Marinette's Forced Diaper Life

Please note: This has no sexual stuff. Yeah. This might be a draft for awhile too!

`Marinette was so excited when the love of her life, Adrian Agreste invited her around his house- no, scratch that- mansion! And for a whole year! She’d had to convince her parents it would be easier this way for homework! Adrian had been calling her “baby” for a month! Did he really like her? Marinette pressed the button that she knew would alert Nathalie of her presence. “Marinette Dupain-Cheng, please, come on in.” Natalie’s usual expressionless voice echoed out of the intercom.

She walked inside and was lead by Nathalie and the bodyguard up to Adrian’s bedroom. “Have a good time little one!” Nathalie said to her, which annoyed her. She was a teenager, not a baby! 14! Four-fucking-teen. She opened the door! There was Adrian!

Natalie: Adrian, your… “Baby” is here. Also, your father is currently in Australia due to a business meeting he is participating in as of today.

Adrian: Alright Natalie! Bye!

Natalie left and shut the door. He sighed.

Adrian: Alright, now you’re here, Marinette, how about we do something fun?

Marinette’s mind filled with a bunch of images of possible children, grandchildren, rabbits and pony’s they could have together.

Marinette: Ah, alright Adrian! What should we do?

Adrian: Uh, just sign this, Marinette


There needs to be more. I’m so invested into this story. Keep the lure going.


I’m tempted to finish this if no one else will


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Sure! You can finish this, because I sure as hell don’t have the motivation to do so. Sorry if this came across as rude btw.

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Just a tiny bit, but if you’ve lost interest in finishing it, also understandable. :slight_smile:

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