Maylu's New Life Ch. 1-4

Hello, I’m Twilight3. I recently stumbled upon this site, and after looking through it I thought I’d join up. I’m hoping to be a writer, and I have a big brother figure who helps me when he can, though lately he’s been busy. Enough about me, though, here’s my Megaman NT Warrior Story!

Maylu’s New Life

Summary: Three months have passed since Duo’s judgment day was averted. Life has returned to normal for the cross fusion warriors, however, things are about to take a drastic change for one girl.

Chapter 1: Tragedy Strikes
She woke with a start, gasping for breath, hand clutching her heart. She looked over at her alarm clock, which read 4:50 AM. When her heart stopped pounding, she wiped the sweat off her forehead.

“(Yawn) Maylu, you’re up early…You ok, you don’t look so good.” A voice called out from the computer.

Maylu sighed, placing her head in her hands, trying to collect herself. “I’ll be fine Roll, I think I just had a nightmare or something.” She answered.

A pink light made its way over to her dresser, through a cord connected to the computer. When it entered a small, metallic disk, Roll’s form appeared, only six inches tall, though the concern on her face was clear as day.

“Wanna talk about it Maylu?” She asked. Maylu chuckled.

“I would if I could remember what happened.” Maylu told her. “All I remember was that something terrible happened…it felt like a part of me just died or something…it’s hard to explain.”

Roll looked at the clock. “Well, put it out of your mind for now. There’s no point dwelling on something you can’t remember, right?”

“Yeah, good point. If I do remember something you’ll be the first to know Roll.”

“Thanks Maylu.”

“JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING UP AT THIS TIME IN THE MORNING!!!” Maylu and Roll both flinched at the voice. They turned to the door and saw a brown haired, plumb woman standing there, hands on hips and tapping her right toe.

“Nanny, I just woke up from a bad dream, Roll was trying to comfort me.” Maylu explained.

“Oh really,” the Nanny replied, “Well then, by all means do tell what scared you enough to wake up at 5AM on a WEDNSDAY, A SCHOOL DAY!” Maylu and Roll flinched again.

“A bad dream.” Maylu started. “I can’t remember what happened but-”

“How convenient for you.” The Nanny sneered.

“Please Nanny, Maylu remembers what she felt from the dream, just not what actually happened.” Roll explained. The Nanny narrowed her eyes.

Roll personally hated her Nanny, but Maylu’s parents were big business people. They constantly had to travel to provide for the family, thus leaving Maylu and Roll stuck with the Nanny. Maylu hadn’t seen her parents since she was four years old. They were very well off financially speaking, so much so that they could probably live in a mansion half the size of Yai Ayano’s mansion and live comfortably at that. But their family was modest and lived in a simple neighborhood, next to the Hikari’s, who Maylu and Roll had huge crushes on Lan and Megaman respectively, so no complaints there. It was the Nanny they had that was the problem.

Maylu was having similar thought to her net navi. Her Nanny was the definition of strict in her book. She never took any sass, any crap, she was a no nonsense person. She was part of the reason Maylu acted the way she did. Maylu was always the good girl, sweet to a point, and always cared for other’s well being, but that was from spending so many years around her Nanny. It was only around her friends did she act more like herself, or rather who she wanted to be. She would assert her will onto others if she was not being told something or if the situation she found herself in was ridiculous enough. It was one of the reasons she liked being with Lan and the others, they just seemed to attract trouble, which made almost everyday an adventure, and allowed her more time to be herself.

Maylu shifted the blanket off herself as she hung her legs over the side of the bed as she rubbed her eyes. Maylu was wearing a soft pink pajama top that buttoned up the front, and a pair of matching pajama bottoms. It was when the blanket was moved to the far side of the bed that the Nanny’s eyes widened.

“You pissed your sheets!” She yelled, pointing at Maylu. Maylu froze at that statement. She slowly turned to her bed while moving a hand to her crotch. She analyzed the situation.

‘Crotch: slightly damp…not a good sign.’ Maylu gulped. She examined her bed, running her hand over it. Where her bum once laid, the sheets were fairly wet, but as she ran her hand along the rest of her bed, she felt most of the sheets were damp. ‘It’s not pee on the sheets.’ She tugged at her sleeve, taking note at how it seemed to stick to her skin. ‘It’s sweat! It must have been some nightmare to cause me to sweat this much.’ Maylu thought with a sigh of relief. The Nanny noticed.

“And just why are you so happy about pissing yourself? Don’t tell me you want to be punished like you were when you were eight.” For the third time that morning, Maylu and Roll flinched.

Maylu used to have a bedwetting problem when she was six. It lasted for two years, two years that Maylu would never forget. When something happened that the Nanny didn’t like, she dealt with it by punishment, usually by either pain or humiliation. When Maylu first started wetting, Nanny use to spank her each morning with a brush ten times. After two months had passes and no improvement, Nanny took Maylu to a local drug store and bought a pair of plastic panties to wear at night. She had made Maylu go to the register, pay for it, and explain why she was buying it. It was humiliating, and the man’s reaction didn’t help any either.

From then on, Maylu would wear the plastic panties over her panties at night. The panties would hold the pee, keeping the sheets clean and saving laundry bills. Maylu’s wetting would still continue however, and so would the punishments. Nanny stopped washing the plastic panties every night, actually fanning them dry, thus leaving the odor of urine on them, which in turn agitated Maylu’s nose and caused her to have trouble going to sleep.

A year went by since buying the plastic panties, and there was no end in sight to Maylu’s wetting. So the Nanny took drastic measures. She bought Maylu a number of short skirt outfits and forced her to wear her plastic panties over her regular panties every day to school. It was mortifying to Maylu, trying to hide her plastic panties from everyone. Maylu’s bedwetting seemed to happen less and less often, before it stopped altogether.

Maylu didn’t want to risk her Nanny getting any ideas of repeating her past punishments, and quickly said, “It’s not pee, it’s sweat, you can check it yourself.” Maylu quickly got off the bed and moved to the side, giving Nanny plenty of room to move by and examine the bed.

The Nanny moved to the bed and examined it thoroughly, even going as far as sniffing it. After a minute, she straightened up and said, “It is sweat. Lucky you, however, I detected a bit of sass in voice just now. Go take a shower, then get ready for breakfast, I’ll think of an appropriate punishment later.”

Roll had to bite her lip to stop herself from retorting. The last time she had stood up against Nanny, she had to face three waves of omega class viruses by herself. She barely survived, and had no intention of repeating that experience, one that Maylu didn’t want repeated either, out of concern for Roll’s well being.

Maylu just nodded to Nanny and walked out of the room. Roll excused herself and went back to the computer, intent to wait there for Maylu to activate her PET once it was finished recharging. Nanny gathered up Maylu’s sheets and went downstairs to put them in the washing machine.

As she entered the bathroom, Maylu unbuttoned her pajama top before pealing it off her sweat covered body, her bra following soon after. Maylu then slid off her pajama pants and panties in one swift motion, leaving her bare to the world. She went to the tub and pulled the shower curtain around before she started the water. After the pressure was right, Maylu twisted the handle, causing the water to come out the shower nozzle. After adjusting the water temperature, Maylu jumped in the shower, closing the curtain behind her so as not to make a mess. As the warm water trickled down her body, Maylu thought about her life up to this point. The one thing that seemed to stick out to her was the lack of parent-offspring relationships.

Maylu hadn’t seen her parents since she was four, only getting emails once a year from them if she was lucky. Lan’s dad was almost never home, he rarely got to see him in anything not related to work. Dex’s family lived in Netopia, he rarely saw his parents or his genius little brother. Yai’s parents were divorced, and Yai’s father was always busy keeping his company in working order, so the two hardly saw each other, though Yai had plenty of things to keep her occupied.

Tory’s father was always working at the waterworks, and while Tory did help out there and spend time with him, it was mostly work oriented communication, not father son bonding. She didn’t have a clue what the situation was with his mom, if he had one. Chaud was the one Maylu pitied the most. Chaud was forced to be the vice-president of his family’s company, he was always expected to do everything he could for the business and he always did. The one thing he wanted most, he had secretly confessed to Maylu, was his father’s acknowledgement. He hadn’t heard anything positive directed toward himself from his father since his mother died. One of the reasons Chaud had become an Official was to help get his father’s attention, with little success.

Maylu wished that she, and her friends, could have better relationships with their families. It was at that point that the feeling she got from her dream came back full force, a dreading, numbing feeling. Maylu leaned against the wall, shaking her head lightly, till she managed to get rid of those feelings. She proceeded to wash her hair, then soaked in the water for a few minutes more. She soon turned the water off, got out of the shower. Sitting down on the toilet, Maylu emptied her bladder, cleaned herself, flushed, grabbed some towels, and started drying the rest of her body off. Once she was dry, she quickly brushed her hair, then left the bathroom, clad in only a towel.

Maylu’s towel dropped to the floor as she entered her bedroom. She went to her dresser, pulled out a pair of pink panties and a matching bra, before slipping them on. Walking over to her closet, Maylu pulled out her usuall outfit. A long sleeved green shirt, blue zip up vest, a pink pull up skirt that reached halfway to her knees, black socks that reached past her knees, and red sandal-like shoes. After putting her cloths on, she went over to her desk top and pulled her PET out of its charger. Roll instantly jumped into the PET, as Maylu fastened her black belt around her waist, which had her PET holster on it. After attaching a shoulder pad, Maylu activated the hologram feature, allowing Roll to appear on her shoulder.

“Enjoy your shower Maylu?” Roll asked as she looked up at her operator/friend.

“Yes I did, had to enjoy something this morning after all.” Maylu answered as she attached her navi’s icon hairclip to her head.

“Yeah, some way to start a Wednesday morning, huh?”

“No kidding. You think breakfast is ready?”

“I think so, it has been about twenty minutes since Nanny left, more than enough time whip something up.”

“Twenty minutes?! I can’t believe I took that long in the shower.”

“You were just late getting out, I think Lan is starting to rub off on you Maylu.”

“Don’t even joke about that Roll, the last thing I need is Lan’s tardiness to rub off on me.”

“I know, I know, I was just kidding. What say we get some breakfast now?”

“Sounds…(sniff)…smells good too. Lets go!” With that, Maylu rushed downstairs, to the dinning room table. Nanny was currently sipping some coffee, and had some corn toasties on her plate. Across from her, a plate filled with several strips of bacon, and several eggs as well, awaited Maylu. Maylu sat down, said a quick “thanks,” and started eating her breakfast. A half hour later, Maylu wiped her mouth clean with a napkin and checked the clock, 6:10 AM.

“Thank you for breakfast Nanny, I’m going to check today’s weather forecast before I head out.” Maylu announced. The Nanny just nodded her head before taking a bite out of her corn toastie.

Maylu sat in front of the tv for thirty minutes before the weather forecast came on. It was supposed to be a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, and a nice 80 degrees outside. Maylu waited a few more minutes, before grabbing her book bag and heading out the door, shouting a quick “good-bye” to Nanny.

Shortly after she left, Nanny moved what remained of her breakfast in front of the tv. Just as she was finishing up, a breaking news bulletin appeared on screen.

“This just in! At 4:50 this morning, pacific airlines flight 294 crashed into the ocean. We’ve received word that a crew of divers have been sent out to recover the plane’s black box in hopes of finding out what caused this accident. It’s been reported that there have been no survivors found as of yet. Also-”

Nanny stopped listening there. Something seemed off to her about that report, she just couldn’t put her finger on it. It was when she was about to swallow some coffee that she realized what stood out, proptly spitting out her coffee.

“Flight 294 was the flight Maylu’s parents were on!”


Chapter 2: Darkest before Dawn

Seventh grade, a time of school work being piled up, teenage hormones, dances, dates, and family drama. This year’s students were no different. Maylu sighed dreamily as she watched Lan run laps around the school’s track. After all the cross fusion battles he had been through, along with all the troubles he had to deal with in the real world, Lan had gained quite a physic, one that didn’t go unnoticed by the other students, particularly female students.

Maylu bit back a growl as she saw one girl start drooling as Lan started some stretches, sweat glistening in the sun as it fell with each motion he made. She felt a hand on her knee.

“Relax girl, Lan doesn’t even look at girls who pretty themselves up with gallons of make-up, you’ll get him hands down girl.” Yai said.

“Wish I was as confident as you Yai.” Maylu responded.

“Oh, don’t be like that, the only other girl Lan has ever glanced at was Jasmine, and she’s a plane trip away. You live next door, not to mention he knows you better than he does Jasmine.”

“I guess, after all, a plane trip only costs your weekly allowance, right Yai?”

“Two weeks actually, but don’t worry, if he comes knocking looking for a ride to Jasmine’s I’ll turn him away for ya.”

“Thanks Yai, you’re the best friend a girl could ask for.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Tory has a crush on you.” Yai spat out her strawberry milk.


“Maylu Sakurai.” Maylu and Yai looked up at the substitute coach for the day.

“Yes, I’m Maylu.” Maylu stood up.

“I just got a call from the main office; you’re to report there for dismissal.”

“Really? Must be a net savior mission.” Maylu thought out loud.

“Hey, give the bad guys a few kicks for me.” Lan said as he walked over. “Don’t worry about the rest of our classes, I’ll take notes for ya.”

“Don’t sweat it Maylu, I’ll take notes and give you the homework assignments, should Lan’s not be up to par.”


“Relax Lan, I’ll take what ever you two can give me.” Maylu responded with a giggle. She started running to the locker room. “Swing by my house later. See ya then.”

Maylu quickly changed out of her gym clothes, and into her regular clothes, then headed to the main office with her backpack. When she got there, she saw one of the last people she expected to see.

“Nanny? What are you doing here?” Maylu asked. The Nanny turned to her, her face was an emotionless mask.

“I needed to pick you up. We need to head down to the morgue, to identify some bodies.” She answered.

The strange feeling Maylu had experienced earlier that morning came back full force. “W-Why do they need us? Do we know the people?”

“We might.” Was the Nanny’s only response. She walked to the door, Maylu quickly following.

It took thirty minutes to reach the morgue, thirty long, agonizing minutes as Maylu quickly went through all the people she knew and who it could possibly be. When they arrived, they were quickly ushered in by a staff member. They went to a small, private room, where two bodies lay on stretchers, a white sheet covering them.

“Please take your time Miss Sakurai, and I’m sorry for your loss.” Was all the staff member said before exiting the room, leaving Maylu and the Nanny starring at the sheet. The Nanny closed her eyes.

“The sheets aren’t going to pull themselves back.” She mumbled. Maylu nodded and reached for the nearest sheet, before the Nanny grabbed her hand. “I’m right here if you need me.” Maylu pulled back the sheet.

It was a man, about mid forties, had chocolate brown eyes, and black hair. The left side of his face seemed to have been burned off, while the right side was flaking off skin. His eyes, or remaining eye, was open, it’s empty gaze starring into Maylu’s. Maylu recoiled as if struck, hands covering her mouth as she took deep gasps of breath, eyes wide with horror.

“D-d-daddy?!” Maylu whispered. “DADDY!!!” Disbelief was clear on her face, Roll’s as well, both unable to do anything but stare at the man who had been Maylu’s father. The Nanny silently pulled the white sheet over the man’s head, blocking Maylu’s view. Maylu watched as she moved to the other sheet, pulling it down slowly.

This time it was a woman, mid forties also, had baby blue eyes, and flaming red hair that reached her shoulder blades. From her mouth down, her head had been nearly melted off, much of the skin on the rest of her head had flaked off revealing bones, her red hair was now brighter, almost white. The woman’s blue eyes also had the same empty stare Maylu’s father had. The Nanny flinched at the sight of the woman’s condition, before covering her with the sheet again.

Maylu fell to her knees, starring at the ceiling in disbelief and horror. “Daddy……and Momma……they’re both……” Maylu let out a scream, filled with all the pain and anguish she felt at the loss of her parents. Tears poured down her face like a river, as her Nanny quickly pulled her into a hug. “H-how….why?!” Was all she could say.

“The plane they were on crashed early this morning, there was a news bulletin about it a few minutes after you left for school. According to the plane’s black box, a flame-type virus got into the planes fuel system, foul play isn’t suspected, but the officials are doing all they can to find out how this happened.” The Nanny explained as she rubbed the sobbing girl’s back.


Maylu wasn’t sure how long she had cried, but the rest of the day seemed to blur by. She had met with social services and Chief Kifune to discuss her future. Social services made it clear that someone needed to watch Maylu, and that sending her on net savior missions now would not be wise given her fragile state. The chief agreed with that assessment, though was reluctant to lose such a god agent like Maylu for such a time.

Social services planned on having Maylu go to an orphanage, since she had no living relatives, but the chief intervined. Claiming it wouldn’t be healthy for her to be in such a depressing place in her state of mind, he recommended she stay with one of her friends for a while till they could find a more permanent solution. The lady representing social services was originally against it, but agreed to a compromise. Maylu had ten days to find a guardian that could watch over her and take care of her, but it had to be approved by social services.

When asked if the Nanny could become her official guardian, she was turned down. Apparently, she had a criminal record of child abuse in the past. Maylu had had no idea of this, though she could see how it was possible. The silver lining was that she was permitted to watch over her during the ten day timeline, so Maylu quickly started going through her options, trying desperately to find some way to stay out of the orphanage.

‘Lan’s dad is always working, and his mother is out of state, visiting her sick mother, so the Hikari’s are out. Dex is out because his family lived in netopia. Yai is out because she rarely spent time with her father, despite have numerous maides and servents to lok after her. Chaud and his father,’ Maylu shuddered at the thought. ‘Incompatible. Tory she had no information on about his family, so there was a slight possibility.’ Maylu sighed as she turned over in bed. Deciding to sleep on the matter, she drifted off into a restless sleep.

The next morning, Maylu was shaken awake. “Maylu wake up. Wake up!” Maylu pulled her blanket over her head.

“I don’t want to go to school today Nanny, please just let me sleep.” Maylu mumbled.

“I won’t send you to school today, you already missed your first three classes. But you need to get up, you wet the bed last night.” Maylu’s eyes shot open at this. She threw the blanket off her and looked down at herself.

Wet was an understatement, Maylu’s bed was soaked! Her pajama bottoms were soaked, and her sheets were drenched from her waist down. Maylu could only stare down in disbelief. She then looked up at Nanny, a flash of fear crossing her face.

“You’re not going to punish me, are you?” She asked in a small voice. The Nanny’s face softened, as she helped pull Maylu to her feet.

“Of course not, not after what happened yesterday. Truth is, I probably should have seen this coming.” The Nanny explained softly to her. “You go take a shower, I’ll deal with these sheets and your bed. I’ll head out later to grab you some plastic panties for you to wear to sleep. Once you get out of the shower and get dressed, we’ll have lunch and go from there, ok?”

Maylu nodded with a whimper as she went for her shower as Nanny stripped her bed. When Maylu returned, she got dressed in her usual outfit, grabbed her PET and headed downstairs. Roll’s image appeared on her shoulder.

“Are you ok Maylu?” She asked softly. Maylu stayed quiet for a minute before answering.

“I’m not injured, but I’m a long way from ok Roll.” Maylu said.

Roll nodded her head. “I figured as much.” Just then, the doorbell rang. The girls glanced at each other before heading over to the door. When they looked through the peep hole, it was Lan!

Maylu opened the door. “Hey Lan,” was all she said.

“Er, hi Maylu. Sorry I didn’t come over yesterday, that Nanny of yours wouldn’t let us see you, said you were upset about something. I just finished a net savior mission, so I thought I’d stop in and check up on you, since you weren’t in homeroom today.” Lan explained. Maylu gave a small smile.

“Come on in Lan, Nanny just left to pick up some groceries.” One thing Maylu was good at was thinking on her feet, and seeing as she didn’t want Lan to know about her accident, she told him the first thing that came to mind, instead of what she was really getting.

Lan walked in and the two of them made their way over to the couch in the living room. Lan pulled off his book bag and quickly pulled some papers out of it, setting them down on the small table in front of them.

“Yesterday’s notes and assignments.” He clarified. “Mine and Yai’s. So what had you so upset that miss perfect attendance skipped a day of school?” He teased. Maylu managed a small chuckle.

“You hear about flight 294?”

“Yeah, it’s all the buzz at HQ, Chaud even requested to lead the investigation about the accident. When I asked him why, he said I should just ask you, though I still don’t know what that has to do with any of this.”

Maylu smiled at this. She and Chaud had developed a sort of brother sister relationship when they were battling Duo and the asteroid navis. Knowing that he was on this case personally helped put her more at ease, if only so much.

“My parents were on that flight.” Lan froze at those words. The full impact of those words hit him seconds later.

“Oh Maylu.” Lan pulled Maylu into a hug, which she instantly latched on to. They just held onto each other for afew minutes when Lan realized something. “That’s not the only problem bugging you, is it.” It was more of a statement than a question.

Maylu nodded. “Unless I find someone to be my guardian, someone who can be there for me when I need them, social services will put me in an orphanage, and what’s worse is…” Maylu sniffled, “What’s worse is that the one in Dentech is overflowing as is, the nearest one is eighty miles away from here!”


“I know, and it gets worse. No one seems to have the right credentials to be my guardian, and the only one that could is out of state. I have nine days left to find someone or else I’ll be shipped out, regardless of my net savior status.”

“OH MAYLU.” Lan hugged her tightly as Maylu began to cry, gently rocking her back and forth, whispering softly in her ear. When Maylu finally calmed down, she hugged Lan tighter.

“Thank you Lan, I really needed that.”

“Don’t worry about it Maylu, I’ll always be here for you when you need me, I swear.”

“Swearing isn’t good Lan.” She chuckled.

“I don’t mean like that, though I have heard some fancy ones from Chaud before.”

“Chaud cursing, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that.”

“It was after I battled Gravityman in Blaze Quest Industry’s main lobby, once he got the bill he was cursing so badly I daresay a sailor would blush, I nearly pissed my pants.” Maylu just shook her head, a small smile on her face. Lan had inadvertedly reminded Maylu of her own accident just this morning, though she hid it well. Maylu pulled away from Lan.

“Isn’t school still in session? I think there’s a test in math today.” Lan just stared into her eyes.

“I’d much rather be with you than doing class work worried over how you’re handling this.”

“But Lan t-”

“But nothing, I can make up the test, and we both know Yai takes better notes than I do, we can just barrow her notes and everything will be fine school wise.”

Maylu didn’t have a response to that one, so she just leaned on Lan’s shoulder and mumbled a ‘thank you,’ to which Lan responded by wrapping an arm around her and just holding her.


The next few days went by in a blur to Maylu. She tried asking a number of people she knew if they could help her, but none could. Ms. Mari always stayed late after school, not to mention she taught classes during the day and in the unlikely event that Maylu broke down during the day, Ms. Mari couldn’t drop what she was doing to take care of her. Maylu even went as far as asking Higsby, and it might have worked if he wasn’t deemed incompetent by social services.

Night time wasn’t much better for Maylu. She now wore the plastic panties to be each night, though each time they seemed to leak, causing the sheets to get wet and more laundry to be done. Nanny had got some absorbent pads laid down on the bed, and while they did cover the sheets, they shifted when ever Maylu did, so they weren’t reliable.

Maylu was currently sitting in an outdoor café, sipping her drink from a straw, just watching life go on around her. She looked on as two parents bought their little girl a chocolate ice cream, which the girl greedily snatched and started devouring it. The father seemed to say something, which the girl quickly responded to by hugging his leg, then giving her parents a peck on the cheek when they knelt down. The mother pointed to the girl, who quickly pointed at her and the father. The parents looked at each other and laughed when the saw the chocolate smears on each other’s faces. After wiping their faces clean with napkins, the three walked off, smiling. Maylu sighed, longing for that scene to be of her and her parents, but knew it never would be.

“What’s got you so down and gloomy on such a fine day like this?” Someone asked behind her. Maylu turned around. The lady had her feet resting on the table, one hand behind her head, another holding a drink. She had brown braided hair and wore sunglasses. She had a black trench coat, black pants, black boots, and a brown tank top on.

“Ms. Yuri? What are you doing here?” Ms. Yuri grinned, and took off her sunglasses.

“It’s a beautiful day out, and I for one intend to enjoy it. Things have been great for me lately, my past transgressing against society are being wiped clean, I’m getting paid ten thousand zenny per darkchip I turn into the Officials, and I’m starting my own arcade slash battlechip store slash café. Things couldn’t be better for me.”

“Well, congratulations, I guess.” Maylu said, unable to put any real meaning to it. This caused Ms. Yuri to quirk an eyebrow.

“You never did answer my question. What’s got you down in the dumps, Lan can’t take a hint?” Maylu, who had been taking a sip from her drink, nearly choked on it as it went down the wrong pipe, so to speak. Ms. Yuri gave a small laugh at Maylu’s reaction. Maylu turned to face her.

“No, that’s not why I’m down, as you say, and how would you know about anything going on between me and Lan anyways?”

“Kid, when I was in Nebula, Dr. Regal check all the profiles of those considered threats to the organization, and Lan was a big one. Regal check the files of everyone in Lan’s little gang, so the relationship between you two was pretty obvious.” Ms. Yuri explained, causing Maylu to blush at how obvious her feelings were.

“I see.” Maylu managed to get out. “The reason I’m so down is because I probably will be forced to leave Dentech and my friends behind for who knows how long.” Ms. Yuri put her feet on the ground, walked over to Maylu, and sat down at her table.

“Who could do that, you’re a net savior.” She asked.

“Social services.” Maylu spent the next twenty minutes telling Ms. Yuri about her parents death, how she only had four days left until she had to leave, and how no one was able to act as her guardian, which would allow her to stay here. By the time she was finished, Ms. Yuri was starring into her cup, occasionally taking a sip from it.

“Sounds like you’re going through a rough time.” Ms. Yuri finally said. “I can somewhat relate to what you’re going through. When the plane I was on crashed and I was the only survivor, I lost my memory. I thought I was all alone in the world, and that no one needed me. Dr. Wily took me in, and helped me get my life back on track, as did his son Regal.”

Maylu was silent, pondering what she just said. Ms. Yuri continued. “You know, seeing you and Lan together remind me of Regal and myself, we used to be quite the pair together, if only a bit darker. I remember one time, Regal gave me a present on my birthday, inside was a giant spider. I had screamed and ran off. Wily scolded him and told him to apologize to me, but when he came around the corner, I sprayed him with a high power hose, it sent him flying back, pinned him against a tree for a minute or two before Wily cut the water. Good times.”

Maylu had a good long laugh at the idea of a genius like Regal getting douped by Ms. Yuri. When she stopped laughing, she smiled at Ms. Yuri. “I really needed a good laugh.”

Ms. Yuri waved her off. “Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then.” She said. She started chewing her lip, as if deep in thought about something. This did not go unnoticed by Maylu.

“Something on your mind?” Ms. Yuri stopped chewing her lip and looked at Maylu.

“You know…” She seemed to struggle for the right words. “This whole business thing is mostly a ‘do at home’ type thing. I’d only be heading out to check out the construction site once a month.”

“What are you saying?” Asked a confused Maylu. Ms. Yuri took another sip of her drink.

“If you want,” she began, “I could be your guardian.” Both Maylu’s and Roll’s jaws dropped. Ms. Yuri continued. “I’ve always wanted to help raise a child, seeing as I’m incapable of bearing any of my own. Back in Nebula, I used to babysit for some of the other agents when I wasn’t busy, so I have some experience with kids. And with my past transgressions being wiped clean with my cooperation with the Officials…” She trailed off.

Maylu’s jaw was still dropped, her mouth so wide that a fly flew into it. Maylu sputtered and choked for a moment, before Ms. Yuri gave her a strong pat on the back, causing her to hack out the fly. Maylu quickly downed the remaining contents of her drink, trying desperately to get the vile taste of the bug out of her mouth, and to ease her throat.

“You ok Maylu?” Ms. Yuri and Roll asked at the same time. They glanced at each other before turning their attention back to Maylu.

“I’m fine.” She managed to get out. Just then, her PET started ringing. She picked it up, putting it on speaker only. “Hello…I’m just at a little café in Dentech city Nanny…Alright, I’m on my way.” She hung up with a sigh. “My Nanny needs me home for something.” She told Ms. Yuri.

Ms. Yuri frowned, but nodded, putting her sunglasses back on. “I understand.” Maylu quickly went inside to pay for her drinks, before coming back to the table.

“Ms. Yuri?” She asked shyly. Ms. Yuri rose an eyebrow.


“Could I, um… could I have your email address?” Ms Yuri’s eyes widened, it didn’t take a genius to figure out why she would ask for it.

“Sure.” She answered with a smile. The two exchanged email addresses before Maylu ran off, a quick ‘bye’ thrown over her shoulder.

Ms. Yuri leaned back in her chair, placing her boots on the table, and took a long swig of her drink. ‘Things are getting interesting around here.’ She thought.


Chapter 3: Adjusting to Change

“Well Ms. Yuri, despite your questionable background, the Officials have assured me that you are indeed trustworthy to care for Maylu. Despite their assurance, I still have to take your past record into account, regardless of your recent contributions to society, what ever they might be.” The head of social services said. “Therefore, I’m willing to approve your guardianship over Maylu Sakurai, but under the condition that a member of the board be permitted to evaluate your ability to care for Maylu at scheduled appointments. We have to be certain that what you are doing for Maylu is in her best interest, not just taking care of her, but discipline as well. Understand?”

“Perfectly.” Maylu and Ms. Yuri answered at the same time. They looked at each other, and had a small chuckle. The head of social services raised an eyebrow at this, but slid the paper to Ms. Yuri, who signed it and passed it to Maylu, who signed as well. Maylu passed it back to the services lady, who looked through it briefly, before nodding her head.

“Everything seems to be in order. The two of you are free to go now, we’ll call later about your first appointment, ok.” Maylu and Ms. Yuri nodded and after shaking hands with the lady, they walked out of the building. Maylu held a hand up to shield her eyes from the sunlight.

“Man, that place sure was dark compared to outside, I mean they don’t even have windows in there.” Maylu stated.

“The atmosphere in there doesn’t help the place, but it’s to be expected, given the decisions made regarding child care and all.” Ms. Yuri responded. The two reached Ms. Yuri’s hover car and a minute later they were on the road.

“So, where do we go from here?” Maylu asked.

“Well, since we’ll be staying in your home, I have to pick up my things from my hotel room. Once we get to your house, you can show me around, help me find a room, and we’ll go from there.” Ms. Yuri explained, not taking her eyes off the road once. “By the way, where’s your navi, Roll? I’d of thought she’d be here for you at something this important.”

“Um, I sent Roll out on the web to look up something for me.” Maylu answered, squirming slightly in her seat. Truth was, she asked Roll to search for ways to stop bedwetting, because she wasn’t certain how Ms. Yuri, or an orphanage in worst case scenario, would take to her night time problem. Maylu wanted to stop it as soon as possible, in hopes of not having to deal with any reaction at all.

Ms. Yuri noticed Maylu’s squirm out of the corner of her eye, but shrugged it off. Maylu had a right to her own privacy, and Ms. Yuri couldn’t expect her to just open up to her in a heart beat, given their past and all. “Alright then, but if you need a hand on your project or what ever, don’t hesitate to ask, I was raised by some of the most brilliant minds on Earth, regardless of the fact they both went insane.”

Both girls chuckled at this. Maylu gave a mental sigh of relief. Ms. Yuri thought Roll was doing research on a school project, so who was she to complain about being given an excuse.


It had been ten minutes later that they had arrived at the hotel. Ms. Yuri asked for some assistance moving her possessions to her car, which mostly consisted of clothes, battlechips, work contracts and documents about the business she was trying to open. It had taken an half an hour to move everything, and after checking out they headed to Maylu’s house.

It was about an hour later they reached it, hover cars not being as fast as the subway system. Maylu opened the front door before helping Ms. Yuri carry her baggage in. Maylu led the way to her Nanny’s old room and helped Ms. Yuri get settled in.

“Well, I think that’s all of it. Now how about you show me around?” Ms. Yuri suggested. Maylu nodded and started walking through the house.

“The upstairs are basically bedrooms and bathrooms. We have your room on top of the stairs, a bathroom next door, and across from those are my room and one of the guest rooms. Further down are the other two guest rooms, another bathroom, and the master bedroom, which hasn’t been used in years.” Maylu paused at this. Ms. Yuri gave her a sympathetic look and rubbed her shoulder. Maylu gave her a small smile in response and moved downstairs.

“This floor has our living room, dinning room, a bathroom, and a pantry. The door behind the stairs leads down to the basement, which is used for storage. It also leads to the laundry room, which is right next to the stairs. That’s pretty much our home in a nut shell.” Maylu finished, turning to face Ms. Yuri.

“Seems like you live comfortably.” Ms. Yuri noted.

“Yeah, Mom and Dad didn’t want to spoil me to much, left that for grandma to do before she passed away…” Maylu trailed off. Ms. Yuri placed a hand on her shoulder.

“If you ever need to talk about this, or anything at all, don’t hesitate, that’s why I’m here after all.” She said with a smile. Maylu smiled back and, to Ms. Yuri’s surprise, hugged her. Ms. Yuri returned the hug for a moment before Maylu moved back, her cheeks a bit pink.

“Sorry, I just-” Maylu was silenced as Ms. Yuri placed a finger on her lips.

“Don’t worry about it, everyone likes a hug every now and then, us big girls are no exception.” Yuri said. Maylu, still pink faced, just nodded her head. Ms. Yuri moved to the living room, Maylu following close behind. The two sat on the couch when Ms. Yuri pulled out her PET and a stylist and handed it to Maylu. “If I’m to take care of you, I need to know what you like to eat and drink. I won’t say no to junk food, but I do want some healthy food for you to eat as well. Understand?”

“Yes Ms. Yuri.”

“Oh please, there’s no need to be so formal with me, call me Yuriko.”

“Yes Ms. Yuri.” Yuriko gave Maylu a playful glare, to which Maylu responded by sticking her tongue out at her. They both had a giggle, before Maylu started writing down foods and drinks she liked and/or would eat, while Yuriko flipped the TV on to entertain herself.

A short while later, Maylu passed the PET back to Yuriko, who gave it a once over. ‘Let’s see, bananas, grapes, yogurt, white cheddar popcorn, spaghetti and meat balls, cheese pizza with extra sauce. The girl sure knows what she wants, and these really aren’t that bad. I think I can manage this. Wait…what’s this?’ Yuriko turned to Maylu.

“You like Oreo cookies too?”

“Yeah, I love them, especially the double stuff kind.”

“Oh god how I wish they had those when I was little. One of the things I used to do was lick all the cream from the cookie, then put the cookie back in the wrapper. It used to drive Wily and Regal batty.”

“Seriously?!” Maylu laughed, Yuriko joining her.

“Seriously. Anyways, I think you have an acceptable list here, so we’ll check out the pantry later to see if we need to stock up on anything. Sound good?”

“Sounds good. So, anything else?” Yuriko paused for a moment, before snaping her fingers.

“What’s your bed arrangements?” Maylu froze at this. This was the last place she wanted the conversation to go near.

“What d-do you mean?”

“I mean things like bedtimes or wakeup times.” Yuriko answered, taking note of Maylu’s body language but not openly giving any recognition. Maylu seemed to sigh in relief at this, which raised more questions in Yuriko’s head.

“I usually get up at 6:00 AM and go to sleep about 9:30 PM on school days, weekends I sleep in, Fridays and Saturdays I stay up as late as I feel, but always go to sleep before midnight.” Maylu explained. Yuriko nodded.

“Well, I usually go by this rule concerning bedtime, ‘You can stay up as late as you want, so long as you can get up in the morning without a fuss.’ That’s my rule, you’re welcome to go by it, and I’ll help you wake up in the morning if you need it.” Maylu bit her lip, the last thing she needed was Yuriko going in her room and seeing the pads on her bed, much less the plastic panties she had.

“I’ll think about it.” Maylu answered, not wanting to outright say no, then forced to give a reason why.

“Another thing I just thought of, what’s your policy about homework?” Yuriko asked.

“That’s something Lan and I do together. He usually comes over after school and we sit in the dinning room with some snacks and do our homework together. We help each other when we need it, Lan with math and English, myself with social studies. We do this every Sunday through Thursday, since we like enjoying Friday afternoons.”

“And just what do the two of you like to do on Friday afternoons alone?” Yuriko teased, causing Maylu to blush and sputter.

“W-who said we were alone?”

“So…it’s like a three way?” Maylu’s jaw dropped at this, face completely flushed. “Who’s the third person, Chaud, Laika? Or is it a woman, like Black Rose or Mysteriu?” At this Maylu stood up.

“I AM NOT HAVING A THREE WAY WITH ANYBODY!” She screamed. She clamped her hands over her mouth after realizing how loud she was. “I’m not sexually active, I’d prefer to be married before I give myself away. Fridays we hang out with our friends, web chat, net battle, stuff like that.”

“Ok, ok, just relax girl, I was only teasing, I didn’t really think you’d be sexually active at your age.” Yuriko explained.

“Ok, just please don’t make any more sexual jokes like that, I’m just not quite there yet to accepting them as appropriate.”

“I understand, and will reframe from sexual jokes from now on.” Yuriko stated. Just then, a buzzer went off from downstairs. “Laundy?”

“Yeah, it sounds like the dryer. I’ll go get them.” Maylu was about to stand up when Yuriko put a hand on her shoulder.

“No need, I’ll take care of it. I need to do some laundry myself, so it’s along the way for me.” Yuriko said.

“Well, ok, if you really want to. I think I’m going to take a shower, it’s been a long day, what with all those interviews and everything.”

“Not a bad idea, I might take one myself after dinner.”

“Alright then.” Maylu and Yuriko both went upstairs, Yuriko to get her laundry, Maylu to get a towel and a nice long shower.

xxx 20 minutes later xxx

Maylu exited the bathroom in just a towel, her clothes slung over her shoulder as she went to her room. She entered, closed the door, turned around, only to notice Yuriko sitting at her desk.

“Oh, sorry Yuriko, I didn’t see you there.”

“It’s ok Maylu, I don’t notice everything right away after a nice shower either.”

“So…can I help you with something?”

“Yes, actually. It turns out there was only one thing in the dryer, I was hoping you could tell me what they were doing there.” Yuriko put Maylu’s pink plastic panties on the desk.

Maylu’s eyes widened, in her shock her grip loosened, causing her towel and clothes to fall to the floor. Maylu paid no mind to the fact she was standing naked in front of Yuriko, only that she’d been found out.

Yuriko raised an eyebrow at Maylu’s reaction. With a shrug, Yuriko reached out and pulled a stunned Maylu onto her lap. Grabbing the plastic panties, she slid them up Maylu’s legs, making sure they were secure around her waist. She pulled the girl into a hug.

“It’s ok, I won’t judge you for them. Everyone has their fetishes.”

“Huh?” Maylu was confused.

“If you like running around wetting and messing your panties, that’s your decision. Personally, I like to r-”

“Hold up! I do not like running around wetting and messing myself in panties!” Maylu stated, a small blush forming on her now serious expression. Yuriko eyed her for a moment.

“Then why do you have them.” Maylu sighed at this, her plastic panties crinkling slightly as she shifted her position on Yuriko’s lap.

“I…I wear them for protection.”

“You’re having daytime accidents?!”

“NO! No, night time accidents. I used to wet the bed when I was six. It went away after a while, but since I saw my parents……it just started again. Nanny bought me these along with some pads for the bed, but they move every time I do, and the fact that these can’t hold everything in, well…” Maylu trailed off, her face cherry red. She let out a small yelp of surprise as Yuriko hugged her tighter.

“Don’t worry about it Maylu, I used to wet the bed too, so I know some tricks we can try to help you stop your wetting.” Maylu looked up at her.

“Really?” She asked.

“I can’t guarantee we’ll stop it, but we’ll try these and if they don’t work, well we’ll go from there.”

“Thanks M-Yuriko.”

“You’re welcome Maylu. Now, how about you get dressed and we can have dinner downstairs, ok?”

“Ok!” Maylu hopped off Yuriko’s lap, grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. Yuriko went downstairs to check on dinner as Maylu got dressed. A minute later, Maylu had everything but her skirt and panties on. She glanced down at the plastic panties around her waist, then at the panties in her hand. With a shrug, Maylu dropped the panties in her hand and pulled her skirt up, covering her plastic panties. With a crinkle in her step, she headed downstairs, intent to find out what that delicious smell was.


Chapter 4: Proper Protection

Yuriko sighed as she marked the calendar in front of her. Three weeks have gone by, and ever since their first night together, Maylu and Yuriko have got along very well together.

Mornings would start with Yuriko waking up, taking a shower, grabbing a hot cup of coffee, her usual routine. Then she’d go to wake Maylu up, usually by running a cold wash cloth over her face. She’d eventually take it and rub the sleep from her eyes, mumble a tired ‘thanks’ before going to take a shower.

The two would then have breakfast together, bacon strips and eggs, or pancakes, one of the two. They’d talk about any plans they’d have for the day, or tell each other the latest gossip. Maylu would then go to school while Yuriko would do some chores around the house, an occasional trip to the grocery store, or just work on her arcade business.

In the afternoon, Maylu, usually accompanied by Lan, would come home. Yuriko would cut and peal some apples for them, provide some drinks, and grab some snacks for herself. Together, they would sit at the dinning room table, helping each other with work when necessary. Yuriko even asked Lan and Maylu about some of her ideas for her arcade, to which they would respond appropriately, and sometimes give out ideas of their own. Lan had an idea of a net battle rating system, so that after a net battle was won, the winner would get a battlechip. Depending on how good the battle was, the rarer the chip would be. Yuriko liked the idea, with high rating systems, it would encourage more battling, therefore more money to use the arena.

At first, Lan had been a little wary of his former enemy taking care of his best friend. After seeing how Maylu seemed to be more cheerful being around her, and how she hadn’t done anything against him or Maylu, he came to accept her.

After dealing with homework, Maylu would head to her room, usually to web chat with friends, while Yuriko would do some more work around the house. A little later, they’d sit down for dinner, chat about how their day went, talk about anything note worthy or exceptional that had happened.

After cleaning up, the two would split up, doing what they wanted for the most part. They’d meet up later, just before 10:00 PM, grab some snacks, and watch a comedy show called “Whose Line Is It Anyways.” It was a very funny show, four performers playing different games, coming up with funny stuff off the top of their heads on the spot, they were all very talented. Maylu liked the one guy, Wayne Brady, and how he could come up with music lyrics about anything off the top of his head. While Yuriko agreed Wayne was talented, she thought the slightly balding guy, Colin Mochrie, was the funniest, seeing as she always laughed the most when he was involved in a game. Maylu granted her that.

Shortly after it was over, Maylu would put on her new night wear. It consisted of her regular panties, her plastic panties over them, and a small pink nighty that barely reached her bellybutton, leaving her panties exposed. Her regular pjs were baggy, and therefore could easily get wet should Maylu have another accident. This way, they’d save some laundry.

Maylu’s wetting hadn’t stopped. Yuriko tried things like restricting her liquids after 5:00PM, and while there was notably less, Maylu still woke up in wet panties. Maylu tried not eating anything after her work snack one time, and while she did wake up dry, she felt very sick and was unable to go to school that day. Her most recent attempt hadn’t worked either. Last night, Maylu pigged out on her dinner, spaghetti and meat balls, and had nothing to eat or drink after. This morning, while she did wake up dry, there was an unpleasant surprise in the back of her panties. Maylu had been horrified and cried on Yuriko’s shoulder before getting cleaned up and headed off to school.

Yuriko was honestly worried about Maylu. While she claimed she was coming to terms with her parents’ death, Maylu still continued to wet the bed. Her night time eating habits, in hopes of countering her wetting, also had her worried about how it was affecting her body. Yuriko decided that she should help get Maylu’s nightly intake of foods and liquids on a normal, steady pace, less she do her body more harm than good. The problem was that with Maylu drinking again before bed, she would go more when she wet, possibly flooding her plastic panties, thus getting her sheets wet as well.

Yuriko plopped down on the couch, flipping through the channels on the tube, not really paying attention as she tried to think of a way to help Maylu. Just then, she saw something interesting on the TV. She flipped back and watched the commercial. When it was done, she laid back and thought over this new idea, weighing the pros and cons. Deciding it was for the best, Yuriko grabbed her car keys and left the house, to grab some groceries among other things.


It was about 9:30 at night, Maylu was watching TV, while Yuriko was finishing putting the dirty dishes into the dish washer. Yuriko started the machine and walked upstairs. A few minutes later…

“Maylu, could you come here for a minute?” Yuriko called down.

“Coming!” Maylu hopped to her feet, walked up the stairs, and went to where she heard Yuriko’s voice, Maylu’s own room. On her bed, was a brown paper bag, Yuriko sitting next to it. “Need help with something?”

“No, but we need to talk. Come here.” Yuriko calmly said, patting her lap. Maylu made a face, but complied, walked over and sat on her lap. “Your wetting hasn’t stopped yet.”

Maylu sighed. “I know, I’m trying everything I can to stop it, but nothing is working.”

“That’s part of the problem; I think you may be trying to hard.”

“Huh?” Maylu was confused, how could she be trying to hard to stop her wettings?

“Lately, your eating habits have been all over the place, and quite frankly that’s not good. I know you’re trying to restrict your liquids so if you wet you don’t have as much, and I know you’re starting to cut back food after dinner as well. Your body needs food to work properly, otherwise it could end up harming you instead of helping you stop wetting.” Yuriko explained.

“Well, what else can I do to stop wetting?” Maylu asked.

“I don’t know, but that’s something we’ll just have to keep searching for together. For now, we need to get you eating and drinking properly again.”

“But won’t that cause me to wet, well more? I mean, we know I wet, um…heavily, when I eat and drink properly, and getting plastic sheets will still result in more laundry. Do you really want that?”

“What I want is what’s best for you, and eating and drinking properly will help you for certain. As for laundry, well, I’ve got a solution for that.” Yuriko gently glided Maylu off her lap and onto the bed beside her. She reached into the paper bag and pulled out a plastic package, holding it on her lap for Maylu to see.

The first thing she noticed was a teenage girl wearing a shirt and some white pad, waving outward. The second thing she saw was small writings, ‘Super absorbent, extra leak guards!’ and, ‘good for teenage girls ages 12 to 19,’ and ‘size three, small.’ The last thing she saw was the title, “Princess Luvs, for teenage Princesses.”

Maylu looked at Yuriko. “Are those……diapers?”

Yuriko nodded. “I checked your underwear size and compared it, so I know these will defiantly fit you, they may even be a little big on you. Maylu, I know this may seem demeaning to you, but I truly think it’s for the best, they’ll keep your bed clean while we get you eating properly and search for a way to stop your wetting.” Yuriko explained. She was prepared for some big explosion, about how Maylu wasn’t a baby and didn’t need diapers, but it hadn’t started after several seconds passed.

Maylu had her eyes closed and was chewing her bottom lip. She finally opened her eyes. “I don’t suppose I could get out of this because I don’t know how to put a diaper on, would I?”

Yuriko gave her a small smile, and patted her on the head. “Afraid not kiddo, I was planning on changing you myself anyways.” Maylu blushed, but nodded her head.

“How should we do this?” Maylu asked. Inside, Yuriko was proud of how Maylu was taking this.

“Well, since you haven’t worn a diaper since you were little, I figured we should probably reintroduce you to how it feels, that way you don’t have a hard time getting to sleep tonight.” Yuriko explained. Maylu blushed, but nodded her head. Yuriko took the bags off the bed and started pulling out some other supplies from the paper bag, baby powder, diaper rash cream, and even a pacifier with string, should Maylu have started bawling, along with a changing pad. Yuriko spread the pad out on the bed and turned to Maylu, who was in nothing but her nighty. Yuriko opened the diaper bag and pulled one out. Unlike most others, it was plastic on the outside, but opening it up it was full of soft absorbent pads on the inside. This diaper only had two tapes, but they were large, there was even a picture strip on the front, of pink and purple flowers. It was basically a giant baby diaper. Maylu shifted onto the changing pad, laid there and waited for Yuriko. Yuriko grabbed the other supplies and placed them on the bed, first grabbing the cream.

“You shaved down there?” Maylu blush deepened.

“My skin started getting irritating down there in the mornings, so I got rid of it.” She explained. Yuriko nodded in understanding.

Yuriko opened the cream first, swiping her fingers over the surface of the cream, before gently rubbing it in over Maylu’s most sensitive area. Maylu gasped and kicked her feet in surprise to the cold cream touching her, luckily Yuriko was on Maylu’s left side, and therefore missed her legs all together. Maylu and Yuriko exchanged brief apologetic looks before Yuriko continued spreading the cream over Maylu’s skin, finishing the front and moving to the back after lifting her legs. Once done with the back side, she let Maylu’s legs down and started using the baby powder on her. A brief glance up revealed Maylu was chewing her lips again, her hands balled up in fists clenching the sheets. Yuriko picked up the pacifier.

“You’re welcome to suck on this instead of chewing your lips, this is vanilla flavored, just like the Oreo cream.” Maylu’s eyes widened, and instantly nodded her head, opening her mouth. Yuriko put the string around Maylu’s neck and placed the pacifier in her mouth, which Maylu’s lips closed on instantly, vigorously sucking on it. Yuriko couldn’t help but laugh a little, to which Maylu just pointed down, saying to ‘finish up’. Yuriko finished powdering and set Maylu’s legs down.

Yuriko opened the diaper up, flipping open the back flaps. Lifting Maylu’s legs up, she slid the diaper under her, being careful to align it properly. Setting her legs down, Yuriko reach in between them and pulled the front of the diaper up with a loud crinkle. Opening the front flaps, Yuriko pulled it up tightly over Maylu’s front. Using one hand to hold the front in place, Yuriko reached for the first side flap and pulled open the grey piece of tape with a ripping noise, before pulling it tightly over the front of the diaper. She repeated the process with the other side, before checking for leaks. Satisfied, Yuriko tapped Maylu on the shoulder, causing the girl to pause mid-suck and look at her. Yuriko held out her hand, which Maylu grasped, and pulled the diapered girl up.

“So what does my baby girl think about her diaper?” Yuriko teased.

Without thinking, Maylu responded, “Ih likhe it.” through her pacifier. She blushed immediately afterwards, but if she was being honest with herself, she wished all her underwear was this comfortable.

Yuriko gave a small laugh. “Is that so, well now you have something to look forward to at night. Anyways, we still have a few minutes till ‘whose line’ is on, so let’s wash our hands and get the snacks ready.” Maylu pulled her pacifier out, letting it fall around her neck.

“Yeah!” Maylu moved forward, however she quickly lost her balance, not used to the extra padding between her legs. As she comically waved her arms in circles, Yuriko knelt down and spread Maylu’s legs slightly apart. This allowed Maylu to regain her balance.

“Looks like you have to waddle while you’re diapered Maylu, with all the padding packed in there, it’s had to force it together enough to walk normally.” Yuriko explained. Maylu nodded her head in understanding and started to waddle out of the room. Yuriko couldn’t help but giggle as she watched Maylu’s diapered rear move about.

xxx 30 minutes later xxx

The first episode of ‘whose line,’ was over, it had been hilarious with Richard Simmons as a special guest performer. Yuriko and Maylu watched the start of the next episode, which had Robin Williams as a performer in this one. Once they reached the first commercial break, Yuriko excused herself, intent on getting some more snacks and a refill of her drink.

Maylu sat on the couch, wiping away tears of mirth. Tonight’s episodes were just too much for her. Maylu sighed happily as she leaned back into the cushioning of the couch, thinking about how much life had changed for the better for her. It’s true she lost her parents, and it’s true her bedwetting had started again, but in that time, she had grown closer to her friends, closer to Lan, and closer to Yurik

Maylu’s New Life Ch. 1-4

Sorry guys, it looks like I got cut off at the end there. Here’s the rest!

xxx 20 minutes later xxx

Yuriko finished pulling the last tape across the diaper, making sure it was secure before giving Maylu a pat on the side. Maylu rolled off the changing pad as Yuriko pulled the pad off along with the other changing supplies.

“There you go, all clean.” Yuriko said, patting Maylu’s diapered rear as she crawled under her blanket. Maylu gave a small ‘eep’ upon contact. Yuriko smiled as Maylu settled in. Yuriko tucked Maylu in and gave her a small kiss on the top of her head, placing her pacifier in her mouth. “Goodnight, baby girl.”

Maylu didn’t respond immediately, her eyes having closed as soon as they hit the pillow. Yuriko moved to the door, and was about to close it when she heard Maylu. “Goodnight, Mahmah.” Tears filled in Yuriko’s eyes at hearing the words she had yearned for so long to hear, only to despair that the girl who said them was mostly asleep and probably didn’t mean it. She closed the door.


Please leave a comment if you see some way to improve this, I’m trying to be a writer, so I’ll take any help I can get! Thanks!

Maylu’s New Life Ch. 1-4

Despite not being a huge meagman fan, I was still rather fond of this story… up until Maylu wet herself during the day for no apparent reason. That seemed a little forced to me, but it was a good story nonetheless.

On a side note, you might want to include a little more information on Yuriko, and any of the other major characters you’re going to include, as, without already knowing some about the meagaman storyline, the reader will not know anything about them. For example, we currently know that Yuriko and Lan were enemies, but we don’t really know in what, why, or what made her change. Just a thought.

Maylu’s New Life Ch. 1-4

Despite knowing absolute zilch about Megaman, I’m really enjoying this story. Please keep going.
I also found it funny that Yuriko at first thought that Maylu had a diaper fetish. Usually no one would come to that conclusion, unless there’s something we don’t yet know about Yuriko…

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