Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

I woke up again at 8.30 and got out off bed, moving about in the bed must have woken Lily because she moved her head and said “Is it time to get up yet Mandy?”

I said "Yes Lily, I’m going to watch cartoons? Are you coming?

Lily jumped out off bed and said “can I get dressed before we go downstairs?”

I looked at lily and said “No, mums still asleep, she will come and get us when she wakes up”

We run down stairs, I put the TV on and asked Lily if she wanted some Coco Pops and a glass of milk, Lily nodded and said “Ill help you Mandy”

We both went into the kitchen, I got the bowls and the Coco pops out while Lily got the Milk from the fridge. I had my bare feet and found walking on the cold tiled floor gave me a sudden need to pee. I picked up two glasses and filled them with milk as I moved from foot to foot doing a pee pee dance, I was glad to put the milk bottle down once the glasses were full so I could hold myself a little.

Lily looked at me with a knowing glance and said “Mandy do you need to go potty?”

I nodded and said “Yes Lily, I’m bursting” as I managed to fill the bowls with the Coco pops and some milk while dancing.

Lily put the Milk away and we walked towards the sitting room, As I walked I felt the first dribble leak into my nappy, I stopped and tried to hold myself, I then realised I had a class of milk in one hand and a bowl of Coco pops in the other, I crossed my legs but crossing my legs alone was not enough pressure to stop the flow and I instantly felt the warmth spread across my nappy. I continue to the sitting room and sat down on the couch beside Lily who looked at me and said “If you need to go potty you better go tell your mum”

I was a little embarrassed but smiled and said “Lily I don’t need to go anymore, I had an accident in my nappy”

Lily looked at me with wide eyes and said “you went pee pee in your nappy? Why?”

I said “I was bursting, I couldn’t wait and I just started to pee”

Lily said “Why didn’t you go get your mum sooner?”

I looked at lily and said “My mum said I’ve not to waken her to help me go pee pee if my nappy is already wet and I peed myself last night remember”

We eat our breakfast and continued watching cartoons for a while; I noticed a little fidget from Lily every now and again but said nothing. It was about 10 minutes later when Lily started to squirm around a lot on the couch, I looked at her, she seen me looking and said “Oh Mandy I need to go potty!”

I smiled and said “No you don’t Lily, you’ve got a nappy on and it’s already wet remember”

Lily screwed up her face up and said “that was your fault, you made me pee myself”

I giggled and said “You were going to pee yourself anyway, just like you are now”

Lily looked at me as she squirmed, she then suddenly grabbed herself, I could tell by the look on her face that she had lost her battle with her bladder and I said “I think Little Lily’s had an accident in her nappy”

Lily looked at me and said “how did you know?”

I giggled and said “I know what a little girl peeing her nappy looks like”

We continued to watch cartoons until my mum came down the stairs, she smiled and said “Morning girls, come upstairs and I’ll take your nappies off so you can have a shower. Are you wet or dry this morning?”

I looked at my mum and said “I’m wet mum”

Mum looked at Lily and said “how about you honey?”

Lily said “I woke up during the night needing to pee pee, Mandy told me I was just to pee my nappy”

My mum smiled and said “that’s okay honey, that’s what your night nappy is for. Do you need to go potty now Lily”

Lily blushed and said “No, I needed to go potty when we were watching cartoons, I tried to hold it but I couldn’t wait anymore and I pee peed my nappy”

My mum gave Lily a hug and said “Honey it’s okay, your not in trouble your nappy was already wet anyway”

We went upstairs and had our shower, my mum helped us both get dried and dressed, both in cute pink tracksuits, Lily in her pull-up and me in my big girl panties.

We were soon out playing in the garden; it was quite a hot day so mum gave us a glass of juice every now and again to keep us hydrated. A little later Lily was playing in the sand pit helping me to making sand castles when I seen her fidgeting. I said “Lily, do you need to go potty?”

Lily looked at me and said “No I don’t need to go”

We continued to play, Lily continued to fidget and bounce up and down on her knees as she played, after a few more minutes, she dropped her spade and grabbed herself and said “Uh Oh, I’ve pee peed”

I giggled and said “Lily you said you didn’t need to go potty”

Lily said “I didn’t want to stop playing in the sand” and she started to cry.

I took Lily by the hand and said “Its okay honey lets go and get my mum to change you”

We went inside and I explained to my mum what had happened and she laughed and said “Aww Lily lets get you changed into a dry pull-up. You need to remember and ask to go potty or you will have another accident, okay sweetie?”

Lily nodded her head and said “I’m sorry I was having fun in the sand”

My mum smiled and said “don’t worry honey, of you go back to the sand pit”

Just before lunch time Auntie Linda arrived, came out to the back garden and grabbed Lily and gave her a huge hug and said “Hello honey, how are you? Have you been a good girl?”

Lily looked at her mum and said “Yes mummy”

Auntie Linda said “have you kept your panties dry?”

Lily looked at the ground and said “No mummy, I had an accident”

Auntie Linda looked at my mum and said “Has she been wetting herself?”

My mum looked at her and said “She has had a few accidents; she wet both her pull-ups yesterday so I put a nappy on her as you requested, when we went to Tesco after dinner last night, she needed to pee while we were at the checkouts and she wasn’t able to wait long enough for me to get her to the toilet, so she had an accident in her nappy. She has had one accident today already so she is in her second pull-up”

Auntie Linda said “Oh okay, that’s fine; Lily knows the rules. If she has two accidents, she gets put in a nappy, if she needs to go potty when she has a nappy on, she has to use her nappy”

Auntie Linda then shouted “Lily, come here”

Lily run to her mum she knew she was in trouble, Auntie Linda grabbed lily and pulled her over her knee and she slapped her padded bottom. Auntie Linda said “I have told you, you need to ask to go potty, you are meant to be a big girl”

Lily started to cry and said “I sorry mummy, I’m sorry”

Auntie Linda stood Lily back up and placed her hand inside Lily’s tracksuit trousers, she then felt the front of her pull-up and said “Lily your wet again!”

Lily started to cry again and said “I’m sorry mummy, I pee peed when you spanked me”

Auntie Linda laid Lily on the floor and said “Just you lie down there; I need to get a nappy for you, that’s the second wet pull-up today isn’t it?”

Lily started to cry and said “yes mummy, but I don’t want a nappy on, I’m a big girl”

Auntie Linda laughed and said “Lily, big girls don’t pee there panties, it’s only babies that pee there panties, that’s why babies wear nappies. You’ve twice peed in your panties so like a baby you need a nappy”

Auntie Linda pulled the nappy out of her bag, slid it under Lily’s bottom and soon had it tapped snugly around Lily’s waist and said “There you go, now you can just pee yourself like a baby whenever you want” as she pulled Lily’s tracksuit trousers up over her nappy.

Auntie Linda then said to my mum “how do you fancy going to McDonalds for lunch?”

My mum said “that would be nice Linda, I’ll just grab my purse and will you stick the girls in the car while I lock the house?”

Mum joined us in the car and we headed to McDonalds, me and Lily had a happy meal and mum and Auntie Linda had big Mac’s. We had a good laugh with mum and Auntie Linda while eating our lunch and then went to play in the soft play area. We had been playing for maybe 15 minutes when I noticed Lily doing a pee pee dance and I said “Lily do you need to go potty?”

Lily held herself and said “Yes Mandy, I’m needing”

I said “okay Lily lets go and tell your mummy”

We both run over to the table, Lily tugged her mum’s arm to get her attention and said “Mummy I need to go potty” while dancing on the spot.

Auntie Linda just looked at Lily and said “No you don’t, you have a nappy on!”

Lily grabbed herself and said “But Mummy I …”

Auntie Linda cut her off and said “no buts….you know the rule Lily, use your nappy”

I felt a little sorry for Lily and said “Auntie Linda, I need to go pee now too, can’t I take Lily with me to the toilet?”

Auntie Linda smiled and said “Mandy honey you just go to the toilet yourself, you’re a big girl. Lily has a nappy on so she doesn’t need to go to the toilet”

I said “but she’s bursting to pee Auntie Linda”

Auntie Linda giggled and said “I know she is Mandy, its okay, just ignore all her squirming and pee pee dancing, soon she won’t be able to hold on anymore and she will have an accident in her nappy.”

I went to the toilet and when I came back Lily was still dancing from foot to foot. Auntie Linda said “Mandy, can you take Lily back to play in the soft play area”

I took Lily by the hand and said “come on Lily lets go play”

Lily looked at me with a begging look and said “But Mandy, I need to go potty!!”

I giggled and said “Its okay Lily some bouncing will sort that” as I pulled Lily onto the bouncy part of the play area and started bouncing with her.

After only a minute of bouncing Lily said “Mandy stop bouncing I’m going to pee pee”

I giggled again and said “I know you are Lily” as I stopped bouncing.

Lily crossed her legs and grabbed herself and said “Oh Mandy I can’t wait anymore, I’m going to pee”

I laughed at the expression on Lily’s face as she tried not to pee herself and reached over to her and gave her an unexpected tickle. Lily bent forward and gasped as she started to pee herself; she looked at me and said “Mandy, you made me pee myself again.”

I said “Lily you were seconds from having an accident anyway, I just helped speed it up a little”

Lily and I went back to the table were our mum’s were sitting and Lily said “Mummy, I pee peed because Mandy tickled me”

Auntie Linda said “Oh honey it doesn’t matter, you were going to pee your nappy anyway”

My mum said “are we all ready to go home? Linda, do you want to change Lily before we leave?”

Auntie Linda said “No Lily’s nappy will hold another wetting before she will need changing, let’s go”

We got into the car and headed home, when we got back home, Auntie Linda told Lily just to jump into her car because they had to get moving, I takes an hour to get home.
Lily looked at her mum and said “Mummy, Can I go potty before we go?”

Auntie Linda said “No!! Just pee in your nappy again it’s already wet”

Lily looked at her mum and said “But Mummy I don’t need to pee pee, I need to poop”

Auntie Linda said “Just get in the car Lily; you can poop in your nappy!”

Auntie Linda got in her car once Lily was strapped into her seat and they left, Later that evening Mum told me Auntie Linda was on the phone and she had said when Lily got home she had pooped in her nappy and it was really wet.

It was soon time for bed; mum laid me on my bed, pinned on my nappy and slid my plastic panties up my legs and over my nappy. Once I had my Pyjamas on, mum patted my bum and said “Okay baby jump into bed and let me tuck you in”

I jumped onto my bed; mum covered me up, gave me a huge hug and tucked me in. She then said “goodnight baby see you in the morning”

To be continued

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

This story is…well…

  1. pee
  2. get changed
  3. pee
  4. get changed
  5. pee

and so on, ad infinitum, with minimum plot development otherwise.

A story needs to be MORE than that. For this genre, this audience, the wetting is important, sure, but it’s not going to make this story stand out from a million other stories.

Flesh it out a bit more.

Oh, and there’s more descriptive phrases than ‘XXX looked at YYY’. Consider using them and expanding your vocabulary.

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

I’ve been trying a new tactic since the last monotonous chapter: ignoring it and hoping it goes away…

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6


Funny thing is for someone trying to ignore the story you seem to alway read it.

I know i’m not the best writer by any means and feedback is happily acepted when it is constuctive, i have learnt several thinks from the previuos feedback left by others but for some reason you seem to be consistantly negative to the extent of being nasty and it has been noticed by others on the forum too

Have a read at the “tips on Critiquing” and read what Wings has written.

when you have something constructive to say thats going to help then feel free to post it.

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6


Thanks for your input

I see where you are coming from and accept what you are saying i will try working on this in chapter 7.

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

You know, this story is by no means one of the better ones i’ve ever read. BUT, I do feel a sense of excitement every time you put a new chapter up. It’s easy to read and entertaining. Adding a little more to the storyline will definately help it but keep going as it is. It’s kid of like pop music, you can say as many bad things about it as you want but you keep listening to it.

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

well by my personal perspective I’ll say this story can definitely go places. Nevertheless I still see areas that need a fair amount of work to really make it successful. Something I noticed quite alot was ur use of “said” exponentially in the narration. I like using “said” after i’ve pretty much run out of other words to back up a character’s lines. “Inquired, asked, questioned, exclaimed, replied, etc.” are just some that I use in my stories :slight_smile: definitely have more variety in ur narration and like casper said always try extend your vocabulary. the more you know, the more description you can add into your story for your readers to enjoy. hope this helps! ^^

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

I have continued to read it in the somewhat forlorn hope that you’ll take into account some of the helpful advice that has been posted at the first four chapters.

Your story is a stream of parents forcing their kids to piss themselves with no kind of contextualisation or overriding plot.

This has been brought to your attention repeatedly; you haven’t really (as far as I can see) taken any steps towards remedying this.

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6


This part of the story is a memory from Mandy’s past explaining what made her a teen baby.

If you reread ch1 you will see she is 15 yrs old, currently in the story she is aged 7 1/2 and this age is soon to change to the age she was at the next milestone in her memory of why she is a teen baby.

yes there is a lot of the story covering parents forcing kids to wet themselves but i know several real AB/Dl’s that are AB/Dl’s because of similar treatment as bed wetters or just when they were younger.

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

silent virus

Thanks for that

I have been struggling with the issue of said this and said that and even found myself trying to think of other words to use but did find it hard.

thanks for the examples….I do want to make this a good story but as it is probably easy to see this is only my second attempt at writing a story like this so constructive advice like yours is very welcome and happily recieved and hopefully will help improve my writing skills.


Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch6

Even if it’s a memory, it still requires a driving force of some kind to keep people enjoying reading it. As it stands there’s not really much development; it’s entirely flat.