Maylu's New Life Ch. 10

Maylu’s New Life

Chapter 10: The Next Day

Sunlight shined in through the blinds of the room, onto the face of a sleeping girl. The gave a small whimper in her sleep and tried to roll over to avoid the light, but found she couldn’t as something was wrapped around her body. The girl opened her violet colored eyes, squinting at first, before she saw a mass of cherry red hair mixed with her sea green hair.

Amara gave a small yawn, or tried to anyways due to the pacifier stuck in her mouth, when last night’s events came back to her. She blushed lightly as she placed her hand on her still sore bottom. Feeling her diapered bum, she could tell she had soaked herself that night, and there appeared to be another surprise in the back of her diaper too. Amara couldn’t believe it, she hadn’t wet the bed in years, much less mess in her sleep. She tried shrugging it off, after all, she had a big dinner before coming to the sleepover and hadn’t gone to the bathroom before she came, and the bottles of milk didn’t help any either. Trying to take her mind off it, she looked at the sleeping girl besides her.

Maylu was still sleeping, gently sucking the pacifier strapped to her head. Maylu had honestly surprised Amara. She had heard a lot about her from Chaud, but only some things seemed to stick. She was considerate to others and their feelings, and she did seem like a great person. When she first met Maylu, she was surprised to see her in a pull-up, and later on sucking a pacifier in the official’s HQ, and when they had fallen down, she had seen that she was then wearing a diaper. Yai had told her last night during her diaper change how she had discovered Maylu’s necessities when she was trying on clothes in a public changing booth, and how Lan had learned about them when she was buying pull-ups at a drug store. Amara hadn’t pegged Maylu as the type to take such risks like that. Amara smiled to herself, she had no room to criticize there.

Maylu had changed physically as well when compared to the picture Chaud had shown her, which was only three months old. Her cherry red hair had grown out, reaching just below her shoulder blades, she looked a few inches taller, and her chest had seemed more obvious now, but maybe that was because of the nighty she was currently wearing, Amara couldn’t tell. Being bi didn’t help in that case either.

She, Maylu, was different to other girls in Amara’s eyes. It wasn’t attraction or lust Amara felt, no, it was a bond really, almost a sisterly bond. She had once felt like this with her step sister, Yuffie, but that was long ago, the feeling almost forgotten under the sorrow and anguish of her loss. Amara shook her head to clear those thoughts, now wasn’t the time for them. Amara tried shifting her body into a slightly more comfortable position, but as she moved, her knee pressed into Maylu’s diapered crotch. Amara froze, Maylu giving a slight moan before burrowing her head into the nearest pillow…which was actually Amara’s chest. Amara blushed at this, but tightened her hold on Maylu. She didn’t know how long it was going to be until they got out of the crib, but she intended to enjoy what time she had with her new best, if not sister-like, friend.


Maylu sighed softly as she dug her head into her pillow. Last night’s sleep had been one of the best sleeps she’d ever had in her life, second only to the time she shared a sleeping bag with Lan on a Net Savior mission. She tried to get back to sleep, but found that certain things were preventing her from doing so. First was her diaper, it was cold, bulky, and if she wasn’t mistaken, she had made a mess in it some time in the night. Secondly, her body seemed entangled with Amara’s body, preventing her from shifting much to a better position. Lastly, when Maylu tried burying her head into her pillow, she heard Amara give a soft moan.

Opening her eyes slightly, Maylu saw some green fabric. Vaguely remembering that the pillows were in white sheets, Maylu tried to determine what it was she was looking at. She thought maybe it was one of the blankets she and Amara were using, but couldn’t remember what color they were. Shrugging to herself, Maylu let herself get drowsy to the music that was still playing from the previous night, and snuggled deeper into the green, soft fabric. When Amara moaned again, this time a bit louder, Maylu opened her eyes a bit more and turned to Amara, who’s head was above hers. Looking at Amara’s face, which had her eyes half closed and rapidly sucking her pacifier, back to the green fabric, Maylu put two and two together. Once she did, she immediately pushed herself away from Amara with a squeal, causing the other girl to squeal in surprise at the sudden movement.

Just then, the door opened, and a maid entered, thankfully a different one from the previous night. “Well, it’s about time you two woke up. Everyone else is up already. Let’s get you changed and I’ll take you down to breakfast, okay?”

Maylu and Amara nodded their heads, and the maid came over and lowered the bars on the crib. Maylu nudged Amara forward, indicating that she should go first. Amara nodded her head, and raised her arms up, allowing the maid to lift her up out of the crib and carry her over to the changing table. “My, my, you really let yourself go.” The maid commented as she began changing Amara, causing her to blush. “I got just the thing for a heavy wetter like you.”

The maid finished pulling the first diaper out from under Amara, then removed the tapes from the second one and pulled the front of it down. The maid took note of the mess, but said nothing, not wanting to humiliate the girl as she seemed a bit uncomfortable at the moment, sucking on her pacifier nervously. Lifting her legs up, the maid pulled the second diaper out from under Amara, and after grabbing a few wipes, began cleaning her behind and front. Once done with that, she threw away the wipes and the used diapers into a diaper pail next to the changing table.

The maid then walked over to the closet next to the changing table, and opened the door, revealing a number of baby clothes, that probably would still fit Yai, and several columns of diapers. Glancing behind her, she noticed Amara and Maylu staring at her curiously. “You girls aren’t the only ones in this mansion that need diapers, a number of the staff’s children wet the bed or need diapers for some reason or another.” The maid explained, getting nods from both girls. Turning back to the closet, she looked over the packages of diapers, and finally selected one, and carried it back to the changing table. She then opened the bag, and pulled out a purple diaper.

“These are called Molicare diapers, very good for day and night time wettings.” The maid explained to Amara, who nodded her head in acknowledgement, blushing slightly. The maid then proceeded to open the diaper up fully, lift Amara’s legs and bum up, and slid the diaper under her. After setting her legs down, the maid proceeded to powder Amara’s privates, then pulled the front of the diaper up between Amara’s legs. Opening the flaps, she pushed it tightly over Amara’s front, then grabbed one of the tapes from the back, tore it open, and pulled it tightly across the front of Amara’s diaper. She repeated the process three times before checking for leak holes. Finding none, she patted Amara’s side, and Amara sat up. The maid lifted her up off the changing table, and set her down on her feet. Amara wobbled for a second, getting used to the way this diaper spread her legs a bit more then she expected, but managed to stay on her feet.

The maid then went over to the crib and lifted the waiting Maylu up, and carried her over to the changing table. “You two seem to really like being babies.” The maid commented as she untapped Maylu’s first diaper. Maylu, blushing, raised a gloved hand and shook it, in a so-so manner. “Here, let’s take your paci out so you can speak.” The maid placed a hand on Maylu’s pacifier, but when she pulled on it, it didn’t come out. Confused, the maid brushed some of Maylu’s hair from her face, and that’s when she saw the straps attached to the pacifier. “What on earth?” The maid moved behind Maylu and unstrapped the pacifier from her head, allow Maylu to pull the pacifier out of her mouth, a bit of dribble falling out of her mouth and onto her nighty.

“Finally!” Maylu gasped. She turned to the maid. “Could you help Amara with her pacifier?” At this, Amara waddled over to the maid and turned around, making it easier for her to unstrap her paci.

“Why did you two strap your pacifiers on like that if you didn’t like it?” The maid asked as she helped Amara.

“We didn’t, one of the staff here thought we were being naughty, in her words, and decided to punish us. Wearing these gloves, we couldn’t help each other get the straps off, and the pacifiers were coated with some yucky stuff.” Maylu explained. “That lady went as far as spanking us too.”

The maid looked alarmed at Maylu’s declaration. “That’s just not right! Doing something like that endangers the company’s public view!” She then narrowed her eyes. “How do I know you two aren’t lying?”

“This is how.” Amara said. After pulling her pacifier out, she had gone over to the corner of the room, where her’s and Maylu’s things had been put, and pulled out her PET. Holding it up to the maid, she flashed her Official badge, causing the maid to gasp.

“You’re an official?” The maid gasped. Amara nodded, then shook her head towards Maylu.

“She is as well.” The maid bit her lip at this.

“If you can identify the one responsible for your treatment here, we can deal with her without any legal trouble…okay?” She asked the two.

“So long as you deal with that bitch accordingly we’ll just say you owe us one each, and by that I don’t mean money or anything big like that. Sorta like a favor if we need your assistance for some reason in the future.” Amara responded. Maylu nodded in agreement with that idea. The maid nodded as well.

“Fair enough, now let me finish getting you change and we can all go down for breakfast…after checking around for that maid that mistreated you two.” The maid moved over to the changing table and started working on Maylu again. A few minutes later, Maylu was set down on her feet, a fresh white colored diaper taped up around her waist. “You can leave your things here, unless you want your pacifiers.” The maid told them. Amara blushed, but put her paci back in her mouth. Maylu moved to her bag, and pulled out her vanilla flavored pacifier and popped it into her mouth before waddling back to the maid. The maid took each girl by the hand and started escorting them out of the room, both girls blushing faintly.

As they walked down to the dinning room, both Amara and Maylu noticed the looks they were getting from the staff, some amusement, other confusion, and some of disgust too. They both tried to ignore the looks as best they could, and managed fairly well. As the three reached the bottom of the staircase in front of the main entrance, Amara suddenly tugged them into a hallway nearby.

“Is something wrong?” the maid asked as Amara let go of her hand and peaked around the corner. Amara pulled her pacifier out of her mouth, and motioned to Maylu.

“Isn’t that the woman from last night?” Maylu pulled her own pacifier out and peaked around the corner herself. By the door, two maids stood, as was custom so as to be prepared for any unexpected guests. Maylu looked them over, and indeed one of them was the woman from the previous night.

“That’s her.” Maylu said. The maid with them peaked around the corner herself, and sighed.

“I know which one you’re talking about, we’ve had problems with her before. You won’t have to worry about her, with this last offense, she’ll be fired for sure.” The maid told them. Amara and Maylu nodded their heads in agreement. “Here, let’s take the back way to the dinning room, that way we don’t have to risk her saying or doing anything to you two.” The maid took their hands again and lead the two through the mansion. A few minutes later, they entered the dinning room.

The room was the length of a large hallway, its width the same of an average room. It consisted of a long, wooden table, capable of seating forty people at once, padded wooden chairs, and the expected dinning wares. There was a door at the other end of the room that lead to the kitchen.

“Well it’s about time you two woke up!” Amara and Maylu looked where the voice came from, and saw Sal, Miyu, and Yai at the end of the table. All three were still in their night ware from the previous night, diapers included, with an additional article of cloth, a bib wrapped around their necks. On the table were plates full of cinnamon buns with icing, and two stacks of pancakes, dripping with maple syrup. Amara and Maylu thanked the maid for guiding them, and moved to sit down at the table. Upon sitting down, Maylu was surprised when a bib was tied around her neck, and turned to see the maid tying one around Amara’s neck. The maid waved goodbye and exited the room.

“Sorry we’re late, getting spanked kinda takes it out of ya.” Amara said, responding to the previous question. She reached across the table and grabbed several cinnamon buns. A maid walked in and poured both Amara and Maylu a glass of milk and stuck a straw in each glass as Maylu picked up several pancakes with her fork and placed them on her plate.

“Well, I can only take your word for it, so you’re off the hook.” Yai said, after swallowing a bite of her bun. “And you’re fashionably late at least.” Amara blushed at this.

“We didn’t wet our diapers before we went to bed, and those bottles didn’t help exactly. We both kinda soaked in our sleep, and Amara apparently did more because her diaper is special leak guard for day and night wettings.” Maylu explained, causing Amara’s blush to deepen.

“I also wet my diaper last night.” Miyu stated, trying to ease Amara’s embarrassment.

“I didn’t wet last night, but I nearly flooded my diaper this morning.” Sal admitted, looking a bit embarrassed herself.

“I guess we all wet ourselves last night, huh?” Yai said, getting nods from everyone at the table. “Anyways, since we got put to bed early last night, I was wondering if you four wanted to stick around a little longer and maybe watch a movie or something?” The girls thought for a moment.

“I think I got a few hours to spare, I still got that date with Lan today.” Maylu said, smiling.

“Double date.” Amara reminded her. “Personally, I’d like an hour or so to clean myself up a bit before our date, but another hour or so here wouldn’t hurt.”

“Don’t forget last night’s dare.” Yai told her.

“I know, I’ll be wearing diapers on the date as well, not that Chaud minds.” Amara said, smirking.

“Do you have enough to last you? You’re welcome to have mine, since I won’t be needing them after today.” Sal offered.

“You can take mine Maylu.” Miyu told Maylu. Both girls blinked.

“Um, sure. That’d be helpful, thanks Miyu.” Maylu told her, smiling. Amara didn’t say anything for a minute, just chewed on her bun, a thoughtful look on her face.

“You don’t have to take them if you don’t want them.” Sal finally said, wiping her mouth off with her bib.

“It’s not that,” Amara started, “It’s just, well, lately, I’ve started wetting the bed again. While diapers would be helpful in containing the problem, I’m just worried I’ll become dependant of them again. That’s why I’m hesitant to take them.”

“Didn’t you say you liked wearing and using your diapers? Why would it matter if you controlled yourself or not?” Yai asked.

“You’re worried about the more practical reasons, aren’t you Amara.” Miyu stated more then questioned. “People tend to judge others based on appearances and disabilities. Clients might think less of you if you actually needed diapers, and being able to perform when you could wet or mess yourself at any given moment would take time to adjust to, if possible at all.”

“Exactly, imagine talking to some foreign political figure, then letting one rip in front of them. Even if you could down play it with a bad joke, the odor would be unavoidable.” Amara said. Everyone nodded their heads in understanding. Maylu suddenly perked up, several thoughts crossing her mind.

“Didn’t you wet your diaper on the way here last night Amara?” Maylu asked. Everyone turned to Amara, but Maylu wasn’t done. “And back at the Official’s HQ, when we bumped into each other that second time, you weren’t wearing the same shorts. I remembered the first pair had that faded line by your right pocket.”

Amara’s face was cherry red at this point. She finally let out a sigh. "Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. Lately I’ve been having trouble during the day as well. Being a Net Agent can be very stressful, it’s not just about being popular, which I am in Netopia. We deal with some of the darker nature crime, and there’s an occasional death every now and then. I went to the doctor, but she couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me.

"She recommended I take a vacation, to help relieve some stress, and I intended to, but the chief asked me to take a mission for him as a personal favor. While I can’t go into details for obvious reasons, just know a few people were killed, one of which was witnessed by a little girl…that was in the middle of a fight. I froze at the look on her face, which gave one of the guys I was fighting a clear shot at my stomach, which caused me to wet myself.

“After I finished that mission, I told the chief not to bother me with missions for the next two weeks and came here. I thought spending time with Chaud would help, and while I feel better, I’m still having problems. I already talked with a shrink, and while I felt better, for some reason I still have trouble getting warnings now.” Amara exhaled, finally finished. She then downed over half her glass of milk in one go, foregoing the straw. Everyone ate in silence for the next few minutes, eating their breakfast.

Finally, Sal broke the silence. “Maybe you should switch fields for a while, you could join up with the cross fusion division of Net Saviors. They mostly do net crime, and there’s rarely been any need for cross fusion as of late, so it wouldn’t require much physical combat on your part.”

“I’ve considered it.” Amara admitted. “The thing is, well, I’m a better fighter myself then net battling. I mean, sure, Twilight is one of the most advanced net navis out there right now, together we can easily deal with almost any problem net related, but some of the worst crimes committed today are done in the real world, not net related…” She trailed off.

“You don’t want anyone to go through what you have.” Maylu said, causing Amara to look at her. “That’s why it’s so hard to change your position, you feel like you’re accomplishing something where you are, and you most likely are.”

Amara looked down while the others looked at Maylu with surprise. “Wow Maylu, you read into her like a book. Maybe you should become a psychologist instead of a music teacher.” Yai said, Sal and Miyu nodding in agreement. Maylu just smiled and shook her head.

“Music is my passion. Though I don’t mind lending an ear when a friend needs me, I’d rather teach little kids the joy music can bring.” Maylu responded.

“Good for you Maylu.” Amara said. “I play violin myself, it’s one of the few things I can really enjoy. It also helps with undercover missions too, so I benefit there as well.”

“Amara, perhaps a temporary field change would be best for you, that way you can recuperate and hopefully deal with your problem, and still have the option to return to the field.” Miyu suggested. Amara sighed, but nodded her head.

“That’s probably the best I can do right now. Still, I’m not to keen on wearing diapers during the day again.”

“Well, you could try what I’m doing. Until school lets out I’m going back to diapers full time. By the time summer rolls in, I should be fully diaper dependant, and then Yuriko will help me start re-potty training myself.” Maylu explained. “I mean, yeah, I’m nervous about someone discovering I need diapers now, but it’s a risk I have to take. So I can understand if you’re nervous about someone at school discovering you wear diapers.”

“Nervous? I used to wear short shorts when I wore diapers, the top always sticking out. And I don’t go to school, I’ve had my High School diploma for three years now.” Amara said. The other blinked at her.

“You got your diploma when you were twelve?”

“You didn’t hide your diapers?” Amara shrugged at both.

“I don’t care what people think of me as a person, it’s my performance, if anything, that I’m concerned with. I wouldn’t care if I went outside without anything covering my diaper if I wouldn’t get in trouble for being pants less.” Amara said.

“Then when you go back to Netopia, take a day off and head to the beach.” Yai suggested. Amara blinked.

“That’s…actually a feasible idea. Maybe I will.” Amara said.

“So anyways, would you two be able to stay a little longer for a movie or something?” Yai asked Miyu and Sal.

“I may be able to stay for another hour, but then I gotta get to my boxed lunch shop at the park.” Sal answered.

“I also have a shop to run, however I don’t open till noon, so I can stay as well.” Miyu stated.

“Alright then, once we’re finished with breakfast I’ll have a maid take us to a room and we can pick out a movie to watch.” Yai said. Everyone agreed and began eating once again.

Half an hour later, all the girls had finished breakfast, and Yai called for a maid. A minute later one came in. “Yes Miss Yai?”

“My guests will be staying over for another hour or so before they go to their jobs, so we’d like to watch a movie to pass the time till then. You will escort us to a viewing room.” Yai told her. The maid, however, just smiled at Yai.

“Actually, the staff and I have noticed how much you girls enjoy being babied, so we thought we’d take you all to the play room with the other staff members children.” The maid said.

The girls blushed at this, but before anyone could protest, the doors opened and several maids with strollers walked in. Stunned at the turn of events, the girls were then strapped into the strollers and wheeled down several hallways. Along the way Amara began to complain but was silenced when her pacifier was placed in her mouth. The maids seemed to like this idea, and before the girls knew it, they each had a pacifier in their mouths.

Upon arriving at the playroom, each girl was pulled out of her stroller, placed down on the ground on all fours, and given a playful swat on their diapered behinds. The room itself had little kiddy airplane wall paper, several stuffed animal piles, a toy chest, a changing room, a bookshelf full of little kiddy books, and a small coloring table. The girls also noted the fact that there were several other kids in the room to, varying from toddlers to preschoolers.

One preschooler toddled over to Sal. “Wanna play ball?” He asked, holding an orange and green ball in his hands. Sal smiled at the preschooler.

“Sure, but you’ll have to show me how.” Sal said, after taking her pacifier out of her mouth. The preschooler nodded and turned around, toddling away.

“Over here baby sister!” The preschooler called as he toddled. Sal blushed at this, but put her pacifier back into her mouth, waved to the other girls, and crawled after the preschooler.

Miyu suddenly yelped as she felt something pull her hair. Turning around, she saw a toddler actually chewing on one of her braids. “Stowp!” Miyu said, forgetting to take her paci out before speaking. The toddler looked at her cutely, Miyu’s braded hair still in her mouth. The other girls giggled at the sight. Miyu noticed a pacifier attached to the toddler’s shirt, so she grabbed it and after carefully removing her hair from the toddler’s mouth, slid the pacifier into the toddler’s mouth. The toddler began sucking on her paci before pulling on Miyu’s sleeve and pointing at the coloring table. Miyu shrugged her shoulders, gave a wave to the girls, and crawled over to the coloring table with the toddler.

Amara and Yai were wondering what they should do, each subconsciously sucking their own pacifiers, when they both were hit with a stuffed animal, Amara’s a wolf, Yai’s a dolphin. Both girls turned around, and saw Maylu sitting by a pile of stuffed animals giggling. Amara and Yai nodded to each other, grabbed their stuffed animals, and crawled over to Maylu. The three then began batting each other with stuffed animals, laughing and giggling the whole time.

Yai suddenly gasped behind her pacifier and stopped moving, causing her to be knocked over by a stuffed whale swung by Maylu. Curious, Maylu looked at Yai, only to be pojed by Amara. Upon turning to Amara, the girl pointed at Yai. Following Amara’s direction, she looked at Yai, and noticed the front of her diaper growing slightly yellow, the diaper itself sagging. Yai was wetting herself, and judging by the soft moan Amara and Maylu could hear, she seemed to actually enjoy it. When she was done, Yai sat up blushing as she saw Maylu and Amara smile at her. Yai smiled back, before whacking both of them with a stuffed fox. The three resumed their game.

Sal was rolling a ball around with three other preschoolers, two girls and a boy. There was no order really, they just rolled it across the floor to whomever they felt like. Just after Sal rolled the ball herself, a cramp hit her stomach, causing her to gasp and clutch it. Another cramp hit her, causing her to double over. Sal felt a pain on her backside, and unable to do anything else, she started pushing out a load into the back of her diaper. Finding it difficult in her current position, Sal leaned forward, moving her bum into the air behind her. After a minute of pushing, Sal finished messing her diaper, however the sudden loss of force caused her to begin wetting herself. Blushing furiously, Sal found she was helpless to stop herself, and was reduced to just sucking her pacifier. Once she was done, she looked up to see the preschoolers looking at her.

“Baby sister needs her diaper changed.” One girl said. The preschoolers giggled as Sal blushed. Sal leaned forward, feeling the soggy pad press against her skin as she laid down on her stomach. She found that it actually wasn’t that bad, though she wasn’t to keen to find out what smooshed poo felt like. Raising her arms in front of her, she clapped her hands once, getting the preschooler’s attention, and held out her hands. The preschoolers got the message and rolled the ball to her, and the four continued their game.

Miyu was sitting in a small chair, next to the toddler. Both girls had a coloring book in front of them, a crayon in hand, and their pacifiers in their mouth as they both colored. The toddler first colored between the lines, like everyone should, but then grabbed another crayon and started coloring the background around the character. Miyu had also colored her character in, a fox, and was about to turn the page when she saw what the toddler was doing. Giving a few thoughtful sucks on her pacifier, Miyu reached for another crayon and began coloring her own background.

Miyu paused in mid stroke as she felt a familiar pressure on her bladder. She had to pee. Glancing at the changing room, she saw that there wasn’t a toilet in it. Looking down at her diaper, she knew what she had to do. Miyu placed her hands on the table in front of her, and forced her body to relax, sucking on her paci as well. She soon felt a warmth in the front of her diaper, and knew she was wetting herself. She finished a minute later, and placed a hand on the front of her diaper. The soggy pad was warm over her front and between her legs. Miyu found that she didn’t mind the feeling. Shrugging her shoulders, she got back to working coloring in a grassy plain behind her orange fox.

A short time later, several caretaker maids walked into the room. “Okay you little boys and girls, it’s nap time!” Several preschoolers and toddlers alike whined, Amara and Maylu too just for a laugh. “Now, now, I don’t make the rules, I just make sure you follow them, now out you go.” The toddlers and preschooler were led out of the room, leaving two caretakers and the girls together.

One of them gave the girls a quick once over. “My, my, I heard you two (points to Amara and Maylu) actually needed diapers, and yet you’re the only ones clean!” Sal, Miyu and Yai blushed at this. “Maybe you three should start wearing diapers from now on, just to be safe.” Yai and Miyu blushed more, but Sal actually nodded her head, thinking this was a game. When she saw none of the other had nodded, she blushed a deeper shade of red and started sucking her pacifier.

“Why don’t you take the two clean ones and help them get dressed, I’ll work on these stinkers.” The other caretaker said. The first one nodded and held out a hand to Amara and Maylu. Each girl grabbed a hand and was pulled to their feet. They were then escorted out of the room, giving a small wave to the others on their way out.

Amara, Maylu, and the caretaker walked the halls for a minute or so, before entering a guest room with a large bed in the middle of it. Off to the side was their belongings. “So who wants to get dressed first?” The caretaker asked. Both girls looked at each other, then shrugged. The caretaker rolled her eyes and grabbed Maylu’s hand. “I’ll start with you then.” She lead Maylu over to the bed and sat her down on it. She then raised Maylu’s arms over her head, and pulled her nighty off, leaving Maylu nude except for her diaper and pacifier. Maylu blushed lightly as she met Amara gaze, who just nodded her head and gave her a thumbs up. Maylu giggled at this before turning her attention back to the caretaker.

The caretaker pulled Maylu’s long sleeved green shirt over Maylu’s head and helped her snake her arms through the arm holes. She then grabbed Maylu’s blue vest and helped Maylu get it on, zipping it up all the way. Grabbing a pair of socks, she ticked each one of Maylu’s feet before slipping the sock on, causing Maylu to giggle each time. The caretaker then pulled out Maylu’s pink skirt, and slid it up Maylu’s legs. Taking Maylu’s hand, she pulled the girl to her feet. Maylu looked own at herself, and gased as she realized something.

“Oh no! I packed the wrong skirt! My diaper is showing!” Amara looked, and sure enough, Maylu’s white diaper was just poking out the bottom of the skirt. She walked over and patted the girl’s shoulder.

“Someone would find out anyways, you shouldn’t let it bother you.” Amara told her. Seeing there was nothing she could do about it, Maylu nodded her head and placed her pacifier back in her mouth, nervously sucking on it.

Amara laid down on the bed, and the caretaker proceeded to dress her. Amara now wore a black shirt and a pair of black shorts, the top of her purple diaper sticking out the top of her shorts. Amara let her pacifier fall to her neck as she glanced at herself in the mirror. “Not bad.” She commented.

“Alright girls, grab your things and lets head to the entrance hall, we’ll meet your friends and Miss Yai there.” Amara and Maylu nodded, but as Amara checked her bag, her eye brows rose.

“Um, why are there more diapers in my bag?” She asked the caretaker.

“One of the maids overheard your discussions over breakfast, and replaced the diapers your friends were giving you with these molicare diapers, that way you’ll be better protected during the day.” The caretaker explained. Amara said nothing, just placed her pacifier back in her mouth and walked out of the room, the others following.

Amara, Maylu, and the caretaker reached the entrance hall a minute later, and after a few minutes, Miyu, Sal, and Yai showed up each with their pacifiers hanging off their necks. While Miyu and Sal were in their regular clothes, Sal’s bulged a bit around the waist line, and both Sal and Miyu had a crinkle to their step. Yai on the other hand, was still in her blue nighty and a fresh diaper.

“Gonna be a baby for the day Yai?” Maylu asked. Yai crossed her arms and huffed angrily.

“The maids wouldn’t give me anything else to wear, said my father wanted to see me like this after you left.” Yai said. The maid with them suddenly reached down and picked Yai up in her arms. Yai squeaked at the unexpected move, quickly wrapped her arms around the maid’s neck so as not to fall, and soon found her pacifier in her mouth.

“I’m afraid her father want to see her before he goes to work today, so we really must be going. Mr. Ayano has offered you the chance to come back anytime you wish to play with the kids or Miss Yai.” The maid told them. She then turned to Yai. “Wave bye-bye to your friend!” Blushing, Yai waved goodbye to the girls, who waved back, as the maid carried her off. Amara and the rest of the girls left the mansion after that.

After walking for a few minutes, and seeing no one around, Amara decided to start chatting. “I see you two are still padded.” She said to Sal and Miyu. Both girls blushed, looking around to see if anyone was around to hear her.

“Yeah, that maid changed us into fresh diapers and a pair of lockable plastic panties.” Sal said. Miyu nodded and lifted her skirt up a bit, showing the grey plastic panties she had on under her skirt.

“They are timed released and have no jack in point, we’ll be stuck in them for the next few hours.” Miyu said.

“Is it just me, or did those maids seem to get a little too into babying us?” Amara asked.

“It wasn’t just you.” Maylu answered. “But personally, I didn’t mind it that much. I think I’ll ask Yuriko for a bottle of milk to bed instead of my paci.”

“It was rather fun.” Sal admitted, getting nods from Amara and Miyu. “Maybe I will take Mr Ayano up on that offer, being taken care of like that after a hard mission doesn’t sound that bad.” She felt Miyu wrap and arm around her waist.

“I can diaper you cute little ass anytime you want.” Miyu whispered in Sal’s ear, causing the girl to blush and shiver in excitement.

“I’ll hold you to that.” Sal said. Amara and Maylu both shook their heads at the display, but smiled none the less. The girls walked for a few more minutes, coming upon some of the more crowded areas of Den Tech city. Upon reaching a street corner, the girls turned to face each other.

“Sal and I are heading this way.” Miyu announced.

“My apartments over this way.” Amara said, nodding in another direction.

“The trans station is this way.” Maylu said, pointing in a third direction.

“It was fun.” Sal said.

“Yes it was.” Amara agreed.

“Group hug?” Maylu suggested. Getting smiles from the others, the four girls came together in a big good bye hug. Just as they let go though, Amara let out a huge fart, the back of her shorts bulging outward as she filled the back of her diaper. Amara blushed at the other girls, who gave her sympathetic smiles, and she smiled back. Shifting her bag over her shoulder, she waved at the girls before walking off. Miyu and Sal waved goodbye as well, and crossed the cross walk. Maylu waited a minute before she crossed another cross walk, heading for the trans station.

That was a great sleep over, I really have to thank Yai somehow.’ Maylu thought. ‘Well, first thing’s first, I gotta get ready for my date with Lan!

Giggling to herself in excitement, Maylu popped her pacifier into her mouth, ignoring the strange looks she was getting, especially when she started skipping in happiness, causing people to get an eyeful of the diaper she wore. Maylu skipped the rest of the way to the trans station, looking forward to her date with Lan later in the day.


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