Maylu's Journey to Salvation Ch.2

Maylu’s Journey to Salvation

Hey all, a dark first chapter I know, but things are going to be a lot better now. That said, on with the show!


Chapter 2

The first thing she realized as she slowly awoke was that her entire body was sore. The second thing was that there was something in her mouth. Third, her left arm had a slight pain to it compared to the rest of her body.

Continuing her analysis, there was soft material over her stomach, to which she related to a blanket. Her legs were bare, and she could feel fabric over her chest, shoulders, and the top of her arms, to which she figured she had at least a small t-shirt on. Between her legs was what she assumed a warm, soft pad.

Her right arm was also curled around something that felt…fuzzy. Her hands appeared to be wrapped in something soft, keeping her four fingers tight together and separate from her thumb. She also felt a similar wrapping over her feet.

Chocolate brown eyes fluttered open as Maylu let out a small groan. The object in her mouth shifted, but did not fall out. She was curious as to what it was, however she was in the process of deciding if she wanted to know what it was more then she wanted to curl into a ball and go back to sleep.

Giving into her curiosity, Maylu felt the object with her right hand from the outside, and with her tongue inside her mouth. The inside had a rubbery feel and taste, while the outside had a hard plastic surface. Feeling a ring attached to it, Maylu pulled it out of her mouth and examine the object.

It was a pink pacifier, a pacifier larger then a baby’s, but a pacifier non-the-less. Maylu blushed at the knowledge she had had a pacifier in her mouth. Looking at it, she saw the ring was tied to a white ribbon, which she followed down to the pink t-shirt she had on.

Looking at her hand, she saw that it wasn’t wrapped in anything, but covered in pink mittens. The outsides had a plastic cover, and she noted a ribbon on each one, used to tighten the wrist parts of the mittens, were tied in tight knots.

Looking at her right arm, she saw a brown teddy bear wrapped in it. Feeling her blush deepen, she unwrapped her arm and checked her left arm. Bringing it close to her face, she saw a few dots here and there on it. Upon closer inspection, she noted they were all on blood veins.

Still suffering from the fog one gets from sleeping, Maylu continued analyzing her clothes and surrounding. The blanket over her stomach was a soft pink in color. Raising her right leg slightly, she saw that a pink plastic covered bootie covered her foot.

Between her legs was a white plastic covered diaper, her navi’s emblem squarely centered between the two plastic tapes. The lower front of the diaper appeared clumpy, and from the inside Maylu could feel the pad was warm and wet. Blushing furiously, Maylu pushed herself upright.

The bed she had been laying was actually a candy pink crib, the bars to her right down. The room she was in was dark, as the lights were off. She could make out a few pieces of furniture; what looked like a rocking chair, two dressers, and some cube next to the crib. Across from the crib was a door, slightly open if the small ray of light was any indication.

Swinging her legs off the side of the crib, Maylu shakily pushed herself to her feet. As embarrassed as she was with her outfit, she needed information on where she was and what was happening to her. She also wasn’t about to go around half naked; she’d rather save some modesty over pride. Her legs wobbling, Maylu struggled to walk to the door, but not two steps later fell to her knees.

Panting lightly, Maylu blushed as she realized the only way to make it across the room was to crawl across. Leaning forward, she got up on all fours, and began crawling across the floor. Making it to the door, she slowly pulled it open, light flooding her vision.

Once her vision returned, she could see the walls in the hallway were sky blue in color, and the few doors were white. One door, across the hall and two doors down, had a lock on it, similar to the kind hotels rooms provided. The floor she was on was carpeted, and a royal purple in color.

Grabbing the doorway’s frame, Maylu lifted herself up onto her feet. Now that she had something to support her, she wasn’t going to crawl on the ground like a baby; it was bad enough she was dressed like one. Leaning against the wall, Maylu made her way down the hall, and into the area around the corner.

It was a living room. A large window ran the length of the wall to her left, letting sunlight into the room. There were two blue couches near the far wall, and a blue chair to the side between them, facing a plasma screen TV against the wall. Between the couches was a glass coffee table.

Before she could continue her analysis, her eyes landed on a woman sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper. Memories flooded back to her as she stared at her face. In her surprise, she whispered, “Ms. Yuri.”

Apparently, it had been louder then she thought, as Ms. Yuri looked up. Catching her look of brief surprise, Maylu watched as Ms. Yuri folded the newspaper shut, and placed it on the coffee table. “You are full of surprises Maylu.”

Maylu clenched her hands into fists, or as best she could given her mitten covered hands. Before she could say anything, Ms. Yuri spoke up. “Come sit down Maylu, help conserve your strength. We have a lot to talk about, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions you want answered.”

Debating her options for a minute, Maylu sighed as she pushed of the wall, and shakily made her way over. Halfway there, her legs gave out on her, and she fell flat on her face with a startled cry. Stunned for a moment, Maylu tried to push herself up, only to find herself being lifted off the ground. Looking up, she saw it was Ms. Yuri lifting her up.

“What are you doing?” Maylu demanded.

Ms. Yuri shifted Maylu in her arms till she was cradling her, not unlike one would a baby. “I’m carrying you to the couch, since it seems you can’t make it on your own.”

Maylu growled but said nothing; this way was more convenient, if not a bit embarrassing. Ms. Yuri carried her over to the nearest couch and set her down before moving over to the other couch. Maylu sat herself up as Ms. Yuri sat down across from her.

Maylu noted there were two newspapers, a TV remote, and a glass on the table as Ms. Yuri took a swig from the glass. Setting it down, she looked at Maylu. “I suppose the two biggest questions you want answered right now would be ‘Where am I?’ and ‘Where is Roll?’. Am I right?”

Maylu slowly nodded her head, prompting her to continue. “Right now we are in my house in one of Nebula’s secret communities. Roll is currently being examined by our scientists to make certain she isn’t bringing any tracking or harmful programs here before she’ll be returned to you…probably tomorrow provided they don’t find anything.”

“Why am I dressed like this?” Maylu demanded, waving her arm over herself, wincing slightly as a result.

“Because you’re my baby girl.” Ms. Yuri replied with a smirk.

Maylu flushed at that. “I’m not a baby!”

“No, you’re just an eleven year old girl who likes to wear diapers.” Ms. Yuri replied with a sneer.

“I don’t like wearing diapers!” Maylu snapped.

“Then why were you wearing one at the store?” Ms. Yuri watched as Maylu sputtered and tried to answer. “No one forced you to put one on.” She added.

Maylu gritted her teeth. “Roll tricked me into putting it on.” She growled.

Ms. Yuri shook her head. “Now, now, there’s no need to blame your navi. It’s okay if you like to wear diapers; no one here is going to think any less of you.”

“But I-!”

“It’s fine Maylu. Besides, you’ll be wearing them from now on anyways, so there’s no reason to deny it.”


“You’re body is injured.” Ms. Yuri interrupted, causing Maylu to pause. “I’ll be surprised if you don’t medically need them. Your injuries are another thing we need to talk about.”

Maylu stared at her for a moment. “Ms. Yuri, I-”

“Call me Yuriko, Ms. Yuri is what my business partners call me.” Yuriko said, then grinned. “Mommy works too.”

Maylu blushed at that, and discovered she forgot what she was going to say. After a minute of silence, Yuriko continued. “It’s safe to say your body has suffered quite a bit of abuse over the years, huh?”

Yuriko watched as Maylu squirmed on the couch, clearly uncomfortable with the topic. Picking up the TV remote, and pressed a few buttons. On the screen, a black rectangular device with small node on one side appeared. Maylu followed Yuriko’s gaze, and paled at the object on screen.

“A Meckalamo Tazer. Outlawed in 20XX, they were used strictly for interrogations involving terrorist and war criminals.” Yuriko stated. “However, it was discovered that it caused lasting damage to its victims.”

Pressing a few more buttons on the remote, the image changed to that of a faceless human. Yuriko spoke as actions took place on the screen. “When used on a person, the shockwaves actually pierce through the victim’s skin, tissue, and muscles, sometimes even the bones. As a result, the victim generally loses use of that part of their body even with medical attention, sometimes needing to even amputate it off as it gets too infected.”

Maylu’s eyes widened, and she began to hyperventilate. Yuriko immediately moved over next to Maylu. Pulling the girl onto her lap, she slipped the pacifier into her mouth and began rocking her back and forth.

“Neither of those will happen to you.” Yuriko stated. She continued to repeat that sentence for several minutes before she felt Maylu stop shaking. “A little better now?”

Maylu said nothing, but nodded her head. She left the pacifier in her mouth.

“I said earlier that you were full of surprises.” Yuriko continued. "You shouldn’t have been able to stand, much less follow me. You technically should be dead, but you’re not, nor are you dying.

“The doctors examining you discovered the damage done to you is severely reduced to what should be expected from such a weapon. While your skin is scarred, the muscles only have a minor indention in them, which with the proper medication will be fixed. This is highly unusual Maylu.”

“Vat does iht mean?” Maylu asked through her pacifier, blushing as she’d forgotten it was in her mouth.

Yuriko grinned at Maylu’s impromptu baby talk, but didn’t comment on it. “We’re honestly not sure Maylu. They are testing your blood, and took a small samples of your bone marrow and body tissue, but I’ve yet to hear of any result. I can tell you this much, you are incredible lucky Maylu; the doctors expect you to make a full recovery within a year, provided you follow through with taking the proper medication and physical therapy.”

Maylu let the paci drop out of her mouth before asking, “But what about my ransom?”

“You’re not being ransomed Maylu. As far as the Officials know, you’re in a secret U.N. medical research facility being treated for your tazer injuries.” Yuriko answered. “They are covering that fact up from the public right now. You should take a look at yesterday’s newspaper, it should answer some of your questions, and make you happy.”

Maylu turned her head to look up questioningly at Yuriko, before reaching over to pick up the folded paper she knew Yuriko hadn’t been reading. She blinked as she read the headline.

[i]Child Abuser Arrested: Death Penalty Considered!

Late last night, Officials stormed the house of Miss. Maylu Sakurai, 11 year old student at ACDC Elementary School, and promptly arrested the caretaker in charge of the household. Following the anonymous tip received, Officials traveled down to the home’s basement, and discovered a secret room hidden behind a bookcase.

Padded and soundproof, the room had shackles bolted to the walls, a concrete slab with several leather buckle straps, a small straight jacket, and a cart full of sharp and dangerous objects. There were stains all around the room, varying from blood, to urine. Scientist confirmed a day later that both sets of samples belonged to Miss. Sakurai, and that some trace as far back as six years ago.

But perhaps the most chilling item found in the room was a meckalamo tazer. Outlawed in 20XX, the use of this device cause massive internal and external damage to its victim, usually resulting in the loss of limbs, or even death. To the horror of all present, the tazer showed signs of recent use.

Along with the anonymous tip came a set of pictures of Miss. Sakurai, showing demeaning and derogatory words, appearing to be burned into her back, her arms, and legs. Normally, such an extensive use would result in a semi-quick, but painful death. However sources in the Official office have leaked that Miss. Sakurai is receiving experimental treatment for her injuries. No word on her condition at this time.

Friends of Miss. Sakurai were shocked upon learning of the living conditions their friend lived through.

“Maylu was my first friend, we’ve been friends since we were still in diapers.” Official Net Savior Lan Hikari says. “I had no idea any of this was happening to her. Sure, sometimes she’d be grumpy, and complain her body was sore, but I figured it was a part of the natural process girls go through growing up. Had I known the truth…”

“Maylu was one of the few people that saw me for me, and not my family’s money.” Say Yai Ayano, daughter of the president of Ayano Tech. “She always seemed happy to hang out, and go on shopping trips, and sleep over. When there was that bank problem that left my family in the red for a brief time, she rallied all our friends and bought me my favorite strawberry milk drink, the expensive kind, to make me feel better. Maylu has been such a great friend, the friend and sister I always wanted…maybe if I hadn’t been so caught up in finally getting the friend I always wanted, I’d have noticed what was going on.”

“Maylu has always been my favorite student; well behaved, gets excellent grades, and interacts well with others.” Says Ms. Mari Ozono, Maylu’s 6th grade teacher. “I’ve never had to give her a detention, and have interacted with her outside of lessons. She once approached me, claiming to have heard I was looking for a new dish washer, and how she just received a new model. She offered to give up a day of her weekend so I could visit and see if I wanted to order it. Giving up a weekend day to have a teacher come over is something rare, nearly unheard of in this day and age, for a student in her age group to do. I know if I ever have a child, I’d want them to be as well behaved and as good a person as Maylu Sakurai is.”

“During the time my navi was infected with a dark chip, both Lan Hikari and Maylu Sakurai lent me their assistance when I needed it.” Official Net Savior and Vice-President of Blaze Quest Industries, Chaud Blaze says. "With Maylu and her navi Roll’s help, we were able to bust an illegal underground navi deletion battle ring. I haven’t known Maylu that long, but during the time I lost Protoman, I got to know her better. Her dream is to become a kindergarden school music teacher. Such a selfless goal, teaching kids the joys of music, I was surprised and a bit touched.

“Learning her goals in life, and helping me to open up about my feelings instead of bottling them up and letting them hurt me, I can honestly say the world needs more people like Maylu Sakurai in it. I will do everything in my power as an Official to see to it that Maylu is given justice, no one deserves what she’s gone through. She’s the closest thing to a sister I’ve ever had, and I’ll be damned if I let the criminals responsible for this to get away with this!”

Mr. Blaze had made good on his promise thus far. Taking charge of this project, he has made a recall to Mr. and Mrs. Sakurai, famous business tycoons, to appear for questioning. Among the questioning, Mr. Blaze has leaked that he will ask why Mr. and Mrs. Sakurai hired a caretaker with a child abuse conviction, as well as why they have never seen fit to visit their daughter after her fourth birthday.

A trial date has been assigned for the caretaker, on the 24th of the month. Due to the heinous nature of the crimes committed, prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty to be on the table. This is the first time in fifty years that the death penalty has even been considered for a trial in Electopia, and sixty-eight years since it was actually used.

Regardless of the outcome of the trial, Maylu’s friends pray for her quick recovery, and ask that you please keep her in your prayers; it’s all we can truly do for her now.

For information on Maylu Sakurai, turn to page 5.

For information on Mr. and Mrs. Sakurai, turn to page 6.[/i]

Maylu slowly lowered the paper, before dropping it onto the table. Seeing she was done reading, Yuriko wrapped her arms around Maylu, and hugged her firmly. “She can never hurt you again Maylu. Not you, not Roll, not anyone.”

A small smile wormed its way onto Maylu’s face, as she found herself relaxing into Yuriko’s embrace. She’d never have to worry about being locked in that room again. Maylu felt a great weight lift off her shoulders with that knowledge.

“My favorite part of that article was Hikari’s interview.” Yuriko commented. This caused Maylu to giggle.

“He never thinks about what to say, he just says what he thinks without censoring it. I can only imagine what his mom’s reaction to this was.”

Yuriko chuckle at that. “As much as I’m enjoying this Maylu, we still have some things to talk about.”

“Like am I ever going to see my friends again.” Maylu sighed.

“You’ll have to wait three months at least.” Yuriko answered. “That’s the minimal required time spent in this community before anyone is permitted to leave. Only with Dr. Regals’s signed permission can you leave earlier. I expect you’ll remain here for at least six months while your body recovers.”

“Where exactly is here anyways?” Maylu asked.

“I’ll tell you exactly where we are after you get started with your medication and physical therapy.” Was Yuriko’s response. “I can tell you we are in orange quadrant, section 2, house 17, all from community AB08.”

“Is there a reason I’m in this…community?” Maylu asked.

“This community is best suited for your needs.” Yuriko responded. “What with your injuries, uncoordinated movements, your diaper dependence, and your history, this place is perfect for you.”

Maylu flushed. “I am not dependant on diapers! I only ever wet myself in when that room was involved. I don’t need diapers, and I certainly don’t like them!” She waited for Yuriko’s response, only to feel two fingers poke up through her diaper’s leg hole. “Hey!”

“You’re wet.” Yuriko stated, causing Maylu’s face to redden. “Do you normally wet the bed?”

“I have when in that room.” Maylu sighed, she hated how it always came back to that. “But I haven’t wet the bed outside of that since my potty training when I was four.”

“Then your accident just proves there’s something either medically or psychologically wrong with you.” Yuriko stated. “Which is why you’ll continue wearing your diapers during your recovery.”

“I refuse!” Maylu hissed.

“You’re hardly in a position to resist Maylu.” Yuriko said with a smirk. A few seconds later she felt Maylu shiver; she knew the message was received loud and clear. “Don’t worry though, like I said before, no one’s going to think any less of you for wearing diapers Maylu, or even liking them.”

Maylu sighed, it was apparent to her that Yuriko was set in thinking that she liked diapers. Deciding to continue gathering as much information as she could, she asked, “Why wouldn’t they? And why would they know?”

“See for yourself.” Was Yuriko’s response. Maylu was about to ask what she meant when Yuriko shifted her around and stood up. Maylu squealed in surprise, quickly wrapping her arms around Yuriko’s neck to keep from falling backwards while Yuriko wrapped an arm around her back, supporting Maylu with a hand on her padded bum. Yuriko carried Maylu over to the window, and then positioned herself so Maylu could see outside properly.

The day was partly cloud, but there was plenty of blue sky and sunshine. Maylu discovered she was on the second floor of the house she was in, as she had a great view of the neighborhood. Each block had at least three houses, each with two to three floors. There were no garages in sight, but one car in each driveway. Maylu saw each yard had at most two trees in each the front and back yard.

What really got her attention was the people. Down the road she spotted a woman with two children, both under the age of eight at least. Both kids were wearing small, sleeveless shirts, and to her surprise a diaper!

Across the street from the house she was in, she saw a trio of girls, roughly her own age, playing in a water sprinkler with a small water sliding mat nearby. All three girls were clad in water diapers, but wore nothing to cover their developing bodies! On the house patio sat two women in the shade, watching the trio.

The last thing she saw was a pair of women jogging down the sidewalk. One woman had normal jogging attire, while the other, who appeared to be in her late teens, had on a jogger’s shirt, runner’s shoes, and a diaper as well. As the pair drew closer, Maylu saw the girl’s diaper was mildly discolored.

Seeing Maylu’s stunned expression, Yuriko decided to speak up. “The fashion isn’t the only reason why you, and these people are here.”

Seeing Maylu look up at her questioningly, Yuriko shifted her grip slightly, and turned a bit to the side. “Those little girls over there are biological sisters, five and seven respectively. Their mother was a drug addict who sold them for another hit. They were eventually found by their current caretaker, but not before being physically abused. Their caretaker, lost her children in a bad fire six years ago. They may have been a bit older then the tots she has now, but it’s still a second chance for a family for each of them.”

“Tots? They should be in grade school by now.” Maylu stated.

“It’s just a code we use around here.” Yuriko replied. “Kids ages from two to seven are referred to as baby tots, eight to twelve are baby girls, and those in teenage years are teen babies…in case you couldn’t tell, this community is women only, with very few exceptions.”

Seeing Maylu turn her gaze out the window, Yuriko continued. "I don’t know the blond or green haired baby girls out there, so they must be from a few blocks away. The blue haired girl is named Ami. Her mother was a doctor, who when treating a patient overdosing on some drug, got her throat slit. She bled out, covered a quarter of the room with her blood, even sprayed her daughter, whom she’d brought with due to the late hour.

“Ami had nightmares of that night for months, causing her to be constantly returned from foster families to an orphanage. Her caretaker, who lost the ability to bear children due to an assault a few years ago, came upon Ami when the orphanage was trying to send her to a mental hospital, and promptly adopted her, despite the objections of the legal crew involved. A friend of hers, who is an active field agent, upon learning of her situation, promptly provided transportation here. The pair is doing much better now then they were before.”

Shifting a little further to the side, she noticed the joggers had stopped, and the teenager was getting her diaper changed. “That teenager is one of the rougher cases in the area. She had been kidnapped from her family at thirteen, and forced to be a prostitute for two years. Her caretaker there, who’s husband used to abuse her before being sentenced to life in prison, found the teen, helped her escape, and brought her here. Her husband was a Nebula agent, so she was able to radio us to bring her and the girl here.”

“You have wife beaters in Nebula?” Maylu questioned.

“We didn’t know he beat his wife.” Yuriko responded. “He is also guilty of several other crimes, which is why after making certain he couldn’t spill any of Nebula’s secrets, we turned him over to the Officials.”

“But why is-” A muffled whistle interrupted her.

Looking out across the street, she saw the trio of girls running up to the patio. She saw the blond haired girl get handed a large sippy cup, while the woman pulled the green haired girl over her lap and placed a large baby bottle in her mouth. To Maylu’s astonishment, the other woman had removed her shirt and part of her bra, while Ami moved to her bare breasts and took one in her mouth.

“Is she breast feeding Ami?” Maylu asked.

“Yes she is.” Yuriko responded. “It’s optional here, but is considered a great way to strengthen the bond and trust between child and caretaker. Only a hand full of people do it when it’s not necessary to strengthen the bond to support the child.”

“But why are all the kids dressed up and acting like babies?” Maylu asked.

“This community is a place of second chances and new beginnings for both children and adults.” Yuriko answered. “For most cases, regressing the child or children helps them cope with the harsh realities they’ve experienced, while adding responsibility to the caretakers to give them a reason, a need, to keep pushing forward in their lives.”


“Some mothers and fathers have committed suicide after losing a child or family member. By placing them in charge of a child, not only do they get a second chance, but have to take their needs and feelings into consideration, thus hopefully preventing them from committing suicide.” Yuriko explained. “It’s complicated.”

Maylu nodded her head in agreement. “Still, why did you bring me to this place?”

“You were abused, and have the physical strength of a five year old, give or take a year.” Yuriko replied. “You need diapers and medication, and you’ve never had a real childhood, so here you get to experience one while you recover.”

Maylu glanced out the window, and saw Ami shifting to her caretaker’s second breast. “I am not a baby, and I’m not drinking from your breasts!”

“You’re right, you’re not a baby, nor is your mouth getting anywhere close to my tits.” Yuriko replied, causing Maylu to blush at how blunt she was. “You’re a baby girl, and I’m your caretaker and Mommy figure.”

Maylu growled. “I said I am not a baby! You can’t treat me like one.”

“Actually I have to.” Yuriko replied. She began walking, causing Maylu to tighten her hold on her. “There are rules we have to follow in this community. You’ll have to crawl when not holding my hand, at least until you have a doctor’s approval. You’ll also need to drink three bottles mixed with medication after every main meal, every day. While you’re allowed to take off your clothes, I’m the one who has to dress you and change your diapers; you’re not allowed to dress or change yourself. I’m also in charge of bathing you as well, though I’ll leave you to brushing and flossing unless you can’t do it yourself due to physical condition.”

Maylu’s face paled as Yuriko spoke. It just hit her that given the community she was in, she was expected to be a baby, and was going to be treated as such! No more going to the mall shopping, no more soda or any of her favorite foods and candies, no more hanging out with her friends, she wouldn’t even be allowed to dress or bath herself!

Suddenly Maylu felt something enter her mouth. Before she could get a look at it, she felt some liquid slid onto her tongue, some kind of milk. Looking down, she saw Yuriko had sat down and placed a baby bottle in her mouth!

Maylu snapped her head to the side and spat out the milk in her mouth, subsequently hitting Yuriko in the face. Not realizing what she’d done, Maylu looked around, and saw she was back in the room she’d woken up in. She now saw there was an automated spin closet to the side, a dresser, and a changing table in addition to the crib and rocking chair. Seeing that she was on Yuriko’s lap, she assumed she was on the rocking chair. Looking to the side, she saw the cube from earlier was actually a mini-refrigerator, one filled with baby bottles.

Yuriko wiped the milk and spittle off her face, and calmly placed the bottle down on top of the mini-fridge. “Maylu, I don’t think you realize the gravity of the situation here.” She said calmly. Maylu shivered at the tone of her voice.

"Right now we’re in a community where girls like you are expected to behave mostly like a baby. While there is a police force, they are not associated with the Officials. There is no outside contact save only to Nebula facilities, and no Officials around for hundreds of miles. You are currently no stronger then a five year old, and need medication if you ever hope to become stronger then one.

“In addition to all that, you managed to survive an instrument that causes loss of limbs and almost certain death with no lasting damage. Scientists here, or anywhere actually, would love to get their hands on you, find out what makes you tick, and would treat you like a test subject, not a human being. And yet, you are here, being cared for instead by-”

“I WILL NOT BE A BABY!!!” Maylu screamed.

Yuriko frowned, the gasped in surprise as Maylu began thrashing around in her grip; kicking her legs, and beating her gloved hands against Yuriko’s stomach. Seeing how uncontrollable Maylu was at the moment, Yuriko did the only thing she could.

Flipping Maylu onto her stomach, Yuriko grabbed the rim of Maylu’s diaper, and tugged it down to the girl’s ankles. Reaching behind the chair, she grabbed a wooden paddle, and brought it down hard on Maylu’s exposed backside.


“OWWW!” Maylu cried out. Yuriko brought the paddle down again.


“OWWWWW!” Maylu cried again, a few tears rolling down her face. “STOP IT!”

Yuriko didn’t stop, and gave an additional nine smacks to Maylu’s backside. Maylu was openly bawling by the time she was done, both hands on her reddening backside. Lifting up the bawling girl, she pulled the wet diaper back up and secured it around her waist. Laying her across her lap, right side up, she placed Maylu’s pacifier in her mouth and ran a hand through her hair.

It took a while for Maylu to calm down, but she eventually did. She made to remove the pacifier from her mouth, but two fingers from Yuriko prevented her from doing that. “For a girl who doesn’t want to be a baby, you certainly are behaving like one.” Yuriko started. "I don’t know if you heard anything of what I said before, but believe me when I say I’m you best bet at recovering, seeing your friends again, and not becoming a lab rat. All you have to do is behave and do what I ask. We won’t be leaving this community, so you don’t have to worry about being asked to do anything illegal.

“However, if you continue to behave as you are now, I’ll have no choice but to turn you over to social services in this area. After you’re out of my protection, it’s open season for you. This relationship is goes both ways; I take care of you and protect you, and you behave and be my baby girl, or daughter if you prefer. In all honesty Maylu, I’d prefer to be caring for you instead of being out in the field. That said, the choice is yours Maylu.”

Removing her fingers, Yuriko pulled the pacifier from Maylu’s mouth, and placed the baby bottle in it. Maylu looked up at Yuriko, who matched her gaze. A minute passed, before Maylu closed her eyes. Yuriko opened her mouth to say something, when she saw Maylu starting to nurse the bottle.

Smiling softly, Yuriko let her fingers massage Maylu’s head as she nursed the bottle. A few minutes later, the bottle was empty. Yuriko lifted the blushing girl up, patted her back, and burped her. Laying the still blushing girl back across her lap, Yuriko grabbed a second bottle. “Just two more, and then we’ll get you changed.”

Maylu nodded, not meeting her eyes as she began nursing the second bottle. About ten minutes later, Yuriko burped Maylu for the third time. Taking a moment to rub the girl’s back, she lifted Maylu up, and carried her over to the changing table. Laying her down, Yuriko got down to work, taking a moment to slip the pacifier into Maylu’s mouth.

Starring up at the ceiling, Maylu was lost in thought as Yuriko began changing her into a clean diaper. While it was true Maylu had often said to herself she’d do almost anything to get away from the Nanny’s influence, and that room, she wasn’t sure this would be one such thing.

Meeping as a wet wipe ran across her privates, Maylu subconsciously began suckling her pacifier. Going over what she knew, she found that there really wasn’t any way out of her situation. Her friends didn’t know where she was, she didn’t know where she was, and she didn’t know where Roll was, or whether she was alright or infected with a dark chip.

Taking a good look at the situation, Maylu found that after everything that had happened over the past few days, her old life was over. Everything had changed, and nothing was going to be what it once was. Blinking, Maylu felt her body being lowered onto a new diaper. Closing her eyes, Maylu felt the front of the diaper pulled tightly against her front. As it was taped shut, Maylu felt as if her responsibilities and privileges as an eleven year old girl were being stripped from her, never to return.

Lifting Maylu off the changing table, Yuriko carried her over to the crib, and laid her down. Grabbing the blanket, she proceeded to tuck Maylu in. Pulling the crib’s bars up part way, Yuriko leaned down and kissed Maylu’s forehead.

“As long as you’re here, I consider you my daughter Maylu. I promise I’ll protect you and take care of you as long as you’re here.” Yuriko whispered in her ear.

Straightening up, Yuriko pulled the bars up all the way, locking them in place. Pressing a button on the wall above the crib, the sound of a lullaby filled the room. Yuriko watched Maylu for the next few minutes, taking note how the pacifier’s movements slowed down as Maylu slowly fell asleep.

Yuriko sighed. “If only you really were my daughter Maylu.” She whispered. Closing her eyes for a moment, she whispered, “Where are you?” Shaking her head, Yuriko exited the room, pausing only long enough to turn on a night light.


Well, that’s all for chapter two. Had a bit of trouble after the newspaper scene, and there’s still more explanations to come next chapter. Till then, let me know what you think, and feel free to ask any questions.

Re: Maylu’s Journey to Salvation Ch.2

Wonderful chapter Twilight3,

It is good to see that you are not rushing this as that would detract from the story

Re: Maylu’s Journey to Salvation Ch.2

I’ve rushed in several other stories before, I’ve learned from that mistake. I’m gonna take my time with this one.