Mandy the Baby Sitter ch3

Mandy the Baby Sitter Chapter 3

When we arrived home it was late, my mum changed my nappy and asked me to go upstairs and get my Pyjama’s on so I was ready for bed. Once in my pyjama’s I went back down stairs and found that mum had made sandwiches and tea, we had supper and then it was time for bed, it had been a long day.

I continued to wear a nappy to bed until I was 6, my mum decided at this point that I should wear pull-ups to bed, I had started to waken up during the night sometimes needing to pee and she would have to get up to help me with my nappy but I could manage the pull-ups by myself.

My wetting continued both accidental and deliberately when I didn’t want to get up and go to the toilet, until I reached about 7 ½ when I found that my pull-ups started to leak especially if I woke up wet and decided just to do my morning pee in bed just because I could.

When my mum realised that the pull-ups were leaking badly this is when the next major part of me becoming a big baby started.

I woke up, it was 7am and I had to get up for school soon. I slid my hand down inside my Pyjama bottoms and pressed the front of my pull-up and found I was wet. I lay there for a while thinking about getting up and soon felt the urge to go pee. A mischievous little smile came across my face and I relaxed, pushed a little and soon felt that wonderful warm feeling spread across the front of my pull-up as I peed myself. The smile only lasted a few second until I realised that my pull-up was leaking and a wet patch was now spreading across my sheets. I jumped out of bed just as the bedroom door opened and my mum walked in.

My mum looked at me and then noticed the wet patch on the bed and said “Mandy honey, has your pull-up leaked again?” I looked at her and nodded, she then said “I will have to think what we can do to stop this happening before we ruin your bed. You better go and get a shower before you go to school.”

After school I arrived home looking forward to the weekend ahead, I completed my homework and then went out to the back garden to play. A while later mum called my in to get my dinner and afterwards I watched TV until I hears mum shout “Mandy it’s time to get ready for bed” I got up and went to my bedroom where I found my mum standing, holding a packet of pampers size 6 nappies. I looked up at her and said “mum what are they for?” my mum smiled and said “Mandy your pull-ups have been leaking too much; I have decided to put a normal nappy on you to see if that helps to stop you getting the bed wet.” I thought about it for a bit and then said “but mum, I can’t get these on and off by myself” my mum said “Mandy its fine just come and get me and I will help you, okay? Now lie down and let’s get you sorted” I lay down and mum soon had my nappy on me and she helped me up to get my pyjamas on.

We went back down stairs and had some supper and then I went to bed. I woke up about 2 am bursting to pee so I pulled off the covers and sat up in bed, swung my legs over the edge and stood up but as I did this I felt a really strong urge to pee, I crossed my legs and grabbed myself as I felt a squirt of pee escape me, I managed to hold it and walked to the toilet but when I arrived in the toilet I was hit by another strong urge and crossed my legs and grabbed myself again. I looked at the toilet I was right next to it but if I moved I was sure to pee myself. The urge got stronger and soon I felt another squirt escape and decided to pull my Pyjama bottoms down and then my pull-up and try and get on the toilet before wetting to much. I pulled down my Pyjama bottoms, to do this had to uncross my legs, I soon felt another squirt escape and quickly went to grab my pull-up and realised and remembered I had a nappy on, not a pull-up. The shock of this was all it took and the squirt turned into a stream. I grabbed myself again but it was in vain as I felt that warm feeling flow through the front of my nappy, I smiled and pulled up my trousers and went back to bed.

I woke up in the morning and mum was not up yet, it’s Saturday and mum and dad likes a long lie. I would normally take my pull-up off and wash myself, get dressed and go down stairs to watch TV but I have a nappy on this morning so decided to just go down in my Pyjamas. I was sitting watching cartoons and drinking some milk when I felt the need to pee. I put down my milk and stood up, I was about to walk to the stairs when I remembered I still had a nappy on and giggled as I thought to myself, baby doesn’t need to go potty because she has a nappy on. I sat back down on the couch and continued drinking my milk and waited until I was bursting and then just let go in my nappy, I smiled as I felt the warm feeling spread across the front of the nappy and though to myself, Oops baby’s had an accident.

I wore the Pampers for a couple of weeks but they started leaking just like the pull-up did and when we got to the end of the packet mum had a surprise for me.

I got in from school it was Friday again but this time it was the start of the October school break, no more school for a week. I heard mum shout on me from upstairs so went to see what she wanted.

I reached the top of the stairs and saw my mum in my room so I went in to see what she wanted. She looked at me and said “Mandy, you know how your nappies have been leaking, I have been chatting with auntie Linda and she came over with these for you” I looked at the chair where my mum was pointing and seen a pile of white cloth and lots of pairs of plastic panties.

The plastic panties were Pink, yellow, white and even some with little ducks and hello kitty on them. I looked at my mum and said “what are they mum”.

My mum laughed and said “Mandy these are Terry nappies, the sort we used years ago before pampers and other disposable nappies came along. You put the nappy on with these nappy pins and then pull on the plastic pants”.

I looked at her and said “but how will I get these on and off?”

She smiled at me and said “your nappies will be off limits to you, only me or your dad are allowed to put these on you or take these off, so if you need to go to the toilet you need to ask to go”.

I reached out and touched the nappies and seen how soft and fluffy they are, I looked at my mum and said “but won’t these leak like my pampers did?”

My mum looked at me and said “that’s why I have called you up here, so we can find out”.

I looked at my mum and said “how are we going to find out?”

She smiled and said “get your school uniform off and I will show you” I stripped my top and my skirt off and then my tights and stood looking and my mum who said “take your panties off too and the jump up on the bed”. I took of my panties and now naked jumped onto the bed, my mum grabbed two cloth nappies and folded them together and slid them under my bum and then pulled them up between my legs, she asked me which plastic panties I wanted to wear as she put two pins in each side of the nappy.

I looked over and then said “the pink ones mum, please”.

Mum picked up the pink plastic panties and put my feet through the leg holes and slid them up my legs and then said “Mandy lift your bum until I slip your panties under your nappy”, I lifted up and she pulled the plastic pants into place and checked round the edges to make sure the nappy was inside the panties, she looked at me and said there you can get up now.

I stood up and my mum patted my nappy and said “oh you look so cute Mandy. Put a skirt and a top on and come down stairs okay?”

I got dressed, then went down stairs and watched TV for a while until mum came through and said “I have a DVD here would you like to watch it?”

I looked up a saw that it was Cinderella and said “yes please mum I love this film” we sat and watched the film together on the couch, about 40 minutes into the film I felt the need to pee. I sat there thinking about it for a minute or two and then told my mum I needed to pee.

My mum looked at me and said “the film will be finished in 15 minutes just wait”

I sat there fidgeting for another 5 minutes and then said “mum, I’m bursting can you take me now”

She looked at me and said “Mandy just wait it will be finished soon”

I looked at her and said “but mum please, I can’t wait any longer”

My mum giggled and then started to tickle me and said “I’ll sort it for you Mandy”

I rolled about next to my mum trying to get away but I couldn’t and shouted “MUM STOP!! You’ll make me pee myself! Oh please I’m going to pee, I’m going to pee”

My mum laughed and said “aww! Just as well little Mandy has a nappy on then, isn’t it” and then continued to tickle me.

I screamed as I felt the first squirt of pee escape and shouted “MUM STOP it’s coming, I’m going to pee, please mum”

My mum lifted the front of my skirt and said “It’s okay, now I can see it happen when you pee yourself”. With one last tickle it started, I felt a squirt, then another and another then I felt that warm feeling as I peed myself uncontrollably and looked up at my mum who had a huge smile on her face and she said “I think little Mandy has had an accident, now we can finish watching the film”.

After the film I asked to be changed, mum said that I would have to wear the nappy until bedtime, so I went back to watching cartoons until she called me to dinner. I sat there at the table eating my dinner and then felt the need to pee so asked my mum to take me to the toilet.

My mum looked at me and said “Mandy your nappy is wet already, it doesn’t matter if you need again, just pee you nappy” I couldn’t believe my ears, I sat there fidgeting for a minute but when a new urge came I just relaxed and pushed and started to pee myself with such a force that I grabbed myself and gasped “Oh!!” Mum looked at me and giggled and said “I take it you’ve had a little accident honey.” I nodded and she got up and lifted my skirt and had a poke about at my nappy and said “see Mandy nowhere near leaking”.

After Dinner we played Monopoly and a couple of hours later I needed to pee again, I was having so much fun and I didn’t want to have to stop playing to go pee. I sat there and fidgeted more and more until my mum said “does little Mandy have to go pee pee?”

I looked at her and said “yes mum, can I go please”

She smiled at me and said “yes honey you can go, just go pee in your nappy again” I sat there and relaxed and as I bent forward to get the dice I started to feel that warmth spread across the front of my nappy, I place my hand into my crotch but it was far to late to do anything about the flow of pee now running freely into my nappy. My mum reached over and again felt my nappy and said "You know Mandy I think this nappy could take more but after this game I think I will change you for bed.

After the game mum took me upstairs and changed my now very wet but not leaking nappy and said “I think these are going to work for you honey, just come and tell us from now on when you need to pee and we will take you to the toilet. Today was just a bit of fun to see how much this nappy would hold” Mum then put me in a dry nappy and plastic panties with ducks on them, then my Pyjamas and I went to bed.

I woke up in the morning and slid my hand into my PJ Bottoms and then into my plastic panties and felt that I was dry. I lay there for a few minutes and then got up and went down stairs to watch cartoons, as I watched I started to feel the need to pee, I remembered mum telling me that I’m not allowed to take my nappy off myself, so went upstairs to my mum and dads room and opened the door. My mum lifted her head from the pillow and said “Mandy, what is it honey?”

I looked over at her and said “Mum I need to pee, I’m bursting” as I stood there holding myself.

My Mum looked back at me and said “Honey are you dry?”

I knew I was but looked at my mum and said “I don’t think so mum”

My mum looked at me and said “in that case honey just pee in your nappy again and go back and watch your cartoons. I will be getting up soon and I will change you”

I walked back to the sitting room and started watching cartoons again and soon felt the urge to pee again, I though to myself this is like being a baby again, not having to worry about missing TV to go pee pee because I can go pee pee anywhere, anytime when I have a nappy on. Just then I was jolted from my day dream by the first squirt of pee and grabbed myself as my potty training kicked in. I let out a little giggle and pushed and soon felt that warmth start to spread across the front of my nappy as I peed myself.

I woke up several times over the next few weeks in the middle of the night; I went and woke my mum to take me to the toilet and she did, but one night when I went through she looked up from her pillow and said “Oh! Mandy honey, just go back to bed”

I looked at her and said “but mum I’m bursting”

She said “I know you are honey, just use you nappy tonight Mandy”

I went back to bed, pulled the covers over me and lay there trying to go back to sleep. A few minutes had passed before a new urge to pee hit me and reminded me I needed to go, I just relaxed and I quickly started to pee myself, it was becoming easier to just let go when I needed to pee. I felt the warmth flow across the front of the nappy and then across my bottom as it run between my crotch it felt wonderful.

In the morning mum cam into my room and sat on the edge of my bed, she said "Mandy your dad and I have been chatting, we have decided to just let you use your nappy at night if you wake up because we are not getting enough sleep, getting up most nights to take you to the toilet is too much.

I have a chart here and if you wake in the night I would like you to mark the chart with a ‘N’ and then just pee in your nappy and go back to sleep, if you wake in the morning dry I would like you to mark the chart with a ‘D’ and if you wake in the morning wet I would like you to mark the chart with a ‘W’, do you think you can manage that?"

I looked at my mum and said “I think that will be easy enough, but what happens if I need in the morning and you are not up yet?”

My mum looked at me and smiled and said “Mandy, if you’re already wet then just pee in your nappy, if you are dry and either me or your dad is awake then come and tell us you need to pee, if we are still asleep then you can try and hold on until we are awake or just pee in your nappy”

I looked at my mum and said “I think I can do that”

To be continued.

Mandy the Baby Sitter ch3

Dude, that’s one long chapter.

Also, it felt really really rushed to me. You went through at least two years in that chapter.

Mandy the Baby Sitter ch3

man one of the best stories i have read keep it up i know i for one will be reading it. awesome story :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Mandy the Baby Sitter ch3

The mother is such a hypocrite. She tells her daughter if she has to go, ask them to take her diaper off so she can go, but then she refuses when she has to go.