pop up every now and then: Infantilism, AB, TB, DL, Roll had no idea what the last three were, but she gathered that infantilism was acting like a baby, from all the data she went through. Roll pulled her antennae out of the data stream.

“Roll, is that you?” A voice from behind asked. Roll had a ‘oh shit’ look cross her face for a moment before she turned around. Just outside the booth stood a female navi. She wore a blue jumpsuit, a white and puffy nurse’s dress complete with gloves and boots. She had a blue helmet with a white nurse hat on top and a clear orange visor, two braides of blue hair coming from under the helmet, one on each side. “Oh god, it is you! Don’t tell me you and Maylu are in on this stuff.”

Roll gritted her teeth, counted to ten, and exhaled. “No Meddy, I stumbled upon this site by accident looking for information on the human digestive system, Maylu has a health project due in two weeks.” Meddy and Roll had never really gotten along, they both liked Megaman, just as Maylu and Meddy’s operator, Jasmine, like Lan. It was a constant battle between the two.

Meddy smirked. “Yeah, I’m supposed to believe that you stumbled upon this baby wannabe site looking up info about the digestive system.”

Roll shrugged. “Food has to come out somewhere.” Meddy paused to think over that response and shuddered. “So what’s your excuse for being on this site?”

“I was page jumping when I noticed the different wall paper, once I noticed what the site was about I was ready to leave, but then I saw you and decided see what was up.” Meddy explained. Roll nodded in understanding. “I know we don’t get along, but you wanna check out that new cyber slushy place in Net City?”

Roll blinked in surprise. “Um, sure, I guess. I guess I could use a break, but I have to ask, what brought this on?”

“How many other girl navis do you know?”

“Um, none really.”

“Exactly, there are hardy any female navis in this part of the world, we need to stick together, even if we don’t always get along.” Roll eyed Meddy suspiciously, but nodded her head in agreement.

“Alright, let’s go.”

xx 10 minutes later xx

Roll was leaning back in a chair, happily slurping down a cherry flavored slushy, while Meddy was slurping a vanilla flavored slushy.

“I’m glad we net navis don’t need to depend on intake of foods and liquids like our operators, but it’s nice to be able to enjoy the sense of taste every once and a while.” Roll stated before taking another slurp of her slushy. Meddy nodded in agreement.

“I totally agree with you there.” She said as she set her slushy down.

“So, what were you page jumping for?” Roll asked. Meddy frowned slightly.

“Jasmine’s grandfather hasn’t been doing well lately. Jasmine dragged him to the doctor’s office, where it was determine he had a terminal illness. It’s still in it’s early stages, so it can be treated, but he’s refusing the doctor’s treatment.” Meddy explained.

“That’s terrible! Why isn’t he getting the treatment?” Meddy sighed at this.

“The old man believes in medical herbal treatment, not this ‘new fangled technology,’ he refused to be treated any other way. Jasmine tried to get him to get the treatment, but he refused. This illness does have a herbal cure, so Jasmine and I have been searching the web for locations for the right herbs. We have most of them, we just need a few more, though Jasmine’s grandfather seems to be getting worse.” Meddy explained.

“And you’re just sitting here drinking a slushy?”

“My energy cells are low, I needed this to help recharge enough to look at a nearby site. The site should give me the last few locations we need, but I would have run out of energy before I got there.”

“Oh, ok, I get it. In that case, I’ll buy the next batch, and some ice cream. Same flavor slushy?”

“Yes please, and a chocolate and vanilla Sunday.”

xx minutes later xx

Both navis had their heads in their hands. “Brain freeze.” They both moaned. Meddy then managed to use some of her recovery abilities to relieve them of their brain freeze.

“Need to eat much slower.” Roll mumbled.

“Yeah.” Meddy agreed.

“You two getting along, now I’ve truly seen everything.” Roll and Meddy turned to the voice. The navi before them wore a dark blue jump suit, blue armored boots, gloves, helmet, and power pack on his back. He had his navi crest in the center of his chest, a yellow disc with a red circle inside, a black line going diagonally across it. The navi’s emerald green eyes had a look of amusement in them. The girls instantly sat up.


“Hey ladies, what cosmic force got the two of you together, much less acting civil towards each other?”

“Why, our love for you Mega.” Meddy said, batting her eyelashes at him. Both Meddy and Roll giggled as Megaman’s cheeks turned pink.

“Riiiight. So, what brings you to net city Meddy?” Megaman asked, stealing a chair from a nearby table.

“I’ve been searching the web for the location of some herbal plants that Jasmine can use to make medicine for her grandfather. He’s not doing to well at the moment, and I’ve been searching for the last twenty-seven hours for the remaining herbs. A site near here should give me the locations I need, so I decided to take a break and recharge. Ran into Roll along the way doing some research, and we decided to come here for a break.” Meddy explained.

“Sounds like everyone’s been busy. I just got done busting a gang of navis that were terrorizing ACDC area seven. One of them used a dark chip, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. Spikeman is investigating where the dark chip originated, so hopefully we’ll be able to stop something like this from happening again.” Megaman said.

“Gee, you must be sore after battling a dark chip infested navi.” Meddy said. Megaman put his hand on his right shoulder as he rolled it a few times.

“A little, the navi managed to hit me with an ultra bomb program advance.” He responded.

Roll suddenly grabbed Meddy shoulder, pulled her close and whispered, “I think a nice massage would do Mega some good don’t you?” Meddy looked at Roll’s grinning face.

“Are you suggesting what I think you are?” Roll nodded.

“There’s a hotel down the road, I’ll grab us a room, and you grab the chocolate ice cream and shackles.”

“Agreed.” Meddy grinned as well.

“Um, ladies.” Roll and Meddy turned to the now standing Megaman. “Another gang has started terrorizing area eight, Lan and I were just called in, so I have to get going. I’ll catch you two later.” Before they could respond, Megaman dissolved in a shower of pixels, leaving the girls to morn the lost opportunity.


Maylu sighed as she finished loading her panties into the washer, thanking her lucky stars that Yuriko was out at the construction site today. It had finally happened, Maylu had had a full blown accident. It had happened at the end of gym class, she was the last one in as the bell rang for class changes. Most of the locker room had been empty, thankfully, when Maylu felt a now familiar warmth between her legs. Gasping, she ran to the bathrooms, one hand cupped in her pants. Maylu found she couldn’t stop the flow, but managed to get her pants off before the pee stained it.

Her panties were another story, as they were totally soaked. As she finished up, Maylu had just sat there, stunned at what had happened, when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Before she knew it, she had filled her panties. She had cried for a few minutes, before she pulled her panties off, got the mess on herself and in her panties into the toilet, and flushed it.

Maylu had been having trouble during the day, so she had started bringing an extra pair of panties with her to school. She had never been so thankful for them. Maylu quickly got on a fresh pair of panties, and changed into her regular clothes, placing her soiled panties in her plastic bag she carried in her school bag should something like this happen. She then ran to her next class, only three minutes late.

As Maylu walked up stairs, she knew what she needed to do. She had tried to deny it, but Maylu was losing control of her bladder, and her bowels as well it seemed. She didn’t know why this was happening, as she had come to terms with her parent’s death, and that she’d never get to do things as a family like she had always wanted. She had become even closer to her friends, she managed to get her grades back up to what they were before the incident, and she was scheduled to start some light work net savior missions next week.

With her current wetting problem, Maylu knew, unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before her problem became known. There was only one thing she could do to delay it from being known, if only to delay it. Maylu needed to wear protection. Maylu jumped in the shower, to clean herself up from before. In there, she thought over what she needed to do.

There’s a drug store near the trans station that I can buy from, but then what? I don’t know if pull-ups will be covered by my skirts, much less my diapers. There is a clothing store just a few blocks down, if I wear a diaper there, I can get some idea what size pants and what type of skirt, if any, I can wear that’ll hide my underwear. Worst case, I’ll need to buy a belt to hold my pants up.’ Maylu thought as she finished cleaning herself. ‘It’s been a few hours since I late had lunch, it’s only a matter of time until I need to use the bathroom. I’ll try going now, if I can’t go I’ll just have to wear a diaper out t town.

Maylu finished her shower shortly after. She tried using the toilet, tried for several minutes, but nothing happened. With a sigh, Maylu went to her room to get dressed. Before she dropped her towel, she made certain her window shades were down. Not that she didn’t mind the idea of Lan getting a peak at her, but she didn’t want him to see her in a diaper.

Maylu dropped her towel before kneeling down, reaching under her bed and pulling out the paper bag that contained her changing supplies. Reaching in, she pulled out the baby powder, changing pad, and three diapers. Setting the pad on her bed, she sat down on while opening the powder. Sprinkling the powder onto her hand, she rubbed the powder into her skin, biting back a moan as she rubbed it in, it was one of her favorite parts of being diapered. Sprinkling more powder in her hand, she carefully applied it to her backside as well.

Maylu grabbed one of the diapers, opening it up fully, before standing up and pulling it up between her legs. Sitting back down on the pad, Maylu used one hand to hold the front of her diaper against herself, while reaching behind her with the other, ripping the tape and pulling it tightly to the front of the diaper. Maylu repeated the process on the other side before standing up, running her fingers along the leg holes to try and find any leak holes. Finding none, Maylu grabbed her bra off the floor and pulled it on before her computer screen flipped on and Roll appeared.

“Damn mission, we would have had him all to ourselves if it wasn’t for- oh hey Maylu…Why are wearing a diaper?” Maylu blushed lightly as she finished zipping her vest up.

“We both know I’m having accidents during the day now Roll, so I decided to head out and buy some pull-ups and some new clothes to hide them. I figured it would be best to wear a diaper out, just in case.” Maylu explained as she pulled her socks on. She then reached down and pulled her skirt up her legs, zipping and buttoning it up. Looking in the mirror, she didn’t see her diaper at all, even when she spun around. It was only when she bent forward did her skirt ride up enough to make her diaper visible. “Guess I’ll just have to kneel down if I drop anything.”

“You sure you want to do this? You’re taking a big risk Maylu.” Roll said.

“I’d rather use my diaper then wet my panties where everyone can see me. Then there’s the fact that I can use my diaper to measure what size pants and skirts to wear.” Maylu told her. Grabbing her PET and attaching the belt and shoulder pad to herself. Roll jumped from the computer to the PET, to the shoulder pad and appeared as a six inch hologram. Maylu turned to look at Roll, and grinned. “Besides, I don’t mind a little adventure every now and then, trying not to get caught wearing a diaper in public.”

Roll sighed. “Alright, just don’t do anything unnecessary. I know you like adventure and that you rarely get the chance for even a thrill, but I don’t want to see you get teases or made fun of just because you decided to take a chance.”

Maylu’s grin slipped into a smile. “Don’t worry Roll, I’ll be careful, why do you think I was posing in front of the mirror? Everything will be alright. We’ll get some clothes first, then we’ll get the pull-ups afterwards so we’re not carrying them around longer than we need to.”

“And how are we going to pay for all this?” Roll asked.

Maylu grinned again. “With this.” Maylu pulled out a red credit card. Roll gasped.

“That’s the card your parents gave you! It’s for emergencies only!”

“I’d say this situation qualifies.”

“Why not just tell Yuriko, I’m sure she’d understand and help us.”

“Mo-Ms. Yuri has already done so much for us, I don’t want to trouble her any more than we already have.”

“Maylu, I know how you feel about Yuriko, you don’t have to hide it from me, and you don’t need to hide it from Yuriko either. She cares about you Maylu, and we all know how she can’t have children of her own. She’d love it if you called her mom, I’m certain.”

“Maybe…I don’t know. If she doesn’t, it would make things awkward between us and-”

“Newsflash girl, things are already awkward between you two, with you trying not to call her mom.”

“Roll, can we talk about this later, we’re running out of daylight and Yuriko will be home in two hours.”

“(Sigh,) Fine, but we will talk about this later.”

“Ok, lets just get going already.”

“Fine.” Maylu grabbed a small traveling bag and placed her diapers and a small package of wet wipes in, her purse placed on top, before heading out.


It took about twenty minutes riding the trans before Maylu reach DenTech city, and another five to reach the clothing store. She had managed so far to keep her diaper a secret, but this was where things started to get tricky. She would need to try on different pants and skirts, and that meant constantly changing and revealing her diaper. Sure, she’d be in a stall, but that didn’t stop people from looking in through the cracks.

Maylu went around collecting jeans and skirts alike, she even grabbed a pair of overalls she had seen the last time she went shopping with Yai. She took her armful of clothes and headed to the changing room. Once inside, she made certain that she was out of sight from the crack in the door before she removed her skirt, leaving her diaper in full view should anyone look. She started trying on clothes, looking at herself in the mirror, and separating the ones that covered her diaper from the ones that didn’t.

As Maylu checked herself out in the mirror while modeling the overalls, she noticed something she had missed. At the crotch area, the overalls had poppers there, like the kind little kids clothes had for quick diaper changes. Maylu blushed at this, she didn’t know they made clothes like that her size. It was then that she felt herself relax, and before she knew it, she was wetting herself. Maylu gasped, quickly sitting down, and tried to stop the flow, but it only seemed to grow stronger with her efforts. Giving up, Maylu just sat there, looking at herself in the mirror as she felt the warm pee wash over her privates. To Maylu’s surprise, she didn’t really mind it at all, in fact, it actually felt good.

Maylu just shook her head to get rid of those thoughts when an idea struck her. With a slight giggle, she undid the poppers at her crotch, pulling them up revealing her wet diaper. Grabbing her bag, she stood up, puling out a fresh diaper and her wipes. Undoing the tapes on her wet diaper, Maylu carefully peeled it off herself before placing it on a stool nearby. She grabbed two wipes and cleaned herself thoroughly before throwing them in the used diaper. Taking it in her hand, she rolled it up before taping it shut with the tapes, then placed the used diaper at the bottom of the bag. Grabbing the fresh one, she opened all the flaps before pulling it up between her legs, then carefully taping the diaper on her. After checking for leak holes and finding none, she buttoned up the poppers and sat down. Both Roll and Maylu giggled at what she had just done, changing herself like one would a little kid.

Shortly after, Maylu went back out and placed back the clothes that didn’t fit and grabbing more of ones that did, grabbing a belt along the way. She went to the checkout station and paid for her clothes, now carrying them in three bags. Maylu left the clothing store, now heading for the drug store. This part would be the trickiest, buying pull-ups that fit her without raising suspicion from the checkout person. Maylu, for the life of her, couldn’t think of a decent excuse.

Maylu entered the drug store, started walking around just looking things here and there, before making her way down the isle that contained diapers and other baby things. Glancing around, Maylu saw a bag of pull-ups that would fit her, and was about to reach for it when a staff member appeared before her.

“Need any help kiddo?” The bubbly staff woman asked with a smile. Maylu was stunned for a moment, and that’s when Roll appeared on her shoulder.

“Actually, we could use a hand. You see, my operator and I are holding a baby shower for our aunt, and we’re looking for a gift for them. Think you can help?” Maylu was shocked that Roll came up with something like that. It would mean she would have to buy extra things, but at the same time, it would raise less suspicion.

“Sure thing, we got some diapers over here, baby bottles, different flavored pacifiers that are popular for teens as well, and a small section of baby clothes. Anything you looking for in particular?”

“You wouldn’t happen to have a special package or something, would you?”

“Actually we do. It comes with three pacifiers, six baby bottles, baby powder, wet wipes, and a bag of diapers as well. Would that do?” Before Roll could answer, Maylu spoke up.

“Yeah, that’d be great, but do you think we could replace the diapers with some pull-ups?” Seeing the questioning look on the girl’s face, Maylu explained. “My cousin currently has a bladder infection, and until his meds take full affect she needs to wear pull-ups, so as to prevent any accidents from being know at embarrassing moments. My…mom already bought diapers for the shower.”

“Oh, I see, you’re trying to help your cousin while getting a gift for your aunt at the same time. Two birds with one stone, right?” The lady smiled. Maylu and Roll smiled back, nodding their heads. “I don’t see a problem with that, I’ll grab one of our containers, and you grab the pull-ups. Meet me at check out station four, ok?” After receiving another nod, the lady headed to the back room, while Maylu grabbed the bag of pull-ups and made her way to the front of the store. Five minutes later, the girl was helping Maylu fit the container in one of her clothing bags. A few minutes later, Maylu was on her way home.


“I can’t believe that worked.” Maylu said as she walked down the street only a few blocks away from her home.

“Yeah, I know, I just said the first thing that came to mind. Sorry about getting all that extra stuff Maylu.” Roll said.

“Don’t worry about it, we have more changing supplies now. As for the rest, we can always drop it off at that place in town that collects hand-me-downs for needy people, so it’s all ok.” Maylu said.

“That’s good, though we should probably do that soon. The longer we hold onto them, the more likely we’ll- Maylu are you ok?” Maylu had stopped walking. Her bags fell to the ground as Maylu fell to her knees, clutching her stomach. Roll suddenly heard a loud fart like sound, and realized what was happening. Maylu was messing herself. Maylu stayed on her knees for a minute or so before climbing back to her feet. “You alright?”

“I’ll be ok, lets just get home so I can change, wet diapers are tolerable, but messy ones aren’t.” Roll nodded her head in understanding. Maylu grabbed her bags, which hadn’t spilled out, thankfully, and the two were off. After three minutes of poo rubbing against her skin, and crawling between her legs to her front, Maylu finally reached her house. After opening the front door, she quickly entered, then closed it behind her, and leaned back against the door. She gave a sigh of relief. “I made it.”

“Just in time to, dinner is ready Maylu.” Maylu’s face had one of those ‘dear caught in the headlights’ looks. Yuriko was sitting at the table, a large bowl of spaghetti and meatballs at the center. “Went shopping I see, why don’t you take a load off and have some of this, I used that special sauce you like so much.”

Maylu opened her mouth to respond when her stomach growled loudly. She blushed as Yuriko looked at her in amusement before taking a bite from her bowl. “In a minute, I have to use the bathroom.” Yuriko nodded her head, still chewing her food. Maylu made it to the stairs when Yuriko spoke.

“Speaking of bathrooms, I noticed several wet panties in the washer. Someone forgot to turn the machine on.” Maylu froze on the first step, bags still in hand. There was silence for a good minute before Yuriko spoke. “Last time I checked, I haven’t been having any accidents in my panties, so I can only assume they belong to you. Care to explain?” Maylu gave a small whimper before setting the bags down and approaching Yuriko. Yuriko patted the chair next to her, and Maylu slowly sat down, trying not to shift any of the mess in her diaper around anymore than it had been already.

Maylu just sat there, her head down, and face blushing, not saying a word. Yuriko took several more mouthfuls of her meal before setting her knife and fork down. “Perhaps I should just guess what happened and you can tell me if I’m right or not.” Maylu didn’t respond, nor did she look up. Just then, she smelled something foul nearby. She was surprised when she discovered it was coming off Maylu. Yuriko wrapped a handful of Maylu’s skirt in her hand, before pulling it upward, Maylu making no move to stop her. Flipping it all the way up, Yuriko saw Maylu’s diaper, and after feeling around the back, she could tell she had messed in it.

“I think I’ll go with my first theory, back when we first came here. I think you like wetting and messing your panties, and now your diapers too. Am I right?” To Yuriko’s surprise, Maylu’s face turned an even deeper shade of red. “It’s true, isn’t it?”

Maylu took a shagged breath. “N-no. I d-don’t mi-ind wetting myse-elf, but I ha-ate messing.” Maylu looked up and Yuriko could see the tears in her eyes. Yuriko placed a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, and spoke in a soft, but firm voice.

“Did you lie to me back then, or did this develop after that?”

Maylu managed to choke out, “After,” before breaking down in tears. Yuriko pushed her chair away from the table before pulling Maylu onto her lap, holding her in her arms as Maylu cried into her chest.

Minutes passed by before Maylu stopped crying, and just rested her head against Yuriko’s chest. “It’s ok Maylu, I’m not mad at you.” Maylu just shook her head.

“You don’t understand.” She whispered as she took a ragged breath.

“What don’t I understand?” Yuriko asked the girl in her arms.

“I’m not doing this on purpose.” Maylu whispered. Yuriko frowned.

“All these were accidents?” Maylu nodded her head. “Why didn’t you tell me before, I would have helped you then and there.” At this moment, Roll wanted to spring out and yell, “I told you so!” but knew that this was something the two of them needed to resolve themselves.

“I was scared.”

“Why were you scared? In fact, I noticed you constantly seem to fear me when you make a mistake or do something wrong. What’s the reason for it?”

“When I was little, Nanny was very strict about my behavior. If I set one toe out of line, even by accident, she’d punish me, sometimes Roll to. When it came to my bedwetting, she’d spank me in the morning with a wooden brush.” Maylu felt Yuriko’s hold on her tighten a bit. “Nanny had me buy a pair of plastic panties when the spankings didn’t work. She made me tell the cashier what they were for. After that didn’t work she stopped washing them, it made it really had to sleep at night with the smell. After that, she started making me wear them to school. My bedwetting started to stop after that till it vanished completely.”

“I see, it all makes sense now.” Yuriko said. “Maylu, unless you do something really bad, I’m not going to punish you. Have a few accident, we can deal with that without punishment as it’s not your fault. Skip classes, however, then we start talking about punishments, understand.”

Maylu nodded, but Yuriko wasn’t finished. “I am a bit disappointed in you Maylu, I had hoped you would have trusted me enough to tell me about your problem. That being said, I am a bit upset with you, it’s the second problem you have that I’ve had to discover on my own, instead of you telling me. I had hoped after all the time we spent together we had developed some sort of bond that would let us confide in each other, but I guess was wrong.”

“I’m sorry, I was just afraid that you wouldn’t understand if I told you. That, and you’ve done so much for me and Roll already, I didn’t want to bother you with this as well.” Maylu tried to explain.

“While I appreciate that Maylu, I am your guardian, and it’s my responsibility to take care of you, and I can’t do that if you’re keeping things from me. Understand?”

“Yes M-Ms. Yuri.”

“And another thing, I told you to call me by my name, only people I do business with call me Ms. Yuri now.”

“Sorry Yuriko.”

“Good, now then, what’s say we get you changed, you did say you didn’t like being in a messy diaper.” Maylu blushed but nodded her head. Maylu got off her lap and went over to her travel bag and brought it over to Yuriko, who was waiting on the living room floor, surprisingly with a changing pad out. Maylu handed her the bag before taking her skirt off and laying on the mat. Yuriko pulled out Maylu’s purse, a fresh diaper, wet wipes, and her used diaper, raising an eyebrow at the last one. Maylu looked away blushing.

Minutes later, Yuriko pulled Maylu to her feet. Maylu was about to pull her skirt back up, but Yuriko stopped her. “I’m still upset about this whole thing, so for the next month, your diaper and/or pull-ups must be in full view while you’re in the house, understand?” Maylu nodded, surprised that it was such a light punishment. Yuriko and Maylu washed their hands after disposing of the dirty diapers, before heading back to finish dinner.

After dinner, the two went to Maylu’s room, where Maylu decided to put on a mini-fashion show for Yuriko, showing what she bought. Yuriko was pleased with the pants and skirts Maylu bought. The pants were loose enough to cover the bulk of the diaper, and the belt helped keep them tight enough so they wouldn’t fall off. The skirts she bought were of a stronger material, so it didn’t flutter when it moved or when the win blew, at least not as much as her regular skirts did. Yuriko loved the pair of overalls with the poppers on the crotch, even going as far as unbuttoning them and checking if Maylu needed a change, to her embarrassment.

All in all, the little fashion show seemed to ease the tension between the two of them. Maylu decided to turn in early, as she was wiped out from the day’s events, and she still had school tomorrow. Yuriko let her change into her nighty, and after putting away Maylu’s new clothes, not asking about the baby supplies she found in the bag, she tucked Maylu in, sliding her vanilla flavored pacifier into her mouth. Maylu immediately began gently sucking on it as she drifted to sleep. Yuriko bent down and kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight my baby girl.”

“Gwod Nighh Mommee.” Maylu whispered through her pacifier. Yuriko’s eyes widened. That was the second time Maylu called her that, despite her being half asleep.

Could she really think of me as her Mother? I…I’d like that.’ Yuriko thought to herself. Stroking Maylu’s hair once, she walked out of the room, not noticing Roll’s smiling face on the computer screen.


Chapter 7: Preparations

Maylu groaned as she felt the cold washcloth run over her eyes. She felt it move down and around her face for a minute or so before she reached up and grabbed it.

“Finally up I see. Breakfast will be ready in half an hour and your pull-ups are in your underwear draw.” Yuriko told Maylu before leaving the room. Maylu used the washcloth to rub the sleep out of her eyes before opening them, taking a minute to let them adjust to the light.

Maylu sat up, pulling the covers off herself, revealing her wet diaper and slightly sweaty sheets. The weather had been surprising warm as of late, it was still a month or two before summer, but it felt like summer was today. Maylu crawled out of bed before going around her room, grabbing the clothes she’d wear today and lay them out on her bed. As she went in her underwear drawer, she noticed that her panties had been replaced with her pink and white pull-ups. With a sigh, she grabbed one along with some socks and a bra, placed them on her bed, before heading to the bathroom for her morning shower.

Grabbing a towel, Maylu entered the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Tossing the towel on the floor, she made her way to the shower curtain and started the water. Once she felt it was at the right temperature, Maylu pushed down on the mechanism, turning the flow of water up and out through the shower nozzle. Pulling her nighty off, Maylu was about to untape her diaper when she felt a warmth spread its way down her front. Quickly recognizing this for what it was, she sat down on the toilet, incase her diaper leaked. Thirty seconds later, Maylu untaped her heavily wet diaper off, threw it in the trash bin, and jumped in the shower, displeased at how little control she had.

Ten minutes later, Maylu stepped out of the shower. She quickly dried herself off before heading back to her room. Once there, she made certain the shades to her window were down before dropping her towel. She immediately grabbed her pull-up first, and after opening it, stepped into it and pulled it up her legs till it was nice and snug on her waist.

“How’s it feel?” Maylu turned to the computer and saw Roll on the screen. “Better than your diapers?”

“Honestly, it feels better than panties, but I’d prefer diapers over these if I didn’t have to use them.” Maylu answered honestly. “They don’t spread my legs out, so it’ll be less noticeable that I’m wearing a pull-up, but the padding is still thick, though not uncomfortable.”

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to see how the day goes then.” Roll said.

“Yeah.” Maylu responded, before finishing getting dressed and heading to breakfast.


The school bell rang as Maylu made her way to her desk. She was incredibly nervous, this was her first time being around people her age while wearing a pull-up. She was wearing her usual shirt and vest, but had on a new violet colored skirt that reached down to her knees. As she passed Yai, she was complemented on her new style.

Maylu did her best to try and act natural, try to focus on the teacher’s lecture, but it was incredibly hard for her to ignore the padding between her legs. Still, with some help from Roll, she managed to get down most of the notes needed for an upcoming test. At the end of the period, Maylu took advantage of the seven minute time period between classes to head to the bathroom.

Maylu entered a nearby girl’s room and quickly went into a stall. After making certain it was locked, she carefully pulled her skirt and pull-up down, taking care to have the skirt cover her pull-up entirely so no one could see it from under the stall. She quickly sat down on the toilet and tried to go. About a minute later, Maylu managed to unload into the toilet, before she cleaned herself up, pulled her clothes back on, and flushed the toilet. While she was proud of the fact she managed to use the toilet, the fact that she barely felt anything to indicate she needed to go disturbed her. After quickly washing and drying her hands, Maylu made her way to her next class.


“Huh, I wonder where everyone is today?” Maylu thought out loud. It was her fifth period lunch time, and she usually had it with Lan and Yai, but they were nowhere to be seen.

“Hey Maylu! Over here!” Maylu turned her head to the voice, and saw Lan and Yai waving at her from one of the outdoor picnic tables that were rarely used. Maylu waved back as she made her way over.

“Hey guys, what’s with the change in location?” Lan shrugged.

“Figured a change in scenery wouldn’t hurt every now and then.” Maylu blinked, the shrugged.

“I guess not.” Maylu sat down, and the three of them started eating their lunches, chatting about the occasional rumor and gossip floating around. About halfway into the period, Yai cleared her throat.

“Um, Maylu, there’s uh something we need to talk about.” Yai started. Maylu gave her a look, noticing Lan also seemed a bit uncomfortable at the moment.

“What about?” She asked. To her surprise, Lan answered.

“Yesterday I was traveling all over DenTech city doing net savior mission, and well, late in the day I saw you at a drug store, trying to cram something into a shopping bag.” Maylu’s face started to pale.

“I was shopping yesterday as well, and I noticed you were there to.” Yai said. “I was going to say hi, but then you went to one of the changing rooms. I was about to knock on the door when I saw you take your skirt off, and well…” she trailed off.

“When you were trying to cram that case into your bag, the back of your skirt rode up. I was turning away when I noticed a small shine near there and when I turned to look…” Lan trailed off as well. By now, Maylu’s face was entirely pale.

“So…you saw…” Maylu whispered.

“Yeah.” Yai said softly.

“We aren’t judging you Maylu, but as your friends, we’d like to know why you were wearing one out in public like that.” Lan said, soft enough that no one but them could hear, even thought the nearest group of teens were several tables away. Color started coming back to Maylu’s face as she began to blush. She had never expected to be caught, much less by her own friends.

“Lan…do you remember my problem…when I was little?”

“Yeah, you had night time troubles, right?”

“Yeah, well, after the plane crash mom and dad were in, it started up again. Yuriko and I have done all we can to try and stop it, but the methods we took didn’t seem to work, at least not completely. Yuriko decided we should stop trying to stop it from happening and start searching for new methods to try later. She bought me those to wear to bed, so there wouldn’t be as much laundry to do every morning.”

“Is she forcing you to wear them during the day?”

“NO! I mean…no she’s not Yai. Ever since the accident, the only way I can describe this is that I’ve been getting my warnings later and later. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but then I started having close calls, leaving stains on my underwear. I didn’t tell Yuriko because I didn’t know how she would react to day time problems, and she’s done so much for Roll and me that I didn’t want to bother her with this. The warning came less and less often, until yesterday I didn’t receive any at all. I decided to grab some daytime protection, wearing my nighttime ones out just in case.”

“Does Yuriko know?” Lan asked. Maylu nodded.

“She found out when I came home. She was, disappointed, that I couldn’t trust her enough to know, and that she had to find out about it herself.”

“So what happened?” Yai asked.

“Well, I do need pull-ups during the day now, so I have to wear those from now on. Yuriko is going to take me to the doctor in a few days, that was the earliest appointment she could get.” Maylu said.

“Any reason why this is happening?” Lan asked. Maylu sighed, resting her head on her hand.

“I don’t know, the doctor said the first time that it was just stress from what had happened wit my parents. I’ve come to terms with their passing just after their funeral, so now the only thing causing me stress is the problem itself.” She felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked up into Lan’s eyes.

“You’ll get through this Maylu. Yai, Yuriko, Roll, Megaman, Glide, and I are here for you.” Lan said with a smile.

“Damn right.” Yai stated. Maylu gave a small smile.

“Thanks you guys, it means a lot to me. I just wish I wasn’t the only one here that wore these. At least then, I’d have someone to relate and talk to more comfortably.”

“You know what, I think I can help.” Yai said, surprising Lan and Maylu.

“How so?” Maylu questioned.

“I’ve been meaning to have a sleep over some time soon, and I was trying to think of a theme for it. If you’d like to come, I could have it be a baby theme.” Yai explained.

“You’d do that for me?” Maylu asked.

“Of course, you’re my best friend Maylu. I don’t mind spending a night in diapers if it’ll help you feel more comfortable. I’ll even give you the invitations so you can pick who can come, as long as it’s girls only and no Annetta, got it?” Yai said.

“Got it. Thanks Yai, you’re the best.” Maylu said, giving the girl a hug.

“You know, the net agents, Black Rose and Mysteriu, just got back from missions, they’ll be taking some time off. You could try them if you wanted.” Lan suggested.

“That’s a great idea, it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen them, this’ll be a great chance to catch up on things. I’ll head down to the office after school gets out.” Maylu said.

“Great, I’ll have the invitations ready by then. I’ll just send them to you in an email, k?”

“That’d be great Yai, thanks.” Just then, the bell rang, signifying class changes. The three bid each other farewell, and went off on their own separate ways.


DenTech Officials Office, the primary headquarters for the officials in the nation of Electopia. It had been over a month since Maylu had last been here, so she took a moment to take everything in. Not much had changed aside from a new vending machine or two.

“Maylu, is that you?”

Maylu turned around. Walking towards her was a boy with skunk colored hair and dazzling blue eyes, wearing a black shirt, a red vest that was currently open, army style pants, and a pair of black boots. With him was a girl. She had long sea green hair that reached her waist despite it being pulled back into a ponytail, some of it spilling over her face if not for being tied back with a headband. She had a pale heart shaped face, violet eyes, and her black headband had the yin-yang symbol on it, with a shuriken star overlapping it. She wore a loose black shirt, black shorts, black combat boots, and a silver belt around her waist that carried her PET on it.

“Chaud! Long time no see!” Maylu said, running up to him and giving him a hug, which her eagerly returned. The girl just smiled at the scene while waiting for them to break apart, which they did a minute later.

“No kidding, how have you been hold up?” Chaud asked.

“Ok I guess. I’ve managed to get my grades back up to where they were before the accident, I’ve gotten closer to Lan and the others since then, and Yuriko is taking care of me as my guardian, doing a great job I might add. How about you?”

“Things have been going good for me. Been traveling around, both for business and missions, met up with an old friend to. Maylu, I’d like you to meet Amara Kisari, my girlfriend.” Maylu’s eyes widened at that.

“Pleasure to meet you Maylu, Chaud’s told me so much about you.” Amara said, holding a hand out to Maylu. Maylu took it.

“Then I trust you know that I only see him as a brother figure and a friend, right?” Maylu said, thinking about the hug. Amara only smiled.

“Don’t worry girl, I know all about how you two feel for each other, you got nothing to fear from me.” She said.

“That’s good. So Amara, do you live around here?” Maylu asked.

“Not yet. I’m actually an Official back in Netopia, though I’ve sent in an application to transfer here to DenTech. It should take place in about a month or so depending on what missions I have to take till then. I was in the neighborhood and decided to say hi to Chaud.” Amara replied. Just then, Maylu’s PET started ringing.

“Excuse me one sec.” Maylu put one hand on her hip while pulling out her PET from her pouch. Amara spotted some fabric near Maylu’s waistline, and how curvy she seemed to be down there when pressing her skirt to her body. Maylu set the phone function to speaker only before answering.

“Hello…Oh hi Yai……Yeah, I’m down here. I just ran into Chaud and his friend, we were talking so I haven’t had the chance to find them yet……um, yes, it’s a girl…” Amara cocked an eyebrow at this while Chaud face-palmed. “Huh, really? Well, ok. I’ll give her one too……Talk to you later…bye.” Maylu hung up.

“Hey Maylu, ya wanna grab a drink with me in the café, I’m getting kinda thirsty myself.” Amara asked. Maylu and Chaud gave her a questioning look, Chaud with a bit of suspicion.

Maylu shrugged. “Sure, I am getting a bit thirsty myself. It’s been a while since I had lunch.” The three made their way to a small café area, where Amara and Maylu sat down. Chaud was about to when Amara stopped him.

“Chaud, mind getting me a root beer from the vending machine? Hey Maylu, what do you want to drink?” Amara asked them. Chaud was about to protest when he saw Amara’s stare. He knew what that look meant, so he sighed and waited for Maylu’s answer.

“Um, I’ll take a vanilla coke if they have any. If not, then I’ll have a regular coke.” Maylu answered. Chaud nodded and left to get the drinks. Amara turned to Maylu.

“You should really wear a belt when you wear clothes bigger than your waist size. Even if it’s only slightly bigger, it still allows some fabric to slip through if you move around in it enough.” Amara said. Maylu blinked.

“Um thanks, I guess.” Amara smiled at her.

“No problem. I’m guessing your condition was the result of your parent’s deaths, right?” Maylu’s eyes widened at what Amara just said.

“C-condition?” She managed to get out. Amara just smiled as she leaned closer to Maylu.

“I mean the reason why you’re wearing a pull-up.” Maylu sputtered.

“H-how did you k-know?” Amara grinned at this.

“For starters, when someone wears something like that, it usually rounds out their waist areas. When you placed your hand on your hip, I saw your skirt move to hug your figure. The shape it took, along with the small bit of fabric sticking out the top of your skirt, it was easy to put two and two together.” Amara explained. Maylu blushed at being discovered so easily, as she pulled her skirt up a bit.

“You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. Heh, at least you’re still in pull-ups, it could be worse.” Amara said.

“Huh?” Maylu didn’t fully understand what Amara meant by the way she worded her sentence.

“When I was seven, I got into a car accident. I suffered a blow to the head, lost all my memories. They haven’t come back, not any good ones anyways. Amara’s not even my real name. Anyways, the people in the car had been abusing me, though they died in the crash, thankfully. At night, I would relieve my past experiences with them, what they would do to me. It caused me to wet the bed, and let me tell you, the ladies at the orphanage didn’t like it one bit.”

“What happened?” Maylu asked, thoroughly interested as this girl was similar to herself.

“Well, after wetting the bed for two weeks straight, the ladies decided I wasn’t potty trained, so they put me back in diapers 24/7.” Amara said. Maylu’s eyes widened.

“They can’t do that to kids just like that, can they?”

“Not normally, no. But they did regardless. I spent four months in diapers before I lost complete control, heh, between you and me, at that point I had actually grown to like diapers. Anyways, once the ladies in charge were certain I had no control at all, they started retraining me. I fought them at first, but they eventually won out and I got retrained. Since then, I only wet once a year, about the time of the accident, but aside from that, I don’t wet anymore.”

“You actually liked them?” Maylu asked. Amara smiled, a small blush on her cheeks.

“Yeah, I still do actually. I don’t wear much any more though, never get the time to enjoy it. Back at the orphanage, during the time I was diapered, all the kids used to make fun of me. It got to me at first, but then I learned to ignore it. I didn’t give a rats ass what they thought of me then, and I don’t give a rats ass about what people think of me today…well, with a few exceptions.” Amara said.

“Hey, thanks for telling me this. You didn’t have to, but you did anyways.” Maylu said. Amara just waved her off.

“No prob, us girls got to stick together, even if our problems may be embarrassing at times.” Maylu nodded at this/

“You know, my friend Yai is having a sleep over tomorrow night at her mansion. It’s a baby theme sleep over, and she’d like to meet you. Personally, I’d like it if you came.” Maylu told her. Amara put a finger to her lips in thought.

“Sure, I don’t have anything planed for tomorrow night or the following morning. What would I need to bring?”

“Here, the list is on the invitation along with directions to Yai’s estate.” Maylu said, before pointing her PET at Amara’s. Seconds later, the invitation appeared on her screen. Amara gave it a once over before nodding.

“Sure, no problem, be there by six, got it.” Amara said.

“Good, and by the way, be careful around Yai, she has this obsession to make Chaud hers.” At this time, Chaud returned with the drinks, mumbling about zenny eating vending machines. Amara winked at Maylu.

“Eh, it doesn’t matter, there’s plenty of Chaud to go around.” Chaud, who was in mid gulp at the moment, sputtered and coughed up his drink, causing both girls to giggle.

“Just what the hell were you two talking about?”

“Oh nothing special. When Yai called me earlier, and heard about a girl being with you, she wanted to meet her. Yai’s having a sleep over at her mansion tomorrow and Amara’s invited. I was just warning her about Yai’s obsession to make you her bitch, as she puts it.” Maylu answered. She giggled as Chaud’s face paled. Amara placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Relax, I don’t intend to share you Chaud, and anyone who tries to take you from me will get a taste of my blade-staff, and you better than anyone knows how much that hurts.” Amara comforted him. Chaud just nodded while Maylu laughed.


Maylu left a few minutes later, bidding Chaud and Amara farewell, before heading to the board room section of the building. Navigating her way through, she found the room she was looking for and knocked.

“Just a second!” A voice yelled through the door. A minute later, a girl in her late teens opened the door. She wore a black cloak that covered her body and a black hooded mask over her face. “Oh, hey Maylu, long time no see!”

“Yeah, it’s been a while Black Rose. Mind if I come in?”

“Sure, no problem. Hey Mysteriu, look who’s here.” Black Rose called out as she moved out of Maylu’s way. Seated by a computer terminal was another girl in her late teens. She wore a purple and black gothic outfit along with a red bowl shaped helmet on her head that covered the top half of her face, minus the eye holes.

Mysteriu turned around in her chair. “Greetings Maylu. I trust you’ve been doing well.”

Maylu gave a small smile. “As well as can be expected, what with losing my parents and all.” Black Rose and Mysteriu’s heads snapped to Maylu.

“What? When did this happen?” Black Rose asked, pulling up a chair for herself and one for Maylu. Maylu accepted the chair and sat down.

“About a month ago, flight 294. My parents were on that flight. I guess you didn’t hear because you were on missions or something, right?” Both Black Rose and Mysteriu nodded their heads.

“How are you holding up?” Black Rose asked.

“Emotionally, fine. It’s sad to say, but I never really knew my parents, I was raised by the Nanny they hired. That lessened the blow, but it still hurts that we’d never get to do anything as a family. Lan, Yai, Chaud, and the others have been there for me since then, and I’ve grown closer to them because of it. Even Ms. Yuri has helped me, becoming my guardian, and has been a big help taking care of me during my more emotional moments.”

“Ms. Yuri is your guardian? I never saw that coming.” Black Rose said. Mysteriu nodded in agreement.

“Me either, she’s got this battlechip arcade/café she’s opening in ACDC town, so my house being where it is is a convenience. But she really has been there every step of the way for me, so it’s just two birds with one stone really.”

“You said before you were mentally fine, does that mean you are not physically?” Mysteriu suddenly asked. Maylu froze for a moment, cursing her choice of word from before.

“There aren’t any camera’s in here, are there?” Maylu asked. The net agents looked at her for a moment, before shaking their heads. “What I meant before was that though I maybe mentally coming to terms with this, my body still seems to be in shock, at least that’s how Roll is describing it. Ever since the accident, my old bedwetting problem started up, and well,” Maylu unzipped her skirt and slid it down to her knees, leaving her pull-up in full view, “It’s only gotten worse since then.”

Both net agents gasped, what ever they had been expecting, this wasn’t it. Maylu just sat there for a minute, letting them take it in, when she gasped as she felt herself wet her pull-up. Black Rose and Mysteriu watched on as the front of Maylu’s pull-up discolored, and the whole thing started swelling up. A minute later, a blushing Maylu, on the verge of tears, stood up. Her pull-up was sagging from her waist as she reached down to grab her skirt, before Black Rose caught her hand.

“You don’t expect to walk home in that, do you?” She asked with a smile. Maylu shook her head. “You do have a spare in your bag, don’t you?” Maylu checked the traveling bag she had taken to carrying, which she also kept her purse in. She fiddled around with it, before blushing an even deeper shade of red.

“I sorta grabbed the wrong bag…this one only has my diapers in it.” Maylu said in a small voice.

“Well, it’s better than nothing. Lets get you changed.” Maylu’s eyes widened at this.

“Wha wha?” Black Rose took the bag from Maylu’s had, pulling out a diaper, a small package of wet wipes, some baby powder, and a small changing pad she handed to Mysteriu, who spread it out on the floor.

Black Rose eased Maylu onto the pad, pulling her skirt the rest of the way off her legs. Before Maylu could stop her, Black Rose ripped open the side flaps and pulled the front of the pull-up down, exposing Maylu’s wet vagina. Maylu felt tears threaten to fall when Black Rose put something in her mouth. Maylu recognized it as her pacifier.

“It was in the bag.” Black Rose explained as she lifted Maylu’s legs up and pulled the pull-up out from under her. Opening the wipe bag, she then began a thorough cleaning of Maylu’s diaper area. Once that was done, she grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled some on Maylu’s crotch, before rubbing it in, causing the girl to moan softly behind her pacifier.

“I think she enjoys that Sal.” Mysteriu told Black Rose.

“You enjoy it when I touch you there as well Miyu.” Black Rose responded to Mysteriu as she finished powdering Maylu’s backside.

Black Rose grabbed the diaper, opened it, and after lifting Maylu’s legs, slid it under her. After setting Maylu down, she pulled the front of the diaper up between Maylu’s legs, before opening up the front flaps, and pulling it tightly over Maylu’s crotch. Reaching back with one hand, she ripped open one of the tapes before pulling it tightly over the front of the diaper, repeating the process on the other side. After checking for leak holes and finding none, she tapped Maylu on the shoulder before starting to dispose of the pull-up and wipes. Maylu got to her feet blushing, grabbed her skirt and pulled it up, zipping it up.

“Better?” Mysteriu asked. Blushing harder, Maylu nodded. “So what did you want to see us for?” Not saying a word, Maylu pointed her PET at Mysteriu’s. Mysteriu checked her screen and saw the invitation. Raising an eyebrow at the list of supplies needed, she looked at Maylu. “I’m assuming this was your friend’s idea to make you feel more comfortable about your condition?” Maylu nodded, and Mysteriu did as well. “Sal and Miyu will be there.” Maylu nodded in understanding. She grabbed her supplies, put them in her bag, and walked to the door. She gave a little wave to them before walking out, closing the door behind her.

Not a minute later, the net agent’s leader, Commander Beef walked through the door.

“Welcome back net agents, I just wanted to-” he stopped as he saw Maylu’s wet pull-up in Black Rose’s hand. “Rose, you haven trouble hold’n yourself?” Black Rose’s mouth opened and closed in shock. Beef took this as a yes. “You ain’t gettin enough calcium in you girl. Mysteriu, mind helping Rose into that diaper on the floor there, don’t want her makin a mess. In the meantime, I’ll whip up some of my best salmon for her.” Black Rose looked at the floor, and to her horror found one of Maylu’s diapers had fallen out of the bag. Mysteriu placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Yes sir Commander, lets go get you a fresh diaper Rose.” Said a smiling Mysteriu. She grabbed the diaper from the floor and dragged Black Rose behind a cabinet, much to the girl’s protest.


Maylu rushed down the hallway, embarrassed to no end at what just happened. Rounding a corner, she collided with someone, the two falling to the floor.

“Ow, watch where you’re going…Maylu?” Maylu looked up and was face to face with Amara, who started smiling, despite the small bump forming on her head. “You do realize you’re sucking on a pacifier right now, right?” Maylu’s eyes widened, she had forgotten to take it out, she’d been in such a hurry to get away from the net agents.

Maylu quickly spat her pacifier out, it landing on Amara’s lap. Maylu reached for it, but Amara picked it up first. She examined it for a moment before, to Maylu’s disbelief, putting it in her own mouth. Amara sucked on the pacifier a few times, before plucking it out of her mouth and placing it in Maylu’s bag.

“Vanilla flavored, nice choice. Anyways, I got to go. See you tomorrow night Maylu.” Amara said as she got up and walked off. Maylu just sat there for a moment, before getting up and walking toward the exit.

What a day it’s been. To think, so many people figured out I was wearing diapers the first day I wear them outside. I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like.


Twilight3 here. Hope you enjoyed the latest 2 chapters. If so, or you see some way to improve it, leave a comment. Thanks!

Maylu’s New Life Ch. 6 & 7

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Maylu’s New Life Ch. 6 & 7

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