Maylu's New Life Ch. 5

Chapter 5: Life Rolls On

[u][i]Dear Diary,

I’ve heard that people sometimes feel better when they write down their problems, or problems that happen around them, so I figured I’d give it a try. My name is Roll, I’m basically a customizable artificial intelligence complete with emotions, a network navigator, or net navi for short.

My responsibility is to help my operator search, use, and surf the internet as well as protect both myself and the PErsonal Terminal, or PET for short, from viruses. A PET is like one of those old fashion PDA, we can use it to send emails, phone calls, and other things as well.

In this day and age, everything is connected to the internet, more commonly known as the cyber world. Technology has advanced to the point that when a net navi enters the cyber world, it’s like another world itself, walkways, databanks, even entire cities exist here! While data seems to have manifested itself into a physical form thanks to technological advances, viral programs have also taken physical form, and with basically every electronical device connected to the internet, anything a virus attacks can have a major impact in the real world as well as the cyber world.

To counter this, not only have there been security programs developed, but also virus busting equipment for net navi’s to use. The weapons can be nearly anything you can imagine, a sword, a bow and arrow like I use, an energy buster, even weapons with elemental properties! Those navis with elemental weapons are usually intoned to that element, and therefore have a weakness to it’s opposing element, like fire is weak to water and water is weak to electricity.

Net navis can be customized for a number of uses. Some are used for research and development projects, others are made for delivering important pieces of data to other locations, those are usually used for big businesses. I, myself, am a recovery type navi, I’m built for speed, and have several attacks like my Roll Blast and Roll Arrows.

The problem with net navis is that some just aren’t strong enough to delete some of the more powerful viruses. Several scientist examined some left over data from viruses and were able to replicate that virus’s weapon, attack, or special feature, storing them in what we call battlechips. By inserting a battlechip into the PET, the corresponding navi’s data is temporarily recustomized, allowing the use of said battlechip to be enabled.

This brought along the world class sport of net battling, where net navi’s battle against each other to see who is stronger, guided by their operator and the battlechips they use. Not everyone, however, use their navi’s and battlechips for good. Net crime is at an all time high now a days, and that’s why a special police force was formed, known as the Officials. It’s their duty to uphold justice on the net, and each navi and operator are trained to do just that, I know this because my operator and I are apart of a special division of the Officials, or we were. This leads me to the reason I’m writing.

It was little over a month ago that my operator, Maylu Sakurai, lost her parents in a plane crash. We hadn’t been with them in person since she was four, I was her birthday present that year. Her parents were big business people, and had to constantly move around to provide money for Maylu and I to live off of. They hired a Nanny to take care of us in their place, which worked more or less.

We never really knew them, and Maylu had always longed to be with them, to do things as a family with them. I think it was the fact that now she’ll never get that chance that upsets her the most, not the actual lost of her parents. It’s horrible to say, but they were pretty much strangers to Maylu.

Maylu and I were taken off net savior duty, net saviors being our Official division, for time to recover, but social services stepped in, trying to take Maylu and I away to some horrible orphanage that’s miles away from our friends here. They gave us a chance to find someone to be our guardian, and near the deadline we finally found someone who could take us in.

Her name is Yuriko, more commonly known as Ms. Yuri, a former top agent of the dark-chip syndicate Nebula. Nebula distribute a type of battlechip, called a dark chip, that corrupted a navi’s data for a major, but temporary power boost. The most commonly targeted pieces of data attacked was the personality and emotion data. The dark chip would cause navis to relish the feeling of power over others, love the thrill of battle, and lust for the pain and suffering of others. While these affects are only temporary, they are extremely addicting, like drugs are to humans, thereby making them easy to manipulate into things they normally wouldn’t even consider doing. The dark chip was outlawed in the entire world, and thanks to the Officials, and our friends Lan and Megaman, Nebula was defeated and disbanded.

Yuriko has been working for the Officials, helping them collect the remaining dark chips left in the world in exchange for her freedom and a clean slate. She hopes to start a sort of arcade café here in ACDC town, which is one of the reasons she’s accepted the roll of Maylu’s guardian, pun intended. The other reason is that she’s physically incapable of making/bearing children herself, so now she gets to take care of a child like she always wanted to, through Maylu. Yuriko is honestly the best thing that’s happened to Maylu since the accident, though that hasn’t stopped our problems from growing.

Maylu had a bedwetting problem when she was five. It lasted till she was almost seven, and she suffered pain and embarrassment under Nanny’s care because of it. Now, ever since the plane crash, her wetting has started again, and has happened every night. Nanny had bought Maylu some plastic panties, mainly because she thought anything else would be to childish. Back during Maylu’s first wetting season, so to speak, Nanny had often said “I ain’t raising no baby.” Yuriko, however, seems to hold no reserves to that line of thinking, and has gotten Maylu some diapers to wear to sleep.

What bothers me is the secret Maylu hasn’t mentioned to Yuriko. Maylu has been having day time troubles as well as night time. It started small at first, warning coming a bit later than usual, nothing to be afraid of. But it still continues to get ever so closer each time. I’ve noticed some wet stains on the front of her panties, they seem to be becoming more common now a days.

This has been happening since before we met Yuriko at the café that day, so she’s not directly responsible for this. Maybe not. Some things have been bugging me as of late. After visiting the doctor, who claimed her nightly wettings were probably caused by stress if anything, Maylu has confessed a few things to me. For starters, Maylu has admitted to liking diapers. By that, she means the feel of them, not using them. That’s how she described it to me, though I don’t know if it’s changed or not.

The other thing is that Maylu is beginning to think of Yuriko as her own mother. I personally think this is great, Maylu could really use a true mother figure in her life, that Nanny just didn’t work out as far as I’m concerned. Maylu, however, is uncertain about this feeling, quite frankly I think her uncertainty to it is just causing more stress and therefore causing her wetting to continue. Maylu right now is trying not to call Yuriko mother and it’s lead to some awkward moments between them.

My opinion about this is that Maylu wants to be taken care, cared for by her parents that she never really had. I think her wetting is just a way her subconscious is making this happen, Yuriko has been bonding and caring for Maylu like a mother would. Maylu was barely potty trained when her parents started traveling the world, so I think she might be reverting back to her younger self, by means of her wettings, in a way to reach out to her parents. From some of the web pages I’ve seen, it’s not a totally uncommon reaction for kids who have suffered the loss of something or someone important in their life.

Heh, I just looked over what I just typed, Megaman was right, I should become a psychologist. What I don’t know, and what worries me the most, is how far Maylu’s subconscious will, I think the word is’ regress’, her against her will. She’s already having trouble at night, the last thing she needs is daytime accidents, it would ruin her social reputation, causing her much grief and added stress, and stress is part of what’s causing this problem.

Sigh, this whole situation is just troublesome…where have I heard that line before? Oh well, the point is that I do fell a lot better after getting everything off my chest. I’m going to check in with Maylu now, see if she needs a hand with homework or anything before I continue searching the web for ways to help her through her situation. Roll, signing off.[/i][/u]
Roll closed her diary file, the window shrinking into an orb of data, which Roll cupped in her hands. Holding it to her heart shaped navi icon, the orb and icon glowed for a brief moment before the orb was absorbed, stored away for safe keeping. Roll then dissolved into pixels of data as she traveled through the home’s digital network, searching for Maylu. Finding her in the dining room, Roll quickly materialized herself on the holo-disc in the center of the table. Maylu looked up at her.

“Hey Roll, what’s up?”

“Nothing really, just checking up on you. If you don’t need me for anything, I’ll head out to the net, searching for information of you-know-what.”

“Thanks Roll, no I don’t need anything right now. You can go look around on the net, just contact me if you run into trouble, ok?”

“Of course Maylu.”

“Oh and Roll, if you see the others, don’t hesitate to stop in and say hi, you’ve been doing a lot for me recently, you deserve some time for yourself.”

“Thanks Maylu, I will if I run into anyone.” Roll’s body dissolved into pixels as she went on the web.

As soon as she materialized on the web, Roll activated a search engine, designed to find web cites based around bedwetting themes and themes close to them. Quickly getting results, she started jumping through several pages that were in her way.


The green haired navi moaned in pleasure as the red armored navi nibbled her ear, his hands running over the breast plate of her black armor. She wore a purple jumpsuit, black fingerless gloves, a pouch containing her ninja weapons, black armor on her arms and legs, a breast plate, and a small piece of head gear that wrapped around her head. Her long forest green hair was currently out of its usual ponytail, as she laid back on the digital chair. She opened her violet eyes to look at the red armored navi.

“Quite teasing me Protoman, you know it only drives me crazy, and we both know you get hurt when that happens.” The navi spoke, only to moan again as Protoman nibbled her ear again, slipping a hand under her breast plate to fondle her well endowed chest.

“A small sacrifice for our satisfaction Twilight.” Protoman responded. He wore a grey jumpsuit, red armor over his legs and arms as well, his red helmet and visor discarded at the moment, leaving his silver hair disordered and startling blue eyes for Twilight to see.

Twilight just rolled her eyes at that response, before pulling Protoman and capturing his lips with hers. Protoman nibbled her bottom lip, asking for entry, which she willingly gave. Their tongues danced together, feverishly fighting for dominance over the other, neither one backing down. Minutes later they parted, gasping for breath, both with a satisfied grin on their faces.

Protoman said nothing, but asked a question with his eyes. Twilight gazed into them, trying to understand what he was asking. When she realized what he was asking, her grin grew as she nodded, leaning back to give him room to move. Protoman grinned back as he unclasped Twilight’s breast plate armor, setting it down beside the chair, before moving to the leg armor. Just as he unclasped the first one, the system’s alarm rang, causing both of them to jump.

“Web Page Breached, repeat, Web Page Breached!” A computerized voice stated. Protoman stood up, clenching his right fist. His glove armor and jumpsuit seemed to overlap his fist, changing it till it was a flat surface. In a quick ‘fiz’ a pink blade sprang forth from the surface of his hand. Twilight stood up as well, reaching into her back pouch and pulled out a giant metal blade. Twilight unfolded the blade fully, revealing it to be a windmill shaped shuriken.

Protoman held his blade back at a position to strike while Twilight reared back her arm, her windmill shuriken spinning like a buzzsaw in her hand, ready to be thrown at a moment’s notice. The both face the only entrance to the page, ready for any attackers, when a flash of pink appeared for a moment, before leaping out of the web page.

“System Cleared, repeat, System Cleared.” The computerized voice stated. Protoman and Twilight just looked at each other for a moment, before Twilight put her arm down, her windmill shuriken slowing to a stop at her side.

“I don’t get it, who would come to this page just to jump to another?” Twilight asked, not directed at anyone particularly.

“Web page jumping is one of the fastest ways to travel when using a search engine. As for who that was, there’s only one navi I know that has pink armor. Her name is Roll, she’s apart of the crossfusion team, so it’s nothing to worry about.” Protoman stated.

“Are you sure?” Twilight asked.

“Positive, Roll’s operator has been having a rough time as of late, her parents dying on that plane crash. She’s probably off doing some research for a project for school, so I wouldn’t worry about her.” Protoman explained. “Now then, I have a question for you.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Shoot.”

“The mood is lost, isn’t it?” Twilight nodded, her face grim. Then she grinned and moved close to him, her body pressing against his.

“Thankfully, there’s always tomorrow.” She whispered seductively in his ear, causing a shiver of pleasure to run down Protoman’s spine. He found that he couldn’t form words at the moment, so he just nodded his head in agreement.

Twilight’s grin grew as she slowly moved away from him, his body following her’s for a moment. In a brief flash of light, Twilight’s armor was back on. She turned away, only to look back at Protoman. “Tomorrow it is then.” Twilight walked forward a few steps, swaying her hips seductively as she went, before she dissolved into pixels.

“Twilight, logging out!” The computerized voice stated.

Protoman just stared at the spot Twilight was just at, the image of Twilight in her black, leather looking armor, walking away, swaying her hips, firmly planted in his mind. He said the only thing he could think of. “God Bless Electopia.”


I hope that gives everyone a little insite to the Megaman NT Warrior world. This chapter was just really character and plot development. Enjoyed it, hated it, let me know.

Maylu’s New Life Ch. 5

Enjoyed it, hated it, let me know.

Definitely the former. I especially liked the descriptions of, physical? Cybersex. Or, I guess that’d be cyber-making out?
Lol no more margaritas for me…

Maylu’s New Life Ch. 5

good story where the rest of it