Maylu's New Life Ch. 12

Maylu’s New Life

Chapter 12: Resolving Conflicts

Three beams of light touched down in the cyber world, shifting into the forms of Megaman, Roll, and Twilight. The three looked around to gain their bearings before they moved.

“It’s been a while Roll, you sure you’re up for this?” Megaman asked. Roll smiled at his concern.

“I’ll be fine Mega, I’ve been battling viruses while page hopping for Maylu this past month, I haven’t lost a step.” Roll grinned at her play on words. “Besides, my Roll Arrows can destroy battlechip data, so I’m one of the most qualified and preferred navis to deal with anyone using dark chips.”

“Point taken.” Megaman replied. “Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move to the access gate and get to Net City. It will take a minute to get through the security, so it’s best we get moving now.”

“Two steps ahead of ya Megaman.” Twilight said. Megaman and Roll turned to her, and gapped at the access gate that appeared out of nowhere next to Twilight. “One of the perks of being a Net Agent. Security will let us by instantly, so we best have our operators download some battlechip data now while they aren’t dealing with whatever’s happening in the park.”

“You get all that Lan?” Megaman asked, opening a window to his PET screen.

“Loud and clear buddy, sending chip data now. Chaud says Protoman will arrive in Net City in five minutes, so you three will have to make do with what you can until then.” Lan replied.

Megaman grinned as he felt the battlechip data upload to his mainframe. Glancing over at Roll and Twilight, he saw they were ready as well. “Let’s move!”


Amara, Chaud, Lan, and Maylu ran down the sidewalks towards Dentech City Park. They ran for several minutes before reaching the entrance, stopping for a quick breather, something Lan didn’t like.

“We need to keep moving, Sal could be hurt or worse!”

“And we’d be in no condition to help her if we arrived as we are now Lan.” Amara countered. “We can assume there are at least three enemies that Sal engaged, due to there being three navis attacking Net City, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be more. We also don’t know if they are armed or not, nor how much stronger they physically are then us. You can’t fall back on cross fusion this time Lan, so we need to take things slow and carefully. Chaud and I have been doing this type of work for a while now, let us lead this operation.”

“She has a point Lan.” Maylu breathed. She was tired and out of shape, and it showed. She took a moment to compose herself before continuing. “We don’t know what the situation is with Sal, nor her condition and that of the people she fought. We have to be careful, for Sal’s sake and our own.”

“Right.” Lan said, sighing. “I’m just worried about Sal, that’s all.”

“Don’t let it cloud your judgment.” Chaud advised. “The difference between Net Saviors and Net Agents is drastic on the field, we have to take this one step at a time.”

“Agreed.” Amara said. “Now that we’ve reiterated our point, here’s the plan: running will only catch the enemy’s attention now, so we’ll power walk to Sal’s boxed lunch stand through the trees. If the enemy’s there, we can assess the situation, if not; we examine it and try to determine where they Sal went. We will not split up, there are too many variables right now that could work against us in this case, for all we know the enemy has agents all over the park right now.”

“So one step at a time, right?” Maylu asked. “I’m ready to go when you all are.”

“I’m set.” Lan said. Getting a nod from Chaud, Amara turned towards the park entrance.

“Alright then, let’s go!”


Megaman, Roll, and Twilight were running down the barren and damaged streets of Net City. It appeared that the entire section of the city had been damaged, with only a few signs of resistance here and there. The group then heard some screams a bit farther along, so they picked up the pace before rounding a corner.

“Wood Tower!”

A giant purple log of wood with a spiked top erupted from the ground, smashing straight through a data stream. This disrupted the flow, thus causing the data to disperse in random directions. Nearby stood a large tree trunk shaped navi, his normally brown wooden body tinted a bright purple, almost pink, in color.

“Woodman!” Megaman cried out, forming his megabuster over his right hand. “Stop this senseless destruction right now, you’re better then this! Fight off the dark power, if not for yourself then for Sal’s sake!”

Suddenly, an orange ball with three blue glowing spheres attached to it, dropped down in front of Megaman. Reacting on instinct, Megaman leaped to the side as the ball exploded. Roll moved to reach Megaman when a row of purple wooden towers rose from the ground, blocking her path to Megaman and separating herself and Twilight from Megaman and Woodman.

“Looks like we get to play with the ladies, doesn’t it boys?” Roll and Twilight looked up at the voice. On the roof of a three story building stood three undernet navis, each in the standard black armor with shoulder spikes and spiked helmets.

“Undernavis?” Twilight mused to herself out loud. “They should know better then to mess with their former queen.” The three navis leaped off the building, landing before Twilight and Roll.

“Just give up now and we won’t delete you. Heck, we’ll even give you a good time!” One navi, the leader if the formation they were in indicated, said. Roll growled at this, but Twilight smirked.

“Sorry boys, not happening. Besides, you boys wouldn’t give me a good ride like Protoman does.” Twilight said. Roll and the undernavis gawked at her. Protoman was famous for his skills as a swordsman navi and for his emotionless façade, and to hear him actually engaging in sexual activity, it was enough to stun anyone. That was something Twilight took advantage of.

Quick as a flash, Twilight vanished from the spot she stood at, only to appear behind the three undernavis a second later, a large windmill shuriken star in her hand. A second later, all three undernavis cried out as deep cuts and slash marks appeared all over their armor.

“Bitch!” One of the navis roared. “Dark chip activate!” A bright purple aura surrounded the undernavi as it turned and rushed at Twilight. Twilight got into a defensive stance and analyzed her opponent.

I don’t know what he used, but that wasn’t a dark chip, I would be able to detect a rise in dark energy. Best try to disable these navis and have them brought in for examination.’ Twilight thought.

“LongSword activate!” The undernavi’s hand shifted into a glowing blue blade that extended several feet ahead of him. The aura around him, however, began covering the sword as well, changing it’s color from blue to a bright purple.

“Shadow dash.” Twilight whispered. Before the undernavi could swing his new weapon at her, shadows covered Twilight’s form, before moving down to the ground and vanishing, taking Twilight with it. The undernavi stopped in it’s tracks and began searching for Twilight, to no avail.

“Shadow spike!” A spike made of shadows erupted from the undernavi’s own shadow, spearing straight through his right shoulder, the same one that connected to his sword arm. The undernavi staggered forward a few steps before turning to the spike of shadows, which rapidly deformed until Twilight’s form appeared in it’s place.

“Program Advanced! Ultra bomb!” As soon as Twilight heard those words she leaped away as hard as she could. Program advances had the power of several battlechips combined, and was not something any navi wanted to get hit by. The ultra bomb connected with the pavement where Twilight once stood, causing a huge explosion, knocking everyone nearby off their feet, and Twilight even further away due to being airborne at the time of the explosion.

If these guys are throwing program advances around, I’ll have to step up my game. We only need one navi to analyze, even though more would be preferred.’ Twilight thought as she pulled her windmill shuriken back out.


“Dark chip activate!” The undernavi was covered in the bright purple aura just before he leaped at Roll. Roll swiftly dodged to the side and faced the navi, one arm pointed at him.

“Quiver, Roll Arrow, activate!” Roll’s left arm glowed before transforming into a bow, a heart shaped arrow loaded and ready to fire. On her back, a quiver full of heart shaped arrows appeared, a strap wrapped around her shoulder to keep it in place.

“Roll Arrow!” Roll cried out. Roll shot the heart shaped arrow at the undernavi who, to her surprise, caught the arrow with his bare hand.

“Heh, you’ll have to better then that girl.” The undernavi taunted. The arrow in his hand suddenly began to glow a bright pink, before disintegrating, taking the aura surrounding the undernavi with it. “What the hell!?”

“You’re gonna have to rely on your own strength against me.” Roll told the undernavi. “My arrows destroy any battlechips it comes in contact with, as well as deal some damage. My quiver has fifty more arrows in it; do you think you can last that long on your own?”

“If I move faster then you, then yes. Arena-steal, activate!” The undernavi’s colors inverted, before her vanished from Roll’s sight. Roll quickly looked around for the undernavi before she was suddenly struck to the ground from above by said navi. The undernavi placed his hands on Roll’s arms and held her down. “Not so tough now, are you girl?”

The undernavi expected a growl, expected the girl beneath him to struggle, but instead was struck in the face by Roll’s sharp antennae, leaving gashes across his face. The undernavi yelped and leaped away as Roll got back to her feet.

“There’s only one navi I’ll ever let be on top of me, and you sure as hell aren’t him!” Roll yelled, before firing several arrows at the distracted undernavi.


Megaman growled as he was cut off from the girls, and turned to face Woodman. “Come on Woodman, fight it off. I know it’s hard, but you gotta do this, I don’t want to delete you!”

“Wood Tower!” Woodman, ignoring Megaman’s words, smashed his wooden fists into the ground. The ground trembled as dozens of spiked towers of wood erupted from the ground.

Cursing under his breath, Megaman began bobbing and weaving his way through the wooden towers, firing his megabuster at any that he couldn’t avoid. Just as he made it through a particularly close cluster of towers, Megaman was flung backwards, due to a blow from Woodman’s hard wooden fist. As he flew back, a tower shot up and managed to hit one of his legs, causing him to spin out of control through the air until he smashed into the ground, hard.

Megaman spat out some saliva, or it’s cyber equivalent, before forcing himself to his feet. “You’re not leaving me with much choice Woodman. I don’t know if you can hear me in there, but I’ll last as long as I can and try to weaken you so you can overcome the dark power you’ve been infected with.” Megaman told his infected friend. In response, Woodman formed several wood towers around himself as a barricade. Seconds later, more wood towers began rising from the ground.

Megaman dashed through the maze of towers, dodging what he could, blasting what he couldn’t. Once he got close to the barrier, a tower that Megaman knew he wouldn’t be able to blast or dodge began to rise, so he did what he did best, improvise. Tapping into the battlechips he had access to, Megaman activated his Shadow Soul data.

Every custom navi is said to possess its own unique power. For Megaman, he has several, one of which is the power of soul unison, or double soul. The double soul allows Megaman to gain powers, abilities, and even the form of other navis, but only those he’s managed to bond with. When used correctly, soul unison was as incredible as it was deadly.

Light engulfed Megaman for a brief instant. As it faded, Megaman now wore dark purple armor, baggy purple pants, a red scarf with both ends flat behind him, and a shuriken on the forehead section of his helmet. As the wood tower shot up, Megaman used the ninja powers of Shadowman that his double soul allowed him, and managed to use the spike’s momentum to launch himself up high into the air.

Holding his hand out to one side, several small shuriken stars appeared in his hand. Megaman threw them down at Woodman with Shadowman’s strength and precision behind it, having practiced with this soul for some time before. The shuriken passed over the wooden barrier and slashed Woodman’s armor, causing him to let out a roar in pain.

Megaman landed on the side of the building behind Woodman, and pushed off it, diving at the distracted navi. Once he was in striking distance, Megaman threw a hard punch with his right fist, colliding with the back of where Woodman’s face would be. Woodman face-planted due to the force behind the attack, and stayed down. Megaman landed on his feet and looked at Woodman’s still form carefully.

Suddenly, a bright purple aura surrounded Woodman, and the navi pushed himself upright. Once he was settled, he swiftly turned around and swung at Megaman with a right hook of his own. Megaman, still with the power of Shadow Soul, leaped up and landed on Woodman’s arm. Not wasting a second, Megaman pushed off it as hard as he could and preformed a powerful spin kick to Woodman’s face, sending the navi spinning backward, then crashing through his own barrier of towers.

Megaman landed on his feet with a frown. ‘This is bad, it looks like Woodman just got another dark chip downloaded. I’m not sure how long I can fight at this intensity. If Lan and the others can just get Woodman back into his PET, we might have a chance to save him, the last thing I want is to delete such a good friend like Woodman.’

As soon as he finished that thought, Woodman plowed through the barrier’s remains and charges at Megaman.


Lan and the gang had reached Sal’s boxed lunch stand to find it deserted. The group made their way through the park towards the parts where there was more foliage, seeing as it would be the best place to hide in the park. The gang slowly, carefully, and as quietly as they could made their way through the bushes and trees, searching for Sal and the people they were investigating.

“Guys!” Maylu suddenly whispered, loud enough to gain the other’s attention. “I think I heard something this way.” Amara, Chaud, and Lan nodded to Maylu, acknowledging that they heard her, and followed her. After a few seconds Maylu came to a dead stop and gasped, her hands flying to her face, over her mouth. The others moved closer to see what caused the reaction and gasped themselves.

Sal’s bloody and beaten form lay against a tree trunk. Her robes and shorts had been torn off, but a pair of light green plastic panties were still on around her waist. Her body was covered with bruises, some of them bleeding, particularly around her breasts and lower stomach. She was unconscious.

Near her sat three grown men, each of them large and muscular, but otherwise indistinguishable. Near them was a dark red van, along with several objects, consisting of an energy gun, several chains, a broken pair of bloodied brass knuckles, and a bloody metal pipe. All of them were within hands reach of the men.

Amara motioned for everyone to move away from the area. Chaud did so immediately, but Lan and Maylu were reluctant to. They were soon dragged away by Amara and Chaud. Once they got out of hearing range, they released Lan and Maylu. Maylu took that opportunity to place her pacifier in her mouth.

“We needed to retreat to formulate a plan, make no mistake; we are going back for her.” Amara explained, getting nods of understanding from Lan and Maylu. “We’re going to split up and surround them. Chaud, your target is the vehicle, disable it. Maylu, you will circle around back and try to grab Sal, and if you can’t move her, then you will guard her. Lan, you will also circle around back and attack whomever has the most dangerous weapon closest to you if you can manage. The gun is the primary weapon we want to disable, followed by the pipe.”

“What are you going to do?” Lan asked.

“My part will be the most important and dangerous. I’m going to go in and distract them.” Amara said as she took off her shorts, leaving her molicare diaper exposed. She passed her shorts to a confused Maylu. “If they don’t see me as a threat, they’ll let their guard down, and with me playing clueless, I’ll be able to get close enough to one of them to be able to do some damage. Chaud, once you’re done with the vehicle, or if you can’t do anything about it, I want you to jump in and help us deal with these guys. Maylu, put those in your bag please. Once you get to Sal, try to bandage her up ASAP, but focus on stopping the bleeding from her stomach.”

Maylu nodded her head and put Amara’s shorts into her diaper bag. Setting it by a tree nearby, Maylu let her pacifier drop from her mouth. “What happens if they get violent from the start?”

Amara grinned and pulled her own bag around and opened it. On top of her changing supplies were several throwing knives and a triangular blade. “I have range weapons; however I’m hoping to use my blade-staff on one of them if I get close enough.” Amara explained. She then carefully swung her bag behind her back. “Everyone prepared to do what I asked?”

“Ready to go.” Lan said.

“Same here.” Maylu said.

“You know me; I’m always ready for anything.” Chaud said.

“Drop your pants.” Amara said, looking at Chaud with a serious expression.

“W-What!?” Chaud nearly yelled, his normally calm face taking on a mixed look of confusion and embarrassment. Amara started laughing; causing Lan and Maylu to laugh as well as they realized that Chaud just ate his own words.

Chaud flushed, but allowed a small smile to form on his face as he realized his girlfriend wasn’t serious. This was one of the things he liked about Amara, she was unpredictable, but in a good way. Yes, he may have just been used for a crude joke, but it had lightened the atmosphere considerably, which would allow the group to operate more efficiently when the time came.

Just then, Chaud’s PET started beeping. Chaud checked it and smirked a second later. “Protoman’s arrived at the scene.”


Twilight ducked under a sword swing, then proceeded to leg sweep the undernavi’s legs out from under him. She then dived to the side to avoid a blast from a MegaCannon, the blast scorching the spot she leapt from.

“Blinder, activate!” Twilight yelled. A blinding flash of light emitted throughout the area, stunning the two undernavis she was fighting, and the one Roll was fighting as well. Twilight leaped away from both of her opponents and began making hand signs rapidly, digging into her memory data to activate past battlechip and program advanced data.

The undernavi with the sword was swinging it around wildly, while the one with the MegaCannon was firing wildly as well. Twilight then finished her hand signs and thrust both her arms forward. Her hands shifted into closed cylinders with small gun barrels at the ends.

“Program Advanced: Hyper Burst!” Both barrels began to glow, before each fired a highly concentrated beam of energy at the undernavis. As the came close to the undernavis, the two beams collided against one another, before bursting into hundreds of smaller, yet still highly concentrated, beams of energy that bombarded both undernavis. Both undernavis roared in pain as the hyper burst shots caused massive damage to their bodies. Twilight lowered her arms and gave off a small sigh. She then refocused herself in time to see a crimson blur pass her by.

“Program Advanced: Elemental Sword! Delta Ray Edge!” The crimson blur gained a rainbow colored line to it’s side as it dashed past the first undernavi. The undernavi staggered as four slices, each one either a red, blue, yellow or green, appeared over his body.

The crimson blur bounced off a street sign and flew past the second undernavi, causing four cuts to appear on him. Bouncing off a nearby stand, the crimson blur shot past the second undernavi again, then the first undernavi, leaving four more deep cuts on their bodies. Both undernavis roared in pain as their data broke up into pixels and dissolved.

“Net navis, deleted.” A computerized voice stated.

Twilight turned to the crimson blur as it stopped just before her, revealing it to be Protoman. “Combination of a program advanced and another battlechip, and a giga level chip at that, very impressive.” Twilight said.

“On the rare occasions you’re not distracting my thoughts I practice different battlechip combination. I figured it was worth a shot trying a program advanced combination, and if it didn’t work I’d have still hit one of the targets.” Protoman explained with a grin. Twilight grinned back, but frowned a moment later.

“Those navis weren’t using dark chips.” Twilight started, getting Protoman’s full attention. “Whatever it was did power them up like a dark chip, even giving off an aura of power, but not protection. I noticed it also powered up any battlechips the navis used when I was fighting them. We need to catch one of these navis and have them examined, hopefully the others will be able to grab the actual chip that’s behind these power-ups.”

“Agreed, I’ll inform master Chaud of the situation.” Protoman said as he pulled up a window. “You go help where you’re needed; I’ll join in in a minute.”


Roll made maximum use off her speed as she seemed to flash from spot to spot, firing an arrow at the undernavi each time before moving on. She still had about a dozen arrows left, and she had managed to deal several direct hits on the undernavi. Her opponent had managed to use a cannon battlechip before she could stop it from forming, and was returning fire whenever he could at Roll.

I gotta end this now!’ Roll thought to herself. She suddenly launched the rest of her arrows at the ground between her and the undernavi, each one exploding upon contact and raising a dust cloud between them. The shockwave from the blast pushed both navis back a bit.

The undernavi leveled his cannon at the cloud, waiting for any sign of his annoying opponent. After a few seconds, the undernavi felt a rush of energy sweep over him from beyond the dust cloud, before a giant blast of blue energy shot through the cloud, engulfing everything in its path. The undernavi had no way of escaping from the blast, so it started firing at it with his cannon. The blasts did nothing to so much as hinder the wave of blue energy as it engulfed the undernavi. The navi roared as the wave burned its body, causing massive damage. Once the wave had passed, the undernavi dropped to the ground, unconscious.

Roll was breathing heavily, her hands on her knees. “Program Advanced: LifeSword2.” She breathed. She straightened up just as Twilight appeared next to her.

“Not bad.” Twilight commented as she examined the scene. “I’m surprised I haven’t heard of you before now Roll, you’ve got quite the ability and battle prowl.”

Roll blushed at Twilight’s praise. “I’ve only been a net savior for about a year now and between the classified Duo crisis and Maylu’s family problems I haven’t really seen much pubic field time.”

“Well, given time and keeping up your current performance, you will certainly become a name in the official’s world.” Twilight told her, before moving over to the downed undernavi. Kneeling down, she placed a hand on him. “I’m returning to my PET with this guy, that way we can bring him in for examination, see just what that chip was and what it did to him, because it sure as hell wasn’t a dark chip he used.” Both navis vanished in a shower of pixels.

“Twilight and arrested navi, logging out.” The computerized voice said.

Roll took a minute to rest before turning to the wall of wood towers that divided her from Megaman. Staring at it for a moment, she then made her way over to it, intent on getting over it.


“Damn it, damn it, damn it!” A large guy yelled. “First that girl shows up and we can’t even get her pants off, then those Officials attack our navis, and now they’re deleting them!”

“We still have the girl’s navi.” A second guy said. “He seems pretty powerful, but the navi it’s facing is really fast too. I’ll just add another chip to be safe.” The guy downloaded a violet colored chip into Sal’s PET.

“Fuck!” The third guy exclaimed, causing the other two to look at him. “They took my navi! They just up and stole my navi! God damn it!”

“God damn it!” The others blinked, and looked over to where they heard the voice. “Where the hell did they go! First my weakling navi loses that netbattle, and now my shorts are gone!”

The men watched as a green haired girl made her way through the foliage and into the clearing. What caught their attention the most was the fact that she did not have any pants on, but she did in fact have a diaper on around her waist. The girl grumbled something under her breath before looking up. She saw the men, and froze for a moment, then squealed, and swung a bag that had been behind her back, around in front of her, concealing her diaper from their view.

“W-what are you staring at?” Amara yelled at them, blushing furiously.

“Better question, why are you wearing a diaper?” One guy asked.

“And why aren’t you wearing any pants?” Another asked.

“None of your business!” Amara snapped, turning her head away and…sniffled.

The men just looked at each other, before one waved at the others and stepped towards Amara, grabbing and pocketing his energy gun. “Hey girl!” The guy called out, getting Amara to look at him. “You said you had a weakling navi, right?”

“Yeah, not much I can do about that, don’t have the money.” Amara answered back, looking warily at the men, a faint blush still on her cheeks.

“Tell ya what, you let us check you diaper, make sure you don’t need a change, and we’ll give you our special power up battlechips that strengthen your net navi, and a pair of pants for the road as well.” The guy offered, getting grins from the other men.

Amara blushed again, and seemed to think about it for a short time, before sighing and nodding her head, moving her bag to her side and exposing her diaper. The lead man moved forward and stopped right in front of her. Just as he was about to go down on one knee, Amara held up a hand.

“I want to see this chip first.” Amara said. The guy shrugged, reached into his pocket, and tossed the chip behind Amara. Amara took several steps back, much to the man’s frustration, before kneeling down and grabbing the battlechip.

The chip was like nothing she’d ever seen. The color of the entire chip was a bright purple, and had multiple lines running across it with what looked like some form of energy flowing through it. Amara got a really bad feeling from the chip, but waved it off for the moment. She carefully placed the chip in her bag, away from her PET, then stood up, and moved back in front of the guy.

“Okay, now you can check.” The guy gave a huge smile as he got down on one knee and reached for the tapes on Amara’s diaper. Then, quick as a flash, Amara grabbed the triangular object from her bag, which shot out a pole from one end making it a staff, and swung the bottom off the pole down on top of the man’s head, knocking him out just as the first tape came undone. Amara quickly fixed the tape before facing the others.

The other two men quickly grabbed their weapons and ran towards Amara, however the man with the pipe got knocked down from behind by Lan. From that point, Lan did everything in his power to keep the guy off his feet and prevent him from swinging his pipe, including kicking him in the crotch with his rollerblade shoes.

Maylu emerged from the woods near Sal and got down on her knees by her. Sal’s condition had looked bad at a distance, but up close it nearly made Maylu throw up. Maylu tried to carefully move Sal away, but found that Sal’s hands were chained to the tree trunk she was laying on. Knowing there was no way to move her, Maylu grabbed what was left of Sal’s clothes and pressed them against Sal’s stomach wound, trying to stop the bleeding.

Chaud was working on the car, trying to disable it should one of the guys manage to get away from the others and make a break for it. He saw how he could do it with this vehicle, and got to work, although it would take a minute or two.

The remaining man that charged at Amara held the chain at length in both hands as he dived at Amara, aiming to pin her under the chain. Amara swung her bladed edge of her staff down as she leaped backwards, catching and cutting through the chain and dodging the man. She swung down with her staff at the man’s exposed back, but the man rolled to the side. He got to his hands and knees before diving at Amara again, this time succeeding at tackling her to the ground.

“You’re mine bitch!” He growled as he pinned Amara’s wrists to her side.

“I belong to no one!” Amara yelled back, before pulling her knee up between herself and the man on top of her, and thrusting her boot covered foot into the guy’s crotch. The man screamed in pain and fell to the side, clutching his man hood. Amara rolled away and grabbed her staff off the ground and swung the flat side at the guy’s head, knocking him out.

Maylu checked, and saw that she had managed to stop the bleeding, but the wound was still very bad. Having nothing to bandage Sal up with, Maylu examined Sal as best she could, checking her heart beat and breathing patterns. Her heart beat was slow, but it was clearly there. Sal, however, wasn’t breathing. Maylu double checked, she was right, Sal wasn’t breathing.

Trying to put the worst case scenario thoughts out of her mind, Maylu laid Sal on her back. She opened Sal’s mouth, and to her horror, found some white sticky stuff inside it. Maylu grabbed a small cloth from her bag and inserted it into Sal’s mouth, cleaning it as best she could. Maylu reminded herself that her friend’s life was at stake here, took a deep breath, then placed her mouth over Sal’s and exhaled. She continued breathing into Sal for a full minute before she heard…

“GAHH!!!” Maylu turned and saw Lan fall to the ground, clutching himself between his legs. The guy with the pipe stood up and cracked it over Lan’s head, causing him to slump to the ground unconscious.

“Leave him alone!” Maylu found herself yelling. The guy turned to her and gave her a once over.

“Another girl in a diaper? Well, you’ll be the next little girl I feed my bottle to.” The guy said before running at Maylu.

Time seemed to slow down for Maylu as the man’s words ringed in her ears. This guy wanted to hurt her, he wanted to make her suck his…This guy had made Sal, who had worn and used diapers to make her feel more comfortable with her disability not even a day ago, suck on his…

Maylu rushed at him, catching the guy off guard and slugged him across the face. She then kicked him in the crotch, causing him to whimper from all the abuse it had been suffering, and dropped his pipe. Maylu then grabbed the pipe off the ground and swung it at the man’s face as he looked up, catching and breaking the man’s nose. Maylu would have continued if Amara hadn’t appeared before her and grabbed the pipe out of her hands.

“Help Sal.” Was all she said, her voice leaving no room for arguing. Maylu growled, she was pissed at the man that laid not three feet away from them for what he had done to her friend. But her rational side kicked in and reminded her that Sal had not been breathing, so Maylu nodded and rushed back to Sal and continued her breathing process while Amara dealt with the guy at her feet and called the net police.


“Program Advanced: Zeta Cannon!” A huge cannon formed between Megaman’s arms before firing a huge yellow blast of energy. The blast incinerated any wooden tower in came across before slamming into Woodman. The huge navi was knocked into the building behind it, before falling to the ground.

Megaman gasped for breath. He had long since dropped out of Shadow Soul, and had been forced to fight Woodman with his buster alone. He lasted as long as he could, giving Woodman all the time he could to try and fight off the infectious dark power, but it seemed to be to no avail, and he finally had to use his only program advanced.

Megaman walked over to the downed Woodman, his charged buster aimed at his head, but he did not release the blast. “Mega!” Roll called out. Megaman looked up and saw Roll and Protoman running over to him. “Are you okay Mega?”

“I’m fine Roll, just a little tired, that’s all. We need to get Woodman back to Scilab, the dark power has to strong a grip on him for him to free himself.” Megaman told her.

“It’s not dark power.” Protoman said, gaining their attention. “Twilight has the ability to sense and see dark energy, and she said that the chips these navis used weren’t dark chips. Whatever we’re dealing with, I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

“Alright then, I’ll tak-” Megaman was interrupted as a bright purple aura erupted around Woodman’s body. With a roar, Woodman pushed himself off the ground and tackled Roll. Roll cried out in pain as Woodman landed on top of her. Woodman reared his arm back, and brought it down at Roll. Roll closed her eyes, waiting for the impact but it never came, only an icy cold chill that spread throughout her body. When Roll opened her eyes, she saw Woodman’s pixels dissolving.

“Woodman deleted.” The computerized voice said.

Roll looked up in shock as what was left of Woodman vanished. She heard a thump, and saw Megaman fall to his knees, looking on in shock as his smoking buster transforming back into his hand. To the side, Protoman changed his sword back into his hand.

Roll pushed herself up and crawled next to Megaman. “Mega?” She whispered. Megaman turned to her.

“Roll, I-I had to…I couldn’t-” Megaman was cut off as Roll hugged him, pulling him in close and gave him the comfort he needed.


The ride home had been silent for both of them. Maylu had managed to get Sal breathing again, but the girl had not regained consciousness. Roll had asked to stay with Megaman, seeing as he needed comfort after taking out such a close friend, and Maylu had granted her that.

The men had been arrested, Sal and Lan sent to the hospital, and Chaud and Amara had split up with them, assuring her they’d fill her in on what was happening as soon as they got a report. Maylu had wanted to go with Lan, but Amara demanded that she get home and get some rest, stating that she needed to relieve the mental stress she had experienced from the incident. Before she could argue, Yuriko had arrived, having received an email from Amara about what had happened, and ushered Maylu to her hover car.

As Maylu kicked off her shoes, she felt Yuriko stick a finger through the leg hole of her diaper. “You’re wet kiddo.” Yuriko said.

“I hadn’t noticed.” Maylu said with a heavy voice. Yuriko frowned at the tone of Maylu’s voice. Taking her hand, she guided her to the living room and pulled out a changing pad. Laying Maylu down on it, she took her time and proceeded to change her into a clean diaper.

“There we go, much better.” Yuriko said. Maylu moved to get up, but gave a small yelp of surprise as Yuriko lifted her up in her arms. Yuriko carried Maylu over to the couch and sat down on it, sitting Maylu down on her lap. “Maylu, I know things didn’t turn out for you like you wanted it, and I’m sorry for that. I’m also sorry I wasn’t there to help you and the others deal with those men, what you saw and experienced were things you never should have, or at least not until you were older. I want you to know Maylu, I’m here for you, and I’ll do anything and everything I can to help you through this. I promise I will take care of you baby girl.”

The dam broke. Maylu cried out as she buried her head into Yuriko’s shoulder and sobbed loudly. Yuriko held her close and rubbed her back soothingly as Maylu worked out all her stress and mental anguish.

Maylu cried for nearly twenty minutes before she was reduced to hiccupping. Yuriko continued rubbing Maylu’s back as the girl slowly settled down. “Are you okay now baby girl?” she asked.

“I’m not hurt, but I’m a long way from being okay Mommy.” Maylu answered. She then gasped as she realized what she said and turned her head away, fearing Yuriko’s reaction. What she didn’t expect was for Yuriko to pull her closer.

“Do you really think of me as your Mommy Maylu?” Yuriko asked gently.

“I can’t help it!” Maylu burst. “You’ve been there for me when my real Mommy wasn’t. You’ve taken care of me while she hasn’t. You didn’t punish me for wetting the bed and needing diapers while she did. You’ve even let me be the free little girl I’ve always wanted to be! I can’t help that I feel you’ve been more of a Mommy for me then my real Mommy! I-” Maylu was silenced as her pacifier was suddenly stuck in her mouth.

“Maylu, I would love it if you called me Mommy.” Yuriko told her, causing Maylu to gasp. “I’ve grown to love you like a daughter over this past month Maylu, and it would make me the happiest woman in the world if you let me adopt you and call you my own.”

Maylu gasped again, her pacifier dropping from her mouth. “Y-you really mean you…want to be…my Mommy?”

Yuriko smiled down at Maylu. “I really do Maylu, I have for a while now. And if you want to be a real baby girl at home, I don’t mind that either. I love you Maylu, and I will always be here for you, no matter what.”

Maylu broke down again, not in sadness, but this time in happiness. Yuriko shed a few tears herself as she pulled Maylu close and rocked her back and forth.

Maylu was in disbelief. After everything that had happened to her over the past month she had thought she would never be happy again. She had lost her parents, started wetting the bed, was nearly sent away from her friends to an orphanage, started having accidents and needing diapers, and had just witness a terrible crime. Yet, she now had a loving, caring mother in Yuriko, she had gotten a real date with Lan, she’d grown to like diapers and being babied, and had gained a sister figure in Chaud’s girlfriend, Amara!

It was late by the time both girls calmed down. Maylu smiled up at Yuriko, and Yuriko smiled back at Maylu. “So Maylu,” Yuriko started, “It’s a little late for Whose Line, but how about I get you a bottle of milk and you tell me how your sleepover went?”

“Okay Mommy!” Maylu cried out, a huge smile on her face. She got Yuriko’s lap, and Yuriko stood up.

“Go get changed for bed, I’ll be up in a minute with your bottle.” Yuriko said, patting Maylu’s diapered behind. Maylu gave a small squeal before waddling towards the stairs.

Yuriko walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard that contained the glasses, and reached behind them and pulled out one of the baby bottles Maylu had bought with her pull-ups a few days ago. Yuriko looked at the bottle and smiled, she was looking forward to taking care of her baby girl.