I sighed. Research money was hard to come by these days, that it was. Pharmaceuticals got all of it, it seemed, nothing for the psychologists, trying to discover how the pharmacists, and everyone else, in fact, think. The basis of all the humans in the world, and it’s thrown away. And for what? Half-awakened humans whom have little more intellect than the apes they evolved from? No, I wouldn’t settle for that. I wanted to awaken the world to their intelligence. It would increase productivity, allow people to figure out MORE ways to benefit the world, and everything! Alas, funding is king… and funding, once again, is hard to come by.

My world wasn’t as dreary, however. In the crisp cool autumn air, the first leaves were just falling. It was only early October, at the LATEST, and birds a plenty were still around. Around me, were many houses, each built in a unique fashion. Some had sun-roofs, discovered by the energy kings who developed a way to get electricity from the sun. Others were very beautifully built, much thanks to the architects. Some still had pets around, biology was always a part of that… but I saw what people thought based on their houses. It’s what I rather like to do after a rather long session. A dog runs up to me, its tail wiggling around like the little pup it once was, even though it was clearly well-grown. I smiled, gave a little chuckle, and reached for my backpack. Suitcases were too rigid and really didn’t have that much room, and travel bags were too small. In any case, I threw the dog two crackers and went on my merry way. I looked back and chuckled again, the dog tried to pursue me, but was, alas, tied to a pole.

Continuing down the path, you would see a rather large estate. That estate belonged to none other than me. Though I wasn’t government funded, it seemed that the general public enjoyed a good brain-reading and would continue to do so. I fiddled around in my pockets, and finally fished out my house keys, standing on the front porch. I insert the key into the lock, and… Ah, that never fails to amuse. I open the door and begin to explore my house again. It wasn’t a small house, but it wasn’t a BIG house. It was three stories high, each floor about the same size as a 40 foot lot. The basement was full of stuff I had kept across the years… I shuddered. A venture down there would take too long to describe. For now, I go into the living room for some mind numbing television… also enhanced by my almost obsessive use of psychology.

Now, psychology really did make a world of difference to me. Back in high school, I would wonder. Wonder why the bully preyed on the nerds, why the girls would always look at those nerds like they were vermin, and most importantly, how the mindset of each and every individual social caste viewed each other. I HATED these social castes, and worked vehemently to unite the school under one banner. I encouraged tutoring, student get-together sessions, and more under the Student Council. Alas, the Aristocracy continued. And then I realized that, the world just works in social castes. But that doesn’t mean I had to be a part of it. It just meant that I had to work around it. Soon, I realized that this kind of life, understanding which buttons to push with what people, was a good way of living. I just had to figure out which buttons were good and which ones were bad. High school and university breezed through for me. After turning on the TV, I laughed, reality TV was my favourite. Sitting down and furling my fingers onto the tab of a soda can to open it, I began to relax…

Waking up, I scratched my head. Looked at the clock… It was actually rather late. Deciding that dinner was good to make, I took it upon myself to make some and got up. Rather groggy, I stumbled into the kitchen and peered into my fridge after opening it. My fridge, like my kitchen, was a cool solid green. Despite my hatred for the technology sector of scientists, I could not bear to imagine how life would be without all of the gadgets and doodads we accumulated throughout the century. I also can’t bear to think of how much we waste because of it… Again, another thing where my hands are tied. Another sigh, before I take my decided meal out. I looked and then straightened my long raven locks. Taking off my jacket, it revealed a button-up t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I figure that if the clients are comfortable, they’ll tell me more.

After creating a beautiful meal of a pre-stuffed chicken breast, some potatoes that I cut up and baked in the oven, and a rather odd mixture of salad greens and salad dressing, I began to sit down and eat at the large harvest table. I frowned, it was empty again. I imagined that if I had a family, I would be able to fill the table up. It was sad. 28 and I’m still single, 28 and I’ve never dated. However, now was when I felt it the most. Leaving my meal half-eaten, I went upstairs. I looked in each bedroom I’ve designed. One for each member of my dream family. Twins, both a boy and a girl. The nursery inside was painted a soft purple, and various toys were scattered around. The cribs were arduous to make, I could never get the instructions right… but right as rain, I finished the job when I moved in four years ago. Inside a large wooden closet was various baby clothes, both for boy and girl. Frowning, I go to the second bedroom, my master bedroom… where it was just as cold and empty.

My bedroom was very extravagant. It was a green, like my kitchen. However, the floor was a rather dark green in contrast to the wallpaper and the bedsheets, a preference of mine. A chandelier hung from the top, safely secured, though I never know when it will fall on me and end up killing me. I had another laugh at this, looking at my closet. To the left was a door, into a large bathroom. To my right, was my pride and joy, my workspace. On it was a rather new computer with the latest online games and other nifty things. All of my documents are on there… as I sit down, and relax, looking at some… pictures. They were rather odd to other people, but they fascinated me. Youth in an adult body, like the dog I had met earlier today. It was very interesting, indeed, especially the female pictures… they for some reason, turn me on. I raise my hands. These hands haven’t had anything to take care of ever since the pet turtle died. I’m confused at these very hands. I frown and go to the shower.

The cascading beads of warm water struck my skin. A rain of warm water fell onto my skin as I scratched around and grabbed the shampoo. I grabbed the shampoo and scrubbed my hair. I loved my hair, though… I admit, I’m a bit of a freak about my looks. Even though other people were easy… I was not so. I haven’t figured out what MY part is, other than psychology. I wanted… I don’t know. But I needed something else in my life. I finish washing up and then put on a bath robe. Drying off, my pajamas came on next after taking off the robe… I lay down on the bed. Within minutes, I’m asleep. Sound. Asleep.

Re: Mastermind

Your storyline seems interesting, but this piece is not very well proofread. Go back and correct the places where you change verb tense–pick past or present and stick with it.


Re: Mastermind

Thanks for the response… and yeah. I went back and changed as much as I caught, but I probably didn’t do a very good job…