Maylu's Journey to Salvation Ch. 1

Maylu’s Journey to Salvation

Hey all, lately a couple of friends have wanted me to continue some of my old Maylu stories, but I haven’t been able to get in the proper mindset for those stories. So, I’m gonna try writing this one for a little while, and see if I can’t get back Maylu’s character, while also pleasing my friends. This will also be my first story without chapter names, as honestly I’m struggling to come up with them enough as it is, lol.

This story will start out dark, but becomes better quickly. In any case, hope you enjoy it.


Chapter 1


The woman towered over the young girl, her arms crossed and a frown firmly on her face. The girl before her shivered, her brown eyes quivering from unshed tears. “Please Nanny, Ms. Mari expunged that quiz, it was three chapters ahead of what we were studying!” She whimpered. “I was the only one to get a passing grade!”


Maylu’s face lost all its color at that threat. No longer willing to risk further punishment, she quickly tugged her belt, pink skirt and white panties off. She then kicked her shoes off, tore her knee high black socks off, unzipped her blue vest, and pulled her vest and long sleeved green shirt off. Reaching up into her strawberry colored hair, she unclasped her hair piece, leaving the 11 year old girl completely nude.

The Nanny grabbed Maylu by her wrist and proceeded to drag the girl further into the house. Maylu bit her lip as the Nanny opened the door to the basement and tugged her arm. As the pair reached the bottom of the stair case, the Nanny shoved Maylu to the side as she walked over to an old bookcase.

Pulling a red book out of place, the bookcase slid to the side, revealing a steel door. Next to the door was a retina scanner, which the Nanny used to open the door. Turning to grab Maylu, she saw the girl had walked over on her own. Shoving her in, the Nanny entered the room, the steel door closing shut behind her.

The room’s walls, floors, and ceiling were made of a sound proof steel frame, the walls covered in dulling white pads, and one large circular light on the ceiling. On one wall was several bolted shackles, each at different levels. Beneath the shackles, lying on the floor was a stained, leather strapped straight jacket.

Against another wall was a cart, upon which several sharp objects lay, joined with several forms of restraints. In the center of the room was a slab of concrete, several leather straps laid at each corner.

The Nanny took a moment to view Maylu’s uncontrollably shaking body. On her upper back were several lined scars, left from sharp objects carving into her skin. Her upper arms held several marks from where the restraints had dug to deeply into her skin during her more…painful visits to the room.

Damages aside, any male Maylu’s age would admit she was a beautiful girl. Her strawberry hair, when not held up by her hair piece, fell just below the top of her shoulder blades. She was maybe an inch or two smaller then other kids her age. She had also begun developing a small pair of breasts.

The Nanny was shaken from her thoughts as she heard a pitter patter. Looking towards Maylu, she saw the shivering girl had wet herself in fear. Her face scrunched up; she hadn’t even done anything yet to warrant a wetting.

“DID YOU JUST SHIT YOURSELF?” She watched as Maylu jumped, turning to face with fear in her eyes. “I was going to make this session quick, however you just earned yourself a two day stay!”

Maylu’s eyes widened before she broke down, falling to her knees despite the puddle beneath her. The Nanny stomped over to her before ramming her foot into Maylu’s stomach. The girl gagged as the wind was knocked out of her. Grabbing her by the arm, the Nanny dragged Maylu over to the wall with the shackles bolted on it.

Grabbing the straight jacket off the floor, she grabbed Maylu’s arm and filtered it through the proper sleeve. By the time she had filtered the other arm through, Maylu had gotten her breath back, and began struggling against the Nanny’s hold. Wrapping her legs around Maylu’s torso, pinning the girls arms to her side, the Nanny proceeded to buckle and tighten each strap on the back of the jacket until only three were left.

Shifting her legs so Maylu’s arms were freed, the Nanny grabbed the strap on the right sleeve, pulled it across the girl’s body, and buckled it tightly behind her. Repeating the process with the other arm, the Nanny released her hold on Maylu, shifted in front of her, shoved the still crying girl onto her back, and rolled her onto her stomach. From there, the Nanny pulled the last flap back up between Maylu’s legs, and buckled it tightly behind her.

Maylu was bawling as she struggled to free herself, all to no avail. She then cried out as she felt herself lifted by her legs off the ground. Desperate, she tried kicking at the Nanny, but was unable to.

The Nanny slipped Maylu’s ankles one by one into the highest pair of shackles, and then stood back. Maylu cried as she hung upside down, already feeling the blood begin to flow towards her head. Her cries were abruptly silenced as a gag ball was shoved into her mouth, and tied to her head.

“I’ll be back in a few hours to let you down. From there we’ll work on your legs tonight, and your back and arms tomorrow.” The Nanny stated. Turning her back on the crying girl, she walked over to the steel door, got her eye scanned, and exited the room, the light going out.


Five hours later, the Nanny entered the room, a glass of water in her hand. Walking over to Maylu’s unconscious form, she splashed over half the glass on the girl’s face, causing her to gasp as she was abruptly woken up. The harsh wake up was Maylu’s only warning, as seconds later she fell hard on her neck and back with a muffled cry of pain.

The Nanny grabbed one of Maylu’s straightjacket’s leather straps, and dragged her over to the concrete slab. Laying her over the slab, she attached the straps to each of Maylu’s legs. Holding off on the upper straps, the Nanny sat Maylu up and removed the ball gag.

“Please.” Was all Maylu could get out before what was left of the glass of water was shoved against her mouth.

“Drink. It’s the only glass you’ll get till morning.” The Nanny stated as she began tipping the glass back. Maylu swallowed as quickly as she could, but some water trickled down her chin despite her efforts. Placing the glass down, the Nanny forced Maylu onto her back, and connected the straps over Maylu’s body, leaving her stretched across, and secured to the slab.

Moving over to the cart, the Nanny grabbed a rectangular black device with a small node sticking out on one side. Walking back over to Maylu, the only warning she gave was a clicking a button on the device, before jabbing the device into the side of the girl’s legs.

Maylu arched back as she let out a scream. The Nanny released her hold on the button, deactivating the device, and gave Maylu a few seconds to catch her breath. “This is a meckalamo tazer Maylu. It was originally used for interrogations during the last war. They are said to be especially painful to the subject, and even leaves lasting skin discoloration more times then not.”

Her explanation finished, the Nanny knelt down, pressed the button, and pressed the tazer to Maylu’s leg. Maylu screamed again, and began thrashing against her restraints, all to no avail. For the next ten minutes, the Nanny dragged the tazer across Maylu’s leg in a pattern, Maylu’s voice giving out halfway through. Maylu was granted a brief deprive of thirty seconds before the torture started again on her other leg. Not even a minute in, Maylu mercifully fell unconscious.


Roll was pacing on her computer’s homepage. She wore a black jumpsuit, pink chest armor, boots, gloves, waist armor, and a helmet. She had 2-D blond hair, emerald green eyes, and a pair of yellow antennae on top of her helmet.

It was now Monday morning, and it had one of those weekends for Maylu. Roll had wanted to report the Nanny’s action for years now, since it first began, but the Nanny had threatened to cut off Maylu’s hands if she was exposed. Knowing how much Maylu wanted to be a kindergarden school music teacher, Roll had relented…at the Nanny’s persuasion of swarms of viruses and Maylu’s begging. Despite that, Roll found herself reaching her limit.

The door to the room opened, causing Roll’s head to snap up. The Nanny carried Maylu into the room, wearing only a pair of now stained panties and her long sleeved shirt. Without a word, she dropped Maylu onto her bed and exited the room.

Roll instantly jumped to the screen next to Maylu’s bed. “Maylu! Speak to me! Are you okay? Maylu!”

A moan answered her. A minute later, Maylu raised her head off the pillow. “Tired Roll.”

Her voice was barely a whisper, but Roll could still hear her. “You look terrible Maylu, you might need to see a doctor.”

“No.” Maylu whispered. “Just…sleep……”

“Maylu? Maylu!?” Roll watched as Maylu slumped over, out like a light. Cursing that a jammer had been installed into the house system, preventing her from sending emails, Roll could do nothing but watch her operator lay practically lifeless on her bed.


“I don’t think this is a good idea Maylu.”

Maylu had slept most of the day, getting out of bed only for a trip to the bathroom and for dinner. She hadn’t been well enough to go to school, even after a full breakfast, so she was sent back to bed. After sleeping for most of the day, Maylu was forced out of bed and into a shower. Once she was done, she was told to run to DenTech city to pick up a program for the refrigerator.

“We don’t have a choice Roll, I don’t want to risk another weekend like that one, and I don’t want you to have to face another dozen waves of viruses without me operating.” Maylu said as she pulled her socks on. “Besides, I can walk again, and the pain is only a dull throb now.”

“We could run.”

“The last time we tried that was the last time Roll.” Maylu stated. “We managed to get away for two days before the net police found us and returned us here. My parents covered the situation by paying off those social services members, and I ended up spending a week in that hellhole. The best we can do is try to hold out until I’m eighteen, when neither my parents or Nanny will have any power over me. That’s when I can move on with my life.”


“Lets hurry up, I need to start studying the next three history chapters.”

“Okay, this is ridiculous Maylu.” Roll stated. “The only reason you had to take that quiz was because Ms. Mari was out sick for three days, and that sub mixed up the class course with one from sixth grade. That’s not going to happen again, and it would take away nearly all of your free time!”

“Well I’m not going to take that risk.” Maylu snapped.

“What about Lan and the others?”

“You know the only ones a give a damn about are Chaud and Yai. Lan’s just someone I can mess with for my own amusement, Dex is a stupid bully, and Tory just seems weird to me. I’m glad he went with his father to Netopia.”

“I can’t believe you’d say that out loud, even if it’s true.”

“Yeah, well…after the last few days, I can’t find it in me to be polite.”

“Maylu…” Roll sighed. “Lets just go.”

“Was waiting on you.” Maylu stated as she walked out of the room.


Maylu leaned against the side of a building, a bead of sweat trickled down her face. Despite having fallen asleep during the hour ride over to the city via the trans system, Maylu found herself tiring quickly, hence her need to rest. Though her tiredness could also be attributed to the fact she hadn’t had a full meal since lunch on Friday.

“Maybe we should go back Maylu, this can’t be healthy.” Roll stated, concern showing in her eyes.

“Short term or long term?” Maylu questioned. “I just need a minute to rest, and then we’ll get this over with.”

“What you need is a full meal after that weekend of hell you went through.” Roll stated firmly. “Why that Nanny is sending you out in your condition for some program she could have gotten earlier is-”

“Don’t bother trying to figure her out Roll, I gave up years ago.” Maylu interrupted. “Once we get home, we’ll have a big dinner, but we gotta finish this errand first. We’d finish it sooner if you’d stop distracting me.”

Roll gritted her teeth; she knew how stubborn and easily agitated Maylu could be after one of her sessions. “Rest for five minutes, and I’ll leave it alone.”

“Deal.” Maylu agreed with a sigh of relief. She wouldn’t admit it, but she wanted to rest for a bit longer anyways, and now she had an excuse if she was late. Being brutally honest with herself, she’d let Roll face a few waves of viruses on her own if it meant escaping a stay in that room.

Maylu spent the next few minutes watching the crowds walk by, doing her best to hide her jealousy from them as she knew that they had normal lives and she didn’t. It was as she was about to push herself off the wall that she saw someone walk by; someone she’d watched die.

“Roll, did you see what I saw?”

“I…I think so. But how is that possible? She fell off a bridge!”

“I don’t know…lets follow her, she’s probably up to something.”

“Absolutely not Maylu! You’re in no condition to even be outside, much less stalking a net terrorist.”

“Roll, either help me or I’m turning off the PET.”

Roll growled, crossing her arms. “I don’t li-”

“Fine then!”

Roll’s eyes widened. “Maylu wai-” She was cut off as Maylu shut off her PET.

Maylu looked to her left, and could barely make out the figure in the distance. “Well, here goes nothing.”


For the next half an hour Maylu struggled to keep up with dead-terrorist-walking. Sweat poured down her face, and her clothes now had sweat stains in several places. Maylu thanked her lucky stars that the terrorist had stopped at a small mini mart; she had taken the chance to buy a bottle of water.

Maylu watched as the terrorist entered a one story building, one without any identifying marks. She hesitated for a moment, weighing the pros and cons. “Oh hell.” Maylu pushed open the door and walked in, closing her eyes briefly as she was blasted by the AC. Upon opening them, she blinked.

It was obviously a store; she could see several isles and a row of check out registers. However, the racks and first few isles she could see were full of baby clothes and toys. The building was mostly empty from what she could see, only a few employees here and there, and a woman with a cart of supplies at the check out.

Maylu moved from the entrance and turned her PET back on. “Roll.”

“Tell me you didn’t follow her, and that we’re back home getting ready for dinner.”

Maylu’s stomach growled at that. “Don’t talk about food right now Roll.”

“Where are we Maylu?”

“Somewhere down town. My biggest question though is what a Nebula Agent is doing in a store like this?” Maylu turned the PET towards the merchandise.

Roll was silent as she took in the sight. “Maylu, are you sure you saw her come in here? You could be hallucinating due to dehydration.”

“I downed a water bottle on the way here, and I’m sure.”

Roll sighed. “Well, Nanny will give us hell if we go home with nothing. Our best bet would be to examine this place and see if we can get any evidence for the net police; they’d laugh at us if we told them Nebula came to this place.”

Maylu bit her lip. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“I tried to tell you, but then you turned the PET off and-”

“I get it, okay!” Maylu snapped. “I’m going to check this place out now, see if I can find what we need.”

“Good, I’ll prepare an email to Chaud, he’s our best chance at being taken seriously here.” Roll stated as she pulled up a window to do so.

Maylu placed her PET back in her holder, and began walking along the side wall. The isle she was on just happened to be one of diapers, changing supplies, and a few other child care necessities, such as baby bottles and pacifiers. As she went farther back, she expected the contents to change, however they only seemed to get bigger. Upon reaching the back wall, Maylu stopped and examined the nearest shelf.

The shelf had nothing but diapers on it. The bottom two rows, and the top two rows, contained multiple packages of diapers, several different brands. The middle row however, just below eye level, contained unpackaged diapers, each lined up in a row depending on the brand. Next to the row was a sign declaring one free sample to try.

Having finished preparing the email to Chaud, Roll observed her operator’s behavior. For the moment, she didn’t see an abused girl doing her best to survive, but a pre-teen girl looking over some unusual items in a store she’s just entered for the first time. Seeing Maylu act like a girl should normally behave her age, Roll decided to have some fun, if only to prolong the experience.

“Wow Maylu, those diapers look like they could fit on you.”

Maylu jumped at Roll’s voice. “Don’t startle me like that Roll. Is the email ready?”

“Yeah, it’s ready.” Roll replied.

“Good…why would you even comment on these diapers?”

“I just remembered the happier days Maylu, you were still in diapers back when we first met, and Nanny wasn’t such a psycho bitch then either.”

Maylu snorted. “That’s true. Still, I doubt they make diapers that could fit me.”

“Oh I’m sure they could fit you Maylu. Besides, they make diapers for adults and for babies; you really think they wouldn’t make any for kids in between?”


“Then prove it.”

“What!?” Maylu pulled out her PET and looked at Roll incredulously.

“I said prove it. Take one of those diapers off the rack and try pulling it up between your legs.”

“But-But!” Maylu sputtered, her face flushing. “I am not going to try a diaper on to prove a point Roll.”

“I said pull it up between your legs, not tape it on girl.” Roll said, waving her hand.

Seeing the look on Roll’s face, Maylu knew she wouldn’t let this drop. Biting her lip, Maylu looked down the isle she was in, and down the row to the other side of the building. Seeing no one, she said, “Fine, I’ll try it. But once I prove you wrong we’re never speaking of this again.”

Roll smiled. “That’s fine, I’m just trying to show you you’re not always right.”

Maylu placed the PET on the shelf where Roll would be able to see her. Looking over the rows of diapers, Maylu sighed before selecting a pink colored one. As she pulled the folded garment off the shelf, that section of the rack rolled forward, causing Maylu to jump back in surprise. The rack merely rolled the next upright pink diaper over to replace the one Maylu took.

Taking a moment to examine the garment in her hand, Maylu realized the outside was plastic, much like a baby diaper was. Blushing, Maylu unfolded it only to discover that unlike a baby diaper, the one in her hand unfolded twice. After fully unfolding it, Maylu examined the inside, noting the amount of padding packed into it.

“If you’re really that interested in it, you can always tape it up and examine it when we get home.”

Maylu’s blush deepened, but still managed to send Roll a glare. Opening the flaps of the diaper, Maylu let go of the back and held the front close to her waist. Reaching behind her, she was about to grab the back of the diaper when…

“Wait!” Maylu turned to Roll, a questioning look on her face. “I don’t want any doubt about this. Pull your skirt off so we both have a clear view to judge this.”

“Roll, I am not pulling my skirt and panties off in the middle of some-”

“I said skirt, not panties Maylu. And technically, we’re in the back of the store, not the middle.” Roll corrected.

Maylu opened her mouth to reply, but found herself at a loss of what to say. Taking another look around, Maylu sighed, and tugged her skirt down to her knees, leaving her white panties exposed. Grabbing the back of the diaper behind her she pulled it up between her legs.

Maylu blinked; the diaper did seem to fit her. Turning her head, she saw Roll smirking at her, arms across her chest. Determined to prove her wrong, Maylu released her hold on the diaper and tugged her panties down, figuring the diaper only fit properly because of the panties added space.

Unfortunately, even without the panties, the diaper still appeared to fit her. “You know, I bet the tapes could both reach halfway over the front.” Roll commented.

Determined to prove her wrong about something, Maylu pulled the diaper up tightly before squeezing her legs together. Turning around to face Roll, she ripped open the tape on the back flap, and proceeded to pull it across the front of the diaper. Before it could touch the plastic cover however…

“Wait! Use your free hand to pull the diaper’s front tightly against your skin Maylu. It won’t count if it isn’t over your hips.” Roll stated, waving a finger at her.

Grumbling, Maylu did as told, noting to her satisfaction that the tape just missed the halfway point. With a smile on her face, Maylu taped the other side shut. Doing a brief spin, she looked expectantly at Roll. “Looks like you were wrong Roll.”

With a grin, Roll replied, “Perhaps, but you look adorable now, diaper girl.”

Maylu blinked. Looking down at herself, she realized she’d been had! “ROLL! I can’t believe you tricked me like that!” She yelled, blushing.

Roll had fallen to the floor of the PET screen, clutching her sides as she laughed. Maylu was furious and was about to yell again when she heard footsteps approaching. Gasping in surprise, she quickly pulled her panties and skirt up over her diaper, managing to conceal it from view.

“Everything alright back here kid?” A male staff member asked.

Blushing, Maylu answered. “Everything’s fine sir, my navi just got a funny email, hence the noise.”

“Okay then. You finding everything you need okay?” The staff member asked.

“Yes sir, we’re finding everything just fine.” Roll called out with a giggle. “We’ll call you if we need any help finding anything.”

“Alright then, I’ll be a few rows over if you need me.” The staff member said before walking off.

Maylu waited for the guy to leave before turning to Roll. “Thanks for the help, but don’t think it makes up for your trick.”

“Don’t worry about that. Right now, worry about finding something we can give to Chaud and get out of here; you’re likely to collapse after you come off your emotional high.”

Maylu gulped at the truth of those words. “R-Right, let me just get this diaper off and-”

“No, leave it on; you’ll just waste time and effort getting it off. Worry about it later and let’s find something now.”

Maylu blushed, but was forced to concede Roll’s point. “Fine.” Grabbing her PET, she slipped it into the holder on her belt, and took a moment to straighten out her skirt, in hopes of hiding the diaper underneath it.

As she made to turn around, a hand shot out, clasping her mouth shut. And arm quickly followed, pinning Maylu’s arms to her side. Maylu panicked, and began struggling as she felt herself lifted off her feet. Despite her struggling, Maylu was pulled/carried backwards into a room, a door sliding shut in front of her.

The instant Maylu felt her feet hit the ground she tore herself away from whoever had grabbed her. The woman wore a black trench coat, black pants, black boots, and a brown tank top. She had brown braded hair, and a grin on her face. “Long time no see kiddo.”

“Ms. Yuri!” Maylu gasped. “But how are you still alive?! I saw Dark Protoman blast you off the bridge!”

“Yes, he did tend to get carried away once he got into a task.” Ms. Yuri shrugged. “But I digress, did you honestly believe that would kill me? After being hit by a truck and surviving a plane crash?”

“A plane crash?” Maylu questioned. She hadn’t heard about that from Lan. While gazing at Ms. Yuri, she discretely removed her PET from her belt; if Roll could snap a picture of Ms. Yuri and send it to Chaud, Officials would be there in minutes.

“It was years ago.” Ms. Yuri replied. “I was the only survivor thanks to Duo.”


“Don’t ask me what he is, I don’t know. The best I can say is that he’s an alien. He managed to alter my DNA to give my body the ability of rapid cellular regeneration. Were it not for that, I would have died in any of those accidents.” Ms. Yuri explained. She then smiled. “But that’s neither here nor there, is it baby girl?”

Maylu blushed as she growled, “I’m not a baby!”

“Compared to other kids your age I’d have to disagree with that in your current state.” Ms. Yuri replied. “I know you’ve been following me since the trans station, its why I stopped at that mini-mart before coming here.”

“Why would you stop?” Maylu asked. She didn’t think it was for her own benefit.

“To see if you had called any Officials and were just following me till they reached you.” Ms. Yuri answered. “Given the response time Officials have, and the extra five minutes I took, I knew it was safe to come here.”

Maylu winced at this; if she had just kept her PET on, she wouldn’t have gotten into this situation. Trying to ignore that fact, she asked the first thing that came to mind. “What does Nebula have to do with a place like this?”

“Financial gain of course.” Ms. Yuri replied. “No one would expect a place like this to be related to a net terrorist organization. That and it gives some of our agents’ families a job as well.”

“And how much business could a place like this make for Nebula.” Maylu sneered.

“Quite a bit thanks to curious little girls like you.” Ms. Yuri replied, causing Maylu to blush. “We also offer free samples of formula and baby food. I can go get you a bottle while you do your business in your diaper baby girl.”

Maylu growled as her face turned red. Before she could reply, Roll called out. “Maylu, there’s a jammer in the area! I can’t send an email!”

Maylu’s face paled at that. “The jammer covers everything within three feet of this building. You’d have to get out of range to be able to send an email, however you won’t be able to leave this room.” Ms. Yuri stated.

“And why is that?” Maylu asked as she shifted her stance.

“Take a look for yourself.” Maylu hesitated, before turning her head slightly. “That panel next to the door requires blood samples to open. So unless you’re an undercover Nebula agent, the door isn’t going to open for you, but you’re more then welcome to try.”

Maylu eyed the panel. There was a small slot where the hand was supposed to go, and from here she could see the shine of something pointy inside. Glancing around the room, she noted a door behind Ms. Yuri, and a few shelves containing boxes of supplies on them. Aside from that, the room was empty.

“Try it Maylu.” Roll spoke up. “It’s our only option right now to escape.”

Maylu nodded in agreement, and placed her PET back in her holster. Glancing at Ms. Yuri, and seeing her take no move to stop her, Maylu made her way over to the panel. Taking one last look at Ms. Yuri, she placed her hand in the panel, wincing as she felt her finger get pricked.

Withdrawing her hand, Maylu waited as the panel analyzed her blood, making several low beeps every second. After several seconds, the panel made a loud beep, but the door didn’t open, causing Maylu’s face to pale. She glanced at Ms. Yuri, noting her smug look.

“Well, that w-” A loud beep interrupted her.

Maylu and Ms. Yuri turned back to the panel. The panel let off two more loud beeps, before suddenly the door opened! Both girls were still for the moment, stunned at what happened. Snapping out of it, Maylu quickly pushed herself forward and through the door.

She managed to make it maybe a quarter of the length of the isle before she was yanked violently back by her waistband. Her forward momentum, however, was strong enough to cause her skirt and panties to tare, while she fell flat on her face. With a muffled cry, Maylu tried to force herself to her feet.

As she managed to get to her feet, something was shoved into her mouth while a hand clamped over it. Maylu managed to get one of her hands onto the wrist of the hand over her mouth before and arm wrapped around her stomach, pinning her other arm to her side. Maylu let out a muffled yell as she was lifted off her feet, before being slammed down onto something padded.

Before she could gather her senses, straps were tightened over her mouth, chest, and stomach, pinning her arms to her side. Vaguely aware she was sitting up, Maylu struggled against the straps and kicked her feet, the only part of her body free.

Ms. Yuri knelt down and picked up Maylu’s skirt, panties, and PET up off the ground. “Must have been a virus in the system, it’s the only explanation for why that door opened.” She stated.

Walking back to Maylu, she lowered a padded bar over Maylu’s waist, with an addition bar protruding downward from the center of the first. With the padded bar down, forcing Maylu’s legs apart, Maylu could barely move at all.

“I’ll just put these back here…and we’ll get you back to the back room.” Ms. Yuri said as she moved out of Maylu’s line of sight. She let out a small squeal as the seat she was in began to move. Taking a moment to collect herself, she realized a few things.

First, without her skirt or panties, the diaper she had tried on before was fully exposed for anyone to see. Second, the thing in her mouth had a rubbery feel. Given the store she was in, Maylu realized it must be a pacifier! Third, judging by the moving seat, the waist bar, and the store she was in, Maylu realized she was tied down in a stroller!

Snapping out of her thoughts, she saw the door to the room she’d just escape loom closer. Her heartbeat increased as she renewed her struggles to get free. She gave a cry of despair as the stroller rolled through the doorway, the door closing behind them. She fell heavily against the straps restraining her, feeling drained from her failed attempt to escape.

“Well that was an adventure, wasn’t it baby girl?” Ms. Yuri asked as she knelt down in front of Maylu. “You look so adorable right now, sitting in your stroller with your diaper showing, suckling on your pacifier. Here, see for yourself.” She took out her PET, took a quick picture, and pointed the screen towards Maylu.

Ms. Yuri frowned as Maylu made no effort to raise her head, or move at all for that matter. “Kid, you awake?” She raised Maylu’s head, and noted how pale her skin was. Getting worried, she quickly removed the strap over her mouth and pulled the pacifier out of her mouth. “You okay kid?”

Maylu looked at Ms. Yuri with tired brown eyes. Opening her mouth to respond, Maylu suddenly lurged forward, vomiting violently all over herself and Ms. Yuri. The woman reeled back, falling onto her back as some of the slime got her cheek. Cursing softly as she wiped her cheek clean, she froze when she saw traces of red in the gravy colored vomit.

Coughing violently, Maylu hacked up some more blood, breathing raggedly. Ms. Yuri ran to the nearest wall, grabbing the medical kit hanging on it, and rushed back to Maylu. Disregarding the blood and grime, she placed two fingers on Maylu’s neck to check her pulse. Here eyes widened; Maylu’s pulse rate was dangerously high!

Opening the medical kit, she pulled out a syringe, filled it with a sedative, and emptied half of it into Maylu with her free hand. She felt Maylu’s pulse rate decrease down to a safe level and stabilize. Breathing a sigh of relief, she only then became aware of yells coming from the stroller’s back bin.


Ms. Yuri snatched the PET from the bin. “Your operator just threw up all over herself, and I dare say nearly had a heart attack, literally! What is she doing out in this condition?”

Roll bit her lip for a moment, before making a decision. “Maylu’s Nanny abuses her.”


“She has this room in the basement, it’s soundproof. Maylu once said she was locked in a straight jacket and hung upside down for a few hours, another time she was tied to a slab of concrete while that psycho bitch took some sharp tools and cut her back up! Maylu just spent Friday afternoon through Monday morning in that hellhole; I’ve never seen her look so terrible coming out of there.”

Ms. Yuri’s face paled at the explanation. “Why haven’t you told the Officials?”

“We tried running away once, but Maylu’s parents covered up any accusations we made while Nanny locked her in the room for a week while I had to face swarms of viruses without an operator or battlechips.” Roll shivered at this point. “Nanny threatened to cut off Maylu’s hands if she pulled something like that again; she wants to be a music teacher when she grows up.”

“Are there any scars?”

“Plenty on her back. Please, take care of Maylu for me; I’ll even take a dark chip if you’ll save her!”

Ms. Yuri stared at Roll for a moment before nodding her head. Putting the PET inside her jacket, she went around front and undid the restraints holding Maylu. Ignoring the grime, Ms. Yuri lifted Maylu up and leaned her body against her own, one arm on Maylu’s back, the other holding Maylu up by her bum.

Carrying Maylu to the other doorway, Ms. Yuri kicked the door open and entered the room. Rushing to the side, she laid Maylu down on a wooden table. From there, she stripped off Maylu’s vest, shirt, and socks. Rolling Maylu over, she gasped at what she saw.

‘Worthless.’ ‘Disgraceful.’ ‘Shameful.’ ‘Disgusting.’ These words and several other degrading ones were on her back, arms, and lower legs. They weren’t made from cuts or engraving the skin, they almost seemed burned into her skin.

“MAYLU!!!” Ms. Yuri jumped at the volume of Roll’s voice. Pulling out the PET, she saw the female navi had fallen to her knees, both hands over her mouth with tears streaming down her face as she gazed upon her operator’s form.

Making a decision, Ms Yuri raised the PET to eye level. “Roll, I promise you, I will take care of Maylu.”

Roll looked up at her. “R-Really?” she asked, sniffling.

“I swear it. I’m taking her to a doctor right now.” Ms. Yuri stated. “I promise, if she can be healed, I’ll make certain she will be.”

“Then what are we waiting for!? Lets get her to that doctor!”



Probably the darkest thing I’ve written yet, but that’s about as dark as this story will get, save maybe one or two flashbacks. Let me know what you think of this.

Re: Maylu’s Journey to Salvation Ch. 1

I have to say… It is DARK yet very interesting. Please Continue

Re: Maylu’s Journey to Salvation Ch. 1

great story reminds me of y i used to love megaman cartoon when it was on please continue