"Mark all read" button in stories

Just wondering: for a while, there was a “mark all read” button in Stories, but it has vanished. Why? It was enormously helpful.

First off, it really helps if you put support questions in the right place. You’d have got a reply much sooner if you had :wink:

There hasn’t been a Mark All as Read button since June. Discourse no such feature. What is has is two Dismiss buttons. One when the list is filter by New topics and one when it is filtered by Unreads.

This is true whether you’re on the main /new or /unread tabs or the category specific ones. Be aware this does not remove the highlighting on the titles of threads with new posts that aren’t “new” (because you dismissed them or they were imported from vBulletin) and that you also aren’t at least tracking.

In the story section, this shouldn’t apply to threads made since June unless you changed the default notification level of the various story sections.

When I set the defaults I set them to emulate the old vBulletin behavior as much as possible.