Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4

Mum took off my nappy and said “Mandy go for a shower and get ready for school”

I jumped up from my bed, run to the bathroom, turned on the shower and quickly got washed and ready for school.

It was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend, I was having my little cousin Lily stay over on Saturday night. Lily is 4 1/2 years old and has lovely long blond hair and big blue eyes, she’s a lot smaller than me, which is good because I like tickling her and she can’t run away. Lily still wears pull-ups during the day and a nappy at night because she has a lot of accidents.

When I got out of school I run to the gate, I found my mum waiting for me in her car and got in. On the way home my mum told me that her and dad would have to go out tonight to a dinner at my dads work, she told me that Debbie was coming to baby sit for me.

Debbie has been babysitting for me for over a year now and she is great fun. She is 17 years old with black hair and is huge, I think she must have eaten an elephant but I love our wrestling and playing around, she just loves to play.

Once we arrived home I went outside to play on my swing and the trampoline until mum shouted me in for dinner.

After dinner I watched some cartoons until my mum shouted “Mandy honey can you come up here please?”

I got up and run up the stairs and found my mum in my room, she looked at me and said “Honey I have spoken to Debbie and she has told me that she doesn’t know how to use terry nappies. I don’t have any disposables here and your dad and I need to go in ten minutes, we don’t have time to go and get you any either. I have told Debbie that I will put you in your nappy now so she doesn’t need to worry about it, ok”

I looked at my mum and said “but mum it’s only 6.30pm do I have too”

My mum said “Mandy I have explained to you why, now up on the bed and no arguing”

I knew my mum meant it by her voice, I pulled off all my cloths and jumped up on the bed, my mum laid my nappy under my bum, pulled it up between my legs and pinned it closed with two pins on either side. She then pulled me up to the sitting position and picked up a pair of yellow plastic panties with teddies on them and gave them a shake. She pulled open the waist and said “Okay Mandy, step into your panties” as I did she pulled them up my legs and over the nappy, checking around the legs to make sure they were on correctly. She then handed me my PJ bottoms and said “just put your pyjamas on now too, Mandy”

Just as I was pulling my top over my head I heard the door bell ring, dad then shouted “That’s Debbie here Mandy”

I run down the stairs and gave Debbie a huge hug, she patted my nappy and said “I see your all ready for bed sweetie, I have a DVD here for us to watch though and I’m going to order a Pizza later too, so don’t worry, I won’t put you to bed early”

My mum and dad gave me a hug and then left for there dinner telling me to be good for Debbie.

I closed the door and run to the sitting room where Debbie was putting the DVD in the DVD player and then she joined me on the couch. She lifted her bag and pulled out two bottles of coke and handed me one and smiled.

The DVD was searching for Nemo, I had seen it at the cinema but I was more than happy to watch it again. I sat there cuddled up to Debbie, watched the movie and drank my juice until about an hour later when I felt the need to pee.

I sat there, I slowly started to fidget and wiggle around and Debbie looked at me and said “are you okay Mandy?”

I looked at her and said “No, I need to go to the toilet” as I started to get up.

Debbie smiled and said “Mandy, your mum told me that if you needed to go to the toilet, I was not to take your nappy off, I have just to let you have an accident in you nappy”

I started to cry, I didn’t want Debbie to know I liked wetting my nappy, I looked at her and said “but I want to go to the toilet”

Debbie leaned over and gave me a hug and said “I know sweetie, but your mum told me not to take your nappy off and little girls in nappies don’t need to go to the toilet, do they?”

I looked back at Debbie and shook my head; she smiled and said “okay, so just let yourself have an accident in your nappy when you can’t wait anymore”

I sat there wiggling around for a few minutes more trying not to pee but was soon bursting; I felt a dribble escape into my nappy and grabbed my crotch, I then started bouncing up and down trying not to give in.

Debbie sat there watching me and then burst into laughter and said “Oh Mandy, just let go sweetie. Just pee yourself, it okay, that’s what your nappy is for honey”

I looked up at Debbie and said “I know but, Oh No….Oh!!” I felt another dribble escape, then another and another, it was too late. I looked at Debbie as I felt the warmth spread and said “Oh I’m peeing, I can’t stop, Oh No”

Debbie giggled as she slid her had down my pyjama bottoms and touched my plastic pants and said “Aww has baby Mandy had an accident in her nappy?” she then smiled and said “I bet you have a nice warm bum now though don’t you?”

I smile and said “yes, I peed and my nappy is all warm”

Debbie picked up the menu for the pizza place and asked “so what type of pizza do you want?”

I jumped up and down and said “Oh pepperoni please it’s my favourite”

The pizza arrived quickly after Debbie phoned and we stuffed our faces, drank some more coke then decided it was time to play hide and seek.

I let Debbie hide first and then went to look for her, I searched every room upstairs and then downstairs and couldn’t find her and as I was about to go back upstairs I heard a noise coming from the cupboard under the stairs. I run round to the cupboard door and pulled it open and there was Debbie trying to hide under some coats.

Debbie came out of the cupboard and said “okay Mandy, your turn to hide”

I run up the stairs and slid under my bed and pulled a box over a bit to block the view under the bed. Debbie shouted “I’m coming” and I heard her moving about the house. Debbie came into the room, looked around and then left again. She never looked under the bed, then10 minutes later she came back again having looked everywhere else and moved the box.

I lay there still, trying not to make a noise while Debbie started to bend down to look under the bed where I was hiding. It was while I lay there that I started to feel the need to pee again, just then I saw Debbie’s face, she shouted “Ah!! There you are, come here” she then grabbed my legs and pulled me out from under the bed, giggled and started to tickle me, she does that every time she finds me when we are playing hide and seek.

I screamed with laughter and then remembered my need to pee as the pressure increased with the tickling. I tried to pull away and Debbie laughed and said “what is it? Does Mandy not like getting tickles?”

I looked up at Debbie squirming and laughing and said “yes I like tickles, but I’m bursting to pee, please stop, I’m going to pee myself”

Debbie looked at me and smiled and said “Aww don’t worry little Mandy, you have a nappy on remember and you’ve peed yourself already anyway” she started to tickle me again and giggled “I think someone is going to have a little accident in her panties”

The pressure built up and I soon felt the first trickle into my already wet nappy and grabbed myself. Debbie looked at me and slid her hand into my Pyjama bottoms and touched my plastic panties and said “aww!! I thought you had just peed yourself” she then slid my pyjama bottoms off my bum so my nappy was in full view and said “I’ll just have to tickle little Mandy a little more” as she giggled and started to tickle me again.

I wriggled around trying to get away but it was no good and soon I was bursting so bad again that I dribbled some more and again I grabbed my crotch but this time Debbie kept tickling and said “ah you won’t fool me with that this time I’m not stopping until I see the pee spreading across your nappy”

I then Dribbled again and as a last hope shouted “Debbie stop, Please I’m going to pee. Oh No please stop”

Debbie then giggled again and said “that’s good, I won’t need to tickle you much longer then”

It was then that I felt another squirt into my nappy and I tensed up to try and stop the flow but this time with Debbie still tickling me the flow just kept coming and I saw a smile appear on Debbie’s face as I felt the warmth spread trough my nappy and she said “Aww little Mandy’s peed her nappy, I bet your bums all warm again”

I got up from the floor, Debbie pulled my pyjama bottoms back up and we went back downstairs. Debbie put the cartoons on TV, we sat there watching and the next thing I knew my mum and dad were at the door.

My mum asked Debbie if everything went okay and Debbie smiled and said “yes, Mandy has had an accident in her nappy though, she has peed herself twice tonight. Mandy did ask to go to the toilet but you said not to take her nappy off, so I had to let her wet herself”

My mum smiled and said “that’s okay Debbie, that’s what her nappy was for and I will change her now before she goes to bed, thanks for watching her”

Debbie left and my mum took me upstairs and changed me into another nappy and tucked me into bed.

I lay there in bed, a little while later I felt the need to pee, I just pushed and let it happen, as the warmth spread across my nappy, between my legs and under my bum I smiled and thought there now that’s better.

To Be Continued.

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Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4

Bloody ridiculous. The babysitter of over a year can’t change her and that problem has never been encountered before and then to cap it all off the parents arrive back before the poor girl goes to bed! Christ’s sake…

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4

Why do people even bother posting nasty, unconstructive comments like this?

Not a stretch for the sitter to be unable to handle terry cloth nappies. They aren’t exactly in vogue anymore. As for it never being a problem before, disposables were mentioned, so if the babysitter has been there at night in the past, I’m assuming those were used. But the parents ran out of disposables, as the story mentions.

Parents coming back before bed seemed odd considering that she was nappied specifically for bed, but perhaps the sitter let her stay up late to watch the movie? Does need to be clearer, however.

I am enjoying the story very much so far and I hope the author continues.

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Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4

My point is in general the same one that I had to bring up with that Jenny story: stories don’t need to be realistic at all, but plausible. Things need to be internally consistent. This story seems to be an inconsistent glorification of child abuse.

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4

What’s the difference between realistic and plausible?

Plausible=it’s possible, it can happen
Realistic=it’s possible, it can happen

They both mean the same to me. So to say they don’t need to be realistic but need to be plausible is very ironic to me. I see lot of implausible movies and I even wonder if people take them seriously by critiquing them and having bad thoughts about it because they weren’t realistic so that could explain the bad ratings movies get. Heck lot of cartoons are impluasible. I mean the town of Springfield gets wrecked and then it’s all in great shape again in the next episode. Same as South Park, as if they fixed the town over night. I can’t remember how many times their town has gotten wrecked.

With me, I’m the kind of person who wants her stories to be realistic so I try to make them realistic so when one of my online friends tries to get me to have Spokane get flattened in my story, I was foresquare against it because no way can Spokane get flatten and then it’s all back up again in my next story, same buildings and houses, everything, not possible.

Only time my stories be implausible is if they are parodies or comedies and they are meant to be stupid such as my 25 Dalmatian story or I write a fantasy such as having everyone be all honest and direct, no one cheats or lies or steals, everyone is respectful and there are no bullies, etc.

Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4

Plausible: Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible

Realistic: Of or relating to the representation of objects, actions, or social conditions as they actually are

Plausible deals with the perception that something could actually happen, where realistic deals with the fact that it did or did not, or it is or is not a particular shape, form, or color.

When you determine whether something is plausible, you decide if it could be.

When you determine whether something is realistic, you compare it to some form of concrete representation of something else.

It’s possible for a story written about science fantasy to be plausible, but it could never be realistic in it’s entirety(at least not when it’s written).


Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch4

Thank you BabyButt: a pretty much perfect explanation.

The point is internal consistency.