Mandy The Baby Sitter ch.2

Chapter 2

I jumped out of bed and pulled off my nightdress, my mum pulled down my plastic panties and untapped my nappy and gave it to me and said “put that in the bin in the bathroom and have your shower, give me a shout when you get out.”

I run across my room into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I placed the nappy in the bin and then stepped into the shower.

I came out the bathroom rapped in a huge towel and shouted to tell my mum I was out the shower; she came in and helped me get dried. She then asked me to lie down on the bed and reached into my suitcase and pulled out the packet of nappies I use at night. I looked up at her and said “do I have to have a nappy on right now? Can’t it wait until we get to the park?” My mum smiled and said “Mandy its okay just put a nappy on now and if you need the toilet I will take you, but it means you can relax in the car if you fall asleep”

My mum then slid the nappy under me and pulled it up between my legs and taped it shut and picked up my plastic panties and held them open and said “step into your panties sweetie, we don’t want any leaks now, do we?” I pulled my dress over my head and let it flow down my body and sat on the bed to let my mum put my socks and shoes on. My mum looked at me and said “there we go honey, lets go and get breakfast”.

We went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and then headed for the car to go to Disney world, as we walked through the front of the hotel I felt the need to pee so told my mum. My mum said “ok honey there is a toilet just over there let’s go” she took me to the toilet pulled my nappy off and let me go pee and then pulled the nappy back on and we left for Disney World.

When we arrived at Disney world I was so excited the place was huge and so many people around I could see what mum meant about long lines. We headed off, we went on several rides and joined the line for the roller coaster the little board said 45 minutes to the front. We slowly moved closer and closer to the front of the line but when we reached the sign saying 15 minutes to go I started to feel the need to go pee. I decided not to say anything and we kept moving, soon we were at the front of the line and got in the roller coaster and off we went. Up and down we went faster and faster, upside down, left and right and then it slowed and we were back at the start.

Dad looked at mum and me and said “I think its time for lunch”. I then remembered my need to pee which was now desperate and said to my mum. “Mum I need the toilet first, I need to pee” my mum looked around and said “There’s the toilets over there, lets go” we walked towards the toilet and then stopped, I looked at my mum and said “why have we stopped mum? I really need, come on let’s go” mum looked at me and said “honey this is the line for the toilets, you will have to wait” we slowly moved forward and I became more and more desperate and started to dance from foot to foot. My mum looked at me and said “to need that bad you must have needed for a while” I nodded and said “I needed when we were in the line for the roller coaster, oh hurry mum I’m bursting” We slowly moved forward but about 5 minutes later I was so desperate I started to pee, just a little dribble but enough for me to grab myself and gasp. Mum bent down to me and said “are you okay honey?” I looked at her and said “no! I peed a little and I’m really, really bursting” my mum looked up and then took my hand and pulled me out off the line for the toilet and started to head towards dad. I grabbed myself and looked at mum and said “What are you doing? I need to go to that toilet”. My mum smiled down at me and said “I know you do honey but you were not going to make it in time, you already peed a little didn’t you? Don’t worry you have a nappy on remember, just pee yourself” I looked up and mum as another urge to pee hit me and I crossed my legs but it was far to late, I felt the warmth spread across my nappy and started to remembered how nice it felt when wetting and said “mum I’ve peed myself” she smiled and said “I know you did honey it’s ok”

We went for lunch and I had burger, chips and a coke, mum changed my nappy and we headed back towards the rides. We had a great time all afternoon and soon it was time for the park to close and we headed for the car. As we were leaving I saw the line for the toilets and felt the need to go and told my mum, she took my hand and we started towards the toilet when dad said “honey if we don’t leave the park now we will have a massive queue in front of us, can’t we just let Mandy use her nappy and change her in the car?” My mum looked at dad and nodded and then said to me “Mandy its okay honey, just pee your pants and I will change your nappy when we get to the car” she took my hand again and we walked across the huge car park towards the car. When we reached the car mum got a nappy out the bag and said “okay honey let me change your nappy” I looked at her and said "I’m not wet I still need the toilet. My mum giggled and lifted me into the backseat of the car a lay me on my back and said “we’ll soon sort that honey” as she started to tickle me, I screamed in laughter and felt the need to pee increase fast, I shouted “mum stop!! Please I’m going to pee, I’m going to pee myself” my mum just laughed and said “I know, I haven’t made you pee yourself with tickles since you were 3, But I’m going to now” she continued tickling me, harder and harder until I couldn’t stop laughing and then I felt the warmth start to spread across my nappy and realised I was peeing myself. I stopped laughing and my mum looked at me and said “by the looked on your face you are ready for a dry nappy, am I right” I just nodded and let her change me.

We were soon at the hotel and went straight for dinner and then back to the room, mum checked my nappy but I was still dry and she took it off and sent me for a shower and told me to go pee. I came out of the bathroom after my shower rapped in my towel and mum helped me get dried and put my night nappy and plastic pants on for bed and tucked me in.

I lay in bed playing with my dolly for a while and started to feel sleepy but then felt the need to pee and remembered I didn’t go when I showered. I lay in bed thinking about going to the bathroom and then I felt the urge to pee again and decided to just relax and pushed slightly. I started to pee so fast it caught me by surprise and by the time I realised I couldn’t stop. I enjoyed the warm wetness spreading across my nappy and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning my plastic panties were wet inside, I must have peed myself again through the night and the nappy had leaked. I was soon up out of bed and showered, I was dressed in normal panties today and the same each day for the rest of the holiday, except for at night off course when I need my nappy.

On the morning of the day we were going home my mum came in to take my nappy off and sent me for a shower and said “when you are ready Mandy give me a shout” I had my shower and went pee and came out in my towel and shouted on my mum. Mum came into my room and said “okay Mandy lets just put a nappy on you now because you fell asleep on the way here in the car, I don’t want a wet car seat on the way to the airport” I told my mum I didn’t want a nappy on until the airport but she started to nappy me anyway and I was soon dressed like I was for the last flight.

When we got to the Airport and gave our suitcases to the lady at check in and we went upstairs to the shops and café’s and decided to get breakfast. We went into McDonalds and started eating and then we saw the family with the little girl Vickie who was on our flight here, my mum and dad started to talk to them and when I was finished eating mum said “why do you and Vickie not go and play in the soft play area and we will come and get you when we are going”. Vickie and I then went and played, jumping up and down and running around and then I fell over and my skirt went up, Vickie’s eyes went huge and she just looked and me and said “you are wearing a nappy too Mandy!!!” I started to cry but Vickie said “Its okay Mandy I have a nappy on too see” as she pulled her plastic panties out the top of her jeans a little.

We continued to play for a while and then I felt the need to pee, I started to head back towards my mum and dad and Vickie said “Mandy, where are you going?” I looked at her and said “I need the toilet I’m going to tell my mum” Vickie started to follow me and said “but Mandy you have a nappy on. I need to pee too though so lets go and tell our mums” we arrived at the table where our parents were talking and Vickie was the first to tell her mum that she needed to pee and I then told my mum I need to go pee too. Vickie’s mum just looked at her and said “Vickie you still have a nappy on honey, just go and play and I will change you before we get on the plane” then my mum looked at me and said “just go and play with Vickie honey, you have a nappy on too so it’s okay to pee yourself and I will change you before we get on the plane” Vickie just looked at her mum and held herself and said "but mum I’m bursting if I jump up and down any more I’ll pee myself " Vickie’s mum looked at her and laughed and said “Honey I know, that’s okay though, that’s what your nappy is for, Mandy is needing to pee too and she will wet herself if she jumps up and down much more too but she has a nappy on like you so it doesn’t matter. Just go back and play”

We both ran off towards the soft play area again and soon were busy having fun. It was a good ten minutes before all the bouncing caught up with me and I had the sudden urge to pee. I stopped bouncing and grabbed myself and crossed my legs and Vickie looked at me and asked “Mandy what are you doing?” I felt a little squirt of pee escape me and managed to stop the flow but as soon as I tried to release the pressure I squirted again, then again and then I felt the warmth spread across my nappy and I couldn’t do anything about it. I looked at Vickie who was stood staring at me and said “I wet my nappy”. Vickie looked at me and giggled and said "I’ll wet myself soon to it’s okay lets bounce, We jumped up and down and up and down and a couple of minutes later I saw a look come over Vickie’s face and she grabbed herself and she froze. I started to giggle and Vickie said "there now I’ve peed my nappy too. We then went back to playing and jumping up and down.

I heard my mum shout on us and we headed over to the table and my mum said “we have to go to the gate to get the plane now so let’s go change your nappy. I take it you are wet from all that bouncing?” I looked at my mum and nodded. She smiled at me and said “when I was a little girl I used to pee myself if I bounced up and down to much to, come on let’s get a dry nappy on you”

Vickie and her mum followed us and Vickie had her nappy changed too and then we headed for the gate to get on the plane. When we got on the plane we were in nearly the same seats as before and across from each other so my dad moved over and sat beside Vickie’s dad and our mums sat on the end of each set of chairs and Vickie sat next to me so we could play. We in the air heading back to England and Vickie and I watched cartoons, after we had our lunch on the plane Vickie started shifting about in her seat as we watched the cartoons and I asked her what was wrong. She said “Mandy I need to go pee!” I looked at her and said “tell your mum your needing Vickie the toilet is just there” Vickie looked over at her mum and said “mum I need to go pee” Vickie’s mum smiled and said “Vickie it doesn’t matter, you have a nappy on. Just watch your cartoons and wet your pants” Vickie looked at me and said “don’t you have to go too” I thought about it and said “a little bit” Vickie looked over again at her mum and said “Mum Mandy needs to go pee to can’t we both go to the toilet” my mum looked over and said “Vickie, Mandy isn’t going to the toilet either because like you she has a nappy on so you can both just pee yourselves when you need to okay”

We sat there and Vickie squirmed and did a pee pee dance for a few more minutes and then she sat there still, holding herself but frozen. Vickie then relaxed out of her trance and I said “did you pee your pants?” she looked at me and nodded and said “are you wet yet”. I looked at her and said I do not need to pee enough yet, but half and hour later I was the one doing the pee pee dance and squirming around until suddenly the plane shook and dropped suddenly and I felt that warm feeling spread across the front of my nappy. I grabbed myself but it was far too late and only let Vickie see I was peeing myself, she giggled and whispered to me “you peed your pants too now” I just nodded and smiled.

We were soon landing in England and we said goodbye to Vickie and her mum and dad and left to get the car so we could go home.

To be continued.

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Mandy The Baby Sitter ch.2

good story but the writeing feels hurried, keep up the good work

Mandy The Baby Sitter ch.2

I like the overall idea of this, it’s got a lot of potential.

I would however like to make a couple of suggestions.

“put that in the bin in the bathroom and have your shower, give me a shout when you get out.”

“do I have to have a nappy on right now? Can’t it wait until we get to the park?”

“step into your panties sweetie, we don’t want any leaks now, do we?”

You have a habit of not capitalizing your speech. This caught my eye and it’s a distraction.

This is what we call a run on sentence. You would be much better breaking this up, and using commas to separate like this example (don’t get me wrong, you could probably do this about fifteen different ways, this is only one of them):

Alright, this is definitely breaking the rules here. Only one person talking per paragraph. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to keep track of who is saying what.

You’ve got two sentences here that are not related, tacked together with a comma. There are a couple of others like this. Separate anything that doesn’t go together.

I suggest that when you finish writing a chapter, you read the dialogue through, and JUST the dialogue (or your brian will automatically fix some things for you and you’ll miss them) to make sure it sounds like we speak. The written word and spoken word are a lot different. For example, very rarely do people actually say “we will” they normally say “we’ll” (actually, I’m not familiar with what’s normal in the UK, but the specifics aren’t really the issue. If you’re writing dialogue, then it needs to read like the spoken word no matter where it’s being spoken).

This should give you some things to look at. There are others, but ought to get you started looking at the text more critically.

Don’t get me wrong, like I said, there’s a lot of potential in this. Keep working with it.


Mandy The Baby Sitter ch.2

This story is utter tripe, let’s face it. And it’s very odd for a mother to encourage her child to ‘pee your pants’ rather than just say ‘go in your nappy’ or something like that and indeed, to be so needlessly encouraging as this.

Mandy The Baby Sitter ch.2


Thanks for your advice i will try my best to keep these things in mind for the next chapter.

Mandy The Baby Sitter ch.2


Utter tripe….Mmmm that’s helpful…thanks :roll:

In the uk pants are what would be called underpants in the usa, so for a kid who needs to pee and has a nappy on and the parent wants them to use it, it can be common for the child to be told to just pee your pants.

But anyway this is a piece of fiction and is not meant to be reality. As for a mother encouraging wetting, this is a diaper story!

I could put up a list of story titles where kids are encouraged to wet themselves that are posted on this site but it would take to long because that would be most of the stories here.

Mandy The Baby Sitter ch.2

I come from London.

And as a Brit, you might be aware of some of the connotations of ‘tripe’ when used to describe literature/film etc.

Most relevant chunk of OED definition here: 3. transf. and fig. (in various applications). Now applied esp. to artistic work, opinions, conversation, or the like: worthless stuff, rubbish.
1676 D’URFEY Mad. Fickle II. i. (1677) 11 You Dog,…Udsbores, I’le beat thee into a Tripe. a1704 T. BROWN Contin. Quaker’s Serm. Wks. 1709 III. II. 4 Sowse us there~fore, in the Powdering-Tub of thy Mercy, that we may be Tripes fit for the Heavenly Table. 1892 Spectator 24 Dec. 930/2 This book…very vulgar…it is a dish of literary and artistic ‘tripe-and-onions’. 1895 CROCKETT in Cornh. Mag. Oct. 341 He swore that he could make a song…that would be worth a shopful of such ‘tripe’. 1902 ‘T. LE BRETON’ Mod. Christian viii. 80 She puts in six or seven pages of her own tripe. 1927 C. CONNOLLY Let. Aug. in Romantic Friendship (1975) 313 Ordinary talk is such ghastly tripe once voice and gesture are removed. 1935 I. MILLER School Tie xiv. 277 ‘I’ve tried hard, sir; really I have.’ ‘Tripe! You’ve tried to get out of work.’ 1952 W. STEVENS Let. 24 Oct. (1967) 763 Non-objective art without an aesthetic basis seems to be an especially unpleasant kettle of tripe. 1963 [see CODSWALLOP]. 1973 W. H. CANAWAY Harry doing Good I. ii. 22 The group of girls who were watching some tripe on television.
(spoiler tags for neatness).

Mandy The Baby Sitter ch.2

Those diapers have to hold more than one wetting.