Marci's Ponderings

A wannabe YouTuber in her early twenties successfully finds her niche, but how far is she willing to take it?

All characters are 18+. This is my first story, please feel free to give feedback! 16 total chapters


Between all the frustrations and victories of daily life, it is easy to overlook the sensitivities of the strangers that are all around us. There are times when the efforts and wellbeing of your day must simply take priority over the nameless faces of your morning commute. One of these nameless faces you may pass is Daniela Ramirez.

Daniela was a mild, meek young woman who worked the front desk of a middling insurance company in Bogota, Colombia. “Soluciones de Serenidad”, or “Serenity Solutions” as it is called, covered any and all insurance policies that their clients would be anxious enough to cover. It wasn’t uncommon for the workers of this company to switch between handling complex health insurance claims, to fumbling with online translators to settle travel insurance claims, to dealing with the irate and angry clients who just got caught in a car accident, all within a few hours. Their slogan and corporate mantra “Cuando confies en nosotras, puedes dormir tranquilo!” (“When you trust us, you can sleep easy!”), was featured throughout the building on banners and letterheads. The high stress, unpredictable nature of situations that both the clients and staff of the company found themselves in led to tension and dismissiveness to anyone not immediately involved in solving a problem.

Daniela found herself in the middle of these tense operations often. One day, for example, upon one of the first phone calls of her morning after clocking in, she picked up the phone with a cheery “Hello! This is Serenity Solutions, how may I help you?” A huffed sigh made a static-filled response on the other line.

“Hi, yes? Can I speak to Manuel? I just got rear ended on Route 45A.”

“Well certainly I will be able to transfer you, one moment,” replied Daniela. She pulled up the instant messenger platform on her desktop computer and message Manuel. “Hi Manny! I have one of you clients on the line, are you in yet?” She took a quick look at the clock, 9:17 AM. It was a Monday, she knew Manny was usually late at the beginning of the week. It was often a bad way to start off her week, hearing him get chewed out by his boss when he did slink in through the side door.

She hit send. An auto reply message responded “Hey this is Manny, I’m not in right now but feel free to leave a message!” Daniela winced, she could tell this gruff man on the line would not be happy. Switching back to the landline at her desk, she began “Hello sir, Manuel is not yet in yet and—“

“What? Who am I talking to?”

“My name is Daniela, and I am a member of our client success team—“

“Can you help me out here? I need to file a claim, I need my policy number and my coverage status.”

Daniela knew she did not have permission to client files, she was just there to transfer calls and smile for any potential clients who walked through the door.

“I’m sorry sir, I’m unable to—“

“Let me speak to you supervisor, please put someone on who actually knows what they’re doing, I don’t have time for this.”

Daniela’s forced cheerfulness for the client collapsed like a cheap camping tent. Her frown and melancholy could not be seen over the phone, but her shaky voice revealed her discomfort.

“Ok sir, I will transfer you.”

Already half an hour into the work week and she was forced to invoke the attention of her boss, a clear metric she has tried to avoid in her eight months at the company. Her manager knew there was only so much she can do, but she still hated the idea of distracting him from his very busy day already. She clicked a few numbers and symbols on her landline and hung up the call.

The rest of the morning was uneventful for Daniela, it was like she was watching a movie she had seen a hundred times before. She watched a few weary account executives walk through the front door, trying to drum up any positivity before they reached their desk, deep into their own world and ignoring Daniela’s welcoming glance and soft smile. A few potential clients who barked a few impersonal questions at her, asking to where so-and-so sat and how to find the restroom. The mailman stopped by shortly before lunch, traded small talk platitudes with her and asked for a signature. Business as usual.

At lunchtime, Daniela set up small sign saying *“Be back soon”, and left to find a food truck around the block. She was a fan of the empanadas truck, and grabbed an order of two small empanadas with her favorite picante sauce. Daniela was fairly new to Bogota, and as a result did not many friends to eat lunch with. She didn’t have many friends at all.

She was only in her early twenties, and left home from her rural hometown just a year ago. She grew up in small town, in a very middle class family. Her father was a mechanic and her mother was a teacher. They couldn’t afford to send Daniela to college but hoped that after some time on her own, she would be able to save some money to afford training or school so she could make a means to a better life. She left for the big city with some gift money from her family to get started, and found a small studio apartment in the cheap outskirts of the city.

The first few months were difficult. With no connections or skillsets, she spent most of the time searching for steady work so she could support herself. She tried waiting tables, but she found the constant stress and long hours were too much for her. She tried finding a teacher job at one of the local schools, but she did not have the qualifications. She ended up finding the receptionist gig at Serenity Solutions, and while she was not a fan of it, decided it was the best possible route moving forward.

Daniela finished up her lunch, sitting on a slightly raised concrete ledge that surrounded a manicured lawn of a local corporate building. She walked through a crowded lunch rush on the sidewalk, around the block, and took up her post back at her desk.

Daniela logged back into her computer and began reading through some emails when she out of the corner of her eye she caught a tall man in a suit come through the front door. It was a man she knew well—actually, it was only from afar, but nevertheless she was well aware of who he was. The man’s name was Victor, a salesman from the third floor of their building. He worked in the health insurance department, and was known for his cool demeanor and welcoming rapport that always made his clients feel at ease. He always hit his sales quota and was making waves around the office as a promising new potential leader. Daniela knew this because she has spent some time eavesdropping on some of his colleagues and superiors, or rather selectively listening, during her laps around the office. Also, though she would never admit it, she has spent a fair amount of free time looking through the company’s internal directory seeking any information she could find.

Victor seemed preoccupied in thought, but nonchalantly approached Daniela at the front desk.

“Hi! How are you today?”

Daniela nervously looked up from her laptop and made eye contact with Victor, furtively looked away, but composed herself and looked back.

“Hello! How can I help you?”

“Hey I was just wondering if you knew if Manny was in yet. I know Mondays are rough on the guy,” he chuckled.

Daniela mirrored him with a slightly forced laugh herself.

“I know what you mean, let me just check on chat.”

Checking if someone was online was a simple task that anyone on the payroll could check in moment, Daniela wondered why Victor took the time out of his day to ask her to do it.

“Well, it looks like he’s finally online. I’m sure he’d be happy to see you,” Daniela replied with smile.

“Thanks, that’s good to hear. We’re going to be working together at this tradeshow next week and we’re going to have to do a little planning. The thing is, this guy goes out every single weekend and is a wreck until Tuesday.” Victor shook his head with a smile. “Wild guy, but who are we to judge right?” he added.

Daniela, trying her best not to reveal her subtle beaming at him, just nodded and rolled her eyes in agreement.

Victor paused and as salesman instinctively do, keep the conversation flowing with some offhand small talk. “So, what did you get into this past weekend?”

Daniela was caught flatfooted. This past weekend she did just about nothing, outside of running some errands and watching a few movies on her laptop. It was exceedingly rare for anyone in the office to even bother asking her how her weekend went.

“Well, I—I ended up getting supplies for a new recipe I wanted to try and I caught up on a lot of sleep!” she replied earnestly. She knew it wasn’t enthralling, but hopefully it came off more genuine than trying to make something up.

Victor nodded and momentarily averted his eyes, and followed up with “Yeah, that’s great. That sounds like… a restful time! It’s good to have weekends like those sometimes, right?”

Sometimes? Daniela thought. This past weekend was the norm, definitely not the exception. She tried not to be too hard on herself, she was in fact, new to this town. Victor was not, he was a former marketing major at the local university. He had a multitude of friends in the area (as Daniela knew from her internet sleuthing).

“Yes! It sure is,” Daniela remarked. Trying to be cordial, and to keep Victor in her presence for as long as possible, she asked “How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?”

Victor’s increasingly absent look perked back up as said “Yes! On Friday I met up with a few college buddies uptown for happy hour to try a new bar that opened up, and on Saturday I took a hike with my girlfriend.”

Daniela kept listening but her stomach sank. She knew Victor was an attractive, fun, and driven man who was likely to already have a girlfriend, but it did hurt to hear it confirmed on their first actual conversation.

“She and I had a great time on the trail and then went to her friend’s birthday party later that evening. We were completely exhausted though,” he finished with a laugh.

Daniela laughed in unison but she still felt a bit upset. Their conversation tapered off into silence and she quickly chirped up with “Oh I don’t think I caught your name! I’m Daniela.”

Victor smiled and extended his hand and said “Hi Daniela, nice to meet you. My name is Victor. I work on the third floor in health insurance, if you ever need anything, feel free to drop by sometime.”

Victor’s empty, office-speak gesture did feel genuine to Daniela. She felt as if she was ever in dire straits, there was a friend a few floors away who she could call on to help her out. While Victor was a compassionate and thoughtful person, his natural charisma and charm did most of the heavy lifting in his relationship building, as opposed to his pure intentions.

Daniela shook Victor’s hand, and in a split second decision out of desire, desperation, and a twinge of loneliness, quickly blurted out “Hey! Are you doing anything this weekend? I’m kind of new to the area and I’m trying to find some fun new things to do.”

Victor, familiar with the emotional volatility of dealing with clients all day, expressed a slight furrowing of his blow in surprise to signal he was not expecting this response, but quickly reverted to his cool form.

“Ahh, actually Daniela, I’m going to be out of town this weekend. Maybe we can catch up in the future at an office happy hour.”

Daniela read his deference loud and clear. She shrunk back mildly, slightly in disappointment, but more-so in surprise that she took that leap herself.

“Ok… well please have fun on your trip! Hope to talk to you soon!” She cracked a small smile and wish she could melt into the earth.

As a consummate sales professional, Victor let the awkward interaction slide and smiled, gave a wave, and turned to head towards the elevators.

Once he was gone, Daniela let out a sigh and buried her face in her hands. Maybe there were some cute boys in the renters’ insurance division instead.



The commute to and from the heart of Bogota was one of Daniela’s favorite parts of her day. There was an extensive and frequent bus system in the city that took her from her office to her neighborhood, and all the while she was free to daydream and be lost in thought on the ride. On this particular Monday, however, she wasn’t too excited to be left alone with her thoughts.

Daniela waited at the bus stop by her office as the sun was setting, and she couldn’t help but replay her interaction with Victor over in her head. The fun and excitement of an out-of-reach office crush was shattered after she had her chance to meet Victor, and she floundered when presented with an opportunity to actually connect with him.

Daniela had other options when it came to relationships, but none of them particularly piqued her interest. She was a pretty, slender girl, who would often be hit on by bold men in the local market or the occasionally man on public transportation. But her attraction to Victor was deeper than admiring his good looks, she admired his position in the company, his outgoing personality, and his network of friends. It was a deep personal embarrassment to her to be seen as just another stranger to him.

On her way back to her studio apartment on the outskirts of town, Daniela was planning on expressing this emotional distraught in the only outlet she had, her YouTube channel. Growing up, Daniela had a small laptop that her parents bought her for Christmas one year. She loved using that laptop to play games, read about faraway lands, and watch personalities on YouTube. There were women who posted lifestyle videos explaining their lives, relationships, adventures and mishaps, and made it all feel like one big story the viewer was part of. Daniela had many favorite channels and streamers during her younger years, and admired these women. They were often wealthy (from how? she never understood), bubbly, beautiful, and shared every aspect of their lives with their fans. The most popular women would have millions of followers and tons of adoring fans in their comments, supporting them and admiring their every move. It was a status Daniela, and many others, dreamed to achieve.

Daniela knew she was pretty, but not as gorgeous as some of these streamers. She knew she had interesting thoughts and ideas she could share with the world, but she wasn’t as viscerally exciting as some of the stars who were posting.

But maybe she could be. Maybe she could share some of her experiences, and interact with the world through some thoughtful videos. What would be the harm? It felt like everyone was doing it. Daniela even knew a girl she went to school with who had some tens of thousands of followers on social media, all for posting some photos. That girl even made some money by posting advertisements!

Therefore, as of a few months ago, a new YouTube channel arose into the world called Marci’s Ponderings . While Daniela wanted to gain the adoration of thousands of followers, she felt it was a bit too risky to expose her face and her real name, so she took up the online alias “Marci.” She also used this opportunity to learn and practice English, a language she was semi-fluent in from studying in school. She knew there were more people in the English speaking world who could potentially watch her videos, so she decided to forego her mother tongue.

She started small, with an introduction to who she was and what her background in rural Colombia was like. Some of her first videos were titled A Day in the Life of Rural Colombia, and My Faith, My Family, and Leaving my Home . At first it felt awkward speaking into a camera on her laptop with no one around, but after her first few attempts and some edits, she found herself more comfortable in her surroundings as a “budding YouTuber.”

Daniela didn’t have an incredible, unique upbringing. In fact, it was very pedestrian for people in her country. However, she could bring a unique perspective to Americans and English speakers in Europe on how live in Latin America is like for her.

Many of her videos eventually became vent sessions for the trials of her daily life: finding work, keeping work, and exploring her new city. As she posted them, she was slightly disappointed, but not surprised, to see only a few hundred views per video. She took time to learn how to optimize her videos in search, by including special keywords and including her smiling face in the thumbnails. Eventually, after a few dozen videos of a young twenty something woman expressing her views on life, work, and her experience in Colombia, she was gaining about a thousand views a video.

To Daniela, she was proud and loved the fact that a thousand people would tune in to listen to her share her thoughts. There were even a few people in the comments who would reach out to her and appreciate her thoughts on how secondary school in Colombia was operated, or how the Bogota parks could us more upkeep, or how the Latin American insurance industry was so inefficient.

Her YouTube channel wasn’t much, but Daniela was appreciative of it. In a city where she knew so few, and in a small apartment and lonely as hers, she liked to upload a new video every week or so and know that someone would eventually watch it. And maybe she could even make a few friends on the internet while she did it.

On this particular Monday night, Daniela hopped off the bus at her neighborhood stop and began to walk a few blocks back to her apartment in the cool, misty dusk. She was intent on sharing today’s experience with Victor on her channel, almost as a therapeutic way of dealing with it. She undid the deadbolt and handle lock on her door, and walked into her apartment.

When she walked in, she was almost immediately faced with the end of her bed. Her bed was set to the right of her apartment, with a small kitchen situated to the left. There was a small window that let some light in straight ahead and her personal desk was right beneath it. Daniela also had a small bathroom to the right of the front door, left of her bed.

She put her bookbag on the floor and went to her refrigerator to get a cool glass of water. She pulled out a water bottle, took a long drink, and then sat down at her desk and opened up her laptop. She wanted to record her thoughts while it was still fresh in her mind.

Daniela opened up YouTube and went to her dashboard to view analytics on her current videos. It was almost like a video game to her, the more impressions she garnered, the better she felt about her content. She saw that there were four new views on an older video she posted called My Experience at the Gold Museum!, a post where she outlined her day exploring the Gold Museum in Bogota’s historic center. Excited and intrigued as to why a handful of people chose to watch this video, she googled the title of her post to see if was finally appearing in some first-page search results. To her dismay, it looks like gold as a precious metal asset had recently seen a 5% spike in the financial markets, and the algorithms must’ve boosted her video ever so slightly.

Uninhibited, Daniela decided to boot up her webcam and begin her new video. She was getting more comfortable with speaking confidently and clearly into the camera. She was able to become more of her “true self” in the comfort of her apartment and really let her ideas and creativity flow. Her shy and submissive office persona was shelfed in favor of a more friendly and outgoing person in Marci, her digital pseudonym. Daniela took a deep breath and hit record.

“Hey guys! Welcome to Marci’s Ponderings, don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button!”

Marci’s Ponderings had a total of 23 subscribers.

“Today I wanted to share with you an absolutely awful Monday as I’m sure you have all experienced in the past! As you know, the beginning of the week is particularly stressful in my line of work because we have so many claims that come in on from over the weekend. Well, I haven’t been clocked in for thirty minutes and I’m already getting hounded by clients.”

She let out a pout and a “hrumph” to emphasize her distress.

“Of course, per the usual, Manny was late again. So now I’m on the line having to deal with his issues and this guy, some dude who’s mad at me apparently, gets in a car wreck. I end up having to call my boss just to get him out of my hair!”

Daniela rolls her eyes.

“But that’s not really what I want to talk to you guys about today. You remember out friend Victor? Yeah, that Victor? The tall, cute one just a few years older than me in the health insurance division? Well, today,” she adds in a singsong voice, “we finally, uh, met.”

“I know what you’re thinking guys, ‘Oh Marci, I’m so proud of you! How did it go?’ Well folks, I’ll tell ya. It went poorly. He asked me where Manny was, so of course now this guy is finally in, but then he starts asking me about my weekend. I didn’t even do anything this weekend! I tell him this and I can just see the disappointment, I can feel it. I ask him what he did, and of course, this guy is all over the city living it up, but get this…”

Daniela pauses for dramatic effect, but also to well up the courage to finally release the weight she’s been carrying all day.

“He was out with his,” she winces, “girlfriend, hiking. I know, friends, I’m just as disappointed as you. I’m a little upset to be honest. It’s not like I imagined us grabbing drinks at upscale bar, and him whisking me away on an adventure through the night to meet all his cool friends…”

She could feel herself drifting into the melancholy fantasies she did (not so subtlely) have. She resolved to pull herself back though, it was always important to remain positive and upbeat for the camera.

“Well, things happen. That’s ok. That’s not even the part I wanted to tell you guys. After this, we formally introduce ourselves, and— I don’t know why I did this—but I kinda asked him on a date this weekend.”

Daniela closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reliving her embarrassment from earlier that day.

“But the thing is… apparently he’s out of town this weekend? I don’t know. I got rejected, guys. It hurt. I don’t know why I did it, he has a girlfriend, but I just did it. And that counts for something, right?”

She tried to rationalize some sympathy towards herself, but decided it was better to just move on and just riff.

“Ugh, probably the most embarrassing experience of my life.”

She paused, had a momentary flashback, and let out a groan.

“Oh wait, this might have been the second most embarrassing experience of my life… Did I ever tell you guys about the night at my friend Andrea’s?”

This wasn’t a livestream, so there was no answer. Daniela thought for a moment and realized that she had not divulged this particular story, and continued.

“So I don’t know if I told you guys this, and maybe I shouldn’t but…. Anyway, when I was growing up, I had the unfortunate experience of being…”

She paused, hesitant to share this information with her few dozen subscribers.

“… a bedwetter. A very bad bedwetter.”

Daniela sighed. It felt a bit like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. She had never voluntarily shared this information before.

“I don’t really remember when it started. I just remember the many times I woke up in a soaked bed, smelling of pee, and my father and mother being very upset with something I couldn’t control.”

Her tone shifted a little more towards shame.

“It caused me a lot of anxiety, and it would happen most nights of the week. I had my own room back home, so it wasn’t that big of a deal for anyone else, but it was still very frustrating for me. After so many times, my parents eventually sat me down and told me…”

Daniela stared a little off camera into space as she recalled an event she remembered vividly in detail.

“… that I would need to wear a diaper to bed from then on. I was shocked, and I was on the verge on tears. They told me it was just temporary and once I stopped wetting the bed I would be able to move on from them. I told them it made me feel like a baby but they didn’t care.”

She took another deep breath, and keep trucking on through the story. She knew she was touching on a sad point, and wanted to keep it uplifting for her viewers.

“Anyway, so I start wearing these diapers to bed. And I wet them, nearly every night. My brother would sometimes tease me, but my parents scolded him for that. Eventually though, for a middle class family in rural Colombia, buying diapers every night for your daughter begins to add up.”

“Fortunately, as I reached the end of my teens, I was wetting the bed a lot less. I was feeling good, and getting ready to leave home and head to Bogota soon. My parent’s started ‘rationing’ my nighttime diapers so I only used them when I felt I needed them, like after a night drinking or if I was stressed out. Well, one night I was planning to go out to a concert with one of my best friends from home, Andrea. The concert venue was only a few miles away, but Andrea’s house was around the block and we planned to sleep there afterwards.”

“I told my mother that since I would probably be drinking, it would be a good idea if I wore my diaper to the concert so I could go over to Andrea’s and not worry about possibly wetting during the night. My mother rolled her eyes and told me ‘Are you not nineteen years old? Jesus, you are a big girl now, no more diapers.’”

“She had the diapers, I know she did, they were in our basement. But she was so fed up with the whole process and just wanted me to grow out wetting the bed that she denied me them. I was worried, but not too much. After all, I could control myself, right?”

She let out a grin, but knowing the end of her story, reverted back to a more objective tone.

“So we head to the concert, a few local rock bands put on a set, and we drank a ton of beer. Afterwards we walked back to her house and chatted on her porch for a while and drank some more. I made sure to use the bathroom before we went to bed, and I slept on the couch in her living room.”

Daniela paused and realized this was probably the most vulnerable she’d ever let herself be in these videos. Given her sharing of the rejection from Victor and the revelation of her old bedwetting issue, she was sharing a lot more than she previously intended.

“I drifted off to sleep, and the next thing I know I wake up to about a dozen people hovering in Andrea’s kitchen. It was Sunday, and her mother had a group of friends and family from her church congregation over after mass. I rub my eyes and get a sense of my surroundings and realize… I had completely soaked her couched. My jeans were cold and clammy, the cushions we soaked, and a few people were looking at me. As I rustled awake, more of the congregation came to see what was going on and eventually a dozen people saw me in my piss soaked jeans on the couch. I barely had time to think, let alone react.”

Daniela buried her face in her hands, reliving now the most embarrassing moment of her life, and actually living the second most embarrassing moment of her life in the same day.

“I didn’t know what to do! I groggily apologized to Andrea’s mother, who just called me a ‘poor thing.’ I picked up my belongings and ran out the door in my cold, pissy jeans. I had to walk home a few miles and entertain looks from passerby as everyone could see what happened to me. When I got home I burst into tears. My parents made sure I was in nighttime diapers for a month after that.”

She felt a welling in her throat for a second, but quickly composed herself.

“But fortunately that is all in the past! That was a few years ago and I can proudly say that I don’t –“

She was going to say “don’t wet the bed anymore”, but then she remembered a month ago when she woke up in soaked sheets after a nightmare.

“—wet the bed… much… anymore. And that’s all I have to say about that! Thanks for watching guys, and hope to see you soon!”

She blew a kiss to the camera and hit the end record button. She let out a sigh and mused on the turns that video took. It was funny though, right? Entertaining? She thought. It did feel like she was striking a layer of genuinity she had previously been lacking. She uploaded the video to her channel under the title Monday Blues and closed her laptop, ready to head to bed.


The next day, Daniela sat in the foyer of Serenity Solutions and was reading the news on her work computer. It was a slow day at the office, and not many clients had called in. The day was winding down and Daniela was going to be leaving soon, so she decided to check her YouTube stats on her phone. She navigated to the app to see how her recent video was doing. The algorithms usually give a boost to new videos, and she made sure to add specific keywords like “Monday”, “relationship”, “bedwetting”, and “diaper”.

Her jaw almost dropped. Her new video Monday Blues netted seventeen thousands views in the past day, way more than the one thousand views she ever expected to get on one of her normal videos in any amount of time.

What could it have been? Was the romantic tension between her and Victor so relatable that people saw it and shared with their friends? Was her story about sleeping over at Andrea’s as funny as Daniela thought it was?

She headed to the comments on her video, which usually give insight into how viewers felt about it and what they liked and disliked. She was surprised to see there was one prevailing and vocal theme: diapers.

Dozens of comments were inquiring about Daniela’s diapered experience, her bedwetting, and her relationship to it now.

“How long were you in diapers?”

“Are you still in diapers now?”

“Do you still wet the bed?”

“I bet you liked them.”

Daniela was taken aback, shocked even. Of all the topics she touched upon on Marci’s Ponderings, whether it was family, religion, careers, the city, she would’ve never guessed that the topic to really bring in impressions was… her bedwetting experience as a teenager.

She put her phone away and took a few minutes to think through how to handle this.

She was a little scared, but more than anything, deeply excited. Never before had she commanded the attention of seventeen thousand people. That’s almost a small stadium! She thought. One tip she had read about in her quest to become “YouTube relevant”, was that if you have people on the hook with some content, keep using that content and grow it. It was apparent, for some strange reason, viewers were very interested in her bedwetting and diapered experience. If Daniela leveraged this right, she could build a real base and grow her channel out from there.

When Daniela arrived home, she immediately booted up her laptop and checked her channel. She was now at 178 subscribers, nearly an eightfold gain from the night before. Her direct messages were overflowing, some with genuine fans that offered some of the insightful and congratulatory praise she was used to, but also a lot of creepy cryptic messages from no-name, avatar-less accounts. As an attractive content creator, Daniela was used to the stray, gross direct message from time to time, but some of these were profane. She deleted them all and moved onto the comment section.

The comments were more of the same of what she saw during her brief viewing during work. A strong curiosity into the nature of her diaper wearing, how great it was that did she wear diapers (at least for a time), and a very strong insistence that she should wear diapers in the future.

She didn’t know how to approach it. Daniela was used to directly replying to viewers in her comments, so she decided to find the top rated comment and leave a reply. Number one was:

“wow! What a gorgeous girl : D Tell me, how long did you end up wearing your diapers?”

Daniela shuddered for a moment, over the implication that the diapers she wore were “hers”, as if she was always destined for them. In her mind, she was adamant that they “were” diapers, and she did “wear” them, and even “wet” them (nightly), but they were never “hers.”

Not wanting to be rude to the top comment on her video (208 likes) she responded:

“hahah well fortunately I stopped wearing nighttime diapers entirely at age 21! Later than most girls but I was just being careful : )”

She moved to the next highest comment (119 likes):

“very very brave to be sharing this, I admire you. do you still wear diapers?”

Daniela replied:

“aww, well thank you! No, I do not still wear diapers : )”

Onto the third highest comment (67 likes):

“incredible I love it, where else can I find you?”

Daniela was perplexed. Well, of course, he or she could find her right here! This was her channel. She added:

“well you can find me right here! I try to post a video every week.”

After she hit submit she saw she had a reply to the first comment.

“that’s not too long ago, you must still have some diapers leftover. can you please wear them again?”

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. What a strange request, why would she wear diapers again? The whole point was to get out of them! She thought. Bedwetting was a funny phase of her life that she would be happy to talk about, but it’s over, of course.

She went to her fourth highest comment (45 likes):

“I want to see you in diapers again : ) who agrees?”

Now Daniela was starting to feel a knot in her stomach. There was a reoccurring pattern she was noticing but didn’t want to admit.

Fifth highest comment (37 likes):

“stopped wetting the bed a few years ago? no way, if you’re wetting the bed at 19 you’re probably wetting the bed for life. show us your wet diaper Marci :p”

Daniela closed her laptop. She laid down on her bed a few feet away and breathed just trying to take it in. Never before had she expected her channel to rise to “prominence” so quickly, and for such a… strange reason.

It was getting a little out of her control now. Clearly, her “fans” were interested in one singular, shameful period of her life. Was that what she wanted when she first created the channel? She wanted people to notice her, to appreciate her, to interact with her and her life story, and…

It seems like I finally have them on the hook.


Daniela woke up Saturday morning a few minutes before noon. She had been thinking long and hard about her recent “hit” on YouTube, and the feedback she received on it. She had considered doing an entire video on her experience as a longtime bedwetter, how it affected her and her family, how she wore diapers, and how it eventually (mostly) faded away, but she realized that she needed to play to her audience. And she was thankful she had an audience at all, no matter what peculiar proclivities they had.

Ultimately, her viewers wanted to see her in diapers-- that was clear. This was an experience Daniela hoped she had fully put behind her, but given the circumstances, it wasn’t the worst thing to bring back. She never hated her nighttime diapers. She was embarrassed, for sure, and at first they made her feel like a baby. But after a few nights of using them, it was much easier to deal with a wet diaper than a pee-soaked mattress. Using them was even convenient. There were a handful of occasions in her late teens when she had come home from drinking, put on a diaper, and then woke up dry. Inevitably, however, she would wake up having to take a very urgent urination. Sometimes it was just easier in a half-sleep state to let it loose into her welcoming diaper than stumble to the bathroom. After all, that’s what they’re there for, right?

Today’s goal was find some adult diapers for the upcoming video this week. What was the video going to be about? To be determined. But in the meantime, she needed to take the first step and procure a few of the requested garments.

She took the bus into Bogota and found her local department store. She went to the “adult protection” aisle she knew very well over the years. In this aisle there were a number of cheap knockoff “diapers”, but they were little more than a sanitary pad will some elastic bands holding it together. Daniela remembered those were exactly the kind her mother her initially brought home to remedy her bedwetting. She had found the cheapest, thinnest diapers in the store. Daniela wore them for the first night and immediately soaked them through, as if she had been wearing normal pajamas anyway. No, she had to go thicker now.

She found a brand called Protegida (or, “Protected”), which boasted “holds at least three uses!” Daniela tried to mentally picture the capacity, of using a single diaper three times in a row, but quickly dispelled the idea and thought Good enough.

She carried the twelve pack of diapers up to the checkout and suddenly became a bit self-conscious. It was very obvious that she was carrying a bulky, unambiguous package of adult diapers, with no other items. No one else was looking at her, but Daniela couldn’t shake the feeling everyone around knew that they were for her.

She approached the checkout counter and made a shaky glance at the girl behind the counter. The clerk, a year or so younger than Daniela, looked at the diapers, then Daniela, then back at the diapers, and asked:

“Anything else for you today?”

Daniela blushed slightly.

“No, nothing else.”

“Do you want a bag for it?”

“Yes, please.”

The clerk fumbled around under the counter, and brought out a normal sized grocery bag, She tried her best to fit it in, but the diapered package was simply too large.

“Uh, I’m sorry ma’am, but I don’t think we have a bag for this.”

Daniela let out a meek, repressed sigh as she grabbed the diapers and muttered “ok,” and quickly slunk out the door.


Sunday night was upon Daniela, and she knew she owed her new fans a video. Not only did she owe her fans a video, but she owed them a diapered video, something she had been mentally preparing for days now. She had her brand new package of Protegida, and she had been drinking water all day. She wasn’t sure if she was going to wet the diaper for the camera, but she had a feeling that her viewers would want her to, and she wanted to have the option available if she needed to.

She ripped open the package and pulled out a bulky white diaper. They were certainly thick, thicker than the “extra large” girls bedwetter diapers her mother got for her a few years ago. These were not pull-up style, but rather had plastic tapes on them. She laid one out on her bed and tried to imagine the best way to go about diapering herself.

With the garment laid flat, Daniela placed her butt on the base of the diaper and laid back on her bed. She pulled the remaining flap and a half up, over her crotch, and laid the top of the flap on her midsection. She reached to the right and taped the diaper up, one by one. Then she moved to the left and taped the remaining two strips into place.

She gave it a good pat down and was satisfied with how it fit around her body. She got the “medium” size, and it fit snugly below her belly button, tightly between her legs, and supported her full butt while not stretching too tight around it. It felt like a thicker pair of underwear, something she could even potentially wear under a pair of jeans.

Daniela threw on a simple tank top and some shorts to prep for her video. She also grabbed a few notecards of topics she was planning to cover. Once she was fully clothed, she opened up her laptop and started her webcam software. She never really had too much of a plan for her videos, and she liked it that way. She wanted to just let her thoughts flow, so she hit record and began talking:

“Hey guys, it’s Marci! Thanks for tuning in this week, and don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button.

“Well I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who watched my video last week about my embarrassing experience with bedwetting and diapers.”

She put her head in her hands and groaned in shame, not nearly as sincerely as she was last week.

“I know there were a lot of questions on how that came to be and where I am now. So I wanted to follow up with a few answers. First question: ‘How long did you wear diapers?’ Well, the thing is, I was a bad bedwetter, guys. Every night, for years. I only began to let up as I reached nineteen or so. So from then on, I wore them on and off until twenty-one.

“Second question: ‘What is the longest amount of time you’ve ever spent in one diaper’?”

Daniela wrote the notecards she was now reading from, but she still felt a bit embarrassed about not only answering them, but about how enthusiastically she had to answer them. She paused but brought up some positive energy for her answer.

“Gosh, guys, I’m not sure. I think I’ve stayed in a diaper for twelve, fourteen hours? There were times when I would wake up, and simply went about my morning with a wet diaper underneath my pajamas. As long as I was wearing a good, absorbent brand, I hardly noticed until I had to pee again! Usually I would—that would tell me it time to finally change.”

Daniela was about to expand on the fact that it was not uncommon for her to use her diapers a second time if she was still lounging in them, but even in her newfound display of vulnerability she felt embarrassed to share that just yet.

Now she would get to the fun part.

“Question three: ‘When can I see you in diapers next?’ Well guys, I’m glad you asked, because I have a surprise for you.”

Daniela grinned and slowly moved her hands down to her shorts. She undid the strings tied together to keep it at her waist, and slowly pulled them down to reveal a thick, white diaper.

“The thing is, sometimes I do still wear diapers. After years of wearing them, I came to realize, they are actually quite useful!”

Her bladder was aching, she needed to make a decision soon if she was going to knowingly wet herself (for the first time in years) on camera. She bit her lip and looked up at the window in her apartment.

“For instance, sometimes I really need to go. And sometimes…”

She stood up from her computer chair and brought the front of the diaper to the camera.

“…diapers are there for me.”

Daniela exhaled her breath and relaxed her bladder muscles. It was almost muscle memory, from the numerous times she had willingly wet her diapers in those half-sleepy states. A flood of warmth began to expand from the center her diaper, up the front and soaking the back. Her yellow pee flooded her white diaper quickly, and began to appear clearly to the camera. She let out a relief-laden sigh to add to the effect, and in a matter of moments, Daniela’s thick white diaper was absolutely soaked.

When she finished, she let out a forced laugh and plopped back into her seat. She surprised herself with how squishy and warm her diaper would be upon impact, and let out a small exclamatory “eeep!”

Looking back into the camera with a satisfied, relieved smile, Daniela said “I hope that answers all of your questions. Thanks friends, and hope to see you soon.”

She stood up from her chair, and went to put her shorts back on, as if she were going to stay if her soaked diaper for a few hours. Once she tied her shorts up, she blew a kiss to the camera and ended the recording.

I think that well! Daniela thought, beaming with satisfaction. Still sitting in her warm, wet diaper, she began the process of editing in some graphics to her video so it was ready for upload. As she toyed with various fonts and slide-ins, in the back of her mind she was keeping a keen sensory awareness of what was going on in her shorts. She shifted slightly back and forth, and felt the wet padding compress and stick to her butt. She was wet, certainly, but the Protegidas were holding up quite well.

She wrapped up the post production of her new video and uploaded it to her channel under the title Diaper & Bedwetting FAQ! She was sure to highlight a surprised expression on her pretty face in the thumbnail, adjacent to a simple clip art animation of a cartoonish diaper. Seeing it finally come together, it did stir up a hint of shame in Daniela. Her feelings of “forced” babyness were coming back, similar to her first experience with diapers many years ago. Maybe it was the over-the-top, babyish diaper animation she chose for her video’s thumbnail. Maybe it was that she felt like she was only hamming up this angle of her life for her audience, and it felt insincere. I’ll give it some time and see where this goes, she thought. She uploaded her new video officially and closed her laptop.

Standing up from her chair, she pulled down her shorts to inspect the status of her diaper. She was fairly used to quickly ascertaining a wet diaper, when she didn’t outright feel the thick dampness between her legs, she would often be able to see the slightly discolored padding near her crotch. When she wore the bedwetter specific pullups her mother use to buy, sometimes there were disappearing flowers or animals that would further confirm her suspicions.

Daniela could clearly make out a divide from the pristine white padding near the waist of her diaper, and the darker, wet padding between her legs. Shifting her hips and looking towards her behind, her butt was soaked as well. She sat down on her bed and brought her knees to her check to inspect the leakguards that stretched around her thighs. They weren’t wet or fighting to hold back any liquid, so the padding must have done its job.

Daniela was impressed with these diapers, they held up quite well. She could see them of being further use, if need be. Would there be a need to use them again? she asked herself. After all, she gave her viewers what they wanted. She even peed on camera for them! That’s “it”, right? She didn’t have much more to say on diapers, hopefully she could return to her regularly scheduled content. Some of the new fans who followed her may be interested to hear some of the other aspects of her life. There’s only so many things you can do or say with diapers, Daniela reassured herself.

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The following day at work, Daniela’s mind was not on her tasks but rather on the video she posted. She wanted to periodically check throughout the day her view count, comments, and impressions, but it was a very busy day in Serenity Solutions.

There was a storm in the southeast of Colombia over the weekend that caused extensive property damage for a number of the company’s clients. Daniela was fielding calls and transferring irate, and sometimes despondent customers, all day long. When it came time to clock out, she was mentally exhausted. She hopped on her bus and eagerly anticipated the results of her previous night’s efforts.

She opened the front door of her apartment and saw the opened package of Protegidas sitting by her computer desk. It was the first time in years she come home to find a package of diapers open in plain sight. It brought back feels of helplessness, of frustration, and of loss of control. These negative feelings were also at odds with the novel excitement she was experiencing as part of her new niche notoriety. She brushed them aside and logged onto YouTube.

In the past twenty-four hours, the video Diaper & Bedwetting FAQ! had surpassed over 31,000 views. This is phenomenal! She exclaimed. Her hard work and keen acumen of her audience was paying off. She may even be able to monetize her videos soon. And the sooner she could earn money on her videos, the sooner she could quit her job as a receptionist. Giddy with excitement, she logged onto the comments, which were still fluctuating over the hours.

It was an eclectic mix of thoughts to say the least. There were many people who had never seen her channel in any capacity who had questions about the origins of the diaper discussion, there were people who got a good laugh over seeing Daniela (or rather, Marci) in a diaper, some laughing with her and some laughing at her. Some of her originals subscribers left their usual supportive statements. The majority, however, were a number of people who felt very… delighted with the content she put out.

Comments ranged from walls of text thanking Daniela and letting her know how beautiful she was, to short, lewd comments about how sexy it was to see her in a diaper, and especially how incredible it was that she even used it. Daniela tried to not think too hard of the implications of this “sexual diaper” talk, but just tried to enjoy the fact that people loved to see her on camera, and that she was bringing some pleasure to their lives.

Her direct messages were overflowing, it was hard to keep up with. So many people were interested in opening any line of contact with her possible. There were messages that ranged from a simple “Hi : )” or “Hello!”, to full paragraphs of some strangers life story, which they had hoped could be exchanged for some attention and more information about Daniela’s life.

It was overwhelming, but Daniela knew it was important to engage with her viewers and build a relationship with them. She wanted to connect with the outside world more, and with so many people proverbially beating down her door, she was happy to oblige. Well… at the least the sane messages. There were many requests that were clearly from creeps or scammers, and did not need the time of day.

Over the next week, the view count of Daniela’s FAQ video grew steadily. She was gaining more subscribers every day and meeting more and more people online through her direct messages. She spent hours, sometimes on the job but mostly at home, talking with and learning about her new viewers.

The viewers she spoke to in her direct messages were much more cordial and engaging that commenters on her videos, who mostly barked the first thought that came into their heads, in between arguing with other commenters. These viewers asked her about her life, and were happy to check out some of Daniela’s older content when she recommended them. She was careful not to reveal too much information, certainly not where she lived or follow up on any attempts to meetup. It was simply nice to come home and talk one-on-one with people over the internet about her day, who were happy to just listen and interact with her. Sometimes these conversations involved reciprocation and Daniela learned more about some of her viewers (mainly lonely, American men), but most were content to chat and hear what she had to say.
Many of these men were adamant about “repaying” here in some way. They inquired about online “wishlists”, or digital wallets where they could send her money. Daniela knew from a very conservative upbringing that it was not wise to accept gifts from strangers, but it seemed like there was enough of a divide between her and the nameless faces in her direct messages that it couldn’t hurt. She did feel a bit bad about just taking their money, but at the end of the day, growing her wealth was a goal of YouTube channel to begin, an originally very lofty goal that was becoming more real by the video.

She created an online tip jar on a popular ecommerce site that easily allows people to send and receive funds. Daniela retroactively added it to the descriptions of all her videos, and also shared it with some of the men in her direct messages. On the first day her tip wallet was live, she ended up receiving over $200 American dollars, which was almost an entire week’s salary for her!

The feeling was intoxicating, how easy it was have strangers on the internet pay for her content, to pay to see her at all, and how tangibly it could be in her hands in the matter of seconds. Her mind opportunistically shifted to how she could earn more money, how she could keep her viewers happy and coming back time and time again.

A few days after the upload of her FAQ video, the views began to naturally taper off a bit. This was to be expected, as the video was no longer considered “new” to the YouTube algorithms. Daniela was at a crossroads in her content. In a way, she struck gold with her momentary pivot to discussing her diapered experience, but would that be sustainable moving forward? Would her fans get tired of that idea, and was there anything else to even add to previous two videos? To figure out how to maintain the momentum of her recent success, she headed to the now hopefully “settled” comment section on her FAQ video to brainstorm some ideas for her next video.

Scrolling down to the comments on her video, she saw that her the view count was now 117,000 views. This wasn’t a surprise to Daniela, as she had been keenly tracking the count rise, but it was a victorious feeling to finally see her first video display over a hundred thousand views. Glancing down even further, she began to read the top comment on her video (1.9k likes):

“WOW! I don’t even know what to say Marci, that was incredible : ) I love how cute and confident you are, and how much you love your diapers.”

Daniela was again acutely aware of the “your diapers” description. He continued,

“Would you ever do a video or a livestream of you wearing a diaper for 24 hours straight?”

Daniela raised her eyebrows. So the diaper angle was still very much in play to her viewers. This comment has 37 replies underneath, all affirmations in support of the original request including “pls yes”, “OMG let’s hope”, and “absolutely, I would do anything to see her do that”.

Daniela wasn’t even sure how to respond to the request. Can you wear a diaper for twenty four hours? How would that even work? She thought back to the question she answered in her video about the longest time she had ever worn one. She wasn’t lying when she said she had worn a diaper for well over twelve hours before. Some mornings when she wet the bed, she would start her day at home without even changing. Eating breakfast, tidying around the house, sometimes she was even too busy or lazy to bother to change before leaving to run errands. Running around in a soggy diaper wasn’t so bad, even if she did have to re-wet it at some point halfway through. During those days, she never leaked and even though it could be a little uncomfortable, after a while she didn’t even notice. Given her even thicker diapers now, she could probably last just as long or even a little longer as that day.

Of course, she would have to plan an ideal time to start the twenty four hours of diaper wearing. If she didn’t time it correctly, she could end up having to spend the night in a very heavy diaper or even leak during the day as she relieved herself. She also wouldn’t be able to document every minute of the full day, even if she choose one of her days off of work to do it. She would have to devise a system of documenting the day while keeping it interesting, and also prove to her viewers that she didn’t “cheat” and use a bathroom. It would take some strategizing, but Daniela was determined to give her viewers what she wanted. If she delivered on this request, her next video may even reach 200k or 300k views. It would be an unimaginable amount of attention for her, and that’s not even to think of the tips that may come in. Daniela felt butterflies in her stomach and opened a new browser window to do some research.


“Hey guys, welcome to Marci’s Ponderings, my name is Marci and I’m so glad to welcome you back to my channel! Remember to like and subscribe below, and read the description for more information on how to help me out!

“First off, I was just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support and feedback on my last video, the FAQ on my diapered experiences. It’s really great to have some friends out there listening and understanding how it affects me and my life.

“I also heard you guys loud and clear in the comments, and I saw that someone made a very special request, that a lot of you are interested in seeing!”

A cropped screenshot of the comment asking Daniela to wear a diaper for twenty four hours popped up on the screen to the left of Daniela’s smiling face. She was pointing in the comment’s direction as she spoke, something she had seen all her favorite stars do and started to incorporate into her videos herself.

“Well,” she began, “I’ve been doing some thinking and I figured ‘why not?’ I’ll give it a try! This Friday through Saturday, I will be attempting this challenge to wear a diaper for twenty-four hours straight.”

A spinning clipart animation of both a clock and a diaper appeared on either side of Daniela.

“Here’s how it will go down. On 9:30pm Friday, I start my very first ever livestream so you all can see put on a diaper at 10pm. To ensure and prove to you guys that I will be wearing this diaper throughout the next twenty four hours, I will wrap duct tape around the waist of the diaper so there is no way it comes off. I will go to sleep and hopefully,” she crossed his fingers on both hands for the camera, “I don’t wet my bed overnight, which would be a very poor start to this diaper challenge.”

“Throughout the day I will post a few video updates to my channel so you can check in on me. I’ll let you know exactly how I’m doing, if I’ve wet recently, and how heavy my diaper is. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see me use it,” she said with a wink.

“I’ll start a closing livestream around 7 or 8pm on Saturday night so I can show you how my diaper is holding up and we can chat and get to know each other for a bit. At 10pm, I will take a pair of scissors and cut the duct tape off my diaper, completing my twenty four hours. Sounds like a plan? I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait.” She blew her signature kiss to the camera, waved with a smile, and stopped recording.


By Friday morning, Daniela was giddy with excitement. She was on the verge of creating the content that would launch her to becoming a bonafide YouTube personality. She had everything planned out and prepared for her twenty four challenge, from start to finish. She had been brushing up on her technical skills to navigate her first livestream, planned a full itinerary day in the city of Bogota to show to her viewers, and bought a roll of duct tape to seal herself with.

Her fans were quite excited as well. Daniela received some incredibly positive messaging and engagement on her most recent announcement video, with many of her correspondents offering to pay to help her in anyway if need be. She didn’t need to take anyone up on any specifics, but she still welcomed in a number of tips for her efforts.

Daniela spent her Friday evening putting the finishing touches on her arrangement. She laid out the diaper she was going to wear on her bed, alongside the roll of duct tape. She double checked the weather for the next day—perfect, temperate weather. Ideal for the flowery, white sundress she was planning to wear, which allowed for easy access to film her undergarment. She also made sure to pee one last time in bathroom before embarking on the challenge.

As 9:30 rolled around, she opened up the interface to begin her livestream. She now had over twenty-two hundred subscribers, all of whom would be notified the moment she began. She took a deep breath and clicked the “Start” button to begin the stream.

In a matter of moments, a few people trickled into the stream and started sending messages to the chat.


“Marci : D”


Daniela thought it was cute, this was just like the streams she would hang out in as a viewer herself. Now she had her own adoring fans lighting up a chat bar.

“Hello, friends!” Daniela waved with both hands. “How are you? Welcome to my first livestream and I’m so happy to see you all! Let’s wait a few minutes for everyone to get her, but what is up with all of you?”

The chat erupted with benign updates of the viewers-- happy that it was Friday, upset because someone’s girlfriend broke up with them, general emojis and reactions. Daniela took a few minutes to call on a handful of chatters and ask them more about their day, laugh at a few meme links posted, and talk about the minutia of her own week. The viewer stream count gradually grew to around thirty-five hundred viewers by 9:54.

“Alright guys! Looks like everyone’s just about here, and ten o’clock is a few minutes away. As you can see behind me,” she slightly scooted her chair out of the camera’s view to display her mattress behind her, “I have my diaper all ready to go and I’m about to hop in.”

Daniela hopped out of her chair and positioned herself alongside her bed but sideways to the camera.

“I need to be very careful to not accidentally display anything… sensitive of mine,” she chuckled, “due to the YouTube’s terms.”

She undid her shorts and pulled down her white cotton panties slowly, being very cognizant of only displaying her side, and avoiding any “indecent” areas. Once her underwear was off, she performed a sideways shimmy-hop onto her bed and positioned herself on top the diaper.

“Here… we… go…” as she said this she turned to the camera with a huge smile, and pulled the diaper over her midsection and taped it securely into place. She got up on her knees on the bed and faced the camera.

“Whaddya guys think? Looks good?”

She couldn’t make out the text of the chat from her bed, but she could see it increase in velocity. She also began to hear the soft, bell-like “dings” that alerted her when a donation was sent.

“Aww thank you so much guys.” Daniela hopped on the bed and rushed to the computer to see the amounts.

“Congrats! $3 tip from…”

“Congrats! $5 tip from…”

“Congrats! $2 tip from…”

Her eyes lit up and she involuntarily exuded a warmth and satisfied smile.

“You are all incredible, thank you so much. Now! To show you guys that I am co-mit-ted” she emphasized each syllable as she moved back towards her bed to grab the duct tape, “to this challenge, I will be using this,” she waved the roll, “to help keep my diaper in place over the next day.”

Daniela picked at the new roll of duct tape with her fingertips and once she got a grip, stretched out the initial roll to a workable length. She placed the beginning of the strip over the top tapes on the right side of her diaper, and taped in a clockwise motion around her waist, passing the roll from her right hand to her left hand behind her back. She continued a tight wrapping for two and half rotations, enough to completely cover the diaper’s normal tapes. She then took a pair of scissors to cut the tail of the strip, and patted the edge down on her diaper.

“As you can see, there is no way I’m getting out of this without some serious effort. You’ll all be able to see me take it off tomorrow night, same time, same place, but by then I don’t think it will this dry.” She smiled and pointed to the crotch of the diaper to insinuate its future use.

“Just a reminder I will be posting videos throughout the day tomorrow updating you on my status. I have plans in Bogota to see the El Museo del Oro and walk around the Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar. Until then guys, I’m gonna have to sign off and head to bed. I have a big day tomorrow!”

Daniela leaned towards her laptop and heard the tip alerts go off a few more times. She blew a kiss to the camera, and ended the stream.

Acutely interested in her ongoing tips, she opened up her digital wallet to view the recent transactions. She pulled in $47 for nearly a half an hour of work, a rate that shattered her current salary, especially since it was all in the United States dollar.

Daniela smugly turned off her laptop and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She was proud of herself, she was navigating this new attention well and making more money than she had ever made in the past. This was a fantastic opportunity for her presence on YouTube, and also to become more financially independent. Tomorrow was going to be a fun day, and she was looking for the possibilities of the future.

After brushing her teeth, Daniela would normally take one last opportunity to empty her bladder, a habit going back to her days as a bedwetter. Knowing that she was essentially locked in the diaper, she didn’t want (or need) to wet it just yet. She put on a pair of pajama pants and hopped into bed, and decided to put off her first use until the next day.


Daniela’s alarm went off at 10AM, the sun was shining through the shuttered blinds of her apartment and its rays were helping to nudge her awake. She groggily reached for her phone and turned off the alarms, and in the process swung her legs over her bed to touch the floor. She yawned, and instinctively reached to her waist to see if she had wet. It was the first time in a few years that Daniela had worn a diaper to bed, but her muscle memory was still in place as she stepped back into the routine. She was dry. While she did endure the occasionally true night wetting from time, it didn’t seem like there were enough external stressors or a full enough bladder for her to involuntarily lose control.

Daniela did, however, have an urgent need to go. She expected this, as she had not used the bathroom since an hour prior to her livestream the previous night. Her plan for the day was to use her diaper three times: once in the morning, once after lunch, and if she could hold it long enough, once on the closing stream for her fans.

Still in the process on waking up, Daniela slid back onto the bed and got in a kneeling position. With her eyes still closed, she released her bladder and began the first use of her twenty-four diaper. Her warm pee felt comforting, as she wanted to get back under the blankets of her cozy bed. It spread through the dry padding between her legs and largely settled in the middle. To best utilize her diaper throughout the day to avoid leaks, she would have to position herself in way when her urine would take advantage of all the padding of her Protegida, with an emphasis on the wide butt-padding.

After she was finished, she went back to sitting on the edge of her bed. She needed to capture this moment quick as her first wetting was one of the key milestones of the day. She pulled off her pajama pants to display her still-wet diaper before she started. To keep it authentic, she started the video on her phone while still on the edge of her bed.

“Hey guys,” Daniela almost sighed, rubbing her eye with her free hand, playing up the sleepiness.

“Guess what, just as I suspected, I ended up…” She pulled the phone close to her face and whispered, even though she alone, “…wetting the bed.” She quickly turned the camera to the front of diaper, and she spread her legs to fully display her handiwork. “Ugh, can you believe it? Oh well, off to a hot start I suppose. No changes for this girl, let me show you what I’m going to put on.”

Daniela hopped off the bed and went to her closet, she pulled aside the sliding door and took of a sundress off the rack. The dress was white, with light-yellow roses interweaving all about it. It covered her shoulders with thin spaghetti straps, and extended halfway down her thighs.

“Isn’t it so cute? It also allows easy access to see my wet diaper” she added with a giggle.

“Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick update. I’ll take you guys soon, bye!” She stopped recorded. Her phone had a shortcut to immediately post to YouTube, so she uploaded it with no edits, keeping it short and informal.

With the sundress still in-hand, Daniela took it off the hanger and put it on. She went to the bathroom to splash some water on her face and comb her hair. Almost ready to hit the streets, she put on a pair of brown flats and found her purse. Her first stop of the day was the El Museo del Oro. She lifted her dress to take one last look at her wet diaper to make sure everything was in place. Fortunately the first wetting was the easiest for the diaper to handle, and she was almost dry again. She had two more uses in store and everything was going according to plan. Daniela turned off the lights and walked out her front door.


Daniela was alone when the bus pulled up to the stop. She hitched her purse over her shoulder and made her way towards the open door. To the untrained eye, she was walking normally, but Daniela could feel the slightest bit of a waddle as she climbed the steps into the bus. The Protegida was thick and effective, and for how obtrusive it could have been, she was impressed by how freely she could move.

Finding an open seat towards the back, Daniela sat down. The padding cushioned her behind, but it felt dry to the touch. She recalled the last time she made the journey to the Museum of Gold, for one of the first videos on her channel. She had carefully filmed all of the the most famous exhibits, and gave thoughtful, succinct descriptions of each artifact. Last time she checked she had received 731 views and three comments on the video. Daniela smiled and leaned back in her seat. I think I’ll see a few more views this time around.

After around forty minutes, the bus pulled up to a stop about a block away from the museum. Daniela jumped down the steps and eagerly made her way to the entrance. She made sure to take her phone out and capture the initial walk up. It was a low, box-like building that looked small compared to the skyscrapers and high rises around it. She kept the video on her phone recording as she opened the entrance door, a trick to make her viewers feel like they were really with her. One of her favorite YouTuber’s recommended this technique to “build a connection” with her viewers.

Daniela stopped recording before she bought a ticket. She would have time later on the bus ride home to crudely stitch together all her video files into one, and upload it prior to her livestream. She bought a ticket and tour combo, so she could follow some structure and perhaps learn something new as she navigated her way through the halls of the building. Upon receiving her ticket, Daniela took a long sip to finish the rest of her water bottle before embarking on the tour. Tossing her empty plastic bottle in a nearby recycling bin, she walked deeper into the building, towards the dimly lit halls of the museum. The low lights hovered singularly over the golden artifacts, to highlight their glow and natural shimmer.

A middle aged woman with short black hair, and a dark pantsuit sporting a nametag on her lapel, broke the silence of the foyer as patrons were viewing the initial displays of the museum. “Hello! The tour is about to begin! Please start congregating over here, my name is Maria and I will be your guide today.”

A handful of museum-goers gravitated towards her. With a wide smile, Maria began “Thank you all for coming today! I’m happy to be your guide and show you the wonderful and noble history of our land here in Colombia. Let us begin!”

Maria beckoned the small crowd deeper into the hallway and away from the bright light of the early afternoon sun by the entrance. Moving deeper into the low lights of the inner museum, Maria addressed the group, “The start of our tour begin with the native tribes of Quimbaya, a tribe of great craftsmanship whose work endures to this day…”

Daniela lingered towards the back of the crowd and recorded the displays and gold pieces she found interesting. Gold coins, chains, necklaces, figurines, and even vases and masks comprised the vast inventory of the museum. She kept quiet and did not add her own commentary over Maria’s lectures, but she was sure to include her own reaction and the wide smiles on her pretty face in between footage of the artifacts. She was engrossed by the history and forgot about her diaper entirely, it soon became second nature as her attention was drawn elsewhere.

After an hour, the group motioned towards one central display as they navigated the halls. The casing displayed a stunning gold figurine, standing almost a foot tall. It depicted a feminine figure, arms spread wide with angelic wings behind her, projecting a powerful stance.

“This,” Maria began, “is Huitaca, the goddess of the arts and sexual liberation from the Muisca tribe.”

Daniela was enamored by the small statue. She took out her phone and began recording as Maria spoke.

“According to legend, she was a beautiful goddess who enjoyed the pleasures of wine, expression, and carnal desires. She rebelled against the god Bochica and as her punishment, was turned into a white owl.”

Daniela pondered as she filmed the statue. Turned into an owl? For having a little fun? Seems excessive.

Maria was still building the context for the rest of the Muisca tribe’s mythologies when Daniela felt the urge to relieve herself. She instinctively looked around for the nearest restroom and saw a bathroom sign a few displays behind her. She turned around and began to think if she had time to excuse herself before she remembered her current situation. Daniela could easily release her pee into her diaper, but she was shoulder to shoulder with other patrons of the museum. She had wet in public before, but was never so close to an unsuspecting bystander. She began to slowly backpedal from the crowd and look for a nearby location to wet. Fortunately there was a wooden bench only a few yards from the tour group she was in.

Daniela sat down on bench and put her phone in her purse. She stared straight ahead, trying to get in the proper mindset to pee. She had deliberately used her diapers twice already this week, in the privacy of her home, but a full-on urination in the middle of a public museum was a new experience.

She reminded herself she had to act quickly to keep up with tour. To make sure she was using as much of the padding as possible, she brought her knees up to her chest on the bench and held them in her arms. With her legs up, her pee would drift towards the unused padding on her butt. She took a deep breath in and relaxed. She closed her eyes and felt a few drops trickle out. She exhaled and began to feel a warm stream flow down towards the back of her diaper.

“Um, Miss!” Maria yelled from across the hallway. “Miss! We’re moving onto the next exhibit!”

Daniela opened her eyes. Oh no. She turned to her left, towards Maria’s voice, praying she wasn’t addressing her.

Daniela’s wide eyes met the gaze of not only Maria, but the entire tour group. She was mortified. The surprise caught her off guard and forced her to wet even more. Still peeing, she stammered, “It’s, uh, ok!”

The faces in the group had various expressions ranging from mild indifference to slightly confused and worried. The fearful expression on Daniela’s face and her tightly bound body language broadcasted that she was in an uncomfortable situation.

Maria, confused but needing to keep the party moving asked “Are you ok? We’re going to keep moving on, if you want to join us.”

Daniela, still finishing the business in her diaper, replied, “Um, I’m alright, I’ll catch up with you guys soon, thanks!”

The crowd unceremoniously averted their gaze back to Maria, who motioned them further along the hallway.

The physical and emotional relief Daniela felt was cathartic. The seat of her diaper was warm and soggy, and to the best of her knowledge, no one was able to notice the thick padding behind her crossed legs. Daniela sighed, set her feet down on the ground and stood up. She needed to grab a quick video of her diaper in the bathroom before it was absorbed, her fans would love it.

The largely unnoticeable waddle Daniela was previously presenting to the world had now become more pronounced. Not quite penguin-like, but her legs spread ever so slightly further apart, to make sure the warm padding between her legs wasn’t constantly brushing up against her.

As she approached the bathroom, she noticed a long line outside of the women’s restroom. She walked towards the back of the line, and quietly laughed at the absurdity of having to wait in line for the bathroom when she was already wearing her own.

The last woman in line was looking intently at her phone. She was in her early thirties, wearing a tank top and jeans, with her legs pulled tightly together. She looked tense.

Daniela found her place at the end of the line and nonchalantly sighed and looked around, taking in some of the exhibits from afar.

The woman sensed Daniela in her presence looked up from her phone. They briefly made eye contact but Daniela averted her eyes.

“Ugh, can you believe this line?” The woman said. Her body contracted in a small bounce, while her legs were still tightly squeezed together.

“Yeah, it’s crazy. Saturdays, I guess.” Daniela added.

“Sometimes I wish places like this were outdoors, like a music festival. You ever go to music festivals?”

Daniela raised her eyebrows and tried to think. She did not go to music festivals. She didn’t have many friends, least of all friends who would take her to massive productions like those.

“Yeah, sometimes!” She said, trying to be earnest.

The woman, hardly listening, folded her arms. “The great thing about music festivals is that you can just go wherever you want. You don’t even have to find a corner or a bush, everyone knows the deal. You can just squat down and go right there. Anywhere.”

She laughed and turned to Daniela, “Sorry for the imagery, I just have to—well, you get it.” She turned around, bounced again, and pulled out her phone.

Daniela smiled and muttered under her breath, “Yeah, it would be so easy to just go wherever you want.”

Looking around, Daniela felt too at ease to be a young woman in line to use the bathroom. Though she had just relieved herself, she meekly crossed her legs to attempt to display her shared struggle. She felt the squish of her moist diaper between her legs. She peeked ahead to see how the line was moving up front, but it was motionless.


It was already three o’clock by the time Daniela exited El Museo del Oro, and she had one more stop to make. Taking out her phone, she pulled up some information on the next bus to the Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar, about 15 minutes away. For a small city park, there was nothing particularly important to her viewers, but Daniela wanted to take advantage of her day out in Bogota for her own enjoyment too. She loved the pastoral features of the park, which were a calming contrast to her tiny apartment, her sterile and stressful office, and the urban sprawl of Bogota itself.

After navigating the bus system and arriving, Daniela hopped off the bus and started walking along the winding sidewalk that hugged the central lake of the park. There were thousands of people in the area, the afternoon weather was warm and not too humid, and merchants were peddling all sorts of shirts, trinkets, and toys to anyone who would listen. In the distant she could hear a faint rock concert emanating from the other side of the park. Looking over the water, there were a dozen or so kayakers slowly making their way across the lake. Sitting on benches, she saw numerous couples with their arms around each other, people-watching and taking in the same surroundings she was. Upon seeing these couples, see felt a heaviness that took the bounce out of her step, a minor deflation of her spirit. She ignored it and tried to put it out of her mind.

After passing a small field where congregations were having picnics, she came upon a row of food trucks. They reminded her of the dull hunger she had been feeling for nearly an hour now. Daniela surveyed the trucks and one vendor in particular caught her eye, called Taco Supremo. Having no line, Daniela walked right up to a small, stout man in a kitchen apron operating the truck and brightly said “Hello sir!”

The man gave her a nod and said, “Hello ma’am, what can I do for you today?”

Daniela peeked at the menu, and saw the numerous options for chicken, pork, al pastor, and other various meats. Her normally vegetarian inclinations pointed her to the salad menu, but the greenery selection at this truck did not seem very robust.

“Hmmm… well sir, I don’t normally do this, I’m more of a vegetarian, but can I have an order of the three pork tacos?”
“Sure, ma’am. And what kind of sauce would you like?”

“Umm…” she was about to ask what kinds they had, but impulsively blurted out “the hottest you have!”

Daniela adventurous day had already produced some fun results. She felt confident in her newfound ability to step out of her comfort zone.

“Of course, ma’am. One moment.”

“Oh, and a large cola!” she added.

Daniela waited patiently until the food truck cook handed her the basket of pork tacos and large paper cup of soda. She thanked and paid him, and then took her lunch to a nearby garden. The garden was built within a raised, stone patio, giving Daniela the perfect place to sit down and enjoy her food.

As she was about to bite into the tender pork taco, drizzled with fiery red sauce, it reminded her of how she usually sat alone at lunch during the work week, eating empanadas outside her office building. She paused and realized she didn’t have to be alone this time. Before taking her first bite, she pulled out her phone and started a selfie video. She smiled and displayed her taco before taking a huge bite. She slowly chewed the first bite and made vaguely positive hums to the camera to display her satisfaction. While finishing her bite she looked around furtively, assessed her surroundings, and quickly pulled up her skirt to display her doubly soaked diaper. After capturing her diaper on camera, she quickly dropped her skirt again and panned to her face. She raised a finger to her lips in a “shushing” manner, and waved goodbye without saying a word.

Daniela stopped recording and put her phone in her purse. She turned back to her extra spicy tacos and continued eating, without a flinch or a moment’s hesitation from the flavor. Checking the time, she realized she should start making her way back home. She slurped her soda with one hand while the other pulled her phone back out and started charting a course back to her apartment.


Reaching into her purse, Daniela was acutely aware of the strain on her bladder. She fumbled around looking for her keys, but she was having a difficult time inspecting her bag with the sunset outside her apartment obscuring her vision. Upon finding her keys, she quickly checked her phone. 7:14pm. She had a little over two and a half hours until her twenty four hour challenge was over, and her final “release” was right on schedule.

Opening the door, Daniela threw her purse on her bed and instinctively turned towards her bathroom before she abruptly stopped herself. She had been wearing her diaper for so long she was beginning to forget that it was there. She turned away from the bathroom and instead headed directly to her computer. Her final wetting of the day was going to specifically be on camera for her fans to see, and Daniela was eager to both satisfy her viewers and her own bodily urges.

She booted up her laptop and navigated to YouTube, and selected an option to start a new livestream. She bit her lip and crossed her legs in an effort to hold back her need to go, a constant ache that was becoming more and more insistent as she clicked through her livestream configurations. Once completed, she happily hit “Start”, and her webcam started rolling.

Starting a livesteam sends out a notification to all of her subscribers (now at twenty six hundred), which would slowly allow the current viewer count to climb upwards in the first half hour. Daniela waited until she saw ten or so viewers jump in.

“Hello, friends! Marci here! We’re just going to wait a few minutes for everyone to get here. And wow, I’m glad we are starting now, because I need to go.” Daniela was hunched over in her computer chair with her hands between her legs, and she was bouncing her right leg in desperation. Her livestream viewer count painstaking rose up a few dozen as her chat began to pick up with people exclaiming their hellos, emojis, and lavish praise for Daniela.

“I hope you guys liked my videos from earlier today! Just to recap, I have done two wettings,” Daniela emphasized by raising two fingers in peace sign, “and I am at the verge of my third and final wetting for the day.”

Her chat popped off with a rapid slew of comments.

“wow! you must be wet!!”
“is that all?”

“can you show us pleaseee?”

Daniela leaned forward to read the comments on her computer screen and repeated “’Can you show us…’, well sure I can, how many people are in the chat now?” She took a peek at her viewing count. “Four hundred and thirty seven! Fantastic!” she exclaimed with a large smile on her face.

“Ok guys, I know you’ve been waiting for this, and so have I, are you ready to see me use this diaper for the third time at…” she looked at her computers clock and did some quick mental math, “….at hour twenty two of this twenty four diaper challenge?”

The livestream chat popped off with enthusiasm.

“ofc marci!”

“don’t keep us waiting :p”

Daniela smirked and stood up from her chair, still in view of her webcam. “Alright guys, here is the result of the past twenty two hours.” she said. She lifted up the skirt of her white sundress and bunched it up in her arms to completely expose her diaper. The front of her Protegida clearly showed a yellow stain coming from between her legs and halfway up to her waist. Daniela could see the view of her webcam in a small “reflection” panel on her livestream interface, and this was the first time in hours she had seen her diaper as well.

“Aaand the back…” she announced as she twirled her body around to show her rear end to the camera. The unmistakable yellow stain was much more pronounced in the back of the diaper, fully covering her butt and crept up only a few inches away from the top of the diaper. Daniela had thoroughly soaked her diaper throughout the day but the high quality garment absorbed nearly all of it and felt dry to her touch, leaving only strong visible indicators after two uses.

With her back to the camera, Daniela peeked over her shoulder and said “Well whaddya think? Can I go one more time?” She could see the flurry of new chats race past the screen and the distinct ping sprite sound of donations to her tip jar.

“Wonderful…” Daniela said in relief and turned towards the camera. She moved ever so slightly forward to her laptop to give a better angle of the front of her diaper, and then let out a dramatic sigh to signal her release.

With zero hesitation, Daniela began to flood her diaper with a deluge of urine from the multiple sodas she drank over the past few hours. She was surprised at how easy it was for her to let go, it was certainly the most comfortable and instinctual use of her diapers in recent memory. She enjoyed the very real relief she was craving as she peed, releasing tension even in her back and legs. The diaper was getting wetter but not absorbing as well as it had been earlier in the day.

As Daniela was more and more aware of the wetness and perceivable liquid between her legs, she looked down to make sure she wasn’t leaking. She lightly touched the front of her diaper while she was still going to see if it would cause anything to spurt out the sides. Fortunately, it did not. While she certainly felt wetter than she did earlier in the day, the Protegida was still holding up. The next few hours would likely feel like sitting in a wet bathing suit, as opposed to simply a thicker pair of pants.

Daniela finished and looked back to her livestream with a wide grin on her face. “Well how about that? Did you guys enjoy that?”

“simply incredible.”

“where did this girl come from lol”

“you are the BEST marci”

Daniela felt a warmth in her chest, an admiration and a connection towards this moment. She looked at the clock, 7:47pm. She only had about two more hours until her livestream and her challenge was over. She felt a twinge of sadness that this attention and adoration would be over so soon. She could spend hours here conversing with her new friends and feeling the intoxicating effects of notoriety. There will more times like this is the future, she hoped to herself. Adjusting her chair behind her, she sat down with a noticeable squish.

Daniela let out a small “yeep” in exclamation, not expecting her diaper to be as wet as it was. Nothing was escaping, but she certainly felt like she was sitting in a puddle. She double checked there was no leaking on her chair, but both her seat and the exterior of her garment was dry.

“Well folks, I still owe you two more hours tonight! Anything on your mind, anything you’d like to talk about?”

Her chat erupted once more with suggestions, and Daniela struggled to find one topic in the fast moving chat stream to talk about.

“Uh-huh, we have ‘my apartment’, more Bogota questions, more bedwetting stories, do I have a boyfriend, my job…”

As she was listing off the various topics coming across her screen, Daniela froze and her eyes widened. She felt a deep pang, a low rumbling in her stomach. She quickly tried to put it out of her mind and distract herself.

In a hurried tone she blurted out “Oh my job! Let’s talk about my job. You see, I work the front desk for an insurance company and….” Another rumbling in her lower abdomen caused her to shift in her seat uncomfortably. Just some gas, Daniela assured herself. She couldn’t even begin to entertain any other possibility.

“The thing about working a front desk is that you meet all sorts of people, and it’s really quite a valuable experience in…” Daniela had to stop mid-sentence and clenched her abs in an attempt to gain control of her bowels.

Her viewers, astute as ever, seemed to pick up on this slight disturbance.

“everything ok Marci?”

“why are you hunched over like that”

“you don’t think she’s……right?”

Daniela tried to collect herself and keep the conversation flowing as normally as possible. “…quite a valuable experience in learning how to work with people and different types of—“

Her stomach began to make discernable churning noises. With her head lowered towards her core and her arms folded, Daniela could hear her body making these suspect sounds and was mortified that they might be audible to viewers. The first few initial thoughts of disaster entered her mind.

“Sorry guys, I think my stomach is just a bit upset at the moment.” Daniela sheepishly admitted to the camera. She took a deep breath and averted her gaze to the window above her laptop, almost ashamed to make eye contact with the camera. Her viewers began to understand the situation.

“uh oh xD”

“how long is she in this diaper again?”

“is this a bit”

Daniela was focused on composing herself and pacing her breathing, but if she had been reading the stream’s chat, she would’ve been deeply unsettled.

Still not looking at the camera, Daniela announced “I think it was those street tacos in the park, I usually never get them but I was in a rush.” She was starting to feel more in control and turned toward her stream.

“Alright, just an upset stomach! All good! Anyway back to what we were talking about…”

She began to read some of the recent and ongoing comments and her face began to turn a deep red.

“WHAT? No! Of course not! Guys, I did not just do that in this diaper. C’mon, that’s disgusting.” Daniela’s tone began to become more stern and defensive. She stood up and bunched up her skirt to display her diaper again.

See? Yes, I am soaked, but no, I did not use my—“ she paused, and corrected course “this, diaper for that. I may be wearing a diaper, but I’m not a baby, I can hold it.” She twirled her body around to assure her viewers that her diaper was still semi-clean.

Daniela’s self-assured, smug smile quickly turned to a blank, wide-eyed face of panic. Still standing, she doubled over and let out a grunt. The urgency with which she stood up and the circular motion of her body to display her diaper had stirred her bowels in a way that they could not have afforded to have been moved. She let out a hushed groan as she felt an involuntary bodily motion deep within her mid-section. Her mind completely forgot about her livestream and was simply focused on holding back her turbulent bowels. With only a moment’s notice of her body alerting her she couldn’t control it any longer, Daniela raised her head to take a step towards her bathroom, but it was too late.

Daniela felt an outpouring of hot, semi-solid waste into the back of her diaper. Her strained expression and groan was not captured by her webcam, as she was facing away with her behind in full view for her audience. The wide yellow stain of her diaper was starting to become contrasted by a small, expanding blotch of brown. Daniela could only remain in place and lower her head as she continue to relieve herself. The mess began to settle right below her butt, but it quickly expanded up the back of her diaper and slid towards the middle padding between her legs. Daniela’s face burned bright red from strain, embarrassment and shock. The thick, warm sludge was slowly expanding through the back of her diaper like lava. She felt shaky and startled, unsure of how to even proceed as she began to stand back upright and realized she had to face the camera. The tip jar sound effect was loudly pinging in the background, as Daniela took a deep breath and turned around. They probably didn’t see, she thought, just say it was more stomach problems.

Daniela tried to crack a smile and say “Whew! Stomach problems again! But as you guys can see, I clearly did not use my diapers for that.” She took one step towards her computer chair and felt the hot, sticky contents of her diaper move with her. Her entire backside was coated, and it was slowly but inevitably creeping towards the unused space towards the center of her diaper. Daniela came up to her chair and realized she had another issue.

There was no way she could sit down in this diaper. She had just completely loaded it, and sitting in her chair would squish the mess into places she couldn’t even think about. Daniela looked at the clock. 7:53pm. Two hours.

There is no way, she thought.

Still standing in front of her computer, Daniela crouched and said to her stream, “well guys, I think my stomach is acting up again, and I’m getting pretty tired, how about we call this night early and I talk to you all next week?”

She peeked at her chat panel, it was sheer pandemonium.

“HAHAHAHA absolutely no way she did that. No way”
“what are you talking about??? you still have two hours marci : ))))”

“Sit down stinker!”

“Congrats! $20 tip from…”

“this is part of the challenge! if you end up in a messy diaper you need to stay in it!”

“Congrats! $17 tip from…”

Daniela’s heart sank into her stomach. They knew, they all knew. She had just completely filled her diaper in front of—she checked the view count, 3700– people on her livestream, and they wouldn’t let her out of it.

How could I have not thought of this. Daniela lamented. A twenty-four hour diaper challenge? Without needing to go number two? How did this not even cross her mind?

I could stop this right now. Just turn off the camera and get out of this disgusting diaper, she thought. But how could she? What would she gain? The secret was out, her fans all knew. She would have to delete her entire YouTube account if she did that. She wouldn’t even be able to come back on a new account, since her face would be recognized! How could she leave now? And a better question, how could her fans stay? Weren’t they grossed out by this?

“Do you guys really want to see me… stay… like this?” Daniela nearly whimpered, still hunched over towards the camera, delaying taking her seat in the chair.

“Of course, a promise is a promise”

“Congrats! $30 tip from…”

“why don’t you take a seat Marci?”

Daniela put her elbows up on the table and buried her head in her hands and groaned. This was all too much. All she did was tell a few funny stories about how she wet her bed as a teenager, and now she was trapped in a poopy diaper in front of thousands of people. All her videos, her fan outreach, her editing efforts—they were culminating in a true spotlight, a sincere moment of small-time fame, and she was living out a humiliating nightmare she couldn’t bring herself to leave.

“Ok…” Daniela raised her head from her hands. “I suppose we can finish out this challenge… right here, right now…” She turned towards her chair, front and center in the view of her webcam.

“Just two more hours…” She gingerly grasped the arms of the chair and closed her eyes as she slowly lowered her butt down. As she lowered herself, she felt the soft, mushy mess in her diaper force up the back, almost making contact with the tightly wrapped duct tape “belt” she was wearing. Simultaneously, she felt it squish up between her legs and towards the front.

Daniela opened her eyes and yelped in surprise as she finished putting all her weight in her chair. Her viewers were seeing every momentary micro-expression and the raw, unfiltered reaction of Daniela’s first messy diaper. She felt like she was sitting in a pile of mud, sticking tight to her body in every crevice covered by her diaper. Her livestream chat was engaging at a velocity never before seen on her channel, and she was receiving dozens of tips, which were no doubt more generous than the tips received in the previous hour.

Daniela took a deep breath and composed herself for the home stretch of her challenge. She was stressed, anxious, upset-- but her content was clearly becoming more enchanting to her viewers by the minute. She tried to weigh the ever-present, nauseating sensation of her soiled diaper against the intriguing, excitable place she was taking her viewers. A lump formed in Daniela’s throat as she tried to process this all, but she exhaled her breath and fought it back.

“Ok, so like I was saying folks, you get to meet a lot of people at the front desk…”

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The past two hours had been among the longest of Daniela’s life. Her livestream chatroom was as chaotic as it had ever been, her inbox was receiving numerous private message notifications, and she was constantly trying to brainstorm “safe” and benign topics to talk about so she could steer the conversation of the stream. She needed to keep the ideas flowing so she could adequately distract herself from the unfortunate situation in her diaper, but her new fans were relentless. Nearly all the chat comments were related to her diaper: inquiring, teasing, laughing, reminding. It was difficult enough to keep the physical sensations out of her mind, every slight movement and readjustment in her chair caused more of her mess to squish and spread. Her apartment began to stink after the first fifteen minutes after she relieved herself, but she had acclimated to the smell since then. Her viewers demanded her mental attention as well.

“this is wild. do you think she planned it?”
"how does your diap diap feel, marci lol”
“thanks to whoever posted the link to this, just as advertised”

Daniela had been passing the time rambling about some of the content in her older videos. She was doing a “stream of consciousness” re-telling of some of her family history, her experiences in the city of Bogota, and her favorite movies and TV shows. Hardly anyone was listening or taking stock of it, Daniela included. Both her and her viewers were nearly totally occupied with what was going in her diaper, and everyone knew it.

As Daniela was trying to think of another topic to touch on, her eyes caught the clock on her computer screen. “Hey guys,” a tired, exasperated Daniela began, “looks like we’re closing in on 10 o’clock. Almost a full twenty four hours!” She forced a smile and let out a meek laugh. It was important for her to end on a high note, so her viewers were left with a positive moment which would hopefully bring them back in the future.

“It’s been a long day here in Bogota, and I’m so happy I had all of you here to experience it with me. It was so much fun exploring the city and checking out the museums…” She focused as much as she could on the earlier, funner (at least for her) parts of the day instead of her embarrassing current predicament.

“I just wanted to say thank you all for watching and supporting me through this! I think you’ll all find more content that you’ll like in the coming weeks as well…”

Her chat turned into a chorus of positive, grateful voices.

“no, thank YOU”
“thanks Marci!”
“you are the best : ))”
“there’s no one else like you, subbed”

Daniela breathed a sigh of relief. It was good to hear those responses, to feel some reciprocity of goodwill from her audience. Maybe this experience wasn’t as awful as it felt in the past two hours.

With her eyes glued to the chat, she heard the ping of a tip come in and saw the notification appear on her screen.

“Congrats! $200 tip from Samson479!”

Daniela’s jaw dropped. “Oh my god! Thank you! That’s so generous of you Samson479!” Her eyes lit up and her face glowed in genuine enthusiasm. “That’s like, a week of my salary at work! This is huge!”

She kept a close eye on the comments to see if this user would comment in reply.

“your welcome, Marci : ) I had to get ur attention somehow” Samson479 posted.

Daniela chuckled and tried to play it cool, like a real bigtime YouTuber. “Well of course, Samson. You have it, what would you like to say?”

A few moments passed and he replied, “there’s a lot more where that came from if you can do a favor for me.”

More users were flooding the chat stream with comments, but Daniela kept a keen eye out for such an important patron.

“Sure Samson. What can I do for you?” she asked, eager and still surprised by the magnanimous donation.

Nearly thirty seconds passed before Samson479 replied. “I will tip you $150 every hour on the hour if you go to sleep in your dirty diaper tonight”

Daniela felt her stomach drop. Her live chat burst with a flurry of new comments. Her heart began to beat harder and faster.

“Uhhh….” She had to be sure of what she just read before even referencing what she thought she saw to her livestream. She opened a separate window of the chat filtered just by Samson479 so she could be sure. His last comment, as clear as when she read it initially, “I will tip you $150 every hour on the hour if you go to sleep in your dirty diaper tonight.”

Daniela’s right leg starting bouncing anxiously as she flipped back to the main chat. It was just as she feared.

“plsss do it Marci plsss”
“Congrats! $23 tip from…”
“samson you are a hero”

In a pitch nearly an octave higher than how she normally spoke, Daniela started “Guys, I know Samson is just being generous, but I don’t think I can….” She tapered off. Her fans began to sense the hesitation and acted swiftly.

“boooooo cmon”
“just do it, samson offered you so much money”
“marci if you don’t do this I will literally never watch you again and tell everyone else not to watch you either”

Daniela was taken aback, these words felt harsh. Her viewers had never taken this negative of a tone with her, unanimously. She felt like she was being scolded in school, like she had done something terribly wrong.

“Wait! It’s just that-- I’ve already been in this diaper for the full challenge, why would I need to do more? Maybe if I was just wet…but…” her eyes were beginning to water, “…all night?”

Her chat sensed Daniela’s resolve being weakened and continued to push her.

“it’ll be fun : )”
“just one night, you’ll be asleep the whole time”
“you might like it”

The separate chat window of just Samson479 displayed a new comment. “Just until 8am Marci, I’ll even throw in an extra $200 if you stay till then. That’s $1700.”

Fighting back tears and a rapidly beating heart, Daniela read Samson479’s message and found it hard to pass up. $1700 was months of work for her, and she could earn it in one night.
“But—but how would this work, Samson? I’m tired, I can’t stay up until dawn on this livestream.” She asked. She absentmindedly crossed her legs in an effort to stop them from bouncing, and winced as she accidentally squished the mess in her diaper.

Samson479 took a minute to reply, and said “just leave your livestream on as you sleep so we know you’re not cheating. If your power goes out, I won’t tip you for any time not on camera.”

Daniela sighed. She was truly exhausted-- physically, mentally, and emotionally. She wanted nothing more than to change out of her soiled diaper, take a shower, and put this day behind her. She looked at the clock-- 10:02pm.

It’s over, you did it. Twenty-four hours she thought to herself. But she couldn’t relax just yet. Daniela lifted her skirt above her waist to take another look at her diaper.

It was a sorry sight indeed. The padding around her crotch was undeniably soaked, visibly yellow and creeping up towards the duct tape keeping it all in place. She spread her legs so she could inspect the leg bands of the diaper. She could see that her dark brown mess was on the verge of leaking out if the Protegida did not have such resilient elastic leg bands. Daniela didn’t dare to stand up and check out the back, since it would require her to sit back down once again. She also definitely didn’t want to see her behind since even this momentary inspection was making her feel more embarrassed and disgusted by the second.

She questioned why she even bothered to check her diaper. Was she seriously considering this? She did her part, she told her viewers she would complete a twenty four hour challenge in a diaper, and she delivered. Way over-delivered, she thought.

Daniela didn’t owe them anything, but yet, she knew what her decision was.

“Ummm… well, I have to see how the contrast plays out on the webcam if I only have my nightlight on in the room…”


“Can you guys see me?” Daniela asked, a few feet away from her laptop as she fiddled with a nightlight attached to the wall outlet.

Even though the room was now dimly lit, she could the see constant stream of comments on the computer screen from her position. A few donation pings emanated from her laptop as well. Daniela rose and half-walked, half-waddled back to her desk and looked at the reflection view of herself in the webcam.

“This should work.” She said under her breath.

She turned back to her bed where she had laid out a pink, plaid two-piece pajama outfit. She sighed as she realized her decision was becoming all the more real. She could’ve been in a hot shower right now, washing away the grime and embarrassment of her long, diapered day. But she decided, for reasons she couldn’t quite articulate, that the show must go on.

Daniela walked into view of the camera and began to pull her sundress off over her head. Underneath she was only wearing a bra and her used diaper. While putting her dress down on her bed she made eye contact with her webcam and realized just how vulnerable she had become. A few days prior she had been mortified and was second guessing herself about sharing a bedwetting memory from years ago, and now she stood nearly naked in front of thousands of viewers, wearing little more than a sopping, loaded diaper. She opened her mouth to acknowledge her bodily display, but decided against it and continued to dress herself.

She picked up her plaid pajama shirt and pulled it over her head. Reaching for the pajama pants, she realized this was the point of no return. Not taking her diaper off was one feeling, but to actively be dressing over it with more clothes only served to remind her just how trapped she was.

Daniela turned to the camera in a momentary act of desperation and announced “Well, here we go, putting my PJ’s on as part of my nightly routine….”

With the pants in hand, she walked towards the computer to read the chat comments to see if there was possible “out”, if maybe there was some way she wouldn’t have to go through with it.

“goodnight sweet girl : )”
“don’t worry marci just 10 more hours!!!”
“sleep easy”

For once, Daniela resented the soft encouragement of her fans. She checked the window with Samson479.

“good luck marci! Just another forty two minutes until I tip you again, remember to plug your laptop into a power outlet.”

Daniela felt heavy, and defeated. She took a step back so she was clearly in the camera’s view, and held her pants out in front on her. “Ok folks, going to head to bed now.” She lifted her left leg into the pajamas, and felt the slimy padding of her diaper rub between her legs.

“I hope you enjoy the rest of the stream, feel free to stay as long as you’d like…”

She lifted her other leg into the pajamas and pulled them above her waist. She grabbed the dangling drawstrings and began to tie a tight knot.

“Thanks for watching, and hope to see you soon.” She pulled the last bow through the knot and it was complete. She was dressed, sealed in, and ready to go to sleep. She blew her customary kiss to the camera and turned towards her bed. She pulled the covers back and preemptively grimaced as she knew crawling into bed would spread and mush her messy diaper even further. Once settled, Daniela laid on her side with her back to the camera. Her previously acute attention to her diaper was less pronounced now, amid her exhaustion, her indifference, and simply getting used to the feeling. With mental permission to now disengage from her surroundings, Daniela closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.



The harsh, shrill alarm of Daniela’s phone startled her awake. It was 8:04 AM, the sun was peeking through the window and Daniela’s laptop and webcam were dutifully still operating.

In a sleepy haze, Daniela flipped over to grab her phone on the opposite side of the bed. Before she could even hit snooze, she let out a disgruntled moan of disgust. The muck in her diaper was noticeably warmer, wetter, and felt more reanimated compared to when she went to bed the previous night. As she flipped over, she felt the contents of her diaper ooze over her buttocks and spread throughout the garment. In contrast, strangely, her pajama pants felt cold, damp, and clammy, as did her sheets to the touch of her hands. Daniela grumbled as the realization dawned on her: she had wet the bed.

She didn’t need to pee when she fell asleep last night, but as she knew well, that wasn’t sufficient enough for her to not to have a nighttime accident. If it were a normal night, she would’ve used the bathroom right before falling asleep, but instead, her last release was around 8pm. Adding in the stress and anxiety she was feeling yesterday, Daniela felt ashamed she didn’t piece together all the warning signs prior to agreeing to spend the night in an already maxed-out diaper.

While mentally running through her familiar after-the-fact “wet bed” checklist that she had begrudgingly abided by so many times in her life, she discerned a new issue. Her apartment smelled awful, way worse than the previous night. Still sleepy, Daniela got up on her elbows and began to inspect the damage of her sheets. She pulled back her blanket and was hit with a new wave of smells. Her normally white sheets were now broadly soaked and took on a yellowish-brown hue. Her pajamas pants were sodden too, and while she couldn’t make out the color as well against the pink plaid, they were no doubt in the same condition as her sheets. Daniela cringed in disgust and pulled her pajama pants down to inspect her diaper. As she peeled off her wet pajamas, she inadvertently put more pressure on her butt, squishing her diaper. Daniela could now see what must have happened. Even as she moved in this moment, her diaper leaked a brown slurry out of the leg holes and onto her bed. She was a leaky mess, having relieved herself well beyond the normal capacity of the Protegida into untenable territory.

Daniela was revolted. She almost began to cry, but looked to her computer and saw the red light of webcam software, indicating she was still on camera for her livestream. She was stewing in her mess for all to see. This situation was so far out of her control, so far out of her expertise, Daniela had no idea how to even proceed next. She shimmied to the edge of her bed, leaking fluids along the way and stood up in front of the camera.

She was a pitiable sight, but she was too disoriented to even process it. Her bed-head hair was frizzed and disheveled, and she had bags under her half open eyes. Her plaid pajama shirt was wet towards her midsection, and she now had no bottoms to cover her comically soiled diaper. Small droplets of brown slurry slid their way down her leg, and Daniela began to waddle towards her closet to grab a towel to wipe herself down. Her awkward shuffle crossed right through the view of her camera. Grabbing a towel, she began to wipe her legs and move towards her desk. With no other clear direction, she laid the towel down on her chair and took a squishy seat.

Daniela squinted at her computer screen to take a look at some of the key metrics. There were only eighteen people left in her stream. The existing chat log contained random chatter throughout the night, and almost dropped off completely towards dawn. The window that displayed Samson479’s comments showed he kept his word, and had tipped $150 at the top of every hour since 10pm.

With no energy or will for a flowery introduction, Daniela meekly announced “Hi Samson, thank you for you donations.”

Her chat commenters stirred at the sound of her voice.

“well hello!”
“look at our favorite girl”
“how did you sleep marci?”

Before she had a chance to read all of them, Samson479 had replied “good morning Marci : ) you look well rested and thank you, you made my week.”

Daniela flatly replied “You are welcome.” She didn’t quite know if she should stay any longer, or make an attempt to end her livestream and clean herself up. She decided to scroll through some of the existing comments. Before she could get very far, she got a notification that read:

“Congrats! $200 tip from Samson479”

She toggled back to his window. “Thanks again!” Daniela chirped in.

“Marci, before you go” Samson479 commented, “tell us what your favorite part of sleeping in that diaper was.”

Daniela furrowed her brow and tried to understand what he meant.

“My… favorite part…?” she asked, with a hint of indignation in her voice.

The rest of the few remaining viewers chimed in as well.

“yeah marci lol, tell us how much you loved it”

“are messy diapers your favorite?”

“it’s ok if they are, you can tell us”

Daniela leaned back in her chair in frustration and confusion. None of this made sense. What could her viewers, these strange internet people, possibly mean by all this. First they wanted to see her in a diaper, then they wanted to see her use a diaper in the most demeaning and humiliating of ways, then they ask her to sleep in said diaper, and now they insist on knowing what was her favorite part?

It was disgusting. It was revolting. It may have been one of the most traumatic few hours of her life. How could she have a favorite part? The highlight of being locked in a prison of her own filth? The satisfaction of feeling her own slimy excrement coat every inch of her most sensitive areas?

Then it hit her. Daniela was not the star of Marci’s Ponderings, her diapers were. Her viewers did not log on to see her, or to hear her thoughts and experiences, they came to see her diapers. They came to see her diapers subjugate her, like a lion tamer subjugates their beast, and forces it onto its back and rubs its belly. Her diapers were the star-- and the wetter, the messier, and the dirtier they were, the better. Daniela was the meek subject her diapers were done to, she was second fiddle. And she if wanted anything to do with the money, the attention, or the success of her diapers, she had better know her place and act like it.

“Uhh… well…” Daniela hesitated. She squirmed nervously in seat, trying to think, forcing more slurry to leak out of her diaper into the towel underneath her.

“My favorite part… was how… squishy… it was.” Daniela meekly added.

“Really : )” Samson479 wrote. “and what else?”

Daniela felt butterflies in her stomach. “I also liked…. how, uh… mushy it was.”

The chat decided to push further with it.

“squishy and mushy….one way to describe it lol”

“is that all?”

“marci I don’t think you like your messy diapers at all”

Daniela began to get nervous. “No, I do like these–” she stopped herself and felt her stomach twist “—I do like my messy diapers…”

“hmmm do you Marci?” Samson479 added. “I want you to prove it to me.”

Daniela couldn’t even imagine what he meant, but she was sure it wouldn’t be good for her. “What do you mean, Samson? I do like my diapers, how can I prove it to you?”

Samson479 took a minute to reply, and followed up with “bounce up and down in your seat and tell us how much you love your dirty diapers.”

A barely stifled whimper was audibly picked up by Daniela’s webcam.

“O-ok, Samson…” she quietly replied.

The few embers of dignity that lingered in Daniela’s heart were quickly being extinguished. She was at the beck and call of her viewers and too far in now to push back on any demand they had. She was already sitting in an overflowing, day and a half old diaper, and had no remaining self-respect to argue or bargain on any requests.

Daniela grabbed each arm of her chair and raised herself up. Her diaper was heavy, and sagged down to touch the chair for a few inches even as she lifted herself. While squatting over her chair with her butt in the air, she began “My favorite part of my messy diapers is how warm and mushy they are.”

She dropped her weight back into her seat. Warm sludge oozed between her legs, and small liquid rivulets trickled out of both leg bands. Her face contorted and her bottom lip quivered.

“I love when the hot mess gushes throughout my diaper.” She took a deep breath and raised herself again. “I’ve worn diapers in the past, but last night was truly magical.” She dropped herself onto the chair and let out a staggered breath. She paused, but continued to add “I want to wake up in a poopy diaper every single day!”

Her affirmations were embarrassing enough to think of, but saying them out loud for her camera was a new level of degradation. Her eyes began to water and a lump formed in her throat.

Raising herself once again, she said “I love my dirty diapers. The stinkier they are, the better.” She dropped once more, a single tear flowing down her cheek. In a shaky voice she said “I don’t ever want to use the toilet, I want to wear diapers forever.”

On the verge of busting into tears, with no emotional strength to fight back at all, she quickly checked the responses from her viewers to see if her humiliation ritual was satisfactory enough.

“good god”

“I believe you marci : )”

“so glad I’m still up for this”

“Congrats! $45 tip from…”

She toggled to the window with Samson479’s comments, and he replied “that’s a good girl Marci, I believe you when you say you love you diapers. please, go get some rest.”

More tears were beginning to fall down Daniela’s face as she covered her mouth and tried to compose herself for a few parting words.

“Thank you,” she sniffled, “goodbye all.”

She hit the bright red “Finish” button on the livestream interface and closed her laptop. Immediately, Daniela leapt out of her chair and waddled, quietly sobbing, into the bathroom.



The sound of clinking metal rang throughout Daniela’s apartment as she dropped a fork and knife into her kitchen sink. She had just finished a late dinner, a bowl of chorizo with rice and a small side salad. It was nearly 8:30pm, and she began wiping down her kitchen counter in an effort to clean her apartment for the upcoming week.

Daniela had a long, arduous day after she wrapped up her livestream earlier that morning. Moments after she ended her broadcast, she had sprung to finally rid herself of her diaper. She had to use a pair of scissors to cut and unwrap the duct tape she used to lock herself in. Once freed, it took her nearly ten minutes to clean herself up before she was able to enter her shower. Underneath the hot water and steam, she bawled her eyes out for almost half an hour.

She had a lot to process over the course of her Sunday, but her mood began to improve after a cathartic cry. Having never been so grateful to feel fresh and clean, and to be wearing a pair of cotton panties instead of a thick diaper, Daniela quickly took to the tedious work of tidying the rest of her apartment. She had some very urgent laundry she needed to attend to, and had to wrap her horrid, foul diaper in multiple plastic bags before she could bring it to a dumpster.

She took her clothes to a local laundromat and passed the time by catching up on the fallout of her livestream on her phone. The results were quite astounding. Marci’s Ponderings had netted nine thousand new subscribers, and her live stream had reached more than sixty thousand unique views over the twelve hours she was live. Her YouTube message inbox was overrun with praise, questions, insults, adoration, and even suitors. The balance in her virtual tip jar was over $2800, which, when converted to Colombian pesos, amounted to months of Daniela’s salary at Serenity Solutions. Her channel was taking off, her content was reaching far more than she had hoped to, and her financial wellbeing was skyrocketing. Walking home with a bag of clean sheets and pajamas across her back, she smiled widely at passerby and hummed a silly, joyful tune.

Before putting her clothes away, Daniela opened her window and lighted some scented candles. She began to prepare her dinner of chorizo and rice, and started to wonder if she had enough credits on her bus pass to get to work the next day. Once the thought entered her mind, she put down the bowl of rice she was scooping and grabbed her phone.

Daniela took a deep breath and opened up her contact list, scrolling down to “Work Front Desk” in her phone. She called the number that would normally go to her if it were business hours. Upon reaching a voicemail box, Daniela said “Hi guys, it’s Mar— Daniela… I know it’s such short notice but I’m not going to be able to make it in tomorrow, I’m not feeling too well.”

She hesitated for a moment, before hurriedly adding, “Actually I’m not going to make it in on Tuesday, either. I have found a new opportunity and I resign my position, effective immediately. Thank you.” She hung up the phone and stared at the screen for moment. She could almost hear her elevated heartbeat and felt a rush of exhilaration. Placing her phone on her bed, she went back to the kitchen and picked up her preparations right where she left off.

After dinner, Daniela brushed her teeth and put on a white, silk pair of pajamas she had in her closet. Tomorrow was going to be the start of a new chapter of Daniela’s life. She had plans to follow up on correspondence with a number of her viewers that had reached out to her. She was considering setting up a website, somewhere where she could post more information, pictures, and content to augment the videos on her YouTube channel.

Daniela used her fingers to extinguish the candles she had lit and then closed the window above her desk. She turned off the light next to her bed and crawled underneath her covers.

She would certainly need to buy more diapers too. There were probably dozens of brands she could try online, with varying fits and designs. Daniela thought back to earlier that morning, and made a mental note to buy some wet wipes. It would also be a good idea to get some baby powder and diaper rash cream, she thought. And what did that person from my messages say? “Plastic pants”? I’ll have to add that to the list.

As she was beginning to nod off, Daniela felt a flurry of excitement in her chest. She had quit her job! Her YouTube channel was paying the bills, and she had real life fans to interact with and keep happy. It was both freeing and terrifying, but she was ecstatic, and delighted to take her next steps.

Right before she drifted off to sleep, a thought in the back of Daniela’s mind nudged her awake. She was reminded of what happens overnight when she falls asleep as excitable and as exuberant as she was now. She pulled back her covers and swung her legs onto the floor. She walked toward the foot of her bed, reached into the open pack of Protegidas, and pulled out a fresh diaper.


Hi, steadyNoon,

I just want to thank you for a story that is original. I like the Bogota setting, the main character and her reactions, the livestreaming, pretty much everything, and it all seems very authentic. The only thing I wish is that you had posted this one chapter at a time to build up a fanbase. Not that I am not super happy that I got to read it all at once, but, as with “Marci,” these things take time to become known and seen.


Thanks Kerry! And yeah, in the future I might break up a story into smaller pieces to build some suspense

I just found this story and I have to say that it is the single best diaper erotica I’ve ever read. Like damn! I hope we get to see more of Daniela/Marci in the future. Well done!

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Thank you! Daniela’s story could continue, she certainly has a lot to learn in her future

I’ve had a tab open for a few weeks on this one but haven’t had a chance to come read this. Like Kerry said this is a very new way to tell a story, and I’m curious to see it continue. I’m a little worried she’s going to end up in danger though at the rate she’s going. Telling people where she was going was a risky move! Hope to see more of this in the near future!


So far, so good. I like Daniela. She seems like a nice girl; shy, mild, kind of lonely and lost in the big city with no real friends to hang with or talk to.