Maylu's New Life Ch. 13

Maylu’s New Life

Chapter 13: Aftermath

Maylu whimpered behind her pacifier as the sun’s rays shined upon her face. She tried covering her head with her blanket, successfully blocking the sunlight from her face, but then found she could not get back to sleep. Groaning, she tossed her blanket off her just as the door to her room opened, and Yuriko walked in.

“Ah, you’re up, I was about to wake you.” Yuriko said. “How are you doing this morning?”

Maylu shuffled a bit in bed as she stretched her limbs, giving a small, cute yawn. Sitting up, she noticed her diaper was soaked. “I’m alwight, just a wittle wet.” Maylu answered from behind her pacifier.

“I think we have different definitions of the word ‘little,’ baby girl.” Yuriko teased, as she checked Maylu’s diaper. Reaching under the bed, Yuriko got out Maylu’s changing supplies and got to work setting up. She rolled Maylu onto her side before sliding the changing pad under her, then got the rest of her supplies out, going over to her underwear drawer for Maylu’s diapers.

As Yuriko began undoing the tapes of her diaper, Maylu spoke up. “Did Woll come home yet Mommy?”

Yuriko smiled at Maylu as she called her Mommy. “I’m afraid not. She did send an email though, saying Lan’s awake and should be out in time for school tomorrow morning, so long as everything checks out okay.” She lifted Maylu’s legs up and pulled her wet diaper out from under her. Grabbing a few wet wipes, she proceeded to clean Maylu’s privates before setting her back down on the pad.

“That’s good.” Maylu sighed, then started sucking on her pacifier as Yuriko applied baby powder to her.

“She also mentioned that while Sal hasn’t woken up yet, that she’s expected to make a full recovery.” Yuriko told her as she opened a fresh diaper. “Looks like it was a good thing you invited her to that sleepover, those lockable plastic panties she wore kept her safe from those men.” She lifted Maylu’s legs up and slid the diaper under her bum, and then set her down on the pad.

“Not entiwely.” Maylu said. She took out her pacifier so she could speak clearly. “Before I started breathing for her, I noticed there was a lot of white stuff in her mouth. I cleaned it out with a cloth before I started but…” She trailed off, placed her pacifier back in her mouth, and started sucking on it again.

Yuriko pulled the front of the diaper up between Maylu’s legs. Opening the flaps, she then pushed it tightly over Maylu’s front. Grabbing a tape from the back, Yuriko stretched the tape over the front of the diaper tightly, and smoothed it over the heart character designs of the diaper, and repeated the process with the other side. After checking for leak holes and finding none, Yuriko lifted Maylu up in her arms, causing the girl to squeal. Yuriko the sat down on the bed, Maylu lying across her lap. Pulling out the girl’s pacifier, Yuriko reached behind her back, and pulled out a baby bottle full of chocolate milk, and inserted the nipple into her baby girl’s mouth. Maylu instantly wrapped her lips around the nipple and sucked contently on it, lapping up the delicious drink.

“It may not have stopped those men from hurting Sal as they did, but by bringing her to the sleepover, you saved Sal from one of the worst forms of violation a woman could feel; penetration.” Yuriko told Maylu, who slowly nodded as she continued drinking from her bottle. “And not to mention it was you who helped stop her from losing much more blood, and got her breathing. The doctors say that if nothing had been done before they got to her, Sal would not have made it through the night.” Maylu gasped at this. “That’s right, she would have died. You saved her life Maylu, and I couldn’t be prouder of you.”

Maylu pushed the bottle from her mouth for a moment. “I just did what Amara told me, she was the one who came up with the plan to get those monsters and save Sal.”

Yuriko placed the nipple back in Maylu’s mouth. “Maybe so, but as a result of doing your part, you saved a life Maylu. For now, just lay back and enjoy your bottle baby girl, don’t let these big girl things bother you right now.” Maylu gave a small giggle, then went back to her bottle.

A few minutes later, Maylu licked away the last drop of milk from the nipple, and Yuriko removed the bottle from Maylu’s mouth, setting it beside her on the bed. Maylu was about to say something when Yuriko lifted her up, and placed heron her shoulder. Yuriko patted Maylu’s back, and before she knew it, Maylu let out a burp, to her embarrassment. Yuriko then took Maylu back into her arms and stood up, and started walking out of the room.

“While that bottle might have been enough for a regular baby, you’re a big baby girl, so I got another one ready downstairs for you, along with your breakfast. Once you’re done with breakfast, I’ll help you get dressed, repack your diaper bag, and let you head over to the Officials HQ, where the others are. I’m sure you want to visit them, and I got some things I need to take care of.” Yuriko told Maylu.

Maylu nodded her head. “Sounds good to me.”

Yuriko carried Maylu down the stairs and to the dinning room table, where she sat the girl down on a chair. Going into the kitchen, she opened the microwave, and pulled out a stack of pancakes, flipped them, and restarted the microwave. Walking over to the fridge, she opened it and grabbed one of the two baby bottles of chocolate milk from the shelf, closed the fridge, then exited the kitchen and gave Maylu her bottle. As Maylu started sucking on the bottle’s nipple, Yuriko went back to the kitchen in time to grab the pancakes from the microwave. She then took one pancake at a time, placed them on a second plate, then buttered each one. Stacked on top of each other, Yuriko then proceeded to cut through the stack, two rows across, and two rows from the top, dividing each pancake into nine pieces. Grabbing a bottle of maple syrup, she doused the pile with it, before grabbing a fork and carrying the plate to the dinning room, where Maylu was half way done with her bottle. Yuriko set the plate down in front of Maylu, then grabbed a big napkin and tucked it into her night shirt, making a make-shift bib for her. Maylu set her bottle down as Yuriko grabbed a piece with the fork, and fed it to Maylu.

Maylu couldn’t remember herself ever being happier. She had never been taken care of like this, her every little need and necessity being done for her, and by someone who asked for nothing in return and loved to do it for her. Maylu tried to think up some way to repay her new Mommy for everything she did for her, and by the time breakfast was done, had come up with somewhat of an idea.

Yuriko chuckled to herself as she looked at her new baby girl. Maylu had been very good while Yuriko fed her, but that didn’t stop her from getting syrup over her face and on her napkin. Grabbing the napkin and a second one, Yuriko proceeded to clean Maylu’s face, the girl squealing, squirming, and giggling the whole time. Once she was done, Yuriko gave Maylu her bottle back, which she immediate started sucking on, lifted her back into her arms, and proceeded to carry her back to her room.

Once there, Yuriko set Maylu down on the end of her bed, and cleaned up the changing supplies she had neglected to deal with earlier. Once that was done, Yuriko moved over to Maylu, who had finished her bottle and was now sucking on her pacifier, and took her night shirt off her, leaving her naked except for her diaper. Yuriko then went over to the closet, and pulled out a shaded pink t-shirt and Maylu’s special pair of overalls, the ones with the poppers at the crotch. Upon seeing them, Maylu giggled behind her pacifier, and raised her arms above her head.

Yuriko took the pink shirt and pulled it over Maylu’s head and arms, pulling down until the bottom reached the top of her diaper. Yuriko then took Maylu’s overalls, rolled up the leg parts, and slid them up Maylu’s legs. Once she got them as high as she could, she took Maylu’s hand and pulled her to her feet, and pulled the overalls up all the way. She then snapped on the buttons on the straps over Maylu’s shoulders, and made sure the poppers at Maylu’s crotch were closed up. Once she was done with that, she proceeded to set Maylu back down on the bed, and put her socks on her feet.

“There we go, all done!” Yuriko said, causing Maylu to clap her hands and giggle. “You go ahead and grab what you need and run downstairs, I’ll take care of your diaper bag. Alright?”

“Yes Mommy!” Maylu squealed before hugging Yuriko, who eagerly returned it. Once they broke apart, Maylu went to her desk, grabbed her PET, holo-shoulder-pad, battlechip folder, and belt. Attaching her belt around her waist, then attaching her PET and folder to the belt, followed by her holo-pad to her shoulder, Maylu then exited the room, waddling slightly as she went down the stairs and to the door.

Yuriko quickly re-supplied Maylu’s diaper bag, adding a generous amount of diapers as she was uncertain when she’d come home. She then carried the bag down the stairs to Maylu, who just finished putting her shoes on. Maylu threw the bag strap over her shoulder, and then hugged Yuriko.

“Bye Mommy, I’ll be back in time for dinner!” Maylu said once she released Yuriko.

“Okay them Maylu, be safe, and tell the others to get well soon from me, okay?”

“Sure! See you later!” Maylu exited the house, closing the door behind her.

Yuriko spent the next ten minutes cleaning up everything from breakfast, when the doorbell rang. Smiling, Yuriko answered it.

“Ah, right on time. Come on in, I’ll show you where to set up. I have some things I need to get myself, so lock the door when you’re done, alright?”


It took about forty minutes to get to Dentech City’s Official HQ, ten minutes on the trans to the city, and thirty walking there through the morning crowds. Many people took notice of Maylu’s clothing, diaper bag, and pacifier, one was even from her class at school, but Maylu paid them no mind as she continued on her way, happily sucking her pacifier.

Once she entered the HQ, Maylu let her pacifier drop down around her neck and proceeded to go to the receptionist’s desk. After flashing her Net Savior badge, she asked for directions to the hospital wing and the rooms for Lan and Sal. After a quick scan of the system, the receptionist told her what she needed to know, and Maylu was on her way.

Maylu decided to visit Lan first, and proceeded to his room. She arrived to the sight of Dr, Hikari, Lan’s father, closing the door behind him. He took notice of Maylu and waved her over, raising an eyebrow at her outfit.

“I don’t think Lan’s in any condition to take care of a little girl like you right now Maylu?” Dr. Hikari joked. “I didn’t think you were into diapers and being babied Maylu.”

“I wasn’t before the plane crash.” Maylu replied, causing Dr. Hikari to give her a sad smile. “Truth is, I only just got into the babying aspect of it at Yai’s sleepover. I’ve been slowly loosing control of my toiletries since the crash, and now I need to wear diaper all the time. Mommy is taking very good care of me.”

“Mommy?” Dr. Hikari repeated. “Ms. Yuri is babying you?”

“Yup, she at first tried to help me with my bedwetting, but nothing we tried helped. Then she agreed to let me wear pull-ups during the day when I began having accidents and the doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me. When it seemed I was loosing all my control, we came up with a plan to re-potty train me during the summer break, but I’m not sure if I want to be now.” Maylu explained. “Now Mommy is going to social services and is getting the papers to adopt me, making her my real Mommy!”

“Well congratulation Maylu.” Dr. Hikari said. “I wish you two the best of happiness. I know you’re probably here to visit Lan, but he only just fell asleep, had to drug him so he could get some rest. He won’t be up for a few hours, so you’re welcome to come back then.”

“I will.” Maylu replied.

“Good, now then, I gotta get back to Scilab. Lan came up with the idea of using Wood Soul to help restore Woodman’s backup data, and I have to see if it’s workable.” Dr. Hikari told her.

“I won’t hold you up any longer then. Best of luck.” Maylu said, moving to the side. Dr. Hikari thanked her and walked off.

Maylu walked to a nearby elevator and ascended two floors to the intensive care unit floor. After showing her Net Savior badge to the security unit on the floor, she was allowed to pass and made her way to Sal’s room. As she turned the corner to the hallway containing Sal’s room, she was suddenly knocked off her feet and her lips assaulted by another pair of lips. Maylu was wide eyed and could feel her diaper growing wet. When the person raised themselves off her, she realized it was Miyu.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Miyu sobbed, hugging Maylu. Said girl was stunned, Miyu hardly ever showed any emotion. While the current situation involving her girlfriend was reason enough for the outburst, it was still a shock to experience.

“Um, Miyu?” Maylu asked, gaining the girl’s attention. “Mind if I stand up?” Miyu quickly got off Maylu, only to return to her arms as she continued to sob.

“Sal almost didn’t make it!” Miyu said between sobs. “If you hadn’t stopped her bleeding, and got her breathing again, Sal would have…would have…”

“I understand.” Maylu said. “I’d have never forgiven myself if I had just stood by and let Sal die, especially from what those monsters did to her.” Miyu nodded her head and slowly began to calm herself down. “So how is she?”

Miyu gave a small sniffle. “She woke up for only a few minutes last night before passing out. The doctors are checking her for head trauma to see if there’s any neurological damage. They managed to fix up her lesser wounds and wrapped up the stomach wound, they need to x-ray it to make sure everything’s okay down there. That’s all I know.”

Maylu placed a hand on Miyu’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Sal will pull through this. She’s the leader of a naturist group of over a thousand members! Only a strong willed person could do something like that, and given how much you two love each other, I’d bet she’d fight god herself if she came for her, just to stay with you.” Miyu smiled brightly at that.

“Thank you Maylu, you’re a real friend.”

“Glad to be here for you…just next time, find another way to thank me other then kissing me off my feet, I’m not sure Sal or Lan would appreciate it.” Miyu nodded her head in understanding, both girls’ cheeks a bit pink. “So where are Amara and Chaud at?”

“Chaud stayed with Lan till early this morning, when Mrs. Hikari arrived. She had just returned from a trip out of town I believe. Chaud’s probably at work now, which one I couldn’t tell you. Amara has been helping me watch over Sal, she’s still in Sal’s room.”

“So what were you doing out here?” Maylu asked. Miyu leaned in closer.

“I was going for a diaper change.” She whispered. Maylu raised an eyebrow. “I’ve been wearing them so I can stay with Sal longer, incase she wakes up soon.” Maylu nodded her head in understanding.

“Mind if I join you? That was a heck of a kiss, I can see why Sal is so dedicated to you.” Miyu flushed at this, but nodded her head and lead the way to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, both girls, in fresh diapers, entered Sal’s room. Maylu bit back a gasp as she saw how many wires and machines were attached to Sal, who seemed to resemble a mummy more then anything else. Amara was leaning back in her chair, wearing the same clothes as yesterday, including the shorts Maylu had thrown back to her after the incident.

“So that’s what took you so long.” Amara commented. “You were thanking Maylu as well as changing.”

“Caught.” Miyu replied, taking a seat next to Sal’s bed, taking one of the girl’s hands into her own.

“How ya holding up Maylu?” Amara asked.

“I’m doing alright; I had a long talk with Mom last night and let everything out. Mom’s getting the paperwork for my adoption set, so she’ll be out all afternoon.” Maylu replied, taking a seat next to Amara.

“Congratulations Maylu!” Amara said, a smile on her face.

“Thank you.” Maylu replied. It was then that she noticed Amara’s posture was dull, somewhat sluggish. “Did you get any sleep last night Amara?”

“Yeah, maybe an hour or so.” Amara answered.

“I see…why don’t you go home and get some rest, I’ll relay any information about Sal if anything comes up.” Maylu offered. “And don’t worry about the picnic supplies I left at your apartment, I can always swing by later and pick them up.”

“Meh, don’t worry about that.” Amara said, waving her off. “I’ll deliver them to your house once I stop at home and change.”

“You really should get some rest now, it’s nothing that important.”

“Better to do it now while I remember. My PET ran out of battery power while Twilight was inside it, so she’s stuck in there and can’t remind me till I charge the thing.” Amara explained.

“Well in that case, you’re welcome to crash at my house for a while then, I don’t want you collapsing in the street or getting taken advantage of.” Maylu glanced over at Sal.

“Point taken.” Amara replied. She stood up, stretched, and grabbed her bag. “I hope to see you later, my flight back to Netopia leaves at eleven tomorrow morning, so if I don’t see you before then, I’ll see ya in a month or so.”

Maylu got up and hugged Amara. “Okay then, I’ll see you later.” Amara nodded to her and Miyu, then left the room. Maylu sat back down, and about a minute later, began chuckling to herself.

“What’s so funny?” Miyu asked, curious.

“I can’t explain it all, but if it works, I’ll be able to pay both Amara and Yuriko back for all they’ve done to support me when I needed it most.” Maylu said. Miyu just raised an eyebrow at Maylu’s response.


Amara arrived at her apartment, and after closing the boor behind her, leaned against it. She was tired, and in need of a change. Amara set her bag down and pulled out her PET.

“Sorry Twilight, but I can’t afford to be a baby girl right now, not when I’m so close.” Amara spoke. She made certain that the PET switch was flicked ‘off’ before heading to her room. Opening her underwear draw, she found it full of diapers except for the thong Chaud had given her. Grabbing the thong and some wipes, Amara went over to her bed.

Pulling her pants off, Amara started taking the tapes off her full diaper. Once it was off, she proceeded to clean herself thoroughly. Throwing the wipes into the diaper and taping it up, she walked to the bathroom and threw it into the trash bin there. Grabbing the silver thong, she pulled it on, followed by her shorts.

Just mind over matter…or something like that.’ Amara thought to herself. If she believed she could hold herself, then it would be much easier to do so, or so she interpreted the theory.

Amara grabbed the picnic supplies and went to exit the apartment. The sooner she reached Maylu’s the sooner she could get some sleep.


It was an half an hour later that Amara arrived at Maylu’s house. She gave the place a once over and found it to be quite nice, if in appearance alone. Shrugging her shoulders, she made her way to the front door, reached under the door mat, and pulled out the key Maylu told her was there. She then unlocked the door and, after replacing the key, entered the house.

“Back already baby girl?” A voice rang out from the kitchen. Amara froze, Maylu had said Yuriko wasn’t home, and was busy with the adoption papers. Yuriko walked out of the kitchen and froze herself upon catching site of Amara.

The pair just stared at each other for a while, both uncomfortable with the situation. The last time they had been alone together was the last time Yuriko babied Amara, and offered to adopt her if she joined Nebula. With Amara’s rejection, both girls suffered some form of pain and mental anguish, thus the reaction they were having now.

Amara was the first to break the silence. “I, um, brought back the picnic supplies Maylu left at my place.” She said, not meeting Yuriko’s eye.

“Ah, thank you.” Yuriko said, also a bit uncomfortable with the situation. Just then, a buzzard went off. “Care to join me for lunch? It’s your favorite, if I recall.” Yuriko offered, in hopes of helping lighten the air between them.

Amara opened her mouth to decline, however her stomach took that opportunity to grumble loudly. Amara blushed and closed her mouth. Yuriko gave her a small smile and motioned her towards the dinner table. Amara walked over as Yuriko entered the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Amara and Yuriko were having spaghetti and meatballs. Yuriko smirked as she watched Amara practically inhale her food. ‘Some things never change.’ As Yuriko took a few forks full of spaghetti, she remembered several occasions she had fed Amara while playing her baby game. When Yuriko had brought spaghetti and meatballs, she had to tie Amara to the chair in order to feed her. Sure, she could have kidnapped her at that point, and sometimes wished she had, but at that point they had been close enough that Yuriko couldn’t go through with it, and had untied her after cleaning her face.

Amara leaned back in her chair, and gave a tired sigh, rubbing her belly. “You always made the best batch of spaghetti and meatballs Mo-Yuriko.” Amara caught herself at the last second, she couldn’t call Yuriko Mommy now, she lost that chance, and didn’t want to ruin Maylu’s happiness by coming too involved with Yuriko’s life again.

Yuriko noticed the slip up, but decided not to comment on it. “Thank you Amara, I would have made a bigger batch had I known you were coming. I do have to thank you for calling me yesterday and informing me what had happened with Maylu and the others.”

Amara gave a big smile, her face having sauce on it from her meal. “Make me a batch to go and we’ll call it even!”

Yuriko laughed and walked around the table, sitting down next to her. “I suppose I could do that.” She said. Getting a napkin out, she started cleaning Amara face. To her surprise, Amara grabbed her hand, and took another napkin with her free hand.

“I can clean myself.” Amara told her, and proceeded to clean her face up. Yuriko gave a small frown as she withdrew her hand.

“You always used to like it when I cleaned you up.” She commented. Amara gave a small sigh.

“I can’t afford that type of comfort right now, not when I’m so close to him.” Amara said, her voice growing hard at the end. Yuriko blinked.

“You’ve got his trail?” She asked, surprise. Amara nodded her head, shifting a bit in her chair. Yuriko stood up, and took Amara’s hand, pulling her to her feet. She then lead the girl to the living room, where they both sat down on the couch.

“It was four months ago that I actually saw him in person.” Amara said.

“You saw Shade in person?!” Yuriko asked, alarmed.

“Yeah, busting up another child trafficking ring. He hasn’t changed at all. He’s still a pedophilic rapist, murderer, and torture expert. He was hiring himself out as an assassin for a few years, but then he stopped suddenly a year ago and dropped off the radar.” Amara explained.

“Amara, you have to be careful with him, if he were to ever get his hands on you again-” Yuriko started, but was interrupted.

“I know that!” Amara snapped. “I know he’d break me again…I know I’d be his slave again…but that’s why I have to be the one to stop him. I can’t let him do to others what he did to me!”

“Amara, he isn’t the type of person you can fight alone. Even with your ability to use Twilight’s powers in full synchro, Shade can do the same too with Venomman. He’s older and more developed then you, he’s got more stamina and can last longer in that state then you. Once you drop out of full synchro you-”

“And that’s why I can’t afford to be a baby girl anymore!” Amara yelled. "When I’m not searching for that bastard I’m either training or doing missions! I can’t waste any more time on my own comfort, it’s already to- " Amara stopped talking.

“Amara…” Yuriko studied Amara’s now clearly uncomfortable posture. “What happened?”

Amara gulped, and hugged her arms close to herself. “About a month ago, I managed to track Shade to a small house in the countryside. No one had been there for about a week. I examined the second floor and…”

Yuriko rubbed Amara’s back, motioning for her to continue. It was clear to her that Amara needed to get this off her chest. Amara’s voice was much higher now as she spoke.

“I found a little girl in one of the rooms…The room was exactly like the one the Officials discovered was mine before.” Yuriko gasped. “The shackles had her limbs stretched out…she couldn’t have been older then me when that car crash…she’d been disemboweled.” Yuriko turned a bit green. "But the worst part was…she had purple paint over her eyes, and green paint over her hair. On the head board above her, written in the girl’s blood were the words ‘miss you.’ "

Yuriko was terrified at that. She had known Amara was trying to find the criminal responsible for her suffering, hence why she looked into Shade’s profile herself. Yuriko had no idea that Shade was that sick of a bastard.

Amara suddenly cried out, startling Yuriko. Amara got off the couch and ran down the hallway. Yuriko placed her hand on the couch to push herself up, when she noticed to spot was wet. Looking down, she saw a wet spot, and realized what happened, Amara had wet herself and wasn’t wearing a diaper.

Yuriko took a minute or so too clean up the couch. She then went down the hallway to the closed bathroom door. Pressing her ear against the door, she could hear Amara’s sobs.

“Why now? Why is this happening now? How am I supposed to be taken seriously if I can’t keep my pants clean?” Amara sobbed. “It’s not fair!”

“Amara?” Yuriko called out, causing the girl to stop crying. “Are you alright?”

“J-just leave me awone!” Amara cried. Her head snapped up when she head the door handle jiggle before opening.

Yuriko examined Amara’s form. Her eyes were red and puffy, her face tear streaked. Her shorts a large wet stain on them, and from the looks of things, Amara hadn’t gotten anything in the toilet.

“I can’t do that Amara. You need help, you obviously are having trouble taking care of yourself, especially with all the unnecessary stress you’re putting yourself through.” Yuriko told her.

Amara snapped at this. “It’s not unnecessary you bitch! If I had worked harder before instead of being a baby, I would have found him already and that little girl and who knows how many others would still be with their families! Still be safe! Still be ALIVE!”

Yuriko narrowed her eyes. Quick as a flash, she had Amara by her arm and on her feet. Amara tried to break her grip, but found it impossible when Yuriko lifted her into her arms and cradled her like a baby. That didn’t stop her from shifting in her arms and yelling profanities at Yuriko.

Yuriko carried Amara back into the living room and sat back down on the couch. Flipping her over, Yuriko grabbed the back of Amara’s shorts and pulled them down, Amara’s thong following shortly after. Amara knew what was coming next, and started struggling even more, but couldn’t escape Yuriko’s grip.

(Smack!) Amara cried out. (Smack!) (Smack!) Amara cried out again. Yuriko proceeded to spank Amara for a full two minutes, reducing the girl to a helpless, bawling state. Flipping her over again, Yuriko cradled Amara in her arms as she stood back up and carried the girl upstairs. Once at the top, Yuriko walked past her room and Maylu’s and entered a guest room…Except it wasn’t a guest room anymore.

The room had been renovated into a giant nursery. There was a large crib in the corner opposite the window, a changing table by the wall next to that, a large dresser next to a closet, and a desk with a computer and PET charger next to it by the window. On the crib’s other side was a rocking chair, and beneath it was a small refrigerator, containing baby bottles.

Yuriko placed Amara, who was still to busy crying to notice her surroundings, on the changing table. She then proceeded to strip Amara’s clothes off until she was naked. Yuriko took a wet wipe and began cleaning Amara’s privates and upper legs.

“Amara, do you know why you’re having accidents?” Yuriko asked her, causing Amara to look up. Upon realizing where she was, Amara moved to get off the changing table, but Yuriko held her down with one hand and attached several straps across her body, keeping her down. She then got back to cleaning Amara. “Stop struggling Amara, you’re not getting out of this, you need this.”

“Let me go! I can’t be like this! I-” She was cut off as a pacifier was stuffed into her mouth.

“You do need this Amara. You’ve become so focused on finding Shade that you’ve lost sight of who you are!” Yuriko told her. Amara was about to spit out the pacifier, but blinked in confusion at Yuriko’s words.

“Amara, the reason you personally find being a baby girl comforting is because you’ve never had a childhood. When you learned that Shade was doing to others what he did to you, you admirably but foolishly took it upon yourself to find him and try to stop him.” Amara nearly did spit her pacifier out this time, but Yuriko placed her hand over it, keeping it in her mouth. “Spit it out, and you’ll get another spanking.” Amara gulped, she wasn’t sure how much more abuse her backside could take, after the past few days she’s suffered.

Yuriko waited to see Amara’s next action before continuing. When she saw Amara begin to suck on the paci, she continued. “Regardless of your trouble in the orphanage, you began studying extensively, trying to learn everything you could so you could graduate from school sooner and begin searching for Shade. Before you finished your education, you met up with your future step sister, Yuffie.”

Amara let out a mix of a growl and a whimper, as tears threatened to spill down her face. “She was the best thing that happened to you since you received Twilight, Amara. I know it hurts, how they were going to adopt you, after having taught you how to defend yourself, how to fight, only to be murdered the day you were to go home with them.”

Amara’s tears were flowing freely now, she hated remembering that day, a day where she lost a chance at having a family, a chance of happiness. Yuriko grabbed some cream, and after unlocking the straps holding Amara’s legs down, she lifted the legs up and started applying the cream to her red bum.

“You took part of their family name as your own as a way to remember them, that’s very honorable Amara.” Yuriko told her as she finished with the cream, and started powdering Amara’s privates. “After the funeral, you dove back into your studies, and gained your diploma a year later. After that, you entered the Undernet, and a few months later established yourself as the underqueen. When you weren’t doing your duty as underqueen, nor working to make a living, you were training yourself and Twilight for when you finally confronted Shade.”

Yuriko put the powder bottle down and picked up a white diaper. Amara tensed at the sight, but a stern look from Yuriko stopped her from resisting. Picking up Amara’s legs, Yuriko slid the diaper underneath her. She then pulled the front of the diaper up between Amara’s legs, opened the flaps, then pulled it tight over her front. Reaching behind Amara, she pulled the tape from the back flap, and pulled it tightly over the front of the diaper, repeating the process on the other side. After checking for leak holes and finding none, Yuriko continued speaking.

“Amara, the reason why being a baby helps you so much is because you never had a childhood, you never were a baby. You forced yourself to grow up so fast, exposed yourself to the darker side of humanity, all to find Shade. By pushing yourself as hard as you have been, you’ve burnt yourself out. The Amara I remember could have gotten off my lap and kicked my ass.” Yuriko told her.

Amara blinked as she sucked her pacifier, thinking over Yuriko’s words. Yuriko was right, she had been growing sluggish over the past few months, especially trying to deal with her actual accidents.

Yuriko went over to the closet and dresser. Opening the dresser, she grabbed a few accessories and placed them on top, before grabbing a blue onesie from a hanger in the closet. Getting all the clothes, she moved back over to Amara. Unlocking the straps, she then proceeded to pull the onesie over Amara’s head. Snaking her arms through the arm holes, Yuriko pulled the onesie down to her legs, where she buttoned up the crotch. Due to Amara’s chest, it was a snug fit, but fit all the same. Yuriko then started dressing Amara with plastic gloves, booties, and a baby bonnet.

“Amara, the reason you’re having accidents is because you can’t handle the strain you’re experiencing by pushing yourself as hard as you have been, not without some release. Your release was being a baby girl, and when you stopped being one willingly, your body tried to make you one the easiest way it could, your accidents.” Yuriko explained. She finished the last bootie and started filtering Amara’s hair into the baby bonnet. “Amara, if you really want to find Shade and stand a chance of surviving, much less winning, you need to be at your best. To be at your best, you need to be both a big girl and a baby girl, the big girl to deal with the harshness of reality, and the baby girl to help you relieve the stress you feel and gain some form of your childhood.”

Yuriko tied the ribbon of the bonnet below Amara’s chin, then lifted the girl up into her arms. Carrying the girl over to the rocking chair and sitting down, she reached for the mini-fridge and pulled out a baby bottle of chocolate milk. Pulling out Amara’s pacifier, Yuriko inserted the bottle’s nipple into the girl’s mouth that, after a minute’s hesitation, began sucking on it.

“Amara, I know it’s hard for you to do this, especially after you’ve gotten so close to Shade lately. I can’t in good will let you go on as you are, you can’t take care of yourself. That’s why, when your transfer to Electopia, I’m going to apply to become your legal guardian.” Amara gasped at this. “Please don’t fight me on this Amara, I know we haven’t gotten along well after our break up of such, but with the evidence I can present to the officials, social services, and a judge, I could easily get you under someone’s legal responsibility, if not my own. I still care about you Amara, I don’t want to see you hurt, but if I must hurt you to save your life from Shade, then so be it.”

Amara stared off at nothing, sucking on her bottle, deep in thought. After a minute of silence, Amara pushed the bottle away. “No.” She said, causing Yuriko’s heart to stop.

“Amara…” Yuriko had a pained expression on her face.

“You can’t be my guardian…it would hurt too much.” Amara said. Yuriko swallowed hard, trying to fight back her tears. “It’s all or nothing.”

Yuriko blinked at this. “All or nothing? What do you mean?”

“It hurts…” Amara started, before looking Yuriko straight in the eye. “It hurts…not being able to call you Mommy without it being the truth.” Yuriko’s mouth opened, but no words came out. “I can’t stand it! I can’t be with you unless you make me your daughter…it hurts like it did when I lost Yuffie and her family…I can’t live with you feeling like this.”

Amara turned away, looking towards the window. “I understand it’s not fair to ask this of you, after you and Maylu just became a family, but I can’t be with you as anything less then a family member without it hurting…I don’t think I’d be able to live like that for long.” Her voice was a whisper by the time she finished speaking. Her meaning however, was as clear as day.

Amara’s head shot up when she heard Yuriko chuckle. She then gave a small yelp as she felt herself be adjust, till she was sitting up on Yuriko’s lap. “Well baby girl,” Yuriko started, “It’s a good think Maylu sees you as a sister then, isn’t it?”

Amara’s eyes widened, her jaw dropping. “Y-you mean you’d!!!”

Yuriko smiled at Amara. “I’ve waited a long time to say this Amara, but welcome to my family.”

Amara couldn’t believe it. Yuriko really was going to take her in! She was really going to be her… “MOMMY!” Amara yelled, wrapping her arms around Yuriko’s neck and burying her head in Yuriko’s chest, crying her heart out, this time in joy.

Yuriko couldn’t keep her smile off her face as she rocked Amara in her arms as the girl cried. She finally had her first daughter back. Yuriko wasn’t sure how much time passed, but Amara soon was asleep in her arms. Yuriko lifted Amara up and placed her in the crib. She then grabbed Amara’s half empty bottle and pacifier, and gave Amara the bottle, placing the pacifier near her. Amara immediately put the bottle to her lips and sucked gently on it as Yuriko tucked her in. Turning on a baby monitor on top of the crib, Yuriko left the room, giving her baby girl time to sleep in peace.


“Mommy! I’m home!” Maylu called out. Yuriko got up from the couch and walked over to her.

“Hey there baby girl, what’s the situation with Sal and your boyfriend?” Maylu blushed at that last comment.

“Lan was awake when I saw left, and he’s doing fine, but he may walk a little funny due to a hit in his jimmies.” Maylu giggled a bit. Yuriko raised an eyebrow at that, but said nothing. “Sal is in surgery now, dealing with some internal injuries. She woke up for about five minutes, I stepped out so Miyu could have some privacy with her. Sal should be physically alright, but psychologically is unclear right now, but Miyu is hopeful.”

“Well that’s good to hear.” Yuriko said. “By the way, did you have anything to do with my unexpected guest today?”

Maylu smiled. “I wanted to thank you both for everything you’ve done for me, I couldn’t think of any better way then helping you two become friends again.” She raised an eyebrow when Yuriko chuckled. “What’s so funny?”

Yuriko knelt down and undid the poppers on Maylu’s overalls, then checked her diaper. “You’ll find out in a minute baby girl. For now, let’s get you changed in your new room.”

Maylu blinked. “My new room?” She asked, before squealing as Yuriko lifted her up into her arms. Maylu slid her pacifier into her mouth as Yuriko carried her up the stairs.

“I remembered that Yai’s father owed you and Amara a favor after the way you two were treated at the sleep over. So I called in that favor, and got them to send over some clothes and furniture, which he was happy to do.” Yuriko explained. She reached the top of the stairs and walked down the hallway. To Maylu’s surprise, she was set down on her feet before Yuriko opened the door, revealing the nursery inside.

Maylu gasped in shock at what she was seeing. Once she got over the shock of it, she gave a squeal of delight and ran into the room, examining the furniture and clothes, squealing in delight every time she found something she liked.

“Mind keeping it down sis, some of us need our rest.”

Maylu blinked, then turned to the crib. There she saw Amara sitting up, still dressed up like a baby. Maylu giggled a bit and pulled out her pacifier. “I thought you said you didn’t want to be a baby Amara?” She teased as she walked over to the crib.

“I didn’t, but Mommy explained why I needed to be one, baby sister.” Amara replied with a smile on her face. Maylu blinked in confusion.

“Mommy? Baby sister?” She asked. She looked up when she felt Yuriko wrap her arms around her.

“Amara and I chatted for a while, and it turns out we still care about each other. So, when Amara moves here, I’m adopting her into our family. You said you thought of her as the sister you never had, so now she will be your sister.” Yuriko explained. She paused for a moment. “Well, big baby sister to be exact, and you’ll be her little baby sister.” Yuriko looked down at Maylu. “Is that alright with you?”

Not even a second later Maylu had climbed over the bars of the crib and was hugging her new sister. Amara hugged her back, and both were crying tears of joy. They both looked up as suddenly the other side of the crib groaned, and noticed Yuriko had joined them. Amara and Maylu blinked as Yuriko pulled them into a hug.

“You didn’t think I’d let you two have the first hug of our new family, did you?” Yuriko asked. Both Amara and Maylu giggled and hugged her back, all three of them in the crib together.

In the computer near them, Roll and Twilight smiled at the scene before them. “I guess this means we’re sisters now too.” Roll commented.

“I can’t complain with that.” Twilight said, smiling back at her. Suddenly, a large humanoid navi in blue, black, and purple armor with spikes on his body came up behind them and pulled them close to him. He was Yuriko’s net navi, Spikeman.

“If you two are sisters now, then that makes me a Daddy!” Spikeman said. He laughed outright at the priceless expressions of the navi’s faces.

Back in the crib, Maylu suddenly pulled out of the hug. “I think my diaper leaked.” She said, feeling the wet blanket underneath her.

“It wasn’t you Maylu.” Amara said, a faint blush on her cheeks. “Your diapers aren’t meant for heavy wetters like me.”

“Well then, what’s say we get you girls changed. After that, we’ll see you out Amara, since you got a flight to catch tomorrow, and we’ll meet at your place to give you a ride to the airport and see you off. Your clothes should be clean by now, and I can take care of the mattress so Maylu can sleep here tonight.” Yuriko told them.

“Okay Mommy.” Both girls answered at the same time. This caused them both to giggle. Yuriko chuckled at the action.

“Acting like sisters already.” She said with a small shake of her head. She then turned to Amara. “I don’t think I need to say this, but I’m expecting you to be in diapers from now on, even when I’m not around. I’ll be having Twilight send me email updates.”

“Yes Mom.” Amara said, exasperated, but with a smile on her face.

“Good, now then lets get you girls changed and ready for tomorrow. It’ll be the beginning of our new life as a family!” Yuriko announced!

“A true family!” Amara said.

“The best family!” Maylu said.

“Things can only go up from here.” Yuriko said as she pulled the girls into another hug, another family hug. The two girls snuggled up against their new mother and sighed in happiness.

It would be a moment the three of them would remember for the rest of their lives.