Maylu's New Life Ch. 14 FIN

Maylu’s New Life

Chapter 14: New Beginnings

It was busy at the airport, people coming and going, luggage being examined and transported, and lines for the food courts and bathrooms for people waiting for their flight to arrive. Currently, a red headed mother and her five year old daughter left the ladies room after witnessing a highly unusual sight.

The little girl tugged at her mother’s hand. “Mommy? I thought you said I couldn’t be a big girl if I stayed in diapers, but those girls wear diapers too! I want my diapers back!”

The mother groaned, she couldn’t figure out why her daughter liked diapers as much as she did, but she had managed to finally convince her to give them up after telling her that she’d never grow up if she kept wearing them. “Honey, those girls may be bigger then you, but they’re still babies, all because they didn’t give up their diapers. You saw how their mommy had to change them, and that other one had a pacifier in her mouth, they couldn’t do much on their own. Do you want to be a baby?”

The young girl was quiet for a moment before a pitter patter came from her as she wet her panties. The mother nearly cried herself as she took the girl into her arms and carried her to another restroom.

At the first rest room the pair had been in, Maylu was still blushing about being seen getting her diaper changed. She was currently leaning back against the wall, sucking her pacifier as Yuriko changed Amara’s diaper.

“My, my, such a stinky diaper, what did you eat baby girl?” Yuriko teased as she wiped Amara’s privates. Amara’s face resembled a tomato at this point.

“I just had some instant breakfast this morning Mom.” She mumbled as Yuriko applied some diaper rash cream to her skin.

“Eat anything else before bed?” Yuriko asked as she grabbed the baby powder.

“I did have some left over chili before I went to bed.” Amara answered. Yuriko lifted her legs up and slid a fresh molicare diaper under her.

“I’ll remember that.” Yuriko said, as she proceeded to tape up the diaper. She quickly checked it for leak holes, and finding none, lifted Amara up and set down on both feet.

Amara reached into her diaper bag and pulled out her black shorts and pulled them up her legs. They did almost nothing to hide her diaper’s presence, nor did the royal purple t-shirt she wore that was a size or two too small, which pulled the shirt up past her belly button and brought attention to her fairly impressive chest size for a girl her age. She covered it up a bit by wearing a black leather vest over it, but left it unzipped.

Maylu pushed off from the wall. She was wearing her usual outfit, green long sleeved shirt, blue vest zipped up, and short pink skirt, a bit of her white diaper sticking out the bottom of it. Maylu waited for Yuriko to wash her hands and Amara to attach her PET belt and holo-pad. A minute later the three exited the bathroom, Yuriko began pushing the trolley containing Amara’s luggage, while Amara and Maylu walked behind her, each carrying their own diaper bag, sucking happily on a pacifier.


Unknown to the group, two figures were watching them from the observation deck above them. One was a boy in his late teens, spiky black hair and goldenrod eyes. He wore a black leather jacked, a red shirt, and black cargo pants and boots. Next to him was a girl who looked to be seventeen. She had bushy light blue hair and sapphire eyes. She wore a blue, one piece dress that took on a checkered pattern of blue and white from the waist down, and a pair of mary jane style shoes.

“Looks like your plan worked my golden phoenix.” The girl said.

“Yeah, better then expected. I didn’t expect Sakurai to become her sister, much less start wearing diapers.” The boy, identified as gold phoenix replied.

“Didn’t hurt any.” The girl said. Both were silent for a minute. “You could go down there.”

The phoenix shook his head. “You know I can’t do that Water Lilly.”

The girl, Water Lilly, turned to face him, a pout on her face. “Why not? She’s your sister, and that makes them your family. They deserve to know you exist.”

The phoenix shook his head again, before turning to face his Lilly. “Some things are better left unsaid. If I can’t take down the organization, if I die, it’ll hurt them much less, if at all, then if they didn’t know about me.”

The Lilly sighed as she leaned forward onto the railing, watching the family below. “I know you’ve been fighting the organization for a while, but you both deserve to be happy, to be together…” She trailed off. She gave a small squeak as she felt the phoenix wrap an arm around her waist.

“I am happy…with you, just as Crystal…I mean Amara, is happy with her new family.” The phoenix replied. He then sighed. “Like you said, I’ve been fighting for quite a while, I’ve gained a lot of enemies. If they found out Amara is my sister, then they’ll go after her, which is why I created Twilight from her DNA. Navis created from human DNA are much stronger then normal navis, and much more adaptable to changing situations, even more so when their operator is of a close DNA match. Twilight, being essentially a digital Amara, is the best thing I could do to protect her and stay behind the scenes. This way, there’s less of a chance of anyone making the connection between the two of us, and giving her a fighting chance if someone does.”

“And what about me?” The Water Lilly asked. “I’m connected to you, we are dating. Are you gonna push me away like you are your sister?”

The phoenix shook his head. “No, I know you’re more then capable of defending yourself, you’re the only person to tie against me in a fair net battle…not to mention you’re perfectly capable of maiming an enemy yourself.” His hand shifted to his side at that.

The Water Lilly blushed at that. “I thought you were one of them, can you really blame me for stabbing you?”

“No…I don’t blame you…but I’ll never forget how it felt having a spoon dug into my side. Such a dull object hurts like a bitch.”

The Water Lilly shook her head at this. “I’ll take your word for it.”

The two watched Amara and her new family for the next few minutes, hearing the flight getting ready to leave in fifteen minutes. The Lilly squeaked suddenly, as phoenix lifted the back of her skirt up. “Hey!”

“Your diaper’s soaked.” Phoenix stated as he dropped her skirt back down. Lilly blushed at this. “Come on, lets get you changed, our meeting is in twenty minutes.”

Lilly’s blush hadn’t faded, but she had a small smile on her face. She reached down beside herself and pulled her diaper bag strap over her shoulder. Straightening up, she was ready to go until something was slid into her mouth. Blinking, she ran her tongue over the object, and found it had a cinnamon flavor to it.

“Flavored pacifiers.” Phoenix commented. “They seem to be the latest rage for girls now-a-days.” The Water Lilly rolled her eyes at that, but sucked on it non-the-less, as her golden phoenix lead her by the hand into a nearby bathroom.


“Well, I guess this is it.” Amara said, turning to face Maylu and Yuriko.

“I guess so.” Maylu said softly. “I’ll miss you sis.”

“I’ll miss you to, little sister.” Amara said with a smile. Both girls came together for a hug, one that Yuriko joined in on as well. They stayed like that for a minute more before breaking apart.

“Don’t forget, you need to stay in diapers from now on.” Yuriko reminded Amara.

“I know Mom, and even if I forgot, Twilight would make certain I knew and am padded.” Amara answered with a smile. It felt great to be able to call Yuriko Mom again.

Yuriko smiled at Amara, before leaning down and kissing her forehead. “Stay safe, you hear?”

“Of course, I got a family waiting for me now after all.” Amara said with a big smile.

“What am I, chop liver?” Twilight asked, appearing on Amara’s shoulder. Amara sputtered for a moment.

“Of course not sis, I-”

“Keep your diaper on, I was just teasing.” Twilight laughed. Maylu, Roll, and Yuriko gave small laughs as well, while Amara just shook her head.

“I can’t believe you said that out loud.” Amara said.

“What’s it matter? It’s not like you’re trying to hide your diapers with what you’re wearing over them.”

“True, but I’m not about to go around announcing I wear them. People can hear things before they see them. I’d just rather people have to look at me to know I’m wearing one rather then hear it out loud and check it out for themselves.” Amara explained.

“Okay, fine, I won’t say you’re a diaper butt out loud again.” Twilight giggled. She stopped as she felt a tingling sensation around her waist. When she looked down, her lower armor was glowing white before it faded, leaving her in a puffy white diaper. “AMARA!” Twilight vanished from the holo-pad, back into her PET.

“Looks like Twilight doesn’t like being diapered either.” Maylu commented.

“Maybe we should have a rule at home.” Yuriko suggested. “Every little girl younger then eighteen must be diapered in the house, navis included.”

“NO!!!” Came from Roll and Twilight’s PETs.

“YES!!!” Crackled Maylu and Amara.

Yuriko shook her head, mildly amused. “Well, it’s tied, so I guess we’ll leave the tie breaking to Spikeman.” Yuriko couldn’t hide her amusement as twin cries rang out from Roll and Twilight’s PET. Just then, the loud speaker rang out above them.

“Last call for flight 439, last call for flight 439.”

“Well, I guess I’ll see you both in a month.” Amara said, before moving forward and hugging her mother and sister. Both hugged her back.

“Stay safe sis.” Maylu told her.

“Don’t do anything reckless.” Yuriko told her.

“What, you don’t trust me? You both should know me well enough.” Amara said. Yuriko and Maylu looked at each other, then at her.

“That’s why we’re worried.” They said at the same time. Amara pouted, but then Maylu pressed Amara’s cheeks to her face, causing her to spit out as she exhaled, all on Yuriko’s face. Maylu laughed loudly as Yuriko stumbled back, wiping her face, Amara also laughing as she cleaned her face up.

Amara shifted her grip on her diaper bag, a big smile on her face. “A great way to say goodbye.”

“For one of us.” Yuriko said behind the napkin she was cleaning her face with.

“Alright then, I’m off. See you in one month.”

“Bye big sister!”

“Take care baby girl.”

Amara waved at both of them as she ran off to her gate and boarded her plane. Yuriko and Maylu spent the next ten minutes watching as Amara’s flight take off. Yuriko turned to Maylu.

“Well, how about a visit to the hospital before going to school? I know you want to find out how Sal’s operation went, and you could tell the others when you get to school.” Yuriko offered.

Maylu gave a huge smile before hugging Yuriko. “Thank you Mommy!” Yuriko patted Maylu’s head, and then placed her pacifier in her mouth. Maylu sucked happily on her pacifier as Yuriko lead the way out of the airport.

As they walked, Yuriko noticed a spiky haired teen and a blue haired teen follow them out. She paid them no mind after she exited the airport and the pair went the other way.


It took about a half hour before Yuriko and Maylu reached the hospital, and another ten minutes to get through security, which for some reason had increased since yesterday. Both girls made their way to Sal’s room, where they found Miyu just outside the door, leaning against the wall, glaring at anyone that made eye contact with her.

Maylu cautiously walked over to her. “Miyu? Are you alright?”

Miyu turned her gaze on Maylu, but it noticeably softened. “I’m fine, it’s Sal who’s not.”

“What happened?”

“Sal was in the middle of her operation to fix up the damage done in her stomach, some internal bleeding I think they said. One of the doctors apparently decided to poke around inside her and ended up damaging Sal’s bladder. That doctor was immediately removed, but he escaped from security and is on the run right now. The other doctors did what they could, but the part that was damaged emits the signals to the brain warning Sal when she needs to pee. Unless Sal gets a bladder transplant, she’s now permanently bladder inconsistent.”

Maylu gasped at this, Yuriko frowned as well. But Miyu wasn’t done yet. “It gets worst. Upon closer examination, if any other area near where that doc tampered with was touched, the entire bladder would have shut down. This indicates the doc knew what he was doing, which leads us to believe that this was intentionally done.”

“That’s terrible!” Maylu said.

“Are there any suspects on who that doctor was?” Yuriko asked. Miyu shook her head.

“Not really, Sal has made a number of enemies over the years, it’ll take time to sort through all their files till we find any possible matches. Then there’s the possibility that while Sal was targeted, that she was merely selected at random too. With all the sick people in the world these days, it’ll be hard to track down the bastard who did this, we don’t even know if he was acting alone or if he was with a group or organization or something.”

“How’d Sal take the news?” Maylu asked.

“She’s pretty pissed off right now.” Miyu answered, running a hand along her braided hair. “I’m glad she’s not mopping anymore about what happened before, but all the same…”

“Could I talk to her?” Miyu looked up at Maylu. “I’ve lost control of my bladder, and I was the one who saved her in the first place. Maybe I can help calm her down a bit.”

Before Miyu could respond, the door to Sal’s room opened, and a nurse pushing a trolley of hospital supplies walked out. Miyu turned back to Maylu. “Sure, just be patient with her if she gets rowdy, I’m not exactly sure how she’ll respond to you.”

“I will be.” Maylu said. Feeling a small squeeze on her should, she looked up at Yuriko, who gave an encouraging smile and nodded to her. Maylu then made her way into the room and quietly closed the door behind her before facing the bed.

Sal’s forest green hair was frazzled, most likely from not having been washed or brushed in the past few days. Her green eyes seemed to burn a hole in the green hospital diaper between her legs. She hadn’t bothered pulling up the blankets or sheets, leaving her in just a hospital gown and her diaper. Sal looked up when she heard the door close, and her eyes widened when she realized who closed it.

“Maylu…” Maylu gave Sal a small smile as she walked over to Sal’s bed and sat down next to it.

“Hey Sal, I thought you could use some company.” Maylu said with a smile. Sal smiled back despite her current mood.

“I suppose, you are much better then any of the idiots running this place.” Sal said bitterly. She looked down at herself. “Guess I’m gonna have to get used to wearing these things after all.”

“Try using a little extra baby powder when you change, I’m sure that’ll help make you feel better.” Maylu suggested. She then leaned forward and whispered, “It did for me when Lan changed me.”

Sal blinked. “You let Lan change you diaper?”

Maylu nodded. “Yup, he is my boyfriend after all, I can trust him with that task. Personally, between Lan, Mommy, and myself, I prefer being changed by Lan by far.”

“Mommy?” Sal asked.

Maylu gave a big smile as she nodded her head. “Yuriko adopted me yesterday; my full name is Maylu Sakurai Ozono.”

Sal managed a small smile. “Congratulations Maylu.”

“Thanks, but that’s not all. Once Amara moves here, Mommy is going to adopt her too! I’m gonna have a big sister!”


“Yup, back when Amara was the underqueen, she and Mommy met up, and Mommy babied her back then too. Mommy offered to adopt her back then, but she was still in Nebula at the time, so Amara turned her down. They got back together yesterday, it ended up with Amara testing out all the furniture in my new nursery.”

“You have a nursery?”

“Yup, and I love it. Yai’s father gave it to us for free because of how that one maid treated me. Amara will be getting a nursery as well once we clear it up with Yai’s father, since she wasn’t treated very well either after we all got separated.”

“Wow Maylu, you’ve really gone total baby on us, haven’t you?” Maylu blushed a bit at this.

“I guess I have.” She said softly. She then looked up at Sal. “But it feels great. When I’m a baby, I can just let go of everything I don’t like, be it with the world or myself.”

“Let go…”

“And then there the part about being taken care of. I don’t need to feed myself, I don’t need to worry about spilling my drinks, I don’t need to worry about getting up and going to the bathroom, and I don’t need to worry about changing myself. When I’m a baby, I’m fed, dressed, bathed…overall, I’m loved and cared for unconditionally…I think that’s what I enjoy the most about being a baby.”

“I see…” Sal was quiet for a few minutes. “Maylu?” Said girl looked up at Sal’s flushed face. “Do you think…I might be able to…come over sometime?”

Maylu smiled at Sal. “I don’t see why not, I could always use a playmate. Lan said he’d play with me, but he wouldn’t touch being diapered.” Maylu leaned in. “Amara asked Chaud that same question, and he hasn’t answered yet.”

That did it. The thought of Chaud Blaze in a diaper, crawling around on the floor with a pacifier in his mouth was so ridiculous to Sal, she couldn’t help but roar with laughter. Maylu giggled herself at the thought, and knew that if Chaud ever found out what she had suggested, even if it was a lie, she’d have hell to pay, but it was worth it to hear Sal laugh.

A few minutes later Sal finished wiping her eyes, a big smile on her face. “Thanks Maylu, I really needed that.”

“Anytime Sal.” Maylu replied, sticking her pacifier in her mouth.

“Um, Maylu?” Maylu looked up as Sal took a deep breath. “I, um, I also want to thank you for…you know…” Sal looked down at this, her hands resting on her lap.

Maylu let her pacifier fall out of her mouth and around her neck, and placed a hand on Sal’s shoulder. “You’re welcome Sal. I’ve already lost two people I care about, I don’t want to lose another one, especially a great friend like you.”

Maylu suddenly found herself pulled forward as Sal wrapped her arms around her and began to cry. Maylu moved forward, sat down on the bed, and wrapped her arms around Sal, running her hand through the girl’s hair. She knew Sal needed this, and she had no trouble being the one she opened up to; Maylu did know what it was like to have your whole world turned upside down on you out of the blue after all.

Maylu had no idea how much time had passed, but Sal eventually stopped crying. Maylu continued running her hand through Sal’s hair for a few minutes before she realized Sal had fallen asleep. Maylu couldn’t blame her, she could name three emotions Sal had experienced since she had first entered the room, and switching between them so fast was bound to take it out of anyone.

Maylu carefully laid Sal back down on the bed, taking a moment to brush Sal’s hair from her face. Turning around, Maylu shifted through her diaper bag, and after a minute pulled out a forest green colored pacifier, still in its case. Maylu opened the pack, reading briefly that it was mint flavored, and carefully placed the pacifier in Sal’s mouth. Sal began sucking on it in her sleep, curling up slightly as Maylu pulled the sheets and blanket over her.

Watching her for a moment, Maylu then grabbed her bag and quietly exited the room. She looked at Miyu and said, “Sal’s sleeping right now, but I think it would be best if you took some extra vacation days to be with her, she needs to be with people that care about her, now more then ever.”

Miyu nodded her head. “Agreed, I was going to anyways.”

Maylu pulled out her PET and sent Miyu her phone number and email address. “Here, call me if you ever need any help with Sal, I know what she’s going through at least on some level. Pass it on to her as well.”

Miyu nodded her head. “I will be sure to do so. I hope you’ll be available over the next few days, Dr. Hikari just informed me that the Wood Soul idea failed. Sal probably won’t take it to well.”

Maylu nodded her head in understanding, then blinked. “Didn’t something like this happen with Mr. Match and Torchman?”

“Um, I’m not sure. Why?”

“I remember that Torchman’s data had been critically damaged when we saw him in the sewers under Net City. He was deleted, and didn’t have any backup data at the time, yet he somehow came back. Maybe we should ask them how they did it, we might be able to get Woodman back that way.”

Miyu blinked at this. “You really think it could work?”

Maylu shrugged. “I don’t know, but we can hope. Worst case, the process is illegal or can’t work on Woodman, so the next best thing would be to add his data into Sal’s new navi, so a part of Woodman would live on and still be with Sal.”

“Well, it’s better then nothing.” Miyu said.

“Yeah.” Maylu looked at her PET’s clock. “Well, I have to get going, I don’t want to miss math class, my teacher said there was a quiz coming up soon.”

Miyu nodded her head in understanding. “Okay then, I’ll see you later Maylu.”

“Bye Miyu.” Maylu said, just as Yuriko returned from the restroom, or so Maylu assumed she had gone. Maylu put her pacifier in her mouth and sucked on it happily as she walked with her mother to the elevator.


Maylu exited the attendance office, having just signed in for the day. Her current class was about to end, leaving her a total of ten minutes before she needed to get to her next class, math.

Maylu shifted her back pack into a more comfortable position as she held a large paper bag in her other hand. Inside was a bag of her diapers and changing supplies, which she had to deliver to the school nurse, along with a note explaining her new condition.

Figuring it’d be better not to risk it, Maylu decided to head to the nurse’s office first, then to her locker for her class supplies. She may not care what other people think of her wearing diapers now, but that didn’t mean she wanted to risk being tormented in the middle of the hallway because of it.

As Maylu walked down the hallway, she felt the now familiar warmth spread across her front. Knowing that she was wetting herself, she sped up, hoping to reach the nurse before the bell rang, releasing the other students. She made it inside just as the bell rang.

“Hello, how may I help you dear?” The nurse asked. Maylu turned to face her after closing the door.

“I’m here to drop off some supplies I need.” Maylu said, handing over the paper bag. The nurse looked into it, and blinked in surprise. She looked up at Maylu, and took note of the pacifier hanging around her neck and the sagging diaper peeking out from under her skirt.

“Looks like you need a change as well.” The nurse commented. Maylu nodded her head and followed the nurse to the back of the office. “You know, you’re not the first girl I’ve seen today wearing diapers.”


“Yes, there was another girl in here earlier, she had desperately needed a change herself. Her father was kind enough to donate a changing table to the school as well for other kids with disabilities that require them to wear diapers.”

The nurse opened up a door to a small bathroom. There was the expected toilet, sink, waist bin, and toilet paper dispenser. To the side were a changing table and a diaper bin. The nurse began putting the supplies in place on the table while Maylu pulled her skirt off and climbed on the table.

“Sounds like someone I know.” Maylu commented idly, before sticking her vanilla flavored pacifier in her mouth and suckled on it.

“Perhaps you do, but student privacy prevents me from giving names.” The nurse explained as she undid the tapes on Maylu’s diaper. Maylu nodded her head in understanding and closed her eyes.

The nurse lifted Maylu’s legs up and pulled the diaper out from under her. Opening the container, she pulled out several wet wipes and proceeded to clean Maylu’s backside and front. Once she was done, the nurse allowed Maylu’s legs to drop down onto the table as she went to grab a clean diaper and powder.

Opening the back of the diaper, the nurse lifted Maylu’s legs up again and slid the diaper under her bum. Keeping her legs in the air with one hand, the nurse grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled it on Maylu’s backside. Setting the bottle down, she took a moment to rub the powder in, gaining a small moan from Maylu. Shaking her head, the nurse set Maylu’s legs down and repeated the process over Maylu’s front, getting similar responses.

The Nurse pulled the front of the diaper up between Maylu’s legs, then pulled it tightly over Maylu’s front. Reaching behind the girl, she grabbed the clear tape on the back flap and ripped it open. She pulled the tape across Maylu’s side and over the front of her diaper, where she secured the tape tightly. She repeated the process with the other tape and proceeded to check for leak holes. Finding none, she tapped Maylu’s padded side, and moved over to the sink to wash her hands.

Maylu stretched her arms and legs out for a moment before sitting up. Swinging her legs over the side of the table, she dropped off the table and grabbed her skirt up off the ground.

“Miss, could you wait a second before dressing?” the nurse requested while drying her hands. Maylu blinked, but nodded her head, holding her skirt in her other hand. Once the nurse was done, she proceeded to examine Maylu up and down for a moment before giggling. “How cute, your diaper’s icon is the same as your navi’s!”

Maylu smiled, and allowed her pacifier to drop from her mouth. “I know, my Mommy came up with the idea. There are some fashion designers and diaper companies that want to talk to her. She’s trying to open up a battlechip shop right now, so we’ll see what happens.”

The nurse nodded her head before taking Maylu’s skirt and holding it open for her. “I see, well with ideas like this I’m not surprised they’d take an interest in her.” Maylu stepped into the skirt and the nurse pulled it up her legs and secured it around her waist. Maylu slid her PET and folder belt down from her stomach to her waist and made sure it was secure.

“Yeah, the next few months will be interesting.” Maylu replied.

“Alright then dear, do you need a pass for your next class?” The nurse asked. “It’s about to start.”

“Yes please, I still need to grab my supplies for my next class.” Maylu answered. The nurse nodded her head and the two exited the bathroom. The nurse stopped at her desk and wrote up a pass while Maylu grabbed her back pack. A minute later, Maylu was on her way to her locker.


The hallways were beginning to clear up as the seven minute break between classes was drawing to a close. Maylu swapped out the text books she needed, the few text books the school required students to have, when her locker door was suddenly slammed shut, only just missing her fingers.

Maylu turned and saw a small group, with both boys and girls, had surrounded her. Thinking back to before the plane crash, Maylu identified the people before her as the popular crowd.

“Aww, did we scare the wittle baby?” One girl mocked.

“Please, it’ll take more then that to scare me.” Maylu said. She knelt down and pushed her books into her back pack, when she felt someone pull her skirt up, exposing her diaper.

“Maybe we should check her diaper to make sure it’s not wet.” The boy holding her skirt up suggested. Maylu slapped his hand away and stood up, moving away from the boy.

“If you must know, I just got changed a few minutes ago. Even if you scared me, I have nothing to go with.” Maylu replied, holding her back pack by its shoulder straps.

“And why should we believe some diaper crapping baby like you?” Another girl from the group asked. A crowd had formed to see what would happen.

Maylu frowned, her eyes narrowed. “You don’t have to believe me, I really don’t care. As for my condition, well, try dreaming about your parents half melted faces for over a month and see what kind of effect it has on your body and psyche.”

“What’s going on here?” The crowd parted, revealing Ms. Mari, a teacher at the school and Yuriko’s twin sister. “The bell is about to-” BRIIIIIIING “ring…get to class students, or else I’ll start handing out detention slips.”

The crowd groaned but slowly departed. Maylu received a few looks from some of the students, but shrugged them off. Once the hallway was cleared, Maylu felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up at Ms. Mari.

“Are you alright Maylu?” She asked.

“I’m fine, thanks for the help Aunt Mari.” Maylu said with a smile. Ms. Mari blinked.

“Aunt Mari?” Maylu nodded her head vigorously.

“Yup! Yuriko adopted me, making her my Mommy and you my aunt!”

“Really?!” Maylu nodded her head again. “Well congratulations! And welcome to the family!” Ms. Mari pulled Maylu into a hug, which Maylu returned. Ms. Mari pulled away a minute later, a concerned look on her face. “I heard what you said…is it really that bad?”

Maylu nodded her head, a small frown on her face. “Yes, I have been seeing their faces in my dreams. Ever since I saw their bodies my old bedwetting problem came back, and it just grew until it got to the point where I now need diapers during the day.”

Ms. Mari gave a sad smile. “Well don’t worry Maylu, I’m sure you’ll recover in no time at all.”

“Actually, I don’t really mind all this.” Maylu said, getting a questioning look from Ms. Mari. "I actually like wearing diapers now, and using them doesn’t bother me like it used to. And besides that, Mommy takes care of me, something my biological parents never did. I mean, sure, they provided for me, but they were never there for me, heck, they stuck me with the strictest Nanny they could find, not to mention never supported my dream to become a music teacher and had Nanny punish me every time I wet the bed.

“Mommy is there for me like my biological parents never were. She takes care of me, she didn’t punish me because I needed diapers, first at night, then during the day too. She…she even lets me be the little girl I want to be.” Maylu blushed at this. “With that Nanny enforcing her will upon me, I never got the chance to be a real little girl, and was forced to grow up faster then I should have. Mommy…Mommy is letting me be that little girl I never had the chance to be…and I’ve never felt better in my whole life.”

Ms. Mari thought about what Maylu had just told her, the shook her head, a small smile on her face. “Well then little girl, you best get off to class. I’ll come over for dinner tonight and we’ll talk more then, okay?”

Maylu gave a big smile. “Okay Aunt Mari!” Maylu gave her a quick hug, the scurried off to her math class, leaving a smiling Ms. Mari behind her.


“Okay class, today we are having a-” The teacher was interrupted as the door opened up, and Maylu walked in.

“Sorry I’m late, I have a pass though.” Maylu said as she closed the door behind her. The teacher noticed Maylu’s diaper sticking out from under her skirt, and was briefly surprised from it.

“Um, okay then, just leave the pass on my desk and take your seat.” Maylu nodded her head and did just that. “Alright then class, as I was saying, today we are having a pop quiz.” The class groaned at this. “Now, now, I told you all to study for an upcoming quiz, I just never told you what kind of quiz it was. Now clear your desks except for your pencils, a sheet of loose leaf paper, and your calculators.”


The room was pitch black and completely bare, save for a large chair, computer console, and several computer screen. A man sat in the chair, his finger drumming the chair’s armrest as he rested his head in his other hand.

The man pressed a button on his chair, causing a screen to his right to light up. The screen showed two images, the first was of Maylu, sitting at her desk, writing on a piece of paper with her pacifier in her mouth. The second image was of Roll in the cyber world, taking notes from the teacher’s navi.

“Maylu Sakurai, age 14, an Official Net Savior. Aspires to be a music teacher, despite her late parent’s wishes for her to take over their part in Illustrious Corporation. Her netnavi, Roll, is a custom navi, modified from a delivery model navi. She has great speed, and can analyze large amounts of information in stunning time. Her current weapons revolve on using her antennae for close range attacks, and her arrows for long range, the arrows having the power to destroy battlechips just as and after activation…The navi has much potential.”

The figure pressed another button on his chair, and a second screen lit up. Like on the first screen, there were two images on the screen. The first was of Yuriko, who was currently driving her car. The second image showed Spikeman in the cyber world, talking with some construction navis.

“Yuriko Ozono, twin sister to Mari Ozono. A former Nebula agent, raised by Dr. Wily along with Dr. Regal after the plane crash she was assumed dead on. Has altered DNA by the celestial being known as Duo, and is able to rapidly regenerate any damage from any none lethal injuries, minus the loss of limbs. Netnavi Spikeman, custom navi created by Dr. Wily, enhanced by Dr. Regal, and is able to use dark chips without negative effects to his data. Weapons consist of a buster on both arms and the ability to launch the spikes on his body as exploding missiles.”

The figure pressed a third button, and the center monitor lit up. Unlike the others, only one image appeared on the screen. It was of Amara, who was currently in the plane’s bathroom, changing her diaper. The figure watched Amara as she applied baby powder to her skin and massaged it in, moaning slightly.

“Amara…you may have made some powerful allies over the last few months, and even gained a new family, but it won’t matter. I bought you, and you tried to kill me…you were my property, my play thing…I owned you, and you tried to kill me…you even succeeded in killing my son…my flesh and blood!!!” The figure slammed his fist down on the arm rest, cracking it slightly.

On the screen, Amara finished taping up her diaper. She then blinked, and looked at her PET on the counter. She blushed for a moment, then did a little twirl, giving the screen a full shot of her diaper.

The figure watched is barely contained fury. “Enjoy your freedom while it lasts Amara, because I will take everything you cherish from you, then I will take you, and when you beg me to end your worthless life, I’ll say no. I’ll make certain you live a long life as my property, and suffer until the day I die, which will be the same day I’ll end your life as well.”

The figure began to chuckle, before breaking out in uncontrollable, insane laughter that seemed to echo within the room.


Maylu leaned back in her chair, still sucking on her pacifier. She gazed off at nothing as her mind wandered. Maylu thought about how much had changed over the past two months. She still couldn’t believe some of the things that had happened.

Maylu now wore diapers, actually needed diapers, and was a baby at home. Her parents died, but she gained a Mommy out of a former enemy, and she got a big sister who just happened to be her brother figure’s girlfriend, and to top that off, she wore diapers too. The biggest things that changed was that her relationship with her friends have grown much stronger, and she and Lan were officially dating now! Maylu felt like life couldn’t get much better for her.

Maylu shook her head and allowed her pacifier to fall around her neck. She put her calculator and pencil away and stood up. Grabbing her bag, paper, and quiz, she walked up to the teacher’s desk and placed her quiz on it. She moved to leave for the library when the teacher called her back.

“Maylu, you forgot to put your name on your quiz.” The teacher told her. Maylu gave a sheepish giggle as the teacher handed her a pen. Maylu leaned down to sign the sheet when she paused for a moment. A small smile formed on her face as she signed her name on her quiz.

Maylu Sakurai Ozono

This was the beginning of Maylu’s New Life.