Mandy the Baby Sitter ch 7

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Mandy the Baby Sitter Ch7

I woke up at 7 am the next morning; Lying in bed I quickly decided that since it was the school holidays I was not going to get up yet, I turned over onto my front and closed my eyes, as I lay there trying to fall asleep I started to feel a need to pee. I slid my hand into my pyjama bottoms and touched the front of my plastic pants; I could tell my nappy was damp from an accident I must have had during the night.

I smiled and thought to myself “its okay baby your nappy is already wet, just go pee pee”
I relaxed and soon felt the first dribbles escape, I didn’t try to stop myself, soon a quick rush of pee was flooding into my nappy, I felt a warm pool of pee gather in the front of my plastic pants as I pressed the front of them and then it soaked into the terry nappy leaving that lovely warm feeling I’ve grown to love so much.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is my mum waking me up to tell me to get dressed because we were going to the shopping centre. I jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom turned on the shower and shouted “Mum can you take my nappy of so I can have a shower?”

My mum came up the stairs as she shouted “get onto the bed then, we need to hurry”

Once out of the shower I got dressed and we were off to the shops, after a couple of hours we stopped for some lunch and then back to the shopping it was wonderful. We were in W H Smiths a little later and I was playing with a computer game when I felt the need to go to the toilet. It was then that I thought, if only I had a nappy on now I could just stay here playing, not having to worry about having an accident. I got up and went over to my mum who was in the book section and told her I needed to pee. Mum took my hand, we went to the bathrooms where I did used the toilet like a big girl but I realised for the first time I didn’t really want to be a big girl and use the toilet, I wanted to be a toddler who could just pee herself because she had a nappy on.

I continued to wet my bed and enjoy my night time nappy and the feelings of being a toddler both at night and in the morning before mum took my nappy off until I was ten and this is when the baby in me really started to come out and mum found out how I felt.

It really all came about when Katie my little sister was born, I got really jealous that she was getting all the attention like the baby I wanted to be. It wasn’t for a few weeks until the start of the school holidays when I was around the house all day that I decided I would try to stay in my nappy as long as I could so I could get some attention like my sister.

I woke up on the Sunday morning and decided that I was going to watch cartoons, so I got out of bed and started to go down stairs, when I reached the sitting room I turned on my cartoons and lay on the couch, as I lay there I began to feel the need for my morning pee but I just ignored it because I had still had my night nappy on, I’m not allowed to take my nappy off myself you see, if I’m dry in the morning I’m meant to go and ask my mum to take it off so I can use the toilet, if I’m wet and mum is still in bed she has told me I’ve just to pee myself. I have come to realise over the past couple of years that mum can’t tell if I was already wet or not when I pee myself in the morning so now I enjoy having a nappy on and just pee myself like a toddler would whenever I want too.

I lay there growing more and more desperate to pee enjoying the fact I could just hold out until I had an accident like a real toddler would do when too engrossed in the tv.

Just them mum walked into the sitting room and seen me squirming on the couch and said “Mandy are you needing the toilet honey?”

I looked at her and said “mum I’m desperate; I didn’t know you were up so I could get my nappy off”

Mum started to walk up the stairs and said “Come on then, get up the stairs to your room so we can get that nappy off”

I jumped of the couch and run to the stairs but as I started to climb them I felt a spurt of pee hit my nappy. I stopped dead in my tracks and grabbed myself cross legged trying not to wet myself.

My mum looked down the stairs at me and said “I take it you’ve peed then?”

I looked at her and said “I’ve peed a little bit mum but I’m still bursting, I can’t move though or I will pee myself”

Mum giggled and said “Oh Mandy, if you just stand there your going to pee yourself, if you walk up the stairs your going to pee yourself, your nappy is already wet honey just let it happen, just pee yourself.”

I looked at her as another spurt off pee squeezed into my nappy but this time didn’t try to hold it back. As I felt that wonderful warm feeling spread across my nappy I said “Mum I’ve peed myself”

Mum gave me a cuddle and said “It’s okay honey come up stairs and I’ll take your nappy off”

I smiled at my mum and said “Can’t I just stay in my pyjamas and watch T.V. a little longer?”

Mum looked at me and said “you can stay in your pyjamas but we need to get that wet nappy of you, that’s at least twice you have wet it now honey.”

I said “ok, but what if I fall asleep on the couch?”

Mum looked at me with a quizzing look on her face and said “Mandy are you saying you want to stay in a nappy?”

I blushed and said “yes mum, I don’t want to wet the couch”

My mum smiled and said “okay but let’s put a dry nappy on you okay?”

We went up to my room and mum changed my nappy and I went back down to watch cartoons. Mum came down stairs a little later with Katie and I started to play with her on the floor while mum done the housework. We played for some time and mum popped her head around the door and laughed as she said “Aww look at my two babies playing together”

Half an hour or so later I needed to pee so I got up and went into the kitchen and said “Mum, I need to go to the toilet”

My mum looked at me and said “Mandy I’m busy right now, go and play with your sister”

I groaned and said “Mum I’m really needing, please”

Mum looked at me with a little grin on her face and said “Mandy you have a nappy on, just pee yourself if you can’t wait until I’m ready.”

I held myself and said “But mum ……”

Mum cut me off and said “Mandy if you want to be a baby and wear a nappy, then you will need to be prepared to use it but I think that’s what you want anyway, Isn’t it honey?”

I blushed a deep red and looked at the floor and started to cry. Mum gave me a cuddle and said “It’s okay honey, I’m not upset with you but I am right, Yeh?”

I looked up at her and said through my sobs “I just want to be like Katie, mummy”

Mum looked at me and said “okay honey for the rest of the summer holidays you can wear a nappy when ever you want, If you don’t want have one on that’s okay too I’ll let you decide but I must put it on and take it off, you are not allowed to take it off yourself okay!?”

I looked at her and nodded just as a sudden pressure reminded me of my urgency to pee and I grabbed myself.

Mum giggled at me and said “does baby Mandy need to pee pee?”

I smiled at her and said “yes mum, please hurry”

Mum laughed and said “okay honey lie down on the couch” so I did and she continued as she bent over me grabbing the top of my pyjama bottoms “Until I tickle you!!” She then grabbed me and started to tickle knowing full will what the result would be.

I giggled and screamed “MUM STOP I’m going to pee!!!”

Mum Laughed and said “Yes, In your nappy it’s okay. That’s what a nappy is for honey”

I felt the first spurt of pee and then quickly a second dampen my nappy as I screamed again “MUM I’M DRIBBLING, STOP”

Mum continued and laughed saying “Is Mandy having an accident in her nappy?”

Just then it happened, I felt a fresh spurt hit my nappy but this time I couldn’t stop it and it started to spread that warm feeling across the nappy and I relaxed, mum stopped tickling me and said “I think baby Mandy has peed her nappy”

Mum then slid her hand into my pyjama bottoms and felt the warmth of my plastic pants. A huge smile grew across her face and she said “I think baby Mandy and mummy are going to have fun this summer”

To Be Continued.

Re: Mandy the Baby Sitter ch 7

OK, thanks for this chapter the story actually goes somewhere, but can you please just get on to when she’s 15?

Re: Mandy the Baby Sitter ch 7

Thanks for your comments but it is important to explain how Mandy became a teen baby which happened over several years

Re: Mandy the Baby Sitter ch 7

Okay I just started at the first chapter and read them all the way through. I believe you have really created two stories. I would not really view this as the story “Mandy the Baby Sitter” but another story with the Mandy character. There are many authors who have done multiple stories progressing over different times in a Main characters life. Now I have written a LONG story before, R.O.O.M. was a very long story, but a long story (in my opinion) should tell one story, not two. What you appear to be setting up are two stories.

Story 1: How Mandy became a Teen Baby.
Story 2: Mandy the Baby Sitter

When establishing a background becomes a story all of itself, then it is more than just setting and background information.

Now there are long, very popular stories that really tell more than one story. The two that come to my mind are older stories: The Double Life of Ariel Crawford (I thnk that name is right, it has been a long time) - and - the Adventures of Ashley (Okay I know this name is wrong, I can’t remember the name of it but it was one of the first epic diaper adventures on the web). Both of these told more than one story under the same title, but there was one significant difference between these and yours. Your title leads us to a story that you have not been telling us. Those had titles that allowed for a much wider range.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your story. I do get a little tired of you going from one wetting to another, and I question Mandy’s struggle with wetting after this long in diapers. I doubt she would really be struggle this much with each wetting.

The other thing I question, is how Mandy is being forced into diapers and having to use them all this time, but NEVER needing to poop in them. I was actually wondering if you remembered that diapers are used for that too, untill last chaper when you had the 4 year old poop in her diaper.

Keep Writing. Through experience and experimenting, you will be a great writer. Good Luck.


Re: Mandy the Baby Sitter ch 7

Some people just aren’t into pooping. They don’t want to add it so they just ignore it. It makes it strange to read but it’s fine imo.

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yeah im only into peeing… not so much pooping but w/e

chapter 8 plz!